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Dean: *Seth ended up staying over, comfortably settled in D’s arms while D was nestled against R*

Dean: *they had no problem giving him clothes -whatever fit- to borrow and a ride in the morning either* *both seeming to already adopt him into their lives *

Seth: *he just...can't figure out exactly how he feels about that*

Dean : *being early does teach him one thing* *never again* *Dean puts him to work immediately on overseeing a project*

Seth: *he still tackles it though*

Seth: *will probably regret it later*

Dean: *the hours tick by, people are leaving for lunch on this side of the floor*

Seth: *his stomach is complaining but he ignores it*

Dean: *speaking of people, S was told D wants a project report*

Dean: *in his office*

Seth: *because he is who he is, he gets the report done perfectly and expects a Formal Business Discussion about it*

Seth: *he even puts tabs on the different pages in the file folder*

Dean: *shockingly for a while that’s what it is*

Dean: *Formal Business*

Dean: *he's very intent on making progress*

Seth: *he's impressed*

Dean: *while S is standing, pointing over some parts of the blueprints, D circles around him* *he points to a section asking a perfectly normal question *

Seth: I figure it saves costs to have it that way instead.

Dean: *moves his other hand on the table, conveniently S is between his arms* Well that’s always a bonus.

Dean: That’s a shit ton of work ya just did there, Rollins.

Seth: It's why I'm here. Cause I'm good at it.

Dean: *his voice has a slightly smoother tone to it* You’re good at many things…

Dean : When you put your mind to it of course. *he can hear the smirk*

Seth: *snorts*

Dean: *leans into him a little*

Dean: I really am proud of you.

Seth: *leans back against him* *enjoying the contact even if this is Formal Business*

Seth: Really?

Dean: Mmmhhmmm. *his hand trails to S’s belt *

Seth: *his heart swells with pride even as he realizes what D is planning*

Dean: So much so that I’m offering you a full time position when you graduate.

Dean: *his hand pauses, tilting his face against his hair*

Seth: *he thinks about it for a moment, then steps away from D*

Seth: *turns to face him*

Dean: *looks at him, searching his face*

Seth: I don't want that just cause I'm fucking you.

Dean: It’s not.

Seth: Is it though?

Dean: *raises a brow* As much of a scumbag I am, I don’t give people what they don’t deserve.

Seth: *and I'm sure sucking you off can mean I deserve a job*

Dean: *rolls his eyes* *waves a hand* Whatever, it’s your pride. *he sits down*

Seth: *his apparent nonchalance stings*

Dean: Your numbers are good, kid…way better that you think.

Seth: *in a small voice* Do I have to give you an answer now?

Dean: *makes a face* Fuck no.

Seth: *sags with relief*

Dean: I didn’t know what I wanted to do until I was 25, you have time.

Seth : *he's not sure what it is* *maybe the fact that D foresees him, them four years in the future* *and what even would be them in four years?* *still just a fun night?*

Seth: Can I go? *he doesn't think he'd be able to handle just being...that for four years*

Dean: *looks at him* You okay, Seth? *his face creases*

Dean: You look like shit.

Seth: A charmer, you are.

Seth: *what is he even thinking?* *D offers him a fucking job and he freaks?*

Dean: You’re paler than the fucking copier paper. Have you drunk anything?

Seth: *stop being so damn emotional you idiot*

Seth: *shrugs*

Dean: *shit he shouldn’t have worked him this early*

Dean: *reaches over, opening a water bottle and handing it to him* Here.

Seth: *waves it away* I'm fine. I've got some tweaks to get to work on, if you don't mind.

Seth: *he moves as if to gather the prints and papers up*

Dean: Drink.

Seth: *looks back at him*

Dean: *playfully* Pretend it’s something else.

Dean: *wiggles his eyebrows*

Seth: *he gets a funny look on his face*

Seth : Do I even want to know how often you pretend your drinks are jizz? *snatches the water, chugging some of it*

Dean: *snorts*

Dean: All the time. *was that a joke? Neither knows*

Seth: *he wouldn't be surprised either way*

Seth: *once he's downed about half the bottle he sets it on the desk* Happy?

Dean: Very…*raises a brow*

Seth: *glances down between them, more on instinct*

Dean: I think you’ve done plenty of work today. *glances at his lips*

Seth: Dude, we are not fucking in your office.

Dean: Of course! I’m not a savage…

Seth: *D trailed off just then*

Seth: *that's a bad sign*

Seth: *that means he has A Plan*

Dean: The closet's pretty nifty.

Seth: *groans*

Dean: Rome and I get away with it more often than you think.

Seth: I can only imagine.

Dean: I bet you do.

Seth: Tch.

Dean: *he still hasn’t touched him yet* Everyone’s out to lunch.

Seth: *knowing since D first touched his belt he was always going to say yes* Alright, alright.

Dean: It’s exciting, I have a feeling you might like it.

Dean: *kisses him slowly, trailing his hands to his hips*

Seth: *his tongue flickers out along D's lip*

Dean: *murmurs* Thank you, thank you- *groans, deepening the kiss*

Seth : Hm? *what does he have to thank him for?*

Seth: *not that he gives him much space to answer, considering how he keeps kissing D*

Dean: *grips him tighter, slapping his arse slightly*

Seth: *he subconsciously sticks his arse out a bit, seeking the sensation again*

Dean: *he's already hardening*

Dean: *purrs* Such a good boy.

Seth: *he always lights up a little when he's praised* *S himself probably doesn't realize he does it*

Seth: *palms the growing bulge in his trousers* *D has such a nice cock*

Dean: *he shudders, hardening quickly* Hold that thought.

Dean: *guides him to the closet which is less a closet and more a small storage space *

Seth: *the door has a lock on it*

Seth: *clever bastards*

Dean: *closes the door, sticking his hand down Seth’s trousers*

Seth: *twitches* *he's mostly hard already*

Dean: *god it’s torture of the best kind, S can feel D’s erection against his arse*

Dean: *he moans deeply* You’re so good.

Seth: *grinds back against him*

Dean: *S can hear his trousers unzip, freeing himself*

Dean: *lightly pushes S into the wall to brace himself as he tugs S’s pants down* Such a cute ass. *slap*

Seth: *his breath catches* *moans*

Dean: *grabs some lube from a table, lathering himself* *rubs against him slowly *

Dean: *moans* Fuck.

Seth: Yeah, get to it already. *please* 

Dean: *he doesn’t need to be told twice, pressing into him slowly* *the different angle is amazing*

Seth: *he forgets how to breathe for a second* 

Dean: *bucks his hips, sinking into the hilt with a tight deep groan* Fuck.

Seth: *groans*

Dean: *holds onto his hips, moving at a quicker pace*

Seth: Ah!

Seth: *he's getting shoved into the wall regardless of how he holds himself, but he kinda likes it* *effectively pinned under the force of D's thrusts*

Dean: Oh fuck I’ve been wanting to give you my cock all morning-

Dean: I couldn’t stop thinking about you. *he moves faster*

Seth: *those words catapult S onto another plane of pleasure* *D was thinking about him, wanting him*

Seth: *clenches down* *yesyesfuck*

Seth: *chokes out* Always want you.

Dean: *moans tightly, judging by the slick sound between them D is making a lot of precome*

Dean: You feel so fucking amazing- *his thrusts are so deep, pulling S’s hips to meet his thrusts*

Dean: *hits against his sweet spot*

Seth: *he comes suddenly, practically keening*

Dean: Fuck fuck- *he moves suddenly in very rough, hard movements*

Seth: *the over stimulation on his prostate makes him squeal* *as much as he squirms, he still takes it*

Dean: Fu-*his breathing hitches* *buries his cock inside him as he comes hotly*

Dean: *his length twitches, bucking his hips a few times as he sighs*

Seth: *pants*

Dean: You like my cock, princess? *buck*

Seth: *squeaks*

Seth: Y-yeah.

Dean: *he bucks again*

Seth: Dean!

Dean: *smirks* What?

Seth: Can't fuckin-

Dean: Hmmm? *he thrusts again, moaning under his breath at the contact*

Seth: Fuck!

Dean: *groans* You make my cock so hard.

Dean: *he nearly pulls out all the way before slamming back in* That’s not fair, Rollins.

Seth: *moans*

Seth: So I'm the- *pants* villain in this situation?

Dean: *he repeats that motion a few more times*

Dean: Never said that. *bucks into him again *

Seth: You're more of a heel anyways- fuuuuck.

Dean: Only for you. *pecks his cheek as he quickens his pace*

Dean: Oh fuck I might come in you again- *his voice has a thick breathy quality to it *

Seth: Cmon, cmon!

Dean: *roughly thrusts to the hilt, holding S’s hips in place as he fucks him hard*

Dean: Oh yeah, yeah!

Seth: *he sacrifices his left arm's grip for touching himself* *pumps his cock hard*

Dean: You want me to come inside?

Dean: Spill myself in you huh? *slaps his arse*

Seth: Fuck yes, please!

Dean: Please what?

Seth: Come inside me!

Seth: Need you to, please Dean-

Dean: I-I- *groans tightly, clenching his jaw to muffle the sound*

Dean: *after a few more thrusts he comes again, breathing heavily*

Seth: *his hand works faster*

Seth: *and then he comes with a squeak, hips twitching involuntarily*

Dean: *leans forward, pressing his head against S's shoulder as he breathes hotly* *his come is hot against him*

Seth: *he basically melts into goop*

Seth: *puffs* God.

Dean: *after a few minutes he pulls out, he takes out some baby wipes and water from a nearby drawer*

Seth: *certainly a well stocked Fuck Closet*

Seth: *he takes a wipe, cleaning himself up*

Roman: *there's a vague thump outside*

Seth: *freezes with terror*

Roman: *but D knows really only one person has the authority to drop in unannounced*

Dean: *he chugs half the water bottle as he cleans himself* *zips up* *points with a finger holding the water bottle* I expect you to drink that.

Dean: *walks out, closing the door*

Roman: *he's sitting in D's chair, feet on the desk*

Roman: *he does have his own file of papers in his lap, so at least his visit is business related*

Seth: *is he confined in the closet til he drinks it?*

Seth: *shakes his head* *he's not a dog*

Seth: *after making sure he looks okay, he goes outside to face whoever is there*

Seth: *but he does take a sip from the bottle*

Dean: *he walks out of the closet with a skip in his step and a swagger in his hips*

Roman: *he's not surprised to see S trailing behind D, blushing*

Roman: Have fun?

Dean: Of course. *he wiggles his eyebrows, settling his hands on R’s shoulders*

Seth: *the pink reaches his ears*

Dean: What have you got for me today, uce?

Roman: Finalizing some shit. *offers the file*

Seth: *this is probably his cue*

Seth: *goes for the door, taking the water with him*

Dean: Where you going?

Seth: Back to work?

Dean: *takes the file, leaning against the desk as he opens it* You’re an intern aren’t you?

Dean: *looks up* Shadowing business meetings such as this one should be useful for you.

Seth: If you say so.

Roman: *snorts*

Dean: *in all fairness all D and R do is go over the files*

Dean: *occasionally they disagree but in a few words and glances they resolve “conflict”*

Seth: *he's jealous of their understanding of each other*

Seth: *stupid as that is when he thinks about it*

Dean: *gives R a firm tight handshake* Pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Reigns!

Roman: And you, Mr. Ambrose.

Roman: *then he reaches out and slaps D's ass*

Seth: *he's trying very hard to shove his little green monster back in his drawer*

Seth: *little is a bit of an understatement, though*

Dean: Sexual harassment in the office? What would corporate say? *his voice has a playful growl*

Seth: Uh. You guys are corporate.

Dean: *he chuckles heartily*

Roman: He has a point.

Roman: *his lips twitch*

Seth: *he preens internally*

Dean: *rustles S's hair*

Dean: *pecks his cheek*

Seth: *smiles*

Dean: Take the day off.

Seth: Why? I can work.

Seth: *then, in an effort to seem competent, he drinks some of the water*

Dean: *glances at R*

Roman : *gives him a look back, like "he's your intern"*

Dean: *pats S’s back* Okay, you can come bright and early tomorrow then.

Seth: *straightens*

Seth: Will do.

Dean: *rests a hand on S’s cheek*

Dean: *pat pat* Get back to work.

Seth: *he does so*

Dean: *looks to R, sighing heavily*

Roman: We still down for tonight?

Roman: *pulls him closer*

Dean: *he nods* Fuck, after the shit show with Triple Ass the fucker has my hands tied.

Roman: *a single laugh* Triple Ass.

Roman: I like it.

Roman: *rubbing D's back* I'll head home a bit early today to get it all set up. Afterwards we can order dinner.

Dean: *leans back*

Dean: Mmmmm.

Roman: Until then, be good for Daddy and do your work. *kisses his head*

Dean: *mimics him*

Dean: Since when are you Daddy? *tilts his head up*

Roman: *he only smirks*

Dean: *puckers his lips*

Roman: *kisses him*

Dean: *kisses back firmly*

Dean: What would I do without you? *snickers*

Roman: You'd be dead. *he says it matter of factly, but they both know it's true*

Dean: *he makes a face*

Dean: See you later, uce. *there's a reserved softness in his eyes*

Roman: Love you.

Dean: Love you too.

Dean: *it's a surprise that he even said it back*

Roman: *he smiles to himself*