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Unstoppable Lust

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Kim’s world was flipped upside down one day when she entered the girl’s bathroom in her school. It was late, and most students had already gone home. However, there were clearly still people in there, and they were very busy. Passionate moans resounded in the tiled room along with slapping sounds.

It was scandalous, and Kim wanted to know more. She looked for the only occupied stall, entered an adjacent one, and peeked over the wall. The girl was getting it from behind. Her hair and skin were brown, and her body was curvy. She had seen that ass and back often enough in the showers; it was Bonnie! She sounded like a complete slut. Then Kim checked who was making her his bitch. It was none other than Ron, her best friend. For a moment she felt dizzy. Ron was slamming into Bonnie wildly, gripping her waist and making her juicy ass bounce with every powerful thrust.

The show was almost hypnotic, and whatever Kim had initially entered the bathroom for was forgotten. She was getting hot, and started massaging her nipples as she watched them.

Bonnie made noises that left Kim certain that she was experiencing multiple orgasms, which turned her on. However, it all came to a head when Ron reached his climax. He pulled out of Bonnie, and Kim’s knees grew weak at the sight of him. He was huge! She watched that giant pale snake spew thick ropes of semen all over Bonnie’s sexy back. The volume of his ejaculate was extraordinary. When he was done, Bonnie’s back was completely covered in cum, and some had even landed in her hair.

After that, Kim climbed down and seated herself, quietly, awaiting new developments. “Holy shit… it usually takes half the football team to make such a mess”, Bonnie said, her voice dripping with lust. Kimmy heard some shuffling around followed by slurping noises. “Fuck, no wonder you always wear those baggy pants. So, mmh, wanna go back to my place?”, Bonnie asked. “Mhm”, Ron moaned.

It took them a while to clean up the mess and get dressed. Kim listened as the odd couple left the bathroom. She remained there for a while, confused and incredibly turned on.

Kim didn’t notice any changes in Ron after that. He was still his usual dorky self. However, Bonnie seemed to be a lot nicer to him ever since then.

Things heated up again one day, when Kim waited for Ron after school. He had to attend a counseling session with Miss Go. Kim didn’t think anything off it, but grew impatient when she had waited for almost an hour.

She went back into the school, straight to Shego’s classroom to see what was up. Her eyes grew wide when she looked through the window in the door. Ron was lying on the desk in front of the class, naked. Shego had stripped down to her black lace thong. She had pulled it aside to insert Ron’s fat cock into her pussy. When Kim arrived, she was already bouncing on top of him.

Kim had a clear view of Ron’s cock sliding in and out of Shego’s wet pussy. It seemed ridiculous that such a big thing could fit into a woman, but there it was. Ron was grabbing Shego’s luscious ass as he moved his hips, and occasionally slapped it. The classrooms were soundproof; the fact that Kim could still hear Shego’s muffled screams of pleasure was driving her nuts. Her hand slipped into her pants right there, in the hallway. It was a good thing that practically no one was around anymore.

Suddenly, with one final thrust, they stopped. Ron was balls deep inside Shego, who gyrated her hips erotically. Then she lowered her upper body, presumably to kiss Ron. They stayed like that, and eventually Kim saw white fluid leaking from their connected genitals. Ron had creampied Shego! The realization took Kim over the edge. She quickly retreated back to the school entrance on wobbly legs, cumming all the while.

Another twenty minutes later or so, Ron finally arrived. He apologized for taking so long, but acted as if nothing had happened otherwise. The only giveaway was a hicky Shego had given him, but Kim decided not to say anything.

Her fascination with Ron’s sexual escapades led to her dressing more and more provocatively. Her skirts grew shorter, her pants tighter, her necklines deeper. It earned her plenty of looks and whistles, but none from Ron. He treated her just the same as always.

Then came her chance. Ron’s parents had ordered an exterminator to get rid of some pests, meaning their house would be uninhabitable for a few days. Kim offered Ron to stay at her place, sleepover style, which Ron was totally into. Ron would sleep on the floor in her room. Everything was perfect. She put on a tight top, with no bra, and tiny low rise shorts with a plainly visible thong underneath. Ron didn’t comment, but he stared when he thought she wasn’t looking. She made sure to bend over and stick her ass out a lot to give him a clear view of that little piece of nothing she wore under her shorts. Despite her best efforts to seduce him, Ron didn’t make his move, and she didn’t know how to approach him. They went to sleep after watching some movies.

That night, Kim dreamed of a large white snake that slithered up her pant leg, straight to her crotch. From there it slithered between her butt cheeks, upwards towards the front, in between her titties, and up to her face. The snake writhed, rubbing Kim in all kinds of sensitive spots. The snake's tongue was occasionally flitting about, and Kim extended her own so they could touch. When they did, she awoke. She felt horny as hell afterwards, and was covered in sweat. She checked if she had woken up Ron, but he wasn’t there. He had probably gone to get a drink or use the bathroom, however, a sense of foreboding urged Kim to look for him.

She found him in the kitchen, with his shorts down at his ankles. Squatting in front of him was Kim’s mother, Ann. Ron’s massive cock had disappeared inside Ann’s greedy mouth and throat. Kim watched from the shadows, only soft gagging noises and moans broke the silence. She was shocked, she couldn’t believe he would do her mom; she couldn’t believe her mom would cheat on her dad, but most importantly, she couldn’t believe it turned her on.

Ann released Ron from her throat, grabbed his dick with both hands and jerked him off. “Who would’ve guessed that you’d be packing a third leg like this, Ron?”, she asked, and giggled to herself. “Not to mention these bulky balls”, she murmured as she moved her face below the thick appendage to give them a quick suck. Kim could tell that Ron loved every second of it.

After tending to his nuts, Ann rose to her feet and let the satin negligee she wore to bed slide off of her shoulders. Ron gawked at the mature woman in front of him. She was slender and curvaceous, much like Kim, but a little more filled out in all the right places. She seated herself on the kitchen table, leaned back, and spread her legs. Ron gulped audibly when he saw her pussy. It looked pristine. It was hard to believe that such a pretty little snatch was supposed to have given birth three times already.

Ron slapped Ann’s pussy with his dick, rubbing his bulbous glans against her clit, making her breath harder. Once he was satisfied with how wet she was, he started shoving it in. “Ooooooh” was all the noise Ann made as Ron sank into her entirely. Kim was surprised at how fast Ron’s big cock had disappeared inside her mom. She had assumed that it would take some effort. Ron had a dubious look on his face, but inhaled sharply as Kim saw her mother’s abdominal muscles flex. “Don’t worry, I can be quite tight”, Ann chuckled with a lecherous smile on her face.

“You had me worried for a second, Mrs. P”, the boy admitted. Then he started moving his hips. Kim could see Ron’s heavy balls slapping against Ann’s plush butt. He quickly built up speed, yet the table they were fucking on didn’t budge or creak. It was sturdier than Kim had ever thought. Ann, meanwhile, had reclined and played with her breasts. Soft moans and hisses were all she uttered, there was no way anyone upstairs could hear her. Kim was impressed, in a weird way.

However, despite her cool demeanor, Ann was clearly enjoying herself. She had long since wrapped her legs around Ron’s waist, and her toes were wiggling around from the stimulation. She was flushed and looked gorgeous. “Fuck, if only James were this big”, she moaned. Kim noticed Ron thrusting harder after that comment.

They fucked like that and both of them started breathing hard when they approached their respective orgasms. “Oooh, Ron, I can feel you twitch! Don’t pull out, I love a good creampie!”, Ann said, and bit her lower lip in excitement. Ron did as she asked and plunged deep inside to cum. Ann’s eyes grew wide when she felt the hot stuff filling her up and came, too.
Ron collapsed on top of her, his head resting on her boobs. She scratched his hair and giggled to herself as Ron flooded her insides.

That was the straw that broke the camels back. Kim couldn’t believe that she had just watched her best friend unload inside her mother. If they weren’t going to be decent, she wasn’t either.

“Is it my turn now?”, Kim asked as she entered the kitchen, bare ass naked. Both Ron and her mother startled up from the afterglow. “Kimmy, I can expla- ah!”, her mother said, interrupted when Ron pulled out of her in a panic. His cock had deflated a bit, but when he saw Kim’s body he grew hard again almost instantly, which pleased her. Meanwhile, with the plug gone, copious amounts of excess semen gushed out of her pussy onto the tabletop, and from there down to the floor, forming a big puddle.

Kim walked towards Ron confidently, swaying her hips. She squatted down in front of him. His cock was covered in left over cum and pussy juices. There was still some semen oozing out of his dick. “Kim, I- oh!”, Ron started, but lost his train of thought when she started sucking his cock.

His thick sperm clung to the inside of her mouth. Its taste, mixed with the flavor of Ann’s juices drove her wild. She couldn’t just deepthroat this monster like her mom had done, but she was determined to work her way down the tremendous shaft. Her head bobbed up and down, progressively swallowing more of the kosher meat. When it started scraping against the back of her throat, Kim forced it further in, gagging on it like crazy.

Ann had climbed down from the table and joined Kim. She fondled Ron’s balls while she placed the other hand on the back of Kim’s head and pushed her further down. “That’s my girl, take it all”, her mother said. The encouragement drove her even further down Ron’s massive cock. After a few minutes she finally felt his nuts on her chin and knew she had taken the entire thing. Ron moaned, pleasured and impressed by the performance. “Well done, Kimmy-cub”, Ann said. She let the hand on the back of Kim’s head slide down across her supple back to her dripping wet pussy. Kim came a little when her mother slipped two fingers inside her. “Mmh, already soaked. How about it, you two; want to see if Kimmy’s mouth down here can take the whole thing as well?”

Both of them were eager and ready. Ann sat down on the floor, legs spread, and Kim sat between them. Her mom held her legs wide open, presenting her tight pussy on a silver platter. Ron lined himself up for entry and pushed. Kim felt like she was being split in half, but in a good way. It didn’t hurt, it was just a strain. However straining it may have been, however, the pleasure more than made up for it. Kim started moaning, unable to control herself, but Ann helpfully clasped a hand over her daughter’s mouth to muffle the noises. Ron drilled into her until his fat glans pressed against her womb. Then a pushed a bit more, cramming the rest of his dick inside her as well.

Kim felt stuffed. She looked at her abdomen and was surprised that the outline of Ron’s monstrous cock wasn’t plainly visible. She thought she might pass out when Ron started thrusting. The stimulation was unlike anything she had ever experienced. She couldn’t help but lick the hand that muffled her screams. Amused, Ann started nibbling her earlobes, while Ron sent shockwaves of pleasure through her body every time he knocked against her cervix.

At some point Kim started shedding tears of joy. Ron paused and asked if she was okay. “Don’t worry, big boy. She loves it, just keep going”, Ann assured him, and Kim nodded in agreement.

Kim started cumming early in the session and never really stopped. Her pussy trembled constantly, drawing moans out of Ron. However, eventually, the big one was upon her. She felt it coming, her hands reached for something to hold onto and found Ann’s shoulders. She opened her mouth, but no sound escaped her. Everything in her body seized up, she arched her back and her eyes fluttered. She felt like a dam had been holding the pleasure back up until that point, but then it broke and she was washed away by it all.

Ron never stopped pumping his hips, working towards his own climax. He was ready when Kim had started coming down from hers. He pulled out of her and jerked himself off while looking at the mother and daughter duo. Ann watched eagerly while Kim smiled dumbly and looked at him through half-closed eyes. “Open your mouth, Kimmy”, her mom whispered in her ear. They both did, though Kim even rolled out her tongue like a red carpet for Ron’s jizz.

His shots were strong and thick. White goo flew straight into Kim’s mouth and hit Ann straight on the nose. The ropes of semen kept on coming, covering Kim’s modest breasts, flat stomach, and even dribbling onto her well used pussy. The odd shot landed in the girls’ hair or flew off to somewhere else.

When he had finished, both, mother and daughter, teamed up to lick his cock clean. Then they started making out with one another. Ann spent precious minutes licking up all of Ron’s thick seed from Kim’s body. The show got Ron hard again.

“Hehehe, well, I’ll clean up this mess”, Ann said after she had finished cleaning up Kim. “You two can go back upstairs and do it again if you like. Just make sure not to make too much noise”, she told them with a wink and a naughty smile. Kim fetched the clothes she had discarded before, grabbed Ron by the dick, and led him upstairs. Both redheads shared a lascivious smile before the young ones disappeared upstairs. Meanwhile, Ron ogled Kim’s cute little ass.

After that, Kim and Ron became an item, though Kim accepted that she couldn’t have him all to herself. He was too much of a sexual tyrannosaurus for one woman to handle all on her own. She got to have him in the evenings, while he went and got some from other women during the day. Sometimes she would even invite some of his other girls for threesomes. She would’ve never expected that she and Bonnie would make such a good team.

Some time later, Kim heard that both her mother and Shego had gotten pregnant. Kim was fairly certain who the father was, but neither woman admitted it. Her mom had made sure to have sex with her dad shortly after their threesome, so it could’ve actually been his. She doubted it though, and Ann seemed to like the idea of having another man’s child.