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Makai Kishi Hideyoshi

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- 739 AD, Yggdrasil -
The sun was setting on Asgard, painting the once beautiful landscape in red, matching the spilled blood of thousands of giants and Valkyries, dying for a cause they never would understand. These were the last days of Ragnarök, the age where gods would die to allow the cycle to begin anew. In one last attempt to save his life, Odin had sealed the river of wisdom and by that took the whole world hostage. However, he didn't account for his empire fading away under the onslaught of the one who he thought of as his son. And what is a king without an empire?
For that certain day's battle, there were only two opponents still alive. One was the god of mischief himself, Loki, dressed in a blue and white tunic and with an orange hairstyle that defied gravity. His blue eyes would be feared by all those who spotted them in the dark thousand years from now on. The other one was a very feminine Valkyrie, more woman than the last survivors could ever hope for and yet more man then they would ever going to be. Dressed in black armour with yellow stripes the brunette with shoulder length hair was struggling not to get hit by the fire the Jötun god was throwing at her which for some reason only dissolver her armour and clothing.
"Bakaaa!" she yelled when the fire hit her breasts, exposing them, and quickly covered them up with her arm.
"Even though I am a boy this is embarrassing."
"A boy?" Loki asked, clearly surprised. Then a smile spread across his face. "When I'm done with you, you will believe the opposite."
The last thing Hideyoshi saw before her vision went black was the makai rushing towards her, grabbing her face and exclaiming: "Those KIA meet me in remedial class!"

When she woke up the queen of traps felt something wet slithering across her legs and arms. Opening her eyes she saw she was held suspended in air inside a dimly lit cave by skin-coloured, bumpy tentacles and some were removing the remains of her clothing. Struggling she tried to cover up her breasts and crotch but was quickly overpowered by the tentacles. When she opened her mouth to summon her chibi catgirl companion one of the tentacles instantly thrust into it, winding its way down her throat and making her gag.
"There there, try to behave." Loki said, apparently busy with something, or rather someone her vision was still to blurry to make out. "Or do you want the neko to join us? I wonder what my little friends would do to her."
Whoever he was occupied with vanished and he turned to her, lowering himself until he was able to look between her legs. "You said you were a boy, but how can you be one with such a girly dick?" he said, flicking the 3cm sized appendage with walnut sized testicle hanging below.
Hideyoshi shivered at the touch, already light headed, which he first thought was of embarrassment.
"Oh, already getting hard, are we?" Loki sarcastically asked, watching the tiny cock trying its best to grow. "If you get an erection from even the slightest touch I think you will go crazy from what's in store for you."
"Ecchi. Pervert." The girl managed to force out before the tentacle in her mouth resumed prodding at her stomach, making her throat bulge with every movement. When it thrusted all the way in her eyes went wide and she began drooling, adding to the wetness already accumulating on her face.
"Now then, shall I demonstrate you that you're a girl with a pussy?"
Hearing this, Hideyoshi clenched town her anus, expecting her boy-pussy's virginity to be taken, but instead felt something on her penis tip. Maousama was teasing the urethra with his small finger, adding more and more pressure, making the opening slowly widen.
"Are you crazy? That will never fit!" The girl was brought to tears by the thought of the penetration alone, making the feeling so much more intense when the finger actually slipped in.
Slowly finger-fucking Hideyoshi, Loki started licking the underside of her dick, making it fully erect at a thumb's width and 7cm length with a visible bulge where his finger was inside. He used his tongue to peel back the Valkyrie's foreskin, the sudden coolness of the air making her gasp and almost choke on the tentacle down her throat. Another tentacle was wrapping itself around her cock, slightly stroking it while one more was rubbing across her asshole, coating it in a sticky fluid. When it penetrated her she tried to scream, wiggling her butt and rubbing against the intrusion which made its way up her intestines, searching for her prostate and then coiling around the hard nub inside her.
When Loki felt her tightening up, he withdrew his finger and commanded most tentacles withdraw, leaving only the ones restraining her and the one in her ass which almost pulled out now, settling on slightly sliding in and out, making her whimper.
Hideyoshi's balls were visibly swelling up and becoming blue, all that pent up sperm now waiting for an orgasm which wouldn't come.
"I will return tomorrow morning.", the dark lord said, "That will leave us with four days of fun till the world ends. Enjoy yourself until then."

-The next day-
When Loki walked in the first thing he saw was Hideyoshi's brightly red swollen anus, sticking out between her buttcheeks with the tentacle still going at it, dragging the sensitive ring in and out with each movement. Under that her once tiny nuts had swollen up to the size of fists, stretching the skin of the nutsack and coloured in a shade of blue which should not be possible. They almost managed to hide the now darkened dick from sight, constantly dripping with precum and twitching every so often.
Hearing steps the Valkyrie lifted up her head, eyes surrounded by dark rings due to the lack of sleep from being pounded the whole time. "Please, end this" she begged, barely audible.
"Oh, that is not how a girl begs for it. Say: 'Please fuck my dirty pussy and make me cum, master.' and I might consider it."
Hideyoshi's eyes went wide. "I am not a girl. Summon, come forth."
A chibi version of her with cat ears wearing a Kimono leaped at Loki swinging a naginata but was instantly caught by him. It's struggling stopped when he petted it's ears at which point it purred and went limp.
Loki undressed it with one quick movement and saw that it resembled it's owner in every way.
He poked at its ass and then lined himself up. "Let's see if this will fit."
The summon started struggling again which then turned to twitches as Loki pushed himself further into it. A bulge appeared at its belly and travelled upwards.
"Luckily your intestines are straight, otherwise this might hurt" he said when he was halfway inside.
The original could only watch as the chibi writhed in agony, trying to push the intruder back out, only adding to the pleasure. When their eyes met, Hideyoshi leaned forward, desperate for any kind of sexual touch, kissing the catgirl on its lips. Surprised it could not resist as the trap pushed her tongue inside, exploring every detail of that was kind of her own mouth. Seeing this, Loki hilted himself, actually passing through into Hideyoshi's mouth and then continued fucking both at the same time. When he felt the original getting close to an orgasm again he pulled back, still leaving the summon impaled on him and used it to jerk off onto the Valkyrie's face.
When the demon's semen hit her the sensation caused a single drop of sperm to leave her penis, so she started moving, wiggling her appendage back and forth, effectively humping the air, desperate to push the rest out.
"Are you willing to obey now?" the Makai asked, pulling of the little nekonomimi which was pretty much paralyzed at this point.
"I would never ask something so humiliating. Now hurry up and... and... you know what, or you will regret it."
When Loki turned away, seemingly leaving, her head slumped down in defeat and she whispered: "Ok, I will do it. I beg for it."
"Beg for what?" Maousama asked with his stereotypical grin.
"Please ... master... ravage my ... asspussy... I need to cum... I will do everything you say, just please let my dirty femcock cum."
"Well said", Loki praised, pulling out the tentacle and part of her anus with a wet slurping sound before rubbing his tip around the swollen hole. "I hope you're wet enough for this."
The first thrust made Hideyoshi's dick flap against her own belly, coating it with her own cum. The second one hit her prostate, making it even more painfully hard and erect but letting out enough sperm to ease up on the pain in her balls. She reached back, grabbing her own butt and spreading it, allowing Loki to penetrate the deepest parts of her. When he managed to fit himself all the way inside her he started rapidly humping away at her butt, sometimes reaching to the front either pulling and twisting her now stiff nipples or grabbing her balls and squeezing them, causing even more girlcum to gush out in a never ending torrent. When the Valkyrie saw her own cum below her she bent down and started to lick it back up, completely lost in the sensation.
Seeing her losing it the makai reached for her dick, peeling back the foreskin and lightly dragging his finger around her circumfence. This made her tighten up even more, as if willing to suck out every drop of the demon's semen with her ass, she began humping him back, her ass slapping against his skin. When he pinched her tip she began spasming under him, pushing out her last drops of cum and clenching down her butthole, making him unload deep into her.
When her ass would let him go again he pulled out, leaving a gaping hole behind, occasionally twitching and clamping down as if asking for more. He kissed the collapsed girl lightly on the forehead, smiling at her keeping an ahegao face even in her sleep.
"Rest well for you will need it tomorrow."
He then picked her up and carried her back to her palace where he would return to his usual business: Raping surviving soldiers of Odin's army and saving the world.

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- Loki's palace -
When Hideyoshi woke up she noticed her surroundings clearly had improved. Everything was made out of white marble with golden and blue ornaments. The only detail not really matching was the chained down nude Valkyrie beside her with white twin pigtails, grey eyes and rather large breasts: Suvia, the tactician who's plans only failed once until now, when trying to trick the god of tricksters.
Speak of the devil, the brunette heard his voice inside her head and what he said wasn't really surprising: "Seems like you woke up at just the right moment. You know what I want you to do. Rape her, but don't please her." - "Why would I?" the trap asked before it felt like every bone in her body was cut into by cobweb-thin threads. "Because otherwise I would have to hurt you even more. What you witnessed right now actually was a favour I did you, experiencing extreme pain helps to make pleasure afterwards even more intense. Now, be a good little slut and fulfil your desires."
At first she couldn't move from all the pain, but the wires moved her body for her, placing her legs on each side of the captive's head and then using her arms to gently slap Suvia's cheeks until her eyes opened. They quickly widened, focusing on the tiny cock in front of her which was hardening against Hideyoshi's will.
"Come on, say it", Loki whispered in the flat-chested girl's mind.
"I don't like this any more than you do so will you do both of us a favour and put it in your mouth please?" This was quickly followed by Loki's maniacal laughter: "That was the politest way I ever heard someone say 'suck it'."
"If you like blowjobs that much, do the rest yourself" the platin blonde responded, opening her mouth, sticking out her tongue but otherwise laying completely still.
"I really am sorry" Hideyoshi apologized, slowly lowering her hips and using one of her hands to guide her dick into the waiting mouth. When it touched the slayer's tongue she shivered, the movement stimulating her glans and peeling back her foreskin a bit. She lowered herself even more, only slightly penetrating her fucktoy's throat when fully hilted and started to wiggle, slowly accustoming to the wetness around her.
She started humping, thrusting her cute butt back and forth, lightly moaning and feeling up her own nipples. "This feels surprisingly good." she managed in-between her gasps, feeling her balls tighten up already. Not wanting it to end so soon, she pulled out, sitting down on Suvia's tongue instead, dragging her ass-pussy across it.
"How does it taste, bitch?" she asked completely euphorically, having her entrance teased feeling so much more natural, not noticing herself losing it. "Be happy, all the boys wanted do get inside of me yet I give you the privilege of eating out my naughty ass."
The chained up girl tried to pull her tongue back in when hearing this, only for the trap to pull it back out, sticking it inside of her and then clamping down so hard it was impossible to escape. "Ooh, I'm so close, don't let me down now or I'll get really angry."
She ejaculated prematurely, pointing her dick down to cum all over the blonde's face.
"Oh my, what was that?" she asked herself shocked, noticing how within minutes she had come to enjoy raping a helpless girl.
*It was definitely not enough.* a voice inside her head stated, sounding much like herself, just with a high-pitched scraping noise added
She tried to pull away but instantly her hands went down to Suvia's breasts, kneading them, her fingers leaving red bruises on the skin when she pressed down too hard. Shaking her head she attempted to rid herself of whatever evil possessed her but still she was forced to lay her womanhood between those majestic tits.
"Such nice udders you have" she was forced to say which only got a sarcastic "Jealous?" as a response.
"Indeed so I hope you don't mind me borrowing them" she spoke, grabbing the nipples and using them to rapidly drag the breasts across her meat, the violent treatment causing Suvia to start moaning, too.
"After all the stories I heard about you, don't tell me the great Valkyrie enjoys being raped?" - "Who would enjoy your tiny cock? I can't even feel it."
Hearing this Hideyoshi smiled and rubbed the nipples against each other. "That just means I have to try even harder." She didn't even notice purple glowing tentacles growing out her back, slithering down across Suvia's belly and teasing her entrance. When the captive's body started twitching, she withdrew. "I was asked not to let you cum until you beg for it. Tell me, do you want me inside you, stirring your pussy up?"
"I probably wouldn't even notice if you already were inside."
"Well then, that's too bad" the trap said "Seems like you want to spend your final days unsatisfied." She reached back with one of her hands, rubbing her own butthole, easily slipping one finger inside the loosened muscle. Repositioning herself over Suvia's left breast, she started humping the painfully hardened nipple, dragging it across the base of her shaft and her balls. Slipping another finger inside her quickly moistening anus she repeatedly spread them, yearning for the sensation of being filled. Some of her liquids dropped down onto the tit she was rubbing against, the slickness allowing her to move even faster. The blonde's cheeks reddened up, though from embarrassment or from excitement she couldn't tell.
Hideyoshi added a third finger, her movements becoming more sluggish and desperate, teasing her insides in every way possible. When her orgasm finally hit it was so intense she lost all strength, sitting down on her fucktoy's breast, shoving her whole hand inside herself in the process, hitting her prostate. She unconsciously caught it between her fingers and squeezed, the resulting twitching of her tiny dick causing her semen to fly all over both girls, drenching them in the salty sticky liquid.
Completely spent the rapist rolled off her panting victim, in her haze almost missing Loki coming in and dragging Suvia somewhere outside. Now no longer filled with her carnal desires she thought about what she had done, how within seconds her personality switched from the happy kawaii innocent girl she was raised as to a lustful beast, carrying out her master's orders without hesitation.
Tears started forming in her eyes, the first ones since that one fateful day when her village was plundered by the frost giants and she, the only survivor, was adopted by Odin. Through her blurred out vision she could hardly see Loki coming back, but clearly felt him petting her on the head, whispering "Good job. I have a reward for you." in her ear and then stabbing his hand through her heart.
When she woke up again, it was still just her and the god of mischief alone and he smiled at her.
"Congratulations on your promotion" he said and his voice echoed in her head longer than it should have. She crawled away hastily and just then realized something: Her heart, which she expected to be beating rapidly in fear, wasn't beating at all.
The makai continued: "Now that you had your first experience of what can be you have shown me that you have potential. Enough potential that I decided to keep you. For eternity. You will not age, every wound inflicted will instantly heal and even getting your head cut off will be more of a nuisance than a real threat. And don't forget about your new appendages." He pointed towards her back where the tentacles had reappeared, already making their way down towards Hideyoshi's butt before she could stop them. "You will work for me and carry out my orders with joy."
"And if I refuse?" - "Let me show you something." He placed his hand on her forehead and after a short sting her vision was filled with eternal dark blue. Loki was visible as a black silhouette and when she looked down she could see herself in a similar manner. Nine distortions came into view, the blue twisting around darker shades.
"This is the mother-ocean", the Makai continued, "which you know a little part of as Yggdrasil. It is the source of my power and, if you accept, yours. Over here" he pointed to one distortion "is my homeworld, Hel, as dark from the outside as it is from within which is the reason for the name humans know me as its messenger of: 'Black'". He pointed to another world: "This is Midgard, the realm of humanity and probably the most interesting one so far." Tiny pieces could be seen falling off it towards Hel. "And most importantly" he pointed to a world surrounded by cracks, entire chunks breaking off and dissolving in the blue, "over here is Asgard, where we are now. Odin never told you of his last plans, did he? His intention is taking all of Yggdrasil down with him, if he doesn't give the command to Suvia and Sigurd to reopen the world tree's source of life all which you are seeing now will vanish. This is why I captured you instead of leaving you to die. I want you to help me secure the two keys and judging from the fact that Odin is a well-known pervert you can probably guess where he hid them."
He collected a batch of the surrounding flow in his hand, it turning bright pink and pushed it inside Hideyoshi's chest. Then he took away his hand, the girl's vision returning to normal.
"So what do you say? Admitting having fought the wrong war all along?"
"For now I do, but we are going to have a word afterwards about what you forced me to do. I am not helping you because I like you or anything. Baka."

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- one day left until the world ends -
When Suvia woke up she felt a familiar sensation around her nipples, they were twisted and stretched by slippery tentacles. At first she thought Hideyoshi had come back to have her way with her again but when she opened her eyes she could see that the tentacles were not only glowing purple but also connected to a floating orb of the same colour. Even though it was the first time she met him she knew who he was: "You are Hel, king of Helheim, the only one who can rival Odin-sama. Have you come to finish what your vassals couldn't?"
Instead of answering Hel twisted his tentacles around every part of her body and lifted her up. Without hesitation he plunged straight into the depths of her pussy, prodding at her uterus.
While the Valkyrie tried to keep an emotionless face she couldn't hold back her moans as more tentacles coiled around her breasts, rubbing them hard enough to leave bruises. Some more tentacles wrapped around each other and made their way up to her mouth, forcing it open and inserting themselves down to her stomach, making her gag.
"You are getting wet." Hearing this she looked down, seeing that Hel was replaced with Hideyoshi who was just about to force her tiny dick inside the Valkyrie's folds along with even more tentacles. She wanted to ask what was going on, but couldn't speak through the tentacles inside her throat, the vibrations from her attempts only bringing more pleasure to the Makai Kishi. When the trap forced her own appendage inside her too the pressure on her walls became too much and she woke up, saliva dripping from her face and her thighs coated in her own juices. She felt like getting raped constantly was both figuratively and literally rubbing off on her but quickly discarded those thoughts. They would keep bothering her at the back of her mind however.

The first thing Hideyoshi did in the morning was masturbating. She was already nude, putting on clothes in Black's vicinity was kinda pointless, and so she had direct access to her asshole, getting on all fours, coating one finger in her own spit and then gently pushing it in. This was much easier then when she first tried it, her ass having loosened up a bit from the constant abuse. Not wanting to put the second in dry, she pulled out again, sensually licking each finger, tasting her own butthole in the process and then went back to work, using two fingers to spread her ring to make room for more. She wiggled them around, searching for that sweet spot that gave her release the first time. Not feeling completely (ful-)filled she inserted a third, her anus already turning red and sensitive. When she grazed the hard nub inside her she jolted, quickly shoving in the rest of her hand making her fully erect in seconds. Always secretly having wanted to try this, but always have been too scared she tried to bend her fingers inside her, painfully stretching her insides for a moment before she managed to form a fist. Curious, she pushed it further in, impaling herself more and more until she was hilted to the elbow. She was breathing heavy, teeth gritted from the pain but it felt too good to stop now. Holding her breath she pulled out a bit, her intestines sucking on her fist as if trying to force it to stay inside before she pushed back in, a slick noise coming from her asshole with every movement. Getting bolder she pulled out more quickly this time, shuddering at the sensation of her bowel twitching around her from the rough treatment. Setting on a comfortable pace of penetrating herself her other hand went to her exposed perky nipples, drawing circles around each of them, slightly rubbing the tips and, when feeling really horny, pinching them. Closing her eyes she imagined it was an Orc fucking her, she had seen quite a few of them, most of them leaving their impressive manhood exposed. She imagined being treated as their sex toy, roughly pressed to the ground, the green giant mercilessly using her ass-pussy as he pleased. She tried thrusting her arm inside her in every possible angle, attempting to get as close to the feeling of a real cock as possible. Completely lost in her imagination she humped back with her butt, those cute cheeks wiggling every time. Nearing her orgasm, she thrusted her arm more downwards, slightly brushing against her prostate. Her sweet daydream was disturbed however when she heard the door open, she tried to pull out and stand up, in her embarrassment forgetting that she still clenched her hand to a fist and therefore spreading her hole way too wide.
Still fully erect and with her balls tightened up there was nothing to hide her gaping and dripping anus, noticing this she tried to cover it with her hands, every brush of her fingers against the swollen muscle making her whimper.
"You have my permission to finish", Loki said smiling, "or would you prefer me helping you get off?"
Blushing she shyly nodded, turning around and moving her hands to spread her cheeks, every detail of her ass on display. Black pulled his cock out and started tracing her entrance with the head, feeling her shudder and twitch against his touch. "Stop teasing me" she begged, hooking two fingers into her into her anus and spreading it even wider, offering her insides to him even more. When his meat finally slipped into her it met no resistance at all, instead getting sucked in and squeezed at every inch. She pulled her fingers out and then tried to force her butt back together, attempting to bring back some tightness to the almost ruined hole. Having been close to cumming already id did not take long for her to finish, her cute dick twitching like crazy and dripping with semen while she felt her backdoor moistening up and then squirting, behaving just like a real pussy. Not wanting to leave Black unsatisfied she pulled out and turned around, opening her mouth she tried to take as much of him inside her as possible. She could clearly taste her own juices on it but that just turned her on even more, laying her head back and forcing her throat open with her master's penis. When she felt him deep enough she brought a hand up below her chin, choking herself she tried to jerk him off with her own esophagus. Never having felt such sensation before the demon lord instantly came down her throat, jizzing sperm down into her stomach which happily accepted it all. Removing himself from her mouth and wiping off the last drips on the Makai Kishi's hanging out tongue he tried to instruct the fucked silly girl on the next steps of his plans.

- entrance to Helheim -
The Gjöll bridge was as quiet as ever, the footsteps of the dead making no sound on the solid gold as they marched towards their final tomb, mind and body already faded away. There was neither light nor shadow in this realm, only a dim gloaming as the fallen waited for the day they would be called onto the battlefields again.
The silence was disturbed however as a beam of twisting black and purple shot across the starless sky, flying lower and lower until it impacted right before the gates of the dark kingdom. The withering of the world tree had allowed Nidhogg to break free from it's roots and since Flugnir had vanished and Loki was busy himself he sent Hideyoshi to deal with the monster before it could cause too much harm to the nine worlds. When the dust from her less than graceful landing had settled she peered around, not seeing anything dragon-like across the dark valleys she started walking in a random direction, confident she would find it sooner or later. The nature of the mother ocean usually left not much to chance.
When she actually found it she almost walked by it, Nidhogg having concealed itself in living shadows, it's orange glowing eyes the only thing that gave it away. Hoping for a surprise attack Hideyoshi kept walking steadily until she was at the closest point and then thrust her right hand outwards, a golden sword with a black handle materializing. Even though the serpent had insane reflexes she still managed to scratch it before it jumped away, now visible in it's full glory. Nidhogg's scales were coloured in stripes of green and brown, perfect for camouflaging in the roots of the world tree but now standing out amongst the grey ash. Unlike other dragons it had only two legs with the front ones being replaced by wing-arm hybrids. From it's elongated snout two vampire-like upper teeth were sticking out, the venom on them usually keeping the balance between destruction and creation across the worlds. The trap only had a second to take it all in before the serpent tried to grab her with it's right claws, Hideyoshi dematerializing in a swirl of purple and reappearing out of it's range. The wound her sword left began to incinerate the flesh around it but only did minimal damage before the flames were extinguished by the cold air. The Makai Kishi then charged forward, thrusting her word upwards and leaving cuts in it's belly. She evaded it's snashing tail and then tried to jump on it's back before she noticed the scales were heating up. With a few high-pitched screams she slid off, the parts of her skin not covered by her skirt and armour slightly reddish. She tried another strike with her sword but was blocked by the monster's claws which then flicked the sword out of her hand and pinned her down. She summoned it back but could not move her arms enough to get a good hit in. This left only one option. "I'm sorry" she whispered before summoning her neko chibi, with some unexpected results. Her normal clothing vanished and instead her body was covered a way too tight black outfit with white and purple stripes which left her front exposed except for a miniature thong and an underboob bra which showed of her tiny breasts more than it hid them. The dark red cape and the stockings added the finishing touches to the slutty outfit all would one day love. Mustering all the strength she had left she grabbed her summoning and threw it at Nidhogg's face, the creature swallowing it in an instant. If she couldn't do much damage from the outside this was worth a try. She felt the weight on her chest lightening as the dragon lost it's focus, slashing noises coming from it's belly before it exploded in a shower of colourful entrails. Grabbing her little helper from the heaps of cut up flesh the was about to head back before she noticed a bunch of dead staring at her. Remembering what outfit she had on she tried to cover her breasts and the noticeable bulge between her legs before bursting into a beam of light again, heading back.

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- Asgard, the day Yggdrasil will wither -

The cloudless sky, once painted golden by the sun was now permeated by dark blue streaks of fire where the reality gave way to the chaos of the Mother-Ocean. Hideyoshi was standing on the edge of this world, calmly looking down into the endless abyss. She did not turn around when she felt a presence behind her, already knowing who it was. "Shouldn't you be taking care of your own realm?" she asked Hel, "Or is that one already forsaken?" Hel, clearly not happy, answered: "It's doing fine without me. But why are you being so carefree? We only got a few hours left and both Sigurd and Suvia refrain from giving up." These were the last words he would ever speak before the Makai Kishi summoned her sword and impaled him, his purple essence getting sucked into her blade. "Worse than cowardice", she spoke with disdain, "worse than failure. You have betrayed us. Or more like, you will. If we would have saved the realms now the power you would have obtained would have sufficed to make you ruler of Midgard. And from what Black-sama could see of the future you would have kept it all to yourself. This is the reason we have only made limited efforts and this is why you need to perish first." And yet somehow, she pitied him. "This isn't how you have always been, is it? When Odin spoke of you he described a girl, one half beautiful, one rotten. I guess that existence was just too much for you to handle, so you created this surrogate form. This is your last and only warning." Seeing the last of his tentacles getting swallowed up by her weapon she let it go, the golden sword dissipating the second it left her hand and returning back inside her palm. Then she headed back to Loki's palace, eager to actually start working on her master's grand design. That it would include raping her former allies didn't bother her as much as it once did.
Loki asked her to wear something erotic for the task at hand so when she politely knocked at the door the two Valkyries were held hostage in she was dressed in what would later be known as a schoolgirl outfit. She forgot panties on purpose, flashing a bit of foreskin under the way too short skirt with every movement. Slightly embarrassed, she tried to pull down he skirt but when that made her buttcheeks even more visible through the strained fabric she gave up. Entering she could see Suvia and Sigurd chained back to back, the floor under the latter sullied with her juices while the first one somehow managed to retain her composure. Loki gestured towards the Makai Kishi. "If you don't want a male cock you might as well try a female one. But if you absolutely insist that you don't want cock, that's fine, too." Suvia smirked: "You are just planning to rape us anyways." Black turned away. "Nope, I won't. I am truly astounded by the stubbornness of you two." Having enough, Sigurd started to plead: "No! that's not fair!" However, it was clear that she wasn't used to begging for sex. She still tried her best: "Your cock! Into my pussy! Please! Stick a cock into my pussy! Any cock is fine!" On Maou-sama's signal Hideyoshi unshackled her and pulled her onto the bed, laying her down on her back with her legs spread. Suvia tried to avert her gaze, but somehow she just had to keep looking at the other Valkyrie's folds, especially when the trap mounted her and used one hand to slide her dick across Suvia's folds, her balls visibly twitching with excitement under her skirt. Then Hideyoshi felt something rubbing against her glans which made her even more excited. Looking down she noticed that Sigurd's clit had swollen up and become what could only be described as a little penis. "Ooh, you're a dickgirl, too" She reached down with one hand and started stroking it, making Sigurd's folds below open up in anticipation. Needing no further invitation she slid right in, the Valkyrie's pussy easily swallowing her, already prepared from all the time she fingered herself beforehand. Hideyoshi then pushed in further until she felt her pent-up testicals resting against the Valkyrie's butthole. When she found a comfortable position she started shaking her hips, a faint slapping sound coming from her balls each time she hit Sigurd's ass.
Slightly ashamed, Suvia crept as close as her shackles allowed, mesmerized by the view of two dickgirls fucking. Without second thought, she stuck her tongue out, trying to lick Hideyoshi's balls, only managing to slightly tickle them but the taste left her longing for more. When she heard Loki's amused "Want to join them?" she snapped out of it and blushed heavily, mostly because the idea sounded so appealing. Feeling guilty she slightly nodded, the last of her resistance overwhelmed by the view, sound and smell of sex dulling her senses.
"Will you hand me over the second key then?" Again the Valkyrie nodded and as soon as her chains vanished she rushed forward and started licking at the trap's dick going in and out of her partner's pussy. She then lifted Hideyoshi's skirt up and with a soft "Itadakimaa..." she buried her face in her cheeks, planting kisses on her anus before sticking her tongue inside, it being greedily sucked into the well-trained asspussy. Licking every inch of her insides she savoured the intense taste, not so different from a real pussy's. After the chastity this alone was almost enough to get her off so when she felt Black prodding his cock against her own entrance she instantly came harder than ever before, her juices spreading over her thighs and also allowing for easier penetration. Trying to get his cock even further inside her she reached back with both hands and spread her folds the best she could, shuddering when she felt the demon's cock hit her womb. Not bothering that this is usually a bad idea she pressed her hips back until Loki's whole length was inside, her cervix resisting for a few moments before painfully opening, allowing him to fuck the deepest parts of her. Instantly she was reduced to a drooling mess, her tongue movements becoming sloppy and erratic. When she felt the trap getting close, judging by the way her anus tightened up around her tongue, she gave a few last licks to her prostate before licking down to the balls below, trying to fit as much of them into her mouth as possible. Her nose was now in a perfect position to smell Hideyoshi's butthole, the scent of which she enjoyed just as much as the flavour. Feeling the femboy fill her insides set off Sigurd's own orgasm, her walls clamping down and trying to milk as much out of the shecock as she could manage.
When she could feel her legs again the blonde crawled from under Hideyoshi, sitting down with her legs spread and whispered "Here is your reward, sweetie.". She then pushed with her insides, only squirting out sperm at first before something huge could be seen rising from deep inside her. Even though her insides were already slick from the action she had trouble pushing it out and the fact that her clitcock was standing to attention again from the stimulation didn't help the slightest. When she finally managed to force it all the way out, accompanied by a gush of her and the Makai Kishi's juices it turned out to be a dark red sphere which vanished soon after, revealing the silver ornate key stored inside.
Black could feel Suvia's womb get loose, ready for impregnation, so he slowly pulled out, careful not to let her cervix slide over his glans. Dragging her insides out with him, he finally released her short of prolapse, her deepest hole now visible just beyond her pussy lips. He waved Hideyoshi over and the trap stuck two fingers inside the Valkyrie, slowly spreading them until she could see the capsule inside. Even though the princess almost fainted from the rough treatment the trap continued, opening her up until her womb was visibly strained. With a few pats on her belly the shell popped out, the golden key now also in the Makai's grasp. When Hideyoshi wanted to leave with Black to restore the world, she heard a soft "Please... I'm not satisfied yet." behind her to which she happily obliged. The world could wait a few more minutes.

- a few hours later -
Black and Hideyoshi were standing in a cavern below Yggdrasil, the faint rumbling of water just audible behind the rock. When the demon lord raised the palm with the silver key it started levitating and then sunk into the wall, a faint outline becoming visible. A few seconds later the trap held up her own key which disintegrated within seconds, taking the seal to the River of Wisdom with it into nothingness. Instantly the water returned and with it life, the world tree branching out again in a bright green colour. The cracks across the sky started closing and even the slight distortion of every sound vanished. Everything returned to the way it was before except for one thing: The moon, once a silvery distant sphere now dominated the sky, filling most of the the horizon in it's bloody red tint.
"Ell then, what do we do now?" Hideyoshi asked to which Maou-sama smiled his stereotypical slightly mad smile. "Well then, even though the deterioration stopped the damage to the worlds is done and irreversible, they will still overlap here and there. In a few hundred years I would like to take control of one of these zones, in a place called 'Tokyo'. Until then... well, I planned on guiding humanity from the shadows, using those with magical powers to prepare it for my plans. Also, Hel is still out there and probably pretty mad. Eternity is a pretty long time and I doubt you have too much planned out, so will you stay with me?"
The last natural glimmer in her eyes faded, replaced by the ever-changing glowing tides of the Mother-Ocean. "I'm looking forward to it."

Chapter Text

- 825 AD, Loki's palace -
After the Fall of Odin and the following fights for power, peace had returned. Well, 'peace' always depends on who you ask. All big territorial wars had stopped, but there were still the occasional murders, especially amongst royalty. Edwin Black, watching a place in Midgard called Europe was getting slightly bored by this. When he heard the doors behind him open and slender feet step in, he smiled.
"You called for me?", Hideyoshi asked. "Indeed, there is something I would like you to do. There is this human prince, Dirk is his name, who looks quite promising. He recently had sex with his mother and even though that is currently quite common as it seems, I doubt that his father, the current king, will be too amused. He was willing to offer us Lilia's, his little sister's soul, if we help him take over the country. I already sent a lower demon, Chiriko, down there but I have the feeling she will screw up. Could you take a look for me?"
"I just have one question. When you say he offered her soul, how do you intend on collecting the offering?" - "Oh nothing too extreme, she will just have to be raped a few times and her corruption will strengthen the influence of the Makai in that world. She will probably even live on afterwards."
The trap's eyes lightened up. "Then I will happily oblige." And within seconds she was gone, only visible as a purple streak racing across the sky towards Yggdrasil.

- Europe, Kingdom of Rufen -
In the centre of the castle Lilia was getting ambushed by knights in black robes, Shadow knights sent by Chiriko. Lilia was a rather small woman with long white hair and green eyes, dressed in a white top and a brown skirt. She spun around, sword in her right hand and managed to cut all the knights' heads off in one swift motion. She then jumped up towards a balcony from where her brother was watching and managed to instantly slay the last shadow knight guarding him. When Dirk drew his own sword she knocked it out of his hand and was about to cut his head off when she heard a whistle behind her. Making sure not to let her brother get away she turned around, her blade hovering in front of the prince's throat. But what she saw almost made her let her guard down: An unknown girl in very revealing clothing held her mother by the throat, some blood trickling down between her fingers. She spoke in a seductive voice that almost gave Dirk a boner just from hearing it: "Let him go or she will burn alive." However, Lilia made just the same threat: "Let Mother go or I will cut his head off."
Chiriko came running round the corner and grasping the situation tried to get her work done as quickly as possible: "Cut his head off, I don't care, I am only here for you." While Lilia was still indecisive if it was worth the risk of losing her mother the Makai Kishi launched herself at her, caught the princess' sword in her bare hand and made it go up in flames. Slightly burned from the heat, Lilia stumbled back and wasn't prepared for the trap kicking her in the stomach, knocking her down. Then a little catgirl, looking exactly like her jumped ontop of Lilia, pining her down despite the difference in size. Slightly infuriated, Hideyoshi turned back towards Chiriko. "Did I just hear that correctly? You were willing to let the prince get killed just because you wanted this to be over already? Black-sama was right, there is no way you can handle this contract on your own." Ordering her summon to drag the princess back to her room, she and Dirk headed towards the throne room. "Now, back to business."

- throne room -
"Sorry that I didn't introduce myself yet,", Hideyoshi said while slightly bowing, "but as you have seen, things have gotten pretty hectic. I am Maou-sama's servant, Hideyoshi Kinoshita, but if you want to you can call me Oneechan. Now then, will you pay the price we agreed upon?"
Faking ignorance, Dirk tried to talk his way out of it: "What is this agreement and price that you are talking about?" The trap's soft expression instantly hardened. "You borrowed Maou-sama's power. In exchange, we will retrieve the holy energy of your sister. Are you trying to breach it?"
Visibly scared the prince pulled himself together. "Of course not, i remember now. I was just distracted recently. Please, do what you want." Instead of returning to the innocent smile, the Makai Kishi was now grinning in a more lewd way. "Holy energy comes from one who releases her purest energy after being violated. And yes, by 'violated' I mean raped, unless you want your sister to almost get beaten to death. Human souls exist in different levels. As long as one with holy energy is violated, it will release upon orgasm. That means we could technically use any royal person from around here." She leaned towards him until her face was inches away from his. "If you think about protecting your sister you should better lube up your anus."
Dirk clearly felt uncomfortable when hearing that. "Well then, what do I need to do?"
"Simply violate Lilia and turn her into a lascivious woman. You have one month. The energy collected by then should be enough to bring every other country under our control. Better start now. Oh yeah, we need two of her slaves, too."

- Lilia's bedroom -
The princess and her mother were kneeling on the ground, tied up like BDSM slaves with their breasts completely exposed and their pussy lips pinched, getting stimulated by the rough texture with every movement. Two slaves kneeled behind them, surprisingly modestly dressed, but with metal collars around their necks. As soon as Dirk entered Lilia tried to get up but was quickly brought back down by Hideyoshi. "Please, calm down. We won't hurt you. Well, unless you're a virgin. Then it might hurt a little bit."
Completely ignoring this, Lilia glared at the prince angrily. "Did you really kill our father?" - "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. One thing is for certain: He is not in this world anymore. No matter what, the throne will be taken over by me, the first heir. Now, pledge loyalty to me."
"Never! You took the throne by force and the world will know. For calling for aid by demons they will execute you without trial."
At this point Hideyoshi felt the need to rectify her: "The world already knows about this and they're willing to let it slip. They are forever indebted to us so we can do whatever we want. At least I'm trying to resolve this without anyone dying before the war. In this business all of you are just one mistake away from being another acceptable loss."
As if on command Dirk lifted his left hand and pointed towards one of the slave's necks. Her collar tightened, cutting her air off before crushing her carotid. Falling over, she was dead even before hitting the ground. Tears started forming in Lilia's eyes. "What wrong did she do? Why did you kill her?" - "Nothing really, but it seems you still don't understand." He pointed at the other slave's neck, her collar tightening too, but way slower than the first, making her suffer without instantly killing her. Lilia got back on her knees."Stop it, I accept you as king. from this day on I will serve you in body and soul."
Dirk lowered his hand, allowing the slave to breathe again. "Mother, you too. Otherwise this is pointless." - "I know. Please, allow me to be your maidservant for the rest of my life."
"Well then, now that this is done, excuse me." Hideyoshi said before sinking through the ground. "There is something I would like to take care of now."

- marketplace, next morning -
The local announcer was really confused when he heard the sovereign's orders, but he was too much of a professional to let that stop him. "Please gather round", he called out, "for we have something to celebrate. Today will be king Dirk's coronation and he was nice enough to lend his imouto's services to us for today. As you know, the royal family is not only representative for the wealth of the country but also for the land's fertility. Now watch closely, as ... the princess will perform a one-of-a-kind ... fertility ritual."
Hideyoshi, in a school gym uniform for some reason, led the still roped up Lilia onto the stage by a chain, making her sit down in front of the audience with her legs spread. "Now remember what we agreed upon. I can still send her back" she whispered in her ear to which the princess nodded and started fondling her own breasts. Cheered on by the audience she got rougher, occasionally pinching her nipples or twisting them. When she put one of her hands down between her legs, spreading her folds she was already wet, each twisting of her fingers producing a sloppy sound audible to everybody. Deciding that she might as well get some action too Hideyoshi sat down behind the princess and started groping her butt. Trying to hide the growing bulge in her shorts she pressed herself closer to her back until Lilia was startled by the poking between her cheeks. Before she could give it away the trap reached around and pinched her clitoris, making her yell out. Grasping this opportunity she pulled her back on her own lap until Lilia sat down on her dick. She rubbed back and forth until her dick started poking up from the hem of her shorts and then slipped it into the princess' butthole, it being tiny enough that it went in without problems. When she started humping her, she made sure not to let anybody catch a peek and the few that did spot her balls under the royal buttcheeks didn't quite believe it. Most were watching the still staggered princess, her mouth opened wide, drooling on her own tits and her pussy gushing juices with each thrust. Hideyoshi became more reckless, lifting her up and slamming her back down on her cock, her glans popping out of her back entrance before sliding back in, her balls repeatedly slapping between her buttcheeks.
Since this was her first time Lilia already clenched up, tightening down onto the trap's fingers and dick before cumming, releasing her juices onto the first row of the audience. Before they could lust for more, two guards took the princess and carried her back to the castle, exposing Hideyoshi's still erect penis to everybody before she had a chance to put it away again. After the first few seconds of confusion most decided that a girl with a cock was still a girl and stormed the stage. Being totally fine with this she got on all fours and pulled her tights down, presenting her moist asshole. When the first villager sheathed himself inside her she cried out in joy and another one took this opportunity to stick his penis into her mouth and down her throat, years of training having it become as sensitive as her butthole. They thrust her back and forth between them, her cock happily wiggling between her legs. Still not feeling quite satisfied she waved two more villagers over and started jerking them off, making sure to equally look both in the eyes, wordlessly begging them for their semen. When the man inside her anus came and pulled out another was ready to crawl below her and hump her from below while one more lined himself up at her rear too before somehow managing to fit inside. Even though she felt only pleasure Hideyoshi burst out in tears, already looking completely fucked silly. The man inside her throat came and she laid back her head, opened her mouth and made a show out of savouring his cum before swallowing. Two more dicks were offered to her and she alternately licked them, sucked on them and sometimes even took them down her throat far enough to make her gag.
By the end of the day she had pleasured every man around and even some women and was left with a belly full of cum, in uttermost bliss.

Chapter Text

- Black's palace -
When Hideyoshi was submitting her daily report, Black sadly noticed that everything was going as expected. "I should have never sent Chiriko to Midgard,", he said, "from what you're telling me she might even be able to retrieve Lilia's soul but the consequences of her approach will be a pain to deal with. After we are done with this whole ordeal, would you be so kind as to get rid of her?" - "Of course, Black-sama, but didn't you originally plan to have her help me take down Hel?"
Black saddened shook his head. "We will just have to find somebody else."
The trap's eyes lit up. "Then I would gladly have Dirk help me. While he might be a bit of a moron sometimes he is easy to control by fear alone and has shown a great affinity towards magic."
After considering this for a few seconds, Maou-sama agreed. "That could actually work out just fine. Now then, who else could be be willing to help us? In legends it usually takes seven people to kill a demon lord and I won't be able to go there until you have taken him out. Or her, now that she is once again forced back into her original body. Noone comes to mind, so if you would just keep your eyes open for anybody fitting?"
"I will, but as for now, back to work."

- Rufen -
In the castle's prison Lilia was laying down half asleep on the straw when she felt something wet drag across her nose. Slowly opening her eyes she was able to make out Hideyoshi's catgirl summon licking her face. At first she was startled but the little neko was just too cute to resist. She cautiously lifter her right hand and began petting the creature between her pointy ears. When she started purring Lilia couldn't help but be entranced by her. She lifted the little girl up under her arms and planted a kiss on her forehead. "You are way too gentle to be the slave of such a violent girl.", she whispered, "Tell me, what is your name?", to which the catgirl started meowing. "I guess you cannot actually speak. Well then, how about I call you Miya?" Seeing her smile and purr once more, she held her close to her breasts and started cuddling her. "Thank you for staying by my side, Miya. Everyone else has left me to die, even the white knights who I personally trained. I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but I know I will do my best." When the catgirl started to squirm she loosened her grip, afraid to have hurt her but quickly realising what the issue was when something incredibly tiny slipped between her breasts. The summon quickly sat up and pulled her Kimono down, but the bulge was clearly visible. Feeling guilty she averted her eyes while her cheeks were growing more and more red. Even her ears now pointed downwards out of shame. Not being able to endure that much heart-breaking kawaiiness, she kissed her on the forehead again. "It is fine", she reassured her, "I guess everyone would get a boner after being squeezed between my nude breasts. And since you are embarrassed I can tell you have no ill intentions. Here, get on all fours and I will help you out." She put the neko back down who instantly bent forward, put her tail to the side and wiggled with her butt in anticipation, making her small dick wave back and forth. At first, Lilia tried to carefully grab her cock between two fingers, but all the leaking precum was making this too difficult for her. Then she tried gently suck it but it didn't reach past her lips so her ways of pleasuring her were limited. While she was thinking of another way the summon lifted her pail higher, hesitant at first, not really wanting to expose her butthole, but then offering it to the princess. Clearly getting the invitation she licked her pinkie finger and started inserting it, making the catgirl squeak and clench down at first before she managed to relax so Lilia could try fondling her insides deeper. When the princess had inserted half her finger she stopped and bent it, apparently searching for something inside her rectum. Her pinkie brushed over a hard bump and she felt her up further before poking it again and again. With each thrust the neko unwillingly spurted a bit of cum, her cock wagging as if it was alive. Not wanting to waste any of it, Lilia wrapped her lips around her dick, greedily accepting all of her milk. When she could see Miya's balls turning blue She gave one last thrust and then pressed down on the catgirl's prostate, making her boner swell up one last time before squirting out all of the cum she had left. Completely exhausted she didn't even move when Lilia pulled her finger out with a sloppy sound from her anal juices and licked it before picking up Miya and going back to cuddling her.
"Whenever you're pent up again", she whispered in her ear, "come here and I will help you."

- Throne room -
Hideyoshi, Dirk, and some of his advisors were standing around a map of the country where a disturbingly large number of red flags were placed.
Dirk wiped some sweat of his forehead. "The attacks of Vilen-Kofen are getting more and more frequent. If we don't launch our own attack soon, they will have gone too far into our own territory for us to effectively manoeuvre our troops."
"Fear not", the trap answered back, "for we will only have to hold out here."
With a wave of her hand some dark blue flags manifested behind the red ones. "We have been in contact with prince Eric of Bernstein. There is so much bad blood between Bernstein and Vilen-Kofen, if it weren't for Eric and one of their princesses, Lotte, being childhood friends, these countries would have been at war much earlier. Now that Vilen-Kofen will be weakened by our forces the opportunity is too good to miss."
The red flags moved further inwards on the map, getting closer to the white flags representing Dirk's troops. As they grew closer, the dark blue ones travelled further downwards. "With enemies on both sides, they will be forced to move north to not simply get ground up between us. And then..."
A singular black flag appeared on the north of the map, directly in front of the red ones.
"Checkmate", Dirk whispered.
"Exactly.", Hideyoshi confirmed, "One day before they are encircled I will get into position and start casting the Black Flame onto the ground. Within 24 hours I should be able to pump enough magic into the soil to wipe out an army when it goes off."
The advisors, now slightly paler than before wanted to interpose that this was simply not possible, but when they saw Dirk's face they decided against it.
After a minute of thought, the prince spoke: "Start evacuating that area, when the troops arrive on the horizon in five days I don't want any farmers around anymore."
Only slightly worried, he added: "What if they figure out what we're doing, either by noticing you or by simple tactical knowledge?"
The femboy patted his head. "Don't worry. Even in a direct battle they would lose, I'm only planning this to minimize our own losses. And even if it looks like we're losing at one moment, I'm sure Black-sama will figure out something. We are not going to let this country fall until we got your sister. The only problem right now is the Order of the White Knights. They have gone into hiding and they must have hired a magic caster to conceal them since I can't find them. I sent Chiriko after them, but, well... it's Chiriko.
Now then, there is one last thing to take care of. Vilen-Kofen is full of wizards and witches, so I would like to train at least some of our troops in combating magic."

- Rufen army encampment -
The next morning, the Rufen army was violently woken up by the ground shaking, like something hit it at a high velocity, and a firm yet feminine voice yelling: "Good morning, Sirs and Ladies!"
When the first armymen stumbled out of their barracks they were greeted by the sight of Hideyoshi standing in the middle of the camp, looking around with high expectations. When she was surrounded after a few minutes, she continued: "Now then, it looks like that's most of you. Sadly only men, well, I'm sure we'll get along either way. Listen, with the battle coming up soon I thought I might as well prepare you. I will train you until you can't move anymore and if you managed to impress me" - she lifted up her skirt- "I will take good care of you." She let her skirt fall back down. "Any questions?"
One of the men, more brutish looking than the others, approached her. "I don't see why I would have to take orders from you. Instead, let us see more of that slutty beha"
He couldn't speak much more since he stumbled and his face met the trap's knee on the way down.
"Anyone else trying to buttfuck me before training? No? Well then, the most important thing when combating magicians is to always look them in the eyes. Magic is a way of expression and cannot be completely disguised. The eyes will tell you which spell will be fired in which direction. The first lesson" - her hands lit on fire - "will be evading ranged fire spells. Come to the sparring range so I don't accidentally set something important on fire."
Somewhat disturbed, she thought: 'This actually sounds like fun. What the hell is wrong with me?'
Two hours later she was surrounded by mostly unconscious soldiers with only a dozen or so of them still standing. When the man in front of her swung his blade at her head she tried dodging to the right, sensing an axe coming down there just in time. Out of options she blocked the sword with her left forearm, the tip going through and stopping just before her eye. A short tensing of her muscles sent the sword flying back out, the wound instantly closing. Taking advantage of the soldier being knocked back with it she jumped in the air before kicking him in the ribcage, making sure to not break any bones while still knocking the air out of his lungs. She summoned her own dual swords before throwing them at two men, one being able to deflect it while the other one was hit by the handle and knocked down. The one who managed to parry didn't noticed the golden blade stopping mid-air behind him and then returning to it's owner, hitting the soldier in the back.
Instead of catching it, Hideyoshi let it pass through her, her form dissolving in dark purple smoke for a moment, where it hit another one trying to sneak up on her. Slightly out of breath, she held up a hand, telling the remaining men to stop.
"You have done well", she said with a smile while starting to undress, "Now it's time for your reward."

Chapter Text

- Yggdrasil -
"So, what was this surprise you wanted to show me?", Hideyoshi asked, already shivering of excitement. Instead of answering, Black took her hand and pressed it to the world tree. Shortly after, a humanoid form emerged from the stem, with a rough look at first, but growing more and more feminine. When she finally was complete, Hideyoshi gasped. The nude person looked just like her, only with a bit more spiky hair and ...
"Where did the dick go?" the trap questioned.
"I thought you might want a sister, from what I've heard you already were pretty lonely as a Valkyrie. While I know this one cannot replace her I still decided to try it. I am usually not very good at creating in general, so I asked the world and it responded. The only thing she needs for completion is life."
Knowing what to do, she bent down and as soon as the tgirl kissed her on the lips, she opened her eyes.
"Hajimemashite, Oneechan", she whispered and embraced her, "I'm Yuuko Kinoshita. Please take good care of me."
Hideyoshi wrapped her arms around her. "I promise I will, don't worry."
She turned back towards Black. "Thank you. I forgot how much I needed family until you reminded me."
A single tear dropped from her eyes and she hugged Yuuko tighter. "When I became a Valkyrie I left my family behind and never thought of them again. This brings back so much of what I thought lost."

- Rufen, Dirk's castle -
Miya was accompanying Lilia on her daily stroll, making sure she wouldn't escape, when they ran into someone unexpected. Chiriko led the White Knights, crawling on all fours, around on chains. As soon as they saw the princess they bent even lower. "Princess, we are very sorry. I can't face you anymore."
Chiriko started snickering. "I recently found these slave dogs and plan to offer them to Dirk-sama. They should be thanking me for keeping them alive. Now, if you would excuse me, I need to get them to the king before-"
Purple shadows wrapped around her throat while Hideyoshi emerged from thin air. "Before what? You mean before we notice?"
She looked at the knights. "You really don't get it, do you? I must commend you on capturing them, but this is just too much. Kill them now, it will be better for all of us."
The demon tore through the grip around her throat. "I will not. They might prove useful in the future. Besides, Maou-sama didn't give any specific orders on them anyways."
The trap shook her head. "You will regret this in a few days, trust me. This is not going to end well for you."
"Well, that would be my own problem then. Now come on, doggies, to your cages."
She basically dragged the knights past the disturbed Lilia, so shocked that she almost yelled out when Hideyoshi tapped her on her shoulder if it wasn't for Miya quickly covering her mouth.
"Let us follow them", the trap suggested, "I have the feeling you might will need to see this. Just stay quiet."
They wandered down into the darkest and dampest regions of the castle. The closer they came to the animal cages the louder they could hear the grunting of an apparently very big and horny animal. Just before the arena the femboy gestured them to halt and then carefully looked past the doorway. When she couldn't see Chiriko anywhere she signalled to move on. Without hesitation, Lilia rushed towards the far end cells where she could hear some chains shaking. In her hurry she didn't noticed the shadow overhead and when Miya tried to warn her, it was too late. The princess was brutally yanked from her feet by a very big and very green five-eyed creature with goat-like horns. All her struggling and resisting couldn't free her from the ogre's grasp.
Next it grasped Miya who wildly clawed at it's hand but wasn't in any position to free her either. When the beast put her in his mouth Hideyoshi was just about to recall her, afraid of the monster hurting her little neko, but hesitated when she noticed it made no attempt at biting down. Also, to her surprise, Miya started laughing all of a sudden.
'You can't be serious', she thought when she realized what was going on. When the ogre pulled Miya out of his mouth again what little clothing she was wearing before was gone. For a second she thought about covering her private parts but then decided against it in hope of some more 'bonding' time with Lilia. The princess still hadn't fully realized the situation she was in and was therefore very surprised when she felt the monster's cock rubbing against her lips. But instead of calming her down she thrashed around even more at the thought of something so humongous entering her. But when Miya started licking at her boobs that somewhat soothed her.
In hopes of at least not sustaining any major injuries she looked the beast in its eyes and whispered: "Please, be gentle".
It paused for a second, almost as if it had understood her, but then hilted itself inside her anyways in one go. Teeth clenched, Lilia didn't even make a sound when she felt her uterus painfully pressed upwards. Terrified she glimpsed downwards and was very relieved to not see any blood even though something about the way her belly bulged seemed very wrong.
Miya noticed it too and even though she should have been terrified she was immensely turned on. Lovingly patting the shape of the ogre's dick she eagerly awaited her turn.
When the creature started slightly pulling out again the princess felt like it was about to drag her womb out with it. But before she could feel troubled from the empty feeling the monster's tip left it impaled her again, this time making her cry out in agony. And yet, the ogre's movement were more smooth than expected.
"It seems to like you", Hideyoshi snickered and whipped her own dick out, rapidly beating it to the sound of Lilia's insides getting violated. This was when she felt something touching her own girl-hole.
"Getting turned on, are we?", Dirk rhetorically asked her while sticking a finger inside the trap's butthole. Instead of answering the tgirl just bent forwards, allowing for easier access to her most intimate parts. Carefully she bent her member down and wedged it between her legs, completely presenting all of her to the prince. Soon Dirk was able to fit two fingers inside and decided now the trap was ready for the royal sceptre.
Not wanting to miss any of the show, Hideyoshi focused her attention on the ogres crotch again and noticed the beast actually had two dicks, the second of which her summon was currently lined up with. Knowing she was being watched the catgirl lifted her legs and spread them, trying to give her master the best possible view on her anticipated defilement. When she finally got her asshole speared she was still so tight that only the tip fit in. Wiggling her butt she tried to get further down, managing to take a little bit more inside her, her quickly moistening anus steadily getting accustomed to such girth. She felt something inside her opening up and, producing a very sloppy sound, her asspussy finally swallowed up the monster's cock. Before she could recover from the feeling of being so immensely stretched the ogre started humping her without mercy, her own dick flopping around happily. On the verge of passing out she started drooling, with Lilia being all too eager to lick her lips clean for her.
Seeing her catgirl getting used like a fleshlight and enjoying it made Hideyoshi even hornier, so when Dirk stuck his member in the trap's girly hole she forcefully sucked it all in and felt her intestines massage him by themselves. Not wanting to let the prince's babymaker go for even the slightest bit her anus clenched down whenever he tried to move, keeping him repeatedly poking the underside of her prostate. Way too soon her balls tightened up and her dick became painfully hard between her legs before spurting her cum all over her thighs, instantly getting licked up by a tiny and very rough tongue. Startled she looked down and noticed her neko drinking up her juices. In her passionate daze the femboy apparently missed how the ogre was now abusing both of Lilia's holes at once, leaving the summon unsatisfied. Feeling the chibi get closer and closer to her crotch she tried to push it away in fear of going crazy from the stimulation, but her recent orgasm left her completely helpless, so when the catgirl chomped down on her girlcock even her screams of pleasure were completely spent. Slightly biting down with her tiny teeth Miya started suckling on the Makai Kishi's tip as a kitten would on ripe teats, expecting more of that delicious milk. And she was not disappointed, for the encouragement from both sides was enough to make Hideyoshi constantly leak her cum until she felt like her balls were on fire. When she was finally dry her legs gave out under her and the last thing she witnessed before falling unconscious was the world around her giving way to purple swirls.

- Loki's palace -
When she woke up again, Hideyoshi felt a warm embrace. Slowly opening her eyes she could see her sister lying next to her, tightly hugging her. It looked like while she was unconscious someone put her to bed and Yuuko couldn't leave her alone like that. Even though her sister was only a day old by now, the trap still felt for her just like if they had actually grown up and spent their entire youth together. And for some reason this made her happy and sad at the same time. "I'm sorry", she whispered, yet she couldn't possibly imagine why. Noticing her Oneechan stir she kissed her on her forehead and decided to ignore the sadness in her heart for now. One day, she thought, she might have answers for why this world felt so wrong and why she so thoughtlessly decided to serve a demon lord of all people. She just hoped she wouldn't regret finding out.

Chapter Text

- throne room -
When Hideyoshi appeared in the summoning circle, the first thing she noticed was that Dirk looked a lot more pale than when she last saw him. He had collapsed on his throne, partially undressed and still drooling. The moment she tried to take a step towards him, a shockwave expanded from the pentagram and threw her on her back. She carefully stretched her arms to the side and could feel resistance all around her, some kind of barrier lighting up whenever she touched it and slightly shocking her. It's light-blue shade was very familiar and she instantly knew who created it.
"Chiriko!", she yelled, "what is the meaning of this insolence?"
"It is your judgement.", the answer came from somewhere above her, "Even though I am a full-blooded Makai, Black doesn't treat me like the others, just because I am not as much of a slut as he wants us to be. Instead of helping us create a better world, like he once promised to Odin, he only indulges in carnal activities all day long. The local pastors talked to me and they promised me that not only in their church I would be seen as equal but that they also had their own plan of reshaping society."
"So this is why your magic is so brightly coloured,", Hideyoshi mumbled to herself, "you have become a good girl."
The demoness continued: "This was created with their help, the one prison that can lock you down in this world. It also has the side effect of killing off any evil inside it. Too bad for you."
Another shock jolted through the trap, leaving her shaking on the ground with small wisps of her magic unravelling from her body before dissolving. She wanted to scream, but was too afraid of biting her tongue if she did. In this state she slowly lost consciousness, her fingers going numb, her vision going fuzzy and her emotions becoming dulled until finally her mind was filled with darkness.
In her last agony-filled seconds she dreamed of her childhood. The last thing she could remember was being trapped inside a small and pitch-black place slowly heating up. Through the wooden walls she could hear swords clashing and the occasional screams. And yet, the little tgirl was not frightened, but with every passing second her hatred became stronger. She heard a strike like thunder, the ground shook and through the cracks formed in her confinement red light shone in.
The faint traces of purple magic in the air stopped, as if hesitating, before rushing back inside Hideyoshi, each one bringing her closer to life. On shaking legs she stood back up, the shocks still running across her skin, but no longer hurting her. When she opened her eyes, even the sclera had turned dark.
"When all hope and feelings disappear", she whispered, "there is still something left to keep you going: hatred"
She took a swing at the barrier, her fist leaving a spiderweb-shaped fissure in her prison. A frightened "Impossible!" sounded from above, but she ignored it, repeatedly hitting the same spot until it shattered around her, the fragments hovering in the air before perfectly rearranging themselves. With a flicker, Chiriko fell out of the air in front of her, coughing up blood.
"You cannot break out", she managed inbetween convulsions, "as long as I am alive this barrier will repair itself with my lifeforce."
Dirk, somewhat recovered, started scratching at the floor behind her with a dagger. "That just means we will have to kill you", he mused.
Terrified, Chiriko spun around. "Nani?"
She rushed towards him, but before she got anywhere close, three magic circles lighted up between them and a strong arm easily grabbed her by the throat with it's owner manifesting shortly after. The one holding her up was the tallest of the frost giants who had appeared and he threw her to the ground, holding her down with one foot, before slightly bowing down.
"Greetings", he said in a deep voice that resonated through the entire castle. "I am Adan and these are my companions, Shabrieh and Velcor."
The other two, while not as large as Adan, were still bigger than any man in the kingdom and all three possessed the same faded blue skin that was typical for Jötuns.
"It looks like this one plans on betraying us", he continued, while looking at Chiriko with disdain, "and we will make sure she will never do so again."
A greatsword manifested in his hand, the blade surrounded by cold fog and even though she frantically tried to get away from under him Chiriko could not escape the stab through her heart. Her whole body turned to ice before shattering in a light blue flash, leaving only a few blue crystals behind which Adan carefully picked up. The moment she died the barrier also vanished, finally setting the trap free.
After a few more seconds the magic radiating from her subsided and she was back to her old cutesy self. "Looks like we were right to put our hopes in you", she complimented Dirk, "and thank you three for choosing me over her", she added, addressing the Jötuns. "Now, while you're here, why don't you help us corrupting Lilia? Time is running short."
Thinking twice, she asked Dirk: "If that is o.k. with you? It's your sister we are talking about raping after all."
Instead of answering, he rang a bell and almost instantly the princess and her mother came running in, hastily bowing before him before eagerly awaiting his orders.
"You know what to do", he spoke, and Lilia laid down in one of the pentagrams, arms and legs spread.
Amazed, Hideyoshi congratulated him: "Wow! It looks like you were busy training her while I was gone. Now then, In nomine daemonium dominus noster, ut una cum spiritu tuo facti Oceanum matrem suam."
All sunlight faded and the markings around the himekishi lit up one by one, each one feeling like hundreds of little feathers brushing across her skin, making her nipples and clitoris stand up.
Shabrieh began by licking her breasts with a split tongue, wrapping around the areolas and slightly tugging at them, causing them to swell up indecently, becoming more sensitive. Whenever he touched her teats, she faintly whimpered and spread her legs even wider, her folds opening up so much, Adan could see all the way to her uterus. Happily accepting the clear invitation he pulled down his pants and thrust his cock into her without any preparation, matching the recent ogre in length, but, luckily for Lilia, not quite in girth. Still she screamed from the sudden intrusion, tears of joy streaming down her face. "Yes! This is so good!", she yelled.
Not wanting to feel left out, Velcor lifted up one of the princesses legs and pushed inside her anus with all his might, her butthole opening up after the first few inches.
Noticing Dirk getting an erection from the sight of his sister getting violated from both sides, the Makai Kishi stuck out her tongue and started licking his penis, cleaning both sides, before tickling the glans. Not long after, Dirk's mother joined her, kissing and sucking on her son's balls, occasionally letting her tongue wander up his shaft, swirling around the tip, sometimes even sloppily making out with Hideyoshi around the prince's rod. Yearning for even more skinship, she reached under the trap's skirt and groped her butt, intensely kneading it while her fingers teased her asspussy. Tentacles slithered from the femboy's back, as she wanted to repay her, coiling around her thighs and her breasts, ever so slightly stimulating her. Lost in her lustful haze, she almost choked on Dirk's cock when she felt something big prod at her own entrance. Apparently her ass looked more tempting than Lilia's throat and so Shabrieh had come over to claim her rear entrance. Assisted by the Leila she spread her butt, her intestines visibly throbbing inside.
The first thrust by the Jötun pushed her mouth all the way down on Dirk's cock, the trap drooling in his crotch as her eyes rolled back. For the next thrusts she was kinda prepared, yet they still cut off her air each time, as she was brutally spitroasted, but for some reason getting her throat abused felt incredible for her.
Pleased that her son's dick was taken proper care of, the former queen Lovingly looked him in the eyes and leaned forward, sharing a licentious kiss with him as she vigorously rubbed her clit, trying to bring herself to orgasm with Hideyoshi's tentacles now thrusting inside her. When the prince grabbed her well-sized bosom and massaged it she finally came, her juices running down her legs before she collapsed ontop of him, not used to being defiled again after years.
The tgirl noticed Shabrieh swell up inside her and tried to relax as much as possible, allowing him to open up her colon and spurt his cum into the deepest parts of her. When his cock left her with a slurping sound she ceased sucking Dirk off, lifted her leg and actually stepped on him, her toes working his boner while her heel slightly pressured his balls. "What a pervert you are", she mused, "getting off from my feet".
As she saw him almost pass out from the pleasure she jerked herself, her balls wiggling in front of his face until she felt his member twitch, painting her foot white. While he was still sensitive, she continued to treat him until at last she climaxed herself, her cum just gushing out, some landing back on her own fingers. She licked some of it up before she summoned her catgirl, feeding her cum while kissing.
Feeling Miya get hard already she ordered her to lick her clean and to pay extra attention to her butthole. Since the summon was too hesitant for her liking Hideyoshi forcefully shoved her face between her cheeks, making her eat out her ass.
The nekonomimi didn't get far however till one of the castle's maids rushed in. "Forgive me, my lord", she announced, "but there is a problem. The kingdom of Zaxsen has joined forces with Vilen-Kofen, speeding up their invasion. They will be arrive at the capital tomorrow morning."

Chapter Text

Instantly, the erotic atmosphere was gone. Hideyoshi redressed and rushed out the throne room.
"You will have to keep going without me.", she called out, "Do whatever is necessary to make this a country of sin. Have all women run around naked if you think it'll help. Just try to collect as much power as you can."
Outside, she transformed into a beam of light and rushed eastwards across the sky, already noticing smoke and a flock of crows on the horizon. When she could already hear the sounds of swords clashing and soldiers screaming she descended again, touching down on a desolate farmland. Apparently the farmers had left in a hurry not too long ago, there was still a faint smell of fresh barbecue in the air. After looking around a bit, not seeing anything of interest, she kneeled down and placed her hand on the ground. Purple magic dripped from her fingers, flowing across the soil before seeping away with a quiet sizzle. The more she concentrated, the further it spread, but the more she felt something was very wrong, too. As the ground directly beneath her got saturated, her magic dispersed on the surface and now she knew her premonition was right, because she could see footprints in it. Pretending she didn't notice anything he closed her eyes, focussing solely on her hearing. A twig snapped behind her, someone breathed to her left and finally, a blade cut the air where she was just a moment ago. The attacker was still invisible, but evidently put too much force into his charge as the word got stuck in the fields. Instead of retreating, he tried to pull it out and so, when Hideyoshi kicked at the area behind the cut, her foot met resistance and wounded her assailant enough to draw blood, the red outline now rendering his invisibility pointless. She summoned her swords and, just when reaching back, heard another person behind her scream. It was one of the white knights, she never bothered to remember the names of, who probably tried to sneak up on her and was now quivering on the ground, throat cut.
That means there is two of you left, the Makai Kishi thought aloud, striking down the one she blew the cover of first, now scanning the surroundings, clearly on edge. Either she was alone, or they learned from their comrades' mistakes, she could not discern a single trace of them and time was running short.
"I will give you a chance!", the trap proposed, "Turn visible again, chain yourself up and I guarantee you will be put to a fair trial when this is over."
"Or not", she added after the silence, "then I am truly sorry for what will happen next."
Since the fall of Yggdrasil, Black had trained her in interacting with the mother ocean. She was only able to perceive her close vicinity inside it without his help, and perform a few tricks like turning off some laws of physics at will. Even if she would probably never master it anywhere close to the magic he performed she showed great potential and it would have to suffice for now.
She eased her breathing, a habit she had kept from before her rebirth, and, rather quickly, the reality around her vanished into a dark void. Her mind was drifting inside a purple cloud inside the nothingness, swirling around, forming the most beautiful patterns for a bit before dissolving back into chaos. It was in here she discovered the last two knights. Shortly after she entered, a light blue wisp, somewhat human-shaped, pierced his blade through her stomach, which it passed without leaving a mark.
"Got you", Hideyoshi whispered and grabbed the spot where the light shone the brightest. Before her aggressor had any time to react, she ripped it out and returned to the real world, curiously investigating the object now in her hand. It was an amulet made of silver which showed half a skull inside the roots of a tree. Behind her, the knight she took it from reappeared with a hole in his chest and fell over. When the femboy had grasped the pendant she had pulled it right through his body.
The last knight left, shocked by the other's fate , willingly materialized and threw his weapon away.
"I surrender", he pledged, "for I have no chance of beating you and I don't want to die for nothing."
She was about to let him live, but somehow she couldn't. Against her will she lifted his chin up with her sword, smiled at him and then watched as his body was engulfed in flames. "You had your chance", she said, and her voice sounded very much like a younger version of herself.
When the knight's remains drifted away with the wind she regained control of her body and stowed away her weapon. Even though she really wanted to know what just happened to her, there were more important things to do. More people were dying just now and the only way to ever make it stop was in finishing the ritual. Or so she thought.

- the next morning -
Hideyoshi had spent the whole night stirring up the country's magic and was visibly exhausted. Occasionally, a carriage had sped by, carrying the wounded back to town and supplies to the frontline, but even those had stopped, together with most sounds, and when daylight hit she could see why: The battle was over and a wall of soldiers was marching towards her, all carrying the insignia of Vilen-Kofen. There was no way she could defeat them in her state, and it didn't seem like the offering Dirk was currently making would change any of that, after the first ritual all follow-ups felt like they were cut off at some point. The trap pushed herself upright on shaky legs and balled her fists, her strength didn't suffice for a weapon.
"So this is it?", she yelled at the troops drawing near, "I am still a Valkyrie and I will make you remember why you once feared us."
The front squad formed a shield wall, but her fist went straight through it, killing the man behind it, but leaving her vulnerable to multiple spears going through her chest, this time actually hurting her. With a scream she ripped them out, her wounds slowly knitting themselves back together. Taking advantage of the defence breach, she kicked another one in the chest hard enough to stop his heart, before being pinned down by his comrades impaling her arms and legs.
Maybe it was just Lilia giving up, maybe the princess finally accepted her fate, but just before a soldier could try to kill Hideyoshi, the summoning circle in the capital lit up bright enough to make the troops hesitate and look up in fear. A small flame appeared on the femboy's fingertips and the next second, the world around her went white.
After the fire subsided, the trap was lying on a plain of glass, stretching out beyond vision in every direction. Completely spent, she looked up at the blackened sky and sighed: "That was a bad idea after all. Let's never do this again."
Two men she didn't know, the younger one with long black hair, dressed in beige robes and one with a bit shorter brown hair, wearing a green hunter's uniform, teleported in and helped her up.
"Never thought I would meet one of you before my death", the older one said, "but these are truly unusual times."
As it turned out, these two were Kyle and Syll, somewhat famous adventurers who had heard of the ongoing conflict between the rogue forces of Hel, 'Asmodians', as they called them, and those still loyal to the half-dead being still worshipped as it's sovereign.

-back at the castle-
In the dimly lit hallways, Miya could be seen sneaking towards Lilia's chambers, carrying some lengthy item wrapped in a cloth. She knocked, and after being answered, opened the door a little and skulked inside. Followed by a bright flash she left again, this time empty handed and was about to make her way to the main hall where Hideyoshi was to be welcomed back when suddenly her feet wouldn't move anymore. She looked down and noticed that everything below her knees was obscured. Not sombre, like it was hidden or too dark, but like it didn't exist anymore at all.
"You almost killed your mistress with that, you know.", Black's voice sounded from behind her, but she was too frightened to turn around.
"Feeling guilty?", he continued, "Don't worry, I will not punish you for it this time, that will be up to her when I tell her. However, the next time you endanger her I will not be so forgiving. Now hurry along, she will be arriving soon."
The world below her reappeared and she rushed away, not looking back once. When she arrived at the throne room she saw a lot of people she didn't recognize, judging by their gold, green and blue clothing they were high-ranking officials of the Bernstein kingdom. When news of the victory had passed around, the sovereign had called off the evacuation and quickly arranged a banquet to celebrate, after hearing that almost all of their army was wiped out, this was a welcome surprise.
Next to Dirk, where the princess usually was seated, there was a rather young knight with unnaturally blue hair, turquoise eyes and a red crystal fixated by a gold frame on his forehead. She had heard of him in stories about other countries, prince Eric, raised to be the next king of Bernstein. Since his father was a little too inconstant and would likely have gone to war with pretty much every other nation on the planet, anything related to diplomacy was usually left to him.
The entrance gates swung open, cutting off all chattering. As Hideyoshi walked in, flanked by the royal guard, the onlookers stood up and bowed until she reached the throne.
Dirk raised his glass. "To Hideyoshi,", he announced, "for without her none of us would be alive anymore. To all our soldiers who risked everything to buy her enough time. Both the fallen, never to be forgotten, and those who live to tell the tale. To our saviours."
"To our saviours!", everyone repeated, making the trap blush a bit. After everyone paid their respects to her, the chattering continued. Now no longer at the focus of everybody's attention, the Makai Kishi sought out Kyle again. On her way she suddenly stopped, her eyes growing dim and lifeless for a second. She cast Miya a glance and then kept going, as if nothing happened at all.

Chapter Text

Hideyoshi found Kyle talking to a woman about her own size with long purple hair, blue eyes and pointy ears. She was dressed in a black dress in a British style with red accents that showed off some cleavage, but covered her arms and even some of her throat. Her most noticeable features however were the two straight horns on the sides of her head, signalizing she was a member of a high-ranking demon family, if yet not fully established. When the trap got closer, she fell on one knee, took her left hand in her own and lightly planted a kiss on the back. Startled, and slightly uncomfortable, Hideyoshi pulled her hand back and then helped the woman back on her feet.
"Why are you greeting me like this?", she asked, "You are probably of a higher rank than me. Who are you anyways? And why am I not detecting any signs of magic on you?"
"Higher rank?", she asked back, "He hasn't told you who he really is, has he? As for me, I am Sheliss Elleness Zurbach, next in line for the Zurbach throne. Since we had our fair share of internal conflicts, the powers of every descendant is locked away unless an emergency arises. We were once one of the most influential families across the nine worlds, until Hel tried to become all-powerful herself. She either bought our servants or killed them and brought them back as her slaves. Out of fear that we might scheme against her in exile, she created the tentacle surrogate you met her in. When we heard that you killed it we decided it was time for our comeback. I have heard so much about you and really look forward to working with you."
"The pleasure is all mine.", the femboy responded before pulling out the pendant she took from the white knight. "And as you likely know more about demon royalty than me, you can probably help me figure out what this is."
The demoness looked at it from both sides and furrowed her brows. "That is definitely a design made by a low ranking servant of Hel, but the runes on the outer circle are weird. Half of them are not edged in completely, making every spell as dangerous for the caster as for the target. Whoever created this seemingly didn't know what he was doing. The spells itself are completely unreadable, written in symbols that are only supposed to have a meaning for the wearer. This was a single-item to be effective via association, rather than actual clean spells."
Hearing this, Kyle became interested. "Can I have a look too?", he asked. When it was handed to him, he brushed his finger over the runes, making them glow green for a second. "Don't tell my brother,", he continued, "but I have read the occasional book from the more unsightly sections of our nation's library. Let's see... angular symbols next to symbols of life... apart from the invisibility, this could enable the wearer to break through magic defences."
He raised an eyebrow. "My dear Hideyoshi, if you would have used anything other than cutting interactions with this world, you could have been hurt very badly. This is just a theory, but since this is related to Hel, the life drain from the incomplete runes could actually work as a self-sacrifice to supply the needed magic. If I was in your place, I would have this destroyed as soon as possible and then forget the markings."
"Not yet", Sheliss intervened, "we can still use the lingering energy from it's creation to track down the maker. Assuming you are willing to try something unusual, that is."
The trap looked at her dubiously. "Sorry, but I have serious trust issues because of the last few days. Furthermore, you bringing this up now sounds incredibly fishy."
The demon princess gestured for Kyle to draw his sword. When he hesitantly did so, she grabbed the tip and put it to her own throat. "Is this enough insurance?", she asked and held out her hand. Still not exactly convinced, she took hold of it and her mind was cast into darkness.
To her, it felt like an eternity before she hit the ground. She couldn't see anything, but the ground was smooth without any details and slightly cold to the touch. The air was stagnant and lacking any smells whatsoever. If she didn't knew what afterlife looks like, she would have guessed this was it.
"Hello?", she asked, hoping that anybody could hear her, but her voice, somewhat dampened, trailed off in the distance. After receiving no answer for a while, she stepped forward and this was when she heard a faint "Hello" directly behind her. She jumped forward and grabbed at the space behind her, but nothing was there. Scared, she started running, but her body would move slower than what she was used to, almost like she was moving through water instead of air. This quickly took it's toll on her muscles and soon after, Hideyoshi was forced to stop, hunched forwards, hands on her knees. Over her panting she noticed a rhythmic noise and when she stopped breathing for a second she could hear footsteps running towards her. Hastily, she tried to raise a barrier, but found out she couldn't use her magic here. Luckily for her, the other person never hit hear and it sounded like they ran right through her. Only when they panted next to her ear and abruptly broke off the trap realized who it was. As a trial, she whistled the first tunes of Rufen's national anthem, and sure enough, shortly afterwards, it repeated nearby.
"Oh dear", she thought, "this is going to drive me nuts if I have to stay here any longer."
She set for a casual stroll towards the first direction she pointed in. After all, there was little else she could do. Hideyoshi grew used to the steps trailing behind her quicker than she liked to. Closing her eyes so the lack of vision would at least be on her own terms didn't help at all. And so, she would almost have run past it, if the ground didn't change to slightly uphill. She bewilderedly blinked at the sphere of light in front of her. It wasn't actually illuminating anything, for she still couldn't see herself, but after the everlasting darkness it shone brightly in her eyes. The trap stepped closer and was now able to make out details inside of it, observing a room behind it featuring an alchemist's equipment. On the central table there was a cast filled with liquid gold and besides it, a book with unknown spells. When she moved around it, the display shifted, revealing that every wall but one was filled with spells and formulas. The last wall, however, consisted mainly of iron bars from top to bottom with only the first few inches behind them lit up. She was about to pay it no further attention until the person imprisoned, apparently a girl, groaned and a hand, about the size of her own, grasped at the confinement. Curious, the tgirl walked into the sphere and found herself next to the cell, the inmate perking up at noticing her. It was still to gloomy to make out any minutiae apart from blue twintails, red eyes and a pair of very tiny horns on each side of her head, pointing upwards. She had rather small breasts and a petite figure.
"Oneechan, is that you?", she whispered, her voice hoarse, but before Hideyoshi could reply, a shift in the air made her turn around. A skeletal hand grew from the wall and still not feeling her magic, the trap jumped back through the portal. Back outside, she observed a mostly rotten corpse in a worn out frock with tiny blue flames in it's eye sockets emerge into the lab and knock on the bars.
"Wakey, wakey", it said, "time for some more experiments. If you play along nicely, Zeromuth will even give you food. Sounds great, doesn't it?"
The girl scurried back with a whimper as the carcass tried to grab her through the bars, before turning around, now looking directly at Hideyoshi.
"There must be a reason your soul hasn't come to rest yet", it continued, "and we will surely find it, yes, yes."
While it was walking back towards where Hideyoshi was watching, Zeromuth's head twitched from side to side, talking on about how excited it was:
"We will bring you peace and finally, after all these years, be whole again. And we have the feeling the key is right in front of me."
It looked up at the femboy. "Isn't that right, you sneaky little nark?"
Before the trap could react, it passed on through the sphere and was now towering above her.
"Abort!", she yelled, "If you can hear me, abort it now!"
From above, the darkness dissolved in a white mist and Hideyoshi could feel herself waking up, but didn't quite make it before the body's cold hand grasped her forearm.
With a yell, she got back the bone hand still attached to her. Frantically she shook it off and then looked at the dumbfounded expressions of everyone around her.
Sheliss tried to explain: "You were looking uneasy from the start and your condition just rapidly deteriorated, so I brought you back. Seems like I was right."
"'deteriorated'?", Hideyoshi enquired and then noticed the wet feeing between her legs, her face quickly growing red when she realized what the dripping noise implied. "Noooo! Don't look!", she cried, holding down her skirt as she teleported back to Asgard.

- river near Black's palace -
When the tgirl had found a desolate spot surrounded by greenery where noone should be able to see her, she started to undress. First off was her skirt, uncovering her firm buttocks, covered only by a pair of wedged-in red panties. A well-defined bulge on her front left nothing to the imagination, every detail of her cock visible, from her shaft being pressed to her balls to the prominent outline of her glans. Next up was her shirt, revealing that she actually was wearing a matching bra, even though she technically didn't need one, she felt uncomfortable when her unprotected nipples were brushing against any other fabric. She quickly took it off too, exposing her pinkish areolas with the small buds in the middle, hardening and perking up from the cold air. Checking again if nobody was watching her, she took off her panties and stepped into the water, drawing in a sharp breath from the chill when she was deep enough that it reached her testicles, making the skin over them tighten up. With one hand protectively covering her overly sensitive asshole, she let herself sink back. While cleaning herself up she decided she needed some relief after today, so she inserted a finger into her rear, rubbing her insides as her other hand wandered towards her chest.
Someone hugged her from behind and she was about to freak out until she realized it was Yuuko.
"Haven't you forgotten the most important part?", her little sister asked as she hooked two fingers under the trap's foreskin and spread it. Hideyoshi's only answer was moaning as she tickled her urethra for a bit before pulling her foreskin back completely, her beautiful head reddening as it was unsheathed.
Her penis swelling up as Yuuko stroked it, she soon got on all fours, allowing the girl better access to her delicate spots. As the younger sibling alternated between fingering her ass and sticking her tongue in it, licking it from inside, she continuously stroked her with a firm grip, ready to milk her.
Feeling herself get close, the femboy pulled her appendage out of her grasp, relaxing her anus even more.
"Please", she begged, "I want to cum like a girl."
Seeing her in such a submissive state, Yuuko went so far as to force three fingers into her butt, feeling around for her bitch spot while the trap fondled her own nipples. When Yuuko felt something hard inside the tight orifice, she pressed down on it, causing Hideyoshi to collapse, her dick squirting cum under her body and her ass spasming around her fingers, sucking them in further, dripping a clear liquid. With a wet sound, she pulled out and carried the completely spent femboy out of the water. For the next minutes, she simply enjoyed lying next to her, her fingers circling her slightly developing chest.
As Hideyoshi got up and wanted to redress, her sister handed her a set of leather clothes instead.
"You still got a punishment to take care of", she mused, "so I prepared these instead. Let me help you with them."
She kneeled down and, while caressing her thighs, slid high heel boots over them, reaching up to just below her buttocks. Her midsection got covered by a corset that still displayed most of her flat tits, some pink even visible above the hem. Long gloves rounded off the dominant picture and last were some tiny stringed panties, perfectly fitting her balls, yet leaving her cock free. Her asspussy was still slightly gaping and Yuuko gave the sensitive hole a kiss, wiggling around her tongue a bit, before putting the string in place, still able to get a peek at the trap's insides.
"Go punish her", she said, "that will take the guilt off her mind."
She found her summon in the dungeon on her knees, holding up a red collar with a bell on it. Trying to wipe out the last of her doubts, she took it off her.
"Strip", she ordered and Miya let the Kimono fall from her shoulders, completely nude underneath. Reluctantly, she commanded "stand up" and put the collar on her catgirl. She then lead her to the back of the room where fixtures were attached to the wall, her chibi self still covering her crotch area with her hands. Hideyoshi forcible pushed her legs apart and chained her ankles up before doing the same to her hands. In this vulnerable position, arms and legs spread wide open, the Nekonomimi couldn't stop her cock from growing hard, which her Mistress promptly noticed.
"Listen up", she spoke, "you will not cum without my permission or this will hurt more than it has to. You will be a good little pet and take your punishment for disobeying me, and just maybe, I will let you cum. Understood?"
When Miya nodded, she got on her knees before her and pushed her cock back down before putting her hand on it, squeezing it against her balls. When she withdrew, a metal cage had formed on her dick, keeping it mostly flaccid, her tip sorely pressing against it the hornier she got. Starting to enjoy the pitiful sight, Hideyoshi flicked her glans, earning a sharp whince from her sweetie.
Not wanting to drag this out any more than necessary, the trap got back up and created a whip in her hands. When she reached back the chibi closed her eyes in fear, bracing herself against the strike, but it didn't came. Warily she opened them again and this was when Hideyoshi hit her, drawing the breath from her lungs. Lucky for her, she hadn't bothered to add knots, but it still hurt like hell, a read streak appearing on her side. She promptly received a second blow from the other side, making her want to curl up protectively, but she couldn't. The next strike was to the inside of her thigh, causing her legs to tremble. Worse than the pain however, was the feeling of precum dripping from the cage, Miya getting off on the beating against her will. Each time the whip hit her, her balls would painfully swell up more and more, slightly turning blue by the end of it. Her screams were turning into moans as the pain got stronger and she felt sperm build up inside her, no matter how much she tried to resist.
Just before she would inevitably cum, Hideyoshi stopped and released her constraints. Thinking it was over, she collapsed in her arms, purring, but grew anxious as she was set down on something sharply pressing in between her legs. The femboy caught her arms behind her backs and tied them together before pushing her forwards until her balls were pressing down on the sawhorse with her butthole exposed. The catgirl couldn't even try to escape, every movement was hurting her delicate privates. Not that she wanted to at this point, Hideyoshi was dragging her own dick across her pet's buttcrack, stimulating her asspussy as she was jerking herself off with her summon's cheeks. Having an even better idea, she took a candle off the wall and let the hot wax trip down on her, the pain from the burns quickly replaced by pleasure. Watching her little neko self squirm while humping the sharp edge finally got her off and she squirted her cum all over her back.
Assuming she had pleased her Mistress, Miya allowed herself to cum too, her cock twitching inside it's confinement as her seed flowed down her legs. And this was when Hideyoshi dripped hot wax on her butthole.
"Did I allow you to cum yet?", she asked with fake disappointment and pushed her finger inside the small tgirl's hole. Despite the hurt Miya simply couldn't stop cumming, her anus feeling like it was on fire as Hideyoshi abused it.
Once the stream of cum ceased, the trap lifted her up and cradled her in her arms, kissing her on the head.
"I forgive you now", she whispered and felt her chibi self calm down. However, when she tried to remove the collar to signal their session had ended, Miya caught her hand in her own and shook her head, licking her fingers instead.

Chapter Text

- next day, marketplace in Rufen -
Not many people had gathered to see them off, only Dirk, Eric, some higher members of the council and, of course, the country's head magician, a certain mister Futaba. He had recently married an Egyptian noblewoman, hence the more than unusual surname, and planned on retiring in a few weeks. Dressed in beige robes with only his chin and the hand holding his chestnut wand visible, he had been ordered here mostly to supervise the operation and to intervene if things went south. Everybody else had stayed at home, windows shut and hiding under their beds.
Inside the magic circle carved into the ground there were the six militants chosen to take down Hel. Well, everybody said 'chosen', but in reality, noone else had showed even the slightest interest in joining, most wanting to stay as far away from the afterlife as possible, even after Hideyoshi added some quality time to the promised rewards.
First off there was the trap herself in her Makai Kishi outfit with Miya clinging to her, having stayed by her side constantly after her punishment. Next off were Kyle, Syll and an elf woman called Nina with long blonde hair, dressed in a royal blue dress with white frills. Currently she was trying to ignore the other two looking at her boobs, growing more and more annoyed by it. Sheliss had volunteered too, being given back parts of her most powerful magic back in return.
The last one was a young shinigami, named Kusabimaru, but most of his subordinates didn't bother to remember that, usually calling him Bosusama instead. He had a pale face, golden ram horns at the side of his head and really prominent eyebrows. His eyes were white without any irises, only with two small dots indicating where his pupils were located. Rare for his kind, he wore pieces of a dark grey knight's armour on his torso, forearms and shins, the space inbetween protected with chain armour made of silver. On his back he had holstered a bone white scythe he had forged himself with a green gem embedded into the blade. He planned on bequeathing it to his granddaughter one day, as a death god's powers were intensified the more souls his scythe had taken.
"Ready?", he asked, and when the others nodded, he activated the portal with a snap of his fingers, polluted grey light rising from below as they witnessed their surroundings change to the everlasting dusk of the underworld.
On the outside, Dirk squinted into the light as he watched their silhouettes disappear, only to be replaced by a figure on horseback. Before the process was complete, Futaba had already created a barrier around the being which it easily shattered.
"I take it this was not part of the plan?", the prince asked and was a second later dragged away by a slightly hysterical Eric. The magician on the other hand, raised his staff in the air, the sky turning dark and crackling with lightning. Inside the clouds, tentacles formed, hungrily reaching towards their summoner. "So much for my retirement", he mused as he got ready to face off Zeromuth. He didn't expect to keep it occupied for more than a minute.

- outskirts of Hel -
Unlike her first visit to Helheim, Hideyoshi was this time greeted by a dead maid punching her in the face, her fist dissolving on impact. She only had to look at her to make her go up in purple flames, but after her, other souls followed. They ranged from clerics to craftsmen and she could even spot the occasional royal amongst them. By now, the others had taken position behind her, fending off their own attackers. Kusabimaru was doing the best out of them, assailants way out of his reach fading with every swing of his scythe. Slow, but steady, they were making their way towards the centre, the dead becoming more aggressive the further they got, completely ignoring their own defences. When the femboy felt danger from above, she had just enough time to push Nina out of the way before taking the arrow meant for her in her own shoulder. She went about to pull it out, but faltered when she noticed the familiar design. Locating the archer in the crowd, she remarked that he looked kind of apologetic. Whatever influence Hel was exerting on the dead, it was defective.
"Shield off Kusabimaru!", she ordered and they formed a ring around him, Sheliss projecting a barrier over their heads to protect them from any further shelling.
"Do you know the notes of Bernstein's anthem?", Hideyoshi asked the shinigami and, when he nodded, discarded her sword, creating a trumpet from her magic instead. Making sure Miya got her back, she handed it to him. "Give it a try."
When the tune started to wave through the air, some of the more militaristic looking ghosts stopped in their tracks, a young-looking infantry soldier being the first to stab his sword through one of the unaffected troop's chest. Looking closer, she remembered him as being one of the last men standing after her training. One by one, the fallen of Bernstein formed a spearhead around their little group, the shielded front row relentlessly bushing towards Hel's castle.
Kyle felt Hideyoshi tap him on the shoulder. "Go ahead without me", she yelled over the commotion, "I have personal business to take care of."
"Personal business?", he asked back in disbelief, "this is neither the time nor the place for it."
He was too late however, as the trap had already fallen back, punching at the ground between her feet. It cracked, and with a determined expression, she vanished from sight.
She had guessed right, as the chamber the tgirl landed in was looking more polished than the unformed landscape above. It looked like the carved out rooms were actually inhabited, books in an unknown language neatly arranged on stone shelves without a single speck of dust on them. The place looked more like a library than something that belonged into the realm of the damned, were it not for the long dead potted plants and the overall greyish colour scheme. Oh, and for the spiked protrusions everywhere.
"For crying out loud", Hideyoshi complained as she almost cut herself again, "even Lord Astaroth has a less depressing taste in decoration and that guy made his furniture out of human bones 'for the sake of edge'."
The only imperfection in this place was the trail of bloodstains leading across the floor and the finely webbed carpet. As she followed the trace, the books around her became older, the titles written more crudely and with less variety of letters. One of them caught her eyes. It's cover was entirely blank and the pages seemed to be of an alloy she had never seen before. Intrigued, she opened it and even though she couldn't understand a thing the pictograms around the text spoke for themselves. Lost in thought at the depictions before her, she nearly dropped the book when Miya climbed onto her shoulder for a better look.
"Couldn't leave me alone, could you?" She patted the catgirl's head to which she purred and rugged her head against her cheek. Holding the book higher so that they both could get a better look they read the story of how it all began while making their way through the colourless world.
Creation started with two beings on an infinite ocean. One of them looked fairly human, a female with long hair and sharp, glowing eyes. Her canines resembled those of vampires, sticking out over her lips. On her back spread two feathery wings and her dress looked like it was made out of feathers, too. The skin on her forearms and hands had hardened into chitin, her fingers ending into slightly bent claws. The other one was less humanoid, six arms growing on his sides while the wings on his back were more bat-like. An additional eye was placed on his forehead and his hair was about the same length as the other creature's.
The female one would raise amorphous shapes from the ocean for the male to carve away at them, cutting out the nine worlds one by one. Where he trimmed, land gave way to valleys and oceans and by her touch, green rose from the seas, conquering the fresh soil. Creatures stirred, animals, humans and everything in between, four of them immortal. Two guided the dead from the sea, one she recognized as Odin those fallen in glory and one, a half-dead girl those left roaming.
As existence grew, the first being faded, becoming completely indistinguishable from the background by the time creation was finished, leaving her partner alone amongst the proof of their conjoined efforts. With one of their makers gone, in progress of it's development civilization split into several factions again and again while both Odin and Hel neglected their duties, only collecting the strongest warriors for Ragnarök.
Hideyoshi closed the book and wished it back to her room in Black's palace, for they had reached a hallway with prisons on both sides. She would continue it later, but already had a fairly accurate grasp on how it would continue.
Almost all of the cells were empty, except for one. The last one before a dead end contained a genderless human, slightly taller than her with white hair, almost reaching to it's shoulders and lifeless, yellow eyes. It was impossible to determine it's age as it's skin was still smooth and featureless, but also faded, as if it was born old. The closer she looked, the more it seemed like a puppet, dressed in a black single-piece suit with beige and yellow accents. The design was unreasonably widened around it's legs, scraping against each other as it paced back and forth.
"Truth", it repeatedly muttered, evidently oblivious of her.
For now, Hideyoshi decided to leave it alone, judging by the shivering Miya on her shoulder, her tail fluffed up, this was the right choice.
The trail was abruptly cut off at the back wall, the last drop of blood neatly ending at the ledge without a trace visible above. While the trap was still considering how such a vestige could be left behind, her catgirl had already summoned a fireball and chucked it at the stone, boiling away a hole big enough to walk through. Located behind it was the room Hideyoshi had seen in the dreamscape, or what charred remains were left of it, the imprisoned girl jolted awake by the racket. Fearing for her health, the femboy covered Miya's hand when she felt the heat next to her face rise up again, carefully cutting the bars by melting them with her fingertips instead.
"This is a dream, right?", the blue-haired girl whispered and stared at her in disbelief.
"If yes, I will make it the best dream you will ever have.", Hideyoshi answered. Since the tendons on her legs appeared to be severed, she picked her up and carried her out bridal style.
"What is your name?", the tgirl asked.
Tears forming in her eyes, the girl responded: "Isuka"
When she was out of sight, the doll's eyes sparkled back to life.
'Conditions satisfied. Waking up the hive master.'

Chapter Text

- back in Rufen -
Eric had dragged Dirk back to his throne and strongly advised him to stay there. Whatever might happen, as long as the king stayed alive, the country would continue to exist, too. Or so he hoped.
He seemed to be right, as the moment Dirk sat down the shaking in the ground stopped and whatever structural damage had occurred knitted itself back together.
While he still was indecisive on what to do, a bolt of blue magic, most likely a dud from Zeromuth, hit the castle walls and shattered the roof. The king was fairly safe, but Eric got knocked down and felt a sharp pain between his kidneys. A joist from the ceiling had become loose and buried itself into his back, yet no blood pooled under his stomach. With a sound like splintering glass, the flickering of the candles and the lightning outside stopped and he felt two thin hands grasp his own and pull him to the side, cutting open the skin at his back. Looking up, he recognized his helper as princess Pncencia, a young woman whom he had only seen portraits of, for she had vanished at quite a young age.
"I have made a lot of mistakes in my life. Don't let this be one of them. Make better use of it than I ever could dream of.", she said and handed him a golden sword hilt, the handle wrapped in black leather. As soon as he touched it, a golden blade made of light sprung to life, quickly changing it's colour to a dark blue. With a smile, Suvia vanished and time continued, rubble crashing down where he had just been almost impaled. The majority of it floated to it's original place shortly after, but not before the next strike hit. With a flick of his fingers, Dirk pulverized the bits that were about to hit Eric and teleported Lilia next to him.
"Zeromuth will try to attack me directly. Go and help prince Bernstein!", he commanded her, somewhat pleased to see that her magic had recovered, yet equally worried it had happened so quickly. Luckily, it was already powerful enough to form armour around her, since after the death of the white knights, the princess had discontinued combat practice and, while still a fearsome enemy, was not quite as powerful as she once had been.
"I won't ever forgive my brother for what he's done", she said to Eric, as the ground beneath them moved on it's own, carrying them back to the marketplace, "and I don't like you for aiding him, but if it's for the sake of my country, I guess I can help you."
Watching over them from the castle, Dirk asked the darker than usual shadows beside him: "How long have you been watching?"
"I never left you since you signed the contract.", Black spoke and snickered.
"Please, watch over them and intervene if their life is in danger.", the king requested. "I am even willing to pay with my mother's holy energy, or my own if that's not enough."
Genuinely surprised, Maousama shook his head and cheerfully refused: "No need to, do you really think I would actually need any human's power? I could have even supplied the magic for Hideyoshi's little show my myself, but it was too interesting to see how far you would go. Turned out to be a bad idea in the end. Don't worry, I will keep them alive, not only because they keep on entertaining me."
All light from behind the clouds faded and in the last seconds of the afterglow, something enormous could be seen moving behind them, the creature Futaba summoned retreating to the unholy domain it came from in panic.
The streets only lit by torches, Eric and Lilia arrived just in time to see Zeromuth summoning a spear made of lightning in it's hand, preparing to strike down the bleeding wizard. His movement sped up by the country's earth magic, the prince jumped between them, ready to block the attack with his sword. It never hit him however, as right before the impact an oval shield appeared in front of him of the same colour as the blade, absorbing the blow and then dissipating without a trace. Lilia tried to sneak up on it from behind, but a kick from it's zombie horse sent her flying, breastplate dented inwards. A whirlwind of fire gushing out from it's hand, Zeromuth attempted to hit her while she was down, but again the prince intervened, by cutting it's hand off, which instantly grew back.
"Stupid mortals", it cursed, "you are only delaying the inevitable."
Noticing how Eric was only shielded from direct attacks, it felt around in it's robes till it found a dark green potion. Before it could throw it at them, Lilia made a swirl motion with her fingers and it shattered, the fluid stored inside melting parts of it's arm. Visibly incensed, it used it's last ace.
The creature of Hel closed it's fist, forcing all the air from the vicinity to flow towards the piazza. It worked at first, as the prince's ears started bleeding and he collapsed, but as quickly as it came about, the pressure faded.
Dark purple flames danced around the living corpse and spiked tendrils pulled it off it' mount, detaining it firmly in the inferno. The embers apparently weren't hot, as the flesh wasn't burning, but instead simply cut through it, it's self-regeneration not quick enough to keep it from falling apart little by little. A hand made from smoky haze formed above it and, almost gently, felt around in it's ribcage until it grasped something shiny, dissolving together with it.
When the flames ceased, there was not a single trace left of Zeromuth.

- Hel -
The fields of Hel were devastated, Hideyoshi treading on fallen souls with every step. They were stitching themselves back together, but it would take ages for the dead realm to return to it's former glory. Within the gloomy desert, Isuka's first question since her rescue caught the trap by surprise: "Say... have you truly forgotten about me?"
"Maybe, but if you help me, I could maybe remember.", she responded, "Are you from Rufen? Or one of Black's servants? Someone who died during the great war?"
Saddened, the girl dismissed the question. "Knowing will only bring you pain. If you remember one day, keep in mind I picked my choice without regret."
The proselytized dead army had reached the inner gates of Hel's castle in her absence, but those were sealed shut and didn't budge no matter the efforts. Weapons, magic, brute force, nothing could make a dent in the golden doors. While Hideyoshi and Miya could easily pass through outside of the world, there was no way to bring the others with them. That was, until, out of curiosity, the catgirl stuck her phased out hand inside the metal and summoned a fireball, inducing a slight rumbling.
Astonished, the tgirl patted her head. "That is a pretty smart idea. The rest of you might want to step back a little."
She tried to put down Isuka who reluctantly let go of her and summoned back her sword. In a location she would estimate to be a good way inside the material, she let go of it and matter in the underworld proved to be just as a claustrophobic affair as in every other realm. His scythe only a blur in the air, Kusabimaru vaporized all remains that threatened to hit an adventurer, but the last line of defence on the other side wasn't so skilled. When they stepped inside the only one left was the goddess of death herself and for the first time they got a good look at her. Her one half looked like a beautiful woman in her late-twenties, mostly resembling a dark elf. When asked for details later on, none of them could recall anything else. Her other half had decayed so much that in some places even the bones were visible.
"I guess this had to happen one day", Hideyoshi spoke to her, "and I don't blame you. You are death, impartial, not caring for which souls you take. In the end you are alone in your own little world, which leads to a singular outcome. Everyone, make this quick."
Before she had finished, Sheliss had already summoned dozens of energy blades in front of her, all rushing towards the goddess at once. Hel tried to protect herself by creating a shield of bones around her, but Kyle and Syll hacked away at it until it broke apart. A wave of ribs broke forth from the ground, incinerated by Nina before it could get close. Miya teleported to the back of her head, thrust her naginata into her neck and rushed downwards, slicing apart her backbone in the process.
As death got cut up, Isuka's wounds started to heal and a faint blue aura surrounded her.
"Let's end this together.", she proposed to the trap and without second thought, she nodded. The girl laid her hand on Hideyoshi's and as one they charged, the weapon they held transforming into an enormous lance. On impact, Hel melted into the blade and the femboy remembered why she felt so happy yet so mournful when she first met Yuuko, why her memories of her childhood were fuzzy at times and why she didn't hate the frost giants despite holding her parents death against them for the past years.

- 539 AD, Niflheimr -
Hideyoshi had grown up in a remote village in one of the few habitable regions of the ice-covered world. Since the idea of transgender never came up before, she was raised as a boy, the idea of her being male forced upon her by almost everybody, even her parents, until she nearly believed it herself. Still, there was a girl in her neighbourhood who accepted her for what she was, sometimes they would sneak away together so she could dress up in female clothes without being punished for it. That girl's name was Isuka. She always would bring cute dresses and accessories from home so that, just for a moment the trap could be herself. At first, she was incredibly anxious about showing that side of her in front of another person, the conditioning from her family carved too deep into her mind, but over time she opened up little by little. And so the day came when she hesitantly asked Isuka to call her 'Oneechan'. The girl's eyes brightened up and she hugged her tightly, surprising her by kissing her on the cheek and promising her to be a little sister to her for the rest of their lives.
They stayed like this till sunset and went home with the promise that they would meet up again the next day and leave forever this time, seeking a new life together, somewhere where noone knew about Hideyoshi's little secret.
Of course, fate had other plans for them.