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The Iron Horde's Restoration Plan

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In the ruins of the great Zul’Aman the Bleeding Hollow has taken the fallen city as their stronghold within Azeroth. The orcs practice their blood magic and other sacred traditions as they hope to strengthen ranks while few did proliferation.

In the main chambers of their Cheiftain the one-eyed orc had his prize on him slowly sucking him off. Captain Fareeya was among the strongest of the Lightforged Draenei and one Turalyon’s closest lieutenants. However, the effects of the troll potion was too strong for her and being in a spaceship for hundreds of years doing nothing but running and fighting demons can take toll on a females carnal craving.

“To think you would fall so easily, you truly are weak” the orc sneered as the lightforged glared at him, but the warrior knew there was no fire behind those eyes. a voluptuous young woman with long platinum-blonde hair, thin eyebrows, piercing blue eyes, and distinct blue lips. Her clothing consists of a white dress that shows her cleavage as well as white heels.

Pulling her by the horns and tossing her on the bed she slowly got her armor and clothing off rendering her naked. Slowly her fingers traveled down to her snatch and breasts as she began to fondle them looking at the savage with smoldering eyes.

“To think I would be doing this with these filthy creatures after what they did, and yet I don’t know what’s come over me. I can’t stop, I don’t want to stop” she thought when Kilrogg approached her.

looking up with shimmering eyes she poked her tongue out lapping at the slit on his cock head making him shudder, one of his strong hands moved to settle in her ashen hair as Fareeya took the head of his cock passed her lips sealing them tight and sucking hard, Kilrogg groaned her name placing his other hand on her head grasping her hair tight starting to buck his hips pushing his cock deeper into her mouth making her take around three quarters of it


Fareeya moaned in arousal at the sudden force letting Kilrogg take full control of her mouth turning what would have been a passionate blowjob into a pseudo mouth fuck, her pussy throbbed when Kilrogg pushed his entire shaft into her mouth pressing her face to his groin starting to tug at her hair, her throat bulged slightly as he pushed passed her waning gag reflex making her moan deeper


Fingers then went into a frenzy working her soaking wet aching cunt and clit, she was more than half way to orgasm on sheer arousal alone and was steadily building up as Kilrogg's pace grew faster near hammering into her hungry mouth slowly giving into his baser instincts of reaching orgasm no matter what.


Fareeya began to hum around his dick as her orgasm grew nearer, Kilrogg's balls tightened as well signaling he was close too, Fareeya pushed three fingers inside of her pumping them hard and faster desperately trying to get herself off with Kilrogg moaning deeper when she tasted his precum on her tongue, her cunt began to drip soaking her panties further as she fucked herself in tandem with Kilrogg fucking her mouth, she heard Kilrogg mumbled something incoherent as his cock throbbed even harder and erupted in her wanting mouth thrusting all the way inside, the sudden rush of thick burning cum down her throat sent Fareeya over the edge with him gushing all over her hand as her body rocked with her orgasm, her cheeks swelled as Kilrogg's release filled her mouth completely causing her to cover her mouth with her free hand when Kilrogg pulled away panting


"For a Draenei… you sure know how to…handle it rough" Kilrogg panted as Fareeya played with his release on her tongue; he grinned watching Fareeya gulp down his cum and lick her lips for any remainder of it.


"Guess fighting demons makes you… adroit" Fareeya responded cockily sticking her tongue out showing that she had greedily swallowed everything he had given her "you know I would happily suck the life out of you through that big thick cock of yours" she winked moving forward to trail her tongue along his still hard length; no longer caring what was going on she just needed to bed someone and here was somebody right in front of her.


Kilrogg hissed at the sensation taking hold of her hair again; Fareeya teased licking his cock again making his grip on her hair tighten "pull it" she moaned at the stinging sensation "I love it"


In response Kilrogg clenched his fist tighter heaving Fareeya to her feet by her hair making her whimper and moan, her arousal was starting to coat her inner thighs and when she was forced to, Kilrogg was still rock hard and the sight of Fareeya vulnerable in his grasp shaking with need was enough to make him throb with desire, he harshly threw her making her land with her bare cunt and ass in the air


Positively dripping with arousal Fareeya whimpered again shaking her ass seductively, knowing that one little noise was enough to send Kilrogg wild with desire, as she intended Kilrogg gripped her hips without a care for her comfort and seconds later drove his entire cock into her soaking pussy, Fareeya's eyes rolled back into her head from the brutal entry nearly cumming on the spot, she loved it as he just fucked her, holding her hips with bruising force Kilrogg pounded into her again and again making her scream her lungs out


Their coupling was hard and fast only lasting a few minutes before they both came hard again, when Kilrogg pulled out Fareeya collapsed onto the air bed lying near paralyzed in pleasure as Kilrogg's release steadily ran down her thighs, her eyes were still rolled back, and her tongue hung out a bit as her body thrummed with ecstasy, little moans of residual pleasure escaping her mouth.

“By the light” she said slowly regaining her breath as she felt the man enter her again.

“What! Again?!” the captain said as the chieftain gave a fanged grin.

“You didn’t think it was going to be over that quick” he growled, Kilrogg rammed his entire cock into her wanting pussy making her scream out lungs out into the pillow, pushing her hips back immediately whilst her keeper began to use her womanhood, gripping her ass with one hand whilst keeping her head pressed down with the other.


Fareeya was in utter bliss as Kilrogg used her for his pleasure, punishing her hungry slit, fucking her harder than he had for a long time, already feeling her pussy beginning to bruise turning her head to lick at his fingers as he held her head tighter “oh fuck…harder…fucking take me…” she panted sucking his thumb into her mouth sucking on his hard and long, moaning around it as Kilrogg entered her womb


Grinning wickedly Kilrogg spanked Fareeya extremely hard making her ass bounce harder clapping loudly from his hit, the sound of Fareeya’s yelps of pleasure spurring him to spank her over and over making her cute ass bounce and jiggle for his enjoyment, grunting as her cunt clamped down on his cock as she orgasmed yet again soaking his groin and the sheets below them


After a while they changed positions, Kilrogg laying back as Fareeya rode him reverse cowgirl style, his hands clutching her nice lithe ass whilst her own hands fondled her tits and clit, moaning and whimpering as she felt Kilrogg throbbing inside her pussy, his hot precum starting to pour into her little womb warming her insides “please cum inside me, I don’t care if I become pregnant, I just want your cum” she pleaded riding him harder making him throb harder


“Come on Draenei bitch, ride it faster, earn my cum” Kilrogg growled spanking Fareeya again making her yelp and moan, her pace growing f aster near instantly “that’s it, nearly there”


Fareeya rode him faster and faster, her eyes rolled back into her head and her tongue hanging out all of the way openly drooling with pleasure, she had completely lost count of how many times she had orgasmed and she couldn’t even conjure a full thought to try to count, squeezing her cunt even tighter she worked Kilrogg’s cock even harder soon being rewarded by his explosive release, his thick hot cum bursting out flooding her pussy and womb making her scream breathlessly before collapsing back on Kilrogg’s front gasping for breath.


“Still not satisfied.” Kilrogg stated cupping Fareeya’s breasts squeezing it firmly as the female lightforged could only give a weak moan in response. Not that Kilrogg needed her compliance in the matter.


 The one eyed orc begin pummeling her with renewed vigor. For the rest of the night the sounds of a female moaning/screaming could be heard throughout the forest.