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Ava’s dark coat is carelessly discarded on the floor, one of her heels flung somewhere in the room while the other lies on the floor at the end of the bed.

“Gideon, make sure—” Sara pants in between kisses. “That no one can get in ...”

Already done, Captain.

“We need to talk, you know,” Ava breathes as Sara nibbles on her ear.

“Later,” Sara grunts. Eager hands wander to Ava’s back, unclasping the bra with practiced ease. She guides the straps off Ava’s shoulders. The lacy cups fall away to reveal bronze skin and hardened nipples. The bra is quickly flung away to some random corner of the room.

Ava groans as Sara’s warm hands cup her breasts, grazing the stiff peaks. Lips travel downward, nipping waywardly on her clavicle, enjoying the impatience radiating from the woman above. Sara sucks harshly, leaving a purple-red mark on her skin. Fingers tangle into blonde hair, pulling until finally, warmth covers her aching nipple. Glinting sapphires snap shut; there’s only darkness in the background as sparks burst beneath her eyelids.

Giving the turgid peak a last tug between her teeth, Sara lets go to capture Ava’s mouth. Her hands continue their urgent quest until they meet damp cloth. With deadly precision, fingers find their target. She has found liquid gold. Circling over silky flesh, reveling in the overflow of moisture that can’t be contained.

Mouths still fused together, Ava rocks against the skilled hand. Realizing that Sara still has most of her clothing on, Ava reaches around to unclasp Sara’s bra, her movements not ceasing. Their bare breasts brush, creating tempting friction. She only manages to get half of Sara’s pants off when a finger slips inside her and then another. Her hands grasp onto a convenient place — Sara’s behind. When it becomes too much and not enough at the same time, Ava buries her face in Sara’s neck, nonsensical words falling from her lips.

Breathless moans reach Sara’s ears as Ava nears her peak. She doubles her efforts, fingers pistoning and curling, thumb running over the slippery pearl.

“Come for me,” Sara growls.

Teeth sink into her shoulder, nails bite into her ass as Ava’s back arches in response to her words. Sara embraces the pain, enjoys it even with some sadistic satisfaction as shudders wrack Ava’s frame.


After flipping them over, Ava hurriedly takes off her soaked thong. Then, she roughly tugs off Sara’s cotton pants with cute little penguins on them along with her lavender panties. Ava only takes a split second to savor the dampness of the silk before it is tossed over her shoulder like the rest of their clothes.

Moving between Sara’s spread legs, she drapes a leg over her shoulder. Sara’s sky blue eyes cloud over with lust at her intent. Ava’s mouth hovers over glistening folds and then swiftly descends, devouring without any hesitation. Her taste leaves Ava’s greedy for more and she rakes her blunt nails against a quivering thigh.

“Ava!” Sara’s hands push their way into thick blonde hair, yanking harshly at their roots. Hips instinctively buck up to meet a talented tongue. The mouth that once spat out insults and cruelty now only spears her clit with never-ending pleasure.

Ava looks up, transfixed by the view of Sara caressing her own breasts, pinching swollen, red peaks between her fingertips. Her tongue doesn’t waver, licking in time with the writhing body beneath hers. Only when Ava has wrung out every drop of pleasure from Sara’s convulsing form does she finally come to a stop. She licks her shimmering lips and rests her head on Sara’s thigh, gently bringing the other leg down from her shoulder. The hands in her hair lay limp like the rest of Sara’s form as the woman below her struggles to catch her breath and Ava is filled with a sense of pride for reducing a trained assassin to this.

Laying in bed, they are both a sweaty but content mess. Ava’s hand is absently stroking Sara’s shoulder, caressing the red mark that has faint indents of her teeth.

“You know you could’ve just asked me out right?” Ava says casually.

“I did…n’t,” Sara replies slowly as if the thought never actually occurred to her. “Dating isn’t really my forte. Besides, I always thought you would’ve rejected me if I came on too strong.”

Ava mulls that over. In the not so distant past, she would’ve definitely scoffed derisively and replied with something hurtful. “You may have been right.” She raises a brow. “So you decided that sending anonymous nudes would be a better way to get my attention?”

“It might’ve been slightly … short-sighted on my part,” Sara admits. “And they weren’t nudes. They were tasteful pictures that showed off my athletic figure,” she defends with a slight huff.

Ava runs a hand down Sara’s arm, appreciating the feel of lean muscle beneath. “Your figure is very, very nice,” she agrees breathlessly.

“Mmm, tell me something,” Sara gasps out as Ava begins to kiss her her neck.

“Anything,” Ava murmurs, continuing to press her lips along Sara’s elegant neck.

“Did you touch yourself while looking at those pictures I sent you?”

“Yes,” Ava whispers in her ear. “I thought of you and how that bra matched your eyes. Your beautiful scars, your muscles. All of it. Even when I didn’t know who it was, I imagined that it was you.”

With immense effort, Sara pulls away. “Show me. Show me how you touch yourself.”

“You’re ready to go again?” Ava says in surprise, although she can’t find it in herself to complain.

“I’m always ready for you, babe.” Sara replies cockily. “But technically, you’re doing all the work and getting yourself off. I’m just watching.”

A voice interrupts them before Ava can reply to Sara calling her babe. “Pardon me, Captain, Director Sharpe. But I was asked to relay a message from Ms. Tomaz.

Zari’s exasperated voice fills the room. “I’d like to get some sleep here, ladies. But since it seems like I’m not gonna anytime soon, I’m trying find out a way to soundproof the rooms. Have fun!”

The mood effectively ruined, Sara laughs, a joyous and carefree sound. Ava’s cheeks turn a bright pink but she smiles nonetheless.

All in all, Ava blesses Sara for being short-sighted. She wouldn’t change a single thing about Sara’s unconventional albeit effective plan to seduce her.

She’d have to thank Gary tomorrow. That is, if he shows up to work anytime soon.