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Unstoppable Lust

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Their lovemaking was a sinful symphony. Ron’s panting was steady, offset by the sound of their hips slapping together. The bed’s creaking was another layer of sound underscoring the melody of Kim’s moaning and whimpering.

Ron was as energetic as ever. His huge cock thoroughly massaged Kim’s needy snatch better than any toy could even hope to do. How good it felt almost drove tears into her eyes, grinding against her sensitive insides, stretching her wide; almost. She held nothing back as she pushed back into him, driving Ron’s cock deeper still.

As good as it was, Ron wasn’t fucking her as hard as he usually did, certainly not as hard as he had done at their prom. Kim received a reminder of why when Ron’s hands explored her body. She was on all fours with him behind. His hands started out on her ass and slid up across her back up to her shoulders. Ron grabbed onto those and gave her a few harder pumps, as if he needed the leverage, before moving on. His hands went around to her swollen breasts. He dared not grope them since they were sensitive lately, but even just brushing them made Kim mewl. Then his hands came to her belly, and Kim’s pussy squeezed.

It wasn’t like having her baby bump caressed felt especially good or anything, but feeling just how tenderly Ron touched her there gave her shivers. Sometimes Ron seemed so absorbed in caressing it that Kim would not have been surprised had he forgotten to shake his hips during sex. Fortunately, he was too good a lover for that. Still, Ron spent more time appreciating her swollen stomach than playing with her tits, fondling her ass, or touching any of the other parts of her body he usually liked touching.

Even if Ron took it easy on her now that she was pregnant, he still fucked her well enough. While she didn’t fall into sex comas nearly as often anymore, going to sleep with a creamy, thoroughly slammed pussy while still conscious was actually pretty nice.

“I’m cumming again…” Kim squealed, burying her face in her pillow before the orgasm hit in earnest.

“Me, too, KP!” Ron groaned in response. Veritable explosions of pleasure shook Kim to her core, leaving her breathless. Meanwhile, Ron kept thrusting until the very last moment and pulled out, blasting thick ropes of jizz all over her back. Kim was so used to creampies that she had been shocked when Ron first pulled out to cover her in cum after learning she was pregnant. However, Ron argued that his cum would go to waste either way, so he might as well take the opportunity and make a bit of a mess.

Kim didn’t complain. She liked it messy. The hot blasts splattering onto her skin felt nice, and the sheer volume of it was exhilarating. She giggled by the time her orgasm died down and Ron showed no signs of stopping. Once he was finally done, Ron slapped his massive pussy-pleaser between her buttcheeks and see-sawed against them. Kim took the chance to scoop some cum off her back and taste it. It was delicious.

“Can we go one more round, Kim?”

“I think I’ve had enough for tonight, Ron. Sorry,” she replied, feeling genuinely apologetic. He was still so hard, but any more sex, and Kim was going to wet herself. That wouldn’t do. Ron heaved a disappointed sigh and gave her anus a sad little poke with his massive glans before lying down next to her. Kim was welcomed into his arms, snuggled up to him and relaxed.

“Good night, Ron. Love you,” she sighed. Ron just gave her a kiss on the brow and snuggled into her a little more. Kim was pleased to feel a warm hand settling on her belly again.


A few months had passed since prom night, and they were now living together in a dormitory. Kim enjoyed college, despite the difficulties a pregnancy presented, but with Ron and all their friends to help out, it was manageable. The only complaint she had was Ron’s timidity in picking up girls.

They were anything but quiet during sex, and the walls were thin. Everyone knew that they fucked several times a day, and Kim had personally let slip to some of the chattiest girls how hung Ron was, but he just didn’t seem interested. He was entirely absorbed in caring for his pregnant girlfriends.

Kim supposed she couldn’t blame him for that. In fact, it only made her love him more. It was heart wrenching how well he cared for her. Whether it was just the right treat when Kim felt a pang of hunger, an impromptu shoulder-rub when she needed it, or a nice, foamy bath waiting for her when she came back home after a long day, Ron always did the perfect thing at the perfect time. Kim couldn’t fathom how he found the time, especially since he did much the same for all the other girls he got pregnant that night.

The ones he had knocked up the first time that night, like herself and Monique, were astonished by the sheer amount of love and care while more experienced women, like Shego and Vivian, just smiled fondly when Kim brought it up.

“He’s always like this,” the green woman had told her, caressing the growing bump around her midsection. Maybe that’s why Shego and the others had been so eager to get impregnated again. Kim could totally see a woman getting used to this.

Half asleep and thinking about how many of her friends were pregnant with her boyfriend’s children right now, Kim almost missed Ron’s breathing growing more laborious.

“Ron?” No answer. She lifted her head and saw that he was still asleep. She worried that he might be sick for a moment, but then she caught sight of the culprit. Their blanket rose sharply where Ron’s cock had risen again. Kim threw the blanket off to give it some air and drew breath in sharply when she saw just how swollen he was.

Veins stood out from the fleshy body of his cock and his glans was very engorged. Pre-cum slickened his slit, and some of the stuff pooled in his bellybutton. Kim felt guilty. Her wonderful boyfriend was so backed up, and she had told him to stop earlier? Next time, she would at least offer him a few rounds of anal before calling it quits.

While Kim pursed her lips and thought about how to make it up to Ron, he suddenly gasped Joss’ name and fired a load. Kim almost yelped when Ron covered his own chest in thick spunk, only barely missing Kim’s head, resting on his shoulder.

Dreaming about Joss, are you? Kim thought. The girl was one of the few who hadn’t gotten pregnant that night. Kim’s mom had insisted she wait with getting preggers until after she was out of school at least. Maybe Ron thought it was a shame he didn’t get to breed her there and then?

In any case, his boner remained hard, and his breathing did not ease up. Suspecting more fun in the immediate future, Kim eased herself from Ron’s arms, grabbed a camera and set it up to record the occasion.

She was not disappointed when Ron fired another shot a few minutes later. This time, he mumbled Nani’s name before cumming. Ron kept that up throughout the night, and Kim forgot all about sleep. Warmonga, Justine, Adrena, Hope, the Lifeguard, he kept moaning names, closely followed by juicy cumshots.

Interestingly, the ejaculations varied in volume and intensity, rather than gradually weakening. A lot of the cheerleaders prompted thick loads, but they barely cleared Ron’s stomach, whereas the Rockwallers consistently earned big loads all the way up to his collarbones. Ron did enjoy nice big titties, after all.

Furthermore, Kim noticed that the thickest, hardest shots appeared to be reserved for the women that had already given him children. Yori’s load reached his neck!

Ron worked his way down an entire list of his lovers, and by the time only a handful remained he was covered in his own jizz. Kim and a few helpers could have made a feast of that, but she was alone, and she didn’t want to interrupt.

“B-Bonnie!” Ron choked, firing a massive load that splashed against the underside of his chin. That was surprising! Kim supposed she had underestimated just how much Ron was into her old rival. When he cried out for Ann shortly thereafter, Kim was pleased to see his cum making it all the way up to his face, even though the load landed on the pillow right next to it.

The next load took a while. Ron started tossing and turning, until he clawed at the sheets and his back stiffened.

“Shego!” he growled and produced two shots! More amazingly still, both landed on his forehead! The green woman would be very pleased once she saw this, Kim thought.

However, Kim quickly focused on Ron again when he started twitching. His breathing sped up and his back arched off the mattress until the final climax was reached.

“Kim!” he cried, firing a single, beautiful shot while his body remained tense. The thick seed arched through the air and splashed against the wall above the bed. Kim found herself giggling when Ron dropped back onto the bed. Somehow, she felt flattered, looking at the load smeared on the wall.

Ron’s boner finally started to flag, and Kim checked the recording time. She had been at it for just below two hours. Those were a lot of cumshots in a fairly short amount of time.

She turned off the camera and left their bedroom with it. The bed was much to gooey for her to sleep in now, and she wanted that recording up for all their friends to see as soon as possible.


A scream startled Kim awake the next morning. She lifted her head off of their coach and rubbed her eyes just as Ron stumbled into the room, covered in dry cum.

“What happened!?” he asked. Kim couldn’t help but grin when she noticed his morning wood standing proudly, despite the previous night’s events.

“I think you were having some spunky dreams, sir,” she replied, smiling wryly. Ron blushed and stalked into their bathroom, leaving a very amused Kim behind. She swung her legs off of the coach, stretched, and decided to prepare breakfast while Ron washed up. Surely he would be hungry after draining his balls all night long.


Later, someone knocked on their door. Ron was busy with a stack of pancakes, so Kim put on a robe and went to answer. She was greeted by a grim looking Bonnie, who pushed right past her. The busty brunette looked as stunning as ever, with curvy hips, long, toned legs, and a flat, sexy stomach. She had maintained birth control during their prom, arguing that, while the rest of his girls swelled up like balloons, Ron would appreciate having the hottest of them around in all her glory to pick up everyone else’s slack.

“Hi, Bonnie! How are you? Nice to see you! Wanna come in?” Kim asked sardonically and closed the door. The brunette rounded on her, making her tits bounce. No bra, Kim thought, and she felt fairly certain that Bonnie was going commando under her mini-skirt, too.

“Look, Kim, you and the others might find it funny that you can’t keep my man-“

Your man?” Kim cut in, raising an eyebrow. Bonnie rolled her eyes and scoffed.

Our man, whatever. You might find it fun to leave him pent up, but I don’t.” With that said, she turned around and strutted right towards Ron.

“Oh, hey, Bonnie! Good to s- woah! Hey!” he yelped as Bonnie walked up to him, went down on her knees, and started yanking at his boxers until they came off. She quickly grabbed his cock and wrapped her lips around it, even before it was fully hard. Of course, getting there didn’t take much longer at that point. Ron, with his mouth full of pancake, leaned back and sighed. Bonnie’s head bobbed in his lap for a moment. She only pulled away once he was hard and slippery.

“Don’t worry, Ron, just keep eating. Bon Bon will drain you of all that thick, nasty cum bothering you,” she told him as she lifted her top over her head, letting her big tits bounce freely. She engulfed Ron’s cock in those soft mounds and started working him with them.

Ron groaned deeply, though he shot a sheepish glance at Kim. She was engrossed in the show and smiled, which put him at ease, apparently. He put a hand on Bonnie’s head and praised her for licking his glans so well. His breakfast was forgotten, which bothered Kim somewhat. She joined them at the table, pulled up a chair, and started feeding Ron while Bonnie pleasured him.

“Isn’t this nice, Ron?” Bonnie huffed. She was really putting her back into that titfuck “There is no need for you to feel pent up. If you ever need to cum, just tell me and I’ll come running. In fact, I thought about moving in for a while.”

“What!?” Ron and Kim asked in unison. Bonnie scowled as if hurt.

“What, what? Last night showed that you can’t keep him satisfied while you’re all swollen up, Kim. You should thank me for my gracious help!” Kim rolled her eyes at the suggestion of Bonnie being generous. “Besides, Bonnie continued, “I’ll expect the same from you once I’m pregnant.” Kim could see it, and by her giggle, Bonnie could feel Ron twitching at that comment.

“Surprised?” Bonnie asked Ron. “Just because I let the others get a head start doesn’t mean I don’t want it.” Bonnie smooched Ron’s leaking tip lovingly, and when she looked up at him again, she was blushing. “I’ll give you as many children as you want, Ron. As soon as some of your other girls are ready to give it to you properly again, I’ll…”

“Bonnie,” Ron said warmly and reached out. He picked her up by the shoulders and pulled her up into his lap to kiss her. Bonnie wrapped her arms around him eagerly, and only loosened her grip when she lifted her hips, to reach between his legs to line him up with her pussy. Both of them groaned even as they kissed when she slid down his long shaft.

Kim knew when she wasn’t needed anymore. While the two of them went at it, she changed and grabbed her things for class. By the time she was ready to head out, Bonnie was spread out on the table, skirt pushed up to let Ron see where they were connected. Her big boobs jiggled with each strong thrust, and Bonnie yelped happily in response.

“I’ll leave you two lovebirds to it. See you later!” Kim didn’t get a response, but that was okay. Ron deserved to lose himself in his girlfriends sometimes. Kim bit her lip when it occurred to her that she might find them still going at it once she came back. She hoped she would. That would be hot as fuck!