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The face of love

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It’s past mid-winter but it’s warm. Every year around the same week, a summer storm passes through the country, and brings warm and windy days, that finish abruptly on cold rain. Hoseok doesn’t hate rain, or cold, but he prefers warmer weather.

Almost eight in the afternoon, and he’s walking slowly, coming back from the convenience store, with bags in one hand and his umbrella in the other. He’s humming, thinking about the dance sequence he needs to teach tomorrow, and breathing in the wet smell of the city, traces of warmth still clinging to it.

Hoseok is a very attentive person, even if he doesn’t particularly come across as such, he’s aware of his surroundings most of the time. That is why he catches sight of a lump in the alley. The lump moved from one side to the other, and Hoseok stopped walking to take a better look.

Taking four steps inside the alley, a hiss alerts him.

“Hello?” he says, aiming to sound friendly. This is not an unfamiliar scenario, he’s done this more than once, knows how to behave, what to do. A stray cat, most possibly.

“Go away.” Is the answer he receives. And that is completely new. Hoseok walks two other steps forwards, ignoring a new hiss, just to see who answered his call.

A hybrid. Cat hybrid, with black ears and black tail, a male cat hybrid with a busted lip and a bruise on his cheek.

“You’re hurt, we need to take you to the shelter immediately-“

“Go away or I’ll hurt you.” the voice is deep, a bit raspy. Hoseok frowns.

Hybrids surged as a project to help humanity. From them, humans could take organs, blood, and experiment. But that lasted less than five years, before the public found that far too scandalizing, and the hybrids too attractive to keep as mere bodies to experiment on. The general public wanted to meet them, have them. They became pets for the rich, companions. Eventually, they could reproduce by themselves, and their population grew more than what was expected. They could do anything a standard human could do, the only difference was that they lived shorter lives, were more immune to diseases, and since the law didn’t consider them as capable, they needed a legal guardian.

Hoseok’s family never had a hybrid, but he met multiple hybrids in his life. Classmates, teachers, friends, his own students even. Not all of them had good lives, or good families. They couldn’t stay with their parents, because the law didn’t recognize hybrids of age as capable of raising a child, so they pulled them apart and send them to different homes. Some families let the parents see the child, others didn’t. Most parents tried to fight their way inside the child’s life, but it didn’t always work out. Hoseok always thought it was rotten system, and his family thought so too, reason why they never had a hybrid.

However, Hoseok heard stories of hybrids with no legal guardian doing all sorts of things to survive.

“My name’s Hoseok, what’s yours?” he tried. The hybrid, soaking wet, pale and skinny, shivered on the floor where he was curled.

“Go away.”

Hoseok continued to walk forwards, pushing his umbrella over the hybrid’s head and body without going too close in case he attacked him.

“You’re going to get sick, please, let me find you a shelter-“

“What’s your deal, weirdo? I’m not a whore, so you can stop trying to take me home. I don’t sell drugs neither, if that’s what you thought.” The hybrid spits out, angry small eyes looking up. Hoseok’s heart beats very fast, and the longer he stares at the hybrid, the more nervous he becomes.

“I live in the next building. I don’t want to leave you here like this, but if you don’t go somewhere, I’ll have to call the police-“

“Your house. No shelters. And no cops, I’ll scratch your eyes out if you do that.” He says, his fingernails look long and sharp enough to make Hoseok swallow nervously and step back. “Just go, weirdo.” The hybrid repeats, breaking eye contact.

“No. Come…come with me. I-I really can’t leave you here.”

“You don’t even know me. I could be a murderer. What kind of idiot invites a-“

“You got a sprained ankle and a bruised stomach, you’re also very skinny and shivering. Your nails do look a bit scary, but not enough for me to ignore you. I got roommates, though. C’mon.”

Hoseok is a good man. At heart, he wants people to be happy and get along. He is also very reckless, from time to time. This night, was one of those times.

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Inside his apartment it's nice and warm. Hoseok leaves the bags on the kitchen, and calls for his roommates.

“Namjoon? Jimin?” the stray hybrid stands still against the front door, looking around nervously. Hoseok shakes off his jacket, leaving it on a chair. “Come in, if you want you can take a shower, I’ll find you some clothes?” he asks him. The hybrid nods once, has a full body shiver, which urges Hoseok to move faster. “Can I ask your name again?”

“You just did, but whatever. Is Yoongi.” Hoseok smiles.

“Nice to meet you, Yoongi.” He goes to his room, picks his nice towels and the warmest pair of sweatpants, a hoodie, socks, and underwear to give to Yoongi. On his way to the bathroom, he knocks on Namjoon’s door.

“I heard you coming, what is it?” Namjoon says, looking at him with impatience. Hoseok is a bit affronted, but ignores it in favour of explaining to him that they got a guest. “You brought a stray to our house. You’re-you know what I would’ve done the same. Jimin is outside, with Jungkook, by the way.”

“Alright, that’s good, I’ll text him.” He walks back with Namjoon in tow, and finds Yoongi right where he was before. “Yoongi, this is Namjoon, one of my roommates. I got clothes for you and towels in the bathroom, if you want to, you can take a shower now, or after dinner, whatever you’d like.”

“I’ll take it now. Nice to meet you, Namjoon.” he says.

“Likewise, Yoongi. Welcome.” Namjoon answers honestly, and while Hoseok shows Yoongi the bathroom and how their shower works, he’s silent.

“So…I figured he can take the couch.” Hoseok says, back in their living room.
“He can. But Hoseok, we need to get him help. He’s underweight and was limping. What if he ran away from his companion? He needs a shelter, and-“

“He’s past the age, I think. He also didn’t want cops, so maybe he did run away from his companion. In which case, he might need something different. Like a lawyer.” Hoseok says, looking at the ceiling. “I couldn’t just leave him there. He doesn’t look like he knows anything about living on the streets neither.”

“We should ask. Even if he doesn’t answer.”

Jimin arrives at that time, takes a quick breath before he tenses up and the fur on his ears and tail stands up.

“Who is here? Why don’t I know him?” he asks with urgency, his eyes a bit disoriented, looking around. He moves fast, gracefully as he always does, and finds Namjoon’s neck and face, where he puts his hands. “Joon?”

“Hoseok found a hybrid on the alley, and brought him here.”

“There are shelters-“ Jimin starts, his eyes on Hoseok’s face.

“He’s hurt, Jimin. And he didn’t want to go to a shelter.” Hoseok cuts him off.

“Well that means he doesn’t come from a good place, shelters are help for people like us.”
“Jimin, not all shelters are like yours.”

“Calm down, you seem tense, Min, it’s fine, he won’t hurt anyone.” Jimin makes a strange face, like something hurts him and annoys him at the same time, but says nothing else, choosing to sit down on Namjoon’s lap instead.

Namjoon and Jimin met when Namjoon’s family decided to get him a hybrid. Namjoon wasn’t a sociable teen, and they figured a hybrid could be practice. He found Jimin in the fifth shelter they visited, the small cat hybrid with chocolate brown ears captivated him with his dancing. Jimin loved dancing, his parents had encouraged his passion, and he continued to dance even when he had been separated from them. He was in a shelter for three years, where all hybrids went to school, had regular medical check-ups, were allowed to have their own things and see their parents. At twelve, he was adopted by Namjoon’s parents.

“I know, Hoseok, however, you can’t just bring a stray inside our house. We live here too.” His tail swishes, his lips make a weird expression that shows his pointy teeth. Hoseok’s stance changes, and his mood worsens.

“I thought you would be more understanding. And I live here too, so if I desire I can bring whoever I want here. He is no threat, and is in need of help. If you’re not going to help, you’re free to go to your room, Jimin.”

“This is my place too! I don’t want to share it with-“

“Jimin that’s enough.” Namjoon says, his hand on Jimin’s shoulder. “Come to my room, you can sleep there tonight.”

“But Joon-“ he whines, uselessly because Namjoon ignores him. They leave together, whispering about the situation, but Hoseok doesn’t care. He decides to prepare some tea and start with dinner.

Soon after, Yoongi opens the bathroom door, and pads silently to the kitchen. When Hoseok turns, he’s there looking.

“Lord, you scared me. I’m making some tea, if you’d like. Was the shower alright? Did you run out of warm water?” he asks, motioning to a chair. Yoongi shakes his head, sits down.
Now clean, he looks skinnier, paler, but better too. “I got a hairdryer, do you want it or you don’t like them?” Yoongi shrugs.

“There’s a cat here too, huh? It smells like he’s upset.”

“He’s fine, but I don’t think you’ll meet him tonight. I’m making soup and noodles for dinner.”

“I’ll take the hair-dryer, then.” Hoseok smiles.

“It’s in my bedroom, this way.” He walks, and even if he feels nervous about having a stranger in his house, Hoseok knows Yoongi is not a threat, he knows he did the right thing by inviting him in. “Here, the outlet’s here. And I’ll be in the kitchen when you’re done.”
Yoongi nods, holding onto the hairdryer with both hands. His knuckles are hurt, but they don’t bleed, he’s got a wound on his bottom lip, and a bruise on his right cheekbone. “I also got painkillers.”

“Hybrids take different medication.”

“I got hybrid painkillers too.” Yoongi scrunches up his nose. “He won’t be mad, don’t worry.”

“He’s yours? I can’t smell him here that much.” Hoseok blinks in confusion, until it dawns on him.

“Uhm, no, he’s…Namjoon’s, I guess. But he’s not…in a relationship with neither. They’re like…family. Not family exactly ‘cause I’m pretty sure they sleep together once in a while and that would be wrong and gross but-“

“I got it. Not a sexual pet, that’s nice. I’ll take the painkillers in the kitchen, with some tea, yeah?” Hoseok sighs in relief, his heart slowing down, nods and leaves.

He passes by the bathroom, where he finds Yoongi’s clothes on a neat pile on the floor, and the shower wet but spotless, cleaner than before Yoongi used it even. He stores that to ask about later, and takes a couple of Jimin’s tablets from the cabinet under the sink, reading to check it is indeed painkillers what he is grabbing and not something different, like supplements or suppressants.

Hoseok serves two cups of tea, and waits. He can hear the sound of the hair-dryer, wonders why Yoongi was on the alley, how he got his wounds, if he’s got a legal companion, if he’s got a place to go back to.

“I’m done, I left it on the bedside table. These the meds?” Yoongi asks, coming inside the kitchen again. In Hoseok’s clothing, he looks warm and relaxed, his ears standing up with his tail hanging and swishing from time to time.

“Yes, I promise they’re just painkillers.”

“Don’t worry, I recognize the packaging, I’ve took this before. Thank you. For the meds and the shower, and the tea.”

“It’s nothing, Yoongi.” He says, watching the hybrid take a big gulp of tea. “Uhm, so…”

“I’ll say it all straight. I’m homeless at the moment. Lived my life in a shitty shelter, never got adopted, was kicked out at eighteen, worked some jobs, but it got shittier last year and then I ran out of money. I was working in a bar, until, three nights ago, when a guy got handsy and I kicked his balls, but my boss said I was a whore and beat me up before firing me. So no legal guardian, no home, no parents, no nothing. I’m guessing you were wondering. I know how to fight, so don’t worry, I’ll be out of your hair tomorrow morning.” He makes a point of showing his long, sharp, clean nails to Hoseok, as if that was in any way a reassurance.


“Don’t feel sorry, its fine. Others have it worse. I’m alright. It was nice of you, to care enough. You seem like a decent guy.” Hoseok’s cheeks blush a bit, and he looks down embarrassed.
“Got no hybrid for yourself?”

“My family is against the hybrid system. Not their existence, but the way the law regards them, so we never owned one. I’ve met plenty, though.” Yoongi nods, continues to drink his tea. “I…have a friend. He’s the manager in a coffee shop, I’ll ask if he’s got an opening or something like that, if you’d like.” Yoongi frowns.

“Uh, I mean, if you want. But you’re so nice I might start suspecting something, to be honest. I met my fair share of guys who are nice and expect me to suck them off or let them fuck me in payment of their favours.” Hoseok sputters, shaking his head furiously.

“No! Not at all, please I would never, I know you don’t know me but it’s not like that. I swear.” He knows Yoongi has every right to distrust him, but he’s not that kind of person. He has his flaws, but he wouldn’t do something like that.

“Let me be the judge of that. If something happens, I got my nails, and I’m not scared of using them.” He says, smiling at Hoseok. He’s pretty, Hoseok concludes, but also scary.

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Hoseok was right about Yoongi not knowing much about living on the street. He sits on Hoseok’s couch and browses through his Netflix account, with a second cup of tea while Hoseok does the noodles; he’s the picture of calm.

“So…what do you for a living, Hoseok?” he asks.

“I’m a dance teacher. I’m saving to open my own studio someday. I graduated a year or so ago.”

“Oh cool! You looked like the athletic type, dancing’s cool, is not easy also. Can’t imagine what teaching it must be like. You teach kids?” Hoseok smiles, pleased to have the chance to talk about his job.

“I have two children classes, a teens and an adults class. I love teaching, is an incredible profession.” Yoongi humms, chancing a look at Hoseok. “What others jobs have you had?”

“Oh man. A long conversation coming up. My first job was shelter assistant, I was there for three years until they got a new manager and I was fired. Then I was a gardener for an old lady with a big house, she was nice, let me live in here mansion and gave me food and some money, until she passed two years later. Then I worked in a supermarket, which closed down around six months after I started working there, all of a sudden, and after that my luck changed. I couldn’t find a job, and when I did I got fired because the bosses were perverts or people who enjoyed treating hybrids like dirt.”

“Oh, I’m sorry about that. But you got some nice experience, I can print some CVs for you, so you can leave them in some places.”

“That would be cool. Thanks.”

“Though I got to ask. Why not go to a shelter?”

“Last time a dude tried to grope me, so I chose to stay outside. I should’ve gone to one last night, but I was in pain and they don’t let you in if you’re sick or bloody. Afraid of diseases and stuff.”

“Oh. I get it. What happened to…your things? Clothes and such?”

“I got some in the storage room, but I guess they threw that away already. I never had that much money to buy a lot, it wasn’t that important.”

“I’ll wash your clothes tonight, so they’ll be ready tomorrow morning. I can give you a jacket, too.”

“Hoseok, you’re being too nice. What’s in it for you?” Hoseok pauses, before resuming his plating the noodles.

“Nothing. I just want to help.” He says. Yoongi stands up, walks to the table and sits.

“Tell me. I told you a lot, be fair here.” Yoongi’s eyes are a deep brown color, penetrating and focused. Hoseok sighs.

“My parents died, left me and my sister with a lot of debt. We were homeless for some time. She got a job, tried to get me one, but I was still underage. I went to public school, slept in shelters, or outside, wherever really. I stayed invisible, then I found some bad people.” Yoongi’s tail moves faster. “Got into drugs, I almost got roped in one of those street gangs, but my sister told me that if I did that she would stop contacting me. She was more important, and after that I got a job. So together we moved to a slightly bigger place, and lived how we could.”

“That’s amazing, you’re awesome. Look at you now, living by yourself, got a stable job, saving up for your dream.” Hoseok smiles, his cheeks red at the compliment.

“It was mostly my sister’s doing, she refused to let me sink in that kind of life, worked three jobs and didn’t study so she could pay for me just eating. When I got the scholarship, she cried for two full days.” Hoseok’s eyes get watery at the memory. Yoongi’s tail disappears under the table. “After the scholarship, things got better. I couldn’t work the first year, but we made it work, the second year I got a job, kept my grades up, made some friends too. And now I’m here. And she’s doing online courses, so she’s catching up. She wants to open a clothing shop, someday.”

“That’s great Hoseok. I’m glad, I’m sure she’ll do it and it’ll be great.” Hoseok looks up, intrigued by Yoongi’s response.

“You’re very different than what I thought you would be, back in the alley.” Yoongi chuckles, a small sound that makes Hoseok’s heart skip a beat.

“I was scared, hungry, cold. I know how to behave in society, you know I live in it too.”

“I meant I thought you would be closed off. You’re actually friendly.”

“Well, you’re feeding me and giving me a roof for the night. I also want you to ask your friend who manages the coffee shop if he’s got an opening. And those painkillers worked properly so.” He shrugs, cute and his ears move a bit. Hoseok can’t help it, he starts laughing, and Yoongi follows.


“So, about your ankle.”

“You know how to wrap it, right? You’re a dancer.” Yoongi says, still sitting while Hoseok does the dishes.

“I do. I have a boot too.”

“It doesn’t hurt that much, and is not like, sprained sprained. I just twisted it while running, then my ex boss stepped on it, but that’s it.”

“Your stomach?”

“It’s bruises, I didn’t puke blood, I think its fine. Also I’m obviously broke, so I can’t pay for the hospital bill.” He answers simply. Hoseok sighs, but nods.

“We got fried chicken leftovers from yesterday, if you’re still hungry.” He chances, and is pleased to see Yoongi walk to the fridge and open it.

“You sure its fine? Your roommates won’t mind?”

“They won’t, promise.” Yoongi nods, grabs the bowl, and moves to the microwave. “You can use it.” he says before the hybrid asks. Yoongi nods, bites his lip while carefully watching the buttons and pushing them, and then waits for the food. “I’ll bring blankets and a pillow, okay? I was planning on watching something before sleep, but if you want to go to sleep right now it’s fine.” Yoongi, with his mouth stuffed with chicken, looks at him.

“Is your house, if you want to watch your show, watch it. I don’t sleep until much later anyway. My sleep schedule was with the bar’s opening hours.” He answers, picking another piece. Hoseok smiles, nods, and goes to his room.

He doesn’t own a lot of extra bedding, picking his best blanket for Yoongi, carries a pillow and clean bedsheets, in case Yoongi wants to use them. When he goes back to the living room (which is right next to the kitchen) he sees Yoongi washing the bowl where the chicken was.

“I got more noodles, and some crackers. Oh, and also milk.”

“Just ‘cause I’m a cat doesn’t mean I like milk.” Hoseok’s cheeks reddens. “I’m joking, I actually do like milk. But I’ll drink some later, before sleep.”

“You can use the microwave if its too cold.”


“I’m going to get the wraps for your ankle.” Hoseok says, walking there and putting Yoongi’s clothes on the washing machine with some of his own, mindless about mixing them up and more focused on finding the lotion he used to own for sprains.

He goes back to the living room, where Yoongi is standing up quite awkwardly.

“Sit please?” he asks, and Yoongi does. Is not easy or comfortable to be touching him, Yoongi is shaking a bit, his skin cold and very pale, but he remains as unmoving as he can and thanks Hoseok after he’s done with the lotion and wrapping.

“Thanks. So. What are we watching?” Yoongi asks, eyeing what Hoseok’s sets down on the couch.

“I was watching Gotham, actually.”

“Oh, cool, I don’t know what’s about but I guess it’s Batman related.” He says, grabbing the blanket, extending it with his hands, setting it down, then sitting inside, curling his tail on his waist, and then bringing all the corners of the blankets to him as if he’s wrapping himself. Hoseok finds it adorable, controlling his face not to smile like a creepy idiot while sitting down as well.


Hoseok doesn’t concentrate on the show completely, trying to stay alert in case Yoongi needs anything. the hybrid, falls asleep fifteen minutes into the first chapter. He breathes softly, his head falling more and more to the side of the couch, and Hoseok si tempted to move his body to a more comfortable position himself. However, he knows that is not a good idea, so he watches the chapter and then wakes Yoongi up.

“I’ll leave the pillow here. You know where my room and the bathroom are, in case you need anything. Sorry I don’t have a spear toothbrush.” He says to him. Yoongi nods, moves to be on his side and curls tighter on himself, Hoseok puts the pillow on his head and takes a second to watch him. He tries not to be creepy, but there’s something about Yoongi that draws Hoseok in like a moth to a flame.

Despite not knowing each other at all, Hoseok felt at ease with him. Comfortable enough to share most of his life story, a short of version of it anyway. He was nervous, anxious, because he was a stranger. However, he felt that Yoongi wasn’t going to hurt him or judge him. Hoseok is not always the best judge of character, but he felt it, somehow, that Yoongi needed help and that he deserved a chance. Hoseok could help, even if for a night, he could and he did, because back then he wished for those chances.

He lay awake for long minutes, after setting his alarm extra early, he listened carefully in case Yoongi got up, or did something. He heard Namjoon going out, as silently as he could, and come back, probably with some food. He heard Jimin and later Namjoon go to the bathroom, but he didn’t hear Yoongi at all. When he fell asleep, he had a dreamless night.

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Hoseok’s alarm was loud. He needed it to be loud because he hated loud noises and it forced him to turn it off, and since he had to move to turn it off, he always woke up for it. The loud noise usually woke up everyone else in the house.

After turning it off, he yawned, stretched, and went to the bathroom. For those long minutes he took to shower, shave, brush his teeth, pee, he completely forgot about the events of the previous night.

When he was going to the kitchen, he saw Yoongi still curled up in the blanket and it hit him.

While he waited for his coffee, he texted Seokjin.


‘Hey, good morning Jin! How are you? I hope you’re doing well, it’s been a while since we met but I got a situation…or something. I met someone who’s in desperate need of a job, any kind of job and I wanted to know if you know of someone who might have an opening? Sorry, I know I’ve been MIA lately, and this looks kind of bad, but he needs help.’


He’s not the best at keeping in touch with friends, or writing texts that don’t sound like ‘I need your help and that’s all’ so he sighs and locks his phone before padding to the bathroom where he forgot the clean clothes inside the washing machine. However, its empty. In their small balcony are Yoongi’s clothes hanging, along with his.

“I did it. Figured he was going to need his clothes.” Namjoon says, surprising Hoseok and making him spill a bit of coffee on his hand. “Sorry, you alright?”

“Yeah, just still half asleep. Thank you, by the way.”

“So. What’s his story?” Hoseok sighs, is very cold and his eyes prickle when the wind blows in his face.

“Not as bad as I thought. He’s temporarily homeless. Was kicked out of his last job. He’s been kind of unlucky, and kind of an idiot for not going to a shelter but…he had a bad experience. I’m printing some CVs for him before leaving.”

“You asked Jin about jobs?” Namjoon says, his eyes looking at Hoseok’s. They’ve known each other for long, enough for Hoseok to almost see Namjoon’s train of thought.

“I did.”

“Alright. I’ll make toasts for everyone.” Hoseok nods and smiles, walking to the kitchen with him.

There, Yoongi is standing up, the blanket neatly folded on the couch, with the pillow resting on top. His face looks puffy, his eyes very small, and his mouth forms a permanent pout that paired up with his dark messy hair, make Hoseok’s heart race a bit. He tries so hard not to feel like that, but it’s kind of complicated when Yoongi is so effortlessly cute.

“Good morning, Yoongi.” Hoseok says.

“Good morning.”

“You slept alright?”

“Yeah, thank you. Can I use the bathroom?”

“Sure thing.”

“Thank you. Good morning, Namjoon.” Yoongi says then, a bit shy.

“Morning. The black toothbrush is yours, by the way, I had a spare.” he says nonchalantly, Hoseok knows perfectly that he practised that line on his head like a million times to make it sound as if it comes out naturally when in reality is everything but.

“Oh, thank you so much, you didn’t have to.” Yoongi answers, his eyes are opened a tad wider, he looks genuinely surprised, which makes Hoseok’s heart hurt a bit. Something so small, so insignificant, to cause such a reaction.

“Is fine. I’m making toasts, coffee or tea?” Namjoon continues, putting bread on the toaster.

“Coffee.” Yoongi walks to the bathroom, where he stays for long minutes. Hoseok busies himself serving coffee cups and finding jam and butter to put on the table.

“We haven’t had breakfast together in a long time.” Namjoon comments.

“Yeah, we’re always rushing. It’s nice, though.”

“It is. Jimin’s sulking in my room. I swear he can get so needy and possessive over absolutely nothing.” Namjoon puts more bread on the toaster.

“Well, I don’t really know what to say.” the taller man (Hoseok is forever bitter about Namjoon’s last growth spurt) sighs, then sits.

“Jungkook happened ages ago. They’re even friends now. Did Seokjin answer yet?”

“No, he hasn’t-” Hoseok’s phone vibrates. “Are you psychic or something?” he says looking at Namjoon funny, who only shrugs.

‘Hey Hoseok! Yeah it has been a while! You have to come by soon, I miss you TT. At the moment I don’t have anything, but if this person wants, he can come by here and drop a CV, I’ll ask around if he wants.’

‘That would be amazing, thank you so so much Jin. I’ll go visit this week, I promise! Say hi to Jungkookie :)’

‘Alright, I better see your face soon then. What’s his name btw?’



“Seokjin asked me what’s Yoongi’s name.” Namjoon frowns.

“Then say ‘Yoongi’?”

“He doesn’t have a last name, Namjoon.” that makes the taller man open his eyes.

“Oh, shit. That’ issue.”

Both of them know how complicated it is for hybrids with no legal companions to find jobs.

“What do I say?”

“The truth. If he’s going to ask his colleagues around, Seokjin needs to know.” Namjoon says. But Hoseok feels uncomfortable, doesn’t believe it should be his thing to say. “Ask him when he comes out of the bathroom.”

Yoongi comes back looking refreshed, his eyes bright and attentive, his ears standing up. Hoseok’s heart beats faster.

“Yoongi? My friend, the manager, asked for your name?”

“Uh, it’s Yoongi?”

“Yeah but...last name?”

“Oh. Well it will probably kill my prospective jobs, but tell him I don’t have a companion. He’s your friend, and he needs to know. Don’t want to like, mess up a friendship or something. Can I have this cup?” it's his answer, Namjoon nodding at him.

“You can sit, Yoongi.” Hoseok tells him. The hybrid smiles, and sits down. Sometimes Yoongi moves around as if he’s the owner of the world, and other times he doesn’t make a move without being directly asked. “You can have toast too, as many as you’d like. We got cereal too, but our breakfast food doesn’t stretch further than that.”

“Jimin has some fish snacks-”

“No, thank you.” Yoongi says abruptly. Namjoon’s eyes narrow.

“What happened in the bathroom, Yoongi?” he asks with a careful voice.

“Nothing, at all. I mean.” he takes a bite of his toast. Hoseok sits down next to him.

“Did he do something? Did he say something?” Yoongi’s cheeks colour, and Hoseok’s blood starts to heat up.

“Yoongi, what did he say?” Yoongi swallows, looks at his cup.

“Nothing bad. He just warned me to stay away from his stuff. In general, so. I’ll pass on those snacks.”

“Alright. If that’s all, you can have as many toasts and coffee as you’d like. Those are mine and Hoseok’s, so don’t worry.” is how Namjoon ends the topic. But Hoseok knows that Jimin’s got a storm coming, he can see it in the way Namjoon’s brow is furrowed, and his mouth is tense.


'His name’s Yoongi. No companion.’

‘A hybrid? Did you adopt one?’

‘No, it’s complicated. But he seems good, responsible.’

‘You don’t know him? I’m kind of regretting my decision, Hoseok.’

‘Just give him a shot. You’ll know when you see him. He’s just been unlucky.’

‘Or that’s what he told you. I’ll meet him soon, anyway. Send him here. See you this week, remember your promise Seokie °3°’


Hoseok sighs, and starts with his own breakfast. He’s still got enough time to print those CVs and give Yoongi his clothes back.

But Yoongi’s clothes…

“He can’t go to see Seokjin in that.” is Jimin’s statement. He plants himself on the couch with his cereal, a pout on his face, while he watches Yoongi drink the last of his coffee. “You know Seokjin is a freak for neatness and presentation.”

“He doesn’t have a lot to choose from.”

“Well he’s coming back tonight right? He can take one of your shirts and jackets. I’ll give him a nice pair of pants. Namjoon needs to give him a razor, those whiskers are not cute.” he says, looking at the TV. However, Hoseok’s mouth stretches on a smile. Jimin either feels guilty about his actions, or figured that the faster Yoongi gets a job the faster he’ll get out of their house, because he’s given the situation some thought. It’s enough for Hoseok, who sets about finding a nice shirt and a clean, decent jacket on his closet.

Hoseok’s closet has stuff from when he was seventeen still, but his sister always tries to make him have semi-formal wear. Eventually, he finds a blazer that he figures will do. The CVs are printed already, neatly put on a folder, and Yoongi sport a clean shaven face, hair brushed back (he grumbled a lot about that), and some black jeans that fit him nicely.

“Alright, I found you this. I know the shirt’s not the perfect fit, you’re broader than me, so I’m sorry if it looks tight. Namjoon’s would make you swim, and we don’t want to push Jimin’s kindness.” Yoongi nods, going to the bathroom to change.

When he comes back, he looks like a completely different person.


“I feel weird. I don’t think I’ve dressed this...properly ever.”

“Well, Seokjin is going to love it. Look like you’re the owner, until you become the owner, is what he says. The CVs are here. Have some cologne.”

“I don’ it. My nose is more sensitive.” Hoseok takes several steps back. “It doesn’t smell bad, though. I just don’t like me.” he says quickly, but Hoseok stays away.

“This is the address to Seokjin’s. He works until four, but the earliest you’re there, the best impression. And Yoongi.” he says putting a piece of paper in his hand.


“He’ll find you something. In that paper there’s also my number, if you get lost or something, you can call me, I left some change on the ashtray on the table. Namjoon will go with you on the bus, the bus-stop is still some blocks away.”

“Don’t you need a card for the bus?”

“Yeah but you can use your card to pay for someone else’s ticket. Also, when you’re done, you can come back here. I put the address there. There are some places around Seokjin’s neighbourhood and around here where you can drop CVs too.”

“I can go around the city, Hoseok, I promise I’m not a kid.” Yoongi says, but his voice doesn’t sound annoyed. “It seems like you’re more nervous than I am. You met me yesterday, too.”

Is like a bucket of cold water for Hoseok. He looks down, and nods.

“Sorry. Make sure to come back for your clothes. See you.”

“No, hey, Hoseok, wait a second. I didn’t mean it like that. I was just...surprised. I’ve never had anyone care like this for me after meeting me for less than a day. I’m sorry it sounded ungrateful, you don’t know how much it means for me...or I guess you do, so thank you. I’ll try my best, and I’ll be back. You can trust me on that.”

“It’s fine Yoongi. Maybe I pushed you to something you didn’t want. However, you can still not go if you’re not up for it. Whatever you choose its fine. I need to go, bye.”

Hoseok quickly walks out of his room, grabs his bag and leaves. He walks fast, biting his lip and trying hard not to get more upset or cry. He remembers clearly, what it felt like to ask for help and get none. How his hopes were crushed every single day, and hanging onto his only family member, fiercely. He figures Yoongi doesn’t need that, he didn’t even ask, Hoseok just offered and offered and offered. Because back then, he would’ve taken those offers in a heartbeat.

Chapter Text

He leaves his phone on his pocket, while he goes through his first class of the morning. they are in a ten minute break when it vibrates. The number is unknown.



“Oh. Yoongi. What happened?”

“So...Namjoon said, three down, one to the right, two down, another to the right, with a blue sign.

“That’s...confusing as hell. What street are you on?”

For the next two minutes, Hoseok tries to make a mental map for Yoongi to walk on.

“Alright, I think I got it now. Sorry for bothering.”

“It wasn’t a bother. Good luck, Yoongi.”

“Thank you, Hoseok. Bye.”

After Yoongi hungs up, Hoseok texts Seokjin.

‘He’s on his way. Can you text me when he gets there? He got kind of lost. Thanks.’

‘Alright, we’re having a slow morning, so he’s lucky I will actually have time for him ;)’

‘Please don’t scare him off.’

‘How dare you even suggest I would do such a thing owo’

Hoseok sighs, defeated, and calls his students to start moving again.

Is not like Hoseok didn’t expect Yoongi to not come back. But he was fairly surprised to see him on his building entrance, tail swishing slowly, picking at the wild grass growing on the cracks of the stairs.

“Hey Yoongi.” He greets him. Yoongi looks up, his ears move to face front, making him look adorable and attentive. His hair is down on his forehead again. “Have you been here long?”

“Hey, Hoseok. Not really, someone offered to pay for my ticket back on the bus-stop, I used the change for that…sorry, if that was wrong-“

“it was not, I’m glad you didn’t have to walk all the way. Come in? I’m craving some coffee.” Yoongi stands up, does a little stretch, makes a little sound which results in Hoseok’s heartbeat speeding, and looks at him.

“Hard day?”

“Yeah, Thursdays are the days when we got the teachers weekly meetings, and sitting there and planning the end of the year show is exhausting.”

“But it’s only June…”

Hoseok chuckles at the disbelief in Yoongi’s voice.

“We already got the concept. And we’re planning the timing, the order of the presentations and stuff. Is a lot harder than it looks.”

“What about your classes? Good spots?”

“Not particularly, but its fine. Seniority counts a lot on that, and I’ve been there less than a year so…it doesn’t matter. Want some snacks? I bought cookies and chips, I’m craving junk food.” Yoongi nods, and they go up together.

Hoseok is dying to ask Yoongi about his meeting with Seokjin. The older man did text Hoseok about Yoongi’s arrival, but nothing else. So he was completely in the dark about it.

“Uhm…I kind of…got a job? I start tomorrow at seven…” Yoongi says, standing awkwardly in the kitchen. Hoseok, who was serving coffee, almost drops the mug.

“What?! I mean, that’s great! That’s amazing! But I’m surprised, Jin said there weren’t openings there.” Yoongi looks down, his ears go down as well, and Hoseok gets worried. “Did something happened?”

“He fired a lady, and hired me instead. I was…there the whole day, he taught me the basics, had me try on my uniform…and stuff. I met his hybrid too…Jimin’s friend?” Yoongi is still looking down.

“Hey Yoongi, can you look at me for a second?” Yoongi does, his eyes look a bit glassy, and Hoseok aches to hug him but refrains. “What happened?”

“I…I got there, and got inside…and asked about Seokjin. This lady asked me questions, but…when I told her I didn’t have a legal guardian she kind of…tried to kick me out.”

“Oh my god. Yoongi I’m so-“

“it was fine, she said some ugly stuff but Seokjin got there, and heard her, and she…was fired on the spot. So he turned to me, looked at me and just…hired me. He didn’t even look at the resume, I was very surprised. Are all your friends like that?”

“Wow, he did that, didn’t he? He’s very passionate about hybrids’ rights. He and Joon were on the hybrids’ rights movement during school, we all were.”

“He said Namjoon’s a lawyer?”

“He is. He got like, three masters, works either in business or hybrids’ rights, he likes complicated stuff. However, you got a job Yoongi! Congratulations!” Hoseok says, smiling bright at him. Yoongi’s cheeks turn a bit red, and a sweet, sweet smile breaks through his face, it looks like the sun after days of rain, it looks like hope.

“I need pants…he said they don’t have pants. For my tail.” Yoongi says. They’re sitting down, him and Hoseok, having dinner that Namjoon bought for them.

“Alright, I’ll ask Jimin if he can give you that pair for tomorrow, and we can go buy you your own pair, after your shift.” Yoongi looks uncomfortable, looked uncomfortable pretty much all afternoon, when they went out to buy him necessities like razors and nail clippers, deodorant and shaving cream (“with no scent, for sensitive skin”, he said, eyes down and red cheeks), and underwear, socks, a couple of shirts (“cheap ones Hoseok please, I’ll pay everything back I promise, and nothing more, I can use my old clothes still”), fish snacks and hybrid painkillers (“there’s no need” “Jimin likes his own stuff” “…alright”).

Hoseok’s wallet hurt a bit, but he knows Yoongi will pay back, and he doesn’t want Yoongi to keep asking for things and just have his own.

“I’m still a bit upset that your back is a size bigger than mine-“

“I’ll have you know I’m barely a couple of centimetres shorter, so don’t act like you’re the biggest guy around.” He says, a joke, a jab at Hoseok that makes the younger man smile, watching Yoongi become more comfortable with him.

“Alright then, I admit my defeat.” They continue eating in silence, until they’re almost done and Yoongi looks up at Hoseok with decision burning in his eyes.

“You don’t need to change your bed. I’ll be out of your hair after my first pay, I promise.” He says. Hoseok’s grin falters.

“I never said you had to rush. And your next pay will be in around two weeks? I can’t let you sleep on the couch for that long. And is not like I’m changing it forever? I’m trading it for the one my sister owns.”

Hoseok’s sister has a bunk bed, the one they got together years ago, on her apartment, on the guests room. Hoseok thought it would be better to trade his double bed (that he bought with his own money and was the only expensive thing he let himself buy apart from his computer –that one in payments he was still paying-) for the bunk bed.

“But it’s a lot of moving and rearranging. I really don’t want to bother-“

“Yoongi, I said it wasn’t a bother. And I’m no mood to hear Jimin complain about bumps in the couch, scent on the couch, blah blah blah on the couch again, you saw him, he was at it for ten minutes.”

Yoongi sighs, but says nothing else.

Around an hour ago, Namjoon got home with Jimin, who sat down to watch his favourite show and decided to start complaining about things he didn’t even named in the morning.

“His scent is getting everywhere. The couch is bumpy now, I don’t like it. Did he drool on it? It stinks-“ which promptly made Namjoon drag him to his room. Yoongi had been embarrassed, ears down and tail hanging, and Hoseok had been mad because Jimin had no reason to be that mean.

“Hey, do you want to shower? I don’t know if you shower every day though, Jimin doesn’t…at least when he’s in heat.”

“Is not a hybrid thing, I shower every day. So if you don’t mind, I’ll take a shower now.”

“Ok, great, good. I’ll do the dishes then.”

Hoseok does the dishes and thinks about Yoongi’s situation. He thinks of how potentially beneficial it was for him to get the job, and thinks about his housing for the next two weeks. He thinks about the episode on the coffee shop as well, the way Yoongi looked so down and even embarrassed when retelling the story. And so, he resolves to give Seokjin a call.

“Hello Hoseok, I thought you would call a lot sooner. How are you?”

“I’m good, just wanted to know if everything’s okay, with you and the shop and everything…” he says, unsure of how to follow.

“Well, we are okay. I was shocked about Naeun’s words, I’m guessing he didn’t say but she basically accused him of being a prostitute, nothing wrong with that by the way, and seducing you into recommending him to me. She also said the words worthless, and freak of nature, to him.” Hoseok clenches his fist, suddenly in rage about Yoongi having to stand there and receive those words. Is true that Hoseok doesn’t know him, but so far Yoongi has been polite and proper, and he doesn’t deserve those words at all. No hybrid does. “And since you know my thoughts on that, I fired her. However, Yoongi’s a fast learner, and yes it will take some time until he’s at her level on the coffee making but it’s fine. Jungkook likes him too, and I believe in his nose so, we’re okay.”

“Okay, thank you so much, really, I know I kind of just sent him to you without knowing anything but I think he’s good.”

“I thought so as well, he seemed eager to work so, we’ll see how it goes. Remind him to be punctual, and not to worry about the pants, Jungkook has some to spare. Remember your promise Hoseok, I’ll see you soon?” his voice changed, playful, he’s probably smirking too, Hoseok smiles.

“Yeah, tomorrow afternoon, promise.” Hoseok knows Seokjin wants to see him, they haven’t met for at least a month, and the older man knows about Hoseok’s tendency to isolate himself when he’s busy, or when he doesn’t want to sit down and talk about something. Seokjin was the kind of person who wanted to know what was going on in your life, he needed to know, otherwise he worried and felt left out but he wasn’t quiet about it, he whined and eventually got what he wanted. It wasn’t a bad trait at all, Hoseok was happy to have a friend like that, Seokjin brought them all together with his insistence and resilience.

“You better. See you! Kook says hello!”

“Tell him hello too, bye Jin.” Hoseok sits down on the table, just when Yoongi comes into the kitchen.

“Uhm, I don’t know where to hang the towel?” he asks, his hair is wet, his face flushed and he smells clean and warm.

“Oh, I’ll show you the balcony. Sort of.” He proceeds to show the hybrid the place where they hang their clothes, and later they sit down to watch another chapter of the show.

Like the night before, Yoongi falls asleep, and Hoseok puts a pillow under his head and covers him with a blanket before going to sleep.

“I forgot to tell you, but Seokjin said not to worry about pants, Jungkook’s got a pair.” Yoongi sighs, relieved, and continues to shovel cereal in his mouth. 

Chapter Text

Yoongi is nervous, Hoseok can tell.

Hoseok put his alarm an hour earlier to wake him up and have breakfast with him, because they got to go get Yoongi a card for the bus together and Yoongi’s never bought one before so Hoseok will go with him.

“Awesome.” He comments, before standing up to wash his bowl. “Sorry you had to get up so early.”

“It’s fine, I’m a morning person.” Yoongi groans.

“Never say that again.” Hoseok laughs, biting on his toast and rushing his coffee, he doesn’t want to make Yoongi late.

They get to the place and buy the card, Yoongi looks at it marvelled, as if it’s the coolest thing he’s ever seen.

“So, you got enough to last a week I guess, but tell me if you need to charge it again. You remember the bus-stop?”


“Alright. Take this money to buy lunch, take it, if you don’t use it then keep for another day or whatever.”

“Hoseok.” Yoongi says. His voice is serious, he looks up and his eyes are glassy. “Thank you. For everything. This is…I’ve never owned this.”

“A card?”

“To travel. Nobody ever bought one for me. I’m…” Hoseok understands then, realizes the implications of it, remembers the list of things hybrids could not do by themselves. Its freedom of movement, Yoongi has the chance and the card to take a bus, to go places by himself, farther places in less time, moving by public transportation like everybody else.

“Oh Yoongi, it’s fine. You deserve it, okay? This is nothing, you deserve it.” He’s taken aback when Yoongi hugs him, his tail tangling around Hoseok’s leg. Hoseok hugs him back, patting his back in comfort.

“Thank you for believing in me.” Yoongi whispers, and then lets go. “I’m leaving, I’ll see you at the coffee shop.” He says, and rushes to get on the bus. Hoseok stands there, on the bus-stop, for long minutes, processing what just happened.

When he’s done, he’s left with a smile on his face, and the need to rush because he’s almost late already.



“Hoseok! You made it!” Seokjin’s voice booms on the almost empty coffee shop. It’s a slow afternoon, but Hoseok knows that after six comes the last of the evening rush and Seokjin looks a bit tense, so perhaps it's been a tough day.

“Hey Jin, how are you doing?”

“It’s been a mad day. A machine broke, Baekhyun is sick so I had to cut Jongdae’s free day in half, Seulgi burnt her hand baking, and Youngjae fought with a customer. Yoongi has been my only solace, he’s actually useful.” He says, sending a harsh look at Youngjae, the cashier looking wholly unbothered.

“I’m glad to hear that. Where is he?”

“Chatting with Seulgi, I think he likes being behind the scenes more.”


“It’s fine though, he’s been trying out different things and he’s been fine in most. Since it was such an eventful day, I also got to see if he was good working in rush hour. And he was decent enough. So far I’m satisfied! However, tell me how have you been. How’s work?”

Hoseok launches in a short monologue to tell his friend what he’s been up to, and relaxes when he notices Jongdae bring his usual order to him.

“Thank you.” he smiles, and Jongdae smiles back.

“So, that old hag got the best spots and you just let her take them? Hoseok! Your kids deserve better than that!”

“I told you is not up to me, seniority is everything.”

“I swear that if seniority is a thing in your future studio, I will slap you.”

“It won’t, I won’t be that kind of boss. How’s Kook?”

“He’s fine, studying, going to the gym and dragging me along, same old. I can’t believe he’s so close to graduation.” They both chuckle, remembering young Jungkook suffering through his first college year and whining to everyone who wanted to listen. “You know he’s not patient, you’ll have to find him something to do otherwise he’ll drive you insane. He’s planning the entire studio already.”

Hoseok sighs.

“Is not going to happen in years though, I hope you help me to find him something else.” Seokjin’s gaze softens.

“There’s no rush, you’ll get there, you know?” he says. Hoseok nods.

“I will.”

“Seokjin? Should I change?” Yoongi says, his voice timid, looking at Seokjin.

“Yes Yoongi, you can leave whenever you want, too.” Seokjin answers voice easy, reassuring. “But if you’re going to wait for Hoseok, you can sit down because I’m not done with him yet.” He continues. Hoseok chuckles, sending a smile to Yoongi’s way and watching him go to the back. “So. He’s cute.”

“Jin please.”

“What? It’s true. He’s cute, and single, that was Jongdae not me.” Hoseok groans. “And he said you got him a bus card. Apparently that was a big deal.”

“Well…I didn’t notice until this morning actually, but hybrids can’t buy cards by themselves.”

“I know.”

“Well, I didn’t remember. But to him it was an important thing. He’s never had one before.”

“That must feel good. Now he’s that bit more independent.”

“He’s very independent though, I mean he’s not…he does everything by himself, just asks where things are and that’s it.”

“That’s wonderful. I remember having to teach Jungkook to use cutlery and chopsticks when he was eighteen.”

“Jimin doesn’t do his laundry. He doesn’t wash his own hair or cut his nails. Namjoon is always the one who does it for him.”

“That’s ‘cause our Jimin loves Namjoon’s attention, not because he can’t. Perhaps the laundry not, I bet he’s gonna end up with all pink shirts if he does it.”

“Yes, that red sweater he uses every week! Ugh its so old and stained, sometimes I’m tempted to throw it away but he’ll claw my eyes out.” Seokjin chuckles but nods energetically at that statement.

“Sentimental value.”

They chat for some more minutes, before the coffee shop starts to fill again and Seokjin needs to get back behind the counter.

Yoongi appears soon after, and Hoseok waves at him.

“Ready to go?”


“Tired?” he asks, Yoongi’s face looks a bit tired, he rubs his eyes.

“A bit.”

“You can nap when we get back. Joon and Jimin are out tonight, so I was hoping you’d say yes to ordering Chinese?” Yoongi nods, yawning.

“It’s been a while since I had to work mornings and afternoons…” he comments.

On the ride back on the bus, Yoongi falls asleep on Hoseok’s shoulder, and for those fifteen minutes until they get off, Hoseok’s heart hammers against his chest so loud he fears he’s been heard by everyone around them.



They’re sitting on the couch, watching a drama together, when Yoongi asks. Hoseok sees his tails moving almost touching the floor, his ears are a bit down.

“Can I ask something?”

“Uhm, yes, sure.” Yoongi sighs, he moves around a bit on his sit, uncomfortable.

“Was it...really bad, when you were on the street?”

Hoseok is a bit surprised, he’s not that keen on talking about that chapter of his life, however, Yoongi doesn’t sound judgemental, or like he pities Hoseok. He sounds curious.

“Yes, it was. I mean, you couldn’t have anything worth more than a couple bucks on you, had to look for good places to sleep, had to run if the police got there...because they knew my name. Some shelters had creeps on them, I had to fight a couple of…” Yoongi gasps, looks at him, and Hoseok turns to look.

“Weren’t you still underage?”

“I was. But it happens, is not strange.”

“But you’re humans.” Yoongi says, as if that’s reason enough for Hoseok to understand. Hoseok, chuckles, and he wants nothing more than to hug Yoongi, because he’s still so blissfully unaware that the scum of Earth likes hybrids and humans alike, it just depends on the vessel.

“Some creeps like humans too, Yoongi.”

“Sorry, that sounded stupid-”

“It’s fine, don’t worry. The worst part was the cold. After I joined this people I always had a nice...blanket, at least, and we all slept kind of together, so human warmth.”

“I feel...lucky, like, it could’ve been that much worse for me. I was so scared but dumb too, I thought I could just...find my way, just like that.”

“Well, you’re here now. It’s fine. Can I ask something in return?” Yoongi nods, his ears now standing in attention. “What’s with the fast healing? Your bruise kinda vanished.”

“Oh, that’s foundation. Actually, concealer. Jimin threw it at me this morning. Couldn’t fix the lip, but it's something.” he shrugs.

“That makes sense. Are your bruises okay? Ribs? Stomach? nothing hurts?”

“Not much, I got my pills though, don’t worry.” he smiles a bit, as if to reassure Hoseok of his condition.

“Alright.” and that’s it.

Hoseok watches Yoongi for a bit longer, his round face and small eyes, the way his tail swishes around lazily. He is indeed cute.

Chapter Text

The next morning, after having breakfast together, Hoseok waved goodbye to Yoongi before texting his sister.

“Good morning sis! Ready to start, already packed the clean bed sheets and stripped the bed

Dawon takes her sweet time to answer, Hoseok busies himself cleaning around the house. Jimin and Namjoon are still sleeping.

“Morning Hoseok! Alright, we’ll be on our way in around an hour or so? We already disassembled the beds yesterday, so we just need to fit the pieces on the car...somehow. Is that time good for you?”

“Is good, I’m just cleaning. See you soon!”

Hoseok continued his cleaning for around half an hour before he heard Namjoon and Jimin come into the kitchen.

“Oh good, he’s already started the weekly cleanse.”

“Somebody has to. Joon, you’re on floor duty. Jimin, you got the bathroom.”

Both of them groan, but say nothing else against it. They got a chart with household chores and the three of them respect it because it works well and because Hoseok flips when the house isn’t liveable.

“If the other is staying for two weeks, he has to clean too.” Jimin says, munching on his toast.

“His name is Yoongi.” Hoseok says, trying to remain calm. Sometimes Jimin has attitudes that annoy Hoseok, and its usually Namjoon the one who makes Jimin shut up before they fight. They had fights before, multiple, about trivial things and important things, but they’re friends, so they always find a way to make it better.

“Sorry, sorry, your cat Yoongi.” Jimin smiles, his intention changed, now he’s just teasing. Namjoon chuckles, and Hoseok is not happy about the change but likes it better than Jimin being disrespectful towards Yoongi.

“He isn’t mine.”

“You traded your beloved bed to accommodate him for two weeks. You want him to stay longer. So. Your cat.”

“Jimin, don’t push it.” Namjoon serves him a cup of milk tea, and Jimin smiles lovingly at him. Hoseok is a bit disgusted, they must have done something the night before. “Is Dawon coming soon? Should I mop the floor before she gets here?”

“No, I think it’ll be better if you do it afterwards. Dust and everything.”

“Cool. Min, we’re on grocery store duty too, so maybe we could do that and then the cleaning. I got a couple of cases to work on in the afternoon, I’d like to be done by then.”

“But Joon, I wanted to go out…”

“We went out yesterday Min. We can see, if I’m done early, i’ll take you out somewhere. Weren’t you studying though?”

“My test is on Wednesday, I want to rest today.” he pouts, and Namjoon crumbles. Hoseok turns when he sees their faces coming too close, and tries to stifle his laughter.

“What’s so funny?”

“It’s been years Joon, how come you still fall for it?”

Dawon arrives with Daehyun -her boyfriend-  two hours later, both of them grunting.

“I hate your elevator. Damn thing wouldn't carry us and the bed, so we had to make two trips. Say goodbye to your mattress, it’s mine after all that effort.” she says, throwing wood at Hoseok.

“Hey, that could seriously hurt. Hello Daehyun, how are you?”

“Hi Hoseok, I’m good, I’m good. I’ll be better when your sister stops using wood to poke me, though.” Hoseok smiles, and proceeds to move aside and help bring the bed inside.


“I didn’t know it had so many parts.” he says, looking puzzled at the array of different planks resting against a wall.


“So. We take your bed now. I left all the screws and things on the table. I am not staying to help you assemble it again. Mickey is still in the car, and I got an exam on Monday. But I’d like to meet Yoongi at some point, before he moves, yeah?” she has the crazy eyes on, Hoseok almost shudders.

“I will introduce him to you, I promise. C’mon, I’ll help move this downstairs.”

Since the mattress doesn’t fit on the elevator, Daehyun and Hoseok take it to the car by foot. He’s sweating by the end of the stairs, and is relieved to see the open door and Dawon waiting to secure it on the roof.

“I hope the police won’t stop us for taking this on the roof.”

“You live ten blocks away, and they’re never around here so if it happens that’s just some bad luck and I am not accountable for it.” she wrinkles her nose at him, pats his cheek and they’re gone. Hoseok always thought that his sister resembled a hurricane. She came, threw things and people around, and left, so fast that it was hard to take her in sometimes. If Hoseok lived at a fast pace, she did so at a frantic pace.


Hoseok moved all the planks to his now bedless room, and set down to build the beds. He was there for two hours before Jimin came to find him for lunch, and afterwards he went back to continue. Jimin helped him for a while, before he got tired, and Hoseok managed to build one of the beds completely by the time Yoongi rang the doorbell.

“Hey, Hoseok. Want some help?” he says as a way of greeting, and Hoseok almost cries in relief. He’s not the best at building furniture, and he’s been at it for so many hours that he starts to see all screws the same size.

Yoongi, on the contrary, is brilliant. He sets about building the top part and in under an hour its ready to join to the other part.

“I should’ve waited for you, you’re so good at this.” He lamented. Yoongi chuckled, cracking his neck. “My god. Open the window, I think we used up all the oxygen in the room.” Hoseok says from his place splayed on the floor.

“Uhm, can I shower first?”

“Of course you can Yoongi, I’ll be here regaining my will to live. Towels on the rack, clothes in the closet.”

“Ok, thank you. I brought muffins, Seokjin sent them for everybody.”

“Sweet.” Hoseok answered, eyes closed, breathing harshly. “I still need to make the bed. I-”

“I’ll do it. Is only fair.”

“Thank you. I think I’m going to nap for a bit…” Hoseok mumbles, but he’s half asleep already.

Yoongi wakes him with a soft touch on the shoulder, and Hoseok feels his entire body ache. Assembling the bed took a toll on his body bigger than dancing every day does.

“Ugh, can you help me get up? I think I broke my spine or something.” Yoongi snickers, a cute scrunch of the nose and ears moving, but helps him up anyway. With the strength of the pull, Hoseok crashes into Yoongi chest to chest, the hybrid makes an aborted sound, looking at him with surprised eyes, but Hoseok doesn’t really react, his spine hurts and he’s a bit dizzy. “Sorry.” he say s, stepping back. He stretches and makes his bones crack before smiling again. “I’ll use the shower now. I put bed sheets on the closet, left side.” he says, picking up random clothes to put on.

While he showers, he remembers Yoongi’s smell, like his own shower gel, and his big eyes looking up at him, how rough the skin of his hands felt, the firmness of his chest, wider than Hoseok’s. But he stops his thoughts right there. Yoongi deserves better than that, Hoseok knows.

“Oh wow, Dawon forgot the stairs! How am I going to climb?”

“Is not that tall. You’re a dancer.” Yoongi’s voice is flat, as if he can’t believe Hoseok’s words.

“But I suck at climbing. I dance on the floor, Jimin’s the one who jumps around.”

“I’ll take the top bed then, it’s fine.” Yoongi shrugs, and then proceeds to climb. Is a sight to behold, Yoongi climbing things. Hoseok opens his mouth without realising, watching him move the most cat-like he’s done since they met.

He starts by grabbing the wood on the side, and then bends his knees a bit, before he jumps gracefully onto the bed, in one fluid motion, his hair barely moved, ends up in all fours with his tail up.

“You can close your mouth now, you know?” he says, now kneeling on the bed. he’s kneading the pillow, and Hoseok is still amazed. “Doesn’t...Jimin do stuff like this?”

“Yeah, sometimes, but not so often as to not be amazing every time I see it.”

“Is just cat stuff. Quirks.”

“That was cool Yoongi, you’re cool.” Yoongi’s cheeks get red, Hoseok smiles, before sitting down to dry his hair.


They have dinner together, Namjoon and Jimin ended up going out after all, and Yoongi decided to make pancakes for dessert.

“I just want to try, I checked and there are enough ingredients so, if you let me I could make some. Seulgi said I need practice.” He said, ears up and an excited glint in his eyes.

“You can Yoongi, you can use the kitchen whenever you’d like, she’ll thank you for it because we’re not the best cooks here. Go ahead, should I find a movie to watch?”

“Yeah, sounds good.” he smiles, pretty, soft lips stretching a bit, his tails swishes, Hoseok’s heart jumps on his chest.

The pancakes taste really good, Yoongi smiles while he eats, commenting on the absurdity of the movie Hoseok chose, and they keep making jokes about the characters througout the entire film. When they’re on their beds, Yoongi’s tail hangs and his breathing can he heard clearly on the room, sleepy sighs and some rustling from his movement, Hoseok replays the sound of Yoongi’s loud laughter, the first time he’s ever heard it, when Hoseok crashed his hipbone against the table.

Hoseok falls asleep smiling.

Chapter Text

Hoseok enjoys their routine. It becomes an unspoken rule that they have dinner together everyday, watch their show together, Hoseok tells him how his classes went, Yoongi practices something in the kitchen.

It’s peaceful, it’s nice, especially because Yoongi opens a little bit more to Hoseok every day, telling him bits of his life, like things about his parents and his childhood on a farm with other hybrids.

Hoseok tells him about his own. About growing up with money and the blissful ignorance he and his sister had. How his parents gave him everything he asked for, and he never noticed the consequences.

“You carry guilt for that.” Yoongi observed. Hoseok nodded sadly. “You were a kid, Seok, you didn’t need to understand that. Don’t blame yourself for it.” Yoongi had given him a nickname. Hoseok wanted to give one to Yoongi but was still unsure about asking.

Sleeping in the same room also opened doors with information about Yoongi to Hoseok. Yoongi moved a lot in his sleep. He scratched the wall, his tail curled and uncurled multiple times. He let out sleepy sighs, sometimes a weird sound, between a mewl and a groan; he was a light sleeper, much like Hoseok, and his sleep was choppy, meaning he woke up more than once, moved around, sometimes even got out of bed, and then came back.

Hoseok’s sleep schedule suffered from this, but he didn’t mention it. Yoongi had even had a nightmare two nights before, and Hoseok had tried to comfort the hybrid, receiving only the sight of his back in return. Yoongi didn’t like being comforted, or coddled.

“It’s just...I lived my entire life without it, you know? I’m not that kind of hybrid.”

Jimin insisted that they were all that kind of hybrid but Yoongi was too stubborn to let a human near him. To what Yoongi responded that he wasn’t afraid of humans but he didn’t need a human. Jimin always got worked up about it, saying that humans were nice and that hybrids needed at least their legal help. Yoongi never had anything to refute to that, tensing up, turning around and leaving the room.

“Are you ever going to stop fighting about it?” Hoseok asks, serving himself some fried rice and chicken.

“No. Because we...lived different lives. He doesn’t get it. And I don’t get him. It’s whatever.” Yoongi shrugs, sitting down with his food and waiting for Hoseok to do so as well.

“I understand that. However, you take it very personally, and I don’t like seeing you upset…” Hoseok trails off, choosing to start his dinner. Yoongi shrugs again, taking a bite of a chicken leg and ending the topic.



Their routine includes having breakfast together still. Three weeks after Yoongi’s first night inside their home, a week after Yoongi’s decision to stay for a bit longer, to save some more money, finds them sharing cereal and toasts with Namjoon and Jimin. They’re talking, Yoongi and Jimin, while Namjoon and Hoseok talk between themselves but keep a careful eye.

Jimin’s heat is close. And he’s very sensitive around those days. Hoseok almost sighs in relief when Yoongi leaves the house.

“I’m not going to bite him, Hoseok. He’s not a threat anymore. Knows what’s mine and what’s his, its cool. But he smells kind of...sweet so maybe ask him about his heat?”

“He’s on suppressants.”

“Not all suppressants start working immediately. Perhaps he’ll have a heat and then no more.” Hoseok tries not to blush, but he fails. “It’s a natural thing, why are you so red for?” Jimin laughs at his expense, Hoseok lets him. “I bet your father cackled at your face when she gave you the talk.” Hoseok chuckles.

“No, he was redder than me.” Jimin starts laughing so hard he falls off the chair, Namjoon scooping him up, which results in a purring fest that includes kissing and rubbing and Hoseok’s seen enough.


At night, after Yoongi’s on his bed, he asks.

“Jimin said you smell sweet lately…”

“Yeah, my heat’s due soon. Rut, more like, I’m a male, after all.”

“ there something I should...know?” he asks unsure. Yoongi sighs.

“I’m guessing Jimin is...the other kind of male.” Some hybrids were extra modified genetically, when they were first created, and some could self-lubricate regardless of biologic gender. Others didn’t, the gen passed down and appeared in some individuals and not in others.

“Uhm...yeah, I believe so.”

“Well, I go into rut, which is pretty much the same without the...wet backside. I just get really horny, and snappish when people touch my things, so. But not violent, so don’t worry. Maybe forgive in advance if I hiss or something. Or if I...rub myself on your clothes…”

“You, uhm, scent clothes?”

“Scent mark them. Yeah. It’s, I’ll try not to, though, so don’t worry.”

“I don’t mind, it’s fine if you do it.”

“Oh.” Yoongi sounds surprised. “Cool. Uhm...thanks. Goodnight Seok.”

“Goodnight Yoongi.”



Jimin heat is very short, luckily, he’s in his room for a day before he emerges glowing, happy and flirty, rubbing his body against the furniture and curling his long fluffy tail around Hoseok’s middle.

“Jimin, you’ll leave brown hairs all over my yellow hoodie-” he starts to complain, but Jimin squeezes and he shuts up.

“I’m in a great mood, don’t ruin it Hoseok.” he says, stretching the last sylab, nuzzling Hoseok’s neck. The human indulges him, putting his arm around his shoulders, chuckling when Jimin purrs.

“You’re so cute, Jimin.” he says, patting his head, Jimin smiling so big his eyes can barely open.

The moment breaks when a door is closed loudly.

“Ups, I think your cat got mad at us.” he says, but his smile is anything but guilty. “He’s in rut, right? Snappish?” He wiggles his eyebrows, and Hoseok starts to tickle him as punishment. When Jimin’s on the floor, breathless from laughter, Hoseok goes to their room where he hopes Yoongi still is.

To Hoseok, Jimin’s clingy mood after his heat is routine, but he can understand if Yoongi’s a bit shocked about it. Inside their room, Yoongi’s thrown all of Hoseok’s closet on his bed and is resting on top of it.

For some seconds, Hoseok si speechless.

“Uhm...Yoongi? Is everything...alright?” He asks carefully. Yoongi moves around, shirts falling and some pants tangling on him, a hoodie hiding his face.

“It is. Why wouldn’t it be? I warned you this could happen.” his voice was tight, like a rubber band about to snap.

This was definitely not part of their routine.

Hoseok had some minutes to deal with this, whatever it was, or Yoongi would be late for work.

“Hey, it’s fine. I said I don’t mind and I mean it. I just wondered because...perhaps Jimin’s at-” Yoongi hissed at the mention of the other hybrid, Hoseok stops talking. He takes a deep breath before approaching him. Yoongi hisses again, but Hoseok doesn’t stop. “Yoon…” the nickname slips from his mouth, but he moves on. “Jimin just gets like that, it’s nothing.”

“He rubs his scent on you. He...was nuzzling. And scent marking, and...everything reeks of him in the house already because he was in heat. And it’s not my house, but I want to tear my hair off its so annoying. And I...I have to mark something else. Sorry, I’m trying. I know how inconvenient it is, too, I’m so sorry.” he sounds terribly upset, making Hoseok’s heart hurt for him.

“It’s not an inconvenience, its natural, don’t think of it like that please.” Yoongi groans.

“Natural or not, is annoying. I know everything I’m doing, but the instinct to do things is stronger. Can’t keep it in check all the time. Sorry...for the mess.”

“I truly don’t mind.”

“I got hairs on your white shirts…” Yoongi sniffles.

“Do you want me to call Jin and say you’re not feeling well?”

“No, I just need a minute.” Hoseok sat on the floor next to him. Yoongi’s tail was hanging right there, and Hoseok’s hand itched to touch it. But he knew better.
It came as a shock, like multiple things that morning, when Yoongi wrapped the tail himself around Hoseok’s hand. He started to stroke it softly with his other hand, getting braver with each movement until he was patting it.

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting contact, Yoongi.” he said, voice barely above a whisper.

They never talked about Yoongi’s reluctance for contact. Hoseok thought that since Yoongi had never had a companion, he didn’t trust humans enough to accept touch.

“I know. I like contact. When I was in the shelter we usually slept in a pile. But after I had to wasn’t the same. I have a hard time with humans, because they...never wanted me.”

Hoseok’s eyes filled with tears.

“I never tried to appeal to them, on adoption days and stuff. But the older I got the more I felt lonely. All my friends leaving, one after the other, and me staying behind every time.”

“I’m sorry Yoongi.”

“My parents left me in the shelter when I was born. So...I wasn’t wanted by them. Or the humans. And I know I should try to be friendlier with humans but it’s still hard for me. Especially with you.”

“Why with me?”

“Because you’re so friendly and nice, and I want...I want to be closer, to you. It feels...warm. And I like it, when we...hang out.” Hoseok’s heart soars. “But it’s...I don’t want to overstep any boundaries. I never had a human friend besides the shelter’s workers, and even them weren’t proper friends. I don’t know how to do it, how to...behave.”

“Yoongi, I didn’t know you were having such a hard time because of this. I think what we’re doing is fine, and I would like for you to feel comfortable around me, us. Whatever makes you feel better.” Yoongi hissed, taking his tail out of Hoseok’s hand.

“Then come to the bed. Let me rub his scent off. It’s giving me a headache.” he whines, hands with long, sharp nails tug on Hoseok’s hoodie.

Chapter Text

Yoongi’s rut lasts for two days. Seokjin sends him home early, and Yoongi is upset about it.

“He’s looking out for you. And it's only this time around, you’ve already got your suppressants, next time will be nothing like this.” Hoseok insists, pressing a cool cloth on Yoongi’s forehead. The hybrid hisses, red in the face, annoyed and short-tempered.

“I’m still not useless, it's just a natural thing-”

“It is, Yoon, but it's better to wait it off for a bit. You’ll be all better by tomorrow, do you want some ice cream?”

“I want oreos and milk.” he turns, the cloth falls on the pillow and he whines.

“Yoon, stay put…” Hoseok puts the cloth in the water again, trying to think of what else could make Yoongi feel comfortable.

“Oreo ice cream. Does that exist? Can you get me that?” he says, face pressed to the wet pillow. The skin on his neck is red and glistening with sweat, he got a haircut three days before, an undercut with longer parts at the top, he looked sexy.

“I’ll get it, don’t worry.”

Hoseok did, asked Namjoon to buy the cookies and vanilla ice cream, and when it got to the apartment he set about crushing the cookies and mixing them with the ice cream he melted a bit on the microwave.

“It’ll be ready in half an hour, I promise.”

“You made it?” Hoseok nodded, giving Yoongi a dry towel for his sweaty face. “You’re too nice.”

“I’m not. Just want to help. I’ll shower now though, you can have the room for tonight too, so relax, yeah? If you need anything, shout.”

Yoongi nodded, taking the wet cloth and putting it on his forehead again.

“Thanks.” he said, breath coming out in puffs.


The next morning, Hoseok finds Yoongi sleeping next to him on the floor, the tube of ice cream empty on the coffee table. He looks around confused, Yoongi had brought a blanket and threw it on the floor before laying on it, and was now breathing softly, fast asleep.

“Yoongi?” Hoseok calls, voice cracking from lack of use. Yoongi opens his small dark eyes and his ears move up, pointing at Hoseok. “What are you doing here?”

“Sleeping.” he answers, tail coming alive in a playful swish.

“You feel better?”

“Yeah.” Yoongi starts stretching, making soft noises as he does, which prompts Hoseok to move and start his morning.

“Why did you sleep here?”

“I don’t know. I came for the ice cream, I sat down, then grabbed your blanket and just slept.” Hoseok frowns but doesn’t ask anything else.

Perhaps its a rut thing.


They continue their lives, Yoongi keeps his money on an account that Hoseok opened for him, but was under Hoseok’s name.

“Without a legal guardian, he can’t open an account himself. And if he uses an ATM station, the bank may identify it as stealing so we don’t recommend giving an extra card to a hybrid. I’m sorry.” the lady had said, Hoseok was upset, but refused to let it show, because Yoongi was waiting at home.

After he explained, Yoongi had nodded, ears down on his head, and handed Hoseok all the money he had been saving on an empty can of fish snacks.

“You can keep it here, nobody will take it.”

“I’d rather it be away from my hands. If I see it I might want to spend it, so i’ts safer like that.”

“Okay, whatever you want Yoon.”


It’s been three months, before Jimin finally starts warming up to Yoongi.

The beginning its slow, Jimin having dinner at home more often, sitting down on the weekends with Yoongi to watch a show, taking his plate or glass, small actions that Hoseok noticed but refrained from mentioning.

He could see how excited Yoongi was about it. Apart from Jungkook, Jimin was the only other hybrid he was around of regularly, and another cat, which Hoseok guessed was important too. The hybrid’s tail would swish around, a happy glint in his eye every time something like that happened. He did his own little actions too, careful not to step over the line to upset Jimin.

One night, after Hoseok came back from buying some groceries, he found Yoongi and Jimin cuddling on the couch. He gasped, Namjoon tugged him inside the kitchen.

“They’re scenting, don’t make a sound.” he whispered, Hoseok nodded, quietly putting away his things.

“Jimin asked?” Namjoon nods, and leans against the refrigerator.

“I’m glad it's happening, it took them long enough.”

“I guess…”

“Hybrids are as social as we are, maybe more, Jimin was struggling to keep Yoongi away since they leave together, he wanted to know him better, I know, I bet Yoongi did too.”

The scenting finished, Yoongi came into the kitchen with flushed cheeks, tried to discreetly rub himself against Hoseok while the latter was making some omelettes, a soft sound coming from his throat.

“Everything alright?”

“Everything is perfect.” he answered.


Yoongi’s POV

He’s sitting on the couch, when Jimin sits.

That’s not rare anymore, Yoongi is glad about it. It's very nerve-wracking to live in a house where another hybrid lives, and is so openly hostile to his presence. Not anymore, looks like.

“I need to tell you something. I know you won’t get it, but you need to know it.”

“...ok?” Yoongi is confused.

“My reason to be hostile towards you. Me being territorial, annoying, mean. Its. Because of my relationship with Namjoon. I met him at a shelter, I was a lucky hybrid, loved by my parents, treated well on the shelter and later by the family that adopted me. I had everything I wanted, or needed. I study, I got a job, I got a bank account and a cellphone and everything.”

“I’m happy for you, Jimin.”

“I know you didn’t have that. You don’t have a human. Not all humans are like Joon. Not all hybrids are like me neither. I love him. I love him romantically. And to realise the extent of my feelings I had to suffer a lot. Some years ago, Namjoon was volunteering at a shelter, and I’m jealous so I went with him, because I wanted to be there with him, I wanted us to share something together. We were only friends there.”

Yoongi thinks it's curious how Jimin calls Namjoon his friend, as if they were equal.

“We went there, and Jungkook was there. Namjoon liked him right away. And I liked him too. He was lovely, younger than now with rounder cheeks and the same big eyes. I couldn’t stay away, he was so pretty and sweet, innocent, hopeful. I thought I had fallen in love, I asked him to be my boyfriend.”

“Was he underage?”

“Yes. And I didn’t plan on doing anything to him. It never crossed my mind, I could wait years I didn’t care.”

The older hybrid is a bit sceptic about that part, but refrains from voicing it out.

“In secret, because he was still in the shelter and underage, but I obviously told Namjoon. He was happy for me, and let me bring Jungkook around when I wanted to. He signed especial permission papers and everything, he liked Jungkook.”

“I don’t see the problem with that.” Yoongi frowns. Jimin’s tail slaps against the couch.

“He liked him. I started making myself anxious, because if he liked Jungkook so much, perhaps he’ll adopt him. And if Namjoon adopted him, that meant less attention for me, less time with him, sharing. I’m not good at sharing.” Yoongi suppresses a snort. “It got worse and worse with time. I thought I was going to lose my mind, because I adored being with Jungkook, but I couldn’t stand him around Joon. I hated them interacting, I scent marked everything twice after Jungkook left, I fought with Namjoon all the time, I hurt him.” His eyes fill with tears, Yoongi awkwardly pats his arm. “I couldn’t stand his scent on Joon but I was the one bringing the scent in, so I took long scalding showers and cried. And I liked him, thought I loved Jungkook. But when one day I came back from the supermarket and he was leaning on Namjoon, right there, like he belonged…”

He stops talking, Yoongi gets anxious.

“I jumped him. I scratched him, left the scar on his cheek, another one on his arm. I said awful things to him. So awful Namjoon put me in a hospital. Talking with the doctors I started to see that my feelings for Namjoon were deeper, went farther than those of a companion, of a friend. I wanted Namjoon to myself, and myself only.”

“Uhm. I was never going to get closer to him like that. I don’t like...him.” He thought about saying humans, but the way Hoseok made his heart beat was clear proof that he did like humans, at least one of them.

“I know. But I struggle with it still. I was in a facility for an entire summer. It was torture, the worst time of my life. I never thought I needed Joon that much, but I got depressed, and upset, and violent, until eventually, I started learning to control myself better. Therapy, I still go to monthly sessions. Because I love him. I want him for myself, I want us to be together, I want to take care of him, for as long as I live.”


“I know you don’t get it, because I’m sure you’ve never been in love before. But when you do, I wish that you understand at least part of it. Loving Joon, my guardian, my human, is all I want and was told couldn't have. I was almost taken away from him, I was evaluated by a psychiatrist and deemed unfit to be with him. Because I loved him. I am a hybrid, and I love him like this.”

“Is not that uncommon…”

“No, it isn’t, but ninety percent of the times, is humans confessing, not the other way around. And Joon never did anything to make me think he’d like me back. He was the perfect human friend, he never insinuated or asked me anything. He was worried about me, wanted me to be happy.” his tears finally fall, Yoongi puts an arm around his shoulders. “When I confessed and he said yes, I promised I’d never let anything or anyone get in between, because he’s my everything, and he makes me so happy. He loves me the way I am, and lets me love him back.”

“That sounds wonderful, Jimin, I’m so happy you are together.” Yoongi says, not knowing what else to say.

“He’s an idiot, so clumsy and forgetful, I fear he’ll forget to breathe sometimes. But he’s also my boyfriend, my person. And I’ve been mean because I was afraid you’ll see how incredible he is. And I'm not sure I am good enough for him, I get scared he'll tire of me, or feels suffocated, which is something we've been working on since our start. It's a lot better now. Perhaps you don't imagine it, because you've met me this way, but after Jungkook, I would tear apart Joon's clothes if he smelt like another hybrid when he came home. Bringing a hybrid to the house was out of the question.”

“I...I mean, he’s great but not...I don’t like him like that. He’s...a friend? Maybe?” he ignores the last part of the sentence, because he can picture Jimin jumping someone and ripping clothes.

“He is your friend. He likes you, you’re friends. I want to be your friend too. From now on, if you’ll have me.” he says. Yoongi nods once, surprised.

He understands Jimin a bit better, values his honesty, and regardless of how true it is that Yoongi can’t possibly grasp Jimin’s intense feelings for Namjoon, he still can see clearly how real the feelings are. Right there, on Jimin’s face, on their shared looks and touches. An underlying connection, fervent and real.

“So, now that we’re friends, I’ll introduce you to Taehyung. He’s my best friend that’s not Joon, and he’s the best hybrid I’ve ever met. I’m sure you’ll like him. Also, you still got some fish snacks, right?” he smiles sweetly, is almost perverse because he looks endlessly cute as well as menacing.

Yoongi wonders if he made a mistake.

Chapter Text

Hoseok is stressed. That’s nothing new. He knew it was possible, with the end-of-the-year show coming, multiple of his students coming at him with their insecurities, injuries, annoying parents, annoying bosses and seniors who came to ‘give him advice’ , Hoseok was trying hard to keep it together.

He relied heavily on his routine, the peace of the expected actions and words, a soft reliable cushion to lay on. Yoongi came with new recipes and tales of his job, excited tail moving around, he was a lot more comfortable inside the house, he moved his tail and jumped over the couch, had bought a nail filer and enjoyed terrorizing Hoseok with his sharp nails, running after him around the apartment, had started to play fight with Jimin too, and was teaching him how to take care of his nails too, since Jimin had never let them grow.

Hoseok enjoyed that progress, and was happy to scratch Yoongi’s head, the spots behind his ears, when he lay on his lap. Namjoon said that he was acting more and more like a cat, but Hoseok thought he was acting more like himself, who he was behind all the distrust he carried around.


Yoongi had been introduced to Taehyung recently as well. It was a very particular encounter. Taehyung was a fox hybrid, impossibly friendly, and quite weird. His owners were an old couple who found him in a shelter and were fascinated with him, allowed Taehyung to move around freely, without issues, gave him every kind of permission, paper or money he needed so the hybrid could do whatever he wanted. Taehyung was loving, kind, a dreamer. He studied art, and his paintings were marvelous.

Their first meeting took place on the park, Hoseok had invited Yoongi to go have some ice cream, and Jimin tagged along. While on the park, Jimin announced that Taehyung wanted to come and finally meet Yoongi. And meet him he did. He jumped over Yoongi, delighted to see him, rubbing his nose on Yoongi’s hair and neck, making soft yapping noses.

“You smell so nice! I could eat you up!” he said happily, Jimin hit his arm.

“He’s older than us, I told you.” he said, Taehyung blushing and taking a step back, but doesn’t stop smiling. Yoongi’s blushed too, Hoseok’s heart starts to beat faster when he notices it how comfortable Yoongi feels with Taehyung, falling in easy step next to the fox hybrid, smiling at him, letting him rub his fluffy tail on his legs.

“I was going to see Jun and Kyungsoo! But they were going to meet Sehun and Jongin, and Jongin doesn’t like me very much yet, I’m so glad I could join you today!” he’s a lovely creature, his pointy canines and honey-yellow coloured eyes, white tipped tail going side to side.

“Jongin needs to relax a bit. Nobody is trying to steal Kyungsoo from him. I don’t even understand. Kyungsoo’s a cat. Jongin’s a bear, how are they even attracted to each other.” Jimin huffs. He’s upset in behalf of his friend, even when Taehyung doesn’t look affected by Jongin’s behaviour.

“How are you attracted to your human?” Taehyung asks, smiling innocently. Jimin blushes. “Jongin’s awesome. He’s just jealous, he’ll get around soon. I’m irresistible.” he smiles, ruffling Jimin’s hair. “You need to go meet him, he likes you.” Jimin puffs his cheeks.

“I don’t like him if he doesn’t like you.” they continue talking, running around a bit, before deciding to go back to Taehyung’s house, Yoongi going with them. Hoseok is glad for him, making more friends, and tries to not be dumb and feel sad about their nightly routine changing up.


It was a Wednesday when it happened. Hoseok had his bad days, like everybody did once in a while. But he was having a bad week entirely. Monday came with rain in the morning and two kids slipping and hurting their ankles in different classes. He forgot lunch at home and was very hungry when he arrived at the apartment just to discover that Namjoon had broken his favourite bowl and finished their cereal. Tuesday brought wind, and wind meant ruffled hair and dust flying in his eyes. His classes went fine, except for the last one, adults that decided not to show up without letting him know until half an hour after the time they were set to arrive. At home, he had dinner by himself and did the dishes from the last two days because Jimin cooked on Sunday night and didn’t bother to clean his stuff, adding to the pile.

Hoseok didn’t usually get upset over such trivial things, but it was the combination what made him snap.

Namjoon came home first, bringing Jackson and Jooheon with him to work on some case. He barely looked at Hoseok, and rushed them inside. Jimin entered an hour or so after, giggling with Taehyung, mud on their shoes and wet because it had started to rain.

“Hi Hoseok!” Taehyung hugged him, purposely wetting his clothes, and Jimin warned him that Taehyung was staying so they needed to order in, to let him know when the food got there.

Yoongi, stumbled inside at midnight, after Hoseok had cleaned the living room of Taehyung and Jimin’s mess. He was dripping too, and shaking.

“Yoongi! Where were you? Are you alright? It’s so cold, you need to take a warm shower-”

“Stop, I’m fine, I’m really tired just want to lay down.” he said, voice gruff.

“You can’t go to sleep like that. Go shower, I’ll bring towels and pajamas for you yeah?” Yoongi groaned.

“Can you stop that? I don’t need a shower, mother, now please let me go to the bedroom.”

“You’re not going to my bedroom like that.” Yoongi hissed, looking at Hoseok under his bangs with angry eyes.

“Then I’m not staying here tonight. I don’t need a mother, I’m not an orphan, nor a damn charity case for you to boss me around.” he spat and turned around, slamming the door on Hoseok’s surprised face.


For a minute, Hoseok stayed frozen in his place. Then, he took a jacket, his phone, and left the apartment.

Seokjin opened his door, and his arms for a warm hug, Jungkook was asleep, but Seokjin stayed and cuddled with Hoseok until he fell asleep on their couch.

“Tomorrow everything will be okay, you’ll see.” he said.

The next morning, he went straight to work from Seokjin’s apartment, asking him not to disclose to Yoongi that he had gone to his house to cry.

“I won’t tell him. But you know I am here for you. When it gets too much, my house is always open, okay?” he said, hugging Hoseok again. The younger man smiled, hugging him back tightly.

“Thank you, Jin.”

He took slow steps, breathing in the cold air of the morning, a timid sun coming out of the clouds from time to time. Hoseok needed a moment to put himself back together, to be who he needed to be, the best version of himself, he needed time to not be good, to be broken pieces, and he was glad that Seokjin understood, was the one who always understood. Jin might’ve been childish at times, prideful and stern in multiple of his actions and opinions, but he was loyal to a fault.

During his lunch break, he turned his phone on. It blew up with notifications, messages on every social media, missed calls and texts, all from Namjoon, Jimin, Yoongi and Taehyung. He even had ten voice messages. He listened to them one by one. Five from Namjoon, one from Jimin and Taehyung, three from Yoongi.

Namjoon asked where he was and when he was coming back, the last one was slightly more panicked, which prompted Hoseok to text him first.

‘I’m fine, at work. Was feeling rough, so I went to Seokjin’s.’ he knows Namjoon will understand.

Jimin’s message was ‘You couldn’t even leave a note?! It’s one in the morning!’, he sounded upset and tipsy, Hoseok texted him after.

‘I’m alright. Thanks for the worry, wash your dishes :P’

Taehyung’s was Jimin again, whining about being two and him not getting home, with taehyung asking for his phone back and trying to appease Jimin. ‘Sorry Hoseok, wherever you are, you sure you’re okay right? Jimin-’ and it cut there. Hoseok smiled, texting Taehyung a bunch of heart emojis and a thank you, saying he hoped he didn’t ruin their night.

Yoongi’s messages were different. The first one was Yoongi asking why he was leaving the apartment so late. The second one was that he was sorry and he didn’t mean to be so rude. The third one was inside the house, Hoseok supposed, Yoongi said he was in their room and he was sorry, he was worried, couldn’t sleep, he was sorry again.

'I should’ve noticed you were tired. I’m sorry. I really am. Come back tonight, yeah? I got a new recipe, let’s try it together.’

Hoseok decided that he wasn’t going to answer Yoongi. He didn’t know what to say, so he didn’t say anything.

Back at the apartment, past eight, he found everyone waiting for him on the couch. All of them jumped to their feet when he entered the house, asking where he had been, why he didn’t answer his phone, Jimin trying to latch onto his arm just to have Yoongi hiss at him and push him aside.

“Give him space.” he grumbled. Jimin frowned but didn’t try again.

“I just went to Jin’s. I told Namjoon.”

“But you didn’t say you were going. And it was so late too.” Jimin complained.

“I just wanted to. I’m tired, I want to take a shower.” he said, trying to get them off his back. The three of them stepped back, and Yoongi’s eyes locked with his.

“Can we talk later?” he asked. Hoseok nodded, but went to have his shower anyway. After it, he felt refreshed, and sat down to have dinner. It was a bit awkward, a bit more silent than their usual dinner, whenever they had it together.

“So...Jin was okay?” Namjoon asked.

“Yeah. I wasn’t fine, that’s why I went there.”

“Sorry, I’m sorry I was messy these days, I’ll do better, I’ll clean after myself-”

“Sorry I broke your bowl, I’ll buy you a new one, and I’ll buy two boxes of cereal because I forgot this time, and I will try to let you know I’m bringing people over-”

“Sorry I yelled, we had a long day and I was mad because I went to a bar and they wouldn’t serve me without seeing an ID-”

“One by one please?” he asked. Jimin nodded, and started again.

“Sorry I left the dishes for so long. And coming in with mud and wet clothes. And being rude, I didn’t mean to upset you.” he said. Hoseok smiled at him.

“Okay.” Jimin smiled.

“Sorry for breaking your bowl, not replacing the cereal, and being rude as well. I’ll do better.” Namjoon continued. Hoseok patted his back. “I’ll buy two boxes of cereal.”

“One’s fine, Joon.” Yoongi cleared his throat.

“Hoseok…” he started. But suddenly his eyes were red and the tears were falling. Namjoon and Jimin stood up right away, vanishing to give them privacy. Hoseok moved a step closer. “I’m so sorry…” he said, voice rough and nasal because he was crying so hard. “I was tired, and I met an old...friend from the shelter but it wasn’t...nice and I took it out on you...I was so worried-” he grabbed Hoseok’s hand, his own was bigger, but colder. Hoseok slowly enveloped him in a hug.

“I know I can be very insistent at times, I’ll try not to be on your case so much.” he said. “Sorry about that too.” he continued, Yoongi shaking his head.

“You’re so nice, and you care about me, but I go and do shit like this, I’ve never...had someone like that and I’m so sorry I made you upset. I don’t like sleeping in the room when you’re not there…” he said, his face found place on Hoseok’s neck, and he was bigger in frame, but Yoongi made himself smaller to fit on Hoseok’s chest, hugging him tight, tail curling on Hoseok’s waist, Yoongi’s ears tickling his jaw.

“Don’t cry, Yoongi. It was a bad day. That’s all.” Yoongi nodded, but didn’t let go. “I don’t believe you’re a charity case. You know that right? I genuinely care for you, you’re my friend.” he said, whispering. Yoongi sighed, the kind of sigh that comes out after an intense crying, warm breath on Hoseok’s damp skin.

“I know. You’re my friend too, Hoseok.”

“I’m glad.”

Chapter Text

“I decided to move out.”

Hoseok chokes on his cereal.

“Excuse me?”

“I talked with Taehyung, and he was going to put up an ad for a roommate. He lives in a small apartment, not too far from here.”

“Yeah, I know he...said he was moving close by.”

“And he’s got a big room, he wanted someone to share because he’s never been by himself so. The rent’s not too pricey, too.”

Yoongi’s eyes are clear, looking at Hoseok firmly, his tail swishes. He’s excited.

“You decided this long ago?”

“No. I decided it two days ago. I was waiting for Taehyung’s answer before telling you, of course. I wanted to be sure.”

“You...didn’t think of perhaps telling me you wanted to move out?” Yoongi’s cheeks color.

“I didn’t want to make it seem like I wasn’t happy to be here. I do. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. We’re friends, Hoseok, and I appreciate you and Namjoon and Jimin a lot. But I…”

“You want more independency, I get it. Don’t worry, just leave the address before leaving, and don’t get lost, yeah?”

Yoongi smiles, pointy canines and gums showing, he looks adorable.



Yoongi moved a day ago. Hoseok smiled at him when he went, gave him an extra shirt he knew Yoongi liked from his own closet, he left a note on the fridge’s door with the correct address to his new place, and that was it. Like Yoongi never happened. He took all his things with him, careful not to leave even a hair behind. He smiled softly at Hoseok, his eyes screaming ‘thank you’s, and his hands shaking a little bit.

It was a start for him, and an end for Hoseok. He watched him go, with a confession at the tip of his tongue, but refrained from saying anything, because he knew Yoongi didn’t need nor want something like that from him. Yoongi was going to start a new life, with peers, with friends and people like him, he was going to find his own path and be happy.

Hoseok, was going to go back to his routine. Maybe they’ll text sometimes, but Hoseok knew that their relationship wouldn’t be the same.

Yoongi was moving forwards, and Hoseok wasn’t. He was static in his place, his comfort zone, where he was saving for his future, it was what he needed to do.

“It feels kind of empty, without him and Jimin bickering on the couch.” Namjoon commented at dinner.

Jimin was sitting by himself in the couch, eating his fish snacks and watching TV, his tail limp.

“It does…”

“You do know that just ‘cause he moved it doesn’t mean he’ll completely forget about us. About you. We’re friends now.”

“I know, I know, but he needs to focus on his life more now. His roommate, his job.”

“We can see him at Jin’s. Stop looking so sad, Hoseok, it’ll be fine.” Hoseok nods, sighs, but says nothing else.

Hoseok knows, logically, that Namjoon is right; however, he feels sad, the house feels emptier, his routine feels pointless, because Yoongi is not around anymore. Yoongi was there for around seven months, Hoseok was used to him, he loved having him in the apartment, it felt more like a home when Yoongi was there.




By the fifth day, Namjoon drags him to the café.

“You need to stop this. He has a phone, why don’t you text him?” he grumbles, pushing Hoseok inside.

Yoongi is making the drinks, his apron on with his name tag, his ears up and turning to the entrance a bit earlier than his eyes. When he sees them, he smiles a bit. Hoseok’s heart burns.

“Hi! Ready to order?” Jongdae asks, bubbly and smiley at them.

“Hey Jongdae, how are you?”

“Very good, wishing it was closing time because tomorrow’s my leave but, it’s been a good day.”

“Glad to hear it man, how’re your studies?” Jongdae beams, Namjoon always makes sure to ask his friends, even the ones he’s not the closest with, about things they like to talk about. Namjoon’s thoughtful like that. Jongdae starts talking, Hoseok moves to the side and greets Yoongi. 

“Hey Yoon…”

“Hi Hoseok. You didn’t text.” he pouts at Hoseok, making him lose his breath.

“Sorry I thought you’d be busy settling down.”

“I’ve been busy, but I waited for your text anyway.” Hoseok smiles, Yoongi takes his hand. “Are you okay? You look pale.” his voice, that Hoseok missed so dearly, makes the younger man shiver.

“I’m tired, haven’t slept that well. I’m stressed, the show’s coming.” Yoongi’s ears move up.

“Oh! It is, right? I need a ticket, you promised to get me one.”

“And I definitely will. One for Tae too.” Yoongi smiles, lets go of his hand, Hoseok already misses his touch.

He’s stupid in love with Yoongi. Which he consciously knows is stupid. Is dumb. And inconvenient. Not only because he’s a human and Yoongi a hybrid, because Hoseok is his friend, and Yoongi doesn’t like humans apart from the few he knows and not romantically. But also because Yoongi can’t like him back. He’s obviously focused on different things, on getting his own life back on track and Hoseok can’t interfere with that.

His heart doesn’t listen to reason though.

“What are you going to drink today?”

“Caramel something, surprise me.” he winks, and Yoongi chuckles.

“Coming right up.”


“No, I’m sorry Jin, I really can’t go. We’re two weeks away from the show and I’m squeezing extra practice days…” Hoseok runs to his room, picks up his forgotten bag and leaves again, almost colliding with Namjoon in his haste to get out of the house. “I know I promised, but I can’t do it. I know its his graduation-”

“Hoseok.” he signals Namjoon to wait a second.

“Jin, I am sorry, do you think I won’t do everything I can to get there one time?” while Seokjin continues to curse him out for probably missing Jungkook’s graduation ceremony, Namjoon talks to him.

“I’m leaving for three days, Jimin’s staying with Taehyung.” Hoseok drops the phone.

“What. Did you tell me before?”

“I did. I’ll be back on Friday, Jimin will probably come and go. But just so you don’t worry about it. Here.” he hands Hoseok a paper bag. “Lunch.” he says.

Hoseok blindly grabs it, picking his phone up and frowning because Jin hanged up.

“And don’t stress about Jin, he’ll come around soon, he’s just very anxious. You know that they take a full week trip together before graduation, so he’s very on edge about that.”

“I know. Still. Text me when you arrive at the hotel, okay?”

“Yeah, sure.”


He’s tired. And alone in his apartment.

“I should get a dog...but Jimin doesn’t like dogs…” he sighs, lounging on the couch. He’s eating popcorn, not exactly what he should be eating so close to the show, but he’s on a slump. His mood is bad, feels drained, gray, lonely, next to his students he puts the best effort, but outside of his job, there’s no reason to try.

Jungkook’s graduation ceremony is tomorrow, Jimin and Namjoon will go, Hoseok can’t. He knows he can’t. However, he’s planning on taking a bus right after his class in hopes of catching Jungkook’s walk.

“If I don’t get there on time, Jin will murder me…” he mumbles, a drama is on the TV but he’s not looking. He jumps when his phone rings. Yoongi’s face pops up, Hoseok blinks a couple of times and then moves to answer the phone. “Hello?”

“Hoseok? What are you doing?” he’s loud, and whoever is with him is louder, Hoseok takes the phone away from his ear.

“I’m at home, watching something…”

“Good! Can we go? Tae and I, and Jimin, because he’s scratching stuff and Tae is very sensitive about scratches on his furniture…” he breaks down in giggles.

“Are you drunk, Yoongi?”

“I am not! Tae got us some catnip tea, I tried it because I never had...and i’ts so awesome! Jimin loves it too, hear!” Hoseok hears intense mewling in the background, Taehyung’s voice trying to calm Jimin down, the human sighs.

“I’ll go to pick him up, okay? Namjoon will be here in the early morning, tell him that.”

“Aw, but Seok! It’s fun! Join the fun! You’re not paying any attention to me, I only changed house.” he says, whiny voice over a strange sound, like a purring. Hoseok chuckles.

“I’ve been kind of busy, I’ll be right there, yeah?”

“Okay, Seok...bring me your yellow hoodie? Please? I...want it.” he sighs, Hoseok doesn’t take the hoodie with him.


Their apartment is pure chaos. Taehyung is sitting with Jimin’s legs firm under his butt, who has a towel wrapped around his hands and is hissing every couple of seconds.

“Let me out!” Taehyung growls, doesn’t move a muscle. There’s clothes on the floor, empty cups on the coffee table, marks of scratching on the couch, on the walls, on the coffee table too.

Yoongi opens the door, falling on Hoseok while doing so.

“Hey, Yoon.” he says, grabbing him by the sides.

“I’m dizzy, and I want to sleep. You smell so nice! I missed you…” he says, nuzzling Hoseok’s neck, purring. Yoongi purred a couple of times, when he lived with Hoseok, but not a lot, so hearing him purring so loud, while rubbing himself on Hoseok’s body, was quite intense for Hoseok’s heart.

“I missed you too, c’mon, I’ll take you to your bed, yeah?” he says gently, nodding at Taehyung. The fox hybrid looks livid, but is gracious enough to concede him a bit more time to put Yoongi to bed before taking Jimin, who keeps hissing, thought less frequently.

Slowly, Hoseok drags Yoongi inside. He feels lighter than he was the last time Hoseok lifted him up, some weeks ago, making the human worry about him more. Inside the room, the chaos is less.

“Bottom bunk...Tae likes being in the top one…” Yoongi mumbles, dragging his feet to the bed. Hoseok opens the bed for him, helps him take his sweater off, and tucks him in.

“Sleep well Yoon, I’ll give you the tickets for the show in a couple of days, yeah?” Yoongi nods, half way asleep already, making Hoseok chuckle at his cute face.

Outside, Taehyung is still waiting, ears flat on his head.

“So...I’m taking him home.” he says. Taehyung jumps to his feet, Jimin follows him right away, hissing.

“I will throw the tea away and never, ever let them drink it again.” he says, frowning at Jimin who’s rubbing his hands after throwing the towel to the floor.

“I think it’s a good idea. Jimin, let’s go mate.” he says, Jimin hisses one last time at Taehyung and jumps on Hoseok, draggin him outside the apartment.

He moves fast, almost running, making Hoseok jog to keep up with him.

“Wait! Jimin!” the hybrid giggles and twirls, tripping over his own feet before face-planting on the floor. “Jimin! Are you okay?!” Hoseok rushes to him, and Jimin whimpers once before turning around. His nose is very pink, a bit scratched, and his eyes are so small Hoseok’s surprised he can see something at all. “Let me help you get up, and walk with me, okay?”

Jimin nods, his ears go down, he allows Hoseok to pull him up and drapes himself around his arm.

“I miss Joon...I don’t like when he leaves me…”

“I know Min, but he’ll be back very soon, in just hours.” Jimin sniffles, tightens his hold on Hoseok’s arm.

“Sometimes I wish I was human and he could take me places...I wish we could be...together like that. But he can’t, I know the people he works with are not open to interspecies relationships…” he butchers up some parts of his phrase, sluggish, tired sighs leaving his mouth between words. “But I love him, and I’m proud to be his boyfriend...maybe he’s not proud to be mine.” he pouts, a couple of tears falling from his eyes, Hoseok puts an arm (after struggling to set it free from Jimin’s hold) around him.

He doesn’t know what to say, because he figures it’ll take a while before Namjoon gets to the place he wants to be, and until then he will play the game his bosses want him to. His colleagues, the ones he trusts the most, know, but nobody else.

“It’ll be okay, he’s proud to be your boyfriend, I know he is. Don’t cry, Min, he wouldn’t want you crying love.”

Jimin continues to silently cry until they get home.

Namjoon is opening the door when they reach it. Immediately, he turns to them.

“Jimin! What happened to you?!” he asks in a rush, coming closer, big hands finding Jimin’s face, his luggage and briefcase forgotten, pushing the hybrid’s hair away from his reddened face.

“He’s had a long day.” Hoseok says, passing by him with a pat on his shoulder and opening the door, taking Namjoon’s stuff inside with him. He leaves them be, and goes to sleep, exhausted.

Before he falls asleep thought, he sets an alarm and another one for later.

‘Yoongi’s tickets!’ it will say.

Chapter Text

The show is tomorrow.

Hoseok is about to cry. He’s so nervous, and stressed, and has been running after costumes all day. Hoseok is so grateful that Dawon forced him to learn how to sew, because otherwise he would’ve collapsed watching mother fumble over fabrics and buttons.

“Teacher Seok, you’re so cool, you can fix everything!” Jaein says while zipping up her sequined jacket that Hoseok barely managed to save from falling apart.

“Please don’t treat it so roughly until tomorrow, yeah?” he pats her head, smiling. After her jacket, he needs to adjust Baekho’s pants, and then take four tiaras home because the mothers forgot that tiaras needed to have sequins on them too.

By the time he’s done with the tiaras, it’s midnight, and his eyes are closing. He sets down the hot-glue gun, checking the fabric again; he can’t have the sequins falling because he does not want seven year olds getting upset because their tiaras are not cute enough. He dreams of the stage breaking apart and his kids getting hurt, ends up waking up at four in a sweat and shaking.

After taking a cup of tea, he goes back to sleep, luckily without nightmares this time.


The entire day goes by so fast Hoseok barely has time to breathe.

He has breakfast, then goes to the venue where the show will take place. Is a big place, he sincerely hopes they fill it entirely, he would love to give his students the experience.

Hoseok busies himself with the scenography all morning, getting his station ready with a rack of costumes per class.

“You’re so organized, I wish I thought of racks per class, I only got name tags.” one of his colleagues says, and Hoseok feels a bit sorry for her, but not as sorry as the teacher who asked the kids to bring their costumes themselves. He knows some of them will be ripped or wrinkled, henec why he insisted in having everybody dressing in the venue.

His kids, the younger ones, are the first to arrive. They’re noisy and very, very excited, Hoseok is so delighted that none of them seem to be panicking at the moment. They do a final rehearsal and he praises them all, because they are so adorable.

Getting them on their costumes is a challenge, but they pull through with the help of their families.

“So! Everyone together! We can do this! C’mon!” he cheers, they cheer, and Hoseok feels so excited and truly happy he could burst, his cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

He gives each and every kid a pat in the back before stage, and has to bite his lip not to cheer loudly while he watches them do the routine. A couple of them miss steps or go to the wrong position, but they continue and finish to hear the venue erupt in applause and cheers, everything is worth seeing their little awed faces.

They run straight to hug him, and then disperse to hug the other teachers as well. Hoseok receives the first bouquet of flowers of the day while he makes a final count of his students before letting them go with their families.

His next class is waiting, and the night continues.


Hoseok is just so glad at the moment, he’s delighted, he’s floating on a cloud of happiness and success.

It’s done, finished, everyone attended, nobody got hurt, nobody cried, nobody fell (too badly, they stood up right away), and most of all, every single student left with a smile. He’s got four bouquets, one per class, and he’s sitting backstage with his colleagues, after they all picked up their things, they just sat for some moments, to evaluate the performance and give final comments.

“I believe Hoseok did an amazing job, as his first actual show, his classes did wonderful on stage.” his boss says, Hoseok smiles, nods his head politely, and thanks her. He hopes that means he’ll get a raise, but he doesn’t get his hopes up.

After that, he’s good to go.

Dawon is still inside with Daehyun, and some others that were still lingering.

“Seokie!” Hoseok flushes at the childish nickname, gladly accepting the bouquet his sister gifts him. “So wonderful! Amazing, beautiful! Your kids were adorable! The choreo was great!” she jumps around him, and Hoseok joins her, they end up jumping together and shrieking.

Daehyun just looks bored, far too used to their antics.

When they’re done, Hoseok hugs Dawon, and smiles at Daehyun.

“Thank you so so much for coming.” Daehyun chuckles.

“You kidding? We wouldn’t miss it, you did awesome with your classes. Personally, I could truly see the difference, they had more swag.” he makes a weird motion with his hands, recreating a gang sign and makes the Jung siblings cringe.

“Thank you so much Daehyun, I worked hard.” he smiles big at them, they chat a bit more before they need to leave, both hugging Hoseok and congratulating him once more.

Hoseok leaves the building almost jumping around, happy.


He’s surprised to see his friends waiting outside for him.

“Seok!” Namjoon cheers, and the entire group follows him.

“So cool! They were amazing! You were amazing too!” Taehyung said, jumping around him, referring to the short final of his advanced class when he joined, for a couple of steps only, a tradition of the studio.

“Thank you so much Tae!” he smiles at them, recreating the routine with fast movements and funny faces, making them all cheer again. He gets a hug per person, even from Yoongi, and another bouquet to add to his bag. “You shouldn’t have guys, thank you. Thank you all for coming as well!”

“How could we not? We’re your friends Seok.” Yoongi supplies, Hoseok beams at him, hiding his hand on his pocket because he’s dying to pet Yoongi’s soft ears.

“Still, thank you. Shall we go? Is dinner still on?” he receives a chorus of affirmative answers and he smiles, he’s so happy.


Dinner was great, so the group decided to follow by going to a club. It’s been a while for everyone, and they collectively feel a bit out of place, so the awkwardness is not as awkward because its shared.

Hoseok drank a couple of cocktails, sweet and low on alcohol, and went off dancing. He smiled, dancing along with Jimin and Jungkook, laughing at their antics, waving Yoongi and Namjoon in because Seokjin was at the bar with Taehyung.

The night felt nice and easy, Hoseok was relaxed, his smile impossibly wider when finally everyone came to the dance floor.

It would’ve been the perfect night, if not for Jungkook and Seokjin fighting. Hoseok didn’t know exactly what had happened, but something definitely had, since they were now dancing with other people Both of them

It was an obvious competition, to see who would crack first, which Hoseok thought wasn’t the healthiest way to solve issues, but he couldn’t interfere, knew through experience that doing so would be a bad idea.

“Can they just kiss and make up already.” Jimin complained, arms around Namjoon, dancing together, offbeat, Namjoon was looking at Seokjin with hawk eyes, careful glint in his serious look.

“I’m confused, they were okay at the restaurant…” Taehyung commented, he was dancing with Yoongi, Hoseok noticed belatedly, he was the only one dancing by himself. Taehyung’s arms around Yoongi’s waist, Yoongi’s tail curled in one of his arms, a content expression on the cat hybrid’s face.

Hoseok’s insides churned, and he felt very unwell, choosing to look at something else and trying to calm his mind. They were dancing, it was only dancing. And if it was more, Hoseok couldn’t say anything about it. He had no right to.

He smiled, joked around, lightening the mood again, because he had to do so, he needed the group to feel happy again, it was his night and he wanted to have fun.

He ordered another cocktail.

By three a.m he was ready to pass out and decided to go, Jimin and Namjoon joined him, and he said his goodbyes to the ones who stayed, Yoongi and Taehyung still close together, and Jungkook and Seokjin who apparently fixed everything in the bathroom, if the marks on Jin’s neck were anything to go by.

Hoseok had no right to feel upset. But he was.

Once again, he felt lonely.




“Sweet, sweet vacation!” he giggled, Jimin throwing him a nasty glare.

“I’m still studying, you monster.” he said, Hoseok ruffled his hair, chuckling.

“You’re almost done, keep going Jiminie!” he cheered for the younger hybrid, rejoicing in the answering smile he received.

“Are you going out?”

“Yeah, Dawon invited me for lunch.” he smiles, and Jimin sighed.

“Tell her hi for me, I have to stay and study…” he whined, planting his face on his book.

“You’ll be okay, hang in there.” Hoseok patted his head once again before grabbing his jacket and leaving the apartment.

Dawon is waiting downstairs, a smile on her face.

“Hoseok! My brother!” she hugs him, tight and giggling.

“Hello to you too sis. What’s the occasion?”

“Can’t I just invite you to eat?” she turns the car on and they start moving.

“Well, you can but I feel like there’s something you want to say. Perhaps something that has to do with that shiny new ring I see on your finger?” he says, a smile progressively taking over his features. Dawon giggles and nods multiple times, she looks so happy and excited, her eyes twinkle and her cheeks are flushed.

“It is! Dae proposed!” she says, voice high and airy, Hoseok chuckles and smiles to her.

“I’m so happy for you Dawon, truly happy, you deserve it sis.” he smiles, trying not to get choked up, and in a red light he hugs her again, patting her back lovingly.

“He said you knew, you saw the ring first. How could you not tell me?! I went unprepared! I couldn’t even take a decent picture because I was shaking so much, and Dae takes the worst pictures.” she scolds him pouting.

They banter all the way to the restaurant, and Hoseok is reminded why he misses her so dearly.

“Now tell me about your things. I mean, I went to the show but we talked two minutes and all about the show. How are your things? How’s Yoongi? I haven’t heard you mentioning him for a while.”

Dawon is sharp. She’s the only person Hoseok can’t fool. He smiles, and she picks up everything in a second.

“Not good. Tell me.”

“Well, it’s not bad. I mean...he moved to another place.” Dawon’s eyebrows raise.

“So soon? With someone or by himself?”

“With Taehyung, actually.” Dawon takes a sip of water, waiting for him to continue. “He decided to go, be more independent. He had a rough life before, so now he needs to try things again, now that he has a nice circle of people who support him, his job and everything.”

“I’m guessing you didn’t follow my advice.”

“Dawon, I couldn’t just confess. And ask him to be mine legally that’s...the last thing he needs.”

“It isn’t. You mentioned he liked music and wanted to study, he can’t do that without a legal guardian.”

“He doesn’t want one. And he was doing great by himself, he’s very talented.” Hoseok sighs, eating a bit more while Dawon scrutinizes him.

“You like him, Hoseok, and the last person you liked was...who was it?” Hoseok chuckles, throwing an used napkin to his sister.

“It was Taemin, in college. But who didn’t like Taemin.” Dawon sighed dreamily, Hoseok covered his mouth while laughing at her expression.

“We all liked Taemin. I didn’t even go to school, but just the videos were enough. A real life prince.”

After they’re done eating, Dawon proposes to go for a walk since the weather is nice.

“I know you’re lonely, Seok. I recognize that look. You know I’m here for you, right?” Hoseok nods, can’t help but feel his eyes sting.

“Ah! Why do I have such a sentimental sister?!” he jokes, knocking her shoulder. She’s shorter, and almost trips, comes right back to push him, they laugh together like children.

“Stop it. And if Yoongi doesn’t work, go for someone else. I don’t want you to be lonely. Is worse if you’re surrounded by couples. Get yourself a single group of friends.”

“I have single friends…”

“Really now.” her skeptic tone prompts Hoseok to tell her the names.

“There’s Hyunwoo...wait he’s dating someone. Ok,, he actually started going out with a girl from his job. Jongup is single.”

“He’s dating Himchan now, I follow him on Instagram, his face. If I could get him to model for me one day…” she has a determined look on her face, and Hoseok pulls out his phone to check.

“Oh, I didn’t know that. Well, I do have single friends, I just can’t remember one. Also, you want to design clothes for females-”

“Seok. Open your mind. Fashion is for everyone.” she makes a smug funny face, and they end their outing laughing.

She really is a pillar on Hoseok’s life.

Chapter Text

During the short period of Hoseok’s vacation, Yoongi and him meet often. Hoseok pulls through his shyness and asks him to come by or invites him to do stuff together. That’s how they go to the cinema, for ice-cream, to a musical once, but mostly to the park, where Yoongi likes to lay on the grass (when it’s absolutely dry and there are no bugs) and Hoseok sits next to him and they talk.

Yoongi talks a lot. He has a lot of thoughts that he loves sharing with those who want to listen. He carries around a small notebook where he jotles down some of those thoughts, that later turn into poems. Or songs without music yet, as Hoseok likes to call them.

“I just been thinking of my life a lot. I always thought I was good. However, I think I’ve been kind of miserable most of my life.”

“How so, Yoongi?”

“Well, growing up in a shelter is not the best thing for a hybrid. Not in a shelter like mine. We didn’t have a big building, or a big playground, it was difficult to get enough exercise with the older hybrids claiming all the good spots. And then, when I was older, I had to ask multiple times before I was enrolled in a school.”

Hoseok gasps.

“What? I thought it was mandatory.”

“It is, I think. But many shelters don’t care for it. There are still humans who want us...ignorant. We’re more docile that way, I guess.”

“I’m sorry.” Hoseok doesn’t know what else to say.

“Remember that night...when we fought for the first time? A real left the house and everything. Left all night.”

“I do.” It’s not Hoseok’s favourite memory of them.

“I was upset. I met an old friend of mine. He was in of people, back in the shelter. We make groups of people, at least where I was, that was the safe place, in between people. He’s a cat like me, but he was adopted. His owner is an old guy, and…” Yoongi closes his eyes firmly. “He carries him around with a leash and a collar. he’s a pet, like he’s an animal, like he’s…” his voice stops, he’s trembling.

Hoseok puts a comforting hand in his arm, lets Yoongi piece it all back together.

“And my friend can’t do anything, because...that’s his owner and there’s no law against that.”

He’s shaking, cheeks turn red in anger.

“You don’t understand how it is, how he used to be. So proud and agile, he was a great fighter, he loved doing his own thing. Now he looked...he looked like a simple cat, not even a hybrid anymore. When he saw me, he wasn’t even embarrassed, that guy took everything from him.” he starts crying, furiously wiping his tears but unable to stop them from falling. “I hate humans so much, with a passion that knows no ends Hoseok. Some of you are completely rotten, to the core, and don’t deserve to be called nothing but beasts.”

Hoseok doesn’t want to touch him, fears Yoongi will reject his contact even more.

“That’s why I thought of moving, of finding my own place, I started to look for work in hybrid only places too. I want...I don’t want to be...around humans.”

Hoseok frowns, he’s afraid of letting Yoongi step outside Seokjin’s coffee shop, is terrified of what he could do by himself in a hybrid only establishment, that are few and tend to be run by humans behind the scenes.

“But I can’t. I don’t want to be so stupid, so weak as to isolate myself from the world because you’re there. You, and Namjoon, and Jongdae and Jin, and Seulgi and Baek, and Junmyeon, that I met recently but he’s very kind to me, or Sehun, his boyfriend, who’s also very kind and always brings leftovers because Taehyung hates to cook and sometimes I’m too lazy to do it.” he keeps crying, suddenly hugging Hoseok, clinging to him.

“Yoongi, it’s okay, you can feel conflicted, the world is an ugly place.” he pets his hair softly, running a hand up and down his back.

“Is not. It’s a great place. There’s so much to see, and places to go, and I just want...I want hybrids to be in a better position. I’m not stupid Hoseok, my brain works just as yours, I don’t understand why I can’t get my own shit under my name. I don’t understand why...I need to subject myself to a human to be considered a legal object and not an individual.”

“That’’re absolutely right, Yoon. But it’s a complicated matter.” Yoongi groans, his face finding Hoseok’s neck, sighing.

“I just have all this stuff in my head, and I don’t know who would listen to me. But you do. You always...listen to me. Believe in me.”

“Of course I do Yoongi, you’re right about it too. It’s...a fucked up system.”

“I’m glad your family is against it. I want to meet your sister. You never brought her around when I lived there.”

“She’s...actually getting married.”

They talk about Dawon and her upcoming wedding the rest of their outing.




He’s not blind. He saw the signs. But it still shocked him. He didn’t expect Yoongi to get a boyfriend so soon, so simply-

“It’s not that weird. We love company, and he’s kind of wary of humans so, having a hybrid boyfriend makes sense. Tae is cute, he’s very nice too, you should be happy.”

Jimin snapped at Hoseok, defending his friend to death. Hoseok couldn’t think past the pain in his heart. He felt like he had broke in two, the image of Yoongi kissing the other hybrid burned in his mind. He knew Taehyung was nice, attractive, a good person, but Hoseok was in love. He was so, so in love it wouldn’t matter if Yoongi found happiness with someone else, because his heart ached so much he couldn’t do anything at all, not even look at them.


“Save it Joon.”

“Jimin didn’t mean it-”

“He did. He’s fierce about Taehyung, I understand. But please, don’t. was my mistake. I should’ve just...confessed. Tell him. At least ask.”

“I mean...yeah that would’ve been ideal but it’s okay for you to feel sad. It was quite fast, and you were still trying to find your place in his life. I’m here for you, okay?” Hoseok nodded, head down, tears falling. Namjoon sat next to him.

“Did I ever tell you why I gave up on fighting Jimin?”

“For Jungkook’s episode?” Namjoon chuckles.

“No. It was impressive, but no. Jimin is...he’s not as...he’s a complicated creature. Not only for being a hybrid, he’s just complicated in general. He liked Jungkook, he said he was in love, and I let him go to him, I thought it was okay, I didn’t mind. And remember how happy they were for a while?” Hoseok nods. “Well, they were. And then Jungkook met Jin, and they were friends, and they met Taehyung, and the circle expanded.”

“I know all of that Joon.”

“I know you do, what you don’t know is, that I didn’t mind Jungkook’s presence in Jimin’s life, but he minded Jungkook’s presence in my life.” 

“He was jealous, that was easy to tell.”

“He was jealous, yes, but he was in love with him. He...he was on the brink of madness because he couldn’t, wasn’t able to allow Jungkook near me. He was in love with him, but he couldn’t let him interact with me. He was...a lot more difficult than what you saw. He got physical with me multiple times, screaming, scratching, crying. He couldn’t stand Jungkook’s scent on my things, but he brought the scent to the house. He was going insane, so that week that I said we were going to my parents, we went to a clinic.”


“I couldn’t help him on my own. He had therapy, stayed there for five full days and they told me Jimin had dependency issues. Told me to lock him up for a while.”

“The summer.”

“Yeah. We didn’t see each other at all. I missed him, and he missed me. But after it, he was better. He said ‘I love you and I know it’s not the best, but until you find someone, let me take care of you, please’”

“That doesn't sound like it helped.” Hoseok says, brow furrowed in worry.

“Yeah, but he continued. Said that he never loved Jungkook like he loved me, that the thought of someone else taking an important part in my life drove him insane and that he always loved me the most, and he failed to see just how much before. He kneeled down and repeated what he said before.” Hoseok took a deep intake of breath. “I never hoped Jimin would consider me anything more than his guardian and companion.”

Hoseok blinked multiple times.

“I’ve loved him since I was seventeen, I think.”

“You’re kidding. I always thought that he was the one pushing-”

“He was, because I tried to stay in my place. I know myself, and I’ve loved him for so long that I’m pretty sure I’ll love him for the rest of my life. It really does run that deep in me, and I was scared of my own feelings. Seeing him so upset about Jungkook gave me hopes, but seeing him like that also broke my heart. I wasn’t sure that accepting him as a lover was a good decision.”

“But you love him. And he loves you too.” Hoseok held Namjoon’s hand, it was shaking.

“I never said this to anybody, you know? Is kind of my secret...but the way I love him, it’s so intense some days I can’t even let him out of the bed, I just need him there, right next to me, because just imagining him meeting someone and leaving makes me want to puke. I’m so terribly insecure when it comes to him, and I’m the one being taken care of, all the time. Jimin is always there for me, every time I feel bad or upset, when I need company or a kick in the butt, he’s my rock and I can’t tell you how much he means to me. He’s my person.”

“Oh Joon…”

“Bottom line was always a two way street, I’m just better at containing myself because I’ve been doing it for years. I didn’t give up fighting him, I was struggling to stay in my lane as it was. I just crossed the line, because he wanted me too, because I wanted it too. He was so...certain of his feelings, and so irresistible to me. This story serves as me trying to tell you that if you feel something strong for Yoongi, you have to tell him. If I had the guts to tell Jimin I loved him, it would’ve saved us a lot of pain. Don’t keep your feelings locked away because they will hurt you. And you’ll never know what would’ve happened if you actually went for it.”

Hoseok sighs, leans his head on Namjoon’s shoulder.

“They looked happy…”

“And he will stay happy if he doesn’t feel anything for you. I promise that if he likes Taehyung for real, he won’t be affected by this.”

“It will make him feel guilty. I don’t want to make him suffer…” he feels tears pool in his eyes again, and he closes them.

“I don’t want you to suffer. Please, think about it, yeah?”

Hoseok nods, lets Namjoon move around and lay on the bed, bringing him down with him, cuddling. Hoseok has the best friend, no doubt.




Seokjin gets word of Hoseok’s situation and plants himself in the house, bringing Jungkook with.

“You know, when I met Kook, he was with Jimin. And I felt like shit because I wanted him and a friend of mine was dating him. So, is kind of like this.” Hoseok nods, he feels sad still, but tries hard to not let it overcome him.

“I was into him too, since we met. But I was with Jimin, kind of, so.”

“Kind of?”

“We never like...all we did was kiss and hold hands.” Hoseok squeals.

“So pure! You were so cute together.” Namjoon and Seokjin send him nasty looks. “You look better with your current partners of course, absolutely, no doubt about it.” he says bowing his head down. Jungkook snickers while Jimin sucks a mark on Namjoon’s shoulder, eyes narrowed at him.

“Seokjin perverted me, I was a pure soft bunny when we met.” Seokjin scoffs.

“Please, I was not the one to jump you. That was you, all on your own, Kook my love.” he says. Jungkook scrunches his nose while he laughs, sitting on Seokjin’s lap (his actual seat, that’s his seat, that’s pretty much the only place he sits on) and kissing the older man’s temple.

“Lies, all lies.” but he’s laughing, so Hoseok doesn’t believe him.

“Tae is cute, he’s lovely, we all should be happy for him and Yoongi.”

“Listen, Jimin, I know Taehyung was heartbroken, Minho dude left him for a cuter hybrid-”

“Kibum is not cuter!” Jimin yells, scandalized.

“Alright, Jesus, chill out Jimin.”

“You’re insulting my platonic soulmate.” he sends a hiss Seokjin’s way, which Jungkook responds with one of his breathy growls.

“Should I be worried about that, Min?”

“I said platonic, it’s fine.” Namjoon nods, kissing Jimin’s cheek, the cat hybrid giggles and blushes a bit, it’s frankly adorable.

“As I was saying, Minho dude left him, but he’s a social creature. He loves being around others, I don’t know if that goes well with his fox characteristics but, he’ll meet someone else soon, he never stays in love for long-”

“Don’t bad mouth him Seokjin, he’s a sensitive soul.”

“Sensitive? More like he falls in love once a month and then walks away. I love Tae, I truly do, but he was in love with all of us at one point. He was upset for a little, then he moved forward. With Yoongi it’ll be the same.” Hoseok frowns, that doesn't sound like something Hoseok wants Yoongi to experiment. Not because Taehyung is bad, but if his love is so volatile, perhaps-

“I remember when he confessed to me. It was so sweet, I cried with him when I rejected him.” Namjoon says. Jimin hisses, biting his neck. “Ouch!”

“He’s my platonic soulmate but I will forever be bitter about that. He got to confess before me.” Jimin says, pouting. Namjoon pats his head, kisses his temple to settle him down, Jimin’s tail curls around Namjoon’s leg.

That action makes Hoseok remember the times Yoongi curled his long black tail around Hoseok. It happened a handful of times at most, when they were on the couch and that one time in the kitchen, where his tail curled around Hoseok’s waist and he noticed for the first time how strong the tail actually was. Yoongi moved him away from the stove, where the oil was jumping on the pan, and hugged him from behind. Hoseok felt strange, a warm feeling on his chest when he sensed Yoongi’s chest on his back, strong, firm, wider than he thought.

“It’s whatever, just give them time. I truly don’t want to interfere. If they break up naturally, that’s okay, and if they stay together for a long time, that’s also okay. I do not want to cause Yoongi pain.” Seokjin sighs, pats his back, it’s his way of saying he doesn’t approve but will support him anyway.


Chapter Text

Sitting and waiting. He does that a lot lately. He sits and watches people come and go.

Seokjin asks him multiple times if he’s okay, and Hoseok brushes him off. He is okay, he has his notebook and jots down ideas for new choreographies for the start of classes, he drinks coffee and leaves.

He comes and goes, just to leave his own bubble of self-pity because he really went and fell in love with Yoongi. He did it, deeply, and he knows himself enough to know it’ll take a while to fade. Especially because Yoongi likes hanging with him, says Hoseok energizes him and motivates him, so Hoseok knows he’s wanted, he’s liked, loudness and ridiculous actions included.

Hoseok is sitting on a table with Jungkook, waiting for closing time and texting his sister when a guy enters the café in a rush.

“Hi, hello sorry to barge in like this but can I get 20 iced americanos to go?” his voice is very nice, and his profile is even nicer. Yoongi rings him up and Jongdae starts to make the coffees with Baekhyun. “I’m so sorry I know it’s almost closing time, but I need the coffee, we’re filming late today, I’m sorry.” he says again, and he seems genuinely apologetic.

Hoseok recognizes him then. He’s an actor. He opens his eyes big, notices that Baekhyun and Jongdae recognized him as well.

“That’s Park Bogum. Jesus Christ.” Jungkook mutters.

“Don’t freak out.” Hoseok warns him, Jungkook makes a small noise but nods.

He needs to wait for a a bit, busies himself with his phone, during which time, Taehyung enters the cafe. He picks up Yoongi every day, Seokjin said, Hoseok is not surprised he came by today as well.

“Hi everyone.” he greets, coming to sit with Hoseok and Jungkook. “Hey, Hoseok, it’s been a while.” he smiles, charming and unbothered, and Hoseok hopes his returning smile is not weird. “Do you guys smell that? It seems like they used cherry blossom perfume here.” he says, sniffing around curiously.

He’s a fox hybrid, naturally curious and drawn to things that catch his attention, always a step ahead of everyone else. He’s very smart, and very careful with his steps.

“I don’t really smell anything, Tae.” Jungkook says, his cute nose moves fast, sniffing as well. Taehyung sighs, rests his head on his arms on the table.
“I’m bored, I want to go.”

“It’ll take some time. They had a big order just now.” Hoseok answers him. Taehyung groans, they’re the only ones in the cafe now besides Bogum, said man lifts his head from his phone to look around.

Hoseok sees it happen. A split second, eyes seeing eyes and a spark that ignites a fire on Taehyung’s face. He turns red, and looks to the other side.

“Taehyung?” Bogum asks, surprised. The fox hybrid doesn’t answer. “Taehyung is that you?” he tries again. Taehyung’s cheeks are flaming red, but he refuses to answer. Bogum stops walking to their table, sighs and turns around.

“Your order is ready.” Yoongi says, his voice flat. Bogum takes the bags and thanks him, he leaves with one last look at Taehyung.

“So...anything you want to say?” Jungkook starts. Taehyung shakes his head, hiding his face more. “That’s Park Bogum right there, and he knew you? How come?” Taehyung groans.

“When I was in the shelter, he came to buy a hybrid. A present from his family, he said.”

“ left the shelter years ago. You were fourteen. He still remembers you?” Taehyung looks down.

“I promised to stay until he came back for me, but he...took too long. And then I was adopted by my humans and moved.”

“Oh. But he still remembers you.” Jungkook said, Hoseok patted Taehyung’s arm. The fox hybrid looked up, his eyes a bit red.

“I didn’t want to go but I wasn’t sure he was going to come back.”

“That’s okay Taehyung, he can’t fault you for that. He looked like he just wanted to greet you.”

“Hoseok...I’m...scared. And a bit ashamed. I promised.” Hoseok smiles at him, trying to calm him down, his eyes get teary.

“Tae, I didn’t know you kept someone in your mind like that. He’ll understand, I’m sure of it.” Taehyung sighs, resting his head on his arms again and putting Hoseok’s hand on his head. He got the message and started stroking behind his ears. Taehyung sighed.


They remain silent for some minutes, before the door of the café opened. Bogum entered in a flurry of wind and cherry blossom perfume. Taehyung turned to look at him right away.

“Taehyung. I know we lost touch for years but...this is my number. I’d like it if you could text me, so we can meet up sometime, if you want. I have to go now, but please, Taehyung. At least once.” he says, putting a piece of paper on the table. His hand twitches, like he almost wants to touch him, but takes a step back and smiles sadly before he turns away and leaves again.

“Tae?” Jungkook asks. Taehyung turns, takes the piece of paper and clutches it on his hand. He’s crying.

“Are you okay?” Taehyung nods, sniff and stands up.

“I think Yoongi’s off the clock.” is what he says. Hoseok takes a breath and nods, he understands that regardless of Bogum’s presence, Yoongi is what Taehyung is focused on at the moment.

Hoseok doesn’t allow himself to feel hope. He doesn’t want Yoongi to suffer, so he smiles at him and takes his leave when Jungkook tugs on his hand. Hoseok knows, this doesn’t change his chances.




Some weeks later, Yoongi texts him asking to come by the apartment. Hoseok is tidying up the living room when the doorbell rings.

“Hey Yoongi…” Hoseok greets, his tone descending as he takes in Yoongi’s face. The hybrid has his ears down, face red and swollen, he jumps to Hoseok’s arms. “Yoongi, what happened? Are you hurt?” Yoongi shakes his head. “Yoongi-”

“Hug me, yeah?” he asks, voice muffled by Hoseok’s t-shirt, his arms going around the younger man’s waist and his tail curling on his right leg.

“Yeah, of course.” they hug for a long time, and Yoongi cries for a while but quiets down and just hugs Hoseok tight, his head moves from his shoulder to Hoseok’s neck, where his breath falls rising goosebumps on Hoseok’s skin.

“Taehyung...he kissed me.” Hoseok’s heart hurts, but he says nothing, waiting for what comes next. “We weren’t...we never did anything more than kiss. It’s been a while for me, so we agreed on taking it slow... But he...he kissed me and I scratched him.” he starts crying again, Hoseok hugs him tighter.

“Yoongi, don’t cry please, tell me why did you do it?” he runs his hands up and down Yoongi’s back, the tangles one hand on his dark hair, scratching gently at his scalp.

“It felt gross, and he grabbed my sides, it was normal, but I couldn’t...take it. He apologized but I couldn’t stay there. Can I stay here tonight?” he asks, looking at Hoseok with his dark eyes, ears still down, making the younger man hug him again. Hoseok doesn’t notice when he does it, but he leaves a kiss on Yoongi’s cheek as he resumes his hugging.

“You can stay here as long as you want, Yoongi.”

Namjoon and Jimin don’t seem surprised to see Yoongi, Hoseok has just finished making Yoongi some milk tea when they arrive. Namjoon pats his back, and Jimin slides silently to their room, Hoseok guesses that Taehyung already told them.

“Oh...Yoongi I brought my old bed back, so you can sleep there and I’ll take the sofa, yeah?” he says, patting Yoongi’s head. His heart hammers when Yoongi looks up with his still bloated face and cute pout.

“But it's a big bed, we can share. I purr sometimes when I sleep, but nothing else.” he says, blinking. He looks so endearing and sweet, makes Hoseok’s ears turn red, and he chuckles.

“I know you purr. You slept above me for months, remember?”

“Yeah I just thought you never heard me. I’m not a loud...purring kind of cat. My throat vibrates a bit when I do it though.”

Hoseok tripped over his own feet. He was putting on his pajamas, and Yoongi snickered at him.

“Your throat does what?”

“It vibrates. Since purring is not something I can do on command, I didn’t notice until I was like, twelve, that when I purr my throat vibrates. But it does. If I do it and it wakes you up, I give you permission to put one finger on my throat to feel it. Only one finger.” he says, showing Hoseok his index finger with a long, sharp nail. He got the message loud and clear.

“Alright, scoot aside then.” he finished putting on his sleepwear, falling next to Yoongi and groaning.

“I like this mattress better.”

“I spent nice money on it. I love sleeping in a good mattress, it helps with my back pain.”

“Your pillow is pretty comfy too.”

“It’s for my neck pains.”

“Damn Seok you’re a seventy year old man.”

They laugh together, Hoseok feels so happy about just existing next to Yoongi, feels Yoongi’s tail slap the bed gently somewhere behind him.

“Doesn’t it hurt? To always sleep on your side?”

“I can sleep chest down too.” Yoongi deadpans. Hoseok laughs again, and Yoongi joins him. “I lived like this all my life, so I don’t feel uncomfortable at all. But I will probably climb over you, I like warm places to sleep.”

Hoseok swallows hard, and Yoongi snickers again.

“You’re so scared, I won’t bite you, Seok. Maybe a prick with my nails, nothing else.” He makes a sweet pout at Hoseok, prompting a groan out of the human, and he can’t resist throwing his arms around sweet, lovely Yoongi who’s trying so hard to distract himself from his inner thoughts.

Hoseok knows that, he learned to see when Yoongi was trying to deflect from an issue, when he was trying so hard to push attention to something else. Hoseok doesn’t push, he just hugs him, lets Yoongi push his nails on his skin, not breaking it, just pressure, before the hybrid settles down to sleep.

“Thanks, Seok.”

“Always, Yoon. Sleep well.”




Hoseok is warm. He’s very warm, and feels happy.

He doesn’t tend to wake up feeling gloom or tired, but this feeling of warmth and soft happiness is not common. He sighs, burying his face on soft hair and an ear twitches by his cheek.

“Yoongi” he thinks. Opening his eyes slowly, he notices he’s on his side, has his legs tangled with Yoongi’s, the hybrid’s arm on Hoseok’s middle, under his shirt, Yoongi’s head on his chest.

Yoongi stirs a bit, Hoseok feels him press closer, splays a hand (those are big, strong hands) on Hoseok’s lower back, his tail curls around an ankle, tickling.

Hoseok is in paradise, wishes for nothing but to stay in that moment, for as long as he lives. Yoongi’s purring, softly, and his throat does vibrate, Hoseok puts a finger on it as gently as he can, only one finger because that’s all Yoongi gave him permission to do, to feel it move. It’s a very unique sensation, a first for Hoseok.

“Morning, Seok.”

Yoongi’s voice is always deep and scratchy in the morning. Hoseok shivers, the hand on his back moves up and down.

“Good morning Yoon.” he smiles, soft and content.




Yoongi leaves after breakfast. Hoseok doesn’t know what his plan is, or if he even has one. They just talked while eating, like they used to, Yoongi never mentioned anything related to Taehyung. He guesses the fox hybrid will be ready to talk when Yoongi returns, and they will sort it out.

“Will he come back here?” Jimin wonders, lazing around in the couch. He’s scratching the fabric, Namjoon throws him a scratcher and the action makes Jimin hiss. He’s in a bad mood, that’s easy to tell.

“I don’t think so? He didn’t say, so I’m guessing he’s not.”

“They will break up though, won’t that be awkward?”

“I don’t know Jimin, I don’t live inside his head.” Jimin sends him a nasty glare, Hoseok is emotional enough without him poking him.

“Calm down, both of you. It doesn’t concern us. It’s their deal, so. Calm down.” Namjoon asks them.

Hoseok backs down, and with a sigh he returns to his room. Closing his eyes, he buries his head on  the pillow Yoongi slept on. He has a very unique scent, and Hoseok likes it far too much. He loved the times Yoongi scent marked his clothes because the times he did so intensely, he could smell it a bit too.

Back when they didn’t know each other, Hoseok wouldn’t have ever imagined that he would eventually end up in such a situation. In love with a hybrid who doesn’t like humans, who’s dating one of his friends, and that he would feel the burn of envy and jealousy eating him from the inside.

“This fucking sucks.” he mumbles on the pillow.


Chapter Text

Classes start again. They bring new students and old ones, a new colleague and Jungkook’s presence around him more.

“Why are you here again?”

“I want to work here, Hoseok.” Jungkook says, determined like nothing, eyes gleaming.

“I thought you were going to intern with Namjoon?”

“I do that in the morning. And I love Namjoon but office work is too boring for me.”

“But it’s experience. And you need it before someone hires you.”

“I can seduce Jin into hiring me.” Hoseok cackles, they laugh together loudly just outside of Hoseok’s building.

“I don’t doubt it. However, we don’t have vacancies. Is not a big studio, so we don’t really-”

“I’ll make the new guy quit. Or one of the old ladies quit.”

“Jungkook. That’s not what I mean.” his ears are actually big, and Jungkook took a long time to learn to manage them around them. He still uses them to slap them across the face, simply for the pleasure of it. Which he does when he turns around suddenly and faces Hoseok.

“But Hoseok! I want to teach! I just graduated, I want to work on it.” he pouts, which makes the human suspect that’s how he gets away with mostly anything.

“That doesn’t work on me.”

“It literally works only on Jimin and Namjoon. Jin throws me stuff when I pout.” he rolls his eyes while Hoseok laughs.

“I seriously don’t get you guys. Is like you’re five years old kids.”

“Yeah, but the sex is awesome.” Hoseok sputters, and Jungkook lets out a delighted squeal at his face. “Why so scared of the s word?”

“I just don’t like to imagine it, thank you. But going back to what we were talking about, no openings. Work for some months with Joon, and then we’ll search for a place for you. You need his reference.”

“I don’t get why that matters. I got decent grades, and I’m a damn good teacher. I made Jin learn a difficult choreography, and he’s the worst dancer ever.”

“It’s about the reference-”

“It’s about a human that’s not my boyfriend and is in a respectable working position who can vouch for me. Stupid humans laws, we’re smarter than what y’all take us for.” he frowns, an intense look in his eyes.

Hoseok sometimes forget that Jungkook’s grown a lot and he’s actually an adult hybrid.

“I know you are. I wish things weren’t this way Jungkook.”

“Yeah well, what can we do.”




Hoseok sees Yoongi again outside work, he’s talking with Jungkook, or at least the bunny hybrid is talking and Yoongi is nodding along. Both of them turn to see him before he’s outside the building.

“Well hello! This is unusual, how are you Yoon?” Yoongi’s ears go down once and then up, he tells Hoseok he had a free day and wanted to see him.

He’s blunt. Hoseok tries not to blush, it’s only a friendly gesture, he shouldn’t get so excited over nothing.

“Hey, what about me?” Jungkook whines, Hoseok chuckles at him.

“I see you at least three times a week, and every weekend at the coffee shop Kook. But how are you?”

“I’m good, I want to work here though, I’ll be amazing when I get what I want.” he smiles, Yoongi looks at him with a comical frown which ends up making Hoseok crack up.

“Oh man, you’re amazing.” he jumps Jungkook and makes kissy sounds around his neck, making the bunny hybrid whine and push him away while laughing .

“Uhm, should I leave or…?” says Yoongi, eyeing them with a funny look.

“I’m going to get something to eat, want to come with?” both hybrids nod, and that’s how they end up in a food truck near the park.

“Ugh, tacos in the evening. Jin is going to kill me.” Jungkook says, as he moans while eating his food.

“Live a little Kook, your boyfriend will forgive you if you whine enough.” Yoongi jokes, Jungkook ignores him in favour of eating. “I was thinking we could go to the movies this weekend if you’d like, Seok. There’s a new drama I really want to see.” Hoseok raises his eyebrows.

“Sure, who else is coming?” Yoongi takes a second to answer.

“I...just us? I didn’t think of inviting anyone else.”

“Okay, good, just us is good.” he smiles at Yoongi warmly, but inside he’s freaking out. Just them. At the movies. Yoongi invited only him, to go to the movies.

“Great.” Yoongi smiles, they don’t discuss it anymore.




Their outing to the movies becomes a weekly thing. It’s not particularly eventful, they talk about their week, about the movie they saw, about their friends or something especially remarkable that happened but nothing further than that.

Hoseok notices Yoongi’s behaviour is a bit erratic at times. He’d be a couple of centimetres away from resting his head on Hoseok’s shoulder but he’ll pull away in a swift motion, or he’d hold Hoseok’s hand for a short moment before letting it go as if it burns. In their last meet-up, Yoongi hugged Hoseok, a side hug, but a hug nonetheless.

“I’m telling you he likes you.” Jin is sitting on the couch, a glass of wine in one hand while the other runs on Jungkook’s hair, who’s sitting on the floor and playing Overwatch.

“Jin, I don’t know if he’s not dating Taehyung.” Hoseok sits on the couch as well, but he’s got ice cream on a bowl. Hoseok has to work the next morning.

“You kidding? Taehyung’s been whining about a certain actor asking him to hang out. They’re definitely not together anymore. You could just ask, I don’t think Yoongi would mind. I bet he thinks you already know.”

“How would I know? Taehyung is barely around, and if he is he’s glued to Jimin so.”

“Jimin didn’t say anything? That’s weird. I bet he just wants some drama.” Hoseok sighs, thinking back on the times Jimin seems to be studying him.

“He’s just weird, I really don’t know. I’ll ask, I guess…”

“That’s my boy.” Seokjin pats his head.




Yoongi’s coming to dinner. It’s Friday night, Namjoon and Jimin are out. Hoseok tries very hard not to feel like they’re on a date, during the movie they watch and on the way back home. But it’s a bit difficult, because Yoongi is...acting like himself but also not. He’s confusing Hoseok, mostly because he’s been very tactile and open, he engages the human in conversation and leans on him, tells him he looks nice or that he saw something and ‘I thought about you because you love those birds don’t you Seok?’

He’s been everything Hoseok wishes to have. Swishing tail, twitching ears, gummy smile on his face. Yoongi’s pretty, he’s kind, he’s thoughtful.

And also very attractive. Hoseok doesn’t want to look at his legs because he’s wearing ripped jeans, a belt with a big buckle, combat boots, faux leather jacket, his t shirt is inside his pants and when he takes the jacket off...Hoseok is a weak guy, he sees a nice chest and big hands that graze his arms and move around his shoulders and he blushes.

For all Yoongi can look soft and delicate, he can also pull this kind of grunge look off, messy hair and brooding look to outsiders, pulling Hoseok to him with no fear. Making Hoseok feel warm and bubbly inside.

During dinner, conversation dies out for a while. Hoseok eats his food, he’s still in his colorful sweater, that expensive one his sister gifted him, and his second hand Balenciaga sneakers (he’s a dance teacher alright? and he’s trying to save some money), a contrast to Yoongi’s own look. He thinks they fit nicely together.

“You look nice tonight.” Hoseok chokes on his food.

“Th-Thank you Yoongi, you too…”

“You got a haircut, right? Looks good.”

Hoseok did get a haircut, and he made an effort tonight to kind of style his hair. He’s certain his cheeks are red as a tomato.

“Thank you…”

“You’re pretty when you blush.” Yoongi smirks, his pointy canines shine in the light, he looks like a cat that got the cream because Hoseok is positively crimson from forehead to chest.

“Do you mind if I ask you something personal?” Yoongi’s eyebrows rise, and he nods. “Are you and Taehyung like...still together?”

Yoongi cocks his head.

“No we’re not, we broke up the morning after I scratched him.” Hoseok nods looking down. “Wait. You thought we were still dating?”

“I...yeah? I mean, nobody said anything so I just…”

“Seok. Tell me something.”


“You do know this is a date right?”

Hoseok’s eyes open in surprise, he blushes again.

“I didn’t.”

“God. And here I was thinking you weren’t interested.”

“What? No, no I am, I am interested I just-oh God.” he covers his face with his hands and groans. “This is so embarrassing.” Yoongi starts to laugh, Hoseok follows because what else could he do.

“Hey, I’m trying to date you. I’m still kind of unfamiliar with it all, but that’s my intention. Perhaps I should’ve been more explicit.”

“That...would’ve been nice…” they giggle together, Hoseok feels all warm inside, trying to wrap his head around the new information. “I thought you...didn’t like humans. Like that, I mean.”

“I don’t. I like you, though. I liked you when I lived here, and in part I moved out to see if I...if my feelings were real or I was confusing gratefulness with liking. Taehyung happened and he was so nice to me, I...tried hard. I was scared, of this.”


“Liking a human. You know my story, I’m apprehensive. But I know you, Hoseok, and you’re everything. You’re bright and positive, driven, humble, hard-working, kind. You’re the kindest human I’ve met in my entire life. And you’re stupid handsome so. That contributes as well.”

Hoseok will burst into flames, he’s certain he will.

“Do you like me back?”

“I do, Yoongi. But I didn’t want to interfere in your life. I want you to be happy, free to move, to be who you are, to find yourself...I don’t want to be an obstacle for you.”

“Seok, I want to date you. I want to take it slow, too, if we do it, but please. You’re the farthest thing from an obstacle in my life. You’re like, the starting point and a constant source of strength, never an obstacle.”

Yoongi stands up, takes Hoseok’s hands and makes him stand up as well, they look at each other in the eyes, before Yoongi sighs and smiles, gums showing, unbearably fond and all directed at Hoseok.

“I just really like you.” Hoseok’s eyes water, but he doesn’t cry, he just smiles back, hugging Yoongi to him, happy when the hybrid hugs him back, tail going around Hoseok’s waist too.

“Let’s date then.”

Chapter Text

So. Dating.

Hoseok wasn’t that bad at the dating game. Yoongi though, he was excellent at the dating game.  

Yoongi is the one to ask him out, and put everything together for their very first official date. He gets food, blankets, and borrows Jongdae’s car to drive them to the beach. Hoseok didn’t even know Yoongi could drive.

“I got Jin to sign the papers, I wanted to surprise you.” Hoseok’s heart warms. It’s a chilly day, but the hybrid brought multiple blankets and hot coffee, so they enjoy their time and watch the sunset together.

Hoseok has blushed cheeks the entire time, he giggles and leans on Yoongi, not a care in the world, because Yoongi’s so kind, so open with his smiles and touches, making sure Hoseok understands him clearly. And Hoseok does.

Yoongi has to work but that doesn’t stop him from texting Hoseok in the morning and call at night, or even invite him to come over and have dinner together, though his apartment is further away from Hoseok’s job than his own, Hoseok agrees most of the times.

Taehyung isn’t always around, when he is, the fox hybrid gives them all the space they need, going to his room and staying there most of the times. The awkwardness Hoseok felt, vanishes a bit more every time they see each other and he gets to see, first hand, that Taehyung has no hard feelings towards him. Quite the opposite, he seems delighted to see Hoseok and Yoongi sitting on the couch with intertwined hands while watching something on tv.




Not everything is wonderful.

Yoongi tries, his animosity towards humans doesn’t disappear; in the occasional moments when they’re outside in a public place, and receive a couple of stares, Yoongi’s mood sours.

He doesn’t turn into a complete rude person, but he’s less lively, appears to be annoyed. Hoseok learns fast that when such a thing happens, the best course of action is to simply go home. Their safe heaven, where they can be together and do whatever they feel like without judgemental stares.

“Sorry. I know you don’t like it when I’m like this…”

“Yoon, it’s fine. It’s annoying for me too.”

“I...I thought about this, before confessing. When I went out with Taehyung people wouldn’t stare as much. I guess it’s more...normal, because I…”

“Is not less normal. People just love to stare. We’re hot, that’s why they stare so intensely.” he jokes, trying to defuse the tension.

“Perhaps if I wore a collar-”
“Absolutely not. You’re not my property Yoon.”

“Jimin wears one and they’re just fine. Nobody even blinks at them.” he insists.

“Yoongi, no. Jimin is different from you, and his relationship with Namjoon is different from the one we share. Taehyung doesn’t wear a collar.”

“And humans run away from him.”

“They do not. Only weird, conservative, is that the proper word? Do so. He’s friendly. He gets people wrapped around his finger. A lot of hybrids don’t wear collars or marks, I won’t accept you using one because I know you don’t want one.”

Yoongi sighs, bringing Hoseok’s face to his neck.

“You’re so good to me, Seok.” he mumbles, while he trails kisses from Hoseok’s temple to his lips.

Their first kiss was in the park, after another date, they went for fresh air and Yoongi sat down on a bench in front of a fountain, where he took Hoseok’s face in his hands (big, strong, but holding him as if he was the most fragile thing in the world) and softly brought it closer to his own, lips touching for the first time in the sweetest contact. Hoseok felt as if he was floating in a cloud of softness and warm happiness.

The kisses only got more intense after that. But they never do anything apart from kissing. Hoseok likes it this way, he enjoys listening to Yoongi’s sighs and soft sounds when he enjoys something, pushing a bit more every time and receiving nothing but enthusiasm in exchange.

He’s smitten. More than ever.




“See?! I told you they were dating!” Seokjin screams, triumphant and jumping over Jungkook. Everyone’s cheering, but he’s certainly the loudest.

“We’re so happy for you.” Namjoon says, strong pats in the back for the couple and a dimpled smile. Taehyung hugs them both tight, smiling, draggin Jimin with, and it ends up in a group hug.

Hoseok pretends he didn’t shed some tears, and hides on Yoongi’s neck for some moments, overwhelmed, because it’s still all unbelievable to him.

He’s dating Yoongi. Actually dating Yoongi, the guy he crushed on for a year, the hybrid he found on the alley near his house. Yoongi, who’s hard-working, talented, stubborn, independent Yoongi, idealist Yoongi, that one.

“Seok, everything alright?” he asks, passing his hand up and down Hoseok’s back, while Hoseok just breathes him in.

“I’m in love you Yoon.”

He confessed, his mind goes into panic mode and he freezes.

“I’m in love with you too. Now kiss me, yeah?” he says back, sheepish voice with blushed cheeks again, Hoseok does admit he started crying when they kissed.




Yoongi’s rut makes Hoseok miss him. For just two days, but still. He doesn’t text, because he’s afraid he’ll ask Hoseok to come over, and that means no phone-call, nor meetings.

“Is two days Hoseok.”

“You say that because you and Jimin go at it for two days straight when he’s in heat. Not fair.” he complains. Namjoon laughs at him, and Jimin throws him a cushion.

“Is not like I enjoy them!”

“Yeah I mean...we kind of do, but put yourself in his shoes.”

“I do, I just want to complain a bit.”

When Yoongi calls him after his rut, he sounds tired.

“Was it bad? You-”

“It was the worst. I had to make Taehyung leave the house, I was really...loud and aggressive. I missed you a lot.” Hoseok pouts, sad that Yoongi had to endure it all by himself. “It’s fine though, it’s a normal body process or whatever. We deal with it, and I’ll have you next time so there’s that.” his voice turns playful, making the human blush a bit.

“Can we meet tomorrow? I can’t go to the café today, I have a meeting at work and I won’t make it before its closing time.”

“Sure, I’m beat and I look like trash, I gotta do something about that before I go to work or the clients will run away from me. Did you miss me?” he’s teasing again, making Hoseok chuckle.

“I did. We talk a lot, I noticed, because I missed you so much. It felt weird not to get a text in two entire days.”

“When you say that, you make me want to run there and kiss you hard, for all the kissing I couldn’t do.” he purrs (actual purring sound) and Hoseok feels hot all over. Yoongi’s voice gets deeper, raspy, tickling Hoseok’s ear.

“Yoon, don’t play with me.”

“We’ve been together for a while. Around four months, yeah?” Hoseok frowns, a bit at a loss.

Four months of nothing but happiness, sharing sweet moments together, laughing, growing, discussing, fighting sometimes, finding their place in this new spot that is being in a relationship. Hoseok’s eyes fill with tears when it hits him how truly happy Yoongi makes him, how he’s never felt so comfortable with someone, so at peace when Yoongi’s napping with his head on Hoseok’s leg while he reads, when he hears Yoongi’s laugh next to him, when they look at each other and he finds fondness in Yoongi’s eyes, every single time.

“Yes, why?” his heart pounds.

“I just really...want you, Seok. I don’t want to sound pushy, but when you’re ready for that, let me know.”

Inevitably, Hoseok burst into giggles. He can’t take things seriously apparently.

“Oh, well that’s unexpected-”

“Sorry! Sorry Yoon I just panicked for a moment…” he keeps laughing, trying to explain himself. “I want you too, I do, very much so, sorry I’m the worst at this-” Yoongi laugh with him too.

“You asshole, I got scared too. We’re shit at this, huh?”

“We got to talk about this in person but just so you know, I’m definitely ready.”

“Ok, that’s a relief-”

“Why wouldn’t I want you?”

Yoongi pauses. Hoseok thinks perhaps he should’ve asked that when they saw each other.

“I think that’s a thing we should kind of talk face to face?” Hoseok smiles, fondness overtaking his features.

“I’m so in love with you.”

“Ah Seok don’t do this to me babe!” he says, loud whine and a rustling.

“Sorry, sorry, I was thinking the same and then you said it so I thought ‘damn we’re so in synch this is wonderful’ and the feelings of warm-”

“Stop right there you cheesy fuck. I’ll see you in two days, I’ll text you tomorrow morning, alright?”

“Okay, love you Yoon.”

“Love you more.”

Chapter Text

“Again, from the top!”

He’s sweating, smiling through the routine, shouting encouragements, clapping. The class follows suits, he can hear the pants and see the flushed faces. It’s the last run of the day, he knows they’ll make it just fine.

He can see Jungkook entering his class, probably just done with his own. After three months of insisting, Hoseok’s boss found him a spot. One class for the year, Jungkook threw himself in his class with such intensity and drive that he made everyone in the academy feel the pressure, Hoseok thought it was wonderful.

“Woo! That’s it everybody! Amazing job! We’re done for the day!” he yells excitedly. Everyone cheers, he makes sure to pat everyone in the back and say goodbye, waiting until the last of the students leaves with a waving hand to start gathering his things.

“Hey, Hoseok, you’re doing too much, my students won’t be able to compete.” Jungkook complains, picking up towels from the floor.

“My students are advanced, yours are medium, don’t push them too hard or they’ll leave you.”

“My students love me! They wouldn’t leave me.”

“Playing the cute card to keep them in the academy is not fair game Kook.” he says, dodging a flying towel coming his way.

He had a long day, but he feels satisfied with it. Yoongi will probably be waiting for him at the apartment, and he can’t wait to see him. They couldn’t meet in the entire week. Hoseok’s anxious.

“Have you asked Yoongi about the papers yet?” Hoseok trips on his own feet.

“I have not. I don’t...think I will, actually.”

“Hoseok! You said you would! Seokjin and I already went over this with you a million times! It’s the best thing, the most beneficial for him especially-”

“Kook, he’s not like you or Jimin, or Tae. He’ Independent-”

“Someday, hybrids will be free and independent but not now, and not soon neither. It’s dumb for us to think it. He needs a human to sign his stuff, someone who lets him be, doesn’t question his choices, gives him freedom. A freedom he won’t have without a human’s signature!”

Jungkook is overly invested in Yoongi getting his papers. Because he and Seokjin planned vacations abroad, inviting everyone, as a sort of anniversary trip, close enough that everyone can afford the tickets (in comfortable payments, but still) and the couple paid for the hotel room.

“The trip is in months from now. I’ve got time to figure something out.”

“What you have to figure out is to simply ask him to have you as his legal guardian.”

“It’s owner. Not guardian. Hence why I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“Unless it’s an owner he won’t be able to leave the country. There’s virtually no other way. And it’s actually the best thing for him. You’re together, have been for a while, it’s serious enough to consider it.” Jungkook says again. He’s said the same thing multiple times, and Hoseok is tired of hearing it. “If something happens to him, they’ll throw him on the streets before we can get notified. He’s not on the system, so he’s as important as a stray.”

“Don’t say that. Nothing’s gonna happen to him.”

“We don’t live long, Hoseok.”

“Jungkook stop that! He’ll live for a lot longer than-”

“You don’t know that!” his eyes fill with tears. “I thought my friend would live for years. He didn’t. Hybrids live less than humans.”

“Some live more than others though.”

“You can’t be sure Yoongi will be one of those. He lived on the streets.”

“Jungkook. Just go. Stop this. Go with Jin, you’re hurt, I understand, but please.”

Jungkook sniffs, his ears are down, he turns around and leaves, the towels a messy pile on the floor.





They’re laying on Hoseok’s bed, watching the glow-in-the-dark stars and planets they stuck to the roof some weeks ago. Yoongi is over Hoseok’s shoulder, rough finger pads running on Hoseok’s collarbones, side to side, breathing evenly, not asleep but getting there.


“Is this...serious?” Yoongi sits up in a second, moment completely broken.

“What does that mean Hoseok?” his voice is worried, rough, eyes still small and red-rimmed, so tired.

“Don’t get upset, I’m asking-”

“Of course it’s serious for me. The fuck you mean is this serious. Is it not serious for you?” he asks, tugging on Hoseok to make him sit up too. Hoseok complies, moves closer, arms around Yoongi’s middle, head going to Yoongi’s shoulder.

“I just thought that...I’d like to be with you for a long long time.”

“I’d like to be with you until I die, Seok.”

There it is. A bittersweet confirmation.

“I will live long though, so long it’ll be almost as if I’m a human. I won’t let you leave me at any point. You can be sure of that. I’m the kind of cat you’ll have to take care of forever.”

Hoseok cries, he didn’t have to ask anything, Yoongi understood him.

“I promise I won’t die soon, don’t worry.” he repeats. Seokjin probably told him something, but Hoseok doesn’t care. Yoongi’s there, holding him tightly, promising they have a lot of time to share, kissing his temple with the softest, baby-pink lips while Hoseok sobs.

He’s been so stupidly worried, anxious, almost vibrating out of his skin in concern.

“You’re so dumb, Seok. I’m here, I will be here for a long time. This is very serious to me.”

“To me too, Yoon.” he mumbles on Yoongi’s skin.


Yoongi takes his time. He always does, to make Hoseok feel wanted. Every kiss is meaningful, every caress, every sigh pressed on Hoseok’s skin. Making love to Hoseok like nobody ever did, like Hoseok is precious and needs to be worshipped, as if he was holly.

“Yoongi…” a soft sigh escaping his lips, Yoongi kissing over his inner thighs, whispering promises, sucking marks that only he will see.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”




Months pass, before Hoseok notices, he’s searching for an apartment where he and Yoongi can move in together.

Namjoon and Jimin are lovely, but Hoseok wants to have Yoongi over all the time, without feeling guilty for being too loud or too messy, or eating everything in the pantry and being too lazy to buy more. Mostly he just wanted to have Yoongi around all the time.

“Moving in together, is a big step, right?”

Hoseok sighs.
“Jin, not this again.”
“I’m just saying, if you’re going to live together, it means you’re planning a future. And if there’s a future, you should totally ask him.”

Hoseok groans, defeated. Seokjin recruited every person in Hoseok’s friend group to his cause: get Hoseok to legally adopt Yoongi.

“He’s fine right now, I’ll sign for the lease myself and-”

“He’ll be upset because he’s not in the contract.”
“Yoongi knows he won’t be in the contract, it doesn’t seem like he cares.” Its Seokjin’s turn to groan.

“Yoongi likes he doesn’t care about absolutely anything ever unless it’s related to you directly. You have to ask him. In three months it’s the trip, and I mean it when I say it’s important. You know Jungkook has had a rough year, and he’s in need of fresh air, a different environment, somewhere he can feel free and accepted.” Hoseok nods, the youngest of their group lost a friend early in the year, he had been having a hard time in his internship at Namjoon’s firm, and since Seokjin got a new job they barely saw each other on weekdays, Jungkook had to take on pretty much all household chores because Jin had virtually no time to do anything.

“Are you okay though? You never complain, but it can’t be easy to change the pace like that.”

“It’s this year. Next year I will be sitting at the big table with the others and the rhythm will change. I’ll spoil my baby so much. I’m worried about him. If you don’t come to the trip I will cut your dick into tiny pieces and put it on the blender.”

Hoseok chokes.


“I am dead serious. He needs us all, every single one of us.”

“Alright. I’ll ask him soon.”




But he doesn’t. He’s terrified. Because they’re good together, Hoseok doesn’t want to do anything remotely probable of upsetting his boyfriend.

Is nice that he can call Yoongi that. Is nice to see Jimin and Namjoon together too, as boyfriends, outside. Is nice to see Jin and Jungkook, as well, every day a bit happier than he was the day before.

In the months he’s been with Yoongi, he’s learned to see that hybrids are oppressed, and want to break free of their legal chains. He’s seen hybrids in love with other hybrids, or with humans, unapologetic to show their love; as well as hybrids forced into chains and revealing clothes, eyes always looking down, knuckles white.

Hoseok joined a group of protestors with Yoongi, even. He knows that whereas he wasn’t a part of the problem before, he certainly wasn’t a part of the solution, and his indifference is as bad as being one of those owners.

He knows Yoongi’s comfortable the way things are, is absolutely aghast about changing even the smallest thing.

However, he needs to.


His boyfriend is making some dinner, he brought back muffins, and was humming contentedly before Hoseok called him.

“Yeah babe?”

“You know the trip with Jin and Jungkook?”

“Of course, that’s the only thing they talk about in the group chat.”

Hoseok gulps. He needs to be brave.

“Well, I was thinking of getting the plane tickets soon…”

“Didn’t Jin make a reservation or something?”

“He did, we need to claim the tickets...put our names and stuff…”

“Oh, great. Do that soon, we don’t want issues with the airline. When do I need to sign the adoption papers, babe?”


Is like time suddenly stops.

He just said it, like nothing. Like is the most normal thing to do, as if it doesn’t bother him at all.

“Because I’ve been waiting for at least four months for you to ask me to be your hybrid but nothing yet. And I can’t leave the country without a legal guardian, you know that right?”

He turns, a lazy smile on his face.

“Knowing you, you probably over-thought this.”

Hoseok nods dumbly.

“You big idiot, come here, give me a hug.”

He stands up and does, hugging Yoongi, giggling nervously.

“Sorry, I thought you wouldn’t like it if I asked for it. It’s only because of that, I promise I don’t want to take any of the liberties you have, you’re your own person and absolutely independent from me and everything-”

“Baby, stop. It’s fine, I know that.” Hoseok takes in a rushed breath. “How wouldn’t I know that? You’re my boyfriend, and I love you so much, I am completely yours, this free independent person that I am, belongs to you already, by heart. I know you, Hoseok, I know you wouldn’t ask this for anything other than my own convenience, and I know you will never forbid me from anything I desire to do. Because you’re my boyfriend, and we love each other as equals.” he smiles, so sweet and certain, showing Hoseok his complete trust in their relationship, how much he’s grown, changed, from the hybrid in the alley, again.

The human is moved to tears, as Yoongi always does, he thumbs the drops away from Hoseok’s scrunched up face.

“Don’t cry, silly.” he says, though his eyes are a bit wet too.

“I just thought you would hate me for it.”

“I would never hate you, and especially not for this. This is for my own benefit more than yours, you’ll have to pay a fee and all that jazz. Baby stop crying please.” he repeats, but Hoseok feels like the weight of the world lifted up from his shoulders.

“Love you, Yoongi.”

“Love you more, dumb.”

“Let’s get those papers tomorrow.”





The papers are more like a small book.

Hoseok is instructed to read everything inside a room, where other potential owners are. After reading that, he has an interview with a psychiatrist, and then another one with a psychologist.

Namjoon instructed them to not mention their romantic relationship, put the spotlight on how they are friends and they’re planning a trip, nothing else. Hoseok’s so nervous he’s sweating buckets.

When he’s done, he meets Yoongi outside, and then they have to wait for the call.

“It’s so dumb, like, shouldn’t they be happy that someone wants to adopt a stray?”

“They should. I don’t know Yoon, the system is just...bullshit.”


The call arrives a week later, letting Hoseok know they got new papers for him to sign and read, and that they expect him to come with a lawyer if he has one. Yoongi will sign after his own papers are validated.

Namjoon is the one to go with him, he lets Hoseok read the sheets first and then he does, very carefully. He knows every adoption fom is the same but it never hurts to check.

“You did it just in time, if you took a week more all these wouldn’t get validated before the trip. Why did you take so long?”

“I was scared. It’s done though, there’s only Yoongi’s signature and that’s it.”

“Alright, but you still should’ve done this before. If something happens now the tickets will be wasted. Pray that they don’t find anything wrong with the interviews and papers. They record everything.”


Hoseok can only breathe better after Yoongi comes back home with a shiny folder with all his papers.

“They’ll email yours today, it’ll take up to three days before they get here. Do you think my papers will be enough to claim the tickets?” he jumps on Hoseok’s arms, excited, tail swishing, smiling at his boyfriend.

“I think they will be, want to go now?”

“Yes please. Can we get milkshakes on the way? I’m craving one.”

“We definitely can.”

The second the tickets are handed to Hoseok, Yoongi drags him to a spot with good light and pulls out his phone. They take a picture smiling, showing off the plane tickets and Yoongi sends it to the group chat, which proceeds to get blown up by responses. They were the last ones to confirm their tickets, worrying all their friends equally. But they got them in time.

They’re fine.




It’s the first trip of many they will do.

Hoseok spends his time swimming and brushing Yoongi’s tail because he absolutely despises sand getting stuck in it.

The best part is their group spending time together, watching Jungkook bloom again, like a flower after a long winter, getting loud and bratty like he’s always been again, teasing Seokjin and roping Taehyung and Jimin into silly pranks.

“I missed him.” Seokjin says at night, hearing the hybrids sing something while Bogum plays the guitar, Yoongi is napping, head on Hoseok’s lap, his favorite spot. Seokjin’s eyes are misty, his voice a tad constricted. “Some days I thought he was gone forever. I don’t know how I let that happen to us.”

“He’s here right now Jin, he’s back. It’ll be better when you go back. We’re all here for you. We can arrange an outing soon again, to give us all a breather.”

“That’ll be nice.” he says, drinking another sip of wine. He watches Jungkook with the adoration of the entire Universe held in that look. “I hope soon, things change for them. We can only toast to a better future for us all.”

“Cheers to that.”

Chapter Text

The sign turns on just as Hoseok exits the building. They recently changed it for a bigger sign, bolder, just in case people didn’t see it before. Jimin’s idea, Jungkook brought it from one of Seokjin’s coffee shops.

“I’m so tired.” he groans, Jimin pats his back while chuckling.

“You’re getting old for so many classes.”

“Shut up before I cut your ears.” he grumbles in response. Is just the three of them, for the last three years, working shoulder to shoulder in their studio. They expanded to three rooms barely a year ago, things are going better than they expected.

Mostly because, and Hoseok can’t deny it, having hybrid teachers bring in hybrid kids. The atmosphere of acceptance and love makes them stay, he guesses, or at least hopes.

Hoseok can’t believe that soon, it’ll be his eleventh anniversary with Yoongi.

“Joon is waiting for me, date night. Bye Seok! Get home safe!”

“You too Min, send my love to Namjoon.”

The car is cold, takes more than one try to turn on, but he loves his car and he won’t trade it for another one until it completely falls apart. Or Yoongi gets sick of it and buys a new one himself.

Yoongi’s now a manager and a producer. He’s not ready to stop working and devote himself completely to music, but he’s had multiple requests in the last months, so Hoseok believes it won’t be long until he does it.

They moved in together after all, ten years ago, and still live together. They rarely fight when they’re together, but fights happen once in a while, like in any relationship. They moved four years ago to a bigger place, after Yoongi got his promotion, to a three bedroom apartment in the same building Namjoon and Jimin live. Three bedrooms because Jungkook and Seokjin had a child now, and Yoongi was a devoted uncle.

Their child, Haru, was only three. She was adopted from a shelter, where Jungkook met her while visiting a friend. He took the hand of the bunny hybrid and he couldn’t let go. Seokjin had to go pick him up and take the child with them, because Jungkook couldn’t stop crying.

“Hello baby!” he calls when he gets home. Yoongi’s probably in his studio working, so he hangs his jacket and goes there.

“Seok! I didn’t hear you come in, sorry.” he says, craning his neck up to receive a kiss.

“It’s ok love, how was your day?”

He listens to Yoongi while he tells him, showing him the small pieces he had been working on, Hoseok leans his head on Yoongi’s leg, his boyfriend pats his hair and scratches his scalp slowly, just how Hoseok likes it.

Just another day in his blissful life.



“Happy anniversary!”

They scream together, raising their glasses at the happy couple.

Taehyung and Bogum celebrate their anniversary opening their art gallery.

It’s a wonderful place, Yoongi and Hoseok take their time to admire all the pieces while drinking something, and then move to the table set for them.

With the passing of years, their friend group remained tightly together, cheering for every new step taken to reach equality.

The personal ID, the right to own property and raise hybrid children, to work even without an owner’s signature, has granted hybrids multiple new liberties they proved they deserved.

Is not easy, they still find discrimination at every corner, but at least legally they have more autonomy.

They were together when Jimin’s parents passed away, when Seokjin’s mother got critically ill as well. The group was together to celebrate Taehyung and Bogum’s legal union, and Seokjin and Jungkook’s as well. Jimin and Namjoon were the next ones, still planning a ceremony. They became even closer when Haru arrived, everyone falling in love immediately after meeting her.

Hoseok believes himself to be exceptionally lucky, laughs when Jongdae and Minseok trip at the same time after stepping on the same loose tile.

“We need to fix that one Tae.” Bogum says, arm around Taehyung’s waist.

“We do!” he giggles, joining Baekhyun and Jongin’s laughter.

He really is a lucky man.




Yoongi is walking back home, it’s raining so hard he’s happy he listened to Hoseok’s advice.

“Take an umbrella, love.” he said, heart-shaped smile, cute eyes looking Yoongi’s way.

The supermarket near their home was closing already, Yoongi rushed all his shopping and the bags are heavy, he wishes he could call Hoseok but it’s just a few blocks, there’s no need to bother him.


Yoongi freezes, looks towards the alley he’s passing by, waiting. The sound repeats, Yoongi gives a tentative step towards the darkness, and hears it again. Carefully he sets the bags on the floor. The scent of trash covers everything else, he can’t tell if its a cat or a hybrid that’s crying. He moves again, turns on the flashlight in his phone and searches.

There he is. An impossibly small baby hybrid, hairless ears and tail, can’t be older than two weeks, whining desperately.

“Oh sweet creature, oh my God, who would do this to you baby?” he immediately goes closer, uncaring of the dangers of approaching a stray hybrid, dropping the umbrella to cradle the baby. “Oh Lord, what do I do with you? I can’t leave you out here, baby, can I? You’ve got to go home with me now. Hoseok will end me, but I’ll take the risk.” he brushes his palm over the baby’s head, letting the child sniff him to know he’s in no danger. “He’ll either kill me or cry because you’re the most precious thing he’s ever seen. You’re the most precious thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen Haru so.”

He sighs, pressing on Hoseok’s contact name to call him.

“Yoon? Everything alright?”

“Seok I kind of...ran into a problem. Could you meet me four blocks from home? Like coming back from the supermarket? In the alley?”

“Yoongi what? Yes I’m going, I’m going right now stay there don’t move, I’m running there.”

Yoongi sighs again, waiting, putting the phone on his pocket and grabbing the umbrella again, covering the baby’s head with his beanie.

“Warmer now, yeah? He’ll be here in a second, and we’ll take you to the hospital. Don’t you worry.”

That’s how Minho entered their lives. Six months after Yoongi found him, he was legally theirs, before they even thought about it, he was there.

A sickly baby, Minho was. Scared for him, they were on guard about everything, while still trying to raise him like any other hybrid kid. They tried to get him to socialize, Minho was barely four years old when he found Jaejoong at a shelter.

Seven years old, a “trouble” kid, Jaejoong was found on the streets when he was three, already stealing things from distracted people. He was aggressive, bad behaved, foul mouthed. It took them months to get permission to get him outside the shelter, and longer than a year to finalize the adoption papers. Jaejoong was Minho’s guardian, he stayed by the kid’s side constantly, always ready to play, to carry him, to teach him something new. As if they were family since the beginning.

Their family, the one they never imagine they would have, completes the day Jaejoong enters their house for the first time, to stay for good, forever.