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Snatches of Conversation Between Friends

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It's almost 1AM when Rian receives the message,

Come down, I'm waiting outside your building, it reads.

She lets out a little snort and her eyes roll involuntarily but she has a smile on her face. Ailee gives her a strange look and a curious nod, but Rian just grins back at her. She stands up and grabs her jacket, carelessly thrown over the couch just five minutes ago when they got back in from their last schedule.

"I'm going out," she declares, shrugging the aforementioned piece of clothing on over her gray and pink flannel pajamas.

"What?" Seul frowns at her. "Your day starts at 7AM tomorrow."

Rian ignores her, stuffing her handbag with her wallet and handphone and putting on the nearest pair of shoes she can grab.

"Yah! Rian! You can't just go as you please!" Seul calls out to her.

"I'll be back before we need to be at the salon tomorrow," Rian promises, all smiles and a bonus jaunty wink.

Nana just throws her an amused smile as she heads out the front door.




She finds Yoojin waiting for her, leaning against a motorbicycle that looks vaguely familiar.

"Faster, princess, we don't have all night!" He cries out, tossing the passenger helmet at her.

She sticks her tongue out at him, but she readily catches it. She nods towards the bike, "Biker Jin Yoojin?"

He grins. "It suits me, huh? It's the ex-principal's, I borrowed the keys earlier."

Rian laughs. "Master Thief Jin Yoojin."

"Ah, you talk too much, as usual," Yoojin groans.

Rian makes a face at him, but she's already putting the helmet on and fastening the straps under her chin.

"Here, carry this behind your back," he adds, handing her his guitar bag.

Rian rolls her eyes and makes a disapproving expression. "Can't you live without lugging this huge thing around?"

"You also whine too much, just get on behind me," Yoojin orders her, mocking her expression. 

Rian scrunches her nose, but she carefully gets on the motorbike.

"Now put your arms around my waist," Yoojin instructs.

Rian doesn't move though, so he starts to repeat, "Put your arms—"

"Ya." Rian pokes his sides. "Tjis feels like a scene in some romance movie. Jin Yoojin, you really do like me don't you?"

Yoojin snorts and rolls hi eyes. "Just get on," he says, exasperated.

She finally follows his lead and wraps her arms around his torso tightly, letting out a little giggle as she does.

A smile escapes Yoojin's lips. "Hey what's that sound? You're enjoying this. Do you like me?"

Rian pounds his back with her first and Yoojin lets out an affected groan.

"Geez, are you an amazon?!" Yoojin bellows, and Rian bursts out into peals of laughter.

"Just go go go go!!" She exclaims, squeezing him tightly as she holds on to him.




He takes her to the Han River and Rian opens her mouth to criticize his choice of destination, but he squints at her and shakes his head as if to tell her to shut up because he already knows exactly what she's going to say.

She covers her mouth with her right hand and suppresses a giggle before taking her helmet off and mounting off the bike.

Yoojin gives her a once over. "You're already in your pajamas," he suddenly points out.

"Thanks for the astute observation Captain Obvious," she retorts with an eyeroll. "Besides, you're the one who dragged me out of my home in the middle of the night."

"Ah, do you really have to be argumentative all the time?" Yoojin groans.

Rian laughs and falls into step with him, linking arms with him. "Only with you," she says, grinning up at him.





"You missed me, didn't you?" Rian teases. "I mean, even setting up this midnight picnic, just for you and me."

They're sitting side by side in clear view of the river as they eat boiled sweet potatoes that Yoojin had prepared beforehand.

"W-what?!" Yoojin sputters, almost spitting out chunks of sweet potato. "This isn't a picnic, what are you on!"

Rian laughs. "What is it then?"

Yoojin sighs, looks down and nibbles on his food. "A congratulatory get-together because, you know, we graduated."

"A congratulatory picnic, you mean." Rian grins.

"Believe what you want then," Yoojin gives in.

"What's with the sweet potatoes though?" Rian blathers on, "Hey. Do you eally want me to be constantly releasing bodily gas throughout my schedules tomorrow morning?"

"Lee Jikyung," Yoojin says the three syllables as if it's one monosyllabic groan. "For someone whose image is pretty girly, you can be pretty vulgar."

"Jin. Yoo. Jin," Rian, on the contrary, carefully syllabicates his name. "Who gave you permission to call me by my real name?"

Yoojin just laughs and shakes his head; Rian shoves him playfully but she has a wide smile on her face.




"Thank you."

Yoojin stops mid-strum when he utters the words. Rian, who had been mildly engrossed in the song he was playing, looks up, surprised. He's looking at the ground, not her, but she breaks into a big grin nevertheless and pokes his cheek with her finger.

"For what?" Her tone is teasing, as if anticipating a little squirming from him.

Instead he rolls his eyes and levels with her. "For being a huge brat—"

"Hey!" Rian interrupts, frowning.

Yoojin snorts. "For being a brat but a great friend."

Rian's lower lip juts into a pout and Yoojin ruffles her hair. "You helped me see a few things about myself," Yoojin admits.

Rian stares at him, her expression softening. "You're welcome," she says quietly. "You already know the same can be said about you."

"I think JB was wrong about you though," Yoojin continues. "You aren't weak at all."

Involuntarily laughter escapes Rian's throat. "I'm weaker than I appear."

"No," Yoojin shakes his head with a smile. "You're stronger than you look."

Rian looks up at him and meets his eyes; she sees fondness and a great amount of respect in them and she can't help the smile growing on her face. They stare at each other for a few more seconds that feel more like a full long minute before Yoojin breaks the ice.

"Are you going to kiss me?" 

His question is met with a resounding smack on his arm.

"You broke the moment!" Jiyeon whines.

"So it was a moment?!" Yoojin asks, his voice breaking from trying to suppress laughter.

"I meant like a sincere, friendly moment!" Jiyeon exclaims.

Their eyes meet again for a split second before they burst out in united laughter.




"Are you still in love with JB?"

The sun is set to rise in less than 30 minutes and they'd just spent the last few hours talking and teasing each other and catching up ("Touring is tiring, but great," Rian had declared. "Wish you came along." "My mother and I actually talk now," Yoojin related. "She says she'll give you discount on food if you endorse our eatery.")

Rian's head is resting on Yoojin's shoulders, finally feeling the lack of sleep wash over her body. She's mid-yawn when Yoojin asks the question. 

She still doesn't miss a beat before throwing back, "Are you still in love with Shin Haesung?"

"No," Yoojin answers without any pause either. "I'm not sure I was ever in love with her. I liked her a lot though."

"I..." Rian sighs and then straightens up. "I'm the opposite, I think. I was definitely in love with JB for the longest time, but now I just really like him as a friend."

Yoojin nods and Rian awkwardly plays with the sleeve of her jacket.

"We're adults now," Yoojin muses out loud, abruptly changing the subject.

Rian nods. "High school's over."

"Good luck in life Lee Jikyung."

Rian groans and she elbows Yoojin's side hard; Yoojin just laughs. The sky is already dark orange as the sun starts to peek out from the horizon.

Rian smiles. "Good luck in life Jin Yoojin."