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A Pirates Life

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“Dogs or cats? I don’t have a preference for either, honestly.”

“Definitely Dogs. They’re a much more faithful companion. Favorite color?”


“Forest green.”

“Favorite food?

“Roast sparrow.”

“Lemon cakes.”

“Best friend?”

“When I was a kid it was Alexandra Boyd. Now it’s Queen Elsa of Arendelle.”

“The blonde who kept freezing all the ale at the reception?”

Emma laughed and nodded as she took a sip of wine. “That'd be her.”

The two newlyweds had long since abandoned the ocean for the warmth and comfort of their goosefeather bed in the master chambers. Their footman had started a roaring fire the moment they left and had kept it plenty stoked during their swim, so by the time they returned to their, far less imposing than it had been, bedroom, it was like they had sank into a warm bath that quickly soothed the sting of the cold water.

Another mouthful of wine. “Yours?”

“I never really had many friends as a child,” Robin admitted. “My father didn’t want me mingling with the ‘commoners’ too much and none of the lords at court had young children. But when I was sixteen I snuck out of the castle and went to a tavern. I accidentally stumbled into someone and made him spill his ale. He threw a punch, I threw another, he damn near broke my wrist, I came close to gouging his eye out… Afterwards we picked each other up, bought one another a drink and me and John have been best friends ever since.”

Emma laughed again as she twisted in the bed to face him, still wearing the slip she had gone swimming in, now dry and more starchy than silky. “John… he was the best man at the wedding right? The tall one with the curls? He stood out like a bull in a china shop.”

Robin chuckled as he too turned to look at her. “That he did. He was also the one who got inebriated and proposed to the the princess Jasmine.”

“Do you think she said yes?”

“If she did she’s as big a fool as he is. I love the man but he doesn’t so much follow his heart as he follows what’s hanging between his legs.” He smiled at the sweet laugh that the comment brought forth. “But who am I to question what might be true love?”

Emma propped her head in her hand. “Do you really believe in that sort of thing? In true love and soulmates and the like?”

“Between a drunken blacksmith and a sultan's daughter? No. Overall? Perhaps.”

“Perhaps? Weren’t you the one who fell in love with a woman you had only just met the night before.”

“Yes, and I was robbed for all of my efforts.”

“My parents met one another once and that was it.” The blonde wasn’t sure why but she had a sudden need to stroke the lion tattoo on his forearm.  “They didn’t even know the other was royal when they fell in love.”

“I suppose some couples are lucky like that. Some stories are written in the stars whereas others…” Robin reached out and pushed a fallen lock of blonde hair from her face. “Circumstances bring them together.”

Emma moved closer to her prince, running a soft hand down his well toned arm. She eyed a long faded scar on his bicep and she made a mental note to ask how he got it later.

She had a feeling the two of them were done asking questions about one another right about now.

The princess set her goblet of wine on the stand by the bed before draping her arms around his neck. His hands slid slowly down, narrowing at the tiny waist and widening out at her still small hips.

“And what do you think of our… circumstances?” Emma asked him, taking note of the way he bit his lip as she ran her foot down his bare leg.

Like Emma, he too wore only what he had gone into the sea with and the silk like flimsy material did very little to hide what was beginning to press into her stomach.

Robin held the princess tighter, his words coming slowly as if he took careful time to craft each syllable. “I think, M’lady, that our circumstances are unfortunate in some respects and fortunate in others. Unfortunate in that we didn’t get to choose one another, fortunate in that… I think one day, what we have right now, will grow into a deep mutual love. A love that we might have felt had we courted one another before the wedding.”

A blush crept up her neck, turning her ears a slight crimson. Emma was suddenly hyper aware of every gentle touch the prince gave her, every sweet smelling breath he breathed, all of it suddenly felt much more intimate than him fucking her in the ocean while he pinned her against a rock.

Robin reached up and buried his hand in her long blonde hair, still slightly damp with salt water and pulled her face towards him, his lips barely brushing against velvety soft ones.

She was sure he could feel her heartbeat through his ribs as he slowly climbed on top of his bride, his lips never leaving hers not even for a moment. The blonde swallowed hard as he lightly fingered the edge of her slip before he carefully peeled it off her as if she were made of glass.

As Robins eyes wandered over Emma, it was as if he was seeing her for the first time, and truthfully, he was. He hadn’t gotten much of a chance to look at her in the ocean. He had been half mad with lust then, seeing only two amazing tits and his hands only knew a nice wet twat and a firm ass but now, here in their marriage bed, he was seeing all of her. All of her beauty, all of her tiny imperfections that only a man who laid with a woman would notice.

The flecks of brown in her green eyes, the barely noticeable scar on her left hip, he saw the small flower tattoo on her wrist, he noticed how her right breast was just a touch larger than her left, he marveled at the dark pink shade of her nipples, he gazed at every single dip and curve and crevice of his princess...

“Stunning,” Robin breathed as he looked over the princess. “Absolutely stunning…” His eyes found hers again. “You’re beautiful, Emma.”

He buried his hands in her hair again, running the soft tressles through his fingers while he placed feather like kisses on her collarbone.

“Emma...” Robin whispered softly against her gooseflesh skin. “Emma, you’re trembling.”

“I’m okay,” she told her husband, lightly running her nails over his back, kneading the strong muscles in his back. “I am, I just…”

“Just what?”

She swallowed whatever shame she had been brought up to feel, shook away the lessons her grandfather told her about being a ‘proper little lady’, ignored the tutors who told her ‘good girls never had these sort of feelings’ in regards to what Emma had felt when she was with Neal and now Robin.

Robin was Emma’s husband. She had every single right to voice her desires to him without shame or guilt, something she had been more than reluctant with when it came to Neal.

“I just- I want…” Emma closed her eyes, drawing in her bottom lip between her teeth. She could do this. She was no maiden.

So why was it so difficult to speak to him?

“I want… I want you to make love to me.”

She nearly flinched as he put his hand on her cheek, slowly stroking it. Emma finally looked at him with cautious eyes and instead of a blush or even a smirk, all she found was warmth and love and understanding.

“It would be an honor, M’lady…”

Robin took his time with her. Every kiss was soft and light, every touch was a feather on her skin, every stroke he made was slow and gentle. His eyes never left hers, not even for an instant.

She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him close, wanting to feel him on top of her. Robin whispered her name as he moved inside her and Emma called out his in the breathless sigh of a lover.

Worlds didn’t collide when she finally came underneath him. Stars didn’t dance before her eyes, she didn’t scream, he didn’t grunt and pant like a dog… It was soft and gentle, the same way he had taken her.

Afterwards Emma laid on top of him, resting her head atop his chest and listening to the strong and sturdy heartbeat that was playing the princess her own personal lullaby. He stroked her long blonde hair while his other arm wrapped around her waist. Outside the sun had fallen and the stars littered the sky while a pale moon shone down, its light reflecting off the sea.



Emma clung to him tighter. “I don’t love you.”

He gave her a kiss on top of her head. “I know.”

She lifted her head off his chest and gave him a soft smile as she rested a hand on his cheek. “But I definitely think I can grow to.”

Robin returned the gentle smile and pulled her up so he could give her a good and proper kiss.

Whatever he had planned next was interrupted, however, with a familiar sound that brought both their hearts into their throats.

The song of two swords ringing together. Shouting, both by their known guards and strangers, suddenly filled the air.

Robin clambered out of bed, yanking on a pair of simple woolen trousers and a white undershirt.

“Stay here,” he ordered the frightened bride as he grabbed his sword.

“Robin, don’t!” begged Emma as the orchestra of fighting got closer.

“I won’t leave the men to die for me.”

The sound of dying men was now right outside their door.

Robin kissed her, long and hard and full of fear and worry that he might not get this chance again.

“Please stay!” Emma pleaded, but he paid her no mind as he raced to the door.

Just as the Prince was about to throw open the door, the heavy wooden barricade was kicked in, forcing Robin to take several steps back, watching with horror as the footman who had been so generous to the royal couple fell to Robins feet, blood pouring from the mortal wound in his back.

Hook stood where their faithful servant once stood - a cruel smirk as he held up the blood stained scabbard while his crewmen stood behind them, all of them reeking of old sea water and piss and blood.

“Get out,” Robin warned the one handed captain, who just laughed as if the prince had said something hilarious while his men chucked behind him.

“I came to offer congratulations on your nuptials, your majesty.” Hook took a step into the room, but Robin held his ground. He would not let these pirates harm his bride.

“I said,” Robin held the sword out in front of him, “get. Out. I won’t warn you again.”

Another guffaw from the unwashed men.

Hook, meanwhile, just smirked. Blue eyes locked on blue for only a moment before the pirate raised his sword and their dance began.

Emma scrambled up out of the bed, clutching the silk sheets to cover herself. She eyed her husband’s bow and quiver in a chair where his cloak laid, and she hurried over to it, only to be grabbed by one of the pirates and her arms wrenched behind her back, making her only covering puddle at her feet.

She bit her lip to keep from crying out, knowing it would only distract Robin as she watched the prince and pirate go back and forth as their swords sang.

The prince had been trained by the best swordsman Nottingham had to offer (although his true talent lay with a bow and a target), the pirate had to learn to fight and kill for his supper when he was young and living in the belly of the ship’s steerage. But now, while Hook fought for ransom money, Robin fought for his life and, more importantly, his love.

Hook moved fast but Robin matched his every blow as he backed the pirate into a corner. The two swords came together, each man grunting as they fought to get the upper hand. Hook slammed the back end of his hook into Robin's face, making him cry out in pain and giving Hook a moment to shove the prince away from him

Robin regained his senses just as quickly, watching as Hook spun around to get out of the corner and for half a moment, his back was turned to the prince. Robin’s hand froze as he eyed the exposed target, but he didn’t swing.

His honor would not allow him to stab a man in the back...

For one brief moment, Robin had managed to get the upper hand of the villain. When Robin went right, Hook made a half step to the left before he realized what he had done, but it was too late. The blue eyed prince grabbed him by the arm and threw him down on all fours.

“That’s the problem with you lot,” Hook panted as Robin yanked his arm behind his back.

“What’s that?” Robin spat, finally allowing himself to take a breath, turning his back on the crew that had showed up at his door.

“You think everyone fights with as much bloody honor as you do.”

Before Robin could even blink, he felt the edge of a knife press into his back, just enough to let him know they wouldn’t have the same hesitations of stabbing a man in the back as he had.

“Don’t hurt him!” cried Emma, struggling in the arms of the man who held her. For the first time, Robin realized she was in the pirate’s grasp.

“Let her go!” Robin roared as the man with the knife to his spine pinned his arms back, binding him with a length of rope. Hook smirked as he got off the ground, his eyes traveling over the frightened, blonde princess.

“Quite the wench you landed, your majesty.” Another round of laughter from the men as Hook swaggered over to Emma, his eyes wandering over her exposed body. She backed up as far as she could from the man standing in front of her, ignoring what was poking into his back, wishing she had just stayed in the bed under the covers.

“You are a beauty though,” the captain practically purred as he pushed a lock of hair behind her ear, far more lusty and far less loving that Robin had done. Emma swallowed hard, but she would not flinch.

“Get your hands off her!” Robin snarled as they picked him up off the ground.

“Aye, I won’t lay another hand on her. But my hook on the other hand…” Another round of laughter as the captain trailed the backside of his hook between her breasts, biting his bottom lip as he heard the princess whimper in terror.

“Leave her alone!”

The pirate who had grabbed her sneered over Emma’s shoulder at the prince, showing him a mouthful of rotted brown teeth.

“Wot do you say we show this pompous little prince how a real man fucks a woman, Cap’n?” His hand come around and squeezed her breast, his dirty fingernails digging into her flesh. Emma’s cry mixed with the prince’s roar of outrage as he fought tooth and nail to escape his binds.

He leaned in close, inhaling the scent of her hair while the hand that had been groping her trailed down her stomach. Hook raised his brow at the man while Emma’s sobs filled the room as he ran his fingers through the perfectly manicured pale blonde curls between her legs. “I ain’t never fucked a princess before. Is it true a royals twat tastes like honey?”

Hook snickered at the crude comment as the deckhand dipped a finger inside her. “Alright, Lad, stop let her-.”

A flash of steel whipped through the air with a sharp whistle and the next thing anyone knew the man who had been molesting the princess was on the floor gasping for air as hot red blood gushed over his fingers with a bejeweled dagger sticking out of his throat.

Hook as well as Robin and the rest of the man whipped towards the person who had thrown the knife.

“What the bloody hell is wrong with you?” Hook growled at a steely eyed Regina.

“What’s wrong with YOU?” the brunette snapped back as she made her way over to the man writhing in pain and yanked her dagger from his neck. A burst of scarlet erupted violently from where the hole was and he clutched and clawed at his throat for a moment before he stilled.

Robin was far too concerned with the teary eyed blonde to recognize the would be familiar voice and face. “You were just gonna stand there and let this moron rape her?”

Of course he wouldn’t have. Hook had been reaching for his own dagger when Regina had thrown hers through the air. But she didn’t need to know that.

“What I allow my crew to do is none of your damn business, Wench!” Hook barked. “As much as you like to think you are, you are not the captain!”

Regina rounded on the black haired man. “No but maybe I should be considering I’m the one with a brain in my head!” She waited until she was sure every eye was on her before she continued.  “You think we’re gonna get any ransom if her pirate hating father turns out she’s been forced on her back by every man on the ship with a bastard in her belly? He would have the entire Misthaven Navy setting fires to our sails and we all end up with lovely little ropes around our necks.”

Hook glared at the deckhand but said nothing in rebuttal. Gods he hated when she was right… All he could argue was that it still hasn’t been her right to make that decision.

Regina rolled her eyes, hating his stubbornness but instead of arguing further she just walked over to the more feminine looking chest and pulled out the first dress she saw, a light flow pale pink and white ensemble and tossed it to the blonde who was still in shock.

“Put that on,” she commanded Emma who quickly did as she was told, grateful for the covering.

“You won’t get away with this,” the princess told her. The moment she was decent another crewmen grabbed her and held her arms behind her back, this time grabbing only her arms and leaving enough space so she wasn’t pressed up against him. “My father will stop you.”

Regina just smirked at the woman before she backhanded her as hard as she could, feeling a small sense of accomplishment when the blonde nearly fell to the floor.

“I’d like to see him try,” Regina said with a smirk as the men’s laughter surrounded her.

“Don’t touch her,” Robin warned.

That voice. That accent. No. It couldn’t be…

Regina rounded on the prince, looking at him for the first time since she entered the room. Her heart felt like it was going to burst as her eyes took the blue eyed man in. No. It couldn’t be.

This was the man she was going to run away with after one night of bliss? This was the man whose face she saw when someone she couldn’t stand was inside her?

Regina had been with a Prince?

She couldn’t let the rest of them know, least of all her captain. She couldn’t let them know she had a history with the man they planned to hold for ransom.

She wasn’t even sure if he remembered her. Judging by the hatred in his eyes she guessed not.

Regina forced a smirk to her lips, hoping it looked legitimate enough to fool the rest of the men and sauntered over to him, walking in such a way she knew every eye was glued to her hips but Robin never looked away from her face.

Then she saw it. That flash of clarity now that he had a moment to breathe.

“No…” Robin barely whispered loud enough for his words to be heard by even himself. “No it can’t be…”

Regina stood in front of him, bravado pouring out of her every pore. Her eyes looked him over, the same way she had years before.

“Oh but it is,” Regina cooed to her prince. Her brown eyes fell on those lips that had tasted every intimate part of her and she wondered if he still tasted the same after all those years.

Well, only one way to find out.

She grabbed hold of the back of his neck and crashed her lips against his, ignoring the cheering of the men. The hypocrisy that she was doing to him what she had just saved the princess from, thank god for her quick thinking regarding the king, not escaping her.

She ignored Emma telling her to stop and Robins muffled protest as she thrust her tongue into his mouth, moaning as she tasted that old familiar taste of mint and a touch of whiskey.  Regina finally pulled away and buried her head into the crook of his neck, inhaling deeply.

Even out here by the sea he still smelled like forest.

“Get away from me,” Robin growled at the pirate, all past memories now forgotten.

Regina merely smirked at her peasant turned prince as brown eyes found blue again. She licked his taste from her lips, wanting more of the man in front of her. She had gone three long years without his touch, without his tongue between her legs, without his long hard strokes inside her...

She turned towards the men holding him.

“When you bring him on the ship, take him to my chambers instead of the dungeon.” She turned back to the disgusted prince. “After I’ve had my fun, he can join his bride in the brig.”

Another round of whistles and jeers from the men and shouted protests from his bride.

He frowned at the brown haired deckhand but bit back a retort.

Hook wasn’t jealous.

Sure she could be ordered on her back by every man on the ship but she was also free to fuck whomever she wished to fuck. Who was he to stop her?

Hook was in no way jealous.

Why would he care that some little pirate slut wanted some pompous princes cock inside her?

Hook definitely wasn’t jealous.

And because he wasn’t jealous, he definitely was not making plans on fucking Regina’s brains out after she was done with the prince…

Definitely. Not. Jealous.


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