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Home: Be Careful What you Wish for

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Disclaimer-I don’t own sailor moon...

“Be careful what you wish for 'cause you just might get it all/You just might get it all and then some you don't want/Be careful what you wish for 'cause you just might get it all/You just might get it all, yeah -Home Daughtry”

“Face it Serenity, your alone! Your Senshi and Prince are dead.” Beryl shouted at her opponent, her dark energy was holding hard against a young blonde in white. It was clear that the blonde did not let Beryl words break her clear determination. This scared Beryl but she knew with Metaria power there the battle was won. “Give up Serenity.” Beryl place all her strength into the dark energy,

“Never. It might seem that I’m alone, but I can feel my sister scouts and love near. Your wicked games are over!” Serenity could feel her friends powers with her. She held the crystal high and put all her strength into it. “ In the name of the Moon, I punish you!” She shouted as a blinding white light diminished the dark power.

When the light clear, all that was left of Beryl were her screams of defeat. Serenity was on the ground as shards of the crystal fell from the sky. It had broken into million pieces, no longer capable of holding her energy. She slowly reached up with what was left of her strength and caught a small shard. She held it to her heart. “I wish, that they could have normal lives. Everyone, my family, my scouts even my love.A life where that they don’t need to sacrifice themselves for me. A life where no one knows my name. A life of peace. I wish...” Serenity mumbled as she submerged into unconscious.


 Serenity opened her eyes see nothing but a dark void. She looked around examining the void, Where am I. She thought.

“You are in a time void, my sweet daughter.” A light female voice said.

A white light blinded the void. Serenity looked away shielding her eyes. When the light faded away, Queen Serenity, her mother was standing before her. She was dressed in the regal moon queen dress and smiling proudly at her daughter. “You have sealed Queen Metara and won the fight I could not. I am very proud of you.”

“ But my friends, Prince Endymion...” Serenity stammered looking at her mother in confusion.

“Your wish has been granted, but my child you must remember.” Suddenly Luna and Artemis appeared in front of her. They had been changed into their human forms from so long ago. They look at other and smiled. Seeing their queen, they kneel down. Serenity watch in awe. She was filled with wonder what exactly was her mother doing.

“Luna, Artemis. You have done an excellent job. But now I must ask you to continue watching my daughter and lead her till the day the Senshi must-”

“No.” Suddenly Serenity understood. She watched as mother stopped talking and looked at her with confusion. “ They shall not be awakened. Ever. I meant my wish, no one needs to know my name. Mother, please listen, I can't bear the thought off...”

“ Is that what you wish my Daughter? Even your reincarnation parents would forget none would know the name Usagi.” Queen Serenity ask and Luna and Artemis stared at their royal family.

“Yes,” she stated with no hesitation.

“ But Usagi you will be danger and what will happen if an new enemy appears?” Luna stated with fear clear in her voice.

“I don’t care Luna. I will keep my duty as Sailor Moon by myself”

Queen Serenity felt for her daughter. She could tell that this battle had hurt her much. Where a happy teen had once been, now stood a grown young woman who had faced the harshness of life. The crystal shard was small but she knew it would grant her daughter's wish. “ So be it.” She stared at her loyal advisers. “ Luna and Artemis, I grant you your human bodies again. You will watch over my daughter and guide her through her journey not as loyal cats but as guardians a place I was pushed from.” She took her daughter hand that held the shard. “ This is what is left of the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou. I will place the scots powers in it. You will be able to use them and fight as Sailor Moon” Queen Serenity turn to leave. “Know this, my sweet child, your wish may be guaranteed but only to a point. I can’t guarantee that they will never awaken again.”

Serenity held the shard close to herself as she watched her mother fade away. “ Daughter I hope that one day you find a home that I could never give you.” Serenity watched as mother smiled and blind white light returned to the void.


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"Without you, I feel broke/Like I'm half of a whole/Without you, I've got no hand to hold/Without you, I feel torn/Like a sail in a storm/Without you, I'm just a sad song/I'm just a sad song..."-Sad Song By We the Kings

Chapter One- I Never Told You


“This elevator is just...”


“Not right.”  the young blonde stated finishing his sentence.


They were both trapped and neither was sure how it happened. It started simple. Usagi had run into whom she referred to as her ultimate enemy Mamoru or Mamoru-baka. A daily occurrence between the two. She had expected the usual. He would tease with that deep voice, that she would never admit gave her goosebumps. She would yell brushing off her simple school uniform, he would laugh and gleam at her with his deep sapphire eyes. Mention something about her bad grades or eating habits. She would call him a jerk then stomped away. This time though He had surprised her, with a howl of pain and where there was once anger concern was replace. She watched as he winced, feeling the yearn to comfort him. For if she was truly honest she didn't hate him, far from it actually. Not that she would tell him, rejection was promised. How could a19-year-old at least six foot, evenly toned man with dark hair that she yearned to brush, love her. In her sixteen years of life she maybe five four, with small curves and maybe a b cup. A child compared to other women. No Mamoru Chiba could not fall for little Usagi Tsukino. But it didn't stop her from worrying. He had just laughed, even told her not to ever change. No insults, nothing. She wanted to ask what was wrong but he walked away. In fear of his well being, she followed. Only to be caught i a trap by Zoisite. A villain she as Sailor Moon was fighting. The first she remember was all the Nijzuishous being placed between him and Zoisite. If luna, her guardian had been there, she would have commented about how she should grab them, They were gone before she could think, and something was chasing then and they ran to the elevator. She wasn’t even sure how Mamoru was caught in this mess. Though did it matter they both were trapped, and may even be in for harsh punishment. But The need to know was bugging her, not caring about how he would react, if he would react. she asked, “Um, Mamoru-Ba..san.”

 “Yes.” He replied.

 “Why do you want the Nijizuishous ?”

 He opened his eyes and sighed deeply. For minuted she thought he wouldn't tell her. He stared into the night sky as if it held the answers. Her heart beat frankly, praying he would say something.

 “When I was six years old, my parents and I were in a car accident, They die on impact. I escape with few injuries but with no memory of who I was or who they were. The only reason I even know my name is because of the doctors. All my life I've wonder…” She waited for him to continue sensing his pain. “ I'm hoping that the Nijizuishous, will lead me to the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou.  You see i’ve had this dream of voice asking me to find it. I truly believe if I do, I’ll remember.” He looked back at me. “ I don't why I just told you all that.”

 “I've been told, that I can be easy to talk to,” she stated shrugging before placing a comforting hand on his shoulder and smiling gently at him. “ I understand and hope I can help in some way.”

 He smiled back at her. “They seem to be right, Usagi-Chan.”

 “You see, you do know my name.” They both laughed a bit. “You know, I used to think you were the worst person in the world, but now you're the second worst...”


The dream faded as the sunshine started to peak thru the small window. The only window in what could be considered a small apartment. Usagi tried hard to block the sun with the pillow, but it was no use. Dawn was here. She tried to roll over, only falling off the simple couch. She must have collapsed after patrol. Pulling herself up looking toward the main control computer as the time stated Five forty-five, way too early to be awake. She knew there was no chance she could fall back to sleep, after that dream it is impossible. She started for the small kitchen, felling a harsh thirst. She still could never grasp how what was once a small basement, was now an apartment. The minute they return two weeks ago, the simple computer room under Crown was changed. A new two bedroom apartment, with living space and kitchen, had appeared. Luna had stared it was the work of the crystal. She may have even been right since one the room had everything her old one had. Though if she was honest she hardly uses anything. Sleep on the couch wasn’t new. For maybe a day after Beryl, the new monsters had appeared with the nightly attacks.


Grabbing a water bottle from the fridge. She leaned on the counter, replaying the dream in her head again. Why she had dreamed about that memory was a mystery. Not that it had been the first time. Dreams of her dear friends occur often. The first thing she did after returning was checked on them. She had to see for herself they were alive.  She didn’t allow herself to do anything else. Just observe them living and run back to headquarters.  She didn't bother with her family. No one knew her anymore. She hadn't;t even question how Luna had gotten her things.

She looked around to notice that Luna was not at the computer. An oddity, for even in the early hours of the day she was there. Looking for clues into why, what we believe where Beryl's lackeys, were causing trouble. A thought came about asking Luna about the dream, but she dismissed it. Luna had never agreed to her wish. She was constantly asking her to allow the scouts to awake.  


She finished the water bottle quickly before throwing it and missing the trash can. She debated picking up, but to be honest she didn’t care. She made her way to the bathroom locking the door. As she shed her night clothes and started the hot shower. Her mind wandered back to the conversation as the scalding water hit her sore muscles. That had been the last conversation with her prince. At Least the last one before he was brainwashed. Force to fight her and the scouts. Never giving her the chance to tell him how she really felt. It had been the start of the deadly battle. She could still see his eyes, the eyes she missed so much. If she was honest she yearned for everyone. Her scouts, loyal true friends. Ami with her neverending knowledge, Rei with her fiery attitude, Makoto’s overprotectiveness, and Minako cheerfulness. She didn't regret her wish though, they were better off without her. Especially her charming Prince. She missed him the most, a thought about maybe looking in on him occur. She had this thought this many times, but it was easy to push it away, the first time anyway. For she knew if did it once, she would again. It was important to keep her distance, the risk that he would remember was strong. Today though it was hard not to seek him out. His eyes haunted her and need was deep. She tried to talk herself out of the idea. But the dream made it so hard to resist. What harm could a small chick in do anyway? As long as she kept her distance. Her mind made up she quickly washed and dried up throwing on the same clothes as she made a dash for the exit. 


Without thinking about the consequences, she rushed out the door that led to the back alleyway. Calling on her transformation she jump to the rooftops. One peek was all she would needed. One peek just maybe she could stop thinking about him, one peak and move on. She came to a stop on of the largest apartment building and quickly walked towards the east side. Leaning down to look at the balcony only a floor below. She wasn’t sure how she knew where his apartment was. She had never been there, but she just knew. Looking down she saw him. A cup of coffee in his hand as stared out into the sunrise. She couldn’t help but notice he was only in light sweatpants. Mostly likely he had just gotten up. A small smile played on her lips, she knew he was an early riser. She observed him, wishing for a chance to see his eyes, to have hand play with his jet black short hair. She craved his touch, just once. Maybe even a real kiss, unlike the one she had given his cold dead body. She felt a tear run down her face, before quickly pushing it away. Regret filled her, would it be so bad. without him she felt incomplete like something important was missing from her life.

 No, she quickly shook her head. Regret was useless, her wish was true. The world did not need a preppy fearful Usagi. Who depend on her scouts and love for protection. It needed a warrior, a young woman who fought on her own. She wasn’t that simple girl anymore, that girl was gone. Usagi was gone. She was just Sailor Moon. Alone protector of the earth. She allowed herself one more look, then never again. Though when she looked down nothing he was gone. Keeping her reserve she positioned herself on the railing to leave. When she heard the roof door opened.

“ Usako…” She turned to see her him looking with her with determination.

 “That’s impossible,” She whispered as his eyes bore into her.

 “It is you.” She turned before he could come closer, jumping quickly to the next building.

 It wasn’t possible he couldn’t remember her. The wish had been clear. She ran hearing him shouting her name, figuring he must have transformed. She had to get away now. Quicky, she jumped to the alley closest to headquarters. Knowing the minute she closed the door, the entrance would disappear. Only Luna and Artemis, and herself knew of its existence. She slammed the door shut breathing deeply behind it.

“ I know it’s you!” She heard his voice scream into the alley. “ Why are hiding Sailor Moon?” This couldn’t be happening.

 “Usagi!” She looked up to see Luna looking at her sharply. “ What is the meaning-”

 “Turn on the alleyway camera now.” She ordered, seeing the Artemis was sitting on the computer. She had to see him. Maybe it was just a figment of her imagination, but no it was clear.

“ Is that…” Luna stated stunned

“Tuxedo Kamen”



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"You and I, we're like fireworks and symphonies exploding in the sky/With you, I'm alive/Like all the missing pieces of my heart, they finally collide

So stop time right here in the moonlight/'Cause I don't ever wanna close my eyes..." Sad Song  By We the Kings


Endymion, that wasn’t right, he thought to himself. That wasn’t his name, no not in life. He was Mamoru Chiba a lonely orphan. Who shut everyone out, even the girl he loved. No, he wasn’t an ancient Prince with unknown powers, who had the love of his life. A man who was strong and happy. Mamoru was simple, though what did it matter he was dead. Maybe it was because he had known it was coming or maybe he was insane. But he smiled. Dead. Had he ever truly lived, not like her. His golden goddess, Usasko, the one beautiful thing in his life. She knew how to live, with her smile, her laugh. He just loved how those baby blue eyes would gleam in anger. He couldn't say it though, never. It would ruin her happiness. Wasn’t his past life prove of it? Endymion had allowed himself to love her, he didn’t care if was illegal. Mamoru wouldn’t, for he was dark, she was light. Maybe he has always been truly dead. He did do one thing right, he saved her. He had made that choice twice with Zoisite and Beryl. With no second guessing. She needed to live, to continue protecting this world. It wasn't just because she could defeat their enemy. Yes, Sailor Moon or Serenity she was needed to protect, but Usagi was needed more. Without her, the world would be cold and indifferent.  If it meant his death so be it.

“Endymion!” The voice shouted again.

What did it want? Couldn’t he just die knowing he made the right choice? Accept the peace it would give him.


“ What!” He shouted opening his eyes, expecting to see darkness, not light. A light unlike anything else. He tried to focus on it. Breakthrough and see why it wouldn’t let him rest. His eyes focus on her, Queen Serenity. Why was she here? Where was here, he looked around himself notice that he was still wearing the ancient armor.

“Where am I?”

“It doesn't matter,” She started quickly. “ You have a choice to make.”

“ A choice but, I died…”

“ Yes, but my sweet daughter has made a wish. She wants you all to forget her and live.”

Forget, how could anyone forget her. Was cause he hurt her or had tried to. He would have if she hadn't brought out that star locket. He would still be under Beryl control.

“No, Endymion please don't blame yourself for Beryl actions. My daughter is in pain and does not know what she is wishing for. But I cannot take your memories away.” She simply stated reading his thoughts.

As if he had summoned it, a golden crystal appears in his hand.

“Impossible,” He stammered. “ The golden Crystal was lost when Beryl had destroyed the ith earth.”

“ No, much like the Silver Crystal, it sought protection inside its carrier. Because the golden crystal holds your memories, I do not have the power to erase your memories. You must make that decision.”

He stared at the gleaming crystal, almost the same color as his Usako hair. At least to him. Could he forget her? It was what she wanted, but without her. She had made him want to live, to be accepted. If he lost her return to just Mamoru. This was his second chance to make things right. To accept her love this time.

“No.” He couldn’t help but notice her smile.

“ So be it” The brightness of her light intensified, blinding him. “Protect her.”

He would, he closed his eyes expecting to wake up and find her. That’s when the dark laughter started.

“You Protect her, Ha! You can't even find her.”  Instead of li,ght there was darkness, expect for a man dress in a white royal attire. Much like something Endymion would wear. Thought it was to gaddy, with diamonds accenting the sleeves and collar. With a strange bue design that almost look like snakes  interlocking with each other. “ No serenity deserves better. She deserves a man like me. Not a pathetic embarrassment; who couldn't protect her from himself.” He laughed.

Mamoru went for his sword, but it was gone.  It didn't matter, he would fight this man. “ I will find her!”

Anger coursed through him.

“Serenity will be mine Endymion, and there is nothing you can do about it!”  Mamoru went to lunge at him, but the man vanished.

Dark laughter surrounds him. He tried to grab his ear and close his eyes, in an attempt to block it out. It was no use the volume only increased till its all he could hear. Then he heard her cry.

“Help me Endymion...Mamoru”

“ Usasko, where are you” He screams in anguish.


“She is mine.”

He jolted awake. Catching himself before falling out of the bed. Pain fills his head, the same pain he felt every night since that day. Slowly, knowing there was no use trying to go back to sleep. He got out bed and head towards the kitchen in order to make his daliy coffee. He glanced at the stove oven clock 4:52 am. An early hour for most, but not him. It didn’t bother him though, he had to search for her again. Looking out the balcony window as the sun rose he thought about the last two weeks. He had woke up the same way. With the urged to find her. Only to discover that Usagi was nowhere to be found.  She didn’t even exist. He had hunted down each scout, only to meet frighten girls. Who looked at like he was insane. Her family didn’t even know her. Stating that they had no daughter. If he hadn't heard about the sighting of a blonde woman in a red and blue fuku fighting new monsters, he would believe he had just imagined Usagi. He had even tried to sense her. Only to discover that he couldn’t, her transformation never triggered that strange sixth sense. The one thing had become depended on.  He had gotten a police scanner, but it didn’t help. Sure there had been plenty of close shots. Each time he would lose her in the darkness of night.

The haunting last words from that strange voice echoed in his head.  He poured himself a cup of coffee in the hope it would clear his head. As he walk towards the balcony, leaning on the banister.   A pathetic embarrassment; who couldn't protect her from himself.  He looked into the sky, as if it held the answer to her location. He wasn’t sure why he had the nightmare. He just knew that danger was coming and he had to find her first.  He was dependent of keeping the promise to Queen Serenity. Sighing dejectly, maybe the voice had been right. After all wasn't it his fault she had been in danger the first place. He had lead her to that tower. He had even tried to kill her. Maybe she even knew he was alive and looking. This could just be her way of her rejecting him. After all, he hadn’t treated her right. The teasing, pick at her insernites. He feared the feeling she could give him, and his reaction was to push her away. He didn’t deserve her love. He would protect her. Even if she didn’t want it.

He turned heading towards his computer. In hopes of finding something new about her whereabouts. That’s when he felt it, the same pull as always. It was close, pulling him towards the roof. He looked up and swearing he could see a familiar blonde hairstyle. He rushed using his Tuxedo Kamen powers to quickly run up the stairs. Opening the door in swift push. He froze, she was there, her back turned as if ready to leave. The early sun surround her, as if she was just an angel. Maybe she was, he thought. AN angel here to punish him.

“ Usako…” He whispered doubting his eyes.

She turned, astonishment clear in her eyes. “That’s impossible.” her angelic voice whispered.

“It is you.”  He couldn’t help the sudden excitement he felt. She was here right in front of him. He rush to her, only for her to turn and jump to next building faster than ever.

Working fast he called on his transformation, and ran after her. He was determined to catch her. Moving as fast as possible using every bit of his stigma. She dipped into a alleyway, he knew that it was his chance. Jumping into the alley, only to find it empty. No Sailor moon anywhere. He could feel her though.

“ I know it's you!” He shouted into alley not caring that none was there. “ Why are you hiding Sailor Moon!”

He looked around again, only to feel her disappear. She was out there. He couldn’t stop remembering her face. It was different, her eyes had lost the joy they once held. The thought only intensify his search. He had to know if that look was his fault.

As Mamoru ran in search, another came out of shadows. He too had been searching, and he knew the stupid Prince would lead him to his prize. His smile gleamed, while a plan formed. He had her now.

“ She’s mine!” he stated allowing the shadows to embrace him as he vanished.

“ Luna, how could this happen.” Usagi asked watching Mamoru run from the alley.

“I'm not sure,” Luna moved away from the kitchen, where she had been getting coffee. When suddenly Usagi had come rushing in looking as if she had scence a ghost.

To Usagi it was a ghost. He was as real as the camera had shown. Luna move towards Artemis, who was type in  the new information.

“ He remember me…” She turn to see Usagi fearful face.

Luna could tell that the sight of Prince Endymion, or Mamoru as he went by in this life. Scared her poor adopted daughter.  She watch as the child just stare at the screen. Luna couldn't help feeling worried. Something she felt ever since that day. The day she was guaranteed another chance to truly help her Princess. Queen Serenity has bless her greatly, allowing her to be human again. Something she thought would never happen. Not that she hated being a cat. For her Muu heritage was important, but in human form, she could help her princess. Artemis had been thankful as well. Her partner in this life and the last. They both took the roles of being Usagi guardians happily. Even if she didn’t agree with the wish. If she was honest it was relof to hear the Mamoru remembered. She felt the need to say something when Artemis gave her a pointed look. Her green eyes warning her. It was a sore topic for all of them, one that had been fought about many times. She brush back her long black hair, ignoring her partners warning.

“ Maybe this-”

“ Don’t you dare finish that statement. I made my wish clearly.” the blonde stated glaring at her.

Luna couldn't help rolling her eyes. “ Your ever powerful wish.”

“Luna, don’t,” Artemis started pinching the bridge between his eyes.

“ No, I can’t stand by why she-”

“While I what, Luna?” the teen screamed, curling her hands into a fist. “ Prevent those who I love to die. DO you want to see them dead again.”

“ Of course not, “ She stated. “ But who says history will repeat it self. The girls will one day feel the need to protect. No stupid wish can stop that.”

“Not if I have a say.” Usagi muttered. Luna went to continue.

“ Girls, can we please go one day without this fight.” Artemis beged.

Luna shook her head as she moved to the couch, dismissing her thoughts for now. She sipped her coffee, quietly listening to them.

“ Now, Usagi your mother did say she couldn’t guarantee your wish would work.” He stated simply.

“ It's not possible. The girls forgot, even my family doesn't remember. How could Mamoru?” Usagi stammer moving closer to the screen. Artemis had freezed it with the image of Tuxedo Kamen standing in the alleyway. “ What if the girls start…”

“ As if I could be so lucky.” Luna muttered under her breath.

“Luna,” Artemis stated with conviction.  Luna shook her head returning to sipping her coffee. As he continued “ I do have a theory.”

“ Well,” Usagi stated removed her eyes from the screen to stare at Artemis.

“ It's only a theory.”

“Stop being cryptic, and just tell me.” Luna couldn’t help the smile, at least someone else was receiving Usagi anger.

“ The Golden Crystal.” That spark her attention.

“Could it be possible?” Luna asked curiously putting her coffee.

“ The Golden...what are you two talking about?”

Artemis look at Luna as if to ask permission. As if she could give it. She knew as much as he did.

“ The Earth Kingdom did have there own Crystal, during the Silver Kingdom. Only a few knew about it and it was thought to have disappeared during the fall. But if Artemis is right  Prince Endymion may still carry it, that would prevent your stupid wish, from effecting him.” She started, noticing the anger coming from Usagi.

“ My wish-”

“ Enough.” Artemis ever the peacekeeper shouted. “ I can not handle another day of you two fighting!”

The teen just screamed rushing her to the room and slammed the door. Luna just shook her head. She still could not believe the change her Usagi had. Since there return she was not the jumpy girl, who use cower at the thought of fighting. The girl who even luna truly admitted, she loved. The carefreeness Usagi had once given to everyone in her presence, was gone. Though Luna didn’t miss her whines. Well, that wasn’t true, if she truly  thought about it, she prefer them to new short temper.

“ I wish you wouldn’t anger her so easily.” Artemis staed.

Luna snorted as she observed the man. He sat simply on the computer chair. His long while hair pulled away from his face. She was happy that he had no urge to cut it. His hair was what had grabbed her attention an milimnem ago. Though neither of them were the same. Gone was the old uniforms they wore, now they both wore the modern dress. She had to admit that her jeans and light t shirt where much easier to work in.

“ I am sorry, but I wish she wasn’t so stubborn and would listen to reason.”

“ I know.” He turned back towards his work, praying to Selene that maybe he could find a way to help both of them.

Usagi held her pillow close. As tears ran down her eyes. Why couldn’t they understand? Couldn’t they understand that her wish was the only choice. She could not bare to watch there death a third time. She could still here Mamoru soft voice, Usako. She once yearn for him to say her name with such love. Love she thought he could never feel for her. Now it only hurt her more. A thought about running far from all of them crossed her mind, but she dismissed. If she even attempted the idea the new enemy, or old she wasn’t sure. Could cause even more issues. She had to stay and fight, then maybe when it over she could disappear completely. Far from those intense eyes that could grab her attention. As if he was staring into her soul. She kept that look close to her mind. Pictureing it over and over again.

A loud chirping noise sounded, pulling her from her thoughts. Seaking of new enemies. She felt anger corse through. Wishing she could just restart this dreadful day. A part of her smile at the thought of taking out her frustration.

“Where at?” She asked leaving her room, heading quickly out the exit.

“ The park.” Artemis stated as she rushed out the door.

“Figures,” She muttered while calling on her transformation. She moved quickly not noticing the figure who had hidden in the alley, ready to follow her.

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"All you have to do is stay a minute/Just take your time/The clock is ticking, so stay/All you have to do is wait a second/Your hands on mine/The clock is ticking, so stay"~ Stay Zedd and Alessia Cara


“SOMEONE HELP ME!” A young female voice screamed.

Sailor Moon ran towards the Park, trying to find the exact location of the scream. Many people were running towards the exit, but it seems the enemy had targeted one person. She round the corner to see a young girl with pink pigtails with triangle shape buns. The girl looked no older than maybe eight years old. Sailor Moon watched as the child cried and back into a tree. Usagi look up expecting to see one strange monster as usual. This time though two people flying above the child. A man with red hair, dressed in baggy green pants, with a red tank top. Next to him was a strange looking monster, who had green skin and exaggerated makeup. Both then had a black upside crescent moon symbols on their foreheads. She wondered quietly why they would want an innocent child. Sailor Moon ducked behind a bush trying to plan her next actions.

“Give up, Rabbit. We have you Cornered.” The man bellowed. “Atsygessho, grab her!”

“As you wish Rubeus-sama.” Then the monster smiled evilly.

Sailor Moon decided quickly that Mercury’s mist would work in order to remove the child from the fight. She prepared herself to use the attack.

“ What’s the plan?” A deep voice whisper next to her causing her to jump and lose focus.

She turned to see Tuxedo Kamen beside her. “ How did you-”

“ I waited in the alleyway, figuring you would come out eventually. You need to pay more attention to your surrounding Obango-Atma.”

“ Don’t you dare start something!” Sailor Moon stated a normal reaction to his dreadful nickname, she couldn't help but notice that he smiled at her. “ We don’t have time to argue right now.” Deciding that she would handle him later, she needed to focus on the task at hand.

“ You're right, but we will soon. ”

“What else is new,” She muttered under breath. “ Listen I'm going to use, Sabao Spray in order to distract them.”

“ How can you-”

“Not now,” She watched as the enemy prepared to attack the child. “ We have to work fast they are after the child. Grab her quickly, I’ll follow afterward.”

“ You better, “ He started getting into position.

Sailor Moon concentrated on the enemy, using the new power her mother gave her and called on the attack. “ Sabao Spray.” She whispered as mist spread around them.

“ What’s happening!” The man screamed as Sailor Moon watch Tuxedo Mask grab the child and run towards the buildings. Knowing that the mist tended to clear quickly she called on Venus Crescent Beam, in order to blind them and destroy at least the monster. Her plan worked, as she ran after Tuxedo Mask.

Apart her wanted to run the other way. Allow him to lose her and avoid the argument she knew was coming. She couldn’t leave the child though. The minute her eyes landed on the child she felt a need to protect her. A need, unlike anything she had ever felt. It was as if her intestines knew how important the child was. She had learned to trust that feeling, meaning she would protect the child. Even if met following her Prince.

Tuxedo Kamen held the child close. He notice that the child was unconscious. She had most likely fainted due to shock. He couldn’t help but notice how close the girl looked compare to Usako. To be honest, if he just changes the pink hair to blonde, it be his perfect image of a young Usagi. Thinking of her made him glance to his shoulder. They had made it a small gap between a couple build. It was just big enough to conceal them.In hopes, the enemy would give up the chase. He couldn’t  help to think back the to previous idea. When she disappeared the first time, he figure hiding in the alley would be best. He remember how there was once a central control room near the area. Figuring that was where she had gone he waited. He wasn't sure how long he waited, but soon enough she emerged. He followed her from a distance, knowing if he didn't she escape him. A part of him was angry with her not looking first, but it worked in his favor. He still couldn’t understand how she was able to use the Sensi's powers. He wanted to ask but he fear if say something now it would scare her off.

“Will please stop staring at me, I'm trying to think about what do next and your not helping.” She stated still looking towards roofs, watching to see if the enemy would return.

He hadn’t really thought he was still staring, but he couldn't help it. A part of him still thought maybe it was all dream. She looked real, the uniform hadn’t changed either nor did her trademark hair. Though if he looked close there was a change in her face. Her features had harden, were once it was relaxed and express join. She held a look that he recognize. The same as he had once felt before her. Blocking everyone out and slipping away from everyone else. She had built walls, much like the once he once had. Maybe he could break them, just like she had broken his. He shift the child in order to grab Sailor Moon’s hand.


“ Please don’t call me that,” She tore her hand away as voice gave away to the pain she felt. “ We need to find a safe space for the girl. Hopefully, Luna will know what to do.” She made her back up to the rooftops. He followed after her.

They needed to talk and until they did he wasn’t letting her out of his sight. Something told him if didn’t try to talk to her now, he would lose his chance. He made sure they were safely on the roof.

“What happen to you?” He asked softly.

“You really need to ask?” She paused, keeping her back toward him. Almost as if she was scared to look ar him. “ How much do you remember?”

“ Everything.” her face drops as the word echoes across the roof.

“ How is that even possible?” She whispers.

“ My memories weren’t yours to take. Though I still don’t understand this wish of yours.”

She turn to look at him. Surprise clearly on her face. He couldn’t help the smile, clearly angering her.

“Are you going to lecture me as well, it seems everyone has an opinion.” She mumbled folding her arm across her chest. Mamoru wasn’t sure who she was talking about. He thought it may be Luna, and if so it seemed he may have back up. “ Look I am really not in the mood to hear anything at the moment.  I made my wish for a reason and you need to let me go and move on.” Pain hit him quickly, as his heart felt broken, did she truly want him to leave.

“ Why would I do that?” He kept his voice low scared to wake the child, while moving her to his shoulder.

“ Because, You-” She clenched her fists, clearly frustrated and he noticed that a few tears were running down her cheek.

“What do you want from me ?” She looks down, he heard a soft sob.

Not caring if she ran, he approached her to bring her closer into his embrace. He angle himself so the child was still supported. With a slight touch on her ch,in he made Sailor Moon look at him. The pain was clear in her eyes. Pain that he knew all too well.

“ All I want is to stay with you.” He whisper into her hair, holding her close. “ Please just stay.” He could feel his own tears of both joy and fear. Joy that he finally had her close, but fear that she would leave him again.

“Please just let me go, I can't go through you dying again.”

“ I'm not going anywhere.” He whispered harshly, holding her close.

“ Well what a touching scene.” His heart froze, he knew that voice. Tuxedo Kamen looked up, clearly seeing his nightmare.


Suddenly Usagai felt herself shoved behind Mamoru. She wasn’t sure how but the child was now in her arms as well. She look up expecting to see the redhead from earlier. Only is was someone new, white hair caught the sunlight make it seem like it glowed. His suit was the same color with diamonds accenting the sleeves and collar. His tunic had a strange design that reminded her of rose vines, but blue. She had face many enemies before, but there something different about him. His lavender like eyes bore into as if they see every weakness. No matter how much she tried, something told her this wasn’t an enemy she could fight.

“ Why thank you Prince, you saved me much searching.” The man Smiled.

“ You will not touch her!” Mamoru growled.

“ Have I get a sore spot Endymion?” He laughed, before sending a powerful attack.

Sending both them to down on the roof. Moving quickly Usagi wrap herself around the child. That way she feel the full force of impact, but protect the girl. She instantly felt the pain, hitting her knee betting there was a new bruise “ Great Luna going to love this.” She muttered griping the child close, as she tried to get up. Before she could, the man had suddenly moved above her. She look around for Tuxedo Kamen only to see him down from the attack.

“Now, why don’t you be a good girl Serenity, and come with me.”

“ I rather not,” She bravely stated. " I'm not sure who you are but I know better than to go with strangers."

“Sailor moon,” She look over to Tuxedo, watching as he slowly got up. “ You need to take the child and run.”

“ You can’t handle him on your own!”

“ It’s better just give up Prince, you can’t protect her!” His words hit like a meteor, she didn’t need anyone protection.

“ Look, I don’t know who you are, but im not a simple Princess.” Shifting the child she ready her attak, pictureing Mars fire, she unleashed it on him.

The minute she could hear the man howl in man. Sailor Moon jumped from the rooftop and headed back to headquarters. She hope Mamoru had gotten away Or was at least following her. Her knee protest, she kept going anyway, leaping as fast as possible. Holding the child tightly to her chest. She had to get to headquarters fast. She duck into the alley below, happy to see the familiar entrance. She could hear footsteps behind her. She looked back carefully, she was happy to see that Tuxedo Kamen had caught up. Finding the door quickly, she signial him to go in. Before sealing it behind them.

“ When are you going to-” Sailor Moon help but smile at Luna’s shock face.

“ Artemis, were we followed.” Sailor Moon gently place the child on choch before letting go of her transformation. She ignored the voice behind her, not even sure what they were talking about. The camera  showed the man enter the alley. He looked around, stopping as if he could spot the camera. He only smiled before disappearing into the shadow.

“Who is he?” She heard Artemis ask.

“Prince Diamond.”

Chapter Text

“How's life in that fast lane, that pavement you've been chasin'/is it all greener without me or is something missin'/How's life with that feelin', that loneliness you're hidin'/Is it hard thinkin' about me, all that you were given/When you look back on love do you think of us?/When it's all said and done is it all enough?/When you weigh the loss to all you've gained, tell me does it all add up?/When you look back on us, would you call that love?” Would You Call That Love-Kelly Clarkson

“Odango-atama, Will you please stop pacing!”

Usagi ignored Mamoru’s comment as she continued to pace the living room. It had been at least an hour now since the child had cried the new enemy name. In an haste, the child rushed from the r oom into Usagi’s locking the door. They had tried to get her to come out, but nothing. Till Luna pulled out a spare key and went in. Usagi could feel her nerves frazzled by everything. A part of her wished she could just restart the day. Now she was stuck with more problems she could ever grasp. She was exhausted. Not that she was able to stop. She hadn't even eaten anything today. An oddity for her. Stopping her pace and staring back at her room she wondered if there were any clues. Had the child revealed her part in this game? Suddenly the door open. Luna looked almost as exhausted as Usagi felt.

“ Anything,” She heard Artemis ask, Luna just shook head.

Usagi looked couldn't help but feel hopeless. Prince Diamond as the child called him, eyes burned in her memory. Something told that he wasn’t just wanting to take over the world. The Normal Villain task. No, he wanted so much more. She couldn’t help think that he was after her, or that she played a big part in his plan. That wasn’t the only thing she worried about. When considering the child. The girl's face held a familiar pain she had felt these last two weeks. Their grief may not be the same but they felt its burn. She could hear other voices discussing something, not truly listening to their words. Without a second thought, she turned toward the bedroom, calmly entering it. She observed the child in her bed, a bundle of pink hair wrap in the heavy white comforter, as she clenched a pillow closely. It was drench and surprisingly the child still had tears. Usagi could easily remember how many times she had that position the last two weeks. Hell it happen today.

“ I don’t like talking to Luna either.” She stated simply, keeping her voice calm “ I find that her voice doesn’t always give a calmness.”  Usagi sat at the edge of the bed, gently rubbing her back. A comfort motion she remembered her mother doing once.

Usagi watchws as the girls turn towards her, maroon colored eyes full of pain. She waited for an reply but silence filled the room. “ Could I atleast get you name?”  Usagi waited, when it look she may never get an answer, she pulled away. Till suddenly a groggy voice spoke.

“ My daddy calls me Chibi-usa.” Usagi couldn’t help the small laugh escape, the child did look similar to her. It even sounded like something Mamoru would say.

“ Well we have more in common then I thought, my name is Usagi as well.” She waited for reply only to receive a small nodd. “ You know I kind understand what your going through.”

“How?,” Chibi-usa hazed at her confusion written on her face. “ You don’t even know my story?” Chibiusa asked groggily.

“ True, it’s clear it was a tragedy,” Usagi quietly stated. “ Not long ago I lost all my friends in a terrifying event.” She commented. spare the child the full details.

“Where are they now?” Chibi-usa requested.

“ To be honest i’m not sure.” Usagi muttered. “ I miss them dearly.” she confessed, noticing that she hadn't confessed that to anyone.

“ My parents were attacked.” Chibi confirmed, sitting up while bring her knees to her chest.

“ By Prince Diamond?”

“ Yes, he attacked my home looking for a possession my parent once had. WHen he couldn;t find they were injured.” she stuttered, tears falling with her confession.

“ What was he looking for?”

“ The Maboroshi no Ginzuishou.” Usagi heart stop, as the words hit her.

It explained alot about why Prince Diamond wanted her. It even explained the detail about her past name. She tried to remain calm, fearing that if didn’t Cibi-usa would give no more details. But couldn’t help pondering  why would Chibi-usa Parents had the crystal?

“Where are you from?” Usagi strangled, Chibi-usa looked away.

“ I can’t tell you.”  her voice was brittle as if the thought was going to restart her tears. “ Your Sailor Moon correct?”

“Yes.” Usagi confirmed.

“ You have to work fast, Prince Diamond will do whatever it take to get the Crystal. There will be no future if you don’t stop him.”



Mamoru watch the bedroom door anticipating it to open any second. No one at first saw Usagi go in besides himself. If memory serves right she was the perfect person to get answers from the child. Answers he wanted as well. His nerve still sparked at the thought of Prince Diamond voice. To see his nightmare alive and real was a not something he expected. He should be use to that by know, he thought himself. Life never went as expected, it did he wouldn't even be here. He be focused on taking a class, even if schools where on a break. He still would be concentrating on his medical degree. Not a girl. An infuriating girl, one that he wasn’t sure even wanted him here. He folded his head in hands, frustrated with the events. Wishing for unknown answers. He turned towards the bed door, hearing it open. Watching as Usagi leaned on it, after shutting it quietly. Before he could mutter a question, she motion him to stay quiet. before signaling him to follow her to the kitchen.

“ I got her to calm down and sleep,”  Usagi stated while rummaging through the fridge. “ Did Luna and Artemis go to get dinner, the fridge is bare.” She wondered  grabbing a piece of chocolate. He couldn’t help a small laugh, it figure she have that on hand.

“ What's so funny?” She scoffed leaning on the kitchen cabinets.

“ Nothing,” He shook his head while settling near the island. “ Yes, they left not long ago. Figures the first thing you ask for is food, Odango-atama .”

“ Please don’t start, Mamoru-baka, Im more thinking about Chibi-usa. She’ll need something to eat soon.” Concern filled her voice.

He couldn't help to notice the change in her behavior. Earlier he felt she was distance, as if she wanted to push everyone away. Maybe something had triggered her to slowly let her walls down. It was a chance to change things. Thinking quickly he decided to try and move closer.“ I gather that’s the child name?” She nodded in confirmation, not noticeing his advance. “ Did you get anymore information.” He stopped observing her quietly, expecting her move away, he waited for his rabbit.

Usagi quickly told him about how the girls parents how they attacked.” he was looking for the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou.” the words pulled him from his thought quickly.

“ Are you certain that what she said?” Praying he had heard her wrong.

“ Definitely, though it doesn't matter the crystal is gone.” Usagi shrugged finishing her chocolate bar before going for another

“ What do you mean gone?” He felt puzzled by her relaxed movements.

She went and pulled her compact out, opening it carefully. All he could see was a small shard of glass that if you looked close enough had a prism of the four colors of the Sensi.

“ When i used it to defeat beryl, all I found was shards afterwards..”

“Is this how you can use their powers” She nodded in confirmation.“ How are you still alive.” Ashoment clear in his voice , she sighed looking down.

“ How much do you remember concerning Beryl’s battle?” She quietly asked.

“ In honesty not much, my memories are a muddled mess after she took me.” He could help notice that pain that stick Usagi face at the confession. “ The first thing i truly remember is you holding the starlocket.”

“ I figured,” she respond. “ Before i found you, Beryl had sent strange minions to prevent us from enter. Each one killed the Sensi right before my eyes,”  He listen quietly, something he knew she hadn’t share this with anyone else. Maybe it was the way her eyes move frankly, or how she brought her arm around her. He felt the urge to hold close, he didn’t act on it. It was clear she needed to confess this out loud. “ I fought you soon afterwards, Beryl decided to use to kill me. I think she got pleasure out of the idea of her worse enemy dying from someone she,” She paused, for a second he thought she might had said loved. “ cared for. The idea of turning you into a killer scared me.”

“ I remember you fighting back?”  She quietly confirmed his memory.

“ Yes, it didn’t do any good though. My friends were dead, and I was losing you. I'm ashamed to say I thought the locket wouldn’t work. When did, i started to feel a bit of joy. That was until you jump in front of Beryls attack.” A few things came rushing back to me.

“ You wanted to stop after that right?” he notice that tears were slowly starting to gather in her eyes, not care if she ran he gently place his hand on arm hoping to give some comfort.

“Yes, do you remember what you said to me.”

“ To move on and find a cool boyfriend.” He could notice the small smile she gave him.

“ The comment made realized that my friend and even wouldn’t want me to give up. By then Beryl had somehow fused with Queen Metalia. Using every bit of strength i had left into the crystal. Even in death, I could still feel you and my friends with me. A blinded white light headed fo Beryl…” The last part came out  in sobbed tear falling fast.

He didn’t care if she would run. Quickly he folded her into his embrace. Allowing her tears to soak his shirt. Sobs cooked her as held her close. The pain was clear on her face.

“ Everyone,” she sobbed. “ You were dead?”

“ Hey now, calm down.” He quietly whispered. “ Everyone alive now.”

“How long will that last?” she gravelly stated. “ Something or someone will eventually come after me again. I can’t held anymore scarfies.”

“ Is that why you made this wish?” She nodded he moved gently, give him space to look down to without removing his arm that hug her waist. She nodded slight wiping away her tears.

“ I can't go through losing everyone again.” She confessed

“ Why do think we sacrifice ourselves?” He felt as if he found her problem.

“ Out of duty.”

He couldn't help the small laugh. For relief rushed through him. It wasn’t out of hatred for his actions. Only harach reaction to the painful grief she felt. Quickly he decided it time to allow her knew his true reasons. A reason the girls might even use. He lightly touch her face, leading her to look into his eyes. Her couldn’t help to notice how her crystal blue eyes held her pain. The anguish and fear she felt toward losing everything she held dear. A fear that he felt when considering her.

“ Oh Odango-atama, you can't be that dense,” He teased .

“ What do you mean?” Her baby blue eyes gleamed into his , with tears softly falling. He gently used his thumb to swipe them away, he knew he should smiling, he couldn’t help it..

“The girls, and I may had once sworn to protect you in the past, but we didn’t sacrifice ourselves just out of duty, We didn’t because of we...”

He paused, suddenly notice that his forehead had rested on hers. Both sharing the same breath. He couldn’t help but stare at her sweet lips. He wondered what they taste like. How much he wanted to taste them. To feel her breath mingle with his. To finally give it to how he felt for so long. He felt a nervous twinge in  hist stomach. A part him wanted to pull away in fear that still, she may reject him. He knew if did he never get a chance to try. He leaned down, gently leading her chin towards him.

“I love you.”  he whispered before his lips softly landed on hers.

Taking a bite from softest chocolate was the only way Usagsi could think to describe Mamoru lips on her. She had sense it coming. They way his eyes held her while she confessed her pain. She wasn't even sure why she share the story. Maybe it was because she watch how relieved Chibi-usa was after confessing to her. How she wanted to feel that same relief. Let go and share how it felt. With the way Mamoru look at her it been easy to push out.  His comforting voice had held so much depth and feeling, that she he would listen. When he laughed she wasn't sure what was happening. Then he pulled her close, his hand on her chin. The breath close she wanted to feel him closer. As if to read her thought his lips touched hers. Giving in to the love she never though he felt. Did she ever think about love, when she thought of them? Maybe once durring that time on the elvlator. Or even when they remebered there past. But they werent Sernity and Endymion now. Just Usagi and Mamorou. They had always just argued with each ther. But his kissed felt true and she could feel his love.

She allowed herself to relax into the kiss, wrapping her arm around his neck. She slightly bit his lip allowing him to deepen this kiss. As he explored her inner depths. She felt goosebumps across her arms form as his tongue twisted with hers. Her heart beated frankly as she allowed herself to accept the love he offered. Her need breathe came, as she slowly pulled away resting her forehead on his. A feeling she had given up on ever have came over her. A relaxed smile as if she didn't have to carry all her burdens on her own.

“ I love you too.” She whispered, he softly laughed.

“You have no clue how long I waited for you to say that, Usako.” She couldn’t help notice his sweet smile. As lips touch her again. “ We have a lot to do if want to defeat this new enemy will you allow me to help?”

“ Yes, Mamo-Chan.” She used his collar to pull in for a kiss she happy to give.


Prince Diamond smiled as he savored his  rich red wine. He relaxed into his throne while observing an hologram. One of a young blonde women in a white dress, her face was smooth. Her blue eyes seem to be staring into the distance as a soft smile settled on her face. If Diamond was honest he prefer the look she given him during that fateful day. Definiece was the only way to describe it. She challenge his strength, she one day be punished for that look. Even it had given to his increase in obsession.  He light press button next to him changing the image. One he had taken today of Sailor Moon. Holding that same look. One that challenged him to take what he wanted. A challenge he was happy to oblige.

“ My Prince,” a deep voice interpreting his thought.

“ My order has been clear Rubeus,” Diamond command. “ I wasn't to be disturb, unless you have important information. Leave my presence now.”

“ I didn't mean to intured,,” A man with deep red hair step before him kneeling “ I wanted to tell that the sisters are in position and ready to follow your request.”

“ Perfect,” Diamond seethed. “ My assignment is clear, if we want the Princess to come to us willingly, we must attack those she holds close. I expect you girls to succeed, they must attack the Sensi now. If we wait for them to regain her powers” He sipped his wine slowly. “ Well then have failed and you know the  for failing me .” He declared challenging Rubeus to deny his request.

“ I understand, My Prince.” Rubeus left the room quietly.

“ Soon my  Princess, soon.”


Chapter Text

“I am not a stranger to the dark/Hideaway, they say/'Cause we don't want your broken parts/I've learned to be ashamed of all my scars/Run away, they say/No one'll love you as you are…” This is Me, The Greatest Showman Ensemble

“Luna, seriously we’ve only been human for three months, how many shoes do you need?” Artemis grumbled struggling with the heavy box.

Usagi couldn’t help the silly smile as she watched, Luna and Artemis argue over the simple box. She maneuvered her herself carrying her own box into Mamoru flat. It hadn’t taken long for to convince them to move out of the basement apartment.  Escaping the stuffy place was a relief. Close corners could cause so many issues. In only two and a half short months things had taken a rapid change. Luna was at first not happy with the idea. “ You are way too young to live with Mamoru.” She had stated. Artemis had brought up the idea of returning her family's memories. Usagi hadn't agreed on that. With how fierce the new enemy was becoming. She feared for their safety. She knew it wouldn't be the last time it was discussed. Thoughts on the new enemy reminded her of other problems. A few monsters had shown since the first attack. Each Time they seemed to get stronger. One had even sent her across the battlefield, allowing her already injured knee to slam into the ground. Thankfully Mamoru had been there, otherwise, the injury would have been worse. It was taking more strength that she didn’t have, to defeat them. One had even gotten away, a first for her. She knew that waking the girls would only help them more. Even if a part of her wish they weren’t needed. Yes, she missed them, more than anythings. It had taken many arguments, even with Mamoru. In the end, she had agreed to try. Even if gnawed on her nerves, a parted her wanted them to have a choice. A choice to choose if they needed to live up to an aninect duty. One good thing surprisingly had occured. The ever sinister Prince Diamond, was absent from each battle. It bothered her though. Usually, if the enemy doesn’t appear, something bad was going to happen, soon. Usagi knew too prepare and be ready for him. Focused on the enemy she hadn't noticed too small dip between the kitchen and living room. She knew she was going down though, praying that whatever was in the box wasn’t breakable.. Before her and the box could go down, strong arms wrapped around her.

“I’ll take that,” A husky deep voice laugh in her ear. “I did tell you only to carry the light ones if any. “ He quickly took the book away, pulling her back up.

“ My knee is feeling much better, I’ll have you know. ” She argued.

“Yes, but I fear more for the contents, Miss Klutz.” He teased in reply.

“Har, har Mamo-chan,” She stuck her tongue at him, a small chuckle came behind her.

Usagi couldn’t help but smile. Relieved to see Chibi-usa a little happy. It disappeared quickly, an usual occurrence. Usagi observed as Chibi-usa clech a small Tuxedo Mask doll. Mamoru had brought it for her, hoping to break some ice between them. Chibi-usa gladly accepted the gesture, holding the doll as if it was her most precious item. Usagi was happy to see the child bond with him. She had even started to talk to Luna and Artemis, though it had taken a week. Her first was touch and go. Sometimes she would say or react to someone. Thankfully she ate, Usagi had worried about that at first. Chibi-usa did continue to open up to her. But she gave no more details about her parents. Even is Usagi wanted them, she knew to be patient. One day she would tell them. One day she would let her grief out, just as she had done with own.  Usagi still struggle with grive with many night waking up in tears. Thankfully Mamoru had become her rock, ready to support her.

“ Mamoru was able to set up your own room Chibiusa,” Usagi quickly to her, taking her hand in order to  lead her to one of the three bedroom. The room only held a simple bed white sheets and pillows. A long pink comforter draped the bed. Usagi had found a few toys, hoping Chibiusa would like them. It was hard to shop for the girl. “ I know it’s not much, but maybe with arm-twisting, we can convince Mamo-chan to let us do some shopping.”

“ After we buy new school uniforms and supplies. ” Mamoru added, coming behind Usagi quickly wrapping his arm around her waist.

“ Don’t remind me.” Usagi scoffed. Luna had been able to easily track down Ami. Thankfully she was still enrolled at the same school.  A plan was made for Usagi and Chibiusa to start attending the school next week. Artemis was able to make documents that gave them new identities of Usagi and Chibiusa Aatsuki, their  “adopted” daughters.

“ Could one of you lend a hand.” Artmies pleated struggling with a box.

“ Coming.” Mamoru quickly leaving the two.

“Usagi, Are you okay” Chibiusa quietly asked, she must had notice her fall.

“ Hey now,” Usagi leaned down toward her. “ Don’t worry about me okay, why don’t you finish unpacking and I’ll convince Mamo-chan to order pizza.”

“ With Pineapples?”

“ Of course.” Chibi-usa smiled before rushing to unpack the new clothes Luna had gotten her.

Usagi laughed, moving towards the others. As they unpacked the kitchen supplies. Luna had insitested to buy more, Mamoru didn’t have enough she stated. She ever persit about the matter. Usagi watch as Mamoru helped, joy filled her heart. Even considering their current predicts, her heart was thankful he found her. He looked up smiling back at her. Suddenly she felt a small twinge, most likely from using it too much. Praying he hadn’t noticed her wince.

“ You need to sit down,” He fussed moving towards her.

“I'm really fine. Chibi-usa asked for Pizza, I don't how both of you like Pineapple on it. Fruit on Pizza sounds gross.” He moved a stool in front of her, with a pointed look, telling her she better use it.

“ It's a special taste,” Mamoru commented before grabbing his phone. She sat on the stoll before anyone could start.

“I’m really am okay, it’s just a bruise.”

“Just a bruise,” Luna scoffed, “ If Mamoru hadn’t been, who knows what have happen. “

“Luna.” Usagi warned, not in the mood to hear her harping.

“Don’t you Luna Me, I don’t think I’ll have a peaceful night until all the girls are here.”

“ Actually I wanted to discuss that.” Usaii tightly asked.

“What more is there discuss,” Luna comemented giving her a once over. “ You will go to school on monday and interact with Ami. I was able to gather that Rei still lives at the shrine.”

“ It’s not far from here.” Artemis stated.

“ Actually-”

“ I still haven’t been able to track down Makoto, but i did find Minako.” Artemis continued inorgeing Usagi.

“ I actually-”

“ Where is she?”  Usagi started to feel frustrated as Luna continue not to listen.

“London, I’m not sure-”

“ Will you two please listen!” Usagi yelled.

“Usa,” Mamoru asked as he finished making the order, concern in his eyes “ You havent’ change your mind?”

“ No, I still agree to try, it’s just.” She looked away a bit scared of there reactions. “ I kinda wish the girls could choice to join, instead of me forcing their memories.” She softly stated. “ Queen Serenity gave you the choice, shouldn’t they get the same?”

“ Usagi, we have to think.” Luna argued, “ Look what happen at the last battle, I don’t want to think what will happen if Prince Diamond decides to show.”

“ I know but…”

  But what, We need the Sensi in order to win.”

“ Luna if you would just-”

“ We have already had this discussion Usagi!” She matter-of-factly stated, challenging Usagi to argue.

“ I think we should listen to her.” Mamoru intervened, Usagi couldn’t help but smile at him as look at her with understanding.

“ You’ve got to kidding me!” Luna grumpleed before walking away.

“Luna,” Artemis went after her.

“ I think I angered her again.” Usagi confessed looking away, as guilt hit her.

“ Hey,” Mamoru gently guide her chin to face him. “ She just worried, we all are.”

“ I know, and I understand.” Diamonds eyes still haunt her nightmare. Defeating him would be a hard task. “ The idea of forcing them to fight…”

“ I won’t be surprised if they choose to. “ he whisper pulling her to rest on his chest. She listen closely to his heartbeat a sound that made her instantly feel safe.

“ Here,” Luna harshly stated, she slammed 3 pens on the table. “ Figure out a way to give these to the girls” Usagi carefully pulled away from Mamoru gently taking the pens.

She observed how they each held her Scouts symbols and color.  Handling them lightly as if she fear they could easily break.

“ If the girl decide they want to remember all they do is activate the Pens.” Luna finished. “ I gave Artemis Mianko’s, he plans to leave for London on friday. “ Usagi couldn’t help but grab Luna into a embrace.

“ Thank you.”

“ Just promise you will be more careful okay.” Luna held her close as is she truly was her mother. “ Now I was promise Pizza you better had order one with Anchovies Mamoru.”

Rubeas cruelly orserved the image of Sailor Mecury as she sat reading. He had studied the girl for awhile trying to find a weakness. She was smart, very. She held the top position in her class. It would be hard to fool her. He would figure, it had to be done. For he truly freed Diamond’s punishment.

“ She is very scared of being alone.” A Shrill of woman stated, as Bertie came to stand next to him. “ Even if she doesn’t show it, she yearns for friends. It will be easy to isolate her.”

“ We can not fail.”  Rubeus strongly stated.

“ Oh Rubeus, do you truly doubt me.” She laughed. “ I will easily be able to take her out of the picture, just leave it to me.

“ Will you just look at her,” A light hair girl sneered.

“ Straight A Ami, she probably  just thinks she too good for us.” Her friends sitting across from her in the library replies.

“ All she ever does is study, I barely see talk to others.”

“ Well, you know how her Mom like a brain surgeon or whatever, why are bothering to discuss loner Ami, what about….”

Ami tried her best to only focus on her math equation. Even in the quiet library, she could her there words. Her math was more important. Let and let g(x)be an antiderivative of f(x). Then if g(5)= 7 find g(1). She read carefully, absently  twirling her pen through her short blue hair. While others sat outside waiting for classes to start, she curled in a window nook near the back. A nook that easily fit her peette frame. A normal place to her find, it was quiet. A way to let her mind easily concentrate. Not that she had any friends to sit next to. It wasn’t the first time she heard her classmates talk about her. A normal occurrence. Not that she cared, her focus needed to be on her studies, not friends. If she going to succeed in her dreams, the focus was needed. The thought paused her as she observed the scenery outside. Her eyes quickly landed on a nearby fountain. Something about how that water moved calamed her.  If she was honest with herself, the words hurt. A yearning deep inside wanted friends, a companion. Someone who look past her off personality. Her dream was important though. If you were to ask Ami what her dream was. She would simply state to be a doctor, like her mother. It was true, but not the whole truth though. Deep was a need not only to heal people, but protect. It was strange, for how could she protect people. People who really didn’t want her. Her eyes gazed at the fountain, longing to feel the way it flowed. Free from anxiety and pressures. Free to relax and let someone in, break down her walls. Maybe even prove those stuck up girls wrong. For a second she felt angry, not a violent anger. Frustration maybe, she wished she had the courage to say something. A cold air hit her hard, grasping her attention. He shook  herself from her thoughts, she couldn’t help but notice crystal like forst forming on the window. It was only maybe sixty degrees outside, too warm for frost. She dismissed it as a fluke as the bell rang signaling the end of lunch. She gathered her things, preparing to return to class. Maybe her mind was still focus on the frost or chill in the air. Maybe she was just paying attention. For soon she collided with another student as both there books went flying.

“ Oh, I so sorry,” A girl wobbly shrieked. Ami looked down to see a blonde girl with a strange bun like hairstyle that held long strands that just curl at her knees.  The uniform was the same as her, though she no memory of the girl, but something familiar. This girl seem new, shake herself out of her resever she started to help the girl pick things.

“ It’s alright,.” Ami lean down to help the girl, noticing a small blue pen that seem to have a planetary symbol on it. Her hands grasp it quickly.

“Come on Ami-chan, put the book down! We came to play!”

“ Usagi our education is just important.”

“Really,.” A sing-song voice said. As she takes the book from Ami, running towards the water.  She chase her laughing...

Slowly the beach turns to snow. A cold wind hits, her. Allowing her to observe that she wasn’t wearing her school uniform,  no a blue short fuku with blue boots and short selves. Even in the light clothing, she feels strong. Powerful. A young blonde is close screaming.

“ Sailor Mercury!  Ami!”

“Are you okay?!” She closes her eyes groggily opened realizing she back in the library. The blonde was at eye level, crystal eyes hit her as the scream return.

“ Do I know you?” The girl reaches down helping Ami up.

“ No,” she strangled as if she wanted to say more. “ I’m new Usagi Aatsuki.” she held her hand out a friendly gesture Ami wasn’t use to.“ Ami Mizuno,” She expect the girl to run off like most, instead, she walked next to her.

“ I am so sorry, I was so focus on finding my homeroom, I forgot to look around.” Ami couldn’t help notice how Usagi body language seem to move as fast as her words.

“ Really it’s okay, what room are looking for?” Ami wasn't why but she felt need to talk to Usagi, who absently pulled her ponytails. Obviously nervous.

“My schedule says room 106, I can’t seem to remember where that is.”

“ We have the same homeroom,” Ami observes “ Mrs. Haruna.” She heard the girl groan. “Don’t worry she not bad as her reputation states.”

“ I beg to different,” Usagi  softly muttered at least Ami thought she had heard..

“ Huh?”

“ Oh nothing, Thank you.”  they entered the classroom together. Ami nodded in reply moving to her desk. The girl proceed to walk up to Mrs.Haranu. She starts classes introduce her before starting the lecture. What was wrong with her?  She thought. Throughout the lecture, she could concentrate. Her eyes kept going back to Usagi, watching. Usagi seem to take small notes, even daydream now and then. Barely listening to to Mrs. Huruna. She shook her resolve. Daydreaming wasn’t going to help her achieve. She had focus on her studies. Why was she focusing on a stranger? Was trying to make a friend? Why brother, Usagi would just reject her like everyone else. She didn’t time for friendship, no if wanted to succeed. Focus, she need to focus. Ami jumbled to catch up only to hear the bell ring. Quicky she gather her books, not even stopping to look at Usagi. Ami just rushed of, she have to study harder tonight. Quickly working towards her locker, to get needed materials. She reached into her bag, only to find that she forgotten to return the blue pen.



“I had it just a minute ago.” Usagi shrieked to none , rummaging through her bag and pockets. She had tried to chase Ami after class. How she was assign naggy Mrs. Hurana was proof something was working against her. The day had been horrible. First, she was late, yes it was normal. It wasn’t due to her tendency to sleep in. She had insisted on walking Chibi-usa to school first. With having to push an overprotective Mamoru to walk to his class. Instead of walking her to school. Since if he did he would be late. Causing her to run straight into Ami, in a rush. Making an awful first impression. In class, she barely could pay attention. On top that she had lost Ami pen. Giving up she sat down on the bench. Mamoru was suppose to met her any minute. She pinched her brow in defeat. How had she lost the Pen?! Luna was going be so mad. She tried to recall each step only to draw a blank. For some odd reason, she decide to keep the pens on her. Rei's and Mako's were still tucked into bag. Had it fallen out when she fell? She couldn’t remember. Forget Luna’s anger she was going to kill her. She took a deep breathe. In hopes of relaxing herself. Not that it work.

“ I am so dead.”  she muttered.

“ Failed a test already, Odango-atama.” A rough deep voice whispered in her ear, jolting her from her thoughts.

“ Mamo-chan!” she exclaimed trying to calm  her frankly beating heart.

“ Sorry,” he beamed with laughter. “ I couldn’t resist”

His laughter caused her to display a silly smile. Quickly wrapping her arms around him seeking his embrace. Knowing that he happily oblige. Feeling her worries slip instantly. “ Bad first day.” He inquired.

“ You have no clue,” she responded pulling away to gaze at his sapphire eyes.

“ Want to talk about it?” he asked.

“ Maybe later,” She couldn’t help but lean up as he met her halfway with a light chaste kiss. “ I'm more happy to see you.”

“Really,” he leaned closer resting his forehead on hers. “ How much?”

She leaned closer kissing him gently opening her mouth a bit, allowing him to deepen the kiss. Her arms wrap around his neck as felt his settle at her hips. The kiss continued, both happy to be close again. Maybe it was because it was the first the day they hadn’t be together throughout.  Both couldn’t help the personal display in public. She was just happy to stay in the moment. The need for air came too soon as the release each other. “ Is that a good enough answer.”

“ Not completely,” He chimed kissing her lightly.

“ Mamo-chan, come on we need to pick up Chibi-usa!” She giggled.

“ Fine, but were not done this conversation.” He added pulling away, taking her hand as they started to walk, smiling sweetly at her.

“ Whatever you say?” she loved how could easily erase her worries, even for a short minute.

“ Where you able to speak to Ami?” he inquired, Usagi groaned. Minute over.“ I see, that bad.”

“ You don’t know the half of it.” She muttered, as they arrived at Chibi-usa school. She knew he was going to ask more. Thankfully Chibi-usa instantly saw them, running towards them. Surprise Usagi with her happy attitude At least one of them had a good day. For awhile it seem Chibiusa could let go of her grief. Soon they were headed to Crown. Mamoru had promised both them a milkshake after their first day. She listened as Chibi-usa talked about meeting new people. Seeing Chibiusa actually happy put her a bit of better mood. Not that it fully improved. She still could help but think of Ami. Swirling her milkshake with the straw. She noted distance Ami was, it reminder of how they met. Ami had been so shy. Afraid to let Usagi be close. Usagi knew Ami was scared. Rejection was a common thing to her, when considering friendship. It took time, they soon became very. To see that look return worried her.

“ Hey, are you okay.” Mamoru pulled her from her worries. “ You’ve barely touch your milkshake.”

“ Sorry,” She couldn’t notice it lad long melted. She glance around to see that they were alone.

“ Chibiusa decide to play a few games.” He pointed, Usagi turned to see Chibi-usa playing the Sailor V game. She couldn’t help a small laugh, thinking about her own time with the game.

“Usako, What happen today?”

“ Did you get to say hi to Motoki?”

“ Usako.” He warned.

She signed looking away from his worry gaze. She knew better then to hide things. Quietly she told him about the day. Noticing how his eyes kept hers. Giving her his full attention. She found it easy to tell him her worries. He gave a small reaction to the lost pen. He wasn’t sure what do, only confirm how mad Luna would be. She continued to tell about how Ami look.“ I can’t help but feel at fault.” She finished.

“ Ami always did seem to need your friendship.” He stated, Usagi move closer to him as he place his arm around her. Allow her to rest her head on his chest. He remove his hand gently across her arm, comforting her.

“ Don’t worry Usako, things will work out.”

“ Why do always seem so sure?”

“ Cause I’m that smart one, remember.” He teased causing her to laugh.

“ Hey, can we go home soon. Luna promise to brownies after dinner tonight.” Chibi-usa requested returning to the table.

As they left the acade, Usagi allowed her worries consume her. Even with Mamour insurances. She still worried. Could the rest of the girls be like Ami. Alone. Mako-chan and Rei had been similar.All of them seem to have burdens to share. Had her wish done more harm than good? Worry consume her as she barely paid attention to there walk home. She stopped as her eyes settled on a near park. The park her friends would walk constantly.

“ Usako?” She heard Mamo-chan asked thick with worry.

“ Do you mind if I take a quick walk?” She replied, he gave a concerned look. “ Im okay I just need think, I promise not to be long.”

“ I’m uncomfortable with the idea of you walking alone.” He protest. “ What if you’re attacked?"

“ I’ll be fine,  I can handle the random Youma.” She stated hoping to sound convincing. “Walk Chibi-usa home and meet here afterwards. I promise I won’t be long.” She begged, pulling her puppy dog eyes.

“ One hour. And you will call me if something happens” he remarked, challenging her to argue, Usagi smiled as quickly kissed him.

“ One hour.” She confirmed turning towards the park.

She wasn’t sure why she wanted to be alone. Mamoru alway was her rock.  At the moment she needed to think. Her wish had been about protecting her friends. She never consider what it might do to her friends. Her sister in arms. Would they truly be okay without her. She wasn’t even sure where Mako-chan was. Artemis had research everything, somehow she had left there school. Usagi worried something had happened to her. Maybe, Usagi thought, if she had looked more into their life, instead just confirming that they were alive. She would know more. Worry and fear ate her up inside. She look around and smile, somehow she ended up right at Rei’s shrine. As if her feet knew where she needed to go. She  could almost hear her friends laughter as she climbed the steps. She prayed that Rei wasn’t there. The plan was to seek her out this weekend with Mamoru. She just need to look around, feel the calm presence. She heard a loud call of a crow. Looking up to see Phobos and Deimos. Smiling glad to know they still watch the guardian. Without thinking she put her arm out allowing Phobos to fly to her. She remember how they once had been Mars's parents advisors in the past. He landed on her gently, she knew there should have been a slight pain, she felt only a lightweight.

“ How is she,” she asked petting him lightly. “ Have you kept watch?” She waited as if the bird would reply. Usagi heard a twig break behind her. Causing him to fly away.

“Who are you?”  A female voice quietly whispered.


Chapter Text

“I know that I'm running out of time/And I'm wishing they'd stop tryna turn me off/And I'm walking on a wire, trying to go higher/Feels like I'm surrounded by clowns and liars/Even when I get it all the way…” ~Just Like Fire Pink


He should have never left her alone. Mamoru paced the living room. He was a worried mess. He and Chibi-usa had only returned home ten minutes ago. He wasn’t sure why he had even agreed to let Usako walk alone. His day without her had been hard enough. Since they had been reunited there was very few times they weren’t together.He had insisted they move in with him. The small stuffy apartment was not a proper living place. At least that was his excuse. Really he just wanted to have Usagi with him at every second. Luna hadn’t agree at first, but he told there was plenty of room in his three bedroom flat. It took help from Artemis till she finally agreed. Even at night, Usakp slept next to him, not that they did much more. Yes, they kissed and done some exploring. He was content though to go slowly. Enjoy their time together. He would wait though till she was ready, it was fine as long as she was with him.  Even though he missed her while he went to classes today, he still was able to focus. When she asked to take a walk by herself, he had the plan to say no. Not just cause he wanted her close. He worried that Diamond would return. The idea of her fighting him alone scared him. Then he looked at her face, he just knew she needed a minute. She just needed to think, he knew that even though she share her grief. Things still hurt. Her pain was still raw. She even still woke up in the middle of the night crying. Her would hold her close, allow her to lean on him. He knew if he gave her moment she be okay, it wasn’t like she could call on him. She just need a walk. Luna and Artemis had made both of them watch communicators. Trackable and easy for when a enemy striked. He also had his phone on, just in case. It kept him calm all day. Until now that was. He understood her worries. Ami had been her first Sensi. The first one who instantly understood her hardships. Usako was the first person who even attempted to be friends with Ami. He remember watching them in the Crown as the once quiet girl giggle and smile with Usako. Usako truly had that effect on people. Heck she did it to him. He looked at the clock, twelve minutes. He pace the living again, it felt like maybe more time had passed. He felt the urge to scream. Maybe he should have given her an half hour instead.

He heard small laughter as he turned to watch Chibi-usa helping Luna in the kitchen. Fora second he felt his nerves calm. At first, Chibi-usa was stuck to Usako like glue. He felt concern for the poor child. Even if they didn't know the full story he understood. He had been the same ago when his own parent die. He had tried to talk to her a few times, but she would just hide behind Usa. Then he had the idea about getting her a toy. He wasn’t sure why he bought the Tuxedo Kamen doll. Truefly it was weird to see himself as a plushie. Even if it was his alter ego. Something just told him Chibi-usa would love it. That she did, since that minute she opened up to him.  She had even let him hold her after a nightmare. Watching her interact with Luna was sweet. He look back at the clock, fithteen minutes. He groaned sitting down on the couch pinching his brow. His nerves buzzed, every ounce of him felt worried.

“ Oh, just go get her already. “He heard Luna demand. “ All your worry is making me worry.” She sneered.

He look up at her and couldn’t help but smile. She was becoming not just a mother to Usa, but to him as well. He nodded knowing she didn’t need an answer. Grabbing his keys and wallet, before putting his shoes on. He rushed out of the apartment. Praying Usa would understand that he just needed her.  He rushed to the park. Using there bond to to find what direction she had went. Not paying attention he suddenly felt someone to run into. For a second he thought it was Usa. For something told him this girl was familiar. Only he could tell this girl was much taller. He went to help her only discover she was already up. Dusting herself mumbling some sort of apology. Before he could reply she was off again. He turn to get a look at her. His mind froze as he saw a brown ponytail.

“Wait!” He yelled, only the girl didn’t stop. He felt his foot hit something looking down to see a green wallet. He had to know for sure, he open and his suspicions were correct. The wallet belonged to a Makoto Kino.

Sleep. That’s what she needed. A week worth at least. Rei tried her best to concentrate on the fire before her. She needed to do a reading badly. After five nights of strange dreams. She was sleepy. No not sleepy exhausted. On top of that, she attend four different functions for her father re-election. You would think someone like her would be use to the lack of sleep. A politician's daughter would be used to nightly rallys, visits to charities, press conference, and whatever else they were needed. Her case was special. For she had only just started attending. Usually, she would deny her father’s events. Spend her night in bed. For at least six hours. Until her grandfather, her only true family. Had fallen ill. Suddenly ill. One day he was fine, the next he was barely breathing. The doctors had no clue what happened. If you were to ask Rei, she would state that it was dark. For when she visit her grandfather that was all she felt. Darkness that she had never felt. Hospital stays are very expensive.

The reason she was at her father beck and call. At least his secretary, Koan Ayakashi. The rudest woman Rei had ever had the displeasure to meet. Koan would constantly be on her. Too be honest Rei was surprise she had the time to attempt a fire reading. Not that the fire was working for the physic. It once could calm her, help her figure out a strange dream. Dreams that kept her awake. Preventing the much needed sleep. Dreams that woke her in a cold sweat. Dreams she could not escape.

They weren’t even the same dream. Some she was standing in a strange tower, as she saw a figure held someone close crying  “ Endymion!”, her shirks would anger her. She wanted to kill whatever that had to cause the figure to cry. Somewhere of her fighting youma, in a red short fuku. With flames around her hands. Flames she could handle with no pain. She had even seen one of her death, as girl screaming her name. One that bothered her the most though was of a woman with a strange bun hair style wearing a long white dress. As she lay in a crystal like a coffin, still as death. Instead of jolting awake. As the other dreams had cause. She would awake sobbing, the image causing unbearable sorrow. She needed to know the reason. Dreams were never a new thing to her, her mother had been physic as well.

The main cause for her parents divorce. Her father hated the gift, or curse he would say. Him leaving had killed her mother. Her grandfather use to say she possessed a great gift. One handed down by lifetimes. Usually finding the cause for one would be simple. Meditate by the temple fire, her comfort spot. The great fire would always answers. Expect for today, she blamed it on the sleep. In her heart, she knew it was something else. Something that nawed at her. Something she was missing. In frustration, she stormed out of the sacred room. She had some important function tonight. In all honesty, she debated canceling. Fake her own illness, she probably looked ill. It be no ues through, Koan would drag her there. She had even once threaten to forcefully make her attend. She would like to see her try, see how long the pathetic excuse of women could handle her fire. Rei suddenly felt her hands twinge, as if they had just touch fire. She didn't even notice she was clenching her hands. She studied them but saw no burns. Maybe she should try a nap, she thought. It was the only sane idea. Her mind made, she head towards her room. Till a strange sight caught her attention. A blonde girl, who suddenly reminded her of the lady in the crystal coffin. Only maybe a bit younger. The girl held out her hand as one the shrine Ravens, Phobos as seen had started to call. A name that had just came to her the day she found the two birds roaming the shrine. They constantly flew near, always stray of other people then herself. Now it seemed they accept the blonde. Landing on her hand ever gently. Her breath stop, expecting pain or a wail. The blonde only pet the bird. An action only herself could perform.  Maybe it was the dream or the action. She needed to know who the girl was, if she was even real. Approaching the girl lightly, keeping her feet quiet. At least until she broke a twig. The girl turn shock in crystal blue eyes. Eyes that seem as familiar as her own. “Who are you?” She whispered.

“Rei?” the girl knew her name, how was that possible. Before she could ask the girl took off. In the fast ran, she had ever witnessed.  Rei chased her. She would have never done before, but told her that it was important. The girl was important. Rei had done track once, she could run. Though her shrine maiden dress made it hard. The girl was still a far ahead. Until the girl suddenly went down. A wail and repeats of oh crap started, as the blonde held her knee. Rei approach her carefully. She hadn’t meant for the girl to fall. To honest, she wasn’t sure what had cause the girl to fall.

“ Are you okay,” Rei reached down to help her.

“I’m good, just a bit embarrassed.” She laughed as Rei helped her up. “ I forgot how fast you were.” the girl quietly muttered.

“ I didn’t mean to-”

“ I better hope you didn’t.” A female growed.  Koan, she alway seem to have the worst timing. Rei felt her fist clench. “ How dare you run around like that!” Koan gesture. “ You were suppose to ready at least a hour ago. I come to find you running around like a zoo animal!”

“ I’m sorry. “ Rei replied through gritted teeth, feeling her anger rise.

“ You have one hour! I am so sorry for her behavior,” she nodded at the blonde, before scoffing at Rei., and turning to leave.

Rei couldn’t help watch the blonde look at Koan back intensely. “ What are you looking for?”

“ A stick, it must be deep, I dont think ive ever meant someone so rude.”

“ You have no idea,” Rei slight laughed, a strange reaction for her. “ I am sorry.”

“It’s okay, I probably shouldn't have ran anyway.” She stated rudding her knee.

“ Are you okay, do you need me to call someone.” the girl look towards the park as if she could see someone coming.

“ Don’t worry he’ll be here soon,” she replied, before looking back at her. “ Who was that woman?”

“ She…” it weirded Rei out to see someone be so familiar to her. “ I’m sorry but you seem so familiar, like something i’ve seen in a dream.”

“ Why doesn’t that surprise me.” The blonde proceeded to sit down on the step. Rei without think sat next to her. “ Look, you don't have to listen to that woman.”

“ Actually I do.”

“Why?” the girl inquired.

“ My Grandfather is sick,” she heard the girl hasp, as Rei look down. “ He fell ill awhile back.”

“ How?”

“ The doctors aren’t sure, since hospital bills are very expensive. My father agreed to help as long as I appear at his reelection events.” Rei confessed she wasn’t sure why  she share this to a stranger. For some reason though she felt comfort. Especially when the girl placed a hand on her shoulder.

“ I am turley sorry Rei,” Rei glance  surprised to see tears in the girls eyes. “ Know this, you don’t need to take that from anyone. Don’t let anyone tear you down,” the girl quickly swipe her own tears.  “Don’t let anyone prevent you from being yourself.”

“ do you know my name.” Rei stuttered.

“Ahem.” A male voice suddenly gruffed. Rei look down to see a tall black hair man with amused blue eyes. His arm where folded, as he stomped one foot. As if he was mad at the girl. It was easy to tell he wasn’t.

“ I thought you said I had an hour, it’s only been,” The girl glanced at her phone.

“ Twenty nine minutes.” He confirmed, Rei noticed how the girl only laughed.

“ Give me one more.” She asked before going through her bag . Rei watch as the girl proceed to  pull out a deep red pen. “ This may give your answers.”

“ A pen?”  she exclaimed.

“Yea,” the girl smirked. “ But know this, if you use this pen there will be no turning back. Your life will change forever. “ She declared.

Rei stared at the pen. It gleamed in the sunlight, the shape of the symbol of Mars.  It seemed to call to her, without thought she gently took it from the girl.

“ Usako.” The man stated impatiently.

“ I hear you. Geesh I did ask for an hour,” She stood slowly putting her weight on her other knee. “I actually expected you about fifteen minutes ago, what took you? “

“ I got sidetracked,” He admitted, “ Why are you limping?”

“ I fell.”

“ Did you strip over the air again?” He laughed.

“ Yea let’s just laugh at the injured girl, such a gentlemen you are Mamo-chan.”

Rei could hear them pick on each other. She didn’t say or do anything though. Only stare at the red pen in her hand. “ Rei,” she quickly look up at the girl.

“ Remember what I said, think long and hard about what to do.” Rei watch as the girl the carefreeness left. Her eyes held Rei’s in to clear determination. For second Rei saw the girl in a Sailor Fuku with a red bow, the same determination in her eyes. It faded as quick as it came. Rei watched as the girl squlled, the man gently picking her up carrying her in a princess style. Rei couldn’t helped  a small laugh, as the girl proceed to yell at him Shouting. “ I can walk, thank you very much.”

“ Sure you can.” Rei continued to feel better. For some reason watching the couple who truly loved each other, made the sadness of her grandfather illness slip away. Even for a bit, it was nice. As she watched her vision changed again. To see the same girl, now wearing a long white dress. The man now wore red and black armor holding the girl in the same potion. There eyes gleaming at each other holding the same strong love. She noticed a small tear fall from her eyes. As if the sight filled her joy, to point of tears. As the vision faded, she couldn’t help watch them leave. Clenching the pen tightly in her hand.

“ YOU LOST IT!” Mamoru winced at Luna voice shrilled through the apartment, as he grabbed ice from the freezer.

“ Do I want to know?” Artemis inquired, Mamoru just shook his head.

“ That ungrateful…” Luna came into the kitchen gruffing loudly as she reached into the fridge opening a can of tuna. She jammed a spoon into it as she sat on a stool. “ What?!” She declared as Artemis and Mamoru stared at her.

Both shook their heads looking away from the very angry woman. Mamoru, saw a clean exit started towards the bedroom. “ Mamoru,” he stopped hearing the concern in Luna voice.

“ Yes?” he question.

“ Is she truly okay?” Worry thick in her voice. He sighed returning to the kitchen, placing the ice pask down.

“ To be honest, I’m not sure.” His eyes couldn’t help but to wonder towards his room. Where his worrisome girlfriend was resting. After rushing to from colloid who whom hope really was Mako, he continue this search for Usagi. Only to find her sitting at the shrine steps, gently rubbing her knee. He instantly felt frustrated, thinking she had been to rough on it, again. He wanted to scold her, that's when he saw Rei. He paused just observing the two. They seem to having a deep conversation. Tears splared in both there eyes, as Usagi comforted her. It reminded of so many different times. He could help to smile at the scene.  Quickly she had looked up at him, smiling as if she knew he was watching. She probably did. He thought. Usagi had seemed happy for a bit. Laughing as he decided to carry, in order to prevent her from more pain. Even if she had first complained, she had tucked herself close in his arms. Suddenly getting very quiet, with a distanced look on her face. He instantly knew why. She was blaming herself. He wasn't quite sure why, but it was clear. He proceed to tell Luna his feelings.

“ I thought so,” she express, pushing her tuna away. “ I was afraid she might react this way.” She pinch her brow, “ How did Rei seem?”

“ I wasn’t able to hear much,” He disclosed. “ I could tell she was distant, sad about something. She did take the Pen.”

“ Well hopefully she will use it,” She turned towards Armties who frankly typed on a laptop

“Is the wallet Mako's?” Mamoru asked hopeful.

“ From what I can tell,” he affirmed, closing his laptop. “ My bags are ready for tomorrow, Minako shouldn’t be hard to find, she seem to have slipped back into her celebrity appearances.” Luna grabbed his hand.

“ Be careful, Artemis.” Mamoru couldn’t help a small smile observing the couple.

“ I will,” He squeezed her hand in reinsurance, before proceeding to put his laptop in the nearby bag.

“ Don’t tell Usagi about the wallet Mamoru,” She shakly asked. “ I fear it may only sadden her more if it turns out differently.”  he nodded agreeing with her. “ I find it odd her knee is still acting up, her scout powers should have healed it by now.”

“ I am as well, something isn’t right. ” It troubled him deeply. "I wished Ami was here, she could easily scan Usako.”

“ Don’t worry Mamoru,” Luna expressesed. “ We will all be together soon.”

A small shril came from one of the bedroom. He instantly rose , knowing it was Chibi-usa.Luna grabbed his hand. “ I’ve got it this time, you go take care of Usagi.” She requested before heading towards Chibi-usa room.

Grabbing the ice pack, he rushed towards his room. Only to see Usagi opening the door.

“ Was that Chibi-usa?” She inquired.

“ Yes but Luna got her, you should be resting, “ He fussed over, before genetly picking her up, carrying her to the bed.

“ I really am okay, I wish everyone would stop fussing.” She grumbled, hissing as he placed the ice on her.

“ Yea, okay.” He challenged.

She stick her tongue out at him as he sat down pulling her close. They were quiet for a bit. Enjoying each other comfort.  He wanted to interrogate her. Figure out what she was hiding. He knew that sooner or later she would say something. He was just impatient.

“ Hey, you’re still doing rounds at the hospital?” Her question was quiet, as if she was afraid to ask.

“ Yea, regurely now.” he was a bit thrown off from the question. “ Why?”

“ Could you look in on Rei’ grandfather?”  his thought froze. “ Rei told me that he’s very ill.”

“ Is that why you’re upset?” He pulled away in order to look into her eyes.

“ Rei seem so scared, I worry that he…"She paused as if there words where hard to say, worry ate him up a tears fell from her eyes. He pulled her into his chest. Comforting her as she began to sobb.

“ It’s okay,” he told her kissing her forehead lightly.

“ You didn’t see her face, her asshole of a father is useing it againiest her and I...” The words jumbled into his shirt.

“ She took the pen, don’t lose hope.” he held her as she cried. He gently pulled her out her bun, allowing his hand to gently run through her thick blonde hair.  He knew the mation would instantly comfort her.

He prayed that he could solve her problem. He needed her friends to remember soon. He was hopeful with finding Mako. He wanted, no needed her to be happy. To smile, the smile he had fell in love with. Her friend gave her joy. The same joy she had given to the. He pulled away notice she had gotten quiet. He couldn’t help smiling, glance at her sleeping form. Even with swollen eyes from tears, and red cheeks. She was still beautiful.  God did he love her, he gently kissed her forehead. Handle her like a porcelain doll, as pulled the blanket on top of her. He proceed with his own bedtime rituals. Watching her closely. Before curling next to her, pulling her close. He need to figure out a way to change this. To make her laugh and smile. Classes where cut in half for the rest of the week. He could easily look into the wallet. He would be back in time to walk her and Chibi-usa home, easily. He knew that if he wanted to truly protect her, he couldn't do it alone. He tucked his head into her hair, allowing the sweet citrus smell to fill him. He felt peace holding her close. Peace that made sleep easy.

Peace that could not last. As the couple felt safe in their embrace. Diamond wasn’t far. Watching, waiting for his chance.

Chapter Text

“When the sharpest words wanna cut me down/I'm gonna send a flood, gonna drown them out  I am brave, I am bruised/I am who I'm meant to be, this is me/Look out 'cause here I come/And I'm marching on to the beat I drum/I'm not scared to be seen/I make no apologies, this is me...” ~ This is Me  Keala Settle, The Greatest Showman Ensemble

“ The equation is very simple Minako” Ami explained, “You only have to move x here, just do exactly what Mrs. Hurana  taught us today.”

“ Simple,” Usagi scoffed, looking up at the blunette. “ I never understand what Mrs. Huranu is trying to explain.”

“ I bet you weren’t even paying attention, Odango-atma” Rei teased.

“ I was too.”

“ You were probably daydreaming about Mamoru!”

“ Was not, why would I ever dream about that baku.”

“ Than why are you blushing!”

“ I am not!” Usagi proceeded to stick her tongue out.

“ Are too!” Rei stuck her own at her.

“ Oh, you-” Usagi picked up the pillow next to her and proceed to throw it at Rei. They all watched as Rei quickly ducked. Everyone froze, as Mako tea spilled all over her worksheet.

“ Oh, it’s on Usagi!” Mako declared as she threw her pillow hitting Minako instead. This started a chain reaction as Rei joined. Ami couldn’t help to laugh at the girls. Until she noticed it get very quiet. She looked up to see all of them staring at her, mischief in their eyes.

“ Ambush!” Usagi yelled before all of them proceed to attack her with pillows. Laughter bounce off the wall. The laughter that Ami treasured so much…

A shrill alarm jolted Ami from her dream. She observed the alarm clock, noticing that she was running late. Rushing she quickly found her uniform, pulling it on. Rushing towards the bathroom in order to brush her hair and teeth. It was so unlike her to sleep in. She had just enjoyed the dream so much. Feeling the joy of being with such close friends. She paused, glancing at herself in the mirror. When had she ever laughed like that? The girls in her dream all felt so familiar. She could only recognize one person. The new girl Usagi. Why was she in her dreams? They weren’t friends. Suddenly a deep sadness came over her. She yearned for that laughter to be close to someone. She shook away the thought. She didn’t need friends, school! She needed to get to school. She rushed from the bathroom, grasping her supplies, her eyes landed on the small blue pen. She gently placed it in the bag. Over that last three days, the Pen had always been with her. She had intended to return it. Only each time she was about to approach Usagi something would pull her away. A teacher asking a question, losing her in the hall, anything that prevented her from returning the pen. Not it truly bothered her. The pen felt important as if she needed easily accessible at any minute. As if it belongs to her. It was just a pen, it barely even wrote. Ami had tried multiple times, nothing would come out. Still though kept it close. She walked quickly, afraid of being late to class. She wanted to approach Usagi. Not just to return, she wanted to talk to her. A part of her felt the dream was telling her to. That maybe they could become friends. The thought slowed her walk. Usagi. The girl seemed to relax. Even though the last few days she seemed distant as if something was bothering her. The feeling hurt Ami as if she could get Usagi to smile. She didn't understand why but she needed Usagi to smile. She wanted to laugh with her. Maybe today she would have lunch with her. That could work she thought.

“ Well, well.” Ami froze she knew that shrill. “ Look what we have here, Perfect Ami running late?” Berthier Ayakashi, head of the school chess team, she also held the top number two spot in school. Just below Ami.

“ Berthier,” Ami nodded in hello, trying her best to rush away from her. Berthier was not the nicest person.  If Ami spoke the truth, Berthier was a bitch. It took a lot for Ami to even think the foul word. It was the only word to describe Berthier. Berthier liked to torment many students, not just Ami.  Ami though ended up being on the top of her list. Maybe it was out of jealousy, or maybe she just hated Ami. Ami wasn’t sure why not that she cared. Okay, she cared, but she tried not to listen to her. Berthier would constantly refer to her as the loner even cheater. Even if Ami was still above her by at least by twenty points. Berthier would still imply that she was smarter.

“ What no smart remarks,” She sneered. “ Oh no, your perfect IQ must be slipping. No one will talk to you now.” Berthier laughed. Ami didn’t reply she just kept walking. While others join in on the teasing. The words weren’t new. Ami knew people tend to push away those they didn’t understand. She was just one of those people. A smart young girl who excelled in every topic. True others had tried to talk to her, they were only after one thing. Her brain. No one wanted Ami for Ami. The words left there sting. Why did she think Usagi could be her friend? Usagi would just reject her. Everyone did. If someone was to watch Ami they would have noticed the small tear. The tear that Ami brushed way. Not observing how it turn to ice as hit the ground. No one accept a young blonde saw, watching with her own tears.  

Today was the day. She was going to sit with Ami. She was going to talk to Ami. Today, maybe. Maybe tomorrow was a better day. Usagi thought as she tightly held her lunch box. Watching Ami who was sitting on a bench reading. She had promised Mamo-chan she would at least try. She had also promised she would wear that bulky, uncomfortable, itchy, stupid knee brace. Just what a girl wanted her boyfriend to come home with. A brand new knee brace. Whoopee. Wasn’t she lucky? She wore it at home, he made her. The minute he dropped her off at school, it was off. She knew it had been out of concern. Her knee did hurt. It wasn’t the only problem, she felt fatigue. Especially after each battle. It took a lot to even stand afterward. She hid it though. Everyone was already fussing over her, she couldn’t take much more. She hated lying to him.  She signed, giving up on her plan and sitting next to a tree. She knew something wasn’t right. Everyone did. Not they said anything, they all just watch her with worry eyes. Making her rest. If she thought about getting up to get a drink, one would appear next to her. A snack, ready to go. You think a girl would love the attention. She hated it. She was freaking Sailor Moon. Not some weak Princess. She clenched her compact. It no longer gave off the same powerful aura. It had power, but something was different. Mercury would know, her eyes wander back to Ami.

She would figure out everything in a minute, one scan from her computer. A click, problem solve. Not that was happening anytime soon. The pen was still missing. Luna swore she wasn’t sure she could even make a new one. Something was happening, she had seen that ice tear. She had even been able to pick it up, it was almost like a crystal. Thick and solid. Something was awakening in Ami. She wasn’t sure how it was possible. Ami’s tear brought up the guilt she felt ever since Rei. She hadn’t meant to run. It just happened. For once her klutz attacks where a good thing. Even if hearing what Rei was going thru was hard. The moment was important, and maybe Mars would be back soon. Mamo-chan was true on his word and checked on Rei’s grandfather. At least as much as he could. Apparently, not many people were allowed near his room. Mamo-chan had said that his professor had discussed allowing entrance. She was thankful he had even tried. She had been tempted to return to the shrine. Try to find out more information. The same fear she felt about approaching Ami hit her.  Rei hadn’t contacted her. Maybe she didn’t even want to know. Some leader she made. She thought to push her own tears away. She couldn’t even keep her Sensi safe. She took deep breath, this wasn’t time or place to cry. Watching she notice that evil Berthier was approaching Ami. The minute Usagi met Berthier, the alarm bell rang in her head. Something was just dark about the girl. With her long white braid and slim body. Whoever said the white hair was pretty was crazy. How she wanted to pull her tiara and flung it at her. Make her Ami cry, she deserved some Moon punishment. Feeling a sense of determination. She could not handle seeing Ami cry again. And she wasn’t about to give Berthier the chance. She got up quickly and made her “ I’m running late to school” dash over to Ami.

“ Hey, Ami,” she declared, sitting down beside her.

“ Usagi?” Ami instantly put her book down looked at her like she was crazy.

“ I thought, I'd eat with you today, is that okay?” She asked she knew she had to calm down make a good impression.

“ Um, sure.” Ami hesitatingly replied.

“ What were you reading?” A book question seriously, who was she Mamo-chan. She knew nothing about books.

“ Pride and Prejudice.” Wait hadn’t she watch that movie with Mamo-chan.

“ I love how the main couple…”

“ Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.”

“ Yea, Mr. Darcy reminded me of someone. My boyfriend there both just so pig-headed. I mean once he just…” Ami was just staring at her. “ Is something on my face?”

“No, it’s just,” Ami smiled at Usagi. “ I expected you to ask questions about the book for the test today.”

“ Why would I do that?”

“ Well most times- never mind, What did your boyfriend do?”

“ Well, you see-”

“Well, well, it seems loner Ami has made a friend.” Berthier injected. “ You would have better luck asking me for information. You don’t have to make friends with Snobby Ami.”

“ Sorry, I’ll pass. Ami is a much better friend.”

“ Friend,” She scoffed.” Snobby Ami here can’t even make a friendly conversation.” Berthier laughed.

Usagi felt anger right away. She wasn’t sure how much more she could take from this girl. Without thinking she got into Berthier face. “ Look here you snooty Blonde wash out, Ami is nowhere near as bi-”

“ Usagi, you don’t-” She heard Ami whisper.

“ No, I do. Ami is a true friend, she is the kindest and sweetest person I know. She’s not all brain. She cares about people. She will help her friends no matter what. She protects and helps other without a second thought. People like you with there ugly old lady hair and who probably cheated off Ami just to score second place.” Usagi growled, not realizing she shouldn’t know those things. She just had lost it. Everyone was quiet, it was the first time someone had yelled at Berthier.

“ Why you little,” Berthier flung her hand back, clearly about to slap Usagi. Usagi waited for it only to watch Ami grab Berthier wrist tightly.

“ You will not touch her.”  Usagi and the rest of the students were stunned. Only Usagi noticed the drop in temperature. The ice-cold chill. This wasn’t Ami, Usagi looked seeing something clench in Ami other hand. The pen. She had the Pen. This was Sailor Mercury.

“ Don’t you ever come close to her again, you nitwitted Bitch!” Ami growled.

“ What are you going to do about it?” Berthier challenged glaring at her. Usagi swore she saw something on Berthier forehead, it was gone fast though. Every alarm in Usagi head went off. Ami might be awakening but she could take on one of Diamond’s lackeys. Before Usagi could do anything. A nearby fountain burst, grabbing everyone attention. Quickly the water was bursting from everywhere. Students began to run as teachers tried to keep everyone calm. No one paid attention to the two glaring at each other. Usagi pulled on Ami other arm, feeling how cold it was almost made her pull away. Ami suddenly looked at her, the symbol of Mercury clear on her forehead.

“ Ami, not here,” Usagi warned, noticing that Berthier was gone. Ami suddenly started to breathe fast as if she was unsure of what was happening. She had to get Ami out of here.

“ Usagi…” She whispered, Usagi unsure what else to do grabbed Ami wrist. Pulling her away from the scene. Usagi wasn’t sure where to go. Her eyes landed on the locker room. That would work. She rushed in. She could hear Ami talking asking questions. Usagi to had focus though, she pulled a bench instantly feeling her knee ache. It would really hurt later, not caring she pulled a bench in front of the door.  She quickly hit her wrist communicator. “ Mamo-chan I need you, attack at school!”

“ Are you okay?” He frankly replied.

“ Yes, I’ve got Ami, no she doesn’t remember but you need to get here quickly!” She cut the call, she was going to be trouble for that.

“ Usagi, What is going on!” Ami proclaimed, worry in her voice.

“ Look, you know what just happen it was you.” Usagi faced Ami, grabbing a hold of her shoulder in order to keep Ami’s attention.

“ How-Your not making any sense Usagi!” Ami shouted, a bit of fear in her voice.

“ Come out wherever you are Sailor Mercury, I know you’re here.” A light whisper stated Usagi knew that they would be found.

“ I know that this may sound weird. But you cause that fountain to burst. Everything I just said to Berthier is true. You were once a warrior, a strong one. You might not remember any of it. But we were once close friends, we once fought together and I love you so much. Understand I want you to be yourself. More than anything. But you need to make that choice, you need to decide what to do next,” Usagi pulled away calling on her transformation. “ Use that pen for its true purpose.” She declared as a nearby door burst open.

Ami hadn’t meant to attack Berthier.  Ami never attacked people before. Until she saw Berthier about to hit Usagi. The girl who just actually talked to her. Ami hadn’t even seen Usagi sit down to have lunch with her. One minute Ami was just reading her book, the next Usagi came in rush. Instantly talking, she seemed so animated. As her body moved with her words. Each expression justified. She reminded her of the strange dream. When she didn’t ask her a question, only to want to have a normal conversation about Usagi boyfriend. With her. Well, she was shocked. It felt so right. Like they had always been close. After watching Usagi stand up for her. Ami heart pounded how did Usagi know so much about her. Then Berthier moved to hit Usagi. Ami saw black. She felt protective. She could not let anyone touch Usagi. She felt the air shift. She knew water was near and felt it flow with her anger. When the fountain burst, she wasn’t sure what to do. Her other hand was clenching the pen like a lifeline. She hadn’t even notice pulling out the pen. The pen that felt like it had its own pulse. Like begged her to do something. To fight for Usagi. When Usagi had grabbed her. She heard each word. She wasn’t a just timid girl. She was a friend, a protector of the moon. Sailor Mercury. The minute she watched Usagi transform she knew it was true. She had to do something. She pulled the pulse pen close. Allowing herself to accept its power. Memories came flying back. A black cat falling on her,  friends laughing. Fighting fierce battles. Friends dying. Usagi screaming her name as last breath escaped. The power surrounded as she opened her eyes feeling at home.

“ Sailor Moon, we need to get out of here now.” They had successfully ducked behind some lockers. She could hear, the enemy closing in.

“ Any suggestions?” Sailor Moon asked. Mercury activated her visor quickly, as she scanned for an easy exit.  

“ That door leads toward the track field, hopefully, everyone has been evacuated.” She suggested pointing to the closest door.

“ Sounds good to me.” Sailor Moon agreed. “ On three, okay!”

“ Three!” Sailor Mercury rushed down the door, hearing Sailor Moon rush behind shouting something about not counting.  They pulled the door rushing out, happy to see that her guess was right. It was abandoned.

“ Okay now we-”

“ Look what we have here,” Sailor Mercury looked up as her visor started to scan the enemy. It was definitely Berthier, only with a new outfit. A blue tight bodysuit with strange designs, knee-high blue heel boots, and a black upside down moon on her forehead. The visor quickly examine Berthier, noticing a power source coming from her white hairpiece that held a black crystal in the middle.“ It looks like I couldn’t pervert your awakening, Sailor Mercury. That’s okay I’ll have more fun killing you!” She hackled.

“ Sailor Moon,  the headpiece is her weakness.”

“ Oh, I love having you back.” Sailor Moon exclaimed. “ Can you weaken her a bit!”

“ Ha, you twits can’t defeat me! I one of the strongest Auskashi Sisters!”

“ With pleasure.” Sailor Mercury concentrated as the word came to her “ Shine Aqua Illusion!” A burst of ice went flying straight at Berthier, causing her to scream in pain.

“ Moon Tiara Magic!” Berthier, screams faded as the attack turn her into dust. “ Take that Prince Diamond.” Sailor Moon cheered laughing. Sailor Mercury couldn’t help to laugh as well. Though she couldn't help but feel odd, it shouldn't have been that easy. Before she could comment suddenly Sailor Moon launched herself enveloping her into a tight hug.

“ Oh my God, I am so glad you’re back.” She screamed. Sailor Mercury hugged her back.

“ It’s good to be back!” Ami exclaimed holding her friend close.

Mamoru glanced into the hospital room. He was exhausted. He hadn’t gotten much sleep the last few days. Between worrying about what was wrong with Usako and tracking down Makoto. He barely got an hour of sleep. It turned out that the address in Makoto’s wallet was no longer accurate. He spent all day at the police station office, trying to get more information. They had said something about calling him later. He wasn’t sure how much help they would give. No wonder Tokyo needed the Sailor Sensi.

“ Mamoru are you listening?” He heard his Professor proclaimed.

Oh great, he was daydreaming like Usako, he really needed sleep. “ Yes Sir, you were explaining the test you had performed on Hinata Hino.”

“Could you repeat them?” Oh crap, he quickly looks down at the chart.

“ A Brain MRI, that turned up blank. A much different blood test that had no concerning marks, a full body MRI….” He continue to list the many tests having the same results, no wonder Rei needed her father, this had to be expensive.

“ As you can see we have tried everything, the Patient is a complete mystery. I’m unsure why you have such an insert.”

“ I like a good mystery.” Mamoru chimed, hoping the excused sound convincing.

“ Well if one if our Top Medical students think he can shine some light go ahead."

“ Thank you.”

“ Also Mamoru, I do hope that you find a way to solve your girl problems.” Mamoru was speechless. “ Trust me it’s obvious, I wish you luck. Women are the true mystery.” The professor laughed exiting the room.

Wasn’t that the truth, Mamoru thought before returning to Grandpa Hino’s chart. He knew what was wrong. He could feel the darkness in the room. It almost suffocated him. He had wish he had brought Usako, even with a part of the Crystal. She might be able to heal Grandpa Hino. Something inside though told him he could help. He wasn’t sure what, he knew if he listen to his institution. Maybe he wouldn’t have endangered her. She looked awful after their last battle. She might have thought he hadn’t seen her struggle, but he knew it. He always did. He knew something was wrong, her knee wasn’t even getting better. He had gotten a brace easily from school and made her wear it. He knew something was up, and if he was going to fix it. He moved closer to Grandpa Hino. He remember how short the man was. Connected to so many tubes made him seem shorter. Almost like a helpless child. Mamoru gently touched Grandpa Hino’s forehead, sensing the dark energy biggest pinpoint. Suddenly he felt a rush of power. He closed his eyes allowing it to full him. It was unlike anything he had ever felt. A golden aura seemed to surround him. He suddenly could feel the dark presence. He guided it away. He felt he was pushing an anvil. He took a deep breath concentrating. He suddenly felt it leave. “Endymion,” he heard a hoarse whisper. Mamoru felt stunned, observed that Grandpa Hino was beginning to move. He quickly pulled the call button, nurses rushed in. He wanted to stay and find out how Grandpa Hino knew his past name. Until he heard his watch go off.

“ Usako?”

“ Mamo-chan I need you now, attack at school!” she screamed.

“ Are you okay?” He frankly replied.

“ Yes, I’ve got Ami, no she doesn’t remember but you need to get here quickly-”

“Usako?” he slammed the watch closed in frustration. She always seemed to give him only a bit of information. He rushed away from the busy hospital room towards a back alley exit. He called on his transformation, jumping to the rooftops. Using all his superhero strength to run towards the school. He could hear police sirens nearby. Thankful that Chibi-usa would already be with Luna. Allowing him to focus on one woman. He saw a bright light, that usually came with Sailor Moon Tiara attack. He rush towards watching as the enemy became dust. The sight before him made him laugh. Sailor Moon had Sailor Mercury in the tightest hug. He could tell Sailor Mercury was struggling to breath and she gave him a friendly salute. He smiled in reply.

“ Sailor Moon, too tight!” Sailor Mercury pleaded, even though she seem very happy.

“ I’m just,” Sailor Moon pulled away, then suddenly she collapsed.

“ I told you I wouldn’t accept failure.” Prince Diamond loudly proclaimed throwing off waves dark energy that sent Rubeus flying toward a wall.  “ Not only did you’re lackey allow Mercury to awaken, but she almost injured the Princess.” He hissed slamming his fist on the armrest of his throne.

“ I am sorry, My Lord.” Rebeus painfully uttered.

“ Leave, and pray Koan can do better.” Prince Diamond,  dejectedly sat in his throne. Pinching his brow in frustration. How could his plan already be falling apart. One scout was awake, he knew that it only took one to start the domino effect. He had to prevent it or else. He threw his goblet storming towards the window, fuming, he punched the glass. Leaving a crack.

“ Now, brother calm yourself, it’s only a minor setback,”  Saphir exclaim coming into the room.

“ I know brother, but I feel her slipping.” Diamond hit the remote closet as the hologram of Serenity appeared. He had adjusted it to her current form.  With one scout it would be harder to get her alone. He needed her alone in order to fully attack.

“ I’m afraid I bring more bad news.” Saphir proclaim. Diamond glared at him. “ I'm sorry but Mars relative is no longer sick.”

“ Endymion.” Diamond growled.

“ Yes, but no fear Koan has decided to kill Mars now.” A plan formed in Diamonds mind.

“ Have another Droid attack in a heavily populated area, order it to cause as much collateral damage as possible.” He ordered.

“ Why?” Saphir asked, ignoring his brother pointed look. He was only one who could question Diamonds orders. Not that Diamond approve of the action.

“ It will isolate Serenity.” Diamond informed him.

“ How?”

“Leave that part up to me.” He smiled as he stared at the hologram. “I think its time we had talk, My Love.”

Chapter Text

“Just like fire, burning out the way/If I can light the world up for just one day/Watch this madness, colorful charade/No one can be just like me anyway/Just like magic, I'll be flying free/I'mma disappear when they come for me/I kick that ceiling, what you gonna say?/No one can be just like me anyway/Just like fire...”~ Just Like Fire P!nk


“ How was your flight?” Luna bounced the phone while trying to pull her keys out and holding Chibi-usa’s hand who held a single grocery bag. “ Well, I told you not to eat the food.” She scoffed. Finally, she opened the door, quickly closing it behind her.

“ Luna?”

“ Well, maybe you should have listened to me.”


“ Don’t you dare call me pushy, you tomcat!”

“ LUNA!” Luna jumped looking up, only to see someone gathered by the couch. “ AMI!” She proceeded to drop the phone running towards the girl, wrapping her into a tight hug. “Oh, you have no clue how happy I am to see you.”

“ How are you human?” Ami laughed returning the hug.

“ A story for another time. I more want to-” She pulled away as her eyes landed on a groggily Usagi.

“ Usagi!”  Chibi-usa proceeded to rush towards her, dropping the grocery bag. Luna was stunned. Dread filled her as she observed what she considered her daughter’s fragile form on the couch. Usagi was draped next to Mamoru, her upper torso tucked tight to his side as Usagi tuck her head into his chest. Her legs curled into the couch. Chibi-usa had thrown herself into Usagi lap instantly crying. It wasn't hard to see why. Usagi face was sunken with flushed cheeks as if she hadn’t slept in a month. Her breathing was shallow and quick, she was having a hard time grasping it. Her eyes were haggard as if she would pass out any second. It reminded Luna too much of Usagi’s state when she returned from Beryl. As if the child had used all her strength and energy to fight a long fierce battle. The only battle she had was her school. She had heard about the water pipes bursting. It didn’t seem to be a huge problem, at least not a battle that would leave her Usagi like this.

She suddenly felt the tight tension in the room. She had missed something very important. Observing the worried looks of the two around her. Mamoru looked almost angry, he held Usagi tightly. As if he feared she would disappear in an instant. Ami was calm as ever, but her eyes seem sullen. As if she was a deep concern.

“ LUNA WHAT’S GOING ON!”  She could hear Artemis yell on the phone settled on the floor, but made no move to get. Her eyes couldn’t leave the scene. Usually, she would get angry at seeing Usagi hurt. A fuss about how she should be done something different. Seeing her completely worn out was different. It scared her. Usagi may not be her true daughter in both lifetimes, but she had raised her during the Silver Millennium and raised as new Sailor Sensi. To see her close to death again. It broke her heart. She felt Ami lightly touch her shoulder. Jolting her from her thoughts. She rushed to the phone picking it up carefully. Thankful it had been on the carpet. Pulling it close to hear. “I’ll call you back, Usagi shes…”

“ Luna.” He warned, she knew he was worried as well.

“ It’s okay, I don’t know the full details. I’ll call you soon” She quickly hanged up leaning down picking up the groceries quickly. She had to calm her nerves. Usagi wasn’t dead, just hurt. She took a deep breath. She could be serious. Later she could fall apart. Now she had to be Luna, the head advisor to the Queen. Not Luna the mother. She turned around, moving towards the kitchen. “ Well is one of you going to tell me what happened?”

“ Wow, I expected must worse.” Usagi roughy stated, holding a crying Chibiusa.

“ Chibi-usa, you should go to your room for a bit.” Luna lightly stated she knew this would be a conversation the child couldn’t handle.

“ No,” Chibi-usa argued cling tightly to Usagi.

“ Hey, Im okay.” She heard Mamoru scoff at the reply.  Usagi pull Chibi-usa to look at her ignoring Mamoru reaction.“ Just hurt, give us a minute talk and I promise to have Luna bake cookies later.” Luna could laugh, Usagi always seemed to know how to distract the girl.

“You’re okay.” Chibi-usa pleaded with her.

“ I will be.” Chibi-usa regretfully let go, and slowly walking to her room.

“ You are not okay.” Mamoru painfully stated.

“ Mamoru, please.” Usagi begged. “ Wait just a second.” They waited till Chibi-usa door closed.

“ Okay, now someone tell me why Usagi looks close to death.”

“ Luna, please not too loud.” Usagi pulled her hand to her head as if it hurt. “Someone should stay with Chibi-usa. She’s scared...” Usagi pleaded, none moved. “ Fin,e I will.” Mamoru quickly moved his hand stopping her.

“ Mamoru,” Usagi warned. Luna knew it was serious if Usagi wasn’t using her pet name. She watch as Mamoru groaned, before gently getting up . Placing pillows down in his place, in order to support Usagi. He walked off. He grabbed Luna shoulder. When had she moved so close to the couch.

“Talk some sense into her,” He demanded, his voice thick with a mix of anger and worry.

“Alright someone needs to tell me now.” Luna felt her hands began to sweat.

“ Ami was attack, she transformed. We kicked but and I passed out. Story over.” Usagi grouchy stated.

“ Usagi, she needs to know the full details.” Ami pleaded.

“ No, If we do she won’t let me fight and I need to. It’s bad enough Mamoru thinks the same.” Usagi argued, it was that bad. Luna needed to sit.

“ Usagi.”

“ No, I’ll pull Princess if I have to.”

“ Don’t you dare pull Princess on me.” Luna had it. “ As your mother’s Head advisor I out rank you!” the last part came out in a sob as She sat down at the edge of the couch.

“ The Crystal Shard is draining her energy.” Ami repiled not waiting for Usagi.

Confusion and shock hit her. How was that possible. “ Run that by me again.”


Usagi closed her eyes. Her head still felt like a hammer was pounding on it. She didn’t need to listen as Ami explained today’s events to a distraught Luna. Just focused on calming the pain and catching her breath. Her body felt so drained. As if the small battle had taken every bit of her energy. From what she could gather it had. She was still trying to fully grasp what had happened. She could remember waking up on Mamoru’s couch. He had been holding her tightly. As if she was going to disappear. According to what they told her the minute after she hugged Ami she collapsed. It made sense she was worn out completely. As if one battle with Diamonds lakey was fighting ten Beryls. It was still hard to pinpoint where the pain began and where it ended. When Am I showed her the results of her computer scanned she was shocked. Not only where her energy signatures significantly low, her knee With her fast healing abilities thanks to the crystal. had deep tissue damage. Something that should have easily been heal by now. According to Ami, as she examined the Crystal Shard, the shard was not capable of healing. It actually was slowly draining Usagi’s powers. The theory was that when Queen Serenity had place the Sensi power in it, it would use that energy to generate Sailor Moon. When the powers had began to fade due to the girls slowly awakening. It started to feed of Usagi energy. She had asked if she hadn’t decided to awake the girls would it still be affected. According to Ami eventually, no matter what she did the shard would sense the incoming danger. It would naturally release the powers. In order to it’s carrier cared for. It was as if her heart was working against her. Usagi felt betrayed by her own body. It knew she need help protecting. This lead the Crystal shard to release. Ami wasn’t sure if it could truly handle her transforming anymore, esphally if she used her own attacks instead of the scout. It would only focus on her energy.  Mamo-chan had demanded that she stop fighting now. She hadn’t agreed though.

Usagi understood the risks. But the idea of standing on the sidelines scared her. She would be forced to just watch, just like the Silver Millennium. She would not be that helpless Princess again. The action had started the tension. To say Mamoru was mad was an understatement. She thought he would yell, threaten to lock her away. Instead, he shut down. He was seething when she refuse to listen. He sat next to her stewing over her reaction. But he still held her close afraid. Her eyes wonder towards Chibiusa room, the girl had seem so scared. As if seeing Usagi’s washed out, a reminder of something. Usagi feared it was the child’s parents. Had they looked like her. She was happy he had listen to her and checked on the distraught child. Usagi knew she had to help Chibi-usa.  Tis weakness couldn’t stop her. She slowly pulled herself to sit up. Closing her eyes in order to calm her breathing. It was still hard to grasp full breaths. Luna was yelling something. She honestly didn't want to hear it.

“ You will listen to reason.” Luna firmly commanded.


“ No, I won’t hear it. Are purposely trying to hurt those who love you.?” She interrupt Usagi before she could explain.

“ No, the opposite, I can’t just watch.” Usagi felt frustrated why didn’t anyone understand.

“ You will!” Luna yelled.

“ I-”

“ Then be the last resort.” Mamoru stated, Usagi open her eyes to see him standing in the hall. He still seemed mad as he leaned on the wall. But something had change as if he had second to think of a solution. He eyes were cold and distance. She wasn't sure how much longer she could take his harden look.

“ Chibi-usa?” she ask quietly.

“ She's okay, shoken up but okay.” His uneasy voice and tense form. She slowly made herself get up. A part of her feared that he was about to leave. As if her stance on fighting was too much. She wrapped her arms around his waist. Pulling herself close. At first, she expected him to  push her away. Instead, he embrace her calming down. It was as if feeling her close release his worries.

“ I can’t lose you again.” He whispered holding her tightly.

“ I can’t stand aside.”  She replied feeling tears gather in her eyes, visions of everyone dying, came at the thought. “ I can’t be a weak Princess. I was reborn to fight.”

“ I know,” he whispered. “ Please listen, Im not asking you to stand aside. Just don’t take the risk.” He begged. “ Let’s work together.”

“ Being the last resort would work.” Ami confirmed, Usagi turn her head to listen to her. “ I truly believe that when everyone is awake, we can fix this problem.

Usagi gently pulled away from Mamoru, she moved  back towards Ami. Ami eyes gave her faith. Maybe things seem dark now but there was still hope. She pull Ami into a tight hug.

“ Together we will defeat them.”

“ Than let’s not waste anymore time.” Ami replyed returning the hug .

Mamoru typed vigorously trying to focus on his assignment, but he couldn't, all he could see was Usako frail form. How she had instantly fallen after the battle. His fear sparked at the thought. Allowing his eyes to wander towards his sleeping Princess. Not long after coming to a truce he made her rest. He made sure she was feed, then carried to bed. If she was to regain any energy rest was best. It didn’t take long for her to to pass out. Allowing him to try and focus. He had first tried to sleep next to her. It was no use, his mind wouldn’t stop racing.  This brought him to the current position in bed. Sitting up with his laptop. He had hoped to bury his concern in school work. A task he was used to.

It would seem his Princess knew how to distract him. He gently closed the laptop and settled to just watch her. When she had refused to listen to him he wanted to lock her away. Prevent her from draining her own energy, to stop her from trying to fight, to protect her, It was no use though, He knew how much she wanted to protect people. How big her heart truly was. He gently  ran his hand thru her thick hair. Calming Chibi-usa and helped settle his anger. He could still remember there conversation. He came into her to see the child curl in the bed, head rested on the pillow, tear in her eyes. As she tightly held the Tuxedo Kamen doll.

“ She’s not okay.” Chibi-usa mutter as he sat down at the edge of the bed.

“ She will be,” he replied.

“ My daddy alway told me how strong Sailor Moon is.” Her eyes seem distant, as if she wanted to say more. “ Sailor Moon alway fought for others. No matter what happened to her.”

It was true, he thought. Usako hadn’t always been that way, he could still remember her fear during the first battle. But seeing other hurt,  knowing she could help. Well, that triggered her strength. He watched her grow and fight. She never stopped protecting no matter the pain she was in. She had prove that with Beryl and she was doing it now. He wished she could be selfish for once. Stop and keep herself safe. But his love didn't have a selfish bone in her body. She didn’t need to fight that way though. She had support now. 

“ She is,” he reiled. “ But she doesn’t need to fight on her own.”

“ You’ll protect her right….”

He nodded before  reasurung the child. Promising her it to be okay and left her to talk to Usasko. He was happy he could at least convince Usako to wait till she was needed.  He would make sure she wasn't though. He and promised himself “I will fight, I can defeat anyone, anything, if it’s for her,” But he knew he couldn't do it on his own. He placed a kiss on her forehead. Needing to confirm she was really next to him. Mamoru got up and grabbed his water bottle. As he closed the door he could hear someone else typing in the living room. He shook his head. Observing how Ami sat with her own laptop.

“ It’s seem I’m not the only one burning the midnight oil.” He gave a quick salute while making his way to fridge.

“ Sorry,” Ami mumbled. “ My mind won’t stop.”

“No need to apologize, I get it, ” he grabbed one for her before sitting in his lounge chair. “ What were you working on?”

“ Luna gave me Makoto wallet,” She accepted the water taking a sip “ I figure I could hack into the school records and find something out.”

“ You know how to do that?”

“ I’m not just book smart.” She laughed.

“ Do I want to know how?” He changed the subject.

“ Nothing bad, you’d be surprise how many teachers asks for help when comes to computers.” She informed him, pulling out a piece of paper. “ Here Makoto is still registered at school, but she was suspended a few weeks ago.”

“ Suspended.” he looked over the paper as she continued.

“ It’s seem there had been a altercation between her and another student.” Ami stated, “ I wasn’t able to find why, but because of it her Emancipation is under investigation.”

“ That’s not easy,” He could still remember when he filed, he wanted to support himself. It had been an easy task since he had no family left. He knew something big as a fight could grab the courts attention. “ You’re sure this is correct.”

“ Yes, it seems she moved not long after the fight. Maybe to restart, but the address isn’t far.”

“I should be able to try tomorrow.” He confirmed. “ I’m scared to leave Usako alone though.”

“ Then we won’t,” Ami commented grabbing his attention. “ The last few months I felt like I was missing something. Now that I remember I’m not letting her go either.”  He smiled happy to hear he wasn’t alone.

Rei still couldn’t believe it. She sat on her couch stunned. The call had been clear, her Grandfather was awake. They even told her he could home tomorrow. It wasn’t the only shock. All of the medical bills had been paid. By one Mamoru Chiba. The name bounced in her head. Since that day with the girl, her dreams had multiplied. Last night had been the clearest.

She was running up stairs with three other girls. She had to get there fast. Sailor Moon needed her. The cries came before they had even enter the room. They were to late. Sailor Moon held Tuxedo Kamen. Rei started at it was Mamoru. Usagi screamed his name. The scream…..

It felt more like a memory then a dream. All the names stayed with her. She knew she was suppose to know them. She pulled the red pen out of her shrine dress pocket. This may give your answers. How, she thought. Rei had medated with the pen for hours. The only vision she could see was herself. Fighting, fire around her hands. Fire racing through her. Fire she could control. She started at the pen, how was she supposed to use. It didn’t even write.

Don't let anyone prevent you from being yourself. She couldn’t help to smile. The girl had been right about that. She no longer needed her father’s money.  She didn’t need to be the perfect loving daughter to a jerk who left her. At least one problem would be solved. She gently slide pen back into the pocket before heading out. As she made her way towards the entryway of the shrine. She notice a strange dark aura. An odd feeling of dread hit Rei. It wasn’t even late out. Why was the shrine empty?

“ Hello Rei,” She heard Koans grating voice. Rei looked around the entryway but saw nothing. She felt darkness surround her. “ You know when my master told me that you where my target I thought you might be a challenge.” The voice taunted, Rei suddenly felt weak. “ I was disappointed when I found you. I only got a whipped little girl, someone who listened to my every order.” Rei suddenly feel to her knees. She felt like everything was burning, she couldn’t catch her breath. “ I could tell you wanted to, hurt me. But you never did, you pretend to be something else. Just for love ha,” Rei tried to block out the voice to concentrate on breathing. “ Your grandfather might be well now. He wasn’t our target anyway.” Koan was suddenly in front of her. “ Your Princess will be ours and there nothing you can do.”

Princess...Rei mind rushed. Memories came flashing in her mind. Battles, friends, death. A bell like laughter. Usagi laughter, she could remember there fights. Rei, give that back.   Her sacrifice for the on the girl who loved her for her. Rei!! Sailor Mars!!! Princess Serenity. Sailor Moon. Usagi.

"Rin, Pyou, Tou, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, Zen!" Rei chanted dispelling the dark aura and sending Koan flying. “ You will not touch the Princess.” Rei pulled the Pen from her Pocket.

Allowing its power to surround her, “Mars Star Power!”

“ How, you can’t!” Koan smirked.

“ I’m more than your words,” Sailor Mars replied, “ Meet my fires; Burning Mandala!” Sailor  Mars's watch as the fire consumed her enemy, turning her into dust.

She smiled. She observed her gloves and the first time in two months she felt safe. Usagi. Oh, Usagi was in so much trouble, Sailor Mars thought. How could she fight without her!  She had to find her and shake some sense into her. She laughed at the thought. Before hearing a low beep. She looked around quickly. It was noise one of the communicators would make. She spotted a white watch like figure on the ground. Bending down she noted the star with the moon in the middle. She knew it was Sailor Moon’s. She looked around her eyes searching for the blonde. But no one was there. She quickly answer the call.

“ Sailor Moon where are you!” She recognized Ami voice instantly.

“ Sailor Mercury?”

“ Sailor Mars! Your awake!” Sailor Mercury proclaimed.

“ It’s just happen, I’m worried about Odango-atama. Why is her communicator here?”

“ I’m not sure she was suppose to go to Mamoru’s apartment after I went to cram School. It was only a block away she promise to go right there. There was an attack in the park and we can’t find her...” Ami frankly repiled.

“ Well-” Suddenly a wail echoed off the shrine. A wail she regoncozied “ Get here now.” Rei slammed the watch the wail sounded like her dreams. A wail of anguish. She ran a fast as her muscle would let her. Till she came across a clearing. That's when she saw Sailor Moon, and she wasn’t alone. Sailor Moon was on her knees crying, a man in white stood before. Laughing…

Chapter Text

“I will be the one that's gonna hold you/I will be the one that you run to/My love is  A burning, consuming fire/No/You'll never be alone//When darkness comes, I'll light the night with stars/Hear the whispers in the dark/You'll never be alone/When darkness comes, you know I'm never far/Hear the whispers in the dark….” Whispers in the Dark Skillet

“ Ami, seriously it’s one block,” Usagi complained as Ami looked at her watch.

They had been standing at Ami’s Cram School for at least ten minutes. Usagi was highly annoyed. Since she had woken, still tired but awake. She hadn’t been left alone. Mamo-chan insisted that he walk her school.  Where Ami was waiting as if she was baton in a relay race. Even after class Ami was there waiting. The only place she had gotten to be alone was the bathroom. Even then Ami was waiting outside, ready to walk her to class. It was annoying and frustrated Usagi to no end. Yes, she tried and, to be honest, she would have like to stay in bed this morning. But staying bed was not going to help her defeat anyone. She watched as Ami checked her watch again, Mamo-chan was late. Usagi knew Ami’s classes started soon.ed

“ One block come on…” Usagi pleaded.

“ Oh, fine.” Ami sighed giving in. “ But you’ll text me the minute you there.”

“ Promise.” She smiled, happy to finally have time on her own.

Usagi quickly walked towards the Apartment. Enjoying the moment to herself. She understood their overprotectiveness, but it felt to Silver Millennium. A guard everywhere she went. No wonder she ran off to the earth. She laughed at the thought. That was until she felt like someone had bumped into her. She glanced around, but none was nearby. Her eyes stop at the park. Rei. She had been worried about her dear friend. Mamo-chan had confirmed that he was able to help Grandpa Hino. Usagi had even searched the web today to see that Rei hadn’t gone to her father's election rally. Maybe she could just stop by. It wouldn’t take long. Ami was going to class anyway, a small stop. In and out. Her eyes turn back towards the apartment. Would they notice? One minute, that all she needed. Making her mind up she headed towards the shrine.

Someone else close by watching. As a smile form on his face, he tucked the small watch into his pocket.

Mamoru checked the address one more time. The house before him seemed small, with flowers planted around it. He recognized some of Makoto favorites. It for her personality he thought. He quickly made his way to the door ready to knock. Before he could a tall green haired woman dressed in business casual came storming out.

“ You better have a job by the next time I’m here, or I’ll have you put in the next group home!” She shouted.

“ I have tried Mrs. Ayakashi, “ He stepped back and observed the scene. It was definitely Makoto. He would recognize her deep brown hair anywhere. “ No one is hiring.”

“ I don’t want to hear your excuse, find a job or else.” She stopped staring at him. “ And who might this be, you know the rules about boys.” He quickly pulled out the wallet.

“ Sorry to interrupt but I just came to return this.”

“ Oh,” She looked mystified for a second. “ Well it figures, a tall handsome man like you wouldn’t fit with a weak pathetic excuse of a woman,” She humphs walking away. “ Remember what I said Makoto Kino, a job or else.” She glared at Makoto before giving Mamoru a suggestive glance walking away with a hop in her step.

“ Was she flirting with me?” He asked a little stunned.

“ I think so, wasn’t really appealing was she.” Makoto snorted. “

“ Definitely not my type.” He couldn’t help thinking of Usako.

“ Ah, I see you’re probably already taken.” She laughed. “ Makoto Kino,” She greeted him.

“You’d be right, Mamoru Chiba,” He shook her hand and instantly he felt a spark and then a vision of Serenity Laughing. The stunned look on Makoto face told him she had seen it too. A bit of hope fluttered in his heart. Ami was right. Makoto may not have her memories, but her power was awakening.

“ The cute ones usually are,” She sighed, before smiling. Obviously dismissing the vision. “ Thank you for returning my wallet.”

He handed it to her. “ No problem, sorry it took so long, the address isn't correct.”

“Figures I’m terrible about updating things, come on in I’ve got some cookies in the oven.”

“ I wouldn’t want to be a bother.” He smiled, this was exactly what he needed.

“ It's the least I can do, I insist” She commented waving him inside.

“ So how long have been with your girl.” She asked a hint of curiosity in voice.

“ Not long,” He replied observing her small home. With accents of white and green, he noted the small living place and dine in kitchen. He could smell the cookies in the oven.Usako always talked about how great a cook Makoto was. He observed the small hallway that most likely leads to a single bedroom. She offered him a seat by the kitchen island as she pulled the cookies out.  He quickly sat down enjoying the terrific smell. Usako must have been right, he thought.“ You have a nice place.”

“ Thank you,” She replied, puting the tray down. “ You came by at a good time, I just cleaned it for the social worker.”

“ Was that the woman who left here?” He couldn’t helped asking, something had been off with her social worker. He wasn’t sure what but, she gave him bad feeling.

“ The one and only,” She stated placing the cookies on a cooling tray. “ There hot so give them a second. I hope you like chocolate chip.” She pulled out her wallet, finding a small picture. “ I really can’t tell you how much i appreciated getting this backed.”

“ Your parents, I gather.” He inquired, he knew a bit about her life. Usako had mention that Makoto had lost her parents, similar to himself.

“Yes,” She fondly looked at the picture. “ I lost them a few years ago, this was the last one taken before they died.”

“ I’m sorry, I understand, I lost my parents when I was young too.” He shared the detail in hopes to gather more information. “ I guess your filing for emancipation?”

“ I already did a few year ago,” She admitted, “ I had a small altercation with a pushy guy at school a few weeks ago, got suspended and well you saw the social worker.” She gathered a few cookies in a small bag. “ Sorry, I didn’t mean to give you my life story. I don’t why but I feel like I know you.”

“ I don’t mind” He stated.  “ My girlfriend says when I try, I can be a good listener.”

“ Well, do you have a picture?” Makoto  gave him a friendly smiled.

“Yea,” He sighed pull the small picture he kept in his wallet. “ It’s a candid shot, I don’t know if she even know I have it.” He had taken it awhile back, during the time they weren’t together. It was after one of there small fights. Usako had looked so cute fumming while sipping her milkshake. He couldn’t help himself, using his phone he took the picture. A week later he got the picture printed and kept it close. Makoto took from him, he couldn’t help to notice how she observed the picture. As if her eyes recognize it. “ You know I might be able to help with the job issues.”

“ Huh,” She asked, pulling her away from the picture.

“ I have a friend who might-” He stopped hearing his phone ring. “ Hold on.” He checked to see that Luna was calling him, that was strange. “ I have to take this sorry,” He stood up and went towards the living room. “ Luna what wrong? Is it Usako?” he asked worry hitting him, he was running late and needed to get to her soon.

“ No, it’s Chibi-usa.” She frankly stated. “ We were at the park and out no where a youma came rushing through. It’s attacking everyone. I tried to run with her, but I guess we got separated.” He could hear tears in her voice. “ Get over here now,”

“ She didn’t have Usako with her right?” He prayed.

“ No, she said Usagi went home. I won’t call her, but I worried about Chibi-usa...i don’t know what to do,” She cried

“ Don’t worry I’m on my way.” He hung up rushing back towards Makoto. “  I’m so sorry but i have to take a rain check.”

“ Is everything okay?” Makoto asked concerned.

“ Yes, just a family issue.” He grabbed a piece of paper and quickly jotted down the Crown’s address. “Look, the owner is a friend and he was hiring last time we talked.” He handed her the paper. “ If you want you can meet me there tomorrow for lunch. I might even be able to help with some of the Emancipation paperwork.”

“ Really, that be great.” She commented as he started for the door.

“ 12:30 work?” He pulled the door open.

“Yea. no problem” He gave her a small salute and rushed out the door.


Usagi made her way up the Shrine steps. She felt a strange sensation come over her. She couldn’t help but notice how empty and quiet the shrine was. It was not even close to dinner time yet. People usually hanged around till closing. Buying and looking at the different charms. Making wishes by the bell. But no one was there. She followed the strange feeling til she reached the eneterway. Her heart stopped. There was Rei on her knees. As a strange woman in what she could only call a striped purple and black bodysuit, with a purple tutu to match. Her long purple like hair settled at her back. Usagi quckly ducked behind a near by bush. She had to transform and help Rei. Last resort. Mamoru voice rang in her head. She was the only one there, it seemed like a last resort. She looked around for a place she could transform, settling on the small clearing. She called on her transformation. Her hand drifted towards her wrist, If she at least called, then someone would come fast. Maybe she wouldn’t have to break her promise. She went to call. But the commentator was gone. That was weird she swore-


“ Looking for something Princess?” she froze, she knew that voice. “ Can’t have someone interrupting us now can we.” She turned to see Prince Diamond standing a few feet away. Her heartbeat frantic. “ Now I think it’s time we had a talk.” He tossed the small watch and smiled at her.


Mamoru rushed towards the park. Fear pulsed through him. He was scared for Chibi-usa. He knew the enemy wanted her and Uasko would die if anything happen to girl. After the last few weeks he to had grown attach to Chibiusa, even saw her as his own. He wanted to protect her as well. He look around hoping to find Luna. People screamed running every which way. Emergency workers were everywhere as they tried to help the wounded. His eyes glanced , finally landing on a distraught Luna. He rush towards her.

“ Oh Mamoru,” She frankly met him. “I can't find her anywhere.” Worry was clear in her voice.

“ She can’t be far. Has Ami come everyone seems scared?” He looked around hoping to see Sailor Mercury close.

“ She was coming from Cram school, the youma it was causing all sorts of chaos. One second Chibi-usa was playing in the park, the next everyone was running and screaming. I tried to grab her hand, but she was gone…”

“ Calm down,” all her words had come out in rush and too honest he only  caught a few. “ I'll find her.” He rushed toward the Playset, quickly ducking behind a tree. He knew Tuxedo Kamen was needed. He called on his transformation, his eyes scanning. He heard a scream that sounded familiar. Working his way there, trying to run against the chaos. He followed to scream, till his eyes landed to Chibiusa, she ducked behind a  bench clearly frighten. He ran towards her. Only to notice the youma. It looked different from the other.A creature with a lithe body, metallic black in color, a mask rested on its face, featureless save two large black eyes and a small upside the own black moon. The creatures motions where rigid, calculated, as if it was just a machine executing a program. He couldn’t help to notice it was aiming at Chibiusa. He had to work fast, he wasn’t even sure if he could grab in time. His mind change the vision to Usako sitting in the same way. He had never be able to stop the attack just grab her. How he yearned for once to be able to prevent any harm. He suddenly felt the same power that he had at the hospital. A golden aura that surround him. He felt it flow through him like a raging storm, he focused on it and it responded to his will. Feeling words coming into his voice.

“Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber!” a blast of energy hit the youma, destroying it completely. He pulled in a crying Chibi-usa, trying to calm her. “ Hey, I’ve got now.”

“ They’re coming, they’re coming from everywhere.” She cried into his chest. He tried to calm her as he watch Sailor Mercury land close to them.

“ Well, it looks like you’ve got this handle.” She started observing the scene, she walked over to the fragments of what was left of the enemy. Instead of turning into dust, machanical parts littered the street. Ami walked over she seem to picked up a piece of the rubble, before walking towards Mamoru. “ Is Chibiusa alright?”

“ Yes,” Chibi-usa cries had turned into a hiccup as she tightly cling to him, her arms around his neck. He gently picked her up allowing her to stay close. “ She’s shaken up. Usako wasn’t with you when you got the call?”

“ No, she walked to the apartment. It was only a block away so i thought, she be okay.” She pulled her phone. “ But she hasn’t texted me.” worry hit him.

“ What do mean she went to the apartment? Didn’t you walk her?” He frankly asked.

“ It was a block, I figured she be okay.” She called her, but only hit the voicemail. “ I’ll try the communicator, Sailor Moon where are you!”

“ Sailor Mercury?”

“ Sailor Mars! Your awake!” Sailor Mercury proclaimed.

“ It’s just happen, I’m worried about Sailor Moon. Why is her communicator here?”

“ I’m not sure she was suppose to go to Mamoru’s apartment after I went to cram School. It was only a block away she promised to go right there.There was an attack in the park and we can’t find her...” Ami frankly repiled.

How was she at the shrine. Tuxedo Mask pulsed quicked, he notice that Luna had meet up with them. He froze when heard a loud wail come over the communicator. “ Get here now.”  he heard Sailor Mar command before cutting of the communication. Sailor Mercury and his eyes met. Something was wrong, something had happen. They instantly knew that the Park attack was a distraction. Prince Diamond. The name echoed in his head, somehow he just knew the man was involved. With no explanation, he handed Chibi-usa to Luna and ran. Not allowing Sailor Mercury to catch up. He just kept running praying he could save her.


“ Prince Diamond.” Sailor Moon snapped.

“ I see my reputation precedes me,” He hissed. “ I wonder what the Rabbit has told you, Serenity. What details has she given?”

“ You won’t touch her.” She threatened. She wanted to fight back. But she was frozen. She knew she should run, but her legs wouldn’t move. Fear buzzed through her veins, as she stare at the face of her nightmare. He still wore the same white outfit, his smokey lavender eyes bore into her. As if they knew every weak spot. She unconsciously took a step back as he approached her.

“ Now, now,” he gleamed. “ I came just to talk.” She suddenly felt darkness hit her , she could swear the upside down sign on his forehead had turned into a eye. Without thinking about it her legs started to walk towards him. She tried to fight it but was no use. She had no control. She suddenly stop less than a few inches between them. “ There, now we can talk without yelling.” he smiled, causing her heart to speed up in fear.

“ Why are you here?” She lowly growled, hoping to pull a distraction in order to move away.

“ Like I said, I came to talk, I could easily take you today,” She felt the darkness come over again. It suffocated her, before disappearing lightly “ But, I rather you came willing.”

“ Why would I ever willing go anywhere with you?” She seethed

“ Because,” She went to move away, but suddenly he was behind her.” I have seen your future, and if don’t come with me. I promise your friends, your Endymion will meet a fate worse the death. “ He lowly whispered in her ear. “ An eternal darkness.”

The icy undertones in his voice made her arms prick with fear. As if she was suddenly freezing. Her mind quickly picture her friends dead bodies. As if his threat had already happen. She tried to keep her resolve. Calm her frantic heart. She made a moved to punch him only for him to disappear and reappear in front of her again, Laughing. She pulled her tiara off “ Moon Tiara Magic!”. But what once was power full attack. He easily caught before breaking the disc in half. Tossing the pieces as if they were trash. Sailor Moon felt her knees hit the ground. Her power fading quickly.

“ Ha, is that all the almighty Sailor Moon has,” he laughed walking in front of her. “ Do you know the great power I could give you.” He pulled her chin to look up at him. “ Serenity, if you value your loyal Scouts. Your love, then come with me.” She felt the tear in her eyes. “ Ahh, those eyes. The eyes that caught me right away. Too see then crying, is all the payment I need.” He hissed “ Maybe I will take my prize...” She felt darkness surround her again as she watch the mark turn into an eye. Pulling her to him. Before she could move, she watched as an attack of fire hit him. Sending him to the opposite side of the clearing.

“ How?” He seethed, brushing the attack away.

“ You will not touch her.” She heard Sailor Mar growled. “ Fire Soul!” She sent other attack only for him to dodge it.

“ It seems my lackeys have failed.” He glared at them. “ Remember what I said Serenity, I will be waiting.” He promised while disappearing.

“ Sailor Moon!” She heard Sailor Mars call, but she couldn’t move. His threat was all she could hear. A fate worse than death. Sher mind flashed of there dead forms. Eternal darkness. Mamo-chan empty eyes. Never moving, his breath gone. “ Usagi!” She felt Sailor Mars grab her shoulders, she looked up to see her down before to her. She suddenly wrapped her arms around her neck, allowing her tears to poor onto her shoulder. “ Hey, he’s gone.” Mars returned the embrace.

“ He…” Sailor Moon sobbed.

“ It okay,” Rei comforted her. “ I don’t know what going on, but we are here for you.” Usagi only cried in reply. “ Come on Odango-atama.” Rei pulled them up. “ Let’s get inside.” She allowed Rei to lead her towards the shrine. As lavender eyes watched behind them, smiling.


Chapter Text

“Little girls, listen closely/'Cause no one told me/But you deserve to know/That in this world, you are not beholden/You do not owe them/Your body and your soul/All the youth in the world will not save you from growing older/And all the truth in the girl is too precious to be stolen from her…” ~Fall in Line Christina Aguilera.


“ What did you see?” Mamoru yelled.

“ Like I said, he was taunting her,” Rei commented frustration clear in voice.

“ He shouldn’t have been able to catch her alone, Ami-”

Chibi-usa closed her bedroom door and made her way towards the bed. The fight between the three had been the same for at least an hour now. Since Mamoru had returned with a shell-shocked Usagi. To be honest it had been hard to tell if Usagi had been conscious. Chibi-usa just watched as Mamoru laid Usagi in bed. Then started yelling at whom she assumed was Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury. A very loud and vocal fight. No one even noticed that she had walked away. Chibi-usa sighed trying to phase out the yelling. Seeing Usagi in that condition was almost as bad as seeing her so frail the other day. Almost. That Usagi reminded her too much of the future. She absently played with the key necklace, as her mind floated back to Pluto.

You must find your past parents, they will protect you. But you can’t tell them anything


No Small Lady, this was a very hard time for your mother. She has to work through the pain. I hate to put so much burden on you. But you need to be somewhere safe. Promise me, you’ll do this.

How was she supposed to just sit here? Every nerve in her body wanted to scream. Tell them that Diamond was from the future, to drag them there. Put a stop to his Clan. But she knew she couldn’t. At this rate, they would probably lose. Usagi weak form from other day was still fresh in her mind. The truth wouldn’t change anything. She felt fresh tears in her eyes. Sitting up she reached for the Tuxedo Kamen Plush. Her daddy always knew how to put a smile on her face. Even in the past, he seemed to know just what she needed. Her mother...her mother was the kindest bravest person she ever knew. To see what the manic Prince Diamond was doing to her in the past and future. Well, it made her more angry then sad.

Chibi-usa thought back to her first few weeks in the past. How her mother cared for her. Even without knowledge, Usagi treated her with so much kindness. Usagi was different from her future self. Chibi-usa could not recall a time where her mother had cried. Her mother alway held a small smile on her face. A smile that made Chibi-usa happy. Usagi was exactly as Pluto had said. In pain. Chibi-usa wanted her mother to smile. Wanted to be there for her just as Usagi had. She looked at the doll as a smile form on her face. A plan came to her quickly. She got up slowly, opening her door carefully. She didn’t what to draw attention. She made her way towards Mamoru door, happy it was unlocked. Chibi-usa observed Usagi, who was tucked into bed facing away from her.

“ Usagi?” she whispered, she wasn’t sure if Usagi had fallen asleep.

“Chibiusa?”  Usagi horsley replied sitting up, wiping away her tears. In an attempt to hide them. It didn’t matter Chibiusa knew.

“ Are you okay?” She pulled herself on the bed and curl next to Usagi. Usagi smiled before pulling her into a hug.

“ I’ll be fine, don’t you worry.” She whispered in reply. Chibiusa pulled away and handed Usagi the doll.

Usagi eyes looked at her with confusion. “ Maybe he’ll make you smile.” Chibi-usa implied before she could ask. Usagi did smile at her. A smile the Chibi-usa knew very well. A smile that her mother held.


Makoto stared at the picture. A blonde girl with a strange hairstyle sipping a milkshake, she was clearly annoyed with someone. Most likely Mamoru. She put her head down on the table. She was early for lunch. The arcade slash dinner wasn’t even packed yet. Even for a Saturday morning. She was only maybe...she looked at the clock. Thirty minutes early. She couldn’t help it though. Ever since the other day when Mamoru Chiba had returned her wallet. Her mind wouldn’t stop. From the strange vision and shock, she had gotten just by shaking his hand. To the strange feeling, she got from staring at his girlfriend's picture. Was she going crazy? The picture, the girl seem so familiar. Like she should know her. But Makoto didn’t have friends. People were always afraid to talk to her. Since the incident at school, her life had turned upside down. From being forced to find a new place, to her Emancipation being under investigation. Her social worker Petz Ayakashi, was a nightmare. What had she said yesterday? That she's was a weak pathetic excuse of a woman. Maybe she was right.  

Makoto had always seen her strength as a good thing. But if just added on to her difference. People tended to find her too overbearing. Yes, she was just under five-ten. She towered over most boys. Her height mixed with her muscle tone body left others fearful. She had taken martial art early in life. Right before her parents died. She prided herself in being strong. But maybe she should have stuck to acting like a woman. A normal person. Maybe she would have a friend. A friend likes the girl in the picture.

“ When did he take that?!” An annoyed voice screech suddenly pulling the picture away.

“ Seriously, I can’t believe him!” The girl harped before sitting across from Makoto.

Makoto was stunned at the girl's actions. The girl had sat with her without hesitation. No one had ever done that. It felt weird but right. As if she knew this girl. She knew it was the girl from Mamoru picture. The blonde looked different. She still held the same hairstyle. But something was off. It was as if the smile the girl held was fake. That bothered her. She wasn’t sure why but she felt the need for the girl to smile.

“ You must be Mamoru girlfriend,” She guessed.

“ Yea Usagi,” She greeted holding out her hand, Makoto shook it. With a shock, she saw the same vision from the other day. A laughter that reminded her of the softest bells. Usagi in the whitest dress. Her own laughter mixed in. It faded quickly and she left staring into light blue eyes. Usagi almost looked scared.

“ Sorry, Makoto?” Usagi mumbled as if she was to blame. Makoto just nodded “ Mamo-chan tells me you’re looking for a job, he’s actually talking to Motoki, the owner.”

“ He didn’t-”

“ There friends, don’t worry Motoki would probably hire you without his help.”

“ I highly doubt that,” Makoto whispered her self-doubt from before returning. “ I’m sorry but aren’t you scared of me?”

“ Why would you say that?” Usagi asked her, Makoto was surprised by the concern. She barely knew her. Before she knew it her story spilled out. It felt similar to telling Mamoru but different. As Usagi emotions where clear on her face. A mixture of concern, sadness and even a hint of anger.

“ She’s wrong,” Usagi growled, as Makoto told her about Petz. “You're not weak. You’re the strongest person I know Mako-chan.” Makoto wasn’t sure how to reply she noted tears in Usagi eyes. She felt that same urge to stop the Usagi’s tears. Usagi placed the picture in her purse before pulling out a green pen, with a symbol on top. That she right away recognized as the planetary symbol of Jupiter. She wasn’t even sure how she knew but she did. “ I don’t want to give this to you. In all honesty, I kinda wish I hadn’t started this. But fate seems to work against me.” Usagi handed her the pen. Makoto stared at it, she saw a flash of herself dressed in a green sailor fuku. “ If Petz bothers you again call me, I would tell you to use the pen. But apart me doesn’t want you to.” She quietly stated before getting up. “ Don’t believe her.” Makoto watch as Usagi walked out of the Acarde a girl with dark black hair following her.

“ Where did Usako go?” Makoto was so lost in Usagi words she hadn’t even notice Mamoru walked up to her.

“ She left,” She commented her eyes still staring at the pen. He said something but she wasn’t listening. The way Usagi looked worried her to no end. Why did she want to change it? Why did she feel the need to make Usagi smile? Why had Usagi sounded so unsure? Why did she care?

“ Makoto!” She heard Mamoru say pulling her from her thoughts.

“ I’m sorry, What were you saying?”

“ Motoki wants to interview you, I would stay but I need to find Usako.” He was gone before she had a chance to reply. Leaving her to the never-ending questions.


She wasn’t to be alone. Mamoru had asked her to stay with either the girls or himself this morning. Maybe it was more told her. He was still scared. The look on her face when he got to the shrine was imprinted in this mind. Her eyes wild with fear. Tears pouring down her face as she shook. He had pulled her close at once. Barely even noticing Rei. He wanted to kill Diamond. He still felt the anger in him. Wanting to be released.  She never fully told him what happen. But he didn’t need to know. It was clear. He promised himself that Diamond would never get a hold of her. Mamoru was never going to allow him a second chance.

He kept searching. She wasn’t supposed to leave the Arcade without him. The girls had agreed to hang around her. One would always be with her if he wasn’t. Currently, it was Rei turn. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust the girls to keep her safe. They were mad as well. He just needed to see her, feel her next to him. Allow him to know that she was safe. That his Usako wasn’t going anywhere. He rounded the corner to see Rei standing outside an alley.

“ She asked me to wait here.” Rei stated, “ I think something happened when she talk to Makoto.”

“ I’ll take it from here.” Rei nodded before promising to meet him back at the apartment tonight. Apparently, Ami had found something in the debris from yesterday’s attack. Apart he wanted to wait till after Usako was in bed tonight to even discuss the enemy. But he knew Usako would insist on listening to the information.

He slipped into the alley and watched her. Tears were falling, her fist was clenched. He approached her quickly pulling her into his embrace. As she continued to cry into his shirt. He wanted to shake her and make her tell him the cause. But he just held her. Allowing her to shed her pain. He lightly kissed her forehead before resting his head between her buns. It pained him to see her like this.

“ Usako, please tell me.” He begged she only cried. He waited until her tears were silent before pulling away and taking her hand. They needed a different scenery. The dark alley wasn’t going to help. Maybe he could change her sadness. He yearned for her to smile. The smile that attracted him so many months ago.  An idea formed in his head quickly. He pulled her towards the lake that sat in the middle of the park.

“ Mamo-chan?” confusion was clear in a groggy voice.

“ Do you remember the time you spied on me and Rei?” He smiled at the memory.

“ You mean the date she has tricked you on?”  She asked.

“ Yes, Umino said you to were on a date?” He teased.

“ Ugh, don’t remind me?” He couldn’t help but notice her small smile, the plan already working.

“ Come on,” He pulled her to the rowboat rentals.

“ You can’t be serious?”

“ It will be fun come on.” He smiled at her as she nodded her head, her puzzled eyes looking at him. She came along quietly. He gently pulled her into the boat as he grabbed the oars and sat down. They sat in silence. He just watched her as she observed the water. He couldn’t help admiring her beauty. The sun made her golden locks shine, and the light pink sundress enhanced her features. If it weren't for the sadness in her face this would be a perfect moment.

“ I think I was jealous then,” She started breaking the silence. “ I wouldn’t admit it to anyone else or even myself, but I wanted to be Rei. I wanted to sit across from you that day. ”

“ Me too.” He started watching her smile at him, before looking towards the trees. It was quiet for a while. He could tell she was in deep in thought.

“ Do you remember Star Light Tower?” She suddenly asked.

“ You mean When Beryl took me?” He asked already knowing the answer. She nodded her eyes still not looking at him. He places the oars down and cupped her hands.  “ Not completely, why?”

“ What would have done if Beryl had appeared that day. If she had threatened to kill me if you didn’t come with her?”

The question left him speechless, He moved his hand to stroke her chin, pulling her to look at him. Her light blue eyes where glassy. Tear threatening to fall again. He wiped a couple with his thumb.

“ What brought this up?” He asked trying to figure out what she was thinking.

“ Would you have gone with her?” She asked staring into his eyes. He decided that maybe she just needed to hear his answer. Maybe this would tell him more.

“ No.” He watched as her eyes looked at him with shock. “ I would want to protect you, yes, ButI know it would hurt you more if I went. I would die before hurting you. I would have fought Beryl.” He explained.“ Does this have to do with what happened yesterday? What did he say to you?”

“ Diamond told me that if I didn’t come with him willingly, that everyone, you and the girls would meet a fate worse than death. Eternal Darkness.” She replied softly, he instantly pulled her to him. “ I almost agreed, Mamo-chan…” the rest came out in a sob. He held her in the middle of the lake. Not caring what others thought. He knew that she needed him.

“ I promise Diamond won’t hurt anyone.” He meant it.  

Saphir watched the screen closely. He had helped Koan come up with her plan to kill Mars. It had been a flawless plan. That ended wrong. He watched as Koan was sent back before meeting her fate. It shouldn’t have been that easy. Yes, the sisters were the lowest rank. But still, they were strong. These Sensi where stronger too and it troubled him. He thought he knew their enemy. Their weakness had been clear. But they were winning and it didn’t sit well with him.

“ She was always too proud.” He turned to watch Petz walk towards him. “ Koan always boasted about her powers. Look where it got her.” He nodded before pulling her close. The action was uncharacteristic of him. She was usually the one to start any physical activity between the two. They hadn’t been together for long. His brother didn’t even know. But something about the enemy scared him. The idea of losing her. Telling him he had a weakness. One that he didn’t need right now. But he still wanted to feel her close.

“Petz, please be careful tomorrow. I know Prince Diamond has ordered you and Calaveras to kill the remaining Sensi.”

“ Oh, you worry too much Saphir,” She gently kissed him. “ I can handle that weak girl.”

A part of him wanted to believe her. To trust that she had this. That enemy wasn’t a match for the Black Moon Clan. That the future was there. But as he pulled her for a deeper kiss. He couldn’t help to think it may be there last.

Chapter Text

“It's just the way it is/Maybe it's never gonna change/But I got a mind to show my strength/And I got a right to speak my mind/And I'm gonna pay for this/They're gonna burn me at the stake/But I got a fire in my veins/I wasn't made to fall in line/No, I wasn't made to fall in line, no…” ~Fall in Line  Christina Aguilera

Death was all she could smell. That stench of burning flesh. It was everywhere in the dark room. Usagi wanted to escape it, run from the smell. Her mistake. She observed that her hands were covered in blood. Blood that wasn’t hers.

“Enteral Darkness,” a deep voice echoes. “A fate worse than death,” she looks down to see Mamo-chan's body. Flat eyes, blood everywhere. “Come to me, Serenity”.

Usagi jolted awake. Her heart and head pounding from the nightmare. She cradled her head and took a few breaths. She waited for Mamo-chan to wake up and start a fuss. Surprisingly her actions hadn’t woke him. Thank goodness, she thought. He hadn’t fallen asleep till late. She knew she wasn’t the only with nightmares. She sighed slowly getting up. Knowing that sleep would not return. She feeling a bit thirsty anyway. She made her way to living room. She could hear someone typing away.

“ I’m not sure what you're looking for Ami,” She heard Rei ask.

“ I’m not either, I just feel responsible.” Usagi stood by the hall deciding to listen to their conversation.

“ I get it,” Rei commented. “ I should have sensed her there.”

“ How you didn’t even remember? I shouldn’t have let her go off.” Ami declared self-blame clear in her voice.

“ She would have figured out a way, you know our Princess.” Rei laughed. “ I just wish the fire would tell me something!”

“ It’s still silent?” Ami asked.

“ Yes,” Rei complained. “ That wouldn’t because of your wish, Usagi?”  Oh crap, she was found. Usagi came out of the hall. She should have known better to hide from Rei. Rei could sense everything. She gave them a small smile. “ Well? Did your stupid wish affect the fire?”

“ It wasn’t stupid,” She mumbled sitting down next to them, Ami offered her some water. Mostly an attempt to escape the conversation. Much like Luna, Rei didn’t approve of the wish. “ But, I'm not sure if it could.” She pulled out her compact that she kept in her pajama pants. It no longer displayed the red shine. Only green and yellow remain both were very light. “ I don’t think I have the power to affect the great fire.”

“ You shouldn’t have made the wish, to begin with.” Rei accused.

“ I told you-”

“ Please, let's not discuss this. “ Ami interrupted handing her the water. “ What’s in the past is done. It’s time we move on and focus on the new enemy. Why are you up anyway?”

“ You should be sleeping,” Rei anger changed to concern. Usagi only shrugged in reply, praying they would let the issue go. She had only told Mamo-chan about Diamond’s threats. She wasn’t comfortable telling anyone else yet. It was hard enough to survive the incident. She knew that if Rei hadn’t intervened. She would be with Diamond. A thought that scared her to no end. Diamond eyes had looked hungry. He craved her, wanted to do the unimaginable. It scared her to no end. But she had no power to stop him.

“Were you able to find more information?” She asked changing the subject. She half expected Rei to say something. But Rei stayed quiet just watching her.

“ Only what I said earlier, that the youma are different from Beryl. Almost like robots, droids made with a purpose to destroy.” Ami quietly replied.

“ Mamo-chan thought the same.” She commented taking a sip of the water.

“ Well, let's just hope Mako-chan uses the pen soon.” Rei scoffed.

“ You did give her the pen, Usagi?” Ami inquired.

“ Yes,” She muttered. She hadn’t wanted to. The fewer people that remember the less Diamond had to use against her. What was she getting her friends into? Would they just die again...She felt fresh tears forming in her eyes. She needed to leave the room. Tears would only worry them more.

“ Has Artemis located Minako?”

“ Luna said she will call him tomorrow,” Usagi answered. “ I think I’ll go back to bed, shouldn’t you guys leave soon?”

“ Moms, working the ER for the next week. I’ll probably just pass out on the couch.” Ami replied getting comfortable.

“ I’ll probably head out soon, Grandpa has fried two nurses. Considering how he inappropriately flirted with them, they probably would have quit ” Rei implied. “ Thank Mamoru again, for me. It was very generous for him to help me pay for a nurse”  

“ You know he doesn’t mind,” Usagi assured her while getting up, she grabbed the water and made her way towards the bedroom. The minute she turned into the hall she leaned against the wall.  Allowing the worry to release, tears of fear fell down her face.

“ Ami, I’m worried about her.” She heard Rei admit.

“ Me, too. The sooner we're all together again the better.”

Where they really going to be better? She pulled herself together before opening the bedroom door. Mamo-chan was still sleeping peacefully. She made sure to stay quiet as she walked over to his bedroom long sliding windows. The moon was full and was shining brightly. She pulled one of the curtains back, sitting in a Lounge Chair. Her eyes observed the moon. “ Mother,” She whispered. “ Please tell me what to do, I can’t allow them to die again. I know you told me that you couldn’t guarantee anything. But I wish that fate hadn’t allowed them to remember. Sometimes I wonder if I made the wrong choice.  I wish…” She wiped away the new tears. “ I wish I could help them.” She waited for an answer. Knowing that nothing would happen. She wonders if she was capable of making the choice Mamo-chan said he would. Could she fight Diamond? She held the compact close. Feeling its power slip away.

Mamoru stretched in his bed reaching for the warm body of his Usako.  He wasn’t completely ready to get up and start the day. Thankfully it was Saturday and he didn't need to get up and get ready for any classes. He felt more comfortable with the idea of just holding her and maybe sleeping in. But where expect to find her he was met with an empty spot. He sat up abruptly searching for her. His eyes landed on her form asleep in the lounge chair facing the window. He couldn’t help the small smile. She looked peaceful. He pulled his blanket off the bed, deciding she was probably cold. He quickly got up and drape the blanket on her. She seem to pull it close in her sleep. He was happy to see that she was getting some sleep. But he couldn’t help to notice the red streaks by her eyes. Evidence of most likely tears. He knew that Diamond’s actions were still fresh in her mind. He hated to see her so distraught. He needed to figure out away to make her smile. Let go of some of the pain. Forget maybe for just a little.

He gently kissed her forehead before starting his way towards the kitchen. Deciding that coffee may help him form a simple plan. He quietly closed the bedroom door. In order not to wake her. He heard quiet noises coming from the kitchen. He observed the scene of Luna and Chibiusa cooking from what he could smell pancakes.

“ Mamo-chan!” Chibi-usa greeted , he laughedto see a smudge a of pancake mix on her face. “Luna is teaching me how to make Chocolate chip Pancakes.”

“ Well I’m trying to,” Luan scoffed. “ But it seems someone wants to eat the chocolate chips more.” She picked as Chibi-usa snack on chocolate chip. “ Good Morning, the coffee is fresh.”

“ Thank you, and it smells good.” He made his way towards the coffee marker. Nodding at Ami as she sat at the island typing away on her laptop. It seems his apartment was quickly becoming a new headquarters. Not that it bothered him, he saw the Sensi like sisters. To think at one time his mornings where very quiets. In an empty apartment. Made him smile at how much Usako had changed his lonely life.

“ Usagi, still asleep?” Luna inquired, taking the chips away from Chibiusa.

“ Yes, “ He commented taking a sip of the Coffee.

“ Good, she needs it,” Ami stated  her eyes still on the laptop.

“ Did she wake up last night?” He inquired.

“ Yes,” Ami sighed  “ She didn’t look well it worried both me and Rei.” He nodded in agreement.

“ Do you think the Pancakes would make her happy?” Chibi-usa asked, Mamoru Smiled at the child's innocence.

“ The smell will definitely wake her soon,” Luna joked  “But you should clean yourself up first, Chibi-usa.” Chibi-usa nodded running towards the bathroom.

“ She seems happy today.” He expressed with relief that at least someone was starting to feel better.

“ She’s concern as well,” Luna stated softly “ Her first request today was to make something for Usagi.” Ami abruptly slammed her laptop catching the attention.

“ Sorry,” She apologized for frustration in her voice.

“ Still can’t find anything?” He asked.

“ No, I was hoping the reading from the last attack would at least give me an idea about how the enemy is working. But everything still a mystery.”

“ Artemis thought the same before.” Luna clarified.

“ Has he made any success with Minako?” Mamoru inquired.

“ I don’t know, he hasn’t called in awhile. I will try him today.” Luna admitting with a bit of worry.

He nodded in reply. It seemed everyone was a bit stressed. A distraction was needed bady. But he still could not come with a plan. He heard his phone ring softly. He carefully picked up from the charging port. “ Hello,” He greeted.

“ Mamoru, its Makoto.”

“ Makoto,” He stated Luna and Ami looked up seeming hopeful.

“ Yea, I wanted to call and thank you again I got the job.” She exclaimed.

“ That’s great news! Congrats.”

“ Thank you, Look I want to thank you properly for all your help. What would you say to a picnic Lunch at Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park? I know a really nice spot it’s uphill but has a great view,” She insisted.

“ That sounds great,” It was a perfect plan “ Do you mind if I bring some friends?”

“ The more the merrier! I would love to talk to you girlfriend some more.” She exclaimed.

He quickly told her that the six of them would join her. Offering to help with food, even though she insisted she could make plenty. He could already hear Ami calling Rei. He jot down the details and handed to Ami. After thanking Makoto again and hanging up. This would be a perfect distraction. It might even tigger some memories for all the girls. He prayed that for once the enemy would not get involved.


Makoto placed the heavy picnic basket on a nearby bench. She wiped her sweatyhands on he blue jeans. She was a bit nervous. Okay maybe extremely nervous. What had possessed her to arrange a hangout with Mamoru and Usagi? She didn't just hangout with people. No, people usually just ran from her. Or never approach her in the first place. Well, expect for Usagi. Usagi, that name echo in her end. Her dream was returning in a flash.

She had been sitting by a tree. Quietly eating her lunch. It had been her first day at Juban Middle and no one seem to care. They were all afraid of her. The same routine. She was content with it though.

“ O my God, that looks delicious!” A cheerful voice exclaim from behind her. She turn to observed a young blonde who wore her hair in a strange odango style. She had the school uniform on and a hint of drool on her lips.

“ Umm do you want to try some…” She stuttered.

“ Would I ever,” the girls sat next to her.” Did you make this yourself?”

“ Yes…”

“Oh, Im sorry Im being rude. Usagi Tsukino.” Usagi held her hand out at her.

“ Aren't you afraid of me?” Makoto asked.

“ Should I be?”

Before she could reply everything faded. She was standing in the arctic. The icy wind blowing against her. But it didn’t bother her, considering the short green fuku she wore. Electricity pulsed through her as she faced her enemy.

“ You will lose!”

“ She’s worth it!” She seethed attacking the enemy.

“ Jupiter! Mako-chan!!” then everything went black.

She had jolted awake heart beating frankly. The dream left so many question. She could still feel the aftershocks as she sat on the bench. In all honesty, it hadn’t felt like a dream. But long forgotten memories. But she had never met Usagi till yesterday. What did these dreams mean? She sighed looking up at the cloudy sky. She needed answers and before she knew it she was making plans to see them. A part of her had been surprised when he agreed. Though it probably shouldn’t have surprised her considering the last few days. Maybe it wasn’t too late to back out. As if to hear her thoughts, voices started to head towards her. She looked up to observe the scene.

Mamoru was carrying his own picnic basket in one hand in the other he was holding the hands with a young pink hair girl who looked no older than eight. He was dressed in a light blue shirt with blue slacks, the little girl was in a light pink day dress.  A woman was behind who seem to be the oldest of the group at least in her thirties. She wore her long curly black hair in a tight ponytail and light pink shirt with blue jeans, while hold a brown knit bag that seem to have a blanket in it. Next to her was a petite blue hair girl she was wearing a ice blue top with a denim jean shorts that hit her knees. She was carrying a black laptop bag. Next to her was another girl who just a bit taller then the bluenette. Her long black hair was brushed black hair, it seem like a curtain. She wore dark sunglasses on her face and light red shirt with black hip hugger jeans shorts. Makoto got and made her way towards groups noting there wasn’t a sight of Usagi.

“ Seriously, come on Odango-Atama keep up!” The black hair girl scoffed.

“ Oh chill out Pyro,” She heard Usagi stated as she slowly walked up the hill. “ When I was told we were going to have a nice picnic lunch, no one said I’d have to walk so much!” Makoto almost laughed. Usagi was huffing leaning down to catch her breath. She was wear a light blue sundress that hit just above her knees. Her face was pink as if the walk had taken everything out of her.

“ Mamoru offer to help you, you refused him so keep up.” The black hair girl grumbled, Usagi sticked her tongue out her. Suddenly Makoto felt comfortable. Her nerves calming down as if this was normal. Maybe she could do this.

Usagi could not do this. There was no way she could sit here surrounded by three of her Sensi and enjoy a meal. To be honest, if she closed her eyes, she could almost hear Minako bell like laughter mixing in. It felt so right to be with them. That scared her. Fate was playing a cruel game with her. Would it really dare to return everything she had once loved. To be with her love and friends. To smile, laugh, share and love. Only for them to be taken away again. A never ending circle that would only bare the pain. This was too much of a cross to bare.

She played with her sandswitch as she observed Mako-chan talking with Ami and Rei. After the simple introductions, they all seem to settle into a routine. To Ami and Rei they knew Mako and love her already. Usagi wasn’t surprise to watch Mako to fall into the group so easily. The pieces of the puzzle fitting. She shouldn't be doing this. Usagi thought. Was fighting against her wish even a bright idea ? She wasn’t even sure how she gotten talked into the outing.

She had woken up to the smell of delicious Pancakes. She had thought she would just eat a nice breakfast. Then Mamo-chan talked her into a picnic. Maybe she should have lie and say her knee hurt. But he already knew that it was already healing well. There was no excuse. Before she knew it she was ternching towards the park. With a fake smile on her face. It wasn’t that she didn’t what Mako-chan to remember. She missed her friends. In her heart, she wanted this companionship. But Diamond couldn’t take what she didn’t have.  

“Usagi?” Mako asked pulling her from her thoughts. “ Do you like the food?”

“ Yes,” She mumbled, she hadn’t notice that Rei had talked Chibi-usa and Ami into playing a game of freside. Mamo-chan was watching the scene with Luna. Leaving her and Mako sitting on the blanket. Usagi looked over at Mamo-chan to see him smiling at her. He had so planned this. He probably knew she was having second thoughts. He always knew. She was soo going to get him.

“ Are you okay?” Mako inquired.

“ Yea, Im fine Mako-chan.” she answered forgetting to not let the nickname name slip.

“Mako-chan?” Makoto repiled.

“Sorry, I hope you don’t mind,” Usagi asked playing with the lint on her skirt.

“ No, its fine. I've never had a nickname that's all,” Makoto smiled. Usagi  noted the happiness in Makoto brown eyes. When they first met at parlor the happiness was missing. The smile Mako use to have with them was gone. Seeing that return almost gave her hope. Maybe they could fight against Diamond. Maybe she could protect her friends. She suddenly wanted to hug Mako. Tell her everything. Before she could even speak a scream echoed across the field.

A dark feelling came in instant. Removing her from her friends and thoughts. The need to protect and the fight came over her. She stood her heart pounding. Her feet wanting to rush towards it. She hadn’t even notice Mamoru instantly comeing towards her. He grabbed her shoulders his deep ocean blue eyes bearing into her. Begging her to stay behind. The look in his eyes scared her. They gleam with fear and she knew she couldn’t argue. No matter what her heart said.

“ Ami, Rei,” He called them ready to take off and investigate. “ Usagi please,” He begged she nodded. “ Mako stay with her and Chibi-usa.” He kissed her brow before running after the girls.

“ What’s happening?” Chibi-usa crowd instantly hiding behind Usagi legs. She looked around to notice that Luna had run off. Maybe to call for help. She thought the heavy dark would have left with them. But it suddenly felt worse. The clouds had even darken as if a storm was coming. She felt the wind speed up.

“ Usagi,” She heard Mako asked. Her eyes were watching the others. Usagi knew she felt it. She could even see that Mako had grab the pen. Her instincts kicking in. “Petz?” She heard her growl.

Usagi noted that Makoto eyes where looking towards the edge of the clearing. A woman was standing there maybe five feet away. She was dressed in a green tight sleeveless dress. With black tights and heels. As well a fur like a shaw and black elbow length gloves. Her short almost green hair flowed in the  wind. The glare in her eyes made Usagi shiver in fear. But the inverted black moon sent her heart pounding.

“ Well look what we have here,” Petz Shrilled. “ Sailor Jupiter, the Princess and the rabbit!” She exclaim. “ I had hope to just kill Jupiter, but my master will be even happier with these results!”

“ Usagi, she one of them...” She heard Chibi-usa called her voice full of fear, as her grasp tighten.

She tried to calm the girl. As Mako took a stance in front them. As if to separate them from Petz. “ Usagi, take Chibi-usa and hide.” She seethed.

“ I don’t think there going anywhere!” Petz expressed, Usagi jumping when thunder rumbled. When had it gotten that dark? She looked at Mako to see a bit of electricity admitting from her finger. She was remembering.

“Your fight is with me.” Mako growled. “ You will never harm my Princess.”

The statement made Usagi heart pound as she picked up a shaking Chibi-usa. She could feel the power surround her. Jupiter electricity pouring into the air. She didn't need to be told twice to run. She could hear Mako scream her transformation. Fully awakening. She stopped behind a bush carefully putting Chibi-usa down. She had to help. She couldn’t just watch. She pulled out her broach.

“ Moon Prism Power! Make Up!” She yelled, but nothing happened. “ Moon Prism Power!” She pleaded her voice breaking with a sob, nothing. “Moon...Prism..Power!” She cried her knees hitting the ground. Tears falling down her eyes. As she gave into the heart wrenching sobs. Chibi-usa was hugging her instantly. The small child trying to comfort her. She was no longer Sailor Moon. She couldn’t fight for her friends.

Lost in her tears. She never noticed the man with bright red hair watching from the darkness. Smiling, knowing his Prince would love this news.

Adrenaline filled her blood. As she felt the electricity surround her. Her memories flashing before her eyes as she stared at the bane of her exist. The woman who had started her painful journey. Telling her she was powerless, worthless. Anger fuel her actions. The minute Petz had called her Sailor Jupiter, it was like ice cold water falling down her back. Bring forth everything she had forgotten. All the moments with her friends. Her will to protect her dearest friend. The one girl who loved her for her. The Princess, Sailor Moon, Usagi. She gripped the pen tightly.

“ Ha, ha are you going to fight me?” Petz laughed. “ A pifful girl, you have no clue how fun it been to bring you down. To take everything from you, watching you flinch as I grasp at your freedom.” she chuckled.” You should have stayed home, where you belong. Away from a battlefield.  But now my fun must end with your death!”

“ Jupiter Star Power!” Mako screamed in reply allow the her power to fill her. “ I am not pathic.” She seemed.

“ Do you really think you can protect your Princess, my master will have her!” She blasted lighting at her, Sailor Jupiter dodge the attack with a roll. Allowing Petz to get closer.

“ I don’t know who your Master is but he will never touch her!” She threatened calling to her powers.  Petz laugh and ready her own attack. But nothing came to her hands.

“ How!” She pleaded trying to gather the elcetity.

“ Don’t dare try to use my own power against me! Sparkling Wide Pressure!” She shouted the attack instantly hit a stunned Petz quickly turning her into ash.

Sailor Jupiter took a deep breath.  Her powers had come to her like an old blanket. Comfort as she embrace it. How had she not known the minute Usagi greeted her? How could she forget?

“ Sailor Jupiter!” She open her eyes to see Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury rushing towards her. She instantly ran towards. They embraced each other, welcoming there sister home. She could laugh with joy as her frame tower over.

“ What happened?” She asked.

“ It's a long story.” She hear Tuxedo Kane comment as he needed at her his own smile welcoming her. “ Where Usako?”

“ I’m right here.” Sailor Jupiter instantly turn, pulling Usagi into a tight hug.

“ I missed you.” She whispered.

“ I missed you too.” Usagi hugged her back, Sailor Jupiter instantly knew something was off.

“ You okay?” She asked to notice her tears.

“ Yes, just happy your back.” She started pulling away Sailor Jupiter knew she was lying.


“ Oh thank goodness,” She turned to see Luna returning to the group.

“ Luna?” Sailor Jupiter inquired.

“ Oh, yes I’ll explain later but we have a bigger problem?” She commented. “ Minako is not coming back.”

Chapter Text


“Been a prisoner of the past/Had a bitterness when I looked back/Was telling everyone it's not that bad/'Til all my shit hit the fan…/Had a boogieman under my bed/Putting crazy thoughts inside my head/Always whispering, "It's all your fault"/He was telling me, "No, you're not that strong" “ ~Learn to Let Go Kesha

Artemis swirled the amber liquid in his whiskey glass. Things were not going his way. Though his plan had not really well a plan. He honestly thought he would come to London find Minko and bang she would remember and they go back to kicking nega trash.

Hey, it had worked the first time. Okay, so there might have been some pushing and crying. She had been only 14 when he found her. She had taken becoming a Sailor Scouts they same way as Usagi. Like it was a fever dream. But it didn't take her long to catch on. Before he knew Sailor V was Sailor Venus ready to protect her Princess. So how could this time be any different?

Wrong. So very wrong. First, it was the awful thirteen-hour flight where he had spent it getting sick. Then when he hoped to get maybe a bit of sympathy from the woman who claimed to love him. He got a horrifying phone call that includes Usagi being incredibly weak. He had been so worried when Luna and sudden;y hanged up on him. Then didn’t bother to call him for two whole hours. Seriously he loved Usagi too. Well, maybe not as much as Luna. Minako was his charge. He eyes glance across the room,

He followed her to the bar three times now. Since his week stay. She was dressed in a skimpy tight red number that was almost shorted then her old fuku. A drink in one hand talking with some redhead. Her blonde hair was out of her usually red bow. Instead, it draped freely around her. He had hoped to blend in with own long white hair pulled back in a tight ponytail and gray long sleeve with black dress pants and a black suit coat, He had decided to not wear a tie. Fit in. Not that it was helping.

It hadn’t been hard to find her. She wasn’t really hiding. Everywhere she went was a trail of what was considered “Stars” and not the good kind. One who spent there night drinking dancing and doing gods know what. People who are more obsessed with their looks and knowing the "who-who" of stardom. The one he had hope Minko would know better. But then again this wasn’t his Sailor V. No this girl was obsessed with one thing. And it wasn’t her duty. Artemis frustration build. He knew that they didn’t have time. Usagi needed help. She needed her Sensi leader.

He drained the contents of his glass. Slamming it down. Alerting the bartender that he needed another. “ Hey bartender can I get another Martini.” said a chipper voice. So focussed in his anger he hadn’t notice Minako getting closer. Here was his chance. Maybe he could finish this issue.

“ Is that straight whiskey?” Minko Suddenly turned to him, he hadn’t expected that. It couldn’t be that easy. He nodded in reply taking a gulp hoping his long white hair was sticking to his head. He nerves where starting to get the best of him. He was sweating all over. “ You never could handle you school, Artemis.” He spits out the drink.” Really?” She whispers getting closer.

“Minko?!” He stares at her Light blue eyes, looking for to see if she is serious. She leaned her back against the bar moving a bit closer.

“ Artemis, I was wondering if you were going to show up.” She stated quietly her voice full of serious, it oddly reminds him how Sailor V would talk to her enemies. That wasn’t a good sign.

“ You remember?”

“ Never forgot, Unlike everyone else.” She glared at him. “ Has Usagi finally decided she actually wants her guard.” unlikely sarcasm was in her voice.

“ How?” He hoped his shrill voice didn't give away to her sudden nerves. He needed to stay calm and focus.  

“Remember the crystal never gave me my memories. I remembered on my own. So it had nothing to take from me. I wish it had.”

“ Then you need to come with me. Usagi needs you.”

“No.” It's a clear statement one that sends his nerves flying, he knew this couldn’t be easy.

“ Minko, have you forgotten-”

“ My duty, no. But I failed her twice now. And I clearly am being punished. Do you know what it's like waking up searching for Usagi only to discover she gone? Completely gone. No one even knows who she is. Then going to the main control only for the door to be gone. “

“ How did you fail her,” He tried to go over Usagi story of Beryl’s battle in his head grasping at anything that could help. “ You save her from attack. Pushed her away.”

“ Yes, but what good did it to her. She still had to face Beryl alone and witness everyone die again.”


“ Look I don’t belong to be part of her Guard. I have failed too many times. I'm better off doing something I can’t Fail.” She states.

Artemis tried to think to have a reply. A speech to get her understanding. But before he could utter a work. Minako simply took her drink and left. Artemis rushed after her only to get lost in the crowd of dancers. Luna was not going to like this.

Rubeus took a deep breath as he stared at the throne room door. His prince had demanded his presence at once. His heart beating frankly. He was in for a huge punishment. The girls had failed him again. He honestly couldn’t figure how. He had trained each of them. They were his ultimate crew. The best. But now they were ashes all but one. One who he wasn’t sure would survive much longer. Something was wrong. They shouldn’t have been so easy to beat.

But even with that considered. He still had information his Prince would enjoy. He hadn’t planned on watching the Princess during Primiza attack. Something though told him it be worth the trouble. His gut had been right. She was powerless. He had a smile gleefully as he watched her cry over the fact. His Prince would rejoice at the news. For everyone knew how about her self-sacrificing heart. It wouldn’t take much to simply threaten those she loves. This news may even save him. With that in mind, he took a deep breath and entered. Not at all surprised to see the hologram of Princess Serenity. His Prince wasn’t even looking at him.

As always he sat in his dias staring at her. His eyes lustfully wishing for the real things as he sipped his usually red wine. Rubeus honestly wasn’t sure what he saw. Yes, she was pretty. That is if angelic blond creatures where your thing. He honestly finds her so-called beauty disgusting. No one should be that beautiful. It wasn’t right.

“ Tell me one good reason why I shouldn’t kill you on the spot!” His Prince matter factly stated not even turning to look at him. Rubeus kneeled before him. He needed to seem like he was begging. Maybe a part of him was.

“ She is no longer, Sailor Moon.” His Prince’s attention was on him at once. He had been right. He quickly stated his plan. One he had thought the minute he saw her. It pleased his Prince, he was safe for now.

Minako’s head was pounding. Though what had she expected after a night of drinking. The hangover she was honestly accustomed to. Since her agent, Avery had been assigned to her. The talent agent insisted that drinking with these supposedly popular stars was how she became one. She would get noticed eventually. That had been months ago and she was failing just like she did with everything else. That thought brought up her encounter with Artemis.

She had noticed him days ago. It only took a second for her to get over the shock of him being human. Something she hadn’t seen since the Silver Mennlium. It instantly brought her back to that fateful day. After she had saved her Princess from one of the Doom and Gloom Girls. She had been forced to watch. Watch as Usagi lost Rei. Mourn over her friends, then forced to fight her love. She could do nothing but lend support as her friend fought Beryl alone. When she awoke heart pounding memories clear. She had jolted out of her home searching. But none knew who Usagi was. She didn’t exist.

When she had decided to try to headquarter she found the secret entrance gone. Even Arty her mentor had left her. She knew one reason. She failed them. Everyone. She had allowed her Princess, the one she had sworn in two lifetimes to protect. Twice. Usagi should have never should have fought in the first place. If she had done her job correctly the first time. Beryl should have never gotten a chance to attack.

But she had failed and was blinded by her wants. She had wanted her Princes to be happy. Endymion had done that. She should have stopped that relationship instead of on encouraging it. But then when she meant Kunzite, well her own heart wasn’t in it. She had been selfish. Even when she was given a second chance. But this time she didn’t let her heart fall. She even fought the man easily. But she had been too late Usagi was already in love with Mamoru. The cycle was set to repeat. She knew that was why she was forced to keep her memories. To punish her. She was destined to fail at being at Star too.

She felt tears falling down her already sticky face. Had she even taken a shower last night? She couldn’t remember. That wasn’t a good sign. Slowly she made herself get up. Moving towards the hotel bathroom. People were scattered around the room. All past out, people she didn't even recognize. She looked around for Avery, but the redhead was no wasn’t mixed in. She was probably calling the agency reporting her. She really hadn’t made much success on the star front. She wasn’t even sure people knew her name.

She quickly closed the bathroom door and removed the skimpy red dress she truly hated. Not that she didn’t like to dress up. She had once enjoyed parties. Even if it had been another lifetime. But the dress was just too short and reliving. Even for a Venusesse who people never really cared what showed. They were free sports who rejoice in passion and love. Love that she honestly should have never embraced. She quickly pushed the memories away preferring to concentrate on feeling clean. As she turned the shower on shifting it till that water was scalding hot. The burn took her mind off the past as went about erasing last night party. She pulled her focus into getting clean. Not allowing herself to think about the past.

She went through a familiar routine. Shower, dry, brush, dress and hurry downstairs for the one cure she trusts. The bite of the cat or was it a dog. She honestly didn’t care as the waiter deliver the manmosa to her table. She hadn’t even cared about her attire. Something Avery would yell at her about. The red legging and a pink tank top with her long blond hair still a bit wet. Was not how a star should dress in public. What was the point anyway?  She thought as the liquid started to work its way through her headache. The bitter taste of orange juice and champagne filled her as she closed her eyes waiting. The relief was slow as she took a few more sips, but it came. Thought to honest it just made her feel more numb. Artemis shocked face filled her head instead. She slammed the glass down, noticing she was catching the attention of others. She quickly paid the bartender and made her way back to her room. She needed to stop thinking about him and her mistakes Nothing good could come from it.

But as she tried to escape a deep male voice was chatter in the distance. She would know his voice anywhere as she leaned against the wall listening.

“ I'm not sure how it possible either Luna,” Artemis muttered regretfully. “ But she not returning, she blames herself.” Artemis was quiet most likely listening. “ He did what! “ He suddenly angry shouting. “ How was she alone in the first place...Luna the Prince Diamond obsession is worse then Beryl.”

Obsession worse then Beryl..the words rang in her end. Beryl had been obsessed with Endymion to the point of madness. If the person was like her then it had to be the opposite. Obsessed with Serenity? She guessed listening closer.

“ I will try one more time with Minako, I'm happy to hear Usagi at least have Rei and Ami. Mako can’t be far behind…”

The other remembered? But how and why was it important. She knew she should walk away. But it bugged her nonetheless.

“ My phone has been acting up, so if need me to call…” She listened quickly and without a thought reached for her own pen and wrote down the number. She waited until she heard Artemis sighed and hang up the phone. She listens to him walk away as turn to watch him. Something was going on at home.  Something was happening to her princess. She walks after him. A thought to say something demand answers. But she stopped. How could she help? Her mistakes ran through her mind. She hadn't been strong enough the first time. How could this be different?

She turned away and started back till she felt her foot hit something. She looked down and the sight shocked her. The orange Pen was sitting on the floor. She stared at the symbol of her planet as she went to grab. It almost as the Pen was calling to her. Telling her that maybe, just maybe she was wrong.

Usagi leaned against the wall as she waited for Mako to leave the Principal office. It had been a full week since Diamond had attack. Even though so much had change she was still living in fear. She had a third of her team back. Three girls who barely left her side. Before she may had felt that they were being overprotective. But she didn’t fight there protection anymore. She knew that she needed. Not that they knew why.

She clenches the broach that still sat in between the bow on her uniform. He hadn’t told anyone that it wasn’t working. Lucky either had Chibi-usa. She knew that if the girls didn’t Mamo-chan would definitely lock her away. She fear that was just what Diamond wanted. A chance to get them alone and finish them off. Things where just not right. That brought up the other issue. Minako.

Too be honest she was glad at least one of them was smart. She even thankful that Minko wasn’t returning. The other had been angry. Especially Rei who had almost punch a hole through the shrine wall. As Luna told them. Mamo had held her. She had just sat in his embrace as everyone seethed and yelled. They had expected a reaction similar from her. She wasn’t sure why. Hadn’t she made it clear from the beginning that the choice was there's. She would not force a millennia-old oath. It was stupid.  At least now one they were protected from Diamond. She closed her eyes trying to push away the dark thoughts as she heard Mako slam the office door.

“ Guessing it didn’t go well?” She asked.

“ The man is just so pompous! He insist that I stay after for anger management classes.” Usagi couldn’t help the small smile.

“ Slamming the door might not have been the best idea.” She commented.

“ Yea, “ Mako sighed as they started to head towards the locker. “ I was suppose to walk you home though and Ami has cram school, and Rei said she had to to take her grandfather to the doctor…” Usagi sighed okay maybe they were being a bit much.

“ I can wait around the school. I just sit out by the bench what could happen?” Mako glared at her. “ Fine I‘ll call Mamo will that make you feel better?”

“ Yes actually,” Mako commented giving her a quick hug, before rushing off.

Usagi smiled it felt nice to have Mako back. It felt nice to have all three of them. But she couldn’t help but worry as she sat down at nearby bench. She heard a small laughter and looked around to see Naru and Umino. She hadn’t bothered to approach them when she returns. But she couldn’t help but smile at the memories. She thought of her family and those who still didn’t remember. Luna had still been on her about it. But in all honesty she feared that it would just bring them pain.

“ They all seem so happy,” She clench up as the deep male voice from her nightmare suddenly spoke,” It be ashamed for something to happen to them.” She looked next to her to see Diamond sitting on the bench.

He wasn’t in his usual fancy attire. But a light white tunic and jeans. His eyes were covered in sunglasses. Though she could feel the dark hunger coming off them. He had brushed his white hair in a way to hide the black moon mark. She tried to stay calm her frankly beating heart.

“ Don’t you dare try something…” She tried to keep her voice hard and brave but she knew it was cracking.

“ Or what, we both know you can’t do anything.” He knew. She wasn’t sure how but he did. “And I wouldn’t try to yell or draw attention. You see my lackeys are close by ready to attack the young couple at my call.” He smiled as her fist clenched.

“ What do you want?” She stated.

“ I thought my message was clear last time, you.” He moved closer as she tried to move away only to notice that she was running out of the bench.

“ If that was true you would already have taken me, Diamond.” She seethed.

“ Ever the smart one, as I said before you’ll come willingly.”

“ Not in your lifetime buddy. “ She smiled she sent a quick tug at the link between her and Mamo knowing he would come fast.

“ I came to give you a message,” he smiled.

“ Then out with it.” She demanded moving a bit only to feel the bench end hit her back.

Diamond took the opportunity to pin her against it and lean towards her ear.

“I have your family and if you don’t come to the rooftop where it all started and give yourself to me, I will kill each of them one by one. They will suffer and you will be at fault.” He threatened as her heart speed up. How had he found them? The vision of her mother hurt swirled through her head as he stepped away laughing. “ I will be waiting till midnight, Serenity.”  

She heard Mamo screaming her name as Diamond disappeared. She felt Mamo grab her pleading with her to say something. But all she could see was her mother, father and even her brother screaming. As Diamond slowly killed each one. His laughter everywhere.