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Unstoppable Lust

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Kim’s world was flipped upside down one day when she entered the girl’s bathroom in her school. It was late, and most students had already gone home. However, there were clearly still people in there, and they were very busy. Passionate moans resounded in the tiled room along with slapping sounds.

It was scandalous, and Kim wanted to know more. She looked for the only occupied stall, entered an adjacent one, and peeked over the wall. The girl was getting it from behind. Her hair and skin were brown, and her body was curvy. She had seen that ass and back often enough in the showers; it was Bonnie! She sounded like a complete slut. Then Kim checked who was making her his bitch. It was none other than Ron, her best friend. For a moment she felt dizzy. Ron was slamming into Bonnie wildly, gripping her waist and making her juicy ass bounce with every powerful thrust.

The show was almost hypnotic, and whatever Kim had initially entered the bathroom for was forgotten. She was getting hot, and started massaging her nipples as she watched them.

Bonnie made noises that left Kim certain that she was experiencing multiple orgasms, which turned her on. However, it all came to a head when Ron reached his climax. He pulled out of Bonnie, and Kim’s knees grew weak at the sight of him. He was huge! She watched that giant pale snake spew thick ropes of semen all over Bonnie’s sexy back. The volume of his ejaculate was extraordinary. When he was done, Bonnie’s back was completely covered in cum, and some had even landed in her hair.

After that, Kim climbed down and seated herself, quietly, awaiting new developments. “Holy shit… it usually takes half the football team to make such a mess”, Bonnie said, her voice dripping with lust. Kimmy heard some shuffling around followed by slurping noises. “Fuck, no wonder you always wear those baggy pants. So, mmh, wanna go back to my place?”, Bonnie asked. “Mhm”, Ron moaned.

It took them a while to clean up the mess and get dressed. Kim listened as the odd couple left the bathroom. She remained there for a while, confused and incredibly turned on.

Kim didn’t notice any changes in Ron after that. He was still his usual dorky self. However, Bonnie seemed to be a lot nicer to him ever since then.

Things heated up again one day, when Kim waited for Ron after school. He had to attend a counseling session with Miss Go. Kim didn’t think anything off it, but grew impatient when she had waited for almost an hour.

She went back into the school, straight to Shego’s classroom to see what was up. Her eyes grew wide when she looked through the window in the door. Ron was lying on the desk in front of the class, naked. Shego had stripped down to her black lace thong. She had pulled it aside to insert Ron’s fat cock into her pussy. When Kim arrived, she was already bouncing on top of him.

Kim had a clear view of Ron’s cock sliding in and out of Shego’s wet pussy. It seemed ridiculous that such a big thing could fit into a woman, but there it was. Ron was grabbing Shego’s luscious ass as he moved his hips, and occasionally slapped it. The classrooms were soundproof; the fact that Kim could still hear Shego’s muffled screams of pleasure was driving her nuts. Her hand slipped into her pants right there, in the hallway. It was a good thing that practically no one was around anymore.

Suddenly, with one final thrust, they stopped. Ron was balls deep inside Shego, who gyrated her hips erotically. Then she lowered her upper body, presumably to kiss Ron. They stayed like that, and eventually Kim saw white fluid leaking from their connected genitals. Ron had creampied Shego! The realization took Kim over the edge. She quickly retreated back to the school entrance on wobbly legs, cumming all the while.

Another twenty minutes later or so, Ron finally arrived. He apologized for taking so long, but acted as if nothing had happened otherwise. The only giveaway was a hicky Shego had given him, but Kim decided not to say anything.

Her fascination with Ron’s sexual escapades led to her dressing more and more provocatively. Her skirts grew shorter, her pants tighter, her necklines deeper. It earned her plenty of looks and whistles, but none from Ron. He treated her just the same as always.

Then came her chance. Ron’s parents had ordered an exterminator to get rid of some pests, meaning their house would be uninhabitable for a few days. Kim offered Ron to stay at her place, sleepover style, which Ron was totally into. Ron would sleep on the floor in her room. Everything was perfect. She put on a tight top, with no bra, and tiny low rise shorts with a plainly visible thong underneath. Ron didn’t comment, but he stared when he thought she wasn’t looking. She made sure to bend over and stick her ass out a lot to give him a clear view of that little piece of nothing she wore under her shorts. Despite her best efforts to seduce him, Ron didn’t make his move, and she didn’t know how to approach him. They went to sleep after watching some movies.

That night, Kim dreamed of a large white snake that slithered up her pant leg, straight to her crotch. From there it slithered between her butt cheeks, upwards towards the front, in between her titties, and up to her face. The snake writhed, rubbing Kim in all kinds of sensitive spots. The snake's tongue was occasionally flitting about, and Kim extended her own so they could touch. When they did, she awoke. She felt horny as hell afterwards, and was covered in sweat. She checked if she had woken up Ron, but he wasn’t there. He had probably gone to get a drink or use the bathroom, however, a sense of foreboding urged Kim to look for him.

She found him in the kitchen, with his shorts down at his ankles. Squatting in front of him was Kim’s mother, Ann. Ron’s massive cock had disappeared inside Ann’s greedy mouth and throat. Kim watched from the shadows, only soft gagging noises and moans broke the silence. She was shocked, she couldn’t believe he would do her mom; she couldn’t believe her mom would cheat on her dad, but most importantly, she couldn’t believe it turned her on.

Ann released Ron from her throat, grabbed his dick with both hands and jerked him off. “Who would’ve guessed that you’d be packing a third leg like this, Ron?”, she asked, and giggled to herself. “Not to mention these bulky balls”, she murmured as she moved her face below the thick appendage to give them a quick suck. Kim could tell that Ron loved every second of it.

After tending to his nuts, Ann rose to her feet and let the satin negligee she wore to bed slide off of her shoulders. Ron gawked at the mature woman in front of him. She was slender and curvaceous, much like Kim, but a little more filled out in all the right places. She seated herself on the kitchen table, leaned back, and spread her legs. Ron gulped audibly when he saw her pussy. It looked pristine. It was hard to believe that such a pretty little snatch was supposed to have given birth three times already.

Ron slapped Ann’s pussy with his dick, rubbing his bulbous glans against her clit, making her breath harder. Once he was satisfied with how wet she was, he started shoving it in. “Ooooooh” was all the noise Ann made as Ron sank into her entirely. Kim was surprised at how fast Ron’s big cock had disappeared inside her mom. She had assumed that it would take some effort. Ron had a dubious look on his face, but inhaled sharply as Kim saw her mother’s abdominal muscles flex. “Don’t worry, I can be quite tight”, Ann chuckled with a lecherous smile on her face.

“You had me worried for a second, Mrs. P”, the boy admitted. Then he started moving his hips. Kim could see Ron’s heavy balls slapping against Ann’s plush butt. He quickly built up speed, yet the table they were fucking on didn’t budge or creak. It was sturdier than Kim had ever thought. Ann, meanwhile, had reclined and played with her breasts. Soft moans and hisses were all she uttered, there was no way anyone upstairs could hear her. Kim was impressed, in a weird way.

However, despite her cool demeanor, Ann was clearly enjoying herself. She had long since wrapped her legs around Ron’s waist, and her toes were wiggling around from the stimulation. She was flushed and looked gorgeous. “Fuck, if only James were this big”, she moaned. Kim noticed Ron thrusting harder after that comment.

They fucked like that and both of them started breathing hard when they approached their respective orgasms. “Oooh, Ron, I can feel you twitch! Don’t pull out, I love a good creampie!”, Ann said, and bit her lower lip in excitement. Ron did as she asked and plunged deep inside to cum. Ann’s eyes grew wide when she felt the hot stuff filling her up and came, too.
Ron collapsed on top of her, his head resting on her boobs. She scratched his hair and giggled to herself as Ron flooded her insides.

That was the straw that broke the camels back. Kim couldn’t believe that she had just watched her best friend unload inside her mother. If they weren’t going to be decent, she wasn’t either.

“Is it my turn now?”, Kim asked as she entered the kitchen, bare ass naked. Both Ron and her mother startled up from the afterglow. “Kimmy, I can expla- ah!”, her mother said, interrupted when Ron pulled out of her in a panic. His cock had deflated a bit, but when he saw Kim’s body he grew hard again almost instantly, which pleased her. Meanwhile, with the plug gone, copious amounts of excess semen gushed out of her pussy onto the tabletop, and from there down to the floor, forming a big puddle.

Kim walked towards Ron confidently, swaying her hips. She squatted down in front of him. His cock was covered in left over cum and pussy juices. There was still some semen oozing out of his dick. “Kim, I- oh!”, Ron started, but lost his train of thought when she started sucking his cock.

His thick sperm clung to the inside of her mouth. Its taste, mixed with the flavor of Ann’s juices drove her wild. She couldn’t just deepthroat this monster like her mom had done, but she was determined to work her way down the tremendous shaft. Her head bobbed up and down, progressively swallowing more of the kosher meat. When it started scraping against the back of her throat, Kim forced it further in, gagging on it like crazy.

Ann had climbed down from the table and joined Kim. She fondled Ron’s balls while she placed the other hand on the back of Kim’s head and pushed her further down. “That’s my girl, take it all”, her mother said. The encouragement drove her even further down Ron’s massive cock. After a few minutes she finally felt his nuts on her chin and knew she had taken the entire thing. Ron moaned, pleasured and impressed by the performance. “Well done, Kimmy-cub”, Ann said. She let the hand on the back of Kim’s head slide down across her supple back to her dripping wet pussy. Kim came a little when her mother slipped two fingers inside her. “Mmh, already soaked. How about it, you two; want to see if Kimmy’s mouth down here can take the whole thing as well?”

Both of them were eager and ready. Ann sat down on the floor, legs spread, and Kim sat between them. Her mom held her legs wide open, presenting her tight pussy on a silver platter. Ron lined himself up for entry and pushed. Kim felt like she was being split in half, but in a good way. It didn’t hurt, it was just a strain. However straining it may have been, however, the pleasure more than made up for it. Kim started moaning, unable to control herself, but Ann helpfully clasped a hand over her daughter’s mouth to muffle the noises. Ron drilled into her until his fat glans pressed against her womb. Then a pushed a bit more, cramming the rest of his dick inside her as well.

Kim felt stuffed. She looked at her abdomen and was surprised that the outline of Ron’s monstrous cock wasn’t plainly visible. She thought she might pass out when Ron started thrusting. The stimulation was unlike anything she had ever experienced. She couldn’t help but lick the hand that muffled her screams. Amused, Ann started nibbling her earlobes, while Ron sent shockwaves of pleasure through her body every time he knocked against her cervix.

At some point Kim started shedding tears of joy. Ron paused and asked if she was okay. “Don’t worry, big boy. She loves it, just keep going”, Ann assured him, and Kim nodded in agreement.

Kim started cumming early in the session and never really stopped. Her pussy trembled constantly, drawing moans out of Ron. However, eventually, the big one was upon her. She felt it coming, her hands reached for something to hold onto and found Ann’s shoulders. She opened her mouth, but no sound escaped her. Everything in her body seized up, she arched her back and her eyes fluttered. She felt like a dam had been holding the pleasure back up until that point, but then it broke and she was washed away by it all.

Ron never stopped pumping his hips, working towards his own climax. He was ready when Kim had started coming down from hers. He pulled out of her and jerked himself off while looking at the mother and daughter duo. Ann watched eagerly while Kim smiled dumbly and looked at him through half-closed eyes. “Open your mouth, Kimmy”, her mom whispered in her ear. They both did, though Kim even rolled out her tongue like a red carpet for Ron’s jizz.

His shots were strong and thick. White goo flew straight into Kim’s mouth and hit Ann straight on the nose. The ropes of semen kept on coming, covering Kim’s modest breasts, flat stomach, and even dribbling onto her well used pussy. The odd shot landed in the girls’ hair or flew off to somewhere else.

When he had finished, both, mother and daughter, teamed up to lick his cock clean. Then they started making out with one another. Ann spent precious minutes licking up all of Ron’s thick seed from Kim’s body. The show got Ron hard again.

“Hehehe, well, I’ll clean up this mess”, Ann said after she had finished cleaning up Kim. “You two can go back upstairs and do it again if you like. Just make sure not to make too much noise”, she told them with a wink and a naughty smile. Kim fetched the clothes she had discarded before, grabbed Ron by the dick, and led him upstairs. Both redheads shared a lascivious smile before the young ones disappeared upstairs. Meanwhile, Ron ogled Kim’s cute little ass.

After that, Kim and Ron became an item, though Kim accepted that she couldn’t have him all to herself. He was too much of a sexual tyrannosaurus for one woman to handle all on her own. She got to have him in the evenings, while he went and got some from other women during the day. Sometimes she would even invite some of his other girls for threesomes. She would’ve never expected that she and Bonnie would make such a good team.

Some time later, Kim heard that both her mother and Shego had gotten pregnant. Kim was fairly certain who the father was, but neither woman admitted it. Her mom had made sure to have sex with her dad shortly after their threesome, so it could’ve actually been his. She doubted it though, and Ann seemed to like the idea of having another man’s child.

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One day, Kim dragged Ron along to Club Banana. She wanted to buy something sexy, and since it was for his benefit in the end it seemed obvious to bring him along.

Kim’s friend Monique happened to work that day, and with her help Kim’s arms were laden with tight pants, short skirts and tiny tops in no time. She excused herself and disappeared in a changing cubicle.

She tried out outfits that showed off side- and under-boob along with plenty of leg. When she put on jeans or shorts she bend over to see if her thong was showing. If it was, the pants made it onto the shortlist.

After at least fifteen minutes of trying on and combining clothing articles, Kim came out to show off to Ron, but he was gone. Kim looked around for Monique, but she was also nowhere to be found. She asked some of the other customer if they had seen them. The male ones totally checked her out, which was the desired effect, and the consensus was that the missing pair had last been seen near the changing booths.

Kim walked down the long row of cubicles, and started hearing soft slurping noises. She arrived in front of the last cubicle, which was conveniently not visible from the showroom. Sensing mischief, Kim stealthily pulled the curtain aside just enough to peek inside.

There was Ron, with his pants down and his cock in Monique’s mouth. Her plush lips easily rolled along Ron’s thick shaft, her cheeks were caved in from the suction she was applying, and her big eyes stared up at Kim’s boyfriend. It was hot as fuck.

Kim looked around, and satisfied that no one saw her, decided to treat herself to some fun while she watched. Her hand slipped into her new booty shorts and started rubbing her pussy.

Monique pulled away from Ron and stroked his cock. “Holy shit, Ron. Kim never told me about this monster! Lucky bitch...”, she said and slapped his dick on her tongue a few times before resuming her sloppy blowjob. Kim wholeheartedly agreed.
Meanwhile, Ron put a hand on Monique’s raven hair and started working his dick down her throat. The sexy salesgirl struggled with his girth, but more and more of Ron’s cock disappeared down her gullet.

Kim’s knees were getting shaky. She had thought about inviting Monique to a threesome anyway, but here she was, beating her to it. She looked forward to playing with her.

Monique couldn’t swallow Ron’s entire third leg, but she had gotten somewhat comfortable with the deeper penetration. Her head was bobbing up and down his enormous schlong in a steady rhythm. “Ah, Monique, I think you should take your clothes off. My cumshots tend to be pretty messy, and I don’t expect you to have a change of clothes on hand”, Ron moaned softly.

Monique pulled back and worked his shaft with both hands while she talked. “This is a clothing store, Ron”, she said flatly. Judging by his expression, he hadn’t thought of that. “If you wanted a better view you could’ve just said so”, she said and stood up.

Her outfit was discarded in a flash, revealing her curvy body. The only thing hiding her naughty bits were a matching yellow lace bra and thong. “Like what you see?”, she purred, twirling around to show off her bodacious booty. Ron and Kim both nodded. “Good”, Monique said and squatted down again to suck some more.

Monique went about it harder now, seemingly eager to milk Ron. He was gasping from the wild blowjob and warned her that he was going to cum any second. Monique pulled back again, placing Ron’s glans on her tongue and jerking him off with both hands. She wanted that nut in her mouth.

Monique couldn’t have foreseen how strong Ron’s shots would be. The first two filled her mouth to the brim and she couldn’t swallow quickly enough. The third shot landed on her face, and Monique pulled her head aside to avoid any more. Ron kept shooting thick ropes of cream against the wall behind her, making a huge mess of the cubicle.

Kim had clasped a hand over her mouth as she came herself. She just loved watching Ron cum, and watching him cum on her friend made it even better. She imagined him covering Monique in jizz and cleaning her up afterwards with her tongue.

“Fuck, you weren’t lying. Look at this mess!”, Kim heard Monique say. “S-sorry...”, stammered Ron. “Don’t worry about it. Your cum tastes pretty good. You get out now. Kim’s not going to take forever in her cubicle, you know? I’ll clean up this mess”, she said and started licking Ron’s spunk off of the wall. Kim quickly returned to her cubicle to calm down.

Some time later, Kim was paying for her new clothes and Monique worked the cash register. Her face looked a little flushed, but nothing else gave away what she had been doing less than half an hour ago. Kim noticed that Monique had applied a ton of perfume, presumably to cover the smell of Ron’s cum. Ron himself also acted like nothing happened. Kim made a mental note to ask him how exactly he had gotten Monique to blow him later.

That same night, Kim was lying on her bed. Ron had just finished fucking her for the third time that night and had gone to the bathroom. She was covered in jizz and ready to pass out when Ron’s phone started vibrating. She ignored it, enjoying her afterglow, but Ron took forever to get back. He probably got intercepted by Ann and was busy giving his baby mama some sugar, nothing out of the ordinary.

Kim got impatient and reached for the phone if only to turn it off. It was a message from Zita. Curious, Kim opened it and was greeted by nudes. She sifted through the chat-log until she found the beginning of these lewd exchanges. It looked like Ron had sent his ex, with whom he had never gotten beyond first base as far as she knew, a dick pic by accident. Zita’s responses were shocked and disgusted at first, but she quickly expressed curiosity and started sending him nudes. This had gone on for a while, apparently, and Ron wasn’t shy about sending her pics and even videos of him banging other girls, herself included.

Then Zita invited him over, along with a picture of her spreading her pussy lips apart. Ron answered that he’d be right there. The next thing Ron posted was a video he had recorded during their romp, which Kim had to watch, of course.

Visible was Zita, on her back with her legs spread. Ron’s big cock was sliding in and out of her wet pussy, Zita’s head hung off of the edge of the bed and she moaned loudly. Her boobs jiggled every time Ron’s hips slammed into hers, and every time Ron went balls deep Zita squealed joyously.

“Oh, Ron, Haaa! I’m cumming again!”, she said, and Kim could see her stomach flexing. She heard Ron inhaling sharply, presumably because Zita was tightening up when she creamed herself. Regardless, Ron didn’t let up. He kept thrusting through several of Zita’s orgasms. Their fucking started producing squishing noises because of how soaked Zita became after several climaxes.

Suddenly, after Zita had spent five minutes limply lying there, moaning and giggling while Ron kept hammering into her, her head rose sharply to look at him with bleary eyes. “You’re about to cum right? You’re feeling even bigger than before!”, she moaned, and grasped her breasts, massaging them. “Where do you want it?”, Ron huffed. “All over me, please!”, Zita cried and Ron obliged.

He yanked out his huge dick, and after a few strokes he started cumming on her. She was writhing in orgasmic pleasure as hot jets of semen splattered onto her, covering her face, her chest, belly and pubic mound with copious amounts of cum. The thick white stuff pooled in her belly button and in the hollow of her neck above her collarbones.

For a while, no one said anything. Kim heard Ron trying to catch his breath, and Zita was scooping up his cum to taste it. “Oh, Ron, That was the best”, she purred and licked her lips. “Thanks, baby. Mmmmh! Felix never cums on me. Guess I’ll call you up whenever I’m in the mood for a facial. Deal?”, she said with a husky voice. “Sure”, Ron said before the video ended.

After watching that, Kim was wide awake and horny again. She touched herself and waited for her stud to return. It took Ron a few more minutes to get back. His cock was covered in lipstick, proving that her mom had had some fun with him. “Oh, you’re still awake, KP?”, he asked and looked at her splayed out, sexy body. “Still horny, too. I watched that video you made with Zita. How about you do me like you did her in that video. In fact, why don’t you record it and send it her way?”, Kim suggested as she fingered herself. Her pussy was already red from extensive use, but that wouldn’t stop her. She wanted more. Ron sighed, seemingly exhausted, but his cock rose to the challenge.

Another time, Kim had forgotten something in the cheerleading squad’s locker room. She ran along the abandoned halls of Middlton High until she reached the door. She pulled out her key, but found the door unlocked. She seemed to recall locking it, and opened it cautiously.

She knew what was up when she heard a girl moaning inside. Some of the cheerleaders liked to use the locker room as their secret fuck spot on school grounds. Kim walked in nonchalantly, but quickly hid when she saw who was enjoying themselves in there. She had expected to see a football player slamming some pussy, but instead it was Ron, balls deep in Tara’s ass.

The blonde girl was on her hands and knees and groaned passionately. Ron pulled her hair as his massive cock stretched her little ass wide open. Kim had always thought that Tara was one of the few good girls on the squad, but there she was, cumming from getting her ass plowed.

“Fuuuuuck, yes! Pull my hair more!”, she begged and Ron did as he was told. He pulled so much that Tara couldn’t keep her hands on the floor. She just hung there, her arms and tits bouncing around with each and every powerful thrust.

Kim saw her boyfriend’s fat balls slapping against Tara’s unused pussy. Her ass gobbled up Ron’s thick member like it was nothing, and she grinned stupidly the entire time. She was clearly having the time of her life. Kim was almost jealous. She licked a finger, reached under her skirt and slowly inserted it into her ass. She hissed softly when it spread her tender anus. She had been reluctant to try anal with Ron because of his size, but if Tara’s o-face was any indication, she should probably give it a try.

“I’m cumming, Ron! I’m cumming! Slap my ass! Hit me, pleeeease!”, Tara squealed. Ron’s hand came down hard on her round tushy. The slap resounded in the empty locker room, closely followed by Tara’s pleasured screams. She was squirting, and every time Ron slapped her naughty ass more juices came out. He didn’t stop until Tara’s butt was bright red and her eyes fluttered, struggling to stay awake after what sounded to Kim like a mind-shattering orgasm. She didn’t manage to cum from her ass that quickly, but she was going to try out anal with Ron sooner rather than later.

The blonde boy himself was reaching his limit at that point. He let go of Tara’s hair and pulled out his cock. The cheerleader was left with her face on the floor, and her butt in the air. Her asshole was gaping, making it a perfect target for Ron. He pointed his dick at the dark hole and brought himself over the edge.

Tara giggled softly when ropes of hot cum started hitting her sore ass, standing out starkly against the red skin and flooding her abused butt. Once he was done, he slapped her ass with his still hard cock a few times, before pulling her up by her hair and making her suck his cock clean.

Kim left at that point. Whatever she had come there for in the first place was all but forgotten. She thought that if Ron kept going like that, the entire cheerleading squad would be his fuck-buddies before long. She imagined a time when she could simply invite Ron into the girl’s shower after a game to celebrate, sharing him with all her friends, and all those little sluts worshiping him together, her first and foremost, of course.

On a later occasion, Kim and Ron were invited to a hot spring resort owned by the Yamanouchi Ninja School after thwarting another one of Monkey Fist’s evil plans, along with their ninja friends.

Their friend Yori was their guide. She showed them how to use the facilities and how to properly eat many of the exotic Japanese dishes they got to try. It was a relaxing evening, and after a hard days work, both Ron and Kim simply dropped onto their futons and fell asleep.

That night, Kim dreamed about Monique and Bonnie teaming up on her. She stood between the two of them while they knelt, Monique in front and Bonnie behind her. Her friend ate her pussy and Bonnie gave her a rim job. Kim could feel the pleasure building on both ends and just when she was about to cum she woke up.

She was horny and wanted Ron to help her out, but his futon was empty. She turned on the lights and noticed that his towel was gone. He had probably gone to take a late night dip in the hot springs, which gave Kimmy a nice idea. She grabbed her own towel and went over to the men’s bath to surprise Ron. She stripped out of her clothes, threw the towel over her shoulder and walked into the open-air bath.

Inside was Ron, sitting on the edge of the pool and moaning softly. Behind him knelt Yori. She was pressing her sizable breasts into his back and stroked his big cock from behind. Kim did her thing and hid.

Yori let one of her hands slowly slide up and down the entire length of Ron’s mighty dick, while she rubbed the palm of her other hand over his glans. It was oozing pre-cum, making the procedure smooth and pleasurable for the blonde boy.

At some point Yori moved the hand that rubbed his glans to her face and licked it, tasting his juice. “Mmh, it tastes wonderful Stoppable-san. I’d like to taste it more”, she said and got up.

Kim watched Yori climb into the hot water and settle between Ron’s legs. Her breasts slightly jiggled with each movement, and her thick bush along with her broad hips made her look mature beyond her age. Kim dropped her towel so she could touch herself with both hands.

Yori put Ron’s cock between her boobs and squished them together. She moved slowly up and down, dribbling saliva onto her cleavage to make it go smoother. “Ah, this is like straight out of a hentai! I can’t take this!”, Ron said and rose. He remained trapped between Yori’s boobs, but began thrusting of his own accord.

The ninja girl was startled for a second, but quickly adjusted and started sucking his tip. Kim noticed that Yori pinched her own nipples. Ron’s hands gripped her shoulders for support. “You taste so good”, Yori moaned between kisses and licks. “Oh, and you feel good, Yori. I’m gonna blow!”, Ron said. “It’ll be my honor to swallow it for you”, the Japanese girl said.

Kim bit her lower lip excitedly. Swallowing Ron’s loads wasn’t an easy task, as Monique had figured out the hard way. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Yori. I cum a lot and-”, Ron said, trying to dissuade her, but Yori cut in. “Stoppable-san, don’t underestimate my abilities, please. Let me do this for you”, she said and placed her lips around his slit again. Ron looked worried, but he kept thrusting and started cumming shortly thereafter.

Yori’s eyes grew wide when torrents of sticky spunk filled her mouth. Kim could tell that she was struggling to swallow mouthfuls of semen at a time. Yori performed commendably, especially on her first try, but Ron’s volume was just too much. While she kept swallowing, Some of Ron’s cum started squirting out of her nose and onto her tits. It truly was like one of those Japanese cartoons, Kim thought as she came. She had never seen a girl brute force her way through one of Ron’s ejaculations and do it so well.

When Ron had finished, he sat back down, letting Yori swallow the rest and gasp for air. She wiped the cum on her face away with her arm and lapped that up, too, along with everything that had spilled onto her breasts.

“I’m sorry, Stoppable-san. I asked you not to underestimate me, but it was I who underestimated you”, Yori said with sincerity. “Don’t worry about it, but are you okay?”, Ron asked. “Not quite”, Yori said and rose. Warm water ran down her curvaceous body, and Ron gawked at her. “Your manliness has left me wanting. It would be my honor to take a ride on your big, fat penis, Stoppable-san”, Yori proclaimed, ogling Ron’s cock. It hadn’t gone soft at all.

Ron silently nodded, and Yori straddled him. She slowly lowered herself onto him, and Kim watched Ron’s dick slowly but surely disappear inside her. “OH! Stoppable-san...”, Yori moaned when she had bottomed out. Before Ron could say anything, Yori embraced him, planted a deep kiss on his lips, and started rolling her hips erotically.

Kim decided to leave at that point. All she had wanted was to get off, and the mood between those two was too good to just walk in on them. Surely she could get a threesome going some other time. She foresaw that it was going to be a long night for them.

A few weeks later, back in Middleton, Kim finally got a threesome. Monique was on her hands and knees. All she wore was a white lace thong that contrasted nicely with her skin. Ron had pushed it aside and was fucking her leisurely. Kim had a perfect view of Monique’s face as the penetration made her go cross-eyed. She lay there with her legs spread, waiting for her friend to get a grip and eat her pussy.

Eventually, Monique got started, and was surprisingly passionate about eating her out. All three moaned as pleasure built up more and more. Monique started cumming in no time, but Ron didn’t stop giving it to her, and Kim held her head in place, lest she stopped licking and sucking her.

Everyone was having a great time when Ron’s phone vibrated again. He grabbed it and held it against Monique’s butthole, letting it vibrate some more, making her shriek a little. Then he actually looked at the message he got.

Kim noticed his eyes going wide and Monique noticed his hips stopping. “What’s wrong”, she whined, wiggling her butt a bit, which felt awesome with Ron still inside her. Ron handed Kim the phone in silence. It was a picture of Yori. She smiled and made a peace sign while holding up a positive pregnancy test.

“Oh, wow. Your first two aren’t even born yet and you already made a new one? You stud!”, Kim laughed. Monique, who wasn’t aware of all their circumstances yet, took the phone and had a look. “You knocked up Yori!?”, she asked before turning back to Kim with a shocked expression. “Are you telling me Ron knocked up even more women?”.

Kim chuckled. “Yup. My mom and Shego to be exact. Well, it might be my dad’s, but honestly, it’s probably Ron’s. In my mom’s case that is”, she explained nonchalantly. Monique looked over her shoulder at Ron. He looked a little nervous. “Well, good thing I’m on the pill. Keep going!”, she said and thrust back into him before continuing to eat Kim’s pussy.

Ron did as she asked, and fucked her harder than before. He supposed there were worse things than knocking up a gorgeous ninja, his girlfriend’s MILF, and a sexy villainess turned teacher. He considered himself fortunate as he blasted Monique’s womb with a thick load of his semen.

Chapter Text

One time, Bonnie took Ron back to her place for an extended one-on-one romp. Much to her chagrin, her older sisters Connie and Lonnie were there to give her a hard time. “What’s with the dweeb, Bonnie? The losers you usually bring are in shape at least. What, are all the handsome boys at school tired of you?”, gloated Connie while Lonnie giggled.

Bonnie harrumphed. “Come on, Ron, let’s leave these old hags to their knitting or whatever they’re doing and go to my room”, she said and dragged him along. Her sisters glowered at her as she left.

They didn’t stop glowering for the rest of the day. As soon as the door to Bonnie’s room had slammed shut, noises could be heard from within. It began as soft moaning and the occasional yelp, however, in time it evolved into passionate screams of pleasure and the bumping of a bed in heavy use.

Connie and Lonnie couldn’t believe it. The racket went on from late afternoon until the middle of the night. It simply couldn’t be that Bonnie was faking it so convincingly for so long. That dweeb must’ve been fucking her to pieces. Both of them retreated to their rooms to sleep, but couldn’t. Both started touching themselves as they listened to their little sister getting fucked.

When the noise finally died down, both of them peered out of their rooms. “Finally”, Lonnie said. “Yeah. Oh, watch out!”, Connie whispered. Someone was coming out of Bonnie’s room and both sisters retreated into the shadows of their own rooms to hide. They peered into the hall from the shadows and saw Ron. He was stark naked, and walked into the bathroom. The door closed, and Lonnie and Connie stepped into the hall.

“Did you see that?”, Lonnie asked. “Oh yeah”, Connie replied. They got why Bonnie was bothering with such a loser. They heard the shower getting turned on. The sisters exchanged looks, and Connie started stripping. “I’m gonna get me some of that”, she said. “Me too!”, Lonnie said and got rid of her clothes also.

In the shower, Ron was catching his breath. Bonnie was one demanding piece of work, but it was totally worth it. She was sexy as hell with her shapely ass and big tits. The thought of how he had left her, passed out and covered in jizz, got him a little hard again, and he tried to not think about it anymore, lest he needed to rub one out. Then he noticed a cold draft.

He turned around. The shower door had been opened and before him stood both of Bonnie’s sisters, stark naked. They were just as curvaceous as their little sister, and their eyes were glued to his hardening cock. “Fuck, it looks even bigger up close”, Lonnie said. “Yeah, and it seems like Bonnie wasn’t able to exhaust this bad boy”, Connie said and licked her lips.

Before Ron knew what was happening both the brunette Connie and the blonde Lonnie joined him in the shower cabin. He watched the water rolling down their impressive tits, dribbling down from hard nipples and disappearing in deep cleavages.

A minute later, both girls were on their knees, sucking him off. They had placed their plush lips on either side of his massive schlong and rubbed them along its length. It was almost like a handjob, except that their tongues were lashing his cock at the same time. They’d take breaks from stroking him thus to team up on his glans. They’d engulf it from either side and start licking it ferociously. Every time they did, Ron leaned against a wall and moaned.

“Have you two fucked guys together before?”, he asked. He couldn’t believe how good they were together. They shook their heads while their lips were still glued to his cock. Whether that was supposed to be an answer or if they hadn’t heard him, he couldn’t say.

It didn’t take long for the sisters to grow impatient. Their pussies were soaked, and they wanted him. They stepped out of the shower and got down on all fours. Faced with two beautiful, round asses, Ron had to choose.

He knelt down behind Connie and started pushing his thick dick into her hot little pussy. “Oh god, be careful with that. Ahhh, fuck!”, she moaned as inch after burly inch sank deep inside her. Connie was reduced to pleasured whimpering when Ron started banging her. His heavy nuts slapped against her clit and his hefty member stretched her pussy more than any other man she had ever been with. Her sister sat besides her, masturbating, and couldn’t believe how quickly the brunette started cumming.

That went on for a while, but when it became clear that Ron would take some time to finish, Lonnie took matters into her own hands. She sat down in front of Connie’s face with her legs spread. The blonde gabbed her sister by the hair and pushed her cunt into her face. “Eat me, come on!”, Lonnie demanded. Connie, dazed by pleasure, did it without a second thought, and was rewarded by even harder thrusts from Ron. Seeing one sexy sister eat out the other was too hot to take.

Soon after, Ron started cumming. He pulled out of Connie and started firing hot shots all across her prefect ass. When the bursts of semen subsided, her butt was covered in sticky white and she collapsed.

While Connie tried to recover, Lonnie got into position for her turn. Her sister had gotten her pussy nice and wet, but Ron had other plans. If Tara had taught him anything, it was that blondes liked it in the rear. He placed his slick glans on Lonnie’s anus and started pushing. “What are you doing? Wrong hole! Wro-aaaaAAAAAHHH!”, she screamed when her tender butt got spread wide open.

She continued to groan throatily as Ron’s huge cock disappeared in her butt. “Ohhh, fuck”, she whimpered when his balls came to rest on her labia. She had taken it all, and there was only one way things were going to go from there. She cried out when Ron pulled away again. His big dick scraped her insides and made her tremble. Then he went in again, harder this time, knocking the air out of her.

This continued until the blonde had adapted to it and he fucked her in a steady rhythm. “Mmmmm, holy shit, this isn’t half bad”, she giggled as Ron’s balls slapped against her pussy. A tired Connie crawled underneath them and began licking Lonnie’s clit. The combined stimulation quickly brought Lonnie over the edge and made her squirt on her sisters face. When Ron pulled out, he jizzed all over Lonnie’s butt, and some stray squirts landed on Connie’s face.

They continued to take turns with Ron for a while, and while they were just as demanding as Bonnie, they weren’t used to the intensity of Ron’s fucking. After just two hours, both sisters lay in each other’s arms on the bathroom floor, covered in cum, with happy smiles on their faces.

Ron left them there and went downstairs. All this fucking had made him hungry. He helped himself to some leftovers, sat down and ate. When his belly was full, he leaned back to relax, but his break was cut short. “Pretty impressive what you did with those three”, a new voice said. Ron turned his head and was greeted by another buxom beauty. This time it was a milf with curly brown hair. She wore lipstick and glasses, had a beauty mark under her lower lip, and a body that looked like a more mature version of Bonnie; voluptuous and smoking hot with a slightly bigger bust.

Mrs. Rockwaller walked up to Ron and put a hand on his shoulder. Unlike her daughters, she rocked a thick bush, and it was right there in front of him as she spoke. “I see you’re still up for more”. Ron looked down and noticed that his cock had hardened again. “I’d really appreciate it if you could treat this old lady to some fun. Listening to my daughters creaming themselves all night has really riled me up”, she said. Ron noticed that her inner thighs were glistening. She was wet and horny.

A few minutes later, Ron was laying on the couch in the living room while Mrs. Rockwaller bounced on top of him. All the thrusting he had done that day had left him exhausted, and Bonnie’s mom was very understanding. She did all the work; all he had to provide was his enormous cock.

The mature woman really knew what she was doing. Her hips gyrated and rolled all over his dick while her boobs bounced sexily for his viewing pleasure. “Oh, baby! It’s been way too long since I’ve had some good dick! Ooooooh!”, she chuckled and went faster.

Wet noises and the sound of hips slapping together filled the room as Mrs. Rockwaller worked herself up to a much needed orgasm. “I can feel you twitching, baby! Feel free to give me a nice warm cream filling!”, she said with a big smile.

It didn’t take long for them to cum. Their climaxes hit at the same time, Mrs. Rockwaller collapsed onto Ron and gave him a tight hug while her pussy squeezed his ejaculating cock. For a minute or so, they just lay there. Then Bonnie’s mom gave him a deep kiss and asked “Ready for round two?”.

Next morning, Bonnie woke up. She had slept soundly and she felt really good. Her pussy and ass still tingled a little bit, which was normal after a night with Ron. She got up, stretched, and went to the bathroom to rinse off. She was still covered with dried up semen.

She stared wide-eyed when she found her sisters where Ron had left them. Bonnie imagined that this was how Kim must’ve felt when she caught Ron with her mom. It turned her on to see those bitches covered in her stud’s cum. She smirked, and stepped into the shower.

When she had cleaned herself up, she went back to her room, put on a dressing gown, and went downstairs. She gasped when she entered the living room. She found her mother on the couch, covered in jizz from head to toe. Her pussy and ass were overflowing with the stuff, her pubes were covered with it and the rest of her body was glistening with juices. Better yet, it was still fresh.

Bonnie went looking for Ron and found him in the kitchen. Mrs. Rockwaller had drained him thoroughly, and he needed more food afterwards. He was having breakfast when the cheerleader walked in.

“Had a long night, huh, stud?”, she asked. She stood there with a hand on her hip. “Understatement of the century”, he sighed and ate a slice of toast. “Did they milk you dry?”, Bonnie asked and let the dressing gown drop from her shoulders. Ron looked at her, and his cock rose once more, slapping against the underside of the kitchen table. Bonnie shook her head in amazement. She got down on her knees and crawled up between his legs. “Just keep eating. I’ll be nice and gentle with this hardy little guy”, she said as she sandwiched his dick between her big tits. She gently massaged him and kissed his glans while he ate.

Later that day, Ron left with two things in his pocket. One was a group photo of all four Rockwallers, naked and smiling, showing off their amazing bodies. The other was a key to the house. He was welcome to come in and play anytime he liked.

Chapter Text

After Lilo and Rufus saved the day, Kim and Ron spontaneously decided to stay for a while. It was a chance for a quick beach vacation they didn’t care to pass up.

The morning after the luau, Kim slept in while Ron went down to the beach with Lilo’s older sister Nani. She had offered to teach him how to surf.

Kim watched Ron leave their room and sighed contently. Seeing her in a hula outfit had really gotten him riled up, and he had spent most of the night screwing her. Kim was understandable exhausted after that, but in a good way. She closed her eyes again and went back to sleep. The beach could wait.

When she got up at around noon, she realized that she hadn’t brought any beachwear. On her way to catch up with Ron and Nani she made a quick detour to shop for a bikini. She found one that was to her liking. It was essentially a few green triangles held together by black strings. It covered little and did a nice job of accentuating her curves. It was a scandalous little thing, just right to distract Ron. Kim bought it with a smirk on her lips.

Once she got to the beach she changed and walked along the surf. Everybody stared at her. Young or old, male or female, local or tourist, it didn’t matter. She heard whistling coming her way, along with a few brave souls who tried to hit on her. She never broke her stride as she shot them all down, even the one that whipped out his dick to show her. It was nice, but she had no use for it. She had Ron, after all.

Plenty of people were surfing, but Kim couldn’t see Nani and Ron anywhere. She kept walking, and as she did the crowds thinned out. It occurred to her that they could’ve already left, but even if so, she enjoyed the scenery and kept walking.

Eventually, she saw what appeared to be the tip of a surfboard poking up from beyond a pile of rocks. Kim thought that someone must have stuck it into the sand, which wasn’t all that strange. What was strange was that it seemed to be shaking. Curious, Kim climbed over the boulders to take a look. Once she saw, she gasped.

She had found Ron and Nani, and along with them what looked like a lifeguard. She looked a lot like Nani, except blonde, but that was the least of Kim’s concerns at that moment. The lifeguard was bent over, propping herself up against the surfboard. Her red one-piece swimsuit had been pulled aside, and Ron was slamming into her from behind.

The sound of the waves drowned out her moaning enough so that passers-by had to go out of their way to catch them the way Kim had done. Nani was there, too. Her bikini top was gone and Ron was busy sucking her nipples.

Kim shook her head. It was always the same with Ron. Not that she disliked it. Her hand had already slipped into the sorry excuse for a bikini bottom she was wearing.

“Mmmh, fuck. Does it feel as good as it looks?”, Nani asked the lifeguard. The blonde whipped her head around and grinned at her.
“Way better! I wish all the tourists were packing like him. Would make getting hit on all the time way less tedious”, she moaned and shook her ass.

Ron fucked her even harder. Her moans grew into screams and to Kim it looked like the surfboard might fall over soon. However, before that happened, the blonde pushed Ron back. His enormous dick slipped out of her soaked pussy. Nani stroked it while she and Ron watched the lifeguard strip out of her swimsuit.

Once she had rid herself of it, she made sure the board wouldn’t fall over. She leaned her back against it and motioned for Ron to come to her. He quickly shoved his cock back inside her and fucked her as if they were leaning against a wall. They got so into it that Ron picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Kim and Nani both looked on and rubbed themselves. While Kim had a nice view of the lifeguards bouncing tits, Nani squatted down to watch Ron’s fat balls slapping against that brown ass.
Of course, being caught between the board and Ron meant that there was no way to avoid getting creampied. She had been cumming continuously, but when Ron groaned and semen started flooding her insides, the lifeguard’s mouth stood agape. The creampie made her cum like crazy, and it was plain for anybody to see. Kim could tell by the way she clung to Ron, the way her toned legs squeezed him. Nani creamed herself a little bit at the sight of her vacant o-face and the fact that instead of a scream, only little whimpers escaped her lips. Ron knew by the way her pussy tried to strangle his dick.

When Ron pulled out and put her back on her feet, the lifeguard wavered for a few seconds before she fell to her hands and knees. Ron’s thick cream started oozing out of her cunt almost immediately.

Kim, Ron, and the lifeguard were surprised when Nani shoved her face into the blonde’s crotch and started licking.
“What a waste”, she moaned as she made sure that none of Ron’s jizz dribbled onto the sand. Kim came then. She would have done the same in Nani’s stead.

Ron’s lust-addled mind only registered another slut that needed his dick in her pussy. He came up behind Nani and pulled down her bikini bottom.
“Finally! Give it to me, Ron!”, she said before burying her face in the lifeguards crotch again. She squealed into her creamy pussy when Ron shoved his massive cock inside her.

The way Ron’s cock stretched her out and rubbed all kinds of sensitive spots all at once opened Nani’s eyes. After a minute of Ron powerfully thrusting into her from behind, she knew that she would never let David have another go at her. He had never even managed to make her cum, whereas Ron was about to let her experience a mind-shatteringly strong orgasm without even trying.

As the pressure built up, Nani couldn’t focus on eating pussy anymore. Noticing the lack of stimulation, the lifeguard turned around, spread her legs wide, grabbed Nani by the hair, and shoved her face back between her legs. If Nani wasn’t going to eat her out, she was just going to rub herself against her face.

Soon, Nani began to cry. Big tears of joy ran down her face when the climax started to tear through her body. She screamed, clawed at the sand and trembled as waves of pure pleasure the likes of which she had never even imagined washed over her. The lifeguard came, too and squirted in her face, shuddering in bliss. Nani’s pussy quaked around Ron’s throbbing shaft, and holding his load became a non-option. Jets of piping hot semen were pumped straight into Nani’s womb. The unfamiliar sensation made her tense up for a second, before she relaxed, surrendering herself to the warmth filling her body.

Kim squirted when Ron filled Nani up. The knowledge that her boyfriend was virile enough to fuck several other women during the day and to still fuck her brains out afterwards turned her on like crazy. She watched as Ron pulled his dick out of Nani. Now it was the lifeguards turn to lap up all the excess semen, lest it went to waste, and there was a lot of it.

Kim left after that. She quickly immersed herself in the water to clean up and went back to Lilo’s house. Ron and Nani returned long after, when the sun was setting. Kim smirked when she noticed that Nani was walking funny.

* * * * *

A couple months later, Ron was together with Ann, Shego, and Yori. The mothers of his children had decided to have a little gettogether. The day went by pleasantly enough. Pictures were taken, the half-siblings met for the first time, even if they wouldn’t remember the occasion, everybody had a good time. It got even better when the babies were put to bed. The parents retired to the bedroom to play.

At some point, Ron’s phone vibrated. At the time, he was engaged in some passionate lovemaking with Shego. His thrusts were long and deep, pushing into her womb every time. She hugged him tightly and wrapped her long, sexy legs around him as she moaned softly.
“I don’t mind if you put another one in me, you know?”, she whispered into his ear. He was shocked to hear that, but the smoldering look in Shego’s eyes made it clear that she wasn’t joking.
“Breed me”, she said and pushed his face into her big boobs. Ron’s thrusts became more intense. He groaned into her cleavage when he came. Shego hummed happily as her womb was filled with fertile seed. She caressed his hair and smiled at him when he lifted his face.

That was when Ann cleared her throat. She had been right next to them the entire time, and so had Yori. The two of them had been scissoring while Shego got her one-on-one round with him.
“Didn’t want to interrupt you guys, but check this out, daddy”, Ann said mirthfully. She had picked up Ron’s phone and showed him the message he had received.

It was a photo of Nani and the lifeguard. They were naked and posing, putting pregnant bellies on display.
“Oh!”, Shego yelped. She felt Ron swelling up when he looked at the photo. All three of them smiled at him lasciviously.
“You’re pretty happy about that, huh?”, Shego asked. Ron couldn’t deny it. There were worse things than knocking up beautiful women.
“I don’t even know the name of the blonde one”
“You are such a stud, Stoppable-san”, Yori said and pushed her soft boobs into his back. Ann chuckled.
“I’ll send this straight to Kim. That’s one huge family you’re making here, Ron”, she mused with a smile.

* * * * *

Elsewhere, Kim and Monique had put on strap-ons and double-teamed Bonnie when Kim’s phone rang. She reach for it while Bonnie kept bouncing on top of her, moaning lustily.
“What’s up, Kim”, Monique asked between breaths. She was giving Bonnie’s ass a thorough pounding and was a little out of breath.
“Guess who’s going to be a daddy again”, Kim said and showed them the picture.
“Nice”, Bonnie and Monique said in unison.
‘atta boy!, Kim texted back before she put her phone away again. Celebrations could wait. Right then, Bonnie demanded her undivided attention.

Chapter Text

Occasionally, Ron asked for breaks from the constant fucking he was doing. He loved it, but it was exhausting.

On one such evening, Kim was relaxing in her room. Laying on her bed naked, she was searching for porn. Just because Ron needed a breather didn’t mean that she needed one, after all.

The face of a familiar looking blonde in a thumbnail caught her attention. She clicked the video and was surprised to see Adrena Lynn. It seemed that the former TV-fraud was producing homemade porn after getting released from jail.

Kim was intrigued and began sifting through her library of videos. Uploads seemed to be almost daily, ranging from cheap POV porn, over Jerk-off instructions to larger, more professional looking productions. She also didn’t seem to be above catering to the fetish crowd.

Kim shook her head in amusement as she read some of the video titles.
Adrena Lynn loves your Big Black Cock POV;
JOI Big Sister Lynn catches you jerking off with her underwear;
The 24-hour Fuckathon, which was in fact a 24 hour long video;
Adrena Lynn clips her Toenails;
Mistress Lynn demands your Semen JOI;
Bungee fucking with Adrena Lynn, and
Border Patrol shoves hand up Lynn’s Ass in search of Coke.

Kim was getting in the mood when she stumbled upon a curious video, titled Adrena Lynn Defeated Again. The thumbnail showed Lynn’s face completely covered in cum. As far as Kim knew, the only person who ever defeated Lynn was herself. The possibility that the video might have something to do with her excited Kim, and she clicked it.

The video started with a shot of Lynn’s entire body. She was in good shape. Kim liked her toned legs and stomach, not to mention her curvy hips and firm boobs. Lynn slowly walked backwards towards a bed. The camera followed her as she let herself drop backwards, pulling up her legs in the process. Laying there, legs spread and held open by her knee pits, she started talking.

“I may have lost last time, but let’s see if you can take me without that ginger bitch around”, Lynn said into the camera, smiling lecherously. The ginger bitch in question was already rubbing her pussy, eager to see what came next.

The camera shook a little, the rustling of clothes and a zipper could be heard. Then an expression of disbelief crept onto Adrena Lynn’s face, closely followed by a humongous penis, thick and erect, getting slapped onto her belly. The fat monster reached beyond Lynn’s belly button and looked very familiar to Kim.

That was Ron! She’d recognize those thick veins and fat glans any day. She reached for a vibrator. Now she was really curious what was next.

Ron rubbed the entire length of his dick along Lynn’s pussy. The blonde started moaning softly, and her expression softened. It seemed like she was getting comfortable with the idea of getting stuffed with Ron’s massive cock.

Eventually, Ron stopped rubbing and started prodding Lynn’s snatch with his dick. Kim had an excellent view of Lynn’s lips slowly giving way and gobbling up Ron’s cock. She groaned when he had pushed his whole tip into her.
“Fuck, that’s big!”, she said. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly. As Ron pushed inch after fleshy inch inside her, she started whimpering.
“Oh, lord!”, Lynn cried when Ron was pushing past the halfway point.

Kim licked her lips and started teasing her clit with her vibrator as Ron’s meat pushed deeper and deeper into Lynn’s tight pussy. The blonde was gritting her teeth and looking into the camera with an almost pleading look. Ron didn’t seem to care though. He pushed deeper until Lynn squealed.

“You’re pushing against my cervix! Holy fuck, it’s not even all in yet!”, she said, breathing hard. There was still an inch or two to go. Ron didn’t say anything. He just started pumping his hips. Lynn threw her head back immediately and cried out. Her boobs began to bounce and Ron’s cock glistened from her juices when he pulled it out.

Kim was watching with half-lidded eyes. Her vibrator felt great on her clit, and she had shoved two fingers into her wet cunt for the sake of feeling some penetration. She wanted Ron. Wanted to get fucked like Adrena Lynn on screen.

Meanwhile, Lynn was moaning loudly. Her expression was still pleading, but where before it seemed like she wanted to tell him to stop, it looked like she wanted him to lay into her harder, if anything.
“I may have underestimated you… Oh, yeah!”, Lynn moaned lustily. She was massaging her own breasts, while Ron held her legs in place.

Kim noticed that Ron’s cock had fully entered Lynn. The blonde was clearly enjoying herself, and Kim also felt her pleasure increasing. She imagined the pressure of Ron’s bulbous glans pressing into her cervix and the feel of his balls smacking against her ass.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cummi- ah! Ahhh!”, Lynn cried, crossing her eyes. Not only did she cum, she squirted. A fountain of clear liquid shot into the air and almost touched the camera. Ron wasn’t there yet though, and he wasn’t stopping!

“Please, I need- ah! AH! Br- Ooh! Break. Please!”, Lynn begged, but Ron wouldn’t listen. As he slammed into her pussy harder, her protests and begging devolved into mumbling and squealing. The strength seemed to leave her body. When Ron was finally about to cum, Lynn just lay there, staring into the camera vacantly.

He pulled his entire schlong out and climbed on top of her. Kim watched him point his cock at Lynn’s face and jerk himself off until the first thick blast of semen came out. It formed a straight line on her face, from her hair across her left eye down to her cheek. More jizz followed, covering every feature until the video’s thumbnail was recreated; a sticky mess, barely recognizable as a human face.

The video ended there, just in time for Kim to cum. She arched her back and her hips were thrusting into the air as her orgasm rocked her body. She didn’t know how long the convulsions lasted, but eventually she realized that she had closed her eyes. The soft humming of her vibrator brought her back to reality.

She turned it off and leaned back. The video ended there, but she was certain that that hadn’t been the entire extent of Ron’s fling with Adrena Lynn. She would make sure to ask him about it.

* * * * *

Elsewhere, Ron was sleeping, until something stirred him awake. He opened his eyes and saw a shadowy figure standing over him. Just as he was about to scream, the figure placed a hand on his mouth and shushed him.

“Relax, Ron. It’s me”, a woman’s voice said and turned on the lights.
“Betty?”, Ron asked when her eyepatch wearing face was illuminated.
“I’d prefer Dr. Director”
“Whatever. What are you doing in my room?”, Ron asked. She was wearing a black catsuit and had a box with her.
“Global Justice has decided to take a few DNA samples of you for our research into the Ron factor, and sent me to retrieve them. I’ve already gathered skin, hair, saliva and blood samples. I was just about to extract a sperm sample when you woke up”, she explained matter-of-factly.

“Well, if it’s for science I guess i- Wait. Sperm sample?”, he asked, befuddled.
“Yes. Although, now that you are awake, may I ask for your cooperation?”, Betty asked and reached into the box. She pulled out a transparent plastic cup.
“Could you jerk off into this, please?”

Dr. Director stared at him expectantly. He took the cup from her hand and pulled out his cock. He grabbed it and started stroking, looking at her curvaceous body. His meat hardened quickly.

Betty’s eyes were glued to Ron’s penis. She had never seen one so massive. It had been impressive when he first pulled it out, but seeing it at full mast made her feel a little hot in her catsuit.

She just stood there and watched while Ron masturbated, occasionally licking her lips without him noticing. Ten minutes past, and the cup remained empty.
“Is something wrong, Ron?”, Betty asked. She was fanning her face with her hand at that point. The thought of jumping onto Ron’s thick shaft had crossed her mind several times.

Ron couldn’t get off. His cock was hard, his mind was willing, but after getting spoiled by a horde of beautiful women, masturbation just seemed awfully dull.
“I’m not very… excited. Sorry”, he said, dutifully stroking his member.

Those words were music to Betty’s ears.
“I think I can help with that”, she said and unzipped her catsuit. She slowly peeled it off, revealing the scandalously small micro bikini she wore underneath. Ron’s eyes grew wide at the sight of her and his hand stroked harder and faster.

Dr. Director was stunning. Her breasts were large. The string holding her flimsy bra in place cut into them, hinting at their softness. Her curvy hips were crowned by well defined abs and rested atop long, toned legs. She crossed her strong arms underneath her bosom, pushing it up a bit for Ron’s viewing pleasure.

She had noticed that his fapping had increased in intensity, of course. She turned around and was pleased to hear him inhale sharply. Her ass was amazing. It was beautifully round and plump; two invitingly soft cushions. However, not for a second did he doubt that it would become as hard as steel if she bothered to flex her muscles.

“You should think about modeling”, he moaned while masturbating furiously. She gently swayed her hips to show off her rear even more.
“Global Justice produced a racy calendar last year titled Global Just-Ass. I was featured on seven photos”, Betty said proudly, putting a finger underneath each of her buttocks and wiggling them up and down, making her butt jiggle. Ron was captivated by the show. He doubted that any of the other women in that calendar could hold a candle to Dr. Director.

After another five minutes, Dr. Director grew impatient. She bent over and slowly pulled down her tiny thong. Ron practically drooled at the sight of the little piece of cloth slowly peeling off of her wet lips.

She turned around, pulling the bikini top off in the process. She reached out and closed her fingers around Ron’s cock just below the glans and began tugging it.
“Would you like my assistance, Ron?”, she asked. Ron nodded, making her smile. She settled down between his legs. While her hand kept stroking his cock, her mouth went to work on his balls. Ron hissed when his heavy nuts were sucked into Betty’s warm mouth. She lashed them with her slippery tongue.

Pre-cum started oozing out of Ron’s dick shortly after she had gotten started. The additional lubrication allowed her to jerk him off faster. Ron’s soft moaning was drowned out by the wet sound of the handjob and Betty’s loud slurping.

Another five minutes went by without ejaculation. Dr. Director was getting frustrated and turned on in equal measure. From one moment to the next she ceased sucking Ron’s balls and closed her lips around his fat glans instead. Her tongue restlessly wiggled and thrashed about. Ron moaned loudly at the sudden assault on his senses, and he reached almost automatically for her head to push her further down.

Betty bobbed her head eagerly along his huge cock. Her mouth was awash with the flavor of his pre-cum, and her building arousal made her yearn for his dick in her throat. She gagged as he pushed past the entrance to her tight gullet. She began rubbing her pussy as Ron started fucking her throat.

Before long, Betty’s chin was nudging against his ball sack. Her throat was getting stretched by his swollen cock. Breathing was difficult, but Ron’s grasp on her head was so firm that she simply had to make due. He used her mouth like a toy, and the confidence with which he fucked her face told her that it wasn’t the first time he treated a woman thus. The thought excited her, and she came a little. Her moaning made her throat vibrate pleasurably for Ron.

Feeling him twitch excited her even more, but it also made her panic. She wanted his nut, but she remembered that she was supposed to collect it. She tried to pull away in earnest, but Ron wouldn’t allow it. He got up from the bed, held her head firmly and fucked her throat. Dr. Director tried to speak, tried to implore him not to waste the sample, but all she managed to produce were moans and unintelligible gargling.

With a one last thrust, Ron’s balls slapped against her chin and began pumping his piping hot semen down her throat. The sample was wasted, but the rough ride and the feeling of warm goo running down her throat made Betty cum again. She knelt there and trembled in bliss as Ron filled up her stomach.

He pulled out once he had finished and put his dick on her face, leaving only traces of semen for her to taste on her tongue. Dr. Director quickly recovered from her stupor and looked up at him with a stern expression.
“You wasted the sample”, she said. Ron’s face lit up and a rueful expression came over it.
“Sorry, Dr. Director. I kind of forgot all about that”, he mumbled. Betty blushed a little. She took it as a compliment.
“Well, since you seem ready for another round”, she said, smooching the massive boner resting on her face,”How about we just try again?”.

Before Ron could say anything, she pushed him back onto the bed and straddled him. She lined up his dick with her dripping cunt and slowly back up into it. She hissed as her pussy stretched wide to accommodate his humongous dick.

As she worked her way down his shaft, Ron shoved his face into Dr. Directors voluptuous tits. He pushed his face into her cleavage, grabbed each breast and pushed them together, smothering himself in wonderfully soft warmth. As he deeply inhaled her smell, he let his thumbs roll over and flick her hard nipples.

Meanwhile, Betty had made it halfway down Ron’s cock and began grinding on his shaft. The stimulation was intense, suppressing her voice was impossible. Moaning and occasional yelps filled the room.

Betty’s frisky thrusting didn’t leave Ron unaffected. Her tight pussy felt amazing, tightening and relaxing in rhythm with her motions, but the shallow penetration left him unsatisfied. His hands moved from her big boobs to her magnificent ass. His fingers sank into the supple flesh, but he could feel strong muscle working underneath. Once he had secured his grip, he pumped his hips into hers.

Ron’s fat dick suddenly digging deeper into her made Dr. Director scream. The massive appendage drilled deeper and deeper inside her, and within a minute, his entire length had found its way into the warm, slippery confines of Dr. Directors pussy.

She held onto him tightly through the short bursts of pain and subsequent shocks of pleasure. She groaned at the intense stimulation, at the way Ron’s glans tried to breach her womb and how his testicles slapped her ass.

Her pussy clung to him as if to drag him even deeper inside. Their hips worked in unison to enable the deepest penetration possible. Betty started cumming quickly. Her pussy squeezed as hot bursts of pleasure made her gasp. She couldn’t keep up her movement through her climax, instead gyrating her luscious hips with little rhyme or reason. However, the smooth, sensual movements pleased Ron.

They kept fucking like that for a while, Dr. Director cumming again and again, while Ron slowly worked himself up to another orgasm. Betty was so flustered from cumming that she didn’t even register Ron’s twitching. It took jets of Ron’s hot cum splashing against her cervix for her to come to her senses. However, Ron was in a world of his own, and there was no getting off of him as he filed up her pussy.

Dr. Director surrendered to the sweet warmth and let Ron finish. Once his grasp on her booty loosened she propped herself up on his chest to reprimand him, but then she realized that his cock still felt hard inside her.
“That’s another sample wasted”, she said. Ron was about to apologize, but she gently placed a finger on his lips.
“Guess we’ll just have to go another round, huh?”, she giggled, smiling lasciviously.

Betty finally got her sample when the sun was rising. The light of the early morning shone in through the window, illuminating Betty on her knees in front of Ron. Both of them glistened, her hair was disheveled and sticky with jizz. Ron’s cock had been unwavering all night long, and it still stood proudly as she jerked him off with long, hard strokes with one hand. The other held the cup she needed to be filled. His cock was aimed at it.

Dr. Director could hardly resist the urge to wrap her lips around it again. She ogled the veiny monster as she felt it beginning to throb in her hand. Ron groaned as thick semen started gushing forth. It wasn’t nearly as much and didn’t come out nearly as forcefully as when they had started several hours prior, but Betty couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that he still filled the cup to the point of overflowing, much like he had done repeatedly with her pussy.

She put the sample into her box and took a deep breath.
“Thank you for the cooperation, Ron”, she said. She was tired and exhausted in the best way possible. She smiled brightly at him.
“Sorry it took so long”, Ron said. Dr. Director giggled.
“Don’t be”, she murmured and kissed his glans passionately. “If you don’t mind, I’ll borrow your shower before I take my leave”, she said and got up. Ron dropped onto his bed, exhausted.
“Sure, sure”, he said. Betty turned and left the room. Ron watched her, watched her bodacious body and decided to ask for her number when she got back.

Chapter Text

A football game had just ended and the Middleton High cheerleaders were ready to hit the showers. Their team had won, their routine had worked out perfectly, spirits were high.

Kim was the most excited. Not because of the game or anything. She had a surprise planned and was giddy. Bonnie was in on it, too. They exchanged glances from across the locker room, smiling. It was going to be one hell of a ride.

The girls stripped and walked into the showers one after the other while Kim checked out their nubile bodies secretly. Eventually, only she and Bonnie were left. Both of them were naked and shared a kiss. Then, Kim walked to the door and knocked once. Outside someone knocked in response twice, paused, and knocked twice again. Kim opened the door, pulled Ron inside, and shut it again, locking it this time.

“Ready for a good time, Ron?”, Bonnie asked lecherously and pulled his shirt over his head. Ron seemed nervous, though his eyes darted between Bonnie’s and Kim’s tits, unable to settle on either.
“Are you sure this is going to work out?”, he asked while Bonnie pushed her boobs against him.
“Don’t worry, Ron”, Kim said, on her knees. “They won’t say no to this”, she said, yanking his pants down. Freed from its confines, his cock sprang up, almost hitting her face. Seeing it made Kim smile, and she smooched it before rising to her feet again. She embraced him and gave him a deep, long kiss. She kept at it until she felt him relax. Simultaneously, his cock was only growing harder. She broke off the kiss and looked to Bonnie. The brunette smiled and nodded.
“Alright. Let’s hit the showers”

The open room was covered from top to bottom in white tiles. Shower heads came straight out of the walls. Ron walked into the room with a beauty at either side. Through the steam, he saw the silhouettes of the most desirable girls in school, outside of Kim and Bonnie, of course.

It took the team a moment to notice his arrival. One by one they turned towards him. Their eyes widened and they opened their mouths to scream, but invariably, they remained silent with their mouths hanging open when they saw Ron’s huge cock. The only exception was Tara. Having already experienced him, her face lit up. She licked her lips hungrily and one of her hands slipped between her legs.

“What the fuck?”, Crystal mouthed, being the first able to speak again. In stark contrast to her brown curls and tan skin were her green eyes which she couldn’t seem to tear away from that thick dick.
“I thought, rather than fooling around with the boys from the team after the game like you usually do you might like to play with a real man”, Kim said, stroking Ron’s dick.
“There is no way that thing is real”, Jessica, a blonde with freckles, said.
“Oh yeah? Why don’t you ask Tara about it?”, Bonnie suggested with a big grin. She was rubbing her big tits against Ron’s arm.

The team collectively turned to Tara. Some of them gasped when they realized that she was masturbating. Ron’s little butt slut couldn’t even stop herself.
“Come on, Tara. Tell them what you think”, Kim said. Tara bit her lip, not to keep quiet, but because she was cumming. The pairs of eyes looking her way turned her on to no end. She squeaked and started twitching.
“Holy shit…”, Hope said. She was slender, with straight black her and tanned skin. The comment wasn’t only referencing Tara’s climax. The entire situation had gotten her all hot and bothered. Her pussy was wet.

Once she had recovered, Tara straightened her back and walked over to Ron.
“It’s been far too long since I’ve had you inside me, Ron”, she said lasciviously, throwing her arms around his neck and covering his cheeks with kisses.
“I think you should show those other sluts how much you’ve missed Ron”, Bonnie said, placed a hand on Tara’s head and pushed her down. The blonde didn’t resist. She sank to her knees, staring into Ron’s eyes the entire time, and once she was face to face with his cock, she opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue. Kim held Ron’s cock steady, Bonnie pulled Tara closer, and just like that she started sucking his cock in front of the entire team.

Marcella, another dusky beauty with the second largest pair of tits on the team, began playing with her nipples. Liz, the only other redhead on the team, approached them timidly.
“Wanna join in?”, Kim asked her, warmly. She wanted to see the entire team bouncing on Ron’s shaft.
“I… I don’t… I m-mean… c-can I touch it?”, she stammered. Bonnie and Kim smiled and Ron nodded. He was panting from Tara’s sloppy blowjob. Since the blonde occupied about half of his massive dick with her mouth, Liz grabbed it by the base.
“Oh, god. That’s real! It feels hot and… fuck, it’s so fat!”, she said. Her fingertips just barely managed to touch when she closed her hand around it. Without meaning to, she began rubbing not only Ron’s cock, but also her little pussy.

Kim and Bonnie stepped aside, pulling Tara off of his dick in the process. The blonde struggled this time, unwilling to let go of Ron so quickly.
“Come on, Tara. You already know what it’s like with Ron. Let the others try”, Kim said. Tara looked around and saw that all the others were touching themselves and staring at Ron with lust burning int heir eyes. She yielded, but only because she knew that once Ron was done fucking them, she could get her ass stuffed as much as she wanted without interruptions.

Kim and Bonnie fingered each other as they watched Ron get started. He grabbed Liz by her firm butt and began licking her nipples. Marcella grabbed one of his hands and placed it on her ample breasts. The way he fondled them and occasionally pinched her nipples made her moan.

Liz was still stroking the base of Ron’s cock. In the meantime, Crystal had gotten on all fours and crawled towards it.
“Can that even fit?”, she asked no one in particular before placing her lips on his glans and slowly taking it into her mouth.
“Mmmh, it can, don’t worry”, Bonnie assured her while Kim teased her clit.

Since his dick was so heavily beset, Jessica and Hope had to find something else to do. The next best thing to suck on a guy were his balls, so they squeezed past Crystal to get at them.
“Holy… Have you even noticed his balls? They are so big!”, Hope said, awestruck. That’s when she decided that she wasn’t going to leave before she had gotten Ron to cum on her face. She loved cum. She loved getting it on her face, swallowing it, tasting it, and a heavy set of nuts such as Ron’s promised a truly massive load.
“Fuck… Can you imagine these things slapping against you while he...”, Jessica said. Her voice trailed off as she placed her lips on his sack and got busy sucking his nuts.

Watching her teammates worshiping Ron’s cock turned Kim on like crazy, which made it easier for Bonnie to get her off. Her pussy was soaked, and Bonnie’s fingers were rubbing just the right spot. Kim gave Bonnie a deep kiss as she came.

While his girlfriend was getting off, Ron wasn’t ready yet. Having a bunch of cheerleaders working his shaft was great, but he needed a little something more to cum. He needed a pussy. Ron pulled his cock out of Crystal’s mouth and pushed the others away to make room. Then he told Liz to lie down and spread her legs. She was spread out for him on the floor in a heartbeat.

The other girls gathered around her and looked on in envy as Ron slapped his fat dick onto her pussy. He did it a few times to tease her with great effect.
“Ahh! Fuck me!”, Liz groaned, throwing her head back. Not one to keep a lady waiting, Ron placed his thick glans between her labia and pushed. The girl gritted her teeth as his fleshy dick spread her further apart than any guy on the football team ever had.

The onlookers had conflicting feelings about what they saw. On one hand they couldn’t believe that Liz was actually taking that humongous penis, on the other hand, if she could take it, then so could they, and that thought excited them to no end.

When Ron felt that he was pushing against her womb, he started thrusting. Liz shrieked. The stimulation was insane. The way his cock scraped her insides on the way out, the way he filled her up to the brim when he pushed back in, it blew her mind. Within a minute of getting fucked she was whipping her head around and creaming herself. Some of her teammates gasped when she writhed on the floor.

Her orgasm lasted for at least a minute, and when it was finally over, Liz just lay there limply with a big smile on her face. Smelling a chance to get her turn in, Hope climbed on top of Liz and wiggled her butt seductively. Before she could say anything Ron had already grasped her tight little ass and pushed his dick into her.
“Oh! Ooooooh, fuck...”, she moaned. Ron was getting impatient, so he pushed into her much quicker than he had done with Liz and started thrusting right away.

Before long, Hope was staring into space. Her eyes were crossed, her mouth hung open, and her body shook every time Ron thrust his dick into her. Jessica marveled at the sight of his swinging balls. They slapped against Hope’s pussy repeatedly, producing loud slaps. She lasted longer than Liz, but not by much. She was already on the brink of passing out when Ron felt her pussy seizing up. It trembled and quaked, massaging his dick for a while, but the tremors subsided, and Ron pulled out. Without his support, Hope collapsed onto the floor. She lay there with her eyes closed and a content smile on her face, occasionally giggling to herself.

Ron wanted to cum. The inexperienced girls simply couldn’t take it long enough for him to get there, so he took a break from them and went to Tara. The blonde was roughly pushed against a wall. She stuck out her ass in eager anticipation. She couldn’t wait to feel that long, thick, warm cock inside her once again. Ron, knowing what Tara loved best, slapped her butt before shoving his dick into her tight little hole.

Tara screamed, but the expression on her face left no doubt that she loved what he was doing. The other girls, at least the ones paying attention couldn’t believe that Tara could take that monstrous dick up her ass so easily.
“Is she going to be okay?”, Marcella asked. Ron was fucking Tara much harder than he had fucked Liz or Hope. The blonde was receiving the entirety of his dick at rapid speeds. His balls slapped her pussy, making her feel even better.

Bonnie walked up to answer Marcella’s question.
“Not only is she going to be okay, we can be a little rougher with her, isn’t that right?”, she asked and gave Tara’s plush booty a resounding slap. She shrieked, but had a big grin on her face.
“Ye-e-e-e-e-sss!”, she moaned.
“You heard her, girls. Tara likes it when it hurts. Why don’t you give her what she wants?”, Bonnie asked, and retreated again. The three remaining girls exchanged glances. Crystal was the first to rise to the occasion. She smacked that ass hard, and Tara squealed.

As a demonstration, Ron gave her a slap of his own. It was much harder and left a red mark in the shape of his hand on her pure white skin. Even so, she loved it. She loved it so much in fact that it made her cum a little. She groaned like a bitch in heat through the mini climax.

The pattern continued. Rather than building up to one big climax, Tara kept cumming from getting spanked by her teammates and her stud. Meanwhile, Ron was getting ever closer to his release. When it was time, he yanked his dick out of Tara’s ass and unloaded all over her back. At least the first two shots landed on her back. Then Tara turned around, fell to her knees and opened her mouth. More jizz hit her face and landed on her tongue. The other girls couldn’t believe the amount of semen Ron was shooting out. By the end of it, Tara was a sticky mess the likes of which they had only ever seen when the entire football team decided to cum on a single girl. The best part, however, was that he was still hard afterwards.
“Who wants to go next?”, Ron asked, nonchalantly. Jessica timidly raised her hand.

* * * * *

Later that night, back at Kim’s place, Ron was sitting on the edge of her bed. Bonnie knelt in front of him, working his shaft with her tits and sucking his glans. Kim was hugging him from behind, watching.
“How does it feel to have the entire cheerleading squad at your beck and call, stud?”, she murmured into his ear, mirthfully. After the romp had concluded, all the girls insisted on giving him their phone numbers.
“It’s cool, but they’ll need a lot more practice before they can hold a candle to either one of you”, Ron said. Kim kissed him deeply. The praise made Bonnie happy, and she intensified her efforts to make him cum.

Just as Ron pumped a thick load into Bonnie’s mouth, his phone vibrated. He reached for it while Bonnie struggled to swallow the nut. Tara had sent him a photo of her ass. It was bright read. The caption read:

I can still feel your hands. Hope you’ll join the team after games regularly from now on.

Kim chuckled.
“Sounds like a great idea”, she said. Ron didn’t disagree.

Chapter Text

Everything was peaceful late at night on Christmas Eve in the Possible household. The family had feasted, received gifts and sung merry songs until bedtime. Now, in the wee hours, the only noises disturbing the silence were the sounds of lovemaking.

Kim was moving her hips frantically. Ron lay beneath her, staring at her jiggling breasts, with his hands on her waist and his huge cock balls deep in her tight pussy. Kim’s red silk panties had been pushed to the side. Their color matched the fishnets with fluffy white trim and the garter belt she wore.
“Ooooh, Ron. It feels so fucking good”, she murmured. She loved grinding on Ron’s massive dick. She loved how full it made her feel, how his big glans pushed and rubbed against her deepest parts. Feeling him twitch inside her drove her wild. It made her eager to feel his warm, plentiful load filling her up.

Their hands found each other, their fingers interlocked, and Ron, just as excited as Kim, started moving his hips, too. Kim squealed at the sudden intensity of it all and found it difficult to keep her body upright. She felt a climax coming, her eighth of the night, and surrendered herself to the pleasure.

Her movement ceased suddenly. She gasped and whimpered while her body trembled and shook through the orgasm. Ron didn’t stop fucking her and enjoyed the way her pussy shook and squeezed. Kim collapsed on top of him, hugged him, and covered his face and neck with kisses while he kept going. He readjusted himself so he could really go to town on her sweet little snatch, and soon bis heavy balls audibly slapped against Kim with every powerful thrust.

“Oo-o-o-o-o-ohh, fu-u-u-ck… I love you, Ron”, Kim whimpered into his ear. She said it just in time for Ron to cum. He slammed his cock all the way inside her and flooded her womb with thick semen.
“I love you, too, KP”, he said breathlessly while he still pumped more cum into Kim. She sighed contently, smiled brightly, and the couple kissed.

* * * * *
A few minutes of making out later, they were snuggling. Kim’s head was resting on Ron’s chest. She savored how comfortably warm her insides felt with the thick cream filling Ron had given her. Simultaneously, she was absentmindedly stroking Ron’s slippery, still fully erect penis. Looking at it made her smile. She couldn’t get enough of that magnificent thing.

“So, who else did you fuck today?”, Kim asked nonchalantly.
“What makes you think I-”, Ron started, but Kim cut him off.
“Please, Ron. I have only made you cum three times so far. Usually you’d need to dump at least half a dozen loads to feel content with me just slowly jerking you off like this”. She had a point, Ron supposed.
“Well, I started the day off with Zita. She had come over yesterday to play some games-”
“And to play with every girl’s favorite toy, I imagine”, Kim said and rubbed his cock a little harder. Ron cleared his throat.
“Well, yeah. That was most of the playing we did last night. Anyways, then, today, she took care of my morning wood before she went home”

They stayed quiet for a moment.
“Who came next?”. Ron sighed.
“While Zita was impaling herself on me, anally, my phone went off and I got this image”, he said and showed her a photo. It showed four pairs of huge boobs, all clad in red bra’s with fluffy white trimming, resembling Kim’s stockings.
“So you spent the day with Bonnie and her family?”, Kim asked, surprised.
“No. We had a date, after all”, Ron said. That made sense. The Rockwallers never would’ve let him leave so easily. “I’ll visit them tomorrow”.

“I went down to Bueno Nacho and ran into Monique. We had lunch together, talked about wrestling, and she suggested that we should totally go and do some wrestling of our own back at her place. On our way, a car pulled up next to us. It was Miss Go with our kid”, he said. Kim liked where this was going.
“A few words were exchanged, Shego was also interested in doing some wrestling, so we jumped into the car and went back to her place. She put the little one to bed for a nap, and...”
“You had a threesome with Shego and Monique”, Kim finished for him.
“Was it good?”, she asked lewdly, stroking his dick harder. It swelled up in her hand. That pretty much answered her question.
“Those two make a great team. While I was fucking Shego’s ass, Monique rested her head on that green booty, looked up at me and cheered me on. When my cock slipped out of Shego, Monique took over with her mouth right away. At some point I just started alternating between those two holes”, Ron reminisced, sounding labored. He was oozing pre-cum at that point.

“And how did you finish?”, Kim asked. The story turned her on. Her free hand had slipped into her panties and was teasing her creamy pussy.
“After dumping a load all over Shego’s ass, Monique asked me to fuck her while standing up. So I impaled her on my dick and went to town. While I was busy holding her up and cramming her pussy full of cock, Shego crawled between my legs and started sucking my balls. That took me over the edge. I filled Monique up, and when my cock slipped out of her pussy, Shego took it into her mouth immediately and cleaned it off. Meanwhile, I was making out with Monique, and the cum in her pussy started dribbling down onto Shego’s face”, Ron moaned. Kim’s hand felt so good, it took him right back to that moment. He saw Shego grinning at him with a face full of cum. It made him want to cum on her even more.

“And then? Kim asked. Her hand was a blur on Ron’s slippery dick. She wanted that nut. She put her head on Ron’s belly and opened her mouth in eager anticipation.
“Then, I… I came here and… you’re so beautiful, Kim. I… argh!”, Ron groaned and released his load. Thick spurts of cum hit Kim straight on the nose and she quickly adjusted her position. The next couple shots all landed squarely in her mouth, much to her delight.

After a few more shots, Kim sealed the tip of his big cock with her lips and sucked the remaining jizz out of him. Even after Ron had calmed down again, Kim simply kept blowing him. The night was still young, and Ron’s cock didn’t grow any softer, so he clearly needed some more lovin’.

“Hey you two. Mmmh, looks like you’re having a great time”, a new voice said. It was Kim’s mom, Ann, standing in the door. She wore a silky night gown that showed of her curves.
“Hey, Mom”, Kim said, taking a break from sucking dick. “No offense, but shouldn’t you be in bed with dad?”
“I was, and he got as much of me as he could handle. I expect him to wake up from his sex coma at around noon tomorrow”, the doctor said airily and came closer, She seated herself on the edge of the bed. Ron got to look into her robe and saw that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.
“So, do you have any presents for me in your sack, Santa?” she asked Ron with a lewd smile. She reached for his balls and fondled them affectionately.

Ron said nothing. He just put a hand on Ann’s head and pushed her down towards his dick. Meanwhile, she opened her gown, revealing the sexy MILF body underneath. Mother and daughter shared a kiss before going to work on Ron’s huge cock together. The Possible beauties smiled up at him as they licked and sucked his dong. Watching his girlfriend and the mother of one of his kids worshiping his cock made Ron feel all warm and fuzzy inside. He leaned back, relaxed, and offered Ann a ride. As Ann’s warm pussy slowly engulfed him in a loving embrace, Ron thought of how much fun they were going to have together that night.

Just as Ann was hitting her first orgasm, Ron’s phone vibrated. Kim, Squatting over his face, getting her pussy licked, reached for it to check the message. She gasped, drawing the attention of the others.
“Mom, look!”, Kim said , excitedly. Ann gazed at whatever it was through half-lidded eyes, which cleared when she realized what she was looking at. A big smile crept onto her lips and she clasped a hand over her mouth.

In the meantime, Ron managed to push Kim’s ass off of his face far enough to speak.
“What is it?”, he asked. Kim handed him his phone, and the Possible girls shared a knowing look. Ann squeaked because Ron’s cock throbbed noticeably in her still sensitive cunt.

It was a message from Betty. It read:

Merry Christmas! Here’s your present!

Attached were two images. The first was a positive pregnancy test. The second was a picture of a naked Betty, posing. Her body was as incredible as ever, and a slight baby bump only added to her beauty.

Ron looked at the other two. Everyone was happy about the news.
“First a ninja baby, now a spy baby”, Kim chuckled. “You’re kids are going to be the wildest bunch out there, stud”

Chapter Text

“Thank you so much, Kim Possible!”
“No big. It wasn’t the first time we had to trash a giant robot threatening a capital”, Kim told the police officer airily. He, along with some civilians and reporters showered her with more praise, photos were made, and after about half an hour she managed to escape.

Half a day previously, she and Ron had been about to go out on a date together. Their plans were rudely canceled when Wade informed them of an emergency in Seoul. After a few hours of flight, and a few hours of fighting some small time villain with a giant robot, there they were.

“There you are!”, she called when she spotted Ron. He was sitting at a table in front of a destroyed restaurant. She hoped the owner had some giant robot insurance.
“Hey, KP. That’s what I’d call another job well done. What now?”
“Well, Britina is going to give us a lift back home tomorrow morning, so I guess we’re free until then. How about we pick up where we left off? Surely they have movie theaters around here”, Kim said and looked at the rubble all around them. “Intact ones, I mean”.

Ron got up, they wrapped their arms around each other and started walking. Kim thought about their original plans. Grab something to eat, catch a movie, and spend the rest of the night with their favorite pastime. Kim licked her lips when she thought about sex. She had been looking forward to that part in particular. She hadn’t had sex for a few days.

Then Ron leisurely moved his hand down her back and groped her butt. They had been so busy that day that he hadn’t gotten any either. Surely he was feeling pretty pent up, too.

Kim thought about Ron’s big cock for a moment. Fleshy, warm, tasty… and then there were his balls. Those heavy, swollen nuts that needed to be drained regularly, or her boyfriend would feel uncomfortable.

It must’ve been summer in Seoul, because Kim felt incredibly hot all of a sudden. She fanned her face and stopped walking.
“Say, Ron”, she said with a low, husky voice, “how about I take care of this for you before we go on our date?”. As she said it, she put a hand between his legs and tenderly rubbed his cock. She could feel it swelling up through the fabric right away.

“That would be great, but… I mean, I can wait until later. It’s cool, KP”, Ron said and blushed. They were in the middle of a road. Fortunately, the citizens had evacuated the area, leaving them alone in the abandoned neighborhood.

Kim was undeterred, however.
“Don’t be shy”, she murmured and tenderly kissed his cheek. She continued, whispering in his ear: “Just a quick bj, no big deal. Just to make you feel better”.

She was rubbing her whole body against his now. Ron could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra under her black turtleneck. Her breasts felt nice and soft. He wondered if she had done that on purpose or if she had simply forgotten to put one on. His cock ached. He felt Kim’s warm breath on his neck, and the thought of that and so much more on his hard dick was as exciting as ever.
“...okay”, he whispered. Kim chuckled lustily.

Shortly after, in a lonely ally, Ron was leaning against a wall while Kim squatted in front of him, tugging at his pants. She licked her lips hungrily when his penis sprang up, erect and ready to be milked.

“God, I love this..”, Kim mused, inspecting her favorite toy from all angles, before gingerly grasping it by the base, putting her tongue to it, and giving it a slow lick all the way to the tip. The taste was lovely, and so was the smell.

She twirled her tongue all over Ron’s glans for a second. Ron shuddered the way he always did when Kim teased him. It was cute, and after a little more, she would give him what he needed; what she needed.

She lifted Ron’s big cock and checked out his balls. His smooth sack was packing two fat nuts. She cupped them tenderly, and found them heavy and sensitive. Ron groaned softly as she played with them. She placed a kiss on his sack and proceeded to suck one of his balls into her mouth.
“Fuck...”, Ron sighed. Kim only spent a few precious seconds massaging his testicle with her tongue before switching to the other one, however, even as little stimulation as that made his dick throb.

“Kim, you said you’d do it quickly. You’re killing me here”, Ron said, sounding tense. Kim giggled and withdrew from his balls.
“Sorry, Ron. It’s just that… mmmh”, she said and smooched his glans. Ron petted her head. He knew how much she loved playing with his dick. It was hard to hold that against her.

“No more goofing around then. Don’t hold back, just cum”, she said before wrapping her lips around his glans. As the sucking began, Ron felt his knees buckle for a moment. He wasn’t nearly as needy as Kim pretended he was. He could go without sex just fine, although he didn’t care to.

However, Kim was adapt at making him feel needy artificially. A few flicks of her tongue, and Ron was putty in her hands, which is kind of ironic considering that it also made his cock rock hard.

Kim bobbed her head along his dick, pulling back whenever he threatened to enter her throat. Making her boyfriend cum with her throat would’ve been easy enough for Kim, but she was in the mood to work with her tongue that day. Therefore, rather than working his cock with all the tools at her disposal, she put her hands on his thighs and simply used her mouth.

Ron’s soft moaning and the throbbing of his cock told her that it was working just fine. Her plush lips stroked the meaty cock, she skillfully teased his glans with her tongue, and sometimes, for the sake of variety, rubbed it with the inside of her cheeks.

Looking up at him and seeing the pleasure she gave him plain on his face turned Kim on to no end. Similarly, seeing Kim’s flushed face devouring his big dick made it difficult for Ron not to grab her by the hair and fuck her face.

Sucking Ron’s cock always made Kim feel like she spent a lot of time doing it, but it only took about three minutes before she felt Ron’s cock bulk up in preparation for the impending orgasm.

She sped up her movement, sucked harder, all in an effort to push Ron over the edge. When the moment came, Ron threw his head back and groaned.

Thick, viscous semen, more akin to jelly than anything else, started flooding Kim’s mouth. She started chugging right away, but swallowing it all was a struggle. The thick cum clung to the inside of her mouth and throat. If she hadn’t practiced as much as she had she would’ve been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of it.

Somehow Kim managed to drink it all without spilling any. Ron was panting as she pulled away while giving his cock one last suck. She opened her mouth and rolled out her tongue to show him that it all landed in her belly.

Kim rose to her feet and gave Ron a kiss.
“Feeling better?”. Ron nodded, still out of breath. “Good”.

* * * * *

Afterwards, they went to their hotel, changed, and went out for dinner, followed by a trip to the cinema. As it turned out, not understanding Korean made following the plot kind of difficult, but the film they had picked was a comedy with plenty of slapstick in it, so it was enjoyable none the less.

Back at the hotel, they didn’t fuck nearly as much as they might’ve liked since they had to get up early the next day. However, the sounds of their bed bumping against the wall and Kim screaming in orgasmic bliss kept the people in the adjacent rooms wide awake till way past midnight.

* * * * *

Next morning, Kim and Ron boarded Britina’s private jet. While Kim and Britina merrily chatted about this and that, Ron slumped onto one of the sofas and eventually nodded off.

“What’s with him?”, the blonde pop star asked.
“Oh, we didn’t sleep much last night”, Kim said casually. Britina grinned.
“Had a lot of fun last night, huh?”
“Not nearly as much as we would’ve liked. We had to catch a flight”, Kim said with a cheeky smile on her face. “I didn’t even have time to give him a little pick-me-up before we had to go”, she said, sucking one of her fingers meaningfully. “Now he’ll have to wait until we’re home”.

Britina couldn’t stifle a laugh.
“As if he’ll explode. He got some last night, didn’t he?”
“Sure, sure, but Ron is… more virile than most men. He quickly grows uncomfortable”. Britina looked at Kim in disbelief.
“Really? You fell for the whole blue balls thing?”
“No, seriously!”, Kim insisted. Then she got a naughty idea and smiled. “Wanna take a look? You’ll see what I mean”

Britina was taken aback. She gave Kim a bemused look.
“Are you serious?”
Kim didn’t answer. She just sat there, smiling lewdly, and raised an eyebrow. She was actually being serious!
“W-well… sure, why not, I guess...”, the pop star said.

Kim’s smile widened. The girls sat on either side of Ron. Kim gently placed her hand on his slowly rising and falling chest and slid it across his body until she reached his crotch. She grabbed his junk through his pants.

Britina pursed her lips. Even through his pants that looked like a proper handful! She was getting excited and started rubbing her thighs together ever so slightly.

Kim proceeded to open Ron’s pants. She got off the couch to grab them and pulled them down to his knees. Britina gasped when Ron’s cock came into view.
“Holy shit… that’s huge”, she whispered, lest she woke him up. Ron’s cock was only at half mast, yet it was the biggest dick Britina had ever seen.

“Oh, you’ve seen nothing yet”, Kim said, spat into her hand, and started stroking it. Britina watched it grow even bigger with bated breath.

Ron’s cock grew so thick that Kim’s fingers only barely managed to touch as she held it. The tip grew to an enormous size, and with some teasing, leaked droplets of fragrant pre-cum. Once it was fully erect, Kim started using both hands, and yet there was still plenty of pale, veiny meat unattended.

Kim had been distracted by the spectacle of Ron’s growing erection, just like her friend, but she was pleased to see the reaction the show had caused in Britina.

The blonde was blushing. Her dark eyes were fixed upon her boyfriends pussy pleaser. Her hard nipples were plainly visible through her flimsy top and her large breasts rose and fell with her quick, shallow breath. She kept licking her lips, surely curious about the taste of Ron’s dick. And, lastly, one of her hands had wandered between her legs and rubbed her crotch through her booty shorts.

“Nice, isn’t it?”, Kim asked. Her voice was soft and velvety. Britina simply nodded. She watched Kim’s hands massaging Ron’s enormous penis intently.

“Wanna give it a taste?”. Britina looked at Kim wide-eyed.
“N- I mean, ye- I mean… can I?”. Kim smiled at her warmly.
“I think Ron would enjoy that. And I know I most certainly will”

Britina chewed her lower lip for a second before nodding and sliding off of the couch. She got rid of Ron’s pants entirely, climbed between his legs, and found herself face to face with his massive member, which Kim helpfully propped up. The pop star was by no means a virgin, but she had never seen anything so magnificent between a man’s legs before.

The heavy smell of cock made her feel warm. Glistening streaks of pre-cum decorated Ron’s dick, promising a tasty treat. Unable to hold back any longer, Britina approached his glans with her mouth agape.


She closed her lips around his juicy slit, sucked and moaned. It tasted stupidly good. Kim grinned when she saw Britina’s eyes crossing with delight. Then the blonde slowly started to sink down.

While her lips gently stroked Ron’s shaft, Britina’s tongue hungrily danced across his penis. She felt every crease, every vein, every bit of supple skin, and loved it. She developed a nice rhythm, bobbing her head while trying to push further and further down.
“Oooh, yeah. You like sucking that dick, huh?”, Kim asked, with a hand between her legs. Watching a new girl experiencing Ron for the first time was especially enjoyable to the redhead.
“Mhm”, Britina moaned and winked. She never expected Kim to be so kinky, but she certainly wasn’t going to complain about it.

This kept going for a while. Kim wiggled out of what little clothing she wore, cuddled up to Ron and fingered herself while she watched Britina swallow more and more cock. Hearing the pop idol choke on her boyfriend turned her on, and the fact that Britina seemed determined to stuff the entire fucking thing down her throat pleased her.

Of course, Ron couldn’t stay asleep forever. Still drowsy, his eyes still closed, he put a hand on Britina’s head and petted her appreciatively.
“That feels great, KP”
“I’ll bet”, the redhead giggled into his ear, starling him.

Ron looked at his naked girlfriend next to him, then down to the pop star choking herself on his massive penis. Kim put a calming hand on his shoulder and pulled him back into the backrest. She smiled at him. He realized that she was touching herself.

Ron relaxed. Kim loved watching him go at it with other women, and she had seemingly talked another one into it while he was napping. No big deal. In fact, he looked forward to fucking the buxom blonde pop diva.

Since Ron was awake now, Britina pulled away and released his dick. She hadn’t quite gotten all of it down her gullet, but she would in time. For now, she had other plans though.

“Nice of you to join us. Now that you’re awake, I can finally do this”, she said and started pulling her top over her head. The fabric caught on her voluptuous breasts, and the moment of them dropping out of the shirt was a thing of beauty. Too bad neither Kim nor Ron had thought to film it.

Britina lifted one of her breasts and sucked its erect nipple while giving Ron a smoldering look. Then she got up, turned around and shoved her round ass at him. She swayed it this way and that, mesmerizing Ron. Kim took it upon herself to stroke Ron’s huge cock during Britina’s little show.

The pop star only wore a tight pair of shorts, and the more she moved her hips erotically, the more they rode up, showing off the contours of her ass.

Eventually, she hooked her thumbs into her waistband and pulled them down slowly, revealing not only her soft, shapely butt, but also her wet pussy. Then she gingerly seated herself on his dick and started grinding along the long, hot boner.

Before long, Ron’s dick was covered in juice and Britina was moaning. Kim and Ron enjoyed the sight of her plush booty smothering Ron’s cock.

“Ah, fuck! I need it now!”, Britina whined and raised her hips, Kim helpfully grabbed Ron’s thick cock and propped it up so the blonde could simply impale herself on it.

“Holy… god damn, Ron!”, she giggled when her pussy got stretched further than ever before. The way his bulbous glans pried her open, making room for his massive shaft felt amazing.

Similarly, the tight embrace of her silky smooth pussy made Ron groan in pleasure. He put his hands on Britina’s shapely hips and pulled her down, making her yelp.

When the blonde’s soft butt finally came to rest on Ron’s lap, she gyrated her hips, savoring how nicely he filled her up. She looked over her shoulder, winked at him, and began to bounce.

Meanwhile, Kim was rubbing her clit eagerly. There was nothing quite like watching a girl slam her hips down on Ron for the first time to get her all hot and bothered. Fortunately, Ron was a sweetheart and slipped first one, then a second finger into Kim’s wanting pussy, lest she felt left out.

“This is fucking amazing!”, Britina said, gasping for air. Every deep thrust of that humongous cock knocked the air out of her. It felt hot, and scraped her insides wonderfully. She could see herself getting addicted to this.

After only a minute or two she started cumming. She lost her rhythm, she shook her head wildly and groaned while Ron felt her pussy flexing as if to crush his cock.

“I’ve… ha… never cum so quickly before”, she gasped.
“Ron will do that for ya”, Kim squeaked. She was having an orgasm of her own just then. Not as hard as Britina’s, but good. “But, Ron hasn’t cum yet, has he?”

Britina looked over her shoulder and saw Ron shaking his head. He grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her back. Britina’s legs went up in the air and came to rest on his knees.
“Wait, gimme a min- urgh! Ffffffuck…”, the pop star groaned as Ron started thrusting. He hadn’t moved at all up until this point.

Kim watched with delight as the pop idol slowly lost it. The sound of hips slapping together filled the air and resounded rapidly. He was going much faster and harder than Britina had done before. Britina stared off into the distance and her mouth stood agape. Ron’s hands were busy kneading her big boobs, leaving Kim to her own devices.

That was what the redhead liked to see: her boyfriend, absorbed in plowing some tight pussy, and the lucky girl just melting away. However, as much as she enjoyed that, she was certain that she could add some spice to their romp.

Kim slid off of the couch and crawled between Ron’s legs. His fat nuts bouncing around was an almost hypnotic sight, and she just observed them for a moment. However, she hadn’t come for them. She caught one of them in her mouth and gave it a suck, making Ron groan in pleasure. Then she moved on to her original goal.

Kim had a clear view of Ron’s fat cock pumping into Britina’s sopping wet pussy. Right there, prominent and erect, was the blonde’s clit. Kim grinned to herself, licked her lips, and started sucking the little pleasure bud.

Britina cried out and started cumming right away. Ron felt her vaginal muscles working. The blonde looked down and met Kim’s green eyes, looking up at her with a glint of mischief. Britina couldn’t help but smile, and Kim rewarded her with more pleasure.

After Britina’s second climax had subsided, Ron made a request. He had been holding his load up until that point, and he wanted to cum on her breasts. More than willing to make Kim’s boyfriend happy, she got on her knees and held up her breasts.
“I got the buns, if you can provide the hot dog I think we can get something nice going here”, she said with a naughty smile.

Within seconds Britina was pushing her breasts together tightly to put as much pressure on Ron’s dick as possible. It was rare for him to see pair as big as these outside of the Rockwaller family, and he really put his hips to work to get the most out of it.

The blonde was amazed at his size once more. She had never done this with a guy whose cock could poke out of her cleavage. Most were simply completely buried. She stuck out her tongue, hoping that she would get to lick the tip at least a little bit.

Kim chewed her lower lip as she watched. She could tell by his expression that Ron was getting close. She came up next to Britina and embraced her.
“You don’t mind sharing the load, do you?”. Britina was surprised for a second, but a naughty smile quickly played across her lips.
“Of course not”, she giggled and gave Kim a kiss.
“You heard her, Ron”, his girlfriend said and put her head next to the blonde’s. He nodded.

It didn’t take much longer for Ron to get there. He pulled his cock out of her cleavage and stroked it furiously. The girls awaited their reward with open mouths, unfurled tongues, and girlish giggling.

His first shot was hard and hit Britina straight on the nose. Two more followed that landed on her tongue and chin, before Ron switched aim and released a long rope of thick white all across Kim’s face.

Both girls had their eyes closed, so they couldn’t tell if Ron had finished or not. Of course, Kim knew that Ron was prone to long, plentiful ejaculations, but Britinia was surprised every time more thick semen landed on her after a pause.

It took Ron more than a minute to finish. Once he had, he looked at the mess he made and was satisfied. Both girls tentatively opened their eyes, which were mostly covered in cum. They looked at each other and found their faces completely covered in warm semen. There was so much that some of it had dripped down onto their breasts.

Britina couldn’t believe this guy, and she couldn’t believe that Kim got to have this every day. Another thing she couldn’t believe was that Kim went in for a kiss, and not one of the cute little kisses they had shared before, but a deep, passionate french kiss.

How long they made out, Britina didn’t know, but she knew that they started licking each other’s faces clean, sharing the cum they had lapped up, passing it from mouth to mouth. By the end of it they were arguably messier than before, but at least their faces were recognizable again.

“That was amazing, you guys. Thank you”, Britina said airily. This had definitely been the best sex she had ever had.
“Are you satisfied already?”, Kim asked, sounding surprised. Britina raised an eyebrow and looked over to Ron to find his cock still hard.

“Are you telling me that he can do that again?”, she asked in disbelief. Kim chuckled and caressed Ron’s belly from the floor.
“Not only once. Do you see now why Ron would need some relief in the morning?”, Kim asked. Her voice sounded lusty. She was ogling her boyfriend’s junk.

Britina did understand. A guy that came that much, and wasn’t even done yet? Yeah, he would need to get off a lot, lest his balls exploded.
“We’ve still got a few hours of flight ahead of us, right?”, asked Kim,”We can have lots more fun together, if you’re up for it”

A big grin formed on Britina’s face. She was absolutely up for it.

Chapter Text

Once again, the Possibles went on a trip to Montana to visit their uncle Slim. Since he had been there before, Ron joined them on the trip.

The journey was lively. Between Jim, Tim, Ron, and the baby there was seldom a quiet moment. Through the rear view mirror Kim and Ann exchanged private looks.

Ron spent most of his time playing with his and Ann’s secret love child, which pleased its mother and his girlfriend. The baby enjoyed Ron’s company, too.

They arrived around noon, just in time for lunch. Slim and Joss greeted them and ushered them in right away. They feasted on a solid meal of corn porridge, baked potatoes and ham.

Slim was making easy conversation with Kim’s dad and brothers. She heard something about a herd of robo-horses. However, Joss held her attention.

Her cousin had seemingly discarded her Kim cosplay and wore a white t-shirt and denim shorts instead. She had filled out a bit since their last visit, too. The outline of a bra was visible through her shirt and her hips looked a little broader than before.

She still seemed to be infatuated with her true hero, though. Ron was under constant bombardment. Questions upon questions, suggestions, anecdotes, Joss ran her mouth without end. Fortunately, Ron enjoyed the hero treatment.

After lunch, Slim invited everyone to a horseback ride. He had assembled several robotic horses, enough for everyone to come along. Joss quickly excused herself, grabbed Ron and dragged him away. He willingly came along. Anything to get away from those nefarious robot horses.

Kim also excused herself, though she stuck around to listen to Slim explain how he constructed the beasts. He went on for almost half an hour about the adjustments he had had to make to arrive at the current model, minutes her dad and brothers spent glued to his lips.

Kim felt a little jealous as she watched her family ride off. She would’ve gone for a ride if she had been dressed appropriately. She was wearing a super short plaid skirt that day without panties.

Not the perfect attire to go on a ride, at least not on a horse. However, during the car ride, Ron had had her legs to look at any time he wasn’t busy goofing off.

In any case, Kim decided to put on some pants the next day and ask if she could go on a ride then. For the time being, she would just hang out with Joss and Ron.

She went to her cousin’s room and paused in front of the door. Funny noises caught her attention. Giggling, soft moaning.
Oh my god, Ron, Kim thought and bit her lower lip excitedly. Surely there must’ve been some explanation beyond what she was thinking. However, Ron just had a way with women. Only one way to find out, Kim thought and silently opened the door to peer inside.

Ron was sitting on Joss’ bed, naked. Kim’s cousin was kneeling in front of him, firmly stroking his towering cock with both hands. She had taken off her shirt and bra. Kim could see her hard nipples, and the way she looked at Ron told her all she needed to know.

Joss was loving it, and judging by his hissing and moaning, Ron was having a good time, too. Kim kept quiet, put two fingers into her mouth, made them nice and wet, and proceeded to watch them while touching herself.

“I can’t believe you’re luggin’ such a massive thing around all the time”, Joss said. Her hands couldn’t quite enclose Ron’s massive girth. Whether she had used spit or lube Kim couldn’t tell, but the small hands worked hard and fast.

Kim’s lips formed a little O when she inserted her fingers into her pussy. This was a show to her liking. She could tell by the look on Ron’s face that he was getting close. She wondered how long Joss had been jerking him off for.

“Joss, you should get out of the way”, Ron said, sounding tense. Joss did no such thing, however.
“Oooh, are you cumming? I can feel it throbbing!”, she said happily and stroked him even harder.

Ron tried to hold out, but it was no use. Without another warning he started cumming. Kim and Joss both gasped at the flood of semen shooting out.

The load was thick and landed squarely in Joss’ face, quickly followed by more shots that covered her small breasts and stained her shorts. Meanwhile, Kim was rubbing her clit furiously. It wasn’t every day that she got a sideways view of Ron’s climaxes.

She adored the way his semen arched through the air, how it splashed into Joss’ face. She could smell it even from the hall shortly after his orgasm died down.

By the end of it, Joss was a sticky white mess. She swallowed the stuff that had landed in her mouth and wiped cum off of her face so she could see again. She smiled at Ron.

“Holy cow. You could drown someone with that thing”, she chuckled. Then she noticed that Ron was still hard. Joss got up, opened her shorts and pulled them down, along with her panties.

“Kim is a lucky girl”, Joss said and climbed into Ron’s lap. Kim wholeheartedly agreed. Her pussy was overflowing. She was doing her best to keep an orgasm at bay at that point. She didn’t want this to end too quickly.

“I hope she won’t mind me getting lucky, too”, Joss said, trying to sound seductive as she lowered herself onto Ron’s massive cock. Her pussy pressed onto his fat glans and she moaned softly.

“I don’t think this is a good idea, Joss. I think it’s too big for you to fit”, Ron said, feeling strong resistance from the tight little hole. Joss scoffed at the notion.
“But Ron, don’t you know? Nothing’s impossible for a Possible!”
Yeah, you tell him, Joss!, Kim cheered mentally.

Kim’s cousin started bouncing ever so slightly on top of Ron’s cock in an attempt to gradually work her way down. Kim admired how shapely her ass looked, squatting over Ron like that.

Eventually, Joss managed to relax enough for Ron to slowly pry her open. She gasped, stopped bouncing and pressed on. Ron groaned softly as the tight flesh firmly gripped his dick.

“Oh, fuck”, Joss said, sounding meek. She had managed to fit Ron’s tip inside her. Kim rooted for her from outside while cumming. She wished she was in Joss’ place just then. Ron’s mighty cock would’ve felt amazing.

Instead, Joss started bouncing again. She rose, and lowered herself when Ron was about to slip out of her. She went slowly at first, but quickly got used to it and went harder.

Moaning from both participants started filling the air, and Joss was gradually impaling herself more and more on Ron’s dick.

Suddenly, Joss howled and threw her head back. An orgasm, Kim knew. Ron probably knew as well, but he didn’t want to stop. Instead of letting her catch her breath, he grabbed her waist and moved her on his own.

Ron had to take charge after Joss’ first climax. The younger girl was too overwhelmed with sensation to keep moving, though she didn’t tell him to stop. Instead she smiled and moaned happily.

At some point, Ron lay down and pulled Joss down with him. From then on they did it cowgirl style, though only about half of Ron’s cock fit into the tiny hole.

This continued until Ron was ready to cum again. He had enough presence of mind to pull out beforehand. Kim got to watch another show of impressive cumshots, this time covering Joss’ backside in pearly goo.

She creamed herself a second time then. She was savoring the afterglow, sucking her own juices off of her fingers, wishing it was Ron’s cock, when she heard metallic neighing.

Her family was back! How long had she been watching them? It didn’t matter. Ron had noticed, too. She saw him hurrying to get dressed.

Kim took quick stock of herself. She remained largely inconspicuous, maybe a little flushed. Without her noticing a puddle had formed at her feet, which she quickly wiped up.

She went outside to greet everyone, if only to buy Ron some time to make Joss presentable.

* * * * *

Later that day, after dinner, Joss was resting in her room. She was lying on her bed, wearing fresh clothes, with her legs spread. After her encounter with Ron it was more comfortable that way.

It was way past bed time, and she was about to doze off when she got a message from Ron telling her to go to the barn.

Their barn was essentially a workshop. No hay or manure in sight. Curious, Joss snuck out.

She knew something was up as soon as she set foot in there. She heard soft moaning in the distance. Joss bit her lip. That naughty boy had invited her to watch him fuck Kim!

She made her way through machine parts and half-finished robot horses, until she saw an old coach in the back. On top of it were Kim and Ron, naked and fucking. Kim was riding on top of Ron, shaking her hips like a pro while presumably kissing him.

All Joss could see was Kim’s nice ass sliding along Ron’s massive shaft. She was very impressed by the fact that Kim could take the entire thing. Ron firmly grabbed her butt and thrust strongly into her.

Joss could hardly imagine doing it that hard, but they seemed to like it. Their moans sounded beastly, and Kim giggled whenever Ron decided to slap her ass.

The show was hot, and Joss was not a prude. She unbuttoned her shorts, slipped a hand into her panties and touched herself. She hissed softly, still feeling tender after fucking Ron.

This continued for a few minutes, until a soft hand covered Joss’ mouth from behind.
“Shh”, the stranger hissed into her ear. Joss turned her head and was shocked to see Kim.

Her cousin removed her hand slowly and smiled at her.
“Hot show, huh?”
“B-but if you’re here, then…?”

Kim motioned for her to look again, and just then the woman on top of Ron sat up. Joss saw a head of red hair, like Kim’s. However, the hair was much shorter.

“Aunt Ann?”, Joss whispered. Kim murmured affirmatively.
“Ron fucks lots of women. Sometimes he does it behind my back, sometimes I join in, and other times, like now or earlier today, I watch”, Kim told her, gingerly placing a hand on Joss’ butt.

Joss swallowed a lump in her throat.
“You saw us?”. Kim nodded, still smiling.
“Was it good?”. Joss nodded. “I didn’t expect anything else”.

Kim straightened her back and pulled her top off. She didn’t wear a bra and Joss watched her breasts jiggle into freedom.
“I like to watch, but I’ve done enough of that today, I think”, she said, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor.

Joss’ jaw dropped when she saw that Kim didn’t wear panties either. She felt a pang of excitement. Even if Kim wasn’t her personal hero anymore, she still admired her. Still found her kind of… sexy, even though she was into guys.

“I think I’ll join them. Wanna tag along, Joss?”, Kim asked. She just stood there, with a hand on her hip, waiting for her cousin’s answer.

Joss nodded, at first slowly, then emphatically, and stripped, too. Both girls shared warm smiled when they stood naked before one another. Kim took the first step, and Joss followed.

They arrived just in time for Ann to climb off of Ron. They had been so distracted that they missed a nice creampie, though the results could not be overlooked.

Ron’s huge dick was glazed with several fluids, and Ann’s pussy was leaking thick, syrupy semen. Kim’s mom sat there with her legs spread when she noticed them.

“Kim, Joss, hey there! Care to join us?”
“Do you even need to ask?”, Kim asked and chuckled. She noticed Joss fidgeting around nervously.

“There is really only one question”, Kim declared, drawing everyone’s attention. She looked at Joss and went on saying “Which one do you want to clean up?”. Kim licked her lips meaningfully.

Joss was a little shocked. She looked at her aunt, then at her aunt’s pussy and finally at Ron.
“I-I think I’ll take Ron, if that’s okay?”, she asked rather than said, not wanting to step on anyone’s toes.

Kim, Ann and Ron exchanged bemused looks.
“Go right ahead”, Kim said airily and walked over to her mom.

Before Joss even got a move on, Kim was already on her hands and knees, eating her mother’s pussy. Ann moaned softly and smiled at Joss encouragingly. Then the younger girl timidly walked over to Ron.

He was waiting for her to get started. She sank to her knees, grasped his cock with both hands as she had done some hours previously, and placed her lips on his swollen glans.

As their romp continued, Joss grew more self-assured. By the end of it, she had tasted all of them and had been tasted by them as well. After a night full of sex better than she would’ve ever thought possible, Joss was happy, and Ron had another fan, much to Kim’s delight.

Chapter Text

One morning, Kim was just arriving at school when a car on the parking lot caught her eye. It wasn’t the car itself, actually. She saw Ron, sitting behind the wheel.

He didn’t have a car, at least none that Kim was aware of. Intrigued, she approached to get a better look, hiding in the bushes.

Ron’s eyes were close, he looked relaxed. Then Kim realized why. She saw a someone’s head bobbing up and down in front of him. Kim couldn’t tell who was sucking Ron off this early, only that it was a brunette.

The show was doing it for Kim. She massaged her boobs through her top with one hand and the other one disappeared in her pants. Her clit was eagerly awaiting her touch, and she bit her lip to stifle a moan. Ron had really spoiled her. Just one night of abstinence and she was already this sensitive.

The show continued and got Kim more excited. The mystery girl’s head sometimes disappeared for long periods of time. Kim reckoned that she was either sucking Ron’s nuts or deepthroating him.

Kim imagined the feeling of Ron inside her throat. She wanted to taste him, feel him. As a substitute, she stopped playing with her boobs and started sucking her own fingers. They were no adequate replacement for Ron’s humongous trouser snake, of course, but they would have to do.

She was just about to cream herself when the girl’s head came up all the way. It was Bonnie.
I should’ve known. What other slut would go this hard, this early?, Kim thought. Bonnie pulled a flimsy pink shirt over her head and her big boobs tumbled into freedom. Then she climbed into Ron’s lap, the driver’s seat’s backrest dropped, and both of them disappeared from view for just a moment.

Then Bonnie appeared again, this time in profile, obviously riding Ron. That was just what Kim needed to get over the edge. She felt her knees growing weak as she came. Her hips shuddered with pleasure while she watched Bonnie’s tits bouncing around. The expression on her face left no doubt that she was loving it, and she seemed even happier when Ron’s hands came up and groped her boobs.

Kim pulled her hand out of her pants and sighed contently. Her fingers were covered in juices. She sucked them off, then reached for a tissue and dried herself off. Then she got back on her way, leaving a rocking car behind.

Bonnie missed first period, but sat down next to Kim in math class.
“I saw you and Ron in the car”, Kim whispered and smiled. Bonnie couldn’t help but grin.
“Did you enjoy the show?”. Kim nodded. “Of course you did. You’re such a weirdo, Kim. You should’ve joined us. Would’ve been fun...”
“Oh? So, Ron’s no fun without me around?”, Kim asked, mischievously.

Bonnie pursed her full lips in annoyance.
“Of course he is! Made me cum like five times in thirty minutes”, she mumbled. Now it was Kim’s turn to purse her lips. If class hadn’t been in session, she would’ve whistled.

“It was odd, though”, Bonnie said, more so to herself than to Kim, “he didn’t want to cum for me today”. That was odd indeed, and Kim raised an eyebrow.
“How come?”
“Dunno. He just said something about needing it later. I’m gonna be pissed if he winds up saving it all to shower you in it or something”

The thought was alluring, but Kim kind of didn’t believe it. Ron had said something about being busy today, so she had assumed that he was taking time to tend to some of his girls. Which one of those little sluts was hogging his cum?

Whoever it was, Kim was sure it was going to be one hell of a show and she hoped that she would get to see it.

After math class, Kim went to look for her boyfriend. His weird hording of semen wasn’t on her mind just then, though. She knew that Ron had just had a class with Miss Go, and more often than not Shego tried to get herself some nookie on these occasions.

When Kim reached the door to Shego’s classroom, she found the door locked and the window in the door with its blinds lowered. She did the natural thing: she ran outside to watch through the windows instead.

She saw Shego, sitting on a student’s desk with her legs spread. Ron was fingering her dripping pussy furiously. Her blouse and bra were open and Ron was feasting on her breasts. He sucked and licked her erect nipples, even bit them sometimes from what Kim could tell.

Shego was loving it. Her pale green skin was flushed and her mouth hung open, doubtlessly moaning like a whore for him. Sadly, the room was sound-proof, so Kim had to imagine it.

Suddenly, Shego threw her head back and squirted like a broken faucet. Shego made a huge mess, covering the next seat over in fluid. That was going to be annoying to clean up, but the big smile on Shego’s face clearly showed that it had been worth it.

Ron kissed her deeply, only to then grab her, pull her off the table and bend her over another, dry one. It seemed to Kim like Ron was desperate to plow her pussy, but instead of pulling out his cock, he squatted down and pulled Shego’s thong aside.

Then he pushed his face into her luscious ass. There wasn’t much to see anymore. Ron’s back obscured most of the juicy bits. Although, Shego shook her head continuously, even violently in short bursts. Her velvety black hair was a blur.

Kim reckoned that Shego was just creaming herself constantly at that point. After all, she was probably still sensitive from getting fingered, and Ron was really fucking good at eating pussy.

Kim left at that point. She felt horny, but the lack of appreciable visual stimuli left her wanting. She took comfort in the knowledge that she’d have cheer leading practice later.

* * * * *

After practice, Kim and the other cheerleaders were in the shower. She had secretly hoped that Ron would show up right around then to take the whole team for a ride, but no such luck.

The other girls were disappointed every time he didn’t visit them in the shower, but they had gotten creative in releasing whatever desires would go unsatisfied otherwise.

Tara had kind of become the team’s pet. Ron was her master, but in his absence she gladly let the rest of the team order her around if it meant getting off.

Just then, the submissive blonde was kneeling between Liz and Hope, licking their pussies. She had gotten really good at that, and the expressions on the girl’s faces showed it.

The one getting licked would pet her head and praise her for being a good girl, until the other one grew impatient, grabbed a fistful of Tara’s hair and pulled her between her legs instead.

Tara enjoyed this play immensely. After eating out a sizable chunk of the team, when it was time to finish up, she tended to be on the verge of climax. A finger up her butt, a slap on her ass, even just a toe flicking her clit was enough to make her squirt at that point.

In any case, Tara was occupied, so Kim went looking for someone else to play with. She wound up sixty-nineing with Crystal. After both of them got off and made out for a while they lathered each other, showered it off, and got out.

It was late in the afternoon after practice, but the students couldn’t go home just yet. That evening, the school hosted a science show. The students had been tasked with preparing projects and presenting them.

Kim wasn’t worried. She and Monique had prepared a mechanical model of the Earth, Sun and Moon. Not only could it be used to explain seasons, moon phases and eclipses, it was finely tuned enough to even predict future celestial events. Mr. Barkin was impressed and awarded them an A+.

As cool as their model was, it didn’t hold a candle to Justine’s project, which is to say Ron’s project. He had been paired up with the local super genius, which was a match made in heaven.

Kim knew that Justine liked to just crank something out on her own while Ron liked letting other people crank out these projects on their own.

So the odd couple stood in front of a reinforced glass tube with lots of heavy machinery attached. Justine claimed that it was an anti-gravity chamber. Mr. Barkin laughed about the preposterous idea, until he stepped into the tube and started floating.

Justine and Ron were declared the victors prematurely. Ron seemed pleased with the unearned accolades. What surprised Kim was that even Justine seemed enthused. Through all the bustle Kim didn’t notice the way Justine stole glances at Ron and bit her lips excitedly.

After the show had concluded, Kim approached Monique, who was taking their project apart.
“So, about that A+ we got… wanna come back to my place to celebrate? Maybe with Ron…?”, Kim asked and pinched Monique’s sexy butt. Her friend smiled lasciviously and looked around the room.
“Sounds good, but where is Ron?”

Kim looked around, but he, as well as Justine, were gone. Kim smiled to herself. This she had to see.
“I’ll go look for him”

Kim tried all of Ron’s little sex spots around school. Bathrooms, closets, out of the way classrooms, but no luck. She was running out of ideas when she walked past the cheer squad’s locker room. She had given him a key after he had gotten friendly with the girls.

She looked up and down the empty hallway. It was dark outside already. Most people had left for the day. There was nothing to worry about. Kim slowly pushed the door open.

She had found what she had been looking for. Seated on a couch was Justine. Her plaid had been discarded, her legs were spread and up in the air, putting a thoroughly hairy pussy on display. Ron, undeterred by the veritable jungle, was sucking her clit and fingering her wet pussy.

Justine’s shirt was unbuttoned, exposing her modest chest and flat stomach. She was panting like a slut, licking her lips constantly. Her skin glistened with sweat and loose strands of her commonly strict hairdo clung to her damp forehead and the corner of her mouth.

She was shuddering and moaning uncontrollably, and Kim was not surprised. Ron was giving it to her hard. His tongue whipped Justine’s clit into shape and his fingers tenderized her soaked snatch for what was to come.

Kim could clearly see what Justine had to look forward to. Ron was only wearing a pair of boxers, which looked like they could’ve ripped open any second because of the massive cock that sought release.

Ron seemed needy. A dark spot where his glans touched the fabric showed that he was leaking already. Both of them were ready and eager, but Ron apparently didn’t want to stop before he had made her cum once.

Kim didn’t have to wait long for that to happen.
“Yes! YES! YesyesyesyesyesYES!”, Justine screeched the orgasm hit. She howled. A torrent of hot juice erupted from her pussy and covered Ron’s face and chest. He didn’t seem to care, he just kept pleasuring her.

Justine writhed and clawed at the couch, until her body grew slack, her breath slowed down, became deeper, and she petted Ron’s head.
“Holy fuck...”, she murmured and giggled.

Ron gave her a break then. While Justine was trying to regain her composure, he occupied himself by fondling her little titties, nibbling her nipples, caressing her thighs, and running his fingers through her impressively thick bush.

After a minute or two, Justine opened her eyes and smiled at him.
“I think I’m ready”. Ron nodded, stood up and pulled down his boxers. Her eyes had been glued to his crotch from the get go, but when his penis came free, Kim could clearly see her eyes growing wide and her jaw dropping.

At that point, Kim pulled out her phone and started recording.
“Oh, my god… that thing is god damn gigantic”, Justine said, sounding ecstatic. There was no trace of fear or nervousness in her voice.

Ron got on his knees again and started tentatively prodding her hairy cunt with his engorged tip. Justine hissed at his touch.
“Remember, Ron. No need to be gentle. I want a good, hard fuck”, Justine said. Her eyes were glued to the spot where his cock and her pussy made contact. It seemed like she didn’t want to miss a single second of it.

“Sure. Just make sure to let me know if I hurt you”, he said calmly. Kim was touched. Her lover was so considerate, even when dealing with such a naughty slut. Upon reflection, Kim was really surprised that Justine of all people would be so dead set on getting fucked. The more you know, she thought.

Ron started pushing, and to Kim’s surprise, he slid right in. Justine moaned and crossed her eyes during the process, but once Ron’s big testicles came to rest against Justine’s butt, the blonde had clearly felt nothing but pure pleasure.

“T-this is it...”, she moaned. Her head was lolling lazily and her half-lidded eyes were staring off into space. “You’re pressing against my cervix”, she giggled, brushing her fingertips across Ron’s chest. “Oh, god… haaa… a dildo is nothing compared to this”

Kim was impressed. It sounded like Justine was more experienced than she would’ve given her credit for, though probably not with men. Regardless, Kim was rubbing her thighs together to give her pussy at least a little bit of stimulation while she tried to hold her phone steady.

Ron sighed, apparently relieved. He leisurely grabbed one of Justine’s legs for leverage and started thrusting. His lover howled when he pulled out, squeaked when he shoved it back in, and kept making noises throughout the session. Once Ron picked up speed, Justine was seemingly unable to utter anything resembling speech.

Kim saw her abdominal muscles working and her boobs bouncing. Ron really wasn’t taking it easy on her. Before long, Justine’s moans and yelps devolved into grunts and gasps.

About two minutes into it, Justine suddenly clawed at the coach again. Her back arched, her stomach flexed, and a faint, quivering noise escaped her throat. She was cumming, and the climax seemed to be a strong one. Ron had hissed when she had started writhing. Kim was certain that his cock was getting a really tight squeeze from Justine.

Once her climax had subsided somewhat, Ron resumed fucking her. Justine yelped and trembled and never quite stopped doing so again. Ron was really laying into her now. The noise of his balls slapping her ass joined Justine’s moans and cries of pleasure.

Kim kept recording diligently while Justine experienced intense orgasm after intense orgasm. She hit the cushions, her toes curled up, her body shook with ecstasy, and all the while, a big fat grin adorned her face. Justine was having the time of her life, and Ron was getting close.

“Ah!”, Justine yelped suddenly. “R-r-r-r-ron”, she said, continuously interrupted by his powerful, fast thrusts. He let up a bit to let her speak. “Remember what I told you about cumming?”

Ron nodded. Justine chuckled and relaxed again. Ron’s thrusts sped up once more, and soon enough it was time for him to cum.

Ron yanked his massive dick out and got up. He stood over Justine’s barely conscious body and stroked himself until he was ready. He hissed and moaned softly as he came. Kim thought he was underselling the intensity of the climax.

Thick, potent seed burst forth, described beautiful arches in the air and landed on Justine’s exposed skin. She sighed happily when she felt the hot stuff’s touch. Ron kept cumming, covering Justine head to toe.

It wasn’t often that Ron jizzed so much, and Kim could tell by the look on his face that he had needed the release badly. Even after a minute he was still squirting semen. Lots caught in Justine’s pubes, some ran down the side of her body, staining the couch.

Justine was making the most of the situation. She was rubbing the stuff into her skin, tasted it, savored the warmth and the aroma. It got even better for her when Ron climbed onto the couch next to her and offered her his cock to suck. He was only leaking semen at that point.

Justine started by kissing his glans and quickly tried to roll her lips across it, which gave her some trouble. Ron was so thick that it took her a few tries to work out how best to go about blowing him, but eventually Kim was treated to the sight of a cum drenched Justine gingerly sucking Ron’s cock.

Justine let Ron’s cock pop out of her mouth. She had only managed to fit his glans.
“Let’s continue this at my place. I’ll just take a quick shower”, she said and rose to her feet. Her legs buckled and Ron had to hold her steady until she was ready.

Kim stopped recording when Ron was left alone in the locker room. Naked and fully erect, he twiddled his thumbs for a minute or so. Then he got up and walked into the showers.

From the door, Kim faintly heard Justine’s voice.
“Ron? What’s- ah! Wai- haaaa! Oh, baby!”, she squealed. The sound of wet hips slapping reached Kim’s ears, and as much as she would’ve loved to watch the second round, she was afraid that she might leave a big wet spot on her pants if she didn’t get any action soon.

She found Monique on the parking lot, waiting for Kim with the car keys.
“Took you long enough. Couldn’t find him?”, her friend asked. Kim opened the trunk hurriedly and put their project in.

“I’ll explain later. Just get in the car”. Monique raised an eyebrow, but moved to get on the passenger seat. “No, get in the back”, Kim said and got on the backseat herself.

Monique opened the door in the back.
“What the hell are yo-”, she asked, exasperated, but was cut short when Kim had already gotten her pants and panties off. “Oh, boy… you must’ve come across something really nice for it to be so urgent”.

“I can show you later. Please, just get in and let me cum. I’m so fucking wet”, Kim whined and rubbed her pussy. A smirk formed on Monique’s face.
“Guess we’ll just celebrate in here”, she murmured and got in.

Later that night, after getting home and getting off some more in her bed, Monique was snuggled up to Kim, her head resting on her soft chest. Kim was just posting the video she had recorded for all of Ron’s lovers to see.

The caption read: Ron getting another girl hooked. Lucky bitch, am I right?

Chapter Text

“Huddle up, folks, cause this one’s for real!”, the radio host’s voice came crackling through the speaker. “The blizzard passing us by right now is the strongest in 45 years! The Middleton highway is expected to be impassable for at least 36 hours”. Ron and Monique looked at each other in horror. “Hope you weren’t going anywhere folks”. Ron slumped back into the passenger seat and Monique slammed her forehead into the stirring wheel. Honk!

The the two of them had been on their way to the greatest, most epic GWA event of the year. Steel Toe vs. Pain King! The stakes had never been higher! It was the match of the decade, no, the century!

...and they wouldn’t get to watch it. The blizzard had come out of nowhere and crippled traffic completely. They had already sat there long enough for their windshield to get completely covered in snow. They drifts were probably high enough already to bury the tires, though neither of them cared to check. It was warm in the car yet, no need to waste perfectly good heat if they were actually stuck until the next day.

Monique turned the windshield wipers on. The car in front of them was already partially buried. The taillights were struggling to penetrate the snow.
“What a waste of two perfectly good front row seats”, she spat and flung the slips of paper onto the dashboard.
“Don’t remind me”, Ron yammered. He reached in the back and pulled out a Bueno Nacho bag. “Nacco?”, he offered Monique. She sighed and took it. It was still warm.

While they ate, cheery Christmas came on. Neither of them were in the mood so they started channel hopping, until a commercial caught their attention.


A meaningful look passed between Ron and Monique. They went about finding that radio station asap! They hadn’t thought of that. After all, why would anyone choose to listen to wrestling under normal circumstances instead of watching it?

Both of them felt excited when the familiar roar of the crowd came through the speaker.
“Fetch the snacks, Ron!”, Monique said, bouncing excitedly in her seat. Soon, both of them had their laps full of chips, cookies, gummy bears and more, along with a big ol’ bottle of soda for each of them. They had planned to sneak the stuff in initially, but that didn’t matter anymore. When the contestants for the first match got announced they clinked their plastic bottles and prepared themselves for the glorious sound of history being made.

* * 5 Hours Later * *

Ding! Ding! Ding! The crowd went wild and so did Ron and Monique. Steel Toe was defeated, Pain King the glorious victor.
“That’s what I’m talking about!”, Monique cheered. Meanwhile, Ron hit the window impotently, unable to cope with the defeat of his hero.

After a few minutes, they calmed down again. They tuned in to a regular station again. Ron was sulking while Monique recounted all of Pain King’s sickest moves with accompanying gestures no less!

Eventually, Ron felt a hand on his crotch. He looked up and found Monique leaning in with a sultry look on her face.
“I’m in the mood to celebrate”, she murmured, her hand tracing the length of his, as of yet, flaccid dick.
“Well I’m not!”, Ron said and pouted, which didn’t deter Monique. She brushed her hips against his cheek, bringing them close to his ear.
“No worries, Ron. Consider it me comforting you”, she whispered.

She was hot, Ron thought. Not just for being sexy, but actually physically. The car had grown cold over the past couple hours. They would huddle up on the backseat eventually anyway, and considering how such situations usually played out for him, his dick would end up inside her sooner or later regardless.

Ron sighed and accepted. Monique’s head sank into his lap while he looked at the ceiling right above him. Some fumbling, the sound of a zipper, and then Monique’s warm touch on his dong. She chuckled.
“This is going to warm me up real good”, she said before wrapping her lips around his fat dick. Ron inhaled sharply.
“Likewise”, he whispered. Monique’s mouth was incredibly hot. He grew fully hard in a matter of seconds, and Monique lost no time trying to deepthroat him. “Holy shit...”, he hissed as he sank into the hot, tight depths.

She struggled with his girth, as most girls did. She gagged and choked, but kept her head low for a solid ten seconds before pulling away. From there on she sucked his cock as usual, bobbing her head, drooling all over it, and inspecting every nook and cranny around his glans with her clever little tongue.

Ron didn’t have much to do in the cramped space other than fondling her boobs through her sweater. After a while, Monique stopped and sat up. Her hands continued playing with his cock.
“I can definitely think of worse things than getting locked up with this thing”, she said, taking deep breaths. “How about we move on to the main event?”. She started taking her clothes off, which wasn’t easy in the small car. Her sweater came off first, giving Ron a taste of what was to come.

Monique, not one to dress poorly, wore a fancy-looking pink bra. Her sizable breasts looked great in it, with her dark nipples shining through the semi-transparent fabric. Finding pulling her pants down troublesome, she pointed her ass in Ron’s direction and told him to do it. He liked to think that she only did that for effect though, because Monique had an amazing ass, and pulling down her pants like this was something he greatly enjoyed. He loved watching that bodacious thing slowly get laid bare, especially since she always wore sexy underwear.

Her thong matched the bra. It hugged her body tightly and served to accentuate the smooth curve of her hips and lovely shape of her ass. Ron grabbed both butt cheeks and pulled them apart to get a better look at the goods. Her crotch was wet already. He could feel the heat radiating from it. He definitely wanted to put his cock in there.

However, before doing that he pulled the panties down and got a taste of her. Not only was she hot and wet, she smelled good. He smelled a little bit of perfume and a little bit of her own odor. An alluring mix.

“Oh, baby… yeah, get in there”, Monique moaned. Ron’s hot tongue was just what she needed. While the slippery thing swirled around in her pussy, her eyes wandered. It was dark. The only source of light was the radio’s display, and the snow outside blocked streetlights and the like. This car was quickly turning into their private little sex refuge, completely cut off from anyone else, and that turned Monique on like crazy. She hadn’t had Ron all to herself in ages. She chuckled just as he was making her cum with his tongue alone. This stud was going to get it.

After getting his fill, Monique pushed Ron back into his seat and took note of the dash cam. She turned it to film the inside of the car instead of the road. Surely Kim would enjoy a recording of her hogging her boyfriend.

Satisfied and with a mischievous smile Monique straddled him. She took off her bra, which Ron correctly understood to be an invitation to suck her nipples, hit the switch to make his backrest fall back and finally put it in.

Both of them moaned when Monique slid down his massive shaft in one go. Both of them were slippery and neither wanted to take it slow, so Monique started riding him wildly.

There was simply nothing quiet like getting stuffed with Ron’s dick. Monique panted like a dog and stared vacantly into the dark while she enjoyed his size. The way it filled her completely, the way it scraped her insides better than any finger or toy she had ever tried. Occasionally she took a break from bouncing to fully impale herself, to feel every last burly inch squeezed tightly into her body. His fat glans rubbed up to her womb, making her ache for a warm filling, and her ass lightly pressed against his big balls.

Ron, meanwhile was in heaven. Monique’s tight hole was just what he needed. The heat was awesome, the tightness stimulating, and her boobs in his face soothing. Steel Toe’s loss was all but forgotten. He was busy thrusting into her, groping and spanking her luscious booty and sucking nipples. He even pulled her in for the occasional kiss. A romantic ballad was playing on the radio. The mood seemed to demand passionate making out, and Monique seemed to appreciate it. She hummed happily whenever his tongue found its way into her mouth.

* * * * *

The weather was miserable outside, although it had calmed down somewhat. Big, fluffy looking snowflakes were still falling ind roves, but the wind wasn’t as severe anymore.

Some volunteers had gathered to supply the people stuck on the highway with warm soup. Mrs. Stoppable was one of those volunteers. She went from car to car with a Thermos bottle full of broth and paper cups to dispense it among the unfortunate travelers.

When she approached the next car, she smirked. It was rocking. It wasn’t the first car of the sort she had seen that day. Sex was an excellent way to pass the time after all. This one was only special in that she could hear the girl inside screaming. Someone was having a really good time it seemed. She was going to skip them and come by when they were done when the girl inside shrieked.

Her curiosity was ignited. Instead of knocking, she walked up to the drivers window and wiped away the snow to peer inside. It was dark inside, but she could make out the contours of a nice ass bouncing rapidly on the passenger’s seat. Mrs. Stoppable had come just in time, it seemed. After watching for only a few seconds, the man yanked his cock out and started ejaculating all over that ass.

She was flabbergasted. Not only was that one enormous penis, the guy squirted like a broken faucet. Cum landed all over the girl’s ass and back. Surely some must’ve landed in her hair. Mrs. Stoppable grinned to herself.
“Lucky bitch”, she said and moved on. She should know. Her husband was just like that: hung like a horse, with enough jizz to make a girl feel like drowning. Just thinking about it made her feel hot. She decided that she would have some dick when she got home. She deserved it after helping these poor people out, after all.

* * * * *

She never did disturb them though, since the car never stopped rocking. They fucked for hours in every conceivable position within the car. Soon, not only Monique, but the windows, seats and floor were stained with Ron’s jizz. It was going to be a bitch to clean up but totally worth it.

After many rounds, Monique found herself laying on the backseat. Her legs were spread, with her feet flatly planted on the ceiling. Hunched over between them, driving his massive dick into her pussy with graceful hip movements was Ron.

Her boobs jiggled with every thrust, and him pulling back made her whimper. She was so sensitive after all the sex they had had up until that point, but Ron just kept going. It was enough to make a girl get funny ideas into her head.

Like, how damn good he looked fucking her like that. Having him on top every night must be nice. Kim was to be envied, but it didn’t matter. This night he belonged to her alone. Monique licked her lips, smiled lustfully at the shadowy figure fucking her and wrapped her legs tightly around him, pulling him in.

Both gasped, but Ron hardly missed a beat. The only difference was that he was kissing up to her cervix with very thrust now. On top of that he leaned forward and started groping her tits. They were proper handfuls, supple and warm, and having them kneaded made Monique groan with delight.

A little longer and Ron came again. When she felt it, Monique closed her legs more, fixating Ron, with his glans prying open her womb.
“Ooooh, yeah. Fill me up, baby. That’s it. Put that baby batter in me”, she moaned as hot jets of semen filled her deepest insides.
“What?”, Ron asked, sounding shocked. Only then did Monique realize what she had just said. Ron couldn’t see her blushing in the dark, but her face felt like it was on fire.
“Sorry, no worries. I’m taking the pill. Just got a little… swept away by the atmosphere, y’know?”, she said in a panic.

Ron sighed, pulled out when he was done and climbed on top of her. He slapped his cock between her tits.
“Maybe we should give your pussy a break for a while”, he said. Monique didn’t answer. She wrapped her boobs around his dick and started licking the tip. While Ron fucked her tits, she thought about all the women Ron had knocked up before. Somehow, she could sympathize with them now. It was a little scary, but also exciting.

* * * * *

They got back home early in the evening the next day. They stopped at Bonnie’s place and were greeted by the whole family plus Kim. Ron’s girlfriend ran at them and hugged them hard.
“We were so worried! Are you two-”, she said, but started sniffing. Her voice sounded very dry when she spoke again. “Yeah, you two were fine”.
“How can you tell?”, Ron asked. Kim shot him a funny look.
“Nacho cheese, sweat, jizz. You guys smell like you had a grand old time”, she said flatly.
“Maybe we really should take a shower”, Monique said. Mrs. Rockwaller came forward, put a hand on either of their backs and ushered them inside.
“Feel free to use ours, you two”, she said kindly. “I can join you if you want to scrub your backs”.

Kim watched how the three Rockwaller sisters all started smiling lewdly upon hearing that. They followed their mother and their guests and started stripping before they even reached the bathroom. Kim shook her head. Then she stripped, too. She wouldn’t miss this.

* * * * *

Later, everybody was hanging out in the living room, naked. Mrs. Rockwaller was giving Ron a titfuck, while Connie and Lonnie took turns sucking his glans poking out from their mother’s cleavage. Bonnie was making out with him, and he fingered her pussy.

Kim and Monique were watching from the sidelines. Their alone time in the car had left Monique thoroughly satisfied and exhausted. She was just channel surfing.
“So, how was it?”, Kim asked. Monique smiled to herself. Typical Kim, always eager to hear about her boyfriend’s exploits. Monique reached for her bag and pulled out a SD card.
“Why listen to my account when you can just watch a recording of the entire trip? Although, you should probably skip the first couple hours”, she said and handed Kim the card.

The redhead stared at it wide-eyed and accepted it humbly.
“You are the best! Can I do something for you in return?”, she asked, caressing Monique’s thigh. She pursed her lips and thought about it for a moment.
“I supposed you can eat my pussy while I watch the highlights of the show yesterday”. Kim grinned and swiftly crawled between her legs. Monique got comfortable on the big couch, and petted Kim’s soft hair absentmindedly while she watched big burly men throw each other around. “Be gentle though. I’m still a little sore”. Kim giggled and proceeded to impress Monique with the gentlest, most sensual service she had ever received. She didn’t even cum. She just got to feel good.

Chapter Text

Things looked dire for Kim and Shego. They were tied up in a spaceship, exhausted and aching all over from a severe beating, courtesy of Warmonga. The giant alien amazon had returned to avenge herself on planet Earth in general for wasting her time.

The fight had been fierce, but on Warmonga’s home turf, despite all the latest tech at their disposal and a 2v1 advantage, they lost conclusively. Now they were doomed to watch her struggle to decide how to annihilate the planet.
“What do you think sounds worse? Evaporating the atmosphere, setting entire continents on fire, or turning the oceans into acid?”, she asked their prisoners.
“Anything’s good so long as it shuts you up”, Shego groaned. This had gone on for hours at this point. Apparently, having hundreds of excruciatingly horrid methods of planar destruction at your disposal led to a certain degree of paralysis through overabundance of choice.

Kim was barely listening. Her mind was racing. How do we get free? How do we beat Warmonga? Where is Ron? The last one was particularly puzzling. Ron had accompanied her and Shego, of course, and had gone unnoticed thus far. Maybe he could free them! But what then…?

She didn’t like to admit it, but she couldn’t think of a way to beat this alien. She was like the Hulk with boobs. Super strong and durable. What could possibly bring such a woman to her knees?

“Hey, KP”, Ron whispered into her ear.
“Ron! You’re okay!”
“Of course! Let me just figure out how to open these binds...”. Ron was the best sometimes. Once he opened their restraints, they could sneak off and take a look around. Maybe Warmonga had a weapon that would prove effective, or they could blow up her ship before she could do any harm or something. Kim smiled confidently. They could do it. Always have, always will. They had Shego with them, too after all. This defeat was just a fluke. They would save the world, go home, and celebrate. All. Night. Long.

Kim licked her lips lustily, before they suddenly formed a little ‘o’. She had an idea.
“Sorry, KP. I can’t get it open”, he whispered.
“Don’t worry about it. I got this. You just stay hidden until the signal”
“What signal?”
“Oh, you’ll know”, Kim chuckled.

“Hey, Warmonga”, Kim called. The alien woman looked at her over her shoulder.
“Yes, puny earthling?”
“I have a suggestion for you. That is unless you’re scared...”
“Warmonga fears nothing! Speak!”, she said and crossed her arms angrily. Kim smirked. She was as easy to manipulate as she was strong.
“How about a duel to decide the fate of our world?”, she said.
“Warmonga has already defeated you”, the alien said flatly. Kim shook her head.
“Not against us. Against Earth’s strongest warrior!”. Warmonga raised an eyebrow and so did Shego.
“What are you talking about, Kimmie?”, she whispered. Kim nodded towards Ron, hidden behind some pipes. He waved at her. Shego furrowed her brow. Her eyes rapidly shifted between Kim, Warmonga and Ron a few times, but what tipped her off was the smug smile on Kim’s face. When it dawned on her she almost broke out in laughter.
“Oh, you don’t stand a chance against him. He can defeat the two of us easily. Hell, even if we brought in a few more fighter on our side he could still beat us handily”.

The skepticism on Warmonga’s face gradually shifted towards curiosity.
“Who is this champion you speak of?”, she demanded.
“Champ!”, Kim called. Nothing happened. She rolled her eyes. “That was the signal, Ron!”.
“Oh, sorry!”, he answered and stepped forward. Warmonga looked him over. Then she burst out laughing. Ron kind of got it, but it was still rude. He crossed his arms and gave her the stinkeye.

Warmonga calmed down after a few seconds.
“This one is your champion? Warmonga could snap him in half like a twig!”, she gloated.
“Sure, but can you beat him at his own game?”, Kim asked. This gave Warmonga pause.
“What game is that?”. Kim and Shego looked at each other and couldn’t help but smirk.
“The kind of game men and woman play with their hips, if you know what I mean”, Kim said suggestively. Warmonga looked at her blankly.
“Warmonga knows this game. You earthlings call it hula hoop”. Kim would’ve face palmed if her hands had been free.
“No, knucklehead!”, Shego said, exasperated, “She’s talking about sex!”.

Warmonga looked surprised to hear that. She looked at Ron again. Kim thought she spotted a hint of a blush on her green face.
“You’re telling me that you believe that this squirt can make me submit by…?”
“...fucking you, yes”, Shego finished for her.
“Preposterous!”, Warmonga cried. Shego’s grin widened.
“Ya think? He’s done it to us and many other women. All the strongest, smartest and most beautiful women of Earth are his concubines because he is so mighty”, she said, her voice growing gradually more lustful as she recalled the many encounters they had shared.
“Come on, Warmonga”, Kim chimed in, “No harm in accepting the challenge if you’re so confident, right? If you win, Earth gets destroyed and if you lose, well, I guess you’re going to get the best sex of your life. Classic win-win situation if you ask me”.

Warmonga tapped her foot nervously while she contemplated the challenge. Meanwhile, Ron came over to Kim and Shego.
“What are you guys doing?”
“We’re putting the fate of the world in your hands, Ron”, Kim said earnestly.
“Or on your dick”, Shego snarked, earning a dirty look from the redhead.
“Are you sure I can do this?”, he asked, seemingly worried. Kim and Shego looked at him as if to ask: Seriously?

“Ron, babe”, Shego said affectionately, “No single woman can withstand if you decide to give it your all”
“She’s right, Ron. We might not be able to beat her in a straight up fight, but you can take her, in your own, special way. This is what you’ve been training for! All your partners prepared you for this task: To fuck Warmonga into submission!”. The pep talk did a lot of good for Ron. He stood up, gave his lovers a determined nod and turned to the alien. He puffed out his slender chest and pushed his chin out, making him look very determined.
“What is it then, Warmonga? Think you can handle me?”

The little man himself joining the mockery was too much.
“Fine! Warmonga accepts the challenge! Come, to my bedchamber!”, she said and walked ahead, head held high. Ron followed, checking out her ass, which was more or less on his eye level. Boy, she was tall…

Kim and Shego were left behind.
“Now we just have to wait”, Kim said airily.
“Yup. Might take a while, knowing Ron”, Shego said. A moment of silence passed before both of them sighed.
“On a scale from 1 to 10, how much does it turn you on that your boyfriend is going to fuck an alien amazon to save the world?”, she asked. Kim looked at her, smiled lewdly and started chewing her lip. “Eleven. Of course”, Shego said and rolled her eyes. Kim and her kinks, always the same. “Hey, wanna make out while we wait?”. They were close enough for that. Kim shrugged.
“Sure, why not?”. So they did.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, Warmonga ushered Ron into her bedchamber. It was a weird cross between tribal warrior aesthetic and sci-fi. A large bed was covered in weird, though fluffy looking furs. Scattered about were hunting trophies of strange alien monsters and a number of weapons. Kim or Shego could’ve probably made use of those, but the best weapon for Ron rested safely between his legs.

Warmonga took off her gloves, her boots, and wiggled out of her leotard wordlessly. The giant woman stood naked before Ron with her hands on her broad hips. Now Ron was getting really motivated.

She was muscular, more so than any other woman he knew, which, in combination with her height, made her look very imposing at a glance. However, now that he got to look at her naked, he realized how sexy she was. She took good care of herself, even going so far as to put on eyeliner and lipstick. Her face was pretty, all things considered, even though her yellow and red eyes were a little unnerving. Then there were her tits. Those melon-sized puppies were the biggest Ron had ever seen. She put the Rockwallers to shame! She had a slim waist, which accentuated her wide, shapely hips. Her thighs looked supple and strong, reminding him of Shego, probably because of the similar skin color. Her pussy was clean shaven, and he imagined it would be really tight.

Long story short, Ron was getting turned on and nursed his growing erection through his pants.
“What are you waiting for? Are you going to strip, or do you wish to rub yourself to completion with your trousers on and save me the trouble?”, Warmonga asked.

Ron snapped out of it and stripped. His bare chest did not impress Warmonga, neither did his arms or his legs. The tent in his shorts however had her holding her breath. When he pulled them down, and his massive cock was laid bare, her jaw dropped.
“How does a scrawny little guy like you have such a splendid-”, she gasped, but cleared her throat. “No matter. Can we begin?”
“Almost”, Ron said and approached her. He put a hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy.

“W-what are you doing? Is this your idea of a surprise attack?”, she asked, shuddering under his touch.
“No! I just want to make sure you’re nice and wet. We don’t want this to be uncomfortable, right?”, he asked kindly and slipped a finger into her. Warmonga gasped, but didn’t complain any further. Ron liked what he was feeling. She was growing wetter by the second, and she was super hot and tight. Much tighter than he would’ve expected. Fucking this woman was becoming more appealing by the second.

While he was fingering her, he took the liberty to suck on her nipples. He had to tip-toe to reach them, but Warmonga bent over a little bit when she realized what he wanted. Her nipples were big and quickly grew hard. It was like sucking a big gumdrop. He pushed his face into her breasts and found them warm and soft.

Warmonga, meanwhile, didn’t know what to do. This shorty displayed such a nonthreatening demeanor that it was hard to fight back. It felt like there was nothing to fight against, even though he made her ache for sex with his expert handiwork. Then there was his cock. So big and mighty-looking… She was looking forward to feeling it, and she was grateful for the fingering. Being properly wet would make taking such a large one easier indeed. She smiled to herself. The earthling was unwittingly dampening the effect of his main weapon with this minor bombardment of her senses. She could take him. She would win, and have a good time in the process.

Once he had gotten her nice and wet, Ron urged her to lay down on the bed. He wanted to get some already. Warmonga got on all fours, giving Ron a good look at her gorgeous ass.
“Come, earthling! Give it your best shot!”, she said confidently. She was so tall, even on all fours, that Ron had to stay on his feet behind her. He traced her slick slit with his glans a few times before tentatively poking at her vagina.

“Hurry!”, the space amazon demanded and wiggled her ass impatiently. She was just as excited for it as him at that point.
“Alright”, Ron said. His firmly grabbed her by the waist with his glans sitting snugly between her green labia. He assumed a broad, firm stance, and then thrust forward. He forced his way into her tight pussy in one go. Warmonga gasped and stared ahead wide-eyed when Ron’s fat dick dug through her love tunnel, straight to her cervix.

She came. To Ron it sounded like a few shuddering breaths and it felt like a soft trembling around his dick. As restrained as her physical reaction was, Warmonga felt like she was losing it. Stars danced before her eyes. Her body felt hot all over. She flexed her vaginal muscles so she could feel every intricate detail of this magnificent penis.

“You alright there?”, Ron asked. Warmonga blinked a few times to clear her vision.
“Yes. Of course! Warmonga is waiting for you to get started! Are you in yet?”, she taunted, though her voice was shaky. Ron pursed his lips in annoyance, started thrusting, and Warmonga immediately pushed her face into the nearest pillow. Ron’s cock felt amazing! After only a few thrusts she knew she had made a mistake. He would definitely win, and as the thrusting continued, Warmonga cared less and less.

Ron was having a good time, too. Warmonga’s butt was a sight to behold. Large, round, firm… usually he would’ve spanked her a bit already, but he didn’t want to make her angry. He made due with that tight, hot alien pussy. It struck him as odd that an alien life form would resemble a human female so closely, down to the deepest parts of her vagina, which he kept rubbing up against. He wasn’t complaining, of course, especially when she started moaning for him. She had remained quiet for a while, but after a while she started sounding like most women did when they got a taste of the Ron Man.

Warmonga whimpered and bit into her pillow when another orgasm hit. How long had they been at it? Not for long, she thought. However, she felt like they had been at it for hours. Her hips felt like warm jelly, only remaining in the air because of his firm grip. Hardly any man had ever even made her cum, and this frail looking kid turned her into a quivering pile of pleasure.

Ron was picking up on Warmonga’s orgasms. She was a quiet one, whether by nature or by choice he couldn’t say, but the way her pussy squeezed him when she came was unmistakable. He kept thrusting through her most recent one. Her cunt was overflowing with honey, and her big butt quaked every time he pulled back out.

“Giving up yet?”, he asked nonchalantly.
“N-no...”, she answered weakly. She looked at him over her shoulder. Her face was flushed and she was gasping for breath. Ron just smiled. He could hold on a while longer, but Warmonga… She wasn’t going to last.

She yelped when Ron yanked out his cock and flipped her over. He climbed between her legs and prodded her drenched snatch with his fat tip, but never put it in. Warmonga used the chance to catch her breath, but the longer he teased the more impatient she became.
“What are you waiting for?”, she asked.
“Wanna give up?”, he asked again.
“I’ll have to get serious if you don’t”. Warmonga felt a chill run down her spine.
“What does that mean?”, she whispered. Ron shrugged.
“I’ve been going easy up until now, and if you don’t give up now I’ll have to really lay into you”. He was holding back? No, he is bluffing, Warmonga told herself. Her heart was racing and she tried to calm down, but then she looked at that ferocious cock, that enormous phallus, and she realized that he hadn’t even climaxed once yet. She remained defiant, pulling her knees to her shoulders, inviting him, challenging him to make good on his threats. They simply had to be hot air, nothing more…

...but they were so much more. Ron slammed into her with wild abandon, his thick penis scraping and massaging her insides deliciously. Warmonga grit her teeth, tried to keep her voice down, but this new angle was even better than before. Before long, long whining noises started escaping her.

Ron was going wild. He didn’t get to go wild like this very often, but Warmonga seemed practically made for it with her big, robust body. With some of his girls, even with Kim, he worried that he might hurt them if he did it too hard, but this amazon could take it no problem. In fact, she seemed to love it! She was so wet for him, and super sexy. Ron watched her gigantic tits bounce from his wild assault. It didn’t take long for him to grab them and knead them roughly. Warmonga writhed under his touch, but the way her pussy squeezed him told him all he needed to know.

Ron grew a little too excited, actually. While Warmonga was whimpering and shaking her head through another orgasm, he felt his own climax approaching. The familiar heat building up pressure at the base of his cock, his balls growing tighter in preparation for the impending ejaculation...

Warmonga felt blissfully weak under this man. She felt exhausted after cumming so much, but he simply didn’t let up. Another orgasm was already on its way, and the earthling fucked her harder than ever.

As the new climax slowly build up, she started noticing changes in her challenger. He was breathing more laboriously now, whereas before he seemed relaxed. His heavy nuts weren’t slapping against her anymore, not the same way at least. Her foggy mind only put together the signs when she felt him twitch. He was cumming! If she could hold out long enough for him to spend his strength, she would win! The thought excited her, made his cock even better. She was so close to victory… and then Ron came.

He groaned and released his load balls deep inside her, with his glans firmly pressed against her cervix. She felt the hot, viscous liquid shoot out with high pressure forcing its way into her womb. She had never felt this before. There was so much hot semen flooding her vulnerable womb. At that point something inside her broke.
“WARMONGA!!!”, she screamed, brought over the edge by Ron’s creampie. This was the mother of all orgasms. Her whole body seized up. She arched her back off the bed so strongly that she lifted Ron up, too. For a brief moment she was a solid arch of tense muscle, only touching the mattress with her head and her heels.

She relaxed from one moment to the next and dropped back down. Her vision had faded, she was gasping for air. Her muscles twitched without her consent. She couldn’t have been happier. At some point that divine cock left her body. She wanted to protest, but no words got past her full, smiling lips.

When her vision cleared she saw the face of the earthling.
“Are you okay?”, he asked. Was he actually concerned? Foolishness. She had won, he should’ve been worried about his planet.
“Yes, now that Warmonga is victorious”, she murmured.
“What? Why?”, he asked. What a silly question. He was spent! Warmonga gathered her strength to lift her head, dizzy from cumming to tell him. Then she noticed his cock. Large, glistening, and most importantly, unwaveringly hard. She looked at him. He looked slightly winded at most. Her bottom lip quivered. She had never stood a chance. The female warriors hadn’t lied, they hadn’t exaggerated. She could now fully believe this man to be as much of a stud as they had claimed.

“What is your name?”, she asked and sat up.
“Ron?”, he said, raising an eyebrow. The sudden attitude shift surprised him.
“Warmonga surrenders to you, Ron”, she said solemnly. Ron heaved a sigh of relief while she got on all ours and opened her mouth.
“What are you doing?”, he asked. Warmonga blushed.
“Warmonga wishes to perform fellatio, Ron. It is a sign of submission for our women”, she said. Warmonga licked her lips while she stared at his dick. Ron couldn’t tell that her mouth was literally watering for it. Her luscious red lips did look inviting though, so he let her have it.

Warmonga moaned when she tasted him. And herself for that matter. She had never sucked cock before, Ron could tell, but she was very enthusiastic. He tried to give her pointers, which she eagerly tried to apply, but it just wasn’t enough. He made a mental note to ask Kim and the others to teach her at an opportune time. However, Ron would’ve liked to cum at least once more, and he had a pretty good idea on how to do that.

Warmonga happily granted his request. She simply had to lie down. Ron climbed on top of her and slapped his mighty meat between her huge boobs. Then Warmonga pushed them together and the tit fuck was underway. Ron held onto her breasts and teased her nipples while he shook his hips wildly. His new alien friend seemed to like this. She smiled at him prettily while he took his pleasure. He was impressed with her bosom, considering it was the first time a pair of tits was big enough to completely engulf him.

When Ron came, he threw his head back and Warmonga whimpered. She felt the heat spreading in her cleavage. When he pulled his cock out he was covered in his own spunk, and he offered Warmonga the opportunity to clean him up with her mouth, which she gladly did. Then she started rubbing his jizz all over herself.
“Do earthlings mark their women thus, Ron?”, she asked, smiling sheepishly. Ron scratched his head.
“I suppose…? What do your people use?”
“Our men piss on the women they claim”. Ron shuddered. “Yes. Warmonga prefers your way as well”.

* * * * *

The battle was concluded after about two hours. They took a quick shower, got dressed, and returned to Kim and Shego. They were deeply engrossed in their make-out session and were startled when their binds suddenly opened.
“Ron! I knew you could do it!”, Kim laughed, ran over and hugged him. Shego joined the hug and both women stole kisses from their lover.
“You two are Ron’s concubines, correct?”, Warmonga asked, walking up to them. Shego and Kim were a little apprehensive, but nodded. Two big green arms stretched out, grabbed each of them by the shoulder, and pulled them into a painfully tight embrace. “Apologies for the rough treatment, sisters”.
“Sisters?”, Kim and Shego asked in unison. Warmonga smiled.
“Warmonga has surrendered herself to Ron, making her, too, one of his concubines”, she explained proudly. Shego and Kim looked at her and then at Ron, dumbfounded.
“So, Earth is safe, right?”, Shego asked.
“Of course. Ron’s planet will henceforth be under my protection”
“Wait”, Ron chimed in, “Does that mean you’ll stay?”. Warmonga frowned.
“No, Ron. My conquering duties demand that Warmonga travels far and wide, but she will come to visit, of course. Warmonga still requires the guidance of some of my sisters on how to perform pleasurable fellatio for you, after all”. Shego and Kim smiled lewdly at Ron. Both of them were more than willing to show their new ‘sister’ how it’s done.

“Warmonga will return you to Earth and depart, hoping that Ron’s seed takes root”, she said warmly and placed a hand on her abdomen. The earthlings looked surprised.
“I can knock you up?”, Ron asked, flabbergasted. Now Warmonga looked surprised.
“Of course. Why wouldn’t you?”
“I mean, I thought… since we’re from different planets and...”
“We are anatomically similar enough. Warmonga looks forward to bearing offspring for you like your other concubines, Ron”, she said, motioning towards Shego and Kim.

“Damn, she’s a dedicated one. Good catch, honey”, Shego said and nodded at Warmonga approvingly. Kim only shuffled her feet. The alien looked at the redhead curiously.
“Your other concubines bear your children, don’t they, Ron?”, she asked.
“Well, Kim hasn’t, yet. Not all of them do”, Ron explained. Kim looked up and smirked. Not yet, he said.
“But I have had one”, Shego said proudly.
“Warmonga envies you”, she said. Shego grinned and shot Ron a glance.
“I’m also ready to have another one, whenever Ron desires”, she said, her voice sounding husky. This seemed to impress Warmonga even more.
“Warmonga will aspire to be as good a concubine as Shego, Ron!”

* * * * *

Warmonga delivered them home as promised and bid them farewell.
“Warmonga might be gone for a while, Ron. But if she didn’t get pregnant this time, Warmonga will return soon to breed”, she said before closing the door to her ship and taking off.
“Well, that went well”, Shego said, coming up besides him and hugging his arm. Kim threw her arms across his shoulders from behind and kissed his cheek.
“Does the savior of the world have enough strength left to celebrate his victory?”, she asked playfully. Shego let a hand slid into his pants. His cock started growing in her hand immediately.
“Mmmh, looks like Warmonga still has a lot to learn when it comes to satisfying you, huh?”, she chuckled.

The three of them went inside and celebrated. All. Night. Long.

Chapter Text

Festivities were under way at the Middleton Space Centre. The brightest minds, investors, reporters, and more had gathered to celebrate the successful launch of a highly advanced autonomous robotic probe. Kim’s dad and Dr. Porter had worked on the project forever and were going to receive honors on behalf of their teams for their accomplishments.

Kim was proud of and happy for her dad. She barely even got to talk to him since they had arrived. People flocked around him, patting him on the back, congratulating him, and riddling him with questions.

She and Ron had been invited for their help during the Dr. Fen situation. Since it was such a fancy occasion Kim had really dolled herself up. Her make-up and hair were perfect, her little black dress was stunning, and her high-heels made her freshly shaven legs look absolutely gorgeous. As a bonus, she had decided not to bother with underwear that night. It felt naughty and dangerous, and she liked that.

Ron had figured it out during their dance. He wore his finest, baby blue suit and bowtie. Kim couldn’t help but smirk when she thought of his face when he let his hand casually slide across her butt and he realized that she wasn’t wearing panties. She had even tugged at her neckline to flash one of her nips just for him to see.

Their bodies had been pushed together so she felt his cock hardening through his pants. She was about to suggest sneaking into a bathroom somewhere to have some fun when the song ended and her father called her to introduce her to some colleagues. She left Ron and hurried to her dad’s side.

Most of the people she met that night were pleasant enough. Kindly, old scientists and the like, though Kim noticed some of them totally checking her out. Her dad didn’t seem to pick up on it though, so all was well.

She spent some time mingling and sampling the buffet. She didn’t find Ron there, which was odd. She had wholly expected him to be gorging himself at that point already, but he was nowhere in sight.

“Hey, dad, have you seen Ron anywhere?”, she asked James when another reporter finally stopped bothering him.
“I seem to recall seeing him dancing with Vivian a while ago”. Kim scanned the dancefloor, but she saw neither her boyfriend, nor the ridiculously hot scientist anywhere. She smirked to herself.
“Thanks, dad. I think I know where to find him”.

Kim went to the most remote restroom she could find. Upon opening the door, she heard soft sighs and slurping. She stifled a laugh and shook her head. Typical, she though as she took off her shoes to remain unnoticed. Kim peeked underneath stall doors until she saw two pairs of feet. One belonged to Ron and had blue pants bunched around the ankles, the other ones belonged to a woman.

Kim got flashbacks from the first time she caught Ron with a woman. The day she saw Ron railing Bonnie with his massive cock had changed their lives. For the better, she thought. They had gotten together, had made many new friends, and in Ron’s case, put a couple babies on the map. And here she was, as excited as ever to watch Ron bang another woman.

She bit her lip with excitement as she climbed onto the toilet of an adjacent stall. Ron was leaning against the wall that separated them, though he hadn’t noticed Kim, apparently. Squatting in front of him was Dr. Porter, the sexiest scientist in town. The blonde gave Kim’s boyfriend a sloppy blowjob.

His big cock was covered in lots of saliva, or about two third of it to be precise. That was all Vivian could take apparently, which wasn’t bad at all for a first timer. Kim reckoned she would swallow the entire thing in no time with a little practice.

Kim’s hand wandered between her legs as she watched the doctor’s luscious lips roll along Ron’s cock. She seemed so greedy. Her head bobbed really quickly, and the slurping only got louder as time went by.
“Yeah, that’s it. Use your tongue more”, Ron whispered and caressed Vivian’s head.
“Mhm!”, the scientist moaned and looked up at him. Her eyes were bright blue and sparkled with excitement.

Just then, the door to the restroom opened.
“Kimmie?”, Ann asked. Vivian looked past Ron and noticed the redhead watching them. She pulled back in a panic, Kim quickly climbed down, and Ron stammered, startled by the situation.

A minute later, Kim and her mom were looking into the stall with Vivian and Ron. He still stood there with his pants down while the doctor twiddled her thumbs nervously. She looked a little disheveled, with mussed up hair and smeared lipstick. Her curvaceous body was clad in a skimpy dress that was surely held up by some double-sided tape.

“I can’t believe you two…”, Kim said coldly.
“Seriously, how could you?”, Ann added.
“I’m so sorry! I don’t know… “
“… getting down and dirty without inviting us”, Kim finished, cutting Vivian off. The doctor looed surprised when the two Possibles smiled at her lasciviously. She looked at Ron who couldn’t help but chuckle at her expanse. The redheads walked into the cramped little stall and closed the door.

“I can’t believe this is happening”, Vivian gasped before a slender hand pushed her back down onto Ron’s cock, shutting her up.
“These things tend to happen with Ron”, Ann said airily, watching the blonde work his shaft while her daughter was busy worshiping his fat balls. Vivian sucked until her cheeks went concave and pulled away, letting Ron’s glans rub against the insides of her cheeks until it popped out of her mouth.
“Does your husband know about this?”, she asked before joining Kim at Ron’s nuts.
“No, and I would appreciate it if you kept this between us, okay?”, Ann said and took the chance to suck Ron’s cock a bit. Vivian moaned her agreement, and Kim chuckled to herself.

The girls took turns sucking Ron’s throbbing pussy pleaser, until Ann’s phone vibrated. She took a moment to type a reply.
“James is looking for me. I told him I’d be back in a few minutes, so how about we go for a quick round, Ron?”, she asked. All the sucking had made Ron desperate for the tight embrace of a hot, wet pussy, so of course he said yes. Kim and Vivian watched Ann bend over against the opposite wall. Ron pulled up her dress, pulled her racy panties aside and slid right in.

Vivian was mesmerized by the view. Watching Ron’s big cock disappear in his girlfriend’s mom was incredibly hot. Especially, since Ann moaned like a whore every time he went balls deep. Ron clasped a hand over her mouth and fucked her even harder.

Kim and Vivian touched themselves while watching, but that soon wasn’t enough anymore. Kim crawled under her mom and started sucking her clit, making the older redhead squeal with delight. Not wanting to be left out, Vivian went for Ron’s balls.

The smell and sound of sex and the heat were intoxicating, and before long Ann started whining into Ron’s hand. He felt her pussy trembling around him as she came, and Vivian noticed an influx of juice streaming down Ron’s cock to his balls.
“I’m gonna cum, too”, Ron groaned. Vivian and Kim were excited for it, but Ann struggled to remove his hand from her mouth.
“Not… inside! James will notice if you ruin my panties!”, she gasped, still feeling woozy after her orgasm.
“Pull out, Ron! I’ll handle it!”, Kim said, and he did as they asked. His cock slipped out of Ann’s pussy, straight into Kimmie’s mouth. Her hands wrapped around the thick meat, and after pumping and sucking for a few seconds, she moaned. Jets of hot semen filled her mouth while Vivian looked on, feeling a little jealous, as if someone had stolen her treat. Ron groaned softly while Kim sucked every last drop out of him.

She didn’t swallow though. The group disentangled before Kim cupped Vivian’s face in her hands and kissed her. Ron liked the show, especially when he realized that Kim was feeding her his seed. Vivian was surprised at first, but quickly relaxed and received the gift.
“Oh my…”, Ann chuckled while fixing her dress and underwear. “I’ve got to go. Have fun, kids”, she said and left the stall.

They could hear her making herself look presentable in front of the mirror, but they were already busy again. Ron was still hard, of course, and Vivian wanted that lovely cock in her pussy asap. She pulled down her panties, a lace thong, and handed them to Kim. Ron pushed her back against a wall, lifted one of her legs to line himself up with her entrance, before picking up the other one as well and letting gravity slowly pull her down.

Kim loved watching her face as she experienced Ron for the first time. The surprise, the shock, a hint of fear when it dawned on her just how massive he was, and the gradual onset of delight as more and more of her sweet spots got stimulated. She was plenty wet and no virgin, so Ron got to go full throttle almost immediately.

Vivian clung to him, helplessly hanging in his arms while his huge dick slammed mercilessly into her tight cunt. She howled with pleasure, before Ron shut her up with a kiss. Kim watched the doctor’s boobs jiggled with every thrust, watched Ron’s nuts swaying this way and that while he went crazy inside her. When Ron got frisky like that, there was nothing to do but to surrender and enjoy the ride, and Vivian enjoyed it a whole lot.

She tensed up in his arms after only two minutes, but Ron didn’t quit. He didn’t even give her a break. It looked to Kim like he planned on turning Dr. Porter into a quivering mess by the end of it, and she wouldn’t have thought much of it if Vivian’s phone hadn’t acted up. Since the doc was preoccupied with her boyfriend’s massive cock, she took the liberty to check the message.

“Ron, don’t knock her out! She still has to give a speech in a few minutes”, she said.
“Uh! Fine. I’ll just- ooh… cum really quick…”, he gasped before Vivian kissed him again. She seemed excited by the prospect. Ron could hold his load for a long time, but when there was no reason to, why bother? With a final thrust, he started pumping hot seed deep into the doctor. Kim reckoned she came again, judging by the way her eyes rolled back into her head.


A few minutes later, Vivian was on stage, delivering her speech to the crowd. She looked splendid as always, and she smiled brightly while thanking her coworkers and investors for making their success possible. No one even guessed that the reason behind her good mood at that moment was a thick, warm load of cum in her pussy, least of all James Possible. He stood in the crowd, with his wife at his side, listening.
“Say, honey, have you seen Kimmie and Ronald?”, he whispered.
“No”, she said innocently. “You know how teenagers are. They probably snuck off somewhere to make out or something”.

Meanwhile, in the restroom, Ron as seated on the toilet. Kim had slipped out of her dress and was currently riding him, moving her hips erotically. She was sighing with delight, not wanting to make too much noise, while running her hands through her hair luxuriously.
“You’re so beautiful, KP”, Ron moaned softly, fondling her breasts. She smiled at him warmly. Eyeshadow and liner made her green eyes look like shining emeralds. She embraced him, leaned in and whispered: “I love you, baby”, before sealing his lips with her own.

Chapter Text

They say distance between lovers only strengthens their desire. This was definitely true for Yori. Living in Japan meant that she only got to spent precious little time with the father of her child. She had never been happier in her life, yet she couldn’t seem to find satisfaction. She would spend lonely nights with her fingers and toys, but neither even compared to the feeling, the ecstasy of making love with Ron. Her loins yearned for him.

Several months after their last encounter she couldn’t stand it anymore. She left their son in capable ninja hands and traveled to Middleton to meet him. However, arriving unannounced seemed rude, so she decided to spy on him and wait for an opportune time to reveal herself. Literally and figuratively. She was dressed in a loose, black ninja suit that could be completely removed within seconds.

She arrived in the early morning, and finding his room empty, she went to the next logical place: Kim’s house. She was pleased to find him there, up and evidently in splendid health. He was sitting on the edge of Kim’s bed, naked. Kim, also naked was currently busy sucking his massive cock. The redhead lay on the bed, stretching across Ron’s lap, allowing Yori a splendid view of the proceedings.

Her mouth watered at the sight. She had almost forgotten how big Ron was. Seeing Kim leisurely pleasuring him in the morning made her feel jealousy and lust in equal measure. She wished she could warm Ron’s bed every night like Kim.

She watched Ron’s girlfriend work with interest, hoping to learn a few tricks to please Ron even better when their tie finally came. Kim bobbed her head in an even rhythm, occasionally taking a dive down to his balls, which earned her affectionate caresses from Ron. Her hand was either busy stroking his thick dick, or, when she deepthroated him, fondling his heavy balls.

As much as she envied Kim, Yori had to respect her skill. His expression left no doubt that he loved how she worshiped him, even though his cock was splendid enough for two or three girls to comfortably work together to please him. Yori would have to work diligently if she wanted to hold a candle to the redhead.

Kim gradually worked faster and faster, and Ron started thrusting into her mouth, until their movements froze, except for the twitching of Ron’s cock. Yori knew what that meant. Kim got to enjoy Ron’s plentiful ejaculate straight from the source. It was wasted in her mouth, she thought. She wanted Ron’s cum in her pussy, wanted to feel the bliss of being bred by him once more.

In any case, Kim impressed her again by swallowing what was surely a massive load, first thing in the morning, with little difficulty. Kim showed that she had swallowed it all, they made out for a bit, and Ron got dressed, leaving a smiling Kim naked on her bed. Yori followed stealthily, like a ninja!

While following him, Yori noticed a number of girls greeting Ron quite affectionately. In fact, they touched him inappropriately, and he cupped a feel here and there as well! It seemed like Ron had more women at his beck and call than Yori knew. An unsurprising but irksome development. So many women to be jealous of… Fortunately, Ron did not take them up on what were surely offers to fornicate in a nearby alley. The girls pouted, but left it at that and walked away.

Ron kept walking, until he reached the park. At the gate, another girl waited. She was blonde, with blue eyes and a nice body she barely hid under a pink tube top and a scandalously short plaid skirt. She blushed when he greeted her and was generally much more timid than the previous two. He put an arm around her waist and led her into the park.

Following them through wide open areas proved tricky, and Yori lost track of them for a while. She found them again when a girl’s whimpering reached her ears. In the bushes, a good distance away from the beaten path were Ron and the girl.

“You did as you were told, Tara?”, Ron asked. The firm, calm tone of his voice was new to Yori. The blonde nodded, not meeting his gaze. “Show me”. Tara lifted her skirt, and Yori almost gave her position away by gasping. She wore a tiny thong for underwear which served to keep a wiggling dildo inside her pussy. She was drenched.

Ron tenderly embraced her.
“You’re a good girl, aren’t you Tara?”
“Yes, Ron…”, she whimpered happily. She clung to him. Ron grasped her plush butt, pulling her closer.
“Do you feel that? My hard cock?”, he asked. Tara whimpered affirmatively. “Don’t you think you should do something about it? You made it this way, after all”, he murmured. She immediately sank to her knees and fumbled with his belt. Once his pants came off and his huge dick was right in front of her, Tara opened wide and started sucking.

“Atta girl”, Ron said, gathering Tara’s hair up in one fist. Once he had a firm grasp on her, he began thrusting. “Look at me while you choke on it, you little slut”. Tara struggled with his girth, but she did as she was told. Yori could see tears welling up in her blue eyes, but Ron knew no mercy. After a while, he was comfortably plunging into her gullet and his balls were slapping against her chin.

He had never acted this way with Yori, but seeing this new side to Ron aroused her, especially since Tara evidently enjoyed the rough treatment. She pushed at the vibrator in her pussy, trying to force it as far as it could go.

Eventually, Ron pulled out. His cock was covered completely in saliva, and thing strings lingered between his dick and Tara’s lips while she took deep breaths.
“How are you holding up?”, he asked, gently rubbing his cock against her face. Tara gasped a few times before answering.
“Can I have more?”. Ron smirked and slapped her face with his fat meat stick.
“You are just precious”, he said and shoved her to the ground. “Get on all fours, bitch!”, he said. Tara obeyed right away, and even flipped her skirt up so Ron could take in the view of her shapely ass, high in the air.

The vibrator was now plainly visible. Yori was impressed that Tara had managed to walk through the park without incident while that thing wiggled around inside her. Ron didn’t pay it any attention though. He pulled the thong down until Tara’s asshole was exposed. He spat on it, got behind her and lined himself up.
“Do you want it?”, he asked, teasingly prodding her soft sphincter.
“Yes”, Tara groaned desperately.
“Tell me what you want me to do”
“I want you to ram your humongous dick up my ass and make me your bitch!”, she blurted out.
“What are you talking about?”, Ron asked calmly and slapped Tara’s butt hard. She yelped in response. “Aren’t you my bitch already?”. The blonde whimpered, dismayed.
“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean- “
“It’s fine. Guess I’ll just have to remind you so you won’t forget again”, Ron said magnanimously, only to shove his cock up her ass the next second.

Yori was shocked to see the whole thing disappear in a matter of seconds. The blonde groaned deeply and clawed at the grass, but grinned from the insertion. Ron had trained this girl thoroughly, it would seem. What followed was a rough, merciless butt fuck. When Tara started moaning a little too loudly for Ron’s taste, he shoved a few fingers into her mouth to suck on while he pounded her ass.

Yori had never experienced anal sex before, but seeing this definitely piqued her interest. Tara’s face was pure bliss, absentmindedly sucking Ron’s fingers and giggling to herself while he mounted her like an animal. On top of that, there was the vibrator in her pussy. Yori couldn’t even fathom how intense the experience must’ve been for Tara. The fact that she started squirting after only two minutes was some indication, at least.
“Having fun all on your own, huh?”, Ron noted, delivering another smack to Tara’s luscious ass.
“Ah! Sowwy”, she moaned through his fingers.

Ron kept plowing her butt, and Tara kept cumming. After several very juicy orgasms, the vibrator slipped out and fell to the ground while Ron kept going. It seemed like he wasn’t going to stop until he had finished. Tara meanwhile, was a mumbling mess, barely able to keep her eyes open. Yori felt the strong urge to touch herself, but she resisted. All the arousal she felt now would get addressed once she got some time with Ron.

“I’m cumming”, Ron moaned. Tara giggled which was more than Yori would’ve expected from her. She had been under the impression that the blonde had passed out. When it was time, Ron pulled out, yanked Tara’s thong down to her knees, and proceeded to cum all over her ass and pussy. Another waste of perfectly fertile semen, Yori thought, even though she knew that Ron’s reserves were seemingly endless. He could afford to spill his seed freely like this. She only wished she could receive it rather than it going to waste.

It took Tara a few minutes to become responsive again. Ron had already put his clothes back on and handed her some tissues to clean up with. Once she was presentable again, Tara hugged and kissed him.
“Thank you for indulging me. It was mind-blowing!”, she said happily.
“Hey, no problem. Don’t forget this”, Ron said kindly, handing her the vibrator. Tara took it and reached under her skirt. Her hands came away without it.
“Not satisfied yet?”, Ron asked surprised.
“Oh, I am. You saw to that thrice over”, Tara chuckled. “I just didn’t bring my bag, and I can’t walk around with it in my hand, now can I?”.
“Makes sense”, Ron said. Yori agreed. He gave her another peck on the cheek and promised to call her soon before parting ways with her. Yori was astonished by his quick change in attitude. He had used this girl like a toy one minute, only to be kind and affectionate with her the next. The fact that Ron would go out of his way just to entertain his concubines made her love him even more.

What followed after that was a day of spontaneous hook-ups. Wherever Ron went, a girl or two would approach him, he’d take them into the nearest restroom or alley and have sex with them. Yori was astonished and turned on by the exorbitant amounts of sex Ron was having. She spent all day watching girls getting drilled by his massive cock and listened to their sweet moans.

By the time Ron came back home in the early evening, Yori was horny beyond belief. Fortunately, Ron was alone now. She watched him undress through his window, and when he went to take a shower she quickly snuck into his room, stripped, and awaited his return, kneeling on the floor.

A few minutes later, the door opened and Yori bowed respectfully.
“Greetings, Stoppable-san”. Ron was surprised to see her, but only for a moment. Then he leapt forward and hugged her.
“Yori! It’s been way too long! What are you doing here? How is our baby?”, he asked, beaming at her. Yori’s heart fluttered. He barely even took notice of her naked body, it seemed, yet he was overjoyed to see her. She couldn’t help herself and kissed him.
“Your son is in good health and currently in capable ninja hands, Stoppable-san”
“The most capable hands of them all!”
“Indeed. As for me, I have missed you, so I came to visit”, Yori said. The warm reception made her forget her wet pussy temporarily.
“That’s a wonderful surprise”, Ron laughed, rose, and pulled her up, too. Then he hugged her tightly and gave her a little kiss. “But…”, he said sheepishly, “I take it that you’re naked for a reason”.

The comment made Yori acutely aware of her own arousal once more. She could feel her juices running down her legs at that point. Feeling Ron’s gave wandering across her body only turned her on more.
“Yes, Stoppable-san. It would be my honor if you could aid the mother of one of your children. I am besides myself with desire for you. Can you feel it?”, she asked, blushing, took one of his hands and put it between her legs. It brushed against her damp pubic hair, gently rubbed against her slick lips, and came away glistening.
“Wow…”, Ron mouthed, looking at his glistening digits.
“I know that you’ve already done it a lot today, but if possible, I’d like to ask you to… how do you American’s say? Um… fuck my brains out?” He smiled and let the towel he wore around his waist fall to the floor. Yori could watch his cock rise to the occasion.
“It will be my honor”

In the blink of an eye Ron had grabbed her and tossed her onto his bed. She giggled, and before she could get her bearings, Ron already spread her legs open to get a good look at her crotch. Her bush was thick, well kempt, and wet. Underneath, her labia were red with arousal, glistening and slightly agape, eagerly awaiting him. Rather than his cock, however, he shoved his tongue into her.
“Stoppable, sa-aaaah!”, Yori squealed. It appeared that Ron had gotten better since their last encounter, or maybe she was just that horny, but his tongue was driving her crazy within seconds. She bucked her hips and grabbed his head, pulling him in. The slippery hot muscle felt incredibly strong while prying her wet tunnel open. Ron was feasting on her, moaning pleasurably as he lapped up her honey. Yori cried out when he started playing with her clit in addition to eating her pussy. She was writhing and moaning, unable to contain herself. Even just this much was far more enjoyable than masturbation.

Yori’s voice grew more and more high-pitched as she approached her climax. She clawed at the sheets, arched her back, ready for the release, but then the stimulation stopped. She looked up just in time to see Ron slapping his fat dick onto her bush.
“You’d rather cum with this, right?”, he asked, grinding against her teasingly. Yori nodded emphatically and even spread her labia wide open to invite him. Ron went right ahead and pushed against her entrance. “Oh, wow. It’s so hot”, he said and hissed when Yori engulfed him. She merely whimpered while Ron slowly entered her. She had missed this girth, the heat, the texture of his penis. She shuddered with delight as it made its way straight to her cervix and yelped when it pushed against it.

Once Ron was all the way inside her, and on top of her, they smiled at each other. Ron, calm and warm, Yori, panting and on the brink of orgasm. His strong hands each groped one of Yori’s luscious breasts, making her squirm. Then the thrusting began. She wrapped her arms and legs around him right away. He was finally balls deep inside her, where he belonged, and she didn’t want to let him go.

After months apart, Yori was almost shocked by how damn good Ron’s cock felt, how it scraped all the right spots, how it filled her up completely. Feeling his hands on her breasts and his balls slapping against her was bliss, and she would’ve told him as much if she had been able to speak. She was a whimpering mess, a barely coherent receptacle for his passion about to explode.

What put her over the edge in the end was the incessant knocking on her womb. She tensed up and gasped before the tension of months of unfulfilling masturbation fell from her. Yori drew shuddering breaths and relaxed while the climax washed over her. Her eyelids fluttered, and she giggled in ecstasy. Her vagina convulsed, massaging Ron’s dick almost lovingly.
“Need a break?”, Ron asked, tenderly kissing Yori’s cheek and neck. She shook her head and smiled contently.
“Please, continue, Stoppable-san. I want more. Fuck me and fill me up with your hot seed”

About half an hour later, Yori was clinging to Ron once more. She had lost track of her orgasms. Ron’s ferocious lovemaking blew her mind. They had gone through a number of positions, but with his own climax coming closer, they had assumed what Ron called the mating press. Yori had liked the sound of it, and absolutely loved it once they got started. She was fully at his mercy. His cock had easy access to her deepest depths, and Ron had promised to fill her up to the brim. She was kissing him greedily while moaning and whining from the intense thrusts. She braced herself when she felt Ron swell up, and shortly after she finally got what she had wanted.

Yori’s eyes rolled into the back of her skull when the hot blasts of semen started filling her. Ron kept thrusting, slowly, deeply and hard. Every time he slammed his huge dick balls deep into her, another load was pumped straight into her womb. She trembled beneath him. The insemination made her cum, too. The last time she had felt so fulfilled was when she had held her child for the first time, and now she was going to have another one! And even if it didn’t take right away, she just had to do this more until it worked! No matter how Yori looked at it, her future looked peachy.

Once he was done, Ron slowly pulled his cock out and lay down next to Yori. They kissed while Ron fondled her breasts. She took the liberty of grasping his slippery dick and stroked it leisurely. She was about to ask him if he wanted to do it again when someone interrupted them.
“Looks like I missed some fun”, Kim said, sounding amused. Yori was startled, though Ron remained calm.
“Oh, hey, KP! Look who came to visit!”, Ron said happily.
“Yeah, I can see, Ron. Hi, Yori”
“Greetings, Kim Possible”, Yori said politely. She followed Kim’s line of sight and realized that the redhead was staring straight at her crotch. She closed her legs and felt squishy. She had been so absorbed in her pleasure that she hadn’t even noticed that she had started leaking, which was unsurprising considering the sheer volume of Ron’s ejaculate.

“Well, since Yori already had a turn”, Kim said airily and stripped, “I think I can have mine now, right?”. That said, she sauntered over to Yori and climbed on top of her. She giggled when she saw Ron’s face, mesmerized by the double pack of pussy and ass on display right in front of him.
“I can make room for you, if you would prefer that, Kim Possible”, Yori said, feeling a little awkward with the naked redhead mere inches away from her.
“Oh, don’t bother, Yori. I’ve been waiting for this threesome for a long time”, Kim said huskily, and tenderly kissed Yori. The ninja gasped, but didn’t fight it. The kiss only lasted an instant, after which they looked into each other’s eyes for a long moment. The Kim kissed her again, and Yori reciprocated. She had considered Kim Possible her greatest rival, but surely Ron would enjoy seeing them together like this. On top of that, Kim was a really good kisser. Maybe Yori could get into this as well.

Turned on by the show, Ron came up behind Kim and rubbed his still slippery cock against her pussy.
“Ready, KP?”, he asked, one hand holding his cock, the other caressing Kim’s butt.
“Actually… Tara told me how you showed her a good time today. Got me into the mood for some anal”, she said, wiggling her hips. Ron chuckled, switched targets, and entered. Yori watched Kim bite her lip while Ron’s humongous cock stretched her yielding little asshole wide open. Ron quickly began pounding her, leaving no doubt that Kim Possible was used to this sort of thing. The pleasure was plain on her face. Her face hovered above Yori’s, panting whorishly with a big grin on her face. Yori wasn’t sure what to do. She thought about kissing her more, but she didn’t want to muffle the noises she made for Ron. She tentatively started touching her, brushing her hands across Kim’s modest breasts, jiggling from Ron’s thrusts. Kim whimpered, apparently liking it. Yori proceeded to play with her nipples while kissing her neck.

“Yeah, Yori, just like that”, Kim groaned. Yori looked past her shoulder at Ron. He looked big and manly from her vantage point. He smiled warmly at her. Starting to get comfortable, Yori let a hand slide between Kim’s legs and rubbed her pussy. The redhead giggled, delighted.

With Ron and Yori teaming up on her, Kim couldn’t last long. She cried out, squirting all over Yori’s fingers while Ron hissed and slowed down his thrusts. Kim hugged her and kissed her deeply, until Ron pulled out, and, stroking his throbbing cock, came around and aimed it at their faces.
“Open wide, girls”, he panted. Kim opened her mouth readily and unfurled her tongue. Yori followed suit. Ron groaned and let it all out. Thick ropes of white splashed across their faces, and landed in their mouths and hair. The ninja was still coping with the smell and the warmth of Ron’s jizz all over her face when Kim already started licking her face. The girls started making out, sharing the semen.


Afterwards, Ron was relaxing on his bed while Kim and Yori worshiped his cock and balls.
“So, how long are you staying?”, Kim asked between smooches.
“I came to get impregnated. I doubt that it will take Stoppable-san very long to accomplish that”, Yori giggled, winking at him. He blushed a little. “Until then, I would like to make up for lost time”.
“Oh, I’ll bet you have a whole list of things you want to do with Ron, huh?”, Kim chuckled. Yori sucked his glans and released it with a pop before answering.
“Yes, though today’s events have made me curious about anal sex. You and the girl called Tara seem to relish it quite a bit. Would you mind trying it with me, Stoppable-san?”
“Of course not!”, he said, sitting up excitedly.
“I’ll fetch the lube”, Kim said and got up.

Ron and Kim taught Yori thoroughly about the pleasures of butt sex that night.

Chapter Text

“Good morning, Ron”, a familiar voice murmured into his ear. Ron opened his eyes, and saw a sleepy Kim smiling down at him. She kissed him tenderly, hardly more than a brush of the lips, but it was enough to make Ron smile.
“Hey, KP”, he said. They kissed again, and Kim let some tongue slip. Usually, Ron would’ve appreciated that, but that morning was different. He groaned, and Kim pulled away.

She lifted the blanket that covered their naked bodies and inhaled sharply.
“Geez, Ron”, she said. His cock was hard, very hard. Veins bulged all over it, and it steadfastly hovered above his stomach. He was leaking pre-cum constantly. It was smeared all over his stomach and the sheets. “One week of abstinence, and this is the condition you’re in? Do you want me to give you head really quick, to take the edge off at least a little?”, she asked.

“You know how it is, Kim. I promised”, Ron said, apologetically. He hated leaving her hanging when he knew that she wanted it, but he wasn’t any better off. It was curious though. Usually going without release for a while wasn’t a big deal. A bit annoying maybe, but nothing as distracting as the solid bar of steel he currently held between his legs. He reckoned that the anticipation had something to do with it. As much of a hassle as saving up was, he was definitely looking forward to the occasion that had prompted it in the first place.

Kim sighed, and gave him a peck on the cheek.
“Let me just take a quick photo of it”, she said, reaching for her phone. Afterwards, she climbed out of bed, stretched and put on sweatpants and a flimsy top. Ron watched Kim get dressed with interest, even though it made his boner ache even more.

Watching her bend over was always a treat, and knowing that Ron felt that way, she gave him a little show. She stayed bent over a little longer than necessary, had her legs spread a little more than she otherwise might’ve, giving him a glimpse of her snatch, and slowly pulled the pants up, over her tight butt. When she was done she shot him a saucy smile and a wink.

“Maybe you should take a cold shower before going down for breakfast”, she said, sniffing. “Seems like Mom is making pancakes”. Ron could smell it, too. He watched Kim saunter away, sighed and got up himself. He walked straight to the bathroom.

Mr. P and the twins were on a camping trip. Kim’s dad had gotten his hands on some spare parts from the space center, and he was going to help the boys launch their first satellite. Thus, with only Kim, her Mom and the baby around, he was free to walk around naked. However, he made sure to hold a hand under his glans. He didn’t want to leave any stains on the carpets.

The shower helped. After about ten minutes his boner had died down again, and he stepped out of the cabin, feeling refreshed. He got dressed, and, lured by the appealing smell of pancakes, sauntered into the kitchen.

“Perfect timing, Ron. Your batch is almost done”, Ann told him over her shoulder. She was wearing a dressing gown.
“Good morning, baby”, Ron said. Kim looked up from her breakfast, confused. She saw Ron doting on the baby. She had thought he was talking to her. Ann smiled when she heard the little one babbling happily. Ron, satisfied that their kid was in good spirits, took a seat.

“Here you go, daddy”, Ann said mirthfully, putting a plate with a large stack of pancakes in front of him.
“Thanks, Mrs. Dr. Peeeee….”, he slurred. Looking up at the mother of his kid, he saw that her gown was undone. She didn’t make an effort to expose herself. She showed a simply strip, starting from her neck, across her cleavage, down to her hips where a patch of fiery pubes sat just at Ron’s eyelevel.

He groaned, feeling his cock swelling again.
“Mom, come on, don’t tease him”, Kim said, feeling sorry for him.
“Sorry, Ron”, Ann giggled, “I didn’t expect you to get so randy from seeing my old body”. Kim rolled her eyes. Kim knew that Ann knew that she was smoking hot.
“Of course, I would. You’re stunning”, Ron said, sounding tense. Ann was visibly pleased.
“Thank you”, she said, gave him a little kiss, and turned away, closing her gown.

Ron got to eat breakfast in peace after that. It was delicious and filling. Perfect before getting on a plane. Just as he finished a second serving, the doorbell rang. Kim jumped up to answer it. Ron followed her leisurely, grabbing his luggage on the way.
“Hey, Shego”, Kim said.
“Good Morning! Got everything, Ron?”, the green lady asked. Ron liked Kim’s unkempt look early in the morning, but she looked a little out of place next to Shego. She looked like she had just jumped out of a magazine. She wore her hair open, restrained only by large shades. Her makeup was impeccable. Eyeshadow and liner made her eyes look vibrant, and red lipstick drew the eye to her luscious lips. A black crop top covered her braless chest, and tight jeans left little to the imagination in regards to her long, toned legs and her perfect posterior.

She was breathtaking, even more so than usual, and at the sight of her, Ron felt the blood rushing straight back to his dick.
“I’m ready”, he told her, trying not to stare. Kim embraced him and gave him a deep, long kiss.
“Take care”, she said, letting go of him, only to do the same to Shego. Ron’s erection grew more and more prominent in his pants while he watched them kiss. “Have a good time, you two”, Kim added when she finally stopped kissing the green woman.
“See you in a week”, Ann said, approaching with her kid.
“Hey, look! It’s your half-sister!”, Shego told her baby, lifting it from its stroller. Kim extended her arms and took it from her. “Mommy will call as soon as her and daddy arrive”, Shego said and gave her child a big kiss. The little one giggled happily.

Ron found the scene heartwarming and felt a little out of place. It was still kind of odd to him that he had children with such lovely women.
“He’ll be in good hands”, Kim assured Shego.
“I know”, she said warmly. “Come on, let’s go. The cab’s waiting”. Thus, they waved the Possibles goodbye and embarked on their trip.


Shego had won a vacation for two, and it was immediately obvious who she wanted to take along. She wanted to spend a hot week with Ron on a tropical island, which was why she had asked him to save up for her.

Ron gladly did. He could tell how much Shego was looking forward to it. She was all smiles and loving caresses, and her getup looked fantastic. He was looking forward to it, too, of course. Just imagining her in a swimsuit, rising out of the waves, was enough to make him hard. Her showing a tantalizing amount of skin; droplets of water rolling across her beautiful body; it was mouthwatering.

They encountered a bit of an awkward situation when they were picked for a random body check before boarding. They were dealing with a duo of security officers, a male and a female. The female was generally polite and agreeable, but the male was unpleasant.

First, he kept staring at Shego while his colleague patted her down, which annoyed Ron, especially when she bent over afterwards to pick up her bag, and her red thong showed. The security guard’s eyes almost popped out of his skull. Ron couldn’t blame him, he supposed, but he still didn’t like that weirdo staring at her. Evidentially, Shego had shown it on purpose, for Ron, of course. She winked at him with a cheeky smile when she bent over.

Things kept being awkward for Ron when it was his turn to get patted down. Shego’s display had left him… excited.
“Sir, are you carrying a weapon with you?”, the creep asked when he felt Ron’s erection. Shego snickered while Ron awkwardly tried to explain what the guard was touching, and that he would prefer it if he let go already.

Shego noticed a funny expression on the female’s face.
“Something wrong?”, she asked.
“Is that his…?”, she asked softly.
“His cock? Oh, yes…”, Shego chuckled into her ear. Ron’s baggy pants usually hid his endowment well, even if he was a little hard, but just then, while getting grabbed, it was quite apparent. “It gets even bigger”, Shego added, mirthfully. The female guard turned red.

Afterwards, they enjoyed a peaceful flight. Ron still popped boners on occasion on account of Shego’s attire. Sitting right next to her made it impossible to ignore her impressive bust. However, he had a movie to distract himself with.

Shego left him alone, for the most part. She felt giddy to be all alone with him for once, with none of his other sluts anywhere near them. Just her and him, and beautiful Hawaii!


“Say bye-bye to mommy”, Kim told Shego’s child. It repeated the words a little awkwardly, giggled, and waved at the camera.
“Good night honey, and you too, Kimmie”, Shego said and hung up.

They had arrived in a fancy hotel. Their room was on the tenth floor, giving them a stellar view of the island beneath and the sea beyond. Shego put her phone away and turned her attention to Ron. He was busy unpacking. She licked her full lips. It was time to give him some much deserved relief. She approached him from behind and snuggled up to him, pressing her soft breasts into his back.
“You can do that later. Come to bed”, she murmured seductively, and pulled him towards it.

Ron took a seat on the edge, with Shego standing before him. First, she pulled her top over her head and tossed it aside. She shook her hair, making her breasts sway erotically. It had the desired effect. Ron hissed, and a prominent bulge appeared between his legs.

She chuckled, fluidly sank to her knees, and started fiddling with his pants. A button, a zipper, and some tugging laid Ron’s throbbing erection bare.
“Holy shit”, Shego gasped. Not only did it look like it might explode any second, the scent of his pre-cum was incredibly strong. It made her mouth water, and her pussy tingle. She grasped him gingerly and started licking around the tip.

“Oh, thank you”, he groaned. Pre-cum started flowing more profusely, and once Shego had cleaned him up sufficiently she wrapped her lips around his glans to suck it up directly. “Oh, Shego…”, he moaned, putting a hand on her head and petting her hair.

She enjoyed his affection. He was in desperate need of this, and she was going to make him all better. While she gently bobbed her head, sucking just the tip of his cock, she reached for his balls and fondled them. They felt heavy, swollen and tender, and Ron groaned when she touched them.

“My, my, my… You’re seriously backed up. Looks like it’ll be a long night”, she chuckled, looking forward to it. “But I have to say, seeing you like this gives a girl ideas…”
“What kind of ide-ahhh!”, he moaned when Shego sucked his balls a little. She was all over his genitals, kissing, sucking and licking him all over. She smiled at him, with his fat member resting on her face.
“Well, I imagine your first shot will be quite the show. I could make you cum all over my body, or I could simply lie down with you and jerk you off to see if you can reach the ceiling. Or I could straddle you and find out what it feels like when you cum inside me in this state”, she murmured huskily. Ron sensed which option she preferred.

As if to prove him right, Shego got up, turned around, and slowly pulled down her tight jeans. Her ass was perfect. Round, supple and soft, but shapely and firm. It was a work of art, and the bright red thong she wore emphasized its perfect curvature.

Ron couldn’t resist. He reached out and fondled it. He pulled the cheeks apart and saw the little strip of cloth that kept Shego’s warm, inviting pussy and tight little butthole out of view. She let him have his way with a smile on her lips.
“Oooh”, she cooed when he kissed her. He started on her cheeks, and worked his way in-between them, until he was simply rubbing his face into her crotch. Shego rubbed back against him, grinding against his nose, until her excitement became unbearable.

She straightened her back, turned once more, and climbed into Ron’s lap. They quickly discarded his shirt, leaving Shego’s panties as the only clothing article still on their bodies. She pulled it aside and poised herself for the desperately awaited penetration.
“Ready, babe?”, she asked lewdly.
“Just a second”, he said and grabbed his phone.
“What is it?”
“I’m sure Kim would like a recording of this”

Shego furrowed her brow. She grabbed the phone out of his hand and put it aside.
“No”. Ron raised an eyebrow. Shego lowered herself without inserting his cock. Instead she started grinding on it, along its length. It quickly became covered in her honey, and each time she slid towards his tip, she squeezed out more of his pre-cum.

“No recordings. I don’t want you to think of Kim, or Ann, or Bonnie, or any of the others. I finally get to be all alone with you, and I want you to only think about me, especially when we’re making love”, she told him. AS she said it, she leaned in closer, and she lowered her voice, until it was only a breathy whisper in his ears.

“I… I didn’t know you felt so strongly about…”, Ron whispered, gingerly cupping Shego’s flushed cheek.
“…about the father of my child? About the man that makes me wet by so much as walking past me in a hallway? It’s difficult not to grow fond of a guy that keeps making me cum my brains out all the time, you know?”
“I just always took you to be more into… big, athletic sort of guys, you know?”. Shego smiled and kissed him gently.
“You’re not wrong, but I can overlook that sort of thing for a sweet, reliable guy. Especially when he’s the best lay I’ve ever heard of”, she said, smiling.

Shego was taken aback when he reached for his phone again.
“What are you doing?”, she asked. Ron fiddled with it for a moment and put it aside again.
“Just turned it off”, he said, smiling. Shego’s smile grew, and she leaned down to kiss him again.

While their tongues wrestled eagerly, Shego grabbed his slick cock and lined it up with her hole. Then she inserted it. Both of them moaned loudly. Shego rose, fully impaling herself on her favorite, massive cock, and Ron writhed, finally feeling the hot, tight embrace of pussy again. The fact that Shego’s pussy was one of his favorites only made it better.

While Shego, with her head hanging back, massaged Ron’s cock with her vaginal muscles, he reached for her breasts and played with her nipples.
“Oooh, fuck yes, baby!”, she groaned. Ron could only hiss and sigh in response to her pussy writhing all around him.

Eventually, she straightened herself again and brushed her hair out of her face.
“Time to get started”, she panted, and lifted herself up. Both of them cried out when she dropped back down. Ron couldn’t believe how tightly Shego’s pussy clung to him, and she couldn’t believe how utterly full she felt with his cock.

Neither could keep their voice down through the ride. Shego tried her best to maintain a rhythm, but her hips felt like jelly after only a short while. Even staying upright on top of that cock was difficult. Ron helped her out when he grabbed her by her slender waist and started thrusting up.
“Yes!”, she cried happily.

At that point, Ron was already panting like crazy. Shego was so beautiful and felt so good, that he could’ve ejaculated at a moment’s notice.

Both of them were producing copious amounts of juices. Shego’s honey flowed freely, as did Ron’s pre-cum. Each thrust of theirs was accompanied by wet, sticky noises, along with the sounds of their bodies slapping together.

While Ron desperately tried to keep his load contained, he stared at Shego’s bouncing breasts. They looked like two big, perfect pillows for his face. He lifted his body, pulled Shego into an embrace and buried his face in them. Her perfume smelled nice, and it was blissfully soft. Just like her pussy, and her butt, and her everything. He felt like he was melting, holding this gorgeous green lady.

Shego wanted to chuckle when he grabbed her, but it sounded more like labored gasping. His thick dick was scraping her insides deliciously, like it always did, but it felt even more intense than usual. Maybe the way the veins on his cock bulged more than usual made the difference, or maybe he was even more swollen than usual. Whatever the reason was, it drove Shego wild. She felt her first orgasm coming on quickly, and had no doubt that Ron was already holding back. He was constantly twitching inside her at that point. His bulbous glans squeezed against her cervix every time she slammed her hips down, and when his cock kissed her deepest part, she could feel the heat of his pre-cum deep inside. It made her quiver.

“Almost there!”, Shego squealed, riding faster and faster. Ron groaned into her cleavage and thrust even harder. His lap was covered in their mixed juices. Both of them desperately needed the release, but Ron needed it far more than Shego did.

He went first. He gasped when the first shot erupted out of him, but Shego screamed in bliss. The pressure of the ejaculation was intense, and with his glans tightly squeezed against her womb, she felt how it pried her open and filled her up in one, long, piping hot shot. However, Ron was far from done. He kept cumming, while Shego held onto him and whimpered. Her womb got packed to the brim with thick cum, until there was no room left.

“Holy fucking shit!”, she laughed when the cum started overflowing from her pussy. Ron was still gasping and shuddering through his climax, letting out several pussy’s worth of semen. Shego eventually lifted herself off of him, and he was still cumming. She climbed out of his lap, and quickly wrapped her lips around his glans, yet a few shots had gone flying onto his chest and the floor. She sucked him off tenderly, and swallowed as much as she could. Thankfully, his shots weren’t as voluminous or under as much pressure as the first ones that had filled her pussy up had been.

Shego sucked it all out, feeling Ron’s semen slowly leaking, running down her legs. His climax lasted for about two minutes, and by the end of it, Shego lifted her head, showed him a mouthful of thick semen, and swallowed it.

She kissed Ron while he recovered. When his breathing calmed down again, they separated and smiled at each other.
“That was amazing, Ron”, Shego said.
“Tell me about it”, he laughed. “I needed that. So, ready for round two?”. Shego’s eyes went wide. She looked down and saw his cock standing proudly. She didn’t know why she was surprised. Ron was never done after one round, but that orgasm had seemed so intense that she expected him to pass out. Any other man would have.

A lascivious smile formed on Shego’s face. Her man simply wasn’t like all the others.
“How do you want me?”, she asked huskily.


Shego awoke with a smile on her face the next day. Ron had taken out his lust on her until she had passed out. Her pussy and her butt were still a little sore, but she liked that. It reminded her off all the fun they had had.

She lazily lifted her head off of his chest. She was sticky all over. He had covered her in his spunk from head to toe. Yet, it seemed like his reserves were not exhausted. She smirked when she saw his morning wood under the blanket. She lifted it to take a look and was pleased to see that it was back to normal, not as painful looking as the night before. It made Shego feel a certain sense of accomplishment, relieving her man like that.

She covered his face with tender kisses until he woke up.
“Good morning, darling”, Shego murmured into is ear. Ron smiled and rubbed his eyes.
“You okay, Shego? You had to take some rough pounding last night. Sorry about that”, he said.
“Don’t be”, she told him. “I loved every second of it”

After a quickie in the shower, the two of them got on their way to the beach. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Shego had kept her swimsuit secret from Ron, and he eagerly awaited the time of the reveal. Once they had found a nice spot and put up a parasol, she let the flimsy dress she wore fall from her shoulders.

Unlike some of his teenage lovers, Shego wasn’t dead set on tantalizing him at every turn. She could’ve worn a micro bikini and gotten not only Ron, but every straight guy on the beach rock hard. However, she didn’t care for that. She wore a simply black and white bikini. It was tasteful, but cute. The halterneck top showed off her big boobs, and the bottom piece was cut to make her legs look even longer than they were to begin with. That, along with her toned physique and curvy hips made her the hottest woman around, and Ron couldn’t help but stare.

They spend the day either playing in the waves, lounging under their parasol when the noon sun got a little too intense, or eating. There were enough snacks to be had around the beach, and they indulged themselves. Sharing an ice cream cone led to the occasional lick across their partners cheeks, which was fun, but things got saucy when they felt like having something a little more filling.

They fed each other fries; at first with their fingers, then with their mouths, and before long they were making out like crazy. Ron’s cock started poking out from his waistband, so Shego suggested they get into the water to cool off.

Apparently, cooling off meant sex, because once they had gotten some distance away from the beach, Shego wrapped her legs around Ron’s waist and told him to take her.

Sex in the ocean was something else. Hot and cold, very wet, and exciting! Surely, someone on the beach found the two people far out and close together suspicious, but Shego didn’t seem concerned. She was busy keeping her voice down.

One orgasm wasn’t enough for either of them. Having sex like that was like doing it standing upright, but much easier with the added water support. Much to Shego’s delight, Ron stopped caring about being seen and instead tried some positions with her that would’ve been really taxing if they had been doing it on land.

He held her up with her back to his chest and her legs spread wide, she put her legs on his shoulders and let him pummel her pussy that way, and, once Shego was satisfied, he floated on his back while Shego gave him a sloppy blowjob to finish up. With their mess quickly washed away by the ocean, they returned to their spot and rested up before leaving.

That evening they were dining at a hula restaurant. They arrived after the show, having gotten caught up in another quickie on their way. The atmosphere was lovely. The sun was just setting, and they had a table at a window. They shot each other smoldering looks while they browsed the menu.

Shego had had such a good time that day that she could hardly keep her hands off of Ron. She would’ve grabbed his hands had they been on the table. Instead she caressed his legs with her feet, and his crotch as well, of course. Ron even seemed to like it. He smirked at her, giving her chills. She wondered if she was going to be his dessert.

“Ron?”, a female voice asked. They looked up. It was a waitress in a hula costume. She had curvy hips, a toned stomach and modest breasts. Her big brown eyes were pretty, her smiling lips full, and her raven hair shone in the low light.
“Nani?”, Ron said, recognizing Lilo’s older sister.
“Oh, it is you!”, she said, happily. “But Kim is not with you this time?”.
“Um, no”, he said. “This is Shego. Shego, Nani”.
“Nice to meet you”, Nani said airily.
“Likewise”, Shego said, uncertainly.

Nani took their order and left, leaving an awkward silence behind.
“Who was that?”, Shego asked, suspiciously. Ron twiddled his thumbs for a moment, sighed and answered.
“Kim and I once went on a mission to Hawaii and I met Nani and this Lifeguard and we… kinda…”. The story tickled Shego’s memory. Her eyes widened when she recalled hearing about Ron knocking up two women on the island. She groaned and hung her head.
“I forgot…”, she grumbled.
“I’m sorry, Shego. You were so excited, and I didn’t want to disappoint you. I didn’t tell them we were coming, hoping that we just wouldn’t run into them. I’m sorry…”, he said.

Hearing him sounding so defeated made Shego feel guilty. He had just tried to indulge her selfish wishes.
“You’ve got nothing to apologize for, Ron.

Nani brought them their food and lingered a moment longer.
“So, Ron, since it’s been a while, how about you come back to my place after my shift. Me and a certain someone have missed you a lot”, she said suggestively. “Not to mention that you haven’t seen your babies yet”. Ron hesitated. “Shego is invited, too, of course!”, she added.
“Sure, we’ll come along”, the green lady said, smiling.
“Awesome! We’re going to have a blast!”, Nani said happily and left.

“Are you sure?”, Ron asked once she was out of earshot. Shego sighed and smiled at him ruefully.
“Of course, I am! You want to see your babies, right?”
“Of course, but…”
“And getting a chance to tap that sweet brown booty again doesn’t sound so bad either, right?”, Shego asked, smiling cheekily. Ron blushed a little. Shego thought he was cute.

“Look, Ron, I know I can be selfish, and I appreciate you indulging me, but I wouldn’t want to keep you from meeting your children. Besides, it’s not like I don’t like having a few girls around, especially not hot ones like that waitress. It’s not what I wanted from this vacation, but I say we make the most of it, so we can both be as happy as possible”, she told him and took his hand into hers. “Okay?”

Ron’s lower lip quivered, and Shego thought he might shed a tear, but he managed to keep the waterworks from opening the floodgates.
“Yeah. Thank you, Shego”, he said, sounding horse. She chuckled and gave him a kiss.
“I love you, Ron”
“I love you, too”, he replied. That took her by surprise. She had assumed that that was a Kim exclusive, but she wasn’t going to fight it when he pulled her closer for a deep, passionate kiss. If Ron was man enough to keep dozens of girls as his fuckbuddies, then why not have several proper lovers, too?


Nani and the lifeguard had moved in together when both of them got pregnant. Together they managed to make a fine living to support themselves, Lilo, and the babies. They had liked each other for a long time, and after spending some quality time with Ron, they basically started dating. However, the lifeguard was just as excited as Nani had been when she brought Ron and Shego with her that night.

The lifeguard looked very similar to Nani, only blonde, with green eyes and slightly larger tits. Ron was glad to see that Lilo was doing well, and that his babies were as well. Lilo was excited to have them around. It seemed like they would have a great sister-figure to look after them.

The reunion didn’t last long, however. The babies were already asleep when they arrived, and it was high time for Lilo to go to sleep as well. Thing quickly heated up after the kids were asleep, though…

Sometime later, Ron had an excellent view of his three lovers. Lined up and on all fours, he enjoyed a splendid view of three fantastic asses. The one in the middle, the one he was currently slamming against, belonged to the lifeguard.
“I forgot how fucking good you are, Ron”, she said excitedly, grinning to herself while Ron’s big cock pummeled her dripping pussy into submission.

One either side of her were Nani and Shego. They got to enjoy Ron’s fingers in the meantime. Shego was still waiting for her turn, while Nani had already gotten hers. She moaned softly while Ron fingered her pussy, slick with honey and semen.

Shego still felt a little miffed about having to share him, but doing it with new girls was exciting in its own way. She leaned over and started making out with the lifeguard. Nani wanted to get in on that, too, and did so by giving her girlfriend’s juicy ass a slap. The blonde squealed, and Ron chuckled, enjoying the naughty display.

He was having a great time, anyway. It wasn’t his first foursome, not by a long shot, but it was nice to get down and dirty with Nani and the lifeguard again after so long. On top of that, it was rare for him to see not only three women lined up before him, awaiting his fat dick, but three mothers that had born his children. It made him want to make them feel especially good, so he intensified his hip work and made sure to change up the angles from time to time. The wanton moaning from the lifeguard told him all he needed to know about whether it was doing it for her or not.


As happy and excited as they were about his sudden visit, since they weren’t used to fucking him, Nani and the blonde tapped out after only half a dozen rounds or so.

Shego, naked, took him by the hand and led him to the porch. She made him sit on a bench out front, squatted down and wrapped her luscious breasts around his glistening cock.

It was a relaxing titfuck. Shego wasn’t in a hurry to make him cum, and Ron enjoyed her gentle touch. The warm, supple flesh engulfing him, Shego’s lips and tongue caressing his glans, it was lovely.

After getting him all twitchy, she climbed into his lap and rode him. Her hips moved erotically, and her warm breath brushed against his face. It was becoming difficult to hold back. Ron grabbed onto her soft rear and held onto her fast.
“Come on, Ron, let it all out! Knock me up!”, she panted excitedly. Ron perked up upon hearing that.
“Knock you up?”, he asked, surprised. Shego smiled at him as if he were a naïve little boy.
“I’ve said it on several occasions, haven’t I? I’m ready for another one. I’m tired of waiting. I want to give birth again”, she murmured into his ear. “Let me give you another baby”.

Hearing those words was too much. Ron gasped, and pumped a thick load deep inside her. Shego giggled happily while her vagina contracted all around him, squeezing as much semen out of him as possible.
“Ahhh, that’s what I’m talking about, daddy”, she said, and laughed. Ron hugged her tightly.


Shego got to keep Ron to herself for the most part during their stay. She didn’t mind sharing him with his two other lovers on a few nights, but he wasn’t allowed to pick up any more girls, even though some totally wanted a piece of him.

Shego was overjoyed to find out shortly after their return that she had gotten pregnant again, and Ron was happy to hear it, too.

Chapter Text

Pop; went the Champaign bottle. Glasses were filled and some of the sparkly drink was spilled into the water of the hot tub.
“To a great performance and a splendid finale to my tour!”, Britina said.
“Cheers!”, her, Kim and Bonnie said and clinked glasses.

It was just after the last concert of Britina’s tour. Two of her background dancers had fallen ill after eating the free sushi at a questionable roadhouse. Fortunately, her buddy Kim had the skills, and an equally talented friend to fill in for them.

Her and Bonnie had learned the routine in an afternoon, and the show turned out to be a smashing success. To celebrate, Britina invited them to join her in her hot tub.

There was nothing quite like a nice dip in the bubbly water after a two-hour performance. The girls stretched out and sipped Champaign, naked.

Kim wasn’t much of a drinker, but the occasion kind of demanded it. She started feeling warm after the first glass, and halfway through thee second one she was starting to feel a little woozy, in a good way. It was a nice buzz, and she was relaxing thoroughly.

Britina and Bonnie looked tipsy, too. Their faces were flushed, and their movements a little sluggish.
“Thanks for helping me out guys. You were awesome out there! Have you considered doing this professionally?”, Britina asked. Kim giggled at the compliment but shook her head.
“I’m considering it now! Getting to show off my moves in front of such a large crowd felt great!”, Bonnie said and emptied her third glass of Champaign.
“Hey, if you ever want to go down that road, give me a call. I’ll hook you up!”. Bonnie laughed gleefully and pulled Britina into a hug.

Kim watched the whole thing with interest. Both of them were busty bombshells. Their large tits squished together. Kim reckoned that Ron would’ve really liked to see that, or better yet, feel it.

Thinking about Ron made her horny. Britina had given him a free ticket, and Kim remembered seeing him in the crowd. She wondered if he had enjoyed the show. They had had to wear really skimpy outfits on stage. Surely, he had gotten a kick out of that, but maybe he had only looked at Bonnie and Britina. They did fill out their top much more than she did, after all. Imagining Ron lusting after other women rather than herself made her even hornier, and she started touching herself.

“Aww, Kim, don’t be jealous”, Bonnie said, teasingly. Kim perked up.
“What are you talking about?”, she asked.
“You’ve been staring at our boobs”, Bonnie said, coming closer. “Don’t worry, you don’t need a massive pair of tits to look hot”, she cooed, hugging Kim.
“She’s right, Kim! You’re the hottest little redhead I know!”, Britina chuckled and joined the hug. With her face buried in soft boobs, Kim wondered if she was really that easy to read.

She took the liberty of fondling the busty beauties. Soft butts got squeezed, nipples got sucked, and Bonnie and Britina started making out. As fun as that was, while the girls riled each other up, they all started craving cock more and more. Fortunately, they knew just the guy for the job.

Britina extricated herself from the make-out session and leaned over the edge of the tub to get her phone. In the process, Kim and Bonnie got an excellent view of her juicy ass and her pussy. Her labia already looked red. She was needy.

A text and a short call later, the popstar returned to the cheerleaders.
“I hope you two don’t mind some company”, Britina said airily and kissed Kim.
“Depends on the company”, Bonnie said.
“Oh, you know him well”


A few minutes later, someone knocked on the door. Britina got out of the tub and grabbed a towel to answer it. Meanwhile, Kim was sucking one of Bonnie’s tits while fingering her.

“Come on in!”
“Howdy, Britina! The show was fa- holy cow!”, Ron said when he walked in and saw two familiar ladies getting it on in a hot tub. Britina closed the door behind him, and he turned her way just in time to watch her towel fall to the ground, exposing her terrific body. It wasn’t his first time walking into something like this, but for some reason he hadn’t seen it coming that night, leaving him slack-jawed.

Britina chuckled at his expression and approached him.
“Come on, Ron. The faster you get out of your clothes, the sooner we can join Kim and Bonnie in the tub”, she purred, pulling his sweater over his head. Ron snapped out of it and hurriedly started stripping. The girls watched with keen interest and licked their lips when his huge cock, erect and ready, popped out of his pants.


Soon after, Ron was sitting on the edge of the hot tub. Bonnie and Britina were each sucking one of his fat nuts while Kim got to suck his dick first.
“Oooh, fuck, yes. That’s it, KP”, Ron moaned when Kim started deepthroating him. She hummed happily in response. “You girls looked so good on stage. Was kind of hoping of doing you three in those costumes”.
“Sorry that we got a little ahead of you there, big boy”, Britina said, “but I’m sure we can arrange something some other time”.
“A-booya!”, Ron cheered, grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and slowly pulled her up. “Kim, I remember you and Britina making a pretty good team. How about you guys share?”.

Kim pulled away. Strings of saliva dangled between her lips and Ron’s cock. She gave him a wink, smiled and smooched his glans. She looked at Britina expectantly, and the blonde took the hint. She smooched it from the other side, and the girls started making out, or attempted to, with Ron’s engorged glans stuck in-between. Ron’s enjoyment of the treatment was made clear by a deep groan, and his hands coming to rest on their heads to hold them in place.

Meanwhile, Bonnie found herself alone with Ron’s heavy testicles, just the way she liked it. With more room to work with, she went wild. She noisily slurped his balls and fondled them, just the way she knew he liked it.

To call the treatment pleasurable would’ve been an understatement. After a few minutes, Ron cried out and came. The first heavy shots landed on Kim’s and Britina’s faces. They pulled away to breath, letting Ron squirt all over Bonnie’s upper body. The brunette gladly took it and rubbed it all over herself.
“Did that feel good, Ron?”, Kim purred into his ear. He nodded.
“For a start”. The girls couldn’t help but grin when he said that.

Ron slid into the water, and Kim took her rightful place in his lap. His dick easily slipped into her tight snatch, and Kim was so riled up that she went full throttle right away. Meanwhile, Britina sat on the edge, across from Ron, and Bonnie got busy eating her pussy. That way, Ron could watch Bonnie’s beautiful ass and Britina’s huge boobs across Kim’s shoulder while the redhead worked her hips wildly.

“So, how is sex in a hot tub, Ron. Because I think it’s great!”, Kim giggled. She liked the heat. Not only the heat of Ron’s dick in her pussy but the water engulfing them, licking at her skin.
“It’s kinda fun. One of the air jets is tickling my balls”, he said. He and Kim laughed before kissing deeply.

As they made out, Ron grabbed Kim’s butt and started pounding her from below. Her boobs jiggled wildly, and she kept brushing wet hair out of her face. Before long she started howling. Ron was making her cum repeatedly, always hitting just the right spots.

At some point, the fucking came to a sudden stop. Ron pushed his dick all the way inside and held Kim in place while he pumped a thick load into her. His head rested on her shoulder. Britina got a good long look at his o-face while Kim whimpered blissfully. The water in the tub suddenly felt much cooler compared to Ron’s hot load filling her up.

After a minute, Kim rose, sat down next to Ron and snuggled up to him, feeling content for the moment.
“So, who gets to go next, Ron?”, she asked warmly. He smiled at her, got up and approached Bonnie’s luscious ass. She perked up when he slapped her butt with his fat cock.
“Up for a pounding, Bon Bon?”, he asked, teasingly tracing her slit with his glans.
“From you? Always”, she said with a wink.

Ron smirked. He liked how slutty Bonnie got when she was horny. He was about to pry her pussy wide open with his dick when he caught a glimpse of Bonnie’s anus. He grabbed her butt and spread the cheeks apart to see better. The hole was spotless, and looked invitingly tight.
“Say, how is your butt doing today?”, he asked, gently prodding it with his thumb. She sighed contently as he teased her.
“It’s doing great. Are you going to make my naughty little asshole feel good again today?”, she asked with a sugary sweet voice.

Ron snickered and simply shoved his cock in. Bonnie moaned happily when her butt got stretched. After tons of practice, it even took him easily. He sighed contently when had gone balls deep. Kim came up from behind, rested her head on his shoulder and pushed her breasts into his back.
“Fuck that ass, Ron. Give it to Bonnie nice and hard”, she murmured, and it was exactly what he did.

Bonnie tried her best to keep Britina entertained, but eating pussy was hard when a massive dick like Ron’s kept plunging deep into your ass. She whined happily every time his balls slapped against her. Kim took the liberty of spanking Bonnie on occasion, which made her squeal.

At some point Ron took a break from thrusting. He, Kim and Britina all got a laugh when they saw how Bonnie kept moving all on her own. She worked her hips like crazy, sliding along Ron’s thick, veiny shaft. The laughter did not deter her. She kept going shamelessly, with a big grin on her face.

Her efforts were not fruitless, either. The urge to thrust into that little hole became unbearable, and Ron gave it to her again, harder this time. Soon enough, while Bonnie had been having orgasms for a while, Ron felt another climax cumming.
“Fill me up, Ron!”, Bonnie panted, feeling him throb. Ron obliged, and Bonnie’s eyelids fluttered as her sensitive butt got flooded with warm, creamy semen.

When Ron pulled out, her sphincter closed up again, only allowing a tiny bit of cum to leak. Bonnie rose and kissed him.
“God, I love feeling your cum inside me”, Bonnie said softly.
“That makes two of us”, Kim said, smirking. Bonnie chuckled and kissed the redhead.

“I think it’s Britina’s turn now”, Ron said, looking at the popstar. She was still sitting on the edge of the tub, touching herself. “How would you like it?”. She slid into the water, and stayed on her knees, smiling up at Ron.
“After some sweet pussy and a tight ass, I bet you’re dying for a round with the girls”, she said, lifting her large breasts. Ron liked that idea. He stepped up and offered his cock to her. Britina engulfed him with her soft flesh and started rubbing him.
“Are you sure that’s going to be enough for you?”, Ron sighed. Her skin was smooth and slippery. It felt great sliding in-between those beautiful pillows of soft flesh.
“I think the more important question is whether the three of us are going to be enough for you, stud. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll get my fill. Right now, I just want to blow your mind with my boobs”, Britina said lasciviously. As far as Ron was concerned, she was definitely getting there.


Some time later, the door was thrown open.
“Britina, honey, great performa- oh my god!”, cried a middle-aged woman. Her black hair was tied into a ponytail, and she wore a silvery-grey pantsuit with a deep neckline. Her black shirt was unbuttoned, giving onlookers an excellent view of her considerable cleavage. She was curvy and short, mitigated somewhat by high heels.

She had just barged in when Ron was ejaculating all over Britina’s tits. The thick white stuff just kept squirting out of the pop idol’s cleavage, smearing her million-dollar face and bust.

The blonde, along with the rest all turned to her in shock, though Ron kept cumming.
“Who is that!?”, Bonnie asked, unsure if she should cover herself.
“Close the door!”, Britina cried, and the woman did so. “That’s my manager. Thanks, by the way”, she said, addressing the woman. “As you can tell, we were already celebrating”, Britina told her and released Ron from her boobs.

The flabbergasted manager’s jaw dropped when she laid eyes upon the full extend of Ron’s penis. The throbbing member stood tall, despite clear evidence that he had done it with all three girls already.

Seeing her reaction, Britina, as well as Kim and Bonnie, had the same naughty idea.
“Wanna join the celebration?”, Britina asked. The manager blinked a few times.
“Wha- I-I-I mean… I”, she stammered.
“What do you think, Ron?”, Kim asked huskily. Ron checked out the manager, started nodding and even stroked his cock.

The manager swallowed a lump in her throat and began to strip, eyes glued to the big, throbbing price. As she watched the inevitable unfold, Kim bit her lip in anticipation and went to fetch her phone.


A short while later, the manager cried out because of another orgasm. She was bent over, holding onto the edge of the tub, while Ron fucked her from behind. He held her by her waist and watched her big ass bounce with every thrust.

Britina and Bonnie stood to either side of him, pressing their large busts against him.
“Yeah, Ron. Fuck that slut! Make her ass bounce!”, Bonnie said mirthfully.
“How is it? Are you having a good time?”, Britina asked the manager.
“YES! OH, FUCK, YES!”, she screamed happily. Ron could tell by her tight grip that this woman didn’t get nearly enough sex. She was utterly drenched.

As for Kim, she was sitting on the edge of the tub, between the manager’s hands, recording the whole thing. There were precious few things as hot as watching Ron do a new girl, or woman in this case, and it needed to be recorded. The way he fucked her like a bitch in heat, the way her butt jiggled with every impact, the way Bonnie and Britina fawned over him, and the teary-eyed, blissful expression on the manager’s face as years of sexual frustration were relieved in a matter of minutes; Kim captured all of those things. She could already tell that she would fap to this a lot. And on top of that, she felt her pussy trembling with excitement from the show. Once the manager was out of commission, Ron would have to take care of his girlfriend again. Kim was looking forward to it.

Chapter Text

“Any suggestions, Wade?”, Kim asked, sounding not quite right.
“Sorry, Kim. Mystical monkey rituals are not my area of expertise. I’ll do some digging, but for the time being you’ll have to get by like this”, he told her and Ron. The screen of the Kimunicator went out, leaving the duo in a weird spot.

They sat on Kim’s bed, still in their mission clothing, looking at each other. Kim looked into a pair of green eyes, belonging to a pretty girl with red hair while Ron looked at a sort of dopey looking guy with blonde hair and brown eyes. They had switched bodies.

It happened when they interrupted a secret ritual Monkey Fist had prepared. His plan had been to switch bodies with Ron to finally obtain the mystical monkey power. Instead, Kim and Ron ended up switching bodies by accident.

While Monkey fist’s plan was ruined, since the ritual depended on a celestial alignment that repeated only once in 69 years, they were potentially stuck like this for just as long.

“What do we do now?”, she sighed and fell backwards onto her bed. Ron gave her a tired look before getting up.
“I think I’ll go for a shower. It was a long day”. Kim agreed. It had been so long, in fact, that she didn’t even think of joining Ron. Everything was just so weird!


Ron’s worries were pushed to the back of his mind somewhat when he started undressing in the bathroom. Watching Kim strip in the mirror put his mind at ease, until he realized that he was watching himself. Usually, the sight of Kim in a sports bra and thong would’ve gotten him excited, but he felt oddly indifferent about the sight.

Which isn’t to say that he didn’t try to care. He posed, just for his own amusement. He loved it when Kim, or his other loves for that matter, pulled up their shirts and let their tits drop, so he tried it. It wouldn’t work quite right, and he eventually tossed her bra into the laundry basket in annoyance.

Kim had a fantastic figure. He had known that forever, of course, but he had never been so utterly alone with her body. He admired all the subtle lines her muscles drew beneath her supple skin, the sensual curve of her hips, and the elegance of her legs. He must’ve spent at least a minute or three, bent over, admiring Kim’s butt. It was flawless, simply asking to get spanked. He did, and smirked when he saw the pale skin slowly turn pink where he had hit it.

Despite all that, he couldn’t get excited, at least not the way he usually might’ve. Maybe it wasn’t the same when he was the one doing it. Ron shrugged, wiggled out of Kim’s thong, which was a first for him, and stepped into the shower.

As warm water started pouring down on him, he absentmindedly washed the soft breasts he had groped and kissed countless times, and felt little more than if he had washed his belly instead. It was almost distressing how little Kim’s body was doing it for him.

He wondered if Kim was feeling weird, too, stuck in her room with his body. He wondered if she would take some time to look at herself in the mirror like he had when it was her turn in the shower. On one hand, he doubted it; there wasn’t much to see, after all, but on the other hand Kim kept insisting that he was sexy.

Would she strip naked, and admire his body? She would admire his cock, surely, Ron knew she loved that part of his body. Maybe she would touch herself to see it at full mast, wave it around, fondle his balls just to see what it’s like…

Ron didn’t even realize at first that thinking about his own body made him horny. A hand wandered between Kim’s legs, and he only noticed when he felt something strange, but oddly familiar. Something good…

He gently rubbed Kim’s pussy, thinking about his own dick, and enjoyed it. It wasn’t that different from rubbing his cock, maybe even a bit less of a hassle. He tried pinching a nipple and squeaked. That felt really good! He did it more, heat slowly welling up in his belly.

He had quickly found the clit, the part that felt best to rub, but curiosity led him deeper inside. He slipped a finger into Kim’s vagina, just to see what it was like. It was unlike anything he had ever felt. He whimpered, just the way Kim whimpered when he warmed her up.

He felt Kim’s pussy getting wet, like he was used to, but now he understood why it got so wet. He slipped another finger in and leaned against the wall. Kim’s legs were getting too shaky, and no wonder! It felt amazing! Ron started gyrating his hips without meaning to, and softly moaned every time his fingers dove into the hot tunnel.

Ron had always found it curious that so many girls wanted to have sex with him so often. He had always assumed that girls didn’t get as much out of the experience as him for some reason. He considered himself blessed for having so many opportunities, but that view started to change.

If masturbation felt that good for girls, of course they would want to have sex all the time, too, he thought when he felt tension quickly building up inside. Biting Kim’s plush lower lip, and with curled up toes, Ron groaned through his first female orgasm.

He felt Kim’s pussy seizing up and quivering. It was intense, much more intense than he would’ve expected. His vision was blurry for a few seconds, and once the afterglow set in, he slowly slid down the wall, and sat in the warm rain of the shower, recovering.

“Holy shit…”, he panted. He was done taking a shower, but somehow, he didn’t want to step outside just yet. Ron wasn’t satisfied yet. It wasn’t like with his cock that simply wouldn’t go down, though. He could’ve stopped, but he could’ve also gone for another round.

A smirk played about Kim’s lips as Ron got up. Kim loved anal, which Ron had never sympathized with very much. He loved fucking her ass, of course, but the thought of getting something shoved up his own bum always repulsed him, until now.
“Maybe it’s not about what I like”, he mumbled, getting into position, “Maybe it’s about what Kim likes”. That said, he tentatively prodded her soft anus. It was kind of nice. He pushed harder and whimpered happily when a slender finger penetrated Kim’s tight backdoor.


Meanwhile, Kim was contemplating their situation, or she tried, at least. She was worried, of course, but it was hard to focus on that. It had been bothering her ever since the body switch, but now that Ron was out of the room, she got up and started fumbling with his pants.

She could feel his dick and balls! She could feel them hanging between her legs, brushing against her legs and pants. It was so distracting! When she final yanked down Ron’s pants and looked at him in the mirror, his cock fully exposed, she felt… normal.

That struck Kim as odd. Usually, even just a glimpse of it made her heart beat faster, but now she was shaking her hips, making it slap from one leg to the other without much of an emotion at all.

As weird as that was, at least it was less distracting this way. She went ahead and took the rest of his clothes off, just because it was weird hanging around literally only half naked.

She looked down at it and was surprised to find it looking smaller than usual. Perspective really made a difference apparently, because it was fine in the mirror.

Feeling a little lost, Kim looked around, and noticed a piece of cloth on the verge of sliding under her bed, forever to be forgotten. She snatched it up, and beheld a racy pair of panties. A red thong, soft to the touch, embroidered with a number of hearts.

She remembered the little number. Ron had pulled it off of her with his teeth a week ago. He had just tossed it over his shoulder before diving into her sopping wet pussy.

The memory made her smile, but her smile waned when she realized that she wasn’t smiling about what she had expected. It wasn’t the thought of Ron, on top of her, his beefy dick poised to stuff her that excited her, but the thought of her own pussy.

Kim liked girls just fine, but herself? She wasn’t usually as self-absorbed as Bonnie for instance, but Ron’s cock twitched to life the more she thought about her own body. She still remembered standing in front of that same mirror, trying on these same panties. Kim couldn’t help but think of herself half-naked, and before she knew it, Ron’s cock was fully erect.

This was a first, and Kim was a little at a loss. For a while, she just starred at it impassively. It didn’t go down at all. She took a seat on the bed, spat in her hand, and decided to take care of it.

Stroking it didn’t feel like she had expected. It seemed like a dick wasn’t all that sensitive around the shaft. It was nice, but nothing mind-blowing. She tried rubbing the tip and hissed. That was much more sensitive, a little too much even. Touching it with Ron’s fingers wasn’t the best, but a pair of soft lips and a tongue, Kim imagined, would be wonderful.

Kim just sat there, stroking Ron’s cock, and noticed how it became better the more she did it. Picturing girls also helped. She thought about herself in those panties, and before long, pre-cum was flowing freely from the glans. Everything got slicker. It was strangely addicting. Kim was so absorbed in it that she didn’t hear the footsteps outside.

“Kimmie? Are you back?”, Ann asked, peering inside. “Oh, Ron! Hi there!”. Kim almost fell off of the bed when her mom spoke up. Reflexively, she tried to cover herself, but didn’t have anything other than the thong at hand. She might as well not have even tried.

“Hi m- I mean… Ms. Dr. P”, she said, laughing nervously. She wasn’t sure if telling her mom about her current condition was a good idea. Ann smiled at her wryly.
“Why so formal all of a sudden?”, she asked, stepping inside. Kim cringed inwardly. Ron would just use her first name when no one else was around.
“Oh, uh, sorry, Ann. You just startled me a little”, she told her mom.

“I noticed. I take it Kim’s the one taking a shower right now?”, she asked. Kim nodded, noticing her mother’s eyes resting on Ron’s throbbing erection. “And instead of joining her you sit here, jerking it to her panties? Did you guys have a fight? Or… “, Ann murmured, “did you want a little piece of Ann before you got down and dirty with my daughter?”.

Kim suddenly felt all kind of sensations. Ron’s cock felt painfully hard from one moment to the next. She also took notice of her mother’s getup. She wore a flimsy nighty, nothing more. Her nipples were showing through the fabric. Kim could hardly tear her eyes from them, and even when she managed that much, they either wandered down to Ann’s smooth legs, or her charming smile, with those plush, warm, juicy, lips, perfect for sucking di…

Before she could finish the thought, her mother knelt down in front of her and gingerly grasped Ron’s penis. Kim pressed her lips together to keep from moaning.
“I’ll give you a little relief until Kim’s ready. Just sit back, and enjoy, big boy”, Ann said erotically. With a wink and a smiled, she wrapped her lips around Ron’s fat glans and twirled her tongue around it.

Kim couldn’t help but whimper. Her mom’s mouth was so hot, and her tongue seemed to lick the glans all over all at once. It made her shudder. Ann released Ron’s cock with a pop and chuckled.
“My, someone’s sensitive today”, she said, and let her gown slip from her shoulders. “Guess it’s going to be messy. Don’t want my night gown to get dirty”, she told Kim and went back to sucking.

It only got better from there. Her mom being topless made it better. Somehow just seeing her boobs made Ron’s dick more sensitive. Then there was the fact that her mother gave excellent head, or at least Kim thought so.

She moaned happily while Ann’s lips caressed Ron’s supple shaft and her tongue made love to his glans. She wrapped both of her hands around the base of Ron’s thick cock and started pumping as if to milk him. The urge to grab Ann by the head and simply thrust into her mouth was strong, so strong that Ron’s hips bucked involuntarily.

Taking the hint, Ann removed her hands, opting instead to swallow the entirety of Ron’s cock.
“Oh my fucking god!”, Kim gasped when she felt her mother’s tight esophagus tighten around Ron’s cock. The way Ann bobbed her head in Kim’s lap, the way her throat caressed Ron’s dick, the raunchy noises it all made, Kim could barely deal with it. She felt something coming, something warm, deep in her groin. She was ready to cum, but she didn’t want to drown her mom in jizz.

Somehow, she managed to hold the load for a few seconds; uncomfortable seconds, and she felt a deep sense of admiration for Ron, since he could hold his load for minutes! He put himself through some real trouble to make his girls happy.

In any case, Kim managed to hold on long enough to warn her mother. Ann quickly pulled back, opened her mouth wide, rolled out her tongue and aimed Ron’s cock right at her face.
“Gimme!”, she panted, pumping the fat meat with both hands, and Kim gave her everything she had.

She had to clasp her hand over her mouth to muffle a deep groan. Cum just burst forth, hitting Ann squarely in the face. Shot after shot of thick, viscous semen splattered across her beautiful face. Despite their best efforts, little landed in her mouth. Much more landed on Ann’s tits. It was a good thing she had taken her clothes off.

By the time Ron’s cum reserves seemed to be exhausted for the moment and Ann was covered with hot spunk, Kim felt dizzy. That orgasm was unlike anything she had ever experienced. It wasn’t like squirting at all, or even cumming with her pussy. It was satisfying in an entirely different fashion from what she was used to, and she had enjoyed it fully. She smiled, and looked down at her mother, cleaning herself up. Kim felt a pang of triumph, satisfaction, maybe even accomplishment, as she watched that ginger MILF smile back at her, with cum still splattered across her face.

Ann giggled.
“Well, that was good, wasn’t it?”, she asked and stood up. Getting a really good look at Ann’s naked body was kind of amazing to Kim at that moment. How could a mother of four still look so fucking good? Kim nodded to answer her question.
“Thank you”, she said, breathlessly.
“Anytime, Ron. I’ll leave that for Kimmie to take care of”, she said jovially, pointing at Ron’s cock, unwaveringly hard. “If you’ll excuse me, I should clean up and go back to bed before James misses me”. That said, Ann turned around, walked to the door, and shot Kim a cheeky little smile across her shoulder before she was gone.

Kim fell back onto the bed and sighed. She wanted more. She propped up Ron’s erection and looked at it ponderously. For Kim to take care of, huh?


A few minutes later, Ron returned, a towel wrapped around Kim’s body. It had taken some time to get Kim’s hair dry, more or less. Kim was slowly stroking his cock when he entered the room.

A long look passed between the two of them. Then Ron’s gaze fell upon that huge penis Kim was toying with. He let the towel drop and sauntered over to her, hips swaying. Kim watched with bated breath, eager to get at the tight little pussy Ron currently had between his legs.


From one moment to the next, all restraint had left them. They made out roughly, rolling around on the bed until Kim had Ron finally pinned. She kneeled between his spread legs, cock towering menacingly mere inches from Kim’s pussy.

Ron’s eyes widened as he beheld his own manhood.
“Is that even going to fit?”, he asked. Kim raised an eyebrow. It took him a moment to realize how silly that question was.
“Of course, it will”, Kim said drily.
“Yeah, I know. It just looks so…”
“Humungous?”, Kim suggested. Ron nodded. “I know, right? Ron, the girls and I don’t lie when we tell you how big your cock is, but don’t worry”, she murmured, reaching for her own cunt. Ron hissed when she rubbed it. “This hole can take every burly inch of it, especially when it’s this wet”, she told him, holding up her wet fingers as proof.

Ron braced himself as Kim lined up her shot. Then, she dove right in. Ron starred at Kim, disbelief all over his, or her, face. It was nothing like fingers. He felt so full! It was so warm, and rubbed everywhere all at once, and for some reason, having Kim on top of him like this just felt so right.

Similarly, Kim couldn’t belief how nice it was to stick her dick into this tight, wet, warm hole. She felt so welcome in there. It was as if her own vagina was lovingly caressing her all over, embracing her tightly, not wanting to let her go again. She just wanted to sink deeper into Ron, become one…

The insertion alone was too intense for both of them. Ron tensed up and came, clawing at the sheets. Similarly, Kim yanked Ron’s cock out before she started squirting semen like a broken faucet, covering her own body in ropes of sticky white. Ron sighed contently when it landed on him.

Both of them took a moment to recover.
“Does it always feel so fucking good for you?”, both of them asked in unison. After an awkward silence, they started snickering. Kim lowered herself onto Ron and kissed him gently.
“One more time?”, Kim asked, eventually. She was tentatively grinding Ron’s dick against him.
“Yeah, let’s… and when you can’t hold it anymore, don’t pull out. You know better than me how much you love creampies. Let me feel it”, he said, smiling sheepishly. For some reason, being told to cum inside made Ron’s cock ache. Kim would gladly fulfill that request.

As Ron found out shortly thereafter, getting creampied felt amazing


The next morning, Kim woke up with her head resting on Ron’s chest. She lazily brushed her hair out of her face and gave Ron a peck on his cheek.
“Wake up, Ron”, she mumbled and stretched.

He opened his eyes to a sight he enjoyed thoroughly: Kim Possible, topless and stretching. Just seeing her boobs jiggle ever so slightly from the motion made his cock swell up. Then it hit him. Ron sat up hastily and grabbed Kim by the shoulders.
“Kim! We’re back to normal!”

Kim blinked. Then it dawned on her. She looked down and grabbed her boobs, just to be sure they were really there. Then she cheered and threw herself at Ron, hugging him tightly. They started making out and fell back into the sheets.

Eventually, their euphoria died down enough or them to release each other from their kiss.
“Guess Monkey Fist’s ritual only had a temporary effect”, Ron said.
“His plan was doomed to fail”, Kim added, “But we got to experience something amazing thanks to it”

They smiled at each other for a long moment.
“I love you so much”, they said in unison. They laughed together. Shortly after, they kissed again, and soon they would make love, and keep doing it for the rest of the day, ignoring whoever wanted to interrupt them.

Chapter Text

“I’ll see you tomorrow then. Love you!”, Kim said.
“Love you, too, KP. See you tomorrow”, Ron answered. His voice was accompanied by the moaning of several women through the phone.
“YES! YES, RON! FILL MY PUS-“, someone screamed in ecstasy before Kim hung up. That sounded like Marcella, she thought.

It was one of those rare evenings when Kim had nothing and no one to do. Ron was busy with some of the members of the cheer squad, Monique was working a late shift, Shego was busy with baby stuff, and it happened to be the night of Bonnie’s beauty treatment. She wanted to look her best for Ron at all times, so taking some time for herself was a must.

Kim stretched out on her bed, wondering what she should do. There were more than enough things to catch up with. Her backlog of movies to watch was ever growing, but watching them all by herself was lame. She decided to set up a movie night some time soon. Hopefully one that didn’t immediately devolve into an orgy.

It was only a half-hearted hope though. Kim pictured herself and a few friends worshipping Ron’s mighty dick while he watched a movie, and smiled to herself. Spoiling your partner was entertaining in its own right, and very rewarding, at least to her.

She rolled onto her side, checking her alarm clock. It wasn’t even 8 o’clock yet. She had already taken care of her homework and her workout. She buried her face in her pillow and groaned. She wasn’t used to entertaining herself!

Kim got up and went downstairs. Her mom was sitting in the kitchen with Ron’s baby, while her dad and the twins were packing stuff.
“What’s up?”, she asked, leaning on a doorframe.
“We’re going stargazing”, Tim told her.
“Yeah!”, Jim said, “Dad’s going to show us where the planets are. Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn…”
“Maybe we’ll even catch a glimpse of Uranus”, Tim snickered. Jim snorted and they fist-bumped, while their parents and Kim rolled their eyes.
“It’s the perfect night, Kimmie-cub. Wanna tag along?”, her dad asked.
“Sounds neat, dad, but I think I’ll pass. I don’t need to hear anymore jokes about Uranus”. Tim and Jim started giggling again. Her dad gave her a sympathetic smile and went back to packing the necessary equipment.

“How about you, mom?”, Kim asked.
“Oh, I’d love to, but it’ll be bed time soon for our little one. Although… would you mind putting the baby to bed?”, Ann asked.
“Of course not!”, Kim said. Ann got up, handed her the baby, and went to fetch her coat. She seemed really excited. Kim thought her mom was being pretty cute.
“I’ll be just like when we were in collage”, Ann told her husband, who chuckled nervously in return.
“Please, honey, the boys will be around”. Said boys shuddered at the display of interparental affection.


After everyone had left, and the baby had had dinner, Kim put it to bed. Ann had really lucked out with its looks. It took after her in every respect: blue eyes, red hair.

Kim watched the little one fall asleep, wondering what her babies with Ron would look like. She hoped they would be just as cute as her little half-sibling.

Kim paused in her musings. She had been playing with the idea of getting knocked up for quite some time now. How could she not, after all? Ron was making babies all over the place, heck, maybe even all over space if Warmonga had gotten pregnant. However, it had always been a vague idea, nothing specific.

Now she was thinking in plural. Several babies. I really want that, huh? Kim thought, smiling wistfully. Yori and Shego sure seemed happy about getting pregnant again…

Kim sighed. Thinking about this too much wasn’t going to do her any good. Her and Ron would wait for the right moment. They were still in school, after all. They had plenty of time to create as big of a family as they saw fit.

She turned on the baby monitor and left Ron’s baby to its dreams. With the house all to herself, Kim decided to treat herself well that night.

She drew a nice, bubbly bath, lit a scented candle or two, and brought her phone plus speakers into the bathroom for the right ambience. She brought the baby monitor also, of course. Just in case.

With everything ready, Kim stripped. Her green top and baggy pants were tossed into a corner, closely followed by her bra and thong. She put up her hair and took a look at herself in the mirror. Her abs showed a little in the low light, and her curves showed nicely in the gloom. She looked good, or so she thought before looking further down. She brushed across her pubic mound and felt scratchy. Same with her legs.

She sighed and grabbed her razor. First, a quick shave, then a relaxing bath. Bonnie wasn’t the only one that wanted to be pretty for Ron, after all.

After going through the motions, Kim finally slipped into the tub. The water stung a little where she had just shaved, but that quickly wore off. She put on some relaxing music before sinking all the way up to her neck into the soapy water. The smell of pine trees tickled her nostrils and she stretched luxuriously. Life was good sometimes.

She soaked for a while, letting the hot water warm up every fiber of her being. She felt her stiff muscles loosening up. A massage would’ve been just right at that moment. She pictured Ron being with her, rubbing her shoulders. Of course, his cock would be hard and brushing against her back, but he would be patient. First, he would make her relax with his hands, then he would tenderize her with his big dick.

However, her shoulders weren’t the only part of her body in need of some strong hands. She imagined Monique and Bonnie each massaging one of her feet. She sighed. If only…

As much as she loved their sex life, simple stuff like giving each other massages or taking romantic baths together simply fell short. Then again, that was mostly her fault. Ron was perfectly content with waiting until later when he invariably popped a boner, but Kim simply couldn’t let it stand. Not only did it make her crazy horny, she also didn’t want Ron to have to go through the hassle.

She opened her eyes and stared into one of the candle flames. Maybe she should just leave it to him sometime. Just ask him what he would like to do, and let him do it. She was going to enjoy it for sure. She enjoyed pretty much everything Ron did to her, after all. If he wanted to give her a sensual massage, so be it, or vice versa. If he wanted to screw her, great!

Kim smiled to herself. She liked that idea. She would just put the reins into his hands and see where he would take them.

When she eventually got out of the tub, Kim leisurely sauntered back to her room naked. Her family wasn’t back yet, so why bother wrapping a towel around herself? She dropped onto her bed, and checking her phone, found a message. The music had probably drowned out the notification.

It was a video from Justine titled The Smartest Threesome in Middleton. Kim was intrigued and played it.

It started with a large cock, presumably Ron’s fucking a large pair of tits. The camera zoomed out, and in the meantime, Kim recognized the moaning man as Ron. Eventually, Vivian’s face came into view. he was fucking the rocket scientist’s tits roughly while she smooched his glans whenever it popped out of her cleavage.

“Fuck, that looks good”, Justine said off camera.
“Feels even better, I can assure yo-ooooh!”, Vivian moaned as Ron started pinching her nipples. Kim watched the titfuck with bated breath. She could tell by his hissing and by the bulging veins on his cock that Ron was close.

“Give me the camera! Put your face down there, Justine!”, Ron panted. After fumbling with the camera for a second, the action returned to frame, with Justine and Vivien’s faces right in front of Ron’s dick.

“I’m cumming!”, he groaned. Like well trained sluts, both of them opened their mouths and vied for the spot right in Ron’s line of fire. When the semen started spurting out, both of them squealed happily. Ron’s ejaculation was plentiful, like always, and he moved his hips this way and that to ensure that both of them got a face full of piping hot cum.

After he was done, his pulled his dick out of Vivian’s cleavage and offered it to both girls. They started sucking him off right away, and Ron’s sigh of relief was music to Kim’s ears.
“That’s right, sluts. Make him feel good…”, Kim mumbled to herself as a hand slipped between her legs. She just had to rub one out to a hot show like that.

There was a shot of both of them smiling lewdly at the camera before it cut to black. It resumed with Justine on all fours, getting fucked from behind. Vivian was filming, sitting with her legs spread in front of Justine.

The smartest girl in school had a big grin on her face while Ron rammed his massive dick into her hard enough to produce large smacking noises every time their hips met.
“You like that burly dick?”, Vivian asked.
“What does it look like?”, Justine giggled. Kim chewed her lip when in the background Ron firmly grasped Justine’s waist and started giving it to her even harder.

“Ooooooooh!”, she cried, going cross-eyed. Even her tight butt jiggled from those powerful, deep thrusts. Ron was pummeling her so much that she couldn’t support herself on her arms anymore. That suited Vivian just fine. She grabbed Justine by her hair and pulled her face towards her pussy.
“Eat me while you’re down there. I want to be nice and wet for my turn”, she said excitedly.

The camera lingered on Justine licking pussy for a moment before returning to Kim’s boyfriend. Justine kept whining and moaning while Ron just plunged into her with wild abandon.

Kim moaned softly as she admired Ron. Her pussy was already a dripping mess, and her fingers moved across it and into it with ease. She already thought about reaching for one of her toys when Ron suddenly pulled out his cock and busted his nut all over Justine’s back.
“Ooooh, yeah…”, the blonde moaned, moving her body back and forth in smooth, snake-like motions. Ron’s jizz ended up evenly distributed once he was done. He slapped his fat cock between her butt cheeks and absentmindedly rubbed himself against her.
“How many times did you cum, Justine?”, Vivian asked, pulling her face up to the camera. The genius school girl panted, smiling.
“…very… often…”, she said. Kim noticed the content expression on Ron’s face in the background. He liked the indirect praise.
“I’ll believe it you cock-drunken slut”, Vivian chuckled, caressing Justine’s cheek, who responded to the insult by sucking Vivian’s thumb erotically.

Then it cut to black again, only to resume with an amazing angle.
Vivian was moaning and yelping like a whore.
“Who is the cock-drunken slut now?”, Justine chuckled. Ron was fucking Vivian while holding her up, and Justine had assumed position below them with the camera. Everything was visible. Ron’s strong hands firmly grasping Vivian’s luscious ass, her soaked pussy gobbling up Ron’s huge dick, and his heavy, swinging balls.

“How’re you doing, Vivian? Feeling okay?”, Ron asked casually. The scientist howled, and Kim saw droplets of her juices running down Ron’s shaft and dripping off of his balls. Miraculously, nothing landed on the lens.
“She’s fine! Keep going, Ron!”, Justine cheered.

Kim loved this angle. She adored seeing Ron’s big cock spreading women wide open, loved seeing their labia, red with desire, grasping him tightly as if to never let him go, and seeing that Vivian was positively overflowing to the point of dripping was just the cherry on top. Kim would’ve loved to be in Justine’s spot. It was a crying shame that no one was sucking Ron’s balls, but it couldn’t be helped, she supposed. They had gone through the trouble of making such an amazing recording for her, she really had no right to complain.

After a while, one of Justine’s slender hands came up, touched Vivian’s butt, before sliding a finger into her back door. The scientist squealed at the insertion.
“You like that?”, Justine asked, sounding amused.
“Uhu!”, Vivian groaned tensely. Kim could practically hear another orgasm coming up, and only moments later her pussy started gushing again.

They kept going for a while, until suddenly, with one final thrust, Ron buried himself balls deep inside Vivian and started groaning.
“Oh, my god, yeeeessssssss…”, Vivian squeaked. Kim watched Ron’s cock throbbing, surely pumping copious amounts of thick cum into the scientist, when it started to leak. Kim creamed herself when Ron’s semen started overflowing, slowly running down his shaft and eventually dripping down his balls in viscous, heavy droplets.
“Wow…”, Justine mouthed. Seconds later, a drop of Ron’s spunk hit the lens, and the video cut to black.

When it came back, Ron was holding the camera. He was lying on his back while the girls pleasured him. Both of them looked into the camera. Justine was sucking his cock while Vivian was slobbering all over his nuts.
“We hope you liked that little video, Kim”, Justine said, smiling cheekily into the camera. “Now if you’ll excuse us…”, she said before stuffing her face with cock again.
“… these balls won’t drain themselves”, Vivian added and went right back to work. Then the camera turned around. Ron smiled, gave her a wink, and the video ended.

That was so fucking hot! Thank you two so much!, Kim wrote.
It was a pleasure to make, Justine replied.
Yeah, I could tell
Want a little extra spice to go along with that video?, Justine asked, piquing Kim’s curiosity. She told her yes.

What followed was a picture. It was a selfie of Justine and Vivian. Both of them were grinning and holding up positive pregnancy tests. Kim gasped.

Are you going to be okay? What about school?, Kim typed.
What about school? Kim, I’m a world renown scientist. High School is not a necessity for me, it’s a technicality. I will be just fine with a kid, Justine replied. She made enough sense for Kim to relax. Ron doesn’t know yet, though. Let’s see how long it takes him to put two and two together once my belly starts growing!

Kim smirked and agreed to keep quiet. She kind of wanted to see the look on Ron’s face, too.

Chapter Text

Kim was sitting on her bed, naked, and felt excited. The only thing she was wearing was a blindfold, as per Ron’s request.

He had reacted with excitement when she had offered to do anything he wanted. He had instructed her to strip, put on a blindfold, and wait for his arrival. He would take care of everything from there.

It wasn’t like Ron to be so mysterious, but now, listening to him walking around, preparing whatever he had in store for her, turned Kim on.
“It’s not going to hurt, right?”, she asked.
“No, but it might get a tad uncomfortable for you”, Ron told her mirthfully, stimulating her imagination.

Was he going to tie her up? Maybe her little butt was in for a rough marathon pounding? Or maybe her throat was going to be his masturbation toy for the night? Whatever kinky stuff Ron had in mind; Kim was eager to get started. Her nipples were rock hard, as was her clit, and her tender labia were already dewy for him.

Kim bit her lip when she heard the rustling of clothes. She could practically see Ron’s hefty erection flopping out of his pants before her inner eye. After only a few more moments, Ron sat down next to her. Kim pressed up against him right away. He felt pleasantly warm. Her hands went searching for his cock, but Ron caught them by the wrists before they reached their goal.

“Tonight, I am the law, Kim. You will only move if I tell you to, in the manner I tell you to. Understood?”, he asked. Ron was putting on a more serious tone than usual, lowering his voice. It gave Kim goosebumps. She nodded. “That’s a good girl”, he said, petting her soft hair. Kim shuddered under his touch. She hadn’t expected to get into it so quickly, but the way he spoke made her want to be the best girl she could be for him.

Ron got up and Kim felt warmth coming off of something right in front of her face. She knew that smell. It made her mouth water.
“Do you like my cock, Kim?”, Ron asked.
“Yessss…”, she whispered, leaning forward to press her lips against it, to suck it for him, to feel it inside her, where it belonged. However, Ron wasn’t having it. He pulled it away and slapped Kim’s forehead with it.
“I think you like it a little too much, my little slut. Did you ask for permission to suck it?”, Ron asked, talking down to her like to a child, caught with its hand in the cookie jar.
“No”, Kim said meekly.
“Did I invite you to suck it?”
“And what do you have to say for yourself?”, Ron asked.
“I’m sorry. I won’t step out of line again…”, Kim told him. She couldn’t believe how much this roleplay was affecting her. She felt awful for screwing up so quickly.
“I forgive you”, Ron said kindly, caressing Kim’s soft cheek. The relief she felt was incredible. “This time”, he added, murmuring menacingly.

Kim whimpered a little. The veiled threat of unknown consequences turned her on. She was starting to understand why Tara always wanted to be dominated like this.

“So, let’s try this again”, Ron said, putting the tip of his cock right under Kim’s nose. “Be a good girl, and maybe I’ll let you play with it”. Kim braced herself. Ron started running his glans along the edge of her lips. He left a trail of pre-cum all around her mouth. The smell was strong, the temptation incredible, but Kim had to resist. She had to be good.

“You like my cock, don’t you?”, he asked.
“No”, Kim said without missing a beat.
“You don’t?”, Ron asked, sounding surprised.
“No. I love it”, Kim told him, feeling a little proud of herself for catching him off-guard. Ron’s chuckling made her happy.
“Good answer. Here, give it a kiss”, he told her. She didn’t need to be told twice. She pressed her soft lips right onto his slit and smooched it, getting a taste of that wonderful juice dribbling from the tip.
“Hey, hey, don’t be greedy now”, Ron said after the kiss lasted for a solid four seconds. Kim stopped obediently.
“Thank you”, she said softly. Her good manners were rewarded with more caresses by Ron’s hands.

“Which do you prefer”, Ron asked, “Having sex with me, or watching me have sex with someone else?”. Kim drew shuddering breaths. She didn’t know how to answer that. “I’m waiting”, Ron said, sounding menacing.
“I… I don’t…”
“Not good enough, Kim”, Ron chided. “Let me help you with an example. Imagine Bonnie was with us right now, which would you prefer, you getting to suck my cock, or having to watch her stuff her face with my dick?”. The question was too difficult. There wasn’t a definitive answer.
“I want both!”, she told him. Ron promptly slapped her face with his heavy cock a few times.
“It’s not good to be greedy, Kim. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too”
“But… I can with you!”, Kim said passionately.
“Really? Why is that?”
“Because… because you’re amazing! Bonnie and I could take turns all day and your cock wouldn’t go soft. Even if you tied me up and forced me to watch you fuck countless bitches’ brains out all day, by the end of it you would still be able to screw me silly, too! I can have the best of both worlds with you! No other man can compare! I adore-
“Now, now, Kim.”, Ron interjected, sounding amused, “If you’re going to be a suck-up, do it right”, he said, grabbed her by the back of her head, and pulled her towards his crotch. Kim felt his smooth ball sack on her lips.

Kim hesitated. She wasn’t sure if that was an invitation or not.
“What are you waiting for?”, Ron asked. It was all she had needed. One after the other, his swollen testicles disappeared in Kim’s mouth and underwent thorough tongue-lashings. He gave her about a minute to slobber all over them, which made Kim think that he must’ve enjoyed the praise.

Eventually, Ron pushed her away, leaving his balls polished and gleaming with saliva. Then he went back to tracing his glans across her face.
“You do love it, though, don’t you? Me having sex with other women?”, Ron asked.
“Oh, yes!”, Kim sighed.
“You enjoy it when beautiful women pleasure me?”. Kim nodded. “Don’t you ever get jealous?”, Ron asked. Kim pondered the question for a moment.
“No”, she said, though she didn’t sound convinced herself.
“Really? There is nothing enviable about all those gorgeous girls I’m fucking? Nothing at all?”.
“Well… I suppose… I wish I was busty like some of them. I know you like large breasts, and girls that have them can pleasure you in ways that I can’t”, she admitted at length.
“Like Bonnie and Yori?”, Ron asked. Kim nodded. “You’re right, I do like nice, big tits. But that’s what I’ve got them for. I like your boobs the way they are”, Ron told her, and reached for one of them. Kim whimpered when he tenderly kneaded the soft flesh. Her hard nipple rubbed against the palm of his hand. “You should feel good about them”.

To back his statement up, Ron climbed onto the bed and took a seat behind Kim. From there, he started playing with her tits. He massaged them gently, teased her nipples, and squeezed them as he pleased. Kim moaned for him, but tried to stay as calm as possible, even if the big, hot dick rubbing against her lower back made her want to grind up against it really badly.

Once he was satisfied, Ron stopped fondling Kim’s boobs, but he remained seated behind her. He put his hands between her thighs and spread them, lifting them onto his own legs to keep them in place. Now, all spread out, Ron continued his game.

“Kim, how do you feel about my children?”, he asked. Another difficult question. She certainly felt no animosity towards them, or their mothers for that matter.
“I… like them”, Kim said eventually.
“What do you like about them?”
“They’re cute”, she told him.
“…and?”, Ron prompted.
“What and?”. Ron punished the pert answer by twisting her nipples. Kim cried out.
“That’s not all, is it, Kim?”

“No! I’m sorry!”, Kim squealed. Ron stopped punishing her, but not before giving one of her nipples a hard flick that made Kim whimper.
“Try again then”, he told her coldly.
“When I see them… it reminds me of your affairs. It makes me think about how you made them. Seeing them turns me on!”, she admitted. Ron chuckled, making Kim feel safe. He let a hand slip between her legs and carefully traced her slit.

“You are a pervert, KP”, Ron said, clearly amused.
“N-no…”, Kim said meekly. Ron was barely even touching her pussy, but it drove her crazy all the same.
“Admit it, or I’ll stop”
“No! I am! I’m a pervert!”, she shouted immediately.
“That’s better”, Ron said and slipped a single finger into her drenched hole as a reward. “What else?”. Kim didn’t know what to answer. His finger felt so good…

“You’re a slut, aren’t you?”. Kim shook her head. “No? Won’t you do it with just about every girl I put my dick in? Aren’t you always the first when it comes to cleaning up a creampie?”.
“…yes…”, Kim admitted.
“See? Actually, not only are you a huge slut, you’re a proper whore!”, Ron said, and rewarded her honesty with a second finger. Kim couldn’t help but writhe under the intensity of it all, but Ron didn’t give her a hard time for it. He just kept going.

“You’re a big ol’ cuck, aren’t you?”
“Yes”, Kim moaned. That was well-established.
“And you love it when your boyfriend knocks up other women”, Ron said, matter-of-factly.
“Yes!”. Then Ron pressed his lips against her ear and murmured.
“But secretly, you wish you were the one getting knocked up, don’t you?”
“YES!”, Kim cried out. She wanted it already! Every time she heard of another one of his sluts getting impregnated, she felt a pang of disappointment in her abdomen, thinking: that should’ve been me!

Kim felt an orgasm coming on strong. It was as if all was laid bare. Her feelings, her wants, her desires, her lust… it was all coming out in one giant climax for Ron to see.

But then he pulled out his fingers.

“That’ll be enough for now”, Ron said, having returned to his normal voice.
“Wha-? Hu… n-argh”, Kim jabbered. The sudden stop had completely caught her off-guard. She didn’t know what to do. The climax was only a single rub of Ron’s fingers away. Why did he have to punish her like that?

Her blindfold came undone, and she winced before she got used to the brightness in the room. It was much brighter than usual. Blinking through the brightness, Kim soon realized that several lights had been put up, along with cameras.
“You wanted to shoot a sex tape?”, she panted.
“No, Kim. We’re streaming”, Ron told her happily. Kim’s eyes grew as wide as saucers. “All of our friends were watching this little Q&A session”.

Ron indicated a laptop sitting next to them, showing the feed. She saw chat messages from a number of familiar names rolling by.

Guess even little Kimmie is just another girl looking to have Ron’s bun in her oven by the end of the day, Shego wrote.
A message from Yori read: Kim Possible’s devotion to Stoppable-san is admirable.
Well, if you’re going to be an absolute slut, at least be a loyal one, Zita added.
I wish Ron did that to me…, Tara posted.

Kim barely processed what she was reading before her phone rang. Ron, helpful as ever, picked up and held it to Kim’s ear.
“Oh, my god, Kim, you fucking skank”, Bonnie laughed. “Had I known that you were such a pushover I would’ve had you calling me mommy forever ago! Can’t wait to get my hands on your submissive ass!”

Kim just stared blankly at the camera in front of her while she processed that basically everyone she knew had seen her at her most shameful. When the realization really came through, there was only one thing she could do.

Kim threw her head back, howled, and came. Not only did the embarrassment finish what Ron had started with his fingers, it made her squirt. The stream chat went wild when she hit the camera. The orgasm was so strong that she almost fell off of the bed. Fortunately, Ron caught her and put her down gently.
“I think that’s all for tonight, ladies”, he said, and shut the stream off.


Later, Kim and Ron were about to go to bed. Kim had taken a shower, and Ron had put the equipment away in the meantime. She wasn’t very talkative, and Ron made sure to show her lots of affection with kisses and caresses.

“Sorry if that went a little too far”, he told her.
“It’s okay”, Kim said. “But… you don’t mind me kinda… you know… wanting a baby?”
“You make it sound as if I didn’t want to make babies with you”, Ron said. As if to emphasize his point, he rubbed his cock against Kim’s soft butt.
“You do?”
“Of course!”, he said emphatically. “Kim, ever since that body swap, I find it harder and harder to pull out when I have sex with women. I want to fill them up, let them experience that fantastic feeling of hot cum filling you up”. Kim smiled. She could sympathize. That’s what she had felt like in his body. “And… I enjoy knocking them up. It feels good. Seeing their bellies grow makes me happy. Am I a bad guy for feeling that way?”, he asked.

Kim turned around, smiled at him, and caressed his cheek.
“I imagine it’s natural, Ron. You have nothing to blame yourself for. After all, knowing our friends, all of them wanted and want it just as much as you do.”, she told him. Ron sighed with relief and kissed the hand caressing his face.
“Thanks, Kim. And you really want it, too?”
“Naturally! I love you, silly”, she giggled. “But it’s still early. We’ve got plenty of time to think about it”.

That said, Ron climbed on top of her, and they had sex. They fucked more passionately than usual, and Ron came inside every time without fail.

Kim was still taking the pill, so no baby was conceived that night. However, in the wee hours of the morning, resting her head on Ron’s chest, Kim smiled to herself. Since Ron was eager for it, the only thing standing between her and a baby were her contraceptives, and she could get rid of those whenever she liked.

Chapter Text

“Thank you, Ron”, Shego sighed. Her lover was busy relieving her of some excess breastmilk at the height of her pregnancy, a task he gladly undertook. Not only was the milk pleasantly sweet, it gave him ample time to caress Shego’s body.

Her tender breasts were swollen and sensitive. Even a slight squeeze made her gasp. Her skin was as supple as ever, making running his hands across her perfect curves a delight, especially when he touched her belly.

Ron remembered Shego looking absolutely stunning during her first pregnancy, and she looked just as, if not more beautiful now. When he was especially lucky, Ron felt his baby move inside her.

He let Shego’s nipple slip from his lips.
“Feeling better?”, he asked, looking up at her smiling face.
“Much”, she told him softly, cupped his face, and kissed him deeply. It was a lovely moment for both of them, but it might’ve been just a little bit better for Ron since they weren’t alone.

He was lying on his back with Shego next to him, and while he had tended to her breasts, Vivian and Justine were passionately sucking his cock. Both of them proudly carried their baby bumps and were eager to show the man responsible how grateful they were.

They worked like a well-oiled machine, alternating between worshipping his fat testicles and polishing his massive, throbbing shaft. One minute, each of his balls would get tugged at and caressed by their lips, and next minute Justine would suck his glans like a lollipop while Vivian rubbed the full length of his dick with her plush lips. Sometimes, Shego even joined in, reaching between his legs to jerk him off a little.

Things heated up when yet another one of his lovers wanted his attention.
“I think we’re both ready for the real deal now”, Bonnie murmured excitedly while straddling him. She had been watching Ron getting pleasure while Kim ate her pussy. Ron’s girlfriend now smiled and watched as her fellow cheerleader slowly impaled herself on Ron’s big cock, like she had done countless times before. Yet, Bonnie’s pussy was a hot, tight, wet little piece of heaven, and Ron hissed pleasurably as she took inch after thick inch.

“Oooh, fuck yeah, Bonnie”, he moaned and groped one of her big tits. She didn’t answer, she only whimpered as she started moving. Her pussy tightened as she lifted herself back up again as if she didn’t want to let him go. When she lowered herself again, both of them moaned. His girth and her tightness made the experience as intense as if it was their first time.

“Damn, that looks good. You don’t mind if I get in on this, right?”, Shego asked lasciviously. Before anyone could answer she was already sucking one of Bonnie’s nipples, making the cheerleader grasp her raven hair and moan even louder.

Similarly, Ron received additional service from Justine. She just kept sucking his balls while Bonnie rode him. Kim snuggled up to him, enjoying her front-row seat to the show, and giggled happily when Vivian gently pushed her thighs apart, winked, and proceeded to eat her pussy.

It was an especially nice evening for everyone involved, but nothing more. Until, just as Bonnie was reaching her climax, something changed.
“Cumming! I’m cum-Ahhhhh!”, she cried happily as the orgasm hit, At the same moment, the ground started to shake, and a rushing noise, at first distant, but fast approaching reached everyone’s ears.

Bonnie slumped onto Ron and took a few deep breaths before propping herself up again.
“Holy shit! I would describe that orgasm as earth-shattering, but not literally!”, she shouted over the now deafening noise. The entire house shook.

Concerned, Kim got up, put a dressing gown on, and went outside to check what was going on. To her surprise there was a giant, familiar-looking spaceship sitting in Vivian’s backyard. A door opened, a gangway extended, and a large person came out. Recognizing the visitor, Kim smirked and hailed the new arrival.


Bonnie was not a patient girl, especially not when her favorite penis was still inside her, so while Kim was gone investigating the commotion that was quickly dying down, she resumed bouncing on top of Ron. He hadn’t cum yet, and it was a matter of honor for Bonnie to make her dorky stud squirt.

After a few short minutes, Bonnie was already on the verge of an orgasm again, and this time it felt like she would take Ron with her. After all, his massive cock was throbbing hard, rocking her body from the inside. She grinned to herself and moaned as she braced herself for a hot cream filling.

Then, Kim returned, flinging her gown aside as soon as she entered.
“Guess who’s back?”, she said with a big smile on her face. Everyone other than Bonnie looked to the door, and before anyone could answer, the guest stepped inside.

It was a woman, a large woman. She was way taller than any of them, her skin was green, and her eyes yellow. Her dark green hair was tied into a ponytail, large golden hoop earrings swayed with each of her heavy steps, and her full lips were painted red. Her body was toned all over, which was plainly visible thanks to the little amount of clothing she wore. Only a tight, purple leotard covered her body, putting her massive breasts on display, as well as her broad, inviting looking hips with its high cut.

“Warmonga!?”, Shego and Ron said together, closely followed by Ron groaning. He hadn’t seen the bodacious alien amazon in a few months, and the excitement over her return made him cum. Bonnie squealed when she felt the thick, hot load filling her womb. She threw her head back and trembled on top of him for a moment before slumping down and covering his face with kisses.

Warmonga didn’t speak at first. She hadn’t been prepared to see the man she had pledged herself to in the throes of passion, but witnessing him inseminating one of his women excited her.
“Oooh”, she breathed, pursing her lips.

Shortly after, Bonnie rolled off of Ron, gasping for air and giggling.
“That… was awesome…”, she panted before her eyes fell on Warmonga. “Woah! Who’s that!?”. Vivian and Justine shrugged, but Ron got up and approached the green woman, hard cock glistening in the aftermath of his and Bonnie’s passion. Shego followed him.

“You’re back!”, Ron said happily. The warm welcome pleased Warmonga and she smiled, though she found it difficult not to stare at Ron’s huge erection.
“It has been too long, Ron. Warmonga has returned from conquering and has exceeded her quota. Therefore, Warmonga will be able to tend to her duties as your concubine for some time”, she said, blushing. Knowing full well what that entails, Ron’s cock twitched excitedly, and a lascivious look passed between Kim and Shego.

“Hi there, sister”, Shego chimed in, gaining the big green woman’s attention.
“Ah, Shego”, Warmonga greeted her. She gasped when she noticed Shego’s big belly. “Warmonga sees you have been blessed with offspring again! As expected of you, sister. Hopefully, Warmonga may be similarly blessed soon”. Shego put a hand on one of her mighty thighs and caressed it.
“Of course, you will. Ron will see to that, right?”. He nodded emphatically, cock twitching eagerly.

Next, Warmonga’s eyes fell upon the other girls. Introductions were made. Vivian and Justine were quite welcoming. Speaking to a real-life alien was quite remarkable, after all, especially for women of science. Bonnie was being Bonnie. She wasn’t necessarily jealous of the buxom alien lady she had to share Ron with now in addition to all his other sluts, but she made sure to mention that she had been his first lover and was one of his favorites regardless. Warmonga was impressed after Ron confirmed her boasts, which in turn made Bonnie feel good.

“Warmonga is pleased by the scene she barged into. It is becoming of a mighty warrior such as Ron. Not only do you have many beauties worshipping you”, the alien said. Justine and Vivian smiled sheepishly while Ron’s more senior partners smiled lewdly or bit their lips. “You also have many pregnant concubines. Warmonga would like to join, if she may”

“Of course, you can!”, Kim said cheerfully while cupping a feel of her luscious green butt. “isn’t that right? Ron? Girls?”. Ron was obviously all for it, as were Shego, Vivian and Justine. Bonnie didn’t show much enthusiasm, but she went with the flow. Now it was Warmonga’s turn to bite her lip excitedly.

She quickly stripped out of her clothes, showing off her toned physique.
“How do we begin?”, Vivian asked.
“I recall Warmonga asking for a lesson in sucking dick”, Shego purred.
“That is right! Warmonga needs to learn how to pleasure Ron properly”, the amazon said.
“In that case”, Kim said, leading Ron back to the couch they had been doing it on up until then, “you just sit back and relax. We’ll show our sister the ropes”. With that said, Kim gently shoved Ron and he slumped onto the couch.

Warmonga crawled up between his legs, eyes glued to his towering cock. Ron very much enjoyed the view of her ass sensually swaying from side to side as she came closer. Kim and Shego assumed positions on either side of the alien and caressed Ron’s thighs while they were down there. Justine and Vivian cuddled up to Ron on either side, letting their hands wander across his torso. They spent their time covering his neck and face in kisses and whispering naughty stuff in his ears.

With no room left for her, Bonnie crossed her arms under her big breasts and pouted before plopping down on the couch and masturbating to the show.

“So, Warmonga”, Kim said, “why don’t you give us a demonstration of your technique?”. The alien was eager to start. She licked her lips before wrapping them around Ron’s glans and beginning her descend down his thick shaft. She moaned when she tasted him. It had been far too long. She reached about two thirds of the way down before she started bobbing her head.

Her rhythm was steady and relaxed. She kept going under the critical eyes of her seniors. While she enjoyed feeling Ron inside her, even if it was just in her mouth, she felt uneasy about the lack of reactions she got from him. Intensifying her efforts, she started sucking harder, to the point that her cheeks caved in a little.

Slurping noises filled the air, and Ron sighed a little now and then, but it still wasn’t much.
“Hmmm, what do you say, Ron?”, Shego asked. He gave her an uneasy look.
“Well, she isn’t doing much. It’s mostly her lips rubbing me”, he said. Kim and Shego nodded comprehendingly while Warmonga pulled away, unhappy that she couldn’t please him more.
“She’s doing it like this, right?”, Kim asked, and went down on Ron. After only a few seconds she stopped again. Ron nodded. “Okay! See Warmonga, you do this”, Kim said, taking the green woman’s hand. She wrapped her lips around her index finger and started sucking.

Kim rubbed the finger with her lips and sucked on it while her tongue stayed glued to it. It wasn’t unpleasant, but not very impressive either.
“What you should be doing is this”, she said, putting Warmonga’s finger back into her mouth. The alien gasped when, with only the tip of her finger in Kim’s mouth, the redhead’s tongue swirled around her finger, flicking and caressing it. She kept it up until the whole finger was swallowed. The she started sucking.

Her tongue kept moving all over the place tirelessly, while the suction she put into it was much more intense than what Warmonga had been doing. Kim’s green eyes were fixated on Warmonga’s, and the cheerleader changed her angle of attack from time to time to allow Warmonga’s finger to rub against the inside of her cheeks.

After a short demonstration that left Warmonga thoroughly impressed with Kim’s skills, she pulled away and Shego took over.
“Now, with the real thing, it looks a little like this”, the pregnant woman said, pushing Warmonga aside. The alien watched intently as Shego went down on Ron. Much like Kim had demonstrated, she went on the offensive right away and swallowed every inch of Ron’s huge cock before bobbing her head.

Her moaning and slurping were a lustful symphony, her eyes were staring deep into Ron’s soul as she pleasured him, and her success at the task was affirmed by Ron’s immediate and strong reactions. He groaned when his cock went down her throat, and he hissed and moaned throughout the entire blowjob.

“There. No reason to hold back. Show Ron how much how much you want him”, Shego said once she was done. Warmonga nodded and stared at Ron’s glistening penis for a moment before undertaking her second attempt.

All her steadiness was gone, but it was all worth it. Warmonga quickly realized that it took practice to maintain a steady rhythm while also licking Ron’s cock constantly. She was serving him clumsily, but happily nonetheless. Her saliva started trickling down his shaft since the grip of her lips wasn’t as firm anymore. The blowjob became a sloppy mess, but one that Ron evidently enjoyed.

Unlike before, he sighed and moaned softly for her, and he even put a hand on her head and guided her along. Warmonga lost all sense of time over the experience. Her mouth was awash with Ron’s taste, her pussy was positively dripping with excitement, and her heart fluttered when she felt him twitching. She braced herself for his semen, but instead of a warm flood, she got a hand pushing her off.

“Did Warmonga displease you, Ron?”, she panted, confused.
“No… but you don’t want to swallow my cum, do you?”, he asked.
“Of course, I do!”
“No, no… I mean, what you really want is a load in your pussy, right?”, he asked. “It’s been so long. I want the first load I pump into you to land straight in your womb”.

Warmonga beamed at his generosity, and Shego and Kim spurred her on with gently slapps on her ass.
“You pass, Warmonga”, Kim said. “A little more practice and you’ll be a pro”
“Yes, but now you’ve got him begging for your pussy! Get on top and give it to him!”, Shego chuckled.

The big alien lady downright buried Ron beneath her frame. Kim held his dick steady and Shego guided Warmonga’s hips as she slowly impaled herself on the cock that had defeated her.
“Oooooh, Ron!”, she moaned as she felt the sweet sensation of her walls getting spread wide open. The warmth filling her and the feeling of his penis scraping her tender insides was beyond compare.

Ron was just as eager as her. After all, she, more so than any of his other lovers, could really take a pounding. He hissed as her tight pussy swallowed him, and to speed things up he put his hands on her broad hips and thrust upwards.

Both of them yelped when he knocked against her cervix, and the onlookers gasped. Warmonga propped herself up and looked down at the man that had thoroughly conquered her body. Meanwhile, Ron was basically face to face with her gigantic tits, which was nice.
Then the fucking began.

It didn’t take long for them to find a rhythm both of them were comfortable with. Warmonga slid up and down on Ron’s fat dick. It was easy, considering how wet she was and how slick he was after all the head he got before. She moaned like the happiest whore for him. There was nothing quite like feeling Ron thrusting into her, and after such a long time apart it was simply mind-blowing. Ron thoroughly enjoyed Warmonga’s hot snatch and, besides thrusting into her with wild abandon, kept himself busy by sucking her nipples. Those large, jiggling tits right in front of his face were simply irresistible.

Kim and Shego had a front row seat to marvel at that big green butt bouncing on Ron’s dick. That got slightly interrupted when Warmonga threw her head back and cried her own name. Her whole body tensed up as she came. Vivian and Justine watched her abs flex as waves of pleasure washed over her. Her hips felt all warm and weak after experiencing Ron again, but only moments later, she felt like she was going to melt, because Ron came inside her.

“Warmonga!”, he roared. He firmly held her down on his dick as he pumped shot after sticky shot of thick semen into her womb. The space amazon whimpered like a little girl as she got filled up.

After the climaxes died down a little, Warmonga leaned down and kissed Ron’s forehead before embracing him, smothering him with her boobs.
“We’ll have lots of fun together from now on, huh?”, Justine asked, caressing the amazon’s shoulder.
“I hope so, sister”, she said with a serene smile on her face.

“Well, then let’s not waste any time”, Bonnie said, spreading Warmonga’s butt cheeks apart. Before the alien knew what was happening, she felt a tongue prodding her anus.
“What are you doing!?”, Warmonga cried.
“Preparing you, big green. Because, knowing Ron, he’ll definitely want to take a stab at this juicy ass of yours”, Bonnie said, with a resounding slap on Warmonga’s luscious posterior for emphasize. “Isn’t that right, Ron?”

Warmonga looked to him and was met by a sheepish grin, closely followed by a nod. She blushed a little.
“Well, if Ron wants it…”, she said, smiling at him. It was unorthodox, certainly not fit for breeding, but a concubine’s duty was not only to bear children, but to pleasure her man in all kinds of ways, after all, and Warmonga was determined to be a very good concubine.

“That’s the spirit!”, Vivian laughed and engaged the amazon in a deep kiss. Another look passed between Kim and Shego. It was going to be a good night, and both of them knew it. They shared a smile before finding something fun to do. Shego went ahead and sucked Ron’s balls while Warmonga still lingered on top of him while Kim got Justine to eat her out.

In the long run, everyone got to have some fun with Warmonga. And with Ron, of course.

Chapter Text

Night had fallen on Middleton. The streets were calm, as was to be expected of such a small town. It wasn’t the kind of place that commonly attracted the attention of Global Justice. However, for the first time in a while, Betty Director found herself there on a mission too important to entrust to anyone else.

Her last visit had been to collect samples for their research regarding the Ron Factor. The memory put a smile on her lips. The samples hadn’t been the only thing she had left town with. All things considered; it hadn’t surprised her that she had gotten pregnant back then.

She hoped to finish her job quickly so she could sneak a surprise visit in before she had to leave. She hadn’t had sex since that night. She missed Ron’s passionate lovemaking.

She shook her head and tried to focus on her assignment again. Approximately 39 hours ago, reports of an alien craft landing in the middle of town had reached her desk. Apparently, the craft had simply landed in someone’s backyard and vanished without a trace.

Usually, a report like that would’ve been neglected, but Kim Possible, currently residing in Middleton, was known to attract the attention of all sorts of ridiculous threats, so they had to make sure everything was in order.

Betty approached the house in question and headed straight for the backyard. It was empty. She went to take a closer look regardless. After all, it was easy to miss details at a glance when it was dark.

Her search paid of sooner rather than later when she walked into something solid. She cussed under her breath and rubbed her nose to dull the pain, but when she looked there truly was nothing. She reached out and felt something cold and metallic.

“Stealth camouflage?”, she gasped. Personal invisibility devices were nothing new to her, but she had never seen anything of this quality, or of such a massive scale. It was truly impressive. Maybe it really was a UFO. The only way to find out for Betty was to search for a way inside.


It had taken hours for her to find a button that opened what she suspected to be an emergency exit. She crawled inside and found herself in a large, metallic structure. A hallway extended to either side, seemingly running in a circle. Doors lined the walls.

Betty proceeded cautiously. She could not read the writing on the signs, and most of the doors were locked, requiring some sort of keycard, if she wasn’t mistaken.

Noises reached her ears, and she followed. She couldn’t quite tell what she was hearing. The place was fairly soundproof, but as she got closer to the source, she found the first unlocked door. It led into what seemed to be a bathroom. The toilet was self-explanatory, but she couldn’t make heads or tails of a standing pod, large enough for even a veritable giant to step into. There was a control panel and little openings lined the walls of the pod, but that was all. Betty didn’t feel like experimenting with what might’ve been an alien micro gas chamber for all she knew. Maybe these sadistic monsters killed time on the loo by watching their victims suffocate and writhe in pain?

A disgusting line of thought. Betty stepped out of the chamber to escape these morbid ideas. She kept walking, and realized that the noise was growing fainter now.
“Have I passed the source already?”, she wondered and backtracked.

She put her ears to every door, and the one right next to the dreaded gas chamber/restroom held the secret. Surprisingly, the door silently opened at the push of a button.

Now Betty could hear clearly. She had been following the lustful moaning of someone. The voice was deep, but she thought it sounded like a woman. Furthermore, now that the sound reached her directly, she heard the slapping of bodies.

Betty hadn’t expected this, but she was curious now. She quietly walked down the short hall. After a bend, a room opened up before her.

It was a well-lit bedchamber. The floor was covered in furs of alien animals, and the walls were covered in trophies and weapons. Betty didn’t recognize any of them beyond some of them being bladed while others looked like blunt instruments or guns.

The room was dominated by a large bed, seemingly built from the ribs of a large creature, and covered in more furs. On top of it were two people, and Betty could see them in profile.

One was evidently an alien woman. She was very big, nine feet tall at a glance, and quite voluptuous. Her tits were huge, and her butt was also quite big. However, she was clearly in good shape. Her arms and legs looked strong, and her back muscles were also quite prominent.

The alien lady was on all fours, moaning like a whore. Her boobs bounced, as well as her butt cheeks, and the cause was standing behind her. Betty’s eyes grew wide when she recognized Ron. With both hands on the big, green, alien booty, he slammed his hips into her like a madman. That was the cause of the slapping noises.

Betty bit her lip as she looked him over. She hadn’t seen him in a long time, at least not in the flesh. They kept tabs on him, of course. He looked good, a little bulkier than the last time. Clearly fucking dozens of women on a regular basis was providing a good workout for him, and boy was he working out just then.

Betty wasn’t certain if she could even enjoy it if he were to fuck her that hard. His cock was enormous, after all. The big alien lady seemed to be okay with it though. She was grinning while gritting her teeth against his rough onslaught. Her green hair was shaky wildly with every thrust, and saliva was running down the corner of her mouth.

“Gonna cum”, Ron groaned, sounding strained. The green woman whipped her head around and nodded enthusiastically.
“Fill me up, Ron!”, she panted, and he obliged. With a final thrust, Ron threw his head back and growled as he fired his load deep into the alien woman.
“Ooooh…”, she sighed, going cross-eyed for a while as she enjoyed the climax.

Betty became acutely aware of the warmth building between her legs as she watched Ron inseminating her. She still vividly remembered their tryst. Ron had screwed her like no man had ever done before. His strength, his virility, and the seemingly endless reserves of semen he had in store. It had taken a whole night of intense sex for him to show any signs of fatigue at all. It had been absolutely fantastic, and Betty yearned to experience it again. She felt jealous of the alien.

“Who is that?”, said alien shouted suddenly. While Betty had been caught up in her memories of hot and steamy sex with Ron, the green woman had spotted the uninvited guest.

The giant amazon jumped off of the bed, quickly grabbed a weapon and shielded Ron with her frame.
“Who are you? Warmonga will not let you at Ron!”, the alien said. Betty was dumbfounded, but recovered quickly. She pulled out a gun reflexively.

The standoff lasted only a moment.
“Dr. Director? Is that you?”, Ron asked excitedly, peering past this Warmonga’s bulky frame. His face lit up when he felt certain and he came running straight at her.

Warmonga observed suspiciously, while Betty found herself staring at his bouncing cock as he approached. He left a trail of droplets in his wake, consisting of his own semen and maybe even the alien’s juices.
“I haven’t seen you in way too long, Dr. Director”, he said and stopped only an arm’s length away from her.
“U-uh… ehhhh… yes, sadly, but you know, with my work and whatnot”, she said. “By the way, Betty is fine”. It was difficult to tear her eyes away from his boner. It was pointing right at her!

Meanwhile, Ron excitedly asked her how she and their baby had been and what brought her here.
“Ron, who is this?”, the alien chimed in, walking up next to him. She was absolutely splendid, with a nice, curvy figure, and impressive abs in addition to everything Betty had seen so far.

Warmonga’s attitude changed drastically when she learned that Betty was one of her sisters. She threw the weapon into a corner and deeply apologized for threatening the bearer of one of Ron’s children.

“In that case, you are of course welcome on Warmonga’s ship, Betty”, the big woman told her happily. Her calling her Betty kind of irked her, but she didn’t want to pursue the matter at the time.
“Your ship? Oh, yes! Care to explain…?”, Betty started, but was interrupted when Ron put a hand on her lower back and gently led her closer to the bed.
“Betty, Betty, business can wait. How about we celebrate our reunion?”, he asked. His cock twitched excitedly. She tried to stay professional, tried to do her job, but she couldn’t resist when he started peeling her out of her skin tight stealth suit.

Before long, she was kneeling on the bed. In front of her was Ron, fondling her luscious breasts and sucking her nipples, while Warmonga sat behind her and caressed her backside.
“Warmonga knew you were a warrior the second she laid eyes on you, sister. You are magnificent! No wonder Ron wanted to mate with you”, the alien mused as she traced Betty’s back muscles. She was not as thoroughly buff as Warmonga, but she was in shape, and proud of it, too.

Ron pulled the strings holding Betty’s thong in place. Once the little slip of cloth had fallen to the furs, Ron’s fingers slid into her slavering canal. She hissed and moaned as Ron felt his way into her folds. He kept an eye on her expression to see what she enjoyed in particular.

It had been too long for him to recall all her weak spots from the top of his head, but he quickly rediscovered them. After only a minute he was already driving Betty to the point of grinding herself against his fingers involuntarily.
“Oh, my god… oh my fucking god!”, Betty yelped when he made her cum. Her juices flowed freely while her body trembled in ecstacy. Ron extracted his drenched hand and lapped up some of her honey.

Making Betty melt like this had been fun, but Ron wanted to get to the best part. There were still some sweet spots waiting to be rediscovered that his fingers couldn’t reach.

Betty didn’t even register the orders he gave his alien concubine. All she knew was that Warmonga suddenly picked her up by the thighs. She rested with her head on Warmonga’s soft chest with her legs spread wide open. Ron approached her, rock hard cock in hand. Betty bit her lips in anticipation for the desperately needed penetration.

“…so fucking tight”, Ron said under his breath as he pushed into her. Betty meanwhile was writhing and staring up into Warmonga’s yellow eyes.
“…thick…”, she groaned, smiling happily. It had simply been too long since the last time she had felt so full. Her alien sister smiled right back at her.

“It looks very pleasurable from up here”, Warmonga said when Ron had developed a nice, steady rhythm. His massive dick was easily sliding in and out of Betty’s slippery cunt. His balls were slapping against her butt with every deep dive he took, and her breasts bounced for his viewing pleasure.
“Oh, I have needed this so badly…”, Betty sighed. Every climax brought on by Ron’s ceaseless thrusts washed her frustrations away. It was a good thing Warmonga was holding her firmly, because Ron’s fat dick made her hips feel like pudding. She wouldn’t be walking out of here any time soon, and that thought put a smile on her face.

As time went on, Ron mixed things up. He started gyrating his hips, stretching Betty’s pussy at new, exciting angles, while leaning in for deep, hungry kisses. He busied his hands by playing with her tender nipples. She was still having orgasms constantly. It was as if she was melting. Her juices ran down Ron’s shaft, to his swinging balls, and dripped onto the furs beneath them, forming a wet spot.

She was amazed by the experience. She remembered him being good, but nowhere near this good. She supposed practice made perfect, after all. It was no wonder he had a veritable harem of women at his beck and call.

When Ron finally started approaching another climax, Betty had already reached the point of pleasurable numbness. Warmonga’s huge breasts were a perfect pillow, and Ron’s massive cock just felt so wonderful going in and out of her little hole, scraping her sensitive insides deliciously… She felt warm all over. Ron’s engorged glans was pressing against her cervix with every thrust.

When the twitching began, Betty braced herself, looking forward to the hot filling awaiting her womb.
“Betty, here it… argh!”, Ron groaned, closely followed by a yelp from Dr.Director. He had creampied her countless times before, but she had never felt it flood her insides with such pressure. It took her breath away how the thick substance filled every nook and cranny of her pussy, until it started oozing out. Like her own juices, his pearly seed ran down to his heavy balls and started dripping onto the wet spot beneath them, even as he fired more and more potent semen into her.


After a breather, Ron was relaxing while Betty and Warmonga spend some quality time worshipping his throbbing cock together. They took turns sucking his penis and teamed up to suck his balls together. Having both of them look up at him with bright, smiling eyes while pleasuring his nuts was amazing for him. He petted their heads appreciatively, which elicited merry chuckling from both of them.

“So, Betty, what will Global Justice say when they learn about Warmonga?”, Ron asked eventually. Betty raised an eyebrow, but took a moment to answer by virtue of having her mouth full of cock at the time.
“Mmmh, well… since she is a friend of yours… and my sister”, she said, winking at the alien woman. Warmonga was visibly pleased and gave her a peck on her cheek. “I’ll just tell them that there is nothing to worry about”.
“A-Booya!”, Ron cheered. “But, isn’t that kind of… unprofessional?”. Betty smiled at him as if he had said something incredibly silly. She climbed between his legs and sandwiched his dick between her big, warm boobs. Ron started thrusting without even thinking about it, and Warmonga lowered her head to smooch his glans every time it poked out of Dr. Director’s cleavage.
“Last time I might’ve cared about that, but I think I’ll make an exception of the father of my baby”, she murmured. Both of them smiled warmly at each other, almost as if they hadn’t been apart for so very long. “Now, let’s see how long you’ll last between my girls, big boy! Or, better yet!”, Betty said before whispering something into Warmonga’s ear. The full, red lips of the green amazon curled into a naughty smirk.

Shortly thereafter, Betty and Warmonga were squeezing their huge boobs together to form a warm, pillowy vice for Ron to indulge in. He didn’t last long, but he asked for a second round right away, which his girls gladly played along with.

Chapter Text

Kim felt like she was losing her mind. So many things didn’t make sense. At some point her mom had had another baby, apparently, and from what she had been told, she wasn’t the only one. On top of that, Ron claimed that they had been dating for well over two years. Ridiculous! Well, not unimaginable, of course. Ron was her best friend and a great guy, but… two years?

“She forgot all of it!?”, Monique asked, flabbergasted. Ron looked dismayed. Kim felt bad for him, more so than for herself.
“Yeah, ever since Drakken hit her with that stupid memory laser”, he said. Monique crossed her arms and pursed her lips, mulling this dire news over in her head. After a moment, she started grinning.
“I can think of something you could do to jog her memory, lover”, Monique said, wiggling her eyebrows. Kim felt her cheeks burning up, and Ron started sputtering nervously. She had wondered if their relationship had included sex. Apparently so. “Or better yet, we go back to her place and she can watch us, stud?”, she said in sultry tones.
“What!?”, Kim cried, drawing attention to herself. They were visiting Monique during her shift at Club Banana.

Ron shushed her while Monique looked surprised.
“You haven’t told her?”
“Well”, Ron said meekly, “she was totally taken aback when I told her we had been dating. I didn’t think she would take it too well”.
“What the heck are you two going on about?”, Kim asked. What kind of sick joke was this? Her watching them?

Monique sighed.
“Maybe it would be for the best if I told her. Come on, Kim”, she said, grabbed Kim’s hand and dragged her into a changing booth.
“Monique, you can’t be serious! What is-“
“Shush”, Kim’s friend hissed. “Look, I know this is going to sound insane, but I’m telling you the truth Kim, okay?”. Monique waited for a nod of acknowledgment, but Kim just pressed her lips together and stared at her expectantly. Monique sighed. “Alright. You are Ron’s girlfriend and you’ve been told as much. What Ron hasn’t told you yet is that you guys have a very open relationship”.

An open relationship didn’t sound like Kim’s idea of a healthy relationship at all. Besides, Ron didn’t seem like the kind of guy that would want something like that.
“Why?”, she asked, suspiciously. Monique smirked at the question.
“Two major reasons, I think. First of all, Ron is an absolute beast between the sheets, so much so that one girl can’t hope to keep up with him”
“Oh, come on. You’re making that up”, Kim said, waving her hand dismissively.
“Secondly”, Monique continued, “you are a massive cuck, and love watching him bang other women”. Kim gasped in shock. What had gotten into Monique? Why would she say something like that? That was disgusting! There was no way Kim was into that sort of thing. “The only thing that turn you on even more is when he knocks a bitch up. Guess who made that new baby with your mom?”, Monique added, visible amused.

Kim was anything but. She didn’t know why her supposed best girl friend would say such horrible things to her, but she had enough. She ran out of the changing booth and left the store. Ron hurried after her when he saw her storming off.


“Kim, come on, I can explain”, Ron panted when they reached the Possible’s front door. She turned on her heel to face him.
“I don’t want to hear it! I… I just want to be alone for now. Go home, Ron”, she said, and went inside without him.

“Kimmie! Are you feeling better?”, her mom asked. She was holding the baby. Kim could only look at her, the hurt plain on her face, and run upstairs.

She threw herself onto her bed and buried her face in a pillow. None of this made sense. Why were they lying to her? Maybe this was some kind of mental prison? Or a simulation? As much as she wanted either of those to be true, there was this weird, deep sensation she felt. As if they were right. Like it was all true, even if she didn’t want to accept it.

As far as she could recall, she had only ever touched herself a little, maybe kissed a boy once or twice, and her friends were telling her that she was some kind of sexual deviant that liked it when her man cheated on her? How was she supposed to accept this?

After a while, Kim lifted her head and saw two wet spots on the pillow. She had cried. Sitting up, she sniveled and brushed her hair out of her face. Losing her memory came with a lot of stress, but she felt a little better now. A little calmer. It occurred to her that if these things were true, there ought to be some evidence around.

She opened her nightstand. The sheer amount of sex paraphernalia took her by surprise. Vibrators, dildos, condoms, lube, even handcuffs and toys she didn’t know the usage of. It was certainly different from the plain vibrator she usually used to masturbate. She rummaged through the other stuff, but couldn’t find it. She had to admit, those other vibrators looked much more entertaining than the one she was used to. She supposed she had just gotten rid of it.

The drawer wouldn’t close, something had gotten stuck. The culprit was a pack of condoms. Kim inspected it. She had thought about getting some, just in case, of course. What surprised her was that they were extra large condoms. Did that mean that…? Kim tried to picture Ron naked, like one of the guys in her biology textbooks, except… bigger. Somehow, she felt like she should have a clear image before her eyes, but it simply wouldn’t work.

She put the condoms away and closed the drawer. This was silly. Even if she and Ron were a couple, and even if they were having sex, he had probably just brought those along to brag. Guys were known to brag about their dicks, or so her mother had told her once.

She got on the floor to peek under her bed. She found a riding crop, which she couldn’t explain, as well as a lot of underwear. Kim had noticed that her selection of panties and bras had changed. Almost all of them were sexy. Besides a couple sports bras and matching panties or shorts, all she had to wear was made of lacy silk or cotton, embroidered, partially see-through or frilled, and more often than not, the panties were thongs. It was the kind of underwear you wanted to show off. Considering how much of it she had, Kim reckoned that she and Ron must’ve been having a very active sex life, if any of that was true, of course.

As she sifted through the laundry, she noticed a couple bra that were simply way too big for her. Did she share Ron, after all? Kim wasn’t sure how else to take this. She wasn’t a lesbian, after all. She couldn’t help but wonder who exactly she shared him with. Monique had implied that she had slept with Ron. Had her two best friends fucked in this very room, right on her bed, and had Kim been watching?

Kim shook her head and got up. She looked around for anything else that was out of the ordinary, and her roaming eyes lingered when she noticed two external hard drives, hooked up to her PC, she wasn’t familiar with.

She booted it up to see what those were about. The first shock came when she saw the sheer volume of data. Those were some mighty hard drives, loaded up with a total of several terabyte of data. As for the contents of those hard drives, Kim found a meticulously sorted system of folders.

After clicking through a few of them, she found an image folder full of nude selfies. All of them featured girls from the cheer squad. Bonnie, with her massive tits looked confident, Tara had her back turned and spread her butt cheeks apart while blushing heavily. The entire squad had taken several pictures, and they became raunchier as Kim scrolled.

There was a picture of Liz, legs spread, and two fingers knuckle deep in her pussy. Another one was a full body shot of Crystal, made remarkable by the fact that she was licking a huge dildo, as if she was about to use it on herself.

Kim’s investigation of these hard drives went on for a long time, and it definitely affected her. Soon after the cheerleader selfies, she stumbled upon the first videos. There was a video of Adrena Lynn, getting railed by a huge dick, which ended in a messy facial. That dick kept appearing as Kim watched more videos. Girls she knew, girls she didn’t recognize, all of them had run-ins with that massive cock, and all of them seemed to love it.

“Yeah, you like these big fucking titties, baby? Mmmh”, Kim heard Bonnie purr as she massaged that cock with her huge boobs on screen. Kim was shifting on her chair uneasily. Somehow, watching people she knew doing these sorts of things was hot. It was so sexy how Bonnie massaged that huge penis. He was so big that the tip poked out of her cleavage!

Kim had to accept that maybe she wasn’t as straight-laced as she might have thought only an hour ago. She got up and headed for her nightstand, taking her pants of along the way. She fetched a nice vibrator, one with a long handle and a large, smooth head before returning to her chair. She made herself comfortable by putting her legs up on the table and spreading them wide. She turned the vibrator on and watched the head shake rapidly as it hummed. She bit her lower lip, already looking forward to what was to come.

Soon enough, Kim was clawing at the backrest of her chair and her toes were curling while her free hand pressed the vibrator onto her clit. She was watching an amazing clip of the same massive cock as always pumping into someone’s pussy. They were doing it missionary style, and the camera was really getting in there. Kim could see his fat balls bouncing as he drove his cock into the lucky bitch, she could see the girl’s labia getting spread apart by the hefty intruder, she could even see the wet spot the girl’s juices had left on the sheets beneath them. Then, the climax came, both for Kim and the people in the video.

Kim’s body quaked under the intensity of her orgasm, and she groaned deeply as the tension slowly faded again. Meanwhile, the girl on screen cried out and the cock stopped sliding in and out of her. Through hazy eyes, Kim saw him twitch, again and again. Once it had stopped, he pulled out, and a flood of semen started gushing out of the girl’s thoroughly fucked pussy. It trickled down her butt cheeks, onto the sheets, and the video ended. For a moment Kim thought about stopping then. However, the thought of all the porn still waiting to be seen made her grin. She could go for another round or two. There was no harm in a little fun.

Kim spent almost all night masturbating to her porn collection. Soon after her first orgasm, she stumbled upon a folder of dick pics. It was that long, thick monster again. It was impressive even when flaccid. Then, her heart skipped a beat. There it was. Proof.

Kim saw a selfie the owner of that magnificent dick had taken right after he had woken up one day. He was propping up what she assumed to be morning wood, and sleepily smiled into the camera with his brown eyes, his blonde hair, and his big ol’ ears. It was Ron. It had been Ron all along, no doubt! Monique had told her the truth! Ron was a beast! She had watched him screw a few girls silly by now.

Kim had to admit that two things had been proven as true by now. Ron was a stud, and she enjoyed watching him fuck. Oddly enough, Kim didn’t feel particularly distraught about this. A smile appeared on her face as she flipped through more pictures of Ron’s dick. She was looking forward to what else she might find more than ever now.

It was unbelievable. She watched Ron fuck just about every attractive woman she knew, and then some! Kim watched him slam his dick into Tara’s ass, and he did it really hard, too! When she found a voyeur video of Ron taking Yori from behind, she was delighted to hear herself whispering excitedly. “Yes, Ron! Fuck her harder! Give her everything you’ve got.

It got saucier still when she found a video of Ron and Shego. The green lady was bent over a desk at school. Her skirt was hiked up, laying bare her perfect ass, and Ron was banging her from behind. Kim was so absorbed in all of this that she didn’t even bat an eye when she finally stumbled upon a video of her mother, riding Ron’s mighty cock reverse cowgirl style. Instead, she admired how fantastic her mom looked despite her age and giving birth four times.

Kim finally found satisfaction when she saw herself on screen. The video was recorded from Ron’s point of view. He was on top, banging her with powerful thrusts. Kim watched herself moan and squeal happily. Occasionally, her green eyes rolled back, presumably because she came. Her boobs bounced in rhythm with Ron’s thrusts, which grew quicker as time went on.
“Kim! I’m cumming”, Ron said after fucking her for fifteen minutes straight. The Kim on screen perked up and beamed at him.
“Yes! Give it to me!”, she moaned and hugged him.

Kim herself came again when she heard Ron groan through his orgasm. She listened to herself coo happily as he pumped his seed into her. While she still savored the afterglow of her climax, Kim watched Ron get off of her in the video and looked between her legs. There, front and center on screen, was Kim’s own pussy. Then Ron’s hands entered the frame and gently spread her labia apart. Pearly white, viscous semen started flowing out.
“Beautiful…”, Ron whispered. Kim, both on screen and in real life, giggled. Then Ron climbed on top of her again. The camera almost dipped into her hair and a kiss was heard, before Kim’s face came back into frame.
“I love you, Ron”, Kim told the camera warmly.
“I love you, too, KP”, Ron said, and the video ended.


The next day, Ron came over, upon Kim’s request. He felt nervous. Hopefully she had remembered something. The thought of Kim permanently losing her memories frightened him deeply, but he scaled the stairs to her room with hope in his heart. She was Kim Possible, after all. She could do anything, and remembering their relationship wasn’t a lot to ask for, right?

“Hey, KP. Are you doing alright?”, he asked. Kim was sitting on the edge of her bed. She wore her PJs, blue sweatpants and a flimsy pink top. She smiled at him, and for a second he felt like she was back.
“Hi, Ron. Take a seat. I want to talk”, she told him. No kiss, no hug, no inappropriate touching. Nope, his Kim wasn’t back. He sat down next to her, feeling disheartened, but the fact that she was still smiling comforted him somewhat.

“First of all, I want to apologize for yesterday. I overreacted, I made a scene, and I’m sorry”, Ron shook his head.
“Don’t worry about it, Kim. I get it”. Kim’s smile brightened.
“Monique said the same thing when I called her. I’m lucky to have understanding friends like you guys”.
“That’s what you got friends for, KP. No sweat, all part of the package”, Ron laughed. He felt the tension going away. Even if Kim wasn’t back to normal yet, at least they were on good terms.

“Speaking of package”, Kim said, putting a hand on Ron’s knee. “I want to ask you for a favor”. Ron perked up. He didn’t even take note of her hand. Kim touching him wasn’t out of the ordinary for him, after all.
“Anything, KP. What do you need?”
“Well, I have an idea how to restore my memory”, she said, blushing slightly. Ron nodded excitedly. “How about we… you know… fuck?”

Ron blinked.
“Pardon?”. Kim’s hand slid up his thigh. Now he took note of it.
“I found this stash of porn last night. It had you in it, with tons of different girls, and with me. It didn’t bring my memories back, but it made me hot. Even if I can’t recall doing all those things, I think my body remembers. I thought, maybe we can jog my memory using our bodies?”, she told him, smiling sheepishly. Ron swallowed audibly.
“A-are you sure about this, KP?”, he asked. In response, Kim pulled her top over her head and tossed it aside, showing him her naked breasts.
“What do you think?”

Shortly thereafter, Ron had gotten rid of most of his clothes. He stood in the middle of the room, wearing only his boxers, and Kim knelt in front of him. She slowly pulled his shorts down and gasped when his erect cock sprang from its confines.
“Oh, my god. It looks even bigger in the flesh”, she whispered. Ron was excited, and not only because he hadn’t gotten laid in a few days. His dick stood between his and Kim’s face. Seeing her look at it from underneath with wonder in her eyes excited him. It really felt like she was seeing it for the first time, and she liked it.

He let her ogle it for a moment, but feeling her breath on his meat made him impatient. He placed a hand on the back of her head, and grasped his cock with the other one.
“Here, Kim. Let’s start with a little blowjob”, he said, and guided her along. Her big eyes were focused on his face as Ron inserted his erection into the mouth that had sucked it more than any other. He felt right at home.

Even if Kim couldn’t recall ever doing this for him, her body knew what to do. Her plush lips engulfed him, and her hot tongue greeted his glans with wonderful, wet affection. She was timid, but clearly not a novice.

“Oh, yeah…”, he sighed. Still staring at him, Kim intensified her blowjob. Ron let her do her thing, mostly focusing on his glans and only slightly bobbing her head along his shaft. It turned him on, but as he got hornier, he wanted more.

“Deeper”, he moaned, pushing her down a little. To their mutual surprise, Kim went lower and lower, until her nose was pushing against his abdomen. She even remembered how to swallow him whole without so much as a sputter of discomfort! In that case…

“Kim, can I fuck your face?”, he asked. Rather than telling him, Kim simply put her hands on his ass and pulled him in. “Thank you”, he said softly, grabbed her head with both hands, and started thrusting.

Meanwhile, Kim was overwhelmed. She couldn’t grasp how she had managed to cram that humongous penis down her throat, let alone with such ease. Now Ron was fucking her face, and she loved it. Her body was crying out in pleasure. Her pussy was overflowing, jealous of her mouth. She felt a fire burning in her abdomen, and she knew that Ron’s cock was the only thing that could stamp it out. But besides all of this need, there was the bliss of feeling Ron’s thick, throbbing cock inside her body. It was so warm and made her feel so full. Had he asked, she would have let him do that all day long.

Ron worked himself up over time. His thrusts grew more intense, resulting in his heavy balls slapping repeatedly against Kim’s chin. Her saliva was dribbling onto the floor every time he pulled away. It felt perfect, it felt just like always! It was all too easy to forget that Kim wasn’t herself at the moment, but eventually, Ron did remember, and stopped. He pulled out completely and looked down at Kim, gasping for air, strings of saliva still connecting her lips with his cock.

“Sorry, KP. Got a little carried away there. How about we try the real thing now?”, he asked.
“…okay”, Kim said softly. Meanwhile, in her pants, her honey was already running down her thighs in rivulets. Ron’s offer came not a second too early.

Once she was naked and on the bed, Ron climbed on top of her. He gingerly spread her thighs apart and placed his engorged glans at her entrance.
“Jesus, it looks so fucking big”, she whispered, shuddering at his touch.
“Thanks”, Ron said and both of them chuckled. “Ready, Kim?”. She nodded.
“Careful… careful…”, she mumbled as he entered.

Kim inhaled sharply when her pussy was spread open, and she kept trying to inhale further as Ron sank into her deeper and deeper. Now that she was looking at it, she could hardly believe that all that cock actually fit inside her little pussy, but there it was. She saw it disappear, felt it digging into the deepest recesses of her vagina, until it hit the end, and Ron’s balls comfortably squeezed against her. She shot Ron a glance. He didn’t seem shocked at all. Then he started thrusting.

Kim’s screams of pleasure rocked the house. Fortunately, James and the boys weren’t home. She had thought getting face fucked was good, but it was nothing compared to getting her pussy stuffed. Ron fit like a massive finger in Kim’s tight, slippery glove. It was perfect! The way Ron moved his hips, the way he scraped and prodded all the right places, his weight bearing down on her when he went balls deep, it was all just perfect! It was a mind-blowing experience. Kim had never felt anything like it, though her body seemed accustomed to it.

As far as Kim was concerned, this was her first time. However, there was no blood, no pain, whether from defloration or just because of Ron’s size. All she felt was bliss.

Her body knew this pleasure from countless nights spent on her back, on all fours, or on top of her lover, and it was not the only pleasure she knew.

“Kim, I’m cumming”, Ron groaned. Kim couldn’t talk. All she could do was close her legs around his waist, lest he pulled out. She focused on her own climax.

She let loose when Ron pumped his spunk into her womb. Her whole body seized up, yet she felt free. Pleasure washed over her in warm waves, just as Ron’s piping hot semen flooded her insides. She had felt this countless times before, had even felt it as the purveyor, rather than the recipient. As Ron’s sperm flowed into her, her memories started flooding back into clarity.

“How was it?”, Ron panted, still stuck in Kim’s pussy.
“Sounded pretty fantastic to me”, Ann jested, peeking into the room. She came inside, took a seat next to them and brushed a loose strand of her from Kim’s face.
“How are you, honey?”. Kim smiled at them.
“Ron fucked the amnesia right out of me”, she chuckled.
“Really?”, he asked excitedly. Kim’s smile took on a lewder quality as she rose onto her elbows. She pulled her mother in for a deep kiss, which surprised Ann, though she quickly accepted her daughter’s tongue in her mouth.

When mother and daughter parted again, Kim shot Ron a naughty look.
“Really”, she purred. To her surprise, Ron’s lips started quivering. He looked teary eyed.
“Kim!”, he cried and hugged her tightly. “I was so worried”
“Aw”, Ann said, touched by the affectionate display. Kim was similarly touched, and embraced him tightly.
“It’s alright now, Ron. I’m back to normal”, she told him softly, caressing his hair and placing tender kisses on his brow. They started making out, and Ann took it as her cue to leave them be.

“Wait up, mom”, Kim called when she finally managed to pry herself away from Ron’s lips. “Why are you leaving? Ron was quite upset, and I for one think that two Possibles will comfort him much better than one”. She felt Ron’s cock throbbing inside her. Of course it did. Ron enjoyed a good mother-daughter combo.
“Well, if you put it like that”, Ann said playfully, opening the zipper of her skirt and letting it fall to the floor. The mature woman was welcomed with open arms, and the trio spent the better part of the day celebrating.

Chapter Text

The Rockwaller house had become a common hangout spot for Ron. It was spacious, the fridge was well stocked, and it housed four busty babes that near constantly wanted a piece of him. It was all around great.

One time, Ron was alone in the house, except for a baby. Ann’s baby. Well, more of a toddler at that point. He was babysitting for her while she was out having some time to herself. The woman was a brain surgeon, mother of four, and still found the time to fool around with him. He had nothing but respect for this superwoman. It was no wonder her daughter could do virtually anything.

“Your mom sure is quite something, isn’t she?”, he asked. The toddler bubbled happily and played with a big toy car. Ron liked these occasions. It didn’t feel so much like babysitting as it did like being a dad, at least a little bit. He often felt guilty for not helping more with all his children, but his lovers kept reassuring him that it was fine.

He watched his child and was glad to note the lack of a resemblance. The kid took after Ann in hair and eye color. It was hard to tell with a child that age, but Ron hoped his kid also inherited Ann’s good looks rather than his goofy ones.

Time went by, and eventually Ron heard the door opening.

“Ron?”, Ann called. Ron tiptoed to the door and shushed her. Ann smiled knowingly. “Asleep?”

“Safe and sound,” Ron said with a wry smile. Then he realized that she wasn’t alone. “Oh, Mrs. Rockwaller. Welcome back!” The busty woman with her curly hair smiled charmingly.

“I forgot how nice it is to have a man waiting for you to come home.” Ann chuckled and Ron smiled sheepishly.

“How come you two are together?”

“We met at the spa,” Ann told him as the trio went into the living room and sat down. The ladies took their seats on either side of him.

“I see. No wonder the two of you look so refreshed.” Ann and Mrs. Rockwaller giggled like girls half their age at the compliment. Ron thought the reaction was a little odd. He was only stating obvious facts, after all. The two of them were positively radiant and smelled really good.

“Thank you for allowing me a little me time, Ron,” Ann said and gave him a peck on the cheek. Ron also noticed a freshly manicured hand rubbing his thigh.

“You’re welcome.” Ron’s voice was shaking a little. Ann was really close and looked incredibly pretty. Her warm breath tickled his cheek, he could feel her warmth even through their clothes, and her eyes were smoldering with desire. He was getting excited, and the growing bulge in his pants betrayed that fact. He gasped when Mrs. Rockwaller placed one of her hands on it and gently rubbed him.

“So…” Ann purred, “Are you in the mood to spend a little us time now?” Mrs. Rockwaller tickled his ear with her tongue, making Ron shudder.

“Ann is talking all three of us, of course.” Ron’s answer was to give both of them deep kisses.

Clothes started coming off quickly after that. Ron hurried to get his pants off, just to give his aching boner some room, while the ladies took their tops off. Ann didn’t wear a bra under her sweater. Her lovely boobs jiggled into freedom, tipped by lovely pink nipples. Ron would have loved to suck them right away, but he didn’t want to miss what was happening on his other side.

Mrs. Rockwaller unbuttoned her shirt, revealing a fancy, semi-transparent bra, that struggled to contain her enormous breasts. When she unhooked it, and let it slip from her shoulder, those massive tits bounced beautifully.

Unable to settle on just one pair, Ron simply groped each lady with one hand and savored the warm softness of their boobs. Mrs. Rockwaller took the initiative on his lips, kissing him greedily, while Ann wrapped her delicate fingers around his meaty cock.

“My, my, my…” she chuckled. “Someone’s excited.” As if to prove her point, Ron bucked his hips in a vain attempt to fuck her hand. Mrs. Rockwaller reached lower, cupping his balls.

“Don’t forget about these, Ann,” she said between kisses.

“Good thing there are two of us, given how much there is to work with here,” Ann murmured and started stroking. After moving her hand along his length only a few times, she moved her head above the massive erection. “Let’s slicken this thing up a bit…” Ann let her saliva flow from her lips. A long, narrow stream of it trickled onto Ron’s glans, and before long, his entire cock was glistening with it.

Ron loved this treatment. Ann jerked him off with long, sensual strokes, while Mrs. Rockwaller tenderly massaged his heavy testicles. His hips started moving in rhythm with their hands. No further saliva was required for his massive dick since his pre-cum quickly started to flow.

Mrs. Rockwaller hogged his lips for a while, but eventually the girls switched it up. They alternated between making out with Ron and stroking his dick. Before long, Ron was writhing with need. They were so sexy, so gentle… they were driving him crazy. Their gentle touches weren’t enough to make him cum. It was teasing of the sweetest, most agonizing kind. At some point, when he felt as if his cock might snap from the tension, he pried his lips free to speak.

“Please… at least stroke it together.” The women looked at each other, and smiles appeared on their lips.

“I think we can do one better,” Mrs. Rockwaller said as both of them moved their heads towards the object of their desire. Ron sighed when they kissed his engorged glans. Each lady wrapped a hand around his meat and jerked him off as their lips and tongues made love to the tip.

They smooched his glans one second, and licked all over the next. He felt those hot, slippery little muscles working in perfect unison, tracing the ridge of his crown and teasing his frenulum with rapid licking. He was clearly not the only one getting excited, either. In a moment of pure bliss, Mrs. Possible and Mrs. Rockwaller kissed, with his cock caught up in the middle. His entire glans would have been too much of a hinderance for their affectionate kissing, of course, but the very tip got caught up in their wrestling tongues, making Ron hiss with pleasure.

Suddenly, thick semen started gushing forth. The lovely broke off their kiss when they tasted it and took turns sealing Ron’s slit with their lips to catch as much of the precious stuff as possible. They gently sucked as he pumped their mouths full of semen. He reached for their heads and caressed their hair as he sighed with relief.

“Maybe a warning next time, Ron,” Mrs. Rockwaller chuckled, licking specks of semen off of Ann’s cheek.

“Sorry. It just felt so good…” It kept feeling good, too. The women kept sucking his cock, taking more than just the tip now. It was a delight to see Mrs. Possible bobbing her head, swallowing thick inches of his penis while Mrs. Rockwaller licked and smooched his shaft, waiting for her turn. Bonnie’s mother was quite eager. Ron felt his glans bumping against the back of her throat right away.

“So, Ron…” Ann said. “Ready to make us feel good?” Ron smiled and quickly pulled his shirt off.

“Anytime!” The women liked that. They got up. When Ron’s cock slipped from Mrs. Rockwallers lips it loudly slapped against his belly, glistening with saliva. He watched the two of them take off the rest of their clothes. Bonnie’s mom unzipped a skirt, which fell to the floor, revealing panties matching her bra. Those, too were quickly discarded. Ann wiggled out of a pair of tight jeans. Underneath she wore a red thong. She pointed her butt towards Ron, bent over a little and slowly pulled it down. The thin fabric stuck to her slick lips before finally coming off, revealing an invitingly warm hole that awaited his big cock.

Now Ron was faced with two gorgeous mature women, who apparently both got waxed recently. He propped up his cock and smiled at them.

“Who wants to go first, ladies?”

“Shotgun!” Mrs. Rockwaller said with a little hop. Watching her boobs bounce was a pleasure. Ann pursed her lips.

“Darn.” Mrs. Rockwaller climbed on top of Ron, lined herself up and easily slid down his hefty member. They moaned together as he sank into her slippery snatch. Once she had bottomed out, she flexed her vaginal muscles, which made him gasp. Then the riding began.

Not wanting to be left out, Ann got behind Mrs.Rockwaller and started fondling her massive tits as she shook her hips. Ron, meanwhile, put his hands on her waist and started thrusting up. Mrs.Rockwaller threw her head back and groaned at the stronger stimulation.

The ride continued for a while. Mrs. Rockwaller’s juices flowed plentifully, causing wet noises to accompany their fun. Ann engaged the other woman in deep kisses once more while incessantly kneading her tits. Ron loved watching the show. Ann made those puppies bounce nicely and took great care to pinch and flick her hard nipples.

Ron was so enraptured by the sex that he almost missed a message from Kim, asking him if he was coming by her place tonight. He took a moment to respond that he didn’t know, and took a picture of his two partners o explain why.

“Hot!” Kim responded. “Try to let me know later, okay? Have fun!” Ron put the phone away and focused on Mrs. Rockwaller again, who seemed to be approaching an orgasm. He intensified his thrusts and reached or her boobs, giving them a tight squeeze. She evidently enjoyed that. Ron saw Ann behind her licking one of her fingers until it glistened with saliva. The hand disappeared behind Bonnie’s mom. Ann flashed a naughty smile and winked at him, before Mrs. Rockwaller squealed.

“Why, you naughty… ah!” she cried. Ron felt the finger. Ann had shoved it up her butt, which she also seemed to enjoy quite a bit. After a few more seconds of rough pounding, Mrs. Rockwaller tensed up and groaned. Ron hissed through her orgasm. The mature lady’s pussy seized up. The velvety flesh coiled around his cock as if to milk him, but he wasn’t quite there yet.

Once she had calmed down a little, her pussy’s tight grip loosened, and she smiled at him with rosy cheeks.

“I needed that.”

“And I still need it,” Ann said. Bonnie’s mom got off of Ron, and the redhead was about to mount him, but he had other plans. He got up, and pushed Ann onto the couch so she ended up on all fours. “You want to do it doggy style? Why didn’t you just say so?” she giggled, wiggling her lovely butt for his viewing pleasure. Ron grabbed his massive slippery dick and approached her.

“Your naughty shenanigans gave me an idea,” he told her and gently pushed his tip against her tight backdoor. Ann looked at him across her shoulder, eyes wide.

“Dirty, dirty bo- oh!” she moaned when he pried her open. A hand came down and slapped Ann’s sweet ass. It belonged to Mrs. Rockwaller. She came up next to Ron, pushing her body against his, and watched the show.

“You are just as dirty, Ann. You like it after all,” She giggled. Ann bit her lips.

“That’s right! I think I need to get spanked a little more.”

Ron leisurely fucked Ann’s ass. Kim’s mom moaned happily for him as he gradually buried his whole cock in her tight hole. Meanwhile, Mrs. Rockwaller kept busy by either caressing his body and whispering sweet nothings in his ear, or by giving Ann the spanking she deserved. Ron enjoyed watching her reddened butt cheeks bouncing in front of him. Of course, he enjoyed the view of her beautiful back as well.

When he felt like taking a break from the constant thrusting, Ann helpfully continued to move on her own. She shook her ass like a pro. Thanks to how slippery Ron was to begin with, she had no trouble bouncing on his cock.

After his rest, Ron decided to really lay into her. He grabbed Ann’s plush butt and started hammering the entire length of his cock into her. Kim’s mom had a hard time keeping her voice down, not only because her little anus got stretched so much, but because Ron went balls deep. His heavy testicles slapped her pussy with every dive he took, pushing her to the edge of orgasm faster and faster.

“Oh… oh my god… I’m gonna…!” Ann whimpered. Mrs. Rockwaller quickly left Ron’s side to clasp a hand over Ann’s mouth. She did it just in time. As Ann came, she couldn’t help but scream, which would certainly have woken her baby up. Like this, it was little more than pleasure moaning that reached Ron’s ears as his dick got to savor the tight, quivering embrace of Ann’s asshole.

Eventually, he pulled out, leaving a slightly gaping hole behind.

“Come on, girls. It’s my turn to finish now.” With that said, Ron stood there, one hand stroking his throbbing erection, and the other pointing at the floor, where he wanted his lovers. The lusty women smiled lasciviously and crawled in front of him. “Open your mouths.” They did, and Ron didn’t take long to get ready to feed them.

With a soft groan, he released his thick seed. Ropes of the stuff landed on their tongues. Practically none went to waste. After all, when either lady was struggling to swallow her viscous treat, the other one was available for Ron to dump a few shots into. Once the shots were reduced to a trickle of semen, the ladies showered his fat dick with lots of love, kissing and licking it, sucking his balls, and sighing pleasurably.

“You’re such good girls…” Ron sighed, petting both of their heads. The two of them looked up at him with bright smiles before worshipping his cock some more.

Just as both of them were each sucking one of his fat nuts, the front door opened. It was Bonnie, dressed in her cheer uniform. She walked into the living room and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Ron with his women. The moment of surprise passed quickly, and a sultry grin appeared on Bonnie’s face.

“Isn’t this just perfect? Cheer practice was pretty rough today and I was going to take a nice, relaxing bath. Care to join me when you’re done with them, Ron?” He and his partners exchanged surprised looks.

Ann and Bonnie’s mom released his balls and got up. Mrs. Rockwaller stretched, giving him another great look at her huge boobs, while Ann started picking up her clothes.

“I guess I should get home. Someone’s got to make dinner, after all.” Mrs. Rockwaller nodded.

“Same here. You go ahead and play with Bonnie, Ron.” The cheerleader smiled and headed upstairs, swaying her hips. Ron watched her leave. He definitely craved some action with her, too, but he felt a pang of guilt for just ditching the other two. He told them as much.

“Don’t worry about us, Ron,” Mrs. Rockwaller said and gave him a peck on the cheek. “We had a good time. Right, Ann?” Mrs. Possible nodded and smiled reassuringly. Before he followed Bonnie upstairs, the adult women, still naked, came up to him and gave him a kiss each.

“Let’s do it again soon,” they said in unison. Ron nodded eagerly and went after Bonnie.

Some time later, Ron was relaxing in the Rockwaller’s spacious bathtub. Hot water engulfed him, little islands of foam floated on the water, and the constant splish-splash of water reached his ear. The reason for the sound was Bonnie, sitting between his legs, and titfucking him with her big, soapy boobs.

“Feeling good, baby?” she asked. Ron just nodded, mesmerized by the sight of Bonnie’s glistening breasts sliding up and down his hard cock. Seemingly satisfied with his response, Bonnie lowered her head to suck his fat glans while she kept working her boobs for his pleasure.

As he enjoyed her boob job, Ron remembered something. He reached for his phone, took a picture of Bonnie working his cock, and sent it to Kim.

“Sorry, KP, but I think I won’t be able to come around tonight. How about you drop by instead?” he wrote. Kim responded swiftly.

“Thanks for letting me know, Ron. Have fun! Bonnie’s been looking forward to it all day. I don’t think I want to butt in on that. I’ll just invite Monique over for some fun of my own. See you tomorrow. Love you!”

Ron smiled and shook his head.

“You’re the best KP. Have fun and say ´hi` to Monique for me. I love you.” As he put the phone aside, Bonnie lifted her head.

“So, what’s up?”

“I can stay here tonight if you want. This,” he said, thrusting into her boobs, “is all yours. Unless your mom and sisters want to join in, of course.”

“I hope they don’t,” Bonnie said. She released Ron’s dick from her cleavage and instead opted to jerk the humongous thing with both hands for a bit. She looked at him sheepishly and smiled. “I love it when I get to keep this all to myself.” With that said, she climbed on top of Ron, easily impaled herself fully on his cock and started shaking her hips. Bonnie wrapped her arms around Ron’s shoulders and started kissing him. He reciprocated, placing his hands on her plush booty and moving his hips in rhythm with hers.

Eventually, the bathwater went cold. They only noticed after the fifth round, though.

Chapter Text

Somewhere in the Arctic desert a snowmobile was gliding across the frozen wasteland. Riding on it were Kim and Ron. Both of them were wrapped up in bulky clothes against the cold. Ron sat in the back, holding onto Kim.

“I can’t believe a super villain would assume the identity of Santa and plan on delivering shoddily made and highly dangerous toys to children around the world as revenge for stepping on a Lego brick on Christmas when he was a kid,” Ron shouted over the howling wind.

“I can’t believe he actually set up shop at the North Pole,” Kim replied.

“Gotta give him credit for authenticity, I guess.”

Foiling his plans hadn’t taken very long. Ron had stumbled and landed on the self-destruct button. Kim shook her head, as she had done several times this day. Why would anyone equip their workshop with a self-destruct button? The guy must have taken lessons from Dr. Drakken.

Regardless, while entering the compound via parachute had been easy, getting back out was anything but. They couldn’t get any reception, and it seemed like a storm was rolling in. If they hadn’t found this snowmobile, they would have been royally screwed. However, as hours went by, and the wind drained more and more heat out of them, it became apparent that they had to stop and rest. They couldn’t outrun the storm, so they just had to sit it out.

They stopped before nightfall. Each of them grabbed a survival knife and set about cutting blocks out of the ice. It was igloo time! By the time the last rays of sunlight shone across the white desert, they stood before a perfect little hemisphere of ice blocks. Their supplies were already inside, and attached to the makeshift shelter was the igloo equivalent of a garage for their snowmobile.

“Looks like a job well done,” Kim said. “Come on, I’m sick of this cold!”


Fortunately, they had come prepared for the eventuality of spending a night in the arctic climate. A portable stove warmed the place up and allowed them to heat up some cans, which wasn’t exactly the greatest Christmas dinner, but it would do.

They sat together, huddled up in their two-person sleeping bag, savoring the canned soup rolling down their gullets, warming them up from the insides. Both of them had thrown off most of their clothes for comfort. They only kept their thermal underwear on, which came in the form of formfitting black leggings and turtlenecks.

Kim looked fantastic in the skin tight outfit. Seeing her shapely thighs and the outline of her perfect ass was just the right thing to get Ron’s blood boiling a little. Similarly, Kim got a rise out of the blatantly obvious outline of Ron’s fat cock, especially when it swelled up inadvertently. Her excitement was betrayed by her nipples, which became plainly visible through her top.

Usually they would have jumped each other at this point, but both of them had enough presence of mind to be concerned with keeping warm before getting their rocks off. Thus, they ended up huddling up and having dinner with their clothes on.

Afterwards, Kim put her head on his shoulder and relaxed. She felt a little antsy, but she wasn’t sure if she was horny, or if it was just the warmth returning to her. Ron wrapped an arm around her, and she almost fell asleep, when a sudden realization startled her awake.

She crawled out of the sleeping bag and started rummaging through her stuff. Ron was about to ask what was wrong, but the sight of Kim’s beautiful, round ass turned his way distracted him just long enough for her to pull out what she had wanted.

Kim turned to him with a bright smile on her face and an album in her hands.

“What’s that?” Ron asked. Kim quickly crawled back into the bag, so they could look at it together.

“I had a feeling we might not make it back home tonight, but I didn’t want to wait to give you this, so, happy Hanukkah!” She opened what turned out to be a photo album, and much to Ron’s surprise, it wasn’t one of the naughty variety. Pages upon pages unfolded before him, featuring his kids and their mothers. “I asked everyone to take some wholesome pictures for you.”

Ron was taken aback by this. Tears welled up in his eyes as he looked at everything. The album didn’t hold photo’s exclusively, either. Written in the margins and across entire pages were dedications and the like. Next to a photo of Shego, with both of their kids sitting in her lap, was the impression of two luscious lips in black lipstick. Underneath a photo of his child with Vivian was the infant’s handprint in blue paint.

He was rather quickly overtaken by the sniffles, and before they reached the end of the collection, he hugged Kim tightly.

“This is the best, KP. Thank you,” he sobbed. The redhead gently rubbed his back and smiled to herself.

“There, there. I’m glad you like it.”

Once Ron had calmed down a little, he continued flipping through the pages, until, about a third of the way through, the pages turned blank.

“What’s with the empty pages?” Kim smiled broadly and let a hand wander to the bulge in his tight pants. She tenderly fondled his balls as she spoke.

“Knowing how productive you are, I think this will wind up full in no time,” she told him. Ron blushed and his cock throbbed at the notion. He chuckled bashfully, until he realized something.

“Is that why there are no pictures of you, Monique, the other cheerleaders, and the others in here?” he asked.

“I can only speak for myself, of course, but as far as I’m concerned, there are no pictures of me yet.” They looked at each other with smoldering eyes. Kim felt Ron’s raging erection stretching his thermos. It was a little mean to tease him like this. She was still taking contraceptives, after all, but she hadn’t lied. Photos of her would wind up in that album soon enough, as well as photos of her children with him.

She gave him a tender kiss on the lips. Meanwhile, she put the album aside. Once they separated, she could see the need in Ron’s eyes, felt it in the way he held her.

“Let’s go to sleep,” she said, clearly catching him off guard. Ron blinked a few times, while Kim lay down with her back turned to him. “We have a long day ahead of us. We should rest.”

“…okay,” Ron said and spooned her.


It became very clear very quickly that Kim wouldn’t get away with blue-balling him like that. She felt his hot, rigid cock through their clothes, squeezing and rubbing against her butt. Judging by how irregular his movements were, he was probably not even doing it on purpose.

Ron wasn’t the only one suffering though. As he was trying to hotdog himself between her supple ass cheeks, Kim got turned on as well. His labored breathing inspired her own. His hands roamed her body, and through the tight clothes it almost felt as if he was touching her directly. It was pure bliss when his warm hands cupped her modest breasts, when his fingers, one after another, brushed against her erect nipples. And his cock, of course, was like a hot iron, threatening to burn her.

She wasn’t cold and neither was he, that was certain, but they wouldn’t catch even a minute of sleep if they didn’t do something about the heat building between them. Kim reached behind herself and grasped Ron’s cock. He whimpered, which made her smile.

“Ron, pull down my pants,” she murmured.

“For what?”

“You know for what, and pull your cock out while you’re at it,” Kim chuckled. Ron was extremely eager. He tugged at her pants one-handed, and with some helpful wiggling from Kim he managed to lay her ass bare. Meanwhile, he managed to free his massive cock just fine on his own. When the turgid piece of meat touched Kim’s skin she gasped. It felt incredibly hot.

Ron quickly slipped his dick between her thighs and Kim guided him to her entrance. He moaned into her ear when he touched her labia. She was already hot and slick for him. When he slowly pushed himself into her both of them moaned loudly.

“Oh, Kim, that feels so…”

“…so good? Yeah, me, too, ah!” Kim gasped when he had entered her as deeply as the position allowed. After that, the thrusting began. The penetration was not as deep as she was used to, and the angle was strange, too. Being crammed into a sleeping bag together didn’t afford them the space they usually used to achieve nice, deep sex, but it wasn’t bad. Kim enjoyed this change of pace. Ron’s already massive dick felt even larger with her legs closed, and his frantic thrusting ended up grinding against just the right spot to make her whine with pleasure.

She hadn’t even realized how needy she had felt before Ron had entered her, but now she found herself on the verge of a climax already. Apparently, Ron could tell, since a nimble hand reached around, and started rubbing her clit while his hips picked up the pace. The over stimulation turned Kim into a squealing mess, and soon her pussy was tightly grasping Ron’s thick flesh in orgasmic bliss.

They kept fucking like this for a while, and while Kim was busy clawing at the sleeping bag as orgasms rocked her body, Ron was clawing at her body. His face was buried in her hair. He relished her scent and the wonderful noises she made as he jammed his aching cock into her silky pussy.

Then there was the rest of her body. One of his hands occasionally slipped between Kim’s legs to help her orgasms along, but most of the time he was busy fondling every inch of her. He let his hands slip under her clothes and lovingly squeezed her perky breasts, caressed her toned stomach and groped at her firm thighs and buttocks. He wished he had had more hands so he could just touch everything at once.

As he pummeled her tight snatch, Ron’s pleasure approached its boiling point, and Kim could tell, even after cumming a handful of times. She knew the signs. Ron’s passionate moans when he was desperate for release, the eager twitching of his fat cock that stimulated her just a little bit more, and the tight embrace he held her in. He was about to cum, and she wanted it. However, the tiny bit of sensibility Kim still had left after cumming so much made her act differently.

“Ron, wait! Pull out! Please!” she gasped, trying to gently push him away.

“But… why?” he asked. He almost sounded wounded, as if she was keeping him from doing what was right, what was natural, and she supposed she was. However, regardless of how much both of them wanted that deep, hot finish, she had to stay strong.

“Sorry, but it’s going to make a mess of the sleeping bag if you creampie me like this. I don’t want to sleep in a puddle of jizz, not to mention that it’s going to cool out over night.” Fortunately, Ron saw reason in what she said. He reluctantly pulled out, and Kim immediately disappeared in the sleeping back to give him as satisfying a climax as possible.

Her lips rolled across his slick glans. Once the whole thing was in her mouth, she sucked and started licking it furiously, while her hands grasped the massive shaft and skillfully massaged him. Ron groaned deeply as she did it, and his pent-up excitement led to a quick, and very plentiful orgasm.

“Kim, fuck!” he yelled as her mouth was flooded with piping hot seed of the thickest variety. Most of his other girls might’ve been overwhelmed by such a load, but Kim managed. Her hands kept pumping his meat, coaxing ever more spurts of semen out of Ron. When her mouth was just about full, she started chugging, making sure to let not a single drop escape.

Once Ron stopped firing heavy blasts of cum into her, Kim changed tactics. With a steady, creamy flow of cum leaking from his glans, she kept jerking him off with one hand while the other started massaging his heavy balls. Ron gasped due to a couple more surprise spurts coming out.

After about a minute, Ron was pretty much done. Kim had swallowed every ounce of viscous jizz and was just putting the finishing touches on her work. She held Ron’s cock steady with both hands as she slobbered all over the tip. She sucked and licked it, polishing it thoroughly, lest a single speck of cum remained on it.

Once he was squeaky clean, Kim gently put the erection back into his pants and emerged with a warm smile on her face. She gave him a deep kiss before resting her head on his chest and snuggling up to him once more.

“That’ll have to do for now, but once we make it back to civilization we’ll make up for lost time. Promise,” she murmured sweetly. Ron cupped her face and gently made her look at him. He was smiling bashfully.

“Sounds great, KP. Sorry for being such a bother, but it would’ve been kind of a disappointing Christmas if we hadn’t gotten it on at all, right?” Kim found herself smirking.

“Good point! I guess your horniness saved Christmas for us,” she giggled and gave him a peck on the cheek. “Thanks, Ron.” They snuggled up once again, at least partially satisfied and in a good mood. Kim was slowly dozing off, getting drowsier as she listened to Ron’s slow, steady heartbeat, when an interesting thought crossed her mind. “You do realize that all your other girls will want to partake in some of that special Holiday cheer when we get back, right?” she asked.

“Don’t remind me. My cock has finally gone soft, I don’t need it to wake up again right now,” Ron replied. Kim kept her mouth shut and fell asleep with a smile on her face. Knowing that the others would get a belated Christmas rather than none at all made her happy.

And it turned her on like crazy, of course!

Chapter Text

It was a night like any other in Middleton’s local cinema. The last screening of the latest action flick had just started but almost no one showed up, which was great for the few viewers present. Sitting in the best seats were Kim and Ron. It had been a while since they had had the opportunity to just catch a movie and relax together. A big bag of popcorn sat in Kim’s lap, and after only 15 minutes or so they had already eaten a big dent into the golden mountain contained therein.

They wanted for nothing, which could not be said for the third person present. Zita, who worked at the cinema and had sold them their tickets for the film, had joined them after her shift had ended. However, she could hardly focus on the flick. She had seen it a thousand times already at least, and unlike Kim and Ron, she hadn’t brought any snacks.

Something could surely be arranged though. Kim first noticed something was going on when she leaned over to whisper a joke to Ron. He laughed and kept munching popcorn as if Zita’s hand wasn’t rubbing his growing erection through his pants. Kim said nothing, but she kept a close eye on the proceedings. Ron shifted in his seat uncomfortably when he was at full mast. At that point, Zita started opening his pants with one hand. First the belt, then the button. As sneaky and subtle as she tried to be about it, there was no way Zita could’ve seriously thought Kim hadn’t heard the zipper. She probably just didn’t care. After all, she knew just as well as any other of Ron’s girls what she was into.

Zita started tugging at his pants, which proved tricky with just one hand. Not wanting to be a buzzkill, in fact, wanting them to get to the good part already, Kim reached for Ron’s pants and helped with the tugging. Of course, she didn’t acknowledge what was going on at all. As soon as Ron’s dick had the room it deserved, she pulled her hand away again and reached for the popcorn.

Kim had lost track of the movie’s events in the meantime, but that was fine. There were more interesting things to watch, and her cue came in form of a soft sigh from Ron. She looked back to see Zita stuffing her face with a big, fat, kosher hotdog. Her lips were wrapped around his shaft while her head bobbed slightly. Judging by the way Ron hissed every so often, her tongue was showing his tender glans as much love as possible. Meanwhile, one hand was stroking the long stretch of hard cock Zita wasn’t sucking, while her other hand was busy under her shirt, fondling her boobs.

As Zita slobbered all over Ron’s cock like a good little cocksucker, Kim started hearing regular slurping, soon to be joined by the familiar tune of a slippery cock getting jerked off. Ron was still watching the movie, though he clearly had difficulty focusing at that point. Since their popcorn was all gone, Kim decided to keep her hands busy in other ways. She snuggled up to Ron and casually put a hand on Zita’s raven hair. She pushed her head down until Zita started gagging. Hearing that gave Kim the shivers. She licked her lips excitedly before whispering into Ron’s ear.

“Feeling good, Ron?” He nodded, drawing shuddering breaths. “How about you, Zita?” she asked. The response was muffled, of course, but it seemed to be affirmative. “That’s a good girl,” Kim purred and rewarded the slut by pushing her down harder.

“Ah, fuck…” Ron groaned while Zita sputtered and choked on his dick. Despite her struggle, she never stopped jerking Ron off. Kim liked a girl that was serious about giving good head. She rewarded Zita by letting go. She pulled her head up far enough to take a deep breath while keeping her lips nice and tight around Ron’s cock. Kim put her hand back on Zita’s head, but didn’t push her as far as before. Instead she whispered into Ron’s ear.

“Fuck her mouth.” He obliged, and Kim was treated to a nice show. His balls were bouncing with his movements, and Zita gave the cutest little gagging noise every time Ron bumped against the back of her throat. She had the good sense to give Ron’s shaft a rest and instead fondle his nuts. He must’ve been getting close.

Kim wondered how long they had been at it already. No one was watching the movie anymore. It was a good thing that they were alone in the theatre. The smell of sex was strong, and Zita wasn’t even trying to keep it down anymore. She moaned like a happy little slut with one hand down her pants.

“Here it comes!” Ron moaned. He put his own hands on Zita’s head and started cumming. He drew shuddering breaths while Zita moaned in response to his thick seed flooding her mouth. Kim’s gaze wandered between them. She always liked seeing Ron in the midst of ecstacy, and watching Zita struggle with his load was fun, too. It was a pretty huge load as far as she could tell. Ron simply kept panting and moaning, and at some point, cum started leaking around Zita’s lips. To avoid a mess, Kim joined her to lap up whatever escaped her.

Once he was done, Ron let go of Zita and leaned back as the two girls licked and smooched his cock.

“Thanks for the snack, Ron,” Zita giggled before flicking his glans with her tongue. Ron smiled sheepishly, wiped a bit of cum on her face away, and offered it to her. She made a show of licking it off of his finger. Not wanting to be left out, Kim leaned in and gave Zita a deep kiss. She could taste Ron on her tongue. It excited Kim, even more than she was already, which resulted in a much longer, much more obscene kiss than she had planned. Ron gladly watched the two beauties greedily sucking each other’s tongues between long, sloppy kisses. Once they parted again, Kim stared deep into Zita eyes.

“Satisfied?”, she asked.

“No way. I’m not hungry anymore, though,” Zita giggled, shooting Ron a sideways glance.

“Perfect,” Kim said and sat up, “how about we go somewhere more private to really get things rolling?” Zita was all for it, though Ron seemed apprehensive.

“What about the movie,” he asked, cock twitching. Kim rolled her eyes.

“We’ll re-watch it some other time. Come on, are you going to leave Zita hanging like that?” Not one to disappoint a lady, Ron conceded and got up. It wasn’t like sex with Zita and Kim was a bad way to spend an evening.


They left the theatre and headed for Kim’s car. Zita and Ron looked a little disheveled, but no one was around to take not of it. Kim took the wheel while the others got into the back to get busy. The horny redhead had a really hard time focusing on the road. Every time they hit a red light she dared to look into the rearview mirror and was treated to a show. At first it was just an intense make-out session. By the time they reached the next light, Ron was already sucking Zita’s tits with a hand in her pants. The girl moaned lustily, and a grin played appeared on her face when she made eye contact with their driver. Kim bit her lip and shifted in her seat. They would arrive soon, and then the real fun would start.


Kim parked in the middle of nowhere. They were on top of a rise, overlooking Middleton. It was a perfect make out spot, and Kim had no doubt that it was suited for wild fucking as well.

When they got out of the car, Zita had already discarded her pants and panties. Ron followed with his dick poking out of his pants. His fly was open.

“Nice view,” he commented. He approached Kim, embraced her and gave her a loving kiss. “Why did you pick this spot?” Kim sighed and gave him a smoldering look. He was groping her butt.

“I think it would be really hot if you fucked Zita on the hood of the car while I…” Kim said and held up her phone. Ron’s penis was pressing against her stomach and she could feel him throbbing at her proposal.

“Sounds good to me. Are you up for it, Zi-“ he said, turning towards their friend. He found her already lying on the hood, ready to receive him. One of her slender legs was raised towards the sky and she chuckled.

“What’s it look like, big boy?” Ron and Kim laughed and got ready. Kim picked out a recording angle she liked and started rolling while Ron was still ditching his clothes.

“Yeah, get naked, babe. You’re gorgeous,” Kim purred. When he was finished, he smiled sheepishly, holding his massive dick in one hand and scratching his head with the other.

“Geez, you’re embarrassing me, KP,” he giggled and blushed. Before the couple could continue, Zita cleared her throat.

“Excuse me, but getting me all riled up only to keep me waiting is kind of mean,” she complained. She kept busy by fingering herself. Kim could sympathize with her. It was difficult not to get impatient when Ron was so close and one was so wet.

“You heard the lady, Ron. Do your magic.” Ron nodded and went to work. Before putting it in though, he slapped his thick cock onto Zita’s clit, making her yelp. Then he did it again, and again. She grew tense and her hips bucked. After a few seconds of this, her fist came down on the hood and she shot him a reproachful look. Ron chuckled.

“All right, all right, no more funny business,” he said, placing his glans at her entrance. Kim got nice and close to capture the penetration. Zita cooed sweetly as he entered her. Her pussy spread around him, engulfing his thick member as it slowly made its way too her deepest spots. Once he had bottomed out, Ron started thrusting at a leisurely pace. He held onto the leg Zita had stretched towards the sky, which gave Kim an excellent view of the proceedings. Zita moaned like a happy little slut, surely relieved to finally feel that hefty cock inside her. Kim loved watching it slide in and out, coming away shinier with pussy juice every time.

Ron didn’t want to obstruct Kim’s view, but sacrifices had to be made for the sake of Zita’s fun. Occasionally, he leaned in to suck Zita’s nipples a bit, or reached between her legs to tease her clit. The additional stimulation invariably made Zita squirm, and with her view of their naughty bits obstructed, Kim focused on Zita’s face, capturing the bliss and ecstacy her boyfriend made her feel.

Zita’s first climax was messy. She breathed heavily as Ron drilled her deeply, until she suddenly tensed up. She squirted, and Ron quickly pulled out, leaving her to writhe in orgasmic bliss unimpeded. Kim got a nice shot of Zita juice flying in an arc over Ron’s fat, glistening cock.

Once her climax subsided, Zita was left lying on her back, breathing heavily with an arm over her eyes. Her legs were still spread and lazily hanging off of the hood. Most women would have been sated after that. In fact, Zita would have been ready to call it quits, but Ron wasn’t done with her yet. While she still recovered, he climbed on top of her, resting her legs on his shoulders. Knowing full well what he had in mind, Kim got behind them to get all the action on camera.

Before Zita could talk, Ron already slid back into her drenched little hole, initiating the mating press. He started out rather rough, which was fine for Kim. She wanted their slutty little friend to scream, and she was not disappointed. The rapid-fire assault made Zita cry out in pleasure. After all, how was she supposed to keep it down when that thick cock hammered her so roughly? Kim could almost feel Ron hitting her deep inside just from watching. Zita’s pussy greedily swallowed up Ron’s cock. Her butt was covered with juices, as were Ron’s big, bouncing balls. The temptation to just get in there and suck them was very real, but Kim held back. She didn’t want to interrupt the show.

Before long, with the car rocking and creaking beneath them, Zita started cumming again. As her pussy spasmed around him, Ron simply pressed on, affording her no time to rest at all. His heavy nuts slapped against her audibly in the steady, intense rhythm of his thrusts.

Ron kept pounding her like that until Zita was a happily mumbling mess. Kim could tell that he was about to cum when his balls grew tight and his thrusts become more urgent.

“Don’t cum inside, Ron,” she instructed, “let’s make it messy!” With that said, Kim came up besides them. Ron stayed inside Zita until the last second, pummeling her sloppy cunt. When he was about to finish, he yanked his cock out. Instantly, with her camera fixed on Zita’s trembling, sweaty body, Kim grabbed Ron’s cock and jerked him off. He made the cutest noises when he let loose. Kim gasped with delight when the first blast flew past Zita’s head and hit the windshield. More thick ropes of precious seed followed, describing arcs in the air before splattering on Zita’s dusky skin or soiling the car underneath her.

Zita moaned pleasurably while she got showered with hot cum. She scooped up and tasted it, humming and smiling for her bull, and, inadvertently, for the camera. When Ron was just about finished, Kim let go of him, and climbed up onto the hood for a close up of Zita.

“Was it good?” Kim asked lasciviously. Zita snorted.

“Do you even need to ask?” she replied, licking a dollop of Ron’s semen off of her finger for emphasis. Both girls giggled.

“So, KP,” Ron interrupted their merriment. He stood there with his hands on his hips and his cock standing up proudly. “Are you done filming, because I think it’s high time you joined in on the fun,” he said. Kim thought that was a fantastic idea, but she would make it just a little bit better. She put her phone away and slid off of the hood. She went to the driver’s seat, fiddled with something, and got back on the hood next to Zita. She was met with inquisitive looks from the other two.

“Dashcam,” she told them, biting her lip. Ron smirked and shook his head, and Zita had a hearty laugh. Kim went ahead and licked some cum off of Zita’s cheek. This quickly devolved in greedy kisses and petting between the girls. Kim quickly pulled her shirt over her head, and Zita was ready to immediately unhook her bra, carelessly tossing it into the surrounding gloom. Her skirt and thong were treated much the same, and before long, Ron got to watch his lovely girlfriend and one of his many crushes getting it on.

Eventually, the girls settled down. After all, they didn’t want to keep Ron waiting. Both of them lay down on their sides, back to back. The resulting display of shapely, beautiful butts made Ron’s cock twitch. The girls spread their cheeks to give him an eyeful of everything they had to offer.

“We’re all yours, Ron,” Kim purred. Ron could tell that her pussy was drenched by the sheen on her smooth labia.

“Pick any hole you like. I hope you’ll pick all of them,” Zita added with a wink. Ron’s rough pounding had left her pussy looking a little red, but that didn’t make it any less inviting. Kim watched him step up, cock in hand, eyeing their holes critically. Thankfully, Ron decided that her tight snatch was just what he needed at that moment.

“Oh, that hits the fucking spot!” Kim moaned when Ron slid into her. With how excited she was, he had her shivering in no time. He started off with a few deep explorative pokes, and when it was clear that she was comfortable he picked up the pace. His balls slapped her butt while his engorged tip bumped into her deepest spots, just the way she liked it.

While Kim was gasping and moaning with pleasure, Ron saw to Zita’s needs, too. He gave his index and middle fingers a quick lick before tentatively prodding her butthole. She gasped, but quickly relaxed, welcoming him in her tight hole. She smiled at him lewdly while he loosened her up.

Clearly the lustful moans and sighs of two girls turned him on. He put a hand and Kim’s round butt for a better grip and intensified his thrusts. Kim showed her appreciation by working her vaginal muscles extra hard for him.

Soon, Ron was hissing pleasurably. He jammed his cock into Kim’s overflowing pussy with wild abandon and watched her boobs jiggle each time their hips met, while he was plunging his fingers knuckle-deep into Zita’s naughty little hole.

Kim couldn’t hold out for very long. Ron’s incessant thrusting fired her up, until she felt tense all over for a long moment, and when the tension was finally released, it was accompanied by a cry of bliss. She writhed on the hood of the car as the orgasm rocked her body. Ron’s thrusting slowed down gradually. Kim felt faint from that climax, but she didn’t have much time to wallow in her delight.

Next to her, Zita whimpered. Ron had pulled out of Kim, and, nowhere near done yet, was now prodding Zita’s ass. It gave way easily enough, though Zita could not keep her voice down. Her sphincter spread wide to accommodate him, and after some easy rocking in and out of her, Ron had almost made it balls deep into the velvety vice.

“Oh, that’s so fucking tight…” he murmured, dragging his cock slowly out of her again. He only shoved it back in when his glans was about to pop out of the hole. Kim loved watching his long, deliberate thrusts, and judging by the incoherent mumbling Zita was doing at that point, she thoroughly enjoyed, too.

Before Ron really started laying into her, he made her get on all fours and climbed onto the hood himself. Setting his feet next to her knees, he proceeded to line himself up with her twitching butthole and entered her once more. Zita could do nothing but howl as Ron drove his thick cock into her like a stake.

Making herself useful, Kim got behind them, crawled between their legs and lay down on her back. The view would have been amazing, had Ron been plowing Zita’s pussy, but as it was it at least gave her easy access to Zita’s clit, which she treated to a thorough tongue lashing. The effect was almost immediate.

“…ohmyfuckinggod!” Zita whimpered, closely followed by a grunt from Ron. Kim had a pretty good idea what was happening. The sexy beast was cumming, and she would not stop if Kim had any say in the matter, and since her tongue was just in the process of rolling all over Zita’s hard clit, it appeared she did!

What followed was a rough ride, accompanied by shrieks and squeals from Zita. Kim liked to think that they corresponded with a nice, hard flex of her ass. She wanted Ron to have a nice, tight hole to fuck, after all.

“Kim! Open your mouth!” Ron moaned suddenly. Kim followed the order and was pleasantly surprised when the familiar taste of cum washed over her tongue. Apparently, Ron had reached his limit, and he capped the encounter off by blasting his massive load all over Zita’s ass and pussy, which meant plenty of tasty treats for Kim, as well.

It was Kim’s turn next, of course. She took Ron much more easily up her ass, and unlike Zita, she wanted to be on top. Ron sat on the hood of the car, with Kim squatting in his lap, bouncing on his dick. Kim loved a nice anal pounding, and she shook her ass this way and that to make Ron feel extra good. Another thing she loved was a naughty little girl who knew how to repay favors. Kim bit her lip in eager anticipation when Zita leisurely stepped in front of her and squatted down. She got a grip on Kim’s thighs, licked along her lips once, the little tease, and went for the honeypot.

Kim could definitely see herself getting used to this. Ron’s huge cock drilling into her tender butt, his hands roaming her body, and his breath tickling her neck, all while Zita had her tongue shoved as deep into Kim’s pussy as it would go, wiggling around like crazy.

She liked to think that all the sex with Ron had toughened her up somewhat, but she ended up as a semi-coherent, howling mess in no time, just like Zita had. The continues orgasms were simply too much, the stimulation to intense. Maybe the cool night air kissing her sweaty body played a part in it, too. In any case, Kim was almost completely out of it by the time Ron got ready to bust his nut. She had long since stopped bouncing since her legs felt like jelly from cumming too much. It was up to Ron to slam his dick into her from below, and when he really couldn’t hold it anymore, he lifted Kim far enough for his cock to slip out.

Kim watched his cock spurt all over Zita’s face. The little slut sat there with her mouth wide open and eyes closed, relishing the hot, pearly rain. From Kim’s point of view, it almost looked like she had grown a dick to cum on Zita’s face with. The thought made her giggle.

Kim rested while Ron relieved himself. His groaning, so close to her ears, was delightful, and he squeezed her breasts in rhythm with his shots. Once that subsided though, Kim slid off of him, next to Zita. She smiled at Kim with her cum-stained face, which the redhead took as an invitation. Once again, they started making out, and Ron sat next to them, watching with a smile while nursing his unwavering erection.


They departed shortly thereafter. It was late already, after all. However, since all of them felt so good after a nice romp, none of them even thought to get dressed. Clothes were flung onto the backseat, where Zita made herself comfortable, while Ron took the passenger seat and Kim took the wheel once more.

The drive was largely uneventful. Ron’s boner died down, but he had to be careful. A glance to the side or into the rearview mirror was all it took to make him hard again. At one point they had to wait at a red light, even though the streets were completely empty, and Kim simply leaned over and started blowing him to pass the time. Ron enjoyed it, so much so that he put a hand on her head and made her swallow him more deeply, but Zita pointed out that the light had switched already. Kim got up without comment and continued driving.

They dropped off Zita at her house. She got out of the car naked, except for the clothes lazily flung over one shoulder. It was too late to worry about neighbors possibly seeing her. She gave each of them a deep kiss and thanked them for the fun time before they left.

About ten minutes later they rolled into the Possible’s driveway. Ron wanted to get out of the car, but the door was locked. When he turned his head, Kim was looking at him, lust burning in her eyes.

“Where do you think you’re going? I still have some plans for yo-mmph!” she murmured as she leaned forward and began sucking his dick again. Ron just leaned back and let her do her thing.


They got onto the backseat to fuck. Kim was riding Ron again, though much more intimately than before. He was balls deep in her pussy, and she rocked her hips this way and that, gyrating them and working her vaginal muscles to massage his fat member to the best of her ability. Her arms were wrapped about his shoulders, and when they weren’t kissing, their foreheads almost touched as they stared into each other’s eyes and moaned.

They slipped from one climax into the next. Sometimes one of them came, sometimes they came together, but they never separated, never took a break. After receiving at least three piping hot loads this way, Kim’s pussy was literally overflowing. Fortunately, the car had leather seats. The thick milk slowly seeped out of her, trickled down Ron’s heavy nuts and had started pooling on the seat.

Their bodies were pressing against each other. That, along with the wonderful fuzzy feeling that resulted from the combination of afterglow and the anticipation of the next orgasm, made Kim feel almost as if they were melting together.

They managed to finish and sneak into the house unseen just before sunrise. They passed out almost as soon as they hit the mattress, with smiles on their lips. It had been a good date night.

Chapter Text

“I’ll take a quick shower,” Ann said airily and got out of bed.

“Sure, honey,” her husband mumbled, lazily pulling up a blanket to cover himself. She smiled at him across her shoulder. He watched through half lidded eyes as she threw on a flimsy robe. By the time she stepped out of the room, he was already dozing off.

She headed for the bathroom with a spring in her step. They had just had sex, and Ann felt refreshed. However, she was still slick with James’ cum and wanted to be clean before going to bed.

She closed the door behind her and stepped onto the fluffy floor mat. She wiggled her toes in it as the robe slid off of her shoulders. A glance into the mirror showed a mature woman who easily looked ten years younger than she actually was. Her breasts were sizable and firm, her slender figure accentuated by curvaceous hips, and her skin felt as soft as it looked. The only body hair she had allowed to grow outside of her head was a patch of pubic hair, as fiery as the hair on her head, which was sticky with her husband’s ejaculate.

James had ejaculated a lot, and she couldn’t blame him. His wife is hot, after all, she thought. She reached between her legs, brushed fingers against the sticky stuff and returned them to her mouth. He had pounded her nice and hard, until she came. James liked to pull out and cum on her, which was a messy affair, of course, but she could hardly refuse him with good conscience when he fucked her so well.

With the taste of jizz on her lips, Ann stepped into the shower cabin. She shrunk under the initial downpour, frigidly cold, but unwound when warmth began washing over sweaty skin.

She didn’t spend much time in the shower. When she stepped out her hair was still mostly dry, thankfully. She reached for a towel and began drying off. Just as she was rubbing one of her thighs, the bathroom door opened.

Ann didn’t even flinch. This late at night, she knew it could be but one person. Ron, only wearing boxers stepped inside. He hesitated for a moment before closing the door again.

“Sorry for barging in, Ann,” he said softly. He would never call her Ann in front of James, but she would not have him call her anything else when they were alone.

“It’s alright, Ron. The shower is all yours,” she replied and smiled at him. He, too, liked to shower after sex. She hadn’t heard him and Kim going at it earlier. He seemed hesitant to get a move on. Something strained against his boxers. Something very big.

Of course, it did. No matter how much Kim and Ron fucked, and they did it all the time, he was not easily sated. Her daughter alone could not make that thing between his legs go soft, and seeing her mother naked was not going to help in that regard.

Ann finished drying herself and stepped aside to give him more space. She hung up the towel and took a look at herself in the mirror instead. She still saw him in the reflection, of course.

She only focused on him when she heard the shuffling of cloth. His enormous dick sprang free, hard as steel. Even through the reflection she saw it shine, at least the parts that hadn’t rubbed against his shorts. It was not the gleam of a dick fresh out of a wet pussy, nor the milky shine of leftover cum. It was the almost dry glimmer of a dick after a clean-up blowjob. Kim had probably been busy with that back when Ann headed for the bathroom.

Her gaze wandered up and she couldn’t help but smile. He ought to have stepped into the shower already, yet he stood there, chewing his lip, staring. Staring at her ass. Despite herself, she stuck it out a bit more.

“You know where the towels are, yes?” she asked casually. His answer came in a dry rasp.

“Y-yeah…” His eyes lingered on her ass a bit longer before he finally moved to step into the shower. Just then, Ann stepped away from the mirror as if to head out, but she found herself gently placing a hand on Ron’s chest. He wasn’t surprised, and neither was she. This had happened many times before. He was excited, and even though she had had sex not half an hour ago, she felt lust flare up in her abdomen.

Her hand slowly slid down, until supple fingers wrapped around hard, unyielding cock. She remembered how she had stumbled upon him that one night, rummaging their fridge for a snack; how he had popped a boner at the sight of her in her nightgown. One thing had led to another and… here they were, one child later, not to mention countless passionate encounters, just amongst themselves or accompanied by his many other lovers. She ought to feel guilty, had felt guilty at some point, but she simply couldn’t resist.

She wrapped her free arm about his shoulders, and he cupped a feel of her butt as she began stroking his dick. They inched closer together still. His head was nestled in the crook of her neck, and her pubes brushed against his skin. He kissed her neck gently, gentle enough to go unnoticed, but the kisses made Ann shiver. Just looking at his cock and touching like this was making her wet.

“Seems like you haven’t quite had your fill for tonight yet, Ron,” Ann murmured. He mumbled an apology as a droplet of pre-cum started growing on his tip. Apologizing was silly, of course. He knew his lovers would never be angry with him for his virility. Incensed by the fat droplet, threatening to fall onto the floor mat, Ann went down on her knees in a fluid motion and made Ron turn her way.

Faced with his big dick, she spared only a moment to inhale the rich scent of man coming off of him before extending her tongue and pressing it against the underside of his glans. Just then, the drop of pre loosened and rolled along his slit and onto her tongue. The taste made her sigh, though it was muffled since she already moved forward to take more of him.

Ron sounded relieved when he was finally inside her, which made Ann happy. She kept pushing her head forward until his glans bumped against the back of her throat. Not satisfied with just that, she grabbed his ass for leverage and kept pushing further. Ron helped, too, by grabbing her head with one strong hand, and pushing her down. Before long, Ann’s face was tightly nestled against his abdomen. His thick cock was sitting snug in her throat, and his large testicles rested against her chin. The fact that she could take the entire thing so easily was a testament to how much sex they’ve had. Being able to do this took a lot of practice, or an inordinate amount of talent.

I have a little bit of both , she thought as she began bobbing her head. The air was quickly filled with Ann’s slurping and Ron’s sensual moaning. She made sure to pleasure him as much as possible. Her lips were tightly wrapped around him, stroking his dick as firmly as a hand might have. Meanwhile, her tongue was gliding along the belly of his cock, as if it were a slippery slide for him to move about on. However, whenever he was just on the brink of popping out of her mouth altogether, it swirled about his sensitive glans, teasing every tender nook and cranny. Her hands were busy, too, fondling his balls, stroking his shaft when she was busy teasing his tip, or simply caressing his body as she worshipped him with her mouth.

When he began moving his hips of his own accord, she knew it was time to move on. She pulled away, releasing him with a pop. She looked up at him with a smile and lifted her breasts for his consideration.

“If you want to fuck something, how about these?” she asked. Ron was breathing heavily. He nodded enthusiastically and held his cock at the ready. Ann let some saliva trickle from her tongue to her cleavage and rubbed her tits together the spread it out. It wasn’t the best lubricant, but it would do. Before long, she would be slick with pre-cum, anyway.

When she was ready, she put his cock between her breasts, squeezed tightly, and gave him the okay to begin. The first thrusts were tentative, to test the slickness and to make sure he wouldn’t slip right out. She tightened her pillowy grip on him and he intensified his movements.

A short while later, soft slapping accompanied their debauchery. Ron was doubled over, holding on to the basin while he fucked Ann’s tits. His cock was so long that it bumped against her chin regularly, or against a pair of pursed lips, when she had the wherewithal to provide them for him. He was rough with her, but she liked that. She liked how his hot member ground against her soft breasts.

Pre-cum kept bubbling up from his tip, making Ann’s boobs slippery, and filling the air with its scent. She felt frisky as hell. She needed him to take care of her pussy already, but she knew he was about to cum. She felt him throb hard between her boobs and she didn’t want to stop him then. His moans and gasps were just too sweet for that.

“Let it out, Ron. Give it to me,” she panted with a bright smile. He looked at her as he worked himself up to it, until he couldn’t hold it in anymore and threw his head back. A stifled groan accompanied a blast a jizz akin to a fountain. The thick rope of semen flew right past Ann’s face and splattered against the mirror. The following shots, however, rained down on her face and her chest. She sighed with satisfaction at the warmth touching her skin.

By the time his orgasm had mostly subsided, she loosened her grip on his cock in favor of fondling his balls a little. Semen bubbled up from his tip more vigorously, but the flow dried up shortly thereafter.

Ann didn’t care about herself getting dirty, or the mirror for that matter. She hadn’t even noticed that yet. She engrossed herself in cleaning Ron up. Wet lips caressed his glans, a hot tongue lapped up any remaining semen, and her hands jerked him gently to squeeze out any residuals. Once she felt satisfied, she got back on her feet, covered in cum.

“Now I have to take another shower,” Ann told him, feigning annoyance. He couldn’t fight down a smile, and neither could she.

“Then let’s do it together,” he said lightly, herding her into the shower cabin while groping her butt again.

Ann didn’t get the chance to keep her hair dry this time. Even after his climax, Ron was eager, and once he started taking charge, she found it difficult to resist. He squatted down and started eating her pussy, unnecessarily. She was already drenched, but she didn’t complain. She just stifled her moaning. Ron ate pussy exquisitely, which was only natural. He had had plenty of opportunities to learn, and more importantly, the desire to please.

Please he did, but not to completion. He got up halfway through driving Ann crazy with his tongue and she only realized when he pushed her against the glass. He lifted one of her legs while his dick brushed against her sodden pubes, then he got ready to lift the other. Ann quickly wrapped her arms about his shoulders. The next moment, she was supported solely by the wall and his arms. It was still curious to her how strong Ron was. He had certainly put on a bit of muscle since they had first fucked, but he held up girls and even grown women with surprising ease. And fucking them in this kind of position didn’t seem like much of strain to him, either.

When his erection stood ready at her entrance, he lowered her onto it, impaling her. Ann shuddered as she got split open, like she always did. Feeling Ron’s cock was deeply stimulating, and she had not heard of a single woman who didn’t enjoy it. She just knew that he had a fan club of dozens of ladies who were down to have sex with him at any time.

She loved this position. She felt at his mercy, squeezed between glass and his body, while he rammed his dick into her dripping cunt. The fact that she knew he would stop immediately if she asked him to made it even sweeter. He was a gentle boy at heart, always concerned for his partner’s comfort, even if he happened to be fucking her like a bull.

That the entire house wasn’t up from her whorish screams of delight was only due to the fact that she wasn’t as inexperienced as some of Ron’s girls. She could keep her voice down, even if the pleasure was great, and it was very great that night. Ron was fucking her like a wild animal. His fat balls slapped against her ass rapidly. He drove his fat cock all the way inside her with wild abandon, with need and desire. On top of that, he was sucking and nibbling her nipples. Not only did it stimulate her sensitive little buds, his hot breath on her chest gave her shivers. He was panting like a dog, and so was she.

Eventually, she had to clasp her hands over her mouth to keep quiet. He was grinding against her womb incessantly, as if to pry it open for his seed. Ann was taking contraceptives, but it still drove her wild. Their baby had been an accident, a happy one to be sure, but she didn’t want to challenge fate. James was unaware of her involvement with Ron and his role in her unexpected pregnancy, and wanted to keep it that way.

However, Ron seemed intent on pumping his load straight into her womb, and he wanted it to be readily accepted. He kept pummeling her pussy. It was absolutely drenched, making his movement easier and faster. While Ann was whimpering into her palms, Ron began to twitch inside her. She knew it was coming. She could tell by the way he grunted softly in his efforts to hold it, to prolong their coupling just a little bit more.

The end of his efforts was marked by him pulling her hands away from her mouth. She was worried her voice might slip out, but as soon as her lips were free, they were sealed by his. As their tongues tumbled over one another, Ann surrendered to pleasure completely, wrapping herself as tightly around Ron as she could.

With arms about his shoulders and her pussy attempting to strangle his dick, he seemed satisfied. One muffled moan, and Ann felt the flood coming on. Torrents of piping hot semen filled her womb, overflowed, and squeezed through her stuffed pussy, until it slowly escaped her, flowing along Ron’s balls to drip into the water pooling at their feet.

Both of them were quivering. Ann felt hot and cold, light and heavy; she felt alive, yet seemed on the verge of fainting as the orgasm ripped through her. Electricity seemed to wash over her, a thousand little needles kissing her skin. Not painful, but sharp, making her aware of every square inch of her body, especially of her vagina, tightly grasping Ron’s twitching penis.

She would have liked to think that that was possibly the best orgasm of her life, but the truth was that Ron delivered its kind regularly. She had enjoyed countless others like it before, but never got used to it. No wonder she could not keep her hands off of him. Said hands roamed Ron’s back, neck and face as she kept kissing him greedily. They made out like lovers throughout the climax, and kept going for a while to savor the afterglow.

Eventually, though, their tryst came to an end. He pulled out, even though he was still hard, and Ann washed off any semen that had overflowed. She was a bit disappointed to see Ron cleaning himself up this time. She would have gladly sucked him clean, but she supposed it was for the best. Sucking his cock again would have probably led to more sex. He certainly could have kept going for much longer, but they weren’t alone in the house, and keeping quiet grew more difficult the more they fucked.

They stepped out of the shower and toweled each other down. Ron didn’t tease her overly much, but he made sure her breasts, butt and pubic mound were completely dry before he hung up the towel. That left Ann with a head of wet hair. Ron’s had almost dried already. She pulled a blow drier from a drawer to fix that. Going to bed with wet hair was just horrible as far as she was concerned.

“Good night, Ron,” she said just as he pulled up his boxers again. His erection was plainly visible, just the way it had been when he had walked in on her. He drew closer and Ann wetted her lips for the kiss she knew would come. It was gentle and sweet, not the lustful affair they had been partaking in in the shower. A lover’s kiss, inappropriate for the mother of his girlfriend, but then again, she was also the mother of one of his children. Ron’s love life was depraved, perverse, but Ann loved being a part of it.

“Good night, Ann,” Ron said with a warm smile and left. Ann dried her hair with a smile on her lips and butterflies in her stomach. That boy… that man was too sweet for his own good. Once she was done, she donned her robe and left the bathroom as she had found it, except for two towels hung up to dry.

On her way to her bedroom, she heard moaning coming from Kim’s room. It seemed like she had riled up a beast her daughter had thought pacified for the night. She smiled to herself. Kim didn’t mind, she knew. She couldn’t get enough of Ron, just like her mother, and unlike Ann, Kim had absolutely no reason to restrain herself.

Finally, Ann let the robe fall to the floor of her bedroom, climbed under the blanket next to her husband, and settled down to sleep. She loved her husband, was happy to have him, but the lingering warmth of cum deep in her womb reminded her that she couldn’t help loving someone else alongside him. Someone who was at that very moment driving her daughter to the heights of ecstasy.

Chapter Text

Spooky scary skeletons and other creatures of the night wandered the streets of Middleton on Halloween. The streetlights were just flickering to life, purplish gloom had almost entirely drowned the fiery sunset, and the wind carried a chill through the streets.

It was the most important holiday of them all, as far as Ron was concerned at least. He strolled along the streets in his beige overalls like a leopard on the hunt; a seasoned predator on familiar hunting grounds. Passing children pointed at his costume. Even if the overall was not impressive, the proton pack certainly was. If a group of kids contained any ghosts, he made it a point to chase them for a bit, threatening to bust them. It was all a great deal of fun, even if some of the adults gave him funny looks. The kids were giggling as they fled; they got the joke.

Things could have been better though. For a start, Kim could have been with him, but she and the other girls claimed to have other plans. What other plans could be more important than the time-honored tradition of trick or treating he could not have fathomed, but it didn’t matter. Some people simply lost the Halloween spirit with age; sad but true. Ron was made of sterner stuff, however, and would procure more candy than ever before!

The first surprise of the night awaited him at Shego’s place. The green woman greeted him in the sexiest witch outfit he had ever seen. A black dress clung to her curves nicely, with a neckline almost down to her navel and slits on either side that showed off long, beautiful legs, clad in black fishnets. A big, pointy, wide-brimmed hat crowned her shiny black hair, and her eyeshadow, lipstick and nail polish were strikingly dark.

“Wow…” Ron gulped, barely able to tear his eyes away from an exposed leg. They paused again at her cleavage before finally setting on her darkly beautiful face. Shego smirked.

“Nice to see you, too, Ron,” she chuckled. She shifted on her feet; not a noteworthy thing, usually, but Ron couldn’t help but feel that Shego knew exactly how the dress emphasized her slim waist and luscious hips when she did that, not to mention how one of her legs was suddenly exposed almost all the way up to her hips.

“W-what are you dressing up as, Shego?” he asked, grasping for something to say. She tapped her plush lips with a finger, considering the question, before leaning forward. She was suddenly very close, and her breasts looked awfully close to falling out of her dress.

“How does The Sexy Sorceress of the South sound?” Shego purred. Ron caught a whiff of her shampoo. The scent was flowery and reminded him of spooning her after sex. Falling asleep with his face buried in her soft hair was always pleasant, but especially because of the scent.

“Appropriate,” he rasped. He was glad about wearing baggy overalls. He had suspected something like this might happen, so he made sure his costume would conceal possible boners as best as possible. Ron didn’t feel the chill anymore; he felt distinctly hot, and Shego’s chuckle only stoked the fire. She straightened again.

“What brings you here?” Ron blinked and, remembering the occasion, held up a stout bag.

“Trick or treat?” Shego’s smile never wavered, though her tongue ran along her upper lip before she answered.

“I’ve got just the treat for you, babe. Come in,” she said, stepping aside. It was certainly unusual to invite trick or treaters inside, but there was nothing unusual about Shego inviting Ron Stoppable inside, so he came in.

Shego led him around a corner into her living room, past a bowl of candy next to the entrance. Ron was about to raise questions when he was stunned by a costumed beauty again. Warmonga didn’t look that different, but different enough. She wore her hair down, for one. Besides that, she wore a leotard, white in front and back, purple at the sides, along with white shoes and purple gloves.

“Your faux weapon looks quite formidable, Ron,” the space amazon said. He wasn’t sure whether she was joking or not at first, but then he decided that Warmonga wasn’t the type for snark.

“Thanks. You look,” Ron said and cleared his throat, “smashing.” More than that even. Even though the leotard went all the way up to her neck, it did nothing to conceal the size of her colossal breasts. Ron thought she would have to be careful for it not to burst at the seams. On top of that, it was cut incredibly high. Her muscular legs looked great, not to mention her crotch. The leotards cut was so dangerously close to indecent that, had Warmonga had pubic hair, it would have been poking out. The amazon raised an eyebrow at Shego.

“How did you know he would say that, sister?”

“I can smell a bad pun from a mile away.” Unlike Warmonga, Shego was absolutely full of snark. “Now, I explained what you had to do. I will take over as soon as I’m done,” Shego told the other green lady. Warmonga smiled, and headed for the door, but not without shooting Ron a smoldering look. He was confused.

“What is she doing? And after you are done with what?” he asked, though he felt foolish for asking. Shego was eyeing him like a cat ready to pounce.

“She’s taking care of the door, while I…” she purred, reaching into her dress. She pulled out a condom. Where she had kept that, Ron couldn’t guess. “…give you your treat.” Green fingertips gracefully settled on his chest and pushed him against the nearest wall. It slid down and took a moment to fondle his cock. By the way she hummed she was happy to find him hard already. She reached for his zipper, and as she pulled it down, she lowered herself into a squat. Ron’s dick practically fell out of the overalls when the zipper gave way, and bounced a few times in front of Shego’s face before settling. She hummed once again, and licked her lips.

“What’s with the condom?” Ron asked, almost breathlessly. He hadn’t come here for sex, he swore he hadn’t, but after seeing both of them in those costumes, he was grateful that he was going to get some. However, he hadn’t used a condom in a long time, and Shego especially didn’t seem like the type to request one. She unwrapped the thing and started putting it on him with a wry smile.

“I’m planning on going out later, babe, and I won’t be able to do that if you splatter your cum all over me,” she told him dryly, though she added “no matter how appealing that might be,” under her breath. “Besides,” Shego exclaimed when the condom was rolled all the way down, “it’s topical!” Ron could not argue with that. The thing was striped, red and white, giving his cock the look of a stupidly oversized candy cane. “Now, if you don’t have any further objections,” she purred once more, “I’ll gorge myself on some candy now.”

Ron watched his dick disappear under the brim of Shego’s hat before soft lips enveloped him. It was remarkable how much of a difference the condom made. He felt the warmth of Shego’s mouth, felt how her tongue rolled and slithered over him, but the rubber shielded his dick from feeling the wetness and her caresses felt muted. It felt good, but not nearly as good as usual; not as good as he was used to.

“It’s just not the same,” Shego muttered. As she spoke one hand held the condom in place while the other one stroked Ron’s cock.

“You don’t like the condom either?” Ron felt almost victorious. He wasn’t the one who had asked to use the stupid thing!

“Of course,” she replied blandly. She gave his dick a smooch before continuing. “You taste way better than this artificial candy flavor, but I didn’t put it on you for novelty’s sake.” With that said, Shego got back to work, but she changed her approach.

She sealed her lips tightly around his glans, completely encompassing it. Her tongue went into overdrive to compensate for the dulled stimulation Ron was experiencing. The way Shego’s tongue wiggled and poked at him he thought she might actually break the condom. It was almost as if she were trying to dig through the thing to get at the pure penis inside. Ron couldn’t help but sigh. He knew that if she went at it that hard without the condom, he might already be on the verge of cumming with his tip sputtering pre-cum like a broken faucet.

Shego’s hands kept busy with his balls. He felt as if she were juggling them, though, in actuality she was just lifting and dropping them; squeezing and rubbing. It was a full fletched massage; not rough enough to hurt, but firm enough to deeply affect him. Between the tongue trying to get at his tip and the hands affectionately handling his heavy nuts, Ron felt the heat rising. As the signs of his impending orgasm grew more pronounced, Shego hummed happily and tore her lips away for just a moment.

“Come on, babe, give me that load,” she panted, rubbing his balls, “You want to give it to me, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Ron breathed. He could almost feel it gathering at the root of his cock.

“Yes,” Shego moaned between licks, “give me all that warm, thick cum. You know I love it!” she told him, voice growing heated with need. That was enough for Ron to hold on a little longer, to let his load gather, become thicker for her.

With a long groan, he eventually released his load. Shego halted her movement as the reservoir swelled up in her mouth. Ron felt as if jelly was running through his dick with every twitch. That happened sometimes when he held his load for a while. He kept squirting, forcefully, for about a minute.

When Shego finally pulled back her lips first parted to released Ron’s glans, then parted again to allow the bloated tip of the condom to leave her naughty little mouth. She looked up at him from under her big hat and wore a grin.

“Hot damn, Ron! Look at this,” she laughed, tentatively lifting the swollen reservoir dangling from his penis. “Any more and the thing might have burst!” Ron smiled weakly. The thing was about the size of an egg and tightly packed. She might have been right.

In any case, he was glad when Shego finally freed him of the damn thing. However, he had not expected her to tilt her head back and empty the condom into her gaping mouth. Ron’s cock twitched excitedly as Shego suckled the last remnants from the empty condom. The show made him feel like feeding her more of his jizz. The green beauty sighed with obvious satisfaction and looked up at him, meeting his stare with a raised eyebrow.

“What? You didn’t seriously think I would let such a nice, heavy load go to waste, did you?” she asked innocently, almost as if she wasn’t talking about guzzling cum. “And no mess,” she said and rose. Well, her lipstick was a little messed up, but that was to be expected. She certainly looked more presentable than she might have had they not used a condom.

“Thanks for the treat,” Ron told her, putting his hands on Shego’s hips. The fabric of her dress felt smooth. Feeling her warm body underneath almost made Ron shiver. How he would have loved to go further right then and there. The sexy witched leaned in and gave him a peck on his lips with a fond smile.

“Likewise. Now, if you’ll excuse me,” she sighed, gently brushing his hands off, “I think our She-Hulk might be getting impatient at the door. She will want to do some smashing with you.” Ron watched Shego leave, though he mostly admired the way her hips swayed as she walked. Shortly thereafter, Warmonga appeared, looking eager. The expression only intensified when she saw his fat cock still hanging, or rather standing, out from his overalls. The giant alien woman, gingerly grasped it as if it were a handle and dragged him upstairs.

“Where are you taking me?” he asked, even though he had a pretty good guess of where they might be headed. Warmonga flashed a naughty smile over her shoulder and raised her other hand. Caught between middle and index finger sat another condom. Yep. The bedroom it is.

Shortly thereafter, Ron found himself in a very different position than he was used to. His cock was wrapped up again. Warmonga told him that Shego did not want her to mess up her costume, either. The alien was on top, bouncing. What made the situation unique was that his feet where in the air, between himself and Warmonga, and she held them that way.

Apparently, Shego had told her about the Amazon position, and thought that tonight was the night to give it a go. Thus, Ron found himself on his back, condom-wrapped dick snuggly buried in the big girl’s pussy, and with her weight bearing down on his hips.

“She-Hulk, smash!” Warmonga laughed breathlessly. She was definitely enjoying herself, and as far as the sex itself was concerned, Ron couldn’t complain. It was nice and intense; just the way he needed it with that pesky rubber on his dick. Warmonga’s pussy squeezed him nicely, and the view of her big, bouncing tits added much to his enjoyment. Ron was almost astonished that the leotard didn’t rip from the strain, but he had suspected as much when the green woman had simply pulled the thing aside to guide his cock into her pussy, rather than taking it off. It was more durable than it looked.

The only downside was Warmonga’s weight. With any other lover, this would not have been an issue, but Warmonga was a musclebound giant compared to all of his other lovers. He enjoyed himself regardless, though. Not only because of the new experience, not even because her pussy felt so good, which it did, but because the green alien woman was clearly having a ton of fun.

She bounced on him with a big smile on her full lips. Her hair bounced almost as much as her gigantic breasts, and she moaned as loudly as during their most intense lovemaking sessions. This was totally doing it for her.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Shego was handing out candy to a group of kids when a loud groan echoed through the house. She froze, and the kids’ eyes collectively grew wide.

“W-what was that?” a little girl in a bulky t-rex costume asked. Her face peered at Shego from the dinosaur’s gullet. That, my dear, was an alien amazon having an amazing orgasm, she thought wryly.

“Did you think a witch’s house wouldn’t be haunted?”, was what she ended up cackling. As soon as the last candy was handed out, the kids left with hurried steps and nervous giggles.

Like Shego, Warmonga had drained the condom of its contents with gusto and thanked him for it. She was presentable already while Ron still put his overalls on, although her green face looked flushed and her nipples clearly showed though her leotard. He left them shortly thereafter.

The next surprise awaited him at Zita’s house. She wore a pink dress with lots of frill. The tight bodice and billowing skirts gave her more of an hourglass figure, but a high collar gave it a conservative look. The dress did not cover her arms, though she wore elbow-length white gloves. A tiny crown on top of her head completed the image of a familiar princess. Before Ron could even speak, Zita smiled.

“I’m afraid your princess is in another castle, Ron.” He laughed at the joke, yet before he could lift his candy bag and ask for a treat, Zita extended a gloved hand and caressed his cheek. “But if you come in, I can give you the royal treatment anyway,” she said in husky tones. Her hand slid from his face, across his body, until it found his bulge. Zita grabbed hold of his cock as if it were a handle, and it throbbed to life in her hand. That was answer enough for Zita. Grabbed by his sensitive bits, Ron had no choice but to follow when she pulled him inside.

Ron liked to think that Zita gave him a taste of what awaited Mario after a successful rescue. With her hands on a wall and several layers of skirts flipped onto her back, Ron had free access to a fine treat. White, thigh-high stockings stood in stark contrast to her tan complexion, as did her embroidered panties. Her embroidered, crotchless panties. Very inappropriate for a princess. Yet again he was made to wear a condom, which took some of the thrill out of teasing Zita until she was nice and wet for him, but enough prodding and rubbing got her to the point of wiggling her hips and whining for him to take her already.

Ron made sure to fuck Zita extra hard to compensate for the condom. An added bonus of the rough pounding he gave her was that her pussy tightened up quickly, without ever having a moment to relax. The harsh clapping of hips meeting was accompanied by Zita’s whorish moaning. Even if her dress looked almost demure, there was nothing demure about this naughty little princess.

Ron gave her butt a casual slap; it seemed appropriate, and Zita gave the cutest little welp in response. Therefore, Ron decided that the little lady’s butt deserved to be punished just as much as her dripping pussy, clinging to his cock with all its might. A girl audacious enough to make him wear a condom needed some discipline.

By the time he got close, Zita’s panties still stood in stark contrast to her skin; although the contrast was now between white and red. Zita had had several orgasms for sure. She had grown so slack that she would have toppled over if Ron had not hugged her from behind and pulled her upright. He was banging her like that while she barely even stood on her own feet anymore. He had to support her since her legs were shaky. The only thing that still held firm was her pussy. He drilled that tight, ravenous little hole with all his might until he gasped into the nape of her neck and let go.

Zita whimpered in his arms. Surely she could feel him twitch, maybe she even felt the tip of the condom inflating with his warm seed; but it wouldn’t be the same as a creampie. That’s what she got for wrapping up his dick.

Meanwhile, Ron inhaled deeply with his nose in her hair. He squeezed her body. The feeling of her ass tightly pressing against his abdomen was nice, cupping a feel of her breasts through her costume was fun, and hearing her gasps and whimpers was gratifying.

When he finally pulled out, he slowly released Zita. She stumbled forward, braced herself against the wall, and slowly sank to her knees, breathing hard, skirts in a jumble. Once she caught her breath, she looked over her shoulder, and smirked at the sight of the heavily inflated reservoir dangling at the tip of Ron’s cock.

“Would have loved to feel that splashing around inside me,” she sighed and gave the ballooned condom a poke. Ron got on his way again after getting dressed and watching Zita guzzle his cum from the rubber rather than straight from the tap. At least she had given him a handful of mushroom-shaped gumdrops before he left. His quest for candy continued!

The night was a haze of candy collection and sex. A steady trickle of candy made his bag heavier and heavier, while the occasional encounter with one of his girls emptied his sack. He met Tara on the road, dressed like a nun. Of course, as soon as they had sneaked behind some shrubbery, he learned that she wasn’t living up to her costume at all. A ring, attached to some anal beads dangled from her ass, and two little vibrators rumbled away at her clit, held in place by tape. Her legs were glistening with juices down to her calves.

He gave it to her, and all the other girls he met throughout his tour; whether they asked him into their homes, or dragged him into some bushes, all the ladies got a piece of him. Ron lasted easily through all those encounters, partially because the costumes turned him on, but also because every last one of them insisted on him wearing a condom! Being denied the sweet, unadulterated feel of pussy wrapping around his cock was frustrating. Even Tara insisted!

By the time he arrived at the Rockwaller house, his candy bag was heavy on his back, and despite all the naughty fun he had had, his balls seemed to weigh him down. He heard music and laughter from within. A party, apparently; nothing extraordinary, except that he hadn’t been invited. To think that the four busty beauties would want to exclude him was more upsetting than he would have expected. He thought at the very least Bonnie would have wanted him to come.

Well, whatever, he thought with a sigh. Just collect the candy and go. Ron Stoppable will not force himself on anyone! He rang the bell a few times, lest it went unheard over the music.

The door opened and Ron almost gasped. Bonnie wore a black leotard that covered her arms. A purple cape, held together by a broach, hung from her shoulders and her hair color matched the cape. A little gemstone sat just above her brow.

“There you are! Took you long enough,” she said, ushering him inside. It took an effort to tear his eyes away from her long, beautiful legs and from her chest. Much like with Warmonga, Bonnie’s costume looked as if it might burst any second because of how well she filled it. However, when he finally looked inside, he was flabbergasted.

Everyone was there! Kim pushed through the throng and gave him a big hug. Surely she must have felt his boner. She was wearing a blue belly dancer outfit. Her top barely covered her breasts, and the wide harem pants she wore were mostly transparent, except for a small portion cut like a thong that covered her naughty bits. The way she wore her hair, a ponytail tied in several segments, reminded Ron of a movie.

“Finally! We were waiting for you, but…” Kim trailed off, glancing at the large bag of candy he had gathered. “…I guess that would weigh you down somewhat.” She giggled and gave him another squeeze before stepping aside. Girls started gathering around him, showering him with kisses and hugs.

Monique wore a Native American style dress that was only long enough to cover her ass; barely. It hugged her figure tightly, outlining her curves. Most startling of all though was the sight of her long hair falling straight, rather than in their usual waves. That must have taken a good deal of work with the straightening iron, Ron mused while her body pressed against him. Another one that surely noticed his erection.

More and more woman greeted him happily. Justine, Bonnie’s mom and sisters, Adrena Lynn, just to name a few, and all the girls he had had sex with on his way!

“Waiting? What are you talking about? I wasn’t invited,” Ron said to no one in particular. Greetings continued, and snippets of an explanation came to him from different mouths.

“We wanted to go trick or treating with the kids,” Shego murmured after giving him a long, deep kiss.

“…since everyone was going…” Vivian said, wearing a get up Nani might wear to work.

“Why not have a party afterwards?” Zita laughed. When everyone had a hug or a kiss or both, Kim came up beside him and gave him a peck on the lips.

“We knew you would show up eventually on your quest for candy, so we kept all this a secret.” Well, even if he had felt miffed for a second at the door, the wide array of smiles all around him was proof enough that he was welcome. Ron looked around and was pleased to see just about every one of his girls that lived in Middleton. Importing Nani, Yori, or the others would have been too much to ask for sure, but still, not everyone was present.

“Where’s Ann?” he asked Kim, then turned to everyone, saying “And what was up with making me wear condoms all night?”

“Mom’s at home with the family,” Kim said.

“As for the condoms,” Shego cut in, “No one wants to go to a party looking like a cumrag.” Fair enough, Ron supposed.

“Alright!” Ron exclaimed, “In that case, where are the little ones? I wanna see what they are dressed up as.” Oddly enough, the atmosphere seemed to shift.

“Ron, it’s late. The kids are already sound asleep,” Kim murmured. “I meant it when I said we were waiting for you.” Suddenly, warm softness pressed against his back. He knew it was Bonnie even before she spoke.

“It’s time for this party to get to the good part,” she purred, while a hand, Monique’s hand, grasped his aching erection through his suit. “And there is not a single condom in the house.” Hearing that made Ron shiver.

The girls swarmed him almost as one. Someone opened his zipper, and once the opportunity presented itself, at least three different women reached into his overalls to touch his cock, not to mention all the hands caressing his chest and stomach. He was surrounded by beauties giving him smoldering looks and lascivious smiles.

He let the girls guide him throughout the night. He ached for their touch, ached for raw, warm pussy, and he knew he was going to get as much as he wanted; or as much as all of them could stand to give, at least.


By the time the last girl tapped out, early the next day, an outside observer might have thought Ron’s proton pack had exploded and covered everything and everyone in the vicinity in ectoplasm.

Chapter Text

Ron breathed deeply and opened his eyes. The room was only sparingly illuminated by colorful lights, twisting and turning. Disco balls hung from the high ceiling here and there, and bright spots spun around the room as they moved. A slow dance was playing over speakers, and he was surrounded by couples, slowly rocking back and forth to the beat. He lifted his head off of his partner’s shoulders and smiled. Kim smiled right back.

It was prom night. Ron wore his best baby-blue tux. He thought he looked quite dashing. More important than that was the girl in front of him. Kim wore little makeup, just enough to emphasize her beautiful eyes and make her plush lips look inviting; even more inviting than usual, that is. Her hair was done up in a ponytail, though ringlets of it framed her face and gently swung back and forth with their movements. Her dress was bright blue, borderline white, and sparkled almost as much as a disco ball. It reached just below her knees, showing off white stockings. Ron reckoned that they were thigh-highs, or maybe she was wearing pantyhose that night? It didn’t matter. Her legs were beautiful; she was beautiful, that’s what mattered.

Kim leaned in closer for a long, tender kiss. Ron felt warmth growing in his chest and a comfortable shower ran from the top of his head all the way down to his rock-hard dick. He had been like this since he had picked her up at her place. He was keenly aware of her chest pressing against him. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

Usually Ron wouldn’t be as randy as that, but Kim and all the other girls had spent the last two weeks not giving him sex. Kim was up to something for sure, and whatever it was, it would go down tonight. Ron was fine without sex for a while, but knowing that something awesome was waiting for him later put him on edge. Their kiss still held, and Ron wondered if Kim was squeezing against him because she wanted to feel his cock. It was pressing against her belly through their clothes.

Ron took the liberty of cupping a feel. If Kim could do it, why not him? Both of his hands slid from her slender waist onto her shapely rear, which he squeezed. The soft feeling was somewhat marred by the sparkling stones all over the dress, but it was still nice. Nicer still was Kim’s reaction. A breath, a soundless moan, escaped her, and he felt her lips curl up into a smile as they kissed.

They spent the evening mostly like this; dancing, enjoying each other’s company, without a care for anyone else there. However, as time went on it became increasingly clear that both of them wanted to get out of there and get down to business. Their making out grew more and more inappropriate. By the time Kim was positively grinding on his bulge, they decided to leave. As they made their way to the exit, Ron scanned the room and realized that a lot of people he expected to be there, namely all of his girls, were absent. It struck him as odd, but he supposed they had grown bored since Kim was not sharing him. He wouldn’t have been able to dance with them the way he would have wanted to in public anyway.

By the time they reached the car, Ron was besides himself. While Kim unlocked their ride, Ron couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Her butt, her breasts, he fondled it all while placing hot kisses all over her neck. She gently pushed him away as she opened the door.

“Patience, Ron.” He replied with what he hoped were big puppy dog eyes and a low whimper. It earned him a consolation kiss, but no more. “You will love what I have in store for you, promise. It won’t be long now,” she said and slid into the driver’s seat. Ron sighed and got in the car.

Ron made a concerted effort to look out the window as they drove, rather than looking at Kim with her pretty face, her dress that clung to her beautiful body in all the best places… He wanted to get out of his pants. He as so distracted that he didn’t realize that they were leaving Middleton, at first.

“Where are we going, KP?” he asked, looking out into the night. Kim didn’t answer, and when Ron finally did look her way, he saw a big, mischievous smile on her face. She was definitely up to something, but Ron wasn’t worried. Wherever they were going, he just hoped they would arrive soon. His raging boner was killing him.

Eventually, they pulled up into the driveway of a rather large, fancy looking house in the middle of nowhere. Several cars were parked in front and the light was on inside.

They walked up to the front door where Kim produced a key. The lock clicked and the door opened into an entry hall. Ron wondered how rich you needed to be to require an entry hall but he said nothing.

“Almost there,” Kim whispered with a smile so warm, Ron felt himself blushing. Whatever this was going to be, it was going to be good.

They scaled a set of marble stairs and followed a long, carpeted hallway. At its end waited a single door, which Kim hurried towards ahead of Ron. She took the doorknob, turned his way, still smiling, and once he caught up, she threw it open, ushering him into a dream.

“Welcome!” dozens of women said as they entered. Ron looked about; voice caught in his throat. They were here, all of them! All his lovers were gathered in this large room. The only visible furnishing was a big bed. He hardly noticed though. He was to distracted by the fact that his women were all clad in erotic lingerie. There was everything from fancy bras, panties, garters and stocking, to more elaborate underwear and even some costumes. The air in the room was heady with the smell of mixed perfumes and something more subtle, a smell Ron knew well; women’s arousal. How his pants hadn’t ripped yet, he could not guess, because his cock was painfully hard now. Where to start?

“I see you like out little surprise,” Kim said as she stepped in front of him. A few women from the crowd came closer and started helping the both of them out of their clothes. Crystal, wearing frilly pink panties and a matching bra stepped up behind Kim and opened the zipper on the back of her dress. The sparkly blue garment fell to the floor around her feet, revealing that she was, indeed, not wearing a bra, or panties for that matter; only a garter belt to hold up the snowy, lace stockings she wore. Adrena Lynn, wearing a racy sling bikini, and Britina in elegant red lingerie helped Ron undress. He felt incredible relief once his pants fell, and his cock was free to breath. It was also pleasant to see all eyes in the room at least flicker towards it. Some women licked their lips at the sight, others bit them. All of them liked what they saw, that much was certain. Some liked it so much that their eyes remained focused on his dick beyond just a glance.

“This is amazing, you guys,” Ron said. They had pulled out all the stops, it seemed, to the point of importing his lovers. He had spotted the lifeguard in the crowd, seemingly wearing her usual swimsuit, which suited Ron just fine. She looked hot in it. He even saw Britina’s manager in the crowd. He was already looking forward to showing her a good time again.

“I’m glad you like it; we all are,” Kim said, coming closer. Murmurs of agreement followed her slow, languorous approach. “But I think I can make this just a little bit better still,” she murmured, placing a hand on Ron’s chest and smiling up at him. He looked at her expectantly. What could be better than all this?

“I stopped taking contraceptives,” Kim said. The words washed all thought from Ron’s head. Her smile grew warmer, and a soft hand reached up to caress Ron’s cheek. “I’ve waited so long for this, Ron. Let’s make a baby.” Ron just stood there for a moment. He had trouble grasping what she had said. He could finally… Kim wanted…

Even as he stood there, thunderstruck, Ron’s cock twitched, and pre-cum started flowing from his tip in a steady stream, staining the carpet. Some of the onlookers noticed, but not Kim. He looked into her eyes, searching for a joke, for a hint of a lie, but there was none. Kim was ready, and Ron had been ready for a long time.

In a sudden burst of motion, Ron picked Kim up, strode to the bed and tossed her onto the mattress. She shrieked during flight and giggled as she bounced, but Ron hardly listened. He grabbed her thighs, and pulled her towards the edge of the bed, where he sank to his knees.

“So eager!” Kim said, delighted, before gasps and moans forced their way past her lips. Ron was eating her pussy; eating like he had never eaten before. At a glance he had seen that Kim was already wet, but he needed more. He needed her drenched, thoroughly relaxed, and aching for the deep penetration only his cock could give before getting to work. To that end, he used his mouth, used every bit of skill he had amassed. His tongue, his fingers, even his nose; any tool he had moved ceaselessly and with purpose.

Soon he was drowning in her honey. While his tongue dug as deep into her hot snatch as it would go, his fingers flicked Kim’s clit. When he especially caught up in eating her out, his nose did the clit rubbing instead. When he sucked and licked her hard clit, his fingers busied themselves by plunging into the dripping cavern between Kim’s legs.

Kim ended up squealing from Ron’s ministrations. After two orgasms, he had not let up, even though his head was trapped between her supple thighs. She had begged him for mercy, but he knew none. She had told him that she was plenty wet already, but he knew better. The need to breed her was so strong, he knew he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself or go easy on her. He needed her absolutely drenched to go about that without worrying.

Kim squirted during her fourth climax, at which point Ron felt satisfied with the condition of her pussy; blushing with arousal, shimmering from her nectar flowing profusely, ever so slightly agape as if to lure him, without looking loose. He climbed on top of her. Kim’s face was bright red, and tears were running down her cheeks. Her heavy breath washed hot across Ron’s face and smelled fresh.

As he lined himself up, he kissed those tears away. His pre-cum was dribbling onto Kim’s crotch, making it even more slippery, which was fine. They need all the lubrication they could get. With his tip set between her labia, ready to penetrate, Ron cupped Kim’s face in his hands and smiled at her.

“I love you, Kim,” he whispered.

“I love you, too,” she replied, whining softly.

“Then let’s make a baby.” As soon as he finished, Ron rammed his cock balls deep into her. Kim’s eyes widened; she was surely about to cry out, but Ron sealed her lips with a kiss. Kim tensed underneath him and trembled for a moment. Then her arms and legs wrapped around him firmly and he knew there was no escape. He didn’t need to escape, of course. The only course was forward; to thrust wildly to soften up the little entrance to her womb he was currently pressing against. It was time to plant his seed. Ron began thrusting.


Everyone was watching the breeding of Kim Possible, including her mother. Ann watched with a smile on her face. She knew how much the two of them had waited for this moment, but so had she. Listening to her daughter’s muffled screams was a delight. Ann had seldom seen Ron lay into a woman that hard. It was a good thing he had gotten Kim well and truly wet beforehand. The speed and force of his thrusts was astounding, the way his fat balls jiggled throughout the ordeal mesmerizing.

“I want to get a taste of him,” Joss mumbled next to her and took a step forward. Ann grabbed her by the shoulder and met her glance with a shake of her head. This was catharsis for the two of them, and no one should get in the way of that. Ann just observed, smiling to herself. She was looking forward to her grandchildren.


Kim’s hips felt numb. Ron was so rough that Kim had had no choice but to surrender to his hips. She had gotten fucked hard before, so hard that her legs had been too wobbly to walk afterwards, but this was different. She wouldn’t even be able to get out of bed after this. She would be at his mercy for as long as he could keep it up, and Ron could keep it up for a long time.

Ron was different than usual, too. He was a great lover; considerate, durable, hung, and with the magic touch. The women in attendance were proof of his prowess. However, right now, he was different. Kim felt good, of course. Even if her hips were numb, her pussy was a firework display of delight! She was creaming herself constantly, but it was different. Ron was making love to her like he usually did. He was driven, maybe even selfish in the way he fucked her. All he seemed interested in was her pussy. He was dedicated to pummeling her womb into submission; to prepare it, make it receptive for what was to come. Ron was breeding her truly, and as another orgasm ripped through her, and her senses grew a little bit duller, Kim reaffirmed her grip on Ron. If this was what making babies with Ron was like, she saw a very large family in their future together.


Every time his balls slapped Kim’s butt a jolt ran through Ron. As much as he was prying Kim’s womb open, he was loosening up every drop of semen he had. The pressure was overwhelming, almost painful, but he would hold for as long as he could.

He checked on Kim. She had grown quiet, but for how long he wasn’t sure. What was time in the face of knocking up your woman? She was drawing raspy breaths and her gaze was unfocused. One might have thought she was unconscious, but Ron knew better. He felt the way she gripped him with limbs and pussy. That was a conscious effort. However, Ron was still a little surprised. It usually took hours of intense sex to leave Kim in such a state.

How long had they been fucking? The others were still watching patiently, and some were touching themselves. He caught a glimpse of Connie and Lonnie, each wearing thigh-high fishnets and fancy corsets that pushed up their massive tits. Neither was wearing panties though, which came in handy, since the sisters were rubbing each other’s pussies.

Ron looked away. He could ogle other women later. Kim needed him now, and especially his semen. He kept up his relentless thrusting for some time, but the pressure that was building up, the pressure of virile semen demanding to do its job, became to much.

“I’m cumming, KP,” he moaned. She replied with inarticulate noises, though they sounded pleased, not to mention that her arms and legs tightened around him again. She wanted it just as bad as he did. Satisfied, Ron smiled to himself and simply let go.

Despite her stupor, Kim screamed when he came and threw her head back. Ron himself cried out. The thickness of his cum, and the pressure with which he delivered it straight into Kim’s womb shocked him. The second shot was much like the first, making both of them cry out. The shots seemed to lose nothing of their volume or intensity for a while, which coaxed more cries out of Ron, but Kim seemed to calm down a little. By the sixth blast, Kim was only whimpering, and the tenth shot only made her mewl.

Ron kept his cock balls deep inside her throughout it all, tip pressed up against Kim’s cervix. As the bursts of semen continued, he propped himself up and looked down at his lover. Kim smiled at him, though her eyes seemed to stare at nothing, and her eyelids drooped. She was all tuckered out, yet her legs remained locked around his waist the entire time he came inside her. Only once his cock had stopped twitching after what felt like forever did she let him pull out.

His dick had been a plug it seemed. Once it was gone a veritable flood of semen poured out of Kim. Thankfully, a graceful green hand swooped in to cover Kim’s pussy up.

“Hey now,” Shego said, winking at Ron, “we don’t want to waste any, right?” Ron nodded, though Shego looked to Kim for an answer. None came. Shego shook her head. “You really did a number on her, stud.”

“Is she going to be okay?”, he asked, concerned. Shego’s lips quirked into a smile.

“Of course she will. With how fast you banged her, I reckon you put two hours’ worth of fucking into fifteen minutes. Who wouldn’t be beat after that?”, she asked. It had only been fifteen minutes!? It had felt like an eternity. Well, so long as Kim was okay, and thoroughly inseminated, Ron didn’t care. “I’ll look after the princess. You go and enjoy yourself.”

Ron took in the view. Shego had dragged Kim to the pillows and was lying next to her, wearing only fishnet sleeves and stockings. Her hand was still between Kim’s legs, preventing his semen from going anywhere.

“Thanks, Shego,” he said and gave her a kiss. She winked again and smiled. With that being settled, Ron turned and found the bed surrounded by women, Ann at their head. She wore a transparent negligee and what appeared to be crotchless panties. The sight would have had his cock at attention in a heartbeat, if it had ever gone down in the first place.

“W-well, what now, guys?” Ron asked with a nervous chuckle. There were so many women, and he had fucked all of them before. It was still hard to believe sometimes.

“Now, Ron,” Ann said, “we will milk you dry. Although, there is one thing we should let you know beforehand.” Ron raised an eyebrow. “Kim isn’t the only one who stopped taking her birth control pills,” she told him, which drew chuckles from the horde of women. As for Ron, his cock twitched excitedly, as if it hadn’t done enough breeding for one day. Ron supposed so long as it remained hard, it hadn’t been enough yet, technically.

“And who exactly stopped taking them?” he asked. Ann shook her head and smiled mischievously.

“Telling you would spoil the fun, don’t you think? We just thought you deserved to know that every time you decide to dump a load in a pussy tonight, you might just be knocking someone up.” Ron’s cock twitched more and more as Ann explained, and soon pre-cum was dribbling from the tip again. He seated himself on the edge of the mattress and smiled at his ladies.

“Sounds great! I feel a little exhausted right now, so, who wants to take a ride on the Ron-train first?” he asked them. Hands shot up and several girls called out, but before he could decide, someone pushed through the crowd and climbed into his lap.

Her tanned skin was flawless, and her white lingerie made for a nice contrast against it. The bra was packed with an enormous bosom, and the thong did much to make her long, toned legs look even longer. The lingerie was embroidered with hearts, and in case of the bra, two large ones were strategically placed right above her hard nipples. The fabric inside the hearts was transparent. Ron looked up into the brunette’s vibrant eyes.

“Bonnie?” She scowled at him.

“Yeah, me! You got a problem with that?”

“Of course not,” Ron said urgently. Why did he feel like he was being pushed around when he was sitting still? Bonnie pulled her thong aside and placed herself right on top of his dick. He could feel heat radiating off of her pussy, not to mention moisture. It made him shiver.

“What’s that look for? You don’t want me?” Bonnie asked angrily. Ron tried to defend himself, but she talked right over him. “You didn’t fucking hesitate when the possibility to knock up Kim presented itself. What, am I not good enough? Or are you just too chicken to put it in when I might-“ Ron interrupted her by grabbing her hips and pulling her down on his cock. Bonnie inhaled sharply, and then kept inhaling until she had slid down all the way. She looked startled.

“I want you, Bonnie,” Ron said warmly. “You were my first, you know? And to think that I might get you pregnant tonight just…” Ron paused and smiled sheepishly. “… I hope it happens.” She looked shocked, and for only a moment, her lips quivered. Ron didn’t catch it. Before he could, Bonnie pressed her lips against his and started humping. Ron’s arms closed around her and the second round of sex was started just like that.

Of course, a few of the other girls had noticed Bonnie’s reaction. Bright smiles appeared among the onlookers, and a few even brushed a tear or two from their eyes. Bonnie could be a handful, as most of them well knew, but seeing how happy she was about Ron’s affection was touching. The fact that she was busy grinding on him like an utter slut did not take away from that.


Time went by, sex was had, and after Ron finished with Bonnie, the girls took selecting who got to go next into their own hands. This suited Ron fine, since he wanted to be with all of them anyway, no matter the order. Thus, he ended up having sex with Ann, her on top and he on his back. While Kim’s beautiful mother bounced on him, Joss got busy sucking his balls, and his view got obstructed when Yori climbed over his face. She wore a school uniform, only sluttier. The skirt was much too short to be decent, and her shirt was too small. She could only button it up halfway with her big bust, and it didn’t manage to cover her midriff. She wasn’t wearing panties. Her sweet voice reached him as soon as his tongue wiggled past her labia.

“Stoppable-san,” she moaned, “I request that you give it to me like you did for Kim Possible, once it is my turn.”

“I don’t know if I can manage, Yori,” Ron replied, between licks, “but it will be my honor to try.”

Sometimes later, Ron stood up, mostly to stretch his legs, and found someone at his feet. Tara was on her knees with her arms pulled up and her tongue hanging from her mouth in imitation of a dog. A fair of dog ears poked out from her blonde hair, a bushy tail extended from between her butt cheeks, and a collar with a name tag adorned her neck. A perfect little doggy, well trained and ready to please.

Ron shook his head and smiled. Tara was incorrigible. However, he would not be a spoilsport. He petted the doggy and started giving her commands in front of an audience. She rolled over, gave her paw, sat and groveled as she was told.

“There’s a good girl. I think you deserve a treat,” Ron said and patted her face with his dick. Tara’s eyes lit up and she quickly turned around to present her hindquarters. Now Ron could see the buttplug with the dog tail clearly. She would probably like it best if he pulled it out and replaced it with his cock, but then his eyes fell on Tara’s slavering pussy. No, this bitch in heat needed to breed, so Ron gave it to her the only appropriate way; doggystyle.


While Ron was making his way through assorted pussies, Kim rested her head on Shego’s shoulder. Shego was no longer keeping her pussy shut, she could manage that on her own now, but she could not get up yet.

“Is this the hottest thing you have ever seen, Kim?” Shego asked. She was watching, too. There wasn’t much else to do. They could have made out or something, but neither was in the mood. Kim was still exhausted from her breeding, and Shego wished she was. She was masturbating idly. Ron was currently trying to put another baby into Nani.

“Ron on a breeding rampage? Of course.” Kim was glad that everything had gone smoothly, and she was even gladder at the warm feeling deep inside, where Ron had planted his seed. Shego shook her head. She didn’t get Kim’s fetish; if she could have kept Ron all to herself, she would have. It was strange to think that the former henchwoman was now one of Ron’s most prominent lovers. His girlfriend, even. For the longest time, Shego had had a leg-up on Kim, but not for much longer. They would be even. Once, that would not have satisfied Kim, but now, she reckoned there were worse people to have to share with. Shego was hot, after all.

“Are you on birth control right now?” Kim asked.

“Nope,” Shego replied as if it were the most obvious thing. Kim gave her a kiss on the cheek and snuggled up to her more.

“Good luck.”

“You, too, Kim,” Shego said fondly.


Later, Ron was fucking Monique. She wore a fancy leotard in yellow. The embroidery accentuated her curves while tantalizingly hiding some parts of her body. Only two bumps on the yellow fabric betrayed the location of her nipples. However, it had a convenient hole between the legs, perfect for sex.

Ron fucked her upright, pressing her against one of the windows. The orgy had gone so far along that he could not care less whether someone saw outside or not. Of course, they were so far away from everything that the chances for that were slim, but he didn’t remember that. His mind was occupied with Monique’s sexy body, and the feel of her tight snatch around his dick. The two of the didn’t talk much, until Ron started twitching. He was almost there.

“Remember our little romp in the car, Ron?” she panted. He nodded. “Remember how you freaked out when I asked for your baby batter?” The mirth was plain in her tone. Ron did remember. Best car ride ever. Monique cupped his face and pulled him close, making eye contact. “What’s it going to be, Stoppable? You’re close. Wanna pull out? Cum on my face maybe?

“I think,” Ron groaned and buried his meat deep inside to cum. Monique’s eyes widened and she inhaled sharply. “I’m right where I want to be to cum.”

“Ron…” Monique said meekly before he kissed her.


The orgy carried on. Countless pussies to fuck, double that many tits to squeeze and suck. Britina, the cheer squad, Warmonga, the Rockwallers, Joss, Justine, Lynn, Vivian, Betty, and so many more. Not a single one was left unsatisfied; not one was left without a creampie.

By the time the sun was coming up, most of them had fallen asleep. Knots of naked women had huddled up together for the night, even on the bed, where Ron was taking care of the last one.

His sex with Shego was smooth, slow and intimate; or it would have been, but Kim was there, too. She lay on one side, watching the lovemaking. On the other side slept Bonnie. Shego held his gaze, mostly. Her breasts looked lovely when they bounced, her lips invited kisses, and her eyes burned with desire for him. However, occasionally his eyes wandered. He reached out and fondled one of Kim’s breasts while he looked at Bonnie’s sleeping face. Only for a moment though. His attention returned to Shego, and he quickened his pace.

She hummed appreciatively and wrapped long, beautiful legs around him. There was something wholly exhilarating about the fact that this stunning woman had not only given him children, but wanted to do it again.

When he reached his climax, Ron leaned closer and kissed Shego. It wasn’t a violent eruption, like it had been with Kim. It was a humble gushing, for Ron at least, but Shego still held him fast, refusing to let a single drop go to waste.

He collapsed on top of Shego and she caressed his hair.

“That’s my stud,” she murmured.

“You mean, our our stud,” Kim said. A look passed between the women, followed by smiles that turned to Ron. Once again, he thought how lucky he was to have them; all of them. He left his cock in Shego until it grew soft and slipped out on its own. Then he got off of her, the green mother of his children, and the soon to be mother with red hair snuggled up to him, and they went to sleep.

Chapter Text

Their lovemaking was a sinful symphony. Ron’s panting was steady, offset by the sound of their hips slapping together. The bed’s creaking was another layer of sound underscoring the melody of Kim’s moaning and whimpering.

Ron was as energetic as ever. His huge cock thoroughly massaged Kim’s needy snatch better than any toy could even hope to do. How good it felt almost drove tears into her eyes, grinding against her sensitive insides, stretching her wide; almost. She held nothing back as she pushed back into him, driving Ron’s cock deeper still.

As good as it was, Ron wasn’t fucking her as hard as he usually did, certainly not as hard as he had done at their prom. Kim received a reminder of why when Ron’s hands explored her body. She was on all fours with him behind. His hands started out on her ass and slid up across her back up to her shoulders. Ron grabbed onto those and gave her a few harder pumps, as if he needed the leverage, before moving on. His hands went around to her swollen breasts. He dared not grope them since they were sensitive lately, but even just brushing them made Kim mewl. Then his hands came to her belly, and Kim’s pussy squeezed.

It wasn’t like having her baby bump caressed felt especially good or anything, but feeling just how tenderly Ron touched her there gave her shivers. Sometimes Ron seemed so absorbed in caressing it that Kim would not have been surprised had he forgotten to shake his hips during sex. Fortunately, he was too good a lover for that. Still, Ron spent more time appreciating her swollen stomach than playing with her tits, fondling her ass, or touching any of the other parts of her body he usually liked touching.

Even if Ron took it easy on her now that she was pregnant, he still fucked her well enough. While she didn’t fall into sex comas nearly as often anymore, going to sleep with a creamy, thoroughly slammed pussy while still conscious was actually pretty nice.

“I’m cumming again…” Kim squealed, burying her face in her pillow before the orgasm hit in earnest.

“Me, too, KP!” Ron groaned in response. Veritable explosions of pleasure shook Kim to her core, leaving her breathless. Meanwhile, Ron kept thrusting until the very last moment and pulled out, blasting thick ropes of jizz all over her back. Kim was so used to creampies that she had been shocked when Ron first pulled out to cover her in cum after learning she was pregnant. However, Ron argued that his cum would go to waste either way, so he might as well take the opportunity and make a bit of a mess.

Kim didn’t complain. She liked it messy. The hot blasts splattering onto her skin felt nice, and the sheer volume of it was exhilarating. She giggled by the time her orgasm died down and Ron showed no signs of stopping. Once he was finally done, Ron slapped his massive pussy-pleaser between her buttcheeks and see-sawed against them. Kim took the chance to scoop some cum off her back and taste it. It was delicious.

“Can we go one more round, Kim?”

“I think I’ve had enough for tonight, Ron. Sorry,” she replied, feeling genuinely apologetic. He was still so hard, but any more sex, and Kim was going to wet herself. That wouldn’t do. Ron heaved a disappointed sigh and gave her anus a sad little poke with his massive glans before lying down next to her. Kim was welcomed into his arms, snuggled up to him and relaxed.

“Good night, Ron. Love you,” she sighed. Ron just gave her a kiss on the brow and snuggled into her a little more. Kim was pleased to feel a warm hand settling on her belly again.


A few months had passed since prom night, and they were now living together in a dormitory. Kim enjoyed college, despite the difficulties a pregnancy presented, but with Ron and all their friends to help out, it was manageable. The only complaint she had was Ron’s timidity in picking up girls.

They were anything but quiet during sex, and the walls were thin. Everyone knew that they fucked several times a day, and Kim had personally let slip to some of the chattiest girls how hung Ron was, but he just didn’t seem interested. He was entirely absorbed in caring for his pregnant girlfriends.

Kim supposed she couldn’t blame him for that. In fact, it only made her love him more. It was heart wrenching how well he cared for her. Whether it was just the right treat when Kim felt a pang of hunger, an impromptu shoulder-rub when she needed it, or a nice, foamy bath waiting for her when she came back home after a long day, Ron always did the perfect thing at the perfect time. Kim couldn’t fathom how he found the time, especially since he did much the same for all the other girls he got pregnant that night.

The ones he had knocked up the first time that night, like herself and Monique, were astonished by the sheer amount of love and care while more experienced women, like Shego and Vivian, just smiled fondly when Kim brought it up.

“He’s always like this,” the green woman had told her, caressing the growing bump around her midsection. Maybe that’s why Shego and the others had been so eager to get impregnated again. Kim could totally see a woman getting used to this.

Half asleep and thinking about how many of her friends were pregnant with her boyfriend’s children right now, Kim almost missed Ron’s breathing growing more laborious.

“Ron?” No answer. She lifted her head and saw that he was still asleep. She worried that he might be sick for a moment, but then she caught sight of the culprit. Their blanket rose sharply where Ron’s cock had risen again. Kim threw the blanket off to give it some air and drew breath in sharply when she saw just how swollen he was.

Veins stood out from the fleshy body of his cock and his glans was very engorged. Pre-cum slickened his slit, and some of the stuff pooled in his bellybutton. Kim felt guilty. Her wonderful boyfriend was so backed up, and she had told him to stop earlier? Next time, she would at least offer him a few rounds of anal before calling it quits.

While Kim pursed her lips and thought about how to make it up to Ron, he suddenly gasped Joss’ name and fired a load. Kim almost yelped when Ron covered his own chest in thick spunk, only barely missing Kim’s head, resting on his shoulder.

Dreaming about Joss, are you? Kim thought. The girl was one of the few who hadn’t gotten pregnant that night. Kim’s mom had insisted she wait with getting preggers until after she was out of school at least. Maybe Ron thought it was a shame he didn’t get to breed her there and then?

In any case, his boner remained hard, and his breathing did not ease up. Suspecting more fun in the immediate future, Kim eased herself from Ron’s arms, grabbed a camera and set it up to record the occasion.

She was not disappointed when Ron fired another shot a few minutes later. This time, he mumbled Nani’s name before cumming. Ron kept that up throughout the night, and Kim forgot all about sleep. Warmonga, Justine, Adrena, Hope, the Lifeguard, he kept moaning names, closely followed by juicy cumshots.

Interestingly, the ejaculations varied in volume and intensity, rather than gradually weakening. A lot of the cheerleaders prompted thick loads, but they barely cleared Ron’s stomach, whereas the Rockwallers consistently earned big loads all the way up to his collarbones. Ron did enjoy nice big titties, after all.

Furthermore, Kim noticed that the thickest, hardest shots appeared to be reserved for the women that had already given him children. Yori’s load reached his neck!

Ron worked his way down an entire list of his lovers, and by the time only a handful remained he was covered in his own jizz. Kim and a few helpers could have made a feast of that, but she was alone, and she didn’t want to interrupt.

“B-Bonnie!” Ron choked, firing a massive load that splashed against the underside of his chin. That was surprising! Kim supposed she had underestimated just how much Ron was into her old rival. When he cried out for Ann shortly thereafter, Kim was pleased to see his cum making it all the way up to his face, even though the load landed on the pillow right next to it.

The next load took a while. Ron started tossing and turning, until he clawed at the sheets and his back stiffened.

“Shego!” he growled and produced two shots! More amazingly still, both landed on his forehead! The green woman would be very pleased once she saw this, Kim thought.

However, Kim quickly focused on Ron again when he started twitching. His breathing sped up and his back arched off the mattress until the final climax was reached.

“Kim!” he cried, firing a single, beautiful shot while his body remained tense. The thick seed arched through the air and splashed against the wall above the bed. Kim found herself giggling when Ron dropped back onto the bed. Somehow, she felt flattered, looking at the load smeared on the wall.

Ron’s boner finally started to flag, and Kim checked the recording time. She had been at it for just below two hours. Those were a lot of cumshots in a fairly short amount of time.

She turned off the camera and left their bedroom with it. The bed was much to gooey for her to sleep in now, and she wanted that recording up for all their friends to see as soon as possible.


A scream startled Kim awake the next morning. She lifted her head off of their coach and rubbed her eyes just as Ron stumbled into the room, covered in dry cum.

“What happened!?” he asked. Kim couldn’t help but grin when she noticed his morning wood standing proudly, despite the previous night’s events.

“I think you were having some spunky dreams, sir,” she replied, smiling wryly. Ron blushed and stalked into their bathroom, leaving a very amused Kim behind. She swung her legs off of the coach, stretched, and decided to prepare breakfast while Ron washed up. Surely he would be hungry after draining his balls all night long.


Later, someone knocked on their door. Ron was busy with a stack of pancakes, so Kim put on a robe and went to answer. She was greeted by a grim looking Bonnie, who pushed right past her. The busty brunette looked as stunning as ever, with curvy hips, long, toned legs, and a flat, sexy stomach. She had maintained birth control during their prom, arguing that, while the rest of his girls swelled up like balloons, Ron would appreciate having the hottest of them around in all her glory to pick up everyone else’s slack.

“Hi, Bonnie! How are you? Nice to see you! Wanna come in?” Kim asked sardonically and closed the door. The brunette rounded on her, making her tits bounce. No bra, Kim thought, and she felt fairly certain that Bonnie was going commando under her mini-skirt, too.

“Look, Kim, you and the others might find it funny that you can’t keep my man-“

Your man?” Kim cut in, raising an eyebrow. Bonnie rolled her eyes and scoffed.

Our man, whatever. You might find it fun to leave him pent up, but I don’t.” With that said, she turned around and strutted right towards Ron.

“Oh, hey, Bonnie! Good to s- woah! Hey!” he yelped as Bonnie walked up to him, went down on her knees, and started yanking at his boxers until they came off. She quickly grabbed his cock and wrapped her lips around it, even before it was fully hard. Of course, getting there didn’t take much longer at that point. Ron, with his mouth full of pancake, leaned back and sighed. Bonnie’s head bobbed in his lap for a moment. She only pulled away once he was hard and slippery.

“Don’t worry, Ron, just keep eating. Bon Bon will drain you of all that thick, nasty cum bothering you,” she told him as she lifted her top over her head, letting her big tits bounce freely. She engulfed Ron’s cock in those soft mounds and started working him with them.

Ron groaned deeply, though he shot a sheepish glance at Kim. She was engrossed in the show and smiled, which put him at ease, apparently. He put a hand on Bonnie’s head and praised her for licking his glans so well. His breakfast was forgotten, which bothered Kim somewhat. She joined them at the table, pulled up a chair, and started feeding Ron while Bonnie pleasured him.

“Isn’t this nice, Ron?” Bonnie huffed. She was really putting her back into that titfuck “There is no need for you to feel pent up. If you ever need to cum, just tell me and I’ll come running. In fact, I thought about moving in for a while.”

“What!?” Ron and Kim asked in unison. Bonnie scowled as if hurt.

“What, what? Last night showed that you can’t keep him satisfied while you’re all swollen up, Kim. You should thank me for my gracious help!” Kim rolled her eyes at the suggestion of Bonnie being generous. “Besides, Bonnie continued, “I’ll expect the same from you once I’m pregnant.” Kim could see it, and by her giggle, Bonnie could feel Ron twitching at that comment.

“Surprised?” Bonnie asked Ron. “Just because I let the others get a head start doesn’t mean I don’t want it.” Bonnie smooched Ron’s leaking tip lovingly, and when she looked up at him again, she was blushing. “I’ll give you as many children as you want, Ron. As soon as some of your other girls are ready to give it to you properly again, I’ll…”

“Bonnie,” Ron said warmly and reached out. He picked her up by the shoulders and pulled her up into his lap to kiss her. Bonnie wrapped her arms around him eagerly, and only loosened her grip when she lifted her hips, to reach between his legs to line him up with her pussy. Both of them groaned even as they kissed when she slid down his long shaft.

Kim knew when she wasn’t needed anymore. While the two of them went at it, she changed and grabbed her things for class. By the time she was ready to head out, Bonnie was spread out on the table, skirt pushed up to let Ron see where they were connected. Her big boobs jiggled with each strong thrust, and Bonnie yelped happily in response.

“I’ll leave you two lovebirds to it. See you later!” Kim didn’t get a response, but that was okay. Ron deserved to lose himself in his girlfriends sometimes. Kim bit her lip when it occurred to her that she might find them still going at it once she came back. She hoped she would. That would be hot as fuck!