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Burning the Blindfold

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    Aizawa sighed as he tied up the last of the goons in the alleyway. It was almost four in the morning and he wanted to go home, stretch out on the couch and go to sleep.

    “Hey! Hey, pay attention when I’m tal-!” He growled as he wrapped one of his bindings around the villain’s mouth. The small family that were targeted talked to the police behind him.



    The police officer stopped and smiled, “Good work today! I think this is the last of them so I’m sure you’ll be relieved to hear that you can head home and get some rest!” Aizawa nodded and handed the end of the capture weapon to Tsukauchi.

    “Mom! Mom, look! It’s the ninja man with the scarf!”   

    Aizawa stopped and turned to see the young girl tugging at her mother’s skirt and pointing at him.

    “Hon, it’s not very nice to point. If it’s okay with him, you can say thank you?” The mother looked up and met his eyes, asking first for permission. Aizawa appreciated the thought and nodded. The mother smiled and walked with her daughter to where he stood.

    “Thank you for saving us Eraserhead, we appreciate the work you’ve done.” She inclined her head slightly in a bow and smiled. “Now what do we say Tamashini?”

    The young girl held out her hand and smiled wide, “Thank you for saving us Mr. Hero!”

    Not wanting to seem rude, Aizawa bent down and grasped the little girl’s hand in his own gently.

    As his hand wrapped around hers, a chill ran up his spine. Years of honed instinct had him moving before he could actually think. Pushing away the girl and the mother and taking full force the attack.

    “ History is full of heroes who acted before they could think.” Echoed in the back of his head as his eyes slid shut, a blurry picture of police cars, the mother and her daughter watching with wide eyes on the sidewalk, and Naomosa rushing fowards as he fell.

    It was all he remembered before the world turned black.


    The silence that filled the classroom was unfamiliar, as was the fact that their homeroom teacher hadn’t shown up for class yet after the bell had rung five minutes ago.

    Midoriya glanced to the door worriedly, hoping that their teacher would show up. It was uncharacteristic for him to be late.

    Slowly, the silence was broken as the students of 1-A speculated as to why Aizawa wasn’t there.

    “Ptss, Midoriya!”

    Sero leaned over, “What do you think happened to sensei? Do you think he just fell asleep and didn’t hear the bell?”

    He frowned and shook his head, “No, sensei would never be that careless.”

    “Maybe he’s just sick then and we’ll have a substitute today?” Jirou asked. Sero snorted, “No offense Jirou, but I’m pretty sure that being sick wouldn’t stop him.”

    Just then, the door slid open. Midoriya fell silent, as did the rest of the class, when it did. But instead of their homeroom teacher coming in to take attendance, a small child, no older than seven maybe, walked in.

    “A-aizawa sensei?” Momo asked tentatively.

    The small child turned to her, confusion evident on his face. When he did, Midoriya couldn’t help but stare in shock at the sight of their de-aged teacher.

    Big dark eyes peered at them all distrustfully from underneath shaggy black bangs covering a pale face. A black, long sleeved t-shirt hung loosely around him, bunched up where he held it tight in his fists. He was thin, either born that way or from malnourishment. Midoriya really hoped it was the former, but by judging how Aizawa wrapped his stick-like arms around his stomach disproved that.

    “Did you find him!”

    The class jumped as both All Might and Present Mic burst through the doorway into the classroom. Momo who was crouched beside the child stared bewildered at the sight of her two teachers. Present Mic wasn’t even wearing the all leather attire that he always wore to school and was instead wearing a white shirt, tight black jeans, and a green jacket. His hair, was tied back into a bun and not in its usual banana-like state. All Might was in his deflated form and was looking between the child and his colleague in something akin to worry.


    Yamada grinned and struck a, quite ridiculous, pose. “That’s me dear listener! Why, were you surprised?”

    Aoyoma grinned, “Oui monsieur! You look much better with your hair down!”

    Mic’s eye twitched at the unintentional jab, “Well, I didn’t have time for my get up today! A little someone got himself into trouble and we had to search the entire school for him!” He bemoaned.

    All Might chuckled, “We should have figured that Aizawa would be attracted to the classroom first.”

    Momo looked down at the child beside her, “So, this really is Aizawa-sensei?”

    Mic nodded, “Yup! Apparently some villain managed to get the better of him and he got turned into a kid! The teachers are assigned to look after him until he turns back, but it’s mostly been Midnight, All Might, and I.”

    Jirou raised her hand, “Will sensei be okay? I mean, where will he be staying?”

    “The principal thinks that it would be better to have him stay at the dorms than anywhere else, just so we can keep an eye on him.” All Might answered.

    Momo frowned, “He’s too skinny for someone his age. Have you even fed him breakfast yet?”

    Mic frowned, “Heeey! Give us a break, we only figured out his situation this morning!” He whined.

    “And you managed to lose him as well.” Momo glared at them. Midoriya smiled as All Might rubbed his head sheepishly.

    Momo sighed and faced Aizawa and smiled, “May I pick you up Aizawa? We can head to the cafeteria so you can eat something.”

    “Oh, we’ve just been calling him Shouta to differentiate them.” All Might said. “It’s easier.”

    Momo nodded, “Is that alright? May I call you Shouta?”

    Shouta nodded slowly and raised his arms as a signal for Momo to pick him up. She lifted him and settled him on her hip as she faced the teachers and the class.

    Kirishima cooed and waved as Shouta stared at him. “So, what do we do now? Does he even remember us?”

    Mic shook his head, “Nah, when he got turned into a kid it seems that all his memories as an adult disappeared.” He shrugged, “But we should probably feed the kid, he’s such a stick!”

    Iida grinned and stood up, “Then we should all head to the cafeteria!”

    Mic chuckled and waved his hands, “Woah there Iida, we don’t need a class field trip to the Cafeteria, Shouta will be fine.”

    Kirishima laughed, “Oh we weren’t worried about him, we’re worried about you two who lost him!”

    “Hey that’s not fair!”

    All Might settled a hand down on Mic’s shoulder, “It is a little fair, plus it’s Friday Mic, I’m sure we can afford them to have a little fun.”

    Yamada rolled his eyes and grinned, “Yeah, yeah okay. Come one then everyone! A field trip to the cafeteria is in order!”

    Midoriya grinned as he fell into step with Uraraka and Iida. As they travelled the halls he felt a light tap on his shoulder and turned to face a grinning Kirishima.

    “Sensei is so cute as a child huh? I wanna squish his little cheeks so bad!”

    Midoriya laughed, “Yeah, he is pretty cute.” Mina bumped his shoulder and grinned, “Yeah, wonder why he’s so skinny though, I’m glad that we’re going to cafeteria though! I could eat something myself!”

    Kirishima frowned, “Yeah, sensei is pretty skinny. He also has this weird tan line, right under his eyes. Ha, maybe he wore a hoodie all the time and it covered part of his face!” Mina nodded, “He seems the type to wear long sleeves all the time, he does that anyways as an adult!”

    Midoriya frowned and looked back to the front where Momo had Shouta nestled at her hip. Kirishima was right, there was a tan line underneath his eyes.

    “Midoriya! Do you think we can go shopping for Ai-uh, Shouta! We could get him a cat hoodie!” Uraraka said. Iida nodded beside her and chopped the air with his hand, “Yes! As a child it is important to have things that are both comfy and nice! I’m sure, Se-Shouta, would appreciate it!”

    Uraraka laughed, “It sure feels weird calling sensei by his first name.”

    Midoriya nodded, “Yeah, you said it! He’s so small though, how old do you think he is?”

    Iida brought his hand up to chin, “Hmm, I say around, seven? He’s small though so he might be older.”

    He nodded, “I think he might be seven as well!”

    “Really? I think he’s eight.” Uraraka said.


    Uraraka shrieked as Mic’s voice carried over the crowd. “Ah, sorry Uraraka, didn’t mean to scare ya!”

    Uraraka smiled, “It’s okay Mic-sensei, I just didn’t expect you to scream.” Mic laughed, “Well, I’m still sorry. Shouta is indeed eight so you are correct!”

    Iida gaped, “Eight! But he’s so small!”

    Mic grinned, “Well, Shouta wasn’t always 6’0 foot ya know? He was the smallest in our class!”

    Uraraka grinned, “Really! That’s so cute! Do you think we can get some clothes for him later? We can get him a cat hoodie!”

    Their english teacher nodded vigorously, “Oh my gosh! That would be amazing! We can all go for a trip to the mall tomorrow and buy some cute things for Sho!”

    “We’re here everyone! Please go have a seat over by the tables and we can discuss how we’re going to handle this situation!” Momo called out over her shoulder.

    All Might chuckled as he stepped over to Mic, “Young Yaoyorozu makes a better teacher than me I’m afraid.”

    Mic beamed and patted the taller’s back, “Not to worry Yagi boy, she’s better than me too!”

    “That’s, not a good thing Yamada.”

    “Maybe so.”


    Momo smiled and moved herself away from her fellow classmates to join her teachers waiting by the counters where Lunch Rush usually waited.

    “Mic-sensei, All Might-sensei!”

    “Young Yaoyorou! Thank you for carrying young Shouta for us! I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to support him for as long as you have.” He smiled brightly, “And I’m sure young Shouta wouldn’t have liked it for Yamada to hold him.”   

    “Yagi! I take offense to that, I’m not even wearing my gear!”

    Momo smiled at how her teachers interacted. She startled when she felt a tug on her shirt. Glancing down she was met with a pair of dark eyes.


    He tugged at her arm securing him to her waist and pointed down on the floor.    

    “Oh, you wish to be let down.” Moving him gently, she placed him on the ground and watched as he padded his way to the counter.

    “Oh? What have we here?”

    Momo grinned at Shouta’s startled face when Lunch Rush appeared behind the counter.

    All Might smiled, “Lunch Rush! It’s good to see you!”

    If she could, Momo would bet that Lunch Rush was rolling his eyes. “It’s good to see you as well Yagi, Yamada. What can I help you all with today?”

    All Might smiled and gestured down to Shouta, who was on his toes and peering up to look at Lunch Rush. “We have, uh, a predicament here and we were hoping to get the young boy some lunch!”

    Lunch Rush practically squealed as he stared down at the younger version of Aizawa, “Oh, he’s so small! This is perfect!” He turned away from the counter and started to prepare something, “I’m always telling him that he needs to eat more, he’s always forgetting, and now that he’s a child! I can finally feed him!”

    Rush was practically giddy as he whipped something up behind the counter. Momo smiled and helped Shouta lift himself onto the counter to see what Rush was doing.

    “Here ya go kiddo! And something for you too Yagi, you’re too skinny, even for someone without a stomach.” He scolded.

    All Might smiled sheepishly and graciously accepted the meals. “Thank you Lunch Rush!”

    “No problem! If you need anything else, call me!”

    Momo smiled lightly and lifted Shouta off the counter and set him back on the floor. “Come on, we’re going to feed you and then probably go shopping!” Shouta nodded and, to her shock, grabbed her hand. Just as he was about to let go, she tightened her grip and smiled, swinging their hands back and forth as they walked over to the class.


    Kirishima ‘awed’ at the duo as they got closer to the tables they had pushed together to accommodate all of them.

“You two are so cute! How’s little ‘zawa doing?” Kiri smiled.

Momo laughed and swung their hands a bit, “We’re doing fine, I think Shouta’s doing well!” Kirishima nodded and scooted over so the two could sit down.

“Has he talked any yet? He’s unnaturally quiet for someone his age,” Sero frowned, “I have a few siblings his age and they never shut up. I swear it’s like being onboard a bullet train at full speed but it never stops.”   

Momo smiled, “No, he hasn’t talked yet, but you never mentioned you had siblings Sero?” She pulled out the chair and helped Shouta climb on it. “Do you miss them?”

    He smiled, “Yeah, sometimes, but they call me every chance they get so I don’t forget their voices. Ha, like I could.”

    Sero watched with a smile as Momo helped open Shouta’s breakfast, “You’re really good with kids Momo, do you have any siblings?” She shook her head, “No, I always did want one, but I don’t have any other siblings. Well, I do have younger cousins but they can’t visit as often.”

    Momo smiled, “How about anyone else? Do you have siblings?”

    “I have a younger brother and sister, kerro.”

    “No, I’m an only child with my mom.”

    “Only child of my family!”

    Uraraka smiled at Midoriya, “How is your mom anyways? You said that she was worried about you the last time you talked?”

    “Worried about all of us if I’m being honest! She’s doing good though! Oh, Mina!”

    She looked up from where she was having a conversation with Hagakure, “Yeah Midoriya?”

    “My mom’s asking if you want those chocolate oranges again!”

    Mina smiled and stood up so fast that the chair fell down behind her. “Midoriya, tell your mom that she is the coolest person in the world and I would die for her!”

    He grinned, “I guess that’s a yes then!”


    Across the table, Shinsou sighed and directed his gaze back to their de aged teacher, who was just staring at the food.    

    He frowned and studied the meal. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with it, unless he was allergic to anything, but he’s sure that All Might or Mic sensei wouldn’t give Shouta anything he was allergic to.

    Reaching over, he slid the tray closer to the boy.

    “Eat, you’re too skinny, you need the energy.” Shinsou said.

    He watched as Shouta picked up the fork gingerly and started picking at the food.

    Shinsou sighed and ran his hand through his hair. Sensei’s so quiet, unnaturally so. He frowned as Shouta continued to pick at the food, occasionally bringing small pieces of it to his mouth and eating. This was too familiar.

    He could only watch as Shouta flinched, it was more of a twitch but Hitoshi knew the difference, as Kaminari shouted and threw his hands up in the air.

    Something settled in the pit of his stomach and Hitoshi shifted in his seat. He knew the signs, but sensei was a jumpy person by nature anyways, even if he didn’t show it.

    Keeping an eye on the kid, he reached over and tapped Yaoyorozu on the arm.

    “Hey, could I talk to you? In private, about Aizawa-sensei?” He tore his gaze away from Shouta and looked Momo in the eyes.

    Momo stared in confusion, “Why, is something wrong with him?” She turned her gaze back to the child, slightly alarmed that something might have happened.

    “No, well, actually- ugh.” Shinsou sighed and leaned back, rubbing the back of his neck. “Could we please talk?”

    Momo nodded, “Sure. Do we need to tell the teachers about this?”

    Shinsou thought for a moment but shook his head, “No, I don’t think we’d need to. He’s only de-aged after all, there’s nothing we can do now.” The last part he said bitterly. If what he was feeling was right.

He didn’t want to think about it.

    “Come on, we can talk in the hallway.”

    “Of course.”

    Momo stood, and as she passed by Shouta, she couldn’t help but stare as he continued to pick at his food. She frowned and continued to hurry after Shinsou who was standing by the doors.


    “So, what did you need to talk about? Because if something really is wrong with sensei, we’d need to tell the teachers.” Momo asked.

    Shinsou sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, “No, I-I have a suspicion is all. You see how he acts, like he’s afraid he’s gonna do something wrong.”

    She frowned, “He just doesn’t talk, sensei is a quiet person.”

    Hitoshi groaned, “I know that, I do. But Sensei is quiet, but this Shouta is silent. I need to look for the rise and fall of his shoulders because I can’t even hear him breath.” He reached up to tug at his hair, anxiety making his fingers curl and pull at the purple strands. “Hell, even his footsteps are silent. He’s eight, no child should be that quiet.”

    Momo felt something curdle in her stomach and a voice nipping at the back of her head. Something was wrong.

    She reached out and tugged away the hand that was abusing Shinsou’s hair, “Hey, don’t do that.” She frowned and looked him the eyes, “I understand your concern, I do Shinsou, but there’s nothing we can do now.” She sighed, frustrated and more than a little enraged at the idea of their sensei being hurt as a child. “The best we can do is make sure he feels safe and protected here. We don’t know how long this will last, and I’m not sure if sensei will remember this, but I do know that we can help fix the damage.”

    He stared at her, lips set into a thin line, more than a little upset, but he nodded. “Yeah, we can help him feel safe.”

    Momo smiled, “Thank you for bringing this up with me Shinsou, you’re a good friend.”

    Shinsou blushed, a little embarrassed by the comment. He wasn’t exactly expecting to be friends with anyone after he’d transferred thanks to Aizawa, but he had to admit, it felt nice.

    “No problem, and you’re a good friend too Yaoyorozu.”

    She laughed, “Momo, you can call me Momo, all my friends do.”

    Hitoshi smiled, friends huh? He could get used to that.


    Shouto stared as Momo and Shinsou left the table and walked out the cafeteria doors. The others were talking about shopping or calling their families or something else that he had no particular interest in. That sounded a bit rude, but it was the truth.

    His lips twitched downwards as he directed his gaze to their teacher. Well, smaller teacher.

    Shouta was still picking at his food, hardly a dent made on his plate. He frowned and moved places so he was instead sitting in front of of the kid.

    Aizawa paused, fork stilling as he moved to sit in front of him, gaze weary as he studied the teenager. Silently, Shouto took one of the forks from the table and took a piece of fish from the other’s dish.

    Making sure that Shouta was looking at him, Todoroki placed the meat in his mouth and ate it.

    He swallowed. “The food is good, you should eat it.”

    Shouta stared at him, curious and a little miffed at what he’d just done. Todoroki would like to think that he wasn’t unnerved by the child’s blank stare, but it was so much like sensei’s that he couldn’t help but feel as though he’d done something. Maybe not something bad, but something.

    Then Shouta nodded and ate, not as much as Shouto would have liked, but it was enough for him to be satisfied.

    He then noticed that the rest of the table had gone quiet. He exhaled harshly through his nose and stood from the seat to go back to where he had been earlier, sandwiched between Midoriya and Kirishima.

    Kirishima stared in slight shock as he sat down, “Dude, what was that?” Shouto shrugged, “He seemed hesitant to eat, so I helped.”

Kirishima chuckled, “Well, yeah obviously, but how did you know to help?”

    He stole a glance at Shouta, who’s plate was now half empty. “I just did.”

    The other rolled his eyes but grinned, accepting the answer. “Whatever you say man. Hey, you have siblings right, two older ones? Is that why you you did it?”

    Shouto shrugged again, “Not really, I’m the youngest so I don’t have that experience. I just wanted him to know that he doesn’t have to be so cautious.” The last part came a bit more snippy than he had meant, but Kirishima didn’t seem to notice, or if he did, he didn’t care. He appreciated that.

    “So, why do you think sen-Shouta didn’t want to eat before?” Midoriya asked, “I mean, sensei doesn’t trust much anyways but I thought that was just because he was a pro-hero.”

    Shouto hummed but didn’t say anything. Allowing for Kirishima to take over the conversation.

    Truthfully, he really didn’t know why he had done that. But the more he thought about it-

    Something curdled in the pit of his stomach, something almost like dread. Shouto didn’t know why he felt this, but he wanted it to go away. He studied Shouta a little longer before turning his attention to the cafeteria doors where Momo and Shinsou entered.

    “Hey Momo! Hey Shinsou! Where were you guys?” Kirishima raised his hand and waved.

    Momo smiled and sat down beside Shouta, “We were talking about sensei and how we were going to deal with this.” She glanced down and started, “Oh, he’s eating?”

    Kirishima grinned, showing off his shark-like teeth. How they were that sharp, Shouto didn’t know.

    “Oh yeah, Todoroki got him to eat a few minutes ago. It was pretty neat.”

    Shinsou sat down and stared at him curiously. “How did you manage to do that?”

    “Oh, I showed him that his food was okay to eat by taking a small bite.” Shouto explained. He didn’t delve further than that.

    Shinsou looked a bit shocked before he cooled his features back into his usual blank look and nodded. “Unexpected but at least he’s eating.”

    Shouta glared at them and opened his mouth as if he were going to say something, but stopped when they turned to look at him to listen. He frowned instead and went back to eating.


    “What! Hey, I’m busy this week, can’t you get someone else for this? Everyone else is out of commission! Jeeze. Fine, fine, I’ll take it. Yeah-I’ll be there in a couple hours.”

    Momo and the others went silent at Mic’s ranting.

    “Sensei?” Uraraka raised her hand, “Is everything okay?”

    Yamada sighed, “Yeah, sorry about that listeners, but I apparently have a week long mission ahead of me!”

    Kaminari sprung from his seat, “What! But that means you won’t be here to help take care of sensei!”

    Mic groaned and threw his hands up, “I know! I tried explaining to them that I won’t be available but apparently it’s an emergency, so I have to go. Sorry about this, but Yagi will help you guys out! Shouta isn’t so difficult so I’m sure there won’t be too many problems!” Mic grinned and began making his way towards the doors, “I have to get going now, take care of him for me Yagi!”

    Just before he walked out of the cafeteria though, he stopped and turned around, uncharacteristically serious and glaring harshly at them through his triangle shaped glasses. His green eyes seemed to glow beneath the bright cafeteria lights. All Might visibly shuddered.

    “If something happens to him, number one hero or not, there will be hell to pay, got it?”

    All Might gulped and smiled shakily, “Y-yes Yamada, all clear.”

    Mic smiled brightly, the danger disappeared and the students sighed in relief. “Perfect! Thanks everyone, take care students!”

    Sero chuckled nervously and tapped his fingers against the table, “Heh, who knew that Mic-sensei could be so scary?”

    Mina laughed, “He seems to care about sensei a lot though, it’s pretty nice.”

    Yagi grinned, “Yes, Yamada and Aizawa have been friend since high school! Now, what should we do about Shouta?” He gestured down the child, who didn’t bother looking up at who had addressed him and was instead fiddling with his fork over the empty plate.

    Uraraka grinned and shot up from her seat, knocking over her chair in her excitement. “Oh, we could go shopping for some clothes and toys he might like! We need to buy groceries anyways, so I think this might be the perfect opportunity!”

    Sero nodded, “Oh, I agree! It’ll be nice to get him something to wear that isn’t super baggy!”

    All Might nodded, pleased with their decision, “Yes, I’ll call the principle then we can take young Shouta shopping!”

    Momo grinned and pointed at Shouta’s empty plate, “I’m going to throw this away okay? Then we’re going to shop for new clothes to get you!”

    He nodded and allowed her to take his plate away. When Momo returned she offered her hand to him as he clambered out of his seat. He reached out hesitantly and took her hand in his own. Momo practically beamed at this and swung their arms back and forth slightly, and Shouta, enjoying the motion, allowed it to happen.

    “I think we’re all ready to go All Might” Midoriya grinned, unable to keep in his excitement. After all, it wasn’t every day where your homeroom teacher got de-aged and were able to go clothes shopping for him.

    All Might smiled, “Perfect, the principal gave us permission and has sent a bus to pick us up later on! Come on everyone, we have stuff to buy!”


    As they piled onto the bus, Momo couldn’t help but notice that Shinsou and Todoroki were keeping an especially close eye on Shouta. She knew why Shinsou was, but Todoroki was a mystery.

    “Momo! What do you think we can get for Shouta! He likes cats right, maybe a blanket! Or a sleeping bag!” Uraraka sat down next beside Shouta so that he was sandwiched between them. “He seems to like the color yellow, do you think we should get him something warm? Sensei likes wearing long sleeves and now that it’s getting colder I think it would be appropriate.”

    Momo smiled and nodded along, “I think that would be a great idea Uraraka! Do you think we’d need anything else? What do you think Ai-Shouta? Is there anything you would like?” She caught herself in time.

    Shouta stayed silent, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth. Uraraka frowned and leaned over to whisper, “I wonder why doesn’t he talk? I know he understands us, he’s smart.”

    Momo shrugged, a frown of her own tugging at her lips. “I don’t know,” she whispered back, “but we should still respect his boundaries, which means no over the top stuff.” Uraraka nodded and leaned back against the chair.

    Shinsou tapped Momo on the shoulder, attracting both her’s and Uraraka’s attention.

    “Do you think he doesn’t know he’s allowed to talk?”

    Uraraka blinked in surprise, “Allowed? Why would he need to be allowed to talk?”

    Shinsou shrugged. When he was younger he was told again and again that he couldn’t talk because of his quirk, the foster families forbid it. In fact, even when he was growing up, he wasn’t allowed to say much, if at all really. It was only after he had been moved to UA and then to the dorms that he was allowed to speak freely. He had no clue as to why Aizawa wasn’t allowed to speak.

    “Shouta.” The boy turned to face him, eyes as bored as ever when he heard his name.

    Hitoshi frowned and said it as clearly as possible, “You know that you’re allowed to talk freely? You don’t need permission to speak.”

    Although it wasn’t noticeable, Shinsou knew from the furrowing of his eyebrows and tug of his lips that Shouta was confused, or bewildered.

    His mouth opened and a hoarse, and kind of high, “I’m allowed to talk?” seemed to echo through the bus. Immediately all conversations stopped and the entire class was looking at Shouta, who seemed to not notice their stares.

    Hitoshi nodded, “Yes, you are allowed to talk, whenever you want. Do you understand?”

    Shouta frowned, but nodded. “Yes, I understand.” The too formal tone made Hitoshi want to throttle the person who would force a child, a damn child , to act like that.

    Uraraka really wanted to send that person into space and let them fall into the cold void of the abyss. But, she couldn’t do that, mostly because that was illegal, but she had to make sure that their young sensei had a good time as a child!

    So, with the cheeriest voice and brightest smile she could muster, she turned and spoke, “So, Shouta, what would you like to get at the shops! You can pick out your clothes, anything you want we’ll get! We can get you some toys as well!”

    Momo nodded, “Mhm! Anything you want. We’ll also go grocery shopping as well so you can choose which foods we buy!”

    Shouta nodded, still slightly bewildered as to what was happening, “Thank you.” Momo couldn’t help but feel that his voice felt off for some reason, it seemed a little too high pitched.

    Uraraka giggled, “No problem!”

    As they all filed out of the bus, the students couldn’t help but be worried after the conversation between Shinsou and Shouta. Why would he need permission to even speak?

    It was decided though that the girls, along with Todoroki and Bakugou, would accompany Shouta on their shopping trip, while the boys would get the groceries with All Might.

    Momo grinned, swinging Shouta’s arm back and forth, which he explained to her during the bus ride that he indeed liked and didn’t mind, “So, Shouta, what would you like to buy first? We can get you some cat themed stuff! Like we said, anything you want!”

    Shouta frowned, “What about money?”

    Momo froze for a second. What type of eight year old was worried about money. She didn’t like this. Behind her Todoroki and Bakugou frowned.

    Thankfully Hagakure jumped in, “Oh, no need to worry about that! Momo’s rich and so is Todoroki, and it’s not like we’re going to buy the whole store! Money’s not a problem!” She smiled, even though the others couldn’t see it.

    Shouta nodded, still a bit uncertain. “Okay, thank you.”

    Mina laughed and ruffled his hair much to his disdain, “No problem! Hey, how about we head in there first!” She pointed to a cute looking shop that had a few hoodies and comfy looking sweaters on display, “You like cats right? We can get you something cat themed!”

    He nodded, still a little shocked at the sudden affection from the pink girl.

    “Can- can we get something yellow too?” He asked.

    Uraraka laughed and nudged him gently, “Of course! Hey, maybe we can find a yellow jacket with cat ears! That would be cute!”

    Momo smiled and continued to swing their hands, “Come on, we should get started now if we want to continue shopping!”

    The girls wandered into the store with Bakugou grumbling and Todoroki following silently behind them.

    They decided it was best for them to split up with Momo and Bakugou staying with Shouta as the others went out to search for anything they’d think he would like.

    “Oi, kid.” Shouta turned and looked to Bakugou who was holding up a soft looking blanket with yellow cats on it, “You think you’d like this?” Bakugou knelt down, jeez this kid is short, and let Shouta feel the material between his fingers.

    He nodded and held onto it when Bakugou let go, “Come on ponytail, kid, let’s see what else we can scrounge up in here.”

    Momo grinned, Bakugou wasn’t fooling anyone with his grumpy mask. He always had an eye for fashion and he wasn’t above spending money or time with people he begrudgingly cared about, which extended to their now de-aged homeroom teacher.

    “Momo! Shouta!”

    Shouta jumped back in surprise as Mina skidded around the corner almost ramming into Bakugou.

    “Eh! Watch it Racoon Eyes!”

    “Sorry! Sorry!”

    Momo laughed as Mina apologized. “What was it you wanted to show us Mina?”

    She visibly brightened as she remembered why she had called out to them. “Right! Ta-da!” From behind her back he produced a dark grey hoodie with cat ears and a tail. “Doesn’t it look cute! And it’s soft too! I made sure! Here, Shouta, you can feel.”

    Mina handed it to him to feel it.

    “It’s soft. I like it, thank you.”

    She laughed, “I knew you would! I’mma head back out to look for more things! Let’s see if I can find you socks.”

    “They better not be weed socks!”

    “Hey! I’m insulted that you would think I’d hand weed socks to a kid Bakugou!”

    Momo grinned, “Come on Shouta, I think we should start finding short sleeves rather than just hoodies and sweaters.”

    He nodded, “Okay. Come on Bakugou.”

    The almost teacher-like tone had both Momo and Bakugou faltering for a second before continuing. Momo with a smile and Bakugou hunched over and muttering to himself.

    Sifting through the racks, Momo couldn’t help but notice that Shouta seemed a bit nervous, eyes looking around from time to time and biting his lower lip. He seemed especially nervous whenever he glanced over to the girl’s section of the store.

    Bakugou noticed as well and glanced at her, the usual sneer turning more into a frown. Momo shrugged, but pointed towards the girl’s section and made an ‘x’ with her fingers. Thankfully he got the hint and nodded, turning away to continue browsing the other items.

    “Momo, Shouta. Look, I found a yellow T-shirt, Kerro.”

    Tsuyu appeared behind them smiled. In her hand she held a pastel yellow short sleeve shirt with thin white stripes, and right above where the heart is was a small grey cat. It made Momo smile.

    “Feel it Shouta, if you want it you can have it.”

    He nodded and reached up to take the shirt, rubbing it between his fingers. “It’s nice, thank you Asui.”   

    Tsu smiled and tilted her head cutely, “Call me Tsu, kerro. I saw Hagakure and Uraraka over there,” she pointed off towards the girl’s section, “I think they saw a cute sweater somewhere there, so they went to go get it. I’ll be back, I’m going to continue looking, kerro.”

    Momo waved goodbye as Tsu walked away. She turned to Bakugou, a frown maring her expression.

    “Kid,” Bakugou started, “If you don’t want something, you don’t need to take it. You got that.”

    Shouta nodded, slowly. “Okay, I got it. I like these ones though.” He held up the three items he’d been handed, “They’re soft and look nice.”

    Bakugou snorted, “Course you do.”

    Momo smiled and rolled her eyes before patting Shouta’s shoulder, “I’m glad you like the clothes Shouta. Bakugou just doesn’t want you to take something you don’t like because someone gave it to you or thought it’d look nice.”

    Shouta nodded, face giving nothing away, “Okay. Thank you Bakugou.”

    Bakugou look startled at the unexpected thank you. His widened eyes narrowed before he scowled and turned away, walking to some other part of the store. “Whatever brat.”

    Shouta frowned and looked up at Momo, “Did I do something wrong?”

    She smiled and laughed, “No, that’s just how Bakugou is. He just wasn’t expecting that, it was very sweet of you Shouta.”

    He nodded and went back to looking at the other clothes lining the racks. Momo smiled. He was such a sweet kid. In his own way of course.

    “Momo! Shouta! There you are!”

    Hagakure’s floating clothes and Uraraka’s smiling face appeared behind a corner, racing over to them with a small pile of clothes in their arms.

    “Hey, check these out! We tried to find the softest clothes, so of course some were in the girl’s department, sorry about that, but look!” Uraraka grinned and pulled out a fuzzy grey sweater with a smiley kitten on it. “This one is super soft! Oh and this!”

    Hagakure pulled out a pair of bright yellow socks with white kittens on it, fluffy and adorable. “You can choose what you want from here! Have a go!”

    Shouta stared in disbelief at the postiviley huge amount of items that was in front of him. Momo could only stare as well. How the two of them had managed to carry these over was a mystery.

    “Momo,” She snapped her attention back to Shouta who was holding his own items up at her, “Could you hold these please?”

    “Of course.” She took the clothes from his small arms and watched as he knelt down and started shifting through. He sorted the ones he liked and didn’t like into two piles. Much to the two girl’s happiness, there were more clothes in the pile he did like than in the one he didn’t like.

    When he was done he gathered up his clothes, “I like these ones, thank you.”

    Uraraka smiled, “No problem! I’m glad you liked most of them though!”

    Hagakure seemed to nod, if the hair clip in her head meant anything. “Yeah! I’m glad you like them!”

    “That’s a lot of clothes.”

    Uraraka jumped and spun around, “Todoroki!”

    Shouta nodded, “Hello, do you have more stuff more me as well?”

    Todoroki nodded and held up two items- actually, two outfits. Uraraka gasped and covered her mouth. “Woah! Those are cute Todoroki!”

    Hagakure bounced, “Yeah! You have great taste!”

    One outfit was a thick black jacket with cat shaped buttons, a simple white shirt underneath, and thick grey pants. The other outfit had a thinner navy blue jacket, a black T-shirt with a simple star design, and black pants.

    Todoroki shrugged, “I just grabbed what I thought would look nice together. Shouta can choose if he likes these, and if he doesn’t I’ll keep looking.”

    “So, which one would you like Shouta?” Momo asked. She thought that both outfits looked fine, but it was up to him.

    “I like the navy blue one.” Shouta pointed out.

    Todoroki nodded and handed it over, “I saw a cat beanie nearby, would you like to come with me to see it?”

    Shouta nodded, “Yes please.”

    Momo smiled and shifted the pile of clothes she had to the other hand so she could reach out and swing Shouta’s hand.

    “Uraraka and I will see if there are any shoes! Maybe we can find Mina and Tsuyu as well!” Said Hagakure.

    “Oh, and if you see Bakugou, please tell him that we should be leaving in a few minutes if we want to buy more stuff.” Momo called out. Uraraka nodded and they disappeared behind a corner.

    “Come on then Shouta, let’s go see that beanie!”


    Midoriya frowned, standing in front of the dairy section with a million questions racing through his mind. Something didn’t feel right with Shouta, even now that he’s talking it always seems as though he’s trying to not draw attention to himself. His eyes narrowed and his frown deepened. Besides, no child should have to be given permission to talk.


    “Aaaaaaahhhh- oh, hi Tokoyami.” Midoriya smiled sheepishly. “Sorry about that, I wasn’t paying attention.”

    Tokoyami nodded, “It’s fine. Did you get the milk and yogurt?”

    “Oh, yeah! Momo wanted the peach and Hagakure wanted the strawberry right.”

    Midoriya reached out for the yogurt and put them in his basket with the four gallons of milk. When living in a house full of teenagers, one had to buy things in bulk.

    “You were thinking about sensei a bit ago weren’t you.”

    Midoriya nodded, his lips turning down. “Yeah.”

    Tokoyami sighed and shifted his own basket to his other hand.  “I don’t like this, which is not something I admit easily Midoriya.”

    He nodded. He understood that if Tokoyami was nervous, then there really was reason to be concerned. “I know. He wasn’t eating earlier too, and the only reason why he finished his plate is because Todoroki showed him it was okay to eat.”

    “There’s a reason for that, and I’m not sure if I want to find out.” Tokoyami muttered. “Sensei likes those jelly pouches right? Maybe we can give his kid version some applesauce.”

    Midoriya grinned and nodded, “You just want to buy some applesauce don’t you?”


    He laughed and started walking, “Anyways, I think it’s a great idea Tokoyami. Now,” his pace increased and he pointed to a random section of the store, “To the applesauce!”

    “You’re going the wrong way.”

    “To the applesauce!”


    “Aww, what a cute hat Shouta!” Mina exclaimed.

    Momo smiled, holding his hand in her left and the bags in her right. “Yes, Shouto helped pick it out!”

    The beanie currently sitting on Shouta’s head was all black and shaped like a kitten’s head with its tongue sticking out. Shouto had shown it off and allowed Shouta to feel, kneeling down like one would imagine a knight showing off a great treasure. Momo smiled at the memory, it was too cute.

    Bakugou scowled, “Yeah, yeah. Oi, Ponytail, we got some more stuff for the kid.” Jirou nodded, holding up her own bag.

    She smiled, “Thank you everyone. Come on, let’s see if we can find some toys or anything interesting for Shouta!”

    Uraraka nodded and leaned down a bit, “Anything you would like to get? Oh, I know a place where they sell these huge plushies! So big you could nap on it! Would you like to see?”

    Shouta nodded, “Yes please.”

    “Perfect! It’s on the second floor!” Uraraka reached out and let Shouta grab her hand, swinging it back and forth much like how Momo was. He let it happen, in fact, he seemed to take comfort in the motion.

    Bakugou rolled his eyes but followed as well, keeping a few steps back with Mina and Jirou . Todoroki was near the front with Jirou and Tsu, who were talking about a type of music they like to listen to.

    Hagakure’s bracelets waved by her side and her shoes left the ground every now and then. She skipped along by Momo, Shouta, and Uraraka, pointing out things that she thought were cute as they made their way to the second floor.

    “Here we are!” Uraraka raised her hand, presenting the store.

    Momo’s eyes widened. She could already see from just outside the window the size of the plushies. There a bunny one the size of All Might!

    “Can we actually get one?” Shouta tugged on her hand.

    Momo nodded and stepped forward and into the store, “Of course! Although we can only get one, I’m afraid that two might take up all the space in the bus.” She laughed.

    The others followed in. Hagakure gasped and lifted up a small green bunny plushie, “Oh my gosh! Do you think we should get this for Midoriya! It looks just like his costume!”

    Uraraka smiled, “Oh yeah! He’ll definitely like that one!”

    “We should get this one for him as well.”

    They turned to see Todoroki holding up a slightly bigger, yellow plushie with blue eyes. It looked almost exactly like All Might.

    Mina gasped and waved her hands excitedly in front of her, “Oh my god! We should totally get that! Midoriya would be so embarrassed!”

    Uraraka laughed, “Oh! Do you think All Might will be embarrassed as well?”


    Bakugou growled, “Shut up! Anyways, we’re supposed to be getting something for the kid.”

    Jirou nodded, “Yeah, but bring those as well.”

    Tsu frowned and tilted her head, “Where is Shouta anyways?”

    They froze. Momo looked down, only to find an empty space where he should have been earlier.

    “What the hell! Where did that brat go!” Bakugou swore.

    “I-it’ll be fine! He can’t have gone far, and I don’t think he’d leave the store! Let’s split up so we can find him!” Mina said. Momo nodded, trying to keep a level head as they seperated.

    “Shouta! Shouta, can you call out please!” Mina shouted. Oh no, what if something happened to him. They shouldn’t have taken their eyes off of him. What if the League of Villains saw them and followed them! What if they took him like they took Bakugou!



    She gasped and stepped back when she heard the familiar voice.

    “Shouta!” She ran to him and knelt down, “Where were you! We were all so worried when we didn’t see you with us?” She frowned and held his hands.

    He looked at her, head tilted in confusion. “You were busy so I was going to find something and get you later.” His lips turned down a bit in an almost frown, “Was I bad?”

    Mina shook her head, dispelling the lingering fear she had felt earlier. “No, no you’re not bad Shouta. You just had us worried. Tell us next time you want to go, okay.”   

    He nodded, “Okay. I don’t know why you’re worried, though, I was right behind the shelf.”

    Mina sighed, “That’s not what I was worried about. We were worried because we wouldn’t be able to do anything until we got to you if you were taken or hurt.”

    Shouta nodded, “Oh, okay. I won’t worry you again.”

    She smiled, “Thank you. Did you find anything you like?”

    He pointed to a plushie beside them, “I like this one. I lie on it and it’s still pretty big. It’s also soft.”

    The plushie pretty big, almost as big as herself. She could see why he’d like it though. It was big, and running her hand against it, very soft. Surprisingly, instead of a cat like she would have expected, he had chosen a pink shark. It, actually looked a bit like Kirishima.

    She smiled, “Oh, I think this is an excellent choice. I’ll get it and we can go find the others!” Mina held out her hand and once she felt his hand in hers, started to swing it slowly.

    Hefting the plushie on her shoulder, she smiled down at Shouta. “Come on then, let’s buy this and we can get you a treat!”


    The two walked back to the front of the store where Todoroki and Jirou already were. “Hey you two! I found Shouta, and his plushie!”

    She presented both, “Ta-da! Isn’t the shark cute! It kind of reminds me of Kirishima!”

    Jirou smiled and let out a sigh of relief, “Thank goodness you found him. Nice choice kid, I like it.” Todoroki nodded.



    Mina turned around in time to see Momo, Uraraka and the others run at them. “Hey everyone! I found him, he was right behind the shelf!”

    Momo dropped to her knees in front of him and wrapped her arms around him, “Thank god you’re safe! We were very worried.” She leaned back so she could look at him, a frown placed on her face.

    Shouta nodded and pointed at herself, “Mina already told me that I can’t go on my own. I’m sorry for worrying you all. Mama doesn’t care as much and let’s me do what I want usually.”

    They stiffened. Mina’s grip tightened ever so slightly on his hand and a frown crossed her face. Bakugou growled and crossed his arms.

    “Listen brat, we’re not like your mama. You have to stick with us, got it. We have to know that you’re safe.”

    Shouta nodded, curious as to why they were like this. “Okay.”

    Mina forced a smile and shook Shouta’s hand to get his attention, “Anyways, we should check out this thing! And then when we get home, we can all have a good nap! Does that sound good?”

    He nodded, “Sounds good.”

    She looked back up at Bakugou, “Okay then, we’ll meet you all outside! We’ll be back in about five minutes.” Getting the hint, Bakugou nodded back and stepped away so they could make their way to the counter where a small line was already forming. The rest of them all left the store and stood outside by the doors.

    It was quiet for a few moments before Uraraka broke it. “What type of mother leaves their child to do as they want! They could be taken! Or hurt!” She growled.

    Jirou frowned, “He’s so used to it. I don’t like that.”

    Momo’s eyes were narrowed and the look on her face could have made Shigaraki think twice about coming after them. Bakugou and Todoroki were the same.

    “What the hell.” She said darkly. Jirou looked slightly shocked at Momo’s words.

    “No kid should be that used to it. Shouta shouldn’t have been left alone by his, Mama .” She spat.

    Uraraka nodded, “Yeah. What do we do now though. I doubt we’d be able to find her now. Hopefully she’d be dead.”

    Even Bakugou was taken aback.

    “I think the best we can do now, is reverse the damage. Just be there for him.” Todoroki said, “Make sure he stays safe and healthy.”

    Tsu nodded, “I agree, there’s nothing we can do now. I think Mina and Shouta should be done now, and when we get back to the dorms we can tell everyone else.”

    They nodded. Yeah, all they could do now was help fix the damage. Mina walked out of the store, a bag of the bunny plushies they had earlier in Shouta’s free hand, and the big pink shark in Mina’s other.

    Momo smiled, “You ready to head back and get the others?”

    He nodded. Uraraka grinned and reached out to touch the shark, “I like the plush you chose Shouta, it’s soft and it looks nice!”

    “It reminded me of Kirishima.”

    She giggled, “Is that why you chose it?”

    Shouta nodded, “He’s loud, but he’s nice and kind. I like him, and you.”

    Uraraka practically squealed, “Aw! That’s so cute, thank you! I like you too Shouta.” Momo smiled and placed wrapped her arm around Jirou’s shoulder, whose ears turned a bright red.

    “Come on then, I already texted the others. We’re to wait in the parking lot until they arrive. We can pick up a snack on the way.”

    Mina smiled and rocked back and forth on her toes, “That sounds great! All this shopping and walking made a bit hungry. How about you Shouta? We can get some candy or ice-cream!”

    He shrugged, “Candy would be nice.”

    Mina laughed and swung their hands, “Candy it is!”

    Hagakure clapped her hands, if the jingling of her bracelets and the noise was anything to go by, “I saw a store near the front of the mall! We can head there!”

    Tsuyu nodded, “That sounds good.”

    “Alright then! Lead the way Hagakure!”


    Kirishima glanced down at his phone to see a text sent to them from Momo saying they were nearly done shopping.

    The next text he received was from Mina who sent a picture of a big, pink shark.

        Cotton Candy: LOOK!

        Cotton Candy: Shouta chose this cuz he said it reminded him of you!

        Cotton Candy: ITS SO CUTE!!

    Kirishima couldn’t help the wide smile that spread across his face as he sent a reply.

        CUTIESHIMA: I am Honored!!!


He turned towards Kaminari and Sero, waving his phone and shouting. “Guys! Check it out! Mina sent me a text!” He showed them the picture.

    Kaminari grinned, “Ha, young sensei is so cute!” Sero nodded, his own delight evident.

    “He’s so manly! I love him!” Kirishima shouted.

    “Dude, you talking about the shark or Shouta.”


    Sero rolled his eyes, “Very clever. Anyways, we should tell All Might that they’re done shopping for sensei.”   

    Kaminari grinned and swung his arm around the other’s shoulder, “Oh please, I’m pretty sure Midoriya already told him. Those two are so close.”

    Kirishima nodded, “That’s true, we should probably find him though and meet up with the others.”

    Sero nodded, “Let’s check these out then. Did-”

    “Oh, hey guys!”

    “Hey Midoriya! Hey Tokoyami!”

    They walked over and Sero glanced down at their baskets, “Do you have everything?”

    Midoriya smiled, “Yup! Oh, and Tokoyami got some applesauce for sensei as well!”

    Kirishima grinned and shot him a thumbs up, “Super manly of you dude! I’m sure Shouta would appreciate it!”

    Tokoyami seemed sheepish as he replied, “Yeah, yeah. We should leave now though. All Might said to meet up at the the check out and then meet up the others in the parking lot.”

    Midoriya nodded, “Mhm! I want so see what the girls got!”

    Kaminari smiled and swung his other arm around Midoriya’s neck, dragging him closer to him and Sero, “That’s the spirit dude! Man, I wonder how Bakugou and Todoroki are holding up! Ha, I wonder if he’s exploded something yet.”

    Sero rolled his eyes, “Oh come on man, even Bakugou wouldn’t hurt a kid. I hope.”

    Kirishima laughed and walked besides Tokoyami, “Nah, I don’t think so. Bakugou’s come a long way since the start of the school year.” Midoriya nodded and started walking as well, “Yeah, Kaachan’s come a long way!”


    “Young Kirishima! Young Tokoyami!”

    Kirishima grinned and walked faster to All Might, “Hey sensei! Check it out, Tokoyami got sensei some applesauce since he likes those juice pouches. Super manly right!”

Tokoyami rolled his eyes,“Why are you guys making a big deal? It’s just applesauce.”

    Midoriya laughed, “Because it’s really nice and considerate.” Looking around, he noticed that about everyone was there, putting their items on the conveyor belt. Everyone except-

    “Hey, where’s Kouda and Ojirou? Did they find what they’re looking for yet?”

    All Might frowned, his bangs hanging over his skeletal face. “I’m not sure, I saw them a few minutes ago and they seemed to be doing okay. Maybe you should check on them.” To make sure they’re okay, went unsaid.

    Kirishima nodded, “Come on Midoriya, Sero, let’s go find out boys!”

    Sero rolled his eyes but walked with them nonetheless, “‘Our boys?’ Really Kiri?”

    “Of course! They’re our boys! The best boys!” He practically skipped, looking down the aisles in search of their, boys. Midoriya grinned.

    “Maybe they’re near the fruits and vegetables? We can try there.”

    “Great idea, My First Errand!”

    He groaned and covered his face with his hands, “Aw c’mon Sero, it’s been forever! Let it die!”

    Sero grinned and slapped him on the back, “No way dude! It’s too good to let die!”

    “It’s super cute Midoriya! Let Sero have his fu- oh hey! It’s Kouda and Ojirou!” Kirishima interrupted himself. “Guys! Hey!” He ran off to meet the two, who were indeed, by the fruits and vegetables.

    Sero rolled his eyes and jogged after him, “Wait up Kiri! Come on My First Errand!”

    “Let it die!”

    Kouda smiled and waved when he saw Kirishima running over with Sero and Midoriya hot on his tails. Ojirou turned and grinned, his tail moving behind him. “Hey guys. What are you two doing?”

    “Dude, we were all supposed to meet up a few minutes ago to check out our stuff! We were kind of worried.” Kirishima frowned.

    “Oh.” Ojirou grinned sheepishly and his tail swished behind him, “Sorry about that, Kouda and I were trying to find the thing on our list before we go. Good thing is, we found it!” He held up his basket to show off their items, “We were actually about to head back actually. Sorry for worrying you!”

    Kouda nodded, frowning and signed, ‘Sorry about that! We didn’t realize that so much time had past.’

    Sero grinned and shrugged, “No problem! Come on, let’s head back so everyone else doesn’t get even more worried.”

    Kouda grinned, ‘Okay! I hope the girls and sensei had a good time!’

    Kirishima brightened and pulled out his phone, almost hitting himself in his excitement. “Oh! That reminds me! Check this out!” He sandwiched himself between the two and showed them his screen.

    “Mina and the others took him to a shop and he got a big pink shark! They even said he got it because it reminded him of me! He’s so cool!” Kirishima grinned, and Midoriya swore he saw actual stars in his eyes.

    Ojirou grinned and leaned in closer to look at the picture, “Ha, that’s too cute. Sensei’s such a softy.”

    Kouda smiled and signed, ‘That’s adorable! I hope they had fun!’

    Sero snickered and bumped shoulders with Midoriya, “They probably did, but we should really head back now.”

    Midoriya nodded and smiled at the four of them, “Yeah! I think they’re all done so it’s just your guys’ stuff! We need to meet the girls in the parking lot.”

    Ojriou nodded, his tail shifting behind him as they started walking to the front of the store.


    “Young Ojirou! Young Kouda! There you are!”

    He smiled, “Sorry sensei! We lost track of time!”

    Toshinori grinned, “It’s okay my boy! As long as you’re safe. Now, we should be meeting the others soon! Come along!”

    Shinsou ended up walking beside Kaminari and Kirishima, who were talking about the picture Mina sent him. He took a glance and couldn’t help a small smile spread across his face. It was pretty cute.

    “Yo, Shinsou!”

    He glanced curiously at Kaminari and Kirishima, who were both smiling wildly at him. He felt nervous for some reason.

“You know sensei pretty well right? You trained with him before being transferred?” Kaminari asked.

Hesitantly, Shinsou nodded.

Kirishima smile got wider, “Does sensei like cute things? We were gonna talk with Satou about making some cat cupcakes or something like that! I don’t think we have yellow food dye so we were hoping you’d know what his second favorite color is!”

Shinsou inwardly sighed, relieved. Thank god, he thought they were going to do something that’d get them in trouble. “Sensei does like the color black, but I don’t think that’ll work, unless the cats are black. He does seem to like the color pink though.”

Kaminari snorted, “Pink? Really?”

“Hey, come on man! Pink is totally a manly color!” Kirishima scolded.

“I was joking! I swear!”

Shinsou rolled his eyes but grinned. “He likes both pastel pink and hot pink too. I think pastel pink would look better though.”

Kirishima blinked before smiling wide and hooking his arm around his shoulder, “Thanks man! Sensei is gonna be so happy! Ha, does sensei even smile? You know other than his ‘It’s a logical ruse!’” He imitated with a laugh and a poor attempt at Aizawa’s Totoro smile.

    Shinsou chuckled and rolled his eyes but nodded. “Yeah, I’ve only seen him smile like, once. It was so different from his ‘it’s a logical ruse’ smile, it was pretty strange.”

    Kaminari nearly shoved Kirishima to the ground as he got closer, putting them to a halt behind the class.

“No way! Really!”

Even Kirishima looked a bit shocked, even though he was the one who asked the question. Shinsou nodded.

    “What did he look like! Is his smile nice!”

    He smirked and started walking again to catch up with the class. Behind him he could hear confused shouts and whines coming from the two, which only made his grin widen.


    “I can see Momo and the others! Hey everyone!” Sero shouted, waving his arms wildly in the air to get their attention.

    Mina turned around and smiled, waving her own hands in a similar fashion. Uraraka saw and started waving a bit as well, not as overly done as them but enough that Sero saw and started running towards them, the rest of the class walking faster to catch up.

    “Sero! Hey everyone!” Mina shouted, hefting up the shark still on her shoulder.

    Momo smiled and made her way over as well, Shouta holding her hand. “Hello! Have you all gotten everything we need?”

    Midoriya smiled, “Yup! Oh, Tokoyami got Shouta some applesauce as well!”

    She smiled, “Aw, that’s so sweet!”

    Tokoyami rolled his eyes, “It’s just applesauce, it’s not a big deal.” He mumbled. Bakugou scoffed, he couldn’t help but agree.

    Momo shrugged, still smiling as she swung Shouta’s hand back and forth. “I know, but it’s still nice.”

    “Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to ask this but,” Kirishima pointed at Shouta’s and Momo’s joined hands, “Why do you keep swinging his hand?”

    The corner of Shouta’s mouth turned downwards, not entirely a frown but close enough. Slowly he removed his hand from Momo’s and let fall down to his side, clutching the edge of his shirt. The mumbled ‘sorry’ was almost too quiet to hear.

    Kirishima’s eyes widened and he waved his hands in front of him. “Oh, no, no! You don’t need to stop, I was just asking why.” He knelt down in front of him, “It doesn’t bother me, I’m sorry.”

    Momo frowned and held out her hand for Shouta to take, “It’s alright, Kirishima was just asking a question. We can swing hands again if you’d like.”

    Kirishima grinned apologetically, “Sorry, again Shouta.”

    Shouta stared at him, a bit judging and calculating for someone so young. Kirishima grew nervous. Oh shit, he really didn’t mean to make sensei feel bad, that was the last thing he’d want to do. He started to sweat, oh shit , Bakugou and the others look like they want to murder him.

    Slowly, Shouta held out his hand, palm up, to Eijirou. When he didn’t immediately take his hand, Shouta waved a bit, his arm still extended.

    “Swing.” He mumbled.

    Kirishima almost started crying right then and there. Smiling he took Shouta’s hand in his own and stood up, swinging back and forth like he saw Momo do earlier.

    “Thanks for giving me a second chance buddy.” He smiled wider when Shouta nodded.

    Momo practically melted at the sight, it was too cute. Uraraka cooed, “Awww, that’s so adorable! Oh yes!” Uraraka pulled out a small, clear plastic bag of candy from her backpack that she’d brought with her. “Would you like me to hold onto your candy, or would you like to hold it?”

“You hold it please?”

Uraraka nodded, “Of course! Oh, and All Might-sensei!” She called out.

    Toshinori tilted his head, curious, and walked closer so he stood in front of his student, “Yes young Uraraka?”

    Her lips were set into a thin line and her hands fiddled with the hem of her shirt. Toshinori was immediately set on edge and felt the grin her plastered on slip from his face. “Young Uraraka? Is everything alright?”

    “Bakugou and the others,” she frowned, “we would like to talk to you, when we get back to the dorms? Nothing bad happened during our trip, but something alarming did.” Uraraka peered up at him, worry clear in her eyes. It wasn’t the worry that sat him on edge though, but the underlying anger and fury there that anyone would do to not be the target of.

    He nodded, “Of course we can talk young Uraraka.”

    She smiled, relieved, and clapped her hands together. “Thank you sensei! We can talk in the kitchen and have a nice cup of tea!”

    Toshinori smiled, “I’m glad I could help!”

    A loud honking noise drew their attention to the curb where the UA bus was parked. From here, Toshinori could see Midnight waving wildly from the window, pressing down on the wheel and releasing another loud honk from the bus.

    Sero grinned wider and waved back to Midnight-sensei, “Guess we gotta go! Come on Shouta, you’re going to love the dorms!”

    Kirishima nodded and swung their hands a bit more enthusiastically, “Oh yeah! They’re pretty big! Uraraka fell over when she walked through the door!”

    “Hey! It wasn’t that bad!”

    All Might smiled and followed his eccentric class to the bus where Midnight, and the poor bus driver beside her, waited.


    Shouta ended up sandwiched between Kirishima and Sero, Kaminari and Mina sitting in front of them, and Bakugou and Tsu sitting behind them. Currently they were all in a heated conversation about pineapple on pizza that Shouta had curiously asked about. Apparently a couple at the mall had been arguing over the same topic.

    Toshinori grinned and relaxed back against his seat beside Midnight, who was talking animatedly on her phone with her girlfriend, Ms. Joke, if he remembered correctly.

    “All Might-sensei!” Kaminari shouted from his seat, “Is pineapple on pizza good or bad!”

    Toshinori coughed lightly into his elbow, an amused smile decorating his face.

    “Hm, I am not impartial to the topping but I do admit,” he chuckled. “It is a strange thing to put on pizza.”

    Kaminari jumped from his seat and pointed at Bakugou and Mina, “HA! I told you it was weird!”


    “Hey! Pineapple on pizza is not weird!”

    “Kaminari sit down, kerro.”

    He rolled his eyes, folding his arms across his chest as he slumped ungracefully his seat. “Ya’ll are heathens.”

    Sero snickered and flicked the back of the blond’s head, “At least we’re not the ones using the word ‘y'all.’”

    “Hey! ‘Y’all’ is a perfectly acceptable word! Mic-sensei says it and he’s the english teacher!”


    Toshinori coughed, blood dribbling down his chin that he quickly wiped at as Shouta tested out the word. He laughed silently to the side as silence overtook the entire bus.

    Shouta wrinkled his nose and stared pointedly at Kaminari, who had his mouth agape. Toshinori felt like he was staring at a snake out how far his mouth opened. “I don’t like it.”

    Mina cackled loudly as Kaminari scowled and starting shouting. Kirishima and Sero were near tears as Kaminari gestured wildly, defending the word and claiming that anyone who did not think it to be a real word could ‘meet him in the pits.’

    Midnight was grinning so wide Toshinori could feel the ache in his own cheeks.

    “Oh my god, Hizashi would be having a field day with this.” She chuckled.

    He laughed and nodded. Indeed, if Yamada were here he would be proud. Or at least happy that one of his students was defending what everyone knows, his favorite word. Other than yain’t, or y’all’d’ve, or any other number of horrific conjugations.

    Uraraka was laughing, sitting next to Hagakure beside the Bakusquad. “Oh my god, Kaminari.”

    He stood up again, his foot planted on his seat as he exclaimed dramatically, “‘Y’all is an incredibly valid and useful word! Saying ‘you all’ is just gross and unnecessary when you can literally just say one word that sounds better!”

Midnight laughed, “He actually does make a good point.”

Kaminari grinned, and looked back at the others. “Ha! See, Midnight-sensei agrees with me!” Sero rolled his eyes, his signature grin still firmly in place as he swatted at Kaminari’s legs.

“Get down man, you could fall.”

Iida stood, hands chopping the air as he spoke. “Yes! Kaminari please get

off your seat! It would be bad if you were to fall and injure yourself!”

    Kaminari shot him a thumbs up and sat down again.

    All Might smiled, “You sit down too young Iida.”

    “Of course sensei!”

    “Oh we’re here already.” Midnight stood from her seat and made her way to stand by the driver. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened to say something, but Midoriya beat her to it.

    “Is that Gunhead!”

    Uraraka shot to her seat and squealed, “Oh my gosh! I wonder how he’s doing!”

    Tsu frowned and tilted her head, “I wonder what he’s doing here?”

    “Oh, he must be here to see Shouta!” Midnight said.

    Kirishima glanced curiously down at Shouta, “Why would he be here to see sensei?”   

    Midnight smiled lightly, “Gunhead and your sensei are actually quite good friends. He must have been worried.”

    Uraraka smiled, clapping her hands together and tilting her head cutely. “Aw, that’s so sweet! I wonder how long he’s gonna be staying.”

    Hagakure perked up beside her, “Oh! There’s someone else with him as well!”

    Toshinori coughed up blood, surprised as Noamosa stepped out of the car and made to stand on the sidewalk with Gunhead where the bus would park.

    “Oh, it’s the hot police guy!” Kirishima exclaimed.

    Toshinori coughed up even more blood, bending over as Midnight laughed, patting his back lightly. The poor bus driver looked at him in concern before slowing down and putting them to a stop in front of UA.

    Midnight pushed up her red rimmed glasses and held up her hand, “Alright everyone! Please gather your things and get off the bus. The teachers will talk to them. Shouta, please stick with Kirishima and the others.”   

    Kiri smiled and held out his hand for him to take, “Come on then Shouta! You can have some of your candy while we wait!” Shouta nodded and placed his hand in his and they filed out of the bus, Uraraka following behind them already looking for the bag of candy in her backpack.


    “Gunhead! It’s good to see you!” Exclaimed Midnight as she stepped off the bus, All Might in tow.

    “It’s good to see you too Midnight! Is Aizawa alright? I heard he ran into some trouble with some villains yesterday.” His voice obviously laced with concern.

    Nemuri smiled, “Shouta is fine, he got de aged so now we’re taking care of him. He’s with Kirishima and Uraraka.”

    Gunhead perked up at his former intern’s name, “Uraraka! How is she, may I speak with her, and Shouta too if you don’t mind?”

    She grinned, “Not at all! Uraraka, Kirishima, Shouta!” She waved them over.



    Midnight squealed as the two greeted each other. Listen,listen, it was really cute. They’re basically marshmallows wrapped in levels of badassery and fluff.

    “Oh and this must be Kirishima! Hello, I’ve a lot about you and your classmates from your friend!” Kirishima smiled broadly, obviously pleased that Uraraka told Gunhead about him and the others. “Oh my gosh! Is this Aizawa?”

    Gunhead knelt down. Even on his knees he had to slouch to appear smaller to Shouta.

    “Hello, I am Gunhead! I’m a pro hero!” He offered his hand for Shouta to shake, who, with the encouragement of both Kirishima and Uraraka, did.

    Gunhead was beaming inside his mask at the undeniably cute gesture. Getting up from his knees he directed his attention back to Midnight and All Might, suddenly getting quite serious.

    “We’re actually here to talk about Shouta though, and the villains that attacked him.” Beside him Naomosa nodded. “Yes, if we could move this inside UA, it would be ideal.”

    All Might nodded, “Of course. Has Principal Nedzu been contacted about this?”

    Gunhead nodded, “Yes! We wouldn’t have wanted to come without a heads up!”

    Kirishima and Uraraka frowned. The villains that attacked sensei? But they thought they were already put away? Shouta frowned, his hand still in Kirishima’s tightened.

    Bakugou scowled from where he was beside Todoroki and Midoriya. The heroes weren’t being quiet about it, they’re voices easily heard by the other members of class 1-A. Somehow, that worried them more than if they were being quiet about it.

    Midoriya frowned, a million scenarios racing through his mind. Why were they going to talk about the villains? Was something bigger happening? Was sensei in trouble?

    Midnight nodded, “Come on then, we can head to the dorms. I’m assuming the students need to hear this considering we’re not being quiet about it.”

    Naomosa grinned, “Ha, no. Besides, I’m sure even if we did try to keep this quiet, they would find out anyways.”

    All Might laughed sheepishly, “I guess so.”

    Gunhead turned to the class and gave them a thumbs up, “I hope you don’t mind, but I think this is something that you all need to know, especially considering the-uh, circumstances.”

    Kirishima frowned, and looked down at Shouta, who was still clenching his hand and frowning at Naomosa and Gunhead.

    He looked back up at Gunhead, “Be honest with us, is sensei in danger?”

    Gunhead stayed silent for a second before nodding slowly. “He might be, but that is why we must talk. Come, we should head to your dorms, it should be more secure there.”


    “Ta-da! This is where you’ll be staying! With us!” Uraraka pushed forward the double doors leading to the dorms. Kirishima grinned and swung their hands a little faster. “Yeah! You’re gonna like it here man, oh hey you’re probably tired huh.”

    Aizawa yawned, tugging on Kirishima’s hand and pointing towards the couch, “Nap.”

    Kirishima chuckled, of course he would ask to take a nap. “Sure thing buddy, but lets change into something more comfortable. Uraraka, do you think you can take him? I was gonna help put away the food.”

    She nodded and held out her hand for Shouta, “Sure thing! Come on Shouta, we can dress you in something soft and warm!” He nodded and grabbed her hand, following her to the bathrooms.

    Kaminari slung an arm around his shoulder, “Hey, hey, hey! Come on Kiri, we need help with everything, although we could just get Shouji to carry it all.”

    Kirishima laughed and let Kami steer him outside, “You know how that worked last time, he got stuck in the doorway.”

    Kaminari grinned and poked his ribcage, “All the more for you to help out, I’m pretty sure he’s still traumatized from it.”


    Uraraka grinned, swinging both her charges hand and the small bag she had with the cat themed pajamas. Cat themed pajamas. Uraraka giggled to herself. Who knew sensei could be so cute as a kid.

    She opened the doors to the bathrooms with an over exaggerated push as she led him inside.

    “Alright Shouta! We have two pajamas that you chose today!” She set down the bag and turned to face him, holding up the two pieces of clothing. “Would you like the purple one? Or the blue one?”

    “Blue please.”

    She laughed and set the purple pair back in the bag. “Good choice! Come now, I’ll help you take off you shirt and we’ll get you dressed.”

    Uraraka should have felt a little weird telling her sensei to undress so she could dress him, but he’s a kid. A cute one, too. She wanted to squish his cheeks so badly!

    She tugged at the end of shirt and urged him to out his hands up so she could pull it over his head. As she lifted it, her eyes widened and she had to stop a gasp from the small scars that littered his stomach. Realizing that she was probably taking too long, she pulled the shirt up farther and over his head. The damage was even worse.

    A scar, so light that it must have been from when he was much younger, traveled from his collarbone to his shoulder, and a small burn rested on his right side. It was almost expertly placed that Uraraka wouldn’t have noticed it if his hands weren’t up. She grimaced as she could see his ribs and scars that stretched across his skin.

    Horror gripped her tight and she felt like choking. Pushing through it, she numbly pulled the pajama shirt over his head and tugged, dressing him in the soft clothes.

    “Uraraka, pants?”

    Shaking herself out of it, she gave him a shaky, apologetic smile and handed him his pants and turned away to give him some privacy.

    She wanted to ask about the scars. She wanted to know who gave him them. Uraraka felt cold, consuming, anger fill her as she thought about anyone who would hurt another so badly as to give them scars. That burn scar-

    She shuddered.

    Uraraka remembered burning her hand on the stove once when she was younger, and the pain that came had her screaming. She couldn’t imagine that same pain being applied somewhere so sensitive.

    “I’m done, can I take a nap now?” Shouta asked.

    She turned around and grinned, the pajamas looked adorable. A little too big considering how skinny he is so that the sleeves covered his hands, only showing his fingers.

    “Yeah, come on let’s go back to the common room and you can nap there.” She put his clothes in the bag and stood up, offering her hand to hold.

    “Thank you.”

    Uraraka swallowed. He shouldn’t have to thank her for something so simple. She couldn’t help but think of those scars that outlined his small body, the way she could see his bones, how fragile his grip seemed in her hand.

    She swallowed down her questions and forced a smile on her lips. “It’s no problem! Come, the others are waiting.”

    She nudged open the bathroom door and together, they walked back towards the common rooms.


    Mina grinned and ran towards them as they appeared around the corner, the others already done with putting away the food.

    “Hey Shouta! Kirishima brought down a blanket and a pillow for you. Uraraka, Mr. Naomosa, Gunhead, and All Might-sensei are waiting for us in the dining area. I’ll meet with you guys once he falls asleep!”

    Mina took Shouta’s hand and led him back to the common room, leaving Uraraka to go meet with everyone else.

    Tsuyu grinned as Uraraka sat down next to her and pushed her some sliced apples, which she took gratefully. Mina came in next after a minute, obviously having succeeded in putting Shouta to sleep.

    All Might cleared his throat and the small, idle chatter that filled the space quieted down.

    “Naomosa, Gunhead, if you two would like to tell us what you need to tell us concerning Aizawa.”

    Mr. Naomosa sighed and slouched forward, resting his hands on the table and drumming his fingers against the surface anxiously. Gunhead sat next to him, back straight and stiff with his arms crossed over his chest.

    “As you all know, Eraserhead was turned into a child last night while on patrol with another underground hero.” He grimaced and his hand tightened into a fist. “It was no mistake that Eraser was turned into a child by a villain with a regression quirk. The other hero brought both the villain and eraser to the office. Through interrogation, we found out that eraser was targeted, has been targeted for a few days now, by an organization. They had sent the regression quirk-wielder to weaken him and kill him.”

    He paused and leaned back, slouching against the back of the chair and fixing them all with a tired gaze. “He still is targeted, which is why I’m telling you students as well and not just the teachers. According to the villain, the quirk should wear off in about a week or two, which is enough time for the organization to send someone else after him, now that he’s a child and can’t defend himself.

    “So we are asking you students to be on the lookout, for anyone suspicious or dangerous that comes near him. We are asking you to help protect him.” At this Mr. Naomosa smiled, “Aizawa and I had known each other for a few years and I see him as a friend. And as his friend, he’s constantly complaining to me about this classes and how incompetent some of them are. But, not once has he complained to me about you. Although, he has complained that some of you should protect and care about yourself more.”

    Naomosa’s smile widened, “You’re a good class, full of potential to become heroes, so I have no doubt that you will be able to protect him.” He pushed out his chair and stood up, “Now, Gunhead and I have to relay this information to the others, I will leave you now, thank you for your time.”

    As Gunhead and Mr. Noamosa moved to the entryway back into the hall, Uraraka frowned and called for them to wait. The others stared at her questioningly.

    The two paused, not expecting to be called back.

    Wringing her hands together, she looked at them, worry and fear shining in her eyes.

    “I-I have a question, or a-a favor, to ask. If that’s alright.”

    Mr. Naomosa nodded, “Of course, is there anything you would like to know?”

    “Was- oh man-” She mumbled, “Sorry, I just-I don’t really know how to word it.”

    “It’s okay, you can keep trying.” Gunhead said reassuringly.

    She nodded, shooting him a small smile before turning serious again. “When he was hit with the regression quirk, were his age and his memories the only things changed?”

    Gunhead tilted his head questioningly. Naomosa stiffened before stepping forward and asking, “What do you mean?”

    Uraraka twisted her shirt and bit her lip. “When I was helping him dress, he had these little scars all over his body, some looked really old and some looked like they were still healing. He had a burn too, on his side under his arm. I was wondering if those were injuries he had when he was an adult, or if. . .”

    The room was deadly quiet, no one even daring to breathe.

    Noamosa’s brows furrowed, “I-I do not think he had those injuries as an adult. But the burn does sound familiar, I’ll look into it.” He started to walk away briskly, but before he could exit the building he turned around and looked Uraraka in the eyes. “We’ll figure this out, thank you for bringing this to my attention.”

    The door shut behind them.

Chapter Text

    Uraraka stared at the double doors that had just shut behind Mr. Naomosa and Gunhead only a few moments ago. What she had just said caught up with her, and she slumped to her knees, suddenly feeling exhausted.

    Tsuyu jumped forward as she saw her fall, kneeling next to her as Uraraka continued to stare at the doors.



    She frowned and placed her hand on her shoulder and her other below her elbow. “Are you okay?”

    Uraraka nodded, seeming to come out of her daze as she stood up. “Yeah, I’m fine, sorry for worrying you.” She smiled sheepishly. Tsu only nodded and turned around to face the others. Uraraka did the same.

    Yagi was frowning, concern lined his face and made the shadows around his eyes darker, and his cheeks more gaunt and shallow. And although she knew she wasn’t the cause for it, Uraraka couldn’t help the guilt that curdled in her stomach when she observed how tired he looked.

    “He had scars.”

    Shinsou’s voice spoke above the crowd of students that now filled the hallway. It wasn’t a question.

    Hitoshi was furious. No, he was beyond that. Everyone described anger as hot and red, but he could only feel cold and white cloud his senses. It was consuming, suffocating him as ‘scars’ repeated over in his head like a broken record.


    A warm hand settled on his shoulder, not quite breaking through the cold, but enough so that he could start thinking a bit more clearly.

    “Calm down, being angry won’t help us.” Momo urged beside him.

    He scowled, “I know that, but I can’t help it. He’s eight years old Momo.”

    Her eyes narrowed, something cold and dangerous lying behind hues of grey. “We know that Hitoshi-” He felt a shiver run up his spine as she hissed out his name, “-but for now, we need to help him.”

    Kirishima nodded, expression grim and he almost looked like he was sneering. “Momo’s right. Uraraka,” She looked at him, “You said that some of them still looked fresh?”

    She nodded, “Yeah, there’s some on his belly and a few on his arms and close to his neck. They look like shallow cuts really.”

    Kirishima nodded, “Okay, when he wakes up we should dress those so they don’t get infected. It would be bad if he were to get sick.”

    “If I were to get sick?”

    They all jumped at the hoarse and slightly high pitched voice that came from the kid by the common room. Somehow, they had all failed to notice Shouta waking up and coming to the hallway.

    “Ho-how long have you been here?” Midoriya stammered.

    Shouta tilted his head to the side slightly, long black hair falling in front of his eyes and the tan line beneath them. “I woke up a little bit ago and came here. Was I not supposed to? Sorry.”

    A little bit ago could mean anytime from where they had been talking in the kitchen, to where Uraraka had asked Naomosa her questions.

    Midoriya swallowed and knelt down, smiling at Shouta. “No, it’s okay, you didn’t do anything wrong, you don’t need to apologize. We were just curious as to how long you’ve been up.”

    Hitoshi scowled and looked away, that same cold feeling curled in his gut as Midoriya told Shouta not to apologize. Feeling like he was being watched, he looked up to find two pairs of eyes on him. Todoroki and Bakugou, with the same dangerous look in their gaze that had his lips quirking up in a sort-of smirk. So he wasn’t completely alone then. That was good to know.

    “Would you like to go back to sleep? We have an extra dorm if you want to sleep there, or if you want to stay with someone? You will have to ask them first if it’s okay, but I’m sure it won’t be a bother.” Midoriya said with a reassuring smile.

    Mina grinned and knelt down beside him, “Yeah! If you want you can stay with me for the night!”

    All Might smiled and ruffled Mina’s hair, being careful of her horns. “That sounds like a good idea, but I think it’d be best for young Shouta to stay with me for the first night.”

    Mina whined but otherwise put up no other fuss. “Fine- but next time he’s totally bunking with me!”

    Toshinori laughed and nodded. He turned to Shouta and his heart constricted and suddenly it got just a little harder to breathe. The baggy sleeping shirt allowed for some of his shoulder to show and he glimpsed at the thin scar that ran raggedly across pale skin. He swallowed down the blood and guilt that piled up and grinned, albeit a little forced, and offered his hand to his deaged co-worker.

    Toshinori’s smile became a little less forced when Shouta took his hand, having to reach up because of his height.

    Mina cooed and placed her hand above her heart, pretending to faint into Kaminari’s arms exclaiming that she ‘died from the cuteness!’

    Guiding young Shouta up the stairs, he turned back and faced his students and grinned, waving goodnight as they disappeared from their view.

Silence fell heavy over the students once their teachers went upstairs. Slowly, as if they were walking through molasses, they migrated towards the common room, where they held most of their conversations.

Uraraka’s breathing felt shallow and silent, even to her own ears. Something like guilt weighed heavy in her gut and in the back of her head. Logically, she knew that there was absolutely no way that she, or any one of them, could have known before today.


    She glanced discreetly towards Bakugou, Shinsou, Todoroki, and Momo. They didn’t seem all that surprised, not like the rest of them. Instead, it looked as though they had already had a feeling that something like this happened.

    She turned away when she felt calloused and slightly larger hands grasp her own. Uraraka smiled up at Tsu, appreciating the worry and concern that lay in her girlfriend’s dark eyes. She leaned over and placed a soft kiss to her cheek, a silent ‘I’m okay’ that only they could understand as they sat down on the couch.

    Shinsou and the others sat themselves in front of the coffee table and the couches where everyone else was.

    For a while, none of them said anything, the contemplative silence stretching between them for some time, making the minutes tick by slower and the seconds agonizing as they just sat. Sat and did nothing.

    Bakugou growled and slammed the table, a small explosion causing a mark in the wood along with several other indents caused by the same action.

    Kirishima frowned but made no motion to speak or even move at the sudden noise, nor did he do anything to stop the silence that came after once again.

    Todoroki sighed and ran a hand through his red locks, dragging them away from his face and unintentionally bringing attention to his scar. A burn scar similar to the one that Uraraka said that Shouta had had along his side.

    It was Shinsou who broke the silence, asking the question that everyone had in their heads.

    “What do we do?”

    Momo grimaced and shifted, bringing her hands up and placing them on the table from where they were at her side, gripping the soft carpet in the tension.

    “From here on out? I don’t really know.” She bit her lip and continued, “But we can’t ignore this. Something like this,” Her eyes narrowed, “it’s unforgivable.”

    Sero nodded, “Yeah. But, what can we do now? How can we make this better?”

    Momo sighed, weary and seeming far more tired than any 15 year old had any right to be. “All we can do now is make sure no harm comes to him. We can clean his cuts and dress his wounds, and generally just be there for him. I-” Her lips pressed into a thin line, her eyes shining with unshed tears that she refused to let fall. “I can’t think of anything else we can do. The damage is already done, and we can’t really reverse it. We just need to be there.”

    Bakugou was rocking slightly where he say next to Todoroki. A growl set on his face and eyes shining with pure rage. Pushing himself to his feet, he rounded on the table and kicked it across the room and into the opposite wall with a shout, thankfully away from everyone else.

    Sero’s eyes widened then narrowed and he lept to his feet as well, “Dude what the hell!”

    Bakugou practically snarled as he faced Sero. Hands sparking with explosions and the slightly unhinged expression on his face had Sero wincing back slightly, his usual happy grin turned into a frown.


    He turned at Midoriya’s voice to be met with stern green eyes and mouth set in a grim line.

    “Enough.” His voice was firm, leaving no room for argument and tinted with an edge, something that screamed that if Bakugou made one wrong move, something would happen. Something neither of the boys would like.

    Katsuki exhaled harshly through his nose, the explosions fading out until just smoke emitted from his palms, but even that was snuffed out quickly. He scoffed and fell back to the floor, refusing to meet anyone’s eyes but Sero’s, who nodded, recognizing that that was Bakugou’s way of a silent apology. Sero grinned slightly and sat back down, forgiving him immediately. Besides, no one could blame him either. Tensions were running high.

    “Is there anything we can do? Specifically I mean.” Aoyoma asked, surprising everyone. He had been silent for nearly the entire day, only agreeing with a nod of his head to anything they had wanted to do.

    Shinsou sighed and leaned back on his hands, head tilted up and staring at the ceiling. “Now? Specifically I don’t really know. I may know a little bit more of sensei, considering how much time I spent with him, still spending with him because of training. But-” He paused, and contemplated what he was going to say next. “I know small things, like what his second favorite color is other than yellow. He likes cats and weird candies like salty licorice. I-” he paused again, his brows furrowed as if he were deep in concentration. “He may like drawing? Mic-sensei had mentioned it in passing once I think, when he had gone out to look for Aizawa-sensei when we were training.”

    Mina smiled, “Well, now we know what we can get him. I have some empty notebooks in my room I can give him when he wakes up!”

    Shinsou grinned, more of a quirk of his lips really, and nodded. “I think he’d like that.”

    “What about triggers?”

    Midoriya cocked his head to the side, staring at Todoroki curiously. Ojirou frowned, “What do you mean?”

    Todoroki shrugged, “Triggers, things that could send him into a panic attack or flashback. We’d want to avoid those things the best we can.”

    Momo sighed, “I-hadn’t thought of that.”

    Shinsou frowned and his eyes narrowed. “We would need to ask, but that could bring up unwanted memories, which could lead to a panic attack. And guessing could lead to the same result.”

    Tokoyami nodded, “A dangerous line to tread.”

    Silence once again consumed the rest of their conversation. Everyone brainstorming different ways to help, to heal, to move forward. But they knew so little of their teacher that they kept second guessing, unsure of what could go wrong, or what could go right. The safest thing was the sketchbook.

    A sketchbook was the only goddamn thing they could come up with, and that frustrated them more than if they had nothing.

    There, in the common room, they stayed for the duration of the day. No one bothering to make dinner or even point out it was time for them to eat. Each of them too lost in their heads. Finally, they dispersed, leaving one by one to their rooms to rest, or to think things over and pray and hope that sleep takes them.

    Momo sighed, her hand resting on the wall separating the common room and the hallway.

    “Shinsou? You should head to sleep too.”

    He didn’t look up from his hands which were tightened into fists on top of the table. His knuckles were white, back and shoulders stiff, tension rolling off of him in waves.


    That shook him out of it. The shadows beneath his eyes seemed even darker and she had to suppress a wince as he stared at her, eyes half-lidded and yet seemed far more aware than he let on.

    Realizing she was still expecting an answer, he nodded and placed a hand on the table to steady him as he stood up. From there, he stumbled over to where she still was, waiting patiently for him.

Momo smiled sympathetically and turned off the lights, allowing him to walk her to her own room before departing and heading off to his own.


He turned around to face her. She smiled.

“He’ll be okay, we’ll make sure he’s okay.”

She didn’t expect him to say or even do anything. She expected him to continue walking forward, or to nod and then leave. But,

Instead he offered her a smile of his own, tired but no less hopeful and determined.

“He will be.”


Toshinori lay in bed, Shouta curled up at his side, fast asleep, and him, wide awake. He sighed and turned over on his right, facing Shouta and watched as the little one’s shoulders rose and fell slowly.

    The curdle in his stomach tightened as he glimpsed the scar once more. All Might had seen many cases from his time as a hero, cases such as this one.

He swallowed.

    But these cases always left a foul taste in his mouth. That there were children out there, being hurt and ignored by their parents, by the very people who were supposed to protect, and love, and nourish them into becoming remarkable people. In All Might’s mind, it was the one of the worst kinds of evil. An evil one of his own co-workers had been privy to at such a young age.

    He sighed, trying to relax again when he noticed his shoulders becoming too tense. There was an itch in the back of his throat and a burning residing in his eyes, none of them caused because of his injury. This unjury that limited him to, now, more simpler acts of heroism, or sometimes, not even that.

This injury that stretched across his side, like a star bursting with lightning and dust. For at times, it did feel like lightning racing up his side, causing him almost unspeakable agony, and like dust, numbing everything and making his senses fuzzy with the pain and helplessness. Lightning and dust. Two very different things that seemed to almost compliment each other in where All Might was concerned.


    Not All Might.

    Yagi Toshinori.

    He felt the tears in his eyes and the burning behind them.

    That was all he was now. No longer was he the Symbol of Peace, no longer was he the revered hero All Might, saving people with a booming laugh and a beaming smile, ensuring that everything would be alright.

    His breath hitched and he raised a hand to cover his mouth, unwilling to wake his charge because of some haywire emotions that got the better of him late at night. He chuckled bitterly.

    But he couldn’t help the tears that now ran freely down his face, over gaunt cheeks and pointed chin.

    That’s right.

    No longer was he able to bound into the skies, above the clouds, above the people, and watch over them. No longer was he able to hold up burning buildings to give those a chance at getting out while waiting for better suited heroes to arrive (some would argue that he was the best suited hero for anything. To which he would respond with a laugh and a swift change of subject. To which his heart would beat wildly as he thought of the many great services that others have done). No longer was he able to battle a group of villains while protecting a small child in his arms. No longer was he able to return that child to their mother, awaiting from the sidelines and sobbing with joy as she was reunited with her child.


    All he was now.

    All he was now was Yagi Toshinori.

    And that in itself was quite a feat.

    The tears slowed and his hand lowered, resting now on his heart as he stared up at the ceiling.

    Yes, being Yagi Toshinori was quite a feat.

    No longer was he able to guide children to safer areas during a fight. But as Yagi, he was able to guide his students to a bright future. No longer was he able to leap high above buildings to observe and watch for crime. But as Yagi, he felt the same as he did flying as he does whenever his students accomplish something, whether it be a test or even a game. No longer was he able to battle of hordes of villains as others evacuated. But as Yagi, he fought the different evils that plagued his young students’ minds after everything they’ve been through.


    He could do many things as All Might, but as Yagi, he could do more than he ever could. He never really realized how constricting society had been until he had been free of the bonds that held him back, of the bonds that screamed for self-sacrifice and great acts of heroism instead of softer actions taken to comfort and to heal.

    Now, instead of bearing his name as a weight, he will wear it with gladness and pride.

    All Might couldn’t be there for his students now.

    But Yagi Toshinori could.

    Yes, at times it will still hurt, not being able to do what he had dreamed of doing as a kid. But being a hero didn’t mean punchng a few villains, it meant helping people in need, license or not.

    And that meant helping his co-worker, and dare he say friend, with whatever troubles him in his current form, curled up at his side.

    Slowly, as to not disturb Shouta, Toshinori placed his arm around the smaller, pulling him close and curling his own long body around the boy protectively. He felt small shoulders tense and breath still before slowly relaxing once again, falling back into peaceful sleep.

    Toshinori allowed himself a small smile, barely visible in the dark and only highlighted by the light from the moon, seeping through the window and casting itself on his bed.

    He sighed and closed his burning eyes and relaxed, and soon, sleep overcame him like a soft blanket or a gentle wind. He let it take him, hoping in the morning that his best will be enough to help Shouta and his students. The thought comforted him and he, for that night and many nights after, fell asleep, a smile gracing his face as the world faded into black.


Toshinori blearily opened his eyes, only to shut them again as sunlight poured in through the open windows, blinding him where his head rested on the pillow. Groaning, he rolled over onto his back and blinked up at the ceiling. Picking up his phone from where he had dropped it on the bed last night, he turned it on. . .

And then proceeded to cough out blood.

It was 10:00 am.

    Toshinori held his hand up to his forehead in disbelief. That was the longest he’s ever slept since, well, the battle with All for One. Usually his thoughts would keep him up all night and the nightmares would just wake him up later if he did fall asleep.

    He dropped his phone on his face.

    Cursing, he rubbed his nose and forehead where the screen had smacked him. He sat up and glared down at his phone from where it lay next to his pillow.  He sighed, might as well wake up Shouta and get ready for the day.

    “Shouta? Come, you must wake up, I think breakfast should be rea-” He turned around and froze.



    The class was already up and in the kitchen when Yagi raced downstairs, only having half the sense to put on a new shirt and pants before he left his room.

    He must have made quite the impression when he came skidding into the kitchen; flying in with reckless abandon and blood spraying from clenched teeth.


Hagakure actually screeched and ended up tossing her bowl of cereal in the air. Which landed on Yagi, dousing him in milk and Lucky Charms.

    Silence filled the room as the entirety of class 1-A witnessed their teacher, and number 1 hero, be bested into submission by a bowl of cereal.

    “What. The. Fuck.”

    Suddenly the hall was screeching with laughter as Yagi stood blankly in the hallway, looking as though his will to live had been sucked out of him as soon as the bowl landed in his hair. Kaminari was pounding the table, a tear escaping his eye as he wheezed. Even Midoriya was having trouble keeping a straight face.

    Momo giggled and handed Toshinori a wet cloth, which he took gratefully .

    “Shouta came down a few hours ago when Bakugou, Satou and I were making breakfast. We have a plate for you All Might-sensei! Please come eat with us!” She grinned, hands clasped together in front of her.

    Toshinori smiled and placed the milk ridden towel and bowl on the counter. “I think I will, thank you young Yaoyorozu.” As he moved to sit at the table, he stopped and his gaze became just a little softer as he observed his students. “And please,” They looked up at him, “call me Yagi-sensei.”


    They had breakfast and talked, about what they could do for Shouta, who was in the common room with Kaminari and Hagakure watching some TV show, and what could be done to keep him safe from the villains that Naomosa and Gunhead had said would come after him.

    “I think it’s obvious to say but, he can’t be left alone, not even at UA. At least two people should be with him at all times, when we go out or just staying at ho- the dorms.” Shinsou said. The others nodded, not bothering to mention his little slip up. They all thought the same thing anyways, the dorms really had become like a second home to them.

    Mina raised a brow and cocked her head to the side, “How are we going to do this then? Like, are we gonna take shifts?”

    Shinsou shrugged, “Kind of? You know how we all did the ‘All Might Protection Squad’ after his true form became known?”

    Sero and the others laughed and smiled at the memories, oblivious to Toshinori’s confusion. “Oh yeah that was hilarious! It was a good system though! We might have some difficulty changing it up but I think it shouldn’t be too different.”

    Midoriya nodded, “Yeah! I still have the schedule in my room! I’ll go get it.” He stood from his chair and raced to his room, leaving behind a very confused Toshinori and very excited students.

    “What’s the ‘All Might Protection Squad?’”

    “Nothing you need to worry about Yagi-sensei!” Momo giggled.

Toshinori sighed. “This is karma for all my days as a hero or just as a teenager isn’t it.”

    Shinsou grinned, “That depends on how you lived it sensei. Oh, that was quick.”

    Midoriya sped back into the kitchen and-yup, he was definitely using his quirk if the green lightning crackling off of him was anything to go by. Midoriya grinned and held up a single sheet of paper, of which Toshi could see scribbled names and numbers.

    “I found it! Here we go,” He set the paper down on the table and let everyone crowd around it, unintentionally pushing Toshinori to the outskirts of the small group. He stood up and managed to look down over everyone at the paper anyways. Thank Nana for his freakishly tall height.

    Midoriya was talking excitedly next to Uraraka and Iida, who’s hands waved around in his enthusiasm, coming close to Uraraka’s or Midoriya’s head. Young Sero was so unfortunate as to be nudged closer to the trio, earning a frighteningly well placed hit to the face from Iida, who immediately apologized and fretted over his fallen classmate.

    “-so if we just alter it here. . .”

    “Oh! I can take the five o’ clock!”

    “Wait, pair me up with Tsu!”

    “Oh-Bakugou and I can cover this time-!”

    Toshinori leaned back against his chair, content to watch the somewhat organized chaos unfold in front of him as they came up with a schedule. It seemed as though Midoriya and Yaoyorozu were in charge, writing down times and telling their fellow classmates their shifts.

    “Oh! Yagi-sensei!” Momo raised her head over the sea of students and called out to him. “What times would you like? You could take two shifts with Midoriya and Todoroki, or you can take one shift by yourself, or you and Shinsou could take a shift together. If that’s alright of course.”

    Toshinori shrugged and smiled, “I do not think it would be wise for me to take a shift alone in this form young Yaoyorozu, and I think young Midoriya and young Todoroki would be enough.” He turned his gaze upon his purple haired student, “Would it be alright if I were to join you young Shinsou?”

    The boy shrugged, looking as if he could care less about the situation. “It doesn’t matter, I’m cool with it.”

    Momo smiled and wrote down his name next to Shinsou’s on the paper. The students backed up as she walked over to the bulletin board they had put in the kitchen and pinned the schedule, clear for everyone to see.

    “Alright! If you do not like your times, please see either Midoriya or I to change it, and the person or people you’d like to switch with!”

    The others nodded, and Toshinori was in slight awe at the unity his class showed. The awe faded away into pride. Of course, they were his and Aizawa’s students, they were aspiring heroes studying at UA. Already they were more experienced than some other beginning heroes. The thought should have filled Toshinori with regret, or even sadness at that, but all he could feel was pride at the thought that these were the children that would surpass them, that these were the children who would carry on their legacy and pave their own names and identities. They all started from somewhere, and they would all finish the same.

    Toshinori smiled, the ghost of a younger him, a young kid who would do anything to become All Might, simmered beneath his skin. He could feel the same youthfulness, the excitement that always had him at his feet when a hero aired on TV, brewing inside him as he watched his students, his kids.

    He couldn’t wait.



    Hagakure came bounding into the kitchen, Shouta following behind her holding onto Kaminari as he rambled on about whatever show they were watching. Shouta listening with a blank face, the only indication he actually was listening was when he would quietly mumble a question that would launch young Kaminari into another 5 minutes of rambling.

    “Ah, what are you three doing here?”

    Besides Toshinori, only Bakugou, Kirishima, and Shinsou were left in the kitchen. Shinsou was scrolling through his phone but looked up when the trio entered. Bakugou was still drilling Kirishima on his notes and Toshinori himself was reading over the news.

    Hagakure opened the fridge, “We wanted a snack! Oh, hey Shouta!” The young boy looked over at Hagakure. “Tokoyami got you some applesauce yesterday, would you like one? We have some yogurt too if you’d like that!”

    Shouta nodded, “Applesauce please.”

    Hagakure reached in and grabbed an applesauce for him and an orange for herself.

    Kaminari smirked and leaned back in his chair, folding his arms behind his head and smirking.. Toshinori suddenly got a very bad feeling.

    “Yo, can you toss me another capri sun?”

    A, thankfully, mostly empty gallon of  juice flew across the room and hit Kaminari in the face.

    The only thing that broke the silence was the unmistakable sound of the of juice hitting the floor with a hollow thump.

    Then Kirishima started wheezing . Kaminari was laughing hysterically as well. Bakugou was shouting at the both of them. Hagakure was kneeling on the floor, most likely laughing as well. Shinsou rolled his eyes, and deciding that he didn’t want to be here, left and went upstairs, presumable to his room.

    Shouta just looked confused.

    Toshinori sighed, a grin threatening to split his face, as he continued to read his newspaper. Apparently Kamui Woods had just taken down another villain the other day.

    Kaminari and Kirishima were still laughing when Hagakure set down the applesauce in front of Shouta and took a seat.

    “Sorry about that, it was just a joke.” She said lightly.

    Shouta just shrugged and opened his snack. “It’s fine.”

    She ruffled his hair and then started peeling her orange, letting the skin of it fall on the table. Kaminari was rubbing his face where he got hit and leaned down to grab the not so forgotten jug of juice.

    “Dude, there’s barely any left. Think I should chug it?”

    Kirishima grinned, “Ha, bet you won’t. Iida will be racing down here before you can even get the cap off. It’s like, the unspoken rule here man.”

    Bakugou rolled his eyes and grabbed his pencil. God, it was as if they weren’t doing homework before. Damn Pikachu. Something shifted in the corner of his eye and he directed his gaze towards that spot, fully expecting to find Kaminari choking on the juice. What he got instead was a paler, than he already was, Shouta. Actually, the kid wasn’t just pale, he looked sick .

    He growled. Damn it, if All Might actually got the kid sick last night, teacher or not, he was going to kill him.

    He sighed and leaned forward a bit, “Oi-

    “What are the rules?”

    Shouta’s eyes widened a bit and he got even paler, if that was possible , when he cut Bakugou off. He seemed to shrink in on himself, mumbling a small apology without meeting his eyes.

    “Rules?” Kirishima asked. The room had gone silent.

    Shouta nodded, his movements a little choppy. “Ye-yeah. What-what are the rules?”

    Hagakure seemed upset, which was impressive given that she was invisible, and turned in her seat to face him. “What do you mean by rules?”

    Bakugou had expected him to ask the question again, or give an actual answer. What they didn’t expect was for Shouta to get upset, or frustrated.

    “The rules! What am I supposed to do when I’m not wanted, when you don’t want to see me. What ha-happens when I do something bad! When am I allowed to eat! If I’m not useful enough!-” That was worrying “-What happens if I us-use my quirk. What am I allowed to do? What am I not allowed to do? Wha-what are the punishments?” He got quieter the longer he spoke. Not because he was getting tired of shouting, but more because he noticed he was shouting. Like he was worried something was going to happen if he didn’t control himself

    Alarm bells were ringing loud in Bakugou’s head. It was the only thing he could hear actually. The room was dead quiet.

    “Sorry.” Shouta mumbled, shrinking in on himself even more when the tension in the room grew.

    Screw it. The ringing faded away and all Bakugou saw was red. He could practically taste copper on his tongue. His skin felt too hot and his hands felt clammy and wet.

    A firm grip wrapped around his upper arm, grounding him before he could do something he’d, admittedly, regret later.

    “Bakugou, calm down.”

    Calm down? How the hell does Kirishima think he could just, calm down ? The barely bitten back rage reared its ugly head again and he growled. Calm down .

    The retort died on his lips the moment he actually took a look at Kirishima. The boy’s face, always so friendly and determined, was alike to stone, cold and unmoving, as Kirishima kept a steady grasp on Bakugou’s arm.

    He growled and exhaled through his nose. He leaned back against his chair with the next exhale, mentally doing the breathing exercises in his head that sensei made him go to. He had to admit, it did help.


    And out


    And out


    He exhaled slowly, willing the anger away.

    He nodded to Kirishima. The ‘I’m fine’ went unsaid between them, but Eijirou didn’t need words to understand him. He had found that out early on. He crossed his arms over his chest and stared at Shouta, just like everyone else was.

    Kirishima’s stony expression slowly broke away back into concern and worry. He sighed and placed his hands on the table.

    Plastering on a comforting smile, he hoped it was comforting anyways, his mom always did say how he wore his emotions on his sleeves, he leaned forward.

    “Hey, hey now.” Shouta looked up and Kirishima smiled easier, “Little dude, I don’t know what you’re thinking but I promise that the only punishment you’ll get is not being able to use the TV for a few hours.”

    “. . .What?”

    “Yeah man,” Kaminari broke in, “I can vouch for that! I mean, maybe you’ll be stuck with extra chores too, but you’re too small for that so you don’t need to worry about that!”

    Hagakure nodded, “Do you get it? Shouta, you don’t need to do anything, just relax and enjoy being a kid.”

    Shouta nodded, but shook his head. “I-no, I don’t get it.”

    Kaminari frowned, “What don’t you get?”

    Shouta’s brows furrowed and he looked at Yagi, “What would happen if I used my quirk? What are the punishments?”

    Yagi seemed more weary, the underlying message of the questions concerned him. The questions themselves were a cause for concern as well. “Only people who do bad receive punishment, and quirk usage is no reason to inflict any punishment.” He replied sternly, making no room for argument.

    Shouta nodded.

Hagakure asked, concern lacing her voice, “Is there anything else you would like to ask?”

        He shook his head.

    She leaned forward and asked again, “Are you sure? Then is there anything you’d like us all to know? Or anything we need to know?”

    Shouta shook his head slowly; as if he didn’t know how to answer it. She leaned back against her chair, a barely audible sigh escaping her lips, weighed heavy with exhaustion and something akin to defeat.

    “Okay then. Hey,” She smiled,“That show we were watching is starting again soon. Do you wanna watch it?” She was glad she was invisible at the moment. No one could see how strained her smile was.

    Shouta nodded, almost numbly stepping from his seat and walking into the common room. She watched him leave and turned to look at Bakugou, Kaminari, Kirishima, and Yagi-sensei.

    “You guys come up with something that can help him, I’ll take over for now.”

    And she left, trailing after her charge as she left the others to talk things over. She couldn’t help but worry though. What he said back there weren’t things she had expected from a teacher. Much less Mr. Aizawa. She didn’t want to think about it, but she knew she had too. Being a hero means more than just being someone who punches away some villains; she had witnessed generous bouts of heroism by people without licenses, normal people, who she admired more than some other pro-heroes.

    All Might always seemed so far out of reach, even now that he’s retired and has taken teaching at UA his overall job, he still-at times- seemed so godlike that she often forgot that he was even her teacher and not just the hero giving a speech before moving on to save some part of Japan.

    The other teachers, like Midnight, and Snipe, and-hell, even Present Mic, always seemed so out of reach as well. They were looked up to as gods sometimes, people of incredible value with almost no faults that it felt unreal to be taught by them.

    And then there were moments where they were human, where they showed their students that they were like them.

    Midnight, offering painkillers and heating pads every time she came to the dorms to help one of the girls.

    Present Mic, and his fear of bugs and mellow moments that he rarely showed to his fans, but was always able to share with his students.

    Snipe’s cool cowboy persona melted away once he was away from the cameras, and he became a meme-loving dork who would excitedly recite whole passages from movies or tv-shows.  

    All Might, though, even in his faults and adoring personality, still constantly seemed out of their reach. So far and yet so close. It was like if a god lived among them, talked among them, ate beside them, but could never really be with them.

    Hagakure knew it was dangerous and unfair to hold Yagi-sensei to that, but she couldn’t stop seeing him as the number 1 hero, the man who created the era of peace that she was able to live in. The legend who could stop a hundred villains without breaking a sweat. Their hero, who smiled and assured everyone that it would be all right.


    The small voice broke her out of her thoughts, and she immediately berated herself for spacing off when she was supposed to be watching Shouta.

    “Yes?” She looked down at him, expecting him to ask her to change the channel or something.

    But he wasn’t staring at her, he was staring blankly at the screen,chin tucked inbetween his knees and his crossed arms over his legs. He looked so small and tired. Far more tired than any 8 year old should be. He turned his head and looked at her, thin eyes peering up at her behind messy bangs. And she was scared to find that she couldn’t tell what he was feeling.

    “Am I bad?”

    She couldn’t answer that. For a while, the silence stretched between. And for a while, Hagakure was terrified .

    Shouta sighed and turned back towards the screen, burying his face a little deeper in his knees and hunching forward even more.

    “Shouta-” She placed a hand on his shoulder, “Why would you ask that?”

    He frowned, looking at her for a moment from the corner of his eye before looking ahead again. “You guys said that only bad people get punishments?” When she nodded, his frown deepened. “Then am I bad?”


    Blaring noise seemed to explode from the sound system set up in dorms. On instinct, Hagakure pulled Shouta close and muffled his ears with her elbows as she covered her ears with her hands.

    “ All available staff members please meet in front of UA. Teachers who are in the dorms must stay with their students.

    Jirou and Mina stumbled into the common room, a string of other students following not far behind. Yagi-sensei and the others came skidding from the kitchens as well once they heard the alarms.

    Bakugou growled, “What the hell was that!”

    “ Three unidentified persons have entered UA grounds. All available staff members please meet in front of UA .” -Came the shrill answer.

    Uraraka’s eyes widened and she looked to Hagakure with such fear and anxiousness that she couldn’t help but tighten her arms around Shouta and bring him closer.

    “You don’t think it’s those villains that targeted sensei?” Jirou asked.

    Bakugou rolled his eyes, “Of course it is- it’s too on point for it to be coincidence, and knowing our luck-” he scoffed, “- it’s only logical ain’t it?”

    He grinned-showing far more teeth than necessary- and let small explosions dance around his palm like deadly fairies. “I say we beat those bastards to a pulp and have them reverse the effects of that stupid quirk.”

    Uraraka’s fear dissipated and she wore a grin to match his. “Yes, I think that’s a great idea Bakugou.” Hagakure shuddered. If there was one thing to truly fear, it was an Uraraka and Bakugou team up.

    Yagi stepped between them, “No, please don’t go outside. We don’t even know their quirks.”

    Uraraka tilted her head, a dangerous gleam in her eyes. “So if we knew their quirks we’d be able to fight them?”

    Yagi coughed and shook his head, “N-no, please no! I’m saying that we cannot go outside. It’s too dangerous to risk.”

    “ All available staff be aware, the three unidentified persons are making their way to the dorms. Please intercept before they reach the students .” The speakers crackled.

    Todoroki glared, “We may not have a choice.”

    Momo nodded, “Yes, it may seem so. Yagi-sensei, please take Midoriya, Bakugou, Shinsou and Hagakure with you and Shouta upstairs. Todoroki and I will be coming up with you shortly.”

    “What the hell! Why not put me on the front lines!” Bakugou exploded. Both literally and figuratively.

    Momo fixed him with a stern glare that made him stop. “Because we need our strongest or most capable here to protect Shouta, or did you forget our plan Bakugou.”

    Her tone left no room for argument.

    Toshinori was impressed. He was even more impressed when Bakugou did nothing but gesture for him and the others to follow him up the stairs and into one of the teacher’s small lounges. But-


    Midoriya nodded, “When you first retired and we made the All Might protection squad, we had plans to counteract villain attacks on you. Now, obviously we had to change our patterns, but the system is still basically the same.” Midoriya smiled, “We’re basing the groups right now on who seems most capable of ending a fight quickly. Shinsou because he was trained by sensei, and we’ve seen how sensei fights, so we assumed that Shinsou would also fight in a similar style-” that was true, “-which is quickly and effectively. Bakugou, well, that’s pretty self explanatory. Hagakure because Shouta has latched onto her for now, but also for her stealth and ability to use it to surprise enemies. Myself- well that’s pretty self explanatory as well isn’t it?” Young Midoriya grinned, “And Momo and Todoroki because they are some of the most capable people in class with hard to beat quirks.”

    “Oi-Izuku, shut up!” Bakugou growled back towards them, “You’re getting damn annoying with your yapping.”

    Midoriya grinned sheepishly, “Ah-sorry, Yagi-sensei was just asking a question.”

    Bakugou rolled his eyes, “You literally could have just said, ‘because we’re the strongest’ instead dumbass.”

    Toshinori stepped in before they could start arguing, “Ah, one more question, if I may ask?”

    The entire group was paying attention now.
    “What of the other students? I assume they have roles in this too.”

    Shinsou nodded, “Yes, the others are in on it as well. Right now, Kaminari, Jirou and Todoroki should be checking all lower doors and windows and the UA security cameras placed by them to check if they’re all locked and to make sure the cameras work and capture the footage. Kirishima, Sero, and Sato are gonna be stationed at the main entrance to intercept enemies with Uraraka, Jirou and Tsu on the first floor. The others will place themselves on different floors with whoever they’re most compatible with. It’s still a working system.” Shinsou shrugged, “And we don’t really have all of it figured out, but for now, if it works, it works.”

    Toshinori was impressed. Very impressed, with this students.

    “ The three unidentified persons are near the dorm systems, going into Lock Down .” Rang the mechanic voice on the overhead. A shrill alarm echoed through the dorms, and Toshinori almost jumped when the window behind him was covered in a metal sheet.

    Immediately, the room dimmed, the emergency lights flickering to life. Toshinori wasn’t sure if that was part of the Lockdown or because of the villains’ quirks.

    He exhaled sharply.

    For some reason this felt different from what he went through as All Might. The things he felt were the same-the anxiety, the adrenaline rush- but now; something else weighed down his shoulders, pressing against his chest and settling deep in his gut. Now, he wasn’t All Might, he was only Yagi Toshinori.

    He just hoped that would be enough.

    Momo’s voice cut through the door, “Is everyone in there?”

    Bakugou shouted back, “What the hell do you think ponytail! Of fucking course we’re in here!”

    Toshinori could practically see her eye roll through the door, “I was just checking Bakugou. Todoroki and I will stay out here to keep watch for now. I don’t think anything will actually happen though, there’s only three of them and how many pro-heroes at UA.”

    Midoriya nodded, “That is true, but it’s better to be cautious.”

    Momo chuckled, “You’re right. Hey, can anyone see out the windows to check for anything? I hope the heroes are doing okay.”

    “We can’t see anything, the metal sheet over the window is covering everything.” Shinsou replied. “I think there’s a camera outside though, we could probably hack into the security feed to check it out.”

    “Or you could use the screen in the desk.” Todoroki said, voice slightly muffled through the door.


    Shinsou walked over towards the desk and opened the drawer, finding a tablet that flickered to life. Scrolling through something, Shinsou finally found what he was looking for and walked back towards the middle of the teacher’s lounge.

    “Here we go.” Shinsou tapped the screen and the outside of the dorms appeared on screen. In the corner, they could barely see the signs of a fight, bits of dust and grass flying every now and then.

    “Seems like the heroes have it under control, I’m pretty sure Power Loader is there.” Midoriya observed. Toshinori nodded, yes Power Loader is closer to the entrance so it would make sense that he would be one of the first to intercept the villains.

    “Hey, I think I can see Midnight-sensei’s quirk!” Hagakure pointed out. “Midnight’s quirk lets her put people to sleep by the way Shouta.” She mentioned.

    Shouta nodded, peering at the screen in Shinsou’s hands. Tilting his head curiously, his brows furrowed and he frowned.“There’s someone there.” He pointed at the screen.

    Toshinori frowned, “Where?”

    Shouta clambered out of Hagakure’s arms and walked towards Shinsou, who immediately knelt down so Shouta could see the screen better. Bakugou was by the window, hands already starting to smoke.

    “She’s there, by the corner.” He pointed to the bottom right hand corner, and true to his word, a barely visible women was crouched, obviously trying to not be noticed.

    Midoriya’s brows furrowed, “She might have a camouflage quirk? Was there more than one or did they lose track of her?”

    Shinsou shrugged, “It doesn’t matter right now. Midoriya, call someone downstairs on either the first or second floor and tell them about the camo lady.” He paused and added something else as an afterthought, “And tell them to throw flour or some other powder if they think she’s inside.”

    Midoriya grinned, “Another tip from your training with sensei.”

    Shinsou smirked, purple eyes glinting dangerously. “Maybe.”

    As Midoriya moved away to make the call, Toshinori moved in closer to get a better look of the woman. She didn’t seem to have moved at all. That made Toshinori suspicious.

    “Young Shinsou, please check any other surrounding cameras that focus on the same area.”

    Bakugou stiffened, hands beginning to spark instead of just smoke. Shinsou nodded, understanding the unsaid question, and switched over to a different camera.

    “She’s not there anymore.” Shouta pointed out.



    Uraraka jumped at the sound of glass and metal being broken into. Oh shit. Her eyes met with Tsu’s. Both understanding the situation, they ran towards the main entrance to meet with the others.

    “ 1-A dorms broken into. Entry point, first window on the first floor. Backup being requested .”

    Skidding into the hall, Jirou plugged her earphone into her portable speaker-similar to her hero suit-attached to her belt and prepared to attack.

    “Duck, kerro!”

    The two dropped to the floor at the warning, and not even seconds later a bag of flour flew over their heads and Kirishima’s, Satou’s and Sero’s. The flour collided with something solid, that was most definitely not a wall.

    A yelp of surprise followed by a cough revealed to them their attacker. As did the flour. Surprised, the woman released her quirk and showed to them her face, which changed from shock to anger. Green scales raced up her exposed arms, neck, and face. Her eyes were yellow and chameleon like, darting between the students.

    Uraraka let her eyes roam over their attacker, trying to assess if she had to look out for any weapons. She could barely make out a small bag behind the woman, but other than that, the woman just had shin guards and fingerless gloves.

    “You little brats! Do you fucking know how long this going to take to wash off!” She screeched.

    Sero rolled his eyes and jumped to his feet, holding his hands in front of him in a fighting pose. “Yeah, I’m sure you can worry about that in prison. “

    “Oh you’re asking for it you little brat.” She began to reach for something behind her.

    Tsu extended her tongue and Sero his tape to try and stop her. The woman dodged them easily and pulled out a baton, the end crackling with electricity.

    Sero, Satou, and Kirishima cursed, immediately backing away to avoid being hit.

    Uraraka tapped Jirou on the shoulder, “Go get Kaminari, I feel like he’d be useful for this situation.”

    “Got it.” Jirou ran, letting Uraraka cover her back in case something happened, in search of their resident pikachu.

    “Hey!” The woman shouted. They moved in closer, surrounding her “Shit.”

    Kirishima grinned, “I hope you like the color grey, ‘cuz you’re gonna be seeing a lot of that color in a cell.”

    She growled, her eyes narrowing in slits. “Oh fuck you kid.”

    Kirishima activated his quirk, “Sorry, not into old hags like you.”

    Sero laughed and stepped forward, “Good one man.”

    The woman let out a cry of rage and lunged forward, the baton swinging at them. Sero and Kirishima dodged out of the way, backing up into the hall. Satou reached out to try and grab the weapon, but the woman dodged and kicked him against the wall. She was stronger than she looked.

    Uraraka growled and grasped one of the heaviest objects in the area-a small metal flower stand that Momo got for them all when they moved into the dorms- and using her quirk, launched the stand at the woman at breakneck speeds, releasing her quirk and allowing the full weight of the object to smash into the woman.

    “Fuck!” Sero used that moment to send tape her way, wrapping up the woman and effectively binding her.

    Kirishima flashed her a grin, “Nice work Uraraka! Sero, continue tying her up! I don’t want her escaping.”

    Before she could respond, a shadow fell over the doorway. A very unfamiliar shadow.

    “Ya sure took your sweet time didn’t you Sir!” The woman growled out, struggling in her bonds as she addressed the man in the doorway. He was tall, maybe a little over 6’6 and wore a black coat and medical mask. His eyes were covered with sunglasses, and Uraraka shuddered as his gaze landed on her. Long, dark blue hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Or-no it wasn’t hair. Small, slithering snakes were gathered in a ribbon, she could hear faint hissing and cringed when one of the small snakes lifted from the rest to stare at them.

    He held a briefcase in his left hand, and his right was shoved into his pocket. Uraraka shifted her weight to the balls of her feet, getting ready to launch herself forward if Sir pulled out a weapon like the woman did.

    “ Unidentified person has entered 1-A dorms, requesting back up!

    The villain sighed and stepped forward, crunching bits of destroyed glass and metal beneath his steel boots.

    “I wasn’t expecting you to get found out this early Madame. I thought you were going to at least last longer.”

    She scoffed, “These little shits are stronger than expected.”

    Sir looked to the group, analyzing them and then the woman, Madame. “Clearly. But, I have some business to attend to, so please stop fooling around and get up.”

    Madame rolled her eyes but smirked. Sero and Kirishima, who were closest, stepped back, not wanting to be caught in what she was about to do. The scales on her arms lifted from her body, extending and becoming almost like knives. They cut away at the tape binding her arms and legs and she stood up. Arrogance and haughtiness shone in her yellow eyes as clear as the sun on a cloudless day.

    They should really invest in weapons shouldn’t they .

    Madame rolled her shoulders back and stretched lazily, “Now that playtime is over,” she grinned wickedly and moved to stand by Sir, “Let’s get down to some real business.”

    Reacting quickly Tsu threw Uraraka and Satou into the common room and diving in with Sero and Kirishima, avoiding the scaley knives that shot past them.

    “Hey, come on now, you heroes were acting so confident earlier! You thought you were actually gonna beat me.” Madame strolled in slowly, grinning maliciously. “Now, show me what you’ve got kids.”

    “Remember, we can’t kill them. You know what we’re looking for.” Sir walked in and leaned against a wall, observing them. Madame rolled her eyes, “Oh, I won’t kill them. Not all the way anyhow.”

    Flicking her wrist, the scales flew past her and at them. Uraraka kicked up a table and sent it towards the scales, imbedding themselves in the wood and thankfully not their bodies.

    Kirishima cursed, activating his quirk and running at her. He was the only one who could actually protect himself, he had to be the one to fight! He threw a punch and couldn’t help the satisfied grin when it connected with her face. She stumbled back, blood dripping from the cut on her cheek.

    Wiping away the blood, she glared at him. “Oh you’re gonna regret that kid.”

    “And you’re gonna regret destroying our home.”

    Madame screeched as she was electrocuted. As she fell to the floor, she revealed Kaminari; standing with Jirou as they turned to face the other villain in the room.

“Dude! Good to see you!”

Kaminari grinned, “Good to be here! Man, she had a nasty quirk didn’t she.”

“And I have a nastier one.” Sir replied snarkily, “Now, if you children would please move, I don’t have the time for this.”

    Sero stepped in front of him, “Oh yeah? And where is it exactly you’re going, Sir .” He growled.

    “To retrieve a very interesting specimen, you all have no clue the power one person can wield by taking away the quirk of another.” Even though they couldn’t see it, they could practically hear the smile that Sir undoubtedly wore beneath his mask.

    Uraraka felt rage boiling underneath her skin. “ He is not a specimen.”

    Sir’s brows raised in fake surprise, “Oh? Is he not? I was not aware of that.” He sighed and tilted his head, “You know, I didn’t really want to use this, but don’t worry,” Underneath the mask he smiled, “It won’t last long.”

    Sir tossed a small cartridge from his pocket.

    When it landed, smoke started to pour from it. They jumped back in surprise, trying to get away from the gas. But it was too late, the gas spread too quickly and they had already inhaled too much.

    Uraraka fell to the ground, covering her mouth and nose in vain even as she felt unconsciousness lap at her, trying to pull her under.

    The last thing she saw was steel boots making their way to the staircase. Reaching for her phone, she sent a max text to all of the students, hoping to warn them of the threat coming their way.

Their phones chimed inside the teacher’s lounge. Shinsou checked the message, praying for some good news. They had heard the announcement earlier, there were now two villains in the dorms, their home.

He read her text.

Uraraka: 1 vilalin dwon bthu 1 sis loposefg

    The spelling mistakes worried him and set him on edge.

    “One villain down but the other escaped huh?” Bakugou scowled. Midoriya frowned, “That means the other villain is making their way here. Does that mean that there’s only one person holding the heroes back there? Or did they call in more villains?”

    Shinsou shook his head, “No, I can’t hear anything happening outside, it doesn’t sound like they called for reinforcements.”

    “Then why the fuck are the heroes having such a hard time with one stupid villain.” Bakugou barked.

    Yagi frowned, “Most of the teachers are with their students young Bakugou, and the only immediate responders so far have been Blood King and Power Loader.”   

    “Then what about the others! Huh!”

    “Kaachan, Cementoss and some of the other staff members went out on a business trip remember? They told us about it on Wednesday.” Midoriya piped up. “Anyways, is it safe for Momo and Todoroki and the others to be out there with the villain?”

    Shinsou frowned, “No, I think they’ll be okay. From the looks of it, Uraraka looked like she was put to sleep or was being knocked out by a sleeping gas of some sort.”

    “Another thing you learned from sensei?” Hagakure asked.

    He shrugged, “More or less. But Uraraka types like that when she’s about to fall asleep and if she were dying, she wouldn’t have been able to send a message at all.”

    “The bad people are going to hurt us? They hurt the others?” Shouta asked. He didn’t seem scared, but concerned.

    Midoriya smiled and rested a hand on Shouta’s head, “Not if we can help it, the others are going to be fine. Uraraka said that there was only one villain heading our way right?” Shinsou nodded. “Well, it’s one person against all of us, and we’re some of the strongest in the class!”

    Bakugou grinned, creating an explosion as he slammed his fists together, “That fucker won’t stand a chance.”

    And from the room, they heard the sound of steel hitting the tile floor of the hallway outside. And as they waited, they found themselves determined not to lose. Afterall, they were class 1-A, and they were going to be heroes. Green lightning came to life, casting flickering shadows and lights across the walls.

    Midoriya smiled.

    They we’re going to win.

    Sir made his way up the stairs, glancing idly from time to time to see if anyone would attack him. His snakes hissed, tasting the air for anyone who would try to sneak up on him.

    He had already encountered a few of the other students, a girl with an acid quirk and another boy with an multi-arms quirk. Both were useful, but not powerful enough for him.

    He needed the eraser quirk.

    Word had spread quickly, to the most powerful people in the underground, that the eraser hero had been de-aged, reverted into a child . The ones in power kept it to themselves, unwilling to let this information spread and let this grand opening slip away.

    The rest had wanted the hero dead, or hurt so bad he could no longer work; but him and two other leaders had bigger ideas. Of course, that couldn’t be taken without some risks. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, one that he simply couldn’t just give up in favor of killing the eraser hero.

    He peered down the hallway, checking all the rooms before returning to the staircase to continue his search.

    There was a mass hunt for the child now, it was a miracle that more underground villains didn’t get the word. The higher ups wanted revenge on the man for destroying years worth of income, of drugs and weapons, they wanted him dead.

    They were idiots.

    Fools who thought that killing one man would make a difference, the police would just send out more heroes to intervene. But him and the others, the ones who could use the hero, use his quirk.

    They were geniuses.

    Sir smiled to himself, humming as he drifted through the halls. The experiments they could conduct once they got their hands on that child; that oh so rare erasure quirk that could bring down villains and heroes alike. Now if only they could cultivate it, or somehow force other quirks into the hero and make him work for them. That would be a hundred times better than killing him. Now, if he had a paralysis quirk along with his erasure-

    He smirked and rounded the corner, spotting the half and half quirk user and the creation quirk user.

He grinned, rattling the suitcase slightly to make sure its contents were secure. That caught the attention of the two students. 

This was going to be fun

Chapter Text

Sir was practically ecstatic. It was barely even an hour and he had already beaten 10 aspiring heroes as he made his way up the stairs.

    He lowered his glasses back down to the bridge of his nose and let the two students he had the pleasure of catching attention of fall to the ground, making a hollow sound as they hit the tiled floor.

    Better make that 12 now.

    Though, he frowned when the door wouldn’t open. The locks were still in place and he bet that even if he did manage to break the locks, the kids inside would  have barricaded the door.

    Sir sighed.

    He only had so many of these babies left. But-

    He grinned and reached inside his jacket.

    It would be worth it.


All students are given permission to use their quirks in a combat situation of needed. Permission granted by Principal Nedzu and Gunhead!


    Green lightning faded as two thumps seemed to echo outside the door as something solid hit the tiles right after the announcement. Midoriya froze, cold horror slowly taking over his body instead of lightning, freezing him in place. Even without looking, he could tell that everyone else had also frozen and stared openly in shock at the rattling door knob. Something that shouldn’t even be happening.

    That-that couldn’t be possible.

    Todoroki and Momo were some of the strongest people in the class! They couldn’t have been beaten so easily! They hadn’t even heard a fight outside!

    Midoriya would have been scared that his friends had been shot, but there hadn’t been any gunshots, and it didn’t sound at all like a body hitting the floor, but more like stone.

    He yelped as an explosion rocked the room and sent them into a foggy darkness, the sudden smoke screen blocking their view of the door. Faintly, Midoriya could hear hissing and see movement coming from his right. It was only trained instincts that saved him from being gutted as a flash of metal only barely missed his stomach. He leapt away, activating Full Cowling and kicked, sweeping away some of  the smoke that still blanketed the room and revealing to them their attacker.

    The first thing Midoriya noticed were the hissing blue snakes entangled on the villain’s head. The second thing he noticed was the thrown blade that sunk deep in his shoulder as he grew distracted from the shock of the villain so near to him.

    He gasped and leapt back again, dodging a few more knives that embedded themselves in the wall behind him. He held a hand up to the wound. If the knife were to be taken from where it had been so nicely sheathed in his shoulder, he’d bleed and pass out.



    Another explosion blinded Izuku and the force of it propelled him backwards until he felt his back hit the wall lightly. He winced slightly as the motion aggravated the wound in his shoulder.

    The room was a mess. Tables and chairs were overturned and the door was blown off its hinges from the outward force of the explosion. Burn marks painted across the walls and floor where the first and second explosion hit. Papers, some burned, littered the floor.


    Izuku turned to the left where he heard his hero name to see Shinsou and the others hiding between an overturned couch and a table. Thinking quickly, he dove into the hiding space, apologizing to Kaachan in his head as he left him to deal with the villain alone. Papers flew around him as he ducked into the hiding place, and he had to watch where he slid less he fall on the broken tea cup and the letter opener that used to be on the table.

    “Shinsou!” He whisper yelled. “What do we do now? That guy managed to take down Todoroki and Momo!”

    Shinsou frowned and risked taking a glance over the couch, quickly ducking down again when an explosion went off along with a bunch of cursing that only Bakugou could do; bits of burned chalk, folders, and parts of a desk flying over his head. Yagi cursed as Midoriya winced. Motioning towards his, he meticulously began to dress the wound. It apparently wasn’t as bad as he had first thought as Toshinori seemed okay with removing the blade and wrapping a cot around his shoulder to stem the bleeding. Shinsou heard another explosion and more cursing from Bakugou as a sound of something solid hitting flesh accompanied it.

    “Shit, this is bad.”

    Hagakure waved her arms, the rubber bracelets she was wearing earlier shaking up and down. “No duh! We need to get out of here! I am not letting that asshole get away with Shouta!” She argued, holding tight onto the kids shoulders.

    Midoriya frowned, feeling bad that their young sensei got caught up in this mess. Shinsou nodded, “I agree, but the only thing holding back that villain right now is Bakugou.” Another explosion. “And I’m pretty sure he’s only toying with him.”

    Midoriya checked, raising his head to see over their hiding space. The somewhat spacious room served well enough to provide enough movement for Bakugou to launch his attacks, but because of them , he couldn’t go full strength. The snake haired villain was indeed toying with him. Whenever Bakugou launched an attack, the villain would dodge with no minimal effort, it was as if he was solving the easiest puzzle in the world. With every dodge and taunting smirk, Bakugou’s anger rose and his attacks became more sloppy and dangerous. Enough so that Midoriya could feel the wind and heat of each explosion no matter how far away from them it was.

    He ducked down again when a stray lamp flew at him, nearly knocking his head off, and shattered against the wall, the broken pieces joining the tea cup and letter opener on the floor. Shouta winced and tucked closer to Hagakure.

    All Might was crouching as low as his 7’2 body would allow him too, slightly bloody hands blocking his head from any more thrown objects. His head nearly resting on the ground so he could cover himself fully from the fight.

    Izuku looked over the couch again, but instead of focusing on Bakugou and the villain, he looked towards the door. From here, he could barely make out the silhouette of Momo. But, something was wrong. He couldn’t tell if it was because she was in the shadows and far away, or if it was the smoke that billowed about the ground, but she looked grey. She looked like stone.

    Another explosion and curse had him ducking down behind the couch once more.

    Crap. This was bad, this was really bad. Sweat beaded on the back of his neck and forehead, making his curly green hair stick to his face. Frantic, he began searching for a way out. The window would be no good, the metal covered the glass and they were too high up, plus they didn’t know if there were more villains outside. That exit was too risky. The only other exit was the door, but the snake haired man was defending it, playing along with the fight like one would play tag with a kid. That meant the window would be their best choice for escape.

    “You know,” The villain suddenly spoke, a bored tone lacing his voice as he, once again, dodged another attack. “I’m getting bored of this game.” They looked over the couch and spotted him in the middle of the room, Bakugou not too far away from him.    

    “Shut the hell up!” Bakugou flew at him, one arm extended to prepare another explosion, “I’m getting sick of you too!”

    For Midoriya, time seemed to slip away. The papers on the ground flew up in slow motion, the windows shook slowly, and Bakugou inched his way closer and closer to the villain, brows furrowed and attention focused on his opponent, rage and contempt shining in crimson eyes.

    Midoriya felt as though he were moving through molasses when he turned and looked at the man, the villain in front of them. The medical mask covered the lower half of their face, but he could tell that he was smiling, eyes glinting with malice behind the sunglasses.

    A chill ran down his spine, and following that came the power of One for All. Green Lightning flickered to life, adrenaline coursed through his body.

His quirk flared to action moments too late.

Time sped up again as Bakugou’s hand moved towards the villain’s face and as it began to swell with the heat from the readying explosion, the villain’s hand reached up and grasped it tight. He turned swiftly to the side to avoid getting hit, letting the attack fly past him. Bakugou’s eyes widened as he realized too late what was coming as the villain’s other hand reached out to grab his upper arm and drag him down over his knee. A sickening crack echoed above all the noise in the room, followed by a choked yell of pain. But not one to be deterred, Bakugou took that moment to use his other hand to try and get the man while he was close. The snakes hissed, almost mockingly, when the blow never connected. Instead, the man timed things perfectly. Ducking and placing an elbow to Bakugou’s back, the force of the explosion forcing him harder into the ground. A strangled yell escaped from his lips as his broken arm collided with the floor and fingers trapped under boot, the sickening pearly white of the bone protruding from his elbow grossly. His eyes glazed over in shock and pain as he relaxed, almost passed out on the ground as the man towered over his prone form.



    Midoriya could only stare in shock and horror at his childhood friend. At the blood staining the ground. At the foot placed on Bakugou’s back and pressing harshly into his spine. At the tinted glasses and malicious smile covering the man’s face.

    “Like I said.” The low, smooth baritone reverberated around the room, and a chill ran up their spines. He turned and looked at them, eyes grinning with glee, fixing them in place with pure fear for their friend under him. “I grow bored of this game.”

    Behind the glasses, golden eyes shone with amusement as hissing filled the silence, the snakes atop his head weaving and swaying as their forked tongues tasted the air.

    Hagakure shuddered and pulled Shouta closer to her.

    His gaze landed on the child. A terrible gladness overcame him and it leaked into his voice as he stared them down, observing the students and the retired number one hero.


    “It’s time I win it.”

    Mashirao crept down the staircases, trying his best not to make a sound as he walked to the first floor. Uraraka’s text had concerned him, and the others weren't replying as well.


    He practically jumped at the whispered yell, the familiar french accent only clicking once he managed to calm his beating heart.

    “Aoyoma!” He relaxed as violet eyes peered at him from behind a corner. “Man, am I glad to see you!”

    The blonde french smiled, clearly relieved. “And I as well! I got Uraraka’s text, I’m assuming you’re going downstairs as well to retrieve her and the others.”

    Ojirou nodded, his tail flicked back and forth behind him anxiously. “Yeah, after we make sure that they’re safe, I’ll send a text to the others to meet up at where Midoriya and them are keeping sensei safe.”

    Aoyoma nodded, “That sounds good. If we pass anyone else though, I’d feel better if they came with us.”

    He hummed in agreement, “Yeah, that would be for the best.” He stepped down to the next level. “We better get moving though, I have no clue if there are other villains or not, despite what Uraraka’s text says, and I’d rather not be captured on our rescue mission.”

    Aoyoma smiled, although it was shaky as they descended with the tailed boy. “Oui, let’s get moving. I hope we find Tokoyami or Kouda, I hope they’re okay.”

    “Me too.” Mashirao led their small duo, grateful for the company that Aoyoma provided.

    They never found anyone else. Ojirou didn’t know whether to be worried or not. On one hand they could all just be hiding, but on the other. . .

    “Ojirou, look!” Aoyoma pointed over the other’s shoulder, towards the common room where traces of a smokey component could be seen from the bottom steps of the stairs.

    Ojirou ran the rest of the way and skidded to a halt at the entryway, hands up and body tense, ready for a fight that didn’t come. Uraraka, Tsu, Satou, Jirou, Kaminari, Kirishima, and Sero were all knocked out on the floor; along with someone else. Aoyoma frowned, knees knocking together as they made their way further into the room, unwilling to let Ojirou be by himself for too long. Mashirao was impressed that the Aoyoma hadn’t run away yet when the other was scared out of their mind.

    “That lady looks knock-knocked out. Sho-should we tie-tie her up j-just in case?” Aoyoma stuttered out. They were terrified.

    Mashirao nodded, “Yeah, that would be best.” He started walking towards the supply closet, hoping that they would still be there. “Sensei mentioned once that there would be quirk suppression handcuffs. I think he said they were somewhere here?” He muttered, more to himself than Aoyoma. He dug through the closet, tossing aside soaps and gloves.

    Perfect! He spotted the bright yellow and pushed away the soaps and other cleaning supplies, snatching the handcuffs.

    Aoyoma was already shaking awake Uraraka and Kirishima, who had passed out beside her looking as if he were running over to help when he collapsed.

    “Ugh-wha-?” Uraraka blearily opened her eyes, a frown maring her face as she lifted her head. “Aoyoma? Wha’ are you doing ‘ere?” She slurred.

    Aoyoma smiled, and lifted her up off the ground gently. “Ojirou and I are here to help you! Come, help me wake up the others.”

    She nodded, the sleep clearing away as they set to work. Kirishima, who was next to awaken, shot up, his quirk activated and stumbling at them. It had taken a minute to calm him down and convince him that they weren’t the villains. He had apologized profusely, embarrassed that he had mistaken them for enemies. Sero had accidentally shot tape at them, surprised at the sudden jolt.

    By the time they had waken everyone up, Ojirou was done tying up the lady, who Tsu mentioned was Madame, at least her villain name was.

    A sudden explosion went off in the floors above them.

    “Bakugou!” Kirishima’s eyes widened.

    Uraraka shook her head, shock evident in her voice. “Oh god, did he really get past?”

    Mashirao growled, “What the hell are they after anyways?”

    “After the child of course.” The raspy voice came from behind them.

    Kaminari screamed and jumped behind Jirou. Madame laughed, amused at his reaction of her.

    “The child?” Aoyoma asked.

    She rolled her eyes, “Your sensei right. Honestly, this mission really is a piece of cake if you don’t even know what we’re here for, you might as well just hand the pathetic boy over, the boss has a lot in store for him.”

    Kaminari glared, usual happy and air-head demeanor seeping away. Warm and usually jolly yellow eyes turned a bitter cold; he stepped forward and brought out his hand. Ojirou swore he saw the air around it ripple with heat.

    “Woah, what are you doing.” Kirishima placed his arm on his shoulder, more surprised than anything.

    Kaminari’s gaze softened as he turned to his friend and gave a small grin, “Getting a better answer. Now-” He turned back to the woman and instantly the chilling look was back, “-please let me go Kirishima.”

    He was a little hesitant, but Eijirou knew that Kaminari would never go overboard-unless pranks was involved-so he trusted him. Making up his mind, he nodded and let go. “Okay, but be careful.”

    He smiled. “I can’t promise anything.”


    Madame shifted, uncomfortable with the cuffs around her hands and the awkward position she was in. She scoffed as the blond knelt down in front of her, palm reaching toward her as if to pat her shoulder.

    “What are you going to do pretty boy? Smack me until I talk?” She smirked and rolled her eyes, “Oh no~how scawy-” she mocked, “-the poow bwonde boy is gonna hit me wike some nawty chiwd!”

    His expression stayed the same, unnerving yellow eyes remained unblinking. Jesus, what the hell was it with these kids? She groaned internally. Now she was caught, great, hopefully Sir would quicken things up. Her ass was going numb.

    She yelped in surprise at a sting on her left leg. What-!

    “What are you going to do with sensei anyways?” Kaminari asked. He tilted his head and pursed his lips a little, “I mean, he’s a child, what can he do?”

    Madame glowered, “Like hell I’d tell you.” She flinched again as the sting became more intense and left a burning sensation. “Wha-”

    Kaminari shrugged,  “My quirk. I can emit electricity from my body, I’ve been working on control.” He sighed and leaned away from her, “I’ve also been working on a few things with sensei, you know, the Underground Hero.”

    The burning sensation became hotter, more painful, and it took almost all her willpower to keep from groaning,she shuddered as the electricity literally ran its course through her body. She knew she was only a few moments and a voltage away before she’d begin to spasm.

    “I’m not going to bore you with the science of it, so I’m just going to ask again.”

    God, it felt like her entire leg was on fire, the numbing pain was nearly unbearable! What the hell did that good for nothing hero teach these kids!

    “What are you going to do with sensei?”


    Kirishima watched in surprise as Madame struggled in her bindings, clearly in pain from the electric trick Kaminari was doing. Maybe he should call this off.

    He felt something thin wrap around his wrist.

    “Not yet, let him go on a little longer.” Jirou muttered, her eyes were fixed on the scene in front of them. He frowned, but he trusted her judgement. Aoyoma was watching with something akin to some type of horrified amazement. He couldn’t blame them. It was definitely weird to see Kaminari so unlike himself.

    She finally gave, a shriek tearing from her lips, body finally beginning to spasm as the electric current coursed over her.

    “F-FINE! Fine- I’ll talk!”

    He didn’t stop immediately, letting whatever he was doing carry on for a second, two seconds, three seconds, longer before pulling away. Face still carefully blank as he stared at her expectantly, cold apathy giving way to no other emotion he might have been feeling at the time. Internally, Kirishima admired the will power Kaminari had. To be able to keep a straight face after what he just did and not lose his composure was amazing, and slightly unnerving.

    She panted, her hair hanging limply in front of her face, obstructing their view of her face and her view of them. She sucked in a deep breath,

    “Surely you know how rare your sensei’s quirk is?”

    Eijirou glared, “What does the rarity of his quirk have anything to do about it?”

    Despite the pain she experienced earlier, she scoffed. “God, you kids sure are dense. Erasure is a very rare and powerful quirk. Imagine, having the power to take away the very thing that defines 80% of the population.” She seemed almost wistful, longing edging into her voice.

    Vaguely, Eijirou could understand what she was talking about. The power to stop someone elses quirk, to render them useless.

    Madame huffed, “But, he chose to be a hero. He could have been one of the most powerful villains in the underground, but instead he’s a hero with a bright red target above his stupid, 8 year old head.”

    Aoyoma frowned, “That still doesn’t explain why you want him.”

    She huffed, “Again, dense.”

    “Hey!” Uraraka growled, “Stop dodging our questions.”

    “Of course lil’ lady.” She rolled her eyes, “But, I guess it’s to modify his quirk or some shit.”


    She shrugged, “Hey, you think I’d know? I was only hired for protection, or a distraction. I don’t know anything other than the amount of money I’m supposed to be paid.”

    Jirou frowned, “Then the snake guy? He’d know?”

    “Well, duh. He is the one who hired me and Doll-ace.”


    She grinned, “Oh, just another distraction. He’s pretty good in long combat, and his quirk is useful.”

    “What is his quirk.” Ojirou asked. Kiri found himself asking the same question.

    Madame rolled her eyes, “Like I’d tell you?”

    Kaminari sighed, “I guess that’s all we needed then.” They stood up, wiping nonexistent dust from their tight jeans. “Kirishima?”

    He looked at him.

    “Knock her out.”

    Eijirou grinned and activated his quirk.




    Ochako jumped back as Blood King and Midnight ran into the room, right after Kirishima knocked the villain unconscious.


    Mr. Naomosa ran in after them as well, each of them looking worse for wear. Parts of their hair were missing and there were scrapes and bruises lining whatever skin was revealed through their costumes.

Blood King frowned and assessed the situation, only seeming slightly exasperated at the passed out villain cuffed on the floor. He sighed and dragged himself over to the unconscious villain, swinging her over his shoulders and turning to face them.

“I’m not even going to ask.” He shook his head, “Where are the others?”

    Uraraka explained, “They retreated up to the top floor.” She peered around him, “Where’s Gunhead? We could probably use him right now.”

    Midnight sighed, “Can’t, him and the other teachers are outside in front of UA trying to fight back a small mob of other villains that had managed to see the commotion and start up some more shit.” She grunted distastefully.

    Kaminari frowned, “Why haven’t we heard anything over the speakers then?”

    “One of the villains has an electricity quirk similar to the one at the USJ, so nothing’s being fed through. Thankfully though, there’s not a lot of them.”

    Just as Jirou was about to say something else, an explosion rocked the building, dust fell from the ceiling and for a moment that was all there was. Then more explosions echoed above them, speedy and all too familiar.

    Kirishima’s eyes widened and he ran for the stairs, ‘Bakugou’ being the only word escaping from him as he left the group.


    “Come back here!”

    Midnight scowled, “Damn it, the kid’s gonna get himself seriously hurt. Come on!”

    Taking that as permission, the other students ran after their teachers and their friend. The only hope that they had were the sounds of the explosions still making tremors throughout the building. At least, it was.

    Blood King came to a stop right as they reached the third floor.

    “Hey! Why’d you stop!” Kaminari pushed past him.


    The command fell on deaf ears as the others pushed past as well. Only the stone figures of their two friends on the floor stopped them.

    Uraraka gasped, “Mina! Shouji!”

    Jirou scowled, “Dammit, must have been that other guy’s quirk. Come on!” They continued up the stairs, climbing and climbing to get to the top.

    It was a game, a race, to get there. Because up there, their friends were fighting for their lives, for their teacher.

    They just hoped time wouldn’t run out.

    “It’s time I win it.”

    That simple sentence sent chills down Midoriya’s spine.

    All he could focus on was the boot on top of Bakugou’s back, rooting the teen to the floor.

    “And what do you intend to win?” Toshinori growled, not bothering to mask the pure rage in his voice. Why would he, this disillusioned ass isn’t giving him any reason not to.

    The snakes hissed, mockingly, laughingly, as they moved.

    “The boy of course.” He said, “Do you have any idea how powerful an erasure quirk is? How powerful it could be?” The man shook his head and clicked his tongue. “Of course you don’t, because you’re heroes . Because you feel as though experimenting in strengthening quirks is shameful, villainous .” He ground his heel harder into Bakugou’s spine, releasing a groan of pain from the boy beneath him. “You’re all constantly thinking so highly, so morally.” He mocked, “It’s absolutely sickening .” The last word was filled with animosity as he all but growled, glare cold and accusing.

    He lifted his foot, “But,” he shrugged and slammed his heel into Bakugou’s head, knocking him out. “I guess that’s what makes you heroes.”

    Shinsou growled, “Shut the hell up!”

    The villain laughed, the hollow sound sent shivers running down their backs. “Oh? Were you trying to use your quirk on me little boy?” He chuckled at Shinsou’s horrified face, “Each snake has a mind of its own. Every little snake you’d have to control in order to control me. Oh, don’t look so surprised,” He gestured with his hands, “we did our research on you kids. The green haired one, strengthening quirk similar to All Might’s. You, Mind Control quirk that activates whenever your subject answers you. And the invisible one, that’s pretty self explanatory.”

    He turned to face Yagi, “And you, the famous number one hero. Oh, sorry, retired number one hero.” Toshinori growled. “How is retirement treating you Mr. All Might? Are they mocking you yet? Is society still wondering how they’re going to protect themselves after they’ve lost their hero ? Their symbol of peace ? Have you been accused of abandoning them yet, leaving them to the hands of- well-me?” He snarked.

    “If you plan on wasting time then go ahead, keep talking, I won’t stop you.” All Might snapped back. The tone in his voice so unusual and different that Izuku couldn’t help but stare in shock.

    “Oh please, I know I’m on a time limit but you could have let me monologue.” He mocked. “This won’t take too long anyways. I hope.”

    Then he reached up towards his glasses.


    DON’T LOOK AT HIM!” Izuku ducked behind the couch, pulling Shinsou and Yagi down with him. Hagakure covered Shouta’s eyes with a piece of torn fabric from the couch and tied it tight behind his head. He stiffened as the cloth obscured his view.

    Hopefully Hagakure closed her own eyes.

    “So you know my quirk? Deku, wasn’t it.”

    Izuku tensed as the man cast a shadow over them, the flickering red of the emergency lights and the slits of pale sunlight filtering through the blinds gave an eerie glow to his outline.

    He stiffened as he felt a cold hand clamp firmly on his shoulder.

    “Oh, don’t look up so soon kid.” The hand moved to his head and pushed him further downwards. He strained against it. “I want you to see me take this child right in front of you. I want you to experience the helplessness as you fail to save someone you could have easily protected. Again .” He chuckled, “If you know what I mean.”

    He did know.

    He knew all too well what he meant.

    But this was so much worse than when they had lost Kaachan.

    “Good.” The hand ran through his curls, and if it weren’t for the situation, Izuku might have even found the rhythmic strokes soothing. The thought sickened him.

    As the hand left his head, Izuku panicked and reach out blindly to where he thought the villain was.

    “If you wish to still have your hand, I suggest you let go of my wrist, boy .”

    “I won’t let you take him.”

    “Let me guess,” He sighed, “It’s because you’re a hero?”

    Deku activated Full Cowl and growled. “No. Not that.” He raised his head slightly and looked at the man’s chest. His quirk and his anger swirled in him, merging and fueling him with adrenaline.

    “BECAUSE I’M NOT LOSING ANYONE AGAIN!” With that, he threw the man across the room and into the wall, hoping that it would at least knock him out or snap a few bones.

    Using that time, that window of opportunity, he ran over to Kaachan and back to the others in the blink of an eye.

    “Come on!” He grabbed Hagakure as well and kicked open the window,glass followed the metal sheet that covered it as he broke it and prepared to leap knowing the others would follow through.

    “I don’t think so!”

    A beeping, metal ball rolled under their feet.

    But instead of an explosion, a net sprang from the contraption. It covered all of them, the heavy weights in the net forcing them to the ground. Trapped under it, the metal parts of the ball spread around, taking loops of the net and clamping down on them, digging its way into the floor. They were tied down.


    “Oh, and I wouldn’t bother using your quirks.” The villain stalked towards them, “They have quirk suppressors intertwined in the wiring of the net. So, you’re powerless .”

    He was right. As soon as the trap sprang, One for All had left him. Bakugou groaned by his side and he was reminded of the trail of blood running down his childhood friend’s arm. He winced as he saw white bone protruding from the broken and bloodied skin.

    The villain knelt down in front of them and tilted his head. The snakes bobbing and weaving as he moved. “Come now, just give me the child and you’ll never have to see me again.” He drawled.

    Yagi growled and tried to push himself up. “The only way we’d never see you again is when you’re behind bars.”

    “Ha, always with those witty comebacks. But tell me, All Might .” The Villain reached up and lowered his mask, smirking as Yagi’s shadowed eyes widened in barely concealed horror. “What lengths do you think I’d go to to take the chi-AH!”

    Kaminari’s discs whizzed past and imbedded themselves in the wall, a shock of electricity trapping the villain in his place.

    “GUYS!” Hagakure could have sobbed with relief as she saw her friends and her teachers covering the doorway.

    Kirishima grinned and ran over, “I’m so glad you’re okay! Wai- is that Bakugou?”

    Even though he couldn’t see, Hagakure nodded. “Yeah, we need to go! Hurry!”

    He grinned and, using his quirk, destroyed the mechanisms holding down the net and cut through the wires.

    “Come on,” Vlad said, “ we should leave them here. The police are already-”

    “Oh? How interesting Sir.”

    A shadow cut across the floor as it did the conversation. Despite his predicament, Sir grinned, albeit painfully as the electricity kept him in place. Madame groaned from her place on Vlad-sensei’s shoulder. That caught the attention of the newcomer, who scoffed. The villain’s hair was black but was dyed a multitude of different fading colors that hung over his eyes raggedly. He simply wore a grey T-Shirt over red  long-sleeved and torn black jeans. He seemed. . . young, maybe a bit older than them.

    From where he was, Midoriya eyed the knife, needles, and small bottles belted to the others waist. In them, he could see small drops of blood, hair, and even torn skin. He shuddered as a cold chill ran up his spine. In fact, it felt as though the entire room dropped a few degrees.

    Midnight growled and pierced him with a glare that could melt iron. “And who the hell are you, we never had the pleasure of knowing your name last time.”

    “Oh, how rude of me.” He stood barefoot on the broken glass, seeming unbothered by the blood and pain, and bowed, childish and slightly accented voice ringing out. “I didn’t even say my name yet!”

    Uraraka interrupted. “Doll-Ace.”

    He laughed and shook his head. “Close my dear! But it’s pronounced Dahl-ass! But my! You were close!” He tilted his head to the side and rocked on his heels, the glass crunching beneath him. He looked excited. “You must excuse me though, I need to take my friends from you. We need to get home!”

    Midnight stepped in and scoffed, “Please, we can’t just let them go, they’re-”

    “Villains!” Doll-ace shouted cheerfully. “I know! My, we must have the same mind! Oh, we have a lot in common!” He hopped down from the window and sat against the ledge. He giggled. “You could have been a villain too ya know!”

    Midnight stiffened.

    He continued, “You have a good quirk for it! And the sadistic personality too! My, my,my! I can see it now!” He cackled. “Nightlight! Feared villain of the underground, able to kill heroes and civilians with a wave of her hand, putting them so deep in sleep that they never wake up again!” He leaned back, amused at his own joke.

    He righted himself and looked at Blood King and grinned. “You too! You could have made an excellent villain as well! With a little bit of testing we could have you controlling another persons’ blood and not just your own! Oh, what we could do with your quirks!” He licked his lips, a manic gleam in his grey eyes.

Sir scoffed, gritting his teeth through the pain. “H-hurry it up Doll-ace, we-we don’t have all da-day!”

    Doll-ace sighed, “As you wish Sir.”

    Midnight leapt in front of them, pushing him, Hagakure, and Shinsou behind her with the others. “Naomosa, please get the students and Yagi back to the school! We’ll deal with them!”

    Sir growled and moved.

“Not!” He stepped forward.

“Until!” Another step.

“I’m getting!” The electricity was weaker now.

“That!” Another.


    The electricity cut away and Sir fell on his knees, panting, his fist crushing his mask as a manic grin began to cover his face. The students gasped as they finally saw the bottom half of their assailants face. Or, what it lacked. From the corners of his mouth lay muscle, not an ounce of skin covering up his gums and teeth. Midoriya cringed as saliva and bits of rust colored blood dribbled grossly from his exposed mouth.

    Midnight cursed. “Damn it! Vlad, handle that one!”

    She leapt forward towards Doll-ace who hadn’t moved from where he was at the window. At the last second he dodged to the right and nicked at her side with his knife, adding another hole to her already torn shirt.

    She growled and leapt at him again.

    “GIVE IT TO ME!”

    Hagakure screamed and scrambled back, holding Shouta tight to her chest as Kirishima knocked Sir back, hardened hand connecting with his shoulder.

    Using the chaos as a distraction, Madame twisted her way out of Blood King’s hold as he reached to try and stop Sir.


    She laughed and leapt back, reaching into her hair and taking out a bobby pin and quickly undoing her handcuffs in what must have been record time.

    Midoriya set Bakugou back against a corner, as far away as he could be from the danger all around the room. “Vlad-sensei! Please help Hagakure and the others, we’ll take Madame!” He shouted back.

    Instantly he channeled One for All and leapt at her. She dodged, laughing hysterically as he nearly tripped over one of the fallen chairs, his injury from before throwing off balance as pain raced through his shoulder and up his neck.

    “Keep it up hero!” She mocked, “This is going to be fun!”

    She sent her scales at him, impaling the wall and furniture wherever he dodged. As Izuku dived behind a fallen bookcase, he heard a thunk and a choked wail.

    “Fuck! Come here you little brat!” She hollered.

    Midoriya peaked around his cover to see Kirishima shielding Jirou and Tsu with his quirk as Madame assaulted them with scales. Suddenly she fell forward, the back of a floating chair propelling her towards Ojirou’s tail. Unluckily for them, she ducked and rolled under him, coming up behind and kicking him across the room.

    She chuckled, “Damn, it’s been a while since I’ve fought like this.” Kirishima growled and ran at her again.

    Izuku frowned and looked around the room. Uraraka and Aoyoma had joined Midnight in taking down Doll-ace who was dodging as many attacks as he sent them. Which was a lot. Due to the small space of the room, Midnight couldn’t use her quirk, less she risk taking someone else out as well in the middle of a fight. Thankfully, Bakugou was still seated in the corner that he had left him in, no one had spotted the unconscious teen yet so hopefully he could remain there until the villains were arrested.

    Hagakure shrieked as Sir once again tried to rush at them only to be blocked by Jirou’s chords.

    Yagi grabbed hold of Hagakure’s arm and tugged gently, urging her away from the chaos. “Hurry, we should go outside.”

    She wrapped her arms around Shouta, squeezing tighter in a way of reassurance as she followed her teacher out of the room.

    Sir growled, outraged as he saw his experiment, his way to the top, make their escape. The tailed kid and earlobe girl were taking his sweet, sweet time away from making a difference, the biggest difference one could possibly make in the world. That One for All bastard couldn’t have been dumber. He had the quirk to take and gather quirks, and he never bothered to take the one quirk that could have changed everything. The erasure quirk. It could have changed everything for the old man. One for All lost his opportunity, Sir would make sure he won’t lose his.

    With that in mind, he decided to throw caution to the wind.

    As well as his glasses.

    Jirou could barely believe their luck that they weren’t dead yet. The villain in front of them was dodging every attack they threw at him, their advances harder as they couldn’t look their assailant in the eyes, lest they turn to stone like Momo and Todoroki as Midoroiya had yelled to them above the chaos when Sir had tossed aside his sunglasses. The villain was weaving and ducking under Ojirou’s tail and her chords. Her quirk was barely useful in this situation, but she made up for it with the training she’d been getting from Aizawa-sensei.


She remembered her asking him to train her one day after training . She had barely gotten past Kaminari-who’s quirk was already a nuisance to deal with when not in combat or training-and even then she had only done well when he had overused his quirk and gone dumb with the amount of electricity overload in his brain. It was definitely embarrassing when Midoriya-he wasn’t even using his quirk- had literally swept her off her feet and threw her out of the ring.

    She’d felt humiliated even more so when he had helped her up and apologized.

    “You didn’t do anything wrong, you did very well Midoriya.” She had said to him.

    As she walked off the field, she spotted Aizawa-sensei by the door, overwatching them as Yagi gave her some pointers that she had barely heard-she felt bad about that too- as she walked to the bench to observe her classmates.

    In that same hour, she had worked up the courage she needed to ask her teacher to train her with Shinsou.


    Jirou wanted to shout, scream, ‘Why not!’ At the time, it felt unfair. In fact, she was opening her mouth to say so when he started to talk.

    “I need to train you both separately. You two have different quirks, and therefore need to deal with how you should work when you don’t have it at your disposal anymore differently.” He barely looked at her, instead crossing his arms and watching over the class, eyes narrowing as Mina and Sero walked onto the training field. “Jirou, you are a capable student with potential. Potential can be anything, potential to learn, to adapt, or just in general. You have the potential to put your mind to anything and become a hero you can be proud of.” She looked at him in disbelief. “You will meet me Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays an hour after class ends.” He paused and added as if an afterthought, “And if you would like, you could join Shinsou as well on Saturdays.”

    She said yes immediately, barely resisting the urge to jump or shout with the joy that threatened to burst from her. He merely nodded and gestured back to the class.

    “You should watch your classmates as well, observe how they move and react to attacks and how they defend. A good way to learn is to learn from someone else’s mistakes and successes.”

    She listened to what he said and watched as Mina and Sero faught. With both of them having long ranged quirks, it would be easier to get at each other from a distance. But because they had long ranged quirks, they vaguely knew how the other would attack. It was a standoff.

    Apparently they figured that too. Leaving their quirks in the backseat, they charged at each other, opting for close ranged and hand to hand combat. To her astonishment, Sero and Mina were in the ring for a long time before All Might settled a tie when time ran out.

    “Tell me what you learned from that.”

    She looked up at Aizawa, who hadn’t moved, as she pondered his question.

    “Because they had long ranged attacks they decided to engage at close range as they figured it would give them a better chance at winning.” She looked for his approval. He nodded.

    “Then tell me, why do you think they tied?”

    She peered at him questioningly. “What?”

    He looked at her and stated again, “Why do you think they tied? Both have advantages and disadvantages above the other, so why didn’t Sero or Mina get the other out of the ring? Why did they tie?”

    It was a good question.

    She leaned against the wall and watched as Uraraka and Ojirou started their match. “I guess because they were at equal stances? Uh, Sero can think things through pretty quickly, which makes him difficult to beat on the field. But Mina just reacts, she barely thinks through her actions at all, relying on her skill and abilities in order to pull things off.”

    “And why do you think, based on that, that they tied?”

    “I guess it’s because it was wit against action? The ability to think things through and find the best solution based off of that, as well as the ability to be in tune to your actions to be able to react efficiently is hard to counter.” She replied. “His quick thinking coupled with her quick reactions made them hard to beat.”

    A small huff came from him as the smallest smirk spread across his face.

    “I asked that same question to Problem Child last time Sero and Mina sparred and he gave me a full half hour speech on their quirks, but he only scratched the surface of the answer.” He looked at her again, “Thankfully, you’re not problem child.”

    Jirou had to laugh at that. Figures that Midoriya would do something like that. Hearing her usually stoic teacher say that with barely concealed irritation and yet an underlying fondness in his voice especially added to the slight hysteria she was feeling.

    “So,” she said, still trying to reign in the giddiness seeping into her voice, “was I right?”

    She wasn’t asking to confirm, she knew that there were many answers she could have said that were correct. Maybe the fact that this was a training session was a factor in why they tied. Maybe their laid back attitude prevented them from taking it so seriously. There could have been any number of reasons really.

    Which was why she was surprised when he turned back to the field and said a short and clipped ‘yes.’

    She had turned to him, a statement that died on her lips when he spoke again.

    “I have no doubt that you have already figured out that there were multiple answers to this question. Would you like to know why your answers were correct and not Midoriya’s?” Figuring it was a rhetorical question she only stayed silent.

    “His answers focused solely on their quirk usage, and while I understand that quirks have been his main focus in just about anything, he wasn’t seeing the things that require more fine tuning, a little more attention than merely a quirk and how it makes a person so great and powerful.” He gestured towards Uraraka and Ojirou. She looked as well and was a bit more surprised than she should have been when Uraraka grabbed onto Ojirou’s tail and used it as leverage to twist him over her shoulder, his momentum from his attack feeding into her advantage as she did so. Not even a mere second later and he was on the ground, Uraraka’s arm pressed against his throat, her knee on his stomach, and her other arm trapping his tail, effectively holding him to the ground.

    “Uraraka didn’t even use her quirk the entire match.” She breathed.

    He nodded, “Uraraka recently came to both Midnight and I asking for tips on hand to hand combat after her internship with Gunhead.”

    Jirou turned her neck so fast is cracked.

    “Do you guys still train her?”

    “From time to time. Usually during Mondays.” He raised a brow, “I’m sure if you ask, she’d be delighted to let you train with us.”

    She nodded, muling it over in her head.


    She stopped and looked at him curiously. “Soooo, what?”

    “Are you going to ask her?”

    Jirou paused, “You want me to ask her?”

    He sighed, “I’m asking if this is something you’re interested in. Both of you have the drive and potential to amount to great things. You can learn a lot from each other.”

    She snorted at that and crossed her arms, “No offense, but what could she learn from me. I barely managed to get past Kaminari.” She winced as sarcasm practically dripped from her words, certain she’d get told off for her less than ideal behavior.

    “Is Kaminari weak to you?”

    “What?” She turned and looked at him incredulously, “Of course not! Why- he’s a capable friend of mine and I’m sure he will make an excellent hero.”

    He nodded sagely, “Then why do you think it an insult when you said that you barely got passed him?”

    A retort curled and died on her tongue. Did she really think that?

    He huffed, “All of your classmates and yourself are talented kids, I’ve seen each of you overcome some things that I wished would never have happened to you.” He was thinking about USJ she realized. “Compare Kaminari now to the Kaminari at the beginning of  the school year.” He motioned towards the boy sitting next to Kirishima and Bakugou, the three of them talking about something that she couldn’t hear. Kirishima caught her eye and waved, causing Kaminari to turn around as well and wave back, shooting her a thumbs up for their match together. She smiled and waved back, watching as the boys returned to their conversation.

    “He’s matured. He strengthened his abilities, his self control, and in general is doing better in his studies after he took initiative to ask for help from the teachers and Momo. He’s gotten stronger, and I agree with you,” Aizawa looked at Kaminari as well, “I have no trouble in believing that he will make an excellent hero.” Then he looked back at her, his eyes conveying nothing that made her doubt his next words. “As will you.”

    They spent the next few moments in silence before he pushed himself off the wall and walked in All Might’s direction. Before he was out of earshot he called out to her,

    “Talk to Uraraka, I really do think you two could learn from each other. And don’t be late on Tuesday, I have patrol later.”

    She had then gone to Uraraka and they talked, the other so excited to learn and teach her friend that she had agreed with no hesitation.


    She ducked under the villain’s swinging fist and used her momentum to try and sweep away his feet from under him. He jumped up, but Ojirou used that moment to whack his tail into Sir’s middle, sending him flying across the room and into the wall. She grinned and held up her hand for a high five, which Ojirou graciously complied with as he lifted his tail up to bump against her hand. Despite their situation, Jirou threw her head back and laughed. Of course it was now, when their sensei was de-aged, would she remember what he had done for her. It was astonishing honestly, she never would have thought that this would happen. But, this was class 1-A. They always seemed to manage to attract danger.

    Sir lunged forward again and Jirou lept back, barely escaping his grasp.

    Of course, she thought wryly, it was their homeroom teacher that was in danger this time.

    At the same time, Ojirou swung his tail down on Sir’s head.

    “Lights out Medusa.”

    Hagakure panted as she followed Yagi-sensei, Shinsou and Kirishima following after them as protection as they raced down the stairs. Curse the elevators for not working at the time they need them! This was like something straight from an American horror movie! Shouta clung tighter to her shirt, the blindfold she had secured around his eyes still tight. She felt bad, for shutting off his quirk, his only defence really.

    Making up her mind she unwrapped the cloth and let fall to the ground as they ran to the third floor.

    “Shouta? I undid the cloth, but if the scary man with the snakes comes back, please don’t look at him.”

    Shinsou nodded, “It’s his quirk, Midoriya thinks he can turn people to stone if he makes eye contact with them.”

    She threw a scrutinary looked over her shoulder. Even though he couldn’t see it, he shrugged as if saying ‘what do you expect me to do? Lie?’ She sighed and continued to run.


    The crackling robotic voice went dead.

    “Two more villains?” Kirishima threw his arms up, “When will this end! Jesus sensei, how many people are after you!”

    “Too many.”

    Hagakure almost shrieked as Naomosa’s voice cut in.

    Yagi sighed and smiled as he saw his friend run after them, Naomosa’s familiar and friendly figure reassured them.

    “Naomosa, thank god you’re here.”

    He grinned and clapped Yagi on the back, “Of course! I just got a text from Gunhead, he’s managing to hold off the new villains by the gate. We have two places we can go,” He held up two fingers, “Back to school with Nedzu, or into the city. Both options have the chance of encountering others, but there’s not a whole lot of open windows at the moment.”

    Kirishima cocked his head to the side, “Why not the forest as a getaway? We can cut through there, hop the wall, and run out into the city where it’s safe.”

    “That-” He paused and contemplated it. Hagakure swore she could see the multitude of possibilities running through his head.

    “That- is a good idea.” He amended. He grinned and ruffled Kirishima’s hair affectionately, “Thanks! Alright then, change of plans! We’re going with Red Riot’s idea!” Kiri punched his fist in the air in victory as well as the use of his hero name.

    Yagi grinned and clapped him on the back, “Excellent work young Kirishima! Come then, we should get moving!” He smiled reassuringly in her’s and Shouta’s direction as they made their way down to the lowers levels.



    Shouta shrieked, tugging on Hagakure and pointed behind them. She just barely managed to drop her weight in time for the large scale to impale the wall in front of them, only just missing Yagi and Kirishima, who had activated his quirk incase he got hit. Naomosa helped Shinsou off the ground.

    “You little bra-ats.”

    Hagakure stared in horror as Madame made her way down the hallway, several of her scales spinning in the air around her as she made her way closer and closer. She limped, her leg charred and her arm bleeding from a cut on her shoulder. Her expression was twisted, rage apparent in her eyes and snarl pulled back like an animal as she neared.

    “You kids have been making this more difficult than it could have been.” Betraying her expression, her voice dripped with honey, a sickeningly sweet tone that sent shivers down their spine. “Oh, don’t be so afraid,” she crooned, “this could all end if you just hand the boy over.”

    To her horror, Hagakure made a stumbling step forward instead of away like she wanted to.

    Madame kept talking. “That’s right dear, just hand the boy over. This will all end if you do.”

    Another shaking step.

    Kirishima hissed as one of Madame’s scales impaled his shoulder as he made to grab her. “Hagakure! Snap out of it!”

    “Oh, we can’t have that can we?” She purred, “I just need the girl and the boy, you can all stay back, and be silent won’t you.”

    Hagakure struggled against her own body, ignoring her beating heart and screaming head as she desperately tried to stop her advancing to the villain. Damn it! Block it out, block it out!

    A step backwards.

    Madame growled and carefully schooled her features and putting on a placating smile. “Deary~ I know you want to come forward, please do. I promise no harm will come to your friends if you do.”

    She gasped and stumbled two steps forward as if someone had kicked her in the back. Shouta gripped tighter onto her shirt and buried his face into her shoulder.

    “That’s it love,” Madame sang, “That’s it, come closer and this will all end. Come now~”

    Hagakure cried out as a sharp pain centered around her forehead as she tried to resist the call forward.

    Then the pain was gone.

    “What the-”

    With a dull clang, Madame’s scales fell to the ground and lay there, useless, as her quirk was cut off.

    You brat!

    Madame leapt at them, a scale tight in her hand poised to strike Shouta. Time fell away and seemed to go slower. Her eyes widened as the scale came closer and closer to his throat as she fell back.

    Time only returned to normal once again when Naomosa struck her in the stomach, sending her away from Hagakure and the others.

    Madame lay only a few feet away from them, unconscious and still as her numerous  injuries caught up with her.

    A choked hiccup became her new focus as Shouta continued to stare at the unmoving body, eyes no longer a dull black but a shining blood red, his hair floating up. His breath was haggard and stuttering.

    Panicking, Hagakure sat down, moving slowly and murmuring apologies and useless comforts. Naomosa looked worriedly at his friend and the student, kneeling down beside them as well.

    “Shouta, are you okay?” Hagakure cursed herself internally, ‘was he okay’ of course he wasn’t okay!

    “Do you need anything?” Pfft, oh yeah great question Touru, we don’t exactly have anything to give him, well other than-

    “Hey, why don’t we get those little bunnies we bought at the mall yesterday? I’m sure Midoriya won’t mind! You can give it back to him later when we all meet up okay!” She bounced him gently on her knee and attempted a comforting smile. Her heart breaking as he steadied his breathing and cut off his quirk with far too much discipline to be normal to a child, or teen, or even an adult. But he nodded, and deeming that he seemed well enough, set him on the ground and held tight his hand as their group continued their way down the hall.

Naomosa frowned as well, the fast calm down reminding him of the adult Eraserhead who calmed his breath and heartbeat just as quickly whenever danger was near. He had always admired the other for seeming so calm in tense situations on the field, wondering how long it had taken to be that self controlled and well thought out. Now he wasn’t so sure he liked the answer.

    Kirishima, shoulder well bandaged thanks to Yagi-sensei, was still at the front with Naomosa, both the better off on defense and attack for their little group. Hagakure wasn’t too worried though. This entire time she had had a terrible feeling in her gut, as if an anvil had settled on top her chest and pins pricked her arms and back of her neck. Now though, she hadn’t felt any of that. Yagi-sensei must have thought so too because he wasn’t as tense as he was when they were walking earlier, trying to make their way to the exit.

    “I’m pretty sure I left the bag of the plushies by the stairs last night. . .” Kirishima grinned as he spotted the pastel purple bag at the bottom, “Ha-if that isn’t lucky I don’t know what is!”

    “Here ya go Shouta! Make sure to hold onto both of them so we can give them back to the others when we meet up with them!”

    The silent promise of determined faith in their friends didn’t go unnoticed by Hagakure, and apparently not by Shouta either as he nodded and held the bunnies close to his chest and muttered a silent ‘okay.’ Kirishima smiled gently and let Hagakure scoop him back up into her arms.

    Yagi smiled and gestured to the back doors. “Now, why don’t we make our escape.”

    “Lights out Medusa.”

    With a dull thunk, Sir collapsed, eyes rolling back into his skull as the heavy appendage came down hard on his head. Jirou grinned, satisfied that it would most definitely bruise.

    “Oh thank god.”

    She winced as Midoriya came over to them, Bakugou hanging limply over his shoulder, eyes half lidded and blood visible through the makeshift bandage that Midoriya had made for him. Ojirou’s previous satisfied smirk twisted down into a frown, “Is he okay?”

    Midoriya smiled, “I think so, but-” he grimaced, “since Recovery Girl is out we might have to reset his arm into place, or else it might heal wrong.”

    They both blanched at the suggestion. But he was right. Bakugou’s arm was twisted in an unnatural angle and she knew that part of his bone would have been visible through his skin if not for the bandage.

    “We should probably get one of the teachers to do it though, we don’t want to mess up and make it worse than it is.” Ojirou meekly stated. He looked slightly queasy Jirou noticed.

    “I can do it.”

    Jirou jumped as Blood King’s deep voice came from behind them. Whirling around she found slight satisfaction as he seemed sheepish for startling his colleague’s students. Ojirou sighed in relief, “Really?”

    Vlad-sensei nodded, “Of course, all of the staff here are supposed to know basic aid, most of us take extra classes just in case.” He gestured to Midoriya, “Please put Bakugou on the ground, it will make it much easier.” He knelt as the green haired boy placed him down before him. “Thank you, and if you three could please hold him down. This will be very painful, so be prepared if he jerks around.” Vlad instructed with a calming tone that did little to settle her nerves.


    Jirou braced herself.”


    She stopped from wincing herself as Vlad’s gentle grip elicited enough pain through the boy that he groaned slightly.


    The sound was like a bullet being fired. Immediately Bakugou reacted. He arched as much as he could off the ground, trying to pull away from Vlad as the teacher busied himself in setting his broken arm. Guttural and choked sounds came from him as another snapping sound was heard as Vlad also reset his middle finger, an injury they had barely noticed before that must have happened when Bakugou had gotten close to Sir.

    Jirou felt bile rise up in her throat at the more than gruesome sight, and she could tell that Ojirou and Midoriya were feeling about the same horrible, twisted feeling that gripped her heart and squeezed painfully. Even though Bakugou could be more than tough to deal with, he was their friend, and it hurt more than she wanted it to to see him this way; face twisted in pain and eyes rolled into his head and mouth open slightly in a silent scream.

    It felt like hours- but must have been no more than a minute- before Vlad finished, Bakugou’s arm hanging limply against his chest in a handmade sling that supported it.

    “You can stop holding him down now.” He instructed gently.

    Jirou nodded and let go of his torso and arm that lacked any of the pained movement that had jolted him into a flailing mess. She guessed, with little humor, that if Bakugou had seen himself then he would have been embarrassed by his ‘weakness.’

    Vlad gathered the prone boy in his arms, supporting his neck and head as gently as one would a newborn baby as he stood up. “Come, we should head out now. I can’t hear anymore fighting which means Midnight and the others must have apprehended that other ingrate.” His calm demeanor did nothing to mask the untapped rage he must have felt, nor did his calm mask hide it to the students.Jirou nodded, smirking slightly as they made to followed him out of the room, Ojirou dragging the limp form of the villain they had just defeated out with him.

    She made to leave last, but as soon as she stepped a bit out of the doorway, a chill ran up her spine, causing her to tense and turn back around, ready for an attack.

    It never came.

    She only faced an empty room, covered and messy with half burned and blackened papers, overturned furniture, and the broken window with blood drying on the sill. The feeling was gone, but that did little to ease her mind as she studied the room, eyes narrowed and trying to spot any detail that seemed out of order.


    Midoriya poked his head back into the room, unease and worry clear in his bright green eyes. “Are you okay? You’re not injured are you?”

    She glanced at him from the corner of her eye and shook her head. “No, I’m not hurt. It’s just-” she exhaled, “I just suddenly got a really bad feeling.” She muttered.

    He nodded, curious expression slightly dulled as he observed the wreckage, “Maybe we should leave then. We’ll leave it to the police to find something out of place.”

    She nodded, slowly and barely comprehending her own movements as she made we her way out the door as well, tailing close behind her friend, eyes never leaving the window sill.

    “Okay.” She mumbled.


    If she had stayed just a moment longer she may have just noticed the still dripping blood on the window turn a glittering gold in the sunlight and the miniscule snake worming its way into the ceiling tiles.