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Enji begins all of them on quirk training when they are five. He starts with Touya since he’s the oldest.

“I want you to shoot your fire at me as strongly as you can.”

Touya looks scared. “Won’t I hurt you?”

“I am immune to fire. Believe me, you won’t hurt me, I promise.”

Touya shoots a small fire at his dad. The fire just barely covers his arm and goes about two feet away.

“That was a good try. If you can, try to concentrate on aiming it so it hits your target, which, right now, is me.”


Touya tries again, shooting farther, but still missing Enji.

“Try shooting with both arms put together.”

He tries a third time, now with both arms together, and shoots twice as far as his first attempt. He nearly hits Enji.

Enji is so proud of him. “You did it! Now, I want you to try again, and see if maybe you can shoot it even farther.” He backs up a little to test Touya.

Touya puts all his concentration into this one shot. Once again, it hits just short of Enji.

Enji  walks over and pats Touya on the shoulder. “Nice work, kiddo. You shot it really far! I’m going to put a dummy up for you outside, and I want you to practice everyday shooting it from certain distances. Try with one arm first, then the other, and then both. Keep working at it and I think you’ll get a good handle on your quirk.” Enji ruffles Touya’s hair. “You’re doing great.”

Touya smiles at the compliment. “Thanks, Dad.”

He keeps working every day on his quirk. He starts his routine by stretching out his arms and shoulders. Then, as a warm-up, Touya will try controlling his fire by lighting a candle. Touya then starts his practice of shooting fire out of his arms to hit the dummy in the backyard. Enji comes by occasionally to fix Touya’s form and stance.

“You’re doing well ; keep going. I want you to push yourself to your limits. Take a break when you feel like you need it,” Enji tells him often.


A few short years later, it’s Fuyumi’s turn for quirk training. Rei teaches her the basics of freezing things.

“I want you to go wash your hands, but don’t dry them. Leave them wet.” Rei says, and so,Fuyumi comes back with dripping hands. “Hold out your hands for me. Try freezing that water. Imagine the frost and ice as it laces around your fingers.”

Fuyumi puts all of her focus into her power. “Imagine the frost,” she repeats. Suddenly, her fingers crust over with a light layer of frost. “Momma look, I did it!”

Rei smiles. “You sure did, sweetie! Now, dip your hands in this bowl of water and see if you can freeze that.” She hands Fuyumi a small bowl of water.

Fuyumi places her hand in the bowl. She focuses on freezing it, but only the top of the water frosts over. “I don’t think I did it this time. It’s not working.”

“That’s okay! Your quirk is not all that strong yet, but I believe in you. You can do it, I know you can.” She hears the front door open and close. “I think your father just got home. Why don’t you go get your hands wet again and show him what you did today?”

Fuyumi races into the living room where her dad is waiting for her. “Daddy, look! I can freeze water!” She holds out her hands and shows that the water on them is slowly hardening into frost. She clenches her hands together and they make a crunching sound.

Enji is amazed at her newfound skill. “That’s great, sweetheart!” He takes her tiny hands in his and marvels at how she was able to make little flakes of frost on her skin. “You’re one step closer to being an amazing hero!”

She puts her crunchy hands in the air. “Hero!” she cheers. The ice on her hands i starts to melt. “I’m gonna go dry this off. Mom said not to get any water on the floor.”

She keeps working on her quirk every day until it is strong enough to completely freeze all the water in the bowl.

Natsuo’s quirk comes a little easier. When trying to freeze the water on his wet hands, Natsuo’s entire hand becomes a block of ice.

“Aww, no fair!” Fuyumi gapes. “It took me months to be able to do that!” She has just come inside from working on her quirk. Her exercise for today was creating ice without water at her disposal. She has figured out that she can frost things over easily, but icing things over takes more power and concentration.

Natsuo shrugs. “Maybe I have a stronger quirk?”

“It has to do with how pure of white your hair is.” Rei says from the couch in the living room. “The more white, the stronger. I have a brother that has a weaker ice quirk similar to Fuyumi’s all because his hair is mixed with brown from our mother’s side. She was born quirkless.”

“So because I have bits of red in my hair, my quirk will always be weaker than Natsuo’s?”

“Possibly. It doesn’t mean you need to work twice as hard as he does to get the same level of quirk he has. Focus on your own quirk and don’t worry about your brother’s.”

“What about your quirk training?” Natsuo asks.

“I’m able to make it look like the dew froze over last night. That’s about it.” Fuyumi replies. She sees Shoto in a playpen in the corner. “Why can’t I have it easier like him? He’s probably going to have both quirks.”

“Shoto’s quirk won’t be easy. It’ll be a huge effort on my and your father’s parts. We don’t even know if he has both quirks, anyway.”

“He has both.” Natsuo says affirmatively.

“How are you so sure?” Fuyumi asks.

“He once sneezed and part of his hair caught on fire, and he used to turn his hand into an ice cube and suck on it.”

“How’d you find this out?”

“Babysitting. I don’t know where you were but there was one day Dad was at work and Mom was outside tending to her garden. Touya left me and Shoto watching cartoons in the living room while he went and practiced.”

“Why am I just now hearing of this? I put Touya in charge,” Rei says.

Natsuo hums and shrugs. “It happened a while ago.”

By the time Natsuo was training his quirk, Touya was getting started on physical fitness. Every morning, Touya and his father would go jogging around the neighborhood before Touya or the other kids had to start their academic lessons for the day.

A few short years later, it is Shoto’s turn to learn quirk training. Just as Rei suspected, it takes both her and her husband to train Shoto.

They start with simple exercises such as lighting a candle and freezing water. There are some days where Shoto tries using both quirks at once, but it takes too much concentration.

“Alright Shoto, show Daddy what you’ve learned,” says Rei one night after training Shoto for a month.

Shoto smiles and gets  excited. “Daddy look!” Shoto turns on his ice quirk at the same time as his fire and holds his hands in equilibrium. He manages to hold it for a few seconds. Upon turning off both quirks, Shoto slumps his shoulders and yawns.

“I think someone used up all of their energy.” Enji says jokingly.

Fuyumi pops in the room in activewear and her iPod hooked up with headphones. “Hey, Mom, I’m going for a run.”

“Did you finish your homework?” asks Rei.


“Did you do those sit-ups and pushups today?” Enji asks.

“I did twenty sit-ups and fifteen pushups like you asked.”

“Is your brother available? I want him to go with you.”

Fuyumi shrugs. “Touya! Mom wants you!” she calls down the hall.

A moment later Touya comes padding over, rubbing his eyes as if he just woke up.

“You okay? What have you been doing?” Rei asks.

“I’ve been studying to get into U.A. Academy. Their entrance exam is only six months away.”

“What made you decide you want to go there?”

“It’s where Dad went, isn’t it? I figure if he went there and turned out great, maybe I can, too.”

Enji has a huge smile plastered on his face. “That’s my boy. But anyway, can you go for a run with your sister? I don’t want her going off alone since it’s getting dark.”

Touya rubs the back of his neck. “Yeah, sure, give me a sec.”

As soon as they step outside, Touya starts. “If you ever want to receive a physical fitness award, you have to be able to run a mile in less than eight minutes. You think you can do that?”

“You’re supposed to run with me.”

“Correction: I am going to race you. I can run a mile in under ten, I can’t get it down under that yet. You and I are going to run around this block one time. If you lag behind me, that’s your own fault. Try to keep up.” He starts jumping in place and stretching to get his blood flowing. “You ready? Go.”

And off they go.

Fuyumi manages to hold her own against her older brother. For the majority of the time, she keeps up with him with no problem. It is right towards the end when they reach their house that Fuyumi starts slowing down.

“Oh, don’t start slowing now. You’ll never catch me.”

They reach the house and slow down to a walking pace. They take a moment to walk around the sidewalk, stretch, and cool down from their run.

Touya checks his watch. “Nine fifty-three.” He raises his hand up. “Good job.”

She gives him the high five.

The Todorokis fall into a circadian rhythm of homeschooling in the morning, quirk training in the afternoon, exercise in the evening, and spending family time together at night until everyone goes  to bed and Enji goes to work. They are normal, in a sense, and Enji is happy with the family he and Rei have created.