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"Fuck. God, this-- this is...!" He moans, he can't find the words.


Suiryu was a talker during sex, and this habit peaked when he so enamored by whom he was bedding. Strong calloused hands under your plump thighs as he moved his body between your legs. The beach blanket under your back wrinkled more and more with every movement. The sand covered patches of exposed, moist skin. Moist from water and sweat. Suiryu's swimming trunks had been pushed down enough just so he could enter you. He enjoyed the view of the top of the string bikini barely covering your breasts. The lower article had been untied and forgotten.


He'd convinced you with many compliments and reassurances that you'd look nice in it before you begrudgingly put it on for a trip to the beach. Suiryu had little complaints when you put on a somewhat sheer cover up. After about a half an hour of play, he couldn't keep his hands off more intimate areas of your body and drug you away with your things to a more secluded area.


He was clear and quick with his intentions.


You looked so good underneath him; it's like you were made just to be right there, caged in by his impressive form, helpless and drunk from what he's done to you. You'd take him so nicely, every inch of his length sheathed inside you. You were intoxicating with your scent, feel, and voice. Every sensation you provided him only drove him crazier.



Your hands slipped down his bulging shoulders to his arms until stopped by the limiters that locked at his biceps. You fight to keep your eyes open just a sliver. The sun still shines bright under the palm tree, through spaces of the huge leaves. The rays hit his damp tan skin and he seems to glow. Maybe it's you but he looks like a young god; how could someone so beautiful be real.


The white pearls lined without flaw between his lovely mouth bless you with their presence again; it never mattered how much he smiled, whether at you or not, you always felt the same thing. Pure exhilaration. It was painful sometimes and it was always suffocating. It's that intense happiness that you felt when you first saw him and it never actually went away. After all this time, you still feel the same.


Suiryu's usual carefree smile closes, but it only widens as he continues to look down at you with his lidded blue eyes. His softens abit more as a low hum rumbles in his throat when he feels your hands crawl behind his bowed head just to take out his low ponytail; you hadn't had the chance before with how sudden this all started. The long hair spays out across his shoulders and down his back, and with every clash of hips it brushes against his cheeks.


His nose brushes past yours before he presses his lips at the side of your mouth. His eyes flutter closed as his lips smoothly cover your own. Your heart beats fast as it did at the beginning when he first pressed you up against the tree. You didn't have any qualms about the location in which he suddenly felt like taking you; the hot sand under your bare feet totally welcomed after a few moments of his body pressed into you and his tongue playfully reaching every nook and cranny in your mouth.


You felt that familiar coil in your stomach and you whisper that to him. Suiryu's addicting mouth leaves yours, only to find a spot on your neck. He just kisses it in nonsensical patterns, no spot in particular. He likes how simple it is to please you this way. He loves how crazy you get when he kisses your neck.


The hand resting at your hip finds its way across your soft stomach and between your fluffy thighs. You won't take much longer. His husky voice draws you back and you bite down on the inside of your cheek.


"You're going to come soon...aren't you?" He asks, his forehead touches yours, totally shaded from the sun. His index and ring finger rub slow, purposeful circles. The silent breath and quiver of your thighs the only answer he needs to quicken the pace of his fingers. Not a second sooner is his efforts rewarded.


"Suiryu..!" That desperate mewl of his name and the rapturous squeeze of your walls around him makes him see white. Your nails uselessly digging into his muscles and his hands just a tiny bit firmer than before under your thighs, a few more powerful pivots of his hips. His muscles tense under your touch, a green light to his release before his body presses you snug against the smooth bark on your bare back.


"Oh fuck--" Your name comes out of his beautiful mouth like crazied, mumbled mantra. You fight to keep your eyes open just to see the most wonderul sight of how his furrowed brows and that sweet mouth you adore so awfully, open ajar, unable to contain the most lovely noises to have blessed your ears. The warmth in your belly tightens deliciously as you feel him pulse inside you, his come coating your walls like a liquid bullet. Slippery and wet, warm; you feel intertwined. Suiryu closes the gap, his mouth on yours, like using the last of his strength to give you such a meaningful kiss. His lips never leaving your face, peppering it with tender kisses. He kisses your nose and you giggle; he loves it when you laugh. Bodies still conjoined, he likes plugging you up, not wanting anything to spill. His heavy and hot breaths fans your cheek then ear and you think it's funny how he doesn't break a sweat in a fight but during times like this with you, it takes him abit to regain back his breath.


He sucks playfully on your earlobe before he whispers to you sweet words. "I love you." His hands slide up to your ass then up to your sides, moving back to hold you entirely with ease himself. The movements make you moan.


"Hmm, I love you too." Another spoken truth as you tangle fingers through his silky strands, blissfully enjoying his lips and tongue at your neck. He carries you into the nearby water. The initial warmth of the ocean cleansing the sweat on your skin before the cold of it cools it's burning.


Your love for him spans farther than the sea and his love for you pasts the depths of the ocean.