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First Impressions: Soft

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It’s cold outside. That clear, cutting cold that promises snow or ice soon. Yoongi shivers even in all his layers, the coffee in the styrofoam cup in his hand long chilled. He tosses it in a trash can passing through his university campas. He buries his hands deeper in his pockets and hides his face in his scarf as much as he can from the cruel wind.

He can’t wait to be inside, to escape it and get warm and comfy somewhere to work quietly. He’s a little early but he heads towards Namjoon's apartment since he’d said he couldn’t come meet today. He’ll ask Jin really nicely to make something hot for dinner, like soup, knowing his Hyung it’s probably already planned with how cold it is.

He looks up at the sky nervously waiting for the white flakes to start falling any moment as he knocks on Joon's door and waits shifting from foot to foot to keep from frostbite. Finally he hears hurried footsteps, muffled curses as there’s a sound of some mishap and then the door is being opened showing an out of breath Namjoon.

"Hey Yoongi! Come on in." He says, making way and letting out an exhale, no doubt congratulating himself on making it to the door in one piece.

"Hey hyung." He answers watching him skeptically as he slides off his boots. Joon chuckles and scratches the back of his neck and the proceeds to help Yoongi out of his twenty layers. "It’s brutal out there." He grumbles.

And Namjoon laughs. "I know, that’s why I’m safe at home." Yoongi shoots him a sour look.

"I’ll get you some coffee going." The elder says, not at all phased but the muderous, unimpressed glare leveled at him.

"That sounds amazing." Yoongi sighs, dropping his bag on the table by the foyer and heads for the living room to cuddle up in the couch under one of Jin's fluffy blankets. He freezes in surprise standing in the living room behind the couch.

Jin and Namjoon’s apartment was western in style. Living room wide and open, one wall made up of a fire place with a huge flat screen tv mounted to the wall above it. Three full sized couches create three-fourths of a square around the fireplace and tv, you can enter the living room from the kitchen or from the foyer like Yoongi had done.

Usually in the middle of the couch formation there’s a big coffee table Jin loved and would fuss whenever Yoongi propped his feet up on it. But not today. Today there’s an air mattress where the coffee table usually would be in front of the fire. An air mattress with every single nice fluffy blanket on it.

Yoongi shuffles around the couch and looks down at the sight. A pink head of the softest looking hair is barely visible among the pillows and blankets. He can spot a perfect little button nose and two hands cuddled up under his chin as if the person was trying to maintain as much heat as possible. The annoyance he felt at not having a blanket slightly disapates.

"Namjoon, what’s this?" He mumbles, looking over the other couches and into the kitchen where Namjoon is making his coffee and hissing as he burns himself.

"Ah." Namjoon says coming over with the steaming cup of coffee, totally unbothered by Yoongi's casual disrespect. "That’s Jimin, he’s sick so his roommate brought him over so Jin and I could watch him while he went to class. Jin went out to get some supplies." Namjoon frowns, squatting down beside the mattress, pressing his hand against the boy's barely visible forehead. "I hope Jin hurries, I don’t think he should have this many blankets when he’s this hot. We tried to tell him he would get sick if he kept running himself down, now a little old cold is gonna kill him."

Yoongi only sighs and heads back to the foyer grabbing his coat and bringing it back to the couch curling up under it since this 'Jimin' has stolen all the blankets. He’s not a compassionless person, distant sure. He didn’t know Jimin, he didn’t really care no one's died of a simple cold before, he opens up his laptop and gets to work on his assignments.

He can’t help but notice the little snuffling and sniffing sounds coming from under the blankets, he watches as a sweater clad arm appears from the mound of blankets and falls on top exhaustedly, fingers curled over his too long sleeve. Just as Yoongi's about to lean over and make sure the kid hasn’t smothered himself the door opens and slams shut, hurried footsteps sounding loud in the quiet aprement.

Yoongi scowls, prepared for whoever this rude person is. His face falls into pure surprise when Hobi appears in the door jam, shoulders rising and falling rapidly. He spots the mattress and dashes around the couch and falls to his knees beside it.

"Oh my Jiminie!" He says in an unusually soft voice, his hand reaches and gently brushes over the pink strands. "I told you to take a break!" He berates, "What will I do without my sunshine?" He gets no response, Jimin's body shifting a little under the blankets, reacting in his sleep the familiar voice and change of air in the room.

Now hearing Jung Hoseok address someone else as sunshine was like hearing the pot call the kettle black. Yoongi's eyebrows raise up into his hair line and watches in amusement and annoyance as his best friend frets over this boy who is a complete stranger to him, but has brought about the complete ignoration of his own very existence.

Jimin, or blanket hog, as Yoongi has christened him doesn’t react to the shower of affection and attention. He stays in his fever induced slumber under the mountainous pile of blankets and Hobi kicks off his shoes and sinks to sit down on the floor leaning against the mattress, rhythmically running the tips of his fingers through Jimin's baby pink hair.

"Hobi!" He says softly, trying to get his friend's attention. Hoseok jumps and huffs, holding a hand over his heart as he spots Yoongi curled up in the couch.

"Oh hyung! I didn’t see you there..."

Yoongi snorts, "I noticed. Throw me a blanket will ya?"

Hobi looks as though Yoongi just asked him to cut off one of Jimin's hands and give it to him. "How can you even ask that, he's shivering right now!"

Yoongi looks bored, "If he’s still cold right now there probably isn’t much hope Hoseok, give me a damn blanket!"

Hobi gasps and leans over Jimin’s form protectively, "Stop being a grumpy miser, Jimin doesn’t need your negative vibes. And stop being immune to his adorablness just because your cold and’s annoying, I know really you’re a big softie!" Hobi scolds, sending Yoongi a scathing look.

The door slams again and Yoongi pulls his coat up tighter around him glaring right back at Hobi.

"I’m back!" Yoongi can here Jin yelling from the foyer no doubt sliding out of his boots and into the pair of pink kitty slippers waiting for him at the door.

"Baby!" Namjoon yells back, and the subsequent bangs of the man trying to make his way to the door. Yoongi can hear the smacking kissing noises from the couch. "I missed you so much, Jinnie."

Cue high breathless giggles from Seokjin. "I was hardly gone an hour and half, Joonie."

"Felt like a day and half," Joon says back, lower this time, and Jin’s laugh is deeper and darker and soft, dimming into a contented hum as Yoongi only imagine the disgusting kiss they’re sharing now, with him in their house...the kinds of kisses that should be had in the bedroom behind closed doors when all your friends have gone home. He shudders.

Jin comes through to the kitchen Namjoon behind him, taking the bags from him and putting them on the bar as Jin washes his hands and puts down his wallet and keys. "How is he?" He asks, voice soft and worried and the two of them remind Yoongi so much of parents trying to decide what was best for their child.

"He’s still asleep, the fever isn’t going anywhere. Hobi's with him."

Yoongi looks up at him scandalized. He was there way before Hoseok, but apperantly he wasn’t suitable company for a sick guy. A guy which he still hasn’t figured what all the fuss is about. If anything he thinks people should be annoyed that this full grown ass man, in college away from home couldn’t take care of himself.

Jin hums in acknowledgement of Joon's words and begins to sort through his bags. Pulling out cough syrup, cough drops, tylonel, chapstick and the tissues with lotion on them. Wow. Yoongi’s going to start rethinking holding up in his room so that Jin doesn’t badger him when he's sick.

"Start boiling some water will you, babe?" Jin asks, cracking open the cough syrup and pouring out a dosage in the clear little measuring cup. "I got some of that peppermint tea he likes, hopefully we can get at least that in him."

Namjoon nods and does as he’s told as Jin makes his way into the living room. "Hey Hobs." He greets, sitting his armful of supplies on the sofa and leaning on the floor beside the mattress too, "He asleep?"

"Hey Jin-hyung. Yeah he’s pretty out of it. Fever feels really high actually."

"I’m here too." Yoongi says drily.

Jin turns and gives him a sweet smile, "Oh hi Yoongi, I didn’t know you were here." The green-haired rapper rolls his eyes. "Don’t get too close..." Yoongi sighs think how nice it is that someone is actually worried about him expecting Jin to instruct him not to get too close to Jimin as he might get his germs and fall horribly ill with the flu like he does every single year.

"...Don’t get too close your negative vibes might hinder Jimin’s healing process." Jin ends drily turning away and back to the pink haired kid.

"That’s what I said." Hobi agrees, nodding and also putting his complete attention back on their patient.

Yoongi feels wronged. And very annoyed at being ignored. Usually Hobi and Jin put all their efforts into distracting him from whatever was bothering him and lightening his moods. He’s not that negative...okay? Well, yes he was but, not negative enough to affect the 'healing process'. That was a huge exaggeration.

Jin shakes Jimin’s shoulder gently, his voice even softer, "Jiminie...Jiminie, can you wake up and take some medicine?"

Jimin groans softly as Yoongi can see his form stretching under the blankets, and his voice ends in a whine. Before his breath eases back out into sleep. Jin and Hobi wait with bated breaths and Yoongi is too, he actually just wants to see this kid's face that provokes such devotion and tender affection from his friends.

"C'mon Jiminie, can you do it for hyung, please?" Jin asks again, voice falling into that deadly sweet tone Yoongi usually only hears him using with Namjoon. Jimin’s eyes flicker open at that and Yoongi watches as he pushes himself up on his elbows from where he’d been lying on his stomach so Yoongi can’t see his face yet.

"Hey, there's my mochi." Jin says softly, "Sit up for me." He urges and Hobi helps pull him upright by one of his arms.

Yoongi blinks, staring like an idiot.

Pink hair a mess, framing the softest sweetest face he’s ever laid eyes on, full lips pulled into a sinful pout smacking as he breathes heavily. Thick lashes laid sleepily against his high cheekbones before fluttering open and letting Yoongi glimpse bottomless, deep caramel chocolate eyes, depths so soft and alluring Yoongi doesn’t feel himself stumbling into them.

His cute small hands wrapped up the sleeves off his baby blue fuzzy sweater rub at his eyes and then nose as he sniffs, looking at Jin blearily, his small looking frame shivering.

The infamous cold and cruel Suga rarely felt violent, strong emotions, rarely met someone who he wanted to let in, wanted them to let him in. He wasn’t like the persona Suga gave off. His cold exterior hid the insecurity and anxiety he suffered from, he disliked people because they made him uncomfortable. Though he really did have some social anxiety Yoongi just wanted to sleep. Honestly new people just took too much work, and they were annoying and loud and intrusive.

Deep down at his pure core Yoongi was a soft, compassionate good person. Harsh, hard-working parents had him growing up without receiving or giving much love...he knew he had something to give to a relationship...but honestly he’d never found anyone he’d wanted to let in that much. Someone he was willing to risk being betrayed and left behind by. No person had ever been pure, sweet or beautiful enough to inspire such devotion and bravery from him.

Yoongi feels his breath slightly lodged in his throat. Jimin is beautiful. His soft features glow even with sick paleness, his eyes blink heavily open and a tired sigh slips from in between his pout, his smiles at Jin attempting to soothe his worry but Yoongi can see the grimace of pain there. His cute hands reach out to fist in the blankets in front of him, clenching against the weakness, aches and shivers his illness is forcing on him.

Yoongi swallows thickly wondering at the twist inside his stomach. He didn’t know then what it meant for him...for Jimin. A warmth sweeps through his chest as he takes in the boy and the goings on surrounding him. It’s no longer a mystery to him. He still doesn’t know the full extent of the soft goodness, fathomless love and compassion that is Park Jimin. But he does understand the open arms and sympathies of his friends now. He’s never even spoken a word to the pink haired young man but he’s got a feeling he’ll never be able to tell him no.

"Hey Jiminie..." Jin says soothingly and Hobi runs a soothing hand down his back, even the soft movement making Jimin’s weakened body sway. "How're you feeling? Hobi-hyung's here to see you too."

Once again Yoongi bristles, I’m here too, he echoes himself in his brain.

Jimin tucks his head over close to his shoulder his soft brown eyes finding Hobi, and a little smile turning his lips up at the tips and Yoongi’s breath gets stolen again, "Hey hyungs." Jimin husks out and fuck Yoongi. Fuck him.

That voice, soft and husky and deep with the soreness in his throat, but the sweet, pleasing tone with some sort of accent Yoongi’s going to need more of to identify. Yoongi shivers as he takes in the picture. Jimin looks back to Jin, a genuine sad pout on his lips, eyebrows knitted together.

"I feel horrible, Jinnie-hyung. I’m too cold and my head hurts so much I can hardly see." His lip wobbles and he rubs at his eyes again with his sweater paws, Yoongi's heart and its gates (that he envisions looking something like the black gates of Mordor) groans and he finds himself inwardly cooing at Jimin.

"Alright alright." Jin comforts softly, as Hobi pulls up a blanket around his shoulders. "Here drink this." He holds the measuring cup for Jimin and the boy complies drinking every drop and Yoongi finds himself with a small smile thinking Jimin’s accustomed to being cared for like this, he’s used to being Hobi and Jin’s baby. It’s adorable.

Jimin makes a cringing face at the medicine's taste but doesn’t complain, happily taking the strawberry flavored cough drop and soft tissues from Jin. At both his hyung's urging he lays back, cheek bulging where the cough drop sits. He takes the bunch of tissues and rubs at his nose as Hobi pulls up the blankets over his shoulder and Jin points the thermometer prepped and ready at him and Yoongi’s grimaces even thinking about it. He hated that, especially when Jin held it in his mouth the whole time watching it like he couldn’t read numbers himself.

Jimin doesn’t even bat an eyelash, maybe it was due to his brain boiling temperature or his sweet dispotion (Yoongi’s wasn’t sure how sweet jimin-sweet was yet) anyway. The boy blinks blurrily as he waits for the thermometer to beep. And Yoongi can’t help but think he looks like the most docile, lovely little fluffy muffin he ever saw and he really wanted to drench him in melted butter and eat him up...what has happened to his brain?

He shakes his head as Jin takes the thermometer out of his mouth and frowns over it, "Wow. You’re way up there Jiminie."

Hobi leans over his shoulder and lets out a whistle, "102.0, shouldn’t we take him to the hospital?"

Jimin’s eyes goes sharp with worry and his fingers clench in the blanket. Jin tuts and brushes Hobi away, "Stop scaring my patient, it’s not that high yet." He turns back to Jimin and pats the covers over his chest. "Don’t worry Jiminie I’m not taking you to the hospital, I am going to have to put a cool rag on your head though, okay?"

"Kay," Jimin says softly. Jin leaves and comes back quickly with a wet wash cloth, he brushes Jimin’s hair back from his sweaty forehead and places the cloth on it. The boy gasps at the sudden cold but doesn’t complain, his eyes start slowly drifting open and shut as he heads back towards sleep.

"Who's that?" He sleep-soft voice slurs suddenly and Yoongi’s head jerks up to find Jimin’s fever shiny, hot chocolate eyes fixed on him.

Jin scowls for no reason at Yoongi (apperantly Jimin took up all the goodness and kindness in the man's big heart) and then turns and smiles down at Jimin, smoothing his hair back again, "That’s just Yoongi, Joonie-hyung's friend, ignore him and rest hm?"

Jimin sighs and his eyes finish closing, "Nice to meet you, Yoongi-hyung." He barely gets out before his body goes still and his breathing deep and slow, he’s gone to the world once again.

Yoongi’s heart simultaneously falls into his stomach and flies into his throat. The familiar title of hyung he would usually protest against doesn’t even phase him, in fact he thinks he might have a new favorite thing. Jimin saying his name in that sleepy calm voice, and freely, affectionately inviting him into his inner circle of friends.


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It’s quiet at Namjoon's for a half an hour or so. Yoongi gets as much work done as he can, though every single sigh or hitch in Jimin’s breathing distracts him. He cringes listening to the boy's grating cough that interrupts his sleep every once in a while. Hobi curls up on the other couch and Namjoon and Jin carry on with their lives.

Jin continues to check Jimin’s temperature and recool the rag on his forehead. The dissatisfied expression he gets every time tells Yoongi all he needs to know. The kid's fever wasn’t going down. It’s late in the afternoon when it starts to snow with some nasty sleet mixed in, Joon turns the tv on low listening to the weather report.

The ice was insane, as the sleet came down soft it froze almost immediately. And Yoongi’s got an inkling he won’t be going home tonight. The early winter sunset sets the sky line and windows aglow and he gets lost in the quiet comfortable haze in the security of his friend's apartment and the quiet rhythmic breaths slightly wheezing from in between Jimin's lips.

He’s staring unseeingly out the window, kind of missing his bed and thinking NO ONE not even him was crazy enough to traverse through this storm when the door opens and slams shut seeming very happy to prove him wrong. There’s the sound of a bag being dropped and clattering like it was full of a whole bunch of random objects. Then hurried footsteps.

A guy appears in the door way to the living from the foyer. Yoongi's not gonna lie. He’s beautiful. Unrealisticly so; ethereal. He’s the kind of person that should be modeling as muse for artists. His silver longish curly hair coupled with a delicate long, dangling earring in one ear lends a kind of ridiculously stunning, speechless effect. Even for Yoongi who has just admittedly, maybe, fallen for Jimin.

His oversized collared shirt and linen paints (way underdressed for the weather) flap behind him elegantly as he practically flies over to Jimin’s bedside.

"Chim Chim!" He says falling to his knees beside the mattress much like the ones before. "I'm so sorry I had to leave you, but I’m back’d have beaten my ass if I’d skipped for you." The boy coos over Jimin, running his ridiculously long, slender, perfect fingers through Jimin’s way more distracting pink hair. (In Yoongi's opinion that is.)

"He’d have beaten your what?" Jin asks sharply, appearing from nowhere.

"My butt hyung, my behind, my tuche, hindquarters, hiney...pick whichever you like cause I most certainly did NOT say ass."

"I outta beat your ...." Jin rambles off not finishing and the boy smiles.

"How is he Jin hyung? I feel so bad for leaving him." He sighs heavily and leans his head on his hand, gazing into Jimin’s face. Yoongi has now gathered that this is Jimin’s roommate. The one who had delivered him here to be cared for.

"Not too good." Jin says coming to stand with hands on his hips, frowning down at Jimin. "His temperature needs to come down...with this storm, taking him to the hospital isn’t even an option anymore."

Taehyung purses his lips fretfully looking back to his roommate, fingers going through his hair again absently. Hobi yawns, waking from a light slumber at Jin’s and Taehyung's conversation.

"Hey Tae." He says, stretching.

"Oh hey, Hobi-hyung." The boy greets with his boxy smile. "Who’s the other one?" He asks tilting his head towards Yoongi. Hobi's smile suddenly turns a little viscous and a lot mischievous.

"That’s Suga-hyung." He states simply.

Yoongi is honestly scared at the intensity with which those delicately shaped almond eyes land on him and study him questioningly. "Really?! I didn’t even recognize him." Taehyung asks, an excited squeal present, glancing again at Hobi as if Yoongi can’t speak for himself.

"Hyung." Tae says, turning to him fully, face and voice so honest it makes Yoongi uncomfortable. "I love you."

Yoongi can virtually hear himself blinking and Taehyung doesn’t seem bothered by the alternate ways his words could be taken.

Hobi laughs rolling his eyes, "He means he loves your rap, Tae is totally your groupie, hyung. He’s always there at our concerts."

"Oh," Yoongi says, "Well nice to meet you, Taehyung."

"Thank you hyung, if Jimin wasn’t sick I would never shut up, I live through you, but as it is the best friend take precedence." He goes quiet, head turned back to Jimin rearranging the cloth on his forehead, pulling his hand out from under the blanket and threading their fingers together. Yoongi ignores the ugly feeling he feels in his stomach.

The rapper huffs to himself, mind hurting trying to wrap itself around what Taehyung had just said to him. And wondering if Taehyung and Jimin were more than just roommates and besties. Fuck, he didn’t even know if Jimin was gay, chances were with his luck Jimin was probably the straightest boy on campus.

Lost in these thoughts, Hobi startles him standing and slumping into the couch beside him. "Tae's an art major and classical singer, that’s what he means by living through you...he’s a true rap enthusiast."

"Ah." Yoongi answers, turning to watch the strange boy, play with Jimin’s limp, small fingers and looking at something on his phone, murmuring unintelligible comments to his sleeping best friend. "How about Jimin?" He asks after observing the two together for a minute...trying to figure out what the two's connection was.

"Huh, what about him?" Hobi asks, obviously surprised and confused as to why his usually unobservant, unconcerned friend seemed to be concerned about the two complete strangers to him.

"What’s Jimin’s major?" Yoongi asks again, drily, sounding bored. Hobi grins nastily again, thinking he’s catching onto something.

"Jimin’s a dance major, minors in singing and art. That’s how he got so worn down and sick, the kid never stops for more then two seconds. He models for Jin in his spare time for extra money, the kid's unstoppable." Yoongi watches the way Hobi fondly gazes at the sleeping figure.

Jimin was so intergrated into his friends lives and had he missed him? Maybe it was time for Yoongi to pull himself out of his own little world just a little. Just a Jimin sized amount.

. . .

Jin gets in the kitchen and starts cooking. He tries to keep it quiet but Namjoon comes to help and it’s game over from there. Yoongi puts away his schoolwork and sends them a peeved look as they try to muffle their giggles, Jin’s laugh is hopelessly loud as he falls apart at Joon's clumsiness.

The smell of the salty mushroom broth fills the house and Yoongi’s stomach does a little growl at the satisfying, promising smell. As Hobi sets out glasses and bowls on the bar Namjoon pouts at Jin brandishing a wooden spoon at him daring him to even think about touching his food.

"I’ll bring you some babe, the rest of us want to have some too, there’s no telling what you’ll do to it."

"I hate you baby."

"I know, I know." Jin comforts, laddleing up the soup in the bowls Hobi brings him.

Yoongi's attention is grabbed as Jimin stirs, stretching under the blankets and Tae's head jerks up from where it was bent over his phone.

"Hey Chim, you awake?" He asks, softly, fingers squeezing the smaller boy's lightly.

"Tae?" Jimin’s soft, husky voice slurs. "You back? You didn’t skip." The sigh is relieved and Taehyung laughs.

"No I didn’t skip, don't you remember? I brought you here to Jin and Namjoon-hyung's."

Jimin groans softly, running a hand over his eyes roughly, "It’s kind of all blurry. What time is it?"

"Six-thirty. Hyung made some soup, do you want some?"

Jimin shakes his head adamantly, and regrets it. He hides his face in the pillow holding a hand to his pounding head. Yoongi can almost see his shivers and shakes from where he’s sitting on the couch.

"C'mon you gotta try, Chim Chim." Tae insists a reassuring hand rubbing his shoulder. "If you don’t eat you’ll never get better, it’s already been twenty-four hours since you ate."

Yoongi tenses at that. What the fuck? This kid had the flu pretty bad, dehydration was probably already set in which was why the headache was so bad. He looks to Jin indignantly. The older man looks worried and it already spooning a bigger bowl of soup than any one else’s.

"Tae, see if you can get him to come sit at the table." He says, reheating the tea from earlier, and looking at the directions on the back of the cough syrup and Tylenol to see how soon he could give Jimin the next dose.

"Chim, c'mon lets sit down and eat something." Tae says softly, rising to a squat and pulling on Jimin’s arm.

Jimin groans, "Don’t wanna Tae." Yoongi feels bad for him, can hear the bone deep pain and weariness in his tone. All three pairs of eyes from the kitchen come up at that, and Yoongi can see them worriedly trying to figure out how they’re gonna get some substance into the kid. Tae is miles ahead of them, knows his best friend all too well.

"But Jiminie," he whines softly, leaning forward as if to confide in him. "Jinnie-hyung said I couldn’t have any unless you do too."

"That’s not fair." Jimin slurs into the pillow and wipes his nose on his sleeve again.

Tae tuts, "I know, I know I’m sorry Chim, but I’m sooo hungry!" Jimin nods tiredly and begins to push himself up, Tae helping him and slipping an arm around his waist to help haul him up, with a blanket in tow. Yoongi’s beginning to see the method in getting Jimin to do something he doesn’t want to. Show him how it’ll hurt someone else if he doesn’t and he’ll do it in a heart beat.

Fuck he’s so pure, is all Yoongi can think as he gets up to go to the table too. He slouches into a chair as Tae carefully lowers Jimin into one draping the blanket around his shoulders, and Jimin wraps it tightly around himself, his teeth chattering.

Jin slides two bowls over for the two boys, and the steaming mug for Jimin. "Hey Jiminie, hyung's got you some of that peppermint tea you like so much, and it’s your favorite mushroom soup. Eat up for me okay?"

Jimin looks tiredly up at him, his eyelids opening and closing slowly, long lashes sweeping his cheeks and keeping his dark eyes shadowed. "Kay hyung." He answers, dragging the bowl towards him, but wrapping both hand around the mug and letting the steam hit him in the face, he sighs in content, as he leans down a little to sip some of the liquid without lifting the mug.

Tae watches his friend with a worried eye before picking up his own spoon. "Itadakimasu!" He says brightly as he digs in. The reaction is immediate.

Jimin freezes with his spoon half way to his mouth. "We had Japanese today." He says softly to himself. Tae freezes too and if looks could kill Jin’s glare would have plain mummified Taehyung.

Jimin breathes heavy, pressing a hand to his forehead and leaning on the table. "I had to be there...I’m going to fail." He murmurs, totally unaware of the four pairs of eyes on him. He sets his spoon down and slumps sadly, "I have to practice too, I’m never going to get the routine perfect in time."

"Chim chim relax." Tae says softly, "I took notes for you, and you’re the best damn dancer at this stupid school, you’re gonna be fine as long as this flu doesn’t kill you." Tae leans and presses a soft kiss into the side of his temple.

Jimin rubs his fingers into his forehead fretfully, pursing his lips. He shakes his head wordlessly and brings his hands down to twist them nervously, sweater paws almost hiding them from view.

Yoongi can’t take it anymore.

"Hey kid." All eyes jump to him even more surprised. But he only has eyes for Jimin, those flushed cheeks and too shiny eyes now rooted on him, there’s a desperate look to them like his mind is screaming to be set at peace.

"Stop beating yourself up. It’s not your fault you got sick. Let your hyungs take care of you, just eat, drink your tea and get better, that’s the smartest thing you can do right now. Then you can tackle everything that’s stressing you." Everyone just stares at him slack jawed...that was the most words Yoongi had strung together in a long long time.

Jimin tilts his head at him in an adorably questioning he was trying to remember him, the fever fucking his mind in a lot of ways making him emotional and confused. "Okay." He sighs, "Okay, I can do that. Thanks Yoongi-hyung." He says in that soft, husky voice and Yoongi loses his for a minute.

Jimin slowly begins to eat his soup and finish off his tea. Tae and Jin get him settled on the mattress again after he has his medicine and nobody says a thing about Yoongi's sudden interest in a complete stranger. Like it wasn’t totally out of the norm.

. . .

With a full tummy Jimin sleeps like the dead for several hours. If it wasn’t for Jin and Taehyung being by his side all the time Yoongi would have checked his pulse by now just to be safe. However as the night grows later Jimin's cough gets worse, deeper and grating, the congestion crackling deep in his chest, even his breaths sounding wet.

They’re all on the couches, laid out and watching tv. Jin and Joon twisted together on one couch, Tae leaning against the mattress in his same place, looking from his phone to the tv in turn. Yoongi dozes on and off, more often then not startled awake by Jimin’s horrible cough.

Tae gets up yawning to go to the bathroom and Yoongi stretches, a commercial break causing a stir in the room as Namjoon gets up to go to the bathroom too. Jimin moves under the blankets and a gust of cold air getting under makes him gasp startled. He chokes. Yoongi can hear the frantic heave in his chest as he coughs trying to draw air, but the mucus in his system blocks his airways and makes a sleepy terrified cry break from his throat.

Before Yoongi really knows what he’s doing he’s on the floor beside the mattress pulling Jimin upright and into the crook of his arm to stop him from choking on any of his sinus drainage. Jimin hacks painfully for a few seconds and then goes limp against Yoongi, his breaths loud and shallow his eyes flutter as he whimpers under his breath a hand on his chest as if he can ease some of the weight there.

Yoongi is honestly shocked at the heat coming off the boy. It’s unreal. When he’s read about people who feel like they have furnaces inside he always thought it was colorful literature...Jimin literally feels like there must be a thousands suns inside him. His skin is hot and tight, he can feel the unhealthiness, the unnaturalness of the heat.

"It’s okay Jimin-ah," He says softly, "You're just coughing, you're okay." Jin is off the couch grabbing a box of tissues just in case the kid coughs something up.

"Jin, he’s way too hot." He says flatly, voice plainly worried and Jin comes and places a hand on his head too.

It wouldn’t have been so disturbing if Jimin hadn’t been so limp in his arms, his chest rising and falling like he’d been running ten miles, his eyes are open but sightless, blinking slowly. And even though he doesn’t know Yoongi at all he shivers and turns into his body heat.

Jin and Hobi watch in disbelief as Yoongi only holds him closer, one arm around his shoulders and doesn’t object to the violation of his personal space. Jimin suddenly coughs again, body tensing with the pain, his muscles bunching and trembling, his eye lids fall lowers but his eyes rove restlessly under them.

Tae appears from the bathroom, "What’s going on?" He asks, vice sharp with worry and slightly on guard because he doesn’t know Yoongi and the guy is holding his sweet best (obviously beautiful) friend way to close.

"Tae tae..." Jimin slurs at his roommate's voice.

"He was coughing and choked." Jin explains as Taehyung comes to kneel beside Yoongi, he grabs Jimin’s hand squeezing it reassuringly.

"I’m here Chim." He comforts lowly. "Jesus, you’re burning up."

Jimin mumbles something in response, but his eyes shut the rest of the way as another painful cough rips through his chest.

"Get another pillow to prop him up on so he doesn’t choke again." Tae says, and Jin puts one on top of the previous one. Yoongi begrudgingly lowers him back down to be propped up by the pillows immediately missing his weight leaning against him. Jimin grumbles under his breath and rubs his sleeves under his nose again, turning his head towards Yoongi as the rapper absent mindedly pulls the covers back over his shivering body.

"Hyung..." Tae says looking to Jin, "What do we do?"

"We’re gonna have to put him in the shower."

"That’s too cruel." Tae objects, big worried eyes on his best friend.

"It’s that or the bath...with this weather we can’t go anywhere and the tylonel isn’t doing anything...we can’t let him go on like this anymore Tae. He’s too hot..."

" could damage his brain." Namjoon finishes behind his boyfriend. "I think we have a better chance with a bath, I’ll go run one."

Tae sighs heavily, running a hand down his face stressfully. "We're never gonna get him in...he hates cold water, perfectly healthy, in the summer."

Jin shrugs, "There’s no helping it." He pushes Jimin’s hair back, "C'mon love." He says softly, shaking Jimin’s shoulder. "You gotta be Hyung's good boy one more time."

Jimin groans softly at the pushing of his shoulder and Tae joins pulling the blankets down and patting Jimin on the chest. "C'mon Jimin..."

"Wha?" Jimin asks, eyes barely open responding to his name and best friend...Yoongi feels a flash of annoyance.

"We got to get your fever down Jiminie." Jin explains softly as he stands, Tae following and then they lean down to help raise Jimin to his feet together.

The boy objects with a whimper, still confused as to what’s going on. Yoongi watches him sway between Jin and Tae as they pull him towards the bathroom. "Tae, I don’t understand what you want..." he mumbles and Yoongi watches as Tae’s face crumbles, tears coming to his eyes already feeling bad for they’re about to do.

"You’re too hot, Chim, it’s dangerous. We gotta get the fever to go down." They’re almost to the bathroom and Tae’s walking backwards speaking softly to the pink-haired boy. Then the running water seems to click in Jimin’s mind, and hell breaks loose.

He stops and jerks Jin and Taehyung to a stop since they’re holding his hands. "N, no, Tae, I’m, I’m cold, I’m freezing right now." Jimin says, his voice shaking with near tears and his shivers multiplying.

Tae’s face twists with guilt, "I know Jimin, but you have to."

Namjoon appears in the door, "It’s ready." His face softens at the sight of the frightened shaking boy. "Jimin-ah, you’ll be fine, you can go back to sleep right after, I promise."

Jimin shakes his head silently and Jin smiles kindly at him using his persuading voice, "C'mon babe, hyung's gonna be with you the whole time..."

"I said no!" They all jump in surprise when Jimin yells. He jerks his hands from Tae and Jin and wraps his arms around his middle shaking the whole time. "I said no." He repeats again softly, taking a step back from them.

"Jimin..." Namjoon starts, and Tae steps towards him wrapping his arm around his middle pulling him forwards. "I know it’s hard, but you’ve got to."

None of them are prepared for the frustrated, heart wrenching sob that breaks from Jimin’s chest, causing him to hack through an agonizing sounding cough, still he pushes himself out of Tae’s arms. "I’m not!" He slurs out, voice destroyed and tone desperate and broken. "I don’t care what might happen, I’m so cold, s, so cold right now!"

He’s shaking so bad from cold and nerves he almost falls and then as Jin steps towards him he turns swiftly, panicking and runs. Right into Yoongi who had followed them quietly watching. The boys in front of him freeze, as does he, as Jimin snakes his arms around his middle and holds on for dear life hiding his face in his neck sobbing his heart out.

"I’m sorry..." The boy is saying over and over again into the skin of his neck, "I'm sorry, I’m sorry."

Tae sighs, looking oddly old and very guilty runs his hand over his face again, Namjoon echos his actions. Jin looks absolutely heart broken, at his obvious favorite's broken cries.

Slowly Yoongi looks away from them and down at what little of the flushed, swollen face he can see where it’s tucked under his chin. Afraid of spooking the kid, honestly afraid of shattering this moment or ruining his chance...Yoongi slowly, cautiously raises his hand and places it on top of the pink hair smoothing it and softly shushing Jimin. Something inside him warms and stretches so much bigger as Jimin relaxes into him, burying his sniffles into his sweater.

"Alright, Jimin-ah, it’s alright, don’t cry...don’t cry angel." He whispers into the soft pink strands.

"Well shit." Hobi states behind them. And Yoongi doesn’t even mind the curious gazes on them right now.

"What are we gonna do?" Tae asks, softly, eyes big and still wet.

"There’s only one thing left to do..." Jin says grimly. "...get 'Gookie over here pronto."

Chapter Text

"Gookie?" Yoongi asks, eyebrows raised and confused, still holding Jimin close.

"Jungkook." Hobi explains. "We call them the maknae line. Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook. They call themselves platonic soulmates but if you ask me the platonic part gets way out of hand." Hobi looks disturbed for a moment, obviously reliving painful memories...

"Taehyung and Jimin are the same age, making Jungkookie Jimin’s only daesang..."

"There isn’t a thing in this world Jiminie wouldn’t do for Jungkook." Jin finishes. His face still looks sad though. "He's still gonna hate it just as much though."

Taehyung looks immensely relieved as he comes back from calling this infamous daesang. "Gookie's on his way." His shoulders are slumped and a little bit of the light has come back to his eyes.

He walks over and rubs Jimin on the top of the head, leaning his head on Jimin’s slouched this was getting to be too much for Yoongi's limited personal space. "It’s okay, Chim, Gookie's coming it’s gonna be okay, I’m’s gonna be okay." He whispers softly.

"Yoongi, go sit him back down till Jungkook gets here." Jin directs, "He’s probably already exhausted."

And now Yoongi can feel the small hands fisted in his sweater, and the way a lot of Jimin’s weight is leaning into him. He wraps his arm tightly around Jimin’s shoulders for support. "Let’s go sit down Jimin-ah...we’ll get you warm I promise." He says softly and Jimin hums at him hoarsly under his breath.

Taehyung looks at him weird as Jimin complies soundlessly. Yoongi decides to ignore it and simply enjoy this. He tugs Jimin down on the couch after him and the dancer falls to the cushions beside him letting his head lean on Yoongi’s shoulder. Hobi throws a blanket over them and Yoongi pulls it up over him, Jimin grabbing it and snuggling closer to it and Yoongi. And fuck. He could get use to this. Get used to being Jimin's foundation, his rock and assurance.

He's entranced by the sight of the boy’s small hand still twisted in the soft material of his own sweater until the slamming of the door rouses him from his half sleepy, warm, happy trance. Taehyung appears in the kitchen with a tall cocky-looking kid. He’s got brown hair, with lighter highlights and warm bunny eyes and teeth. He’s big for a Korean dude, Yoongi absently wonders how much of his life he wastes in the gym.

He watches as the new kid leans into Tae, "Who’s that?" He asks, not even attempting to veil his whisper. His gaze sharp on Jimin and even sharper on Yoongi whose arm is still around the the now dozing boy.

"That Suga-hyung, the rapper." Tae returns not trying to hide that they’re speaking about him either. "He’s Namjoon and Jin’s friend, Hobi-hyung too I think. Jimin doesn’t know him, but he seems to have taken quite the shine to him."

Jungkook makes a funny face at that and a humming noise as they both make their way over. He sits down on the couch beside Jimin and gently places his hand on the boy's forehead, fingers running through his pink hair.

"Shit, you weren’t lying, he’s burning up."

"I know." Tae sighs, "We tried to cool him off in the bath but he wasn't having ANY of that’s why we called you."

Jungkook laughs under his breath at that, "I can only imagine." Suddenly his sweetly shaped eyes are fixed on Yoongi, the gaze hardened quite a bit. The rapper gets the impression this "Gookie" was a little possessive when it came to Tae and Jimin.

"I’m Jungkook," He says flatly, looking expectantly at him.

"Min Yoongi." Is all Yoongi says back, meeting his eye straight on...he thinks Jungkook is way too young for this posturing.

Jungkook says nothing back and turns to Jimin, slowly pulling the covers down until they pool in the dancer's lap. He gives Jimin a gentle shake and waits. Sure enough Jimin opens an eye and grunts in question.

"Jungkookie?" He asks, in his sleepy voice.

"Hey Jimin-ssi, still alive I see."

To everyone’s wonder Jimin giggles and Yoongi’s heart flutters.

Jungkook takes a small hand in his bigger one and gives it an impatient tug, "C'mon me and Tae got something we want you to do with us."

Jimin laughs a little, but looks sad and god, so tired, "Gookie, I don’t feel so good..."

"I know." Joongkook gushes quickly, "I know so I wouldn’t ask unless it was really really important." He lets his tone get persuasive and whiny, Yoongi grimaces. "Please...I’m begging you Jimin-ssi."

Jimin breaks into airy giggles again. "Okay, okay," He concedes, slowly putting his feet on the floor. "I’m coming."

Yoongi prays he wasn’t just imagining the boy being hesitant to leave his side.

Jungkook stands and pulls Jimin the rest of the way up, and wraps an arm around his small shoulders, pulling Jimin into his side and warmth, he presses a soft kiss into Jimin’s temple. He’s leading them towards the bathroom with Tae following but he makes sure to meet Yoongi’s eyes over the pink hair. Yoongi swallows thickly and feels something aching inside him at the sight.

Across the room on the other couch Hobi laughs at the interaction. "Ignore Gookie." He says, lightly to Yoongi waving his hand. "Those two are both really protective of Jimin...poor kid has the worst luck in men...yes I’m saying he’s gay." He says all in one breath giving Yoongi a meaningful look.

"I don’t know why you’re telling me." Yoongi says stiffly, hands fisted in the hem of his sweater where Jimin’s hands just were.

"I haven’t seen that look in your eyes for a really long time, Min Yoongi, but I know when my best friend's been hit by a train...especially if that train is my sweet Jiminie."

"Shut the fuck up, Hobi." Yoongi says drily and the other boy laughs lightly.

"Okay okay, whatever." He says, eyes on the floor and fingers picking at the strings on one of Jin’s throws. "Come to think of it, why did I never put you two together? You're perfect for each oth..."

"I said to shut. The. Fuck. Up." Yoongi growls out, "Don't get any grand match making ideas."

Hobi makes a zipping motion over his mouth and a throwing one just for good measure, signifying that he’s also tossed away the key. Yoongi snorts and rolls his eyes. As if. Ever.

. . .

Jin and Namjoon join them on the couches and the four grown men would never have admitted to listening with bated breath. They were waiting for blood curdling screams and the sound of Tae and Jungkook being murdered as Park Jimin met ice cold water but they never came.

After ten minutes Jin gets up and shuffles through Jimin’s duffle that Tae had left that morning where it’s sitting in the living room corner. They hear him slip into the bathroom promising the three younger men inside towels and warm clothes. They listen real hard and all are shocked to hear the tinkles of Jimin’s laughter come softly from the bathroom and Jin’s even louder ones.

Three short minutes later Jin appears with a still shivering Jimin but his face is lighter, his eyes clearer. Yoongi loses his breath for the upteenth time that day. Dressed in a too big fuzzy cream sweater and grey sweatpants, hair wet and pink darkened to match the hue of his swollen lips he’d obviously been chewing on...Jimin looked a whole other level of sexy, divine, beautiful and smallest squishiest muffin all at the same time.

Yoongi's head spins with the headiness of his attraction as Jimin walks over to the couch on his own for the first time. His hips sway just the tiniest but, not feminine or twinkish, kind of like Hobi's and it must be from his dancing. Yoongi never thought of Hoseok as hot as hell before though.

The boy lets out a contented sigh as he drops to the mattress on the floor and begins half way coordinatedly pulling on some cozy socks. General ruckus, yelling and giggling erupts from the bathroom and they all look up as Tae and Jungkook appear from the bathroom. Soaked from head to toe to the bone, even their hair, teeth chattering but looking very happy with themselves.

Jin sighs and crosses his arms, Tae looks alarmed and turns to Jungkook slapping him. "You didn’t tell me your genius plan included both of us in freezing cold water."

"Worked didn’t it?" Jungkook asks archly.

Jin gives up, just shaking his head. "Joonie, can you get Tae and Gookie some of your sweats. You idiots are going to be sick too at this rate."

"Sorry Jin-hyung." Jungkook all but coos, eyes lighting up with his sweet bunny smile.

Jin softens. "It’s okay. But!" His face goes stern suddenly and he points a finger at them. "Only because Jiminie is happy now." They both nod submissively and follow Namjoon into their bedroom, all but running from Jin.

It’s takes Yoongi a moment to wrap his mind around what just happened. All three of those boys had been in one bathtub still in their clothes all because one was sick. Jungkook and Tae completely submerged in cold water on what was probably the coldest night of the winter all because Jimin was feverish and afraid of said cold water.

Those two had been willing to suffer with their friend just to stop his tears from falling...why was Yoongi’s heart swelling and so warm right now? He can’t help but think that he’d probably do that and more to keep Jimin's tears at bay. He smiles watching the cotton candy haired boy wipe his nose on his fresh, clean sweater...the purness of the being before him really just made his heart stutter.

"Tae Tae, Jungkookie!" Jimin suddenly yells arms spread out and the two come running jumping on the mattress next to their friend.

"Slumber party!" Jimin sighs happily, an arm around the necks of his two best friends.

"Don’t pop my air mattress." Jin grumbles from his spot on the couch.

Jimin’s face lights up at his voice, tilting his head back to catch Jin’s eyes. "Jinnie-hyung, can we watch a movie?"

"Of course you can, Jiminie." He answers, as Namjoon sinks into the couch beside him, wrapping his arm around him and taking up the tv controls to switch from channels to Netflix.

Predictably Jimin and Co. decide on The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Yoongi huffs at the choice but now that Jimin has two bodies of heat with him on his mattress he doesn’t need so many blankets. He hands one to Yoongi and if the rapper wasn’t mistaken he was definitely blushing, his eyes dancing away from his almost as soon as they met.

So Yoongi doesn’t complain and simply cuddles up under the blanket...finally.

Everyone is drifting off, the tv turned down just enough to where you can still here it. Jimin is sandwiched between his two bodyguards, sucking on a cough drop, eyes drooping. Yoongi looks over from where he’s lying as a whispered conversation begins.

"Are you alright now?" Tae asks softly, reaching up with his freakishly long fingers to tame Jimin’s hair a little.

Jimin nods, "It’s okay Tae, I know you were just looking out for me." Tae reaches down and Jimin squeezes their hands together with a reassuring smile on his lips.

"How are you feeling though?" Jungkook asks, from his other side, the most serious expression Yoongi has yet to see on his face present.

Jimin sighs, "Better than earlier today, but still not too good I forgot how bad the flu really is."

"Well lots of sleep and Jin-hyung's soup should fix that." Tae says comfortingly.

"And Jimin..." Jungkook says, voice low and confiding, achingly sweet. " more crying okay? Just tell us if you feel scared or uncomfortable or overwhelmed. Me and Tae are here for you."

Jimin nods look momentarily teary-eyed.

"That’s right," Tae echos, pressing a sweet kis into his best friend's cheek, "We got you, even in cold baths."

They all three absolve into giggles.

"Really guys." Jimin’s starts, "I’m alright now, and I won’t get upset anymore, pinky promise. And it was okay, because Yoongi-hyung was there, he was super nice."

That’s the moment he chooses to look up and their eyes meet from where both their heads lay on their pillows. Yoongi’s heart swelling happily at Jimin’s words but the sweet smile he gives him brings it to a stuttering stop and Yoongi knows Jimin is a part of him now. Big or small, romantic or platonic. All the rapper knows is that inside his heart right here and now Jimin is his to protect and make happy.

As long as Jimin allows him in his life that will be enough.

Though he inwardly hopes and prays that the flush on Jimin’s cheeks is from more than just the receding fever.

. . .

Yoongi wakes to morning light. The sickly kind that comes from behind snow clouds. He sighs, inwardly gearing himself for another day probably stuck inside with all his friends...loud friends. He tugs his blanket further over his shoulder and opens his eyes to a pleasant sight. And on this rare occasion Yoongi doesn’t mind at all waking up.

Jimin is still asleep, laid out on his back one arm thrown over his head, the other one is on his pillow beside his face fingertips peeking out from the too long sweater sleeves. His hair is dry now and looks so soft, baby pink catching the light and gleaming a little, it lays over his forehead in soft tufts. His lips are relaxed, and easier sounding breaths puff out of them along with still lightly labored falls of his chest.

Yoongi sighs in unconscious relief that the beautiful boy was even real.

Taehyung lays beside him on his side curled towards his best friend, already awake and surfing on his phone. Hobi is gone, couch and blanket deserted. If Yoongi had the energy and will power he’d get up and claim it. Jungkook's place is empty too, but Yoongi soon locates him on the floor beside the mattress pumping out reps of pushups.

Ugh. How disgustingly active and healthy. Yoongi thinks, grimacing even at the thought of doing such a thing. The obnoxious kid catches him staring and sends him a grin and a thumbs up momentarily lowering and raising himself on one hand as he shakes his bangs out of his cute bunny eyes. Yeah, ugh.

Yoongi stretches luxuriously, trying to get all the creaks out of his back from a night not in his own bed. Sob. The couch Jin and Namjoon had been snuggled up on is empty so at some point last night they had abandoned them for their own heavenly mattress.

Yoongi smacks his lips distastefuly, that dry, gritty feeling in his mouth when you don’t brush your teeth the night before.He’s about to get up and raid Jin’s cabinets when the front door opens and shuts, and Yoongi vaguely wonders if Jin and Namjoon's apartment can hold anyone else. But Hoseok appears setting a bakery box down on the bar and Yoongi sighs in relief. No more introductions to knew people, no more noisy people inside.

He gets up as his best friend begins to make coffee, coming to sit at the table, motioning for Hoseok to set him up with his favorite drug as soon as possible. The smell of coffee permeates the air and Yoongi sighs at the intoxicating smell. Ahhh caffeine.

Hoseok pours his friend and himself some coffee and comes to sit down with him after putting the kettle on. He opens the box from the bakery and takes out a plain croissant with white sugar glaze on top and hands it over to Yoongi. It was about as sweet as the older could go. And then getting out a giant eclair filled with lemon curdle inside for himself. Yoongi makes a face at the sight.

Jungkook pushes himself up from the floor and comes to the kitchen out of breath guzzling a water bottle from the fridge. And Yoongi wonders why he’s never meet this group of boys before when they’re so evidently comfortable in Jin’s and Joon's house.

After he cools down from his work out Jungkook pours himself a cup of coffee and joins them at the table. Hobi goes into the box again and comes out with two other eclairs. "Banana cream, right Kookie?"

"Right." Jungkook answers, "Thanks so much hyung. Tae, c'mon, Hyung brought pastries." He says through a full mouth over his shoulder, and Tae makes an uncommitted sound of acknowledgment. Yoongi looks over to find the taller boy draped entirely over Jimin cuddling him to his heart’s content.

"I’m keeping my Chim Chim warm." Tae excuses, not even looking up from his phone.

"Well your Chim Chim needs to get up and eat. He needs his medicine too." Jungkook responds as if he’s used to Tae giving this excuse.

Taehyung lets out an over exaggerated sigh in response and shuts his phone off. He lies quietly alongside Jimin for a moment before he rises up on his elbows and shoves Jimin a few times.

"Jimin, wake up. Hobi-hyung brought pastries."

Jimin makes an unhappy noise in the back of his throat, "Don't wanna." He mumbles fretfully. And Yoongi gets the impression Jimin’s been awake, especially from the way Jungkook rolls his eyes unsympathetically. This seemed like maybe it was a commmon occurrence, the two 95 liners cuddling and Jungkook ur and ready to start the day.

"Jungkookie said, and I wanna eat breakfast with you. I didn’t get to see you all day yesterday." How Kim Taehyung looked beautiful even with such an exaggerated pout on his face Yoongi has no idea.

Jimin swats a lazy hand at his best friend’s face playfully and groans rolling over and sitting up. He pushes a hand through his hair and yawns as he in turn rubs both eyes. Seeing them on their way Hobi gets up and begins to steep Jimin’s cup of peppermint tea, setting the milk and sugar on the table.

Tae stands and pulls Jimin up after him, he heads to the kitchen for a glass and Jimin falls into the nearest chair. Hobi places the steaming cup of tea in front of him.

"Thank you." Jimin mumbles. "Good morning." He says, a little brighter not even looking up as he reaches for the sugar and milk to add to his tea. Something Yoongi is learning he loves...a lot.

"How are you feeling?" Jungkook asks.

Jimin frowns, "Better, tired but better."

Hobi nods, "You need to rest Jimin, take today off for sure if you don’t you’ll end up sick all over again."

Jimin opens his mouth to disagree but a feared and obeyed voice interrupts him. "Of course he’s resting today...all day, right here where I can watch him." Jin says, where he’s standing in the doorway, looking very frightening regardless of his pink pajama pants.

Jimin’s face goes from objecting to Hobi to absolutely sweet and docile for Jin. "Of course hyung." He says, and Hoseok looks affronted.

Tae sits down pouring himself a cup of milk and Jimin stirs his cup of tea methodically. "Okay," Hobi says reaching into the bakery box once more. "Two glazed croissants filled with Bavarian cream for the soulmates."

"That’s us." Tae answers brightly and Jimin giggles a little reaching for his pastry.

Fuck, that’s cute, Yoongi thinks.

Namjoon comes in yawning after Jin, and slings his arms around his boyfriend's waist as he pours them both coffee. Yoongi likes the way Jimin’s eyes go soft watching them interact. They both comes to sit at the table too, disgusting Yoongi as Namjoon pulls a softly giggling Jin into his lap. Hobi reaches into the pastry box again.

"Let’s see," Jimin says, setting his mug down and licking his lips clean of peppermint tea and sugar. His eyes are bright with the happiness of having all his friends around and feeling better and his hair is pushed back off his forehead allowing Yoongi to see more of his face then before. "Namjoon-hyung will have the orange monkey bread, and Jinnie-hyung will have the everything breakfast bagel with cream cheese."

Hobi nods in answer as he hands the couple their breakfast. "I know everyone’s favorites," Jimin says, "Except for yours, Yoongi-hyung."

Yoongi's voice gets stuck in his throat as those twinkling eyes fix on him, Jimin’s pouty lips tilting up in a curious amiable smile..."I know everyone’s favorites," meaning Jimin was accepting him, inviting him into this group of tight knit friends.

Hobi laughs, his eyes lighting up the way Yoongi knows he’s about to have fun at his expense. "Oh Jiminie I’m sure you’ll never guess, it’s every exotic." He says sarcastically.

"Jiminie, you’ll learn as you get to know him Min Yoongi is a horribly boring person." Jin says, sipping his coffee after he says this like he just spilt serious tea.

Yoongi just focuses on his own coffee holding his middle finger up to Hobi and Jin. Jimin laughs, and the sound of absolute pure, unadulterated joy blesses Yoongi’s ears. Wow, he could listen to that all fucking day long...and wow, he wants to hear it as often as he can, he wants to be the reason for it as often as he can.

"Yoongi always has the same thing Jiminie." Namjoon says, saying his first words of the day, from where his head is laying on Jin’s shoulder. "A good old plain croissant with glaze."

Tae and Jungkook wrinkle up their noses along with Hobi and Jin as if it were an affront to bakery honor. Jimin tsks at all of them, waving them off. "There’s nothing wrong with good old, that’s why they've become classics."

The maknae line doesn’t understand why this causes unroarious from Hobi, Jin and Namjoon. Yoongi watches as Hobi silently counts up on his fingers the years between him and Jimin and mouthing the words "good old" back at him like an insult.

This time he serenely flips them all off with both hands. But when he meets Jimin’s eyes again there’s something deeper in them, and Yoongi knows he doesn’t imagine the light blush on his cheeks that most definitely wasn’t there before.

He thinks maybe this group doesn’t give Jimin as much credit as he deserves. The pink haired dancer knew exactly what his older friends were implying by their behavior towards him. And as he tilts his head to the side coyly and smiles a little bigger Yoongi thinks he doesn’t mind at all. And maybe even, likes it.

Chapter Text

A couple of days pass. Yoongi, and most of the other students, have a ton of classes and work piled up after the few days off for the storm. At the most he catches a few hours of sleep in his own heavenly bed every night. Otherwise spending his time drowning himself in coffee at the library or little coffee place just off campas.

He’s been busy. Hell of. But when he gets a quiet moment, like when he’s walking across the courtyard between music and business and the wind blows with a soft whistle in the late, late afternoon when hardly anyone is there it’s quiet and the sun is making the snow glow...he hears Jimin’s laugh echoing, his gentle husky 'hyung'...and late at night when he’s just about to drift off something inside aches with loneliness and he can feel Jimin.

More like can really feel the place where he wishes Jimin was, the empty place inside him that had opened for the boy and it aches. For once he’s not angry about the pain, not even at himself...the delicate blush Jimin had worn as they said goodbye a few mornings ago is enough for Yoongi to allow himself to wallow a little in the rather enjoyable misery of young, exciting unspoken attraction and affection.

The fourth morning since the last time Yoongi had laid eyes on the pink haired boy dawns and he sleeps till nine before running fingers through his minty hair and stumbling his way to musical theory and then to the freshmen he tutors through piano. He’s sleeping through a business class he feels like he’s taken every semester since he first started college when his phone vibrates loudly on his desk.

He huffs at the contact number as the teacher gives him serious stink eye. Thanks Hosoek, he complains silently. His good old bestie Jung Hoseok demanding as usual.

Loud1: Hey Yoongs. Left that demo we made for my dance in ur studio. But I’m already in dance. Can u bring when ur done?

SourSuga: already at home

Loud1: no ur not. I kno ur in business, Namjoon saw u when he was leaving

SourSuga: ugh u 2 useless fucks

Loud1: u da best. I promise a reward.

SourSuga: trust me you don’t have anything worth this much

Loud1: don’t be so sure, oh foolish one. Bring a handful of those throat lozenges you keep for after you record something too

SourSuga: buy ur own

Loud1: c’mon hyung it’s flu season

SourSuga: whatever I can’t wait until I’m graduated

Loud1: I’ll still bum off of you even then

SourSuga: can’t wait

Loud1: see u soon ?


Yoongi sighs and puts his phone in his coat pocket, leans his head on his hands, elbows propped on his desk as the professor finishes up. He stares at the board dazedly waiting for the filler class to be over, he vaguely wonders what Jimin’s up to, how he he better? Is he still at Jin's? Is Jungkook and Tae still fawning over him, no doubt. He frowns petulantly thinking back to the way Jungkook had pressed that protective kiss to Jimin’s forehead.

Ugh, he runs his hands over his face. People were so hard to read, especially these days, relationships were so confusing and most often complicated. There was no telling, Jimin and Jungkook could be friends with benefits for all he knows...maybe they all three were. That picture of Taehyung and Jungkook in his mind he never ever needed. But the concept of Jimin gettting held down and fucked by his two best friends makes him strangely angry and shamefully flushed inside and out.

Jimin deserved a better relationship than that. He deserved the normality and sweetness of one devoted man, the awkward shyness of a first date and the excitement and mystery of a first kiss, roses and chocolate and snuggles on the couch in front of a movie, and slow, sleepy sex in the warm morning light.

Woah Yoongi, he scolds himself shaking his head, you are getting waaayyy ahead of yourself. Class finishes out and he throws his books back in his bag haphazardly, making his way out running a hand through his hair and down the back of his heated neck. Fuck the power of Park Jimin, and fuck Yoongi’s imagination of pink hair and caramel skin against white bed sheets aglow with fresh sunshine.

. . .

Yoongi grumbles the whole way to his studio, grabs the usb stick with the demo on it and a handful of the lozenges, he makes a face while stuffing them in his pocket just for good measure. Hoseok really was the nicest asshole. Ugh. He hates people like that. People that you like despite yourself. It had been like that since he and Hobi were high schoolers. His loud, too happy best friend that somehow saw past all his scowls and curses to the real him and had enough patience to wait until Yoongi opened up and let him in.

He doesn’t look up from the pavement, ignoring everybody and trying to avoid the cutting wind until he’s at the dance building. Once inside and the door is shut behind him, he sighs in relief and pulls his hands from his pockets cupping his cheeks and nose attempting to warm them up again.

"Such a nusaince." Yoongi grumbles, as he begins to slowly and grudgingly make his way towards Hobi's usual studio. The door is propped open and he stops in the doorway, unwilling to oblige Hoseok by even coming in.

"Yoongi!” Hobi says, jogging over.

"That’s hyung to you." Yoongi responds, and grumbles under his breath afterwards, " actual menace."

Hobi holds out his hand expectantly and Yoongi digs the usb out of his coat pocket and drops it into his palm. "Thank so much for this, Yoongi." He says already backing away to get his music started.

"What about the cough drops?" Yoongi asks, after all the trouble he’d gone through to convince Yoongi to bring them, and now he didn’t even want them?

Hobi's smile goes absolutely evil. And Yoongi feels his stomach sink.

"Hey Jimin!" His best friend calls and from the look of absolute glee on Hoseok's face Yoongi can only guess that his own is completely panicked.

"Yeah Hobi-hyung?" Calls that familiar, syrupy voice, and Yoongi's yet to hear it so strong and regular. Still delightfully hoarse, a little husky perhaps. But his tone is...sweet that’s the only way for Yoongi to explain it. Yoongi feels it like his air has been knocked out and he turns to find the pink haired boy coming over slowly eyes light and studying Yoongi with curiosity, jumping back to Hoseok and then back to him again. His head tilted to the side and Yoongi actually inwardly groans/squeals with cuteness overload.

He looks to Hobi one last time as the kid approaches, he know his expression must be raw betrayal. Jung Hosoek laughs.

"Yoongi-hyung has something for you Jiminie." He calls over his shoulder in answer to the younger man’s he walk away unconcerned. He’s actually Judas, Yoongi thinks, Hoseok will burn in hell right beside Judas.

Jimin’s eyes land big and questioning on him and by some miracle Yoongi remembers the throat lozenges Hobi has practically begged him to bring. That little fucker. Yoongi would marvel at his best friend later. Right now he just needed to not freak out and needed to not scare Jimin off, in fact, he needed to make a good impression.

"Oh yeah," he says, as if just remembering. He digs into his pocket, "Hold out your hand Jimin-ah."

Jimin’s eyes are bright and his face is expectant as he steps up into Yoongi’s space, fixed on the older man's pocket, he holds his hand out palm up towards Yoongi. The rapper can’t help but be absolutely turned to mush by him, he wants to place his hand on those cute cheeks and rub his thumbs over the high cheeks bones beside his eyes and place soft gentle kisses on his nose, temple, cheeks and full, swollen lips.

To hear that cute, shy giggle, and feel the puffs of air from it against his own face.

Fuck he needs help. He’s insane, he’s creepy now. He should’ve known that’s what love would do to him. Maybe it was just Jimin though.

Yoongi drops the lozenges into Jimin’s smaller hand, smiling as he realizes there's no way all the cough drops encompassed in his own hand will fit in Jimin’s. Jimin blesses him with that cute little giggle again and cups both hands around Yoongi's fisted one trying to hold all the wrapped candies.

Yoongi laughs, "Here." He supplies, leaning down and dropping half the cough drops into the pocket of the boy's baggy sweater cardigan he’s wearing over a long sleeve t shirt and tight sports pants. Honestly Yoongi is thanking/cursing the stars for the sweater saving him from the view of Jimin’s perfect ass in black sports wear.

Jimin turns his head to see what Yoongi is up to, the rapper can hear the hitch in his breath. "Thanks." He says airily, and fucking shit, Yoongi feels that hot breath against his forehead as he stands back up. He takes a step back with a deep breath, shoving his hands into his pockets.

"They’re for your cold." He says, "for the," motions towards his neck, "...for you're throat."

Jimin blushes, "Thank you so much hyung, I was wondering what I was gonna do, I have voice lessons later." He sends Yoongi a smile, eyes disappearing into little crescents.

Yoongi finds himself smiling back at him mindlessly. "Yeah I like to keep them especially in the winter months, rapping and cold weather is really hard on your vocal chords." He laughs and Jimin echoes it.

"You’re right hyung, Tae told me about your rap. He said you’re really good." Jimin says, and Yoongi feels butterflies in his stomach realizing Jimin is making conversation with him; being interested.

Yoongi laughs again and a couple of yards behind Jimin Hoseok actually looks like he just saw a ghost. "I guess I’m alright," he admits, his ego not entirely allowing him to be modest. "I really enjoy it, so there’s that. What do you like to sing?" He asks the pink haired boy.

"I’m contemporary through and through." Jimin answers, "I really love it too, I don’t know if I’ll ever do anything with it but I love it, yeah." He finishes a little awkwardly, blushing and playing with his earring. Yoongi thinks it’s the cutest thing he’s ever seen. How many times has Jimin raised that bar?

"You know there’s something else that’s really good for colds." Yoongi says as he watches Jimin glance over his shoulder towards the other dancers, knows that their time together today is coming to a close.

"Yeah?" Jimin asks turning back, eyes bright and sharp taking in everything about Yoongi. The rapper wonders at how he doesn’t mind the evasive gaze where usually it would make him grumpy, rude and never wanting to see that person again.

"Honey, lemon tea, have you ever had it? It really good for your voice. And I know you like tea from Jin-hyung's."

Jimin laughs, messing with his earring again as his eyes turn slender with the sincerity of his smile, making Yoongi’s insides gooey once more. "I’ve never had it before...but yes! I like tea..." he laughs softly. And Yoongi gets momentarily swept away in the sweetness of his smile and the picture of him fixing Jimin lemon tea on cold nights before snuggling in for a movie.

"Thank you so much hyung, but..." he motions over his shoulder to the other dancers who have finished stretching.

"Oh yeah, sorry. Sorry to take so much of your time." He says, finding himself blushing and backing out of the room slowly, eyes still fixed on Jimin cutely flushed and looking embarrassed and alarmed at Yoongi’s apology.

"No, no it’s okay hyung thank you so much again." Jimin assures, hand already reaching into his pocket to pull out one of the cough drops the rapper had left there.

"See you around Jimin-ah."

"See you later, Yoongi-hyung."

. . .

Loud1: MIN YOONGI!! Imma beat ur ass the first chance I get

SourSuga: wut

Loud1: YOU ARE UNBELIEVABLE!! I went thru all that trouble and u didn’t even ask him out for coffee!!!???

SourSuga: trouble my fucking foot. I did all the work. All you did was pretend to forget your usb drive

SourSuga: and get outa of my fucking business

Loud1: never

Loud1: U two r too cute. He smiled the whole time he was eating one of those cough drops

SourSuga: cute

Loud1: i rest my case

SourSuga: grow up

Loud1: also never

Loud1: I’m warning u. Ask him out soon or I’ll do it for u

Yoongi had no doubt he would, he needed to start building up his courage. He frowns knowing there was no way Hobi was going to leave it at just that.

Loud1: so rapping is really hard on ur vocal chords hyung? Hahahaaaa

SourSuga: hobi

SourSuga: plz

SourSuga: go fuck yourself

. . .

"Time to bring in reinforcements." Hobi says smiling evily and selecting Jin’s contact on his phone, the smiley devil face emoji residing by the man's name.

"Hello, Jin-hyung, yeah it’s Hobi, we got a job to do..."

Chapter Text

In hindsight Yoongi should have known something was fishy. But nothing is as unhelpful as hindsight. He’s safe at home propped up on his pillows and cuddled warm under his own blankets lazily working on noting some sheet music and musing on a hard line of lyrics that just wasn’t to his perfectionist's liking.

It was getting late in the afternoon and Yoongi yawns into his hand, scowling at the taste of old, cold coffee. His phone rings and he fights his tangled blankets to find it. Huffing in triumph as he finally pulls it out, he answers it.

"Joon-hyung." He answers flatly.

"Yoongi, please don’t sound too excited." Namjoon says back, humor in his voice at Yoongi’s dry personality.

"No worries there." The younger man snarks back, and Namjoon chuckles. "What you need?" He asks, afterwards.

"Jin made some of that chicken soup, and predictably made too much." Yoongi can hear the fond exasperation in his small huff of a laugh. "Anyways, he said for you to come and get some real sustenance for once, said the last full meal you probably had was the last time you were at our house."

"I don’t know..." Yoongi says, looking out his window distastefully.

"It’s free food, c’mon." Namjoon says, "You can bring work if you want, you don’t have to do anything but eat. We’re just gonna be laying around, I think Jinnie had a movie he wanted to watch."

Yoongi sighs and begins patting his wild fringe down, "Okay, I’m coming, I’ll be there in a hour."

"Sounds great, I’ll let Jin know. I think Hobi's coming too." Namjoon hangs up, Yoongi could hear Jin asking what his answer was in the back.

Oh, in hindsight, Yoongi should have known.

. . .

The struggle of finding clothes to wear, and warm enough ones to add was hell. Yoongi's pretty good at doing laundry, but seems like the last few busy days has got him off his game. He pulls on a pair of navy blue sweatpants with a burgundy sweater and his boots. Pats his hair down and pulls a black beanie over his head leaving on his glasses with the frames only along the top half.

Sue him. It’s called lazy fashion. He looks like he pulled random pieces of clothing off his floor and threw them on...which was exactly what he did. He sighs, grabbing keys, wallet, coat and scarf. Outside his door he shivers hunching over against the wind and burying his hands in his pockets. Damn Jin, this food better be really really good, he thinks grumbling, as he fishes his phone from his pant pockets when it dings.

Loud1: Hyung! So glad ur coming, see u soon

SourSuga: god. Even the way u text is loud

Loud1: :))))))

Yoongi takes the subway to Jin and Namjoon’s, it wasn’t that far, only one stop. But it was enough to leave Yoongi feeling anxious and disrestful. Smothered. It was how his social anxiety reared it’s head most of the time. A monster Yoongi lived with, and had learned to live around.

He trudges into the building and chooses to take a second for himself in the men’s bathroom in the lobby before facing his friends. He knows they would pick up on his even slight unease right away and he wants to the breathe quietly for a few minutes before joining them. Not wanting to dampen the mood anymore than his normal.

He stands in front of the sink, looking at himself in the mirror, pushing up his glasses to pinch the bridge of his nose, fighting with the last vestiges of nervousness and trembling in his stomach, the flashes of heat that panic brought slowly going away and leaving him with his familiar chill again. He sighs, feeling better even with the few seconds of silence in the public bathroom.

He jumps though, startled as the silence is broken by a voice coming from the furthest stall back. His clasps a hand to his racing heart and frowns as he listens.

"I don’t get why this is so hard for you to understand." A soft, husky voice says, with a certain tone of desperation to it. "I’ve been trying to be nice to you, -, but no is no, I don’t want to get back with you, stop trying to convince me, I told you I’m done and I won’t be changing my mind." Que a soft sigh and Yoongi swallows because fuck, he’d know that voice anywhere even though he’s only met the owner twice in his whole life.

"No, no, no." Jimin’s voice comes through harder this time, with the most bite Yoongi’s every heard in the soft lilting tone. "You are not listening to me, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you, please, go date somebody else, go date somebody else and leave me alone."

Yoongi feels guilty for eavesdropping for a split second but he strains his ears to listen...this was information he needed, Jimin’s ex? His previous relationships? He wanted to know, why they were together and why they broke up, why was this dude more or less begging Jimin to take him back and why did Jimin sound so pissed off about it...he wants to know does he have what it takes to make Jimin happy? Does he have whatever this guy hadn’t?

"I’m hanging up," He hears Jimin say shortly. And then the stall door slams open and Jimin appears, sighing tiredly but his eyes flash angerily for a split second regardless the tears shinning unspilt before he spots Yoongi and blushes hard.

"Yoongi-hyung, Hello. You heard all of that, huh?" He says, trying to appear nonchalant as he rubs at his eyes with the sleeve of his sweater.

Yoongi nods, blushing a little himself and shoving his hands in his pockets nervously, "Yeah, hi Jimin-ah."

Jimin's small hand comes up to try and cover his red face, "I’m so embarrassed." He groans.

"Don’t worry about it, exes can be hard to deal with I get it." He watches as Jimin shifts from foot to foot. He clears his throat and scratches behind his ear, "He’s uh, he’s not giving you any trouble right?"

Jimin gives a laugh that sounds more sarcastic then reassuring but Yoongi doesn’t push him. "Are you going to Namjoon and Jin-hyung's too?" He asks, changing the subject, face relaxing some and flush slowly ebbing away.

Yoongi nods too. He is mentally face palming though. He should have known Hobi wasn’t done meddling so soon. Should have known as soon as he heard Seokjin had been cooking and that Hobi was invited too. Those two plotting together was never good. Never. When they put their heads together it meant downfall for those around them.

"Namjoon said Jin made too much soup." Yoongi says, pulling the door open and inclining his head to let Jimin know he was holding the door for him.

Jimin giggles, "Jinnie-hyung must have made a bunch, Tae Tae and Kookie are here too."

Yoongi agrees with a hum. Oh yeah, he bets Jin made a bunch. Just a enough for seven full grown guys. Just like he and Hobi had planned to get him and Jimin in the same room again. He’s mad because he can’t even complain. As he and Jimin make their way up to Jin’s and Joon's floor Jimin makes him feel at ease and lighter than really anyone else.

His smile warms Yoongi inside and his laugh really just soothes over his heart. And the feeling Yoongi has hardly ever experienced isn’t terrifying or annoying...he longs to hold Jimin’s hand, longs to hold him tight against his chest, he wants Jimin to trust and give himself over to him. And for once he doesn’t feel stupid for feeling this way, wanting Jimin that way makes sense. He’s that beautiful and that sweet. He makes Yoongi feel that comfortable. But something is still niggling at the back of his mind.

As Jimin rings the doorbell Yoongi turns to him, eyes warm.

"Jimin-ah listen, tell hyung if anyone is bothering you okay?" He demands more than asks, and Jimin blushes charmingly...Yoongi hopes in happiness and not embarrassment.

"I will, thank you Yoongi-hyung."

They’re able to exchange nothing more but mutual quiet, connected smiles as Jin opens the door for them

. . .

Supper is delicious. As usual. Yoongi is endlessly grateful to Jin. Though Jimin’s moans of satisfaction and continuous thanking and praising of Jin is beginning to grate on his nerves. Tae and Jungkook were loud, and overly affectionate. But Yoongi finds they don’t annoy him like he’d been afraid.

He thinks maybe perhaps the three boys were a good addition to their group. That somehow their youthful playfulness (and in some cases, cough *jimin* cough, adorable/hot attractiveness) fits well in the group that was mostly made of adults in their later twenties. It was apparent Jin and Hobi loved them all and Namjoon had sort of taken them all under his wing.

They fought like siblings even Jungkook to Jin who had the biggest age gape. He soon came to understand that the two had a friendly quarrel in process all the time. Tae and Hobi bonded over some weird, happy, sunshine person vibe. And all bonded with Jimin through his completely adorablness and sweet nature.

Jungkook still seemed rather wary of Yoongi. But from what the rapper had observed of the three maknae's dynamics Jungkook was the protective, quieter one, (not that that was saying much) anyway, Yoongi actually felt better knowing Jimin had friends that were slightly less guiable than he was.

The three were close, almost absurdly. Yoongi still found himself confused over what their exact relationship was. Jimin had an ex and it sounded pretty recent, so he wasn’t with either of them, and not with both of least not exclusively...somehow he didn’t see Jimin being into that sort of thing at all.

He’s standing in the kitchen waiting for Jin to hand his coffee over as everyone bickers over a movie choice. Jimin is asking for candy and Hobi is wondering if popcorn this soon after dinner was out of question, and Jin shoots him down immediately. Yoongi takes his coffee from Jin and turns to go find a seat in the living room but freezes still, standing there in kitchen.

Jimin’s seated in between Taehyung and Jungkook, well he’s seated beside Jungkook. Tae lays over both their laps head on the arm rest Jungkook's arm is on. For once it’s not Jimin Yoongi is staring at. The two younger ones are languidly exchanging kisses. Jimin is on his phone, entirely oblivious or uncaring, one of the two.

Tae is lying totally relaxed, one hand resting on his stomach the other lightly dragging his fingers up and down Jungkook's side. Jungkook has one hand thrown over the side of the couch and the fingers of his other hand threaded through Tae’s hair, softly pulling in the direction he wanted, obviously the one in charge of the exchange.

Wow, something Yoongi never needed to know. No wonder Jungkook seemed so protective, if he was Tae’s boyfriend and top and Taehyung himself was protective of Jimin no wonder Jungkook acted like a mother lion around the both of them.

"Yeah," Jin says, coming to stand beside him with a coffee in his own hand, hand on his hip, "Taekook's a thing."

Yoongi nods, clearing his throat and makes his way into the living room trying his best to ignore the two still making out. Jin sits down beside Joon, his boyfriend making a space for him under his arm and Hobi lays out on the other couch, arching a challenging eye brow at him, daring him to ask him to get up instead of sitting beside Jimin.

"Chim, slide over," Tae says, finally breaking their kiss as the lights are turned off and Jin selects the movie (even after all their arguing) "I want to sit beside Kookie during the movie."

Jimin makes no complaint and scoots over without a word, Tae immediately sitting up and snuggling into Jungkook’s side. Jimin turns off his phone, blinking as if becoming aware of his surroundings again, he looks up at the tv trying to figure out what Jin put on, he spots Yoongi still standing, looking like a complete idiot.

He pats the sofa cushion next to him, "Bring a blanket, hyung." He says, not a single element of unease or embarrassment in his tone or eyes, surprising Yoongi.

He grabs a blanket off Jin’s side of the couch having to jerk out from under him, Namjoon’s nose already buried behind his ear, lips on the arch of his neck. Jin gives him a quick glare at the tiny interruption. Yoongi rolls his eyes and sits down on the couch beside Jimin carefully mindful of his full cup of coffee.

"Here you go." He says, softly passing th blanket to Jimin and the boy smiles taking it.

Jimin spreads half of it over his legs that pulled up onto the couch Indian style, and tosss the other of Yoongi's lap. He shrugs and laughs to Yoongi's raised eyebrow of question. "I know you get cold too hyung, every time I see you you’re bundled up like it’s the ice age. Plus Hobi-hyung told me you called me a blanket hog when you first saw me."

"I never said that out loud." Yoongi objects, sending a glare at Hoseok across the coffee table. Jimin simply laughs, the gentle gasping under his breath sounding all the more angelic and alluring.

"It’s okay," He waves his small hand, "I can share this time." His smile makes his eyes disappear into little commas on top of his cheeks and Yoongi feels himself melt. Jimin looks back to the tv but Yoongi can’t tear his eyes away just yet. He doesn’t even realize he’s staring at Jimin’s profile with soft, warm eyes until the boy turns back to him blushing.

"What?" He asks, leaning towards Yoongi, their shoulders brushing.

"It’s nothing." Yoongi responds coolly, a smile on his lips giving him away. Jimin shoves him with his elbow, even though a smile tips his own lips.

"I know what you’re thinking right now." Jimin says pouting, "You’re thinking I’m adorable aren’t you?"

Yoongi finds himself feeling a little hot at that, flushing, that was exactly what he was thinking.

Jimin’s pout deepens, his lips pushing out together, eyebrows coming together all the more adorably and eyes squinting with a glare, he actually crosses his arms and huffs making his shoulders rise and fall dramatically.

"I’m not adorable."

"Sure Jimin-ah." He reaches over and pats his arm consolingly.

Jimin arches a brow at him, and Yoongi almost agrees with him because that was damn sexy. "Your sarcasm literally slapped me in the face just now."

Yoongi snickers, "I’ll speak to my sarcasm about that, such behavior is inexcusable."

Jimin giggles back and slaps him across his stomach. "Would you two shut up." Jungkook states from the other end of the couch. Yoongi scowls, but Jimin shoves Yoongi again with his elbow.

"Yeah Yoongi-hyung, I’m trying to watch the movie." And Yoongi places a hand on his heart wounded, his face obviously showing what he thinks about Jimin’s betrayal.

Jin snorts from within Namjoon's arms, "Jiminie, you should know between the two of you no one is gonna believe Yoongi's the talkative one."

Jimin pouts more, gathering the blanket up and hooks it over his shoulders with his arms warmly tucked underneath. He draws his knees up to his chest and pretty soon Yoongi feels him leaning closer to him, into his side.

Yoongi wasn’t much for foreign movies and was glancing between the tv and his phone. He notices Jimin squinting up at the screen and he wonders if the boy wore glasses regularly or contacts. Jimin heaves a sigh after ten or so minutes and lets his head drop back onto the couch, eyes fixed on the ceiling. Yoongi smirks, and opens up a new message on his phone and types out his own number.

He nudges Jimin with his elbow and almost laughs at how quick Jimin’s head jerks towards him. He nods his head towards his phone and holds it up slightly so Jimin can see it. The boy's face lights up with a smile and he quickly grabs his phone from where it was between his legs. He unlocks and Yoongi holds his own phone so Jimin can enter the number into his.

Jimin looks oddly proud of himself when he’s done and Yoongi finds it adorable, but he’s really quite taken with himself also at how easily he’s gotten Jimin’s number...

Unknown Number: Hey hyung
He immediately changes it to Jimin-ah.

Yoongi-hyung: Hey Jimin-ah, you look pretty bored over there.

Jimin-ah: Yeah, I cant exactly see the tv lol, forgot my glasses

Yoongi-hyung: wow stupid

Jimin huffs beside him and Yoongi smirks.

Jimin-ah: don’t be mean :( today has not been my day

Yoongi-hyung: I’ve never really understood that saying, I’ve never had a day so fucking good I would call it "my day"

Jimin sniggers at that.

Jimin-ah: don’t let Jinnie-hyung hear you using that kind of language around me

Yoongi-hyung: r u threatening me? Pfft, I told them they didn’t give u enough credit. They literally act like ur 110% gullible

Jimin-ah: a rock could pick up on their subtlety

Yoongi snorts and chokes back a laugh as all heads turn to look at him at his unexpected noise...especially a laugh...from Min Yoongi.

He bites his lips as he turns off his phone and tries to appear totally unsuspicious. But by the looks both Jin and Hobi shoot him he doesn’t succeed. Jimin however beside him pulls the whole thing off perfectly. Not paying attention to anybody and now simply scrolling through his feed on instagram. He looks up suddenly as if just catching on to the weird air in the room, and the fact that everyone is staring at Yoongi and by association placing him under suspicion too.

"What?" He asks cluelessly, glancing at all the faces around the room. Hobi just shakes his head sending Yoongi a look that says they’ll be talking about this later (because Min Yoongi just doesn’t laugh.) Jin scoffs under his breath before nuzzling his head deeper into Joon’s shoulder, Namjoon rolls his eyes and Taehyung and Jungkook pay no attention to him, no doubt the types to spontaneously burst out laughing at their phones very often.

And all the time Jimin innocently goes back to scrolling on his phone. Yoongi is yet even more convinced of the fact that Jimin simply has everyone around him wrapped around his little finger, but he was much more aware he was doing it than anyone suspected. He nudges Jimin in the ribs with his elbow.

Yoongi-hyung: traitor

Jimin-ah: I’m not the one who totally gave myself away

Yoongi-hyung: if they only knew, I’d never hear the end of it

Jimin-ah: They never tease me

Yoongi-hyung: cuz u have them under ur spell

Jimin-ah: lol. It’s called being a nice person hyung

Yoongi-hyung: haha too bad I don’t do the whole nice thing

Jimin-ah: good thing I find old grumpy, quiet guys hot then

Yoongi-hyung: the disrespect

Jimin-ah: *compliment

. . .

They watch the rest of the movie peacefully mostly with Jimin looking smug and Yoongi feeling gay panic like never before in his life. By the time it’s over Jimin is listing towards the side, head nearly on his shoulder, Yoongi is holding his breath for the moment he finally slips into sleep and his head falls the last half inch.

Jimin jumps, rudely jerked from his half sleep state when the credits roll and Jin turns on the big lights. He yawns and groans sleepily under his breath. Yoongi thinks he probably dreading the journey home between here and his bed, as he feels himself flush at the sheer cuteness of Jimin’s sleepy mostly shut eyes, pouty lips and messed up hair. He really really wants to run his hand through it and smooth it down, shush the sleepy boy and pull him against his chest, keep him safe and warm and happy all night long.

"Chim, I’m going with Jungkookie tonight okay?" Tae tells him as the two stand, Jungkook’s hand spread on the small of Tae’s back, even Yoongi has to say they’re a cute couple, Tae with his quiet, odd happy ways and Jk with his quiet confidence. They seem to be made for each other, balancing the other out till they are both contented in each other’s presence.

Jimin nods sleepily and stands with sigh, scratching the back of his scalp. ruffling his hair.

"It’s too late for Jiminie to be walking by himself though." Jin objects from the kitchen where he’s putting all the mugs into the dish washer.

"C'mon Jiminie, I’ll drive you real quick." Namjoon says, as he heaves himself off the couch.

"It’s okay Namjoon." Yoongi says, "I can walk with him, I have to go out, at least you don’t."

Hobi and Jin smirks at him, Namjoon looks infinitely thankful.

"Thank you, both of you." Jimin says, "But it’s really alright, I go by myself all the time."

"You shouldn’t take risks when you don’t have to, you need to live low risk life styles, especially you Jimin, unfortunate things happen to you all the time." Jin admonishes, bringing Jimin his coat and scarf like he wasn’t a fully capable adult.

Yoongi snorts, "Watch Criminal Minds much hyung?"

Jin sends him a nasty look and Yoongi holds up his hands in surrender, "I’m going, Jimin-ah c'mon, we might as well just agree with him now. I know I’m too tired to argue and you look like it too."

"Goodnight, Jinnie-hyung, night Joon-hyung." Jimin says over his shoulder as he buttons up his coat, and Yoongi urges him towards the door.

"Goodnight Jiminie."

"Night Jiminie, call me if you need food okay, promise me. If you dance through any more meals you’ll probably get sick again."

"Of course, I promise Jinnie-hyung."

"Goodnight y’all." Yoongi says drily, unimpressed with how Joon and Jin seem totally unworried with bidding him goodnight in the face of Jimin’s cute presence.

They wave to him uncommittedly and Yoongi snorts a laugh through his nose as he opens the door for Jimin and fights himself from placing his hand on the small of the boy’s back...don’t get ahead of yourself.

"You sure you don’t wanna get a cab?" Yoongi asks, as he shivers once they step outside the building.

Jimin shakes his head, "Nah, I don’t live that far from here. You really don’t have to walk hyung."

"It’s okay Jimin-ah," He assures, "I want too." Yoongi really loves how Jimin’s cheeks seem to glow with a blush and his eyes sparkle in the cold wind.

The streets are pretty quiet, it’s late. They both shove their hands deep into their pockets and their steps are pretty quick. It wasn’t romantic, it was cold. Yoongi figures it would turn out like this, just his luck, when he finally gets Jimin to himself they both are too busy not freezing their balls off to actually talk or get to know each other better, or to explore this thing between them.

When Jimin nods his head towards a building Yoongi is thankful, sighing with relief as they step into the warmth. It was the kind of cold that made the heat hurt at first, thawing out their noses, ears and fingertips. Jimin looks beautiful stomping his feet and smiling as he blows on his fingertips.

Yoongi follows him up three flights of stairs to his room. His friends would have fainted.

Jimin stops in front of his door. "This is me," he says hesitantly. "Thanks for walking me, Yoongi-hyung."

"It’s no problem." Yoongi returns, surprised by how soft his vice is as he watches Jimin chew on his bottom lip. It’s wet and slick as it slips from in between his teeth.

"Oh do you wanna come in?" Jimin asks as if the thought just occurred to him. Maybe it did. Yoongi was coming to find out he wasn’t as dense as his friends made him out to be but Jimin could be adorabley clueless.

Yoongi shakes his head, "I can’t, I have to go home, got work tomorrow."

"Okay, get home safe hyung." Jimin says, smiling sweetly as he turns away to go in.

"Wait." Yoongi says, reaching thoughtlessly, surprising even himself, and grabbing Jimin’s small hand in his own big one but it felt absolutely right. "When can I see you again?" He asks, feeling heat come to his cheeks, but the look that comes to Jimin’s eyes and the cute blush that comes even deeper to his cheeks is worth it.

Jimin actually giggles, honest to god sounding like crystals or candies dropping on his eardrums. The boy raises his hand up to play with his earring, hand covered in his sweater paw...the whole image is just too much for Yoongi’s heart. He grips Jimin’s hand tighter and steps a little closer, Jimin’s back hits the wall as he leans backwards as well, Yoongi watches in fascination as his pupils blow wider and his breathing skips and speeds up.

"If you don’t wanna ask me out now," Jimin says, a shy smile on his lips, "You have my number."

"You know, I wanted to hold your hand the whole way here." Yoongi says, in his quiet deep voice, look down at Jimin’s small hand encased in his, his thumb rubs over the underside of his wrist, he watches the muscles in Jimin’s neck hitch as his breath catches as he lets himself follow the pull to be even closer to Jimin.

"What else did you wanna do and didn’t do?" Jimin asks, voice soft as well, almost a whisper. Yoongi sighs with the feeling of his hot breath on his own face.

"Go out with me?" Yoongi says, equally as quiet, rasping in his deep voice, scared of breaking this moment, of breaking the enchantment that had him so lucky as for this beautiful boy to be interested in him, too be looking at him with those bright, trusting eyes.

Jimin laughs, eyes disappearing into crescents. "I would love to."

"I’ll text you tomorrow and we can plan when." Yoongi promises and Jimin nods.

"Sounds perfect." Jimin answers, his eyes flicking down every so quickly to look at Yoongi’s lips as he licks his own again. "Goodnight." He says, airily, waiting to see what Yoongi will do, not moving himself from against the wall, between it and Yoongi.

"There was something else I wanted to do." Yoongi says, eyes on Jimin’s lips, he knows he must look hungry. He feels hungry, he wants so bad to know, to finally know how it would feel to kiss Jimin, to draw him in and mark him...leave something that said he had been there...on beautiful, sweet Jimin.

"What?" Jimin asks, voice all but gone.

Yoongi gently take the boy’s face in both his hands, steps one step closer, pressed against him. His thumbs on his cheekbones, Yoongi tilts Jimin’s head up and lowers his own, slowly, reverently kissing him. Jimin’s hand fists in the back of his coat, his other one hanging onto the arm of his coat tightly.

Yoongi sighs as he presses their lips together, the softness and deepness and warmth of Jimin’s lips drowning him. He pulls away barely and tilts Jimin’s face to his, more demanding as he’s taking the plump bottom lip between his own and sucking, swiping his tongue over it.

Jimin sighs as he pulls away the first time, gasps sweetly as he feels Yoongi’s tongue on his lips, groans and leans fully into the rapper, opening his mouth and pressing their lips together as his tongue searches Yoongi's out.

"Kiss me." Jimin demands breathless wanting more, and Yoongi growls deep in his chest, a hand fisting in Jimin’s lovely pink hair and using it to pull the boy’s head back and kiss him senseless, tongue stroking the roof of his mouth twisting and pulling with Jimin’s and then sloppily sucking on his lips as the large hand at the small of Jimin’s back pushes him deeper and deeper into his body, into his embrace.

Yoongi wants to live and die, forever more in Jimin’s taste, in his honest, sweet moans and his warmth.

"Fuck angel." He swears softly, when they finally pull apart, foreheads pressing together, panting into each other’s mouths. Yoongi loves Jimin in his arms, the boy’s small frame surrounded entirely by him, he loves Jimin’s small hands fisted in his coat dragging him closer...keeping him there.

Jimin laughs in his shy, sweet way, agreeing, "Damn."