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There is a time when all is right with the world. Spring is in full bloom; students are starting school for the year; animals are waking up from their winter’s nap. For some, it’s a time of new beginnings: new year, new hope, new future. For others, they seem to be stuck in the same, endless loop. Enji Todoroki is in that loop.

Spring wouldn’t be so bad for Enji if he could figure out his next step in life. For now, he is stuck working as a cashier at a local grocery store. So day in and day out, he stands there--scanning items, making small talk, trying to be friendly to everyone. He wants to be a pro hero one day, but being only sixteen years old, he has a while before that can happen.

Enji has a favorite hero. Her name is Nana Shimura. She’s so strong and brave, Enji wishes to be just like her one day. Nana seems to win every time by using brute strength alone. He wonders if he can do that when he becomes a hero. He has heard about her successor, a guy named Toshinori Yagi, or as his hero alias, All Might. Maybe All Might can teach Enji a few things when Enji becomes a pro.

The day comes when Enji has to choose a hero name. “Make it worthy. It’ll stick, possibly forever," says his homeroom teacher at U.A. Everyone in the class seems to come up with their names easily. Enji had a name picked out when he was younger, but he doubts it’s worth using as a name. Momentarily putting doubts aside, he writes out “Endeavor” on his whiteboard. His teacher instantly approves of his name.

Enji spends a few more years in high school and decides upon graduating that he’ll become a pro hero. Starting his own agency seems like a far stretch. He’s content just working alongside someone else until he gets more experience. That experience comes quickly though because soon he’s a full-fledged pro hero with his own agency.

He’s out patrolling one day when he finds a young woman that catches his attention. He manages to impress her with his status and accomplishments and asks her on a date one day. They meet for coffee on one of Enji’s days off. The woman brings a friend with her, just in case. It is on this day that Enji finds out the woman’s name: Rei. Rei has an ice quirk, though not very powerful. She’s kind of sheepish about it. They spend several minutes talking and getting to know each other. Rei enjoys Enji’s company and finds him to be a modest young man.

The two meet a few more times and talk more until they introduce each other to their parents. Rei’s parents take some warming up to, but they come around and accept Enji. They just want what’s best for their daughter. They like that Enji already has a stable job and a savings account that isn’t laughable. Enji’s parents are impressed that he found a girl while he was so young. His parents love Rei’s personality and her quirk and think she’ll go nicely with Enji.

Enji proposes to Rei a year later with a flower she said she loved when they first met. He of course has a ring to go with it, but she loves how he remembers her favorite flower. They get married the following spring in a garden with a few close family and friends. They honeymoon in the United States and go to New York for four days.

The two talk about having children and wait until both are comfortable with the idea. Their plan takes a few years to pursue, but they are fine. They figure waiting is better to do than be too early. Their marriage produces four beautiful children: Touya, Fuyumi, Natsuo, and Shoto.

Touya grows up to look exactly like Enji, fire quirk and all. Once as a toddler, Touya nearly burned Rei on accident.

Fuyumi is cute. She grows up very girly with princesses, bows, and dresses. When she is in preschool, Rei and Enji are called into the teacher’s classroom.

“Fuyumi has done nothing wrong, I hope,” Enji begins their meeting.

The teacher shakes her head. “Oh no, not at all. She’s one of my best students, in fact. I called you here because I see Fuyumi squinting a lot. I think maybe she needs glasses.”

Fuyumi is sitting at a table behind them playing with some dolls she had brought from home.

Rei called her over. “Fuyumi, come here sweetie.”

“Do you mind if I test this for myself?” Enji asked politely.

The teacher waved him over to the chalkboard where she had flashcards with numbers on them in big, bold print.

“Can you look at daddy?” Rei points Fuyumi toward Enji. “What number is that?”

Fuyumi squints at him for a long moment before she says, “Four, I think.”

Enji flips to a new number. “What is this one, sweetheart.”

She squints even more. “Seven?”

It was apparent then that Fuyumi needs glasses. “Thank you for your time,” Rei tells the teacher. “We will get this taken care of right away.”

“I wish her the best!” Her teacher calls as they are leaving.

Fuyumi loves her new glasses. “I can see my whole kingdom now!” She exclaims excitedly.

“You know, all the best princesses wear glasses.” Rei tells her.

Fuyumi gasps. “Really? I wanna be one of the bestest princesses in the world!”

Rei also shows Fuyumi how to use her ice quirk to make pretty things. So far Fuyumi can only freeze sitting water. She’ll get there.

Natsuo is the wild child always keeping everyone on their toes. No one is ever sure what Natsuo will do next. One minute he’s running in the backyard, the next he may nearly drown himself by tripping and falling into the pond. One day he and Touya are playing outside when Natsuo’s ice quirk gets out of hand.

Suddenly, Touya is screaming. “MOM!”

Rei rushes out to see a crying Touya trapped by ice. “What happened?”

Natsuo is quick to get to her. “Touya and I were playing and my quirk got out of hand and I accidentally froze him.” He explains sheepishly.

She turns to Touya. “Hey, honey, it’s okay," She says in a soft voice. "It was an accident; your brother would never intentionally hurt you.”

Touya continues crying. He is freezing.

“Can you use your quirk to get out?”

He is so distraught he can’t even think straight, let alone concentrate enough to use his quirk. Touya shakes his head while another tear rolls down his cheek.

Rei turns to Natsuo. “Go get your father for me.”

Natsuo runs back into the house. “Dad! Mom wants you!”

Enji comes out of the living room to see what happened. Fuyumi is with him and also comes out.

He looks at Natsuo. “How did this happen?” Enji turns back to the crying Touya.

“He and I were playing and I accidentally froze him. I don’t have good control over my quirk.”

Enji pinches the bridge of his nose. “Fuyumi, go start a bath for your brother. Natsuo, go stand on the porch. You should keep away from Touya for the moment. I need to thaw out your brother.”

The kids go to where they were assigned to go while Enji starts working on melting the ice. Rei stays with Touya to comfort him and reassure him everything is okay. The ice melting takes a few short minutes before Enji picks up Touya and walks him over to the bathroom. It is only after the bath and a change into warm clothes that Touya finally stops crying.

Shoto is the quiet one. He never cries much as a baby, especially not at night. He always sleeps like a rock and no one is able to wake him. When he finds out he has both quirks, his parents are proud of him and happy for what he may become, but Shoto is embarrassed. He doesn’t like having two quirks, especially not his fire quirk. He’s afraid he may burn someone.

All is well in the Todoroki family. The kids are growing up to be well-behaved. Enji and Rei still love each other just as they did all those years ago. The kids are tutored and nannied just like the other kids their age.

But one thing is different about them. Not anything bad, but definitely something that sets them apart from other kids.

And that is where this story begins.