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It wasn’t often that you and your boyfriend got to have some alone time to enjoy yourselves, each other’s company and just having a good time doing whatever you could think of as long as you were together. Working as heroes was exhausting but he made sure to have at least two nights a week saved for you, always relying on his faithful sidekicks to notify him if anything happened while he was away.

Part of you loved the fact that Shouto seemed so devoted to you but sometimes you couldn’t help but feel as if the relationship was doing more bad than good to him - when that happened and he found out, he’d always smother you with love so that your doubts would be left at the back of your head and you felt ready to go on once more. Saying that you wished to marry the man was too much of an understatement; you wanted to give your all to him, to have him by your side until the end of times or until you became so old you forgot your own name but not his face. He was the man of your dreams, and you felt beyond lucky to call him yours.

That morning you had woken up in bed alone, him having already gone to his agency a tad earlier than usual, but there was a foreign weight at the end of the bed that made you sit up slowly. Before you noticed what it was you looked to the side and saw your cat, Mitten sleeping peacefully on her own tiny bed - she had been a gift from Shouto for your latest birthday and you loved her to bits. You remembered what had awakened your curiosity and your gaze moved to the big square-shaped box that was just inches away from the edge of the mattress, a single paper on top with handwriting you recognized almost immediately as you moved to pick it up.

For the love of my life - I’ll pick you up at 10.

You opened the lid and took out one of the most beautiful dresses you had ever seen. It was a long-sleeved black one, the top part was made out of lace with a rose pattern that carefully covered the breast area; the back was partly open, starting right below the nape and ending just above the waist. It was simple but breathtaking all on its own, and you smiled widely at the thought of whatever he could have planned for the night.

The day was longer than usual with some of your sidekicks having to go to another agency for the day to help a group of new heroes with their first mission at your request and the paperwork being as heavy as it could be; you were exhausted by the time the clock hit 7pm, but the promise of a spectacular night helped you move forward with a positive attitude.

About an hour later you left the building to hurry home and get ready, and as you looked at the clock to see it was 8:30 when you arrived you felt as if you couldn’t get there sooner. The makeup and hair took you little over half an hour and you were lucky your lover had told you plenty of times how he loved the natural look you always sported. The dress was another story - you were extra wary of the lace as you slipped it on but it seemed to hug all the wrong places of your body. It was almost skin-tight and somehow it felt totally different than your hero outfit. Spending more time than needed in front of the mirror trying to decipher how to make it better you didn’t notice the keys on the main door or the pair of eyes that now looked at you with a serious yet loving gaze.

“Wow (Y/N),” you heard him say and you jumped a bit as a shiver ran down your spine. Turning around you saw Shouto leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed against his chest and a kind expression on his face. He was wearing the nicest tux he had, and you wondered if he had taken it to the agency that morning. “You’re looking amazing tonight, sweetheart. That dress was money well spent if I say so myself.”

There was no sign of malice in his tone but you still felt a knot in your stomach that made you look away as your cheeks flared up. “Not looking as good as you though,” you replied, unable to meet his gaze, but instead of replying he walked up to you and enveloped you in a soft hug, one that made your heart speed up. “Thank you Shou, I really like it.”

“My princess deserves only the best,” was his response as he placed a kiss on the top of your head before pulling away, an arm still firmly wrapped around your waist while his free hand cupped your cheek to make you look up at him. His eyes were glinting as he stared at you and you were sure that there was a lot going on through his mind, but the courage to ask escaped you as he closed the space between you with another gentle peck to your lips. “Now,” he said, “we should get going. I made reservations at this nice restaurant that opened up just a few weeks ago - it’s quite exclusive, but I heard the food’s really fucking good.”

You only chuckled at his language and nodded as he led you out of the apartment, your heels clicking at par with his steps. Had you looked more thoroughly at his jacket, you would’ve seen the little box hidden in one of the pockets, but you were blissfully unaware of what was to come.