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Seth: *he settles into his job pretty easily*

Seth: *he's really fascinated with architecture, and even though he's not actually doing anything related to it, it's a fun environment*

Seth: *Dean is....another story*

Dean : *when he wants to be he is very professional* *if someone isn't pulling their share of the workload he makes it very clear*

Dean: *but at the same time he really is quite the flirt, at least to S he is* *interestingly enough he only ever texts when S messages first* * least from what S noticed from their first and only text history as he was too nervous to actually commit*

Dean: *D never brings it up, but that doesn't stop him from getting S to blush whenever he gets the chance to*

Dean: *a few weeks into his internship D cocks his head when S pops by* So... what happened to dinner?

Seth: *blink*

Seth: Uh. *blurts* Tonight?

Dean: Sure.

Seth: *smiles, relieved*

Dean: Meet me in my office after work.

Seth: *nods*


Seth: *he shows up at five sharp with his hair in a messy bun*

Dean: *the door is closed though...*

Dean: *inside his voice is slightly muffled* I'll probably be home around eleven....

Roman: Gonna fuck him again? *ruffles his hair*

Seth: *flushes*

Dean: *moves an arm around R* We'll see how the cards lie.

Dean: You know my habits well enough. *gives him a short but possessive kiss*

Roman: That's my boy.

Seth: *his boy?*

Seth: *hiss*

Seth: *knocks*

Roman: *he's perched on the edge of D's desk*

Dean: *calls* Yeah yeah come in!

Seth: *enters*

Dean: *places his hand on the back of R's neck*

Dean: *rubs his thumb over skin as he turns his head* There you are, Seth.

Seth: *his eyes pause on D's hand for a second*

Seth: *glances away*

Seth: Hi.

Seth : *that's not platonic that is not platonic *

Seth : *oh no *

Dean: Roman have you met the new talk of the floor?

Dean: *moves his hand away*

Roman: I can't say I have.

Roman: *offers him a hand* Roman Reigns.

Seth: *scoots over, shaking his hand* Seth Rollins.

Roman: *his grip is warm, firm, but not constricting*

Roman: *S's palm is sweaty, probably from nervousness*

Seth: *his ears are pink*

Dean : *his hand pats R's shoulder* Alright, as much as I love you two knowing each other, Daddy is starved and needs to eat.

Dean: *looks to S* Ready to go?

Roman : Since when are you Daddy?

Seth: *glances between them*

Seth: *nods to D*

Dean: *rolls his eyes* We'll talk later, uce.

Dean: *gives a wide smirk to R as he and S walk out*

Seth: *he stays quiet*

Dean: *opens the car* What are you feeling like tonight?

Seth: Um... *thinks*

Seth: Pizza?

Dean: Ah, I know the perfect place.

Dean: *the car purrs as he speeds off*

Seth: *leans his head against the window*

Dean: *breathes* *he rubs behind his neck* I'm sure ya have some questions, huh?

Seth: I don't know if I want to ask.

Dean: Let me get things straight- *slams on the brake, honking and cursing the hell out of the driver in front* Fuck you too scumbag!

Seth: *grips whatever he can tightly, his heart pounding*

Dean: *grumbles* Where was I? *rubs his temples as he keeps driving*

Dean: *occasionally he uses a hand or even looks at S as he speaks* You might not be old enough to understand, but my partner and I have a relationship that is not conventional.... catching my drift here, kid?

Seth: I'm not twelve, Dean.

Dean: *waves a hand* Anyway, Rome and I have been through a lot together.

Dean: about each other a lot and Rome is understanding of my...habits.

Seth: Which are?

Dean: Maybe some other time. *snickers*

Seth: Christ.

Dean: *makes a turn* Not the point tonight, kiddo.

Dean: Rome and I care about each other a lot, we just don't subscribe to monogamous bullshit.

Dean: Whenever he wants pussy... we invite someone to our apartment. *his lips which as he glances at S* Whenever I want to have a night out on the town, I tell him.

Seth: Makes sense.

Seth: *he wants something like that*

Dean: Yeah? You’d be surprised how many people think otherwise.

Seth: *snorts*

Dean: *looks at S* In case I haven’t scared you off at, I’d like to keep seeing ya.

Seth: Yeah. I'd like that too.

Dean: *in a swish they’re parked in the middle of some hole in the wall place with a kitchen, counter and 3 sets of paired tables*

Dean: *hops out* Let's rock this joint! *gives the death metal hand sign*

Seth: *snickers*

Seth: *he grabs the door for D*

Dean: Aw shucks. *snorts*

Dean: What do you want? *leans against the counter, his jacket now gone only to show his dark shirt and rolled up sleeves*

Seth: Just cheese and pepperoni?

Dean: *he orders a whole pepperoni pizza*

Dean: You want a coke or something?

Seth: Yeah.

Dean: *slides over two cokes* And those too.

Dean: *slides over a twenty* Keep the change.

Seth: So you and Ro' own the whole company, right?

Seth: *the cashier thanks him and S grabs the cokes*

Dean: Yup-uh. *emphasizes the p* *rubs his hands together* This pizza is amazing.

Dean: Technically it’s more Romans than mine, but what’s on paper is on paper.

Dean: *opens the coke, taking a big gulp*

Seth: Ah.

Seth: *opens his, sipping*

Dean: So…did you see the game last night?

Seth: Uh.

Seth: ....What game?

Dean: *he starts chuckling*

Seth: Heh.

Dean: *pats his back* Never mind, kid.

Seth: Yeah, I don't do much...sports. Except wrestling.

Dean: Oooh.

Dean: Rome and I met through amateur wrestling.

Dean: *sniggers* Brings back…a lot of memories.

Seth: Really?

Seth: *he's perked up*

Dean: Mmmm, yes. *his brow quirks*

Dean: *looks down at S* Did it since high school…I’d like to think I’m good at it.

Seth: The amateur matches... *with a slight laugh* Are you on youtube?

Seth: A lot of indie stuff ends up there.

Dean: Hmm. Dunno.

Dean: Never checked. *circles an arm around his waist*

Seth: *so that's what I'm doing tonight*

Seth: *snickers*

Dean: *he looks at him for another moment before looking away* *his grip loosening to a casual hold at his lower side*

Seth: *gives his arm an awkward pat pat*

Dean: *when the pizza is ready he picks it up* Grab a shit ton of napkins, Seth.

Seth: *he does so* *one metric shit ton*

Seth: *he divides it about half and half between them*

Dean: *elbows the door open, sliding inside* *grabs a couple napkins and using it as a plate*

Dean: *owner of a company*

Seth: *he can't help but smile, amused*

Seth: *then he does the same*

Dean: *moans* This place has come in handy so many times.

Seth: Mmhmm.

Seth: *he wrestles with a string of cheese from the slice*

Seth: *once he manages it, he pulls out his phone*

Seth: Did'ya have a stage name?

Dean: *sighs slowly* Mmmmm.

Dean: *munch* Probably Jon Moxley.

Seth: *does some searching*

Seth: *munch*

Seth: *then he starts laughing while also trying not to choke*

Seth: *pulls up a video that was probably recorded with a potato* *but D is recognizable, since the other guy is blonde and in trunks*

Dean: *rubs his back*

Seth: *swallows*

Dean: Ugh. *looks away* Nah.

Seth: Not a good one?

Dean: I can’t watch that shit.

Dean: *he munches on the pizza slice* I’m so young in those.

Seth: Still older than me.

Seth: *scrolls through the related videos*

Seth: *squints*

Dean: *raises a brow* If you look far back enough I’m nineteen.

Dean: *sighs* Ahhh. *goes for another slice*

Seth: Who's Leakee?

Dean: *his eyes crinkle* Rome’s old stage name.

Seth: *he pretends he doesn't see the old familiarity, the endless affection*

Seth: *chuckles* You two feuded?

Seth: *pokes a match between them*

Seth: *quality is also crap, but it's definitely younger versions of the two of them*

Dean: Mmmm, there was a while where I hated his guts. *bite*

Seth: No way.

Seth: *he didn't mean to say that aloud*

Dean: *he nods* Hated his stupid, pretty face the moment I saw him. *munch*

Seth: *relatable*

Seth: *snorts*

Dean: In the end he was different than I thought.

Dean: *his face spaces out for a moment before returning to the present*

Seth: *takes another slice*

Dean: Do you have a curfew or something?

Seth: Nah.

Dean: *raises both his brows, an invitation but not a demand*

Seth: *definitely one he's interested in* *nods*

Seth: Could we do it some place other than a car, though?

Seth: *thinking better of it* My house?

Dean: *shrugs* Alright, what’s the dealeo with your parents?

Dean: *not that he really cares about morality, he doesn’t feel like running out naked in suburbia…again*

Seth: They had a party earlier, so they're definitely going to be drunk off their asses and sleeping it off by now.

Seth: And I'm on the second floor.

Dean: *starts driving* You had me at “drunk off their asses.”

Seth: *smirks*

Dean: Directions?

Seth: *he gives them*

Dean: *picks up his phone, unlocking it and handing it to S*

Seth: What am I doing with this?

Seth: Selling company stocks?

Dean: *drives* Go into my messages and click the first one. *said one is entitled Uce with a green heart emoji*

Seth: *he does so, guessing who this uce is*

Dean: Text him saying “Going over to Seth’s, see you later.”

Dean: Once ya done leave it on the dash.

Seth: *offhandedly* You struck me as the text and drive kind of guy.

Seth: *types the message, trying hard not to glance at the ones above it*

Seth: *he still does, though he has the sense not to scroll up*

Dean: *its very short and almost formal, but one word will change the text, dear or of course, sweet gestures of obvious reserved gentleness*

Seth: *of course they're going to have endearments, they're dating*

Dean: *he says dead pan* Surprise.

Seth: *sends the text*

Seth : *then he goes to his contacts, looking for himself* *provided D didn't give him a nickname, he should still be under the S's*

Dean: *S is actually referred as “Intern” followed by a heart eye emoji*

Seth: *the heart eyes emoji makes his heart do a flip*

Seth: *hits edit*

Seth: *then he pokes the picture*

Seth: *holds the phone back so he can take a selfie*

Dean: *glances at him before snickering*

Dean: *parks in front of his place*

Seth: *click*

Seth: *eh, it's decent*

Seth: *saves it and hands the phone to D*

Seth: Heart eyes, eh?

Dean: *takes it, walks around* Yeah.

Dean: *slaps his arse lightly* Lead the way, princess.

Seth: *gives him a look*

Seth: *pulls his keys from his pocket, unlocking the front door*

Seth: *steps inside*

Dean: *sidles inside, rather quietly for a large fellow*

Seth: *as promised, the house is dark*

Seth: *heads up the stairs*

Dean: *follows him, glancing around a bit*

Dean: *totally not looking for baby Seth*

Seth: *yeah, there's baby Seth*

Seth: *the blonde streak is apparently a recent development*

Dean: *snorts, turning back*

Seth: *he's a precious little shit*

Seth: *opens the door to his room*

Dean: *hes already assuming he’s an only child, makes things easier*

Seth: *and it is then that he realizes he's fucked up*

Seth: *clothes on the floor, general mess, the bed is mussed, and oh my god he has wrestling action figures on his bookshelves*

Dean: *lightly but firmly starts kissing his neck*

Seth: *maybe he won't notice*

Seth: *he barely manages to stagger inside with D, batting at the door to shut it*

Dean: *kicks it shut with his foot*

Seth: *leans into him*

Dean: *slides a hand down the side of his pants, just touching him*

Seth: *twitches*

Dean: *bites down a few times*

Seth: *his breath hitches*

Dean: *snickers* Are you enjoying yourself?

Dean: *breathes hotly against his neck, leaning a bit as he loosens S’s trousers*

Seth: *his voice is breathy* What do you think?

Dean: Alright, all business with you then. *kiss kiss* *palms him through his pants*

Seth: *he quickly hardens*

Dean: *presses his tongue just to the side of his throat* *moving his hand to stroke him underneath his pants*

Seth: *gasps and moans*

Dean: Yeah, that’s it. *keeps his movements measured, he himself reacting to S’s little sounds*

Seth: *squirms in his hold, pretty much turned on out of his mind already*

Dean: *presses his thumb against his tip, groaning*

Dean: Do you have lube?

Seth: Y-yeah.

Dean: *whispers in his ear* Where?

Seth: Nightstand.

Dean: *pulls off his clothes, whoa wow*

Dean: *glances at him* Have you been tested?

Seth: Have you?

Dean: *nods*

Dean: *mmmm he still has the body of a wrestler*

Seth: Then we're good.

Seth: *his eyes rove over him appreciatively*

Dean: *gets the lubricant* You don’t mind…?

Seth: Mind what?

Dean: *his lips curl devilishly as he spreads it over his manhood* *breathes* Just me inside you

Seth: *D can literally see just how much the thought turns him on*

Dean: *he doesn’t hide or show any hesitance in his arousal, that alone is kinda /hot/*

Dean: *sets it back on the nightstand* Take off your clothes.

Seth: *he obeys immediately*

Dean: *urges S onto his bed, settling between his legs*

Dean: Legs around my sides, sweet cheeks.

Seth: *his voice is already ragged* You're full of pet names, aren't you?

Seth: *but he does as told*

Dean: You make it easy.

Dean: *ruts against him for a moment, grazing him with a finger*

Seth: *whines* Come on. *he wants the burn of the stretch*

Dean: Alright, princess, have it your way.

Dean: *guides himself inside of him slowly, groaning deeply*

Seth: *moans, his back arching*

Dean : *holds him tightly* Oh fuck .

Dean: *quickens his pace, filling him completely *

Seth: *gasps*

Seth: *curls his legs tighter* *digs his nails into D's back*

Dean: *grunts tightly* You're all mine aren’t you?

Dean: *pins his wrists back roughly with one large hand*

Seth: Fuck! Yeah, yeah!

Seth: *struggles in his hold, but he's sure as hell enjoying it*

Dean: Uh huh *He keeps his wonderful pace* You make me want to come so badly. *kisses up his neck*

Seth: *clenches around him as D nails his prostate*

Dean: *pauses at his ear* Do you want me to come inside you?

Seth: Please! *his voice is wrecked*

Dean: *moves faster, breathing harder against the crook of S’s neck*

Seth: Please come, please- *bucks his hips, his own climax creeping up*

Dean : Fuck, fuck, fuck ! *jolts his head back, his length twitches as he comes inside of him*

Dean: *it's pleasantly warm and well there’s a lot of it*

Seth: *shoves a hand between them to touch himself* *his fingers barely graze his cock before he's shouting and coming*

Seth: *collapses back against the pillows, panting*

Dean: *settles on top of S*

Dean: *breathing heavily*

Dean: *sighs, lazily dragging his lips over his shoulder* *bites*

Seth: *jerks a little*

Seth: *a soft whine of pleasure escapes*

Dean: *D takes his time before pulling out, cuddling him closely*

Seth: *presses into his warmth*

Dean: *lightly grazes his fingertips along his skin*

Seth: *closes his eyes, sighing*

Dean: *nuzzles* G’night Seth.

Seth: Stay?

Seth: *he regrets it the second it comes out*

Seth : *he's not, they are not-* *he has a boyfriend to go home to, for heaven's sake*

Dean: *he stays where he is* Until you fall asleep.

Dean: *kisses his shoulder*

Seth: *he immediately relaxes, like when a parent promises they'll stay to keep the monsters away at night* *it's simultaneously endearing and very telling*

Dean: *he likes the kid, a lot* *bits of his personality reminding him of a younger Roman*