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Possible's Pure Love Road

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"So... About what I was talking about earlier."

The two were sitting rather comfortably on the sofa after the hearty dinner. Her earlier aggression now dissipated, the pale green delinquent smiled softly while letting out a satisfied sigh. Ron thought that now that things have calmed down between them, he decided to go further his plans on saving the festival. And so, he asked hesitantly. Shego just rose her brow in question and thought about it for a moment before asking "About Possible?"

When Ron nodded slowly, the female let out a disgruntled breath. "Ugh... I'm feeling good right now. Don't make me think about that pain in the ass." He almost bit his tongue from that as his gaze went towards the ground. Shego turns toward him, noticing that the blonde teen has been honest with her. She gave him a glare and straightened his mind out "I'm still gonna do it. If Possible doesn't want me to do it, then I'm gonna smash the Pickleworks into bits."

The boy can't help but heave a sigh before asking "Why do you hate Kim so much?" He decided to get into the root cause of her hatred. Unfortunately for him, the answer she has given him was unhelpful "There's no reason. I hate her 'cause I hate her."

And before he could ask her further, she suddenly spoke up and changed her answer "Actually, saying I hate her isn't right... She's my enemy. There's no logic behind it. My body tells me no when I see her. I bet she feels the same." Ron nodded his head at that and pondered about it. "Now that I think about it, those two act way similar to two predators baring their fangs. Maybe they just can't coexist with each other. They say opposites attract, but this one is completely out of the ordinary. There aren't many people like them in this world, and they instinctively reject one another... If that's the case, what am I going to do?"

"But, you know..." The girl's voice pulled him from his thoughts. Ron was surprised when he realized that he's currently on top of the pale green delinquent. With a wolfish grin, she conceded "I won't do it if you don't want me to."

Ron sputtered and garbled out an incomprehensible gurgle at that for two reasons. One, he never expected her to actually agree with him peacefully, especially after what he had been through earlier. And second, the fact that he's still on top of her made his mind go haywire. The way she looks with her slightly ruffled clothes and a still satisfied smile caused blood to rush to his face, among other things. Shego laughed at him and continued "I'll settle things with Possible someday, but it's not like crashing the Pickleworks' the only way. So, what's the point of doing it if you're gonna hate me for it?"

Blushing even harder, Ron was stupefied at the end. "Oh..." That was all he could say as he stares at the girl, who is now grinning at him. Shego's smile turned playful afterwards and teased "I'll still smash it up as soon as I feel like it, though."

Seeing his face morph into a facefault, the infamous Massacre howled in laughter. She patted his back softly and said in her sing-sang voice "So, next time I want some burger steak!"

His lips twitched into a smile at that and shared in with her happiness. "I understand. Please come back whenever you'd like. I'll make you the best, most badical burger steak you've ever had! It can be before or after the Pickleworks."

She nodded her head eagerly and started walking towards the window "Sounds good... Oh, looks like someone's coming here. I'm outta here, then." And in a blink of an eye, the girl leaped from the window and into the outside world. Not long after, he heard the car that sounded like the one his sister is riding in stop. Ron mused on how she could even hear the vehicle approaching fast before it can even reach their house, but decides to let it go.

Ron was right, after all. Massacre isn't all that different with the Bloody Fox. They're not necessarily evil, they're just not what others would call good people. And with his finished business, there was pretty much nothing to worry about for the Pickleworks, and the blonde teen will be able to enjoy the day with Kim Possible tomorrow as well.

Possible household...

On the other side of the spectrum, Kim Possible went home with a sour look on her face. When the matriarch of the family noticed her mood, she asked "You don't seem like you're enjoying yourself. What's wrong, honey?" The redhead teen scrunched up her nose in irritation and muttered "I'm done with this... The hell's with fashion? Cosmetics... tricks for being popular... I've got no idea what any of these mean."

She watched Kim take a sit on the sofa and decided to follow suit. Now beside her daughter, Anne let out a rueful laugh and jibed "How have you gotten this far as a girl? This is what you get for taking it easy until now. Even I knew how to put on makeup back when I was your age, you know." The younger female just furrowed her brows at that and let out a pout, causing the older woman to laugh. Kim buried his face under her arms and muttered "I just want to learn how to do the absolute minimum for a date... Hmm..."

Anne watched her daughter think about fashion with a mused smile before she heard the door bell ring. When she opened the door, she saw one particular black-skinned girl, who looked like she's in the same age bracket as Kim. The matriarch was about to ask about her identity, but when Kim realized who it was in front of their house, she greeted "Oh, President? What do you need in a time like this?"

Quick on the uptake, the neurologist lead her inside the den and offered the available seat. Monique, on the other hand, politely thanked the older redhead and answered the teen's question "W-Well, there's something I need to speak to you about." Furrowing her brows, Kim voiced her confusion "Hmm, what is it? I haven't been skipping school these days?"

Monique shakes her head negatively and tried to correct it "No, you haven't. You've been at school every day. Much better than last year." The redhead huffed at that and retorted "It's because of a certain someone who wouldn't shut up about it. I'm fine just going the minimum number of days." The two shared a laugh at that. When her mother excused herself to the kitchen, Kim then repeated her question earlier "So, what do you need?"

"Y-Yes. It's about the Pickleworks preparations. Uh... the Pickleworks' the day after tomorrow, so I'm sure that Ron Stoppable will be very busy tomorrow. And so I was wondering if you could help him." The class president started. Kim fought back the urge to chuckle since it is beyond her knowing that the infamous delinquent is already helping him, but decided to continue hiding it. She coughed a bit before nodding. Taking that as a sign to continue, Monique added "If you're unable to, then I can switch with you, if you want."

It took her a moment, but the teen redhead gave her an answer "Hmm, well... Whatever, I guess. I'll do it tomorrow."

Shocked beyond belief, Monique raised her brow and asked "Sorry?" Kim heaved a sigh and said "I said... Uh, I'll help tomorrow. I actually wanted to do something for the Pickleworks... since the even'ts pretty important for my parents. But, uh... you know, I'm a delinquent and... Well, this festival is where they met and..." Monique watched in fascination on how the usually imposing figure is now reduced into a stumbling maiden. She could almost giggle on how feminine the delinquent is now emitting, but decided to just hold it in.

And with that, the curly teen let out a smile and helped her "Oh, so your parents met during the Pickleworks festival? That sounds wonderful." During this time, the Possible mother walked back in, and after she was informed of what was happening, smiled while reminiscing about her fond memories "Yeah, it was. Now that I think about it, all my important memories with James were during Pickleworks. We met there for the first time, the day he proposed to me... And our first kiss was also there, a year after we met."

The female visitor gushed at the romance while Kim puffed her cheeks in embarrassment. "Sorry about this, President. You don't wanna listen to someone else's mother talk about stuff like this, right?" Monique shakes her head and replied "N-No, I think it's wonderful."

Anne's eyes gleamed at that and said in her still reserved, but is slowly growing excited, voice "Really!? Then could you could watch this!? It's a video we put up together of what's happened both before and after our marriage. I call it 'Everything's Possible, Even Living a Life Full of Love'."

Cheeks erupting in red, Kim stood up and tried to push her snickering mother away, while yelling in an embarrassed state "Please, Mom! Go away before I'm forced to live through the tragedy of slugging my own mother." Anne and Monique laughed at her expense, but she relented on leaving the two alone. Kim huffed before returning to her seat beside the amused black-haired girl. "Anyway, I'm planning on doing work together with Ron tomorrow, so you don't need to worry about it. But, don't tell anyone else about it, all right?"

Monique nodded her head earnestly, but on the back of her mind, she thought "S-She's referring to him by his first name..." Kim waved her hand and started bidding "So yeah, you can go home now. I'm busy preparing for tomorrow."

Her ears perked up when she heard the word 'preparing' and asked about what she meant "Preparing?" The young redhead, on the other hand, cursed herself for the slip of tongue and tried to come up with an excuse "Oh, uh, no... I mean..."

Unfortunately for her, Anne's voice popped from the dining area, and hollered "Kimmie's been struggling with prettying herself up this whole time. She's on cloud nine because it's her first date." With her cheeks flaring up for the second time, Kim yelled back in frustration "Mom! Please!... Wha, no, President. This isn't... uh, for Ron. It's..." The matriarch of the family, however, wasn't deterred and continued on with her chiding "She was just at Club Banana to pick out clothes, and she couldn't bring herself to actually buy them. She was soo depressed."

Kim crossed her arms and pouted at that. Anne finally appeared once again and shook her head in disappointment "Kids these days. When I was young, I would've been just fine even surrounded by a hundred police goons." The younger redhead snapped in retaliation and started "That's a completely different situation! And, what the hell, I wasn't depressed!" When she realized that Monique's still in their company, she quieted down and murmured "Uh... sorry. She doesn't know what she's talking about."

Anne laughed lightly at that and said back "How rude. I've been only trying to help you, sweetie." The younger Possible gave her a glare before returning to the dark-skinned girl, who was still quiet ever since they started arguing. A quick flash of concern emerge from her and asked if she's fine, but she didn't answer. Monique slowly bows her head and went silent for a few moments until she uttered two words.

"It's on."

And before she could ask what she meant by that, Monique erupted from her seat and yelled out "MY NOSY MODE HAS BEEN TURNED ON!" She then shifted her sight towards the bespectacled redhead and grabbed both her hands. She said with her mouth running like a motorboat "I understand very well now, Kim Possible, so please leave it to me. I'll take charge and make you into a lovely lovely girl that will make Ron fall for you in an instant, so please allow me to handle it!"

She was startled by her abrupt rise in energy, but before she could utter a word, Monique already launched a barrage of questions towards her "Have you decided on what clothes to wear? What makeup? Would you like to go at him with cute or sexy? How far are you going to go, will it end with just a date? Will it go all the way to the bedroom?"

"N-No, uh..." Kim can't help but scratch her head and shake her head, but the black beauty didn't stop there. "So you haven't decided yet. That's fine, then I'll decide for you. I actually like that better since I just love to butt in on people's lives." The mother just laughed at her daughter's rising distress before letting the girl to take a deep breath. "Here's some tea, Monique. Why don't we calm down for a moment."

Monique accepted the drink politely and took a sip. Kim, meanwhile, breathed a sigh of relief and tried to brave herself for the answer she'll be getting with her question "Uh, so what you're saying is that you'll help me prepare?" The girl smiled widely at her and replied "Yes, I am glad to be of service. Although, ideally I'd like to just decide on everything myself rather than help."

Kim let out a facefault at her answer and stared at the smiling girl incredulously "I'm grateful for everything, but it's okay. You're kinda scaring me right now." Monique's eyes widen in shock and blurted out in a loud voice "HOW!?" to which the redhead retorted "That's so scary! That's how! What's with that intensity? I've never seen you like this at school, like at all. And besides, you don't really look like you're much for fashion, President."

Her side comment didn't sit well with Monique. Sure, at the moment, she's on her usual student form, not anything wow-inducing, but it was clean to her taste, and she could understand that she saw her in that way. But, to be told that she's not fit for fashion made her a bit mad, and so she stood up and said "Okay. Please wait for a moment. Uh, can I borrow a mirror?" When the mother produced one, she then said "Thank you. Please give me about thirty seconds."

The black curly girl had her facing away from them, and just like what she said, in about thirty seconds, she turned around, and the two redheads could only gape in shock. She could see that all she used were some foundation and a couple of light makeup, but the work she's done in only half a minute could rival those working in model photo shoots. Kim could only gaze in amazement in how her entire look changed in such a short amount of time, blurting out the first thing in her mind: "Who are you!?"

She giggled at her stupefied response and said "You can change quite a lot in just thirty seconds, don't you think?" Kim closed her eyes and retraced everything that she remembered "Uh, what'd you do? Took the foundation, put on lip balm... Uh..."

"There's a bit of a trick to get the parts around your eyes and eyebrows to look good with minimal makeup. I more or less know the basics about this stuff. My mother actually runs a makeup salon called GRATH'S in the new commercial district." When Anne heard the name of the salon, her eyes popped out and almost shrieked "GRATH'S!? That ultra-high-class salon?"

Curious about the development, Kim asked her mother "You know that place?" The scientist nodded her head and smiled "I love that place. I go every time I have my day-off. Getting my skin done there makes James twice as-" Kim glared at her and yelled "You can stop right there, Mom. TMI!"

Turning back to the beautified black girl, she let out a sigh and looked over the light makeup that accented her facial features "Hmm... I still can't believe you looked totally different a while ago. I didn't think that you'd be so good at this stuff, President. Why don't you usually do it?" Monique tilted her head and wondered "What do you mean? I think I look alright at school. No need to be overly-dressed. I just want to look neat, is all... But! I'm totally fine doing it for you, Kim! I love to help people!"

Hearing her voice rise once again made Kim's eyes to twitch and said "I told you, you're scary when you're like that! Anyway, in my personal opinion, you look more of a high-schooler now, so you should do this more often. You look way cuter than before." Monique blushed from the sudden compliment and said "Is that so? Thanks. I'm so glad that you agreed to let me do your makeup, as long as I do it all the time." And before Kim could let out a retort, she dived towards the redhead and examined her arms "Hmm. You have nice skin, so I think any kind of makeup would look good on you."

Kim's brow furrowed as the sudden sensation of someone closely looking at her starts to hit her. "Whoa, you've already started? You're too close! Too close!" Anne, meanwhile, reprimanded her daughter and said "Just let her do it. It usually costs almost a hundred dollars just to have them look over you when you go to their salon." Kim nodded at her and started trying to get used to the feeling until she realized one thing about what she just said:

"No, I'm... Wait, 100 dollars just to look over you!? How much do you actually spend at that salon every week?" And thus she spends the entire night trudging over her wardrobe and looking over every possible makeup combination most suited for her.

The next day. Middleton High...

Today's the last day for the Pickleworks festival, and although it's a cheap little festival compared to your usual national-level festivals, Ron can really tell that the entire city's livened up in some degree. This goes the same for Middleton High. Everyone's excited, and if he were to be honest, he's also one of them. Ron gave Kim a glance and immediately look back, fearing that staring at her any longer would make it harder for him to go back. "I-I can't help it. I've always been somewhat apathetic for Pickleworks, but now I'm all excited. Kim and I are-"

When he sneaked a glance the second time, he was shocked to see her glaring. Although it wasn't pointed at him, he was somewhat scared now since he believed that her mood may not be as accommodating as he wanted. Her glare, however, weakened and her face morphed into a panicked mode. And so, Ron decided to let her be and wait for afternoon to come.

School only had morning classes today to give way for the final preparations for the festival. And thus, he'll be assigned to give out flyers on the new commercial district, together with the one and only Bloody Fox. The thought of spending time alone with her made him smile uncontrollably. Josh notices this and asked him with concern "What's going on? You look awfully excited." Ron waved his hand and dismissed it with a smile "It's nothing big."

Gil went towards them after entering the classroom and said "He's just in a good mood 'cause there's a festival tomorrow." Josh and Ron nodded at him, but inside the blonde teen's mind, he chuckled "That, too. I'm actually more excited about my plans for today." The three watched their fellow classmates to enter the room. When the whole gang is finally complete, Gil let out a sigh and muttered out loud "Aw, man! It's a festival, for crying out loud. Wish I could go with a girlfriend."

Felix chuckled at his claim and let out a quip "Give it up, Gil. That won't happen anytime soon." The dark-haired boy glared at him while the rest laughed. Ron chuckled under his breath, while preventing himself to spill out his cheesy grin. "A girlfriend, huh... It may only be for a limited period of time, but Kim Possible's my girlfriend right now... and tomorrow..."

On the other hand, Gil, cursed them and said "It doesn't have to be a girlfriend, you jerks! Any girl's fine as long as she's cute." He then faced the most handsome male of the group and begged "Hey, Josh. Couldn't you go out of the beach real quick and pick up some cute girls? It'd be easy with your looks, right?" The budding artist rose his brow in question while the other two guys shook their heads. Ned puts a hand on Gil's shoulder and said "Stop it already."

The boy looked at the one with glasses and asked "Why?" to which Felix responded with "It'd actually be easy for him that it makes me mad." Realization dawned on him and nodded at them. Josh stared at them with a dubious look before responding "I'd like to avoid going to the beach without reason anyway. Women who don't even know try to talk to me at least once every ten minutes when I go there, even if all I'm doing is walking. It's unbelievably annoying."

His response made the three boys to stare at him incredulously. Ron, meanwhile scratched the back of his head and tried to diffuse the situation by taking the attention off him "If you just want to do stuff with girls, why not ask a female friend to come with you?" The three went silent for a moment before they erupted into laughter, confusing the blonde teen. Gil patted him on the back and explained "Hahahahah! What a great idea, Ron."

Ned followed suit and continued "But there's one flaw with that idea." Felix finishes their answer while dragging all their earlier giddiness with him "We don't have any female friends to begin with." The freckled teen winced at that and watched the three to devolve into their depression. "Uh... I'm sorry."

Josh then piped up with a suggestion of his own "Why not ask someone from our class? Going to a festival together as classmates should be fine, no?" Ron's eyes drifted unconsciously towards the seemingly stoic redhead at the far side of the room and nodded unconsciously. Gil, on the other hand, instantly refutes the idea and said "What are you talking about? That's the worst option. Asking someone to go to the festival with you out of nowhere is pretty much just telling them you like them."

His breath hitched when he thought about what happened between them. Now remembering how he asked her to go out with him for the festival, Ron's cheeks flush a light pink hue. Josh, meanwhile, tried to think of something that could help them until one person came into mind. "Hmm... Then how about President? I doubt she would misunderstand that way."

The two nodded their heads while thinking about their class representative while Gil vehemently refuses the suggestion "The heck's wrong with you? I want to go with someone cute. Going out with that oddball isn't gonna be-"

"Hmm? Josh? You need me for something?" And for a moment, all eyes turned towards Monique, who just entered the room and heard the boy call her name. To say that they are shocked, sans Josh of course, is a complete understatement. In fact, everyone inside the class went silent when they began to notice their representative looking awfully cuter than usual. The boys stared at how her face seemed to glow even if it looks natural. Gil could only stutter, rubbing his eyes in complete amazement. Josh broke the silence and greeted "Hmm, good morning, President."

Monique looked over the petrified guys and let out a mutter "Yes, good morning. Were you talking about me just now?" When all she got was complete silence, she tilted her head and asked "Is something the matter?" It took them a couple of moments before they could ask the one thing in their minds: "WHO ARE YOU!?"

Said black curly girl just laughed hard and slapped Ron's shoulder lightly "What do you mean? Of course I'm still Monique. You know, your class president?" And in an instant, she's engulfed by the entire female population of the class, minus one certain delinquent, almost pushing the boys out from her. Monique meanwhile just giggled while the other checked about her makeup. They were all staring with shock while Josh let out a somewhat sad chuckle "Her class president-ness parameter has fallen. What a shame."

Meanwhile, Gil clutches the shirt on top of his chest and muttered "... I think I'm in love." Felix whacks him on the head and muttered "You're a scumbag."

Afternoon, New Commercial District...

When class ended, Ron took a bag full of fliers from the student council room, went straight home and changed into his outfit of choice before heading back outside. It is the moment he's been waiting for and finally, he could spend the entire time with the infamous delinquent. He could see people from the neighborhood association and some students from Middleton High on the road putting up stalls and the festival grounds. The preparation committee's had a lot of meetings, but in the end, that's 90% of the work. The neighborhood association just want them to help with the physical labor.

And luckily for him, he didn't have to do that since he already had given up his weekend and done posting all the remaining posters before. He headed towards the new commercial area, where the towering Rockwaller building stood high and above the city skyline. With a handful of posters, Ron went towards their designated spot and wait for her.

The Middleton Business District, or what the locals would call the new commercial area, is without a doubt one of Middleton's tourist attractions. After all, it is one of the first ecological-engineered urban areas in the world. Sprawling with parks and green pathways, the entire construction of this project took almost a decade. Office buildings surround one giant park akin to the likes of Manhattan's Central Park, but with a plaza in the middle of it.

Aside from the skyscraper, the area's also home to the newly-finished mall, housing the biggest brands of the world all over. There's also special zones catered for fashion, food, and specialty shops. It is a picture example of modern city planning and urban management that is being studied by city engineers all over the world. And now, it is the place where Ron will spend his day.

He went towards the welcome arc and stood patiently for her to come. The stone structure is particularly famous within the Tri-State area that is shared all over the net, and Ron seeing it in front and up close made him all the more excited. Even on a crowded day, the arc stands tall above the pedestrians and vehicles, as if reaching towards everyone to welcome in. With the place perfectly leveled and wide, it was the perfect place for a rendezvous.

Ron leaned on the post behind him and began to hum until a thought entered her mind "Wait, this place is actually pretty huge. We've only agreed to meet 'at the arc' and this is way bigger than the one we've met up with back at the old shopping area. Will we be able to find each other like this? I should've at least asked her which side of the bridge we'd meet on... Well, I guess we can just use my phone. And it's still fifteen minutes before the time we agreed on, anyway."

Shrugging his shoulders, Ron looked towards the teeming crowd and looked for anything that might catch his attention. Since it's festival time, the area looks a bit congested, and during the festival proper, he mused if cars could even go through the town's streets. But, that didn't mind him a bit, especially when he realized that there's also an abundance of cute girls walking. Ron's eyes drifted to one girl who was wearing a short frilly and fluffy skirt. Ron started to stare at her with intensity and thought "Wow, this one's really cute... Her skirt cuts just so right that it still shows some skin without coming off as loose. Hmm... Yes, this one's the best one yet."

The boy was so entranced with his thoughts, he hadn't realize something was amiss, "Her auburn hair sways in the wind, glittering in the sunlight. Her smooth skin is incredibly delicate. And yet, that's all contrasted by her sharp and piercing emerald eyes. The way the sun strikes her irises made them naturally stand out. I wonder if she's waiting for someone, too. She stops right in front of me. I need to look away, so I don't come off as rude. But, I can't. She's really pretty. It's like-"

"Stop staring at me." The voice made him snap back to reality. He was about to give out an apology when realization finally dawned on him. He stared at her for a long time, making said girl in front of him to wait in bated breath. Ron wanted to smack his head to a wall, but his muscles felt like it was made of lead. He was unconsciously staring at Kim. No, scratch that, he's staring at Kim Possible, who is wearing the most girlish clothes he had ever seen her wear. And his reaction to that is to gape with disbelief.

Meanwhile, Kim couldn't take the nervousness and said "Say something!" And with that, Ron exclaimed "K-KIM!?"

The redhead was taken aback with his outburst and furrowed her brows in embarrassment "W-What are you shouting for?" The freckled boy gave her another glance from head to toe and tried to give her a coherent answer, to no avail "Because I, wait, what? Seriously? Uh... What are those clothes? And actually, are you wearing makeup?"

Kim remembered the torture she had endured the night before and shuddered before responding "Someone terrifying made me wear them. As for the makeup, I pretty much touched things up with some toning water, or whatever that thing's called." Ron continued to stare at her, making said girl to feel even more uncomfortable, and asked "... What happened to you?"

Her temper flared and fired back a snide answer "S-Shut up, idiot! I dunno how things ended up this way either! Ahhh~ It's sooo embarrassing~ What the hell is this? What the hell's with these clothes~?" The anger quickly dissipated into shyness when she started clutching at the hem of her skirt. When she noticed him staring at her once again, she asked with a flushed face "T-The hell's that face for? Say something!" Ron looked over her one more time before admitting "Oh, okay. You're really cute."

And before he could even blink, she punched him in the gut while screaming in her red-hot face "Shut up, moron!"

Ron quickly crumpled on the ground, moaning in pain, while the rest of the pedestrian just stared at the spectacle of a cutely-dressed girl giving a guy a mean punch. When the redhead realized that their attention is on them, she hid her face under her hair and muttered "Y-You know what, I'm going home. I'm gonna change."

But before she could move, Kim felt a hand holding her wrist. Ron then pleaded "No! No! You can't go home! It'd be a waste!" When she turned around and asked what he meant, Ron continued with his answer "It's a waste because this is a miracle! It's like how you and those come together, and that you're currently before my very eyes wearing them. That's not something people would see you everyday." Kim blushed at his compliment and tried to wave it off "I-I'm not wearing this 'cause I want to! Someone forced me to!"

He didn't waver and said back "And who was that? God?" Kim managed to fall silent at that and looked at him for a moment, trying to find any crack from his words. And when she did responded to him, her voice was soft, a complete turnaround from earlier "Uh... Does it really look good on me?" Ron nodded his head and answered sincerely "It does. Seriously, if I were a weaker man, I'd have tried to hold you in my arms and you would've sent me flying towards the Rockies."

Kim almost squeaked when she heard the words 'hold me' but nonetheless, blushed harder than a sunburn. She nodded her head and slowly agreed "Okay... I-I won't go home."

And with that, the two started walking together and crossed the road towards their designated spot. Along the way, the freckled teen noticed that most of the guys on the street would glance at her way, and he can't help but feel proud that a girl that has the looks that could make every guy turn their heads, is walking beside him. Smiling at another one who he caught stealing glances on Kim, he said in a confident tone "This is so surprising."

Beside him, the redhead frowned and muttered "I'm surprised myself, too." Not really happy with guys staring at her, Kim trudged along the street with a serious face. And to be honest, her expression reminded him that the one beside her is, in fact, a bona fide top dog of the delinquent world. She's still the stoic and composed leader of Middleton High's delinquents. The Blood Fox, Kim Possible, and he can't believe that the school's bad girl would dress up this cute.

"All of that, for me..." His grin widened with each passing second. Entering the plaza, he mused out loud "Maybe I should've dressed up more, too." Kim, meanwhile, just giggled and shook her head and replied "It's fine. That's more like you. I'm the one that's out of place here." Ron gave her a glance and tried to repeat his earlier statement "I told you, you're cute."

Predictably, her hot-temper rose once again and Kim yelled in embarrassment "AND I TOLD YOU TO DON'T CALL ME CUTE!" He guffawed in laughter, even if he had been hit with a light punch on his shoulder. The fact that she could even act this embarrassed with him made the boy feel exhilarated. "But, you really do look good in those clothes. I thought you were cool, but all it takes is just a change of outfit and you could make a supermodel jealous."

His compliment fell on deaf ears, however, as the young delinquent to drive her knee towards his stomach "Shut up! Never say that again! Never compliment me again!" And although he's still reeling from the shock, Ron managed to give the girl a grin and declined "Impossible. Cute things need to be called cute, Kim. It's the way of the world."

"You're still gonna say it, you piece of shit!? I'll- Aahh!?" Her anger quickly subsided when she felt the wind blow. Her hands instinctively went all down to her skirt. When the breeze died down, Kim let out a mutter while glaring at the boy "Gh... Dammit~ It's all fluffy. It's hard to move around in this." Ron quickly understood her predicament. She felt like her skirt almost flipped up when she was about to unleash hell on him. The redhead kept muttering while holding the hem of her skirt "It's short... I can feel the wind on my legs."

Ron puts a finger on top of his chin and said "Now that you mention it, you usually don't wear miniskirts, right?" Kim nodded her head and explained "This is the first time I've ever worn something this short... It feels all breezy."

He nodded his head while staring at her skirt longer than he should have. "Either way, I really like it. Your skirt length included." Kim looked over him and saw him still staring at her. She puffed her cheeks and decided to deliver her elbow right at the center of his ribs. She didn't let out another retort this time, and Ron supposed that her protest were getting weaker and weaker. The redhead took the posters from Ron's bag and declared "Okay, we still have work to do. Let's get this over with already."

Producing a map from his bag, the freckled teen pointed at the encircled areas and debriefed the girl "We need to hand them out at predetermined spots. The entrance to the new mall, the small park between the mall and the north office area... So we'll move through that route." Kim nodded her head as she continued listening on the plan, while thinking "That's right... This isn't a date. I shouldn't get too weird about it."

Meanwhile, Ron continued to drone on the plan "Though we're pretty much just going to be sightseeing, so let's just enjoy ourselves. I'm sure it'll be fun. There are lots of date spots here." Ron started walking, not noticing how rigid stiff Kim had become. He wanted to finish the job as soon as possible, pun intended, and so the two carried on and started their job of handing out flyers to pedestrians and tourist around the area. Kim followed suit and hoped she could stay as calm for the entire day.

Specialty shops, New Commercial District...

It had been almost an hour since they both started their job and their currently on their fourth spot. Flyers were running out in a fast rate, especially the ones the redhead were handling. Ron could only chuckle as he remember all the poor men who tried to hit on her, only to be on the receiving end of her glare. Surprisingly, even after that, her own stack of flyers went away faster than him. As of this moment, a sleazebag is now currently trying to woo Kim. "Thanks, I'll definitely go. So anyway, we're gonna go on a five-star hotel party right now. Wanna come with?"

Kim smiled at him and shook her head "Ahahaha. No, I'm fine." And when he didn't relent, the redhead gave him a death glare which made him almost unconscious on the spot, and sneered "Fuck off. I don't want to deal anymore of your shit." The man hurriedly ran for his life, screaming like a little girl along the way. Completely satisfied with her work, she returned to the bemused blonde and reported in "All done."

Ron shook his head playfully and said "That took six minutes, including the time you took taking care of people hitting on you." The redhead heaved a sigh at the remembrance of the last one who tried to seduce her and muttered "I think we're done here. We should probably get going. The next one's supposed to be the western side, and we have quite a long walk from there." He looked over his watch before nodding and accepting her suggestion "Okay. Let's look at this street's stores on the way."

She smiled at that and gave him an affirmative nod. The two left the area and turned right, entering the famous Pickle Lane. Just as the name suggests, this stretch of road is filled with stores aimed mostly for tourists. Unlike the old shopping district, this one's has only one theme in regards with their products, and the two teenagers could only stare at how much pickle-related products were on display. "I still can't believe there's this many things you can do with pickles." Kim muttered.

"We're famous for it, after all." Ron agreed with her sentiment as they look over the stuff being advertised in front of the stores. Almost every single shop is selling them. Bushels of fermented cucumber were laid out across all stores. There were the usual jar of pickles, dill pickle mints, pickle gum, pickle juice soda, pickle vodka, dill pickle chips, pickle popcorn, and so much more. Although there's one thing that caught their attention. "Pickle ice cream..." He stared at the green ice cream mascot while a sweat dropping.

Kim stared at the entire area and deadpanned "These people are pretty much possessed at this point." Ron only nodded at her and looked over the somewhat bizarre store. The entire area wasn't actually that bad-looking, in fact it was one of the better maintained stores. It was also a popular date spot, and so they watch couples giggling from their love couches while munching on their bowls of ice cream. The two teens stared at each other, with breaths staggered in anticipation, and went silent for a moment.

Feeling the awkwardness consuming both of them, Ron decided to break the ice first by suggesting cautiously "... J-Just one. On our way back." Kim shifted her eyes back on the store and nodded her head softly "Yeah, just a small one."

The duo can't help but be curious now that they've seen the place, but right now, there's still work needed to be done, and so they went towards the world-famous Middleton Plaza. Usually, the area is bustling with people wanting to relax and enjoy the town's best amenities. The traffic more than doubles during festival time, and so Ron was not surprised to see the place somewhat cramped with tourists and locals mingling around. Kim gave a strained grimace at the population and heaved a sigh before muttering "Well, let's go,"

Giving out the flyers was an extremely easy chore since there were numerous people, and it took them no time to finish giving out the allotted pieces on this place. Of course, there were a few minor interruptions that were quickly fixed by the redhead. One such example appeared when just moments after giving out the last paper "Hey girl... Lemme smash?... Please?" Another one went to her other side and grinned with mischief "Hey, Wan sum fuck?"

And before the two sleazebags could snicker with his own joke, he found himself flying twenty feet up before crashing towards the pavement in a brutal manner. Everyone stared at the redhead, but when she unleashed her glare, all of them instantly went back on their own way, as if nothing happened. Ron let out a sigh and greeted at the slightly agitated teen "Nice punch, Kim. Great work out there."

Kim grunted back at him "Let's get moving already. I'm done talking with those asshats." And with that, she started walking, making Ron to trail behind her and went to the elevated garden pathway connecting the plaza and a mall to the south. The layers of potted plants made the place look like modern rice terraces. Kim walked briskly until they reached the stairway, in which she stopped into a halt for a moment, letting the boy to catch up to her.

"Is something wrong?" Ron asked the suddenly nervous teenage girl. Kim faced him and gave him a shaky smile "Gh! W-What do you mean?"

Ron pointed at her and inquired "I mean, didn't you want to get out of the plaza? Why're we stopping all of a sudden?" He could see her hand unconsciously clutching on the bottom end of her skirt, making his concern to grow bigger. Meanwhile, Kim felt like her heart's about to burst while realizing the steepness of the staircase their were about to embark, and so, she tried to explained while keeping her face straight "Y-You see... The slope's, well, steep... so, uh..."

It took Ron a while before he could get the entire picture of Kim's distress. "Oh, I see. I guess wearing a miniskirt must be a little rough when it's your first time." The redhead gritted her teeth from anxiety and asked "Y-You can't see, right?"

He furrowed his brow and answered truthfully "I haven't been looking, so I don't know." Kim let out a pitiful moan and muttered "Uuhh~~ I'm starting to feel like every single one of these people is after what's under my skirt." She glared at the people around her, making the blonde to face fault at her rather hostile accusation. He patted her shoulder softly and tried to reason with her "The world isn't exactly filled with criminals, you know."

That didn't stop her whining, however. "Yeah, I know that, but... It's just weird to wear a skirt this short. It's so short that doing a suplex in this would be awful." Ron looked at her incredulously and let out a deadpan retort "Then all you need to do is not do a suplex." He let out a sigh after than and reiterated "I'm repeating myself at this point, but you're really cute in that."

"DON'T CALL ME CUTE!" Kim glowered at him. Ron thought that girls usually have the strange ability to not show their underwear while wearing miniskirts, but right now his theory does not cover first-timers like the female delinquent right in front of him. When they did went in front of the staircase, Kim brought her legs together all the way, like what a kid would do when she wants to go to the bathroom. Her childish behavior did seem cute for him, but there's one small problem with that.

Placing his hand on her shoulder, he informed the girl "You know you're just going to stand out more if you stand still like that, right?" And when all he got from her is a groan and a pout, Ron fought his urge to heave a sigh. He thought of something that could make them move on since he's now beginning to notice people looking at them weirdly. It took him for a few moments until he had an idea. He positioned closely behind her and said "Here. This way, people won't be able to see from behind you."

Kim brightened at that and said "Oh, I get it. All right, sure." With that, the two began to climb upstairs. She took one hesitant step and Ron quickly followed her. The two were silent while climbing up until she suddenly stopped and shouted "Aaaaaghhh! It's killing me!" He suddenly slammed to her back, causing the girl to yelp and let out an involuntary swing behind, hitting his nose. Ron reeled from the pain while the angry redhead growled "Even if others can't see, you can!"

He clutched his sinus and checked if he was bleeding before replying "But I'm not even looking!" The Bloody Fox calmed down a bit from his answer, but still her anxiety didn't waver "But... uh, the back of my thighs feel weird. I don't like it."

Ron shook his head and said "I think you're worrying too much." Kim waved her hands from side to side and tried to take him off behind her "You don't need to do that anymore. I'll just keep it covered myself." Gripping her skirt tightly, she started walking up, leaving the blonde boy behind. Ron watched her with a cringing look as she tried to act as normal as she could while trying to pull the skirt down. The freckled boy paced towards her and replied "Stop, Kim. Don't do that."

Curiously, she tilted her head and asked "Why's that?" to which he answered "You look more out of place by doing that."

Puffing out her cheeks, she whined "The hell am I supposed to do, then?" He puts his fingers on top of his chin while thinking of something that can help her whilst remaining normal in the eyes of the public. Ron played with the small bag he's carrying until an idea popped in his head. "How about this." He suddenly his arms around her, causing said redhead to go stiff and blush from the contact. The plastic hanging from his elbow in now also behind her, to which Ron explained "My stuff hides your skirt this way."

Kim tried to remain in control with her whole body, but her head is feeling light from how close he is around her. She nodded a bit too eagerly at his suggestion and agreed "Ah, oh... O-Okay, then." And with that, they both continued their walk towards the elevated garden pathway. The stairs itself is narrow, and so they would be close together anyway. Kim was deathly silent throughout the entire walk, while Ron tried to clear up the awkwardness by bringing up topics to talk about "There doesn't seem to be many Go Academy people here."

Nodding her head, the redhead brought out her thoughts as well "The students wouldn't wanna go here since I'm sure they have their fill of these tourist destinations." Ron accepted the answer and nodded his head. Her eyes, however, slowly darkened when she continued. "Well, there's someone a bit problematic that comes around here pretty often, so I'm still worried."

And just as he was about to ask who she was referring to, she started pointing towards one girl wearing a Go Academy uniform exiting an office building. Ron quickly understood that the building is one of the Rockwaller conglomerate's auxiliary offices, and the brunette girl itself is someone he's seen before. Their eyes met for a fragment of a second before Ron quickly breaks the connection, when he looked again, thought that they were found out, the leader of Food Chain is already walking away.

Ron let out a sigh of relief at that and "Wow, that scared me." Kim nodded slightly and said "See? She's around here a lot." The two continued to look over the Rockwaller heir until she disappeared from the five-star spa & hotel that her family owns. The blonde boy raised his brow and commented "Huh, she's inside the spa. Does she like massages and sauna or something?"

Kim shook her head and tried explain, albeit she fumbled a lot "Uh, it's not really the spa she's after. She stays at the hotel... Or, I guess that's not right. That's where she lives. Well... I guess she doesn't live there, either... Ugh, never mind. Let's get going already." Still confused by her messy explanation, Ron shrugged his shoulders and followed Kim in returning to their job.

But, beyond their knowing, inside the hotel, Bonnie let out a smirk. She had seen something peculiar right now and she very well knew this is the opening she needed to finally defeat the Bloody Fox.

South of the New Commercial District...

"Do you have any flyers left, Kim?" Ron asked him after handing over the last of the flyer he has. After reaching the elevated gardens, the two quickly went to work and they surprisingly used up all the flyers they have left. The redhead just finished kicking another man to the air before returning to the blonde boy "I'm done... Wow, that ended pretty quick."

Ron nodded his head and smiled "Yeah, it feels kinda unsatisfying unlike last time... Well, whatever. I guess we'll just do some sightseeing before heading home."

Looking over the area, Kim surveyed for a place to go and ask "Hmm, anywhere specific? I'll be fine as long as I get to avoid those jackasses." Ron produced a brochure highlighting Middleton's greatest tourist spots and scanned it "Hmm... Surely the plaza is out of the question right now..." Kim's eyes narrowed but nodded nonetheless. "Oh, I know. There's a rotating observation deck somewhere along the riverside. It's nearer than the one on the Rockwaller Tower, so let's go there."

Kim smiled at him and let him lead the way. It didn't take them long to reach the area since there's already a footbridge connecting the edge of the garden towards the riverside. The place is way to different from the riverside he's used to see. The pavement is nicely decorated, as if a master craftsman carved them. The lighting poles are reminiscent to Enlightenment Age Europe, and the entire place is nicely kept with no speck of garbage can be seen littering anywhere.

The two stepped inside the small circular platform in the middle and waited for the thing to lift them up. Although it is tiny compared to the ones in Seattle or Tokyo, it still does the job of getting a 360 degree look of Middleton and the Rockies. Kim held on the railing on the outer side of the platform when the lift started to pull them up and let out an exhilarated sigh when the scene started to pop out "Wow, we're actually pretty high up." Although the guardrails were pretty high, the place is open, and so they could also feel the wind blowing from the mountain range. "Mmm~ The wind feels good."

When they reached the actual larger observation deck, Kim quickly went to its outer edges. So into the view, she almost forgot that she's here with someone else. When she did remember, she turned around, curious that he's been silent ever since they started rising. "Ron?" Walking towards the back where he's been standing, she lightly touched him by the shoulder, but the reaction he gave felt like he's been doused by boiling water "Haaahh!"

"The hell?" She furrowed her brows, making said boy to rub the back of his head in embarrassment. "Oh, it's nothing. I just needed to will myself to step out."

Kim nodded once before asking straight to the heart of the matter "You afraid of heights?" The blonde teen coughed loudly and desperately tried to shoot down her claim "Oh, uh, no... I-It's just that I can't stop shaking once I realize that I'm high up." Kim stared at him and let out a deadpan reaction "That's called being afraid, dumbass."

Not wavering to his answer, Ron stated "Fear is a vital component of being human. Even if, hypothetically, I were experiencing fear, it wouldn't be out of cowardice, but rather it would be because that's what it means to be human, and so..." When he stopped babbling nonsense, the redhead continued to stare at him before delivering the killing blow "So, you're terrified."

He heaved a sigh and surrendered unconditionally "Yes."

Kim let out a smile and laughed lightly at the sulking blonde, but didn't say anything else. Meanwhile, the freckled boy's mind is still reeling from the alarms his body is breaking ever since he accepted the fact that he's really high above the ground. Even a small peak from his back made his knees to buckle at the sight. He tried to will himself to remain confident, but the moment she pulls him towards her place in front, all noise seemed to go silent.

"Doesn't really feel like we've been through many places, but I guess it is a pretty large area after all. I dunno if I would've noticed the view without this platform. Ahaha, gotta thank whoever made it." Kim sincerely spoke what's on her mind while looking over the scenery. Meanwhile, Ron closed his eyes, trying his best to not get one glimpse of the view and muttered "It's too high up. The person who made this definitely crossed the line."

She gave him a glance and noted "I didn't know you got like this when you freak out. Not to mention you didn't even act like this when you're in front of me or the other Three Gods." She pouted rather cutely at that and Ron can't help but blush from that. Kim, meanwhile, noticed something and started to point "Oh, look! Ron, over there by the riverside."

Ron laughed nervously and said "Haha, I cannot? Me, look down, you say? Hahahahah~ Oh, man, that'll be suicide!" The redhead delinquent let out a groan and made him look by closing in on him and grabbed the sides of his face and made it point towards where she's looking at "Just look. You can see Middleton High students down there."

Her scent wafting to his nose, the boy can't help but peel his eyes open and obey her orders to look over the riverside, where he could see the scaffolding being erected while a group of people work with building the stalls. She's right, although they looked like ants from the distance, he could clearly see the ground zero for the preparations for the Pickleworks, which where the volunteers from Middleton High will work through. Kim laughed suddenly and murmured "Ahahahah! Man, we sure got the easy work."

The boy let out a shaky laugh and nodded at her. Although he's still feeling anxious about looking down, the fact that the beautiful redhead is draped around him made Ron feel unexpectedly at ease. He watched as she enjoys the mountain breeze, sometimes giggling like a normal girl, while looking over the horizon. She's angelic to his eyes with her auburn hair fluttering in the wind. He's still scared of heights, but with a view shared with the girl beside him, he managed to be calm.

She stretches her arms upward, clearly enjoying herself. Ron wanted to laugh since she's been somewhat miffed earlier, but decided to enjoy the peaceful moment more. "Oh, a black kite. Haha, that's kinda weird. That bird's flying below us right now. I hear they usually snatch food from people..." When she realized that he's been staring at her for a long time, she blushed heavily and whispered "... Don't look at me too much. It's kinda embarrassing."

He shook his head and replied "But looking down is scary." Kim scratched her head and started to feel uncomfortable. Ron started to panic when she started saying "Ah... Okay, w-we're about to go back down." Ron quickly averted his eyes and apologized "Sorry, I'm very sorry. Take your time. I won't stare at you anymore."

Kim's eyes shone in concern to him, however, and reasoned with "But, you don't like being so high up, right? Let's just go somewhere else." That brought a bag of mixed feelings for him. On one part, he's guilty that he was the reason she couldn't linger here longer, but the other part was secretly happy that she's considerate of his behalf. Ron nodded at her and said "Okay, let's do something else. But... Could I do one thing here before we go?"

Her brow rose in question when he brought out his phone and points the camera lens towards her. Ron then continued "It's pretty up here, after all, and it'll be a waste if I haven't got to capture it somehow. Pictures are okay for me and you'll make for a good subject for it. I-It's fine, right?"

She blushed softly at the praise and smiled prettily while taking a pose. "W-Well, as long as it comes out okay." She fixes her hair that has become quite messy due to the wind, and wiped her face clean before smiling before him. Ron blushed at her appearance and was about to press the capture button, a fairly strong breeze brush past them, flipping her skirt high above, giving him a eyeful of her white cotton panties in great display.

"Yepp, I'm dead." Ron thought as the most dangerous delinquent in Middleton's history shrieked like a schoolgirl and unleashed hell upon the poor blonde.