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dessert first

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Chuuya wishes he were surprised by this.

‘This’ being the fact that Dazai has, once again, broken into Chuuya’s flat (though, it’s not really breaking in, since Chuuya did leave a spare key somewhere he knew Dazai would find it, and it’s not there anymore, so—), but more than that, the fact that Dazai’s in the kitchen wearing nothing but an apron, cooking.

It’s the third time in the last two weeks.

“You know,” Chuuya says, trying for conversational and aware he’s mostly failing, “you don’t have to cook for me.” In fact, he’d prefer Dazai didn’t, because he has a tendency to... put odd ingredients into things. The taste is always pretty decent, and at first Chuuya even feels energized, but he swears afterwards for some reason he’s always strangely exhausted. It’s not like an aphrodisiac or anything - at least, he doesn’t think it is, because it doesn’t tend to make him horny, usually Dazai does that on his own - and he’s sure it’s not sleeping pills either, but he really has no idea what the fuck Dazai does to his cooking that makes it have such an effect.

Dazai glances over at him with a smile. “But I want to~! And welcome home~”

“... Mm, I’m home,” Chuuya says, belated and a little begrudging, because saying that, answering so domestically, is practically giving Dazai permission to keep doing this, but. He can’t bring himself to not say it, either. And it’s worth it, he thinks, for the tiny-but-sincere smile that Dazai offers him. Coming over to peer into the saucepan that Dazai’s working with, Chuuya’s definitely a little surprised to see chocolate. “You baking something?”

Dazai looks thoughtful. “Mm... Something like that?” His tone is innocent, which is exactly why Chuuya’s proverbial hackles are Immediately raised.

“... It looks more runny than normal chocolate.”

“It is~!”

“... It’s not meant to harden back up again, is it.”

Dazai bats his lashes, the perfect picture of guileless innocence, if only Chuuya didn’t know him so well. “Hm? Why does Chuuya ask?”

“It’s chocolate body paint, isn’t it.” He can’t even intone it as a question, because he knows the answer already. He can even see a few brushes in a bag on the counter, tucked aside.

Dazai pouts at him. “You’re ruining the surprise, Chuuya!”

It’s honestly a bit of a relief; it’s not a meal, Chuuya won’t have to go through those weird symptoms, Dazai just wants sex. Chuuya can do that much. "I'll make it up to you," he says, bland, just to pacify Dazai - or, no, not really to pacify him, because he knows it'll only make Dazai pout more to feel like he's being pacified, and that's actually what Chuuya wants. Despite how... odd this whole situation is, to say the least, Chuuya can't help admitting that Dazai is cute in his own ways. Sometimes.

The predictable pout at least makes Chuuya lean up and kiss him, anyway, which has Dazai giving a pleased noise and deepening it until Chuuya pushes him back with a gentle hand on his chest. "Oi, watch the chocolate. If it's burnt, I'm not eating it off you."

Dazai whines a bit, but turns his attention back to the stove, and Chuuya takes the time to step back and glance over Dazai's body. It's not like he's looking for anything in particular, and he's long since memorized the way Dazai looks, whether he'd like to admit that or not, but that doesn't mean he can't appreciate the fact that Dazai willingly bared himself of even his bandages just for Chuuya. Whether it's the first time - which it isn't - or the hundredth, Chuuya is sure it'll still make him feel that slight tug in his chest.

But, well. He wouldn't be himself if he just gave into Dazai's wishes right away, maybe-possibly in love with him or not.

As such, he rummages through some cabinets, more just to get Dazai used to him moving around than anything, grabbing a wine glass and a whiskey glass, because hey, alcohol is never something either one of them tends to turn down, then opening a drawer near Dazai's hip, content that Dazai is now focused properly on making sure the chocolate doesn't burn.

With his attention elsewhere, it's easy for Chuuya to smack him on the ass with a wooden spoon, just hard enough to sting a bit but not cause any real pain.

It makes Dazai jump, surprised, and when he looks over at Chuuya, his cheeks are slightly flushed and he's pouting, being utterly adorable. Chuuya grins at him, rubbing it over the spot he'd smacked, just to see Dazai fidget a bit more. "I know you're prepped for me, but I'm still not gonna fuck you while the stove is on."

"The chocolate's almost done," Dazai says, petulant, giving it a bit more stirring, even though his attention is still clearly divided between it and Chuuya, wondering if he'll be spanked with the spoon again. "Chuuya doesn't need to tease me...!"

"But it's fun," Chuuya points out, delivering another little smack to the other cheek, making Dazai shiver and grip tighter to his own stir spoon.

The chocolate mix is indeed close to done, according to the timer on the stove, so he decides to make the best of what time he has remaining, alternating between rubbing over the reddened skin and spanking it, noting the way Dazai's cheeks flush darker and the apron starts to tent with his interest. Chuuya doesn't bother counting or anything, just hitting at random until Dazai, trembling, practically jumps out of his skin when the timer goes off. He has the presence of mind to turn off the element and move the chocolate mixture off of it, but then he's turning to practically jump at Chuuya, only to be held back again.

"It has to cool!" Dazai immediately protests, desperate and grabby, and Chuuya at least gives him a soothing kiss.

"Mm, I know. But it'd be a shame to fuck you without it when you went through all the trouble of making it, so you'll have to be patient. How about this: pick where you want me to fuck you and get it set up. If you want to use the couch or bed, you're putting some goddamn towels down because I just washed my sheets the last time you were over," which was only two days ago, "so I'm not doing it again this soon."

Dazai flutters his lashes. "What if I just want to be fucked on the island counter?"

"Then take off that apron and bend over or hop up, but you're cleaning it up afterwards."

Apparently that condition is agreeable enough, because Dazai takes the few steps necessary, apron tossed haphazardly on the other counter as he turns around and hops up onto it so he can lay on his back. Mostly so that he has more room to play, Chuuya knows, but he's not about to turn that down. He sets the wooden spoon aside in case he wants to play more with it, then moves the chocolate from the element to the fridge for just a few minutes to cool it down faster.

Dazai is still squirming on the counter, but Chuuya spots something else of interest while he's in the fridge. Raising a brow, he pulls the can out, and turns to look at Dazai with it in hand.

"Whipped cream too, huh?"

"But of course~!" Dazai chirps, clearly pleased with himself, and Chuuya rolls his eyes but floats it over to the counter with a small smile on his face.

"You're so demanding."

"Chuuya bosses me around plenty!"

"Yeah, that's true. Speaking of, show me how well you prepped yourself." Shutting the fridge door, Chuuya moves to sit in the bar stool Dazai had surely positioned himself strategically to have between his legs, allowing Chuuya to brush a hand along the inside of Dazai's thighs just to see him shiver some more. Dazai's own hands slip down between his thigh, using both of his index fingers to pull at his own rim, letting Chuuya have a good view of it. "Did you bring the lube out here?"

Dazai nods, then flicks his chin towards the discarded apron. "In the pocket."

Chuuya rolls his eyes, but reaches for it regardless, slicking his own fingers before pushing two into Dazai, knowing the prep work is already done. "You know this already, but I like prepping you myself."

"Chuuya always teases, though."

"Oh, you've got foresight too, huh?" Which is the only warning he gives as he makes no effort to move those fingers other than to stroke slowly back and forth over Dazai's prostate, not adding a third nor thrusting them in and out.

The prep work is done, after all. Chuuya's just savouring the treat.

Dazai protests, as expected, but doesn't shove any of his own fingers in, nor pull or push at Chuuya's hands, just fusses his legs on the counter, body twitching and spasming as Chuuya teases him relentlessly, never doing more than rubbing the pads of two fingers over Dazai's prostate with nowhere near enough pressure to get him off.

Once about five minutes of lazily fingering Dazai has passed, Chuuya abruptly withdraws. It makes Dazai keen even louder at him, but Chuuya leans forward to press a kiss to his cock in something like a reward, even though it really only teases him more. "Shh, I'm just getting the chocolate, and then we'll play more."

That, at least, gets Dazai to quiet down a bit, though it doesn't stop his body from trembling. Chuuya checks the temperature of the chocolate mixture, as well as the quantity of it; there's more than he thinks he'll use all at once... But that's not a problem. He's sure it'll still freeze, given enough time.

Pulling it out of the fridge and setting it on the counter, Chuuya decides to just make it easy on them both, and finally strips out of his own clothing. Usually he'd have a little more care than just tossing it on the ground, but they're busy right now, so it can wait; once he's naked, he climbs all the way up onto the island as well, settling between Dazai's legs and pulling them up over his hips. There... what a nice canvas he has, Dazai's whole front exposed to him like this, eager and wanting.

For once, Chuuya decides to be a little merciful, because Dazai's already been through a lot - prepping himself, undressing, making Chuuya some body paint chocolate, getting spanked, then fingered only teasingly for about five minutes - and immediately drizzles the cooled down chocolate mix down Dazai's chest and stomach, one finger trailing after it to spread it out just a bit. Chuuya licks his finger clean once he's trailed it all the way down to the dip of Dazai's hips, testing the taste, pleased with it. Good, so Dazai didn't burn it.

With that confirmed, Chuuya draws aimless patterns over Dazai's chest and even down his thighs, over the dips of his hips and clavicles, but not over his nipples. That's an intentional choice, of course; Dazai looks hazy-eyed already, but Chuuya has special plans for that. Reaching over for the whipped cream he hadn't forgotten about, that gets squirted in neat little peaks over Dazai's nipples, two soft little white piles that are just begging to be licked at.

Naturally, that's what Chuuya does, mouth descending on those fluffy mounds of whipped cream, intentionally scraping his teeth against the nipple hidden away beneath, making Dazai writhe on the counter. He lavishes his attention on one, one hand supporting his own weight as the other trails down Dazai's stomach with the backs of his fingers, feeling more than hearing the soft sigh of pleasure that escapes Dazai's lips as he does. The slightly-raised texture of the scars there, each of them having their own textures and eliciting different responses as his knuckles brush over them... It already means everything that Dazai's willing to bare himself to Chuuya's gaze, but to let down his defenses enough to let Chuuya actually touch the marks Dazai hates so much, and to show his honest reactions on top of that... Physical pleasure aside, Chuuya knows he'll never tire of the intimacy of it, even if they're nowhere near this gentle sometimes.

Not that Chuuya will stay gentle the entire time this time either, of course; right now he's just warming them both up, getting Dazai well and truly strung-out before he'll get what he wants. He doesn't come to Chuuya because he expects to be treated gently, but the fact that he allows it nevertheless still pleases Chuuya; sometimes he just wants to be gentle and show Dazai some of the kindness he never expects from the world. Naturally, sometimes Chuuya just wants to hurt him, too, but a lot of that coin-toss comes down to how Dazai approaches him.

When Dazai's being this sweet, Chuuya can't help but drive him crazy with gentle touches and teases before fucking him.

Once the one nipple has been thoroughly cleaned of whipped cream and nibbled into a pert red peak, Chuuya lifts his head and moves to the other side, the hand trailing down Dazai's stomach moving further down to give Dazai's cock a few firm pumps, relishing in the way he cries out and instinctively clamps his legs shut on Chuuya's waist.

"Chuuyaaaa, stop teasing~!"

"You don't sound all that convincing when you're writhing and gasping like that, you know. Besides, you went out of your way to make the body chocolate and buy whipped cream... You knew I wouldn't let it go to waste."

Dazai pouts, continuing to whine, "Shut up and let me whine!"

Chuuya snickers at that, biting on the nipple beneath his lips in mild retaliation. "So bratty."

"Chuuya likes me that way~"

Annoyingly enough, Chuuya can't really deny that. Instead, he squeezes almost to the point of pain on Dazai's cock in warning.

Thankfully, from there, Dazai seems too breathless to keep making quips, panting and clawing at Chuuya's shoulders as Chuuya's mouth eventually leaves his nipples alone and moves down Dazai's body, tongue trailing along the path he'd made with the chocolate. Of course, the chocolate doesn't all come off so easily, so Chuuya makes sure to suck harder over the spots that are the most 'stubborn' - AKA the spots that make Dazai shiver the most - until he can feel precum coating his hand and Dazai's to the point of twitching even when Chuuya stops, just finished up with Dazai's hip bones.

"You've been holding on pretty well, but it looks like you're about to burst, huh?"

Dazai only whimpers at him, clawing, demanding, at Chuuya's shoulders, and down his chest when he sits back on his haunches, surveying his handiwork. There are definitely still smears of chocolate here and there, and some of the whipped cream seems to have melted from the second nipple before Chuuya got to it, running off the side of Dazai's chest towards the counter. The flushed, utterly needy expression on Dazai's face, his panting breath, the way he keens and wraps his legs behind Chuuya's back to use them to tug him in closer... All of it feels almost specifically designed to lure Chuuya in, but even with that thought, it's still effective.

Chuuya stops teasing Dazai's cock, moving both hands to grip and rub little circles into his hips. "Alright, alright, I'll give you what you want now."

Dazai arches his hips up higher and slides his hands down Chuuya's chest, reaching greedily for his cock, stroking it the second they touch. Chuuya lets him get away with it for a few seconds, then frees one of his hands to bat Dazai's away gently, "Lube."

Dazai pouts at him again, but reaches for the discarded bottle obediently, slicking his hands before resuming his touching. Chuuya lets him continue for a while, more to give Dazai's own body a few seconds to calm down than anything, in hopes that he won't immediately come the second Chuuya presses into him. That's probably in vain, but Chuuya doesn't really care, and he's sure Dazai would be happily fucked even if he were oversensitive, so it doesn't really matter even if it is.

Once Chuuya's satisfied - and Dazai looks like he's about to start getting demanding if Chuuya doesn't give him another order - he hums his approval. "Good boy."

Dazai gives him a bit of a sulky look, but Chuuya only grins at him, and the moment Dazai's hands are off of him, thrusts forward, sheathing himself entirely in one motion. It makes Dazai cry out again, clenching up around him, back arching off the counter and nails digging into Chuuya's hips. Chuuya only gives him a few seconds to adjust, both because he can tell Dazai's not in pain and because they've been doing this enough recently that he knows Dazai's limits incredibly well. This much isn't enough to make him need to stop.

Sure enough, it's only about half a minute before Dazai's rolling his hips impatiently. "Chuuya."

Not bothering to respond, Chuuya draws out teasingly slow, just to watch Dazai scowl, then thrusts back in hard to cut off his protests, making Dazai choke on his own breath and let out a loud whine instead of whatever the complaint was going to be. He knows all too well by now where Dazai's prostate is, too, after all, and makes sure to hit it dead-on as often as possible.

There's no need to be gentle from there. Dazai comes rather quickly, which is unsurprising given how much he'd endured before, and Chuuya moves a hand to smear some of the sticky liquid with the remaining bits of chocolate on Dazai's chest, then leans down, practically bending himself in half, to lick it up. Dazai whimpers like he's being tortured, but only claws harder, demanding Chuuya stay close, and Chuuya keeps moving roughly, the warmth and tightness of Dazai's body urging him on to his own release.

That steady build of pleasure jumps higher abruptly when, just as he's moving to sit back again, Dazai abruptly surges upwards and bites desperately at his lips, changing the angle of their bodies connection, pushing Chuuya in deeper and making Dazai clench harder, gasping into the kiss he himself had initiated. It proves to be Chuuya's undoing, releasing into Dazai with a groan muffled against Dazai's lips, hands sliding from holding his hips to hugging him close as he spills.

They sit like that for a while, catching their breath and kissing over each other's faces lazily, until Chuuya carefully lifts Dazai out of his lap, his seed immediately dripping down on to the counter.

... Yeah, that's gonna need some deep cleaning.

But that can wait; despite Chuuya's threats to make Dazai clean up the counters after this - which he will follow through with, thank you very much - it's a little more urgent that they get Dazai cleaned up first, lest he just drip Chuuya's cum onto the floor while he tries to work.

"Alright, I know you're tired now, but you're filthy and I'm not letting you sleep on my counter. C'mon, hold on." He doesn't really need Dazai to cling to him, could lift him even if he was dead asleep, but it's... Cute, having a sleepy, sated Dazai wrap arms around his neck and cling as he's carried bridal-style to the bathroom. Chuuya sets him on the closed lid of the toilet while the bath fills, and Dazai leans his head forward to rest against Chuuya's shoulder where he's kneeling by the tap.

It's incredibly domestic.

Once the water's full, Chuuya picks Dazai up again and climbs in the tub, pulling Dazai into his lap and stroking his hair gently, just letting him doze. He'll get to the scrubbing in a few minutes, he just wants to savour the closeness first. Dazai hums and nuzzles into his shoulder.

Chuuya's not an idiot, and more than that, he was Dazai's partner for years; he knows Dazai comes to him to be fucked out of his mind so that he doesn't have to think so much. Chuuya's fine with that, doesn't mind that Dazai's intentions are selfish, because hey, it feels good for him too, and he's not exactly a beacon of morality, himself. Besides, no matter whether Dazai would admit it or not - which he surely wouldn't - Chuuya's certain that Dazai likes him at least a little bit, too.

If he doubted it, moments like these, where Dazai's curled up and half asleep in his lap in the bath, completely bared naked and fucked out, vulnerable and trusting, would be enough to prove it.

It might have taken a while, but Chuuya's certain, now, that they deserve these tiny peaceful moments they've carved for themselves.

He won't let anyone get in the way of that.