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Possible's Pure Love Road

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Ron quietly tiptoed his way inside the house, trying not to wake up her sister. He had a hectic night, he all he wanted to do as of this moment is to lay down on his bed and slumber. Recalling the fight earlier, the blonde teen became of a world that's right in front of their doorstep. He can't calm down, especially when he was accidentally pulled into the delinquent fight. He didn't want a repeat of it, and so he swore to himself to never go near them again.

He turned the knob slowly to avoid making noise. He was about to open the door when he felt a kick landed squarely on his butt. He tumbled inside in shock before turning around, and squeaked when he saw the menacing figure of his beloved sister. "Ow!" He exclaimed in sudden pain.

"Where's my grilled chicken and ginger ale, huh?" Adrena asked while tapping her foot. The younger brother tried to make an excuse, but no words can be found, especially when he's in face with a clearly agitated monster like her. When he can't supply an answer, the older blonde groaned while her fist shakes in anger "Oh, come on! I'm finished with my work! Don't look down on your sister!" Ron let out another squeal in fright. In his mind, he mentally noted "To be honest, she's scarier than any delinquent..."

She sniffed and caught a faint trace of the grilled chicken on him. Narrowing her eyes, she muttered "Mm... I smell grilled chicken. So what, you ate it for yourself?" She grabbed the boy by his collar and started pinning him against the wall. Ron cried out in pain while Adrena paid him no mind "Who the hell do you think you are, punk!?"

"Ow, ow, ow! I'm sorry, sis! I'M SORRY!" Ron tried tapping out of submission, but the elder of the two siblings didn't relent. The older sister continued pinching him while refusing to let go of her hold on him. The boy tried wiggling out of grasp, but Adrena would always gain control and make the lock even tighter. His protest falls on deaf ears while the woman laughed at the blonde "You're too young to go against me, punk! You disobeyed me, so that means you're in due of a punishment!"

Ron whimpered and accepted the reality that tonight may not end well with him. He closed his eyes and prepared for the worst his sister has in store for him. Despite the mess that happened right outside the neighborhood, things are peaceful as ever in the Stoppable residence. The cries echoed against the backdrop of the moon and stars long. Adrena still had her anger needed to be sated, and Ron will be her punching bag, whether he agrees to it or not.

Next day...

Morning arrived, and yet when Ron woke up, instead of the shining sun, dark clouds greeted him from the window. After being on the receiving end of his sister's wrath when he came home last night without any ginger ale and grilled chicken, he had gone to his bed covered with pinch marks. Long story short, he didn't have a good night's rest. The boy can't have himself slack off, however, and wanted to start today much better than yesterday. He greeted the store owners who were busy placing down their products in front with his usual polite tone.

"Oh, good morning, squirt!" The owner of the deli store 'Rodriguez' rubbed his hair affectionately. Ron smiled and greeted in his cheerful voice before walking. Entering the riverside avenue, the boy looked over the place where the delinquent fight last night happened and saw a long line of parked cars, as if nothing dangerous has ever happened earlier. Another thing he noticed is that the girl he usually sees slumbering in one of its benches is nowhere to be seen. A new creature, meanwhile, lounges on the box sitting on her usual bench.

"Meow~" Ron paused and stared at the small cat pawing from the cardboard with its wide eyes. His heart melted and went near the feline, who is now looking up at him in a curious manner. Pets are disallowed inside the house, especially since his father is allergic to all kinds of animal fur. And although their parents are always away, the Stoppable siblings still honor his rule. He didn't want to do anything more since he didn't want to break the cat's heart, but its cuteness is almost unbearable for him to not do something.

The blonde puts his hand on top of its head and started petting him. In an instant, the cat purrs in delight. "I still have some time to spare, I might as well..." With that in mind, he sat on the other side of the bench and started rubbing its head and body softly. The cat leans with every touch while slowly closing its eyes. He was petting him for a while before he stood up and looked over the cat, who was confused when the warmth enveloping it is suddenly gone.

"I'm sorry, kitty, but I have to go." Ron saw the heartbroken stare the cat is giving him and even started to call him out, but Ron didn't look back. "Maybe it's wrong to get its hopes up. It's not good to let it get attached to me and vice versa..." The boy thought solemnly before speeding towards the school with a depressed mood, not even giving the line of delinquents any piece of his mind. He did, however, noticed the redhead who is talking with the little brown-haired girl. Their faces looked more serious than usual.

With a sigh, the smaller girl reported to her leader with a grave tone "Looks like the reports are true. Food Chain and the Mad Dogs went at it last night. And what's worse is that your hunch is right on the mark. Food Chain has successfully subdued the Angel and Mad Dogs."

"You'd expect that." Kim murmured her thoughts out "Looking at the numbers, Mad Dogs never relied much on that."

Joss shook her head in thinly veiled anger "Looks like Food Chain's finally come here to the eastern district. They'll be coming after us and this school, too." The leader's brows furrowed at the thought while also agreeing to her sentiments "Yeah, I know. They'll be a pain in the ass to deal with, knowing Food Chain's underhanded method Bonnie Rockwaller likes to use... Just tell me if they start screwing with you guys. I'll squash them all."

"Morning, Kim Possible!" A greeting broke her from her thoughts and saw the smiling freckled teen who waved his hands at her. She gave the boy a wave back before shifting back to the delinquents in front of her. "Well, that's a first... She actually waved back at me. Me!" Ron was shocked to see her return his greeting, but from the massive grin he's now wearing, he didn't mind it one bit. He entered the classroom, and the mood felt even weirder than yesterday. Placing his bag on his armchair, he faced the rest of his friends who is currently engaged in a discussion.

After greeting Ron, Felix whispered to the group his question "Did the delinquents really have a huge fight last night?"

Gil nodded gravely "According to my sources, I'd say so." The blonde knew they were talking about, after all he had a first-hand experience of that brawl. He leaned back on his backrest and added his own thought with a nonchalant face "Oh yeah, I saw it with my own eyes as well."

Josh, who just ignored the talk about the people he disliked the most, had his ears perked when he heard Ron. Turning around faster than a lightning bolt, the pretty boy eyed the blonde while asking him in an incredulous voice "What!? Did you get pulled into it?"

"No, I just saw it." Ron hid the fact that he had been pulled into something else other than the fight. Combing his dirty blonde locks of hair, Josh released a sigh and muttered "Kim Possible looked like she's in a bad mood today. It seems that something really happened among the delinquents."

Ned blew a whistle and whispered in a hushed tone "Man, delinquents sure are scary." Gil, on the other hand, simply snorted and gave a playful banter "No shit. It's fun to talk about them, but even I don't wanna be involved with them. They are called delinquents for a reason, y'know." Josh nodded silently before returning to his reading materials. The room chatter went completely still, however, when the door was opened wide by no other than the infamous Bloody Fox. She casually walked towards her seat and looked over. When she saw the guys staring at her, she glared at them, saying:

"The hell are you all looking at?... Stop it. It's annoying."

If they were standing right at this moment, the entire group would've their knees buckled out and fall from fear. And although she quickly loses interest with them, the class didn't stop at thinking about her with wary faces. Ron swept the sweat from his forehead and smiled nervously at his friends. Josh seemed the least affected, though, and glared at the back of the top delinquent. "She saved Monique two days ago, and she kinda helped me with my small injury, so I can't think of her as a bad person... But still, she's a delinquent. She's definitely scary..."

Ron looked over the hanging clouds outside and let out a sigh. The day starts on a pretty sour note for the blonde.

Lunch time...

Since he hadn't had prepared anything for lunch, Ron bought a sandwich from the cafeteria and finished it quickly. When he returned inside the class, however, he spot Josh on his seat, staring aimlessly on the blackboard. He was playing with his pen idly while occasionally letting out a deep breath. Curious, Ron approached the sighing boy and asked about his dilemma. Needless to say, Ron was shocked when he heard the pretty boy's answer.

"Hmm... The truth is, it may be that I've fallen in love... No, that's a misleading way to put it. I've only become interested with someone. I was taken with her at first sight, you could say."

The freckled teen stared at the boy with wide eyes. As far as he's concerned, this only happens to him rarely, despite his looks could gather a cult-like following all around Middleton. He would constantly hear him reject their advances because they are 'not on his level' as he usually puts it. So, the idea of Josh actually crushing on someone is something he never thought of ever hearing from him. He said in disbelief "Well, this is surprising? Is the sandwich I ate earlier bad? It didn't taste weird, though..."

Josh glared at the blonde and huffed "Laugh if you want, but I just can't deny it. It's just... seeing a preeminent woman makes me... you know, feel something within my chest." Ron just chuckled and teased the boy lightly before asking "So, who's the lucky girl that managed to catch your attention, Mr. Casanova?"

"Well, I was walking by the shopping district yesterday when suddenly I bumped into her. She's also a student, but based on her uniform, she studies in Go Academy. It was because I wasn't watching where she was going. I wasn't angry, but she apologized to me regardless." The boy placed his hand on his chin and started reminiscing the events that transpired yesterday "My things went all over the place, so she helped me pick them up as well. She was very nice, with a wonderful smile... I can remember it so well, she's more than two meters tall, too..."

"Hmm?" Ron heard something peculiar, almost as if he had already met who Josh is referring to. But, before he could ponder about it more, a girl went inside the room and announced in her clear voice "Please excuse me. Are the representatives for the Pickleworks preparation committee present?"

Ron presented himself by standing up with a raised hand, making the girl nod her head in response "Come with me. It won't take long." She ushered the teen outside beside the corridor's half-walls and started giving him instructions. "The Pickleworks Festival is only a week away, so make sure to attend all the meetings starting later. Let the girl on duty know this as well." Her lips pointed at the girl who was currently sitting on her chair with a nonchalant face.

"I will do my best, Vice-President." The student council girl smiled and nodded before leaving. When he returned, however, Ron's eyes meet with Kim's emerald orbs but she quickly withdrew it. He thought over what the girl said earlier, but decided not to tell her about the meetings. "She's probably just going to skip anyway, so why even bother." With a shrug, he went back to his seat together with Josh, who is currently daydreaming about his 'fated encounter'.

"Ron," The voice of the class resident fashionista and president greeted the boy after walking out the janitor's closet with a broom in hand and said "About the Pickleworks meeting... Uh... It seems the girl on duty needs to attend as well, so I'll come with you today."

Two pairs of eyes gravitated towards the unsuspecting redhead. Ron simply nodded at her. The idea of talking to the notorious Bloody Fox outside of the usual greeting seemed scary for the blonde with what happened earlier when she glared at them. Kim, on the other hand, heard Monique's offer. She closed her eyes and quietly stood up. "Uh... Hey."

"Yes?" Monique inquired politely, as if she's treading on very thin ice. The redhead fidgeted slightly while a blush adorns her sharp cheeks. She looked away slightly with a mumble "Uh... About the Pickleworks preparations... Uh..."

The brown-skinned girl eyed the blushing girl and started saying slowly, her smile gradually growing. "Uh, Kim... Do you want to help with the preparations?" The redhead almost bit her tongue in shock. Ron's brows, meanwhile, rose in question. He remembered she wanted to talk something to him yesterday. Closing the distance between them, the class representative continued "If you're interested, then it'd be great to have you help."

"Uh... No." Kim played with the hem of her shirt with a flustered face "I don't really care, you see... But, you know, I was picked for duty, so..."

Ron can't quite follow what was happening in her mind, but if she wanted to lend a hand on the festival, the boy would gladly take the opportunity. He flashed a smile at the still beet red girl and said "Then let's go together. It'd be really helpful." Kim stared at the boy, whose smile isn't even flinching and looked genuine. She closed her eyes once again and heaved a heavy breath before muttering "Uh, uh... If you really want me to, then I guess..."

"Wait, wait, wait..." A voice suddenly cuts through their conversation. Ron blinked for a second before realizing that everyone in class is listening to them. A girl went near the bewildered redhead and said "Kim Possible, you're going to help with the preparations?" But, before she could react with the question, another one was flung towards her "Oh, oh, oh! You're actually pretty excited about the festival, right?"

"What!?" By now, the entire class clustered all around the three still teens. Monique tried to dissuade them from pestering the redhead, who is now starting to feel agitated. Ron, on the other hand, simply stared in shock from the chain of events. It's not everyday to see the fearsome delinquent renown all over the underground world to be reduced into a blushing mess. Another girl then said to everyone "I saw her reading stuff on local history in the library the other day. I thought I was imagining things but it seems it's true."

"Huh!?" Kim turned around and saw the nodding faces of almost everyone. She had been in the spotlight far many times than she could remember, but this is one of the very few times she actually felt small. "So you're looking stuff up about the Pickleworks, right? I thought so~"

"Khh.." Monique's eyes widened when she saw Kim gritting her teeth. She tried to calm everyone down, but it was too late. The bomb has exploded, and everyone in the class went still when they heard the shout coming from the frustrated redhead "I'M NOT EXCITED ABOUT IT!" She glared at everyone, including the blonde boy and the president. Everybody instantly withered and tried to look away. Clicking her tongue, she muttered "Tch... I just wanted to know 'cause I got duty." With that, she left the room with a loud thump of the door.

Josh went towards one of their classmates Kim yelled at and she was shivering on the verge of tears. He consoled the girl by giving her a hug. The pretty boy glared at the door and muttered "Again, not the kind of person that you'd want to approach." Ron wanted to say something, but the fear still lingers in his body. The entire room is a mess, and the reason for the calamity just stormed away. "It looks like Kim helping me out is a pipe dream, after all." Ron let out a weary sigh before returning to his seat when their next period teacher entered the room.

After school...

The meeting went no longer than fifteen minutes. The student council recently finished designing and printing out posters and is looking for volunteers, and unsurprisingly, none stepped forward. The Rockwaller conglomerate will also donate a large beach house and will be put up on next Tuesday, a day before the festival. They gave each representative a pamphlet with details regarding the preparation to read. Ron scratched his head while breezing through the contents while Monique asked with slight melancholy in her voice "I wonder if I could give this to Kim somehow."

"Might be hard." Ron thought about the redhead earlier, and was also plagued with worry. "I can't imagine she'd be troubled by it, to be honest... But with what happened earlier... I don't think it would end well if we push her again." He mused despondently while eyeing the piece of paper. The girl he's with went silent for a moment before saying her thoughts out loud "I'm okay with helping out with the preparations... But, if Kim Possible's looking forward to it, then I'd want her to participate."

He smiled at her and nodded. It would be hard to come back after what transpired earlier, especially when you consider that the person in question is no other than the scariest delinquent in Middleton. But, if what she said before her outburst was true, then they would cling to that slim hope that the infamous Bloody Fox wants to help with the preparations. When they reached the main entrance of the building, however, water started to pour down from the skies. Ron reached for the umbrella inside his bag and offered it to her "Oh... Do you have an umbrella, Mon?"

Monique waved her hands and responded "It's alright, Ron. My mother is coming to pick me up." Ron shrugged his shoulders before opening the umbrella. "Oh, okay. I'll be going home, then. See you tomorrow!" He waved his hands in farewell to the curly teen before going home.

Along the way, the boy's thoughts is centered towards one certain redhead. Her name is synonymous to the boogeyman that children even used to scare the others. She's pretty and cool, but she lives in a world in the polar opposite of the blonde. Ron walked over the small puddles around him with a serious expression, thinking of his chances for him becoming friends with such a person. He looked around and saw the small park on the riverside almost abandoned, save for one figure.

Her back is hunched and facing away from him, but her iconic red hair cast any doubts in Ron's mind that the person is no other than the girl he's been thinking of for a while now. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief, yet the image of her didn't go away like he thought would happen. It is the real deal. The boy wanted to talk to her, yet the nightmarish vision of her earlier made him stop on his tracks, and so he decided to look over her and see what she was doing.

"Now..." A gust of wind blew the opened umbrella Kim had placed on top of the bench off it and rolled away. She ran quickly in the pouring rain and caught it before placing it back where she puts it. She's been completely soaked and Ron have no idea what she was doing until a certain sound rang on his ears. "Meow~"

The cat made a mewling noise on the exposed cardboard box, but thanks to the umbrella, he remained sheltered and somewhat dry. Kim, on the other hand, had a concerned expression and muttered in her soft voice "... What am I going to do with you?"

Her gloved hand felt heavy when the eyes of the feline were dead set on her, its expression almost pleading. The cold expression Kim usually wears was completely shattered, and a worried gaze befalls her face. "Don't look at me like that... My place is no good. I really can't..." The constant purrs of the cat was almost drowned by the sound of the downpour, but to the blonde, it is louder than anything he had ever heard, especially when the girl the cat is calling out to, slowly crumbled like dust. She picked up the umbrella and the cat and let out a click of her tongue in slight annoyance.

"Don't meow me. It'll just be for two or three days..." The frown quickly resided, however, when she stared at the cat who was softly pawing her nose in affection. Ron then saw the most beautiful smile he had ever seen from her. It wasn't the wicked grin whenever she fights, nor the sneers she would dish out to anyone who looks at her the wrong way. No, the smile is serene and almost angelic. With a pat on the feline's head, she murmured "Yeah, yeah. I'll take care for you in the meanwhile."

Ron stared at the retreating figure together with the cat from earlier. He didn't even noticed that he let go of his umbrella and is now drenched in the rain. He had always seen the girl as the stoic leader of the most notorious high school around the country, and yet what he saw was something out of her norm. The smile never left his mind, and while walking woodenly towards his house, Ron felt anguish deep inside. He can't even bother with his housework anymore. After changing his clothes, he went straight to the bed face first, and started to weep in sadness.

Evening in the Stoppable household...

Adrena entered the house tiredly after another day's work as a fresh faculty member. The workload is lighter than yesterday, so she had finished earlier than she expected. Placing her bag on top of the sofa, she quickly went to the fridge and grabbed a cold glass of water.

"Ron, I'm home! Are you here already? I'm hungry..." The elder Stoppable looked around but there is no younger brother in her sight. She changed her clothes in her room before calling him out once again but there was still no response. Adrena walked upstairs and saw the light coming up to his room. When she softly opened it, however, she was greeted with the sight of her brother, lying down on his bed, not moving anything but the always scrunched-up face. "Hey, Ron, are you okay?"

Ron didn't answer her, but instead turned around, his back facing her. The slight annoyance quickly left her body as she went near him and sat on his bed. She could see some wet marks on his pillow, meaning that he cried. With a gentle caress of her hand on his arm, she asked once again "You're awfully quiet. What happened? Depressed?"

"I'm disgusted with myself for judging people based on looks, so I guess you could say I'm depressed." Ron said blandly while trying to shake away his gloomy expression, but to no avail. He felt like a billionaire who just had an ultra-valuable diamond stolen away from him. A gaping hole opened up in his heart, and its contents have been stolen away. For Adrena, however, seeing him on this state only reminds her of the dark times in her past when she last saw him like that. Concern was overflowing from her, so she stood up and said:

"It's alright, Ron. I'll be the one who'll make dinner tonight, okay?" When he nodded solemnly, Adrena continued to look at him for a moment before she returned downstairs. Throughout her time as an orphan, she's used to cooking for herself, although she's not up to par with his brother's level. She murmured to herself while looking over the fridge "Hmm... I guess I can make do with the leftovers..." Bringing out the Tupperware containing food from the last meal, she checked if they were still edible before reusing it to create a new dish.

While heating the pan with a drizzle of oil, she stared aimlessly around the room and noticed it was a bit bigger than it looked. She would always see her brother doing the housework while smiling at her with his cheerful smile, like he enjoys serving others. She may have ordered more orders than a slave master, but by no means she didn't care for him. And his absence made her life a bit duller than usual. Sighing, she puts the spaghetti sauce into the pan.

"You know, cooking like this is actually fun once in a while... Although, I have to make Ron give me the ingredients to this one."

When dinner was finished, she called Ron and grabbed two plates for them. The table was in silence, with only the clanging sounds of the fork hitting the porcelain plate the only sounds disrupting it. Although she tried to make him talk more, Ron was still depressed for some reason he doesn't want to share even with her. When he was finished, he puts his plate on the dishwasher and thanked her with a small voice before retreating back to his room.

Although before he could close his door, he notices that his sister is following him inside. Letting out a small groan, he said in his tired voice "Come on, sis. Please..." Adrena didn't bother hearing his plea and said with a smile on her face "Your aura said you wanted attention, so as your older sister, I need to make sure we sleep together. Fufufu~ That's right. Your older sister actually can see her younger brother's aura with the naked eye. Having a spoiled brother sure is a lot of work."

Ron glared lightly at the grinning girl and let out a retort before climbing to his bed. "I don't need it. Just get out. It'll be cool tonight because of the rain, so sleep on your own bed." Adrena smiled wider this time and whined "Aw, come on. I'm already here!"

Without any warning, she jumped and landed on the bed beside him. Ron didn't have the energy left to dissuade his sister. Letting out a sigh, Ron said before facing the wall "Sleep normally, okay?" Enveloping her arms around him, Adrena let out a grin and started to slumber off. Ron would rather die than feel embarrassed for telling her out loud, but having someone to sleep with felt nice. He closed his eyes and tried to drift of to the world of dreams.

Possible residence...

"I'm back." Kim's voice rang inside the den after entering her abode with the cardboard box in hand. A woman went out of the kitchen, wearing an apron above her medical uniform. Like her, she had fiery red hair, but was cut short right above her neck. She greeted the younger redhead before noticing what she's holding beside "Welcome home. Were you okay in the rain?... Oh my."

The cat popped out of the box and let out a meow. Sure it was cute in her eyes, but there's a reason why they made it a rule. With a stern expression, the matriarch of the family said to her daughter "You know we can't keep it, right, Kimmie?"

"I know that, Mom." Kim muttered while eyeing the feline with worry "But it won't be long. I'll find someone to take care of it before Dad returns from his trip. I swear, Mom. Please, please, please?" She unleashed her most destructive technique that she rarely even used, but she's sure it would win out almost anything. She heard his mother let out a breath in shock but she knew it was too late. The Puppy Dog Pout, or the PDP, is in full effect and her mother is in the dead center of it.

She let out a sigh and conceded "Alright, but you should find a suitable place for the cat before your father comes home, okay? No buts." She wasted no time in nodding frantically with a big smile on her face. Kim hugged her mother before racing towards her room with a big thump on her door. Mrs. Possible shook her head in amusement before muttering "And to think she's the current top delinquent in all of Middleton... Oh, what irony is this."

The mature woman went back on preparing dinner when she heard an explosion coming from the garage. For most normal people, they would just jump in shock and would quickly rush towards the scene with worry. But for the Possible family, it was an almost daily occurrence for her. She didn't even bother turning her head to see who the culprit is when the stench of someone burning started entering the kitchen. Two small boys who were covered in black soot tried to climb te stairs and avoid their mothers with as little noise as possible, but they knew it was too late when they heard her talk:

"Alright boys, why don't you two sit down with me in the table for a moment, shall we?"

The sweet tone of her voice made the twins shudder in fear. They knew that when their mother used that tone on them, the things she's going to do to them are anything but. One of them whispered to the other in fright "We're sooo dead, Tim! What're we going to do!?" The other answered conspiratorially "I think we don't have any choice, Jim, except... RUN!" The two quickly bounded the stairs in large steps and went on top of the floor. But when they were about two open the door, they could feel her cold hands pinching from their ears. They slowly turned around and saw Mrs. Possible, wearing an eerily cold smile.

"Where do you think you're going, huh? I just wanted to talk to you boys for a while." She started dragging the two down for some good old-fashioned 'mother-sons quality bonding time'. Their screams echoed throughout the house, but there was no savior coming in to help them. They entered the dining room, trying to put up whatever's left of their courage to face the smiling demon that was their mother.

Meanwhile inside her room, Kim let out a sigh when she once again heard her brothers' scream. It's not that it was a secret, but they would always underestimate their mom. Even Kim knew she could be more than a handful when she snaps. After all, her life of delinquency is largely thanks to the legacy she left on Middleton. All of the adults knew her name, even before she became a world-renown neurologist. She looks at the cat, who is sleeping on her lap, and let out a content smile.

"There, there... I will find you a new home. But for the meantime, you're with me, okay?" She brushed her fur with her fingers, which earned her a purr of appreciation. She laughed lightly while wasting the night away with what delinquents do best: taking care of cats.

Because, that's what bloodthirsty delinquents do, right?

The next day...

Suffice to say, Ron didn't slept well that night. It wasn't because of his sister this time, though. It was due to the fact the he can't get the scene from yesterday out of his head. The weather didn't improved as well, as if it is also joining in ruining whatever's left of him. He sat on his chair in complete utter silence, while Josh let out a sigh and stared at the downpour from the window "It's raining hard today, as well. Though it's not a bad thing. Rain makes the Rockies that much more picturesque."

When Ron didn't even let out a response, the pretty boy crunched his face and muttered "It's a little embarrassing to be ignored after saying something poetic like that, you know... It seems that you're experiencing some ennui, the feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction."

"Well, it definitely isn't nui." The blonde boy muttered, making him raise his brow in question. "Is nui really the antonym of ennui?"

"I don't know. Don't you? You consistently place high in the national mock exam scores. Surely you would know a thing or two about it." Ron mused blandly while staring back at the window with a straight face. Josh scratched the back of his head and said in with a lightly flustered face "Hmm... Now that you've put it that way, I'm rather embarrassed. I don't know. Just a second, I will look it up." He stood up and went outside the room, probably going towards the school library for a quick look.

The door didn't close, however, and a familiar redhead entered the room. Ron's eyes met with hers, but he quickly averted it before she could react. Luckily, she didn't looked suspicious of him, and so she walked towards her seat without even bothering him. Monique, meanwhile, walked towards the girl timidly and started "Uh... Kim?"

"Hmm?" Her emerald eyes shifted towards the fidgeting girl. The class president wanted to say something to her, but the fear from yesterday is still within her mind and so she can't even form coherent words. The redhead waited for her to spit it up, but she only mumbled incomprehensible sounds. She narrowed her eyes and asked slowly "What do you want?... I said... What. Do. You. Want?" Monique shrank with every stressed syllable Kim uttered. The dark-skinned girl had no choice but say "N-No, nothing."

"Her intensity's still impressive as ever, I see... But I don't think she's that scary anymore, not after what I just saw yesterday..." Ron mused while the class representative backed away from pressure. The classroom is still on edge today, and he can't help them. But, his view on the top delinquent has changed, and the blonde teen wondered in silence if there's anything he could do to change that. It poured outside for a while, but it eventually slows down. And amidst all that...

Just outside of Middleton...

"Looks like the rain had finally started dying down." A familiar brunette wearing the infamous white trench coat of Food Chain stepped out to the rain while raising her arms to check for rain. She's with three of her four commanders, the recently captured Angel of Destruction, and the motorcycle gang 'Hurricane' she recruited at the start of summer. Emmie stretched her muscular shoulders in a circular motion and groaned "But it ain't nice weather yet, let me tell ya. Wish we could do it on a nicer day."

Jennie, the little girl beside her chuckled and said in response "Hehehehe~ Better to do stuff like this early, y'know."

Tara nodded and added her two cents in "It'll work better if the school grounds're wet." The Angel of Destruction just stared silently while holding her staff close to her. The bike gang, however, lightly scratched their heads in confusion before their leader started to ask "Uh, um~ Are we really doing it?"

"You guys can show off your skills. You're members of Hurricane, a street racing gang, right?" Bonnie replied with a stern tone "What're you all scared for, anyway? You're all proud members of Food Chain now, so stand tall and wear those trench coats with pride!" The once weary bikers were now full of determination. The leader of the largest gang in Middleton smirked and sets her eyes on the opened iron gates of Middleton High. "Now... We're going in!"

"YEAH!" A shout rang all across the school, shocking the students inside who were enjoying their break time. The engines of the motorcycles revved up and was rearing to go inside. Bonnie stood at the center of the fields with a serious expression on her face. Armed with a megaphone, she shouted for all Middleton High students to hear "KIM POSSIBLE! GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE AND FACE ME!"

An unsavory-looking group of people have started to show up on the grounds. The deafening roar of the bikes reverberates into the school. With the high pitch shrill coming from the bike who skidded their rubber tires against the concrete, took everyone's attention. A number of bikers started writing on the dirt on the ground with the words:


Josh, who was looking on the gouged ground from the window, barely hid his resentment on his voice and muttered darkly "What on earth!? How disgusting." Several of his classmates, including Ron, nodded their heads as well. Meanwhile, Bonnie spoke once again thru her megaphone "THE HELL'S GOING ON!? ARE YOU SCARED, POSSIBLE?" And as expected, every pair of eyes shifted towards the lone girl who is not looking over the chaos. She closed her eyes and let out a sigh of annoyance before taking out her cell phone "Joss? Gather everyone up, ASAP... No, at the back of the school gates and the secret passage behind the school building... Yes, just follow me, I have a plan."

Back on the ground. The bikers stopped in front of the brunette and held a thumbs up "We're done writing it!" Bonnie nodded before facing Emmie and Tara "Alright... Hey, keep watch to make sure Possible's not coming."

"Righto!" The towering woman made a hand salute before returning to her watch. One of the bikers was confused by their actions and repeated her orders as a question "Make sure she isn't coming? What do you mean?" Jennie laughed at the confused man and answered "Quiet, we don't want her to actually come, you know."

Bonnie, on the other hand, haven't paid any attention to them and said "Now then... You listening, you Middleton High idiots!? I'm the leader of the strongest delinquent group in all of Middleton, FOOD CHAIN! I haven't had much to do with you fuckers until now, but you'll be under my jurisdiction starting today! Mice to fucking meet you all! Isn't that right, Angel of Destruction?" Her thumb snapped up, pointing at the silent masked girl who didn't respond.

Inside the classroom, the students started murmuring to each other, gossiping about the spectacle down on the grounds. One girl even pop out, muttering "The Angel of Destruction?... Isn't she the leader of the Middleton Mad Dogs, who rose to the top a few years ago?" Gil nodded with disbelief on his voice "So the Mad Dogs really got tamed, after all." Uneasiness started wafting throughout the building. Satisfied with their expressions, Bonnie, smirked and spoke once more:

"Now, there's no need to worry! I'm not gonna ask for money or anything old-fashioned like that. I just want you all to know that I'm the head of this district now. And... You're listening, right, Kim Possible! We'll be coming to take care of you soon enough as well! Just you wait! Today was just a hello, so we'll leave now. Make sure you remember my face and the name Food Chain!"

The brunette turned away from the school and started going back. The whole class was quaking in fear. But, once their eyes started wandering once again towards the seat where the redhead is located at, they were instantly greeted with shock when there's no Kim Possible in sight.

Back on the grounds, Bonnie motioned for the rest of her group to leave. The motorcycles' engines started to come alive once again as they were readying their departure. The leader of the biking gang asked the brunette "We're going already? Possible ain't here yet, though."

Jennie laughed at him and answered haughtily "You idiot, it'd be bad news if the Possible Corps really came. We don't even have half the total forces today, y'know."

"Huh? Then why did we come here today?" This time, it is the platinum blonde who answered his query. With a giggle, she explained to him and the rest of the bikers "Like what B said, it's just to say hello. There's gonna be less people who'll wanna support Kim Possible and her gang this way. After all, chipping away at the enemy's morale and numbers before going after them is common sense... You could call our escapade today as... propaganda, if you like."

Bonnie smiled at the blonde girl and nodded. They went out of the gates and said "We're gonna keep doing this all week. The more our name spreads in Middleton High, the more it's gonna hurt the Possible Corps' morale. Fighting isn't just about hitting each other with blocks of wood. We'll go back to our school for now, and- Watch out!"

All of a sudden, Bonnie avoided the incoming fist from Joss. The commanders of the Food Chain tensed when they saw twenty others from the Possible Corps emerge from their hiding places, each armed with bats and two-by-fours. With a smirk on her face, Kim's cousin taunted the glaring Rockwaller "Would you look at that! All we did is follow Cousin Kim's orders and came around to the tracks here, and here they are! 'They'll run away as soon as she's finished talking, so cut off their escape.' is what she said word-for-word."

Bonnie bit her tongue and started hiding his hand behind her. "The Possible Corps!? T-They're already here!... Crap! We only have twenty people right now, and most of them are bikers. Only a few of them are fighters, and I don't think I can risk injuring my best ones yet." She thought with worry on her face. "Everybody, get back! Emmie, you're in front!" The towering woman, however, didn't come. When Bonnie turned back, her already pale face went white when she saw the Bloody Fox, in all her glory, holding over an almost unconscious Emmie on her hand.

"Welcome back." Kim greeted with a wicked gleam on her face. Emmie, on the other hand, muttered with heavy breaths "Ow, ow, ow... Sorry, Bonnie."

Kim withdrew her hand on the muscle woman, making her fall limply on the ground like a rag doll. "Though I like to minimize unnecessary injuries to your subordinates, can you at least do something about how she can only tackle. She tripped in the mud and basically self-destructed. It's a damn shame, too, since she looks strong enough."

The platinum blonde let out a breath of awe and fear while muttering with gritted teeth "Oh man, Emmie's one of our strongest members, too..."

For Jennie, on the other hand, rage started to build inside her. Her twin sister is down for the count and although she understood that it was all Emmie's fault for slipping in the mud, she needed to lash her anger out on somebody, and the redhead seemed the perfect scapegoat. The little girl started running towards the redhead while shouting back at her leader "Run, Bonnie! I'll hold her off!" Possible, meanwhile, simply smirked at her and threw the giantess at her "I'm gonna give her back to you."

"Gyahh!" The girl was quickly picked up from the momentum of the thrown Emmie and landed on a wall. Kim looked at the two unconscious girls before turning her predatory eyes towards the glaring brunette "Now then... Bonnie Rockwaller. You're gonna have to make up for your stupid little show, as well as screwing up the school grounds."

She then threw a contraption in front of the scared Food Chain and then asked "Do you know what this is?... It's a roller. It's used for flattening out lawns and fields. Pick an option. Either you level out the grounds with this or I level you out. By the way, if you pick option two..." She grabbed the bike of a unsuspecting biker. But, before he could react, Kim threw the two-wheeled vehicle towards a wall, crushing it completely. The gasoline smell wafted to their noses while Kim smirked with evil mirth. "That's what'll happen. I'll let you decide, since you messed up the grounds. Do you want to level or be leveled?"

The entire Food Chain violently shook from the fear instilled by the Bloody Fox, sans the brunette, who is completely filled with rage. She gave Kim the middle finger and shouted. "You're fucking insane, you know that!? Food Chain won't back down to something like that! You DARE take me on!? Then I'll give it to you! Emmie! Stand up, Emmie!" In an instant, Emmie stood up from the rubble, as if nothing dangerous has happened to her. She scratched her head in confusion "Ugh... Why do I feel dizzy?"

"Over here, Emmie! Fucking kill her!" The giant girl sets her sight at the standing redhead and yelled "Eat this, Possible!" She started charging with her arm in front of her. Kim, meanwhile, merely stepped out of her tracks. Emmie simply went past her until she collided with a parked truck. The collision made the large vehicle to topple down with a resounding thud.

"Did you know, rhino charges can apparently derail a train? But, I hear they don't really have a good track record of direct hits out in the wild." A wave of spine-tingling sensation sweeps over the group. Bonnie, on the other hand, just palmed her face in agitation before lashing out to her subordinates "What is wrong with you people!? If it's come to this, then I guess there's no choice... All of you, take her! It's twenty against one, so this should be easy for you!"

The delinquents readied their weapons and started charging towards the redhead. Joss and the rest of the Possible Corps grabbed their weapons as well and started to yell to charge, but Kim placed a hand in front of them and said "Stay out of this, Joss. It's better to be an 'extermination' than a 'brawl'." And with that, she ran towards them with a manic grin and yelled "SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT, FOOD CHAIN!"

The one wielding an aluminum bat swung towards her head, but she effortlessly dodged it. She latched her hand on his shirt and swung him towards the others who are also charging. She leaped out of their attack range and retaliated with a combination of jabs and kicks. The fluidity of her moves made it look like an action sequence done by Hollywood, but the crunching bones and screams of pain are no joke. Every punch looks real, and every twist sends shivers of fear all throughout the fields.

It is no secret that the Bloody Fox learned 16 different types of kung-fu, and she had complete mastery over each one. Ducking down from a swung two-by-four, the redhead sent the attacker flying with a roundhouse kick before punching straight to the abdomen of another one. Bonnie watched on the slaughter of her members until none left were standing.

When everything was finished, Kim just let out a sigh and looked over the rest of them, with some who can't even move a fiber of their muscles. "Yeah, fighting just doesn't get me going. Well, that's not the goal for today. Right now, what am I gonna do with you? I think I'll have you get down on your hands and knees in front of the whole school as punishment for disrupting the class, and then you can become a human roller."

Bonnie growled in response at the redhead, who is now slowly closing in on her. She continued while walking "Things can get uploaded in the internet within the day now, you know? After I'm done with you, I could see disintegrating into nothing in a day or two... Now then... On your hands and knees!"

The brunette was about to lash out at Kim when the masked girl quickly went between them, her legendary staff on her hand. Bonnie smiled at her newest recruit while Kim took a step back and glared at the person who once became the top dog of Middleton, saying "Angel of Destruction... What the hell!? You're supposed to be on my side!"

The long haired brunette closed her eyes and muttered "I've already given myself away to Food Chain. I have an obligation to protect the one in charge."

Her brows narrowed and frowned at her elders. "That so... So what, then? Are you gonna fight me, too?" The masked woman let out a mirthless chuckle before responding "... I won't fool myself into thinking I can win against you. But, I don't intend to surrender to you, either." Her teal eyes flared dangerously against the static coming from the emerald orbs that are staring back at her. The two went silent for a moment, afraid that the three top delinquents are going to engage in a three-way match, before Kim broke the contact and let out a sigh.

"Okay, I'll respect my elders." Kim announced to Bonnie and the rest of the Food Chain. "Go. I'll kill you if you pull something like this again."

Bonnie's eye twitched in annoyance before conceding with a begrudging tone "Tch, we'll go, but don't think this is over yet, Possible. You just caught us with a handful of people. The next time we meet, I'll bring the entire force of Food Chain and we'll see whose on the top!" The bikers who could still stand up, together with the commanders started driving away from the school. When there's no Food Chain left in their sights, the entire Possible Corps, with Joss leading it, went towards her quickly.

"Amazing, cousin! You completely cleaned them up like a bunch of rookies." Kim just nodded at her. The entire delinquent group cheered at their esteemed leader who single-handedly stopped the expansion of Food Chain's jurisdiction. Kim didn't celebrate with them, however, as she grabbed the megaphone the brunette was using earlier. She turned on the switch and started speaking towards the entire student population, who watches her with bated breaths.

"Ah... Ah... Testing, testing... Today is a beautiful day." The Possible Corps stared at their leader with a blank face since the sky is still covered in grey clouds while drizzling light rain all over Middleton. Kim let out a sigh and continued "Uh... So it's like you just saw. There were some idiots saying nonsense just now, but as you can see, there's no need to be afraid. It doesn't matter how many weaklings come here. Our school's got nothing to do with them. There's no need to worry about what's going on in our world. Just live life normally."

The entire school went dead silent and Kim felt her nerves are running in the speed of sound. To be honest, she felt like this moment is much harder than the fight she had earlier "Uh... If someone does something to you guys, tell Jocelyn Possible about it. She's a first year. Don't come to me directly. It's a pain. Uh... That's all.."

After her speech, the clouds started to scatter, letting the light pass through and make a natural spotlight on her. "The rain has stopped?" He couldn't hear any droplets falling down from the sky. What replaced it with is a small clap from one of the students in the building. The clapping sound gradually grew into a full-blown applause while others whistled and cheered. Kim's brows furrowed in confusion as she hear some of the shouts from the student body.

"You're soooo cooooool, Kim Possible!"

"She's ridiculously strong! She's so amazing!"

"I was a Middleton Mad Dogs fan before, but after witnessing that, from now on I'm a fan of the Possible Corps!"

Everyone looked happy. The redhead in the center of all the praises let out a sigh and muttered to herself "... Hahh. That was way harder than fighting." The squeals of the females from the building made her ears twitch with slight irritation. Handing the megaphone to her cousin, who is by now, swooning at her like a devout to a goddess, she then said before going out "Joss, you handle the rest, okay?" Nodding with conviction, the short haired brunette took the megaphone and started ordering the rest of the Possible Corps.

Back at the classroom, Ron let out a sigh with admiration. He was completely engrossed with the events, like all the others watching with him. "She's so cool, too. It's hard to believe that's the same girl I saw yesterday."

Josh, on the other hand, let out a sigh, causing the blonde to shift his attention to him. Ron wanted to ask about his thoughts, but the pretty boy beat him to it and started "Possible caught the enemy just as they were escaping. She finished them off by herself. And, she showed mercy in the end. It was quite the show. It was probably all to put us in ease. But... That doesn't mean I approve of her."

"Why not?" Ron asked. He thought it would be hard not to like Kim after what she's done. She puts everyone's worry in ease and managed to show compassion even if she's facing other delinquents. Josh just pointed at the audience and replied "A delinquent is still a delinquent, and I don't think one act can change other people's opinion of her." Ron trained his ears to hear the whispers circulating around the room and was shocked when he listened to them.

"But, man, she ripped through twenty people in just a few seconds. She's super scary."

"She's sure dependable, but I'm scared getting near her."

"I think I'll be a fan of her from a safe distance away..."

"Oh dear." Worry started to flood Ron's mind. To others, the events that transpired hadn't paint a positive impression of Kim Possible. To them, she's just a defense against the other delinquents, nothing more, nothing less. They're still terrified of going near her. And she's done so much to try to put us in ease, too. That's a shame..." The class started to settle down to their seats, but the blonde boy felt restless. His determination rose to new heights after what happened, and he will do everything to show that the redhead is not someone to be afraid of. The plan is clear to him.

He will get close with the notorious Bloody Fox or he will die trying.