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Love’s A Drag

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Chapter 1: Caught in a lie


Jungkook looked out of the window of his new room, watching a street light outside flicker on and off. His thoughts are loud and the street light reminds him of how his thoughts go away and come back and go away, and the cycle continues.


He wishes it would just stop for good, but just like the street light, it never stops.


Looking around at his new room makes him feel alone. Sure, the other members are just next door, but even when he’s around them there’s an unbearable, lonely feeling that lingers. He feels like he might as well be in an invisible bubble filled with confusion and sorrow.


“Ugh I’m so fucking emo,” he bitterly laughs to himself while reading his private tweets. He looks out the window once more at the glistening street, still wet from the rain earlier.


He sees a medium sized animal that he assumes is a cat squeeze out of a hole in the fence that feels more like a jail cell to him sometimes. He lies back to stare at the ceiling.


Suddenly, his window cracks open, jumpscaring Jungkook. He sits up and looks out the window, noticing there’s a sloping roof right outside the window which, coincidentally, resembles stairs-- almost like a sign he should leave and explore this new place.


Fuck it, Jungkook thought and grabbed his wallet, a jacket and face-mask so that he won’t be recognised.


“Not like anyone would see me anyway at this hour-- I’m just gonna go for a stroll anyway.” He mutters to himself.

Jungkook very smoothly got down from his bedroom, scaling the roof that resembles stairs and sliding down a convenient drain pipe right outside of his room. He sneaks over to where he remembered seeing the cat squeeze out; the little creature was still there, almost like it was there to lead him to his destiny. He tickles the cat’s soft chin.


“Goodbye my partner in crime,” he giggles to the cat as he squeezes through the medium-sized hole in the fence that is hidden by a bush.


The streets of Seoul are beautiful at night; it was calm, and the silence gave Jungkook a shiver.


He proceeded to explore, and when he turned a corner he saw a cute, small woman handing out flyers outside of a very brightly-lit building. The woman had on a pink maid’s dress and had long, softly-curled pink short hair. It almost didn’t look real, it was so perfect. Jungkook pulled his mask up his face further and walked up to the woman.


“Um excuse me, what is this?” Jungkook asked timidly.


“It’s a drag club, sweetie.”


Jungkook had heard about drag before but didn’t know much about it.


“So, um, are you a man or a-- a woman?” Jungkook questioned. Only after asking did he realise how insensitive his question was.


“Oh, sweetie-- gender isn’t real,” the ‘woman’ chuckled.


“I’m whatever I want to be, whenever!”


Jungkook obviously looked confused under his mask because the queen in front of him put her hand in her pocket and pulled out a ticket.


“Go educate yourself hun, it’s on me,” And handed Jungkook the ticket.


Jungkook looked at the ticket, at the doorway to the club, and then back at the queen.


“Well? The shows not going to be on forever; off you go,” the queen said and gave him a slight pat on the ass, causing Jungkook to jump and then make his way into the club.

Jungkook entered through a rainbow bead curtain hanging above the entrance and walked into what felt like a new world. There were rainbow decorations everywhere and quotes on the walls from legendary icons who were also gay. Madonna’s ‘VOGUE’ was blasting out so loud, but not loud enough that his thoughts were drowned out.


If anything, the thoughts were trying to overpower Madonna, which no one should be allowed to do, Jungkook thought.

Jungkook made his way to the bar and sat on one of the stools in front of it. He saw the queen from outside come back in and accidentally made eye contact with them, which caused them to make their way over to him.


“There you are! Excited for the show?”


Jungkook gulped. “Um… I’ve never seen a show like this before.”


The queen giggled, “Well duh, you don’t exactly look like someone who goes to drag shows every week.”


Jungkook let out a weak, nervous laugh in response.


“I haven’t even introduced myself yet-- how rude of me! I’m Chimchi, I’m a queen slash bartender here, and you can call me Chim for short.” Chim beamed and put her hand out for Jungkook to shake, and Jungkook took his hand out of his pocket and shook her hand.


Oooo, a tight grip, I like that” Chim winked. “So what’s your name, Mysterious Stranger?”


Jungkook rubbed the back of his neck and let his hood down. “Um, I’m… Kook.”


Chim gave him a suspicious look.“You just say that for the kiss the cook pick up lines, right? I’m onto you, hehe.” Chim blew Jungkook an air kiss, then turned around and talked to the bartender and swerved back around towards the stage.


“The show's about to start, I hope you’re ready! Also, drinks on me, Kookie” Chim hummed and handed him a vodka and coke.

The lights dimmed, and a bright spotlight shone on the stage. A beautiful woman in a shimmery, short dress walked out and began to lip sync to G.U.Y. by Lady Gaga.


Jungkook was mesmerised-- his eyes never left the woman on the stage. The sexual energy coming from the queen was overwhelming, and every time the woman death dropped and elegantly fell to the floor Jungkook felt his heart skip a beat. His breathing was getting heavier, his pulse quickened and his stomach felt tight.


Jungkook had never experienced such a feeling as how he feels right now.


“Is this love?” Jungkook accidentally spoke out loud, causing Chim to giggle.


“That’s V, she’s my drag sister and best friend. She’s gorgeous, right?” Jungkook nodded, not letting his eyes leave the queen on stage.


The performance ended and the sound of the applause woke Jungkook out of his trance. Then he saw her-- the most beautiful and elegant creature he’d ever laid eyes on-- walking towards him.


“How was it? Was it good? I wasn’t sure if I should make that one of my new sets; what do you think?” the beautiful elegant creature V says, her voice a lot deeper than Jungkook expected, but still smooth and calming. The queen throws herself into the open arms of Chim.




“You were beautiful,” a small voice comes from outside the friendship bubble surrounding Chim and V.


“Who is THIS?” V asked impatiently.


“OH YEAH! SORRY, this is Kook he’s a new gay, I can tell.”


“But I’m straight..“


V and Chim gave each other a look then burst out in laughter.




“It’s okay babe, you’ll get there one day.”


Jungkook looked confused. “Get where?”


Chim and V looked at each other. “Out of the closet, sweetie.”


Jungkook stood up, tears slowly starting to fill his eyes.


“I can’t be gay-- I just.. I JUST CAN’T!” Jungkook shouted as he ran out of the club and back to the house. The cat had gone, and the street lights were still flickering. He got back into his bed and curled up into the corner and slowly dazed off to sleep.


“I feel so bad,” Tae said as he plucked off the four lashes stacked together on his one eye.


“Don’t feel bad, we’re so used to the drag world that we forget reading the hets is being mean. If you think about it, this is really the heterosexuals’ faults.” Jimin reassured.


“You say that about everything, Jimin.”


“Probably because the hets are 9/10 times the reason for everything going wrong, y’know,”


Tae chuckled. “I still feel bad for upsetting him, I’m like 999.9% sure he’s gay, but I understand how he feels right now. It’s hard to accept yourself when you’re told you’re not allowed to be what you already are.”


Jimin wipes off the remainder of his makeup and nods. “You’re right, I remember feeling like that before I moved out here and found you, too... Well, we both know if he is actually gay he’s gonna be back here, right?”


Tae smiled. “Well yeah of course, and when he does I’m going to be his first gay kiss..and maybe something else,” Tae teased, and Jimin threw a powder puff at him and squealed.


The next day

Jungkook had been in bed all day isolating himself from everyone else because he couldn’t deal with anyone today. All he could think of was the beautiful specimen his eyes were blessed to look upon the night before, and even though the constant replay of when he saw V for the first time was clouding his mind he still had the usual annoyances stinging his brain.


Maybe I’m not gay and I was just attracted to that queen because he looked so much like a woman???


He ponders all day,


Am I gay, I’m gay, but maybe I’m not, but what if I am what will happen to me???


He tries to distract himself, but nothing was working. He tries watching movies but couldn’t concentrate on it for more than a minute, he tries playing video games but his mind would just trail off thinking about last night, and next thing he knew he had already been killed in the game. He tries drawing, but all he could manage to draw were the lips that he wished he’d planted a kiss on last night. Nothing could take his mind off it no matter how hard he tried. He gave up and threw himself on his bed, looking up at the glow-in-the-dark stars stuck on the ceiling. It was starting to get dark outside, and the stars on the ceiling began to glow. Jungkook smiled for once today. He’s always had these stars on his ceiling, even when he was a little boy, and they comfort him. But still, all he can think of is how he wishes one day he could look up at the real stars while cuddled up with V.



Tae felt a softness next to him and it wasn’t because he was laying on a cloud in the soft blue sky, it was the fact that he was cuddled in the arms of a cute boy with a mask covering the lower part of his face. And even though only his dark, puffy doe eyes could be seen, he knew that the rest of his face was beautiful by the way the boy’s eyes poofed out whenever he smiled, which made Tae’s heart smile.


“You’re so cuddly! Can we stay here forever?” Tae said to the boy while snuggling up to him even more on their own little cloud.


“Of course, dear,” the boy pulled Tae into his arms so their chests were touching and nuzzled his head into Tae’s neck.


“I wish you would let me see the rest of your face.” Tae giggled playfully, curling his fingers around the top of the mask.


The boy bolted, pushing Tae’s arm off his chest and stood up looking down at Tae now.


“No, I told you I’m straight!”


“B-but I just wanted to see your face, I’m sorry.”


The boy fell onto his knees sobbing, with his hands covering his entire face while the loud sobs could still be heard by Tae.


Tae sat up and put his hand on the boy’s shoulder. “I’m sorry, I won’t ask again I’m so sorry.”


“NO” The boy moved his shoulder away, leaving Tae’s hand to fall onto the cloud beneath them. “I’M NOT GAY I CANNOT BE GAY I’M NOT GAY I CAN’T BE!” The boy repeated the words, and Tae noticed the boy was slowly descending into the cloud.


“HOLD MY HAND YOU’RE GOING TO FALL!” Tae tried to hold out for the boy’s hand, but it was rejected and the boy melted through the cloud and fell into the darkness. Tae watched while he fell, screaming for the boy.


Tae abruptly awoke, flinging himself forward to sit up on his bed, breathing heavily, heart racing.


“F-FUCK..what was that?” Tae wondered out loud, looking around the room and making sure he was definitely still in his room and not on a cloud in the sky. He looked at the beige walls covered in blobs of colourful paint that him and Jimin drunkenly threw at the wall while deciding the wall was too boring for Tae. He glanced over at his open closet stuffed to the brim with glittery and risqué clothes, with just a tiny part of his wardrobe keeping his out of drag clothes which were very sophisticated but unique. Then he looked over at his work desk and the very old sewing machine that was on its last thread (literally) that currently had the wig he wore last night draped over it because he was too tired to properly put it away when he got back from the club last night. The wall in front of it was covered in photos he’d taken for his photography class, and just photos he’d taken for himself because he thought they were beautiful, and countless magazine pages that had been ripped out that was inspiration for his drag. But the majority of the photos were pictures of him and Jimin goofing around, being models, and just funny photos they’d taken that brought back happy memories. He sighed and lay back down resting his head on his pillow.


Why did I dream about that boy? Maybe it was because I felt guilty?


Tae tried to close his eyes and go back to sleep, but then the silence that filled the room was rudely interrupted by a loud buzzing noise. BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ , Tae jumped in his spot and managed to fall out of his bed and slam his ass hard onto the clothes he couldn’t be bothered to put away last night, which were covered in surprisingly spiky rhinestones.


“FUCK!” Tae screamed as the surprisingly sharp rhinestones pierced his ass.


BZZ BZZ BZZ, his alarm is still blaring, and Tae is over it. He presses down on the off button with plenty of aggression.


“Owwie owwie owwie” Tae squeals as he picks up his phone and makes his way to the bathroom.

Tae looked at his ass in the mirror to find rhinestones stuck very deep in his ass cheek.


Tae tried to pick the rhinestones out with some tweezers, but the rhinestones weren’t budging.


“Fuckfuckfuck, OW!”


The sad boy with rhinestones in his cheeks picked up his phone. If he couldn’t get the pain to go away or the rhinestones to get out of his ass, he’s gonna at least use this opportunity for some attention and sympathy from his best friend. Jimin was an amazing best friend, never once has he not been there when Tae was in trouble or needed cheering up. They always joke about being soulmates because as soon as they met they became best friends, and always seem to know what the other is feeling or needs. Tae texts Jimin looking for some sympathy, not just because rhinestones are stuck on his ass cheek, but also because he can’t stop thinking about that boy and the dream he had last night.


Tae: Jiminie :((((((

Jimin: baby what’s wrong are you okay :((( who am i fighting?

Tae: I’m so sad :(((( my ass hurts so much :(((((


Jimin: but damn how big was he???

Tae: I wish :((( i fell off my bed onto my outfit last night and NOW i have a cute rhinestone dimple piercing ON MY ASS CHEEK

Jimin: honestly… that sounds kinda cute..


Jimin: My uber is on it’s way I’ll pick you up and we can get that rhinestone out of your ass before class ok?

Tae: Yeah okay :(((( how long are you gonna be?

Jimin: I’m outside bitch xoxo

Jimin’s Uber pulls up to Tae’s apartment and Tae excitedly and very awkwardly runs down to greet Jimin (and get the rhinestone out of his ass).


“JIMINIEEEEE,” Tae yells as he stumbles into the back of the Uber and into Jimins arms.

“TAETAEEE,” Jimin hugs Tae with all of his strength.


Even though Tae and Jimin are in the same class and see each other everyday, because they love and appreciate each other so much, everyday they treat each other like they haven’t seen the other in years. Not even paying attention to the Uber driver, Jimin asks Tae to turn around.

“LETS LOOK AT YOUR ASS,” Jimin says a little too loudly, especially as the windows of the Uber were open...
Jimin, right there in the back of the Uber, pulls down the back part of Taes jeans and underwear with neither of them thinking twice about it. “WOW THOSE RHINESTONES ARE REALLY UP THERE HUH HOW DID YOU MANAGE THIS??”

“Jiminie, they hurt so much you know I’ve had my fair share of ass hurting days but THIS is the WORST.”
Tae squeals as Jimin tries to pick the rhinestone out of Tae’s ass cheek with his finger nails.


Is this karma for making that boy cry last night?


“Um, we’ve arrived at the destination. Um are you okay?”
Jimin and Tae stop in their tracks and look up at the old man driving the Uber, who looks very concerned. Tae quickly pulls up his underwear and trousers and gives the driver an apologetic smile.


“Oh haha thankyou! Have a nice day!”Jimin replies and grabs Tae’s hand and exits through the car door, beaming at the driver while leaving.

“He seemed nice,” Tae uttered while walking up the stairs to his and Jimin’s uni with Jimin’s arm linked in his.

“Yeah he d-“ Before Jimin could finish his sentence, his phone bleeped. He checked his phone. “WAIT, HE CHARGED ME MORE FOR COMPENSATION FOR A TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE WHAT THE FUCK”

Tae started laughing so hard tears formed in his eyes.
“I don’t know what you’re laughing at, you’ve got to buy me lunch now.” Jimin giggles and sticks his tongue out at tae.

“Sigh, okay but you’ve gotta come sleepover at mine tonight because I’m in need of attention and love!!!!” Tae commands as he sticks his chest out and stamps his foot.

I don’t want to be alone if I have that dream again

“ANYTHING FOR MY SOULMATE!” Jimin wraps his arms around Tae.

“I’ll even order pizza,” Tae chuckles as he hugs Jimin back.

“WOW, you really are my soulmate,” Jimin and Tae giggle as they hug walk to class, Tae walking a little stranger than Jimin thanks to the rhinestones.

I wonder what the boy from last night is doing



“MOVIE NIIIIIIIIIGHT!!” Hobi screamed as he jokingly kicked Jungkook’s door open. Jungkook quickly sits up and tries to fake a smile and wipe away his tears without Hobi noticing.

“OH YEAH. I’ll be in, um in a sec I was just having a nap”

“Oh, well WAKE UPPPP IT’S MOVIE NIGHT!” Hobi commands as he stands in the doorway, waving his arms about.


Namjoon comes from behind Hobi with two frying pans in his hands, banging them together while shouting.“MOVIE NIGHT, ITS MOVIE NIGHT, WAKE UP ITS MOVIE NIGHT!!”


Suddenly Jungkook hears a faint scream, then the noise starts getting closer and louder. “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” Yoongi zooms past the room yelling. “MOVIEEEE NAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIGHHHTTTTTT”

I really live with these crackheads, huh

“Jungkookie, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you screaming with us????” Yoongi clings onto the edge of the doorway, popping his head in between the doorway and Namjoon’s wide shoulders.

“Oh no sorry, I just woke up I’m a little out of it. I’ll be okay in a sec, I’ll see you in the cinema room,” Jungkook shyly smiles.

“Oh okay. SEE YOU DOWN THERE FOR WHAT??” Hobi shouted “MOVIE NAAAAAAIGHT,” the three chanted together, and Hobi and Namjoon raced to the cinema room. Yoongi was about to join them, but looked back at Jungkook and something didn’t seem right. Yoongi walked up to Jungkook and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Hey man are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah yeah don’t worry. I’m good, just still trying to wake up,” Jungkook reassured yoongi.

Yoongi nods and gives him a sympathetic smile. “Come on, let’s walk down together.” And Yoongi and Jungkook walked down to the cinema room.

Yoongi can always tell when there’s something wrong, and he could tell that for the last few months something was bothering Jungkook. He knows that whatever has been bothering him started to bother him even more last night. As he walked by Jungkook’s side down to the cinema room, he could tell he wasn’t okay, he could tell Jungkook had been crying and he wasn’t happy, the fake persona he’s been putting on for the last few months wasn’t even there. It was like he had no energy to fake anymore. He was so worried for his Jungkookie.
Jungkook finally reached the cinema room with Yoongi, with what Jungkook felt like was the longest walk down the hallway.

Why does he keep looking at me like that?

Jungkook had definitely picked up on the fact that Yoongi was staring at him the entire walk down from his room.

The two walked into the cinema room where Hobi and Namjoon were both sat of the sofas with their legs crossed, making the empty space between their legs a perfect place to put the many snacks they had brought for movie night.

“What took you guys so long?” Hobi questioned while stuffing maybe a bit more than a handful of popcorn into his mouth.

“I was just telling Jungkookie about something. It’s fine, what movie are we watching then?” Yoongi gave Hobi a gummy smile in response.
The trailers before the film were already playing.

“This new movie called...Uhhhhh wait let me find the box I forgot.” Namjoon ruffles around trying to find the box through all of the 1000 snacks he brought “AH GOT IT! It’s called “Love, Simon” I hear it’s got really good reviews!” Namjoon beamed, holding the box up in the air and showing all of the members the box cover.

“Oh, what’s it about?” Yoongi asked.
Namjoon coughed. “I’m not sure, all I know is that lots of people have been talking about it and the soundtrack is really good. OH WAIT, Jungkook you know that Troye Sivan you really like? He sings a song that’s in this as well!” Namjoon looked at Jungkook with a big smile almost like he was waiting for Jungkook to get really excited or at least approve of it.
“Oh yeah, um cool,” Jungkook gave a small smile and slumped onto the sofa, wrapping a blanket around himself. Namjoon’s excited smile faded into a shy, embarrassed, smile.
Yoongi plopped himself down next to Hobi, and Jungkook noticed them giving each other a worried look.
They probably are worried because of me, I need to stop being selfish and start pretending to be okay again.
“WAIT SO TROYE SIVAN HAS A SONG IN THIS MOVIE??” Jungkook pulls the biggest fake smile. “That’s so cool, thankyou for choosing this movie Namjoon!”
Namjoon’s smile lit up his face in the biggest smile while doing a little clapping dance.
Hobi and Namjoon seem pleased that Jungkook has cheered up, but Yoongi can tell it’s fake.

The movie starts and Jungkook is stealing all of Hobi’s snacks, shovelling them into his mouth trying to enjoy the night with his best friends.
‘My names Simon,’ the films starts playing Jungkook isn’t really paying that much attention if he’s honest. ‘I’m just like you, except I have one huge ass secret.’
Sigh, what’s it going to be that he’s in love with his best friend and has been in love with her since they were kids yawn like I haven’t seen this kind of movie befo-
Before he can even finish his sentence in his mind he’s cut off by the movie.


‘Nobody knows I’m gay’

Jungkook chokes on the popcorn he was stuffing into his mouth and starts coughing uncontrollably.
“SHIT! JUNGKOOK ARE YOU OKAY?” Namjoon rushes over to Jungkook, patting his back harshly.
“Shit man, what happened?” Yoongi questions, worry running throughout his tone.
Jungkook gets the last few coughs out and takes a drink of the cola next to him, looking up at Namjoon (whose expression is extremely worried) with teary eyes.
“Sorry, I was just putting too much food in my mouth haha sorry guys” Jungkook shrugs.
The three men sigh with relief now, Jungkook is okay.
“Anyway do you still want to watch this fil-“
“YES,” Jungkook yells a little too eagerly, which he notices when he starts getting strange looks. “I mean, yeah sure it looks interesting..can we play it now?”
Namjoon nods and hits play on the dvd player.
Jungkook enjoys movies but he has never been this focused on a movie in his life. His heart racing through every gay scene, he could feel tears in his eyes at other parts sometimes, not just because it was a sad part, but because everything was so happy for the gay character. It gave him hope, and to think he could be that happy and be with someone he loves brings literal tears to his eyes. When a Troye Sivan song played, Namjoon looked at him with the biggest smile, and Jungkook didn’t have to force a smile back. After a rollercoaster of emotions, the film finished with all four of them trying to hide the tears that they’d shed throughout the movie. Yoongi has both hands wrapped around Hobi’s hand and the blanket wrapped around them.

“Did you guys enjoy the movie? I know it’s not your typical kind of movie, but I thought we should try to understand people who are gay better because we have gay fans too and I don’t want them to feel like they’re not accepted y’know?” Namjoon explained with a serious look on his face.
Yoongi, Hobi and Jungkook all looked up at Namjoon with tears in their eyes.
“That was, a ahem, a really good film. I’m glad I understand how gay people must feel now,” Hobi uttered.
“Yeah I agree. It’s good to get an inside look on something that you’ve never ever in your life been through,” Yoongi gave a shy smile.
They all looked over at Jungkook who was staring into space, mind completely gone from his body.
“Jungkookie what did you think of the movie?” Yoongi asks while nudging Jungkook out of the trance he was in.
“Oh um yeah it was cool, couldn’t really relate to it but i’m glad our gay fans have this movie. I’m sure it could help me, THEM I MEANT THEM, not me because why would it help me haha anyway, I’m kinda sleepy I’ll see you all in the morning uh bye!” and with that, Jungkook quickly exited from the room and back to his bedroom, where he proceeded to cry. But for the first time today, it wasn’t tears fallen from sadness but from hope.

Jimin jumped onto Tae’s bed, laying like a starfish and wearing an oversized button up pj top. It was pastel pink and had little cats all over, and he had pulled the sleeves of it over his hands so only a tiny bit of his little fingers are exposed, holding a piece of pizza held up to the sky in front of him.
“Even more than cute boys?” Tae mocks him with a pretend shocked face.
“Honestly, right now cute boys aren’t acting too cute with me. Pizza is more reliable,” Jimin brings the pizza to his mouth and plants a kiss on it. “My true love,” Jimin takes a rather full and jokingly loving bite of his pizza and it’s gone in one go.
Tae and Jimin look at each other for a moment and burst out in laughter, Jimin trying not to choke on the pizza he just stuffed right into his mouth.
“You’re right, but damn that cute boy last night, I wouldn’t mind giving up this pizza if it meant I could have a night with him.” Tae jumps onto the bed next to Jimin before grabbing a slice of pizza, and Jimin shuffles up closer to Tae, putting Tae’s head on his chest.
“Don’t worry, he’ll probably be back soon. I mean, we could both sense the intense gay aura exuding from him right?”
“Oh my fucking god yes I was choking on it it was that strong”
“I’m sure that’s not the only thing of his you’ll be choking on,” Jimin giggles and Tae playfully hits his leg. “The ones in gaynial are always the ones that exude the most gayness and also the most fun to play with,” Jimin snorted.
Tae rolled onto his front, finally taking a bite of his pizza and pointing at Jimin with a nod to show he agreed.
“Anygay, enough about cute boys and more about cheesy movies and wine.” Jimin beams as he pulls a bottle of wine out of his bag.
“Why are we actual middle aged women, I love it!” Tae giggles, preparing a glass for Jimin to pour the wine in.
“Wow, we look good for our age huh,” Jimin opens the wine before taking a swig from the bottle and then pouring wine into Tae’s glass.
“The secret to looking this good is all the wine,” Tae and Jimin clink their glasses together and proceed to put on a cheesy romcom (which tonight was “13 Going on 30”). Tae and Jimin cuddled up and watched the opening credits. All throughout watching the movie, Tae was wondering who that boy was and what he was doing right now. Probably watching the football or something else hyper masculine to make him feel better about being gay.
“UGH, fragile masculinity” Tae accidentally thought out loud.
Jimin, a bit confused where that came from, but still nodded and exclaimed “mood” at Tae before switching his attention back to the movie.

It was dark out already when Jungkook had been woken up by the sound of Yoongi shutting the door to his room next door.
Fuck, I fell asleep again
Jungkook stumbled off his bed sheets dragging off the bed with him, creating a puddle of overlapping bedsheets right next to him. He rolled his eyes and proceeded to dig through the bed sheets in search for his phone. Jungkook lifted the sheet up at the corners.
Where did my phone go? What the fuck has it just vanished into thin air
Jungkook put his whole face into the bed sheets (don’t ask why), moving the sheets down to his back like a cape on his quest to find his phone and ended up with the covers swallowing him whole. Halfway out of the covers, he looked up at his windowsill just to find that god damn phone.
Jungkook sighed and walked to his windowsill and picked up the phone. He went to back away and return to his bed when a flashing of lights caught his attention, it was the street lights plural this time!
When is someone going to come fix these damn lights
He looked at the two lights flickering, and remembered the last time he looked out of the window. He placed his chin in his palm and remembered what had occurred that night. A tiny squeak woke Jungkook up from his day dreaming and his attention shifted to the source of the squeak, it was the cat. The same cat that led him into that drag club where he met that beautiful person. Jungkook wasn’t one to believe in fate or signs, but for the first time in his life maybe he was starting to.
Jungkook grabbed his black hoodie and face mask and put on some jeans rather than his sweatpants. He wanted to look somewhat fashionable and smart in case he saw the person who has been clouding his thoughts for the last 3 days. He climbed out the window onto the roof like he did last time, he climbed down the drain like he did last time, and he went through the big gap in the fence where he first saw the cat enter from like he did last time, except for this time he had something that he didn’t have last time--butterflies.

Jungkook approached the club, low key looking for the queen that he talked to the first time. He thinks he recalls the queen’s name being Chimchi, but it was a different queen in front of the door handing out flyers which had information for the next events on. The queen this time wasn’t as loud as Chimchi though, and was just peacefully handing out flyers with a smile whereas Chimchi was flirting loudly with everyone who came a few feet away from the club. Jungkook took a deep breath and gathered the courage to go forth, passing by the queen at the door and giving the queen a smile through his mask that showed through his eyes and gave a slight bow before walking into the club. Through the rainbow bead curtain once more (which to Jungkook felt like pulling back the curtain when you enter a tent to see the circus), Jungkook took a quick look around the club. He saw lots of men and women and all genders dancing with each other-- two women in the corner sitting down cuddling, one of the women kissing the others head while the other lays on her lap. Two men making out on the dancefloor, which made Jungkook’s heart quicken, looking around to see if anyone else is reacting to the fact that two men are just..kissing in public. He looked around, but everyone was minding their own business, having fun and not even caring. Jungkook didn’t really have time to fully take in his surroundings last time he was here because it had all been very overwhelming. But even though he was extremely anxious still, he had all the time he wanted (well until he had to sneak back to the house and pretend he wasn’t at a gay club all night). It was so strange to be somewhere where the very thing he hated about himself was so normal and flaunted; it made him feel uneasy but strangely safe at the same time. Jungkook realised he’d been staring at everyone a little too long that it was starting to look a little creepy. The anxiety started creeping up some, making him blush a bit at the thought that he looked so strange just staring at all these people. He beelines to the bar ready to drink his anxiety away. He gets to the bar and sits on one of the barstools which was shaped like a lady’s leg wearing heels and fishnets. The stage lights go up, and so does his anxiety. He didn’t know what he was going to do if he saw V perform again before he had time to even prepare or ready himself. A person walks on to the stage, and Jungkook focuses, trying to make out the face, seeing if it was the same face that he saw last time. Thankfully for Jungkook, it wasn’t Tae but another queen who looked strikingly like a woman.

“Wow, that queen looks so much like a real woman” Jungkook thought aloud.
“That’s because she is sweetie” a voice came from behind Jungkook, but Jungkook was too interested in the performance to look back to see who it was and continued the conversation.
“But don’t you have to be a man to be a drag queen?”
“OH SWEETIE NO, drag is about erasing gender, blurring the definition of gender if you will. You can be what ever and still want to say ‘fuck you’ to gender, even if that’s acting out of the binary of your gender or exaggerating your gender to the point where it goes past the invisible binary line. It’s art, art doesn’t have a gender. You get it now?”
“Uh yeah I’m starting to understand now, thanks.” At this, Jungkook turned around on the barstool to face the bar and face the familiar voice talking to him.
Jungkook stopped for a second to try and recognise why the voice sounds so familiar, but he didn’t recognise the man in front of him. He was quite a short man with fiery orange hair, his face was kind and soft and when he smiled his eyes turned into crescent moons and his button nose widened with his smile...Speaking of his smile, his mouth was beautiful, his lips were full with a natural pout to them and a small amount of lip gloss coated his lips. His bartending uniform (which was barely there) was a black shirt which obviously had the sleeves ripped off very sloppily to expose his extremely smooth looking muscles, and most of the buttons on his shirt were unbuttoned.
Why does he even bother wearing a shirt if he’s going to wear it like that

“OH, IT’S YOU!” The bartender smiled brightly back at Jungkook.

“W-WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT’S ME????” Jungkook stuttered, panic suddenly consuming his entire being.

“It’s you! Kookie right? Oh sorry, it’s me Chimchi. I work as a bartender here too when I’m not Chimchi, you can call me Jimin.” Jimin held out his hand for Jungkook to shake.

Jungkook looked at the hand for a second and took Jimin’s hand in his to shake.

“Lovely to meet you..again!” Jimin chuckled and Jungkook replied with a shy nod. “I knew you’d be back, Tae will be so happy yay!”

“Tae??” Jungkook questioned even though he secretly knew (and hoped) who Jimin was talking about.

“Oh yeah sorry! V, the queen you saw last time before you legged it haha,” Jimin smiled.

Jungkook felt his heart burst and butterflies fill his tummy. He hoped Jimin hadn’t noticed how red his face had gotten, hopefully the club lights hid how flustered he was.

“O-oh why would he be happy? Have you talked about me?” Jungkook gulped.


“Don’t worry cutie, there were only good things being said about you..very good things.” Jimin gave a cheeky smile before pouring a drink.
The queen that was performing finished with a death drop off a platform, and the crowd erupted and the stage lights went down.

“So you never finished that drink I owed you last time, so you better finish this one.” Jimin placed a glass full of orange liquid next to Jungkook. “There you go sweetie.”

“You haven’t spiked it have you?” Jungkook asked quite seriously. Jimin gasped and took a sip from the drink to prove it was fine.

“This isn’t a straight club, ugh-- who do you think I am?” Jimin chuckled and gave the glass back to Jungkook.

The stage lights went back up and Jungkook’s head turned straight to the stage so fast he almost gave himself whiplash. The smoke from the smoke machine made it hard to see the stage clearly and Jungkook squinted his eyes to try and see better. The smoke cleared, and all there was on the stage was a single chair. Jungkook gave a confused look to Jimin and Jimin just giggled and pointed to the side of the room and there V stood.

There he stood in a long, old Hollywood fashioned silver wig, long lashes so long it creates shadows in the lights, 6 inch heels, and a giant fake fur shawl draped around his upper body leaving only his fishnet covered legs and the top of his shoulders exposed.

Jungkook’s jaw dropped.

“You should probably drink this quick,” Jimin snickered as he pushed the drink closer to Jungkook.

“Naughty Girl” by Beyoncé started playing. Tae made his way through the crowd, touching everyone’s faces and blowing kisses while the intro played. Tae twirled while laughing and that’s when their eyes met. Tae did a little smirk and made his way over to the bar.

“Wh-what’s he doing???” Jungkook stuttered, watching Tae saunter towards him.

“Hope you don’t have stage fright sweetie,” Jimin couldn’t keep the giggles in.

Tae was only 2 seconds away from Jungkook and the spotlight was following him. Jungkook started to panic--was it enough time to get away? It wasn’t.

I’m feeling sexy~

Tae lip synced while sliding onto Jungkook’s lap, legs spread, placed on Jungkook’s hips. He rolls his body while gracefully laying down onto his lap to face the audience, then snaps back up to face Jungkook and strokes his cheek with his hand.

I wanna hear you say my name boy~

Tae stands up in front of Jungkook and grabs his hands and intertwines them in his own, then pushes his ass into Jungkook’s crotch. Jungkook feels his face burn.

If you can reach me~
You can feel my burning flame~

Tae stands Jungkook up, Jungkook is just kind of going with what ever, the moment has taken him over nothing else matters to him right now. Then Tae pulls jungkook through the audience, not once breaking eye contact. Multiple people stuff notes into Tae’s fishnets while he walks through the sea of gays. Just before they reach the stage, the chorus starts. Tae whips around to face Jungkook before they walk up the stairs to the stage, almost whipping Jungkook in the face with his hair.

In that moment, Jungkook and Tae just stare at each other, the music fading out as they each examine the sparkles in each other’s eyes. That is, until a very loud gay yells and wakes Tae up and back to the real world. The same happens for Jungkook--he looks away from Tae, his cheeks burning under his mask and blood rushing somewhere Jungkook wishes it wouldn’t right now. He looks back up at Tae, and Tae winks at him while still lip syncing, then grabs Jungkook’s belt and drags Jungkook behind him up the stairs onto the stage and lets him go next to the chair. Tae turns away from Jungkook to face the audience and continues lip syncing, throwing off his fake fur shawl to the side, revealing a sparkly underwear set with rhinestones dripping all over his body. Jungkook stands next to the chair very awkwardly and can’t help but stare at his ass.

It’s not gay because he’s dressed like a girl yeah that’s right I’m not gay I’m just admiring a girl-looking ass

Tae drops to his knees and turns to face Jungkook, the expression Tae gave Jungkook was a bit confused, and Jungkook gives Tae an awkward smile. Tae smirks and nods over to the chair, and Jungkook finally gets the hint and sits on the chair.

I love to love you baby, I love to love you baby~

Tae starts prowling towards Jungkook on all fours. Jungkook starts moving in the chair, not knowing what to do with himself, trying to hide the semi that is starting to form in his underwear. His heart beating fast, and if he wasn’t wearing a mask he’s pretty sure everyone would be able to see how red his face was even in the club lights and through the smoke.

Tae gets to Jungkook and starts unfastening his belt. After tugging at it, he wraps the unfastened belt around Jungkook’s neck while walking around the chair to get behind Jungkook. Jungkook never thought he’d like being choked by his own belt, but he loves it right now. Tae places his chin in the crook of Jungkook’s neck, still lip syncing to the audience, with lots of money being thrown onto the stage.

Tonight i’ll be your naughty girl~

Tae licks Jungkook’s ear while placing his hands on Jungkook’s thighs and sliding his hands back up just for a moment, grazing his crotch. Tae feels his semi and blushes through the lip sync. Tae’s hand making contact with his semi also makes Jungkook flinch a little, and he’s convinced his face is going to actually set on fire and burn his mask off at some point.

I see you look me up and down and I came to party~

Tae stands Jungkook up again by standing in front of him and wrapping his belt around Jungkook’s body and pulling up. Once Jungkook is stood, up Tae moves his hands all over Jungkook’s body, slowly getting on his knees. The song is almost over and Tae leans backwards, holding onto the top of Jungkook’s jeans and slowly leaning backwards more and more until the song finishes and he’s looking at the audience upside down. And the spotlight turns off.

The crowd erupts with cheers and the lights turn back on. Tae stands up and walks back up to Jungkook and holds his hand up too. Jungkook panics and runs off stage, leaving Tae looking a little hurt. He makes his way to the bar and Jimin is there, not really concealing the grin on his face.

“Hey sweetie how was your first performance?”
“And my only and last performance.”
“That’s what they all say sweetie, here’s your drink you left it behind before you lost yourself,” Jimin winks as he hands Jungkook the glass of Vodka coke.

Jungkook takes the glass and looks at the drink inside, and puts his mask to the side, takes a deep breath and chugs the whole thing in one go.

“Woah, calm down sweetie I won’t tell you off for not drinking the free drink again! You didn’t have to chug the whole thing,” Jimin chuckles while pouring someone else a drink.

“Can I have another one please?”
“Ugh fine, this one’s on the house just because you looked so cute on’ve really got to pay for at least one drink next time you’re here though okay.”
“I will I promise.” Jungkook chugs the other free drink as soon as Jimin passes it over.
“Oh, so there will be a next time..hehe I wonder what’s bringing you bac- SPEAK OF THE DEVIL.” Tae walks up to the bar back in his shawl and Jimin passes him a drink with a cute pink straw in it.

“Hey Cinderella you forgot something ?” Tae smirks at Jungkook and hands him his belt.

“U-um UH um” Jungkook panics and stands up, Tae and Jimin watching him as he bolts to the toilet.
“Yikes that kid has some real issues huh- where are you going??” Before Jimin can finish his sentence Tae has stood up and is making his way to the bathroom.

Jungkook is in there puking his guts out.

Why did I chug two full glasses of vodka and coke why am I such a lightweight am I throwing up because of nerves or alcohol am I gay or n-

The door to the bathroom opened and Tae stood there looking down at Jungkook with a very worried expression.

“Hey are you okay? I was uh worried about you.”
“Um I’m okay just had too much alcohol I guess haha”
“Oh, how much have you had?”
“Um two glasses of vodka and coke” Jungkook mutters low enough for Tae to not hear.
“What was that? Sorry I didn’t hear you”
“Um ha oh two glasses of vodka and coke”
“TWO GLASSES OF VODKA AND COKE?” Jungkook awkwardly laughed and nodded.
“OH MY GOD HAHAHA YOU’RE JUST ADORABLE AREN’T YOU?” Tae laughed hard and Jungkook started awkwardly joining in before they were both crying with laughter after a few minutes.
“HAHaha huh what were we even laughing about again?” Tae asked.
“I don’t remember, but that felt good. I haven’t laughed like that in a while”
“That’s kinda sad.”
“Oh no no, don’t be sad you just made me happy.” To that, Tae gave a big smile and proceeded to walk up next to Jungkook and sit on the floor.
“Why are you sitting on the floor? You’ll get your clothes dirty.” Jungkook takes his jacket off and puts it on the floor next to him.
“Oh, thankyou.” Tae stands up and walks to where jungkook lay the jacket down and plops himself on it.

Tae and Jungkook were just sitting on the bathroom floor together, Jungkook had his legs crossed and Tae had his legs to the side of him. They were both just looking at each other, not even noticing the silence.

“Um should we move? Won’t people want to go to the toilet here we’re kind of in the middle of the walkway.”
“No don’t worry, this is the men’s room. Everyone uses the gender neutral toilets, so we’re good.” Tae give Jungkook a big boxy smile.
“You know, you have a beautiful smile,” Jungkook says without thinking.
“Wow thankyou, but just a warning if you don’t want people to think you’re gay maybe don’t call very gay men beautiful it’s…kinda gay.” Tae chuckles and Jungkook chuckles with him.
“So maybe i’m bi?”
“Maybe. Have you ever liked a girl?”
“Um okay have you ever kissed a girl?”
“Did you like it?”
“..not really”
“Right, okay.” Tae puts his hand on Jungkook’s thigh and smirks.
“Has any girl ever given you a semi like the one I gave you earlier?” Tae winks but his face remains slightly serious.
“N-n-no.” Tae pulls his hand back and chuckles.
“Well, I think we’ve deduced that you’re not bi.”
“Oh shit, I’m gay.” Tae giggles and grabs Jungkook’s hand.
“Yeah, you’re pretty gay.” Tae can’t stop laughing, swinging Jungkook’s arms about while holding his hands.

At first, Jungkook stands still, letting Tae flail his arms around. But him saying it out loud hit Jungkook hard, there’s no going back now. He’s admitted it to a real person. Jungkook felt like crying at first, but then when he looks up at Tae and sees how happy Tae is and how his smile could light up 1000 gay clubs it warms his heart. Maybe being gay isn’t a bad thing. Jungkook gives Tae a big smile.

“I’M GAY,” Jungkook chuckles.
“ME TOO!” Tae says while pulling Jungkook closer. He places a kiss on the tiny bit of cheek showing through Jungkook’s mask.
Jungkook stands still.
“O-oh I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that, not after you just came out to me and you’re still probably processing it yourself and-“ Before Tae could finish his sentence, Jungkook takes off his mask, pulls Tae into a kiss, and they both melt into it still holding hands. Tae wraps his legs around Jungkook’s waist while still kissing him, Tae brushing his fingers into Jungkook’s hair. Jungkook had never felt this spark in him before, never felt this warmth before. If he didn’t know if he was gay before, he sure does now.

Tae pulls away from the kiss, and Jungkook and Tae just look at each other for a bit.
“W-was that okay?” Tae asked while rubbing the back of his neck.
Jungkook just looked at Tae, his lips agape.
“Kookie? How are you feeling?” Tae put his hand on Jungkook’s lap again.
Jungkook smiled at Tae and started to laugh.
“I’m feeling um,” tears started falling down his face while he laughed. “Pretty fucking gay.”

Tae gasped at the tears and brought Jungkook into his arms while Jungkook sobbed into Tae’s fake fur coat. Tae stroked his back and picked up his phone and quickly texted Jimin.

The bathroom door opened and Jungkook jumped and sat up straight, quickly putting his mask back on. Jimin rushes in with a glass full of something Jungkook couldn’t recognise at first glance.

“Wow Tae you’ve already made him cry. How long has it been like 40 minutes?”
Jungkook tried to cover his face in his knees.
“Ah I’m sorry I always try to lighten the mood at the worst times. I’m guessing this is for you.”
Jimin apologises and hands Jungkook a pink drink with heart ice cubes in it.

“I-it’s okay don’t what is this?” Jungkook asks, looking at the drink swirling it around with the pink straw in it, kind of like the one Tae had in his mouth earlier. Uh Tae’s mouth.
“It’s my happy drink for when I feel sad.” Tae chirps at Jungkook.
“It hasn’t got drugs in it has it?”

“What is with this kid and drugging drinks again?”

“No Kookie, it hasn’t got drugs in it I promise. It hasn’t even got a lot of alcohol in it.”
Before Tae could explain anymore, Jungkook was chugging it and Tae and Jimin were just watching him in awe.

“You uh feeling okay still Kookie?”
“I feel a bit um *hiccup* I feel..”
Jungkook stood up and put his hands in the air.
Tae grabs his mask and hands it to Jungkook.
“Just in case you don’t feel comfortable being recognised outside of this bathroom yet.” Tae said with a smile.
Jungkook looks at the mask in Tae’s hand and puts it back on then looks at Tae and Jimin and puts one finger up to where his mouth would be behind his mask and goes “shhhh don’t tell anybody my face.”
Jimin looks at him with a weird look, but still nods. Tae giggles and grabs Jungkook’s hand.
They dance all night, taking breaks every now and then just to talk a bit more in the bathroom and then back to dancing until Jungkook’s alarm goes off. Tae looks over at his phone.

“Oh do you have to go?” Tae asks with a hint of sadness in his tone.
“Yeah if I don’t go now I’ll probably get caught so I should start walking back.”
“Do you want me to order you an Uber?”
“Uh no the car will probably wake everyone up. I’ll just walk back.”
“Oh okay, will you be back soon?”
“What days do you work?”
“Every day except for Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays!”
“I’ll try and come back next Tuesday then!”
“I can’t wait!” Tae gives him another kiss on the cheek and Jungkook chuckles bashfully.
“See you soon,” Jungkook waves as he walks out the door, accidentally bumping into someone and apologising profusely then continuing waving at Tae again until he was out of sight.

Tae walks back up to the bar and Jimin grabs him straight away.
Tae jokingly hits Jimin on the arm.
“ he coming back soon or was it just a quickie and go sorta situation? I’ve been there with closeted gays before.”
“We didn’t have sex, we just kissed and held hands and hugged,” Tae explained while climbing onto the bar stool and putting his chin in his palm.
“Wow, who is this PG-13 bitch? I don’t know her.”
“Shut up, it was nice. Also, he’s going through the whole coming out process, I don’t want to do something that would upset him or make him feel weird.”
“SIGH, okay I guess that’s kinda cute. You wanna come back to mine tonight or are you still on the hunt for a fuck tonight?” Jimin giggled.
“Hm maybe, the night is still young who knows what will happen.” Tae winks at Jimin and Jimin applauds him.
Tae makes his way back to the dancefloor to find the fuck of the night. There’s this tall, strong man grinding against Tae. Usually Tae would enjoy this, but it feels wrong?
Tae exits the dance floor and goes back up to the bar.
“Second thought, I’m sleepy. Let’s go home,” Tae jumps onto the bar stool, making it spin around.
“Wow, you’re already whipped huh”
“StoP it was only a kiss.”
“Calm down Mr. Bright Side and order us an Uber” Jimin gets from behind the bar kisses Tae on the cheek.

Even though he knows Jimin is just joking, he has to admit he can’t stop thinking about Kookie.

Jungkook heard the door to the club close behind him and he felt like someone had slapped him back to reality. Back to the boring heteronormative reality outside of the club.
Jungkook looked at his phone, ‘3:20am’
Jungkook pocketed his phone and made his way back to the house.
He walked through the street to get to the fence outside the house, slipped through the gap in the fence, and climbed back into his room backwards.

“Welcome back,” Jungkook almost stumbled off the windowsill hearing that voice, but he regained his balance and turned around slowly to see the familiar voice.

There sitting on his bed, with messy bed hair, soft navy pjs with faded yellow stars all over and sleepy cat eyes staring into Jungkook’s soul.


Chapter Text

Flashback to the day where they watched Love Simon from Yoongi’s POV

Yoongi lay in his new king size bed; he turned onto his side and looked at the incredibly empty space next to him. He was cold, for some reason he’s never been able to warm up places he lay or sat in. He could sit in a chair or lay in a bed for hours and it would still feel the same as it did when he first sat or lay on it.

I wonder if he’s still awake

Yoongi kicks the sheets off him, folding his arms, annoyed he can’t get warm and crawls to the end of the bed. He likes his new bedroom, even if it is a bit cold. The walls are red and black and have posters and pictures of all his musical inspirations on it and also pictures of him and the rest of the group. His piano is at the side of the room with a little kumamon laying on the top part of it, and his closet is shut tight because yoongi is convinced a monster will come out and bully him if he doesn’t shut it every night. Yoongi swivels himself off the bed and places his foot on the floor.

Ugh, even the floor is freezing

He hesitantly places the other foot on the freezing ground, his kumamon slippers in sight. He goes towards them and places his feet inside, and as soon as he takes a step they make a scratchy noise against the wooden flooring.

Guess I’m going barefoot

He slips his feet out of the slippers and sneaks towards the door trying to make as little noise as possible. The door creaks slightly, and Yoongi cringes. He slides through the opening he created and quietly shuts the door from outside and creeps to a specific door down the hallway. He opens the door, trying to not let it creak as much as his did and sticks his head into the room.

There he was, sitting up in his bed with the sheets next to him folded over creating a place for Yoongi to lie.

“Took you long enough.” the man with the heart shaped smile chuckled.

Yoongi closed the door and softly but quickly waddled over to the bed, sliding into the covers.

“I was cold.” Yoongi pouted.

“Come get warm then.” Hobi opened his arms out wide invitingly.

Hobi was rewarded with a big gummy smile and a soft, cute boy jumping into his arms.

“Warmer?” Hobi asked and Yoongi just buried his face into Hobi’s chest and nodded, which causes Hobi to let out a soft chuckle.

Yoongi gripped Hobi’s striped pyjama shirt and looked up at the man who the shirt belonged to, the man was looking right back at him. Hobi glides his fingers through Yoongi’s hair and parts the strands and pulls him forward into a loving kiss, Yoongi cups Hobi’s face and pulls back.

“I missed this,” Yoongi grinned with his eyes still closed from the kiss, and Hobi holds Yoongi’s hand in his.

“It’s only been a day, dear,” Hobi laughs with his whole chest moving up and down with each chuckle.

“I know that, but I mean while we were watching that particular movie all I wanted to do was cuddle you properly.”

“I felt like that, too,” Hobi gave Yoongi a soft smile. “Can we talk about that movie that Namjoon chose tonight?”

“Yeah, it was a bit… out of nowhere, do you think he knows about us and that was his way of showing he accepts us?” Yoongi shuffled onto Hobi’s chest a bit more.

“No, no there’s no way he could know and I know Namjoon and he wouldn’t be able to keep quiet about it for this long if he knew.”

“You’re right, he would be so happy for us if he knew though. I can tell he’d be really excited, it would probably be quite funny. It’s a shame we can’t tell him.”

“Yeah, but if keeping us a secret means I can still be with you even if it’s just at night then I want to stick to that.” Yoongi nodded and moved closer to Hobi’s face and giving him a peck on the lips.

Hobi gave Yoongi another big heart shaped smile and rolled Yoongi around so Yoongi was on his back and he was on top of Yoongi.

“Anyway enough talk, let’s warm you up!” Hobi nuzzles his face into Yoongi’s neck making Yoongi giggle and squirm around, Hobi finally stops and props himself up above Yoongi.

“I love you, you know, Yoongi.”

“I know. I love you, too.”


“Yoongi?” Jungkook was frozen in place, feeling the silence that surrounds the room very uncomfortable.

Yoongi looks down and back up at Jungkook, his eyes struggling to stay open. He keeps licking his lips and smacking them together to regain some moisture back in his mouth, obviously he had just woken up. The silence continued until Yoongi sleepily got on all fours on Jungkook’s king sized bed and crawled off, his feet landing on the ground and he stood up to walk to Jungkook yawning through every step.

“Yoong-“ Jungkook felt Yoongi’s finger land on his lips.

“Wait a second.” Yoongi proceeded to yawn very deeply, smack his lips together looking into the distance, taking his finger away from Jungkook’s lips and looking back up at him, this time with not such a sleepy kitten look and more a tiger staring down its prey.

“WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN, DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS???” Yoongi violently whispers at Jungkook while stabbing his chest with the finger he just removed from Jungkook’s lips at every word. “ I CAME IN HERE AT 11pm TO TALK TO YOU AND ALL I GOT WHEN I WALKED IN WAS A BEDROOM WITH NO ONE IN IT!”

“Oh Yoon-“

“No no no nO I am NOT finished talking. I thought maybe you’d gone for a walk so I stayed here on your bed waiting for you and then one hour passed so obviously I start worrying that you got kidnapped on your walk or something-”

“Yoongi, I’m so-“

“BUT then decided that was probably not what happened so I tried to get that thought out of my head and accidentally fell asleep then I had a dream you WERE kidnapped and I couldn’t save you and woke in a sweat so I stayed awake thinking about all of the possibilities of what could of happened to you and couldn’t get back to sleep because of it-“

“Ah, Yoongi I’m sorr-“

“And now you just casually climb back through the window like I wasn’t stressing for hours that you had been kidnapped or dead or sold! Where have you been???” Yoongi huffed and stared at Jungkook with a sad but scary look.

“I’m sorry I was taking photos of the streets of seoul at night and stuff..” Jungkook didn’t want this right now, not only was he still a little drunk he was exhausted and all he wanted to do was sleep.

“You took photos, huh?”

“Y-yeah it was really nice haha you should have seen it!”

“So… can I see the pictures?” Yoongi smirked.

“U-um actually I don’t want anyone to see them until they’re edited so not yet hah um sorry..”

“Oh yeah yeah I understand um but it’s going to be hard to edit photos that you’ve taken when you’re camera has been next to me on your bedside table the whole time you’ve been out.” Yoongi points to the camera next to the bed.

Jungkook felt a lump in his throat and his hands getting sweaty.

“OH oh haha you thought I meant I took picture tonight??? Oh no no I meant I just looked around our new home town to try and find some good photography spots hah but I can see how you’d take it the way you took it.” Jungkook gave Yoongi an innocent small smile.

“You said you wouldn’t show me the photos until you edited them though?” Yoongi questioned.

“OH oh no I meant photos I took the other day I thought that’s what you meant, anyway it’s pretty late both of us are just confused and talking nonsense haha so goodnight!”
“So that’s why I was worried and I just want you to know you can talk to m-WAIT STOP IM STILL TALKING!” Yoongi has been so deep into the conversation he only just realised Jungkook has been trying to get him out of the room.

“YAWN sorry hyung i’m just sooooo sleepy goodnight!” Jungkook waved and closed the door in Yoongi’s face.

Jungkook turned around and pounced onto his bed, and he started kicking his tracksuit bottoms off. He couldn’t stop smiling thinking about that night, thinking about Tae, thinking about the kiss shared between them, thinking about how he told Tae the thing he’d been too scared to say to anyone for years that he’s gay… he’s gay.


That’s when it hit him he’s said it out loud now, he’s had his first gay kiss that confirmed how gay he really was.

This was real now.


Taehyung is there with Kookie they’re holding hands and bursting out with laughter at each other’s funny stories, lying in the cloud together.

“I love spending time with you.” Tae chuckled pulling Kookie closer, he kissed the others cheek and booped his nose.

“I love spending time with you too.” Kook brushed his fingers through Tae’s hair and placed his hand on the back of his neck and pulled Tae into a big kiss. Tae couldn’t stop smiling while kissing Kookie. It just felt so right, but then he noticed his cheek becoming wet.
Tae pulled out of the kiss to find Jungkook in flood of tears.

“Baby what’s wrong it’s okay we’re safe on the clouds don’t go again please.” Tae grabbed both of Kookies hands in a tight grasp, Kookie’s foot suddenly started to descend into the cloud.

“It’s happening again Tae! I want to stay!!” Kookie’s lower body hanging off the cloud, Tae wraps himself around Kookies waist tightly trying to pull him back up. Kookie’s lower body was starting to slowly come back up through the bottom of the cloud as Tae pulled as hard as he could.

“Thank god, I thought you were going to fall through again.” Tae spoke too soon. As Kookie gave him a smile, something below the cloud grabbed onto Kookie’s foot, and Tae was bolted forward as Kookie was being pulled back down through the cloud.

“I’m sorry, it’s too hard to fight.” Kookie frowned, Tae trying so hard to hold onto him, but this time no matter how hard he pulled he was getting nowhere. The thing that had Kookie’s foot was stronger than him right now. Tae put all of his strength into his arms and screamed while trying to pull Jungkook back up. The presence below must have noticed, because Kookie was suddenly pulled harder again, causing Tae to fall onto his front. He was trying to hold onto Kookie’s hand, which was the only thing of Kookie’s that wasn’t dangling off the cloud.“I’m sorry.” With that Kookie let go of Tae’s hand and his hand slipped through the cloud, Tae watched as Jungkook was once again falling into the darkness.

“KOOKIE NO!” Tae screamed.

Tae bolted upright, his heart pounding. He tried to breathe normally again, looking around Jimin’s room trying to bring himself back to reality. Jimin’s room was different to Tae’s room aesthetically; Tae had more of a bright room whereas Jimin’s room was entirely pastel. There were at least 5 different strings of fairy lights hanging from various pieces of furniture and dangling from the ceiling, the walls were a soft baby pink and had tons of pictures of him and Tae together just like Tae’s room had. Even the bed Tae was on was a soft pastel shade of pinks and lilacs with stars a soft yellow shade covering it. Above the bed, a lilac canopy hung from each corner, making the room look a lot fancier than his room actually was. Of course, there were also fairy lights on the canopy to resemble stars in the dark.

Tae started to feel a lot calmer now looking at how calming and cute Jimin’s room was, although a slight feeling of panic lingered. Tae was awoken from his thoughts when he felt movement next to him.

“Hmm, Tae?” Jimin sleepily rolled over in bed to look in Tae’s direction with still closed eyes. “What’s wrong *yawn* come back to sleep it’s too mm early.” Jimin pawed at Tae’s top and Tae lay back down next to Jimin.

“Sorry for waking you up Jiminie.” Tae apologised, Jimin hummed and let out another yawn while trying to open his eyes and adjusting to the sudden light.

“It’s hm okay mmm what’s wrong Taetae?”

“It was the dream again, well kinda it was different but it ended the same way.” Jimin scrambled onto Tae’s chest wrapping his arms and legs around him.

“Wh-wh*yawn* what was different?” Jimin sleepily looked up at Tae.

“This time Kook has the mask off and he seemed like he wanted to stay and was trying to stay on the cloud with me, but this hand came out and dragged him down back into the darkness.” Tae shuddered at the feeling of panic still lingering in his mind.

“That’s kinda deep.” Jimin sat up and grabbed his phone. “I’m gonna see if it has some sort of meaning other than the painfully obvious one.”

Tae sat upright in bed hugging one of the many plushies in Jimin’s room, waiting for Jimin to come back with the results of his dreams. He knows deep inside what they really mean, but he doesn’t want to admit that. He doesn’t want Kookie to be going through that. He hopes Jimin will tell him that his dream means something completely different than what he thinks.

“Soooo it says here a dream of watching someone fall is actually a reflection of yourself and you’re falling into the darkness aka depression and..TAE ARE YOU OKAY WHY ARE YOU FALLING INTO DEPRESSION I’M ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU!” Jimin wraps his arms around Tae’s neck.

“Woah woah Jimin I’m fine that is not accurate, don’t worry!” Tae hugs Jimin back, chuckling slightly at Jimin’s reaction.

“Then I have no idea what your dreams about.” Jimin shrugs.


“I don’t know, sometimes I feel like it is Kookie there in my dream and not just a dream Kookie y’know.”

“Maybe it is, maybe you’re soulmates or something who can like hack into each other’s dreams.” Jimin and Tae looked seriously at each other for a moment then both burst out laughing.

“Yeah right hahahaha.”

Suddenly a loud noise flooded the room, Tae’s alarm for uni was going off.

“Ughhhhhhhhh I’ve barely slept I don’t wanna go in today, it’s a Sunday, I shouldn’t have to do extra work isn’t this illegal???”  Tae picked up his pillow and buried his head underneath it with his butt stuck in the air while he whined under the pillow.

“um maybe you could y’know..skip extra work and go for a soulmate date on my couch with snacks and video games????” Jimin suggested.

Tae made an opening in the pillow to look up at Jimin. “Really?” Jimin nodded, his eyes turning into crescent moons as he saw his best friends face light up.

“THEN WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?” Tae smiles his boxy grin lighting up his face. “TO THE COUCH.” And with that Tae was sprinting to Jimin’s living room with Jimin trying to catch up to him.


“Helloooo??? Anyone there???” Jungkook was interrupted from his day dream about V by Jin’s hand waving in front of his face.

“Yeah sorry, um just a bit spacey today.” Jungkook rubbed the back of his neck.

Jungkook had barely got any sleep last night after coming back so late; he only had a short amount of time to sleep until he had to be up for vocal training. He managed about 2 hours of sleep after lying in bed for about 3 hours, wide awake, staring at the stars on his ceiling and thinking about the kiss he shared earlier that night. Now he has to do vocal training with the rest of the members when he can barely keep his eyes open or pay attention to Jin for more than one minute at a time.

“It’s okay just try and do the vocal warmups with everyone else please.” Jin patted Jungkook’s back. “Let’s take a break for a bit!”

Jungkook gave Jin a thankful smile and walked over to the bench at the side of the studio. Yoongi was lying down almost fast asleep, sprawled across the entire bench so Jungkook sat on the floor next to him and lay on the ground looking at the ceiling.

“Um Namjoon can you come over here I need to talk to you about something.” Jin called out and Namjoon nodded and walked over to the opposite side of the room to all the other members.

Jungkook sleepily watched as Namjoon walked over to Jin, the sound of their laughter fading out as he thought of V once again.

I wonder what he does in the day, I wish I could go out with him in the day I bet he has a really exciting life. I wonder if he’s thinking about m-

“Jungkook, JUNGKOOK!” Jungkook looked up at Yoongi who had his hands on Jungkook’s shoulders, swaying him around.

“Huh what???” Jungkook shoved Yoongi’s hands off his shoulders.

“I’ve been trying to talk to you for like 5 mins and you’ve just been staring at the ceiling, smiling like an idiot. What’s going on Jungkookie??” Yoongi seemed slightly concerned.

“Sorry hyung I was just thinking and sleep haha I just really wanna eat and sleep right now y’know.” Jungkook chuckled and rubbed his neck nervously.

Suddenly a red haired smiling boy jumped onto the bench next Yoongi.

“I HEAR THAT, I would kill for a huge bowl of bibimbap right now. We should go out after this, Namjoon will pay!” Hobi grinned ear to ear at Jungkook completely oblivious to how spaced out Jungkook has been the entire day.

“I’M DOING WHAT NOW???” Namjoon shouted across the studio staring at Hobi with a surprised expression.

“See he said he will pay for us! THANKS NAMJOON LOVE YOU!” Hobi turned to look at Namjoon and sent him a heart with his arms above his head.

Namjoon looked confused but just rolled his eyes and went back to talking to Jin. They smiled at each other and Jin turned around to look at the rest of the members.

“I think i’m gonna work with Namjoon today just because he needs a bit more help, so you can all go back to the dorm and Namjoon will join you later!” Namjoon smiled and waved at the other members while Jin made his announcement.

“BUT WHO’S GONNA PAY FOR FOOD????” Hobi whined.

Namjoon sighed and pulled out his credit card and handed it to Hobi, Hobi looked up at him with the biggest smile and skipped out of the studio holding the card above him.

“Try and get some rest Jungkookie.” Namjoon smiled at Jungkook as he walked out of the room, Jungkook gave a shy smile in return and everyone but Namjoon and Jin walked out of the studio.

“FOOOOOD TIIIIIME!!!” Hobi shouted outside the studio but everyone in the entire building could have heard him.



After everyone left the studio

Namjoon and Jin waved at the excited members sprinting out the door of the studio and waiting about a minute before Jin went up to the door and locked it. Namjoon grinned brightly at Jin as Jin jumped into his arms and they swung around the studio laughing.

“I MISSED YOU SO MUCH” Jin hugged Namjoon tight as they swayed holding each other.

“I missed you too baby.” Namjoon plants a kiss on the corner of Jin’s mouth.”I’m trying to find ways to sneak out of this new house without causing too much suspicion, I almost got caught the other day. I heard Jungkookie moving around his room and thought he was gonna go to the hallway and catch me.”

“well i’m glad he didn’t because the other night was magical, cuddling my favourite koala bear all night~” Jin hums in delight

“Hmm..i don’t remember us JUST cuddling all night.” Namjoon winked at Jin with a smirk across his face.

Jin blushes and playfully slaps his arm.

“Hey I was being romantic!” Jin crosses his arms and pretends to be mad but when he sees Namjoons pouty face he can’t help but laugh. “Sooo shall we ditch the studio and bring this back to my place?”

Namjoon chuckles and stands behind Jin wrapping his arms around Jin’s waist.”Depends what awaits us when we get there.” Jin turns his head around to whisper in Namjoon’s ear.

In a sultry, soft voice Jin whispers into namjoons ear.”What awaits us when we get home is my hot and spicy takeout that i’m about to order with my big, long..sofa to sit on as we get really hot and flustered because we’ll cuddle in this boiling weather but things might get a bit naughty when I beat your ass at video games and steal all the food.” Jin winks at Namjoon and tries to give a sexy pout before bursting out in laughter with his funny laugh that makes namjoons heart sing.

“You’re so lame.” Namjoon giggles. “I’m in.” Namjoon held Jin’s hand and planted his lips on Jin’s leaving little pecks of love that he and Jin would cherish until they next met.



“That kid has been smiling like an idiot all day.” Hobi laughs while he taps Yoongi’s shoulder and points to Jungkook who was currently in his own little world.

“Yeah i’m not sure why his mood has suddenly changed from sad emo boy to smiling fool in a matter of days but here we are, I guess.” Yoongi watches as Jungkook floats back into his room chuckling with Hobi at the sudden change in Jungkook’s manner.

Jungkook was on cloud 9, no even higher than cloud 9. Jungkook was wherever he wanted to be for he had no invisible shackles holding him back anymore, no more doubts, he finally knew who he was the night before confirmed it and surprisingly he isn’t as stressed as he should be about it. Jungkook floated down onto his bed looking at the stars on the ceiling again which right now were just green stars.

Does everyone start falling this fast when they find someone they actually are attracted to.

This was the first time Jungkook had actually kissed someone he had genuine attraction to. he’d never felt infatuated with his exes, just awkwardness and a bit of nausea when his ex girlfriends tried to make out with him. But this kiss was different, it definitely wasn’t his first kiss literally speaking. But it felt like the only kiss that mattered the only kiss that felt..right. He wonders what else would feel right if it was with Tae.

That’s when it hits him.


Jungkook had thought of doing things with Tae ever since he met him but immediately pushed the thoughts to the back of his mind but now that he’s accepted he’s a big gay..he has no reason to push down those kind of thoughts anymore.

I wonder if Tae is thinking about doing stuff with me too..SHIT.

Jungkook sprints to his laptop slams the lid open and smashes into google “HOW TO HAVE GAY SEX.”
Multiple porn videos pop up but Jungkook tries to ignore them and find a proper step by step tutorial..emphasis on ‘tries’.

It’s umm for educational purposes..yeah this is educational.

Jungkook plugs his headphones into his laptop and hovers the mouse over the top rated gay porn video. Jungkook puts the laptop on the bed and crosses his legs. The porn starts and one very buff, muscular man walks into the room where another man who is less muscular and smaller wearing a tiny skirt that doesn’t even try and cover the outline of his bulge in small panties. The smaller man straight away gets on his knees as the muscular man whips out his hardening length, the smaller man latches his mouth onto his length straight away while also starting to palm himself through the panties.

Jungkook’s cheeks are bright pink and his whole face feels tingly with a slight burn from the blushing, suddenly he feels blood rushing to the same place it went the other night when he saw V perform. He unbuckles his jeans watching intently at the smaller man choking on the other mans cock. Tae starts to cross his mind for the 1000th time today, he closes his eyes thinking about last night and how Tae was so beautiful and sexy he almost got a hard on in front of the whole club while on stage. He opens his eyes and the smaller man in the video starts to resemble Tae. Jungkook brings his hand down below his jeans and starts to palm himself.
Before the muscular man can finish he pulls his erection out, there’s precum on the side of the others mouth. The muscular man turns the other around and the smaller man bends down spreading his butt cheeks exposing his hole. Jungkook gulps and his erection forms a tent in his pants, he pushes his erection through the flap in the front of his underwear and starts to pump himself, watching as the muscular man teases the smaller man by rubbing his tip around the others hole before slowly entering him. Jungkook moans out. “Uh Tae.”
He starts pumping faster as the men on the screen go faster all he can see is him and Tae fucking, his heart is racing, his cock twitching with excitement with every pump. He could feel the climax slowly reaching, the moans coming out from his headphones, the thought of him and Tae, Tae and him being like this was too much to handle his head was spinning. All he wanted was to make Tae feel like this, all he wanted was “Fuck Tae.”

“Jungkookieeeee what are you doin- OH MY GOD FUCK WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING WH-WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” Yoongi went into Jungkooks room to bring him some snacks and to have a chat with him he was NOT prepared to walk in on Jungkook touching himself while watching porn ESPECIALLY gay porn, that’s for sure.


“Hey guys what’s all the yelling for?” Hobi stood in the door way looking straight at Yoongi, Yoongi and Jungkook stood still like they didn’t know what to do in this particular situation. Hobi with a big smile on his face while still looking at Yoongi, Yoongi looks at Hobi with wide eyes and nods subtly in Jungkook’s direction.

With a smile still on Hobi’s face he gives Yoongi a confused look and decides to not question him and turns to look at Jungkook, his face drops.“Wh-what are you trying to tell m-OH MY GOD JUNGKOOK WHY IS YOUR DICK OUT WE’RE BOTH IN YOUR ROOM WHAT THE FUCK PUT IT AWAY!” Jungkook scrambling to try and put his dick back in his pants while Yoongi and Hobi are screaming and making weird dramatic gestures at Jungkook.

Meanwhile outside of Jungkook’s room Namjoon enter the house walks past Jungkook’s door stopping still for a moment to listen to the screaming, shrugs and continues to sneak back to his room.

“SORRY I’M SORRY MY DICK IS AWAY NOW!” Jungkook buttons his jeans back up trying to calm down the two screaming hyungs. The two stop and look straight at Jungkook. “Deep breaths guys cmon inhale, exhale.” The two older boys stop and take a second to breathe. “Phew okay have you calmed down now?” The two older boys nod. “Okay now talk peacefully no shouting.”

Yoongi exhales and looks at Hobi. “Sorry if I was just a bit startled when I came into my pure Jungkookie’s room to see how he was and if he has seen namjoon and saw him masturbating to porn.” Yoongi shrugs.

“OH YOU WERE WATCHING PORN??” Hobi runs up to jungkook and wraps an arm around him squeezing him tightly. “EYYY THAT’S MY JUNGKOOK, AN ADULT MAN WHO WATCHES PORN SUCH A LADIES MAN YEEEAAAH” Hobi chuckles as he squeezes Jungkook tighter. Jungkook gives Yoongi a look and Yoongi just stares back at him.

“Haha yeah you’re right our..ladies man Jungkookie yep..loves women that one.” Yoongi walks up to Jungkook and punches him in the arm and gives him a thumbs up with an incredibly awkward and slightly worried smile.

“HAHAha yeah um why are you acting so weird Yoongi? Ah well anyway now that you’ve become a man now Jungkookie we’ve gotta take you out to some strip clubs right Yoongi?” Hobi looks at Yoongi whose mouth is wide open. “..right Yoongi???”

“Oh OH yeah yeah definitely go see those hot women who I love because I love women haha right Hobi? Remember how much I LOVE seeing hot women??” Yoongi scowls at Hobi smiling through gritted teeth.

“uh yeah haha you weirdo anyway I’m gonna go find out where Namjoon has disappeared off to and we’ll arrange to go out soon kiddo.” Hobi punches Jungkook’s arm and leaves the room. Yoongi walks behind him waits for Hobi to leave, closes the door and turns to face Jungkook.

“Haha wow that was awkward sorry you walked in on m-“

“Are you gay?”

Jungkook is startled by the question he never thought would leave his hyungs mouth. “Wh-what did you say?”

“I said are you gay?” Yoongi stared into Jungkook’s eyes but the disgust Jungkook was expecting to see in his eyes was no where to be seen.

“N-no of course i’m not gay why do you think that?”

Yoongi stared at Jungkook with disbelief opening his mouth to say something multiple times and stopping. “I- Jungkook why do you think?? I walked in on you watching gay porn what else am i supposed to think?”

“Uh good point.”

“UH YEAH Y’THINK.” Yoongi huffs at Jungkook.

“I can see why you would think i’m gay but I can assure you i’m not gay I just clicked on the wrong video and was like ah well i’ll just pretend in my head that that man is a really hot girl with..big boobs and a big..vagina?”

“Wow you’re so gay, how did I not see this before.”

“I’m not gay! Honestly I just uhh..wanted to uhh..experiment, but it wasn’t really for me didn’t really get me going like that straight porn does haha y’know what I mean.” Jungkook shoots finger guns at Yoongi with an awkward smile wrapped around his face.

Yoongi lifts an eyebrow up at Jungkook. “Right yeah hm well i’ll leave you to watch your straight porn then and go listen to music louder than usual..bye.”

Yoongi walks out the door leaving Jungkook to throw himself back on his bed and sigh with relief after getting through that tough situation.


“YOU FUCKER!” Jimin shouts as he throws the controller across the room thankfully not damaging anything.

“WHAT THE FUCK YOU TOTALLY KILLED HIM BEFORE YOU DIED!” Tae and Jimin watch as the game over screen plays on the TV in front of them in disbelief.

“FUCK THIS FUCKING BOSS, FUCK THIS FUCKING GAME WHERE ARE THE SNACKS I NEED TO EAT MY EMOTIONS.” Jimin stood up with a pout on his face and stormed off in a little angry waddle towards the kitchen.

Tae chuckled lowly, watching his best friend slam open the kitchen cupboards through the little window in the wall between the kitchen and living room and climb onto the counter to get to the top shelf all while pouting and huffing every few seconds.

“What’s the chefs special today then?” Tae called out.


“Oooo I haven’t eaten hatred in a while, yummy!” Before Tae knew it he was being pelted with a packet of chips by Jimin. Tae laughed and lay back onto the sofa and putting his phone above his head. “Ughhh tomorrow is going to be so slow, why can’t it be Tuesday already.”

Jimin walked into the room with two bowls of noodles and slurped it up quickly, with rage slowly leaving his eyes as he ate more noodles. “I wonder what’s happening Tuesday.” Jimin snorted and plopped himself on the dark red sofa next to Tae.

“Shut up it’s not just because I’m seeing Kook again! I’m just..excited to perform again,” Tae quickly defended myself.

“I didn’t say anything about Kook hehe that was you,” Jimin giggles in between eating his noodles. “So are you excited to perform on stage..or are you excited to perform on Kook?” Jimin giggles putting his noodles down starts jokingly hip thrusting “AYYYYYY,” Jimin is shot down by the pillow hurtling towards him.

“Maybe i’m excited to perform on Kook ON stage.” Tae smirks, sipping the straw of his invisible cup.

“I knew it! Okay but on a more serious note..what’s the deal with you and this Kook? Like do you want to hook up and just have it be like a casual sex thing or does The Tae actually have feelings for someone that’s not purely just wanting to have sex with them???” Jimin lays on his tummy across the sofa and rests his face in his hands and looks up at Tae.

“Having feelings for anyone other than my soulmate??? Sounds fake.” Tae kisses the top of Jimin’s head.

“Awwww you big sap. I love you, but even with me it started as a casual sex thing, there was never any of this sappy stuff. Whereas you’re being kinda a bit too cute with this Kook.”

“I’m not cute! I’m just..nice. Also why did we ever stop that casual sex thing huh?” Tae winks at Jimin and Jimin rolls his eyes.

“Because you’re shit in bed.” Jimin sticks his tongue out at Tae and Tae pretends to be shocked. “Just kidding you’re alright, but when we started spending time together that wasn’t sex I think we both automatically felt a bond to each other that we were soulmates but not in a romantic way. It was weird having sex with someone who felt like your twin.”

“Oh yeah, you’re right. It was so weird, you kept making awkward jokes the whole time and neither of us could stop laughing and we’d always go soft and just end up talking or playing video games.” Tae laughed. Remembering the days where Jimin and him first met, he was in a really low point in his life and Jimin saved him from the depression he was buried so deep in.

“It’s a shame we’re platonic soulmates, we’d be such an aesthetically pleasing couple. Like we’d be THE power couple.” Jimin laughed before pretend gagging. “ANYWAY STOP AVOIDING TALKING ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS YOU FIEND! Soooo, do you have actual FEELINGS for Kook? Or just “I want you to pound me into the ground with your dick” kinda feelings for him?” Jimin wiggles his eyebrows.

“Neither. I’m just getting to know him and see how things go..I mean, have I thought about fucking him so hard that he cries? Yes. Have I thought about him fucking me so hard I cry? Yes. But he’s going through a hard time right now and the last thing he needs is sex.” Tae explains as he sits up on the sofa.

“I mean you know what they say, sex is the universe’s medicine.”

“Who says that??”

“I don’t know, people,” Jimin shrugs. Tae just glares at him.

“Anygay, we should start working on Tuesday’s outfits before you throw the video game controller with rage into an item that can potentially smash.”

“Good idea!” Jimin jumps up out of his seat and starts looking around the room. “Now where did I put that damn hot glue gun.”



It’s been a while since Jungkook saw Tae (2 days to be exact) and he was starting to really miss him. Of course Jungkook had missed people before, but it got to the point where all he could think about was seeing Tae, and how slow the minutes were going by. The day after he saw Tae, he was on a high smiling like an idiot the whole day, but then the crash came and what was left was longing. Jungkook had missed people before, but he’d never longed to be near someone before.

Jungkook slumped out of his room and into the living room. The curtains were wide open and the sunlight was pouring into the room, light reflecting off the red walls, and the other members were on the three sofas circled around the TV. Namjoon was on the left side sofa laying back with a bowl of cereal balancing in between his chest and knees while he pays no interest to what’s on the tv and instead is looking at his phone, giggling to himself every now and then. Yoongi and Hobi are both on the rightside sofa, Hobi is sitting up with his neck crooked watching whatever is on the tv drinking what looks like a breakfast smoothie and Yoongi is laying down on the part of the sofa that isn’t occupied with his head slightly on Hobi’s knee. Yoongi is watching the TV as well, laughing at the comments Hobi keeps making about the TV show.

Jungkook walks in with a little rain cloud looming above him and slumps onto the middle sofa from the side, slowly sliding onto the whole sofa with his face slowly becoming buried in the cushions. He lifts his face up slightly, just enough to be able to see the tv but not enough for half of his face to still be smushed into the cushions.

Hobi was too preoccupied with making funny commentary to make Yoongi giggle, and Namjoon was too invested in whatever was on his phone to even notice Jungkook, whereas Yoongi noticed straight away.

“Hey Jungkookie, are you okay? Want me to make you some breakfast?” Yoongi sat up and faced Jungkook.

“mmhm.” Jungkook hums into the sofa cushions, slowly sliding down the sofa more and more.

Yoongi stands up and heads towards the kitchen, Hobi grabs the remote on the side of the sofa and pauses whatever was on the TV.

“So Jungkookie, I was thinking about it and what if tomorrow night we go to the strip club? Hey Namjoon do you want to come too?” Hobi waits for Namjoon to reply, but Namjoon is in his own little bubble, just him and his phone away from the world. “NAMJOON!” Hobi hurtles one of the pillows at the couch Namjoon was sitting on, the pillow hit just next to Namjoon and he looked up from his phone with doe eyes and an innocent “hm?”

“I was saying we should all go to a strip club tomorrow night, do you want to come?” Hobi smiled and tilted his head at Namjoon.


“Who are you talking about right now???” Hobi tilted his head even more at Namjoon.

“The strippers, obviously?? They are owning their own sexuality in a world that sexualises them for doing anything and shuns them for being sexual themselves. I want to support them and tell them how much I respect them an-“


“Hm?” Jungkook hasn’t been fully paying attention to anything that has been said for the last few minutes.

“YES okay so all of us, tomorrow night, STRIP CLUB! I’ll order a ride for Tuesday night!” Hobi jumped up out of his seat to go to his seat.

“Hm whatev-WAIT TUESDAY NIGHT?!” Jungkook tried to sit up but stumbled off the sofa, he regains balance and stands up running to pull Hobi’s shirt. As he did so Yoongi walked into the room with a plate of pancakes and fruit. “I CAN’T GO TUESDAY NIGHT!”

Hobi tilted his head in confusion. “Why can’t you go? Have you got other plans?” Hobi chuckled.

“UM N-NO I DON’T HAVE PLANS.” Jungkook started to panic “I J-JUST DON’T WANT TO GO TO A STRIP CLUB.”

Hobi started to chuckle. “Awww our Jungkookie is too shy.” Hobi started to squeeze Jungkook’s cheeks making Jungkook’s face smushed. “It’s okay you’ll love it and forget about being shy straight away!” Hobi grabbed the phone and called up their driver. “Hi it’s Hoseok, yeah I’m great, thanks Jackson. So could you drive us to-“ Hobi gave Jackson their driver the address and Jungkook knew he had lost the battle. “Haha yeah thanks Jacks- oh haha yeah we will ha okay, see ya yeah bye.” Hobi hangs up the phone and puts it on the sofa “Man that guys a creep, anyway! The ride is booked so it’s official BTS ARE GOING TO THE STRIP CLUB EYYY!” Hobi danced around the room standing Namjoon up and making him dance and the same with Yoongi, Jungkook however is deadly still so Hobi walks up to him grabs his hands and starts waving his arms about while chanting “BTS STRIP CLUB!”

How am I going to see Tae now?

Namjoon and Hobi were dancing around the room pulling Yoongi along, but Yoongi had definitely noticed how Jungkook was.

“Um I just need to pick an outfit for this haha, Hobi can you join me please and help me.. choose an outfit?” Yoongi grabbed Hobi by his sleeve and pulled.

“Why can’t you just choose an outf-“ Before Hobi could finish his sentence he looked at Yoongi who was shooting him daggers. “OH you’re right I should go help you uh see you guys!”

Yoongi pulled Hobi by his sleeve and stormed out of the living room and down the hall, into his room. He waited for Hobi to get into the room before slamming the door closed and locking it.

“Baby you know we can’t do things while the others are awake.” Hobi wrapped his hands around Yoongi’s waist quickly his hands travelled down to Yoongi’s ass while he smirked.

Yoongi quickly blushed and threw Hobi’s hand down. “That is NOT why I brought you in here. What are you doing inviting everyone to a strip club?? WE’RE BOTH GAY!” Yoongi angrily whispered at Hobi.

“But Jungkook isn’t and he’s becoming ‘a man’ or something like that I don’t know I just googled what do straight men say to their straight son and that’s what I got so.” Hobi shrugs. “We’ve got to pretend that we’re not gay so we can be safe and stay in this group, we both know fully well that if either of us came out we’d either be one: kicked out, or two: the group would suffer and probably be thrown out in the boy group trash can.” Hobi crosses his arms and sat on the side of Yoongi’s bed patting next to him awaiting Yoongi to sit down.

Yoongi sighs. He knows Hobi is right, but he wishes things were different. He wishes he could have met Hobi in a different way, where they weren’t both rookies in a new boy group but maybe met in a café and fell in love in a life where they weren’t in the public eye. He’s thankful for everything that’s happened with his career, especially the part where he met Hobi, but he just wants to tell the world how much he loves his boyfriend. He doesn’t want to hide behind a mask to everyone except Hobi.

Yoongi sits next to Hobi and leans into his chest. Hobi wraps his arm around him and with the hand that’s not wrapped around Yoongi he strokes his face with his thumb, drawing little circles on Yoongi’s blushing cheeks. He places a kiss on his forehead.

“I really don’t wanna go to a strip club, Hobi.” Yoongi pouts.

“I don’t either but we need to not cause suspicion and do this for Jungkook.” Hobi holds Yoongi’s face in his hand, and Hobi can’t help but notice the sparkles in his Yoongi’s eyes when he looks up at him. “Do you know how hard it is to not kiss your face off every time I see you?” Hobi gives a gentle smile that crinkles the side of his eyes.

“I know exactly how hard it is,” Yoongi locks lips with Hobi and the both melt into the kiss. Yoongi wrapping his arms around Hobi’s neck. “I missed your kisses.” Yoongi smile into the kiss.

“Not as much as I missed yours.” Hobi pulled away and beamed, looking at that gummy smile he treasures so much.

“Um…” Yoongi’s hands started to slide down from Hobi’s neck down his chest and down to his waist, one hand stayed at where Hobi’s abs were but the other kept going down. “Are you sure we can’t do something?” Yoongi’s hand still slowly travels down until he reaches Hobi’s crotch.

Hoseok looks down at where Yoongi’s hand is and looks at Yoongi with a raised brow and a wide smirk. “I suppose we could do something..” Hoseok leans close to Yoongi’s ear and whispers. “Depends how bad you want it.”

Yoongi felt his cock twitch. “I really want it so bad.” Yoongi pouts and starts to slide off the bed and kneel on the floor in front of Hobi. “ bad.” Yoongi starts playing with the waistband of Hoseok’s trousers while licking his lips.

“Can you be a good kitten and do as I say?”  Hoseok smirks and stares at Yoongi with an evil look in his eyes. Hoseok knows what it does to Yoongi when he calls him Kitten.

“Mhm I can do that Sir.” Yoongi’s eyes glistened as he looked up at Hoseok with doe eyes, biting his lip and palming Hoseok through his trousers. That sent Hobi off the edge suddenly his pyjama trousers started to tent and Yoongi stared at the forming tent with a hungry smile.

Yoongi wrapped his fingers around Hoseok’s waistband and looked up at Hoseok like he  asking for permission, with the smug grin on Hoseok’s face he nodded at Yoongi. Yoongi beamed with his gummy smile and pulled Hoseok’s trousers down revealing his hardened length, he gulped and his eyes gleamed as he took Hoseok in his mouth, Hoseok let out a small moan. He placed a hand on the back of Yoongi’s head and gripped his hair pushing him down further on his length, his head back as he focuses on the feeling of Yoongi’s wet mouth wrapped around his cock. Yoongi bobbed his head up and down looking up at Hoseok  as he choked. “You look so beautiful kitten.” At the compliment Yoongi blushed and took even more of Hoseok into his mouth. Yoongi loved being complimented by Hobi especially during sex, Hoseok knew this and it turned him on knowing he knew exactly what made Yoongi tick. Hoseok was so close to the climax he could feel it, it never took him long when he looked at Yoongi.

“FUCK.” Hoseok moaned a bit too loud as he came in Yoongi’s mouth

He came so hard he didn’t realise someone had knocked at the door. Yoongi pulled back and wiped his mouth. Before they both gave each other a panicked look.

“I mean UGH FUCK WHO IS IT.” Hobi shouted giving Yoongi a thumbs up like he’d completely solved their problems, Yoongi rolled his eyes and slapped his palm to his face.

“Are you two okay in there we heard noises so I came to check up on you.” The door handle moved and Yoongi jumped up and Hobi quickly pulled his trousers up. “Hey uh the doors locked could you let me in?” Yoongi and Hobi made sure the room was okay and didn’t look like a room that two closeted gays were just giving/getting head in.

Hobi walked to the door and Yoongi opened his closet to pretend he was looking for clothes. Yoongi looked back at Hobi and nodded, Hobi nodded back and unlocked the door. Jungkook stood there in his baggy black hoodie he basically lived in looking worried.

“Hey what was that noise about I heard you curse?” Jungkook looked at Hobi with a look of pure innocence, Hobi couldn’t help but giggle at how innocent Jungkook looked, if only he knew why he actually cursed.

“Oh yeah, something from Yoongi’s wardrobe fell on my foot and it really hurt so I was like ‘ugh fuck’ because damn that shit hurted.” Hobi let out a breathy laugh and hoped Jungkook didn’t question anything about his story.

“Poor hyung! Does it still hurt? Do you want me to get you some ice to numb the pain?” Jungkook looks up at Hobi, and Hobi can’t help but feel bad at how worried Jungkook looks. “Don’t worry kid, I’m strong. It only hurt for like a second, I’m fine don’t worry.” Hobi smiled at Jungkook.

Jungkook held his arm with his free hand.“oh okay I’m glad you’re okay!..I’m looking forward to going out with you guys tomorrow but I think we should get back before 1am because I am trying to sort out my sleeping pattern.” Yoongi looked up from pretending to look for clothes and took note of this.

“That’s my Jungkookie looking after his health.” Hobi brings his arm around Jungkook and pinches his cheeks. “Of course we can get back before then, we’ll just go to the club early!” to that Jungkook gives a big smile and hugs Hobi.

“Thankyou hyung!” Jungkook smiles and skips out of the room quite different manner than he had previously before that, Yoongi notices.



Tuesday 8pm

“I should get a medal for sitting outside in the freezing cold drawing a fucking bench at every angle for class, and now having to go into a boiling hot club with 10 layers of makeup on my face.” Jimin huffs while slamming a powder puff drowning in translucent powder onto his face.

Tae pokes his head out of the walk in wardrobe in Jimin’s room, his makeup is mostly done. He’s just standing there with powder all over his face.

“I will award you the medal personally,” Tae giggles and pulls out two different outfits. “Which outfit says I want you to destroy my hole but also want to get to know you better?” Jimin studies the two outfits carefully scratching his chin in concentration.

“Hmmm.” Jimin point to the outfit in Tae’s right hand. “That one! The other one is more I want to get to know you better before you destroy my hole but this one gets straight to the point.”
Tae skips over to the light up vanity where Jimin is sat and pecks Jimin’s cheek, Jimin grins back. “Thankyouuu that’s what I thought too but you are always the deciding vote in my heart!” Tae places the two outfits on the bed and sits on Jimin’s lap while he brushes the powder off his face.

“ this outfit choice for the tone of the performance or for a certain someone???” Jimin wiggles his covered up eyebrows at Tae.

“Would you stop!” Tae playfully hits Jimin’s arm. “I’m not trying to come onto Kook I want to get to know him first and for him to be comfortable before doing anything sexual.”

“Yeah, yeah says the same guy that slept with every straight guy in our college class.” Jimin snickers and brushes the powder of his face while staring into the mirror.

“It’s not my fault we were the only gays in that class, and it’s not like I came onto any of them first.”

“Just to make sure before you go through with this *getting to know* Kook thing..he’s definitely A homo right?? Not just a straight until wet kind of guy?” Jimin turns away from the mirror to look directly at Tae.

“I’m..sure I think, I’ve never had a guy come out to me before we’d even kissed, I think that’s kind of a tell.” Tae nods at Jimin and goes back to doing his makeup in the mirror.

“Hm okay I just wanted to make sure, I just don’t want you to get hurt okay?” Jimin gives a concerned look to Tae in the mirror but Tae avoids his stare and focuses on his makeup.

I’m sure he’s not straight..hopefully.



Jungkook was lying on his bed thinking about tonight (after the strip club of course).

I hope Tae will kiss me again.

Jungkook started to picture it in his mind, him walking into the club Tae looking up, their eyes meeting across the room and Jungkook strutting up to Tae pinning him against the wall and letting his lips meet Tae’s once again, deepening the kiss with each other’s tongues licking up on each other’s. Thinking about it made Jungkook all flustered and his face warm.

Suddenly his door was kicked in, and Hobi jumped through the door frame. “ARE YOU READY TO GOOOOOO?!” Hobi pulled out a wad of cash from his pockets. “It’s nice having a big stack of money like this physically in your hands, y’know? Why don’t you try it?” Hobi handed the stack of money to Jungkook, he nodded at Hobi and gave him an awkward smile in return before handing the money back over. “Feel’s good right? Having this much money in your hands, or at least it looking like you have a lot of money not going to lie to you these are all ones..”

“Can we go yet? Namjoon is so excited he won’t stop telling me about all the messages he put on the notes and I’m already exhausted.” Yoongi poked his head around the door, sighing.

“Yeah lets goooo!” Hobi yelled as he ran out of the front door, not even waiting for anyone else’s input.


1:30AM Wednesday

Tae just finished his performance and the lights went down and the crowd applauded. He walked off the stage to where Jimin was.

“Hey sweetie, that performance was really good..are you okay?” Jimin reaches for Tae’s hand with both of his and started to swing it softly back and forth.

“Huh? Y-yeah i’m fine why wouldn’t I be??” Tae shrugs but his face showed he actually wasn’t fine.

“I know he was supposed to come but maybe he’s just a bit late or maybe he couldn’t sneak out or-“

“OR maybe he’s realised he’s not gay and hates me now and never wants to see me again!” Tae huffs and folds his arms.

Jimin shot a look in Tae’s direction. “You’re trying to tell me that THAT boy ISN’T gay and isn’t HEAD over HEELS for you????.” Jimin stood up and pointed his finger with every word.

“I mean..I don’t know..” Tae shrugged.

With that, Jimin stood up and with a determined look, grabbed Tae’s arm to pull him up and dragged him towards the men’s toilets. Lots of people kept trying to come up to them both and tell them what great performances they both put on, Jimin would go from sweet “oh thankyou so much that’s so sweet.” with a big smile right back to the determined look in a second. And Tae, basically having his lower body dragged on the floor by Jimin, would still smile at people who came by and thank them for the kind words then go back to the grumpy face because he knew he was on his way to one of his best friends special lectures. They reached the bathroom and Jimin stood Tae in front of the mirror and pointed at the reflection.

“Tell me right now, do you think that person looking back at you is ugly??” Jimin commanded.

Tae sighed and rolled his eyes up to look at his reflection “”

“Do you think they’re stunning and beautiful and goddess like?”

“..I guess”




Tae suddenly lifted his chest up and looked closely into his reflection. “NO THEY WOULDN’T.”

Jimin smiled looking at Tae actually get into this. “THEN WHY SHOULD YOU, A GODDESS, LET THIS SILLY, CLOSETED BOY EFFECT YOU???”

“YOU’RE RIGHT!” Tae jumped to turn around to face Jimin. “I’m gonna go find a new cute boy!” 

Jimin squealed and gave a little clap. “LET’S GO THEN!”




11PM Tuesday

Jungkook sat on the long red sofa in the middle of a velvet red room with multiple half naked women around him dancing on poles or dancing on people on other sofas. Namjoon was by the stripper poles handing the stripper the money and smiling at them.

“What is he doing??” Yoongi questions looking over at Namjoon, who seemed to be reaching the money out to the strippers and obviously trying to talk to them.

“I’m really not sure, he was really excited to chat to them he told me?” Hobi shrugs and spots Jungkook looking out into the void. “So,” Hobi grabs Jungkook, awakening him from his daze. “Want us to buy you a lap dance huh? HUH?” Hobi wiggles his eyebrows at Jungkook.

Jungkook quickly panics “Uh n-no i’d be way too nervous, please I’m fine just watching here.”

“Oh come on it’s our treat!” Before Jungkook can refuse Hobi is off the couch searching for someone to ask for a lap dance.

Yoongi chuckled and moved closer to Jungkook. “Y’know Jungkookie if you just tell me that you’re gay and that gay porn was on for a reason I’ll get you out of this.”

Time stopped Jungkook looked at Yoongi’s smug grin, it sounded easy enough just say “You”re right Yoongi I’m gay.” It should be easy just say it.

“I-I uhm g-I-I-I” JUST SAY IT JUNGKOOK WHY CANT YOU SAY IT. “I-I’m sorry you’re wrong I’m not gay.” Jungkook said with a sigh yet he still felt like he was holding his breath.

Jungkook looked up at Yoongi who had an expression Jungkook couldn’t recognise in the strip club lights. The look was disappointment.

Yoongi stood up off the couch and turned away from Jungkook. “Well then..good luck with your lap dance then, you lady killer.” Yoongi looked back with a shy, sad smile and walked off to find Hobi.

Jungkook stood up and tried to get out of Hobi’s sight, making his way to where Namjoon was. As he got closer, he realised there was writing on the notes he was giving the strippers, but he decided it was nothing and stood next to Namjoon with his arms crossed.

“You are doing amazing! Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t respect yourself or don’t deserve respect, you are a strong beautiful woma-“ Namjoon was sending his praises to the strippers and the strippers kept giggling and blowing kisses to Namjoon.

“Hyung..what are you doing??” That’s when Jungkook looked down at the notes in Namjoon’s hand and realised the words written on them were positive messages Namjoon had obviously spent a lot of time to write (there was a lot of cash there) Jungkook smiled at how sweet his hyung was.

“I just want to let them know that they are amazing and deserve respect and that they’re not just objects and that they’re beautiful and I respect them so much! Just in case they don’t already know, even though they probably do because they’re strong powerful women!” Namjoon looked like he was about to tear up. “It just makes me sad that people can treat them like they’re not even humans and disrespect them and try and touch them without their consent it’s just horrible!”

“AW HYUNG!” Jungkook pulled him into a big hug and joined in praising all of the strippers near them.

Yoongi and Hobi spotted Jungkook through the crowd (and through Jungkook and Namjoon’s very loud but positive shouting) and made their way to the two. Yoongi felt bad for not trying to stop this, but he did give Jungkook a chance to come clean to him. It kinda hurts him that Jungkook doesn’t feel like he can tell even him of all people. Does he not know how understanding and caring Yoongi is?

Why can’t he tell me? I’m his number one hyung, he should know I would understand. Why would he keep such a big thing from m-

Before Yoongi could finish his thought it suddenly hit him, he hasn’t even told Jungkook he’s gay either or that he’s in love with Hobi and has been for years. Fuck I need to stop this.

Yoongi tugged at Hobi’s sleeve while they made their way to the other two but Hobi just put up a hand up. Yoongi knew he was determined to get Jungkook that lap dance, and he also knows from being his lover for years once he has something in his mind, it doesn’t matter how long it takes he’s gonna go for it. “Hobi..HOBI!” Yoongi pulled his shirt harder which made Hobi halt.

“What’s wrong baby?” Hobi turns to look at Yoongi with a slightly worried expression.

“I think we need to stop the la-“ Before Yoongi could finish the sentence the stripper Hobi was just talking to walked up beside Jungkook.

“Hi baby.” The stripper whispered into Jungkook’s ear which caused Jungkook to jump.

Jungkook looked once at the woman currently caressing his arm and looked straight back down the other side avoiding her at all costs, feeling like he wanted the ground to swallow him up right there and trying desperately to slip his arms out of the woman’s grasp.

“AWWW LOOK GUYS HE’S NERVOUS” Hobi went on the other side of Jungkook and slapped his back. “It’s okay Jungkookie! Just have fun we’ll see you later!”

“Wh-what do you mean see you laTER” Next thing Jungkook knew he was being pulled into a private room by the woman. The door closed behind him and he was frozen just looking at the chair in front of him.

“Hey baby, have any song requests?” The woman turned around showing off her ass while walking over to the music player.

“N-no um I’m sorry I don’t think I can do this.” Jungkook went to walk off but the woman turned around and held his shoulders.

“It’s okay baby don’t be nervous, you’re so much hotter than the usual guys who come here I’ll even let you touch me.” The woman winked at Jungkook and put some music on. Jungkook was frozen stiff just..not down there. If anything, he felt like his dick had just receded back into his body. He did NOT want to be there, but he knew that Hobi had spent a lot of money on this and his previous attempts at leaving had failed. All that was left to do was just sit there and bare it.

The woman looked at Jungkook with a sexy stare and strutted towards him and caressed his face. Jungkook thought about how when Tae did that, his hand was warm and soft, but this time it just felt strange. The woman turned around and rubbed her ass on Jungkook’s crotch, and Jungkook actually wanted to leave the world at that moment. If the many gay thoughts and the kiss from Tae hadn’t confirmed how big a homo he was, the fact that his dick felt like it had crawled back into his body when a woman tried to be slightly sexual with him was enough proof.

“How am I doing baby? Do you want to help me with my bra?”

Jungkook had no idea what to do. The door was so close yet so far, and the woman was looking at him, still swaying her hips to the music as she pointed at the string he had to pull to successfully unfasten her bra. Jungkook looks at the bra and very hesitantly pulls the string closing his eyes.

“Open your eyes they’re all for you”

Jungkook opens his eyes to two very large breasts bouncing around in front of him. He’s always found boobs very interesting not particularly in an attracted to them way but in a more ‘what the fuck those balls of fat are so weird I wonder what they feel like to have’ kind of way. Jungkook was still not turned on at all he really just wanted to leave.

“Don’t be shy”

Jungkook was staring at the door when he feels a hand pick up his and suddenly there’s a weird sort of squishy in his hand he looks back at where his hand is and realises..IT’S ON TOP OF THE WOMANS BREAST! Jungkook squealed and fell off the chair. “Oh dear sweetie are you okay?” The woman held out her hand for Jungkook to take.

“I’m so sorry but I really have to go.” Jungkook shuffled quickly towards the door while still on the ground with his hands on the handle before remembering his hyungs fair words. “Also please don’t think this is because of you you’re very beautiful and I respect you I just need to..uh..go” and with that Jungkook was out the door. Jungkook searched through the misty surroundings of the velvet room in search of his friends, there he spotted Namjoon sitting on the couch just chilling on his phone while also clapping, giving thumbs up and giving a big smile to the strippers every now and then, it’s nice to see one of them are having a good time.

“Hey” Jungkook plopped onto the sofa next to Namjoon.

“Hey Jungkookie how did the lap dance go-WERE YOU RESPECTFUL??” Namjoon looked at Jungkook with his finger pointed.

“Yes, yes I was very respectful and was okay.” Jungkook shrugged pretending he didn’t just squeal at the touch of a boob and ran out as fast as he could.

“Ah I’m glad!” Namjoon smiled and an awkward silence started to brew between the two.

Thankfully Jungkook broke the silence. “So uh where’s Yoongi and Hobi??” Jungkook asked looking around the room.

“They said they needed the toilet a while back, they’re probably goofing around somewhere.”

Jungkook looked at the time on his phone ’12:30’ it read, Jungkook gulped and itched the back on his neck. “I really need to get back soon or I might miss..sorting my sleeping schedule out..”

Namjoon shrugged and gave Jungkook a smile before going back to praising the strippers.



12:00am Wednesday 

Hobi and Yoongi walked into the restroom at the strip club. “Hey what’s up??” Hobi places a hand on Yoongi’s shoulder and looks at down at him.

“Sooo I may have not told you the entire truth about Jungkook..” Yoongi looks down at the floor with his hands behind his back and shuffles his foot on the tile flooring.

Hobi put his finger underneath Yoongi’s chin and lifted his head up so they were looking straight at each other “What haven’t you told me the truth about??”

Yoongi’s heart fluttered at the touch of his love. Even though they live together, they can’t exactly be just making out on the couch. The only time they could really be how they want to be is when everyone has gone to bed, but the only problem with that is over the years Hobi has gotten more and more tired so he’s usually asleep by about 1 or 2 where as Yoongi is awake until 4 or 5 and then naps as much as he can in the day.

“Yoongi, babe??” Yoongi hadn’t realised he’d been spacing out thinking about Hobi for so long Hobi was starting to worry.

“S-sorry um what were we talking about?” As gross as it sounded to Yoongi he couldn’t deny he was lost in Hobi’s eyes and he wanted to be lost in those lips.

“Um?? Jungkook!???” Hobi waited for a response from Yoongi but Yoongi was just looking at him his deep brown eyes sparkling in the restroom lights. Yoongi bit his lip and placed a hand on Hobi’s chest. “Yoongi?” Hobi placed his hand on Yoongi’s and slid his fingers in between Yoongi’s. Yoongi took his hand away and brought it to Hobi’s neck as he locked lips with his love. Hobi smirked through the pecks and cupped Yoongi’s face in his hands, Yoongi twirling Hobi’s hair around his fingers as he also smiled through the kiss.

That’s when they hear a door opening from outside of the restroom which makes them both jump. Yoongi was so over his time with Hobi always getting ruined. He just wanted to stay in Hobi’s arms kissing him for the whole day or even just stay in bed cuddling or just being able to hold his lovers hand in public without the whole world turning against him.

“Oh well it was nice while it lasted.” Yoongi sighed and shuffled towards the door. It hurt Hobi so much seeing Yoongi going through this, just as much as it hurt him also going through it. He would give Yoongi the universe if he could, and he can’t even give him 10 minutes of alone time without being interrupted. He wasn’t going to stand for it this time.

Hobi grabbed Yoongi’s hand, Yoongi looked at him with confusion and innocence.“It’s not over yet.” Hobi smirked and gave Yoongi a wink which caused a pink flush to appear across Yoongi’s face.

Hobi pulled Yoongi near him and ran into one of the toilet stalls and locked it. The strip club was quite fancy so the stalls were like their own little rooms. They had deep red carpet and a black wallpaper with lots of roses on the dark coloured background, thankfully because the toilets here were so fancy there was a wall and a door concealing them not just a normal toilet stall door which Yoongi and Hobi have considered too risky after almost getting caught while making out after only a month of dating. Hobi locked the door behind them and turned around to be greeted by that gummy smile he longs to see, he pulls Yoongi towards himself by his waist and continues where they left off.

In the middle of making out Yoongi pulls back from the kiss.“But what about Jungkook and Namjoon?? They’ll be waiting for us??” Yoongi looks up at Hobi kind of regretting saying anything because he wants this moment to last forever.

“We’ll just say we got lost, we won’t be too long I just want to spend some alone time with you.” Hobi cups Yoongi’s face in his hand and plants a kiss on his forehead. Yoongi, still looking up at Hobi, nods and jumps back into the kiss, causing Hobi to stumble backwards slightly. Their hands moving all over each other’s bodies and both of them smiling as the kiss deepens as their tongues collide with the others. Hobi’s hand slides down to Yoongi’s crotch and starts to palm him, Yoongi pulls out of the kiss again holding the hand that was on his crotch.

“I just want to be with you right now, romantically instead of sexually. I’ve missed us.” Hobi removes his hand and looks down at Yoongi with a smile.

“I understand. I’ve missed us too.” Hobi grabs Yoongi’s hand and points up to the speaker above the toilet playing some strangely romantic music, considering this is the restroom to a strip club they just assumed there would be more raunchy music but the music was soft and poetic.

Yoongi looks up to where Hobi is pointing. “Hm? O-oh no Hobi this room is too small!” Hobi ignores Yoongi’s warnings and places Yoongi’s hand on his shoulder and places his hand on Yoongi’s waist and starts to sway while looking at Yoongi dreamily, Yoongi giggles and lays his head on Hobi’s chest as they sway.

There they slow danced in the strip club restroom stall, to romantic, cheesy tunes, with big smiles and dreamy eyes, stealing kisses from each other under the low stripclub restroom lights.

“I love you”

“I love you more”




Jungkook was behind Namjoon, trying to hide from the stripper who tried to give him a lap dance while simultaneously trying to get into Jungkook’s pants. In the doorway, Yoongi and Hobi walk out pushing the red velvet curtains hanging from the top of doorway out of their way, both of them laughing to themselves and casually walking towards the sofa at a slow pace much too slow for Jungkook’s liking. Jungkook takes it on himself to go towards them instead of waiting what feels like 100 years for them to walk over there, grabbing Namjoon’s arm and dragging him towards the laughing pair. He storms towards them slightly mad that they’ve made him wait so long.

Hobi looks up from Yoongi’s smile for a second and is greeted to a storming Jungkook and confused Namjoon. “Oh hey guys you alright? Ready to head back now?”

“DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU TWO BEEN?!” Jungkook yelled unaware of how violent his words came out, Hobi and Yoongi jump slightly at how aggressive Jungkook was being. Jungkook noticed them jump and realised how he had just come across. “Um sorry I just really want to get back to..sleep.”

Yoongi lightens up after the apology instead of the tense form he was shaken into after Jungkook uncharacteristically shouted at him.

“Wow you must really love your sleep to take it out on your hyungs who have tried to cheer you up ALL NIGHT.” Hobi scoffed and turned around from Jungkook to walk towards the exit, Hobi however was obviously pissed at the disrespect Jungkook displayed towards him.

Jungkook felt bad that he had upset Hobi but he didn’t have time for this right now, Yoongi puts his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder as if to comfort him. Jungkook appreciated that but again he didn’t have time for a pity party. He gave Yoongi a small smile and walked towards the exit leaving Yoongi’s hand to fall off his shoulder. He could see Hobi getting into the car outside, slamming the car door behind him with anger.

This is going to be a fun car ride home Jungkook, Yoongi and Namjoon all thought simultaneously.




Jimin was at the bar chatting with the bartender when he noticed his best friend making his way back to the bar.

“Hey so remember how I was going to find a new hot date??” Tae sarcastically smiles.


“Sooo that didn’t happen, I tried to talk to a few guys and I literally zoned out thinking about that closeted, cute lil bunny ass bitch UGH why am I so into him???” Tae slumped his crossed arms onto the bar and hid his face in them.

“Ohhh boy you’re already whipped. I’m actually gagging, look at me.” Jimin proceeded to mockingly fake gag, Tae brought his head up and scowled at him only half jokingly. “Bleh okay anyway your boyfriend might still turn up, it’s only 3:30 he’s got until 5 before the club closes.”

“I know but he was supposed to be here at 1, he missed my performance.” Tae pouts.

The beads clink together as someone comes through them and Jimin and Tae both throw their eyes towards the entrance.

“Speak of the devil.” Jimin scoffs and rolls his eyes as he sees his best friend already bolting towards the boy Tae hasn’t shut up about for the last 3 days. Jimin didn’t not like Jungkook, he just didn’t like the thought of being replaced. This was how he and Tae met too and look at them now, what if this is how it will happen with Jungkook too, maybe this is how he becomes Tae’s number 2.

“KOOKIE!” Tae swings his arms around Jungkook with a big, boxy smile.

Jungkook felt his heart physically flutter at the fact that Tae was so excited to see him but also at the fact their bodies were so close right now, he could smell Tae’s perfume and feel Tae’s bare back as he returned the hug. He had only just walked in to the club and he already felt his cheeks burning. “H-hi Tae how are you?”

Tae pulls away from the hug with both hands on his hips, he looks at Jungkook with one eyebrow raised. “No no no we are not skipping over the fact that you missed my performance and you’re 2 and a half hours late, where were you?” Tae crossed his arms and pouted at Jungkook.

“Wow you really wanted me to see you huh?” Jungkook winked and Tae blushed. Jungkook is trying very hard to avoid the question, he has never been very good at making up lies on the spot and the truth is that he was at an all female strip club, getting a lap dance from a very unprofessional stripper who was trying to get into his pants and then spent the rest of his time there hiding from said stripper.

“For a closeted gay you’re getting cocky!” Tae giggles and intertwines his fingers in Jungkook’s. “But you’re right I did want you to see me, I had something special prepared for you.”

Feeling his fingers intertwined in Tae’s was something he was not prepared for, his heart beat (which was already going pretty wild after seeing Tae) had quickened and he felt butterflies dance around his heart, quickly flying up to his face turning into fire to heat his already very red cheeks up even more. He suddenly felt a strange courage creep up on him as he saw Tae’s eyes fill with tiny little lights as he smiled. “I’ve been thinking a lot about our kiss.”

“Oh? And what about it?”

“I-I want to do it again.” Jungkook suddenly felt a hand on the side of his face and the weight of the string from his mask that was once tucked behind his ear was gone and the cotton he used to hide his lower face was moved aside and instead replaced with soft, gentle pecks from the person who had been lingering on his mind. He returned the soft kisses as Tae held the mask up concealing their faces together as one side of the masks string was still straddling Jungkook’s left ear.

“JUNGKOOK???” Jungkook just ignores that familiar sounding voice he was too lost in the sweet escape of Tae’s lips. “JUNGKOOK!!” There’s that familiar voice again a little louder this time but still not loud enough for the booming music to fail drowning it out, he ignores it again and wraps his arms around Tae’s cinched waist. “JUNGKOOK STOP IGNORING ME WHAT ARE YOU DOING??”

Ugh there’s that voice again..wait that kinda sounds like.

Jungkook opens one eye while his lips are still locked with Tae’s, there standing behind Tae stands a small, thin, blonde haired man with a mask similar to Jungkook’s wrapped around his lower face and the same black ripped jeans and leather jacket he’d seen earlier, he stands there with his arms crossed and his eyes glaring into Jungkook’s soul. There was really no mistaking him for anyone else.

It was Yoongi.

He had been standing there, watching him in a gay club, with a gay man dressed up in a very exposing outfit, in drag, kissing him and worst of all he’d seen him enjoying the kiss thoroughly.

Jungkook unlocked his lips from Tae’s and looked at Yoongi with fear in his eyes. Jungkook lifted his hand and gave a small wave with an awkward smile.

“H-hi Y-yoongi.”

Chapter Text

Chapter 3: Let me know

After the strip club

Namjoon searches his body to find the keys to get into the house, Jungkook paces around the outside of their house very impatiently, waiting for Namjoon to unlock the door so he can.. ‘sleep.’

“Where did I put those keys?” Namjoon mutters while patting himself down.

Hobi and Yoongi wait next to each other. Hobi looks the complete opposite direction of Jungkook with a violent, passive-aggressive expression slapped on his face, whereas Yoongi is in the middle of the two trying to console Hobi while also looking over at Jungkook. Namjoon finally finds the keys and the jingle makes everyone’s head turn towards the door. Namjoon unlocks the door, puts in the passcode and pushes it open, but before he can even open the door all the way Jungkook zooms into the house and straight to his room, causing Namjoon to jump. The three all walked into the house and shut the front door, Hobi went straight to his room and slammed the door closed, Namjoon went to his room but wished Yoongi a good night while they were both still in the hallway and Yoongi went to his own, but after not even 20 seconds of being in his room he felt weird and decided to check up on Jungkook.

As he made his way to Jungkook’s room, he rehearsed in his head what he was going to say as he walked down the hallway. He reached the door and knocked once. “Hey, Jungkookie, I just wanted to see how you were. Can you let me in?” Yoongi whispered loud enough that Jungkook would be able to hear him. There was no reply, so he knocked again slightly louder but still to no avail. Yoongi shrugged and gripped the door handle in his hand and twisted the knob while also knocking. “Hey Jungkookie, I’m coming in so put the porn awa-“ Yoongi chuckled walking into Jungkook’s room but when he walks through the door he is greeted with an empty room. “Jungkook?” That’s when he hears movement outside, he notices the window is not closed properly again so he looks outside. There skipping towards a bush in front of the fence Jungkook disappears into what looks like a hole.

What is going on with that kid..? If he won’t tell me, I’m going to find out for myself.

Yoongi proceeded to scramble down the roof next to Jungkook’s window, his fear of heights bestilling him as he moved down the drain pipe like a pole, squeaking and stopping every time he looked down. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, sliding down until he could feel the ground. Once he was at the bottom, he opened one of his eyes to make sure he was definitely at the bottom and didn’t die, then he untangled his legs and arms from the drain pipe and sneakily followed Jungkook through the hole in the fence.

Jungkook looked like he knew exactly where he was going and seemed completely oblivious to anything else around him. Once they both got out of the backstreets, Yoongi (who thankfully was carrying his mask in his pocket) tucked both of the strings of the mask around his ear and pulled the middle of the mask up, trying to cover as much of his face as possible. There was muffled music playing through the streets and once Jungkook turned one corner, Yoongi waited until he had completely vanished before peeking around the corner to the street Jungkook had begun to walk down. There were a few people standing around, some of them had on big heels with very dramatic outfits and giant lashes and the other people just looked just like normal people. The muffled music became louder as a man without a shirt came through the door of a certain club keeping the door opened for Jungkook.

What is that kid playing at?

He turned around the corner and walked towards the club through the people smoking, ignoring a few comments made towards him-- one of them being about him having a cute ass-- and proceeded forward. He looked up at the club, in big red letters it read “Dark ‘N Wildin”. Yoongi raised an eyebrow at the name but shook it off and walked through the doors.

Where’s the hot, shirtless guy to open the door for me???

“Ticket??” Yoongi looked to the person talking holding their hand out obviously waiting for something.

“O-oh, yeah, um... how much?” Yoongi asked while shoving his hands into his pocket, searching for some loose change from the strip club.

“Seven dollars please, hun.”

Yoongi pulled out seven dollars and handed it over. “Um, what actually is this place??”

“It’s a gay/drag club, I’m guessing this is your first time?” The person handing over the ticket and Yoongi nodded at the question. “Good luck hun, have fun!” The person waved at Yoongi to go in and Yoongi lifted his hand up to say thanks.

He walked through the beads hanging above the entrance and got inspired to get some for his own room.

I wonder if I can find a place to make custom Kumamon beads.

As he walked through the beads, he almost forgot why he was here in the first place-- the whole atmosphere was very overwhelming but strangely calming. Hold My Breath by Destiny’s Child was booming through the room.

My guilty pleasure song-- how did they know?

He looks around the room at the gay couples dancing with each other and kissing one other openly, and it made him slightly jealous-- why can’t he be like this with Hobi? It wasn’t fair. He glared at the couple kissing, the drag queen with soft strawberry-blonde hair cascading down her back and the guy with a black hoodie and sweatpants on, it reminded him of what Jungkook always wears...wait.


“JUNGKOOK, JUNGKOOK!” Yoongi proceeded to get closer to him and that’s when he noticed the drag queen holding his mask at the side of their faces.




“JUNGKOOK STOP IGNORING ME! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” He was stood right behind the drag queen, now glaring at Jungkook. Finally, Jungkook opened an eye, then both of his eyes, then he finally unlatched himself from the drag queen’s lips (Yoongi was very thankful for that) and quickly put his mask back on.

“H-hi Yoongi,” Jungkook blurted out, that’s when Yoongi felt the rage.

“ARE YOU SERIOUSLY ‘HI YOONGI’-ING ME WHEN I JUST CAUGHT YOU MAKING OUT WITH A DRAG QUEEN!!??” Yoongi was so frustrated he just started waving his hands all around whenever he spoke. “DO YOU WANT TO EXPLAIN WHY YOU DIDN’T HAVE A MASK ON JUST THEN ALSO??? DO YOU KNOW WHERE WE ARE???”

“Um, what’s happening over here??” The drag queen moved to the side of Jungkook and wrapped his arms in Jungkook’s right arm, looking worriedly at Jungkook and glaring back at Yoongi.

“THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I’D LIKE TO KNOW!” Yoongi throws his hands up in the air and they fall back down to his sides as both of Yoongi’s eyebrows raise.

“T-this is my f-friend… MIN!” Jungkook looks at Yoongi with a face that says ‘please just go along with what i’m saying’-- if Yoongi had a dollar for every time Jungkook gave him that face.

“Min? Oh , OH YEAH I’M MIN THAT’S… ME?” Yoongi gives a thumbs up at the drag queen which The drag queen kinda raises an eyebrow at.

“Oh okay… so, you’re a friend of Kook’s??”

“Kook?” Yoongi looks at Jungkook who is giving him the same ‘just go with it’ look again. “ Oh, yeah, Kook! We’re not just friends.”

“Oh?” To that the drag queen gives Jungkook a look.

“What Min meant is we’re not just friends because we’re.. .BROTHERS!” Jungkook clapped and threw an arm around Yoongi.

“Yep that’s us, Kook? Brothers?” Yoongi threw his arm around Jungkook. “Now if you don’t mind us, uh-- what was your name?”


“Okay, V, if you don’t mind us, I need to talk to my brother about what he’s doing going to a gay club before discussing it with me-- won’t be a moment!” Yoongi waves to V and drags Jungkook to the side before V can protest.

Yoongi looks around the club for a quiet place to talk but then remembers-- it’s a club, there are no quiet places… except for the restrooms! He perks up and drags Jungkook to the men’s restroom. When they’re in there, he loosens his hold on Jungkook and checks that no one is in any of the stalls. Yoongi then takes off his jacket and places it on the floor, sits down on it, takes off his mask and pats the spot next to him, waiting for Jungkook to join him.

“Y’know the floors here are pretty dirty, let’s just stand u-“

“SIT DOWN, JUNGKOOK.” Yoongi says in a stern voice. Jungkook widens his eyes and does as he’s told, sitting down next to Yoongi. He pulls up his hoodie and tightens the strings and hides in his little hoodie home. “Wh-what? DO YOU THINK YOU CAN AVOID THIS CONVERSATION BY HIDING IN YOUR HOODIE, YOU KNOW IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK!”

Jungkook loosens his hood and pokes his face out to look at Yoongi with innocent eyes. “Sowwy..”
Jungkook puts his hood down and looks apologetically at Yoongi.

“So, are you going to tell me what the fuck is going on???” Yoongi crosses his arms.

“Would you believe I accidentally stumbled in this gay club???” Jungkook shrugs and Yoongi glares at him while shaking his head. Jungkook sighs, “Okay, so, maybe I’m a little... gay?” Jungkook shrugs dramatically and awkwardly.

“I KNEW IT!” Yoongi jumps up fist pumping the air, and Jungkook is quite startled. “I mean.. .go on, how did you come to this conclusion?”

“Yoongi, I promise you that I will tell you everything, but I’ve really got to go see that drag queen you saw me.. .talking to. ANYWAYS, I’ve been trying to get to them all night-- that’s why I rushed out of the strip club so fast and I--“ Jungkook stopped in his tracks when something popped into his mind. “Wait, why are you so happy that I’m gay? Like I never thought you’d hate me for it, but you seem… ecstatic.”

Yoongi gulped. “So, uh, hah, funny story. So.. .I’m also… pretty gay...”

Jungkook looked up at Yoongi with shock, but it quickly faded when he smiled and he leapt into Yoongi’s arms. “I’m so happy I told you, I have no idea how to handle all this or having a gay crush. I’m so glad and thankful you told me.” Yoongi smiled at Jungkook’s sweet words and hugged Jungkook tight.

Aww , Jungkookie, I’m sorry you felt alone, but I still want to hear all about your gay story and I have to confess to you about my relati-“

Before Yoongi could finish his sentence, the men’s restroom door slammed open and there stood a small, thin drag queen with pink hair and beautiful, full lips. She was wearing a lilac dress that stopped just below her butt and white fishnets with baby pink kitten heels on. She stood there leaning in the doorway sipping her drink through a pink straw. Yoongi was in awe.

“Hey Kookie, Tae is all alone outside missing you. Go talk to him, please, before he cries himself to sleep on the bar.” Jimin takes another sip of his drink as he looks Yoongi up and down. “I’ll keep your friend… company.” Jimin dragged out the word company as he let the straw sit on his bottom lip, drawing all attention to them.

“Sorry, Jimin, I gott-“

“No, no, Jungkook, it’s okay. You go, you obviously really wanted to see him, don’t let me spoil your fun!” Jungkook gives him a look as if to say ‘are you sure’ and Yoongi nods.

“O-oh okay, thanks Jimin!” Jungkook eye smiles and skips out of the bathroom.

Jimin slowly walks up to Yoongi sipping his drink, and Yoongi feels his jaw drop open by itself.

“Chim.” Jimin puts his hand out for Yoongi to kiss, Yoongi panics and shakes Jimin’s hand while still looking at him. “Yoo-- MIN, I’m Min.” Jimin giggles and Yoongi instantly blushes at the sudden contact. Jimin closes Yoongi’s still opened mouth. “Don’t want to catch flies,” Jimin smirks, “Do we, Min?”

Jungkook ran out of the bathroom, searching the club that was very empty now that it was only an hour until closing. There he was, standing by the bar leaning on it by his elbow and having his chin rest in his palm. Under the mask, Jungkook was grinning and he ran over to Tae. As he approached, Tae met his eyes and beamed straight at Jungkook.

“Hiya, stranger.” Jungkook winked at Tae and Tae jokingly rolled his eyes.

“You’re so cute,” Tae giggled.

“So where did we leave off??” Jungkook started to take off his mask when Tae stopped him by holding his hand.

“Wait, let’s go somewhere else!” Tae intertwined his fingers in Jungkook’s and walked towards the stage, he slid through the curtains and slowly opened a door backstage. “It’s pretty much soundproof in here.”


They walked into a basic room, where the walls were white but you could still see the outline of the bricks they were painted onto. The floor was covered in beige carpet, unlike the floor out in the main room, and a white fluffy heart rug was placed in the middle. There was a little table and chair in the corner of the room, with a little mini fridge placed next to it on another little table. In the other corner lay a basic single bed with a floral design on cream-white bed sheets.

“What’s this??” Jungkook looked around the room, eyes going straight to the bed.

“It’s the manager/person who owns the building, Sooyoung’s room. Well, spare room anyway. She used to not have another place because she spent all her money on this place since she wanted to make a gay club that was inclusive to everyone, so she just made this cute little room. She has a house now, but she lets us use this room if we need to. She’s really lovely!” Tae grinned and sat down on the side of the bed, patting next to him for Jungkook to sit.


Jungkook felt his throat go dry, was this the time to put his new found knowledge to use??? He walked to the bed and stood in front of Tae just looking down at him, breathing heavily.


“Kookie, are you alright?” Jungkook got on his knees in front of Tae and looked down at Tae’s crotch. At first Tae was very confused, but then he realised what Jungkook was doing and stood up. “Woaah, woah, hold on, Kookie, you’re going through a journey that is going to be even harder to get through if we do this before you’re ready.” He moved to the side of Jungkook and sat on the floor next to him with his legs at his side. “I really like you, and am insanely attracted to you, but if you’re not ready mentally right now, this is going to be a mistake.” Tae gave a small smile and huffed. “I wish I didn’t like you as well as being attracted to you, because fuck, do I want to do things with you.”

Jungkook turned to his side to look at Tae. “You like me??” Jungkook took his mask off to reveal a big grin and crawled closer to Tae on the floor, wrapped his arms around Tae and kissed him. “I like you, too.” He continued to kiss Tae and that’s when he felt it-- the blood rushing south, his heart beat getting faster, and his face feeling comfortably warmer than usual.

“Wow, that character development from ‘I’m not gay’ to ‘I like you’ too’,” Tae chuckled and Jungkook stuck his tongue out.

They sat there on the floor with each other for a good hour-- just talking about their past, getting to know each other better by playing the question game.“Okay, question number 17 is your… ’brother’, really your brother??” Tae rolled onto his tummy and rested his chin on jungkook’s chest.

“Sooo... the whole reason I can’t really come out and wear a mask whenever I come here is because...” Before Jungkook could say anything there was a loud knock at the door, it was Yoongi AGAIN. “Are you fucking serious?” Jungkook looked at Tae and rolled his eyes.

“Let’s just ignore him and hope he goes back to Jimin!” Tae gave Jungkook a thumbs up and Jungkook gave a thumbs up and nod back to Tae. Tae leapt back onto him, Jungkook stumbling onto his back with Tae on top of him as they made out to the sound of Yoongi continuously banging on the door.

Tae pulled away from the kiss to look at Jungkook and combed his fingers through his hair. “Y’know, you have a really cute nose.” Tae booped Jungkook’s nose and Jungkook made a scrunched up face before returning to his bunny smile.

Before they knew it the door was open wide, and there in the doorway was a huffing Yoongi with smudged lipstick imprinted all over his lips. “JUNGKOOK, WE NEED TO GO. NOW.”

Jungkook looked up at Yoongi and all the lipstick he was now wearing and couldn’t help but giggle. “I see you’ve had fun… getting to know Jimin.” Tae and a Jungkook giggled with each other.

“Get your mask back on now, we’re going.”




“NOW JUNGKOOK!” Yoongi stormed off towards the exit.

“I’m sorry we didn’t get as long to talk tonight,” Jungkook sighed as he stood up and put his mask back on.

“It’s okay, you’ve got to be there for your friend. I completely understand, I’ll have a go at Jimin for randomly kissing him like that-- Jimin’s usually not like that at all, how weird.” Jungkook held his hand out to help Tae stand up, and once Tae was up he kissed the back of Jungkook’s hand. “We’re really living our cinderella fantasy here, huh?” Tae winks and Jungkook chuckles.

“We really are. Um, when can I next see you again?” Jungkook rubs the back of his neck as Tae brings his face closer to Jungkook’s.


“I’ll be here tomorrow night-- as Tae, instead of V.” He pulls his head back slightly and gives a pout. “I hope you still like me as Tae.”

“I’d like you as anything.” After he realises what he’s just said to Tae, Jungkook blushes and pulls his mask up higher to hide the blush. Tae also blushes but giggles it off, leaning forward to kiss the uncovered part of Jungkook’s cheek.

“See you tomorrow, lover boy.” Tae winks and waves as Jungkook exits the club. Jungkook waves back and exits through the door.

There was no one else but Tae, Jimin and one of the bartenders in the club now. Tae watches as Jimin walks out of the bathroom, snatching his wig off, looking slightly dazed with his lipstick  smudged as he stumbles to sit down on one of the barstools. Tae rolls his eyes and sits next to Jimin.

“O-oh, hey Taetae, how your time with Kookie?” Jimin looked up at Tae as he sipped the straw in his glass of water.

“It was so lovely… but it would have been lovelier for longer, if you hadn’t SURPRISE KISSED MIN!!!” Tae throws his hands up in frustration.

Jimin sits up straight. “WAIT A SECOND, Y-YOU THOUGHT I SURPRISE MADE OUT WITH MIN???” Jimin look at Tae with wide eyes.


“Wait, he looked upset?” Jimin moved around in his chair and looked down at his glass of water, Tae nodded. “I don’t understand? I was flirting with him, but he was the one who kissed me.”

Tae stopped in his tracks. “He kissed you? Then why did he look like he was crying, or had been crying when he left?”


“I guess i have that effect on men.” Jimin shrugs. Tae rolls his eyes as he hits Jimin’s arm.

Yoongi strides fast back up the street, away from the club, trying to wipe the lipstick off his lips and wipe away the tears falling from his eyes. Jungkook is trying to catch up to him, calling his name out.

“Yoongi, will you slow down?? I’m sorry Jimin did that, but let’s look at the bright side of tonight-- now we have each other to talk to about these things, and you still like the club right? And about Jimin, I’ll have a word with him next time I’m ther-“

“Don’t,” Yoongi huffed as he continued walking.

Jungkook, trying to keep as the same pace as Yoongi he walks at a fast pace beside Yoongi. “What do you mean ‘don’t’?”

Yoongi stops, causing Jungkook to almost stumble over his feet. “He didn’t do anything wrong.”

“He made out with you without your consent, that’s not okay.” Jungkook looked at Yoongi’s tears rolling down his cheek.

“No, he didn’t,” Yoongi looks down at his feet. “I initiated the kiss...”

Jungkook looked at Yoongi and put his hand on his shoulder. “Yoongi, why are you upset? Was this your first gay kiss and it’s overwhelming or are you... ashamed of it? I don’t understand, please talk to me.”

Yoongi looked up at Jungkook, guilt spreading across his features. “I tried to tell you before we got separated but… uh… I have a boyfriend...”

Jungkook’s mouth drops open. “YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND??? Do I know him? CAN I MEET HIM, THIS IS SO EXCITING!” A child-like, innocent smile spreads across Jungkook’s face.

“Yeah, I’m glad it’s exciting for you but not so much for me, who just cheated on his boyfriend!” Yoongi bursts out into tears and buries his face into his hands.

Jungkook’s smile turns upside down as he comforts his friend, “No, no, Yoongi it’s okay, don’t worry he won’t find out. You don’t need to see Jimin again, if you don’t want to! No one has to know about any of this except for us.”

Yoongi looks up at Jungkook with teary eyes and throws himself into Jungkook’s embrace, and Jungkook holds Yoongi tightly as he softly sobs into his hoodie.

I wonder what I did wrong.

Jimin snuggles into the warm sheets of his giant, pink fluffy bed, covered in various plushies. He cuddles his favourite cat plush, his head descending into his feather pillow with ruffles all around the outside of it.

Did I accidentally bite him???

Jimin pouts and looks up at the canopy hanging above him, decorated with fairy lights resembling stars and thinks back to earlier that night.


Jimin sat at the bar watching his best friend run towards the black-hooded boy. He watches them look at each other ,with sparkles in both of their eyes gushing as they eventually lock lips.

I guess I’ll just sit here..alone, then.

Jimin rested his cheek in his palm and stared at the bottles of alcohol at the back of the bar, rainbows from the club’s lights glistening on the liquid inside. The rainbow beads jingled again, signaling the arrival of another customer, and Jimin looked at Tae and Kook, but they were too lost in each other’s mouths to notice. He rolled his eyes and faced towards the entrance, and that’s when he first saw him.

A beautiful blonde-haired man entered through the beads, looking around cluelessly. Jimin found it endearing. He was fairly small-- slightly taller than Jimin, he estimated. The man brushed his hand through his blonde locks, uncovering his eyes, which were cat-like and a beautiful deep brown. He was wearing a leather jacket on top of a deep red shirt and black ripped jeans. Jimin wished he could see how his mouth looked, but the lower half of his face was covered by a face mask, just like Kook.

It wasn’t unusual for people to wear face masks here-- South Korea wasn’t exactly the most accepting when it came to being anything other than heterosexual or cis-- but the club was a safe place. But if people were more comfortable wearing face masks, Jimin understood… he understood all too well.

Jimin went to stand up to make his way to the mysterious masked man, before he could even properly get off the stool he saw the man going up behind Kook and shouting at him.

What the fuck?

Before he knew it, the mysterious stranger was dragging Kook across the club to the restroom while leaving Tae standing there, confused as to why his date had been snatched from him so suddenly.

“What’s happening, Taetae??” Jimin looked up at Tae with puppy eyes.

“I-i’m not sure?? Kookie said that was his brother, then they went off and honestly I’m just as confused as you.” Tae shrugged and walked towards the bar.

Tae plopped himself onto the barstool and slumped onto the bar table, face buried in his crossed arms. Jimin hated when Tae felt hopeless-- probably because it made him feel useless. He wanted to make Tae happy all the time, but sometimes he couldn’t control the things bothering Tae… but maybe he can this time.

“I’ll be right back.” Jimin kissed the top of Tae’s head. Tae hummed and Jimin made his way to the men’s restroom.

Jimin picked up his drink and sipped on it through his straw while striding towards the restroom door. He didn’t know what was going to await him inside. Was Kook lying and the mysterious stranger is actually his secret lover? Were they going to be in the middle of number seventeen the spread eagle once he walked in? He had no idea.

He opened the door and Kook and the mysterious stranger were on the floor hugging. Jimin sighed with relief.


Jimin leaned on the open door, looking at the two hugging and smiling slightly.

“Hey Kookie, Tae is all alone outside, missing you. Go talk to him, please, before he cries himself to sleep on the bar.” Jimin realised they had both taken their masks off during their talk, and Kook looked up at him with a smile. Then Kook’s friend looked up at him, and Jimin was suddenly breathless. He studied the mysterious man and couldn’t help but be taken aback, with those beautiful brown cat eyes looking up at him, and this time a small button nose and a tiny pout that were once hiding behind the mask could now be seen and appreciated by Jimin in all their glory.

He’s so beautiful.

“I’ll keep your friend… company.” Jimin made sure to drag out the word, watching the handsome man’s face as he props the straw of his drink on the bottom of his lips, making sure he draws the stranger’s eyes towards them-- which it did, and Jimin couldn’t help but smirk.

If Jimin was the best at one thing, it was flirting-- and he took pride in that fact.

Kook began to speak, “Sorry, Jimin, I gotta-“ Jimin internally rolled his eyes.

“No, no.” Jimin’s eyes darted towards the deep voice. It belonged to the mysterious stranger, who was speaking in pout and looking at Kook with wide eyes. “It’s okay, you go, you obviously really wanted to see him. Don’t let me spoil your fun!”

Jimin couldn’t help but smirk when the stranger tried to look at Jimin, not knowing Jimin was already watching, and quickly averted his gaze down to the floor, avoiding eye-contact and blushing.

“Oh, okay. Thanks, Jimin.” Kook stood up and walked out.

This is my chance.

Jimin sipped his drink as he made his way over to the cute stranger. “Chim.” Jimin held out his hand for the stranger to kiss. Jimin smirked watching the stranger gay panic and look back at his face and outstretched hand.


Finally, the stranger grabbed a hold of Jimin’s hand and shook it. Jimin giggled.

“Yoon-- MIN, I MEAN MIN!” Min said in a panic.

“...Yoonmin??” Jimin smirked; he knew that the stranger just meant ‘Min’, but making him panic was fun.

“N-no, it’s Min. I didn’t mean to, uh, say the first part,” Min explained as he tried to hide into himself.

“I know, I just said that cause I think you look cute when you panic,” Jimin smirks and Yoongi goes bright red.

“Y-you think i’m cute??” Yoongi looks up at Jimin with his lips slightly parted.

“I suppose you’re cute, but in that leather jacket you look...” Jimin leaned in closer and whispered. “Really fucking hot.” Jimin smiled at Min and they looked into each other’s eyes before Min blushed and moved his gaze to the ground.

Jimin giggles at how much of a panic gay he’s making this new cute boy, and puts his two fingers underneath Min’s jaw, causing the man to blush at the sudden contact. Jimin closes Yoongi’s still opened mouth. “Don’t want to catch flies” Jimin smirks, “Do we, Min?”

To have someone as attractive as Min looking at him like / that/ , broad shoulders clad in black leather and eyes lidded with the low thrum of / want/ -- it's what makes Jimin's eyes trail down the man's face and land on those enticingly pink pouty lips.

“Um… I...” Yoongi looked up at him.

Jimin didn't expect that when he raised his eyes to meet Min's once more, he'd be abruptly caught off by the guy rushing forward to crash their lips together, breaths mingled, desperate and stuttered. And Jimin knows the effect he has on people-- expects it at this point. He wasn’t expecting Min who seemed so shy and flustered to make a move like this, but then Min surprised him once again, slipping his tongue into Jimin's mouth with a force that screamed /need/.

Jimin was a little weak for being manhandled, as long as it was done by someone he wanted to do just that. So leaning in and letting a whimper slip past his lips was easy enough, and before he knew it, he and Min were in the mens toilets in the Dark & Wildin’ club in a heated make-out session. He's playing the events of the last few minutes in his head with Min's tongue licking on his. He reaches down to grab at the man's backside, feeling a bit too flustered and a lot too desperate. And Min seems to like it, from the groan he admits-- that is, until he completely stiffens against Jimin before shoving him harshly back. Jimin stumbles backwards on his feet, feeling all types of lightheaded and caught-off-guard and /needy/, and he's about to complain when he notices the tears streaking Min's cheeks freely. Huh.

"I-I... I this shouldn't have..." Min starts, wiping his face on his sleeve quickly in an effort to hide from Jimin what they both know he has already seen, "I-i have to go. Bye."And just like that, Jimin is left blue-balled in the toilets of the Dark & Wildin’ club, a little breathless and a lot confused.

Jimin tossed and turned in his bed, the events of that night clouding his mind with questions.

Jungkook opened his eyes to the same once-glowing green stars on his ceiling he always wakes up to, the sunlight pouring through his window. He turns around to protect his eyes from the sudden change of light and is startled when he sees the usual empty space next to him filled with none other than a soft, sleeping Yoongi curled up into a ball, his hands in between his legs.

The reason Yoongi is lying there with him starts to come back to Jungkook and he pushes behind himself in an attempt to sit up without waking Yoongi, but stops as soon the bed squeaks slightly.

He remembers Yoongi crying with lipstick stains all over his face, he remembers coming out to Yoongi and Yoongi coming out to him and oh shit , he remembers Yoongi telling him he has just cheated on his boyfriend that Jungkook previously knew nothing about.

Suddenly, Jungkook had so many questions that he desperately needed answering. He grabs his phone and looks at the time, the numbers 09:00 shows on his lockscreen and Jungkook huffs. They got back to the house around 5:30 and both fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

He’s had a… good amount of sleep, I guess.

Jungkook pushes up behind himself once again-- a little harsher this time-- making the whole bed squeak and rock Yoongi slightly as his hand sinks into the mattress.

Yoongi doesn’t wake up.

Jungkook sighs. He presses his hands behind him once more and pretends to sit up again, this time pushing his whole body up and slamming it down onto the bed harshly. He looks at Yoongi for some kind of reaction.

Yoongi stops snoring and Jungkook stares at him with wide eyes. Yoongi smacks his lips three times and the snoring continues.

Jungkook rolls his eyes and throws himself back into the pillows, huffing with his arms crossed. He begins again pushing behind him and slamming himself back down onto the bed multiple times-- adding a few coughs in as well-- and he stops as soon as the snoring coming from Yoongi stops once more.

Jungkook stares at Yoongi in anticipation. Yoongi smacks his lips again and moistens them with his tongue subtly darting out of his mouth. One of his cat-like eyes begins to open and close again after being met with the sunlight coming from the window. Yoongi brings a hand balled into a fist to his eye and rubs away any of the sleep that was in his eyes. He finally opens both eyes, squinted but still technically open. “Jungkookie?” Yoongi looks up at Jungkook with a face very clearly masked with confusion... then realisation, then… hurt.

“Good morning.” Jungkook gives Yoongi an awkward grin, and Yoongi pauses for a moment before burying his face into his pillow.

Gff monin ,” Yoongi mumbles into his pillow.

“Sooo… y’know how lots of things happened last night?” Yoongi looks up from the pillow with sad eyes but Jungkook continues what he was saying, “Can we talk about all this please? I’ve been hiding everything for so long, and now that you know... I just need to talk about it.”

Yoongi sighs and looks up at Jungkook, who honestly must be looking so desperate right now. He sits himself up, crosses his legs, and nods in Jungkook’s direction.

“So… WHEN DID YOU KNOW YOU WERE GAY, WHEN DID YOU MEET YOUR BOYFRIEND, WHAT’S HIS NAME???” Jungkook looks at Yoongi with wide eyes and a wide grin resembling an excited puppy.

Yoongi chuckles lowly at the sight of puppy Jungkook. “Well, I’ve kinda always known, but when I kissed my boyfriend for the first time it kind of confirmed everything I’d been feeling, y’know?”

Jungkook shuffled on the bed to lie down and place his head in both of his palms, looking up at Yoongi like a child listening to a bedtime story from their parent. “So, how did you meet him?”

Yoongi sighs and looks up at the green stars on the ceiling. “Well, I actually met him in my audition for our company, while I was practicing my rapping before the audition. I kept messing up or letting the nerves get to me. I kept feeling eyes on me and I looked behind me and this very cute and tall boy spotted me turning around. He kept pretending he was practicing his dancing, and I could hear him giggling,” Yoongi chuckles and Jungkook looks up at him in awe. “Y’know how I was when you first met me-- I was very defensive. So, Yoongi back then immediately thought this guy was trying to start something, so I shouted over to him ‘Is my rapping funny to you, you gangly legged horse??’ At first, he looked slightly offended and I started to panic because I was indeed a disaster gay and he was a very beautiful man and I did not want to make him cry, but then he just started laughing hysterically so much that he somehow managed to trip on his own feet and fall over.”

Jungkook gasps. “Was he okay?”  


“Well...” Yoongi smirks, remembering that day..

Yoongi ran towards the tall, strangely dressed man who had fallen hard on his ass through the mass of people waiting for their audition.

“OW, OW, MY LEG,” The tall stranger yells, clutching onto his leg.

“Shit, are you okay??” Yoongi kneels down next to the injured man, looking frantically around the room and back at the man, trying to figure out how to help.

“NOOooooOoo, I’ll never dance AGAIN!” The man dramatically throws the back on his hand on his forehead and leans back more. “It’s all your fault!!”

Yoongi panicked and felt tears behind his eyes-- he knows how much this audition means to him personally and he knows how much it would hurt if he had hurt his voice and couldn’t continue with the audition.

“I’m so sorry, is there anything I can do to help? I’m so, so sorry.”

“Well… I can’t dance for my audition anymore,” The man huffed, “So might as well just help me to the car so I can go back home, I guess.”

“N-no, wait, this is an important audition, you can’t just give up!” Yoongi felt like he was going to throw up, he felt so bad. “Can you rap or sing???”

The man proceeded to show of his impressive set of vocals. Everyone practicing for the audition stopped, the room went silent and everyone stared as the man sang horribly out of tune but impressively loud and confidently.

Yoongi sits in awe of this man, but then notices all of the eyes staring in his direction which doesn’t help his anxiety. “OKAY, YOU CAN STOP NOW, THANK YOU.” Yoongi places his hand on the mans mouth and the screeching cat sound was muffled. Everyone in the room returned to what they were doing and the background noise of chatter and practicing filled the room once more. Yoongi takes his hand away when he stops feeling the pressure of the man’s vocal chords against his palm.

“So, did I sound good?” The man gives Yoongi a big heart-shaped smile, and Yoongi didn’t know smiles could be heart-shaped until today.

“Ummm… SO, RAPPING-- are you any good at rapping?” Yoongi smiles awkwardly back at the man, anticipating another screeching noise to come out of his mouth. He’s pleasantly surprised when a pretty decent flow comes from the others mouth, instead. “Okay, that was actually really good!”

The man beamed back at Yoongi.

Yoongi felt his cheeks get hot as their stares lingered.

“OKAY, so what number are you?” Yoongi looked down at the label attached to the stranger’s shirt, and the man held it up for him. “Oh, number 6397.” Yoongi pulls up his label to show the stranger, it read 6398. “So, you’re just before me! We have time, then, considering they’re on...” Yoongi looked at the board showing which person was next, 198 in big red numbers blare on the board.

“Time to what?” The stranger tilted his head to the side in confusion.

“To teach you how to rap.”

“You taught him how to rap,” Jungkook coos. “That’s so sweet.”

“Well, he kinda already knew how to rap. I just helped him with breathing technique and with his flow and his pronunciation.”

“So you did JUST that for 7 hours?” Jungkook raises his eyebrow.

“Perhaps I showed him how to move his mouth to have better pronunciation and… he showed me how to move my mouth with his...” Yoongi blushes and looks down at his feet with a smirk.

Jungkook gasps and giggles, “YOONGI I NEVER KNEW YOU WERE SUCH A ROMANTIC!”

“Yeah, well,” Yoongi smirks “Don’t let anyone else know!”

“So, what happened at the audition? Did he get through?”

“Ah, so...”

Yoongi had been teaching this stranger all of the rapping techniques he knows, sometimes forgetting about the audition completely and talking about everything and anything with this stranger for the last 6 hours. He watches as the man practices the rap Yoongi had picked out, who had chosen it because he thought it would suit his voice. He finishes and looks up at Yoongi. “So, how was I? Any better than last time?”

Yoongi notices how his cheeks crease and eyes sparkle every time he asks Yoongi what he thought. “The best so far! You really incorporated what I said about the breathing, it makes such a difference.” Yoongi gives the stranger a gummy smile, “You did really good.”

“Can we go back to talking about all of your embarrassing old stories now???” The stranger fidgets on his seat.

“I don’t know how or why all our conversations keep going back to exposing me as the awkward person I am, but I feel attacked.” Yoongi jokingly puts his hand on his heart and wipes away an imaginary tear, and the stranger chuckles.

“Uhh, I need to go to the toilet. Can you help me get to the bathroom?”

Yoongi nods and stands up in front of the stranger, helping him up as the man wraps his arm around Yoongi’s neck for balance. They stagger to the bathroom, walking down one of the many empty halls of that building.

“Uh, wait--”  The stranger halts on his one uninjured leg, causing Yoongi to almost trip.

“You okay?” Yoongi look back at the stranger, and was slightly startled when he was greeted with the stranger’s glittering eyes staring straight back at him. Yoongi couldn’t help but let his eyes travel down the stranger’s face and to his lips, which were softly parted and a bit sore-looking. It seemed like he had been biting his lip too much throughout the day.

“I just want to--“ The stranger started, and when Yoongi looked back up at the his eyes, they were staring straight at Yoongi’s lips, “Thank you for--“ Yoongi felt the space between them getting less, “Today.” Their faces were so close he could feel the stranger’s suddenly heavy breath on his lips. He couldn’t take it any longer.


He felt his body move on it’s own as he closed the small space parting them. Their lips connected and they both simultaneously sighed into the kiss. Yoongi felt a hand rest on his head and his hair being pushed up, delicate fingers combing through the short locks he had to offer. The stranger returns the kiss with a soft peck, and Yoongi can feel the stranger’s lips stretched out in a smile as they kiss.

“Hoseok,” The stranger breathed into Yoongi’s mouth.

“Hm?” Yoongi slowly opened his eyes.

“That’s my name-- Hobi, I prefer being called Hobi. But... as long as it comes out of your mouth, I’m sure I’ll love whatever you call me.”

Yoongi blushed and looked down with a shy smile. “Y-yoongi. I’m Yoongi.”

“Well, then, thank you, Yoongi.” Hoseok smiled brightly at Yoongi and his heart skips a beat.

They stayed there-- staring a bit too long at each other-- in the middle of an empty hallway when they hear a door opening that breaks their trance. “We should probably go back… do you still need to pee?” Yoongi stood back a few steps.

“Uhhh, would you be mad if I told you I didn’t actually need to pee?” Hobi shrugs with a cheeky grin.

Yoongi gives a small giggle, grabs Hobi’s hand and nods towards the door to the waiting room. “Come on, you.”

They walk back into the waiting room, and the crowd has died down a lot. The board changes from 6936 to 6937.

“Oh, isn’t that your number? Remember what I told you about breathing-- and good luck!” Yoongi smiles at Hobi, trying to conceal the sadness he’s feeling now that they have to part after being inseparable all day.

“Oh, shit-- yeah,” Hobi looked at the board and back to Yoongi. “I guess this is where we part.” Hobi’s face drops.

“Don’t be sad, it’s okay; it’s been fun, but now you’ve got to go and destroy that audition, okay?” Yoongi gives Hobi a small smile trying to hold back tears.

This is ridiculous-- why am I tearing up? We only met a few hours ago.

“I’ll see you again soon, I can feel it,” Hobi says with a small smile.

“Do you want me to help you walk to the audition room?”

“Uhhh... don’t be mad.”

“Why would I be mad?”

“It was lovely meeting you Yoongi, I hope we see each other really soon.” Hobi kisses Yoongi’s cheek, then backs away from Yoongi, giving Yoongi a cheeky smile before jumping up on his supposedly injured leg and back flipping, somersaulting and skipping to the door of the audition room. Yoongi scoffs as Hobi-- with half of his body already in the room-- sticks his head out the door to blow Yoongi a kiss before disappearing completely into the audition room. Yoongi can’t help but smile affectionately.

“So, he didn’t even have an injured leg?” Jungkook gasps.

Yoongi chuckles “Nope. He made it up.”

Jungkook tilts his head in confusion. “But… why?”

“Because he couldn’t think of another way to start a conversation with me. I was so busy practicing, but he also noticed my nerves were making me mess up so by helping him rap I was distracted from my worries while still technically practicing. Honestly, it’s probably what helped me pass the audition.” Yoongi smiles sweetly.

“So, you said redacted whenever you went to say your boyfriend’s name,” Jungkook whined. “Why won’t you let me know his naaaaame, it’s me-- you know you can trust me.” His bottom lip pouted out as he looked up at Yoongi with big, puppy eyes.

“I know I can trust you, but...” Yoongi looked at Jungkook and tried his best to fight the power of the puppy-dog eyes. “It’s not my place to tell you, he’s not out yet and I can’t just out him even if it is just to you.”

Jungkook pouted more, but looking more defeated this time. “Hmph! Fine, at least tell me-- do I know him?”

Before Yoongi could reply, Jungkook’s door flew open and a sleepy Namjoon steps in, rubbing at his eyes. He has on his infamous Ryan pyjamas with a little night cap on, his koala plush wrapped in his arms and his plush Ryan slippers on his feet.

“Namjoon, what are you doing in here?” Yoongi questions, watching Namjoon as he makes his way over to the bed. Yoongi doesn’t realise that as Namjoon has been making his way over to the bed, Jungkook has had his arms open wide.

Namjoon crawls onto the bed and collapses into Jungkook’s arms while still cuddling his koala plush.

“Wha-?” Yoongi gestures towards a cuddly Namjoon, wrapped in Jungkook’s arms.

Jungkook shushes Yoongi, “Shh, this is normal. Don’t worry-- sometimes he just needs a hug.”

“How did I not know Namjoon comes into your room every now and then for cuddles??”

“I don’t try and hide it,” Namjoon mumbles. “I’m a… man with cuddling needs, and Jungkook is... a very good cuddler.”

“It’s true-- I’m a pro.” Jungkook nods.

Namjoon suddenly lifts his head up to face Yoongi. “Wait… why are you in here?”

“Uhh... uhh-- um.” Yoongi stares widely at Jungkook.

“H-he’s here for cuddles, too-- right, Yoongi?” Jungkook makes a face at Yoongi and Yoongi’s face brightens up even though he tries to hide his smile as he nods.

“Come on, then.” Namjoon shuffles along Jungkook’s chest to make room for Yoongi. Jungkook puts his arms up and Yoongi hesitantly rests on the other side of Jungkook’s chest, feeling Namjoon also wrapping his arm around Yoongi. Jungkook squeezes them, snuggling closer.

“It’s okay to ask for a hug sometimes.” Namjoon grins and Yoongi gives them both a gummy smile.

“This is actually really nic-- uh... what’s that.” Yoongi points down at Jungkook’s crotch.

“So, I may or may not have a boner right now.”

“You have a boner right now.”

“Yeah… I have a boner, right now.”

“What if he only likes me and finds me attractive when I’m V?” Tae pouts, sitting next to Jimin in class and tapping his pencil on the desk. Tae sits back on his chair, straightening out the creases in his cream embroidered blouse and tucking half of the blouse into his brown trousers before fixing his oversized harry potter-esque glasses.

“Taetae, I think you are completely missing the point here. Kookie isn’t just a straight boy who you’re fucking around with. He’s a giant closeted disaster gay who 100% wants to suck your dick-- as V and as Tae,” Jimin sighs, flicking her long pink-- totally real-- hair out of her face.


Today, Jimin was wearing a pink fitted top tucked into a beige floral embroidered skirt with practical flats, a ridiculously long pastel pink lace front wig adorning her head. “Anyway, as much as I love to talk about your closeted, soon-to-be-fuckbuddy/boyfriend, CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THAT FUCKING SIX-COURSE MEAL THAT KISSED ME AND GRABBED MY ASS YESTERDAY???”

The girls in front of them were wittering on about a boy group and listening to their music quietly enough that the lecturer couldn’t hear but loud enough for everyone else around them to hear.

“Didn’t you feel guilty about that, like a whole 12 hours ago??” Tae raises an eyebrow.

“Well, yes, but then I did some self reflection.” Jimin ends her sentence there and twirls her hair around her finger, pretending to listen to the lecturer.

“…and what did you self reflect??” Tae stares at Jimin and grinds his teeth on the end of his pencil.

“I SELF-REFLECTED THAT I MADE OUT WITH PERHAPS THE HOTTEST GUY TO EVER EXIST,” Jimin excitedly yells while slamming her hand on the desk, accidentally drawing the attention of everyone around them.

“Do you two ever shut up?” One of the girls in front of them snarls with a sour look smacked across her face, “No one cares that you sleep with hundreds of guys, UGH!”

“Oh, shut the fuck up, Wendy. Just because no one wants to fuck you, doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be miserable,” Jimin snapped back at the girl.

The girl goes to say something back, looking very offended and flustered, but then just huffs and turns back away from Tae and Jimin.

Tae giggles and goes back to ‘taking notes’.

“Uhh, I just realised I haven’t been paying attention to anything. Could I use your notes?” Jimin leans forward and grabs Tae’s notebook.

“WAIT, NO, GIVE THAT BACK!” Tae tries to grab the notebook back, but Jimin holds him away with her foot on Tae’s chest.

“WOW, YOU ARE SO WHIPPED! Not like I didn’t already know, BUT THIS MUCH?” Jimin turns the notebook around to reveal the many sketches of Kookie with hearts and flowers.

Shhhhh, I’m not he’s just uh really good to… draw.”

“It could be worse; you could have your initials in a hear-- oh, dear god, and there it is.” Jimin points to a sketch of a heart with ‘ K + T ’ written inside it.

“Leave me and my harmless crush alone ,” Tae huffs as he grabs his notebook back and hugs it to his chest.

Tae and Jimin were interrupted by the lecturer announcing the end of class and everyone around them getting up. They both got up and walked down the stairs, Jimin still giggling.

“Oh my GOD, it’s so cute. So, do you think he’ll ask you to be his date for the prom??”

Jungkook sits there, holding two of what looks like the exact same black hoodie in each hand as he looks up at all of his clothes, losing hope every time his eye glances at another black item of clothing.

*knock knock*

“Come in,” Jungkook shouts behind him.

Yoongi enters through the door as Jungkook lets out a defeated moan.

“Jungkookie, you alright there?” Yoongi asks, edging into the room and perching on the side of Jungkook’s bed.

“NO, YOONGI, I’M NOT OKAY!” Jungkook throws the two identical hoodies in a strop.


“ALL I OWN ARE BLACK HOODIES AND BLACK TRACKSUIT BOTTOMS!” Jungkook looked up at Yoongi with big, puppy-dog eyes, tears almost ready to fall from them. Yoongi tried to give the most sympathetic shrug and Jungkook grabs the two identical looking pieces of clothing in both his hands again. ”BLACK HOODIES AND TRACKSUIT BOTTOMS, YOONGI! TAE IS GOING TO THINK THAT’S ALL I OWN!!”

“Didn’t you just say that’s all you own?”

“BUT I DON’T WANT HIM TO KNOW THAT...” Yoongi raises his eyebrow at Jungkook. “...YET.”

“Why don’t you just wear stuff we’ve worn for comebacks or fansigns?” Yoongi suggests, lying back on the bed.

“I’m… trying NOT to get recognised as Jeon Jungkook. That’s why we have fake gay club names.”

“I HAD a fake gay club name. I’m not going back there,” Yoongi huffs and crosses his arms. “If you don’t want to be recognised as ‘Jeon Jungkook’, wear something of mine.”

“Uhhh, no offense, but I think my arms would break any of your small cat-sized clothing...”

“Okay, good point, but also-- cat-sized?? How small do you think I am??” Yoongi glares at Jungkook. “Sooo, I have an idea, what if I get you something to borrow from Hobi’s wardrobe??”

Wallowing in despair, Yoongi’s suggestion knocks Jungkook back to reality.

“Oh, shit, yeah that’s a good idea! I’ll go ask him!” Jungkook stands up and goes to head for the door before he’s pulled back by the hoodie.

“WAIT, WE CAN’T JUST ASK HIM OR HE’LL ASK QUESTIONS!” Yoongi said in a hushed shout.

Jungkook thought about it, and Yoongi was right-- if Hobi was anything, he was nosey, especially when it came to Jungkook. Jungkook wasn’t known to put much work into his outfits outside of what the groups’ stylists had chosen for him. Jungkook lives in different but identical pairs of black hoodies and tracksuit bottoms, and never once has he asked the others if he could borrow something; it would cause a lot of suspicion.

Yoongi tiptoes over to the door and opens it slightly to check no one is outside. He sticks his head out a little further and is relieved when he sees Namjoon and Hobi on the sofa, watching tv and talking over it. They’re having a funny conversation, apparently, because Hobi keeps bursting out in laughter. Yoongi can’t help but give a small smile when he hears that laugh. He almost forgets what they’re doing until Jungkook nudges him.

“So, is the coast clear?” Jungkook looks up wide eyed.

“O-oh, yeah, let’s go,” Yoongi commands slightly disoriented.

Yoongi slowly and softly tiptoes, and Jungkook crawls on all fours (despite Yoongi’s protests).

Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky-- I’m a sneaky boy.

They reach the door to Hobi’s room and Yoongi slowly turns the knob, creating an opening in the door. Before he can open it fully, Jungkook has slid and crawled through. Yoongi rolls his eyes as he steps into the room.

Hobi’s room was surprisingly quite basic considering who’s room it was, the walls beige and adorned only with pictures of Hobi, his family, and the other members on it. It was smaller than the other rooms, and didn’t have as much decoration. Jungkook has only been in Hobi’s room twice since they moved, and it hasn’t been for very long since then. Hobi prefers to hang out in the living room or their home studio rather than his room-- he loves to have a chat with the others and do his own thing, but in the company of others and because Hobi is barely ever in his room other than to sleep, Jungkook hasn’t really been able to really see his room. Yoongi walks over to a big metal door the opposite side to the entrance in Hobi’s room.

“I just really need a really gay outfit that screams-- gay ,” Jungkook whispers, still crawling on the floor.

“Ha, well, Hobi’s clothes are perfect for you, then,” Yoongi chuckles to himself.

“Why do you say that?” Jungkook tilts his head as he questions Yoongi.

“UM, NO REASON, HAHaha… ha.” Yoongi holds down the handle to Hobi’s wardrobe, but it doesn’t budge. Suddenly, Yoongi notices something different about it. “FUCK,” Yoongi violently whispers as he glares at a big door in Hobi’s room with a keypad on it.

Jungkook stands up, brushes himself off and walks towards Yoongi. “What’s wrong?”

“I forgot Hobi got a security lock for his wardrobe and… I don’t know the passcode.” Yoongi faces Jungkook with an embarrassed look. Jungkook started to roll his sleeves up, tensing his muscles and breathing deeply and quickly through his mouth. Yoongi looks at Jungkook with so much confusion. “Wh-what are you doing?”

“I’M DOING WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.” Jungkook starts barging towards the door ready for his body to break through the door. “FOR TAE!” Jungkook slams his whole body into the door-- making a very loud bang-- and lets out a whimper. The door is untouched, and he is quickly falling to the ground, creating another loud noise.


“I didn’t think it would hurt to try.” Jungkook winces as he rolls around on the floor, nursing his probably now-bruised shoulder in his hand.


Before Jungkook can reply, they’re both startled by the sound of footsteps walking down the hall. Yoongi searches the room for a place to hide-- he knows him being in Hobi’s room would not seem strange to Hobi, but himself and Jungkook in Hobi’s room alone would make Hobi very very suspicious. Yoongi’s hiding spot is in sight as he tries to drag Jungkook across the floor, realizes Jungkook is pure muscle, gives up and and points to where he needs to hide. “GO, GO, OVER THERE! UNDER THE BED.” Jungkook starts sliding himself under the bed, Yoongi trying to push him in further so that he can get under, too.

“I think it’s cute that you thought you could drag me, hyung.” Jungkook sticks his head out of the bed to Yoongi’s annoyance. Yoongi forcibly pushes him back under the bed, trying to also get in, but the clattering of the door knob shows Yoongi that he has no more time left.

The door opens, and Hobi stands there in the doorway with a magazine rolled up in both his two hands in a sword-fighting position, screaming what sounded like a battlecry with a determined look on his face. Yoongi is there kneeling at the side of his bed with an awkward smile.

“Yoongi?” Hobi lowers the rolled up magazine and looks at Yoongi with a head tilt.

Yoongi looks at Hobi with wide eyes, panics and looks at the bed in front of him, smooths down the duvet on top of it before giving it a finished pat. “Ah, there we go, there’s your bed all ready and made,” Yoongi says with a smile.

“You made my bed?” Hobi questioned.

“..MMHM,” Yoongi forcefully hummed.

Hobi looks at Yoongi, his face softening into a big heart shaped smile. “AWWW, BABY, THAT’S SO SWEET OF YOU.” Hobi skips over to Yoongi giving him a big hug and swaying with Yoongi in his arms.

Jungkook scoots further under the bed when he sees Hobi’s feet next to Yoongi’s.

“It’s no problem, haha, just what friends do.” Yoongi is overly aware of the fact Jungkook is under the bed right next to them, hearing everything being said. He laughs and punches Hobi’s arm jokingly.

“Um, why are you acting weird?” Hobi raises an eyebrow.

Yoongi feels like he’s either gonna throw up or die of anxiety right now. “M-me? I just didn’t want to ruin the surprise.”

“Wh-what’s the surprise??”

Yoongi didn’t think this far ahead, so he panics. “UH, YEAH, YOUR SURPRISE.” Yoongi gets on his knees.

“Oh, baby .” Hobi smirks.

Yoongi blushes, realising how this is looking to Hobi and to Jungkook, and starts waving his hands back and forth. “W-WAIT,” Yoongi panics even more. “W-wait for me while I get your surprise from under the bed.” Yoongi shoves his hand underneath the bed searching for anything to give to Hobi.

Jungkook-- still underneath the bed-- jumps as Yoongi’s hand accidentally grabs him by the face, and he slaps Yoongi’s hand away.

“AH, WHERE IS THAT SURPRISE THAT I PUT UNDERNEATH THE BED.” Yoongi grins at a very confused Hobi and his hand gives a ‘what the fuck, help me’ gesture.

Jungkook looks around the floor finding something for Yoongi to give to Hobi, and he spots something and immediately forces it into Yoongi’s hand. The sudden feeling of something being put in Yoongi’s hand makes him sigh with relief and he retrieves his hand from underneath the bed.

“Here’s your surpri-“ Yoongi looks at the item in his hand in dismay. There he held his custom made white fluffy cat ears, the same cat ears Hobi bought him as a gift, the same cat ears he wears during sex with Hobi whenever Yoongi is feeling peak submissive. Yoongi stares at the cat ears with his jaw wide open, and that’s when he looks up at Hobi.

Yoongi is about to throw up.

“Ohhhh.” Hobi smirks his evil grin and grabs the cat ears out of Yoongi’s hand, placing them on Yoongi’s head. He slides his hand down to cup Yoongi’s chin in his hand, “If kitten wanted to play, kitten should have just asked.”

Yoongi wishes for the sweet release of death as Hobi grabs him by the hair and he tries his hardest to not get hard .

“So, what kind of things does kitten want me to do to him today?” Hobi growls. Jungkook, underneath the bed, widens his eyes. Yoongi is bringing back memories of everything in his life that has ever turned him off to fight off the boner he can feel starting to form.

“NO!” Yoongi throws his hands up.


“NO, WE, UH--“ Yoongi panics, trying to find the words to say. “WE, UH, NEED TO… YOUR CLOSET!” Yoongi jumps up scurrying towards the metal door.

“My… closet??” Hobi knits his eyebrows.

“Y-YEAH, WE WE NEED TO PUT THESE IN YOUR CLOSET!!” Yoongi throws a point at the door.

“That was my surprise? That we need to put the cat ears in my closet?” Hobi pouts.

“N-n-no the surprise is… THAT IM BUYING YOU MORE CAT EARS SO WE NEED TO MAKE A NEW COMPARTMENT FOR THEM IMMEDIATELY. QUICK, WE NEED TO OPEN THE DOOR!!” Yoongi praises himself for being such a quick thinker.

“O-okay.” Hobi walks towards the door and stands next to Yoongi. “I actually wanted to show you the passcode, watch.”

Yoongi watches as Hobi puts the passcode in, becoming even more smitten and blushy when he sees Hobi press in the date they first started dating into the passcode machine. He smiles shyly as the door unlocks.

They walk into the closet, door closing slightly behind them. When Yoongi looks back slightly-- realising Jungkook can’t see them anymore-- he jumps onto Hobi, giving him a big kiss. At first, Hobi is startled, but then he smiles and kisses back.

“Aw, hehe, what was that for?” Hobi giggles.

“I just really love you,” Yoongi says with a small smile and Hobi beams back at him returning the words of love.

Jungkook is still under the bed, trying not to think about the likelihood of the pair of underwear lying on the floor next to him being used underwear. He shuffles away from them as much as he can, trying not to gag. A few seconds later, Hobi and Yoongi walk out of the closet and out of the room.

“I’m still down for the kitten-play stuff if you want to go back in and get the cat ears,” Hobi giggles as he closes the door behind him.

Yoongi smirks to himself. “Another day, I’m too sleepy today.” Yoongi and Hobi walk down the hallway, Yoongi can’t shake the feeling he’s forgotten something……. JUNGKOOK. “UH, I NEED TO GO BACK!”


“I, uh, want one of your jumpers to sleep in.”

“Awww, baby, that’s so cute. I’ll come with you and pick out the comfiest jumper I own.” Hobi goes to turn around.

“NO!” Yoongi puts his hands up to stop Hobi. “NO, I WANT TO PICK IT BY MYSELF!!”

“Oh, okay, then. Well, you know the passcode I guess, I’ll see you later.” Hobi shrugs and watches Yoongi grin and waddle toward his bedroom door.

Yoongi hurries into the room. “Jungkook, you can come out now.” He looks under the bed but there’s no one there. “JUNGKOOK??”

“Up here.” A soft voice comes from above him. He looks up and Jungkook is straddling his arms and legs around the ceiling bar Hobi has for working out.

“W-why are you up there?? Also, how do you have the strength to pull yourself up completely onto that thing??”

“Well, there was a spider in what I’m pretty sure was Hobi’s used underwear and the spider seemed angry. I mean, anyone would be iF they had just walked into Hobi’s used underwear, but it started running towards me and looked like it was going to bite me, and that’s when I knew the floor was not the place for me anymore,” Jungkook sighed. “And, to answer your second question, I am nothing but muscle. I thought you knew this by now.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes, and Jungkook got down hesitantly from the ceiling. They walked over to the door and Yoongi typed in the passcode, the door unlocked and they both walk in. As soon as they walk in, Jungkook starts whisper-screaming and falls onto the floor dramatically.

“What the fuck was that for?” Yoongi snaps.

“THE CLOTHES-- THEY’RE TOO BRIGHT, MY EYES!” Jungkook covers his eyes with his hands.

Yoongi huffs and pulls Jungkook up. “Just pick something before I strangle you with one of Hobi’s Gucci belts.”

Jungkook scurries away to the assorted brightly-coloured clothing hanging from the railings, and he searches through them with determination.

Gay, gay- - I need gay.

He pulls out one top and tosses it. Nope, not gay enough. He hangs the article of clothing back up on the railing and continues his search.

He almost gives up hope until he catches a glimpse of rainbow. He immediately pulls it out and turns to Yoongi.

“I’VE FOUND IT!” In Jungkook’s hands he held a bright rainbow woollen jumper with a glittery tiger on the front.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said you wanted something gay,” Yoongi scoffs.

Jungkook ignores Yoongi and curls his fingers at the bottom of his hoodie. He’s about to pull his hoodie off but then catches Yoongi’s eyes.

“Turn around, I’m getting changed.” Jungkook bats Yoongi away.

“Oh, please, I raised you, I birthed you-- I’ve seen it all before,” Yoongi reassures.

Jungkook glares at Yoongi in disbelief, “T-that’s not at all accurate.” Yoongi shrugs.

Jungkook gives up trying to get Yoongi to turn around and strips off his hoodie.

“So,” Yoongi plops himself on the floor. “Tell me about this Tae.”

Jungkook smiles at this as he slides his arms through the arms holes of the jumper. “Well, he’s just so.” Jungkook slides his head through the jumper.

Beautiful, funny, sexy, kind-- thoughtful.

“He’s just perfect,” Jungkook sighs and smiles at the floor as he pulls the jumper down.

“Wow, this is so strange-- seeing you like this for the first time, even though I’ve seen you pretty much grow up.” Yoongi beams his gummy smile. “My Jungkookie has his first real crush!”

Jungkook blushes, trying to hide his smile. He’s so happy he has Yoongi to confide in completely now. He never thought he’d tell anyone about this, he never thought he’d start falling for someone who actually likes him back, he never thought he’d ever in a million years be in this situation, but he is . It can all be very overwhelming and confusing, so he’s thankful that Yoongi has been so supportive today and has tried to make an effort to talk about everything instead of just moving on from it, which is exactly what Jungkook needs right now.

“What time is your date tonight?” Yoongi asks.

“Usually we meet around 12. So, probably then.”

“Is this going to be your first date?” Yoongi asks, genuinely interested and beaming at Jungkook to try and make his unconditional support as clear as possible.

“Yeah, it’s our first date. It’s still at the club, but I’m still really nervous?” Jungkook rubs the back of his neck, then opens his arms out. “So, how does it look on me?”

“Well, you wanted a gay look, and you got one.” Yoongi shrugs and Jungkook sends him a death stare that quickly turns into a pout.

“No, but really-- do you think I look good? Do you think Tae will like how I look?” Jungkook shoots his best puppy-dog eyes at Yoongi.

“Y-yeah, sorry, I’m just not used to you wearing anything other than black. I kinda feel like I’m in a fever dream, but I do think you look good and I think Tae will love the jumper,” Yoongi says rubbing the back of his neck.

I hope he’ll start to love more than just the jumper.

“Thanks, hyung.” Jungkook smiles but a thought lingers on his brain. “Yoongi, this is the first time I’m going to see Tae out of drag, wh-what if...”

“What if you’re not attracted to him out of drag?” Yoongi asks Jungkook and Jungkook gives a sad nod in return. “If you’re not attracted to him out of drag, and he’s still a hot guy, then you know that you were just fooled into the over-exaggeration of the feminine features and maybe you’re not as gay as you thought you were.”

“But, I don’t want that to happen… which is stupid, because a few weeks ago I was praying I wasn’t gay. But now, if that happens, I-I honestly don’t know who I am if that happens.” Jungkook plops himself next to Yoongi and leans on Yoongi’s side. “I’ve gone through this journey of self-acceptance-- well, I still am going through it, really-- but I feel like I haven’t progressed so much if what I’ve battled so long to accept isn’t even who I am...” Jungkook can feel tears forming in his eyes, and Yoongi immediately wraps his arms around Jungkook as Jungkook collapses into Yoongi’s chest.

“I know it will feel like it would have been all this time and energy wasted for nothing, but that’s not true,” Yoongi mumbles into the top of Jungkook’s head. “You spent all this time trying to accept yourself-- you’re still yourself, even if what you identify as changes. You are your own person-- you’re not just your sexual preference.”

Jungkook sits up to look at Yoongi. “Are you sure?” Yoongi nods with a shy smile.

“Also, the way you look when you talk about Tae and just the way you talk about him-- it’s obvious you don’t just like him for his looks.” Jungkook smiles at that. “Also, for what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s possible for a straight guy to pull off that jumper.”

Jungkook chuckles, falling into Yoongi’s side. “Thanks, hyung… wait, isn’t this Hobi’s jumper?”

“Yeah, and?”

“You just said it’s not possible for a straight guy to pull it off...”

Yoongi widens his eyes, realising his mistake. “Yeah… don’t tell him, but I don’t think he can pull it off...” That makes Jungkook chuckle more.

“Anyway, let’s get you ready for your date!” Yoongi jumps up, watching Jungkook stand up also.

“Thank you so much, hyung. I appreciate this and you so much,” Jungkook says as Yoongi brings him in for another hug.

“Oh, Jungkook that reminds me.”


“I don’t think a straight guy would get a boner while cuddling with his friends who are also guys.”



After that strange interaction with Yoongi, Hobi wasn’t going to deny he was half-hard during their talk-- while still very confused as what was going on with Yoongi, too.

Hobi walks back from his room where he saw Yoongi and heads to the living room. “It was just-“ Hobi goes to reassure Namjoon-- who was waiting for him in the living room-- that the bang wasn’t a thief trying to rob them blind, but as Hobi turned the corner to the living room he sees a sleeping Namjoon, lying on his back with a pillow cuddled up to his chest and his mouth wide-open.

Do I wake Namjoon up, or do I go make out with my boyfriend more??

“Sleep tight, you sleepy giant.” Hobi kisses the top of Joon’s head before sprinting back down to his room. He slowly turns the knob on the door, opening it quietly, only to see the bedroom empty and noises coming from his closet.

I bet he’s going to look so cute in my jumper.

He gets closer to the closet door and can hear Yoongi’s voice.

Is he talking to himself? That’s so cute.

Hobi opens the door a crack so that he can see Yoongi sitting there on the floor, looking as cute as ever. Hobi notices how Yoongi looks like he’s looking at something.

What is he-

He opens the door slightly more and sees the back of a topless man.


Hobi is about to slam open the door and storm in but before he can do anything, the topless man turns around and Hobi can see that it’s Jungkook.

What is Jungkook doing in my closet with Yoongi?

Hobi tries to listen in on what they’re saying.

“Well, he’s just so, he’s just so perfect.” Hobi hears Jungkook say.

Who’s perfect?

“My Jungkookie has his first real crush!”

Wh-what crush??

Hobi presses his ear against the door to try and hear better.

“What time is your date tonight?”

DATE?! Hobi’s eyes widen.

“Usually, we meet around 12, so, probably then.”

How does he get out of the house?

“So, do you sneak out of your window every time?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” Jungkook explains.

Oh, like that.

“So, how does it look on me?” As Jungkook says that, Hobi looks through the crack in the door again and sees Jungkook wearing his rainbow tiger jumper.

“Well, you wanted a gay look, you got one,” Yoongi scoffed at Jungkook.

W-why does he want a gay loo-WAIT HE’S GOING ON A DATE TONIGHT!

That’s the moment Hobi figures it out.


Hobi stands up straight, eyes widening. He sneaks away to the door leading to the hallway, trying to make as little noise possible. When he reaches the door, he sprints down the hallway to the living room, jumps on the sofa and hides underneath the blanket, taking in everything he just heard.

Has Yoongi told Jungkook about their relationship??? How did Yoongi find out about Jungkook??? Why hasn’t Yoongi told him about this, his own boyfriend???

Well, if Yoongi’s not going to tell him, he won’t tell Yoongi he knows.

Wednesday night 10pm

Hobi found out today that
1. Jungkook is going on a date.
2. Jungkook is going on a date with a boy??
3.Jungkook is going to meet up with his date at 12.
And 4. Jungkook is climbing out his window to get to said date (which he’s apparently been doing for a while).

He wrote this in his little notebook, getting ready for his plan to take action.

Camouflage, camouflage-- where is my camouflage?

Hobi scavenged through his closet, trying to find his ‘spy outfit’ which he used to use to sneak out successfully when he and Yoongi weren’t living together so he could go to see Yoongi without raising suspicion. Yoongi found it funny-- and cute-- so he kept it as a memory.

Ah, there you are.

Hobi pulls out a full-camouflage suit, including a hat and some camouflage socks, also.


Hobi beams and puts his spy suit on the ‘to try on’ hook on his wall. He curls his fingers on the bottom of his shirts and pulls his shirt off, then he hears someone enter the room.

“Hey, who’s out there?” Hobi calls out.

There’s no response.

“Hello?” Hobi calls out one last time before opening the closet door, still shirtless.

The door opens and there sitting on his knees on Hobi’s bed wearing nothing but the cat ears-- and an oversized jumper that Hobi recognises as his-- sits Yoongi.


“I was… cold,” Yoongi pouts.

“I don’t think you’re going to get warmer with just a jumper on,” Hobi chuckles as he walks towards the bed.

Hobi gets to the foot of the bed and Yoongi jumps into his arms, nuzzling into Hobi’s bare chest. Hobi wraps his arms around Yoongi and sways with him as they kiss.

“I’m sorry I was acting so weird earlier… I wasn’t feeling well, but I feel a lot better now.” He kisses Hobi once more before whispering into his mouth. “I feel a lot better,” emphasising the ‘lot’.

Hobi gulps- any other day he’d already be bending over for Yoongi, or deep in Yoongi instead-- but today, he had a mission.

“O-oh, haha, I’m glad you feel better.” Hobi nervously smiled as he backed off slightly.
Yoongi got closer to Hobi and put his arms around Hobi’s neck, the oversized jumper lifting once Yoongi lifted his arms, revealing the tip of Yoongi’s length. “So, do you wanna play?” Yoongi grins and points to the cat ears on his head.

Hobi is suffering.

“Ohh baby I’m sorry I’m just uh really not feeling well today.” Hobi coughs. “See I’ve just caught a really bad cold.”

Yoongi pushes his chest close to Hobi’s chest, and Hobi can feel Yoongi’s tip on the skin above his crotch, in the middle of his v-line. “I can warm you up, you can be bottom tonight and I’ll take care of you and spoon you all night.” Yoongi kisses Hobi’s forehead, just below the eyebrow, his nose, and then his lips. Hobi couldn’t help but melt into the kiss; he wished Yoongi didn’t know him so well right now, aware of all of Hobi’s weaknesses. Yoongi kisses down from his lips, leaving pecks atop his jaw and down his neck, and finally low down to his collarbones, where he kisses and sucks the skin underneath them.

“Yoongi, you know we can’t give each other hickeys anymore,” Hobi giggles as Yoongi looks up with a guilty grin.

“I know, but that makes me want to do it even more,” Yoongi giggles into Hobi’s chest.

Hobi feels so bad-- he wants to take Yoongi right there and then, but his curiosity is too deep.

“Yoongi,” Hobi steps back. “I can’t do anything tonight, I’m really not feeling good.”

“Oh.” Yoongi turned around from Hobi and found his underwear, slipping it back on before going back to hugging Hobi. “That’s okay, sweetheart. We can just cuddle and kiss, and I’ll look after you.” Yoongi kisses Hobi’s nose.

Hobi loves Yoongi so much, but damn, he wishes that he wasn’t making leaving him so hard.

“Oh, baby, thank you so much, but...” Hobi sways with Yoongi cuddled up in his arms. “I just need to be alone right now-- I have the worst head pain,” Hobi pouts

“O-oh okay.” Yoongi gets up from the bed, no longer the same height as Hobi now that he doesn’t have the height of the bed to kneel on. He cups the side of Hobi’s face in his palm. “My poor love,” Yoongi says with a pout and gives him a quick peck. “I hope you feel better soon, I love you so much!”

Hobi can’t help but smirk at how adorable Yoongi is about him basically having to reject him. “I love you more!” Hobi says back.

Yoongi gives a small smile before walking out the door and closing it behind him. Hobi gives a sigh mixed of relief and guilt, collapsing onto his bed and looking up at the ceiling before he remembers what he was about to do. Hobi looks for his phone, and the time reads 10:50pm. He jumps up off his bed and throws his ‘spy suit’ on.

Hobi’s room was right next door to Jungkook’s room, so he had his ear pressed tight to the wall separating the two. He heard moving about in Jungkook’s room a few times-- sounds like the bed squeaking, his footsteps on the ground and him opening his closet. That’s when he hears a sound he doesn’t recognise-- an almost creaking sound. He doesn’t hear footsteps anymore either, but he hears a… cat???

Hobi grabs his bag he packed before and put his phone in his pocket, sneaking out of his room and tiptoeing in his shoes, which make the least noise possible but are to many people (not Hobi) the ugliest shoes ever seen. Hobi grabs the handle to Jungkook’s door and twists it open. He pokes his head through the opening, just as he expected.

The room was empty.

He hears a scratching and notices a cat pawing at the window outside. He heads towards the window and sees Jungkook outside, heading into a bush by the fence.

“Hello, little kitty,” Hobi coos, opening the window and picking up the cat before moving it to the side so that there’s enough room for him to get out.

Hobi finds scaling the roof and sliding down the drain pipe a lot easier than Yoongi had and in a matter of seconds, he is on the ground, sprinting to the bush he saw Jungkook disappear into. He’s actually quite excited now-- his camouflage spy-suit has never been used for actual spying before. He feels like a very gay and non-misogynistic James Bond-- who instead of killing people, is going to spy on his friends first gay date.


Tae paces back and forth at the bar and Jimin watches him while bent over, his elbow resting on the bar in front of him and his chin resting in his palm.

“In all the time we’ve been best friends, I don’t think I’ve seen you look so nervous-- you look like you’re about to shit your pants,” Jimin snickers.

“DO I ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE I’M ABOUT TO SHIT MY PANTS??” Tae looks down at his body, mortified.

“OH MY GOD, NO! I’m saying you look nervous, is all. You look amazing, too, don’t worry.”

Tae sighs with relief and sits down at the bar. “How long until he’s here?” Tae asks, looking up at Jimin, who seems to be looking somewhere else.

“Tae?” A familiar voice comes from behind him.

“Umm, about 0 seconds,” Jimin replies with a giggle.

Tae widens his eyes and looks behind him. There, standing in awe, is Kook.

“OH, HI, I DIDN’T KNO-“ Tae is about to apologise for being nervous before Kook interrupts

“You look so...” Tae see’s the corners of Kook’s eyes crinkle. “Perfect.”

A bomb of butterflies suddenly explode in Tae’s tummy. He feels very exposed in front of Kook out of drag-- V was like his security blanket, and now he’s Tae he feels like a shy, flustered school girl in front of her crush.

“You’re too cute!” Tae jokingly swats at Kook’s arm and slides his hand down to meet his, intertwining their fingers. “Let’s dance!”

Kook nods and his eyes sparkle-- Tae can tell he’s smiling under the mask, and he can’t wait to take it off. They head towards the dance floor. Tae grabs Kook’s other hand and places it on his own waist. They sway, looking up at each other.

“Your outfit tonight is so fancy!” Tae holds Kook’s hand up, inviting Kook to twirl around, which he does. “Is this real Gucci?” Tae grins with his boxy smile and pulls Kook into his chest.

“I think it’s real! Does it suit me?” Kook looks up at Tae with big doe eyes. Tae feels his heart physically flip.

“You look really handsome.” Tae gives Kook a shy smile, and Kook’s eyes glisten before he takes his mask off and pulls Tae into a loving kiss.

“Still perfect,” Kook whispers into Tae’s mouth.

Tae then became very self-aware that they were in the middle of the dancefloor.

“Maybe we should continue this over there, away from in the middle of the dance floor.” Tae winces and Kook gives an ‘oh yeah’ in realisation.


They move their way to the side of the room, and Kook leans on the wall, slouched. He looks up at Tae through his eyelashes, which makes Tae grin uncontrollably. He places his hands on both sides of Kook, caging him in. Kook looks up at Tae with a whole bunny smile as he grabs Tae’s face and pulls him forward, so that their lips come crashing together. Their lips slide perfectly into each other’s, like a puzzle piece they didn’t know they’d lost in the first place. Kook opens his mouth, ready to slip his tongue into Tae’s mouth.

“What happened to the awkward closeted boy I met the first time,” Tae giggles into Kook’s mouth.

Kook giggles as he pecks Tae one last time before he pulls away, and with a big grin says “You.” Tae swoons as Kook brings him into the kiss again; Tae wasn’t one to fall for someone so quickly, but this time it just felt… right.

The pecks Kook left on Tae’s lips felt like home-- when Kook pulled away for even just a second, his lips suddenly didn’t feel right. That’s why he was extra pissed when he feels a tap on his shoulder. He pulls away and looks at who the hand on his shoulder belonged to-- Jimin.

Jimin leans close to Tae’s ear and whispers, “Emergency. Over here for a second, don’t alert Kookie.” Tae raised an eyebrow at Jimin and Jimin returned with an impatient huff before dragging him by his arm away from Kook, “HE’LL BE ONE SECOND.”

“Okay, I’m away from Kook now. What’s the emergency?” Tae sighs. Jimin grabs into his pocket and pulls out a compact mirror and hands it to Tae.

“Don’t look around you, look through the mirror. There’s a guy in the penis bush and he’s been looking at you and Kook through binoculars for like 10 minutes.”

Tae opens the mirror and looks towards the penis bush, Jimin was right-- there was a guy right there, in a god awful camo suit, with red hair peeking out of his hat.

“So, here’s the plan! You take Kook somewhere else while I distract him, okay?”

Tae just nodded back-- he knows better than to argue with Jimin’s plans.

“Okay, off you go. Have fun!” Jimin said as he stared the man with the binoculars down and waved Tae off.

Tae returns to a confused Kookie. “So, change of plans. I want to take you out and have a proper date that’s not always inside this club!” Tae gave Kook a big boxy smile.

“B-but I’ll be noticed so easily if I go out wearing--” Kook pointed at his outfit. “--this!”

“Wait, I have a plan! Come with me.” Tae grabs Kook’s hand and they disappear backstage.


Hobi follows the same steps Yoongi did. Following Jungkook through different streets, keeping his distance and hiding behind corners. It wasn’t as hard for Hobi to follow Jungkook as it was for Yoongi, considering Jungkook had on a bright rainbow jumper on.

Aw, it looks good on him; I should give him that jumper.

Hobi was fighting the urge to dance to the muffled music he could hear. Iit started to get louder and louder the more he followed Jungkook, and he realised why when Jungkook turns a corner down the road from the source of the music, a club with lots of lights and also lots of very fit, topless men with what looked like leather trousers on.

Still not as hot as my Yoongi.

He watched Jungkook go inside the club, waving at one of the topless guys like they knew each other.

Why did Jungkook seem so friendly with that guy?

Hobi takes a deep breath and approaches the club before he stops in his tracks.


He searches through his pockets frantically in the middle of the street. He feels like the gods have graced him when he finds a simple black face mask. He fumbles to put it on but still succeeds to properly put the mask on his face. He regains composure and walks towards the door

“Hey, cute ass.” One of the guys at the door says to him. “Want a flyer?”

Hobi chuckles, thanks the man and takes his flyer. “Oh, thanks! So, what is this place?”

“It’s a drag/gay club for people like us.” Hobi must have looked taken back by that comment because the man smiled and said, “Don’t worry-- it’s a completely safe space, you don’t even have to take your mask off, if you don’t want to. Just have fun and be yourself, because everyone here accepts you completely.”

Hobi eye-smiles at the man. “Thank you so much. Do I need a ticket to get in?”

“Oh, yeah, here.” The man hands Hobi a ticket. Hobi bows before turning toward the door.

He enters the club through the rainbow beads hanging above the entrance.

Yoongi would love this. I should see if they make Kumamon beads.

The atmosphere hits him as soon as he ascends completely through the beads-- the lights, the art on the walls, the crazy amount of love and happiness in the air as gay couples dance and love together in the crowd. Hobi can’t help but beam under the mask.

He walks down the stairs casually at first, until he spots Jungkook and instantly finds a hiding spot.

Lucky for Hobi, there was a single potted bush. He pulls out his binoculars from his bag and makes sure no one’s looking when he puts his binoculars up to his face. He watches how Jungkook goes up to this guy who’s about the same height as him. He has peach hair with streaks of bright pink glistening through it, big, round glasses on and a wide, boxy smile plastered on his face as he goes in to hug Jungkook.

Awww, he’s cute.

Hobi focuses the binoculars better and sees the guy look excited by something and hold Jungkook’s hand up. Jungkook twirls around before he’s pulled into the arms of this man. Hobi doesn’t know whether to gasp or giggle when Jungkook takes off his mask and pulls the man into a full on makeout in the middle of the club.

Oh, come on, Jungkookie-- don’t be that guy. At least makeout at the side so people can dance.

As he thinks that, it seems Jungkook’s date has the same thought, pulling out from the kiss with Jungkook and signaling to the side. Jungkook nods and they walk to the side of the club. Hobi sees Jungkook leaning on the wall and the guy chatting to him. Jungkook makes the man laugh about something and Hobi can’t help but coo when Jungkook bunny-smiles in pride, probably because the guy laughed at his joke. Hobi feels a bit like a creep, giggling while watching his best friend makeout with his date, but he hasn’t seen Jungkook this happy in years. The two smile through their kisses and it reminds him of Yoongi and him. Suddenly, a hand appears on Jungkook’s date’s shoulder, and they stop kissing.

How rude-- they were just making out, leave them alone.

Jungkook’s date goes off to the side, leaving Jungkook alone, sipping his drink. Hobi zooms his binoculars to look at where Jungkook’s date has gone. There, he spots him with someone else whispering into his ear.

Who is that?

The person backs away from Jungkook’s date and at that moment, Hobi’s jaw drops. There stands a beautiful red/pink-haired man with golden skin that glistens when the fluorescent club lights hit him at the right angle. Hobi can’t help but notice the muscular arms on full show through the person’s sleeveless blouse. Hobi gulps when his binoculars pan up at the man’s plump pink lips. He pans the binocular up a bit more to see the man’s eyes, and what he isn’t expecting when he does so is the man’s eyes looking straight at him. Hobi jumps up and squeals, dropping the binoculars.


He tries to calm himself and bends down to pick up the binoculars. He stands up and looks through the binoculars to make sure they’re not broken.

They seem okay.

He turns around to watch Jungkook again.

“Did someone forget to tell you? Camo is out.”

Hobi jumps when the beautiful man that spoke to Jungkook’s date is right in front of him, very zoomed in because Hobi’s still looking through the binoculars. Hobi felt like a creep just looking at the man through binoculars, but he was too nervous to put them down.

“Are you just going to keep those up the whole time I’m talking to you, or..?”

The man puts his hand on Hobi’s. Hobi flinches but feels strangely calm. The man lowers the binoculars down from Hobi’s face and Hobi swore he saw a glimpse of a smirk when their eyes met.

“So, do you want to explain why you’re spying on my best friend with binoculars while hiding in a penis-shaped bush?” The man asked with a slight scowl.

“Penis-shaped?” Hobi took a step back to look at the bush fully.

Lucky for Hobi, there was a single potted bush; unlucky for Hobi, the bush was carved and sculpted in the shape of a big cock.

The man snickered slightly before returning his face to the scowl. “Yes, penis-shaped. Anyway, can you please explain to me why you were spying on my best friend?”

“Jungkook is your best friend??” Hobi questioned as he tilted his head.

“Kook? No, he’s my best friends date.” The man’s scowl was slowly starting to soften.

It really was a date. Jungkook really is gay.

“Ah, okay, it was a date, then. That’s all I wanted to know, I’ll leave now. Thank you!” Hobi held his hand up and smiled before going to walk off, but before he could get anywhere, the man had grabbed his arm.

“Well, I’m glad you’ve got all you wanted to know, but now you’ve got to tell me what I want to know. Come on.” The man pulls Hobi towards the bar, and Hobi strangely goes willingly.

Hobi and the man got up to the bar. The man pointed to a strange-looking barstool and told Hobi to sit. Before sitting, Hobi studied the barstool and gasped when he realised the barstools were shaped like ‘lady’s’ legs. “That’s so cool! Where can I get these from?” Hobi asks as he looks back up at the man with an extremely amused look in his eyes. The man looked back at Hobi with a raised eyebrow as he cleaned a glass with a towel.

“Are you trying to get me to forget about what you were just doing by being cute??” The man questions Hobi.

“No, I just really want these stools in my house.” It suddenly hits him that the man called him cute and he tries to shrug it off, “And, I can explain that back there.” Hobi feels his face warm up as the man glares at him, such an intense stare from such a soft face-- it makes Hobi’s tummy feel fluttery.

Hobi didn’t realise he’d been staring at this man without saying something for a while until the man interrupted his thoughts. “Okay, then?? Explain??”

“OH, YEAH! Okay, so, I don’t know who your best friend is. All I know is he’s Jungkook’s date that I overheard Jungkook talking about back at our house. I came here tonight dressed like this to see if what I overheard was right.”

“So, you heard your… brother? Was going on a date, so you decided to dress up in camo and spy on him as he gets off with his date??? You do understand you’re still sounding very creepy in this story??” The man pours himself a drink and sips it.

“N-no, he’s not my brother-- he’s my best friend, and a member of the hip-hop group I’m in.” Hobi smiles under his mask and his eyes crinkle. The man widens his eyes and bursts out laughing, spraying whatever drink he was drinking all over Hobi. “MY SPY SUIT!” Hobi looks down at his camo spy suit to see it drenched in liquid.

“I-IM SORRY, DID YOU SAY HIP HOP GROUP? HAHAHA, KOOKIE IS IN A HIP-HOP GROUP-- I CAN’T!” The man is almost bent over backwards, laughing. “WHAT’S YOUR NAME? THE COOKIES N’ MILK?!” The man can’t stop laughing, tears forming in his eyes.

“W-why are you laughing?” Hobi pouted under the mask.

The man’s laughing started to die down and he let out the last few giggles. “Just Kookie in a hip-hop group, when he’s so awkward and gay,” the man breathes out. “It’s just a funny thought.”

“W-well, it’s not a thought-- it’s a real thing! We’re in a very, very successful idol group. You’ll have definitely heard of us!” Hobi huffs as he crosses his arms.

“Oh, really?” The man rolls his eyes. “Go on then, ‘famous, successful idol’, show me your face.”

“I don’t know if you can handle it, I’ve been told I’m one of the most handsome idols.” Hobi winks at the man, the man stares back with an eyebrow raised and his lips agape in a judgemental manner.

“I think I can handle it.” The man sarcastic winces.

Hobi looks around at the people around him. It’s not as busy around the bar because everyone is out on the dance floor or sitting on the loungers around the dance floor. He takes a deep breath and unhooks the string on the mask from his ear, uncovering the lower half of his face. He places the mask on the bar and he combs the pieces of hair covering his face out of the way with his fingers, revealing his forehead. He opens his eyes and gives his famous idol smoulder stare back at the man.

The man clunks his drink back onto the bar harshly, puts both hands to his face and gasps. “Oh my god, it’s you!” The man says with his mouth agape.

“Yes, it is, I Jung Hos-“

“It’s you! The guy who spied on my best friends date behind a penis-shaped bush, who wears camo, and who I have literally never seen before in my life before today.”

“W-what?” Hobi’s jaw goes slack. “How do you not know me?? Our group is the biggest group in South Korea??”

“That’s probably why I don’t know you then.”


“I don’t listen to mainstream garbage.”

Hobi’s mouth goes agape at first but then his soft, shocked face turns into a face of anger. “You can’t just generalise all music that is mainstream?!” Hobi watches as the man rolls his eyes, which makes him even angrier. “We’re a hip-hop group, but there’s pop and rock and E.D.M.-“

“Oh, no, wait-- I do like E.D.M., and I like some songs that come on the radio, sometimes-- I just don’t care who’s song it is while I’m grinding on a guy or having a hot passionate fuck in the restroom,” The man explains with a simple smile.

That catches Hobi off-guard; he was just sticking up for his music, and then the man said that and now all he can think about is the image of the man getting off with a random guy in the restroom. Hobi composes himself, directing his now sexual frustration into his passion to win this argument.

“D-do you know how much work goes into creating music??” If looks could kill, Hobi would have murdered the man about 60 times right now. “Musicians don’t slave away, pouring their heart into the lyrics, putting together beats that match perfectly and spend days constructing it all together just for ignorant assholes like you to have something to listen to while you have a fuck!” Hobi can feel his face getting red with anger.

“OH, I’M AN IGNORANT ASSHOLE?! OKAY! Please, tell me, what have you done or learned as an idol?? Have you spoken out about equal rights, the LGBTQ+ community, or racism??? Do you even know what goes on in the world outside of the cishet man world?? NO, BECAUSE YOU’RE SO FAR UP YOUR OWN IDOL ASS TO EVEN CARE ABOUT REAL PROBLEMS!” The man has his jaw clenched and fire in his eyes. “I’m not saying that I don’t appreciate musicians, I’m an artist myself-- I understand it’s their art. I’m just saying I don’t like these phony idols who only care about getting pussy and money and nothing else. If you’re so famous, why don’t you try and shine a light on the important issues in the world? I appreciate the REAL musicians, who talk about what needs to be talked about,” The man is huffing deeply, and Hobi is speechless. “ANYWAY, I’m done with this conversation. I’m going into the back to… YOU KNOW WHAT, I’M NOT TELLING YOU, I DON’T NEED TO EXPLAIN MYSELF TO YOU!” The man turns away and enters the door at the back on the bar.

Hobi looks at himself through the reflective wall. How could that man say that? Their music has lots of important messages… at least, the ones they write, anyway. A lot of them don’t get approved by the company and just stay in their song folder on the pc in their recording studio, BUT STILL-- for the man to completely invalidate mainstream artists like that was wrong. Hobi gets all worked up again, stands up and stomps to the door the man exited in.

This conversation is Not Over.

Hobi barges into the room, not realising how small it is until he’s inside. Still, he closes the door behind him, creating a noise. The man-- who was trying to get something from the high shelf-- looks straight at Hobi and scowls. Hobi feels a strange jolt in his chest and starts to walk down the very narrow storage room.

“Are you really fucking serious right now??” The man scoffs.

“No, this conversation isn’t over! Just because there might not be a lot of idols who don’t talk about that stuff doesn’t mean they don’t try an-“ before Hobi can finish his sentence, he’s cut off by the man.

“Oh, for fuck sake-- you can’t be in here! This is staff only! I don’t care if your famous, flat ass can comprehend that or not.-- you have got to leave!” The man walk straight into Hobi, trying to push him back with all his might.

Hobi doesn’t move, and would probably giggle at the fact that the man is putting so much energy into moving Hobi yet he isn’t budging in the slightest, but he’s too angry. “No, I need to finish! You think you’re so much better than everyone else because you don’t listen to ‘mainstream music’ because it doesn’t have a ‘message’, or it’s garbage and you only listen to ‘real music’, but news flash-- no matter how cool you think you are by totally rejecting anything slightly popular, to everyone else you’re still just a bartender at a gay club earning minimum wage, cleaning up drunks sick in the bathroom every night! You’re not this cool, hip, ‘woke’ hot guy that you think you are!” Hobi is steaming with anger, his chest dramatically rising and falling with each huff.

The man looks at him with hurt swimming in his eyes with a mix of anger. “FUCK YOU!”


Before Hobi could finish, a pair of lips aggressively smacked against his, two arms grabbing the back of his neck and a small fragile chest smashed into his own. It took Hobi about 2 seconds to realise what was happening, but it took him a millisecond to know he liked it.

The man pulled away from Hobi’s lips and smacked Hobi around the face.



They stared at each other, chest to chest and cramped in a small storage room, Hobi’s lips agape as he pants.

The man stood up straight and moves a step to the door. “So, uh, I need to get back to wo-“

Before the man can take another step, Hobi grabs him by his hand into another passionate kiss. A whimper leaves the man’s mouth as their lips slide perfectly in each other’s and their tongues dance against the others, like two lovers dancing the tango. Their breathing is hot and heavy, their hands are exploring each other’s bodies. The man’s chest is close against Hobi’s, one of his hands gripping Hobi’s hair tightly while the other is making its way to his ass. Hobi pulls the man in closer (like it was even possible), his hand under the man’s shirt gripping the side of his bare waist, then he starts kissing and sucking up his neck viciously.

“J-j-jimin,” The man says breathlessly.

Hobi freezes, “What?”

“That’s my name. Jimin.”

Suddenly, Hobi remembers another time a lot like this-- how could he forget? His heart feels like it’s being ripped apart by dull, fiery knives.

“Um, what’s yours?” Jimin asks nervously, obviously feeling the sudden awkwardness in the air now that Hobi has been frozen in that position for a while, staying completely silent.

Hobi unlocks himself from Jimin’s body and stands up straight. “This was wrong, I shouldn’t have done this.” Hobi goes to walk away before he feels a small hand grab at his sleeve, which hurts him even more.

“No, wait please!” Hobi looks back at a pouting Jimin. “Look, I won’t tell anyone you did this. You don’t have to worry, I’m not going to expose you or out you, I understand how cruel the idol industry is,” Jimin is panting looking up at Hobi with big, glistening eyes. “I don’t even know your name, so I can’t really expose you, and you don’t need to tell me your name if you’re not comfortable with me knowing now we’ve kissed. I understand, just...” Jimin looks down at the ground and bites his lip. “Maybe, if you could come back again… I’d like that.”

Hobi looks back at Jimin with a small smile. “We’ll see.” Jimin lets out a sad sigh but gives Hobi a small, shy smile.

And with that, Hobi is out the storage room, battling his way through all the dancing bodies towards the exit, walking back home while trying to stop the tears that sting his eyes from coming out like a waterfall. He coughs away the whimpers escaping his mouth, thinking about what he’s just done to Yoongi-- the love of his life, the only person who truly knows and understands him, the only person who has helped him through some of the toughest times when he’s hurt the most.

How could I do this to him?

Tae keeps giggling as he grabs Jungkook’s hand and they run together behind the stage. They reach the dressing room backstage and Jungkook instantly spots a pink satin lounger that Tae tells him to wait on.

Jungkook lies down on the lounger, sinking into the soft material. “Oh my god, this is the comfiest thing I’ve ever sat on.” Jungkook lay back further and relaxes.

“I know, right? Sooyoung bought it as a gift for my birthday but it didn’t fit in my flat, so I asked for it to be put in here,” Tae explained as he disappeared into a little room attached to the dressing room. Jungkook could see it was filled to the brim with a variety of props and outfits.

“So, where are you thinking of taking me out to?” Jungkook asked as he lay on his side to face the little room while resting on his elbow.

Tae popped his head out of the room to grin at Jungkook. “Hmmm, it’s a secret!”

Jungkook chuckles, trying to get his heart to calm down after seeing Tae’s boxy grin again. Tae walks out of the room, wearing a light pink hoodie with flower embroidery curved around the shoulders and down to the chest.

“Here-- put this on!” Tae throws the hoodie in Jungkook’s direction. Jungkook sits up and sticks his arms out to catch it, but it just hits him in the face.

“Cougt if,” Jungkook muffled into the hoodie wrapped around his face. Tae can’t help but giggle before kissing Jungkook through the fabric. He lifts the hoodie off Jungkook’s face and is greeted by a grin and a cute boy leaning towards him, leaving a small peck on his lips.

Tae smiles, “You’re so cute.”

“I try,” Jungkook grins smugly.

Tae chuckles before letting go of the hoodie, only for it to fall back onto Jungkook’s face. He then walks off back into the little room, “Call me back when you’ve changed.”

Jungkook watches as Tae disappears behind the door of the room. He takes a deep breath, recovering from another interaction with Tae that makes his heart feel like it’s going to break through his chest, and starts pulling his jumper off. His jumper is halfway off before he notices the door open a crack, a glimpse of pink hair peeking through.

“Are you peeking?” Jungkook giggles as he notices Tae shoot back away from the door, and the door closes shut.

Jungkook watches in the corner of his eye as the door opens slightly again. He lovingly rolls his eyes and takes his jumper completely off, feeling very smug when he hears a gasp come from behind the door. He chuckles as he pulls on the hoodie Tae gave him.

The door opens and Tae strolls out nonchalantly.


“How did you know I was changed huh?” Jungkook questions, raising an eyebrow and smirking.

“Call it a sixth sense!” Tae winks and grabs Jungkook’s hand before heading toward the door. “Let’s go!”

Just before Tae could make it completely out of the door, Jungkook stops him. “Y’know, if you really want to see me shirtless, you’ve just got to ask.”

Tae can’t help but grin, “You’re making this ‘not hooking up with you until you’ve fully accepted yourself’ thing really hard for me, you know that right?”

Jungkook gives a dramatic gasp. “I’m making you hard?”

Tae playfully hits Jungkook and blushes. “Shut up and come on,” Tae giggles, dragging Jungkook out the exit with him once more, Jungkook chuckling at how he’s successfully turned the tables by making Tae all flustered.

They left out of the club’s backdoor and down the street, walking side-by-side. Jungkook felt the soft graze of Tae’s hand against his unbearable. Tae had reassured Jungkook that if he didn’t feel comfortable holding hands outside of the club, he understood and wouldn’t hold it against him. At first, Jungkook wanted to say ‘fuck it’ and let Tae completely ravage him, but he’s so thankful for Tae being responsible and making sure they’re taking it at a pace that’s comfortable for him.

They walked side-by-side, Jungkook feeling the ghost of Tae’s hand that was once intertwined in his, his hand cold and Tae’s hand a soft blanket that he wanted to warm up in. He looks around-- there are quite a few people crowding the street-- but Jungkook feels like he’s about to erupt with want. He takes a deep breath, closes his eyes, and moves his sleeve further down his hand to gently slide his fingers into the gaps in between Tae’s fingers, where he’s made his home...

He feels Tae giggle. “About time,” Tae winks. Jungkook pulls his sleeve down even more so it’s covering their hands together. “Oversized hoodies: keeping our hands warm and our gayness a secret to the outside world.”

“It’s a good job you had some everyday clothes spare in your dressing room,” Jungkook smiles.

“I have a full outfit in there-- it’s a shame you didn’t think your jeans needed changing too, I’d have loved to see you in a skirt,” Tae giggles stroking Jungkook’s arm.

“Hmmm, maybe another time.”

“WAIT, REALLY?” Tae stops in his tracks and looks at Jungkook dead-serious. Jungkook chuckles and nods, and Tae’s face is brightened with a big grin as he gives an little excited leap.

They continued walking down the brightly lit street. “Why do you have clothes that aren’t drag clothes in your dressing room, by the way?” Jungkook asks.

“Oh, they’re my sleepover clothes.”

“Sleepover-- like, with Jimin?”

“I mean, we had that kind of a sleepover once, but… no, I mean like one-night stands,” Tae explains in a calm voice. “I keep an outfit spare so I can go back to the club, get changed into normal clothes, and get all of the remaining drag makeup off before going back to my flat.”

“Oh.” Jungkook felt his heart drop, the thought of Tae hanging out with him then sleeping with a random guy after made Jungkook want to throw up.

Is that all I am to him, is he just staying with me until I feel comfortable so he can fuck me and leave me?

The rest of the walk, the only sounds were the various sounds that the streets of Seoul emitted every night. Jungkook’s hand was limp in Tae’s as they walked. They turned a corner and Jungkook heard music, laughter, and squeals. He looked ahead, and there was a carnival.

“We’re here!” Tae grinned.

“Hm, ok.” Jungkook shrugged

Tae turned around to look straight at Jungkook, placing his hands on Jungkook’s shoulders. “Kook, what’s wrong?” Tae looks at Jungkook’s face, like he’s searching for something.

“Nothing, I’m fine.” Jungkook huffs.

“Kook,” Tae looks at Jungkook with a soft but stern look, “please talk to me.”

“I-I just,” Jungkook started trying his hardest to avoid eye contact by looking at the ground, “What you said before about one-night stands… it just makes me feel… upset, thinking you’re meeting up with me then sleeping with a random guy.”

“Oh, Koo-“

“Also, I’m scared that’s all I am to you, just another guy who you can have sex with before you leave,” Jungkook crosses his arms and tries to hide in himself. “I-I don’t want to be just that to you.”


“I REALLY like you, and this is the first time I’ve liked someone who likes me back. I don’t want you to just like me back in a sexual way, I want you to like me back in a romantic way because that’s how I like you! And I don’t want you to just throw me away once you get what you want, and I’ve never felt like this before an--” Before Jungkook could say anymore, a hand was on top of his mouth.

Tae looks at Jungkook, his palm over Jungkook’s mouth. “Kookie, I haven’t even been able to look at another guy in that way since we met. I like you so much-- sexually, yes-- but also romantically, aesthetically, sensually and any other way you can like someone,” Tae gave a soft smile as he saw Jungkook’s eyes widen and soften. “I couldn’t leave after I get what I want… because I want you.”


Jungkook smiles so big that his eyes disappear into a crescent-moon shape above the mask. Tae cradles Jungkook’s cheek in his palm.


“Can I?” Tae asks as his fingers go to curl around the top of Jungkook’s mask.


Jungkook nods, and Tae pulls down the mask just below Jungkook’s mouth to place a long, loving kiss on the pouting lips of Jungkook. Tae pulls back and gives a small, shy smile before grabbing Jungkook’s hand in his once more. “Come on, let’s go!”

Jungkook pulls his mask back up, covering his giant bunny-smile and running towards the carnival with Tae’s hand in his, both of them giggling like little kids.

Hobi finally got back to the house after getting lost multiple times. He crawls through the fence, climbing up the drain pipe, onto the roof, and into Jungkook’s room. As he gets to the window of Jungkook’s room, he feels another intense wave of guilt wash over him-- how could he lose control like that and kiss some man?

Hobi climbs through the window and carefully places his feet on the floor before tiptoeing back to his room. He instantly goes into his closet and changes into his dark blue cat pyjamas, the same ones he bought only because the black cats on it reminded him of Yoongi. He shuffles to his bed, letting out a sigh of relief now that he’s back home. He slides into the duvet and pulls the sheets up to cover his lower face, warming his nose and cheeks up from the cold air. He rolls onto his side and feels the pillow beneath him get wet. Once he touches his face, he realizes the pillow is growing wet from his tears, creating a puddle in the center of his pillow. He sits up, wiping his tears and calming himself down.

What’s done is done-- I can’t undo it. I’ve just got to pretend to be okay, for now.

He shuffles down into bed more and closes his eyes, so he doesn’t have to be awake to deal with this shit anymore. He feels himself slowly drifting off to sleep when he hears a clink, followed by the duvet being lifted, making his back colder. He lets out a whimper, trying his best to get comfortable, when suddenly a toasty warmness envelops him completely.

“Hobi?” He hears a small whisper right next to his ear. Hobi quickly realized the sudden warmth was Yoongi wrapping his entire body around his. “I’m sorry if I woke you up. I thought you were up because I heard you walking around-- thought you couldn’t sleep because you were too ill, so I brought you some soup.”

Fuck, now I feel even more guilty.

“Oh, baby, thank you-- you didn’t have to do that.” Hobi turns around and starts to sit up while Yoongi clings onto him by his shirt.

“I know, I just wanted to look after you and give you cuddles. I know you said you wanted to be alone and if you still want to be alone I’ll go, I was just worried about yo-“

“NO!” Hobi wraps his whole body around Yoongi, “Don’t go, please stay.” Hobi squeezes Yoongi tighter, as though he could easily fall out of Hobi’s arms.

Yoongi chuckles with a hint of surprise sprinkled through the laughter. “Okay, my love. I’ll stay.” Yoongi snuggles into Hobi’s arms even more.

“I-I love you, so much,” Hobi says through a fit of sobs.

Yoongi moves his hand up to Hobi’s face, “I love you m-- wait, Hobi, why are you crying?”

“I-I just love you s-so much, and appreciate y-you, and I d-don’t ever want to lose y-y-you.” At this point, Hobi could barely get out the words through his sobs.

“Oh, sweetheart-- you’re never going to lose me, I’m here with you until the end, and then on into the afterlife. We’ll be the ghost couple that all the other ghosts can’t stand because we’re so in love,” Yoongi says, trying to cheer Hobi up with a gummy smile.

Hobi gives a small smile back to Yoongi, “Can we be ghosts already, so that we can be as gay as we want to be?”

“As much as I’d love to be cute ghost boyfriends with you, sweetheart, I’d like to stay alive for a bit longer-- you never know, something might happen that makes it okay for us to come out?”

“Yeah… maybe.”

Hobi kissed the top of Yoongi’s head and cherished the way his short black hair tickled his upper lip.


Jungkook and Tae finally enter the carnival after kissing in the alleyway of a closed shoe store for about half an hour, only seconds away from the carnival. As soon as they walked into the carnival, a giant food cart stood in front of them, the sign on the top of it covered in light bulbs flashing blue while the board menu adorning it had a variety of different foods listed in big, bold letters.

“Do you want me to buy you some food?” Jungkook asks, looking up at Tae with wide eyes. “You can buy however much you want, I’ll pay for it all!”

“Yes, please! Oh, but only after we’ve been on the rides-- I don’t think you want to throw up with a mask on.”

“Uh, yeah-- good point,” Jungkook nods.

Tae slips his arms around Jungkook’s and they walk down from the food cart. Walking through the carnival felt almost nostalgic to Jungkook, and he didn’t understand why, considering this was his first time going to a carnival. Yet all the flashing lights, the music, and the various sounds of chatter and arcade machines made everything so surreal-- like a dream. They passed little stalls with big plush toys strapped to the top of each, lots of smaller toys scattered around the inside of the stalls.

“KOOKIE, LOOK!” Tae squeals, pointing to one of the many big plushies. Jungkook followed to where Tae was pointing and his eyes landed on a big, fluffy pink bunny with a big heart on its tummy. “It looks like you! I love it, it’s so cute!”

“Y-you love it?” Jungkook stutters.

If the bunny looks like me and he loves the bunny, d-does that mean..?

Next thing Jungkook knew, he was striding to the stall, determination very clear on his face and one hand in his pocket, fishing out his wallet, while the other hooked around Tae’s arm, dragging Tae along with him. He unhooks his arm from Tae’s and slams his hand holding his wallet on the stall’s counter.

“HOW MUCH FOR THAT PINK BUNNY?!” Jungkook asks, pointing at the bunny strapped above them.

“Uh, it’s not for sale, but you can pay to play the game to win it,” The man running the stall points to the little pool in the middle that is balancing on counter, which is covered in even smaller plush toys.

Jungkook stares at the man, then back at the pool, then into his wallet. There was a 10$ note right next to a 100$ note. He picked the 10$ out and slammed it onto the counter. “What do I have to do?”

The guy looked at the 10$ and sighed out the instructions. “So, you take this fishing rod,” the man pushes a fishing rod into Jungkook’s hands, “When I click this button, lots of ducks with hooks attached to them will come out. For $5, you get a minute to get a duck--“ The man picks up a rubber duck with a hook attached to its head and shows the bottom of it to Jungkook, “With this marking on the bottom-- you can only get a prize with this kind of duck. Okay, that’s the game,” The man sighed and rolled his eyes. “Time to go fishing.” He said in a monotone voice with a face less lively than a corpse.

The man presses a button on the wall and at least 500 ducks flood out of the door on the wall to bob along the pool in a clockwise order. Tae watches with a giant grin as Jungkook throws back the fishing rod so that the hook plops into the water. Jungkook maneuvers the hook inside the loop on top of one of the ducks. He starts winding it back and puts the duck on the counter. He looks at the timer and he still has a minute left, so he goes back into his swinging position and manages to hook another duck, placing it on the counter next to the other one. He does it 3 more times before the timer rings, alerting everyone that the time’s up. He puts the fishing rod down.

Tae does a little jump and squeal, “Wow, Kookie-- you looked so cool and handsome doing that!” Tae wraps himself around Jungkook’s arm and Jungkook feels his blush burning through the mask.

“T-thank you, do you want to do the honours?” Jungkook asks, gesturing towards the sitting ducks on the counter.

“Ooooooo, yes!”

Tae unhooks his arms from Jungkook’s and picks up the first duck: no mark, second duck: no mark, third duck: “YAY, KOOKIE! IT’S GOT A MARK ON IT!” Tae exclaims, holding up the marked duck. He picks up the other two. “OOOO, KOOKIE-- THESE TWO HAVE MARKS ON THEM AS WELL!” Underneath the mask, Jungkook is blushing and grinning widely. He’s pretty sure Tae can tell how big his grin is by his eyes.

“Well done,” The man starts in his low monotone voice. “You have three ducks, so you can pick a prize from this area, or this area.” The man point to the small toys and the even-smaller toys.

“Oh, but we wanted that big pink bunny up there,” Jungkook says, pointing to the bunny once more, just in case the guy didn’t see him pointing at it last time.

“Those prizes are the 100 marked ducks prizes.”

“100?!” Jungkook asked with very wide eyes.

“Yes, 100. Would you like to play again?”

Tae takes a step to stand in front of Jungkook. “It’s really okay, I’ll have one of the smaller prizes. This kind of thing is a scam anyway, let’s just go on the rides!”

“Are you sure?” Jungkook questions and Tae just nods.

“The smaller prizes are still big enough to cuddle anyway!” Tae smiles, turning around from Jungkook to look at the prizes. “Kookie? Could I have that cute tiger there?” Tae asks, pointing to a medium-sized tiger plush that looked very soft and cuddly.

“Uh, yeah, sure,” Jungkook goes up to the counter again. “Could I have that tiger plush there, please?” Jungkook asks politely. The man unfastens the string holding the tiger up and picks the plush up before placing it on counter. “Thanks,” Jungkook turns away from the man and faces Tae, “I present to you your new pet tiger!” Jungkook chuckles, handing Tae the plush.

“I can’t wait to feed him all of my enemies!” Tae says enthusiastically. Jungkook laughs and intertwines their hands once again.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t get you the bunny,” Jungkook pouts under the mask.

“It’s alright-- I’ve got my eyes on another cuddly bunny, anyway.”

“Where?” Jungkook looks around at the stalls trying to find a bunny plush.

Tae leans into Jungkook’s face and whispers, “You.” Tae wraps his arms around Jungkook and startles him. Jungkook giggles, hugging Tae back.

Jungkook looks at Tae who’s currently nuzzling Jungkook’s chest and, without thinking, says: “Fuck, I’m falling in love with you.”

Tae, still nuzzling Jungkook, noticeably slows down his nuzzles and lifts his head up, looking at Jungkook with wide, doe eyes and an innocent boxy grin. “Sorry, Kookie. I didn’t hear what you said.”

“O-oh, I just said ‘Fuck I can’t wait to go on a ride with you’,” Jungkook saves his gay ass quickly.

“Oooo, me too. Let’s go on the swings!”

“Can’t you just go on swings in a park?”

“Nooo, they’re different. C’mon!” Tae jumps as he grabs Jungkook’s hand and drags him to the ‘swings’.

Jungkook looks at the ‘swings’, and they were very different to the swings he’s seen before. The ride was just starting up as they stood in line-- it was quite a big ride, with little chairs hanging from metal chains attached to the roof of this big shelter above them. People sat down in the chairs, fastening the seat belts across their lower bodies and in between their legs. The ride started up and the chairs got even higher, and suddenly the platform started to spin slowly then quickly in a clockwise direction, making all the chairs and people in the chairs seem as though they were flying.

“THAT’S SO COOL!” Jungkook watched in amazement, clapping his hands and subconsciously bobbing his body up and down in excitement as he heard the excited squeals and laughter of the people on the ride.

The ride came to an end and the chairs stopped flying as the ride slowed down, lowering the chairs at the same time. A woman inside the control room walks out and towards the line-- she looked a bit more alive than the man at the game stall-- and with a smile, she opened the gate that was in front of the people, in front of Jungkook and Tae. The crowd ahead of them all hurry through the gate and into a chair, Tae and Jungkook follow.

“YAY, WE CAN GO ON NOW!” Tae squealed as he pulls Jungkook towards two of the chairs.

“Uh, Tae, I probably should have told you this before but… I’ve never been on any ride before in my entire life…” Jungkook confesses, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Well, you’d never kissed a guy before the other day, it’s a time to try new things!” Tae says, strapping Jungkook into the chair before sitting in his chair right next to it. “Look, this is probably the least scariest ride, You’re on an inside chair, that one doesn’t swing up as high as the outside chairs that I’m on. I’m right next to you through the whole thing, okay?” Tae looks at Jungkook with puppy eyes, and Jungkook gulps and nods.

The ride starts up again, lifting Jungkook’s feet off the ground while the chair slowly rises. Jungkook panics and covers his eyes. “TAE, I WAS WRONG-- I CAN’T DO THIS!” Jungkook shouts over the loud music being played.


Jungkook feels a soft push from gravity as the ride starts to slowly spin.

It’s okay, I’m okay, it’s just a ride, I’m not going to die.

Suddenly, the ride picks up and gets a bit faster, causing Jungkook’s chair to rise sideways, Jungkook still covering his eyes.

“KOOKIE, IT’S OKAY, JUST UNCOVER YOUR EYES,” Tae shouts at Jungkook.

Jungkook takes a deep breath and slowly removes his hands from his face, opening one of his closed eyes. Through his one open eye, he sees Tae with his arms up and out like he’s a plane, the fast moving chairs causing gravity to whip his pink locks out of his face and float behind him, his beautiful boxy smile and squish-able cheeks on full show, his skin glowing in the moonlight.


This was a time Jungkook couldn’t not take a photo of.


Ignoring the feeling of being thrown out of the chair, he digs into his pocket and pulls out his phone, capturing the breathtaking view of Tae giggling as he pretends to be a bird against the deep blue night sky currently painted in thousands of stars.


Jungkook gives a small smile under the mask and pockets his phone before also waving his arms around, yelling and squealing along with Tae.

“WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO! IM A BIRD, MOTHER FUCKERS!” Tae shouts out loud, causing Jungkook to erupt in giggles.

“WAAAAAAAAH! IM A PLANE, BITCH!” Jungkook shouts after Tae and Tae can’t stop smiling and giggling. “I FEEL LIKE I’M FLYING ,THIS IS SO FUN!”


Tae and Jungkook stayed like that until the ride was over, shouting out dumb things and causing the other to laugh as they pretend to be a bird, plane, superman, superwoman and Tae’s new favourite superhero that he 100% just made up: ‘super-enby’. The ride started to slow down and Jungkook and Tae both booed.

“NOOOO, GO BACK UP GO AGAIN!!!” Jungkook yelled out as the chairs lowered.

The chairs lowered so much that their feet were on the ground again. The woman who was controlling the ride went around helping people unfasten their safety belts. “Sorry, kid. You’ve got to line up to ride again.” The woman smiled as she unfastened Jungkook’s seatbelt.

“Do you want to go again?” Tae asked Jungkook, but Jungkook was already out of his chair and dragging Tae back to the line. “I guess that’s a yes,” Tae chuckles.

They approached the end of the line and Jungkook was so happy-- he knew rides were fun, but other people didn’t have a perfect, glowing Tae going on rides with them. The fun of the ride and the view of Tae was incomparable. He skips to the end of the line, when a sight stops him in his tracks.

There he sees a group of girls all laughing and chatting, but one of the girls is covered by a camera. He looks closer at the sticker on the end of the camera and realises there’s really no mistaking it. It’s the same camera he’s seen billions of times, the same camera he’s seen at fansigns, concerts, airports-- everywhere. It’s his long time fansite, Jeonchuubun. No matter if he wears a mask or not, she would be able to recognise him. She must have spent hours staring at his face, editing the millions of photos she’s taken of him.

He turns around, walking away from the line and dragging a very confused Tae along. “Kookie, what’s wrong?”

“Uhhh, I just feel a bit sick and need a sit down before we go on another ride. Let’s go get some food.”


They walk back to the food cart and Tae pulls out a chair, gesturing Jungkook to sit on it. Jungkook blushes as he plops himself on the chair-- no one’s pulled out a chair for him as a romantic gesture.

Tae sits on the chair opposite his across the table.

“Want me to buy you a hotdog?” Jungkook pouts under his mask.

“Ohhh, as much as I’d love to eat a rotting corpse, I’m actually vegetarian,” Tae chuckles.

“What’s that?”

“A rotting corpse??

“No, a vegetarian.”

Tae looked at Jungkook with a smirk. “Oh, sweetie,” Tae giggles. “Vegetarian: it means I don’t eat meat. I don’t eat or drink dairy either, so technically I’m vegan, but I refer as a vegetarian because I still technically swallow something that’s come from another living being.”

“What do you swall--  OH.”

Tae giggles at Jungkook’s reaction.

“OH, SO!” Jungkook claps. “So, what can I get you?”

Tae looks at the food menu long and hard, humming as he reads each item.


“So, after reading the menu, I've come to the conclusion that the one thing I can eat here is… some fries,” Tae sighs.


Jungkook giggles and another brightly lit cart catches his eye. “Is candyfloss vegan?” Jungkook asks, looking at the giant stick of candy floss the man behind the cart was whipping up.

“Well, pretty sure the only ingredient in candyfloss is sugar, so as long as the government aren't putting dead animals in the sugar now, I think we're all good!”


Jungkook jumped up out of his chair with excitement. “I haven't had candyfloss since I was a kid!”


“Really?” Tae asked, genuinely surprised. “I had candyfloss last week.” Tae follows Jungkook to the candy floss cart, wrapping himself around Jungkook’s arm and resting his head on Jungkook's shoulder.


As Jungkook orders the candyfloss, Tae quickly touches up his tinted lip balm in his floral compact mirror that Jimin bought him as a little gift once.


The man behind the cart looks at Jungkook with a smile. “Hello, what can I get the kind sir and...” Then his eyes pan over to where Tae is applying his lip balm and his smile turns into a scowl. “Whatever IT is,” the man snaps, referring to Tae.


“Excuse me? Did you just say 'IT’?!” Jungkook felt anger bubbling up in his throat.


“Sorry, I don't know what IT’S gender is,” The man scoffs.


Jungkook slams his fist on the cart. “LAST TIME I CHECKED, 'IT’ IS A WORD TO DESCRIBE AN INANIMATE OBJECT, NOT A BEAUTIFUL LIVING BEING AN--” Before Jungkook can finish, Tae is grabbing onto his arm.


“Don't, it's not worth it-- ignorant people like this are too stubborn to listen to anyone else's opinion,” Tae whispers into Jungkook's ear. Jungkook feels the anger still inside but Tae’s voice is calming and soothing, so he lets the anger subside for the time being.


“One stick of candyfloss, please,” Jungkook manages to say through gritted teeth.


“What colour do you want your candyfloss?” The man asked smugly.


Tae stands in front of Jungkook, smiling brightly at the man standing in his most ‘feminine’ pose before ordering in an overly ‘masculine’, lower voice. “Pink, please, my man-- like the colour of my ‘gender’,” Tae laughs in a 'bro’ tone.


The man looks up at Tae in shock, and Tae just smiles back, batting his eyelashes.


The man makes the candyfloss, staring at Tae like he’s seen a ghost. Jungkook starts to worry that this is upsetting Tae but when he looks back at Tae, he seems to be living for this kind of opportunity. Jungkook can't help but giggle at Tae striking lots of effeminate poses while talking about over-masculinised topics in a very deep voice.


After a while of Tae messing with the transphobe, they finally got their candyfloss.


“Thank you, my man!” Tae thanked the transphobe in his drag voice this time, laughing as he linked arms with Jungkook and walked away.


Jungkook watches adoringly as Tae takes a big chomp out of the mountain of candyfloss he was holding, completely in his own candyfloss-world before realising he was hogging all of the it. He looks up at Jungkook who blushes, realising he’s been caught just staring at Tae.


”Have some!” Tae grins, moving the candyfloss closer to Jungkook.


“How about we go on the ferris wheel so I can take my mask off and eat it?” Jungkook suggests, pointing to the start of the line for the ferris wheel.


Tae nods and they make their way to the start of the line for the ferris wheel.


The line had about 4 people in front of Tae and Jungkook. Jungkook looked up at the top of ferris wheel, two carriages hanging securely so high up the air. Jungkook thought it was so romantic and magical-- he couldn’t wait to be up there with Tae, away from everyone else where they can be alone and share a romantic moment without the stress of being recognised.


The line moved pretty quickly, and the next thing Jungkook knew they were walking into their own carriage. The person controlling the wheel closes the door and Tae thanks her, the carriage starting to move around the wheel slowly. Jungkook doesn’t wait long to take off his mask and scoff down the candyfloss.


“OH MY GOD, THIS IS BETTER THAN I REMEMBERED!” Jungkook gasps in the middle of inhaling the candy floss.


“You’re so cute!” Tae giggles as the last part of the candyfloss is devoured by Jungkook. “I know what to get you for your birthday now!”


Jungkook beams at Tae, his bunny smile on full force as Tae rests his chin on Jungkook’s shoulder, looking up at him with big doe-eyes. Tae kisses his cheek, and no matter how many times Tae kisses him, Jungkook doesn’t think he’ll ever stop blushing.


The carriage rides up just to the very top, just them and an empty carriage to the right of their carriage. Suddenly, the two are jumpscared out of their seats by a firework going off in front of them.


“SHIT, THAT SCARED THE SH-- oh my god, that's so beautiful.” Jungkook looked up at the sky to see three fireworks spinning around each other-- one blue, one pink, and one purple. They explode as soon as they all meet in the middle, sending sparks out in the shape of a heart.


Jungkook realizes Tae was on the carriage floor and helps him up. After Tae recovers from falling off the chair onto the carriage floor from also being jumpscared, he sits back onto the bench where Jungkook is and looks out of the carriage. “Looks like we have a front row seat for the firework show!”


Tae and Jungkook watch as the various types of fireworks light up the night sky, every colour of the rainbow exploding in the shape of hearts, stars, and just the normal firework shapes. Tae is looking up at the fireworks, and Jungkook doesn't even need to look back around him to see the fireworks because the way they reflect and light up in Tae's eyes is just as magical-- if not more magical-- than watching them light up the sky.


Tae looks at Jungkook, who is looking at him dreamily. “You're missing the show!” Tae gasps, pointing to the fireworks.


“No, I'm not.” Jungkook grins as a faint pink appears across Tae's cheeks.


Tae slides his fingers in-between Jungkook's fingers, their hands lying there in the space between them. Jungkook checks the carriage next to them to make sure no one is looking. They look into each other’s eyes and the space between them becomes less and less-- until they're so close their chests are touching-- and their lips are fit perfectly together. Tae moves his legs up so he's sitting completely on Jungkook's lap now, Jungkook's arm wrapped around Tae's waist while his other hand is resting gently on the side of Tae's face. Tae is practically straddling Jungkook now, his hands combing through Jungkook's locks, occasionally gripping his hair gently or twirling a single lock around his finger.


They feel the carriage move to the right but don't take much notice as they're both lost in the high of the kiss. Jungkook pulls back slightly to look up at Tae, and Tae’s smile looks peaceful-- there's no teeth showing, just a wide, happy, completely content smile. The crinkles at the corner of his eyes are soft-- he seems completely at peace, and so was Jungkook.


“I love being here with you,” Tae almost whispers, his voice is that soft. “I love being with you.”


Jungkook feels his heart flutter out of his body, into the sky to dance with the fireworks before exploding into pure blissfulness.


“I love being with you, too,” Jungkook says as he smiles widely, caressing Tae's cheek with his thumb. The fireworks create a beautiful pink glow on Tae's skin, and Jungkook can't help but kiss where the lights shine.


Tae giggles as Jungkook kisses his cheek and his neck. Tae moves Jungkook's face up away from his neck, and Jungkook lets his lips fall back in place between Tae's. He feels so happy-- he can't believe he hasn't felt happy in this long-- for once, he feels completely at ease with himself. He's gay, he is falling for a man who is the most beautiful person he's ever seen, and he thinks that this person might be falling for him, too.


He was completely enthralled in the sweet taste of Tae's lips he almost didn't notice the carriage moving once more around the wheel. Jungkook opens his eyes for a second and sees a strange type of light flash that he hasn't seen from any of the fireworks so far. He looks behind Tae who's still on his lap, and that's when he sees it.


Just before the carriage moves down the wheel, he sees the same camera he's seen at every fansign, concert, and airport pointing directly at him. Before his view is completely blocked, he sees his longtime fansite-- who has spent hours taking pictures of him, editing photos of his face, basically looking at his face constantly-- who could recognise him anywhere, even with a mask on. Except he didn't have a mask on-- instead, he had a beautiful man attached to him by the lips and she had been watching this entire time. As the carriage moves down, their eyes meet and Jeonchuubun’s jaw falls slack.


They're both out of view of each other now, Jungkook's carriage now below Jeonchuubun's carriage.




“Kookie? Are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost,” Tae says, moving himself so that Jungkook is looking straight at him.


“I think someone I know, who can't know I'm gay, just saw me kiss you,” Jungkook says looking out, his eyes completely glazed over in fear.


Tae gasps and holds Jungkook. “It's okay, maybe they didn't see you-- were they looking up from the ground?”


“No, they're--” Jungkook points above him at the cart hanging up from them. “Up in that carriage.”


“Oh, fuck.”


“Ha, yeah, I'm fucked,” Jungkook bitterly chuckled.


“Wait, I'm going to try and--” Tae stands at the side of the carriage and sticks his head out. He almost jumps out of the carriage in shock when he sees the person he is assuming Kookie is talking about perched on the side of their carriage, looking down straight at Tae. Tae moves away from the side and into Jungkook's arms. “Uh, yeah. They saw us,” Tae winces.


Jungkook can feel panic rising in his chest, tears stinging his eyes-- this is it, he's going to be outed to the world and his career will be done. Even worse, his group will be done. Forget about his career-- this is going to affect not just him, but all the people he cares for.


The ride gets to the bottom, and Jungkook quickly puts on his mask as the woman opens the gate at the side of the carriage so that Tae and Jungkook can get out. Jungkook realizes that his fansite’s carriage is right next to his and they'll be let out of their carriage soon, too; and with that thought, he grabs Tae's hand and sprints away as fast as he can from the wheel.


They find a tree and Tae pulls Jungkook over to it. “I think we've lost them now,” Tae pants.


Jungkook goes to look back at the Ferris wheel and realizes he's been running for so long it's not even in view anymore. “Oh, yeah, um, sorry for making you run with me...” Jungkook winces, rubbing the back of his neck.


“It's okay, I needed the exerci--” Tae giggles, but then Jungkook sees something catch Tae's eye and then a deliciously evil grin form across Tae's face. “Actually, no, it's not okay, I don't like to run and you made me run all that way!” Tae pouts and stomps his foot while crossing his arms and huffing.


“I'm sorry, Tae-- is there anything I can do to make it up to you?” Jungkook knows that Tae is angling for something and he's not actually mad. He's still gonna go along with it, whatever it is.


“Well…” Tae pouts. “You could go on this ride with me… I suppose that would make up for it.”


Jungkook looks at the ride Tae is referring to and instantly regrets playing along.


If there's one thing Jungkook is not good at, it's anything scary or horror related.


There, Jungkook read the sign which brought him great terror. 'Haunted house, Ghost train, ENTER IF YOU DARE’, the sign read.


“UHH, I’M NOT VERY GOOD WITH SCARY STUFF, TAE.” Jungkook looked back at Tae, but he was gone. “Tae??” That's when he felt his hand being wrapped up in the same warm hand he usually loves to hold, except for when said hand is dragging him towards his doom.


“I'll cuddle you so you feel safe,” Tae snickers while dragging Jungkook to the line with him.


The line went down very fast, which Jungkook was not happy about.


“I'm so excited!” Tae clapped his hands as they walked into the haunted house.


They walk into the doorway and a person dressed up as a crazy zombie, nurse, monster... Jungkook wasn't 100% sure what they were trying to go for with that costume.


“Enter, IF YOU DARE!” The crazy zombie-monster-nurse cackles while chopping a severed leg, laughing maniacally.


Okay, maybe this won't be as scary as I thought.


They walk through the doorway the crazy monster lady said to not enter, the doorway leading to a long hallway with a flickering light swinging above them. Down the hallway, lots of unopened doors stood tall on the walls.


This is fine, the flickering light isn’t scary at ALL…


You ready to go? We’ve just been standing here for like two minutes,” Tae giggles, nudging Jungkook, who only just realised he hasn’t moved an inch since he walked into the room.


“O-oh, yeah, sorry-- let’s g-go,” Jungkook stutters, trying his hardest to put on a brave face.


They finally walk down the hallway, spooky music playing in the background with lots of random sound effects like doors creaking, thunder, screams-- all of the generic haunted house sounds.


As they walk to a certain part of the hallway, the lights turn off all together-- leaving them in complete darkness. Suddenly a single light shines towards the ceiling a skeleton jumps out from the ceiling with a loud scream and a roar of thunder.


“AHHHH, FUCK!” Jungkook jumps in Tae’s arms and sends them both back falling onto the ground. “THAT WAS SO FUCKING SCARY, HOW DID IT GET UP THERE?” Jungkook looks up at the hanging skeleton in shock, pointing at it in almost a judgemental manner.


“The people who run the haunted house probably put it up there,” Tae giggles, lying on the haunted house hallway floor with Jungkook. “Ready to continue?”


Jungkook nods hesitantly as he watches Tae stand up and offer a helping hand. Jungkook stands up and can't stop shaking.


Tae obviously notices how Jungkook looks terrified because he wrap his arms around Jungkook’s waist and pulls him in so he’s as close as he can get to Tae. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”


Jungkook didn't know what came over him, but just being in Tae's arms made him feel like they were in their own bubble-- that no one could see them because, in that moment, Jungkook can't see anyone else but Tae.


Jungkook looks into Tae's eyes, which were slightly crinkled from the smile stretched on his face. They're alone in a hallway, so he doesn't care when he takes the mask off and crashes his lips into Tae’s.


Tae hums into the kiss, and Jungkook pushes him against the wall, both of his hands next to Tae caging him in. The cute boxy smile Tae always has on has lessened onto a devious grin. Tae grabs the back of Jungkook's hair in his fist and Jungkook can't help but let out a whimper.


Jungkook can't take anymore, he kisses away from Tae's lips to his ear, nibbling on his earlobe and then kissing down his neck, occasionally sucking and leaving his mark. Once he's kissing Tae's chest he looks up at Tae who currently is breathing uneasily, head back in anticipation. That's when Jungkook lowers himself onto his knees in front of Tae.


Tae looks down and smirks before nodding as if to answer the question Jungkook was just about to ask. Jungkook starts unfastening Tae's trousers and revealing his underwear, which were already tented.


“Hey, stop it-- you guys can't do that here!” A man dressed up as a vampire walks out of one of the doors in the hallway, catching them just as something's about to happen.


Tae and Jungkook’s eyes widen, jaws falling flat on the ground. “Oh my god, just cover up already, will yo--” Before the man can finish his sentence he looks at Jungkook in confusion. “Wait,” The man walks closer to Jungkook. “OH MY GOD, YOU'RE JEON JUNGKOOK! CAN I GET A PHOTO MY DAUGHTER LOVES YOU AN--”


Suddenly, the man is hit with the realization of what is happening. “Wait, were you about to?? Are you???” The mans shocked face turns into disgust. “THAT'S DISGUSTING, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO YOUR FANS?!” The man takes out his phone and quickly snaps pictures of Jungkook kneeling next to Tae's tented underwear.


“WAIT, STOP, PLEASE--” Jungkook quickly gets up, trying to explain himself, but all he can hear are slur words echoing around him.


“You're going to break my daughter's heart, just because you decided you wanted to live the gay lifestyle,” The man spits on Jungkook, who is currently holding back sobs.


Tae covers himself back up and stands in front of Jungkook. “Fuck off, leave Kookie alone! He hasn't done anything, it’s who he is, asshole. You're just an ignorant piece of shit!”


After Tae says that the man, shoves the phone into Tae's face. “Tell the viewers on this live how it feels to be disgusting, homos!”


Jungkook stands up, pushing the phone out of Tae's face. “Leave him alone.”


The man points the camera back at himself. “Did you see that everyone? Jeon Jungkook attacked me! I'm pressing charges!”


Jungkook feels the room getting smaller. “No, I'm sorry, please stop-- I can explain, I'm sorry.” That's when Tae grabs his hand and runs down the hallway as fast as he can, Jungkook trailing along.


Every door in the hallway started opening, the first door was his managers telling him the group is disbanding because of him, the next door his parents telling him they're so disappointed in him for his decision to live this lifestyle, the third his group all looking angry and shouting at him, asking him why he did this to them.


“STOP!” Jungkook screeches, falling to his knees in the middle of the hallway as everyone who was once in the doors are coming out, repeating over and over the horrible things they've spewed before.


Jungkook looks up at Tae, who is in tears trying desperately to grab his hand. At first, Jungkook didn't understand because he thought they were already holding hands, and that's when he realises he’s falling into darkness-- the ground which once was below him completely gone. All there was was the faint view of Tae reaching out for him, which started to disappear the further he sank into the black cloud beneath him. All that could be heard were the hateful words from his loved ones, and he descended further and further into the ever-growing darkness, consuming him completely until all he could see was black.

“Kookie, Kookie, are you okay?” Suddenly, a light shone through the dark. Jungkook felt his eyelids slowly pushing to break free from the weights that felt like they were strapped onto his eyes.


He finally manages to squint open his eyes, and there he sees Tae looking at him, panic written all over his features.


“Tae?” Jungkook manages to get out, slightly startled by the sound of his own voice.


“Hey, sleepy head,” Tae seems to giggle but his face remains worried.


“Wh-what happened?” Jungkook looks around at his surroundings and has no idea where he is. He looks down and he's lying on a table in front of Tae, who's sitting down on a cheap, generic, plastic chair. “Where are we?”


“We're in the haunted house-- the monster’s dressing room/break room,” Tae says, his face now starting to soften with the realization that Jungkook is okay.


“How did we get here, what happened??”


“Well... basically, when the skeleton jumped out of the ceiling, you passed out in my arms. At first, I thought you were joking and being dramatic, so I was kinda shaking you like 'wake up drama queen’ but when you didn't wake up, I panicked and knocked on all the doors in the hallway asking for help and some very nice monsters helped me carry you here,” Tae says with a naive smile, like he didn't just say that monsters helped carry Jungkook there.


Jungkook looks at Tae, mouth agape and face bright red from the embarrassment of fainting because of a fake skeleton, “I'm sorry, wha--” Before Jungkook could finish his sentence, the door to the dressing room opens.


“Hey, how's he doing?” In walks a terrifying clown covered in fake blood, wearing a mask with terrifying sharp teeth on it.


“AHHHHH!” Jungkook almost faints again but Tae catches him and gently smacks his arms to keep him conscious.


“Oh shit, I'm sorry-- I'm such an idiot, let me take off my mask before I make him faint again!” The clown takes off his mask and his wig and walks over to where Tae is sitting with Jungkook.


Jungkook cowers away from the clown before realising what he's doing and then returning back to normal, looking at the clown like he's scanning him.


“He's doing good now. Thank you so much, Johnny. You helped me so much!” Tae says as he stands up and hugs the clown, much to Jungkook's surprise. “I'm gonna get you some water,” He tells Jungkook while walking out of the room, leaving him alone with the clown.


Jungkook scratches his cheek before realizing he doesn't have a mask on. He looks around himself, trying to find a mask.


“I know who you are.”


Jungkook stands deathly still, like if he's still enough he can disappear from this conversation.


“Don't worry, I'm not going to tell anyone.”


This is when Jungkook finally looks at the man talking.


“I understand how hard it is to be gay.”


Jungkook looks at the floor, avoiding eye-contact with the man.


“I can see the way he looks at you, and the way you look at him. I'm not blind-- I didn't see you kissing if that's what you're worrying about, because you both look like two people who have kissed each other,” The man giggles. “So, does he know--” The man gestures to where Tae left. “Who you really are?”


“I-I haven't told him yet. He's seen my face enough times, I think if he actually cared about idol stuff, he would have recognised me by now.” Jungkook shrugs.


“I'm not really one to be giving advice-- I mean, look at me, I'm dressed up as a clown for a haunted house in January,” The man scoffs. “But I do think you should tell him before he finds out for himself. You are pretty much everywhere-- if he doesn't hear it from you first, I think he's going to be really hurt.”


“How do you even know Tae, anyway?” Jungkook questions.


“I don't, just met him like 10 mins ago and just really hit it off, we're best friends now,” The man snickers. “Just kidding, he's my cousin.”




“Don't hurt him though. Play this carefully, so he doesn't get hurt. He's been through enough, and he doesn't need anymore hurt.”


Tae walks in with 6 cups balancing in his arms. “Johnny, the tap doesn't work and you're out of bottled water… so, I brought all the drinks that were available because I didn't know which one you'd like!” Tae staggers over to where Jungkook is, trying not to spill any of the drinks. Once he arrives to the table Jungkook is laying on, he plops the drinks down next to Jungkook. “Take your pick!” Tae beams.


Jungkook picks the one that looks like lemonade and is thrilled when he drinks it to find out that he guessed right.


“I've gotta go back to work-- just wanted to check if you were okay!” Johnny says while standing up and almost running to the door in fear of the dreadful feeling of being the third wheel.


“How are you feeling?” Tae asks, tilting his head to the side caringly.


“Embarrassed,” Jungkook laughs bitterly.


“It's okay, don't worry-- it was cute that that's how you reacted to a fake skeleton,” Tae giggles and winks at Jungkook


“That does not make me feel better in the slightest,” Jungkook slightly pouts.


“Well…” Tae scooches up to Jungkook on his chair and looks down at the floor. “One good thing that came out of this was, seeing you faint and almost fall to the ground made me realize how I really feel about you.”


Jungkook widens his eyes and sits up. “H-how do you feel about me?”


“Well, when I saw you like that, all I wanted to do was look after you and help you and... I guess I'm falling for you… too,” Tae gives a soft smile while looking at the ground.


Jungkook blushes and smiles shyly. “ I thought you didn't hear me?” Jungkook says with a cheeky smirk.


“I hear everything.” Tae giggles. “But I really mean it, something feels right when we're together and you make me happy.”


Jungkook smiles widely grabbing Tae's face and smashing their lips together--as gracefully as he can in his current state of excitement.


He's overcome with an outburst of emotions-- the main emotion is the 'wanting to do everything in my power to make Tae the happiest person ever’ emotion.


Jungkook suddenly stands up, obviously not expecting to be a bit unsteady at first as he almost falls over. He regains his balance, grabs Tae's hand and walks towards the exit.


“Where are we going?” Tae chuckles, allowing himself to be whisked away by Jungkook.


“To win you that bunny!” Jungkook says with a determined smile as he runs out the exit.




While running back to the stand,Tae starts to think that maybe Kookie running after just fainting isn't the best idea. Nonetheless Kookie still runs as fast as he can-- Tae happily trails along behind him, uncontrollably giggling.


They finally reach the stall, the monotone man sits on a chair next to the little pool, visibly contemplating his existence.


“We’re back to win that bunny!” Kookie says slamming a single 100$ note on the counter.


Tae gasps seeing the 100$ but before he can object, the monotone man had already sleepily grabbed the note and pressed the button on the wall.


“Kookie that’s a lot of money are you su-“


“It’s okay just check the ducks when I bring them back.” Kook commands, interrupting Tae.


Tae nods his mouth agape with slight arousal at being bossed around.


The ducks flood out of the door in the wall once more, Tae watches Kookie grab the fishing rod with determination, and swing it back and forward the hook hitting the water.


Tae looks at Kook and the fire, the determination in his eyes — Tae can’t deny that seeing Kook like this is turning him on wildly.


ugh I want him to choke me while looking at me like that.


Tae?” Tae realises he’s been fantasising so long he forgot to check the ducks.




“The ducks Tae have they got marks on them?” Kook accidentally snapped.


Tae trying to stop drooling from Kook using such a sharp voice with him, snaps out of his trance and quickly checks the ducks.


“UHHH NO MARK, NO MARK, YES THIS ONE’S MARKED, NO MARK, MARKED, MARKED AND MARKED, WE HAVE FOUR MARKED!” Tae jumps clapping pushing the non marked ducks to the side.


Kook goes back for another duck, this goes on for the next 8 minutes, Tae watching him dreamily as he swings the fishing rod over and over again with slight aggression and a lot of determination.


Only two minutes left and Kook had managed to retrieve 95 marked ducks.


“You’ve just got five more Kookie, you got this!” Tae yells out words of support.


Kook goes back at it hooking another duck, and another one and three more after that, Tae turns then all around. “Uhh there’s only three marked.” Tae looks at the timer only 10 seconds.

There’s no way he can get two ducks in 10 seconds.


Kook takes a deep breath throws the hook into the water hooks one of the ducks then Tae sees a miracle play before his eyes. As Kook winds the fishing rod back picking up the duck another duck is attached to it.


Kook puts the ducks on the table. “THIS DUCKS MARKED YES AND THIS DUCK..” The timer goes off and Kook holds up the last duck. “..not marked.”


Kook looks so defeated, Tae feels a sting in his chest. He grabs Kook’s face in his hands and looks into Kook’s eyes before planting a kiss on his forehead.“Kookie don’t worry it’s oka-“


Next to them they could hear...sobbing?


The once monotone man was suddenly full of emotions and was sobbing.


“Uhhh are you okay?” Kookie asks.


“Y-you’re just so sweet with each other, it reminded me of me and my boyfriend a-and the w-way you were willing to s-spend all that money on your b-b-boyfriend is so s-s-sweet.” The now very emotional made chokes out through sobs.


“T-thankyou?” Tae smiles shyly and blushes at the fact someone thinks him and Kookie are boyfriends.


“L-let’s count you ducks again okay.” The emotional man says walking over to the ducks helping them count. “...95,96,97,98,99.” The man looks sadly at the ducks once he realises he’s ran out of ducks to count. “Wait here!” The man runs off away from the counter and runs back quickly, his face far off from looking monotone the determination shocked Tae. The man looks around the stall to see if anyone is looking looks at Tae and Kookie and holds a finger to his lip and quietly shushes, he grabs one of the unmarked ducks and takes it behind the counter, pulls out a black marker and marks the bottom of the unmarked duck before shuffling it to the side with the other marked ducks. “..100!”


Tae and Kookie looks at the man with wide eyes slightly in shock that this once emotionless man did such a sweet act of kindness.


“So you can choose from this area of the toys which do you want?” The man smiles brightly pointing to the giant plushies.


Tae looks at Kookie who is looking right back at him gesturing towards the stall. “Can I have the pink bunny please?” Tae asks with a shy smile.


“YES YOU SURE CAN!” The man says very enthusiastically. The man pulls the bunny down from the ceiling and cuts the string holding it, almost in tears he hands the giant bunny to Kookie. The bunny is almost as big as Kook. Kookie pokes his head out of the side of the bunny he's holding, pulls his mask down slighitly and gives Tae his best bunny smile.


Tae feels his face burning as he sees that beautiful smile -- his heart racing. He couldn't help but peck Kookie before jumping and clapping with glee.




“I present to you, your new bunny!” Kook grins handing the giant pink bunny to Tae.


Tae squeezes the bunny, giggling when the fluff tickle his face, his heart felt like it was flying. The fact Kookie did all this for him spent all that money on him, he had a bad case of major heart eyes towards Kookie.


Tae and Kookie thank the man at the counter who is still sobbing, and walk over to a bench, Tae plops down on the bench, the bunny flopping down with him. Kookie sits next to Tae and cuddles up subtly.


“so how do you like the bunny?” Kookie asks shyly.


“Which one?” Tae chuckles winking at Kook.


Kookie raises his eyebrow at Tae and Tae can tell he's smirking under the mask.


“I love the bunny thankyou!” Tae grins his biggest boxxy grin and kisses Kookie's cheek.


“Y’know I think I've found another use for this bunny other than being a cuddly adorable companion.” Kookie whispers.


“Hmmm what's tha-” Before Tae can finish Kook had concealed them both behind the big bunny, pulled down his mask and his lips are on his.


Tae loves the way their lips feel on each others, the softness of Kookie's lips with the forceful kisses in-between soft gentle pecks makes Tae weak. Tae held Kookie's face in his hand as he brought him in closer for the kiss, their tongues collided with each others gracefully and lovingly.




Kookie sighs into Tae’s mouth “Ah fuck.” He puts his hand in his pocket turning off the dreadful noise blaring from his phone.


“Oh. Do you have to go?” Tae pouts.


Kookie looks at Tae with an apologetic smile and nods sorrowfully. “Sorry baby.” Kookie looks shocked by the words that came out of his mouth as he looks at Tae with wide eyes.


Tae giggles and looks at Kookie with an eyebrow raised. “Baby?”




“I liked it.”


“I WONT CALL YOU IT AGAIN AN- wait you liked it?” Kookie’s confused face turns into a boyish grin as he bashfully shys away trying to hide his smile and blush.


“Yeah,” Tae snickers. “You’re cute though thinking I’m the baby in this rel-” Tae stops himself before he can finish. “...pairing.” Tae wraps his arms around Kookie’s and leans closer to Kookie to leave a sweet peck on his cheek.


“I’m not a baby!” Kookie pouts looking up at Tae, his long eyelashes and dark brown irises make his eyes look abnormally large and when those giant eyes are looking directly at Tae he feels a strange warmth in his tummy.


“” Tae bursts out in laughter as Kookie pulls a shocked, offended face.


“Speaking of babies, what do you want to do with your tiger child?” Kookie asks pulling the tiger plush he had won the first time out of his bag.


Tae hums in thought looking at the plush. ”Hmmm I think,” Tae pulls a smug grin. “Our tiger child should go with you!”


Kookie chuckles looking at the tiger. “Oh so it’s ‘our’ child?”


Tae suddenly realises what he said, a burning blush forms on his face. “Shut up you know what i mean!” He playfully smacks Kookie’s arm. “Take the tiger and… i don’t could... cuddle it when you miss me... or something.” Tae mumbles the last part but not enough that Kookie couldn’t hear.


Kookie grins innocently and full of pure joy, he takes the tiger plush in his arms squeezing it lovingly. “You’re right i think i should take the tiger.” Kookie puts the tigers face up to his ear and makes dramatic faces like the tiger is telling him something really important. “Oh, ah yes you’re right...mhm yep.” Kookie lowers the tiger and looks at Tae. “The tiger said that he wants to stay with me because I’m the cooler dad.”


Tae dramatically gasps. “YOU WISH! I’M SO MUCH COOLER!” Tae playfully slaps Kookie’s arm and Kookie can’t contain his giggles.


“Oh i just realised we haven’t named the tiger or bun-“ Kookie is once again interrupted by yet another alarm.


“Not going to lie to you, I have the strongest urge to break your phone right now.” Tae huffs as Kookie turns off his alarm and stands up.


“That was the final warning alarm, I’m sorry.” Kookie’s pout is visible until he once again conceals his lower face with the mask.


“Well… we still need to pick names for our children! This can’t wait!” Tae exclaims. “Sigh I guess I’m just going to have to walk you back.” Tae sarcastically sighs.


Kookie raises an eyebrow at Tae before grabbing his hand standing him up. “Let’s go then.”


Kookie and Tae give each other dreamy look before Tae break the stare up and whisks Kookie away to the exit of the carnival. “Let’s gooooo!”


“You don’t know the way.”


“Oh yeah.”


Kookie giggles as Tae suddenly stops realising he doesn't know where to go, Kookie crouches in front of Tae.


Wh-what is he doing?


“Get on.”


Tae looks at Kookie for a second in shock, he was never expecting the once closeted boy to openly invite Tae to...ride him.


“O-okay” Tae climbs onto Kookie's back and wraps his arms around Kookie's neck, resting his head on Kookie's shoulder.


Kookie's stands up straight holding Tae's legs before Tae wraps his legs around Kookie's waist and Kookie picks up the bunny.


“Are you comfy?” Kookie asks caringly.


“Mhm” Tae hums nuzzling into the back of Kookie's neck.


Off they went back to Kookie's home.




Jungkook has been walking for around 5 mins with Tae straddled around him.


“...And that's why I think tigers and bunnies could actually be friends in real life!” Tae huffs into the back of Jungkook's neck.


The warm breath on his neck makes Jungkook shiver.


“I agree, I think our tiger and bunny will get on too!” Jungkook chuckles lifting Tae onto his back more.


Jungkook's arms are straddled around Tae's legs, Tae's arms are slung across Jungkook's shoulders holding the bunny's arm with one of his hands in front of Jungkook.


“We still need to name them!” Tae gasps.


“Okay ideas?” Jungkook commands


“Uhhhh I think we should have them be named after something to do with us!”


“Oh what about Taetae for the tiger?” Jungkook suggests


“Nah that's what Jimin calls me.” Tae slumps his head into the crook of Jungkook's neck sighing.


“Okay, let's try to name the Bunny first instead.”


“That's easy I knew what I wanted to name the bunny the moment I saw him.” Tae starts to snicker. “I want to call him 'Cooky’”


“But that's my name?”


“NO it's spelt with a C and has no E's it's different!”


Jungkook feels himself blush.


He wants to name a bunny he wants to cuddle after me.


“Haha, okay you're right that's a very different name from mine!”


Jungkook starts to recognise certain buildings he's walked past before, he starts to realise he doesn't have much longer with Tae, for tonight.


“Okay, before we part ways we need to decide on a name for the tiger!” Jungkook hums in thought. “So you said we can't name him Taetae sooo let's do what we did with Cooky and take away the E’s”


Tae lifts his head and looks out into the distance letting his body bob with every step Jungkook takes. “Hm Tata…” Tae's voice gets brighter. “YES THAT'S PERFECT I LOVE IT!”


“I'm so gla-” Jungkook was cut off by a small peck left on his neck.


“You did good, Kookie.”

A few more minutes of walking and chatting and they sadly arrive at the gates and fencing of Jungkook's house. The house wasn't visible from the gates but just from the gates and the giant fencing around it you could tell it was a huge ass house.


“SHIT KOOKIE!” Tae jumps off Jungkook's back and walks towards the gates. “You never told me you were a billionaire.”  


Jungkook blushes at Tae's reaction. “Ah I'm not that rich.”


Tae walks closer to Jungkook so their chests are close together. “Ah so first the bunny, what's next are you gonna be my sugar daddy?”


Jungkook feels himself getting light-headed and his face turning red. “I-i-i”


Tae gets closer to Jungkook's ear. “I'm kidding.” Tae giggles as Jungkook's very wide eyes start to soften.


“O-oh yeah I knew that” Jungkook lies badly.


Tae's smile turns into a soft frown, probably noticing how Jungkook's smile has suddenly faded.


“Kookie? What's wrong?”


“I-i just I want to be with you.”


“What do you mean?”


“Like,” Jungkook gulps preparing himself for what he's about to say. “... boyfriends?”


At first Tae is taken aback but then a giant, smile in the shape of a box puffs up his cheeks as his smile widens. “I'd really love that Kookie, but only when you're ready.”


Jungkook's smile returns and wraps his arms around Tae pulling him into a loving kiss.


The kiss felt just as beautiful as it did on top of the Ferris wheel, a kiss of pure, romantic emotions.


Jungkook's pulls away from Tae both of them smiling at each other, both of them as smitten as the other.


“I think I'm ready now.” Jungkook says in a serious tone but his face remains cheerful and smiley.


“Really?” Tae beamed.


Jungkook chuckles lightly seeing Tae's face so bright. “Yeah...but there's something I've got to tell y-” Before Jungkook can finish his sentence he notices a flash behind Tae, he recognises it straight away.


Fuck, the fansite.


“Um can I have your number? I know how ridiculous that sounds because we've been seeing each other for so long.” Tae asks looking at Jungkook with a pout.


“U-uh yeah sure.” Jungkook answers not even looking a Tae but looking in the bushes behind him.


Tae pulls out his phone and hands it to Jungkook, Jungkook realises what is happening and snaps back to reality. He takes Tae's phone and puts his number in, Tae does the same with Jungkook's phone and they hand each other back their phones.


“I guess this is where we part then.” Tae pouts.


“I don’t like this bit.”


“Me either, maybe one day it won’t have to e-“ Tae visibly stops himself, sighs and smiles. “I’ll text you in the morning, have sweet dreams.” Tae kisses Jungkook’s cheek and starts to walk off.


Jungkook waves until Tae isn’t in view anymore. His smile quickly turns into a frown as he strides towards the bush.


He could recognise that light anywhere considering it’s been forced into his vision enough times.


A fucking camera flash for fuck sake.


He peers over the bush to look behind, there Jeonchuubun is, her legs tucked into her chest as she rests her chin on her knees while looking through the photos on her camera obviously completely oblivious to the fact Jungkook is looking straight at her.


“AHEM.” Jungkook huffs impatiently.


Jeonchuubun stiffens and her eyes widen and she looks above her almost in slow motion. “O-oh h-hi.” She stutters giving a half ass wave.


“We need to talk can you come out of that bush for a- actually no wait let me get in.” Jungkook says stumbling over branches and falling flat on his face right next to his fansite.




“H-how do you kno- not important right now, i need to know what have you seen, what has your camera taken?” Jungkook can hear the panic in his voice as he speaks but he does little to stop it.


“I’ve seen...a lot.” Jeonchuubun sighs. “You’re gay aren’t you?”


jungkook feels his world collapse. “N-n-n-NO I’m n-not g-gay.”


“So all these photos I’ve taken of you kissing that obviously, gay man,” She says flicking through the photos on her camera. “You’re still trying to stick with the het story?”


Jungkook panics and grabs the camera out of her hands before smashing it to the ground. “Oh fuck, Chuu, I’m sorry i was just so scared an-“ Jungkook panics looking at the shattered glass on the gravel beneath them.


“Ohhh, this is awkward, you do know every photo i take goes straight to my laptop. Chuu snickers almost.


“Fuck, what do you want?? Money?? Merch?? me to date you instead?? just please don’t tell or send anyone these photos.” Jungkook is practically begging on his knees at this point.


Chuu obviously feels very uncomfortable seeing Jungkook this desperate. “First of all, calm down please it’s really strange seeing you like this and I don’t know if I’m mentally prepared to handle this.” Chuu takes a deep breath and exhales out. “So as much as I’m sure your fansites who are in love with you romantically would want to ruin your life, you just got lucky because I’m not one of those fansites.”


Jungkook gives the biggest sigh of relief and lays back on the gravel. “Oh my god thankgod i can’t thankyou en-“


“Wait!” Chuu puts her finger on Jungkook’s lips to shush him. “I’m not finished. I’m not one of those fansites who are in love with you because...I’m also gay.”


“O-oh thankyou for tell-“


Chuu presses her finger down deeper on jungkook’s lips. “I’m still not finished. I don’t want to ruin your life because you’re in love with another man but”


“But?” Chuu shushes him once more.


“But i need you to do something for me before i delete those photos.”




“I need you to be my friend and help me make friends!” Chuu says excitedly throwing both her hands up in the air with a big grin on her face.


“Y-you want me to make friends?” Jungkook sits up and looks at Chuu in pure confusion.


“Yes!” Chuu beams.


“You want to be friends with the other members? Because i can’t do that they don’t know I’m gay, well except Yoongi.”


“How come Yoongi knows you’re gay but the others don’t?” Chuu questions tilting her head to the side.


“It’s a long story, don’t worry about it.”


Chuu huffs and looks into the distance. “I didn’t mean i want to be friends with bts, I meant friends with friends.” Chuu brings her knees to her chest and hides i. herself. “No one really understands me and I don’t know anyone who’s gay.” Chuu pops her head out of the little cocoon she created for herself. “Actually, I just don’t have friends at all!” Chuu chuckles.


Jungkook looks at Chuu with an eyebrow raised. “You don’t have any friends? What about those girls who were around you at the carnival?”


“Oh, they’re girls from my school who paid me to take friendships photos of them at the carnival...they actually hate me the whole time i was there they were saying horrible things about me.” Chuu sighs. “I had at least a little alone time when I got on the carriage before them alone because they wanted me to take pictures of them in their carriage…ugh...and that’s when i saw you.”


“I don’t really have a choice here do I?” Jungkook sighs.


“Nope!” Chuu smiles widely a bright, cheerful grin.


Jungkook rolls his eyes. “Fine give me your phone.” Chuu obliges and Jungkook types in his phone number. “I’ll text you next time I’m out we get 2 friend dates and that’s it, if the others don’t like you by then there’s nothing more i can do.”


“10!” Chuu jumps up excitedly. “10 friend dates or i send the photos.”


“No wait!” Jungkook stands up rubbing his temples. “4 friend dates.”














“I’m just messing with ya, 10!”


Jungkook sighs in defeat. “Fine 10.”


“And you’ve got to buy me a new camera...considering you just smashed mine to pieces.” Chuu mocks pointing at the poor broken camera on the floor.


“Okay that’s fair..I fair as blackmailing can be, i guess.”


“Also you’ve got to get me any merch i want, 5000$ and also an article of clothing you’ve worn before.” Chuu grins smugly.


“Wh-why do you want something I've worn before?” Jungkook questions.


“NO QUESTIONS!” Chuu's puts both of her hands up in an X shape. “So do we have a deal?”


Jungkook rolls his eyes and sighs. “Fine.” Jungkook puts his hand out to shake.


Chuu's looks at Jungkook's hand before spitting in her hand and returning the handshake. Jungkook watches in disgust as their hands bop up and down in a handshake, he wants to vomit when he pulls away and the spit stretches between their hands as their hands break apart.


“EWWWWW WHAT THE FUCK.” Jungkook shudders as he wipes his hand on the gravel.


“Now we're stuck to a contract by blood!” Chuu exclaims looking very proud of herself.


“THAT WAS SPIT NOT BLOOD!!!” Jungkook yells.


“Ugh god I'm SOOOO sorry next time I'll bring a knife!” Chuu rolls her eyes.


Jungkook realises he's been out here too long. “I've got to get back before the other members notice.” Jungkook gets up.


“You'll text me next time you're going out right?” Chuu says in a whiny voice.


“Ugh yes okay I need to go bye.”


“Byeieeee!” Chuu waves.


Jungkook slips through the gap in the fence and goes back to his room, collapsing on the bed.


What a night.


He takes his shirt off and lies back onto his bed, he opens his bag, pulls out Tata the tiger and cuddles it close.


How does it already smell like Tae.


Jungkook exhales deeply, the scent of Tae filling his senses.


Just as he's about to drift off, cuddling Tata, he hears his phone beep.


For fuck sake if it's Chuu.


He falls onto his tummy making the bed bounce from his impact, he reaches the phone at the end of his bed, unlocks it and reads the words on the phone.

Tae: I had the best time with you tonight I can't wait till our next date!

Tae: Night have sweet dreams.

Tae: ...Baby ;)<3


Jungkook looks at the messages, his phone lighting up his face as he lies on his bed in the dark. His smile grows, he grabs his phone gripping it to his chest as he falls onto his back giving an excited squeal.


He looks back at his phone to reply to Tae and realises when he put his phone to his chest he had typed and sent a bunch of gibberish.


Me: dnaoxnfnf geomwnsaonzxjxjfbdnwoanqhaixjxncndpfkenwkk3+1(@djakssjdj(£++sjaoajdrfii




Me: Ah sorry Tata walked on the keyboard..

Me: I had a great night too :) I can't wait to see you again, hope you're having a good cuddle with Cooky.

Me: good night xxxx


Me: P.P.S you're cute <3


Jungkook locks his phone and cuddles back into bed with his Tae smelling tiger, thinking about what the next day holds for him.