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The Promise.

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Luke followed Orange Jumpsuit guy up to meet his boss, walking with him through the interior of the Ghost and towards the cockpit. They went through a hallway full of bunk rooms and a well-worn yet clean living room, Orange Jumpsuit guy pointing out the sights all the while.

“And that’s the sabacc table - but you probably knew that just looking at it. Sorry about the mess in here - we were in a bit of a hurry today and Spectre Two didn’t get time to clean, between this and everything else. And here’s the door to the cockpit! I’m gonna pop in real quick and then let you in, okay?”

Luke nodded, and Orange Jumpsuit kid walked through the door, and into the cockpit.

He was still wrapping his head around the talk he had had with C3PO and R2D2.

What’s their secret mission, though? And who is it from?

And why did he care? Their mission wasn’t his business, even if R2D2 had decided to tell him about it.

And only because I’m a Skywalker.

Because I’m his son.

Luke sighed.

The door opened.

“Alright blondie, you can come on in now. They’re ready to meet you.”

They? I thought I was just meeting the boss!

And indeed, after focusing a bit, he did sense more than one presence in the cockpit, some more powerful than others.

Well, I guess I finally get to meet everyone then...

Orange Jumpsuit turned back into the cockpit, gesturing for Luke to follow him.

And Luke followed him in.

Luke stepped into the cockpit after Orange Jumpsuit guy, the door sliding shut behind him. Orange jumpsuit proceeded to hop onto a chair and relax, while Luke stopped and looked around.

To the right of the cockpit, behind Orange Jumpsuit and the mandalorian girl, was the man with the goatee that Orange Jumpsuit guy had yelled when the droid was going after him on the way to Garel.

He was shocked by his appearance, but then he remembered that Orange Jumpsuit guy and the other two crew members he had already met were on the ship to Garel too.

Seriously, was there anyone on that ship who wasn’t some sort of terrorist with a mission? Not counting me, of course.

Huh, that sort of sounds like something Ben would say here! I wonder what he’d think of all this...

He smiled at the thought. It would definitely wouldn’t phase him at all, being held hostage by a band of ruffians. After all, he had fought in the Clone Wars, and been in worse situations.

He'd probably think I'm overreacting to everything. And he's probably right, but still...

Beside goatee man and behind Zeb was a friendly looking Twi-lek woman, wearing pilot’s gear. She smiled softly from the pilot’s seat and gave him a tiny wave.

Near the back skulked the old orange droid that had been chasing Orange Jumpsuit back on the ship, who glomped out a few low beeps and then proceeded to poke Orange Jumpsuit Guy in the thigh once again.

“Hey! Haven’t I have been victimized enough for one day?”

The droid poked him again.

“Chopper,” the pilot said, somehow managing to sound authoritative and gentle at the same time, “Lay off of him, at least for a little while. We have guests.”

Chopper let out a few sad beeps, and then returned to his skulking.

Luke caught Orange Jumpsuit Guy’s eyes. In return, Orange Jumpsuit gave him a smirk, and then nodded at him encouragingly.

He smiled back at him.

Then, he turned back to the front and finally began to speak.

“Hey. Nice to meet everyone.” He said, breaking the silence, “So, what’s going on here that I don’t already know about?”

Goatee man spoke first.

“Spectre 6,” he said, turning towards Orange Jumpsuit, “Just how much did you tell him about us?”

“Hey! Kanan! I didn’t tell him that much, really! Blondie here just figured most of it out.”

So that’s the Kanan mentioned earlier by Zeb and Orange Jumpsuit!

“Most of what out?”

“Uh…” Luke interrupted, “Well sir, I did manage to figure out that you went on that transport to Garel in order to get information about what was in that hangar, or something of that sort. Does that count?”

Goatee man chuckled a little, probably at Luke’s awkwardness.

“Close enough, kid. Close enough. So what’s your name?”

“Luke, sir.”

“Luke, huh. Do you have a last name?”

Should I tell them what it is?

No, no it’s too risky. Kanan and the Twi’lek lady seem old enough to recognize my last name in a heartbeat. And maybe even Zeb, now that I think about it...

“Uh… well, I don’t really have one.”



Kanan sighed, clearly not believing him, but considerate enough not to argue.

“Alright, Luke No-Last-Name, here’s what we were doing on Garel, since Spectre 6 finds you trustworthy, despite his habit for oversharing. Well…”

 “So you went on the ship to figure out where those crates were?”

“Yeah, just about.” Orange Jumpsuit guy answered. “How about you, Blondie? Why were you there?”

Why is he still calling me Blondie, even though he knows my name? Ah, oh well. It’s not like I really mind it...

“Uh… well, I just wanted to get off of Lothal, to be honest.”

“What? But Lothal is great!”

“Well, it is cold, wet, and full of stormtroopers, so I’m going to have to disagree with you there.”

Orange Jumpsuit guy shifted in his seat to face Luke.

“You have a point, blondie, but to me, it’s still home. So I gotta put up with it anyway, you know?”

Luke knew all too well. After all, he still missed Tatooine, even though he hated it there.

“Yeah,” he said solemnly, “I understand what you mean.”

The ship shuddered slightly, and the windshield’s view changed from the blue spirals of Hyperspace to a view of a planet that could only be one place, judging by the amount of green and brown on it.


Why did it have to be Lothal, of all places?