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One lucid dreamer, a daydreamer, and the owner of the dream.

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 "No! Let go, Kacchan! We have to help Shouchan!"








 "Mmmng..." Todoroki groaned, squeezing his eyes tightly before opening his eyes to see the grey ceiling in front of him. The seven year old wasn't an early riser whatsoever, but he managed to lift his head and glance around the red velvet bed with a sense that he wasn't just waking up. Quietly, he inches out to the side of the bed. His fingers brush againt a peacefully slumbering Bakugou Katsuki, leaning towards the place he was just laying at.


 He pauses, looking down at his dirty jacket and towards Bakugou's frowning face and his dirty yellow t-shirt stained with dirt. He blinks.


 Isn't something missing?


 "Hey Bakugou." He starts, shaking his shoulder lightly, as he fully climbs out from the bed and stands over him, "Bakugou, we're at a strange place. It looks like an evil castle. It's creepy." He tacks on that last part, the corner of his lips quirking down into a frown.


 Finally, his childhood friend snaps open his eyes, blinking inchornetly. "Haaaaah!?" He leaps up, almost tripping over his red hoodie that he had tied around his waist, "What the... Where are we?"


 Todoroki shrugs, shaking his head, "I don't know." He peers over to the double brown doors, "It seems almost sureal..."


 "It's a dream." Bakugou replies, following his eyes and starting towards the doors with a sense of determination, "There's this fuzzy feeling in my head so it's a dream." He says so confidently as he presses his hand firmly on the door, "We need to get out of here. Something's not right."


 Todoroki doesn't say anything but he acknowledges him with a sharp nod of his head. He peers at him in the corner of his eyes, turning back to look at the bed - which had somehow rearranged neatly by itself. The room was bare - empty except for the bed. The bed was the only colorful thing in that room. Which Todoroki writes off weird but doesn't think further into it.


 Bakugou holds out his hand to signal the dual haired male to stay back - as he rested the other hand on the door, pushing it open slowly with a sense of caution. Past the door, he sees this main room leading out to two open doorways. With no sense of threat nearby, Bakugou nearly snatches his arm and tugs him along in - his ember red eyes scanning the room, his teeth clenched as he scowls at the room.


 He glances up, looking at the two open doorways, the left had a sign that read, "Beauty." While the other one read, "Beast."


 Past the door with the Beauty sign hanging over it, laid a single red rose, floating gently in a glass container. The other door led to a dingy old looking crown, with the label of a, "Hero." Taped messily on it.


 Todoroki blinked, tilting his head, "Is... Is this some kind of puzzle...?" He asks.


 His friend scoffs, "No duh." He rolls his eyes, pointing at the doors, "Does it look like one? Two doorways? Who the hell would design this as normal doorways? This is a dream. Anything can happen in dreams." Bakugou says as if he knows everything. Todoroki resisted the urge to roll his eyes - as much as he liked Bakugou's confidence - there were times where he can't take it. They were the same age! He doesn't know more than what he knows! They're both seven.


 "So... What do you suggest we do?" He asks, smiling a small bit as Bakugou pauses, his mouth dropping to a confused pout, "Bakugou?" 


 "Shut up! Don't look down on me." He growls, shaking his head and whipping his head to glare at him, "We have to walk through one of the doors. Duh. I bet if we walk through the wrong door, it won't work. So..." He takes a few steps towards him and takes a hold of his hand, pulling him in front of the Beast door, "You go through there."


 Todoroki watches as he walks over to the Beauty door and attempts to walk through the door -


 --- only to be pushed almost violently back from the doorway. 


 A sense of panic overwhelms his senses, and Todoroki rushes to him, crouching to grab a hold of his hand and tug him back to his feet as he groaned. Bakugou, as usual, swatted away his hand, but he persisted until they were both on their feet. Immedietly, he slaps away his hand.


 "I'm fine!" He shouts, taking a few steps back and glaring at the doors, "What the hell...? Why... Are you serious!? Are you the Beauty!?" He sputters, blinking dumbly at him.


 He reaches out, gripping Todoroki by the shoulders and pushing him though the door with little to no resistance, "What?? How does that even make sense?? Why am I the beast?"


 "Because you're crude and... blond." Todoroki supplies helpfully, raising a finger as he nods. Bakugou sneers at him from the door before stalking over to the beast door. He stomps thorugh and looks over to the dark wooden door then looking at the crown. 


 Todoroki walks over to the table, reaching out for glass when something reflects in the corner of his eye, and he sees Bakugou staring at the crown with a pout. His hands reach out and grab the crown, examined it before he put it on top of his head. 


 He turns his head to the rose, lifting the glass case carefully up and grabbing onto the rose with his left hand. After a moment of staring at the beautiful shade of the glass red rose, he places it above his ear, and his gaze flickers over to Bakugou, seeing him watching him with a sense of admiration flaring behind those red prideful eyes.


 A loud click sounds in front of them and they walk to the door together, as if in some kind of trance and open it.


 They snap out of it once they both walk past the door and stare at each other, quickly throwing off the items , "What was that!?"  Bakugou sputters, backing away from the crown. Todoroki looks at the exit, stepping over the rose as he blinks.


 Outside... was a pathway made of the pink cotton candy, and giant candy canes stick out the ground, leading to a town that was almost submerged in complete darkness. The night sky hung over them, almost blanketing them in darkness, if it weren't for the red floating lanterns leading the way. The moon, huge in color and full, hung over the sky.


 "... where are we?" Todoroki mumbles, tilting his head, "Why's the town leading to you and Midoriya's hometown...?"




 "Where... " He looks around him, as if he's missing something, "Where's Midoriya!?" He shouts, panic overtaking him as he uncharacteristically frets around, turning to Bakugou with absolute horror in his eyes, "Weren't you holding his hand!?"


 Bakugou's eyes grow defensive, "Haah!? He was holding your hand, you dingus!" He shouts back, taking a step forward in a threatening way, "Where did you leave him!?"


 "No! You were holding his hand! I remember because I was holding back the other big kid!" Todoroki says, shaking his head and dragging his hand through his hair, "... We have to find him. He should be somewhere around here, right?" He shakes his head, sighing as he held his forehead, "Right? He's quirkless, who knows how dangerous this world is... We have to find him."


 "... Deku's quirkless, hell. He's gonna be in trouble somewhere, we have to go save him." Bakugou mumbles, looking at his hands, trying to activate his quirk but failing to do so. He scowls, shaking his hands rapidly, as if it'll work if he did that, "And our quirks don't even work... ugh."


 He flashes up to Todoroki, snatching his hand into a tight squeeze and storming off to the exit, "Come on. We have to go, quickly."






 The prince left with the princess, hands tightly laced together as they walked courageously to the dark town with nothing but madness swirling, stirring slightly.


 The hero! The hero was missing! Oh dear! The two walk off to go save the hero!


 Or is it the other way around...?




 Worry was a very unsettling feeling in Katsuki's stomach, dread fills as he steps closer and closer to the town brimming with a red aura. He gulps as he leads Todoroki to a dangerous place, to find Deku. Putting two people in the middle of a town that clearly spelled out trouble. He was... worried. He's not scared, he'll deny it with his dying breath. But with the way Todoroki's grip tightens up with every step they take to the city he grew up in. He's worried.


 He's worried with Deku, and his usual magnet for trouble and helping people. He's worried about Todoroki, with the fear of not being able to help Deku in time. 


 Katsuki Bakugou was not afriad that he was going to lose Deku in this labyrinth, filled with this fuzzy feeling of a dream. He's partially glad that he's a lucid dreamer, b eing able to tell what's real and what's not. He knows that this is a dream, something in his gut tells him that there's no danger. Yet, this feeling of fear and dread fills his stomach, but he's not scared.


 He's not.


 Walking through their hometown felt surreal. It was an exact copy of of their hometown, but it wasn't at the same time. Signs that have hung over buildings had their writing blured out to the point where he couldn't read it at all. There were absolutely no traces of any cars, or any living person within distance. Just weird red jellybean blobs that hopped around, avoiding the duo.


 It was a ghost town, Katsuki scowled, shaking his head as he watched Todoroki whip around his head, desperately looking for Deku.


 Deku let go of his hand.


 Knowing Deku, he probably got himself into something really troublesome. 


 Still, the heavy feeling in his stomach grew heavier, and he was worried. Because - where was Deku?


 Where? Where was he!?


 Where was the boy who always followed behind me? Always chasing always stayed near me?


 Then, a bloodcurdling shriek made them freeze, and Todoroki yelped as he was pushed away from Katsuki, falling against the side of the building as a red blur sped past them.


 Katsuki glared up at it, starting over to his childhood friend to help up only to be shoved back by a green flash, wide green eyes meet his and he stares after the dust Deku made in his pursuit. He's chasing after the red blob.


 "Deku..!" He shouts, using everything in his little legs to chase after him, his hands reach out to grab his but he's going faster and faster - Todoroki's not that far from him. He needs to hold his hand! He needs to help him!


 There was a startling sound of a cement breaking and dust fell over them, coating the scene completely. Katsuki coughed, stopping as he inhales the smoke. Todoroki huffs, stopping beside him as he holds onto his knees - wheezing as he struggled to catch his breath.


 Gurgling and choking filled his ears, and Katsuki ignores his health by springing forward, trying his best to shrug though the smoke to see Deku. To see what's wrong.


 And it's like a scene from a horror movie.


 Deku's deeply entangled with the red blob, it engulfs his being to the point where it was trying to physically suffocate him. He chokes, coughing as he tries to claw it off of him and he's trying.


 But he can't - he can't - he's just a quirkless kid who can't fight. He's no hero, not one that he pretends to be. He's just like them, striving to be a hero but being too weak to do so. His spirit of heroism was dangerous - that's why Deku was strong but weak at the same time.


"Midoriya!" Todoroki cries out in fear, launching himself at the blob and tearing uselessly at it, trying to take it off so that he can breathe.


 This is a dream - but this blob was real. Deku was real. Katsuki frowned, knowing full well that none of their quirks worked at all. So he did what he did best.


 He raised his fist and slammed it into the blob, carefully avoiding Deku's body parts. Wishing that it'll go away.


 And it does. A golden light emits from his fist, and it disintegrated from him.


 (Because you're the heroes inspiration.)


 Deku stares up at him with tears beading at his eyes, Todoroki latches onto him, sobbing as the seven year old held on. As if he almost lost Deku. As if Deku would just give up.


 Deku was a fighter and Katsuki had failed to take that into account.


 "I have to save him! I'm not going to run away anymore Kacchan!" Deku wrenches his hand away and runs back the way they came.


 Katsuki's hand couldn't reach Deku's in time before ---


 "Thank you... Kacchan..." Deku smiles up at him, tears slide down his face as he looks up at Katsuki as if he's some kind of hero.


 Numb. Katsuki bawled as he grabs onto the streacher, reaching out for Deku's limp hand - but Todoroki grabs onto his, yanking him back from the doctors---


 "Shut up Deku." He grumbles, holding onto his hand and hauling the two up. Without another word, and countless thoughts in his head, he heads back the way they've come. He smooths his thumb over Todoroki's hand.


  "We got him." Katsuki mumbles just low enough for the dual haired male to hear. And he turns to Deku.


 "Don't let go this time - okay?"


 Deku stares at him in confusion, "...?" he tilts his head, pouting as he stared at him with concern before nodding sharply, "Okay Kacchan." He grins, holding onto his hand tightly, "I promise!"




 Izuku wakes up in a hospital room, blearily looking down at Shouchan and Kacchan latching onto his arms. Groggily he sits up, yawning but refusing to dislodge his hands from his best friends.


Kacchan was holding his in a death grip, and Todoroki was completely attached to his arm, he couldn't even feel it anymore.


 An IV drip was attached to his arm, and he blinks mutely at the TV, the soft blue light glowing over them in the dark hospital room. His mom laid at the sofa, her head resting on the wall.


 "...three children... a child from the Todoroki family... car accident..." Izuku tunes it out, looking around before another wave of drowsiness overwhelms him.


 Izuku yawns, settling back down and closing his eyes, curling up closer to his friends and returning back to sleep.


 "...good night..."