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Genos had only been living with Saitama for about two weeks when that officer stopped them. They were out for a sale, Genos marching beside him in dog form, when a policeman came up and made a big deal about Genos not having a collar.

As the man droned on and on Saitama wondered why he even cared. Guess with all of the heroes this guy was just trying to find something to do during patrol. Saitama nodded when he thought he should and agreed to buy one to get the officer to finally walk away.

Saitama shared a look with the blond wolf. “Looks like we have to get you one.”

That earned an irritated whine from his friend. Saitama couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“Come on, Genos. It’s not gonna kill you.” Saitama said walking back to Z City. “We’ll go pick one out tomorrow.” 

Genos let out a bark at being ‘left behind’ and scurried to catch up.

“Oh my god! Look at the dog!”

Genos’ ears turned back flat on his head at the noise.

“Uh oh. Looks like you’ve got more admirers.” Saitama playfully joked.

The admirers turned out to be a three year old and her mother, both with a passion for dogs. Saitama was worried that Genos would react negatively in public to a tiny brat pulling on his hair, but he was the most mannered Saitama had ever seen him. Which was saying a lot since Saitama couldn’t get the kid to stop sitting and talking so formally. He even let the little girl on his back and walked her around in circles for a minute.

When they stepped through the door Genos shook his hair out to get it to fall back to where it natural lay before morphing back. His blonde hair still stuck up in places that the girl had used as hand holds earlier much to his displeasure.

Genos’ face looked like he had just bitten into a lemon as he messed with his hair to get it back to effortless bedhead mode. As he continued to fail at correcting the mess he got more and more frustrated. Saitama couldn’t help but find it cute.

“Here let me help.” Saitama offered putting down the bags in the kitchen.

Genos huffed at his hair refusing to cooperate, pouting as he let Saitama’s fingers comb through and settle down the mess.

“There, all better?” Saitama smiled lightly.

Genos relaxed. “Very much so. Thank you Sensei.”

“No problem. Don’t know why you spoiled her so much if you didn’t want her messing up your do.” Saitama reached over to pat Genos’ head.

“I just wanted her to have a good time. I’ve always liked making children happy I couldn’t help it.” Genos pouted again. Honestly, Saitama swears Genos was just trying to mess with him at this point. Being this cute should be illegal.


The next day Saitama and Genos walked down to the pet store together. Genos normally wolfed it out when he was in the city, but because Saitama didn’t want a ticket Genos had to stick to two legs this time.

He looked a lot more… flighty to Saitama. Genos kept glancing around and honing in on ever sudden, loud sound. He really hated seeing Genos like that.

“Hey Genos,” Saitama watched the blond snap his attention back to him. Whelp, time to make up some more bullshit. “Isn’t it weird? Being in your other state?”

“I don’t think I follow, Saitama-sensei.” Genos replied before a bird landing on the concrete stole his attention.

“Well, I mean, don’t dogs see in black and white?” Saitama kicked a rock as they walked along.

“While canines don’t see in the range of color humans do they are dichromatic, Sensei, not monochromatic.” Genos replied.

“Oh. What does that mean?” The rock landed in the street and Saitama let out a huff. 

“Well humans are trichromatic. They see a spectrum of three colors. Everything we see is a mix of red, blue, and yellow.” Genos gestured around them.

“So dogs only see in two colors? That must be dull.” He looked over at Genos who seemed indifferent. 

“I think of it as being momentarily color blind.” Genos stopped. “I believe we are here, Sensei.”

The pet store was bright, light bouncing off the white tiles of the floor. Saitama looked over to see Genos’ nose crinkled in disgust. Guess he wasn’t digging the smells in here either.

The collars weren’t hard to find. They sat in a huge bin away from the aisles. The two stood around it and immediately started shuffling through them.

“We want something sturdy…but not too expensive.” Saitama muttered. Geez, some of these were expensive. Who spends money like this on a dog?

“Of course, Master. In any case I would be happy to help you pay for my collar.” Genos picked up a leather studded one. “Do you think this would be strong enough?”

“Keep it down will you!” Saitama whispered harshly. “I don’t think the whole store’s heard you yet.”

Genos lowered his head. “I’m sorry, Master.”

A loud snort came from behind them, but when they turned all they saw was an employee stacking the shelves.

“Genos this is the last place I want you calling me that.” Saitama looked over the price tag. Yeesh. Must be real leather.

“I’m sorry, M-” The look Saitama sent Genos made him rethink. “-ister.”

Saitama let out a deep sigh, his whole body moving with it. “Let’s just get the tags and go.”

“But Saitama-sensei,” Genos barely fought his smile off. “We need to make sure it fits me.”

“If you put that on in here you’re not my student anymore.” Saitama warned.


 Genos wore the collar all the way home.