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Love is a person, it's you

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Once the victim was within sight Seokjin focused on his aim.

Target Locked.

He pressed the trigger swiftly before the victim has the chance to move again and ducks, a silent bullet was fired and a distant crash was heard.

Peeping over the low wall, Seokjin scans the scene for the outcome.

Victim down, mission accomplished.


He quickly picks up his rifle and slips out of the door that leads to the exit of the rooftop.

Tap tap tap.

Seokjin descends the stairs with light quick steps before rounding the corner, pulling out the case hidden in between a small gap and slotting his rifle in. He shuts the case and puts on the coat that was laid out beside the case and proceeds to leave the building.


He had decided to carry out tonight’s mission in an old building located in an eerily quiet neighbourhood which will drastically reduce his chances of getting caught, however that meant that he had to park his car somewhere further away as there were no suitable spaces for parking that was in close proximity to the building he was in. It was an old neighbourhood after all.

Seokjin made his way to his vehicle cautiously, making sure to subtly check his surroundings while keeping his profile low. He’s almost there, his car parked just a few blocks away, he just had to hop in and drive off and he’s clear.

However, it seems that things had been going on too smoothly tonight after all, as footsteps can soon be heard behind him. He sighs, speeding up his pace, he doesn’t want to work overtime tonight.

The footsteps behind him sped up as well, and now it’s just blatantly obvious that he’s being followed. Seokjin frowns, whoever is following him is either new to their job and inexperienced, or too arrogant to worry about being noticed. If it happens to be the latter, it could mean that the pursuer is extremely capable and could take Seokjin down. He can’t let his guard down and take chances.

Seokjin rounds the corner and tucks his hand into his coat pocket, gripping onto the gun left inside. The footsteps behind him sounds more rushed now, seemingly desperate to not lose him. Seokjin scans his surroundings, making sure there are no bystanders before he turns into a dark alley. The footsteps behind him follows him in but Seokjin was nowhere in sight.

The said man silently appears behind the pursuer and presses his gun against the other man’s temple, who made no movement to defend himself. Drip drip, Seokjin squints and tries to make out what he could see with the help of the dim street lights before his eyes widen. His pursuer was a hybrid, he could tell from the fluffy round ears sitting atop the man’s head, a tad taller than him and he was bleeding, all the way from his head to his arms and legs. Bruises and cuts were evident on the foreign man’s skin, it was bloody.

Seokjin’s eyes had only met the other’s dull lost ones for a single second before the foreign man collapses onto the ground, losing consciousness.

It was going to be a long night.


Seokjin had managed to drag the unconscious male back to his apartment and is now treating to his wounds. The blood loss was critical, but not life endangering.

He kept a taser by his side despite the fact that the other male seems relatively harmless and is probably too injured to attack him, but he isn’t going to risk it. Seokjin doesn’t know why the hybrid was following him, but now that he has gotten a proper look at the hybrid’s calm and peaceful face, it doesn’t seem like he would be much of a threat.

He carefully bandages the hybrid’s arm, gentle with his treatment. Initially he was worried that he was going to be attacked but it turns out that the hybrid probably just wanted some help. Seokjin had brought the hybrid home in case he had witnessed too much. He had been following the sniper around for quite a while after all, Seokjin had to make sure, but right now, he is confused and worried about something else, how did the hybrid get such cruel marks all over himself?

Hybrids are generally docile creatures kept by humans as pets. While there are a few strays who roam about the streets, they usually stay hidden to prevent themselves from getting taken away by shelters. To have an uncollared hybrid following a human around openly on the streets is quite surprising to say the least.

Seokjin couldn’t help but be drawn to the cute hybrid who now seems to be peacefully sleeping. The hybrid’s brown fluffy ears twitched a little and his nose scrunches, Seokjin smiles, he couldn’t deny that that was quite adorable.

Most would presume that Seokjin is cold-hearted and merciless considering his line of work, but that isn’t the case at all. He is in fact warm-hearted and kind, only killing when he deemed that whoever he was about to kill deserved it, so when he had saw the injured hybrid, his protective instincts were naturally drawn out of him and he wanted to help despite the fact that the hybrid could potentially be a threat, sent by someone to attack him. Cases of hybrid manipulation weren’t exactly unheard of, and that was also part of the reason why Seokjin brought him home.

Just when Seokjin was about to move on and continue his treatment on the hybrid’s legs, the hybrid stirs, letting out a soft distressed moan as his eyes opened, revealing a pair of bright innocent orbs. The hybrid stares curiously at Seokjin who did the same back at the now awakened hybrid, and once the human male had decided that the hybrid wasn’t going to attack him, he went back to tending the other’s wounds silently.

The hybrid watches Seokjin’s movements curiously, head tilted to a side. It was apparent that the gears in his head were running, as though he was trying to remember something.

Once Seokjin was done tending to all the wounds, he looks up at the hybrid and something seems to have clicked in place within the hybrid’s head. He beams, revealing his sweet dimples as he cheers “dada!” happily and Seokjin swoons, offering a tender smile before reaching his hand out to give the hybrid’s head a gentle pat, only to have it halt in mid air as realisation dawned upon him.

The hybrid called him daddy.

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“There are only two reasonable explanations for your case, Mr Kim. Hybrids who demonstrate regressive behaviour are either born with defects or have gone through a traumatic experience. Considering his injuries and limited knowledge on vocabulary, I highly suspect it being the latter, which is a very rare case. You said you found him on the streets, is that right?”

Seokjin gives a nod.

“Hybrids have very delicate minds, you see. It is likely that what he went through before his abandonment has traumatised him, causing his brain to shut down and eventually wipe itself of all memories, which leads us to how he imprinted on you, as you are the first person he saw after such events.”

Seokjin frowns and the senior hybrid specialist sighs, knowing fully well what the male is thinking about, probably reluctant to accept such a responsibility.

“Of course, since this was an unfortunate event with no proper adoption process involved, you are not required to take care of the hybrid. If you are unwilling to adopt the hybrid, we are able to send him to a shelter, but not before wiping his memories. It will be a painful process, yes, but it is essential for him to have no attachment to someone else so as to find a new owner. It’s the best we can do for him.” She offers a sad smile, looking at the bear hybrid who’s currently trying to crawl into Seokjin’s lap, heart aching at the poor hybrid’s fate.

“Dada!” The hybrid exclaims once fully seated on Seokjin’s lap, revealing a bright dimpled smile before burying his face into Seokjin’s chest, nuzzling there happily.

“He’s adorable, isn’t he?” The kind elderly lady speaks up with a tender voice before changing the subject. “Shall I get the hospital papers for you, Mr Kim?”

Seokjin stares at the giggling hybrid who is currently bouncing in his lap, thinking. After a long pause, he made a decision that will change his life forever.

“No, I’m keeping him.”



Muffled music attempts to penetrate the walls of a room in the furthest corner of a club, but it is not loud enough to cover the conversation.

“So you decided to adopt a hybrid without any experience or preparation to act as a parental figure, just because he called you daddy?” Jungkook asked, whether he is actually curious or just asked to spite him, Seokjin doesn’t know.

“It’s weird when you put it that way.” Seokjin sighs.

“You do know you don’t have the time or energy to take care of him, right? We already have enough jobs on our hands, this is a very irresponsible decision you made, hyung.” Yoongi says in a gravely serious tone.

“I couldn’t just leave him, you saw how he is.”

“You can’t just take anyone in simply because they’re cute, hyung.” Jimin speaks up unhelpfully.

“That wasn’t my point, I was talking about his condition.”


“Well aren’t you exceptionally compassionate for a killer.” Yoongi joins in with his sarcastic response.

“He is undeniably adorable though. Come here, buddy.” Hoseok pats his lap after calling out to the bear hybrid who is currently entertaining himself by dipping his fingers into a glass of water and making small puddles on the table top.

Upon noticing himself being called, the bear hybrid gladly waddles over and attempts to climb into Hoseok’s lap, successfully doing so with a little lift from the other male.

Hoseok bounces him in his lap a little, earning a small giggle before turning to join in the conversation. “How do you plan on taking care of him?”

“Well, I was planning to get some help from you guys.” Seokjin shrugs.

Before Hoseok could even reply, he feels something hard press into his chest and glances down.


The hybrid was holding a gun against his chest. The room goes quiet.


Hoseok’s eyes sweep over his thigh holster, finding it empty. He reaches his palm out to the hybrid and speaks cautiously. “That’s mine, pass it back to me right now, sweetheart.”

The hybrid stares at Hoseok’s hand with wide curious orbs before gently placing the weapon in his palm, then looking up at him, seemingly waiting for praise.

“That’s it, good boy.” Hoseok smiles, giving the hybrid’s cheeks a light pinch before sliding the gun to the other end of the table top.

“Goddamn it, Hoseok. How could you ask to hold him when you have something like that on you. Come here, Joon.” Seokjin glares and Hoseok retaliates with a roll of his eyes. “Says the one who brought him to a club.”

The hybrid named Joon happily bounces over and seats himself down in Seokjin’s lap, repeating the word ‘dada’ over and over again softly like a mantra.

“You already named him?” Taehyung asks incredulously.

“No, it’s the only thing he says apart from ‘dada’, so I figured that it’d be his name. Besides, he responds to it.” Seokjin answers casually.


“Are we not going to talk about how he knows to handle a gun?” Yoongi speaks up, stunning the room into silence.