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Dear Mr. Midoriya

       That sounds like a clumsy opening already, but it will have to do! I’ve scrapped so many drafts at this point—anyway!

       I'm a huge fan of UA Unsolved, it’s really rare for me to like a “ghost show” (I’ve seen a lot of them, sometimes I think I’ve seen them all) but the antics you guys get up to are just really fun to see! Mika is adorable and all the ~paranormal activity~ is really just good clean fun. I think the character you play is really hilarious too! All deadpan snark and such.

       I say “the character you play” because… I don’t really think that acting all skeptical is you being sincere. There’s a lot of (joking… I think) theories online that you’re actually some sort of corporeal ghost and you’re playing pranks on your friends and… I don’t think you’re a ghost? But I definitely think you’re pranking your friends, because what I really think is…


       I think you’re like me.


       I think you can see the ghosts too.

       I don’t know if you’ll believe me, I really wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t. I mentioned those ghost shows, where people claim to talk to spirits or whatever? I hate them, because they’re always lying. They’re always, always lying. I don’t know if you could possibly believe me—no one else ever has—but I swear I'm telling the truth.

       There’s this little girl, right? She’s a couple years younger than me and she has black hair and black eyes (like a poltergeist? But she doesn’t seem angry? She looks very happy, in every shot) and she wears a white dress. In the Ouija board episode she said that “little brother calls her Rei” and she was looking at you. And you were looking back.

       All over the forums, people talk about how you’re always staring off into space, but I swear, I’ve watched every second of footage a million times and I can’t find one single time when you’re staring out at nothing. You’re always just watching ghosts. There’s another clip that goes around as a gif: it’s you and Mika, and everyone describes it as you two staring blankly at a wall, but you aren’t! It’s the little girl, Rei, again, and she’s doing some sort of dance. Rei’s in every shot you’re in, usually making faces at the camera

       There’s other ghosts too.

       There’s this white-haired man—he does most of the pranks, and shows up the most besides Rei. He slams the cabinets and rearranges stuff and the um… f*** Endeavor thing. he laughs really hard at your friends panic, but he doesn’t really hurt anyone.

       One of them looks like your friend Iida, he’s got the same hair and eyebrows but his engines are in his arms (is that… is that Ingenium? I don’t want to assume, but he is, isn't he?). He plays with Rei a lot, and sometimes argues with the white-haired guy when his pranks go a little too far.

       There’s so so so many more in the background, but they usually just drop in to watch for a couple minutes before wandering on. I mean, there was that one time that buff lady was showing Rei how to juggle (and you tried to pin it on Uraraka!!! I died laughing), but besides that they usually don’t do much.


       You’re always interacting with them, subtly. There’s times when you smile out of nowhere and I swear it’s gotta be because Rei just blew a huge raspberry at Kaminari. Or Rei makes some gestures and you gesture back (is that sign language? Rei is a little more distinct, you kind of slur yours into smaller gestures. I wouldn’t have guessed signing if I couldn’t see Rei). I can’t just be imagining this. I know it sounds stupid, to be mailing The Skeptic, asking him to believe me that I see ghosts, but I'm so sure. You have to be like me.

       Please, please tell me I'm not just seeing things.


                               -Kure Maremi





“Holy shit.” Izuku breathed.

Rei was silent, staring at him from where she had been reading over his shoulder.

“Holy shit.”

And then, slowly, a smile.