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The Promise.

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Blaster Fire rained around Luke and Kanan, scorching the ground around them, but never hitting their mark. Even despite their Jedi reflexes, Luke and Kanan found the blasts increasingly hard to dodge.

Kriff! This is tougher than I thought it would be!

"Kid!" Kanan called, holding up the remainder of the tow cable, "Catch!"

Kanan threw one end of the tow cable to him, and Luke caught it smoothly, ready to move into action.

The two jedi ran apart from each other, pulling the rope taut. Then, on an unspoken and unseen signal, they began to run around the walker, quickly surrounding its legs with rope.

Kanan attached the tow cable's magnetic clamp to one of the walker's legs, and then got out of it's range as fast as possible. Luke followed the elder jedi, making sure that they were far enough away that the walker wouldn't fall on them.

Suddenly, The blaster fire around them stopped.

The walker slowly began to tilt, and then, finally fell onto its head, fatally crippled.

Luke cheered internally. They did it!

He smiled slightly, and then took a deep breath to calm himself. He could feel that it wasn't over yet.

There's something behind us.

The blaster shots had almost hit them, but Luke and Kanan dodged each blast with ease. However, that wasn't enough.

Luke drew his lightsaber, ready to retaliate, but Kanan shoved his hand down.

"No, you shouldn't reveal yourself yet. Here," he said, drawing his blaster and handing it to Luke, "Use this."

Luke accepted the blaster.

"Thank you."

Luke aimed the blaster and fired, hitting a stormtrooper square in the chest. He kept firing, intent on taking down the soldiers in front of him as fast as possible.

Kanan drew his lightsaber, and joined the fray.

Well, that's over with.

Luke and Kanan walked back to Vizago's clearing, tired and slightly giddy from their victory. Even so, Luke had a nagging feeling that something was going on.

All of a sudden, he heard a yell from the other side of the clearing.


Luke and Kanan tensed.


The two jedi ran as fast as they could towards the sound of the voice, worried.

Only to see an Imperial in a funny looking helmet fly straight into a rock, without even having been pushed.

The two Jedi stopped running.

Ezra knelt down on the grass, breathing heavily.

Luke's eyes widened, and he ran over to the blue-haired teen, worried.

"Are you okay?"

Ezra looked up at him, smirking.

"I'm just fine, blondie. I think the real question is are you okay?"

Luke nodded repeatedly and sat down by the other teen, thinking hard.

Did he just force push that guy?

Zeb, who had been being attacked by the helmeted imperial, stood up, brushing off his jumpsuit.

"Kanan," he said, "Thanks for the assist."

Kanan shook his head.

"That wasn't me, Zeb."

Zeb looked at Ezra, dumbstruck.

Luke looked at Ezra, and began to smile, wider than he had since before Obi-Wan's death.

Ezra smirked back, his smile as radiant as the Tatooine sun.

Luke, the two droids, and the crew returned to the Ghost, tired out from their battle.

"Phew," Sabine said, taking off her helmet and wiping the sweat away from her forehead, "that was a close one."

Luke stared at her, entranced.

Wow, her hair color is so cool! I'd love to try that out sometime...

"Yeah," Zeb replies, resting his bo rifle on an empty crate. "Too close."

Ezra stopped walking and leaned against the docking bay wall, looking as nonchalant as ever.

He turned to Zeb.

"You gonna thank me for saving your butt or not?"

The lasat scoffed, and turned away.

"Hey! A thank you would be nice, you know?"

Zeb snarled, annoyed.

"Thank. You," he ground out, and then returned to his skulking.

Ezra sighed, and then smirked.

"Well, that's more like it."

R2D2 chose that moment to beep something out.

"Yeah little buddy," Sabine replied, "we'll get you back to your owner as soon as possible. Just lemme fetch Kanan so he can comm them…"

Sabine walked out of the room, heading towards the cockpit, and the room was silent once again.

R2D2 turned to C3PO, and let out a long string of beeps that only his companion would understand.

C3PO looked as affronted as only a droid could.

"Well then!" he replied, "That was actually rather polite! How strange."

Luke unsuccessfully hid a chuckle.

Things were beginning to look up.

Kanan, after returning the two droids to their rightful owner, called Ezra and Luke over to talk with him in the cockpit.

Ezra and Luke sat down on the chairs, one obviously more nervous than the other, despite his normal languid pose. Luke, however, sat down on his chair in the he usually did: back straight and facing the person in front of him.

Kanan stopped his pacing, and turned to the two teenagers.

"So, Ezra," he said, "I think you know what I'm here to talk with you about."

Ezra perked up.

"This about Jedi Training?"

Kanan nodded.

Ezra hummed, and then asked another question.

"Does this mean I finally get to start doing stuff?"

"I suppose."

Ezra smiled widely, excited.


Kanan let another rare smile show, but this time, it was a smile of teacherly concern and pride. Luke had seen it on Old Ben's face more times than he could count.

"You've shown potential, Ezra. It's time for you to use it."

Somehow, Ezra beamed even wider.

And then Kanan turned towards Luke.

"Luke," he said. "Would you like to join us?"

Luke smiled sadly, and took a deep breath, getting ready to speak.

"My master… he always said a Jedi should learn what he could whenever he could, that there always was something to learn wherever you went. But… I don't know if I'm quite ready to resume learning yet."

With Ben's death being so fresh, I think I can allow myself a little more time to grieve.

Kanan nodded again.

Ezra looked at him, eyes wide.

Luke smiled serenely at him.

"Alright. May I ask, though. Who was your master?"

Luke suddenly sobered.

I can feel that it isn't time to tell them. Not yet.

"I'm sorry," he said, "But I don't think I can tell you that right now."

"Take your time. Is he still around?"

Luke shook his head, tears coming unbidden into his eyes. He took a deep breath, and wiped them off of his face, chastising himself for his lack of control.

Ben would be so ashamed.

Ezra squeezed his shoulder in a show of camaraderie, and then retreated back into his personal space.

"Are you a Jedi too?" Ezra asked, almost in a whisper.

Luke shook his head.

"Not yet. I'm still an apprentice. Like you."

Ezra nodded.

Then, Kanan spoke up.

"Luke, would you like to stay with us for the time being, or are you going to go on your own way?"

Luke sat and thought for a minute.

Then, he nodded at the elder Jedi.

"The force led me here for a reason, and I don't really have anywhere else to go. So I'll stay. At least, for now."