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“Have you seen his ass though?”

Breanna from marketing is the actual loudest person on the planet. Steve’s pretty sure there’s scientific evidence. Like, studies by universities.

She’s just that goddamn annoying.

What’s worse is she’s about as subtle as a flying brick. Because everyone and their deaf aunt knows who she’s talking about.

“Honey, who doesn’t see that ass? You’d have to be blind.”

At least Peggy has the decency to try and lower her voice while she gossips. Not like fucking Breanna .

Steve wants to pull the fire alarm every freaking day because of her bullshit. Mostly because her bullshit really impedes on his bullshit. Namely.


They’re talking about Billy .

And like, yeah, he and Billy went out for drinks a couple nights ago and maybe they made out like savages in a booth at a fucking dive until last call. But still, it’s only been smiles and little teasing glances ever since and Steve can’t help but feel like he’s, old news.

“He came in all cheerful this morning. I wonder what lucky girl gets to have that between her legs all night long.” Breanna all but shouts from her seat. Squeak squeak squeaking as she rocks against it.

This is a recipe for homicide if he ever saw one.

But really, he’s just jealous . Sitting in his cube, wondering what he did to make the guy who’d all but attacked him a couple weeks ago suddenly drop him like old lunch meat.

Been there, done that.

Steve really didn’t think it was like that. It’d been totally impulsive and superficial and okay he’d gotten his rocks off plenty . But he’d actually been stupid enough to think that the guy like, liked him.

Certainly liked his dick, the way he went to Jesus, falling on his knees to get at Steve’s cock. One thing is for goddamn certain. Breanna has Billy’s preferences all wrong.

Which, judging by the state of her typo-riddled emails, he’s not fucking surprised.

She’s a huge moron.

But so is he, so. He’s not one to judge. He’s two weeks away from starting his academy training and he’s still working here when he doesn’t need this job. Really, he just doesn’t want to lose the excuse to see Billy every day.

Which is just lame as fuck.

Yet here he is, sitting at his desk, listening to two middle aged idiots gossip about the hottest guy in the office when he could be fucking the hottest guy in the office.

And like, it suddenly just dawns on him.

He could be fucking Billy and he’s just sitting there. So he gets out his phone, messes with the idea of sending Billy a text. Something sexy, or maybe funny?

Then he figures, he doesn’t need this stupid job, right? Why beat it around the bush.

Taking a cursory glance around the room, he ensures no one is looking, because he’s an idiot but he’s not trying to get caught. And when there’s no one, not even dumb Breanna, looking his way, he unzips his pants silently.

Pulls out his cock.

Snaps a photo. And hits send.

There’s something about management and their inane need to sit in meetings and talk about things until everyone has their chance to talk. It makes Billy a little crazy; he’s always been more of a doer and less of a talker. He doesn’t mind a meeting, when it’s productive . But sitting in a room with a bunch of windbags has a way of making his skin feel too tight on his body.

And then he’d gotten that text before lunch.

Which, yeah okay maybe he feels a bit more antsy than usual because his blood is still red hot in his veins. Part of his high blood pressure might be the result of, well, being in a meeting when he’d plucked his phone carelessly off the conference room table and swiped the thing open.

Like, thank god most of the men at the table are freaking nearsighted and couldn’t see that Billy had opened a message to a picture of a dick.

A dick that made his mouth run dry in an instant.

Freaking Steve Harrington’s dick.

It wasn’t even hard and it’s too big for his palm, the tip running a solid few inches out of his hand. And Billy had wanted to groan -- still wants to from just remembering -- because he recognized the hideous shade of grey-green carpet at Steve’s feet.

Like, the asshole is two floors away, taking a picture of his cock just to send to Billy in the middle of the goddamn day.

At his desk .

After that, something about having to sit through a meeting feels like pulling off his skin. By the time two rolls around, he’s got half a mind to stroll right into Steve’s cube and rip down his pants, have him in his mouth without so much as a hello.

But that isn’t why Harrington sent him a nude in the middle of the day. He’s pretty sure this is Steve’s very unsubtle way of getting Billy into the sack.

And, honestly, he thought the guy would never ask.

Three hours later, Billy still hasn’t responded. And Steve wants to crawl under his desk to die .

He’s halfway through a spreadsheet from hell, his mind fortunately distracted for the first time all day when a voice booms out from behind him.


Steve practically throws his pen across the room as his thoughts are crashed, his chair tipping back too far as he jolts at his desk.

He’s lucky he doesn’t land on his back, right at Billy’s feet.

The guy grins like he caught him doing something naughty, which isn’t so far from the truth. He probably shouldn’t be pulling out his dick and taking pictures in the middle of the day. And even though it’s been hours , his face lights up with shame.

“Yes, sir.” He says on instinct, standing up from his chair and flattening his dumb tie to his shirt. Billy’s eyes track him like a predator and he probably notices the nervous shake to his hands. One eyebrow raises.

“I’ve been in meetings all day. Can you catch me up on the morning numbers?”

And like, that was the last thing Steve expected for him to ask but he’s totally willing to do it. He nods emphatically, rummages through the pile of papers on his desk.

“Yeah, uh, they’re here somewhere—”

“No time. Grab what you need and meet me. Carl’s sick and I have a meeting across town.”

Steve’s not even sure who the fuck Carl is, but the story seems to track. At least, from the way no one seems to be interested or listening in, he figures it hasn’t raised any flags. No one’s clued into the fact that there very well might not be a Carl in their department and Billy’s just named his dick.

Which, wouldn’t make much sense given the context.

“Uh, yeah.” He manages to stammer. “Sure. Um—”

“I’ll text you the address. Be there in thirty?”

And, well, he doesn’t really have a chance to say no because Billy steps away, smirking like he knows the answer. Smirking like he knows there’s nothing in the world that would keep Steve from getting his shit together in thirty minutes.



He doesn’t usually do the whole, bringing men back to his place thing. Billy is more of a hotel or your place sort of guy. He’s not even opposed to screwing in the backseat of his sizeable SUV. There’s plenty of room for a fast fuck.

But that isn’t what Billy has in mind.

No, he texts Steve his home address, because this isn’t something he wants to do slowly. He doesn’t want one and done. Never really did with Steve, but then again he hadn’t really known how to get the guy into bed without risking that he wouldn’t be interested.

For years, he’s managed to avoid that. Since college, casual has been his methodology. There’s no chance for hurt feelings if there aren’t feelings to begin with, no chance of messy if there isn’t a mess.

Casual keeps him clear of complications, like risking his job in order to get his dick wet.

Or it did , before he went and broke all of his own rules.

Since he’s crossed that bridge, so to speak, Billy wants to take Steve home. He wants to be taken apart by a massive dick and soft lips and the truth is, he hasn’t had decent sex in so long, he can’t remember the last time he’d been excited to get laid.

His mouth is practically watering when he gets home, blitzing through a routine. Freshens up and checks his reflection in the mirror a hundred times before there’s a knock on the door.

Billy would swear he was fourteen again. His dick is already hard in his pants before he even gets the door open. He tries to let the guy in without losing his cool. Tries to be goddamn normal and not so needy when Steve steps inside.

“Hi.” He sounds stupid, even to himself. But Steve doesn’t seem to mind. The guy smiles, a little color pinking his cheeks.


And then Billy gives up, and gets his hands on him.



Their chemistry is incredible. And Billy is worse than incredible, he’s perfect. And he’s all over him the second they’re inside his surprisingly modest apartment, hands pulling at Steve’s shirt to get it out of the waist of his pants. Steve gasps when warm palms are on his bare stomach, grasping at his skin.

Billy is on fire . So hot to the touch that Steve wonders if he’s sick, maybe running a fever, but then again Steve feels like he’s a flame. Burning burning burning under the attention of Billy’s kiss.

“Christ, I want you to fuck me.” The guy groans out into Steve’s mouth, biting his plush bottom lip before his hooded eyes meet Steve’s stare. “Please tell me you’re—”

“I’m totally down.” Steve mutters before he’s licking passed Billy’s teeth.

Those scalding hands are on his waist, pushing him back until his knees bump against something soft and Billy’s sends him toppling back with a shove, landing on the sofa with a muted grunt.

Like, he wasn’t anticipating fucking right there, but hell if he’s going to argue. He splits his legs wide to let Billy between them, hands at his belt in a heartbeat. Billy kisses his throat, moans when Steve gets his pants open and rucks them down his hips, boxer briefs black and tight against his throbbing cock.

“Mmmm, I missed your dick.” Billy says with a little laugh before he bends at the waist to nuzzle directly against Steve’s groin. For a second, the world is gone except for the two of them. Just Steve with his pants around his knees and Billy Hargrove, kissing his dick through his briefs. He gets a hand into all the golden curls on the guy’s head, moans as Billy mouths roughly at him, hard enough Steve can feel the damp of his tongue through the cotton.

“My dick missed you too.” He teases in a rush, his exhale is ragged when Billy looks up at him, eyes smoldering.

“That right?” Billy growls. “Want me to blow you?” Steve groans, his cock kicking hard in his underwear and Billy grins, feral and hungry. “Is that a yes?”

“Is that an actual question ? Yes. Fuck yes.”

“Good.” Billy digs his fingers into the waistband of his boxers, pulls as Steve kicks his pants to the floor. His boxers follow suit, flying somewhere unnoticed and his cock is freed for only a moment before Billy is humming and licking a stripe up the underside, staring up while Steve struggles to make any sort of graceful sound.

Then again, is there such a thing when dick sucking is involved?

In a moment, he couldn’t care any less how he sounds when Billy takes him into his mouth with one, sure movement. Clear into his throat, until he chokes and Steve smacks his head on the armrest from tipping back and falling flat. Billy only pauses for a moment, eyes laced with concern until Steve is lifting his hips, pushing further into his mouth -- like he knows the guy wants -- and then Billy’s moaning on him, gagging as he fucks Steve back into his throat.

The sound is wet and filthy and it fills the small, open-concept apartment in a way that makes it all seem so salacious and overwhelming. The neighbors can probably hear the way Billy’s deepthroating his cock, slurping spit off the tip.

Lapping at him like a treat.

“I ever tell you I used to daydream about you fucking me with this big dick?” Billy asks, stroking him with one hand, the slick sound lighting up Steve’s senses.

Until he comprehends the words out of Billy’s mouth and then he’s squirming to keep from humping up into his hand like a dog.

“God, your mouth .” He mutters, then laughs when Billy wags his tongue. “I mean, you suck cock like a fucking champ but the way you say shit. Damn .”

“It’s a gift.” Billy winks. “On both counts.”

Ducking his head, Billy mouths at the base of Steve’s cock, sucks at his balls and lavishes his inner thighs with kisses. And while his hands works the length of Steve’s shaft, Billy’s other hand rubs over his stomach. His calves.

Steve isn’t expecting is the swipe of a slippery thumb against his hole. He jumps, cock bobbing hard, and blue eyes dart up to Steve’s face, lock on.

“This okay?”

Steve breathes hard, bites his bottom lip and nods.

“It’s just...been a while.” He murmurs.

Billy’s gaze goes wide, ever so slightly, and Steve feels a blush fill his cheeks, burn the tips of his ears.

“Been awhile since someone touched you here?” Billy asks as he abandons his grip on Steve’s cock to spread his cheeks and brush the edge of his thumb over the spot again, sending Steve’s spine arching in delicious agony. “Or here?” Billy’s face vanishes and Steve gasps loudly when his tongue traces the same line as his thumb, over the pucker of Steve’s ass.

“Yes, there. Oh god .” Steve collapses back on the couch once again, legs shaking on strong shoulders. Grabbing hold of his cock, his fist moves with greedy pulls.

“When was the last time someone rimmed you?” Billy breathes against his hole, which urges Steve’s thighs wider. Billy’s tongue flicks out, teases as Steve whines.

Years .” He admits all too easily. He’s been blown more recently, sure . But being rimmed and having his cock sucked are two different things entirely. Especially when he’d more recently been engaged to a woman.

A woman who’s idea of kinky was some spanking and dirty talk.

No, Nancy wouldn’t have touched his ass in a thousand years. And he was never going to ask with someone like her, someone that doe-eyed and sweet. Even though that’s what he’d wanted , more than once. What he’d craved .

Billy’s stopped by the time Steve realizes he’s drifted away on his thoughts. He instinctively curls inwards, retreating, until two big hands grab him by the thighs, pull him closer.

“Let me fix that.” Billy says with a soft rumble.

And then he spears his tongue into Steve’s ass. It’s a gentle sort of invasion, but Billy’s force is firm. He pushes passed muscle, wiggles inside Steve’s body despite the resistance. With wet pushes of his tongue, Billy licks at Steve’s hole like it’s dessert. Laves at it, sucks and spits. Steve’s cock leaks copiously against his stomach as he widens his legs once again, feels Billy spreading him open.

He’s so hard he could come like that, on his back with his legs open wide like a slut, and he doesn’t fucking care.

Not when it feels this good .

“Billy, god .” His fist is flying, moving so fast he knows he’s not far. One more minute and he’d shatter, hard and devastating, all over himself.

But he forces himself to stop, presses his palm to the back of the sofa with a sob. Billy doesn’t miss how his cock kicks impatiently, a heavy tear of come leaking from his head.

“Fuck, that’s sexy.” The guy groans, kissing his thigh noisily. “I want you so goddamn bad.”

“Then get up here.” Steve pants and reaches for that devious face between his thighs. When Billy crawls up his body, catching his mouth in a hard kiss, he lowers his hips and grinds against Steve’s bare cock.

Moans rip out of both their mouths, his dick is definitely leaving a mess on Billy black pants but neither of them give a shit, too lost to the sensation of their bodies writhing together, chasing the friction they both need.

Steve’s a greedy bastard though, he wants more.

Sliding one hand down Billy’s back, he grabs hold of one half of his ass, pulling Billy down harder into his groin.

The soft curse against his lips only encourages him. With two fingers his prods at the spot between Billy’s cheeks, rubbing viciously where he knows the guy is sensitive.

And for a minute, that’s all they need. Steve’s cock against Billy’s fly and his fingers pressing hard against his hole and the two of them sloppily kissing, panting their delight into each other’s mouths.

“Fuck, let me see you.” Steve grunts when he’s too close, too needy and Billy is quick to comply, leaning back to tear off his shirt, probably ripping off several buttons in the process. But Steve doesn’t care . He’d ruin the guy’s whole wardrobe to get at his body. Because his body is something to behold.

Like, he knew Billy was going to be fit as fuck but the rippling abdomen underneath his straight-laced office shirt makes Steve leak . He’s the epitome of sexy and he’s stripping over Steve’s lap, tearing at his belt like he’ll die of he doesn’t get naked soon enough.

“Holy shit.” Steve hears himself whisper as he reaches out to touch, to grope , at the inches of cut muscles and smooth skin. Billy is unblemished and goddamn perfect , his hips flexing as his belt comes loose and he throws it, the thing clattering against a wall.

Thick fingers pull open his fly in seconds and Steve instinctively reaches for his cock, wrapping his hand around the base of Billy’s shaft.

The groan of delight from the guy’s lips eggs him on, has him sitting up and catching Billy’s mouth in a kiss as he strokes him, memorizes the heat of him in his hands. He wants to etch every second into his mind, lock away the images for a time when he needs to remember he’s fucked a freaking god .

It’s been a long while since he’s been with someone, in any sense, let alone someone he wants like this.

Steve ducks his head to suck on the tip of Billy’s cock and moans when the guy gasps, shoves his hands into Steve hair to pull at the roots.

“God, that feels good.” Billy praises him in a husky voice, humping just a little into Steve’s face . He does his best not to choke because, well, it’s been a good bit since he’s really done this. And Billy is decently endowed.

Not as long as he is, but thick as hell around the middle. He’d feel Billy for days after a good roll in the sack, that’s for sure. But Billy’s dick is prettier, pink and perfectly formed, straight like some kind of picture-perfect ideal out of a sex shop. Steve sucks on his head, runs his tongue around the crown until Billy hisses, pulls away.

“You’re gonna make me come way too fast.” He laughs softly. “Not that I’m complaining —”

“I want to be in you when that happens.” Steve finishes with a grin, biting his bottom lip when Billy’s cheeks turn red, a throaty exhale tumbling from his lips. Lips that Steve leans up to kiss, once.

Maybe twice.

“Condom.” Billy breathes.

And then there’s a mad scramble for their pants. Billy gets up for just a moment, his heat vanishing as Steve yanks a condom from his wallet. Holds it up like it’s made of gold.

Billy waves a bottle of lube when he reappears, circling to stand in front of Steve on the couch, completely bare and on display.

“Heads or tails?” Steve asks, flipping the condom in the air until Billy snatches it, leans in close enough that Steve can feel his breath across his face.


Then Billy lowers himself on the couch, straddling Steve’s lap while ripping the foil packet with his teeth.

And Steve, well. He needs to just get his hands on him. On Billy’s big thighs and round ass. On the dick bouncing heavy between his hips. He runs his hands over sinful abs and the muscle flexes beneath the surface, reacting to his touch.

As he pets the sensitive spot above Billy’s cock, he stares at miles of tantalizing skin before him and wonders if he’ll ever get a chance to worship every inch. But then Billy bringing any further thought process to a grinding halt when he grips him firm and rolls the condom on Steve’s cock.

There’s no chance in hell he’s going to last and Steve knows it. Know it the moment Billy drips wets his own hand to stroke Steve, then himself, before reaching back and pressing a finger into his own hole. Opening himself up, right there, on Steve’s lap while he just watches.

“God damn .” He murmurs, so awestruck, so drunk on the display above him. Billy grins, his tongue in his teeth, as he slips a second finger alongside the first.

The broken moan out of his mouth is beautiful .

“Yeah?” Billy breathes, rocking back while his fingers punch in to the knuckle, scissoring them wide. Steve grunts, leans forward to lick at one of Billy’s tight nipples. It’s impossible to watch and not touch, to hear the sound of slick lube and Billy’s moans without writhing on the couch, sucking a pebbled nipple into his mouth. He relishes the way Billy arches against him, both pushing into his mouth and pulling away. Like it’s just too much of a good thing.

Borderline maddening.

“Fuck me.” Billy pants. “God, Steve fuck me .”

There’s no need for him to actually repeat the request because Steve’s got his cock to Billy’s hole before he finishes asking once .

Then it’s only a matter of like, alignment , and Steve is tossing his head back. Billy is incredibly tight, insanely tight, to the point where he knows he should be concerned but he can’t think period. Not when the heat around his cock feels like a custom glove. Vacuum sealed. Perfectly fit to take him.

He doesn’t push, doesn’t dare move .

If he thrusts, he’ll come and that would be pretty fucking embarrassing.

Not that he couldn’t keep going . He’s so horny he could fuck Billy three times before he needed a break. There’s steel in his veins. But Billy is making him molten.

“You’re huge.” Billy pants against his mouth, kissing him sloppy as he lowers his weight and more of Steve vanishes from sight. “You’re gonna fuck the come right out of me.”

His cock goddamn kicks and Steve knows Billy feels it, can see it on the guy’s face when he grins, mouth open wide and breathing hard.

“You really have a way with words.” Steve manages to tease, palming the flexing muscles in Billy’s waist. His hips. Holding him steady, they merge. So slow. Terribly, terribly slow.

Billy’s weight settles on Steve’s lap and a breath stutters out of him, heavy from his lips, and Steve licks into his mouth, passed his teeth. He’s had sex with a man before but this like, a drug. There’s nothing but his heartbeat inside Billy, on his tongue, in his neck.

His first thrust is like a test, a toe in the water, and it sends sparks up his spine like an exposed wire. Billy bites at Steve’s bottom lip, groans.

Then those sinful hips roll and Steve has to dig his nails into Billy’s thighs to hold on. This is fucking. The sway of Billy’s body and the glide of forward and back. There’s no preamble, just pure greed. From both of them. Steve pulls Billy down while Billy rocks back up. And, like, he’s heard of power bottoms but when Billy starts to slam his hips down, Steve feels like he’s the one getting fucked.

His cries, his pleads , are ripped out of his throat when Billy moves, taking his pleasure and giving it back tenfold. Reaching for anything to hold onto, he settles for jerking Billy’s cock to the same rhythm as his thrusts.

It’s good, it’s wickedly good, so he’s a little blindsided by his orgasm when it licks up his shaft and shoots hot and wet into the condom.



Steve fucks him three times, three , before he needs to recharge.

Like, it’s one thing to have great sex. But three times? Steve fucked him on his back, on his side, bent over the sofa. It was stunning.

And Billy, well, he’s already picking out bathroom towel sets and china. His limbs feel loose, liquid as Steve struts back out to the living room naked, a grin on his face.

“You okay?” He asks, like he doesn’t already know that Billy is more than okay.

The whole room smells like sex and Billy’s pretty sure he won’t walk right for a week.

He’s not really one for love at first sight. But love at first fuck, or love at third fuck, is beginning to look more and more like a thing.

“I’m…” Billy tries to think of a word as Steve stands there, looking at him. The guy has a way of devouring him like a meal with just his eyes, big and dark and hungry . “I’m pretty sure I blacked out at least once.” He grins when Steve blushes, before slowly straddling him on the sofa.

It’s easy, reaching up and pulling Steve in for a kiss. Like riding a bike. His lips taste like them. Warm and soft against his own. Billy likes how Steve fits in his arms.

“Now I definitely owe you dinner.” Billy eventually purrs against his mouth. Steve’s hugged so close against him, he can feel it when the guy laughs.

“Three courses, at least.”

“Funny guy.” Billy snorts, giving one round cheek of Steve’s ass a slap. To his credit, Steve doesn’t shy away but pulls closer and kisses him deep until Billy needs to surface for air. The man is going to kill him. “Seriously though, when can I take you out?”

“I’m free tonight.” Steve says with a smirk. “Some guy from work let me go home early.”

“Sounds like a nice dude.” Billy teases, chasing Steve’s kiss-red lips to nibble and catch one in his teeth.

For a second, Steve pulls back and stares at him, eyes sparkling.

“You know I don’t need this job.” He says quietly. “I’m starting at the police academy in a few weeks.”

And Billy’s heart skips a little in his chest.

“Oh.” He doesn’t want to own up to the way his stomach suddenly hurts. Like he’s been kicked in the gut. “So you’re, leaving.”

Steve cocks his head, puts his weight on Billy’s shoulders as he leans forward to press a small kiss to his lips. It feels something close to intimate and too much . Billy can’t help that his instinct is to pull away.

But when he does, Steve looks lost.

A little taken aback.

“I have to quit soon, yeah. But.” He gives a little shrug. “I hung around because I wanted to see you and thought maybe if I walked by your desk enough you would….” Billy’s mouth is a little dry when he catches Steve’s face turning pink at the cheeks, fanning out to his neck. “Then this morning Breanna was talking about your ass and….” He shrugs again. But Billy knows the rest of the story.

“You snuck a picture of your cock so I’d wake up and chase you.” He finishes. When Steve looks away, the tips of his ears turning bright red, he moves like he plans on leaving Billy’s lap.

But his firm grip on the guy’s ass keeps him from doing so.

“I’m sorry I waited.” The weird feeling in his stomach grows, crawls up to his chest.

And they’re just quiet for a minute, looking at each other. Billy knows what he wants to ask. Knows what needs to happen next.

It’s just a matter of doing it.

“I’d like to see you again.” He confesses. “And I’d like to take you to dinner.”

The smile on Steve’s face is worth the momentary fear beating in Billy’s chest. And the sinful kiss that the guy plants on his lips.

It’s worth a lot he figures.