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The Promise.

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It was chaos, to put it simply. 

TIE Fighters swarmed around the top of the communications tower, shooting at some area below them, as if to stop their targets. But, they kept coming, blocking every blow and even sending some back at their aggressors. 

But despite the odds, the aggressors kept coming. 

Luke swung his lightsaber in an arc, deflecting the oncoming shots. He had managed to deflect blasts back towards a few stormtroopers, but could only hope that he was strong enough to take the brunt of a ship’s blast. Ezra stood behind him, eyes focused on his pursuers. His lightsaber shot blast after blast, and deflected even more fire. Not in the polished way that Luke’s responded to his command, but in a rugged way that seemed to fit its own master. 

They kept swinging and blocking, swinging and blocking, back to back. But even they couldn’t hold out forever. 

“Ezra!” Luke called, blocking a few more incoming bolts back towards the army of stormtroopers, “We’ve got to get out of here!”

“Stating the obvious, much?” Ezra yelled back, continuing his deadly dance with the soldiers shooting at him. 

“Yeah, I know!” Luke yelled back, “Come on!”

Luke ran to the edge of the roof and jumped, in a seemingly suicidal move. 

“Luke!” Ezra yelled frantically, running to the edge of the roof. 

But then he looked down. 

Luke stood on the ramp of the Ghost, unharmed and intact. 

Ezra gaped at him. 

Luke smiled at his friend, and waved. 

“You coming?”

They had failed. 

The broadcast had still been sent. The mission was a success. They had left Lothal, and not gotten caught.

But Kanan was gone. 

“We have to get him back!” Ezra cried, slamming his fist onto the sabacc table. 

Hera looked down at her boots. 

“I’m sorry Ezra, but we need to stay low.”

“But Kanan is in danger! Don’t you guys care? Are you just going to leave him there?”



Hera looked Ezra in the eye.

“He would understand, Ezra. It’s better if we stay objective. What if we risk the whole cause for just one person?”

“Whole cause?” Ezra said incredulously, “What whole cause?”

Hera stayed silent. 

Luke walked to Ezra, and put a hand on his shoulder. 

“Ezra-” he started.

“Don’t.” Ezra said, shrugging off his hand. He stormed away, looking at the ground the entire time. 

Luke’s insides twisted with guilt. 

The rest of the Ghost’s crew, however, said nothing. 

Luke woke up to someone shaking his shoulder. 

“Luke! Luke!”

Luke groaned, and turned over. 

“What?” He asked sleepily, opening his eyes. 

Ezra stood in front of him, finger on his mouth. 

“Shhh. Come on!”

Ezra stalked silently away, and Luke shook off his sleepiness. He got up, intent on following Ezra, after all, he wasn’t sure what they were doing, but he knew it was probably something risky. 

Better Luke going with him than Ezra risking it all alone. 

Ezra led him into the Phantom, and closed the door behind them. 

“I’m going to rescue Kanan,” Ezra whispered, “And I need your help.”

Luke looked at him. 

“Are you sure?” he whispered back, “Hera’s right, you know. It’s objectively safer to just let Kanan go right now…”

“And just leave him to die?” Ezra whisper-yelled. “Just let him be tortured?”

“Ezra, Kanan knew the risks before he decided to be on this crew.”

“So what! You’re just gonna leave him there, after - after everything he’s done for us?”

Luke looked down at his feet. 

“We might have to, Ezra.”

“What? What sort of Bantha Poodoo is that?” Ezra replied, even angrier than Luke had seen him before. “Why are you guys just fine with letting him - letting him-”

Ezra banged his fist on the wall.

Luke backed away. 

“Ezra,” he said sadly, “We can’t get attached when there are bigger things at risk. You know that. I know that. And Kanan knows that.”

“And? How would you feel if we didn’t rescue you?”

Luke sighed. 

“The same way Kanan should.”

Luke walked out without looking back, scared to see the expression on his companion’s face. 

Vizago was less than pleased to see them. 

“So,” the devaronian said, scowling, “You show up, disrupt my cargo, and expect me to just pay you back?”

“Yeah,” Ezra responded, “Sort of.”

Hera looked at Ezra, and shook her head at his blunt words. But, Ezra didn’t look back at her.

Vizago growled. 

“What makes you think I should trust you?”

Instead of replying, Ezra took his lightsaber off of his belt. 

Luke and the rest of the Ghost Crew tensed, ready for a fight. But, instead of shooting Vizago, he turned on his lightsaber, its blue beam shining in the air. 

“Look,” Ezra told Vizago, “I’m training to be a Jedi. And Jedi always pay their debts. Isn’t that right?”

Vizago sighed. 

“What makes you think that I won’t just let you join your buddy in Imperial Prison?”

Zeb growled at him, and Sabine bristled, taking out her blaster. But before they could do anything, Hera held up her arm, and they stopped. 

Ezra smirked at Vizago. 

“The fact that we owe you something,” he said. “You wouldn’t like it if we didn’t pay you back after all this, right?”

Vizago told them everything.