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091. Drama


There's never a dull moment in Heatherfield, after the first time Will uses the Heart of Kandrakar.

Caleb prefers Earth over Meridian, for sure. He never gets chocolate chip ice cream back there, or air-conditioning, or a fifteen minute hot shower.

Or Will — a glorious, rebellious eighteen, shedding her tomboyish skin, growing out her red hair.

He's seen her at one of Cornelia's pool parties, forgoing the swimsuit, and instead dressed in a low-cut, black dress that hugs against her upper thighs and the roundness of Will's bum. The slim sleeves reach to Will's fingertips, and the V-neck splits open down to her torso, attached by multiple, golden clasps. Three, white embedded gems sit between Will's half-revealed breasts.

When everybody starts to leave, Caleb glimpses her on the neutral-carpet floor of a guest bedroom, kicking up her legs, holding up a fluffy, jet-black cat and making affectionate kissy noises to it.

"You feelin' alright, Will?" he murmurs, sitting on the mattress.

She slow-snorts, nuzzling the relaxed, purring animal wrapped in her arms.

"Kinda high," Will admits. Caleb's throat, and his groin, clenches up instinctively, his pulse thudding faster when she tilts her head and glances over him, eyelashes fluttering. "Kinda getting horny…"

Caleb rumbles out an awkward, stifled noise. "Let's get you home," he says, grabbing her wrist.

She pukes in the rickety, speeding car, between her knees and onto Caleb's interior. He carries bridal-style her into the Vandom household, thankful for her lack of parental attendance.

"We met like this, Cal…" Will mumbles, pressing her warm, opening mouth against his neck sleepily. "You held me in your arms…"

He smirks. "I did… even though you were a brat."


Caleb helps her pee, looking away when appropriate, and brush her teeth, slipping one of her clean, oversized nightshirts over the dress.

She's beautiful like this, rumpled and perfumed and messy, with Will's lips bitten-red.

She's always beautiful, Caleb realizes.