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Lace and Red Velvet

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When they brought me the news, sorrow etched into faces I never knew were even capable of showing anything other than insane glee, I was loath to believe it...

I didn't want to believe it...

...I didn't want to have to face the fact that he was gone.

Never one to show my true feelings, I hid behind a callous exterior, even daring to joke at his weakness. But inside, I just wanted to fall to the floor and cry. Those damned children! They claim to be fighting for good, but what good ever came from tearing a lover's heart asunder? If only they knew how much their actions hurt me. But alas, that is something I will keep secret forever...

They must never know...

No one must ever know...

...What he meant to me.

My private chambers felt so cold and empty, now that he was gone. Discarding my followers with a pathetic story about planning future attack methods, I closed and locked the door. And as I leant back against the door, that is when my tears could no longer be contained. I am not proud of it, but I dare say I sobbed myself silly.

What a pathetic soul he had made of me! Only one night were we together... and yet I still wept for him as if he had been my lover for centuries! Perhaps it was because I had imagined him as my lover for centuries... and yet he remained untouched by me, until his last night in this world.

Under my pillow sat the delicate parchment, folded twice and then sealed with red wax baring his crest. The seal had been broken, but I stared at the tiny bat stamped in it with the same wide-eyed wonder that I had the first time I saw it.
Although I had read this letter dozens of times before, only now did its grace overwhelm me. The florid handwriting, once red, but now turning brown with age - as blood always does, read -

You certainly knew how to impress me, and I must thank you for such a wonderful evening. I'd never felt so adored as I did yesternight in your arms.

I looked up and sighed. To be honest, I hadn't known how to impress him - and that was what had stopped me from acting on my urges much sooner. I couldn't believe my luck the day I had been caught in one of Ladydevimon's lewd interrogations, and he walked in. I don't know who she was trying to get information about, or whether she was asking merely for her own entertainment, but she had got us all terribly involved in discussion.

"So..." I remember her beginning, "What would a womon have to do to win your affection, guys?"
And she laughed and clapped at the various explanations. I must confess, I got a thrill out of hearing some of my minions' more bizarre answers!

"I heard that you like it rough." She'd teased me, a mischievous smirk on her lips.
I smirked back. "The innocent maiden role does not suit you, you know perfectly well I do."
She laughed, rubbing her perfect vinyl-clad body against me. And then I noticed him standing in the doorway. I remember looking him up and down, wishing it was he that was so shamelessly clawing at my coat and kissing my flesh beneath.

"Lord Piedmon, I am ready to leave for the real world, whenever you give the order."
Oh, that voice... It sent shivers through me!

"Come join us, Myotismon! Have a bit of fun before you go." Ladydevimon insisted, "And whilst you're here, how about telling us a bit about how to win that cold heart of yours."
He raised an eyebrow, and bared his fangs in an appreciative smile. "Just keep wearing that outfit, my dear. I've a good mind to ask if you can accompany me on this mission. I'd make sure you were... well taken care of." Then he winked.
I looked away, cold disappointment shooting down my spine. I didn't care that he was so open with his lustful thoughts about my leading lady, in fact it made him all the more attractive. I was actually angry with her for stealing his attention away from me.

I remember wondering why I'd even begun to kid myself that I stood a chance with him.
And yet I still wanted the chest that was pushing against me to be flat... covered in midnight blue silk...

A flirty giggle woke me from my thoughts.
"I heard that vampires go both ways... Does tight black vinyl still impress you when it's on a man?"
Now that was what I wanted to hear! I noticed everyone else in the room began to twitch with curiosity, but I remained emotionless as always, not wanting to betray my excitement.
His pale blue skin turned a sort of purple colour, in what I assumed was a blush. "Black vinyl worked for your brother, didn't it?" He turned to leave, suddenly uncomfortable with the conversation, "But it's nothing compared to what lace and red velvet does to me." And he was gone.

Ladydevimon cackled, unaffected by the mention of her departed brother - revelling in having humiliated Myotismon so. She threw her long arms about my neck, one hand playing with my lacy ruff, the other running with and then against my red coat's velvety pile.

Red velvet...

Did he mean me?

One way or the other, I had to find out before he left for the real world! Perhaps I knew somewhere deep inside that I would never see him again...