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The Breaker of U.A High

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Hello there everyone and thanks you for choosing to read my story. What you're about to read is the second edition of the first chapter. Yes, second edition I'm rewriting most of this from scratch. So, I hope you enjoy and trust me, it needed this I just reread it myself and Holy crap did improve a lot.

Ch.1- The birth of a ripple

"Ugggh, did anyone get the license plate of that dump truck?" I joke to myself as try to open my eyes.

"Wow, really? That's the first thing you say after what you've been through." I hear a feminine voice say, after I get my eyes open I see a teenage girl with light Green hair and she has a scythe hair clip. Her hair is growing out and straight and tidy.

The pain I was in early is already gone, I then notice that I'm on my back getting up, going into a sitting position, I check my surrounding and see that I'm in a field with flowers and a nearby river a few feet away, and they seem to go on forever. I then turn my attention to the girl before me "So what happened to me, am I dead or something?" I ask in a nonchalant tone before trying to dig in my ear. As I try to clean my ear, my hand goes completely through my head and that's when I notice my body. I'm basically a soul in the shape of a person, there's no features of any type and something is up with my memory.

"Ah, you catch on quick. Yes, you are dead and I am Thanatos." That name both scares and confuses me.

"Uhh, wasn't Thanatos a guy and why would you be picking up such a worthless soul?" I shake my head, thinking that she's just joking.

"No, I'm not that Thanatos." She puffs her cheeks out, but begins again, "I'm Thanatos, a Reaper in training, and future master Reaper."

"Wait? What?" I'm completely lost at this point trying to figure out what she means.

"I guess I should explain? You see, I am part of the Reaper organization, we are the people responsible for taking care of the afterlife." I look at her with my still confused face. "I should stop here, you would probably just get more lost. In layman terms I am here to decide what to do with your soul."

"Okay, let me get this straight. You are basically death right?" She nods in response, "So where's your scythe, the black cloak, the skeletal appearance?" I ask just trying to get some understanding.

She takes a deep breath, "First of all, no Reaper has even been like that, you guys just made that up on your own. And second," She then takes her hair clip out and it suddenly grows to full sized, she twirls it a little bit before suddenly bring it down on top of me. I then realize, I'm dead, so I don't have the reflexes anymore, I cross my arms in hopes of blocking the scythe but it just harmlessly passes through me. I'm split in two, but I quickly pull myself back together.

"Relax, your just a spirit so you're intangible." The girl nonchalant tosses on, before her scythe turns back into a hair clip after she puts it back on, "And second, our scythes are the very being of our powers, so every Reapers' scythe is unique to them."

"Uh-huh, So I guess My Reaper Academia doesn't have a dress code policy?" I jokingly ask while trying to get up. I mean she's wearing an unzipped jacket with little horns stitched on, a shirt with the Fairy Tail logo, and slightly washed out jeans.

I swear I saw an actual exclamation point appear above her head, "Now, that you said I remembered I had a different plan in store for you."

"What do you mean by that?" I was wondering where she was going so I braced myself for what she had in store.

"Have you heard of a term called self-insert?" I face-faulted, I actually face-faulted something I thought was only possible in anime but I pulled off.

"Good, I'll take that as a yes. Now have you heard of a show called, My Hero Academia?" After nursing the goosebump on my spiritual head, ignoring how that makes any sense, I give her the answer she's looking for.

"A world where 80% of the world's population are born with incredible powers called quirks. Why do you ask?" As I say this, the girl gets a grin to grin smile on her face and starts hopping in place.

"Good, I want to give you the power to change fate." She gingerly says while bouncing even more.

"Okay, I hear anymore of this, I want to know what's up with my memory. I can remember everything I've ever read or watched, but nothing of my past life. Also, what makes me so special? I'm just a normal person." This stops her in her tracks.

"Well, if I resurrected you with your old memories, they just come back and make things hard for you. And why, because when you were alive, you saw what Class 1-A had to go through and you wished you could be there for them, plus your spirit burns with untapped power." I'm left speechless at what she just said. I remember how scared Class 1-A was, I wanted to be there, to them.

I stand up to face Thanatos, "Alright great reaper, I accept your offer!" I roar to the top of my lungs.

Thanatos starts grinning cheek to cheek, before banging her knuckles together runes forming in a pose I know of one pink haired dragon boy. "Give this soul another chance to perform more deeds in my name." She chants before slamming her fists into the ground. "Grand Soul Rebirth!"

A flash of light engulfs me and the next thing I know, I'm standing in a void and then I start to hear crying, "Who's crying?" I ask, I then look around to see where it's coming from, before realizing that it's me crying. "It's a girl!" I hear a doctor say before moving me to a woman's arms, whom I can say is my mom, she has White hair and a comforting aura to her, I then look see to another two faces, one of man with Red hair and a clean face and one of a girl, who looks to be six or seven. I conclude them to be my older sister and my father. "Well, let's see what this has in store." I tell myself.

And that's the end of the story for now. BTW to future readers, sorry if some things don't quite match up to the later story. In the beginning I was scared when I first started writing, but I'm just getting started. Also, if guys want I can re upload the original one, if you want to see.


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I hoped you enjoyed the first chapter now on to the next chapter. In order to make up for the first chapter for being so short, so here's a much longer chapter. I am in need of writers and editors. PM if you want to help me out. Now let's start the show.

Chapter 2- The surprise of a lifetime

"Uhn, I have to go through life again as a female, ok." I thought to myself thinking what my plan of action.

"You know your remarkably calm about this situation." Thanatos says coming from well nowhere.

"Wait, what the hell are you doing here aren't you supposed to be working or something!?" Half surprise and half wondering seriously, what the hell is she doing here and in my mind. Doesn't she have to work at all times.

"Heh heh, I'm working with you cause I want to see the adventures you go on. Don't worry, I have system for something like this otherwise death would not exist." She manages to say while giving me a heart attack in my mind.

"Okay, the reason I'm so calm is that, death happens and you took away my memories of my past life, so that's why I'm so calm." I manage to say after I get heart under control. I then go to see what's happening in the real world.

"What's her name, what's her name?" The older girl says giddily, wanting to see her new sister.

"Calm down, sweetie, umm oh, I know, how about Cortney Jr, honey?" The mother asks with my baby self giggling at the name.

"She seems to like it, honey." The father answers. At this point, I return back to my mind and see Thanatos filing her nails.

"So I guess you want to know more about me, huh?" She remarked at this point, I finally take in the reaper girl clothing. She is wearing a jacket and has the hood, of which has little horns sown in them, her hair is light green and is straight and she has bangs and a hair clip in the shape of a scythe in her hair.

"First of all, aren't you supposed to have a scythe, besides the one in your hair? Second, what's up with the rune magic?" I ask getting the two biggest questions out of head.

"Well, we stopped using the scythe cliche to match with the times and it things easier to help people pass on and we have always used rune magics. I don't know where you people got the idea that, we don't have or use magic." She manages to say all without stopping her nail filing.

"OK, that's makes sense, but who is this "we" you keep mentioning?" I retort now wanting to know, who "we" is.

"Well, just like how you can only be in one place at a time, that's why I say "we", there's been a whole organization for death keeping." She answers back, smirk forming in her mouth grinning almost like the Cheshire cat.

"Fine, but I take it you're an anime fan, huh?" I fired back, this breaks her, out of her nail filing and causes to start bluish from embarrassment. "It's okay, I'm one too. Well, I'm about to go to sleep Goodnight." I managed to say she can say something.

After that time flew by, during which I learned a lot about Thanatos, which I give her the nickname of Thana, which she enjoyed and I learned that Fairy Tail is her favorite show and where she got her inspiration to how she uses her magic. Before I know it, it's my fifth birthday, my full name is Cortney Kamryn Tan Jr, my mom and dad names are Cortney and John Tan and my big sister Lisa. My sister tells me, mom works for the people that manufacture hero suits and dad is a sidekick for a hero organization. She tells me that his quirk gives him enhanced durability, while mother and herself are quirk less.

I ask her, what she plans on doing she tells me she wants to become a martial artist. I ask her if she can teach me, she tells me she will when I turn six. Me and sis are often alone due to mom and dad working all the time, but they make it up when they can. A week after my birthday, I'm sent off to daycare.

Boy, if their one thing the anime doesn't show, it's how weird kids who quirks are active immediately or their side effects make them look. I mean some of them are growing fur, some have extra limbs and a few of them I can't even describe what's going on. However, I can't say I look like a normal human, my hair is almost white like snow, I say almost because I have a red spike-like piece of hair. I tried getting rid of it, when I four when it started to growing in, but it literally grew back in, in a day, I have Brown eyes. Then again anyone with a quirk can be considered far from normal in looks or personality.

After this thought, l spot someone who I barely recognize from the tournament arc. A blond haired girl with doe eyes and nubs of horns that are starting to grow. All I know is that she was one of the people that got zapped by Denki. I try talking to her, only to realize my native language is Japanese, but she speaks English, however, I can still understand her due to my knowledge of my old life.

"Thana, help." I whisper, hoping she can hear me.

"Wait, come here." That's all I hear her say before my vision goes White, next thing I know I'm standing in some sort of room decorated by a teenager with posters and books and mangas in shelves. I look forward to see Thana seating in a chair reading a book.

"Wait, how am I here and where did you get all this stuff?" I ask completely confused on the situation at hand.

"What, do you think I wouldn't get comfortable? I mean I am going to be with you for the rest of your life. She says while the book in her lap.

"By the way I didn't steal this. I just moved my room into your mind with my magic." This completely stops and remark I had, I then get my mind running and back to the situation at hand.

"How do talk to her, do I talk to her in my native language or English? I mean my dad is a transfer so he speak English, however that isn't enough of a good reason why, so what do?" I say in complete distress, trying not to lose an opportunity to lose a shot at making my first friend.

"Calm down, calm down hmm just talk to her in English and just wing it." Thana spits out in an I don't know pose.

"Okay, I'll try, thanks for the advice." I say before adding on "Do I just go through the-". All Thana does is shake her head before going back to her book. I go through the door and I feel someone shaking me. It's the girl again and she looks concerned,

"Okay, when in Thana's room time flows normally." I mentally note, I look at the girl again and notice her knees are backwards.

"Hi, I'm Cortney Tan Jr. And you are?" I ask the girl wondering, what she is doing here.

"I-I'm Pony Tsunotori. I didn't realize you can speak English. Nice to meet you." Her voice brings out her timid nature.

"It's okay, I didn't know there was a foreigner with us. What brings you out here, huh Pony?" While saying this I realize, I shouldn't have met Pony until high school must be the ripples setting in.

"Oh, my mom and dad moved here due to their jobs. They're heroes, who both got transferred over to this city, but are on temporarily leave. What about you, is that why you know English, too Cortney?" Pony asks.

"Huh, no, my mom is quirkless and my dad is a sidekick, who transfer here when he married, my mom." I told Pony.

"I learned English, by picking up phrases from my dad and my sister taught me a lot of it." When I told her this her tail started shaking wildly,

"Oh wait, you have a tail too, huh?" I manage to say, while looking behind her and seeing a bushy little tail on her. "Do you know what your quirk is?" I say confused at what her quirk possibly is. "Um, I don't know what my quirk fully is yet, sorry." Nervous that I probably didn't like her answer.

"It's okay, I was just curious." I say, trying to cheer her up. "Hey, do you want to be my friend?" I say seeing for how long we've been talking.

"Sure." Pony answers back instantly. I see this becoming a great friendship.

And that's the end of this chapter. Yup Pony from Class 1-B joins early, let's see where this goes next time.  P.S. The Courtney reason can speak English is due to her memories, otherwise they are useless because she couldn't understand them.



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Hello, there before I start I like I'm about try something so I don't know how well this is going to turn out, but here's goes. Oh, by the way, when you notice a change in writing, I just broke my formal writing style. Ahh school. Well, enjoy the story.

Chapter cover picture- Cortney covered in darkness with a person that has her opposite hair color standing behind her.

Chapter 3- The awaken beast

Two weeks have passed since meeting pony, we quickly became best friends as the weeks went on. Mom was ecstatic that I made a friend. However, today the daycare was closed for cleaning, due to a accident with a kid discovering their quirk. So today mom decided to take me to the park and my sister tagged along too. Me and my sister played at the park until Mom said it was time to go. As we walked across the street, my sister talked to mom about what she wants to do as we were walking through a car comes screaming down the road, I notice it's about hit us. So before I know what I'm doing, I push my mom and sister out the way and brace myself that's the last thing I see.

The next thing I see is complete darkness surrounding me, but outside is something completely different, the car looks like it crashed into a pole and in the middle of it all is a little girl. Her skin is completely red with steam coming out, her hair is as Red as her skin with the spike on her Snow White.

Several heroes arrive on the scene and one captures the men in the car and one checks on the little girl, while a woman and a girl following after. The hero is a man known as Desutegoro, he looks like a bodybuilder and is wearing a blue vest and caution tape color, headband and gauntlets. Before he can say anything, however, he is sent flying off into a building by the little girl with a demented smile her face. As this happens several heroes moves in between the and girl.

"Don't hurt my daughter! Something's wrong with her, I think it's something with her quirk." The woman yells with concern in her voice.

"We'll try to mam." Another hero assures her. The woman then pulls out a phone and starts dialing a number.

"I'm calling your father, I'm sure he knows what to do." The woman says to the girl. Inside my mind, a figure appears, it's a girl that looks just like me except her hair color scheme is opposite to mine.

"W-Who are you?" That's all I can say, due to being scared out of mind.

"I am the rage, or true power of your quirk. You can call me, the beast." The beast says in a tone sounding of undying rage.

"No, the second, I let you free is the second I damn a million people. All I have left to say is. BEAST BACK IN THE CAGE!" As I say this using all the will power I have to lock her away, but she barely holds on. Back in the real world, the situation is under control, another hero has joined saying he is the father of the girl. All of a sudden the little girl grabs her head and starts yelling like she's fighting against herself.

A girl then runs up to her and says "Snap out of it!" And headbutting her. The younger girl then returns to normal and promptly faints in the older girl hands. The accident was labeled as a quirk discovery, I woke up the next day with no any recollection of the incident. I couldn't remember, what I did, however, I was forced to through a series of exams to figure out what my quirk is. After the tests, the doctors figured out my quirk is activated by damage to me and I can send the attack back at twice fold. I named it Berserker cause it sounded cool. Everybody was worried about me after the incident, but I manage to calm everyone by saying it won't again if I start training my quirk now. However, the doctors said, I would have to stay in the hospital as they figure out what my quirk can do. Mom says she'll stay with me. Dad says he'll take Lisa home before they go home, I say thanks to Lisa for helping me.

After three days, the doctors say they're done with the examinations of my quirk and I can go home. The examinations revealed my body temperature spikes to the point where my sweat boils and steams off my skin, when my quirk is active, and it grants me increased durability, stamina, strength, pain tolerance and minor regeneration. They say my regeneration can repair fractures and cuts but not serious wounds. When, me and mom return home, my sister and dad set up a congratulation party for my return and my discovery of my quirk. After the party, later that night, me and Thana checks on the beast and see she hasn't tried to do anything, I talk to her

"Listen, Beast I know if I try to keep you locked up you will try to take over me again. So, listen I will let you out, when the situation is despite, on one condition, if you try to hurt anyone innocent or if I see you try to kill anyone without a reason I will lock back up. Got it?" All the beast does is nod.

"Good, well see you Thana." Is the last thing I say before leaving and going to bed. The next day, I go back to daycare and see Pony worried out of her mind. She asks where I went to, I tell her, I was in the hospital due to me discovering my quirk and examinations I had to go through. I tell her about my quirk and while telling her, I notice two very unique boys, a boy with spiky bleached and another with black messy hair with green highlights or Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya. I tell Pony, I need to do something. I go over to them and introduce myself to them as they tell me their names, I wonder what I'm going to do with these two before my mind instantly runs with the idea of bullying them. I think that's choice for them, but I'll wait until Bakugo's quirk shows.

That's when I start the bullying for now, but for now I leave them and go back to Pony. Pony asks who they are, I just tell her not to worry about them. I ask her what she wants to be. She tells me, she wants to be a hero, I tell her me too. After this more time passes, one day, while walking around, I hear Bakugo call Izuku, Deku. I decide now is the time to start bullying them.

"Hey Kachy, what are doing to Deku?" Before Bakugo can respond, I trip up his legs, causing him to face-plant into the sand. Before Izuku can thank me, however, I grab the bucket and fill it with sand and plop the bucket on his head. I then grab both of their legs than lifting them up, causing them to dangle upside down.

"Listen here you two I'm going to make your lives a living hell for the rest of our lives. Got it?" I say in a tone sounding of a passive aggressive neighbor. I drop the boy face first into the sand before I get an answer from them. I then see the boys that were usually seen with Bakugo and say "I won't hurt you if you don't try to help Kachy or hurt Deku. Okay?" I then leave the playground and go home.

Time goes on and I continue to bully Kachy and Dekuy (I decided to change it to Dekuy to keep a theme) trying not to hurt them seriously expect, when Kachy tried to hurt me after he got his quirk and covered my clothes in soot, I ended up burying him up to his neck. Other than that, nothing really important happens, before I know it my seventh birthday comes around and this time I invited Pony, Kachy and Deku. They all show up, the boys probably because their parents made them. However, since they showed up I promised, I wouldn't bully them for two whole weeks this made them extremely happy.

At the end of the party, I saw what presents I got a figure of All Might from Dekuy and nothing from Bakugo, which I suspected from him and passed that off from him, and a journal from Pony, which I promise to cherish, once I learn to write fully.

I ask her where she got the idea, and she tells me to look inside, and I see a note, which says, "Use this to remember me by." written messily by Pony. I ask what she means.

"I'm moving back to America. I have to go and pack before the party over." She says with as much bravery as she can muster. Before she goes, I stop her and run to my room and grab a band which I haven't worn since I four and give it to her, I tell her to wrap it around her horns when they grow in.

She tells me, she will keep in touch before going off. I tell everybody, it will be best if they go home, which they agree with and go home. Right before I go into my room, mom stops me and pulls out a present, I open it and pull out a pair of what looks like MMA fighter gloves. My sister came up with the idea and mom was the one made them, she added extra padding and a metal plate in the front of them to make sure I wouldn't hurt my knuckles.

They're the standard red and have my initials on the front, however, the palms have a Velcro type material on them, mom says they're there to be able to add extensions on later. Sis and dad say their start training tomorrow.

However, I look inside the present again, and see some sorta binding, mom say they're a nano-fiber weave wrap, that she made in order to help soften blows against my chest. I kiss mom goodbye before going to bed and getting ready to start training tomorrow. The next day sis and dad take me to a forest area to start training, dad helps me with my quirk while my sister teaches me the bulk of fighting. We go on for three hour periods with fifteen minute breaks. This goes on for a week during which I notice changes going on, I'm eating a lot more, I'm growing much taller than the average woman and my hair starting to grow out. I put this to side effects of my quirk, another three weeks go bye with my training, one day while training during one of my breaks, a small puppy comes out of the brush looking injured, it was limping when I saw it before falling over, seeing this causes me to rush over to it. Its fur is white, its tail is black like it's been dunked in paint, it doesn't seem to be older than a year older it seems like a predator tried to make it lunch, but it managed to run but not without a taste.

Dad comes around looking at what's taking so long, I turn around with the dog in my arms and ask him if we can keep it after a minute of arguing, my sister comes around too and ask if we can keep him. Dad then says, we can keep him if we promise to take care of him, we promise and end training early today in order to get the dog to the vet. We find out he's going to be okay and there are no permanent injuries and that the dog is actually a boy and he seems to actually have a quirk, which causes his tail to leak out paint. I ended up naming him Chibiterasu or Chibi for short, it wasn't that hard of a choice for his name.

Me and sis quickly house train, so mom and dad don't have to worry the little guy really likes my wraps, he tries to go for them whenever they're exposed this does end up being good training for my reflexes. One problem, we keep having is the ink from Chibi's tail it seems he can make an endless amount of it and there ends up being an ink trail wherever he goes, so we end taking him to training to help him control his quirk.

Chibi is much smaller than most puppies so instead of using a leash, we just put him on our head. However, while he was sleeping dad accidentally stepped on his tail, but instead of trying to bite him like most dogs, he instead starts to wag his tail but suddenly stopped and went back to sleep. We look around to see what happened, I then find a small cut that wasn't there before, then we figure out that Chibi's ink can affect the world around him in different ways. I dub the attacks brush arts, I manage to get him to try it again, but it seems he doesn't have full control yet, the attacks are either weak and inaccurate, just straight up come out, or just leaves black ink in place of the attack.

I call it a day at the very least I did figure out a way to have him use the attack by moving my finger in a crescent across the target, I come with a name for the "attack" even though it barely counts. I call it brush art slice, but that's all I'll be able to do for a while since I'm starting elementary school tomorrow. I eat, then get ready for school, wondering what's going to happen tomorrow.

And that's the end of the chapter, remember I am really in need of constructive criticism and a writer also spot any errors you see for now see yo- *scegh*

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T-Oops, sorry bout that, but get used to seeing at the end of every chapter from now on. See you.

W-See you later.

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Ugh, my neck, huh, oh hello there I don't have a lot to say, but thanks for being great readers. On to the story.

Chapter Cover- An adult Cortney dressed in heavenly armor with a sword raised to the sun with Chibi howling on top of helmet.

Chapter 4- The birth of a legend

"This not what I was expecting." Is what I was thinking to myself, due to unexpected circumstances, my body size makes it impossible for me to wear the girls uniform comfortably. So I have to wear a slightly modified boys uniform, which is best changed as much as it could, so I wouldn't be mistaken as a boy. Other than that I am wearing a yellow bow, and my hair started growing more so I put it in a simple ponytail, I also am wearing my wraps due to the uniform being too itchy.

Due to all the complications, I couldn't show for the first actual day, I have to introduce myself the day. I make it straightforward that I'm a girl, to which several students say that I'm lying, this really makes me hope that I'm not as flat as a board otherwise I going to have to have to get used to that joke real fast. I go and take my seat and almost immediately I feel someone tap my shoulder, I look to see who is tapping me and it's a little girl with light Blue eyes, a Pale complexion and long Pink flat hair.

"H-Hi, I'm Peace Miglow, and could you become my bodyguard?" She says in a humble, straightforward tone.

"And my name is Cortney Tan Jr. Why do you need/ask me to be a bodyguard for you?" I ask while trying to wrap my head around what I was just asked.

"My mother says I have to find the strongest person I can and have them become my bodyguard." Her tone suddenly more serious and almost scares me out of my chair, I manage to find my balance again back and fix myself.

"Hmm, look I'll tell you what, once I meet your mother I'll make my decision okay? I say wanting to what I be getting myself into first. All Peace does is shake her head in agreement.

"Okay, can you tell me what I missed yesterday?" The rest of the school day goes pretty normally, but Peace sticks as close to me as she can throughout the day. As the day ends I walk out with Peace and see a car with a oni looking woman holding the door open, Peace goes over to her and says something but I couldn't hear what she says, but as soon as Peace is done talking, she goes in the car and the woman does the come on sign I get in, after 20 minutes of driving the car stops and the door opens I'm greeted to a sight.

It's a house with a 20 foot wall, and an equally tall red, wooden door and the back of it is reinforced to probably stop people find simply tearing it down. The walkway has men and women in suits covering either of it.

I then turn my head to Peace and I think,"Future leader of a powerful gang, got it." while trying to hide my terrified expression. We walk in and I'm greeted by a woman wearing a Black kimono with Red skulls dotted around it. Peace then runs up to her and gives her a kiss on the cheek and is given one back, she waves goodbye, and goes upstairs. I'm scared stiff because I swear this woman is the reincarnation of Medusa, her stare could anyone, even All Might to stone. She the Pink hair as Peace, but her hair had Black and Red strands dyed in between, her neck has an old scar around it that she doesn't even try to hide.

I take a breath and say "Before we get started, can I use a phone so I can call my mom?" The woman nods and looks at a goon at her side, they pull a phone out of their pocket and toss it over to me. I grab it and dial mom's phone and I tell her I'm gonna be late, she tells to be back before 5:30. I say okay and hang up, I toss the phone back to the goon.

"Okay, now we can begin." I say while taking a seat in front of the woman.

"My name Amallie (A-Mall-e), and welcome to the Miasma clan." Amallie says draining all hostilities out of the room and leaving me without words. "Okay clan not a gang." I mentally note to myself. I never heard of the Miasma clan in the anime, so what's up?

"So how do you deal with heros? I mean they must cause you all sort trouble huh? I ask trying to see what their deal.

"Hmhm hmhm, you see we're not violent people, we're peacekeepers, so that's why you don't hear about us on the news." Amallie says while taking a sip of her tea.

"Fine, but we're here for I'll become her bodyguard on two conditions. One, you train me whenever I want, and Two, I plan on becoming a hero in the future, so I might need to drop connections with you in the future. Deal?" I tell her while taking a sip before suddenly needing to use the bathroom.

"Down the hall and take a right and it's labeled. You should be good." Amallie says while wearing a shocked look on her face. I don't even say anything and just rush to the bathroom as fast as I can, after returning I note that I can't drink tea without going into a literal pissing fit.

I sit down again, and add a third condition "I have all rights to training without complaining. So we got a deal?" I lay down my conditions while a smile starts forming on my face.

"Hmm, welcome to family." Amallie pulls out a phone while saying this and sliding it over to me.

"Your first assignment is in two weeks and it's to protect my daughter from a rival gang that's wants to stop my lineage from spreading. It's going to be your job to make sure that doesn't happen. Got it?" Amallie finishes off her tea while putting back on her fearful aura back on.

"I got, I-I'll promise she'll be better than when she left." I stamper out, while I grab the phone and my backpack and running as fast as I can out the door while thinking, "I'm going to have one crazy life.

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T: Geez, I thought you would have forgotten that.

W: I have now, I'm leaving now see you. *Walks through something and leaves*

T: You probably notice that, let me tell Death Requiem, which is the magic all deaths use. Yes, deaths plural, there's a system set up at this point, Death Requiem is time and space manipulation magic it allows create and move rooms like the one I have in Corteny's head or mass teleportation and many other uses. We can go out in the world of the living, but prefer not to, and we still are living, we still have to do normal things, sleep, eat, you know the works. It makes things easier and we have really long life spans like up 2000 to 5000 years. Well, that's all the time I have for now, live long and see what the future holds.


Chapter Text

Let's continue the story. Thank you Bedtuto jeanisto for the advice, I'll make sure to use it in the future. Also, I have some news, read to the end to find out what it is.

Chapter Cover: Child Bakugo, Midoriya and Cortney, standing in front of a TV store watching All Might performing another amazing feat.

Ch.5- The birth of dreams

Well, these two weeks are going to be an adventure in themselves, it's only been a day seen, I agreed to be Peace bodyguard and Amallie must really treat her guards like family, because she's in my house drinking a cup of tea with my family and Peace is seated on the couch. She's wearing clothes to go with the spring weather, which includes, a shirt with a character from something and shorts and Amallie is wearing a scarf to cover her scar, a plain T-shirt and jeans.

I ask Amallie what's going on, based on my mom's and dad's expressions, it's likely isn't good, my sister's expression is a mix of happiness, fear and confusion.

"Simple honey, I told them about the deal you'd made." Amallie says while not breaking the mood of the room.

"WHAT!?" Is all manage I yell as I fail to stamper out a reasonable response to my family.

"Listen, I found it best if your parents know about this, it's best if I had their consent. Helping us could put more than yourself in danger, I want to cover all our bases." Amallie words are kind, but they create images of the worst kind it nearly brings me to tears and I can't look anyone in the face.

I just try to leave, but my sister walks over to me and lifts my face up to hers and asks one simple "Why do you want to be a hero?" The question brings out if you're a true hero or a wannabe, this makes me question whether I'm just following dekuy's dream or if I'm gonna make my own. I'm taken out of the abyss of a question by a familiar laugh on the TV that Peace was watching this whole time. I walk to the TV and point to the very muscular, blonde man smiling on TV. This gives me the answer I was looking for.

"I want to be like him, someone who gives hope to people, I want to the fire that ignites hope in everybody's heart and give everybody the power to fight on! That's the reason I want to be a hero!" I yell with every being of body I can muster while sticking out my fist. My sister laughs before giving me a hug and lifting me up. My mother stops her because she notices I'm having trouble breathing and starting to turn green in the face. My sister complies and I start dry heaving due to the sensation of my sister's bear hug after forcing my lunch back down, I look at my parents and see their sincere smiles.

My mom is the first to talk after my heroic resolve, "I wasn't sure of this whole ordeal at first, but after hearing your resolve I want to see where this takes us."

"Hahahaha, that little speech made spirit burn with the spirit of All Might himself. I feel like I can take on a hundred villains. I'm in too." My dad barks out to the annoyance of my mom and she gives him a look that instantly drains the spirit from him.

Amallie claps her hand together breaking up the mood "Well, it seems that everybody on board with this, so it's about time for me to leave, come on Peace." She motions to Peace, Peace gets up and runs over to her mother. "Wait!" I stop Amallie before she leaves "How did you figure out where I lived?" Amallie laughs at the question and answers back "Simple, I tracked the phone I gave you." We all face-fault at her answer. "Phhahahahah, I'll have your training set tomorrow be sure by swing at 6 Courtney." She closes the door and I can still hear her laugh the hallway.

After that whole incident, I go to my room to undress during which I got a chat request from Pony on my laptop, my mom got it so, me and Pony could keep in touch with each other. After I got it, I decided to see how similar this Earth is terms of media like Facebook, Twitter, etc., and found that they did exist, but changed so the author doesn't get sued, also during my research I found out what year this show took place in, if it's one thing fans know it's how the author never told us what year it is or the date is and how this uses time travel like One Piece. It's 2008 and it's currently Tuesday, August 13th, I take note of this to try to prepare for future events, During our first chat, I asked how it is to seat due to her quirk, since she hooves for feet and her knees bend backward, she said she can still sit comfortably in chairs but that she has to wear special removable horseshoes outside or she could have walking especially in malls. I get dressed, due to my build I'm forced to men sized shirts, which is currently a white tank top and Camo, cargo shorts.

I accept the video call and see Pony pop up on the screen, while only two months have passed since she left her appearance hasn't changed a lot, her horns definitely have changed from the little nubs they once were to something that would make a Billy goat jealous, she's wearing a shirt with a hero, I have never heard of and due to the angle of her camera I can't see the bottom half of her.

I ask her how school going for her and tell her my situation, she laughs and says "You know, I always thought you were a guy, when we first met. Uh, Cortney?" On the other side of the call, I went from my normally pale tone to a light Pink tone and steam coming from my body. It was at this point I figured out another trait of my quirk, is that pure anger can straight up activate my quirk, however, this doesn't last long as I hear whining, I look down to my legs and see Chibi looking worryingly at me and I go to pick him up.

At this point I completely forget that I'm talking to Pony to which I hear her yell my name to get my attention again. I look at my laptop again and see her with puffed out cheeks, extremely annoyed that I just forget her like yesterday's trash, I tell her about the recent discovery trait of my quirk, she asks who dog I have in my hands.

"Oh, I guess I should introduce you Chibiterasu, (BTW, you pronounce the u in Chibi's name) my pet dog. He found me while I was training a month ago." I see Pony's mood do a complete one-eighty, when she sees Chibi appear on screen "Also look." I say as I lift Chibi up to show off his tail. "He also has a quirk of his own."

"Wow, what is it, what is it?" Pony says with pure joy.

"He can use the ink he produces from his tail to affect the world around him." I answer while putting Chibi on my lap.

"Like what?" Pony says, practically flopping around in her chair.

"Um, cutting things and that's about it at the moment. I see a ton potential in his quirk, we just have to keep training." After telling her about Chibi, I remember what I originally wanted to tell her.

"Hey Pony, let me tell you that's not the only thing to happen when we last talked, but listen before I tell you please don't yell. Okay?" Pony nods her head in response to my request and I tell her, what I tell her to get myself into. After I finish giving her the breakdown of the situation, I can tell from face, it's a mix of, she wants to call me an idiot, she wondering if she should hang up at this point, and many others, however all she does is look at me and says one thing, "These are the kinda of adventures you're going to drag me into, huh?" I give her a thumbs up and a cheesy smile to boot. She doesn't say, but her face tells me, she made the right friend, we both say go bye and hang up.

I close my laptop and notice that Chibi fell asleep doing our conversation, I wake him up so that I feed him, after filling up his food and water bowl, I go back to my room and take nap.

During my nap, I talk to Thana and the Beast, Thana is still has her jacket and hair clip on, but underneath that she's wearing a White shirt with Pyro Jack and Jack Frost from Persona doing a bad comedy routine, and she's wearing elastic sweatpants, Beast, however, is wearing nothing but wrappings, like the ones I wear, all over her body and gauntlets and anklets that were reforged from the cage she was locked in. After making the deal with the Beast, I didn't like keeping her in it so I let her out, Thana was concerned, so she forged, yes forged, the gauntlets and anklets to work as limiters. Her skin was bright Red like when I first used my quirk and there was steam constantly coming from her, the limiters turned her skin to the same pale complexion as I, but steam still comes out of her and escapes from her wrappings. I walk over to them, Thana says hi, the Beast says nothing, then again she hasn't said anything since we first met.

I walk over to the Beast and say "I gotta come up with a name for you. Since calling you Beast has gotten annoying say already." Thana agrees with the idea and says she'll help come up with a name. This ends up taking much longer than either of us expected, after unknown hour, the Beast ends up taking my middle name Kimberly. I tell both of them goodbye, and leave to wake up from my nap. I wake up to finish up the rest of my day and go to bed.

The Next Day

After school finishes, I rush home to get dressed for my training. I switch to a plain shirt, spats, a pair of tougher shoes, my gloves, and finally a small bag to hold the diary Pony gave me, my mom made it when I ask her if there was anything I could use to carry it with me. I got it a few days later, mom tells me that it can survive almost anything and that almost no quirk can destroy or affect it, the bag itself is light Brown, has a silver button with an engraving of probably where my mom works, a refillable pen and it has enough space to hold my gloves too. I put the diary and gloves in the bag and hear the click of two magnets and see the button turn and lock in place. I unlock it like mom told me, I tap the button twice with my finger, then smack the front with my fists, I go to flip the flap to check if it worked, the bag opens and I close it again and wrap it around my waist, then call Chibi over to me, after he comes over to me, I pick him up and put him in my head and walk out the house and run over to Peace and Amallie's place.

Turns we live only fifteen minutes away from their place. I make there and I'm greeted by the oni woman, I remember her from the first time I came to Peace's place, she's wearing a suit like the other goons however she's not wearing sunglasses like last time, so I can see her eyes now. Her pupils overtake her eyes a little bit more and her hair is a bright Red. I decide to take a closer look, she has two horns just above her eyebrows, they definitely look like she can for someone with them. She looks strong enough to move a car, she's probably pretty high in command and she has a sake bottle clipped to her belt.

"Hey kid, come on!" When the woman belts that out as she's already walking back to the house, I run after her, she leads me to an outside training ground, where I see Peace trying to wrestle a gun out of a grunt's hand, and a few meters away from her I see Amallie fighting a few grunts with a wooden katana in one hand and a sheath in another. One of the grunts rushes her and throws a punch at Amallie, she blocks it with the sheath then retaliates by swinging her katana down on the grunt's head and staggers them. Amallie whines up her over head and brings it down, slamming the grunt into the ground with much more force than expected. Next, two more grunts with katanas in hand go to attack her. She blocks both of them with just her katana, then, points the bottom end of the sheath to the gut of one grunts their face goes pale before a bang goes off, that grunt almost falls over but just manages to stay up. Before I can fully understand what happened, when I see that Amallie's sheath smoking and the side of it is glowing Red hot.

"So there's a firing mechanism in the sheath. I need to talk to her about that." I mentally note to myself.

Amallie hops back a little and tucks the sheath away in her kimono and starts spinning very fast, the grunt that got shot earlier goes down instantly, the other one does manage to block her attack for a little bit, however Amallie starts to change the angle of her attacks. The grunt still manages to block her attacks this doesn't last for long, as Amallie does an upward slash, breaking the grunt's guard, causing them to stagger, Amallie stops her hurricane attack and next thing I see is resheathing her katana and saying "Finishing Touch" as soon as the katana is fully sheathe a large wind like X appears on the grunt's chest causing them to scream in pain and faint.

I stand there completely shocked at the display I just saw.

"Hey Tan, my mom is an awesome swordsman right!?" Peace says suddenly appearing at my side, scaring me in the process.

"Whatthe!? How long have been standing there Peace!?" I say jumping in shock, making me almost fling Chibi off my head.

"Um, I live here." Peace says with sarcasm dripping in her words, "Also I want to ask something."

"Yeah, shoot." I say while taking Chibi off my head and putting him on the floor.

"I notice you usually call people by their first name like an American, where do you get that habit?" Peace's question completely catches me off guard.

"Um, I don't know, I kinda just do it, I might have picked it up from my dad. Hey Peace, I thought your family was quirkless?" I blitz out while trying to change the subject.

"Huh, no me and my dad are quirkless, but mom does have a quirk. Also, why do you have a dog on your head and why did you bring a dog to training?" Peace says as she starts petting Chibi to which he starts to happily bark.

"Oh, I guess you never met Chibiterasu before, huh, well I brought him here for quirk training as well." I say while suddenly feeling a sweat drop form on my head from the sight currently beholding before me. Peace is currently lost on petting Chibi, who is making and splattering more ink than i've ever seen before. I cough into my hand to gain the attention of Peace again.

She stops petting Chibi and can't even look me in the face due to being too embarrassed. I tell her there's no need to be embarrassed before walking away to find a target and Chibi follows after me. I spend some time admiring the training grounds, the grounds look like the stereotypical place you would find samurai training, there's Cherry Blossoms everywhere and equipment racks with all sorts of weapons. After finding a good target I have Chibi practice the slash technique, the first few times all he does is splatter ink on the target, however, after the fifth time he actually manages to cut the target, it's not too deep but it's getting there. I tell him to keep going before I go off to do my own training.

Yesterday, when Pony made me made me furious enough to activate my quirk, it made me see if I could find out a way to kick-start my quirk, it took all day, but I found a way to do it by stomping my legs with enough force, I can force my quirk to activate. At the same time Chibi made some progress too, he's starting to gain control over his quirk. I call it a day and decide to go home, I'll ask Peace what her mother's quirk is.

The next day, me and Chibi return to do more training, I have Chibi do more training for more control over his quirk. I however, decide to switch my training to something else, I'm gonna try to make some techniques for myself, I try to go for range attack first, the thought process being that, I have an almost unstoppable close quarter power however, I could be very weak against ranged and elemental attacks.

I try to do something similar to All for One, in terms of the Smash attacks, I throw a punch with all might I can, nothing the first time, so I try again and again, I do this for 30 minutes, but show no progress, so I change it and stomp my leg to get my quirk to activate and try to do something similar to Dekuy. I quickly figure out, I can't focus all my power in one area yet, however, but I concentrate and put all my power I can into my right arm and I see and feel an immediate difference, unlike All Might's or Dekuy's smashes which blows away everything, including the air, my punch is very concentrated it's like more a gunshot and doesn't destroy my body, it isn't a lot right now but it's something I can work with.

After two hours, I feel like I can comfortably give a name to these techniques, I come up with Drive and I decide to name my berserks levels gears based on one straw hat wearing boy. Weirdly enough my drive techniques work differently based on which arm I use, my right arm is ranged, my left arm, however, is point blank only, I don't why this is and I don't plan on understanding how.

Hearing me and Chibi's stomach growl, we return to where Peace and Amallie were training once I see them, Peace is wearing a plain karate GI and Amallie is wearing her kimono, and eating at a table full of food, I go over to them and start stuffing my face to which I hear Amallie say "My, you sure were hungry?" I nod my head to her question.

After taking a minute to swallow my food, I fire my own question back at her "Hey Amallie, Peace said you had a quirk what is it?" I see a smirk appear on Amallie's face before she gets up, "My quirk is called Hot Shot, it allows me to control the air I've heated up."

She then points her hand out in front of a dummy and decimates it, "However, I still can't fully control it. So my sheath has been designed to help keep my quirk under control."

She takes a sip of tea, taking a seat again and asking me, "So Cortney, what have you been doing for your training?" I tell her the techniques I'm currently working and the name for them, I also add that one more day and I'll be ready for actual combat training.

Amallie smiles and pats Peace head "My daughter really did pick someone great to become her bodyguard and her friend." I look at the time on my phone and pack up to leave. The next day is spent working more on my techniques.

Today is Friday, August 17th, and today is the day I start actual combat training, when I walk into the normal training area I see Peace stretching with a very serious look on her face, I ask her, "Hey Peace, what's going?"

Her usually cute, bubbly tone is gone and replaced with something similar to her mother, "Alright Cortney today, you and me are gonna have a fight!" Peace says with unshakable determination in her voice, seeing no way out I accept her challenge.

Peace leads me into a more forested area with a mat set up and before the fight begins she says, "I'm not giving up until I beat you, so don't go easy on me." I put on my gloves and say back to Peace, "Wasn't planning on it." As the fight begins Peace tries to sweep my legs but I manage to dodge it.

"So you're going to stop me from using my quirk?" I ask peace as I try to get her in a bear hug.

"Yup." She simply answers as breaks away from my grab and retaliates with a punch to my chest, which somehow doesn't activate my quirk, which Peace quickly answers, "You need to take enough damage in one hit for your quirk to activate, also I know you were planning on not using your techniques on me because I'm quirkless but I want you to go all out on me."

"You're smarter than you put on, you know that right?" I tell her while landing a kick in her gut and sending her flying and using the opportunity to kick-start my quirk.

"Hey Peace, what was the cause of this?" I ask her as she gets up.

"I wanted to do this to prove I'm worthy of being the next heir of the Miasma Clan. And to see that I need to be able to beat you." I see Peace's determine smile again as she finishes talking and stands back up.

"Alright then, DODGE THIS!" I yell at Peace as I pluck my finger and fire a massive blast of air and you know the trope of Shonen characters yelling out their attacks well, I just found out it's not just show because when the attack comes out, I couldn't properly brace myself and end up staggering myself.

Peace, on the other hand managed to roll under it and punched me in the face, which almost cause me to fall over just because I wasn't expecting it, however, I find my sense of balance at the last second and ram my head full force into her's. Peace manages to recover quickly and tries to throw a punch, which I catch with my right hand and full on punch her with my left hand, knocking the wind out of her. While she's trying to catch her breath, I pick her over my head and throw her to the ground, after that I get on top her back and put her arms and legs in a grab.

"Hmm, it's over, no way you can escape." I tell Peace who's still struggling, but I feel it get a little bit hotter.

"No, I'm not gonna give up, I can still win, I can still win!" As Peace says this, I see sputters of flames come off her body, seeing what's about to happen I hop off her before her body is suddenly engulfed in flames. I turn around to see what happened, only to get a flame-infused fist to my chest and be sent flying away some distance away, I brace myself for the landing and land on my feet. I then look to see what just hit me, and then see Peace fully engulfed in flames and walking towards me, I can't look at spectacle happening before me for too long, before I notice my clothes are on fire from where Peace punched me. As I pat the flames out causing my gloves start to melt from the heat at the same time, each step Peace takes fire trails behind her. When I finished putting the flames out, my gloves are a mess and Peace is standing in front of me, allowing me to get a close look at, her Pink hair is now ember Yellow with flames were so bright, I can't look at her without squinting my eyes.

"Peace, what's going o-" I can't complete the sentence as I'm forced to block another one Peace's punches, which sends me back a meter and ruin my gloves even further with every blocked attack.

"I have to beat Peace and get us out of here, otherwise we both could die here." I think to myself as I block another one Peace punches. Peace set the whole area on fire we could definitely die here.

"I one only have one shot at this." I say to myself as I hop back and put my left arm in front of me just as Peace throws another punch, "Vanguard!" I shout as I parry Peace's attack.

It seems that parrying that attack extinguish Peace's arm, taking a hold of her unlit arm I pluck two of my fingers at Peace head and "SLAM!"

The attack kills the flames around her head, finally giving me an opportunity I take a page from my sister for this attack, "Snap Out of It," due to the several hits, I took early my quirk went up a few gears, so I had more than enough power to knock Peace out.

As my head met Peace's, the flames all around her die off, however, due to the fight ended up I have to get us out of here NOW!

Wasting no time, I heft Peace over my shoulder and start to make our way out of here. However, the fire is making things very difficult very quick, when a branch falls in front of us, I was quick to deal with it by plucking one of my fingers blowing the branch out our way. However, I quickly notice I'm having trouble seeing through the smoke and I get enough oxygen, I'm quickly slipping in and out of consciousness and collapse due to the flames in my fading moments of consciousness, I see someone getting me and Peace out of the area, then walking us over to an ambulance, I smile to thank the person as the doors slam shut and allow myself to pass out.

When I come to, I wake up in a hospital bed in a ton of pain. I look at myself and see my body covered in bandages, I then look over to Peace and see a bandage wrapped around her head and she it looks like she just woke up.

We're both wearing hospital gowns, before either of us can say anything the door peaks open, grabbing our attention, "Oh good, you both are awake now." A male doctor says before walking in, followed by my family and Amallie. He actually looks kinda pretty and probably gets asked out by a lot of nurses.

"Oh sweetie, what happened to you?" My mom says with a fountain of tears coming from her eyes, however, she is stopped in her tracks by chains before she can hug me then everyone slowly trails to see where they're coming from.

"Sorry about that mam, but I seriously wouldn't do that." The doctor says with chains coming out of his palm, which like their coming out a portal, "Let me show you something." He pulls the chains off my mom and back into his hand.

He then walks over to the x-ray machine and turns it on, "Now the little girl on the left," The doctor points over to me.

"Cortney." I tell the doctor. Let me tell you something, the X-rays of chest were absolute shit, literally all my ribs were fractured and a few were broken, I was wondering how I was still alive.

"When, Courtney arrived at the hospital, she needed treatment for blunt force trauma and burn wounds. Due to the nature of quirks, she didn't need any surgery for her wounds, so there wasn't too much worried even though she's a little girl. The burn wounds on her arm needed immediate medical attention, however, she had multiple first degree burns on her hands and chest and a third degree burn on her left arm." Once the doctor is finished with my diagnosis, he puts away my x-rays and places Peace's up next, however the x-rays of her feet. As the x-rays come up, the adults all go wide eyed, while me and Peace are left in the dark at what's going on since the adults are blocking our view.

"How is this possible? I never heard of something like this happening?" After that, anything Amallie said was incomprehensible and she was starting to look Dekuy going into his muttering mode.

"I believe I have an answer." Everybody snaps looks at the doctor causing him to go into a cold sweat.

"Mmhmm, the x-ray on the left was the one used for her quirk analysis, and the one on the right is current. I can see where the other doctor got his misdiagnosis, because in actuality, the bones in her pinky toe were fusing together at the time. So in reality, she is the first case of delayed quirk activation like this." The doctor starts to scribble some notes on his clipboard. Amallie looks utterly defeated and gives up on trying to fully understand.

"Now the both of them are suffering from extreme exhaustion and concussions, it would be best if both of them stayed here for two weeks, so that they can rest and we can run some test." As the doctor says that I try to yell something but my injuries stop me before I can start. Our parents go outside, while my sister walks over to me with a shit-eating grin on her face.

"What!?" I ask my sister but her grin gets even bigger.

"Jeez, sis, are you going to send yourself to the hospital at least once a year?" I give her a "are you kidding me" look like she hasn't been to the hospital either. She gets up to leave, but I stop her before she can.

"Hey, do you know who rescued us? I was fading in and out, so my memory is kinda foggy. Also, how long have we been out for?" I see my sister's face go like she just saw something magical when I ask her.

"No one knows who it was, all we know was that they were wearing a black cloak. That's all, and you've only been out for a few hours." I thank my sister for her answer and tell her goodbye before dozing off.

Man that doctor wasn't kidding when he said we were suffering from extreme exhaustion for me and Peace ended up sleeping for the rest of the day.

After we woke up the next day, we both received messages from our parents saying that we would be staying in hospital, however, due to the injuries we sustained, we were stuck on bed rest for a few days. I decided to spend some time on coming up with move names for my attacks. I go for the themes first and work my way from there, "What you writing there, Cortney?" As Peace says that she leans over her bed to get a look at what I'm writing.

"Um, I'm trying to come up with some attack names. I would love any suggestions you have." I tell her as I draw blanks on any ideas. Peace sits up on her bed and goes into deep thought.

"How about having certain moves having slammer or shooter at the end of the name depending on which arm you use?" She says suddenly coming out of her thought, I make a note of that in my journal.

"Thanks, that not only is a great idea, but gives me even more ideas." I tell Peace as I finish writing down her suggestion, at the same time I get a message from mom.

Sweetie your gloves were beyond repair when I got them back. So I'm making new ones and making a lot of improvements, so I'll be coming around to hear any ideas you have.

As I read the message, I go back to happened to my gloves during my fight against Peace. I show her the message, to which she says sorry. This suddenly brings something mind, "Wait, Peace you remember the whole event then?" I ask as I thought she was entirely lost in rage during the fight.

"Um, yes, up until you knocked me out. I'm sorry about the whole event for you." I see Peace almost about to cry as she apologizes to me.

I unwrap the bandages around my left arm and see a fist-imprint burn scar on it, I grab her shoulder, and show her the scar, "Listen, I'm going to become a hero! A hero throws themselves into danger to keep people safe! So don't cry, I'll fight to keep everyone safe!" Unknowingly, I got up during my speech and without a second thought I gave Peace a hug, which felt like hell due to my fractured Rib Cage but I didn't show it as I wanted to give her complete peace.

I let her go and go back to my bed while mentally screaming at the pain I'm feeling. I picked up the hospital's phone and dialed for someone to get us food. After we ate, we spent the rest of the day with coming attack names.

After two days, Peace is in stable enough condition to start her quirk examination and I was allowed to walk around without problems. I went to see Peace's examination to see her quirk's power. As the exams started Peace lit herself on fire and I knew this was going to be awesome, the test went on as normal, however, during one test a fire not relating to Peace started to break out, but before the doctors could do anything Peace just eats it.

The doctors are dumbfounded, while I'm on the floor laughing my ass off, "The gods must love me this life!" I roar with laughter while wiping the tears off. I walk over to the intercom system to talk to Peace, "Hey Peace, I have the perfect name for your quirk." To which she turns around to face me, just in time to see a Peace burp out a giant fireball

"Yeah, what is i-?" She can barely finish her sentence before she burps out another giant fireball.

I can barely keep a straight face at what's happening in front of me, but I keep under control to talk, "Dragon Slayer!"

Writer: Hey Thana, sorry, but I have lot talk about to talk about so you won't have time for your skit.

Thanatos: (mouth stuffed with chips) -ine.

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to use Ginger

Limited mode

I agreed to be Peace bodyguard and Amallie must really treat her guards like family


Chapter Text

If you have any questions you be sure to tell me, but for now let's get the story moving. Also, I'm free writing all of the story.

Chapter Cover: The My Hero Academia and Fairy Tail characters talking to each other in the background. Cortney and Peace talk to Eve and Ezra in the foreground.

Ch.6- A promise of truths

After the examination incident, Peace, discovered more traits to the fire eating part of her quirk, not only does she regain stamina from eating fire, but fire has a certain taste to her, depending on how the fire was lit, what's in it, and other factors. Once the initial tests were done, we were sent back to our room where we were greeted by my mom. She was sitting down in a chair and was drawing on a notepad, "Hey mom, you're working on my new gloves." I ask mom as me and Peace grabs some chairs.

"Yes, sweetie, but I want to show you something first," Mom puts the notepad down as she says this and starts to rummage through her bag, the first thing she pulls out are my old gloves. They're impossible to tell they were even gloves before, some of the finger parts are gone and the metal plates are showing through. Then mom pulls out my diary bag, which doesn't even look like it's been through a fire, beside some smoke on it. My mom continues again, "As you can see, I designed your gloves for normal use not fighting like heroes. So I have to make up for that, here are the current designs I have right now." Mom gives me the notepad, the new gloves look the same as my old ones but are much thicker and durable. The metal plates are now exposed and there's now an attachable gauntlet, they look to cover my arms to the elbow.

"They're perfect Mom." I tell my mom as I give her the notepad back she then looks over to Peace.

"Now Peace, your mom said to see if I could come up with something for you once you learned more about your quirk." My mom turned to a fresh sheet of paper and was wanting for Peace response, Peace was lost on what she wanted until I stepped in.

"How about fireable, retractable, gauntlets that you can pump your quirk into so you can infuse them with fire." I thought of Yang's weapon from RWBY, because Peace looks so similar to her and their powers let them use fire so why not, I thought. Peace was happy from and my mom writing down the idea.

"So Peace, how does your quirk function?" My mom ask so she can get the information she needs for her designs. Um, the doctors said, I now secrete a substance that is very flammable to air, but I can turn it on and off, also the substance can't damage my clothes." My mom takes note of Peace description of her quirk.

"They should be done, when you get out of the hospital." My mom packs up to leave, but before she goes she gives me, my laptop and charger.

I immediately turn on my laptop and call Pony. After a minute she picks up, "Hey Corteny, what's up?" As she finishes talking, I look at both Peace and Pony and take a deep breath, "Listen, I something to tell you."


When the doctors told me I could finally leave the bed, I grabbed my diary and went for a walk. After a few minutes, I started writing notes for the future, but suddenly, "What'chu writing there?" A sudden Thana appearing out of thin air, to which I instinctively try to make a slam attack. The attack phases through Thana and I send myself to the ground, "How weren't affected by my attack Thana or better yet, why are you out here, couldn't anyone see you?" I ask Thana as her torso is floating and pulling itself back together.

"Nope, nobody besides you can see me and I'm incorporeal right now, so nothing can affect me at the moment." As she says that she levitates my diary back to me, "So what were writing there?"

I look at my diary and flip back to the page, I was on before and show it to her, "I'm writing down future events, and things just in case I forget something." As I say this a thought comes mind and I give Thana a begging look.

"You want something, what is it?" She says with a defeated look on her face.


"Now, Pony, Peace, what I'm about to tell is a secret nobody, not even my family knows about and this secret should never leave this room. Got it?" Peace and Pony nod in agreement and I continue, "Now, what if I told you I die once and was brought back with the knowledge of a incredible world, where 80% of people are born with incredible powers and the story of a boy's journey to become the number one best hero." I look around and both Pony and Peace utterly confused at what I'm talking about. "Basically, she's been revived with some of her memories." A figure says scaring both Peace and Pony to which I introduce the figure, "I like to introduce you to the person responsible for that, Thanatos or as I call her Thana." After the introduction, I see Pony flabbergasted at Thana and Peace tries to grab Thana only for her hand to pass right through.

"I'm not understanding why you would tell us something like this Cortney. I mean what is the point of this?" Peace says to me after failing to touch Thana.

"Because in order to change things for the better in the future, I need someone to help me reach the future we all deserve, I can't do it alone and I trust you and Pony the most cause you're my best friends." I clench my hands as I think of all the things Class 1-A has to endure alone but I want to be there to help them.

"I believe you Cortney." I look to screen as I hear Pony talk, "If you have the power to tell us your secret then I will believe till the very end."

"If I made it this far, best to go all the way then." Peace wraps an arm around my neck and I almost burst into tears from Peace and Pony acceptance, but I promise to not fail them and tell them of future events to look out for and I tell Peace to tell her mother to be careful around the League of Villains and how dangerous they are. Than Peace and Pony ask about Thana, she tells them what she does, her hobbies, her abilities and what's going on. She disappears soon after, and I introduce Pony to Peace and her recent quirk discovery. Pony also tells me that she can visit during summer vacation and I look forwards to it.

The rest of the of our hospital stay passes by and so too does first and second grade, however half-way through second grade I started to get self conscious about my scar to the point that I started wearing my gauntlets all the time to cover it. As promised, Pony started to visit every summer. Peace decided to become a hero, I was worried at first, but Amallie said that it was a good idea, she said she should focus on her own life and that the clan can wait. I started to work on the Drive techniques some more and I was able to add movement techniques, but there's a major downside with them, too much use leads to an extreme Charley horse that forces me to sit still until it goes away. I started to also learn Parkour to give me options in and out of combat and I had mom make detachable spikes to help with this. Now I can move like Kakuy or Dekuy can, somewhat double jump, run on the air for a few seconds, and jump ridiculously high, but doing this will give me a Charley horse in one shot so I have to be careful using it.

I tried to teach Peace and Pony them, but Peace said it leaves too much strain on her to use properly, but while Pony's arms were incapable, her legs were a perfection candidate for them, she could move pretty fast on all fours before, but the Drive techniques have allowed her access to a big burst of speed kinda like Tenya's Recipro Burst but we don't know the full backdraw to it yet.

My birthday is June 10th and I'm turning nine, after the party Mom and Dad tell me, we are moving due to their jobs, but it's not too far from where we originally were and my sister isn't coming with us because she's going off for a foreign exchange program. After two weeks we start to pack up and my sister leaves before we're finished packing and where we get to the new place that's when I learn who my new neighbor is.

"C-Cortney!? What are you doing here?" I turn around to see Izuku walking out of his house with a surprise look on his face.

I put down some boxes I was carrying to my room, "Isn't it obvious, I'm moving in. I'm your new neighbor! Actually, make yourself useful and bring these boxes to the second room down the hall. Thanks-bye!" I hastily rush out the last part as go back downstairs to grab some more stuff before Dekuy can say anything. I have two reasons for this, one I want to give Dekuy extra training so that he can handle All For One better in the future and two, those boxes were really heavy. As I bring next set of boxes over, I see Dekuy nearly bowled over and struggling to catch his breath in my soon to be room. "Hey, don't die on me," I tap him to make sure he's still alive. "I only have one more trip after that we can talk. OK?" Dekuy gives me a thumbs-up, "Good."

After getting the last of my stuff, I sit down to talk to Dekuy who I haven't spoken to since my sixth birthday, he's still the wimpy little kid, I first met, he hasn't grown very much, "So, how are things going between you and Kachy?" I ask Dekuy, probably already knowing the answer, "Well, ever since Kacchan developed his quirk, he started to bully me and I don't why since we used to good friends. But now he calls me weak and worthless and I shouldn't become a hero."

I pat Dekuy on the back and give him a cheerful smile,"Listen, I don't know what to say, but I'll set Kachy back on the right track, don't you worry about it. I know you'll become a great hero. How's about I train you, to prove to everyone that you can be a great hero without a quirk!" At this point I got up from where I was sitting and had my back to the sun and my fist pointing to Dekuy and his face was brimming with excitement and I could tell he was on board. However, I did also see some curiosity in there, "What is it, you can ask me anything?" I ask him.

"Yeah, what happen to you Corteny?" I then see Dekuy specifically point to my skin.

"Oh! Hehehe." Turns out, my family's last name of Tan isn't for nothing. Everybody on my mother's side tans really easy if we aren't careful, so my normally paleish skin is now a light Brown and Mom says it takes two months before we're back to normal and school starts back on August 12th. So I'll be like this until the second week of school, but I get back to Dekuy's question, "Family condition, no need to worry. But get ready cause training gonna be intense, so be ready tomorrow." After that I leave to unpack and help finish unloading the rest of our stuff. The month leading to school, I train Dekuy and Bakugo (After he found us and I beat and forced him as punishment for bullying Dekuy) to their limits and past them due to this however I have little time to talk to Peace.

As the first day of school begins I have Dekuy show me around and Kachy goes off to somewhere. After 10 minutes, I find Kachy getting into something with some older kids, seeing where this is going I open my bag and put on my gloves. I walk between Kachy and the older kids, "Listen, I don't know what my friend did, but it would best if you forgot it happened and leave." I tell the boys as I force Kachy away from them.

"If you think we're gonna let him leave, you have another thing coming." As one of the kids says this, he stretches his arm out and goes to punch Kachy. "Vanguard!" instead the fist hits me and steam starts pouring from my skin, I turn around and see a surprise look on Kachy's face, while making sure to keep my grip of the boy's fist, "Kachy your anger is your greatest, strength and weakness." I tell him this with a very serious look on my face, before being pulled by the boy trying to get his arm back.

He looks to the two other boys besides him and they just gave him a dumb look, "Get her, you bumbling idiots!" However, I beat them to the punch and slide under the boy's legs and letting go of his arm and he ends up punching himself in the face. I stomp on the stretch Armstrong boy's legs before punching him in the face and breaking his nose. Suddenly one of the other boy grabs me from behind, this one has four arms and he's keeping his head up meaning he's been headbutted quite a few times and knows to look out for them. Both Dekuy and Kachy are gone, probably to get help, suddenly my attention is brought back to the boy I punched earlier, I definitely broke his nose as it is going to the side and is bleeding. "Listen here you little shit, I was going to let you and your little friend off easy. But since you this to me." He points to his nose, "I'm going to give you the worst beating of your life." Suddenly I'm punch in the gut but I don't finch after three more tries he notices that his attacks have no effect. "Hmm, so your quirk makes blunt attacks ineffective huh?" A huge grin form on my face as he finally figures it out, "Then I guess I'll just have to carve you up. Slice!" Which then turns to complete horror, when the third boy starts walking towards me and his fingers start to turn into sharp blades, I only went up one gear from the earlier attempts and I still can't break free from the other guy's grip. Luckily, I notice that as the boy is walking closer to me, he is shaking and is very nervous as he stands in front of me and goes to swipe at me, he starts to hesitate, "What are waiting for? Slice him up Now, Slice!" The stretch boy yells with fury, before Slice can do anything. *BANG* "Hruck" A shot rings out and the boy holding me starts to wobble then another shot comes and he starts to fall over giving me the chance I need to break free. I then see who fired those shots, "First day at a new school and what do you do? Get into a fight, where I have to save." Peace says as her gauntlets start to retract, at the same time the stretch boy tries to run away after seeing one of his friends get taken down. "Oh no you don't, Falling Pillar!" I throw a punch down, sending a column of air on the boy flatting him into the ground. "Nice." Peace tells me as I high five her, "WHAT HAPPENED HERE!?" Our victory is short lived though as a teacher, Dekuy and Kachy come around the corner and see the aftermath of the fight. "Wait, this is our fault, don't punish them punish us." Before either of us can say anything, the boy called Slice comes to our rescue.

"Slice, what do you mean?" The teacher asks,

"Jerome tried to bully a kid, but he started to fight back, but the boy there-"

"Actually, I'm a girl." I interrupted him to point out my gender to everyone.

"Sorry, but she stepped in front to protect him. And the other girl there came to help." Slice then went over to where Jerome was and picked him up.

"If this is all true, then I'll let this one slide, but I better not hear about more trouble from you." The teacher picks up the four armed boy and walks away with Slice.

Somehow the fight got open and me and Peace were labeled as delinquents and having to explain that to our mothers was an experience. I heard words that put the sailors to shame and I think at least every god was cursed at least one for good measure. At school, we were followed by kids who wanted protection, asked to challenges for our titles and everything in between. There is some good news, Bachy doesn't bully Dekuy anymore and that's because they ended up making seem that he's a weakling who needed to be saved by a girl. He's focusing all his effort against me now so I have to be on the lookout now.

A few weeks pass and I haven't seen or heard from the Jerome kid, during lunch some girl with a cat ear cap and a weird mask comes over to me, "I challenge you to a fight." She tells after swallowing my food, I then ask, "And you are, and why?" She stomps her fist on the lunch table and nearly spills my food, "I am Minxs (Yes, the S is part of her name), and I am fighting for the honor of Jerome-sama."

Two thoughts come to mind after she says that, one she is completely lovestruck with that idiot so I can't talk her out of it, and second if I don't accept she might start stalking me until I do agree, so what choice do I have?

"I agree. So, when do you want to do this?" I look her directly in the eyes giving off a very faint fear presence. I asked Amallie to see if she could teach me that fear aura trick she does, I know the basics of it and how to give off my aura, but only a little bit, Peace on the other hand is a natural master but even she suffers some drawbacks using for too long in one sitting will make her tired and strain her eyes. I still have a long way to go, but I will get there, one day.

Minxs shrugged off my pitiful attempt at fear triggering her, "We'll do this after school, don't try to flake out on me."

"I won't." I tell her and Minxs walks away and I wait until she's gone and I throw my head on the table. Right after this Peace comes to the table and starts eating, "What I miss?" She asks me as she takes a bite of food.

Writer: And that's the end for now. I just clear up a few things before does her thing. First off, how to pronounce Cortney's nickname for Deku, it's Dek-y. And second, I changed, the chapters titles a little bit, They used to be chapter # then title name for the chapter, now Their just Ch. #-, and that's all I have for now. You're good to go now Thana.

Thanatos- Yeah, thanks.

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Chapter Cover: Cortney, Peace and Pony dressed up as gangsters and Peace spray painting the Miasma Clan logo on a wall.

Ch.7- The Breakers are born

After school

"Alright Minxs, come on out I'm ready for our fight!" I yell, trying to figure out where she is. I switched to my gym clothes as not to damage my school clothes, Peace is standing back and keeping watch just in case, Minxs tries to pull something. We're fighting in the field behind the school, it's basically a forest with a ton of trees.

Suddenly, mist starts to envelop the battlefield, soon I can't see Peace anymore and then I'm hit in the back and sent to the floor. "I'm guessing your quirk has something to do with mist, huh?" I say as I flip on my back to the direction of where the attack came from and see Minxs standing on a tree branch with her mask off.

"I'll make you feel the same pain you put my love in." Minxs says before taking a deep breath, "Mist Dragon Cannon!" She then breathes out a serpent like dragon which goes after me.

I ready my Index and Middle fingers to pluck them and wait for the dragon get closer.

"Shatter Shield!" I yell as I release my finger and instantly disaggregate it, "Fuck, ow ow ow, and Dekuy does this all the time?" Only for me to howl in pain clutching my fingers. You see some of my more powerful or utility based attacks require certain gears otherwise they won't work or I suffer recoil, it won't destroy my body but it will disable that part until the feeling returns to them.

"What good is an attack if it hurts you?" I'm snapped out of my pain as I look to Minxs, when asks that question and respond by giving her the bird with my non-pained hand.

That seems to piss her off as she unleashes another attack, "Mist Bomb Squad!" Several mist grenades appear and go off around me, "Umf, shows that you for hurting my love." Minxs hops off the branch and prepares to walk away.

"Second Gear!" Only to be surprised to see me still standing, "Thanks for powering me up. If you think a little attack like that will beat me, you got another thing coming." I tell her as I start steaming and my skin begins to turn pink.

"Now the fight begins." I crack my knuckles and prepare my own attack, "Straight Flush!"

I pluck my ring finger at Minxs and hit her dead on, I manage to blast away some of the mist. I see Minxs get back up and see a smile on her face, suddenly a mist tiger jumps over her and tackles me to the ground.

"I'll make sure this attack finishes you off, you little brat." Minxs begins chanting something and all the mist goes away and a ball appears above me.

As I struggle against the tiger pinning me down and see the attack Minxs is prepared, the feeling returns to my fingers seeing the opportunity.

"Full House!" I pluck all my fingers at once and send the tiger straight into Minxs. As Minxs stumbles to her feet, I ram one of my fist in her face and flip her over me.

"Be forever lost to the mist. Silent Hill!" Minxs rushes back to her feet and throws her hands towards me and the ball follows.

She gets a demented smile on her face and starts cackling madly, seeing my options, I go for something completely stupid, "Detroit Smash!" I punch with everything I have and try to mimic the force of All for One. I manage to blast away both Minxs and her attack, afterwards I see Minxs against a tree knocked out cold and feel a sharp spike of pain through my right arm.

"Hey Cortney, are you okay?" I turn around to see Peace running over to me, "That last attack was awesome, think you can do it again?"

"On all Amaterasu holds dearly, I am never doing that again." I tell Peace as I show her my limp arm, "That attack hurt like a mother, and it disabled my arm. Also, where were you during that entire fight?"

Peace give me the I don't know pose, "I got lost in the mist and when it went away I was outside the field. Also is she okay?" She then points to the unconscious Minxs lying against a tree. I walk over to see if she's still alive, I hear her snoring and breathing out mist.

"She's okay, come on, let's get going." I start walking away and see Peace give her a once over before following me, a few hours later the feeling returns to my right arm. I know that isn't last I'll see of them.

After that incident, I decided to develop some non-combat hobbies and turns out I'm good at video games especially fighting games ironically. I end up having to make an alter ego, not because I'm afraid of people discovering I'm a gamer but to avoid problems that could occur in the future. I go by the name X Marks the Spot, mainly for my X motif and carrying a mini toy shovel, I end up becoming somewhat famous.

Elementary school passes by, I continue on with my life: continue with my training, help Dekuy and Kachy train and gaming in the meantime. I also have a few run ins with Minxs and Jerome and they make it clear that they aren't giving up until they beat me. So I'll be dealing with them randomly in the future like I won't have enough on my plate by then. Chibi has been a bit of a problem, not because he's not behaving, but nobody is at home to take care of him, so he's been staying at Peace's place while I'm at school. Throughout the years he has grown a little bigger, about a meter and he even learned some new techniques like being able, to repair something, manipulate some elements, and I think even slow down time, I still don't know about the last one, that one is going to require some more testing. I am still working on coming up with names for them, also Amallie told me he really likes Pork Bowls for some reason and just shrugged it off.

Currently, I'm off to the airport to pick up Pony as she is coming over for extended vacations, Peace said that she'll be meeting us there. At the airport, I join up with Peace and Amallie, Peace is wearing clothes to fight the winter weather, she is wearing a Yellow puffy coat with a pair of gloves and her hair is tied in a simple ponytail. Amallie is following suit with a Black coat, a pair of gloves and a scarf to cover both her mouth and scar. I'm wearing a thick, long sleeved jacket and a scarf and I'm currently not wearing my gauntlets due to my sleeves covering the scar. Soon, passengers begin to climb out the plane, I see Pony's horns poke out in the crowd as she walks over to us, I see that she is still wearing the band I gave to her many years ago on her horn, a wool sweater and thick pants. Me and Peace rush over to hug her.

"Hey guys, I missed you too. Heh Heh" Pony laughs out during our hug after we break away from our hug, I grab their attention.

"Hey, I have some stuff we need to talk about. How about we talk about this at Peace's place, after Pony is done unpacking?" They both nod their heads, Peace leaves and I bring Pony home.

After we get back home, I show Pony around, "This is much different from your old place, Cortney." Pony says as I walk her to her room.

"And this is the room you'll be staying. Tell me when you're done so we can get going." I tell Pony as Chibi walks over to me. "Oh, Chibi you're coming with us, I want to see your new techniques in action."

I tell Chibi as I pick him and put him on my head. After Pony finishes unpacking and we get ready to go over to Peace's place, Dekuy stops us.

"Hey Cortney, who's the person next to you?" Dekuy ask.

"Oh, hey Dekuy this is Tsunotori Pony." Pony waves to him.

"But you can call her Pony. We were about to go over to a friend's place. What were you about to do?" I finish saying.

"I was about to take out the trash. I hope I'm not interpreting anything?" Dekuy then lifts up the trash bag he was about to take out.

"Nope! Come on Pony let's go." I push Pony to start moving and walk away.

Later, "Hey, how come you didn't say we were going to Peace's place?" Pony asks me while going over to Peace's house.

"Because, I never told them about Peace." I say in a flat tone.

"Why!?" Pony yells out.

"Because sooner or later, they're going to figure out her secret. And Peace wants to become a hero, so it's best if they don't know about her. Also, we're here." I buzz in after giving Pony my reasons, the person to answer is actually Peace herself.

"There you are. Come on." Peace gestures for us to follow her. We soon reach a somewhat secluded room. "Alright Cortney, you said you wanted to tell us something?"

I take Chibi off my head and I tell them of things to come, "Now, I want to state that my memory of the future is only so useful. Because the show never gave timestamps of events, so I don't know when things will exactly happen. However the shows, events start off when a hero named makes her debut. So we have that to look out for. Next, I have something that should leave this room, All Might's quirk." I see Peace and Pony shake with excitement and anticipation of learning about the number one hero's quirk, "All Might's quirk is called All for One and there's something that makes special, even from other quirks. You see, All for One is passed down, meaning it gets stronger as time goes on."

"H-How is that possible?" Peace strutted out.

"I don't know all the details, or the circumstances surrounding it, but great things are to come from it." It's Pony surprisely to ask the question on everybody's mind.

"This is incredible information, but why? Why would want to tell us Cortney, what can we do with this information?" The look on Pony's face says I am just making things up but her tone says that she has absolute trust in me.

"Now there's a good reason for that, you see Izuku is destined to be the 9th user of it." My revelation is brought home by the fact that I actually called Izuku out by his name and not his nickname. The reveal stuns both Pony and Peace, I give them a minute to sort everything out, after that I continue to give them some Peace of mind, "Hey guys listen, I know how you're feeling, but let me say this we really don't have to worry about this until 9th grade, but until let's promise to keep getting stronger." I put my fist out and wait for their response, after a second Peace and Pony gave me a fist bump.

"Hey, I have an idea!" I look over to Peace to hear her idea, "How about from this day forth, we should be called the Breakers?"

"Breakers?" I ask wanting to see where she's going.

"Yeah, with your knowledge and us by your side, we'll break away from how the world wants us to go."

Peace says with undeniable charisma in her voice.

"Yeah, that sounds awesome, let's do it Cortney!" Pony shouts in tow.

"Fine, from this day forth, we will the Breakers of U-A High. No one is going to see us coming. Hey, you guys up for a quick spar?" I look over to them to see if they're up for it, I take Peace reloads her gauntlets and Pony's stretching as a yes. I put on my own gloves and gauntlets and go after Pony. "Think fa-st-?" I interrupt myself as Pony suddenly vanishes from in front of me.

"Surprised?" Only to come back, ramming her horns in my back. It staggers me a little bit, but I use it kick-started my quirk.

"What th-, did you just dash? And do what do you call that move?" I turn around to ask Pony while rubbing my back.

"I really don't know, do you have any suggestions?" Pony, then goes into a bull charging stance, but I manage to stop her in her tracks by grabbing her horns.

"Yeah, I have the perfect name. How about Shippuu Dash?" I suggest in our struggling match.

"That's perfect, I love it!" Pony shows her affection by proceeding to try and buck me off my feet.

"I hope you didn't forget about me?" Peace then proceeds to fire a round between me and Pony. "Hey Cortney, your mom made a few modifications to my rounds." Before I can ask what she means, Peace covers her eyes, "Grand Flash!" Her round proceeds to shoot a giant flash of light, blinding me in the process.

"Ahgg, what did my mom do!?" I ask as I try to fix my sight. Only to receive a punch to the face.

"She made it possible for me to change how my rounds can be fired. For example, by having a round go off in the chamber all that comes out is the flash." My sight returns just in time to see Peace over me and readying to fire another shot before she can however, I sweep her legs from her causing her to miss fire. The miss fire, then ricochets off the ceiling and comes barreling back towards me, and I'm forced to dodge out the way.

"Really? My freaking luck." I say to myself, the thought takes me completely out of it. So I don't notice Pony charging at me and hits me in the side of my ribs. "Okay, I deserved that." As Pony pins me into the wall. "But hey Pony, you get to be the first person I try out my new finishing technique on. Peace Sign Slammer Style!" I flash Pony a peace sign with my right arm before unleashing a blast to disorientate her, which causes her to stumble back and unpin me from the wall. I then gather all my quirk into my left arm and proceed to punch Pony with enough force that she hits and bounce a meter or two off it. "Pony, you okay?" I ask to make sure she isn't badly hurt to which she replies by weakly giving a thumbs up. While the attack was effective, it completely ate all my quirk so I'm stuck at stage one again.

"If we're trying out finishing moves, then I guess it's my turn!" I turn even paler as the blood leaves my face after I heard what Peace said. I turn around and see Peace on fire about to do something, "Fire Dragon Born United!" Which she racks her arms back and proceeds to fire both her gauntlets at once in which the two rounds turn into one brilliant shot. The rounds end up leaving a trail from where they were fired from.

"Damn You Thana!" Are the last things I say before suddenly ending up on the floor.

"Knhuhhh," I hear Peace snickering before taking a seat next to me and Pony, "Hey Pony, ah, you really have improved, ah, from last time I saw you." Peace says while taking breaths in between her words.

"Thanks, you guys too. Hey Cortney, what time is it?" Pony asks, to which I answer.

"OOO, it's 9 o'clock, it would be better if we stay over for the night. Think you could check with your mom, Peace?"

"Yeah, sure. Give me a second." Peace then proceeds to open the door, "HEY MOM, CAN CORTNEY AND PONY STAY OVER?" And scream at the top of lungs to the other side of the building.

"SURE SWEETIE." Amallie replies back from somewhere, her voice is echoing so I can't exactly where's it coming.

"You guys are straight. What did your mom say Courtney?" I was looking my phone during Peace's "conversation" with her mother.

"She said okay and that she'll bring some spare clothes for us." I replied back.

"Come on up to my room." It was at this point that I realized I've never seen Peace's room, she has seen mine a ton but I don't even know where her room is. After getting our clothes, we move over to Peace's room. Her room is pretty big due to her being an only kid, she has a queen sized bed with covers of Uwabami on them and a desk with stuff that kids; computer, some jewelry boxes, books, and that I see a picture frame of Peace as a baby with Amallie and some guy standing next to her.

"Hey Peace, whose this guy in the picture?" I show Peace the picture I'm talking about.

"Oh, that's my dad." Peace then takes the picture and goes off into a quiet thought for a moment before putting the picture back down.

"Oh, I'm sorry if I brought up some bad moments for you." But Peace quickly reassure me that nothing bad happened.

"N-no, it's just that Dad can't be there for me or Mom due to work. He's currently dealing with stuff overseas and he has to keep a low profile to keep me and Mom safe." I give Peace a hug for was telling me about her dad. Pony comes out of the shower to see me and Peace hugging.

"What I miss?" Pony asks while drying her hair.

"Oh, Peace was telling me about father." I replied, "You have something you wanted to tell me about Pony? I noticed you had something on your mind all day, so what is it?" I as I say this Pony starts to shuffle in place.

"Wellll, you see Cortney I'm not just staying over for summer vacation." I completely miss what Pony is trying to say. "I'll be living with you until after High school as a foreign exchange student." The hammer hits me straight in the face after Pony's explanation. "I know that's a lot to take in, but how about we talk about this in the morning?" I'm left completely speechless at the reveal but I agree to wait until later and get ready for bed.

Thanatos: Well, Cortney is making quite a change in the story, but that's for another time. But it's time for Thana Tells.

This time I'll be talking about Peace's gauntlets, they currently don't have a name. Peace wears dual retractable gauntlets made and designed by Cortney's mother, Cortney Sr, they were made as extensions to her quirk. They fire concussion rounds, which can powered up by coating them with the substance she produces. The rounds are belt-fed shells when loaded and each gauntlet can hold 20 rounds in them each. After being modified some more, Peace can change how rounds are fired, such as causing the flash of a round being, come out at 300 times the normal amount thus creating Grand Flash. Another effect of this is that Peace can perform special and finishing moves, however a side effect of this is that the rounds can explode in the chamber, either from performing a finishing move which is always going to happen or sustained firing to fix this Peace then has to do a full reload so she has to careful.

But that's all for now, until next by-bye. (Leaves)

Writer- Sorry, but I edited some chapters and fixed a few things. Thanks and bye.


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Chapter Text

A Hello there fans, I know said the next new chapter wouldn't be done for a while but I didn't say jack about my co-writer. Yes, my co-writer did this chapter by himself, so that's way it may feel different, all I did was edit and fix/add some things. I hope you enjoy, sorry if it's a little light.

Ch- ?

I remember hanging out with my friends in an abandoned building. I remember going to the top of the roof of a skyscraper. All my friends were doing tricks on the ledge. " Do it, Axel!" They chanted trying to convince me to join them. I submitted to peer pressure the dumbass I am. I did a handstand on the ledge and lean forward to front flip. I landed the flip with wrong footing, my back foot slipped off the ledge. I footing gave away before I could react. Last words I heard was my friends screaming my name in vain.

The rest of was a blur, I blacked out during out the fall. Now I'm here in rubble and ruins, I guess the skyscraper got demolished. "Hello? You awake now buddy?" A female wearing all black with a large robe stood in front of me. She carried a cage on her back with bright lights floating inside. She had a double bladed scythe in right hand with large gauntlets on her wrist. She was dark skinned like a caramel color with light purple hair.

"My name is Delaila I'm your reaper young soul," I was confused and concerned, "Shouldn't I be in heaven or hell right now?" I asked.

"No, soul you are going to restart life, no soul vanishes from existence. Souls are recycled, bodies decay."

"So what about my past life, my friends, my family?" I said. "All remains intact just without you. You are going to be reborn with half of your memories."

I started panicking frantically trying to remember all my memories. Anything and everything I experienced I put on repeat.

"Calm down souls it's okay, everything will be alright I'm going to look after you."c

"What do you mean look after me?"I asked.

"You are my soul and I am your reaper I will always be around. Now sleep child, you must be reborn."

"Reborn?" Before I could get an explanation, my consciousness started to slip away, my memories slowly started vanishing. Everything went blank, everything was silent until it was nothing. Just pitch black void. Then, I woke up and saw a light.

"It's a boy! It's a boy. It's a boy!" A man said holding me above him.

"What should we name him?" Said a woman.

"Axel. Axel Gallavancer." The man tells the woman as he hands me to her.

"What you think?" I hear, I look around to see who said that.

"W-Who's there!?" I stamper out as I continue to look for the voice.

"Why it was me." I turn around and punch whoever it is in the face but stop in my tracks as I come face to face with Delaila.

"D-Delaila? What are you doing here?" I ask as I thought that would be the last time I see her.

"I'm here to look after you and help you through your journey. I'll be living in your head, so come in whenever you want." Her response leaves me in confusion but I decide to worry about it later, instead I welcome her.

"Alright then, guess we're in it for the long run together." I tell her as I can't want to see the future.

Writer: A mysterious entry joins the fray and yes, this is my Co-writer's self-insert, so we have two self-inserts in this story now. Betcha, no one say that coming, Ha HA! Well that's all for now, talk to you later.

Chapter Text

Hello there, I hope you enjoyed the last chapter. Actually, fun fact you see Pony and Peace muscled their way into the chapter, I was planning on having Pony become a foreign exchange student before the story actually started and I had to change the chapter title and cover. Oh well, what's done is done.

Chapter Cover: Cortney, Peace, and Pony running towards a star shining above them.

Ch.8- The first huddles and a mysterious arrival

It was only yesterday that Pony announced her permanent residence in Japan and the forming of the Breakers. Currently we're eating breakfast, me and Pony are eating cereal and Peace is chowing down on a gas fire. Yeah, even after a few years, it still is weird seeing a young girl munching down on flames, especially this early in the morning. After we're done eating, we start discussing the matters at hand.

"So Pony tell me, why are you staying in Japan now?" I ask, thinking about what cause this to happen.

"That's easy! I want to be there in every step of the journey." Pony cheerful, says with a smile on her face.

"I mean, that's great and all Pony, but won't you miss seeing your family? And are you sure about going through with this?" Peace ask with concern over Pony's choice.

"Yep, I'm 100% sure about this, nothing you say will change my mind. Don't worry about my family, they said they'll visit when they can and everything is already in place." Pony confirms back, seeing as Pony is set on staying, I decide to end it there and change the subject.

"Alright then we won't hound you anymore, now on to other business." I say to gain their attention.

"And that would be?" Peace says with some curiosity.

"Easy! We'll be working on team special attacks today." I answer back in an obvious "duh" tone.

"And how do you propose we do? Since I don't even know to start." Peace replies back.

"Well, you and I will be working on combining our attacks first, while Pony will be working on focusing on using the Drive techniques on her head." As I say this, I see Pony staring at me in confusion.

"What you mean by that Cortney?" I hear Pony comment.

"Well, the Drive techniques are a general version of Dekuy's Full Cowling, which made to help him control All for One. Drive allows one to focus their power into one point of their body. And since most of your attack move will be focusing on ramming the enemy, why not?" I brief Pony on my reason, "Anybody wants to add anything?" I add on but receive nothing but whispers of the wind, "Alright then, let's go." I finish off.

A few hours later

Well, currently, me and Peace are trying to combine my Straight Flush and her gauntlets shots together, but I'm either destroying the round or the heat from Peace's shots are dissipating my attacks and Pony is ramming her horns against a tree in the effort of trying to the Drive techniques to work on her horns. During this Amallie and that oni lady, enter into the field talking about something.

"Hey Mom, hey Hina, what's up?" Peace asks them, which breaks them away from their own conversation.

"Hello there sweetie, you see some new gang has appeared and has been some trouble with some of our clients and Hina said she'll deal with them alone." Amallie worrying answer back.

"I don't see what the problem is? It should only take me about 20 minutes to deal with them." Hina notes.

"We don't have any information on them and everybody is dealing with something, so you won't have someone to back you up." Amallie comments to about Hina's respond.

"We can come with Hina to back her up, if you need to Mom?" Peace petitions.

"Yeah, it will be good training for us!" I add.

"I don't think I can talk you out of this, but if trouble appears, call me immediately and try to get out of there. Okay?" Amallie request from us.

"Okay!" Peace replies back.

"Great," I say as I clap my hands, "Give us a minute to change and we'll be right there." I finish off.

After changing, I'm now wearing my sweater and scarf from last time, but I have on my gauntlets and gloves on, Peace and Pony are both wearing their winter gear. Hina is wearing a thick jacket and has a giant club on her back and still has that Sake bottle on her hips. We start walking to the gang's hideout during this I decide to learn some more about Hina.

"Hey." I poke Hina to get her attention.

"What's up kid?" I back from her.

"Geeze, are you always gonna call me kid? And wanted to learn some things about you I mean, I just learned your name today." I answer back.

"Fine, let's start with the basics, my full name is Hina Koharu Hayashi. And your's is?" Hina notes and I decide to follow through.

"Cortney Kamryn Tan Jr." I remark, "But just call me Cortney." I add.

"Yeah, no, I'm still gonna call you kid, but I ended up in this situation just like you did, wait! - Yeah, I was there when it all went down." Hina says as she suddenly interrupts herself mid-sentence.

"Wait, really!?" I fire back.

"Yeah, I gave you the phone to make that call, my phone to be specific." Hina replies.

"Huh, I guess I was distracted by the scary ass woman in front at the time. But you said, you ended up in the same situation like I did?" I ask wondering what she exactly means.

"Just like how you and Peace are, that's how me and Amallie are." Hina comments, seeing the opportunity, I decide to ask about Amallie's scar. As I ask Hina stops in her tracks before looking at her hand for a second before she starts walking again, "Sorry, but that's something I just can't talk about."

"No, no, I get it, I'm sorry if I brought up some bad memories, I won't ask again." I diligently respect Hina's response before trying to back away, but Hina catches me.

"Whoa there, I know, it seems, but a lot happened that day, I just don't know to start." She explains, "I might tell you about it later, but we're here now." Hina then points to a metal door and then kicks it open.

"What the hell!?" A grunt yells as Hina walks through the now broken door.

"Listen here Pipsqueaks, you're messing with the Miasma Clan territory, and have been declared a threat. You have two options either, apologize and join the Miasma or face a painful eviction, you have ten seconds." The grunts look at each other for a second before either grabbing a weapon or activating their quirks.

"Get'm!" A random grunt yells out before rushing at Hina. Hina unhooks her club and proceeds to send the grunts flying, he ends lodged in a wall. I manage to spot an invisible grunt sneaking up on Hina, "Straight Flush" I quickly pluck my index finger while it's not enough to damage him, it is enough to uncloak him and I follow up with a kick to his head, knocking him out.

"Huh?" Hina turns around to see the grunt falling down, "Nice kid, you girls deal with the rest of them, I'm gonna find their boss." Hina then rushes off.

"Alright, we got you covered. Okay Breakers time for our first fight!" I yell out as I dodge a punch. After a few minutes, we finished off most of the grunts and Pony ran off to check on Hina, however Hina comes crashing through a wall.

"Hina!" Peace yells as she rushes over to Hina.

"What happened, where's Pony?" Just as she says this, a gruff but very professional starts talking.

"Looking for this?" A man who looks to be in his early thirty and wearing a trench coat, walks through the hole Hina was smashed though, he's dangling Pony in one hand and has a vice grip on her neck.

"PONY!" Before I could do anything, however Peace stops me.

"Cortney waits!" I look over to see her performing some minor first-aid on Hina, "Cortney don't be hasty, we don't know what his quirk is. And he has Pony, so it would be best hear what he has to say." As Peace is saying this, I am slowly trying to grab my phone and call Amallie, however.

*CRUNCH* And something destroys my phone in my hand. "Tsk, tsk," I look over to the man and see his hand in a finger gun gesture.

"I'm sorry, but you don't get anywhere if you don't pay attention, and I wouldn't try doing something like that again." As he spits out the last part, he tightens his grip on Pony's neck.

"We'll listen to your demands, Once you let Pony go." I demand to the man

"Alright then." He then proceeds to throw Pony at a wall, Peace goes to check on her

"Dumbass! I just wanted to get Pony out of the crossfire, since I don't talk to anyone, Who, Hurts, My, Friends!" I yell out as I activate my quirk and rush in to attack him, only for him to catch and grab my face, thinking back to Kachy's fight to All Might, "Straight Flu- Aggh!" As I try to attack him, he tightens his grip again.

"Well, I've never had someone try that before." He says curiously as he slowly starts crushing my skull.

"What is your quirk!?" I gasp out as I try to escape his grasp.

"My quirk is Juggernaut's Grip, I can crush almost anything in my hands, but I learned how to crush things from a distance, as I showed you earlier." He wholeheartedly laughs out.

"Why would tell me that?" I didn't think he would actually answer that, he must confide that things will go his way.

"Easy, I'm gonna kill you all." He says in a flat tone

"If you think I'm going down easy, you have a another thing coming. "BREACH AND CLEAR!" I rear my leg back and concentrate all my power into my leg and slam my foot into his gut, he stumbles back a little but manages to stay up and keep his grip on me.

I can tell the anger in his voice just from his breathing, "And, *uh* you know what I decided to kill you first." He tells me, he then proceeds to slam me into the ground forming a crater in the process, but I manage to keep conscious, he looks at my barely conscious body.

"You're a tough one aren't you?" I look him in the eyes and spit out some blood,

"Fuck- you- bastard." He then silently lifts up his foot and slams it into my face. The next thing, I see is Kim, kneeling down on me in front of me.

"I guess it's time already huh? Show that bastard who he just messed with!" I tell Kim, she then puts a hand out and grab it to get up.

Perspective Switch: Peace

I look on in stunned horror as the man just mercilessly beats Cortney. I've never seen her be beaten so easily before and I was the last one still in fighting condition. Hina may have several broken bones and is unable to, Pony is barely hanging on and I can't even tell what state Cortney in. I just need to just need to distract him and come up with a plan.

That's what I need to do, I don't need to beat him. I just need to buy myself enough time to call my mom.

"Just give up little girl l already beat all your friends, if you do, I'll make your death quick and painless." I had my eyes locked on the man, the entire time and he's walking over to me while cracking his knuckles.

I dump out my old rounds and load a new set in. "You're gonna have to catch me!" I taunt to the man before I put my arms behind me and fire, I slide under the man's legs and as he turns around I close my eyes, "Grand Flash!" As I open my eyes, I now see the man running towards me and he somehow manages to grab me by neck before I can fully react.

"H-how weren't you blinded by my attack?!" I gasp out as the man starts strangling me.

"Oh, I was, I just have been blinded so many times that I've gotten used to it. What the!?" When he grabbed me, I started activating my quirk, however, he still isn't letting go, so fire a round in his face but it just staggered a little bit and I'm starting to faint.

"I'm sorry guys, I failed you and I failed myself." Just as I'm passing out, however, "Dynamic Reentry!" I open my eyes to Cortney slamming her foot into the guy's face and he lets me go but she's not done yet as she's then kicks him again using her other foot to send him flying.

Author note: Whenever the Beast is using Cortney's body her speech text will appear in bold.

"You didn't fail anyone, you tried your best and that's the best thing you could do." Courtney then turns her head and shows me a smile on her face and a thumbs up but.

"B-b-but h-he nearly killed all of us a-and I failed to t-to do anything-" At this point I'm a sobbingly mess of myself there are so many tears that I can't see anymore and there's snot running down my nose, I don't know what to d-.

"YOU BASTARD! YOU MAY PEACE CRY, I KILL YOUUUU!" When I hear Corteny say that I wipe away the tears and get a good look at Corteny her normally pale skin is Lobster Red and steam is pouring out, her White hair is now the same as her skin and her Red spikes are now White. She is mercilessly beating the man and she keeps going even though he's telling her to stop and it looks like she's about to finish him off.

"CORTENY SSSTOP! What is up with you, this isn't like you at all." I yell at the top of my lungs to stop her and as she does does it looks like she starts struggling with herself before returning to normal.

"Sor-ry." That's the last thing she says to me before fainting. Thinking quickly I pull out my phone and call Mom.

A few minutes later

"We're here, honey." I hear my mom say, the few minutes have been spent taking care of everyone, I only stop when the medics rush over to everyone.

"Alright everyone, you know the procedure, gather all the goons and get them ready to be sent off to jail. Send their leader off to the hospital, I'll deal with him once he's in more stable condition." My mom barks out orders to everyone then looks back to me.

"Sweetie tell me what happened." I end up breaking down into tears in my mom's arms.

"M-Mom, I-I was s-so scared, I felt so useless, I don't know happening to me." I sob out, Mom gently comforts in my arms, I end up falling asleep in her arms.

Perspective Switch: Corteny

I wake up in front of Kim again, but it looks like she's in the same position as I am.

"Ugh, what happened?" I ask as I try catch to breath.

"It seems that you couldn't handle the full extent of my power." Kim replies back.

"Full extent? What do mean by that?" I ask back.

"You noticed what caused you to lose control?" It took me a moment to understand, what she meant but I immediately saw it.

"Yeah, I see it now, if I want to fully control that I have to first control my emotions huh?" Kim nods her head in response.

"Well, that's just something to work on for the future, but right now, I have to see to my friends." Kim puts her limiters back on and wave me off.

When I wake up and see someone doing something with me. I yell in surprise, scaring them in response. I look around to see some curtains around me and I see the outlines of Peace and Pony. I try to rush over to them, but I'm stopped by that person from earlier.

"Woah, woah, woah, there little girl." The person says as they grab me. I get another look at them and I see a woman wearing a slightly modified uniform. It looks like a nurse's outfit, there's Red crosses on the shoulders and everything else is White. So I assume she is a medic of some sort.

"Look honey, I know you want to see friends, but you're the most injured of them. Relax and open these for you." I follow her directions and when she opens the curtains, I see both Peace and Pony sleeping and I feel a lot more at peace (No pun intended) with myself.

"How is everyone?" I ask with concern.

"Nobody has permanent injuries, but Hina did suffer a broken leg, so she'll be out for a while." The lady replies back.

"Just rest for now and everything will be okay." She continues, I agree and doze off.

Some Time Later

After everyone wakes up, I look to Peace first and I see her sulking.

"PEACE!" I yell get her attention to me.

"Listen, like I said earlier, you fail anyone that bastard was tougher than anyone expected. Don't think anything otherwise." I follow through. I see her about to say something, but I stop.

"Look, you saved Pony and you bought me enough time to activate to get back up and continue fighting. I say that means you far from failed." I interrupt her to say.

"Yeah, if you didn't do that, we would all be dead!" Pony adds on, I see Peace wipe her face and see a smile form on her face.

"Thanks you two, I just thought I was too weak, but I see I just need to keep training." Peace says as she goes back to her normal self.

"But Cortney, what happened back there? It's as though you were a different person." I see where she's going and I think of the most simple way of answering.

"Because I technically was. Look, let me explain, you know how Thana is in my head, well you see I have another person in my head. She calls herself, The Beast, she is basically the rage or my other half and what happened is that I let her free. From what I got, I can learn to control it." I frantically rush out, I see Peace and Pony look at each other for a moment, Peace gives me a thumbs-up, and Pony reluctantly agrees to.

"If you learn how to control that, who knows what that could bring?" Peace excitedly comments.

"Let's do hope that you can actually it." Pony cautiously adds.

"I will alright? But I say for now, how about we stop training for a little bit? Cause Pony is probably in need of some better clothes." Pony looks at herself and silently agrees.

"I could use some better clothes, and what will you be doing Cortney?" Pony and I shrug.

"I don't really know, but I'm going to need a new phone." Thinking back to what happened to my old one.

"Other than that, I don't know really." I add on.

A few days later

After our last fight, everyone is hanging low, I'm currently in my gaming persona, however, as I enter the arcade, something feels different.

"There's another Reaper." Thana says as she appears.

"Can you tell me anything more or who?" I ask Thana to which she points to a boy playing on a cabinet. It's a dark skinned boy, he has High top dreads, he has two sticking out in the front and the rest in a ponytail. He's wearing a dark Blue hoodie and Black boots. He also has goggles around his neck.

"Geez, is this kid trying to make himself look any more like an anime protagonist?" I whisper to Thana as I walk over to him.

"Hey, you there." I say to him.

"Huh?" He looks confused at me and points to himself

"Yeah, you, where's your Reaper?" Before he has time to ask another voice speaks up.

"Would you be looking for me?" Suddenly a Reaper appears next to the boy. She's wearing an all Black robe and through it, I can see she is Dark skinned as well. She has a large cage on her back with bright flames coming though, she's a large double-sided scythe in her gauntleted right hand. I see Thana almost fuming.

"Oh, hello there little Thanatos. I see you linked with someone as well." She chunkles into her hand and I can see Thana silently screaming.

"Thana, who is that? It seems you two have some history together." Thana snaps her neck to look at me and I slowly start to back off, she then takes a deep breath.

"Hell-o there Delaila, it seems you've linked with someone as well. How about we continue this elsewhere." Delaila nods, then they both disappear. I look back to the boy and he looks as confused as me.

"We'll figure it out later, but how about for now we introduce each other?" I say to the boy.

"How about I start first, I'm Cortney Kamryn Tan, and you are?" I continue on.

"Yeah, I'm Axel Gallavancer, nice to meet." I hold out his hand and I shake it.

"So I guess we're on the same boat huh? We're both resurrect souls with further knowledge of what's going to happen, I mean, huh?" I then spot him looking at me, intently, which I stop by covering up his face with my hand.

"What are you doing? You're making me uncomfortable." I comment as Axel starts prying my hand off.

"Sorry that was my quirk, Data Reader, I can shapeshift once I learned enough about someone." I lean in to get a closer look at him, there doesn't seem to off about him but his eyes seem to change randomly.

"Well, my quirk is Berserker, it allows to take hits and deal them back twice fold." I reply back.

"Hey, do you have anything else to do?" Axel shakes his head.

"Great, come and follow me." I grab Axel's arm and start dragging him to Peace's place.

"Alright, we're here, now before we enter, I need you to keep quiet about this." I tell Axel at the front door, as he tries to catch his breath.

"Sure, what is it?" I cover Axel's mouth before I tell him.

"My best friend's mother is a gang leader and she's next in line, in layman terms." I can Axel's muffled screams through my hands.

"That's why I covered your mouth, look, that was the basics, there's a lot to it, I'll explain it later." I buzz the door to see Hina open the doors while on crutches, I guide Axel to where Peace is.

I spot Peace and Pony sitting down in a field and I introduce them to Axel.

"Hey guys, guess what? Axel is like me, he even has his own Reaper!" I excitedly say, Axel looks at me for a second but Pony and Peace interrupt him before he can say anything.

"That's awesome! I guess we should introduce ourselves? I'm Peace Miglow, and my quirk is Dragon Slayer." Peace ignites herself to show her quirk to Axel.

"And I am Pony Tsunotori." Pony comments before taking a bite out of an Apple.

"And together," I them slam my fists together, "We've the Breakers."

"Breakers?" Axel questions.

"It comes from how, we'll break away from how the world wants to go. And it would be awesome if you would join with us." I reply back to Axel as I hold out a hand.

"I appreciate the offer, but what could I offer in return?" I cup my hand into my chin and give Axel's question bounce around in my head before coming up with a solution.

"Easy, you can be our tactician slash move advisor." I tell Axel.

"What do you mean by tactician?" I think back to our last fight and wonder if things could have gone better, if Axel was there to help us.

"If your quirk can let you learn about people than you how they fight and how they think, then you'll be a very helpful asset to us. So how about it, will you join us?" I say in my calmest voice I can muster. Axel looks at us for a moment, then to the ground, then back to us, but with a smile on his face this time.

"Alright, I'll join you. I hope I can be useful." We all jump in joy at Axel's inclusion into our group.

"I suppose, it's time for you to use your quirk." Axel agrees and we start doing some light sparring, while Axel gathers the data he needs.

"Okay, I'm done." Axel shouts out and we prepare to see what he can do.

"Awesome! By the way, did you know your eyes glow when you collect data on someone?" I quickly comment before Axel shapeshifts.

"Yes, that's what the goggles are for." Axel replies and he shape shifts before my eyes and in an instant, he looks just like me.

"What do you think?" He says in my voice.

"I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference in an actual fight." Peace fires back.

"Enough talking, come at me!" I yell to Axel to get started and I rush to punch him, only for it to be blocked.

"I am you, so I know you would do that." Just as Axel says that, I kick-start my quirk and slowly start to gain the upper hand. In one second, I manage to break Axel's guard and land a punch on his stomach, he barely manages to hang on and I decide to call it for Axel's sake.

"I see. While you can mimic people, you can't copy their quirks, since you would have my durability and a little punch like that wouldn't have any effect. And my quirk didn't activate." I comment to Axel, who's still trying to catch his breath.

"You okay?" At this point, Axel returns to normal, clothes and all.

"Hu, yeah just, hu-give me a minute." I lend Axel a hand to make sure he doesn't fall.

"It was a bad idea to try and push you so early. Lay down and see what you can do with your quirk." I say to Axel as he leans against a tree.

"Alright, and what will you be doing?" I hear Axel ask as I start to walk back to Peace and Pony.

"We're going to be working on a team attack." I respond to Axel.

"Is he gonna being okay?" Pony asks me.

"Yeah, he just needs a minute. But I want to work on that team attack, I think I found a way to pull it off." I reply to Pony's question.

"Really?" Peace responds curiously, instead of saying anything, I put my left arm out in front of me and do a small chant. The next moment a White smokey ring appears and I slide to the side to show Peace.

"Shoot it." Peace looks at me in confusion.

"You hear me. Shoot it." Peace racks a round into her gauntlets and fires a round through the smoke ring and as the round goes through, the round is encircled by winds similar to one of my attacks. The round continues flying until it hits a tree, taking a nice chunk out of the tree.

Peace and Pony stare on in awe, then turn to look at me, wondering what I just did.

"That was a gate, think of it as a booster or strengthener, I made it to add power to my attacks." I comment.

"Yeah, it's useful, but how is that suppose to help in our attack?" I hear Peace ask, to which I respond by kick starting my quirk again.

"The idea I have is, me and you will launch an attack through one gate, and Pony will go through another before our attacks combine." I answer back.

"Um, I don't know that sounds both dangerous and tricky to pull off." Pony comments.

"We don't know if we don't try." I mention back, Peace and Pony look slightly concern after hearing my idea but get in position anyway.

I make the two gates, one for me and Peace in front of us and one for Pony behind us. We wait for Pony to through her's and past us before we launch our own attack. As soon as our attacks go through the gate, my attack covers Pony and Peace's coats Pony in a fiery veil. After Pony stops, we start to cheer, however, I also start to wobble but Peace manages to keep me steady.

"He-he, I guess that attack takes more out me, then I thought?" I jokingly ask as I regain my footing.

"That was amazing, what do you call that attack?" We hear Axel ask and we spot him standing under a tree with darkness covering him.

"I don't know ye-" I'm interrupted by Pony before I'm done talking.

"WAIT, I have the perfect name for that attack, Horn Cannon Special Burning Stampede!" Me and Peace both look at Pony.

"What?" I pipe up to answer.

"Umm Pony, how long were you waiting to use that?" I ask, seriously wondering how long she had that name in reserve.

"I came up with the last part just now, but I always wanted to have a move with horn cannon special in the name." She slyly answers back.

"Well, it's a good name, so we'll keep it. And you had something you wanted to show us Axel?" Axel walks out the shadows to reveal two giant horns on his head.

"H-How is that possible? He didn't have them before." Pony says in surprise with answers from no one as we're all shocked like her.

"I can explain, you see when I learn about someone, it's just one big ball of information instead it's much smaller pieces." He explains.

"And you can use and manipulate that data for own need, thus the horns." I finish.

"Now that is gonna be a powerful quirk." I tell Axel then look at my phone and see the time.

"It's getting late, we better get going Pony. And before I leave Peace can you give your gauntlets?"

"What do you need my gauntlets for?" Peace asks.

"So that my mom can do something about that jamming problem." I respond to which Peace tosses her gauntlets over to me and I put them in my bag.

"Oh, Axel! Do you want my mom to design something for you? She made both our gauntlets and my gloves, so it would be much for her." I see a grin form on Axel's mouth.

At the Tan resident

"Hey Mom, we're home." I open the door to see my mom at the table working on some sketches. I walk over to her, while Pony goes off to take a shower. I take Peace's gauntlets out of my bag and put them on the table.

"Is something wrong with them?" Mom asks.

"The new rounds you made for Peace can explode in the chamber, so I'm wondering if you can put in a heatsink system or something." I explain to Mom, she extends them to full length and give them a once over.

"Sure sweetie, it should take more than three days. Any things else?"

"Yeah Mom, have you heard of the Pro Hero Eraser Head?" I ask her.

"Yes, I have. I actually help design his equipment, what is it?" The reveal catches me completely off guard, I never thought my parents would have any relevance to the show but I get back on track with what I wanted to ask her.

"Think you can make them again?" Mom looks at me before going into deep thought for a second."I would need to make calls first, but after that, all in, all in, it would take me about three weeks tops." I hug Mom for being the best Mom.

I run off to my room to tell Peace and Axel about their equipment. I then realize I never got Axel's contact information before I can slap myself due to stupidity Pony her head through my door.

"Heya' there Cort." This time I noticed that Pony's American accent was starting to show again, I didn't notice it when we picked her up at the airport and I started to get curious.

"You've gotten confident enough to show off your American accent again huh? And also Cort?" At this point Pony is now fully in my room and has taken a seat at my desk.

"Yippee! And I thought I would come up with a nickname for you, like you have for Izuku and Bakugo. By the way I wanted to thank you for helping me learn the language. " Pony goes over to hug me and I follow through.

"No problem, I would do anything for my best friends. By the way, what do you come in for Originally?" Pony searches in her pocket and pulls out a slip of paper and I pick it up.

"That's Axel's information, when you were talking to Peace Axel told me to give you that as he almost forgot too." Pony tells me and she then leaves. I thank her as she leaves and I put Axel's contact information in my phone.

After I fall asleep Thana returns, when I try to ask her where she was, all she tells me is that she and Delaila were dealing with something of Reaper business. Thana is pretty good at keeping secrets, so I decide to call it there.

April 2nd, 2013 Cortney's age- 11

Vacation flew by, before I know it school is already starting again, but puberty decided to hit me in the face with a 2x4. Remember that flat chested thing I said a long time ago? Well, I don't have to worry about that anymore, but I now have something else to worry about. I went to the doctor and they told me by the time I was in High School my breast size would G and it's already starting to show. I'm already a B cup and it's making things awkward for, so I decided to bind them up and sightly change how I wrap myself. Previously I would just wrap completely down my waist but now I cross-wrap breasts and then wrap down from there.

However, during lunch at school, Kachy bummed into Peace and knocked her down.

*Crash* "Ow, watch where you're going, you blast-plated idiot!" Peace screams at Kachy, he just scoffs her off.

*Bang* A round flies by Kachy causing him to turn back to Peace, who's gauntlets are still smoking. "That's It! I'm tired of having you think that you can walk over everyone, so after school today we're gonna to prove who's stronger." Peace passionately screams to Kachy, who has several mini explosions going off in his hand.

"Alright then, I'm gonna have fun turning you to dust! And once I'm done with you, I'll go after Cortney next!" Everyone is starting to back off and I see Peace start to smoke. I run over to her and try to stop her as I try to grab her, I immediately let go as she's too hot to touch. Seeing no other way to stop them, I put on my gloves and brace myself.

"Stunner!" I use my left arm to shoot a blast of air to disorient both Peace and Kachy and immediately feel the recoil. I need to be in third gear to use Stunner without disabling myself. I came up with it during vacation.

"WHAT THE FUCK CORTNEY!?" Both Peace and Kachy yell as they turn their attention to me.

"I know I can't stop you two from fighting, but you two will not fight in here. There are too many people here, so do it later." I manage to cull them out of fighting for now, but I know I just stopped one match of many from starting the fire. Both Peace and Kachy walk away to tend to their own business and Pony walks over to me.

"This is bad, can you do anything to stop them Cort?" I don't say anything and that's all pony needs to know just how bad the situation has gotten.

Thanatos: Ohh boy this seems bad, but at least this will be a good fight.

Delaila: Hpm hpm. Is that really what you have to say about this situation?

T: I mean what can I-. What the Fuck are you doing here Delaila!?

D: I hear about you doing something and I wanted to join.

T: What? Can you get Delaila out of here?


T: B-But Ughh, fine you can stay, but I'm still running this show.

D: *Whispering* If you say so.

T: What was that!?

D: Nothing.

T: I'm ending this now. See you everyone.

D: Bye souls.


W: Just a heads up, due several people mentioning it, I went and fixed the spacing of the early chapters. I hope that makes things better. I just changed and some things, I also changed some things and Axel's clothing for that scene.

Chapter Text

Hey there everyone. I hope the revisions made things easier. On another note, from now on I'll try writing Pony with a more American accent. The reason she didn't already have one previously is that she was trying to not fumble on her words and she'll now call Cortney, Cort and I'm not changing it, so get used to it.

BTW, When the story switches to Peace's perspective, the story will get fairly erotic and there will be a sex scene. I give a warning again when the scene will appear, but viewer discretion is advised.

Chapter Cover: Peace, Pony and Cortney's fantasy versions looting a dungeon.

Ch.9- Ones' true heart

School ended already and everybody has left already except for me and Pony as we're waiting for Peace and Kachy to fight. They switched to their gym uniforms and getting ready to fight, Kachy is stretching and Peace is doing a last minute check on her gauntlets. After a minute, they stare each other down and Peace makes the first move.

Peace fires a shot at Kachy but he simply dodges it before blasting himself towards her. When he gets close enough, he throws a right hook, but Peace catches him and gets a point-blank blast to the face.

"What made you think you were strong enough to beat me!" Kachy yells as his attack lands, however, Peace still has a grip on his arm and throws him like Dekuy will do in the future. As the smoke clears, Kachy sees Peace standing without a scratch on her.

"How did my attack fail to hurt you?" Kachy asks Peace as he launches another attack at her through his attack, Peace fires a shot at Kachy which hits this time and knocks him back a little.

"Because my quirk allows me to eat your explosions. And they're pretty tasty." Peace tells Kachy as she walks out of the smoke.

Meanwhile, me and Pony are watching on the sideline cheering for Peace, however, our cheer rally is cut short, "Mist Dragon Cannon"

"Shippuu Dash" Me and Pony manage to dodge out of the way of Minxs' attack.

"What was that, Cort?" I point to the only person I know possible of that attack.

"Her." Minxs steps into eye shot with Jerome following her.

"Poopie, She dodged out of the way. Hey, Mr. Jerome, who is that horned girl with her?" Minxs asks Jerome.

He's wearing glasses and a striped long sleeve shirt with Brown pants. Minxs, on the other hand, has buns on both sides of her head and is wearing a very brightly colored shirt covering both of her arms and tassels on the end and she's wearing a skirt and tan leggings.

"It doesn't matter, we'll crush both of them," Jerome says with empathizes with Minxs, Pony looks over to me.

"Cort, who are these people?" Pony asks as I put my gloves on.

"Umm, people I pissed off in elementary school. You handle the mist girl and I got the guy." I tell Pony.

"Wait. Say wha-!?" Pony interrupts herself noticing that I left a long time ago.

Author note- At this point, three fights are happening right now and I will be switching between everyone's perspectivesalso since Cortney left I will be using Bakugo name now.

Peace's Fight

Suddenly, I hear another explosion go off and not from Bakugo, then I see Cortney and Pony being chased by Minxs and Jerome. However, my attention is brought back to own fight as I'm suddenly hit the face with another explosion.

"If you leave yourself open like that, you're begging your opponent to hit you," Bakugo says, at this point, I haven't landed any attacks on him except my earlier grab and he's starting to blast away my clothes.

"If that's how you want to play, then it's time for me get serious," I say as I bang my gauntlets together and activate my quirk.

"Now this getting fun!" Bakugo says while blasting himself towards me again.

Cortney's Fight

Jerome has been seriously training since the last time I fought him. The last time I fought him, his punches were easy to read and counter but now it's like I'm fighting a completely different person. It's like I'm fighting Luffy with how's Jerome fighting, I can't tell where's Jerome attacking.

"I'll give you one thing Jerome, you have definitely gotten stronger," I tell Jerome as I barely dodge another punch.

"Hmpp, you're certainly right about that." Jerome then throws another punch as I go to block it, he turns it at the last second and suddenly throws his other arm which I fail to see and get hit in the gut.

Pony's Fight

Right now, all I've been doing is running in circles around Minxs until I come up with a better plan. However, the clear field I was in now becoming misty and hard to see. I see Minxs' silhouette and make a break for it, only to be blindsided by a bull.

"It's no use trying to hide, I can see all in my mist." I'm then hit by another bull and sent into a tree.

"Give up little horse, you lost." When Minxs says that, I flashback to the fight against that gang leader and I get back up again.

"Give up now and I'l-" I stop her before she finishes talking.

"Shut it!" Minxs looks at me in surprise after my outburst.

"I put my friends in danger once, and I promised myself I would never let that happen again...Now get out of my way!" I put all the power I can into my legs and get ready to charge her.

Peace's Fight

I'm lying on the ground, during the fight Bakugo set off one of his explosions and instead of a fireball, it was just smoke and I ended up inhaling it. Which clogged me up and he clobbered me.

"People talk as if their strong, but they're just weakling. Everyone is just a pebble in my way." As Bakugo starts walking away, I shoot back up still wobbling from Bakugo's attacks.

"DON'T LEAVE YET BASTARD!" Bakugo turns around to see me on fire.

"MY NAME IS PEACE MIGLOW AND I'M… NOT...A… WEAKLING!" I feel something in my heart, I bang my gauntlets again and my flames turn Blue and get even hotter.

I take a deep breath and then breath out and unleash a wave of fire at Bakugo. He manages to dodge it, but I shoot myself at him and grab his face and proceed to slam into the ground. He bounces, I jump over him and prepare to end it.

"FIRE DRAGON BORN UNITED!" My attack hits him square in the chest and slams him to the ground. He's barely conscious and my flames start going out, so I go over and stand over him.

"I-I… w-win... as-asshole." I mutter out before fainting on top of him.

Pony's Fight

I've managed to hit Minxs, a few hits, but she's also managed to hit me with a few of her mist grenades. I am starting to get tired, I need to end this now. I stare start at Minxs and charge her with everything, I start getting faster and faster, as I close in on her.

"Mist Bull!" Minxs creates another Bull but I plow through it, as I hit her I switch to standing and put everything I can into my horns and knock Minxs into the air. After she lands I feel a sharp spike of pain in my legs, but I hear Peace's gauntlets firing and rush over to her.

Cortney's Fight

Jerome has this fight in the bag, he's much faster than me and he keeps interrupting my attacks, and I'm just managing to stay up.

"If I was just a little faster." I think to myself as Jerome prepares to finish me off. Right as this happens, I feel something going on in my legs, seeing no other options I stomp and turn my leg, only to start feeling my blood rush throughout my body. Seeing Jerome's attack about to hit me.

"Huh? Where did you go?" I appear standing behind Jerome.

"Behind you," I say as I punch Jerome in the back and send him flying and follow after him and kick him into the air. I jump after him.

"Aced." I then punch him with my right arm and slam him to the ground. I check to see if he's okay and feel like I'm almost forgetting something.

"Right, Peace!" And run back to check on her.

Perspective: Cortney

I come back to where was fighting and see the area charred from explosions and fire. I find Peace and Kachy knocked out on top of each other. They're both bruised but they'll be okay, I then see Pony running up and see she's banged up as well.

"Well, I guess we all had tough fights huh? You okay Pony?" I ask as I see Pony sway around a little.

"I'm ok Cort." As Pony says this she then falls over.

"PONY!" I rush over to her and see her holding her legs.

"What happened?" I ask Pony as I check on her legs.

"I think my legs just gave up." Pony replies back and I attempt to pick her up.

"Don't worry, I got yo- AUGHH!" Only to be hit by a sudden jolt of pain all over my body and topple over as well.

"Cortney!" I hear Pony yell out my name.

"Shit! I can't move now." I mutter out.

"What can we do now?" Before I can say anything our saviors come.

"Honey!" I hear my mom call me.

"Mom?" I try to think about how Mom knows where I was.

"I FOUND THEM! They look in pretty bad condition." I wonder who my mom would be calling out to.

"Lilly!" Until I hear Amallie's voice as well. The next thing I know I feel my pain go away, I look to see the medic lady go over to Pony and sit next to her.

"Hey, I can move again." Pony says as she is healed as well, the woman then goes over to Peace and Kachy.

"I healed their wounds, but they'll still be out for a while so they'll have to be carried." The woman says as she finishes up.

"I'll get m'." I look over to see Hina pick up both Peace and Pony without breaking a sweat.

"Wait Mom, how did you know we're here?" I ask.

"Axel told us about the situation and we rushed over." I mentally thank Axel as I slowly work my way up to my feet.

"We'll be talking about this later, young ladies and punishments will be served out." Me and Pony, both go into horror from what Mom just said.

Perspective switch: Peace

A few days have passed since the fight, but something weird is happening to me. I start to feel weird when I'm close to Bakugo, my heartbeat starts increasing, I get flustered and I can't think start. So I decide to call Cortney to see if she knows what's going on.

*ring ring, click* "Hey Peace what's up?" I hear Cortney ask as she picks up and I tell her what's going on. As I tell her it seems whatever I have is pretty bad based on what I'm hearing Cortney's muttering.

"Really, Really?" I can practically see Cortney rubbing her head from what I'm getting.

*uhh* I hear Cortney take a deep breath, "I can't beliv-, Peace, you're in love with Kachy." I almost drop my phone, hearing Cortney's revelation, I start to flush up.

"L-Love? Are you sure it's that and not some side effects of our quirks?" I scarcely ask I know love as Mom told me about it before. I just thought never it would be for Bakugo.

"Yep, it's definitely love, look I'll talk to Kachy-" I stop her right there.

"NO, listen, Cortney, you're a great friend, but I deal with this me myself, but do not interfere with at all. Got it?" Cortney left in utter shock from what I just but this is my problem and my problem alone.

"Alright, I see you want to deal with this alone and I'll let you. But tell me all the naughty things you do later, bye" Cortney adds before hanging up, leaving me with a flushed face.

One week later

It took a week to set this all up, but I'm guaranteed this will work. I put a letter in Bakugo's locker telling him to meet me after school on the roof. The sun is starting set and I'm certain that Bakugo is gonna shown. I'm leaning against the fence and looking at the door waiting for him to show.

"You better have a good damn reason for making me come up here." I hear Bakugo ask as he proceeds to blow my letter to pieces.

"Yes, and it's not to make fun of you," I tell Bakugo, who still looks ticked off about our fight.

"If not that, then did you call out here?" I get off the fence and start walking closer to Bakugo, I see him start to get a bit nervous as I get closer and closer. When I finally get close enough, I lean in so that our faces are close and lock our lips together. Our kiss is brief as Bakugo pushes me away.

"Hah… hah… what do you think your doingg-?" Bakugo stops himself once he lays his eyes upon me. My face is flushed and I'm swaying side to side. I turn around so that I don't look at Bakugo anymore and place my hands on my heart and look at the sunset.

"During our fight, you ignited something inside me. At first, I thought it was the will to win against you but instead, it was something completely different. You captured my heart and made it your's, I lost myself when I was next to you. I just wanted to tell you about these feelings inside me, you can leave and forget this all happened, but now I can be at peace with myself." I don't turn back around, I just keep looking to the sunset.

However, I'm suddenly spun around and brought into another much more intense kiss by Bakugo. This kiss feels as though Bakugo is putting all of his feelings into this one, after pulling me in his hands are around my hips and pulling me in even closer, his tongue is invading and exploring even inch of my mouth. The feeling is exhilarating and when we break away from our kiss, a single strand of saliva fall from our lips and I'm left breathless.

I look up to see Bakugo's face. His face is as or even more flushed than mine. His normal cocky smile is replaced with a very somber and gentle smile, something very different to see.

"Dammit!" I can feel a light press on my hips from Bakugo's thumbs.

"Dammit, I thought these stupid feelings were nothing and that I could ignore them. But you had to go and spill your feeling and now I can't ignore them anymore." I'm left in utter shock, I didn't think he would have the same feelings for me.

"Kacchan." I don't know what possessed me to say that but I do. Bakugo pulls me in again, I can see he wants to say something, but can't come up with anything.

"Bakugo I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me-"

"It's fine, you call me that, but don't call me that in public. It would bad if Cortney or that damn nerd Deku found that we were going out." Bakugo interrupts me to say. He lets go of me and starts searching for something in his pocket.

"Hey, let me see your phone," Bakugo ask leaving me completely lost.

"W-what for?" I ask.

"So that I can call you later. Are you dense?" I feel a little assaulted by that comment, but I pull out my phone.

"Are you really calling me dense Kacchan?" I fire back as I give him my phone number.

"You wanna go there Blondie!?" Bakugo ask

"Yeah, and my goddamn name is Peace asshole!" I yell back to Bakugo.

"You know what I don't time to deal with you, I'm going to see u', Blondie." Bakugo walks off but I grab my bag and follow after him.

"No you're not, come back here!"

One year later

A year has passed since me and Bakugo announced our love for each other. There were some bumps in the way, such as Bakugo and his parents learning about my background. Bakugo nearly blew the roof off the house, his parents on the other hand. His dad was concerned with the whole ordeal, but his mom really connected with mine and she told him it was a good idea.

After that Bakugo taught me that flying trick he does with his quirk and how to replicate with my gauntlets and after one of our kissing sessions, Bakugo went to use his quirk and he fires off an even bigger explosion than he meant to. Turns out our quirks are compatible if I coat Bakugo's hands in my quirk, it temporaries power-ups his quirk and if he does the same to me I can shoot off explosions.

However, currently I'm sick in bed and no one can help me. Cortney and Pony are sick too, Mom and Hina had to leave due to something coming up and the other clan members are trying their best to help but it just isn't enough.

I hear someone knocking on my door and tell them to come in and I see Bakugo enter.

"Bakugo? You shouldn't be here I'm sick and you could get sick too." I tell Bakugo, who ignores my warnings.

"Shut up. Your mom told me to come over to take care of you. What good boyfriend would I be if I didn't take care of you?" Bakugo places his hand on my head and another one on my stomach.

"You have a fever and something is blocking your stomach, I'm gonna blast it away." He starts before I can say anything. Bakugo uses a series of small explosions to help clear my stomach and I start to a little better.

"There, you probably were having a hard time eating with that in the way." I nod my head.

"I'm gonna make you something that you can keep down." Bakugo tends to me the whole time and every once a while, he uses his explosions to clear my stomach. Things are great until around night time.

"Hey scoot over," Bakugo ask to get into my bed and I instantly stop him.

"W-what do you mean scoot over? Shouldn't you go back home?" I ask as I weakly try to stop him.

"It would just be easier to stay over until you're better and I need to check on you. So come on, I'm getting tired." I give his words a once over in my mind and allow Bakugo to get in bed with me.

Sex scene coming up, skip to later part if you don't want to read this.

Bakugo is in bed with me and my mind starts racing to all the dirty things this means. I try to ignore them and go to sleep, but this made harder due to my fever and the heat from my lower half, makes sleeping an impossible feat. The heat I'm feeling is unbearable, so I decide to get a peek under the hood. I pull down Bakugo's pants and get my first look of his cock, he's still soft but nothing a blowjob can't solve.

This is my first time doing this, so I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm just gonna go off instinct. I start off with a few kisses and I see Bakugo's penis twitch a little and I keep going, once he gets big enough, I take him in my mouth and Bakugo wakes up.

"Hughh? Peace what are you doing?! Get the fuck off me!" When I feel Bakugo start to pull me off, I swallow his entire length in one go and he quickly loses the will to continue fighting and I can go at my own pace. I'm starting to wet just from the smell alone, however, I feel Bakugo grab my head again but he starts face fucking me.

"T-think…ah...I… ah, would be so easy." Bakugo faintly asks while spearing my throat, this doesn't last too long, Bakugo holds my head down as he cums down my throat, due to my eating habits, I don't have trouble swallowing Bakugo's sperm, I can feel every shot as it passes through my throat, only when he's finished does he let me go. I start coughing from being gagged by Bakugo, I see he's pissed off and will be getting revenge. Bakugo grabs me, tosses me on my back and positions himself between my legs, he takes off my pants, tosses my panties to the side and starts eating me out. I grab a pillow to muffle my moans but Bakugo knocks it out of my hands.

"K-Kacchan… w-wait, slow down." But my pleas go unheard by Bakugo, who continues on. My moans start escaping and I'm starting to shudder, how is he so good? His tongue is pushing my insides apart, my head is going blank.

"I-I'm, c-coming!" Bakugo drains the last of my stamina, he let's go of me and kisses, I'm surprised by how I taste. He breaks away shortly after and takes off his clothes and I see he's ready to go again and I do the same.

"Alright, time to get serious." Bakugo pins me down and locks me in a kiss. I help guide him in and once he's in Bakugo breaks away from the kiss and looks at me in confusion.

"Hey, how you aren't bleeding?" Bakugo ask.

"I may have ripped my hymen when I younger, from exercising," I reply to which I see a malicious smile on Bakugo's face.

"Good, that means I don't have to go slow." Bakugo then thrust his entire length into me and leaving me with a feel full. Bakugo starts moving and starts playing with my breasts. Every time he flicks one of my nipples, a rush of electricity goes through my body and I clench down in response, soon through Bakugo flips me to all fours.

This new position allows Bakugo to go even deeper, "Oh god! Faster Kacchan!" All I can think about is his dick.

"I'm... Ah... Going to... Hah... Cum soon." I tell Bakugo, who responses by thrusting even faster after a minute, I feel Bakugo starting to twitch inside me meaning he's close as well. I flip over and leglock him.

"Go ahead and cum inside me Kacchan." I slowly whisper the last part into Bakugo's ear, I feel Bakugo's release and I follow through almost a second later. After we separate, I can feel Bakugo's sperm start to leak out of me. Bakugo cuddles up next to me and we drift to sleep.

When I wake up the next morning, I no longer have a fever and feel a lot better. I see Bakugo's arms still holding me and also feel his morning wood smacking against my ass and I decide to have a little fun. I manage to slip away from his arms and I get ready to give him another blowjob, however Bakugo stops me in my tracks and grabs my head and lifts me until I'm face to face with him.

"Did you really think I would let you do that again?" Bakugo aggressively asks leaving me with no good answer.

"The good news is, I think your sperm helped me recover." I sheepishly answer and I see Bakugo smiles again and I fear that's he's going to skull fuck me again, however, he flips me over and pins me down with a kiss. When he pulls away, I can see the lust in his eyes.

"If you want to play that way… let's play." Suddenly I feel several ticks of pleasure, Bakugo using his quirk on me and I'm already soaking.

Perspective switch: Cortney

P.s. Continue reading here again

"Ugh…" Sick in bed and all due to a cold. Yeah, even evolved humans can still get sick and Pony is in the same boat, coughing her lungs out and I'm cooking myself alive. So quirkies (People with quirks general name) can't catch normal colds, they catch special colds that affect their quirks, but it's like Chicken Pox meaning once you get it you can't catch it again.

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Delaila: We'll.

T: We'll be talking about Cortney's combat equipment.

D: Cortney carries elemental-proof gloves, gauntlets, and spiked shoes.

T: These things can handle intense heat and cold and can resist electricity and before anyone say they're a cop-out, she has no natural way fighting elementals so she needs every advantage she can get. Also, her shoes are also insulated and give her incredible grip even on ice.

D: Yes, they're made forged steel, so they're non-magnetic.

T: These things can give a pounding and let's not forget about the claw attachment with these Cortney gains incredible grip, which she can use to climb walls and add to her acrobatics and make for a sharp weapon in a pinch.

D: But that's all the time we have for now.

T: Next time, the time has come, the show is starting and adventures unfold.

D: Entrance Exam Arc Part 1- A true hero!

D&T: Be there!

Chapter Text

Another day, another chapter. Let's get started. The story is actually starting.

Chapter Cover- Thanatos and Delaila standing on top of U-A, seeing everyone walk in.

Ch.10- A true hero!

2015 April 26, Cortney's age- 13

After getting over our colds, me and Pony are walking to school with Dekuy as that happens, we hear a roar in the distance, we run over to see what's happening and see a crowd people watching a villain attack.

"Is it starting?" I hear Pony ask.

"Yep, come on, let's see the fight." I push my way to the front with Pony and Dekuy as the villain smashes a power line.

"Wait for it." The fight goes on in canon and takes the spotlight and as Dekuy takes out a book to take notes. I grab Pony and make a break for it.

"Hey Dekuy, We'll see you after school!" I yell to Dekuy as we run by him.

"Pony call Peace and I'll call Axel and tell'em it's time." I tell Pony as we run to school.

After school

I wait for Peace and Axel to show up at the spot like we talked about, after they show, I discuss what's about to happen.

"Alright, the anime starting and Peace this is gonna be the hardest on you, considering your relationship with Kachy." Peace gets imminently worried over my statement.

"Kacchan." I hear Peace whispers out woefully, clutching her backpack specifically a little charm. A little All Might figurine. I put a hand on her shoulder to put her at ease.

"I promise that no harm will come to Kachy." I put some hope in Peace and after that me and Axel tell Peace and Pony of events to come.

A Few Hours Later

Almost everything goes down as in the show except when Dekuy goes to rescue Kachy, Peace goes with him and we have to go after them and after All Might defeats the villain, we get scolded for being reckless but Death Arms recognizes me.

"Hey kid didn't we meet before?" Death Arms ask, to which I reply to by nodding my head.

"Yeah, sorry, but my friends were in danger and I needed to help them." I tell Death Arms with zero regret in my voice and a chop to the head from Pony.

"Sorry about my friends, they aren't normally this reckless." Pony says as me and Peace nurse the goosebumps on our heads.

"Why does that hurt so much!?" I ask how Pony is hurting me with her HANDS, when before she couldn't even faze me. After we that me and Pony walk home the long way to avoid Dekuy and All Might meeting after we get home, I call Peace to see how she's doing.

"Hey Peace." On the other end, I hear Peace tinkering with something and then.

*BANG* "Dammit!" Something fires off and Peace ducks for cover.

"Peace! Are you ok? Are you alright?" I ask, hoping she isn't in danger.

"No, I'm working on some new ammunition types and one of them just exploded." Peace has always been the one to handle things on her own like with Kachy but I never suspected her to make her own ammo.

"Since when have you been making your own ammo?" I ask in utter curiosity, wondering how long she has been doing that.

"Ever since your mom gave me my gauntlets. I'm currently working on shotgun shells, once I get all the kinks out these will be my main rounds from now on." I see Peace is working on improving herself in every way possible and this gives me an idea.

"Cool, hey Peace I gotta work on something myself." Peace hangs up and I start meditating after a second I'm standing in front of Kim.

"You ready?" Kim nods her head and we get ready and cross our arms.

"Fifth Gear Monster!" My hair and skin turn Red and my spikes turn White. I rush of power throughout my body and my arms go limp. This last a second before I return to normal, exhausted but with some better understanding of the power lying within me.

"I have to gain control over this."

10 Months Later- February 26, 2016

Man U-A in the anime was awesome, but seeing it in person is unbelievable as me, Peace and Axel walk past the statues of heroes of the past, I can't help but get hyped.

As we walk inside, I see Ochaco stop Dekuy from falling on his face, but continue on knowing I'll be seeing her again. In the auditorium we're given the breakdown of what's about to happen by Present Mic, explaining how we earn points and where we're going. However Peace starts to see my hair move.

"Um, what's going on with your hair Cortney?" I quickly try to deflect the question.

"Nothing, Nothing going on whatsoever somebody with my hair just pay attention to what Present Mic is saying." However, that doesn't stop Peace from poking my hair and hearing a whine come out.

"Sigh, come out Chibi." Chibi unfolds to full size on my head.

"Why did you bring Chibi here?" Peace asks.

Earlier Today

Today's the day, the U-A entrance exam, I have been training for this day, but first, you look good to be good. I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and do my hair that's when I notice the extra hair on my head.

"Chibi." Out pops a yawning Chibi, I grab him and get a love bite on my nose and give him a kiss on nose in response.

"Sorry Chibi but you can't come." I then quickly realize take Chibi by hiding him on my head, I put Chibi back on my head.

"Okay Chibi camouflage with my hair." Chibi tucks his tail and head in and looks just like some extra hair.


"And that's how I got into this situation." I finish explaining to Peace.

"So you plan on making a hero himself?" Peace says with a tone exposing all the flaws with plan.

"Okay, I didn't really think this through, but this could be awesome for Chibi." I tell Peace with a skeptical look still on her face.

"Hey, where are you going?" Axel interrupts our conservation to bring us back to our regularly scheduled program. We were so distracted that I missed Tenya's introduction.

"Ugg, I got H." I answer.

"I got C." Peace answers

"B, I'm in with Izuku, Tenya and Ochaco." Peace doesn't try to ask who they and I wish him good luck.

"Let's do our best!" Both Axel and Peace agree as we split off to get dress and go to our areas.

Battlefield H

I'm wearing my wrap and bindings under a tank top and cargo shorts and my bag. I look around to see who I'm up against until I spot a boy with long gray hair, some very weird eyelashes and sharp teeth. I open my book to see if I can identify him while unknowingly walking closer.

"H-Hey!" I turn to his page just in time as I bump into him. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, quirk Steel- He can harden his body to be as strong as steel. He's wearing a black tee and sweatpants and managing to look remarkably handsome. I quickly banish the thought and response back.

"Hey, I'm Cortney Tan Jr. and you are?" I ask already knowing a little bit who he is.

"I'm Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu." Seeing as he is the only person, I can recognize I decide to have some fun.

"Let's have some fun, whoever smashes the most villain bots loser has to buy the winner lunch. You in?" I can see Tetsu wants in.

"Sure." We're drawn away from our conservation by Present Mic standing on a huge tower.

"Right, let's start!" I take that as my cue and run into the battlefield.

4 Minutes later

"Straight Flush! And that's 34 points." I say as smash another villain bot, however, while I'm catching my breath another one pops out of nowhere and smacks me through a wall and sends Chibi away. Some rubble falls on top of me and stops me from moving.

"Prepare to be destroyed." I hear the robot say, I brace myself as best as I can for the worst but it never happens. I soon feel the rubble being lifted off of me, I turn around to see Tetsu holding up the rubble, I crawl out and make my way towards Tetsu and give him a kiss.

After I break away from the kiss I see Tetsu is left speechless, I open up my book and write down my number and tear it out, give it him and make my leave to find Chibi.

It takes a minute to find him, but I see he's been busy as I find sleeping on top of three slashed to bits, three point robots. "And that's 43 points." I say as I pick and twirl him around.

"Chibi Chibi, I just my first boy out on a date, Eee, I wonder how the others are."

Battlefield C- Perspective Peace

Only five minutes in and I already have 48 points, but some vine haired girl keeps getting in my way. I almost burned her a few times, but she managed to save me a few times.

"Hey, who are, you're pretty good." I ask the girl as she grabs and throws a three point robot up into the air.

"I am Ibara Shiozaki and you are?" She replies back.

"Name's Peace Miglow. Nice to meet you." I answer back before the robot falls to the ground.

"TWO MINUTES LEFT!" I hear Present Mic announce.

"I wonder how the others are doing?" I say to myself as I rush to secure myself more points.

Battlefield B- Perspective Axel

*Smash* That racks up to 50 points, thanks to copying Tenya's quirk now I can move much quicker, but I start to feel the ground rumble. I look over to see a 0 point robot coming straight for us while most flee for their lives, I stand my ground as everyone passes me as Deku rushes to the rescue.

Earlier before the exam started

As everybody is preparing for the exams to start, I see Deku standing before everybody taking in what they have. I walk over to introduce myself seeing as we have never actually met.

"Hey there Dekuy." I surprise Izuku by calling him the nickname Cortney calls him.

"H-hey, are you a friend of Cortney since you called me Dekuy." I look at Izuku, Cortney told me that she did give Izuku extra training and I say she did pretty well, since I can see more muscle on his arms and legs even underneath his tracksuit.

"Yeah names Axel Gallavancer, I just wanted to tell you that you'll show everyone what a true hero is." I walk away before Izuku can respond and just in time as Tenya starts walking towards him.


As Deku jumps to destroy the robot, I go over to help Ochaco.

"Hey help that kid after he starts to fall." I say as I toss aside the rubble on her leg, I faintly hear what she says, but by that point I'm already on the other side of the battlefield. I stop once I hear the robot be smashed away, I look towards the falling Izuku and his desperate as he tries not to become a human pancake however that problem solves itself as Ochaco slaps him midair and stops his fall. Even with most of his limbs broken Izuku pushes on until the very end.

"TIMES UP!" After Present Mic calls the end of the exam, everybody walks over to the broken Izuku but I take my leave.

One week later- Perspective Cortney

The wait to see if I got I in or not is killing me. Ever since we moved, I noticed that Mom hasn't been at home lately and comes back late at night now. Speak of the devil, she just walked through the door holding two letters stamped with a U-A seal.

"Cortney Pony, your letters from U-A are here." She says with no surprise or urgency in her voice. I hear Pony running around the corner and swipes it from her hand, I grab mine and go into my room, cutting it open reveals a slip of paper and a display device. I turn the device on and All Might appear on a projection.

Author note: If All Might is in his power-up state his text will be in bold, but if in his true form then it will be normal.

"Cortney Tan, you got 50 villian points." After I asked Tetsu out, I got so flustered that I couldn't concentrate on the exam anymore, but seeing as I got 50 points meaning they didn't mind Chibi at all.

"But there was more to the exams, RESCUE POINTS! Since your pet saved some you got 10 rescue points, meaning you tied with 3 other students." All might says leaving me questioning who I could tie with and the video ends there and I switch to letter most of it doesn't have anything of great importance, but when I see what class I'm in leaves me speechless.

I see Pony standing in the door frame of my room and I hand the letter over to her.

"Let's see, class 1... B, ok. I see what the problem is." My original plan was to get into class 1-A and get help from class 1-B later but this completely ruins my plans. Oh well, I have three weeks to come up with a new plan. Class B was shown briefly from where the anime was, so I only knowledge of three classmates and I don't know jack about the rest. I get a call from an unknown number, but I pick it up knowing who it is completely forgetting that Pony is in the room.

"Hey Tetsu." I say while trying to keep my composure. Tetsu is the first boy I've ever liked, I mean I have received love letters before, but none of them seem interesting and I don't want to end up in the same spot that Dekuy and Ochaco were in.

"IIIS that a boy?" Pony asks successful making me lose my tiny amount of composure I had left.

"G-Get out." Instead getting out of my room, Pony moves closer to my phone.

"Is this a bad time because I can call back late-" I stop him before he can finish.

"NO, that's just my friend being annoying. So what did you call for?" I ask.

"I just wanted to know if you're up for getting some lunch tomorrow." The look on Pony's face says a million things but she refrains from saying anything.

"Yeah that sounds awesome, how does 4 sound?" I ask.

"Great. See you tomorrow." After Tetsu hangs up, I lean back in my chair and take a deep breath and then give Pony the nastiest she's even seen from me.

"Sorry. Anyway, what's up with you and Tetsu?" I just throw my head into my desk.

"I lost a bet and I own him lunch." I say.

"Ok, but III still don't see why it's so awkward between you two." I throw my head even further into my desk causing to bend from the amount of force on it.  

"I kissed him." I mumble through my desk. I can sense the shock in Pony and I don't even need to see her face.

"WHAT!? HOW DO ACCIDENTALLY KISS SOMEONE!" Pony screams at the top of lungs and pulling me close to her. So close that her normally peaceful eyes are screaming "you're an idiot" and after a second she tosses me over to my bed, she sighs and presses the bridge of her nose.

"Okay, explain the situation from the start." And I do, I tell her the series of events that lead up to that lead up to that decision.

*sigh* "Fine, I'll help you." I look at Pony wondering what she means.

"I mean finding you something pretty to wear because let's both be honest, you dress like a tomboy." I mean she's not wrong.

"Alright, make me a woman." I tell Pony.

March 5, 2016

As I approach the noodle shop me and Tetsu talked about, I see Tetsu looking around for me. He's wearing a dark Blue shirt and sweatpants with the numbers 02 on the left leg.

"I did tell him to dress like he normally does, unlike me." I say to myself. I'm wearing a white dress with a floral design and I'm not wearing my bounding. I left my hair down to let it hang past my neck and comb it straight. My left arm is wrapped up to cover my scar, and I'm wearing flats. I walk over and tap Tetsu on the back, it takes him a second to recognize me.

"C-Cortney you look beauti- great, you look great." Tetsu says, turning his blushing face away from me.

"Thanks, you look nice. So are you ready to eat?" I ask Tetsu as I sit down and look at what I want to eat.

"Yeah." The meal goes off without a hitch as I go to pay, Tetsu stops me.

"Wait, let me pay." I'm surprised Tetsu wants to pay, we even talked about how I was going to be paying since I lost the bet.

"I thought I was gonna be paying." I say thinking I did something wrong.

"No my dad says that a woman should never pay for dinner." Tetsu pays an employee and we walk out and I look at the time on my phone.

"4 O'clock. There still a lot of time, so how about we walk around town?" As I say this, me and Tetsu's eyes lock, time seems to stand still. I close my eyes in preparation for our kiss, but I open my eyes to see Tetsu leaning away from me.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to make things awkward." I quickly blurt out. Tetsu turns his head away to look at something else.

"So are you still up for that walk?" I ask to try to get things back on track.

"Sure." Tetsu puts his hand out and I grab on to it.

In front of Tan resident

After kissing incident the rest of day was great. Me and Tetsu learned a lot about each other like we both like fighting games and we both love a good fight. We end the day in my front door.

"Thanks Tetsu, I had a great day. It was awkward at first, but we made it better." I unlock the door and proceed to walk in but not before saying goodbye to Tetsu.

"I guess I'll see at school." I say as I walk through the door, Tetsu pulls me back to him.

"Listen Cortney, the reason I was so distant at first was that I didn't to mess things up. But I was wondering if you want to do this again?" I thought Tetsu just wanted to be friends but he actually likes me.

"L-Like a d-date?" I ask.

"What does this say?" And our lips truly meet, time seems to stand still even though the kiss only lasted a second, it was an eternity for me and I enjoyed every second of it. After the kiss we wave each other goodbye and head to my room to take in what happen over the last week.

April 1st

"Come on Pony I don't want late to be for first day of school." Pony rushes out of her room and almost tackles me through the door.

"Get your horseshoes and let's go. Come on Chibi!" As Chibi jumps into my hands, I place him on my head. Mom left earlier, but she said, I'll see her at school, no idea what she means, but I walk out the door to start my journey as a hero.

Writer: And that's a wrap. Once again, sorry for the mini hiatus. It's not because of lack of motivation just laziness, that's all I have to say. Now on to what every Thanatos and Delaila have planned today.

Thanatos: Thank you mister writer. Now for the Power of the day.

Delaila: We changed the name.

T: Today we'll talking about that move Cortney was working on, 5th gear Monster.

D: Cortney allows Kim some control over her body to grant her extra power.

T: But that's not all her fighting style switches to a more kicking style and she gains access to some powerful attacks.

D: There more to this form, but that's all we're going to reveal.

T: Now on the preview, Cortney starts her first day at U.A. and let's just say both her classmates and teacher are unique and remember.

T & D: Go beyond Plus Ultra.

to use Ginger

Limited mode



to use Ginger

Limited mode

D: There more to this form, but that's all we're going to reveal


Chapter Text

I think I'm getting back in the swing of things. I should probably mention that I thought the tournament arc was a useless side-arc so didn't pay attention the first time round.

Chapter cover- Class B in their Chibi forms enjoying their favorite foods.

Ch.11- First day Test

As I walk through the halls, I ready myself to meet my class. The anime was about Class 1-A and their struggles mainly Dekuy, not 1-B so I only have information on three of them, four if you wanna count Pony, but even then I only know their quirks. Me and Tetsu may be dating but only for a few weeks, so we don't each other that well yet, plus me, Peace and Axel decided to not talk with each other until after the first day.

I'm taking my time, but Pony is running around exploring the school. She got in and she didn't even have to step hoof in the school, so I'm not surprised that she's trying to her bearings. We come up to a door that's gigantic, it's at least 30 meters tall and on the door is 1-B written in Red, Pony stops me before I reach the window.

"Wait, I have something funny, I want to do." I kinda want to see what she has in tow so I let her go first.

(In Broken slow Japanese) "Hell-o everyone I'm Pony Tsunotori it is nice to meet you." Everybody confusedly waves to Pony, except one blond haired girl, who sees right through her ruse.

"Pony. What the hell are you doing?" Pony responds to Peace dropping her lost tourist act in the proceed.

"Jeez, way to kill a great reveal Peace." Pony says perfectly, which in turns shocks everyone again. I finally walk through and make my entrance, I have my hair in a spiky ponytail, I'm wearing a modified U.A. girls uniform both for my quirk and build there are slots on my sides for the steam my body releases and comfortable to move around in. I have my gauntlet on my left arm to cover my scar.

I look over to where I heard Peace's voice and I also spot Axel seating right behind. Seeing something I do a quick head count, "20, 21, 22, How are their 22 students in a single class?" As I say that, laughter is heard and everyone turns their attention to the front of the class, the board starts squirming around and a surprise bigger than finding out I'm stuck with Thana appears.

"Mom?!" My mom in a Red leotard with her sides exposed, a chain wrapped around her chest, a revolver on her side and holding a huge metal case. She has a bloodied Black mask with a Yellow X across it. I see her grin through the mask, everyone turns their glare.

"Don't look me this is as big as a surprise to me as it is to you!" I yell while pointing at mom, who's laughing her ass off. Once she's done laughing, she switches to a more serious attitude.

"I'll tell everything later, but for now…" She then reaches the table and pulls out a P.E uniform, "Put these on."

Some time later

After we switch to our gym clothes, we head to P.E ground where we find class 1-A, me and Axel both know what's about to go down. The Quirk Apprehension Test, a test made by Shota Aizawa to see what we can do.

"Hello there." A groggy looking man who looks like he just got out of bed and his early 30's. He's wearing a ragged outfit consisting of a Black shirt and pants tuck in his boots. To finish it off, he's wearing his signature scarf. He doesn't turn around to face her.

"What? Aren't you going to acknowledge your fellow teacher?" The man shows his phone to my mom and then shows it to us.

"Today we'll put you through a series of tests to find your limits." Aizawa then chimes in.

"Bakugo, what was your farthest distance throwing a baseball in junior high?"

"About 67 meters."

"Now try doing it with your quirk." Bakugo enters the circle and stretches.

"You can do whatever you want as long as you don't leave the circle." Bakugo says something, but I can't hear what he said since I'm too far away. He then throws the ball while setting off an explosion, leaving a burning tail. After the ball lands, like a dog Chibi jumps from my head and chases after it.

"Is that Chibiterasu?" Dekuy is the only one I'm able to catch from the sea of questions. They only stop when someone fires a gun.

"Save any questions for later. I can't explain the full situation right now surrounding Chibiterasu, but he is under the responsibility of Cortney." I give my silent thanks for getting the spotlight off me.

"Now, as I was about to say, these tests will show us your limits, that's the most rational thing to do it." Aizawa then flips the phone around to show 705 meters on the screen almost everybody beside me and Axle is surprised at the distance Bakugo got. One student comments how fun it looks, but Aizawa shows his ideals.

"Today you will be competing in eight tests to gauge your potential, whoever has none will be expelled immediately in both classes." One girl comments how that's unfair, but he retorts.

"Oh, you think natural disasters are? Or a power hungry villains, or catastrophic accidents that wipes out whole cities. No the world is full of unfairness. It's a heroes job to try to combat that unfairness. If want to a pro, you to push yourselves to the brink for the three years U.A. will one terrible hardship after another at you, so go beyond plus, ultra style. Show us, it's no mistake that you're here." As he challenges us.

Test 1: 50-meter dash

The first up in our class are Pony and Axel. Pony gets in the runner position, but Axel hikes up his pant legs until they're at his ankles, suddenly six exhaust pipes shoot out and his calves shape themselves into something similar to a car engine and gets ready.

"Runners on your marks, get ready." *BANG* Both Axel and Pony take off, Pony manages to keep up for 30 meters but after that Axel leaves her behind.

"3.04 seconds." Axel gets the exact same time as Tenya, once he's done his legs return to normal.

"5 seconds." And Pony not far behind.

"Awesome, I shaved off a second."

Next up is a guy with White hair and charcoal Black skin against a girl with long, dark, wavy hair and before she turns her legs into some type of dinosaur.

"Runners on your mark, get ready." *Bang* The guy takes off, but he is quickly left behind by the girl.

"4.71 seconds." The girl legs returns to normal.

"7 seconds." The guy scoffs at the time he got.

Then it's me and Peace's turn, "Runners on your mark, ready." Peace fires her gauntlets off behind her for a massive burst of speed.

"2.07 seconds." Peace dumps her used rounds out her gauntlets and tosses two new sets in the air, reloading in one smooth motion.

"6.98 seconds."

"Show off." I say jokingly.

(Author note: Only the rounds themselves are ejected, the belts, pop out a little for safe recollection.)

Test 2: Grip strength

I summon every ounce of strength I can and clock out at 268 kg. I spot Axel who now has six arms. I see him hit 540 kg, doubling my score.

"I looks like you have the number one." But it seems that our classmates aren't letting Axel get that spot easily.

"2500 kg!" We look over to Pony and see a girl with very big hands almost crushing her scale.

Test 3: Standing long jump 

I see some of my classmates use their quirks in some creative ways. A girl with vines for basically slingshots herself over the sand, one guy makes air walls to get across, I clear over the jump and Peace just flies over. Axel uses his engine to extend his jump and Pony just jumps.  

Test 5: Ball throw

Skipped 4, That is the most boring test and nothing can really come from it.

Gravity girl goes up and scores infinite as the ball flies away, I wonder what trouble that ball is going to cause.

First is up in our class is Peace. She spins the ball in her hands and then she bangs her gauntlets, however, nothing I if erased her quirk but suddenly she combust into blue flames. Normally when Peace uses her quirk, she covers a small area around her, but her flames only cover her body and the ball.

She then throws the ball while firing her gauntlet at the same time. The ball looks like a dragon is flying through the sky. When the ball lands her flames go out, and she starts stumbling and giggling like an idiot. I catch her before she falls.

"What happened?" Someone from Class 1-A ask, I can't see who said it because my focus is on keeping me and Peace up.

"She burned out." Everybody except Denki has no clue what I mean and I go into further details.

"If Peace uses her quirk too much, she ends up in what we call the burn out state. Luckily, it's easy to fix all, you have to do is feed her fire doesn't matter what as long as it is fire. Kachy, do you think you could help." He grumbles something, but comes over and I sit Peace on the ground.

Kachy places his hand over her mouth and unleashes a barrage of explosions down her mouth. He does for about three seconds removes his hand and Peace grabs Kachy and starts snuggling him.

"My big tough boyfriend-" The second boyfriend leaves her Kachy escape her grasp and unleashes a much stronger barrage of explosions, however Peace said it in front of everyone and Pony puts the puzzle pieces together.

"Did Peace just call Bakugo? Wait are Peace and Bakugo dating?!" Annoyed that she wasn't in on the secret.

Peace punches Kachy in the face to get him off her. She works her way to her feet and Kachy clutches his nose.

"Look, I know how big of a surprise it is but I promise to explain-"

"Which you can do on your own free time, but we have three more tests." Mom brings us out of our little world and shows us Peace's result. She got 705.3 m, 0.1 m farther than Kachy.

I whisper into Peace's ear, "Peace, please stand next to Kachy for me." And she does.

Next up to throw is Dekuy, I see the desperate in his but I know he'll pull through. He goes for the throw and only gets 46 meters.

"What happened?" Someone asks.

"His quirk has been erased." Axel states.

"Look at the goggles, that's the pro hero Eraser Head." Nobody knows who that is, but I also the pieces together, the goggles, his weapon.

"You admire him, huh Axel?" I groan out through my facepalm for not noticing earlier. Axel flashes me a thumbs up signifying that I struck right on the money.

At this point has given back Dekuy's quirk and prepares to throw again. This time he throws the ball with a ton more force, but still at the cost of a broken finger.

He smiles, while clutching his broken finger to show Aizawa that he be a hero. I wonder why Kachy hasn't tried to Dekuy, I look over to see Peace is holding back Kachy, I completely forgot I asked her to that.

Alright, now it's my turn, let's see what 11 months of training can do. When I step in the circle I cross my arms, close my eyes and take a deep breath. I pull my arms back and leave the rest to Kim.

I flash a thumbs up to Peace, "Don't worry, I won't lose myself like last time. I'm in control. You're looking at Fifth gear Monster in action!" I put Peace at ease somewhat. I pull back and throw with all my might but there's more power I thought, resulting in me fracturing my hand and returning back to normal.

"Ahhh!" I'm brought down to a knee from the pain and Tetsu runs over to me.

"Cortney! Are you ok?" My mom walks to my side and looks at my hand.

"You only fractured your hand, so nothing major, but it was still idiotic to use all that power at once. We will talk about this at home." Tetsu helps me up to my feet and we walk back to our classmates and Dekuy checks on me.

"Cortney are you ok?" Dekuy asks. 

"If we were to compare our injuries, you're much worse off, mine will heal in an hour max, but you have to go the nurse's office." It's hard to that I'm injured but Dekuy's finger is dark Purple.


Everyone is silent with anticipation, wondering who will be expelled and two are Dekuy and It's someone called Yosetsu Awase. Someone I don't know yet, so I don't fully care because.

"And I was lying, nobody is going home. That was just a rational deception to make sure you were giving it your all." This is a shock to almost everybody except me, Axel and another girl in class 1-A.

"We knew they were lying from the beginning, I guess we should have told you." Everybody looks at us with a no duh look.

"We're done for the day, pick up your syllabus from class and look." They then leave.


I get my food and walk over to Peace and Pony. Pony currently munching on an Apple, after taking a few bites she puts it down to start talking.

"So Peace, how long have you and Bakugo been going out?" Asking Peace to spill her secret.

"Almost two years, Kacchan wanted to keep it a secret." Pony chokes on the bits of Apple in her mouth.

"T-Two years?! How did we, didn't notice?" Peace sheepishly turns to me.


"I knew about it the time. Speaking which, you're not only one dating anymore." Peace clasps her hands together.

"Really? Who is it and how long?" I shake my head as I'm about say his name.

"Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu and only three weeks." The what face on Peace is priceless.

Our conversation is interrupted when the other girls of our class, join our table and we spend the rest of lunch introducing each other.

At home

After Mom comes home, we sit at the table.

"You have a lot to explain Mom." I say.

"I do. It would be best to explain our quirks."

"Quirk, but sis said you were quirk-less." This revelation changes everything I knew about my own mother.

"No that was a lie, but there was a good reason for it. You see the quirk on my side of the family is called Demon within. A powerful demon resides in us, the horns on your head means you have it." She points to my Red spikes while digging in her hair to reveal two spikes like mine above her eyebrows.

"Horns?" I'm lost in the abyss of information.

"The demon caused me to do terrible things. It caused me to gain the name, murderous vigilante eXecution." She starts crying, I get from my chair hug her.

"Mom, I don't care what you did in the past, you're my mom now and that's all I care about. I will always love you." I wipe away her tears.

"Now explain everything." She stops crying and tells me everything.

"When quirks started appearing, it looked like we weren't affected, but we started going on murder sprees. It seemed that we transformed into monsters, our hair started turning white and these spikes started appearing. The most I could do was use it to kill villains." That explains so much but she continues on.

"We soon started giving birth to only girls. We had to change our last name, we just couldn't live in public." I stop her there, it seems that there's a lot history to our family.

"You can stop there, tell me what happened to you." I say

"After one fight I was left heavily injured I managed to faint in an alleyway where your father found me, he nursed me back to health. It was that that made me fight back, I made a bet with my demon that if I could show her the happiness of motherhood, she could no longer possess me." Since she's standing in front of me, I say she won the bet.

"When I saw that your sister was quirk-less, I was happy, but when I saw you had a quirk I was scared for you when berserk I decided to something, when we moved I went through brutal training for both my body and quirk, so I teach you to use your quirk." She did it this for me and I'll be sure it won't go to waste. I kiss her on the cheek.

"Thanks for telling me. I'll you at school tomorrow." I go to bed. Some time past and Dad comes home to spot Mom sitting at the table looking at nothing in particular.

"What happened?" He asks.

"I finally told her the truth. I'm going to call Lisa and tell her too." She gets up and walks away.

Inside Cortney's mind

Kim is in a field, sitting on a rock nearby a river, thinking about her origin.

Kim: So I'm a demon.

?: With a quite powerful bond with her user.

K: Whose there? A woman that looks a lot Cortney Sr. with Red steaming skin and an x scar covering her whole face.

K: Good to meet Mom.

to use Ginger

Limited mode

belts, pop


to use Ginger

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in a massive burst of speed


Chapter Text

Hello there, as you made have guessed by the title, this isn't a normal chapter instead every 10-ish chapters, I want to talk to about how things are going, give information that I forgot and other things. Let's start shall we. I

Cortney is 169 cm tall so she just bigger than Izuku and but still smaller than Bakugo. She has Red eyes.

Story: Cortney hasn't changed much when I first started the story, but she has gained more friends, before Peace or Axel were added, Pony was suppose to be her only friend. I always planned on her being in Class 1-B to replace Manga Fukidashi, still don't know if I'm going to include him in the story.

Peace is 165 cm, her eyes look like a flame. Her gauntlets are Yellow but turn Red slightly due to the heatsinks and for those wondering if Peace is more a reference to Natsu or Yang, I have no idea anymore.  Story: Oh boy, Peace has gone through the most changes. I planned for her to be a side character, and for her to be the leader of the Miasma clan by the time Cortney got into U.A but I liked her too much and decided to make her a main character. Also, her father will make an appearance,

Axel- I haven't done much with yet, but he will have his time.

Cortney Sr. She used to have a small role, working at U.A in the support department.

I think that's all I have to say today, until next time. Remember go beyond PLUSSS ULTRA.

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She used to have a small role


Chapter Text

Before I start, I like to thank xZealHakune and DrZenkai with Quirk Under Pressure and The Heart of a Hero for quirk ideas and costumes for Class 1-B. This will be Class B's trial arc, so enjoy.

Chapter cover- Cortney and her Mom' demons looking down at the reader.

Ch.12- United we stand

April 2

The things my mom told me was shocking, but it will rest between us. Today is battle training, I can't wait to see what my classmates can do.

"I am here for your training!" The No. 1 hero announces, most people dream of standing next All Might but I'm being taught by the best hero that was.

"Is that how he always starts things off?" Pony whispers to me.

"It's his freaking ringtone." I reply.

"Your hero course begins officially. We'll start with a special Heroes vs. Villains exercise." He says in a more teacher tone, he then points to the wall which reveals several briefcase like bags.

"Your hero costumes made to your design and specifications." I grab my costume as everybody grabs theirs.

"Suit up and meet me in training Ground Beta!"

"YAY!" We all cheer.

Training Ground Beta

I based my costume on the Viking Berserker. I have my gauntlets and gloves on with a leather vest with fur trailing the lining, the sides open and stitched up like chain mail with my binding and wrappings underneath. I have Brown pants with greaves going up to my legs and the shoes and bag, I normally wear.

"Now you all look like real heroes. Most people think villain attacks happen outside, but the most heinous crimes occur indoors, so to simulate this you'll be fighting in there." All Might says pointing to the building behind him.

"The teams have been already selected and will be drawn now." 

"Wait we don't even know who our teammates are?" Pony asks upon learning going down. 

"Because heroes often team up on the spot with whoever is there. So you have to be able to team up with anyone." Axel responds.

"The first up for the heroes are team A, Cortney Tan and Yosetsu Awase, and the villains will be team K, Peace Miglow and Jurota Shishida." We step forward, I'm paired with a kid with a white bandana with thin Blue criss-cross stripes and Peace is paired with a beast of a man. No, I'm not joking, he looks Beast from X-men.

"I'll explain the rules now. The villains have five minutes to stash a dangerous weapon in the building. The heroes can not enter or look inside the building during the prep time. The villains can set traps and prepare themselves, but once prep time is over the villains have to be in the weapon room. After the five minutes are up, you have 15 minutes to fight out, the heroes win if they capture the villains or secure the weapon. The villains win if they capture the heroes or defend the weapon until time runs out." All Might says.

"How do we capture someone?" I ask.

"With this." He pulls out some White tape, "Capture Tape! Wrap this around your opponents to 'capture' them." He gives us each some capture tape and a small earpiece, "You can keep in touch with your teammates with these and I can talk into them just in case. Your classmates and I will be watching you from the monitoring room, if I see anyone go too far, I'll be stopping the fight."

"I won't be going easy on you Peace." I say

"Me Neither!" She says just out of earshot.

(Note- The weapon only weighs 10 kg or 22 pounds.)

Perspective Peace

I know All Might say we had a dangerous weapon, but this is what planes used to drop during WW2. I need to find out my partner can do.

My partner hero costume is an Orange bodysuit with a Red stripe down the middle, an Orange utility belt and suspenders with Camo boots and he's like 20 cm taller than me, my observation is cut short as he suddenly stops.

"It seems you and Cortney knows each other." Jurota exclaims

"Yeah, she's my best friend." I disclose the state of our relationship.

"Then you know what her quirk is then?" Yeah, I better warn him.

"Yes and let me fight her because she will destroy you. She gets stronger the more damage she takes and is trained in CQC. Also, we might want to find a spot for the bomb." We get moving again until we find a defendable room.

"Alright." He puts down the weapon and continues our conservation, "It's a good idea to know each other's quirks. As you can see my quirk is Beast, it gives me the powers of an animal."

"My quirk is Dragon Slayer, I can ignite myself and I get stronger when I use my quirk. My fighting style mainly revolves around my gauntlets, but I need to reload them every 40 shots."

Perspective Cortney prep time

I do a last minute check to make sure nothing is up with costume and look over to my partner, besides the bandana his hero costume consists of large metal shoulder pads, a dark Blue-Gray sleeve shirt, Black wrist bracers, light Blue pants held up by a Black leather belt with a large silver buckle and Black boots.

"That is a lot of dark colors, anyway, my quirk is Berserker it allows me to absorb damage I take. What's yours?"

"My quirk is Weld, I can weld any two objects I hold in my hands together. What can the dog do?" Sometimes I forget Chibi is on my head.

"Chibi's quirk is Paint Brush Arts, he can use his ink to do things like cutting some something which I won't use on a person because it could probably them cut in half." We spend the rest of the time coming up with a plan.

"Heroes vs. Villain Training: Begin!" The game starts and we make a break for the weapon. The first two floors are empty, when we get to the third floor Chibi starts barking, I stop and start looking around.

"What's up?" Yosetsu also stops.

"Keep going, go find the weapon." Just before he's at the steps, " Hey Yosetsu…" He looks at me, "Good luck." I give him a thumbs up and get one back just as he leaves I have to dodge out the way.

I turn to where the shot came from and see Peace come out her hiding spot.

Monitoring room (Note these scenes take place in 3rd person)

Inside the monitoring room the other students are about to watch the fight unfold.

"Cortney has incredible reflexes, and her dog was able to alert her to her opponent's presence." A girl with Orange hair notes.

"Yes, that is true, but the fight is just beginning, so it's impossible to tell who will." Axel remakes.

Training Building

I have to say Peace's costume came out well. She took inspiration from Natsu's original outfit, she's wearing a light Purple scarf around her neck, a sleeveless, Gold trimmed, Black waistcoat with a giant zipper, zipped all the way up, a Black cloth around her waist that reaches her knees, held by a leather Brown belt with an oval-shaped silver buckle also holding two ammo pouches and a Yellow utility bags, White knee-length trousers with light Blue ribbon ties and open-toed sandals.

I can't admire her costume for long before she launches herself at me. I grab her arms as she's flying and flip us on our backs.

"You always start a fight off by throwing yourself at the opponent." I tell Peace but she retaliates by firing her gauntlets into my shoulders.

"First gear." I grunt through the pain, I kick up to feet while using the momentum to slam Peace into the ground.

Monitoring room

"Students, tell me what Cortney is doing." The Orange haired girl answers.

"She's holding down her opponent. Giving them no time to think and little options."

"Cort is trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a fighting style which specializes in grappling." Pony adds.

"Where she learn that?" Tetsu ask.

"She learned it from her older sister, and she told me it's all about momentum, her own or her opponent's a fight is all about momentum." Pony answers back.

Training Building

Peace managed to slip away when I threw her. She gets to her feet and takes aim the ceiling.

"Grand Flash!" I can't close my eyes in time and get blinded, Peace takes the opportunity and knocks me to the ground and pummels my chest with a barrage of shots. As my sight returns, I start charging power through all my fingers.

"Straight Flush!" I knock Peace away, I take a look at my costume and see a hole from where the attacks hit.

At the same time, Yosetsu found the weapon, but Jurota is standing in the way.

"I just have to reach the weapon." Yosetsu says to himself and makes a break for it but Jurota nearly claws him.

"I will not let you pass me." Jurota pushes his glasses up before lunging at Yosetsu.

In my fight, me and Peace are on even footing, neither of us are willing to give an inch. Until Yosetsu ping my ear piece.

"What's up?" It seems like Yosetsu is fighting as well since he's firing off curse words left and right.

"I could use a little- fuck, help. Jurota is stopping me from getting the weapon." I just smile, knowing that's already been taken care of.

"It's coming, just buy some time." I tell Yosetsu before getting back to my own fight. I spot Peace doing the same thing.

"Sorry Cortney but my teammate needs my help, so I'm ending this with my next attack." She takes a deep breath and flames start to form in her mouth.

"Fire Dragon Roar!" A giant pillar of fire shoots out consuming the entire hallway.

Monitoring room

"End the fight All Might, I think Cortney might be hurt." Tetsu begs.

"Don't end! It's not over yet." Pony intercepts.

"What do mean you young Pony?" All Might questions Pony's statement.

"Keep watching." Axel explains.

Training Building

"Aced!" A blast of wind kills the flames and goes on to hit Peace in the back, while she's stunned I tackle her and get her in a grapple to keep her down.

Monitoring room

"What was that?!" Even All Might is surprised at the attack Cortney just pulled off.

"That was the Drive technique, it allows her access to attacks, she wouldn't have normal." Pony explains.

Training Building

In Yosetsu and Jurota, it's currently a stalemate, however, that changes when the wall behind them is sliced to pieces and a White ball of fur slips past.

"Weapon Captured! The hero team wiiiiiiiins!" They both turn to find Chibi biting the weapon.

"Yes! DAMN IT!" Me and Peace shout respectively, I let go of Peace and help her up. Our teammates come over to us and I see Yosetsu holding Chibi.

"When did-" I interrupt Peace.

"When you first attacked me, Chibi made a break for it." We all go to the first floor where we are greeted by All Might with some stretcher bots by him.

"Thank you hero team, for showing a splendid match, please go see Recovery girl."

"I'm all right, I'll go later I want to see what everybody else has in store. You guys going?" I reply, Chibi yawns and goes to sleep on my head.

"I'm good too, Cortney didn't hurt me too bad. Yosetsu Jurota are you staying too?" Peace declines All Might's offer.

"Sure, we never landed an attack on each other." Jurota agrees and they stay.

"Suit yourselves." All Might leads us back to the monitoring room where we're greeted by everyone.

"Are you ok Cortney?" Tetsu runs over to me and I reassure him I'm ok.

"My vest is destroyed, but other than that I'm completely ok." Thank goodness I decided to wear my wraps because my vest is gone. Peace gave me her waistcoat, she had a Red shirt underneath.

"ALL RIGHT STUDENTS!" All Might draws our attention back to him.

"While it was a great fight there were problems, who can tell me what they were." Axel raises his hand.

"Yes, you there young man."

"The biggest problem was massive collateral damage, while Chibi got the win because he cut down an entire wall to do it. A lot of problems could have occurred from that. Also." Axel turns his gaze on me and Peace.

"Peace you should check to see if you knocked out Cortney and tried to capture her, Cortney when you grappled Peace you just held her down, you didn't even try to use the capture tape."

"Correct, a hero should always try to avoid collateral damage." All Might praises Axel's observations.

"It's time for the next match. I have already drawn the other matches. The next up for the heroes are team E, Setsuna Tokage and Yui Kodai. And the villains are team G, Pony Tsunotori and Ibara Shiozaki." They step forward and receive their capture tape and earpieces, he also gives Pony a map.

"That's where you'll be fighting, prep time will start once you enter the building." I wish good luck to Pony as she leaves.

Perspective Pony

I went all out on the horse part of quirk for my costume so people can hang on, I have a horse harness on my head, belts on my biceps, torso and shoulders. A long, tight aqua Blue shirt with light Blue sections, Red fingerless gloves, light Yellow pants and aqua Blue hoof guards with stirrups and the band Cortney gave me on my horn.

We reach the place marked on the map. It's just like the one Cortney and Peace fought in and the weapon is at the front door.

"You ready?" I ask Ibara, her costume gives her the look of a Greek goddess. She wearing a long, flowing dress White dress with a Green vine pattern on the skirt hem. An elbow length dark Green cloak with the hood down, a Turquoise utility belt, water bottles and Turquoise gloves and boots.

"I hope I can be useful." I pick up the weapon and enter.

"Your prep time has started you have five minutes." We start looking for a place to defend/hide the weapon. We find a nice spot on the fourth floor and start thinking of a game plan.

"What is your quirk Ibara? I mainly focus on charging at enemies." Her quirk has to do with her vine hair.

"My quirk is vines, I can control the vines on my head." Her vines stretch out and wrap around my arm, she detaches the vines leaving a vine bundle on my arm.

"My vines grow back quickly, but if I do it too much and I can get dehydrated. Also, I can still control the cutoff vines." So that's why she carries water bottles.

"Ok, I have a plan."

"Heroes vs Villains training begin!"

Monitoring room

Setsuna costume consists of a short, thick red scarf, a short sleeve green bodysuit with the stomach tan with short suit legs.

Yui's costume is a simple, duel-colored cap on her head and a dark bodysuit with light patches on her chest, arms and legs with elbow length gloves and a belt sitting around her waist along with a small bag to one side and a short skirt under it. She has straps over both of her shoulders with tiny pouches attached at the front.

Setsuna transforms her arms into dinosaur claws and goes Yui follows after her. They search the first floor and find nothing. On the second floor, they run into a few surprises a few vine bundles pop out from the wall and block the hallways and stairs, Setsuna is able to cut through them but it takes some time. The villains show themselves on the third floor, Pony charges Setsuna down a hallway and away from Yui. Yui keeps going, Setsuna transforms her feet and drags her heels in the ground to stop her. She then throws Pony off her.

Training Building

"Hey catch!" I say to Setsuna before I fire off one of my horns, she blocks it, but I kick her in the gut while she's distracted, she nearly swipes me but I backflip to put some room between us. She tries attacking me with her claws, but I manage to dodge it, she claws at me again or so I think, instead I get caught by a tail. I grab on to it and try to throw, but I tug on dead weight. I look to see blood dripping out of the tail.

"EEK!" I throw the tail away and it dries up and shrivels to dust. I'm so freaked out that I completely forget about Setsuna. Who uses the opportunity to slash my back.

Monitoring room

The entire room is silent after watching what just happened even All Might is freaked out. Pony just ripped Setsuna's tail and nauseating amount of blood came out and Setsuna used that to her advantage.

"LOOK! Yui found the weapon." Cortney points everyone's attention away from that fight.

Before Yui can take a step towards the weapon, vines instantly wraps around her.

Training Building

"That's as far as you're going." Ibara states as she goes to grab her capture tape

"Do you think that's really going to help?" Ibara questions Yui's logic, but the vines around Yui start growing letting Yui get away.  

Setsuna is much stronger than I thought since she can stop my charges. I'm currently on the ground due to my last attempt. I see Setsuna talking on her earpiece, seeing my chance, I press my hands down and do a spinning handstand.

 Flashback 2015

"You want us to what?" I'm showing Cortney a concept book of ideas I picked up from animes.

"I want you guys to help me learn Sanji's fighting style, it's perfect for me and you said I have great leg strength." She's suspect.

"What brought this up?" Cortney is the one person I expected to be on board immediately.

"I want to be able to fight by your side. I'm useless if the only I can do is just charge." Cortney puts her hand on my head and mimics Luffy's famous smile.

"Alright, we'll do it, but don't expect me to teach you the Diable Jambe technique."


I trip up Setsuna and backs off from me. I make it seem like I'm about to shoot another horn at her but run straight at her.

"Shippuu Dash!" I dash behind her and kick her in the back, I follow up by trying to stomp her, she rolls out the way but I crack the ground a little. She gets up and goes to claw me again, I wait until the last second.

"Grand Horn Blitz!" I dash out of the way and wrap my tape around her and finish it off by bucking into the roof with my horns. I check to make sure she can't escape, she struggles, but can't get out. I run back to the weapon room to give Ibara some help, it takes me a minute to get back, but I kick open the door to see Ibara keeping Yui busy, I charge Yui to the ground and slam my hoof into Yui's chest, she's reaching into one of her bags to grab something but I use the vines Ibara wrapped around my arms to lock her down.

"Both Heroes are captured, the Villains win!" All Might shouts, Ibara unties Yui and I go downstairs to cut Setsuna out the capture tape and we return to the Monitoring room. Cortney greets me with a fist bump.

"Good job." She says but she then yawns.

"You okay?" I ask because it looks like she's about to fall asleep.

"Just tired, I'm going to the nurse's office to sleep."

"I did get hit, I'm coming too." I add, just before she leaves, she gives Tetsu a kiss on the cheek.

"Good my iron shield." She leaves and I follow after her. In the nurse's office, we see a short elderly woman with a syringe in her hair, a doctor's lab coat touching the floor, a dress with Yellow and Red vest-like designs on the sides, two Yellow buttons and a Pink belt. She's wearing Pinks boots and a helmet with a visor and a syringe shaped cane.

"Hello dearies, how may I help you?" She asks.

"I'm good, I'm just going to crash on a bed." Cortney states, before walking to a bed and falling asleep instantly.

"How about you, dear?" I show her my back.

"Is it bad?" I ask.

"No, but turn around." I turn around and see her stretch lips to kiss my head, I feel better but also tired.

"What did you do?" I take a seat on a bed as I can barely stand.

"That was my quirk, I can boost your healing, but it uses your own energy so you may feel tired afterward." She explains.

"I guess I'm sleeping here too." I lay down on the bed before falling asleep as well.

Monitoring room

"It's time for the next fight, and the villains are team H, Neito Monoma and Juzo Honenuki, and the heroes are team C, Nirengeki Shoda and Shihai Kuroiro." The teams go up to All Might.

Neito, a blonde haired boy costume is a navy Blue tuxedo, a light Violet shirt with a popped collar underneath, a Purple tie with Black dots, a belt with pocket watches attached and Black dress shoes.

Juzo, someone who resembles a titan than a person, his costume is a dark suit with an armor kit and a helmet. Juzo's helmet is a dark round, elliptical helmet with light straight lines and light edges which only covers about 75% of his head and a bit of his hair and chin can still be seen finished off with metal boots. His boots are short but he has metal tube plates around his thighs and calves, and also wears short clear gloves.

They're told where to go and leave to start preparing. After Prep time is the heroes enter, the first to enter is Shihai, his costume is just black jumpsuit with light shoes and large wristband on his left arm with three rectangular indentations.

Following close by is Nirengeki, his costume is a black suit with a high collar. It has white lines on the along the edge, on his shoulder and on his chest. He also wears some sort of scouter over his left eye and a radar in the back of his gloved left hand. He won the award for coolest costume, hands down.  

The fight doesn't last very long, Juzo and Neito make Nirengeki and Shihai fall through the floor once, but Shihai absorbs Juzo into himself and Neito goes down pretty easy.

"The hero team wins!" Shihai spits out Juzo and Neito is escorted to the nurse's office.

Monitoring room

"On to the next fight. The villains are team I, Itsuka Kendo and Reiko Yanagi. The heroes are team B, Kosei Tsuburaba and Hirya Rin." Itsuka's costume is a Black domino mask, light Blue qipao dress, a Black corset, Brown utility belt, Black booty shorts and dark Gray shoes with a light Gray lining.

And Reiko, a girl with a bang covering her left eye. Her costume is a white, knee-length kimono with a furred collar, three dark straps around her waist, knee-high socks and a black mask which covers her face from the bridge of her nose down.

After their prep time is up, the heroes enter and Hirya enters first while growing scales on his arms, his costume is a Red Kung-fu shirt with a Green dragon design on the back and White cuffs, White pants with a Black belt tucked in and Black's shoes.

Kosei costume is a Black domino mask, a Red jacket, a Black and Orange striped shirt, dark Red pants and Black shoes.

When Kosei and Rin find the weapon, Reiko makes Rin float, then throws him out a window. Hirya doesn't fare much better, Itsuka enlarges her hands and smashes Hirya.

"Time's up! The weapon is safe, meaning the villains win." Hirya and Kosei are escorted to the nurse's office. 

Monitoring room

"It's time for the last match of the day, due to the size of your class this match will be a 3 vs 3. The villains are team J, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu…" All Might does a double take to make sure he said it right. "Sen Kaibara and Togaru Kamakiri. And the heroes are team D, Kinoki Komori, Kojiro Bondo and Axel Gallavancer." He gives us our items and we head to our destination. Tetsu's costume is a dark Green sleeveless jumpsuit with metal boots and metal straps over his shoulders, the straps connect at a red circle on his chest. He also has metal bands around his biceps and a mask.

Sen, a Black haired boy who hasn't said a lot walks up, his costume is windbreaker with rings around the base of the neck and arm with  a large trench coat covering him and Black glove.

Togaru looks like the roadrunner with a Green color scheme and Green mohawk and two big pincers on his face. His costume is a large, dark cloak and plain black trousers and boots. He has a mask around his eyes and a zig-zag pattern on his shirt.

Once the villains' prep time starts, I talk to my teammates to come up with a strategy. My costume is goggles like on my head, the capture scarf Cortney's mom made me, a dark Blue hoodie with a lot of zippers, Black pants with straps and zippers and Black boots.

Kinoki's costume is a  turtleneck dress with long sleeves and furred cuffs, which is decorated with a red and white fly agaric pattern, matching the one on her mushroom cap-shaped hat. She wears pale pink knee-high boots with thick tan soles and frilled shafts, patterned with the same fly agaric as her dress, and around her waist is a dark brown belt with a large golden buckle.

Kojiro, who head looks like a giant glue bottle is my teammate. His costume is a pale, slightly baggy suit. Around his neck, wrists and waist, he wears circular accessories which resemble the lower part of the cap of a bottle of glue, and around his ankles slightly thinner, taller versions of these.

"Alright, tell me what your quirks are." Kojiro points at the eyes holes on his face as a White substance leaks from it.

"What is that?" It takes all willpower to not laugh when Kojiro speaks.

"Glue." His whole head goes up like a puppet when he speaks.

"Cool. And what about you Kinoki?" Kimoki shakes her head and spores come out when they land mushrooms pop out.

"Mushroom spores awesome, my quirk is Data Reader, I gather information on people and can even copy mutation quirks, but it takes five minutes." I unzip the sleeves off my hoodie and tuck them in one of my jacket pockets. Then two extra arms and webbing appear on my arms, I dismiss them and pull up the zipper on the back of my pants, so the engines have room to appear. I dismiss them and zip my pants down.

"I have a plan." I tell my teammates.

"Prep time up, heroes enter!"

Just when we enter I stop them, "Hold up…" I summon my arms and transform the hands into ears and listen.

"They're all in the basement. Watch out." We walk into the basement and immediately attacked by a steel cover Tetsu, I grab him and throw him against a wall.

"Quick Kijiro glue him to the wall." Just before the glue hits Tetsu a spinning arm intercepts it. The arm belongs to Sen, he kicks me with a spinning foot and Kinoki manages to dodge out the way, but he grabs Kijiro and with the help of Tetsu they choke slam Kijiro.

"Now you're down a teammate." Tetsu taunts, I slide my goggles on and summon my arms once again grabbing both Sen and Tetsu followed by pinning all us to the floor. 

"Kinoki, spread out your spores and make a run for the weapon, all of them are distracted." Kinoki doesn't think twice about my plan she spread out spores and a bunch of mushrooms appear and one pushes against me giving me some extra leverage to hold Tetsu and Togaru down.

"Get off me. Sen stop her!" Togaru shouts, but Sen can't do anything.

"I'M GLUED TO THE FLOOR!" Sen states. Kinoki touches the weapon.

"The weapon has been captured, the hero team wins." I let go of Togaru and Tetsu, who rubs his face.

"That hurt, you know." Tetsu stares at me and I just shrug.

"Sorry, I needed to keep you down, but we have a bigger problem. How are we going to get the glue off Sen." The answer appears right before.

"I'll pry them apart." We all jump back at All Might sudden appearance and before we can say anything, All Might is already here and Sen is standing again.

We meet back up with everyone at the tunnel where we first met up, "You have great potential, I hope you continue to improve. Now get out your costumes and go back to class." He rushes out the last part before sprinting down the tunnel with a trail of dust following him.

"Um, he sure wanted to bounce." Itsuka says, we head to the locker rooms to undress.

Kim: So you finally decided to show yourself Mom. Why?

?: I wanted to give you something, hold out your hands. I hold out my hands and in a Blackish fire appears a book that looks a lot like Cortney's Diary with chains covering it and two locks on it. One of the locks has two horns on it and the other has a dragon tail on the bottom.

Kim: What am I supposed to do with this?

?: Your partner unintentionally locked away their own heart. Once you lock that book I can begin properly training you. That's the last thing she says before leaving and I just stare at the book.

Kim: Open Cortney's heart?

Writer: BTW, I just revised most of the chapters. 

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leaves, she


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All Might has been already here and


Chapter Text

I hope you enjoyed the last chapter and everyone is free to use any character in my story if you want to do fan art just be sure to link it to me and credit me.


Chapter cover- Peace and Bakugo in the support room working on their equipment  


Ch.13- An ounce of doubt




April 3- perspective Cortney


U.A is best well known for its’ hero course, many people forget about it support course, A hero is only as good as the person who builds their costume. Mom told us to get friendly with the support course. After the fights yesterday, a few of us are dropping by to improve our costumes and they are me, Peace, Tetsu, Juzo, Sen, Yosetsu, Kosei and Hiryu.


As we just turn around the corner, a series of explosion go off in the support room. We run and open the door to see a fan blow the smoke out of an open door. The other students continue on like nothing happened.


“This must happen a lot for them to not care.” Peace remark.


“Yes, it does.” A man says, the voice belongs to the Pro-Hero Power Loader,  he’s shorter than me, but his hands are huge and his fingers have iron hooks on them. He’s only wearing his Yellow helmet which looks a dinosaur skull and a cane.


“You’re all from the hero course right? What can I do for you?”


“Yeah. We wanted to get some support gear and I need to get some things sorted about my costume.” I explain.


“Alright, I think we can work something out. Come on in.” He says, I bounce from the rest of the group, sitting in front of a studio, I see Mom working on what looks like a grenade in a White tank top and safety goggles.


“Hello sweetie, taking my advice I see.” She says.


“Yeah, the vest part of my costume was burned away during Heroic class. So I was wondering if you could upgrade it as well.” Mom does some quick calculations in her head.


“It will take me about two weeks to get your request done. Anything else while I’m at it?” I have a idea.


“Yes, a fold away mask to block gas and cover my face.” Mom snickers.


“Alright, I’ll start working on it tomorrow.” I give her a thumbs up before returning to my classmates. Who’s being assisted by a girl with Pink tentacle like hair while wearing goggles on her forehead, a Black tank top and loose Brown cargo pants.


“Where do you go Cortney?” Peace spots me out to the rest of the group.


“I made my request with my mom.” I says and the Pink haired girl hands me a business card with her face on it.


“Mei Hatsume of Class 1-H at your service. You said your mom is doing your request who is she?” I point at my hair.


“Take a guess.”


“You must be related to that new teacher in some way, right?” I was going to pound her head if she made some stupid guess.


“She’s my mom and you’re looking at her daughter, Cortney Tan Jr.” I definitely am tooting my own horn but might as well.


“Anyway, have guys told her what you want?” I ask my classmates.


“I just wanted to check out the support course, I didn’t have anything in mind.” Peace exclaims.


“Well, I’m going back to class, see you guys there.” I say before walking out.


“Wait up!” Peace follows after me.


“Well, that girl is... Unique.” She takes a minute to find the right word, I take out the business card to look at it. The card is Silver and has a picture of Mei holding up one of her inventions.


“You can say that or.” I stash the card in my pocket just in time to see Tetsu, Yosetsu and Sen run past us.


“She's a fucking lunatic!” I point to what they said.


“Or that.” They couldn't have said it any better.


Class election


“Great work on your combat training everyone, I saw the videos feeds of your fights and looked over your teams results. I do have some notes, Cortney, Peace you both did well, but you both still have a long way to go before you can call yourselves heroes.” She’s right through we still have a long way to go.


“But on to important matters…” Everyone is at the edge of their seats, “Choosing your Class representative.” Everyone a breath of relief.


“Pick me guys I’m strong, a leader needs to be strong right!” Tetsu elects himself, but no one really takes him on it.


“The smartest should lead so you should pick me.” Oh Neito set himself up.


“Then shouldn’t Jurota lead then?” And I spike him back down to Earth, Neito was setting himself up.


“Calm down everyone. We’ll do this the old-fashioned way, an election. Come up and tell us why you would make a good representative.” She reveals a little voting box.


I step up first, “I see a lot of potential in our class, if you select me to be your representative I can bring it out.” I know I already won, I know three people are going to vote for me. I don’t know if Tetsu is going to vote me or himself.


After the votes are tallied up I got four votes and Itsuka got two. “Alright then Cortney will be your class representative and Itsuka Kendo will be your deputy.” We’re giving a round of applause as we step in front of our classmates.


“I hope I do well by you guys.” I do a small bow to show my gratitude, and I raise my hand to my deputy.


“No hard feelings?” Itsuka shakes my hand.


“None at all.”           




During lunch today I manage to snag a table with Dekuy.


“Thanks for letting me have a spot Dekuy.”


“No problem, Ochaco Tenya, I like you to meet Cortney Tan.” Dekuy introduces me.


“So you're Cortney, Deku has talked about you a lot. It's so nice to meet you, I’m Ochaco Uraraka.”  A girl with a blush on each of her cheeks greets me.


“And I’m Tenya Lida. It’s finally nice to meet the person Izuku has so highly about. You Izuku, Dekuy instead of Deku, why is that?” I take a bite of my food before answering.


“I just do, that’s it, there’s no meaning behind it and also to keep a theme.” I answer


“Theme?” Tenya retorts.


“She calls Bakugo Kachy from Kacchan and she wanted to a theme so that’s why she calls me Dekuy. You used to bully me a lot, but you stopped why?” Dekuy explains.


“Because I switched all my effort from you to Kachy. Switching topics, You’re looking at Class B representative so who’s the representative in your class Dekuy?” I ask because I forgot a lot of small details of the show but you try remembering a bunch of small details for 13 years.


“I-I am.” I rub my hand in his hair.


“Congrats. You’ll do great I know it. Hey Tenya you said your last name was Lida right?” Tenya quickly realize where I’m going.


“Yes, that’s right.” He replies.


“Then that means you’re related to the Lida family agency and the Turbo Hero Ingenium right?” I bring the hammer right down on the nail.


“Yes and he’s my elder brother.” Tenya stands up proud.


“And I’m going to be like him.”


*Bell Ringing* “Warning level three security breach. All students, please evacuate in an orderly fashion.” A woman's voice says over the intercom.


“What’s a level three security breach?” Tenya asks the boy next to him.


“It means someone manage to get past, the school’s barriers. This hasn’t happened in my three years here, we should get going.” The boy explains before running off. In the hallway, everybody is shoving to get out. I quickly get separated from Dekuy, I grab my claws from my bag and use them to hang on the side of the wall to avoid the crowd.


“Everybody, everybody calm do-wnnnn.” I see Peace and Pony trying to some control over the situation only to get washed over by the sea of people. I call out to them, but they’re gone, however, I feel Axel’s scarf wrap around my arm, I grab it and he pulls me to himself.


“This is absolute chaos.” Axel comments.


“Don’t worry, it won’t last for lon-” I cut myself off as Tenya starts floating off and lifts his pant legs up before spinning to front of the hall to get everybody's attention.




Classroom 1-B


“Jeez, that was a clusterfuck. Thank Amaterasu Tenya was here. ” I exclaim.


“It’s time to begin class rep.” Itsuka states.


“Right, but before we begin, I would like if everyone could stay after school for a few minutes today.” Everyone says sure.


“Good, hey Mom, can we before the classroom?” She tosses me her keys.


“Make sure to lock up when you’re done.”


“Now back to business, first we need to figure out who the other class officers are.”


After School


*RING* “Alright, I’m going sweetie make sure to lock up.” Mom packs her stuff and leaves, I wait a minute to make sure she leaves.


I nod to Axel and he nods back. He walks over to me.


“Thantos- Delaila.” We both call out, a second later two runes a Green and Red one  appear behind us. The two hands appear in the middle of Green rune and is pried apart. The Red one is burned and a cage appears.


“What’s going on?! Cortney Axel how are you doing this?” Neito can’t understand what's happening in front of him.


“Yo!” Is how Thana greets everyone and gets thwacked on the head.


“What my partner was trying to say was. Greeting souls, I am Delaila and this is Thanatos and we are reapers in training.” Properly introduce them.


“Reapers in training?” Jurota bring focus to those words.


“Yes, you see me and Axel have already died.” This reveals shakes almost everybody to their core.


“Died? But you’re standing right in front of us.” Tetsu spots the contradiction.


“Me see if I can explain. Ok, who has heard of the multiverse theory?” Almost everyone raises their hands.


“Ok, that makes things a ton easier. You see, me and Axel came from a world where quirks don’t exist and this whole world is a series about a Boy’s journey of becoming the world’s number one hero that became a worldwide phenomenon. A show called, My Hero Academia.” Some people are shocked at the revelation and some are excited.


“Woah cool does that mean you guys are like the people who get dragged into stories.” Setsuna is one of the people excited about our secret.


“Not exactly, me and Axel died in our own world, but our reapers revived us with the memories of our media and literature in tack. So that's why I said we did.” Thana snickers.


“Something funny Thana?” I ask wanting to know what making Thana laugh.


“Nothing really and before anyone thinks Cortney and Axel have something special about them. We just did this because we could, they had no special powers just great personalities.” Thana kills off any great reason of reviving us.


“This something I never would expect, but Peace and Pony haven’t flinched at the news at all, why is that?” Ibara questions their behavior.


“That’s because they already knew and everybody in this room are the only ones who know our secret. No one in my family knows about this, so please keep your traps shut about this.” I subtly threat everyone while not changing my tone.


“So can you tell us about your past lives?” Itsuka asks.


“No, they can’t because we erased everything about their past. And the reason why is because we wanted them to enjoy their lives without any problems.” Delaila answers that question.


“If you have watched these events unfold, I can assume that you have knowledge of the future ahead?” Jurota finally poses the question I’ve been waiting for.


“Yes and no. Let me explain, Me and Axel died at season 2 of the show, so after that I have a small idea about what will happen but don’t count me on that. Also the story focused on Class 1-A, Class B was mostly side characters, we didn’t even know, like a third of your names or quirks.” I clarify.


“I’m surprised you can remember all that at this point, you two must have great memories.” Neito points out a big problem.


“Have no fear, having learned someone who made that mistake from a story I read, I wrote down everything that will happen, but there are a few problems.” I do a nervous chuckle at the end.


“And those problems would be Cort?” Pony is the last one I want hear to say question.


“The biggest, dates. The show doesn’t give out a ton dates so we have to freeball it, heck we don’t we know what year the show takes place. Another is ripples, you see the world will do things to fuck with us and throw curve balls. For example, I have two people who hate me with all their gut. So keep a look out for them. Right now, though with happen to today, the next arc is starting listen up a lot will happen after this so we need to be ready.” I run down the USJ arc and all we need to watch out for this take an hour.


“I think that’s it.” I prepare to put away my book until something pops up, “By the way, if this book falls in the wrong hands recover or destroy it at all cost, because it contains a lot of sensitive information.” Is the last thing I say before we leave and lock up.


As we leave me and Pony see Dekuy walking with Ochaco and Tenya. I call out to them so they slow down.


“Dekuy! Dekuy!” That catches their attention.


“Hey Cortney, nice to see you and you too Pony, it’s been a while.” Pony introduces herself.


“Yeah, I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Pony Tsunotori but just call me Pony, I’m Cortney’s best friend and housemate.” I see the question they're about to ask and answer before they can even mouth it.


“You see Pony is a foreign exchange student from America, she’s been staying with us since junior high. We have known each other since daycare, the same daycare as Dekuy and Kachy, so we all go way back.” I clarify.


“Wow, that’s cool, I didn’t know you had so many friends Deku.” Dekuy blushes a little at Ochaco’s comment.


“Nice to meet you Pony, I’m Ochaco Uraraka.”


“And I’m Tenya Iida, it’s a pleasure to meet an acquaintance of Cortney. Might I ask what brought you here?” Tenya bows.


“Nothing really, we just spotted you, so we decided to join you. Me and Dekuy are actually neighbors, we live next to each other for a few years now.” I answer, Ochaco has stars in her eyes and lean over to Dekuy whose head looks like it’s about to explode.


“You should see his room.” I mention.


“You’ve in Deku’s room before, or look under his shirt he’s more muscular than he looks, or-” Pony stops me there and pulls me the side.


“Cort, what the hell are you doing?” Pony whispers to me.


“You can’t tell me that you can’t see Dekuy likes Ochaco. All I’m doing is making Ochaco recognize that she has feelings for Dekuy too.” Pony gives me that look.


“You better know what you’re doing.” Pony has some undertones of a threat in her voice and process to tap my leg with her hoof. We meet back Dekuy’s group.


“So are you ready to go?” I ask Dekuy.


“Yeah, it’s a while since we walked home together.” As the sun set, I know we’ll see what it means to be a real hero.

Thanatos: My arms hurt.


Delaila: It was you who wanted to make an extravagant entrance, that’s what you get.


T: Shut up. Anyway, it’s time to start Power of the Week, today we are talking the Engine quirk. Tenya’s family quirk and a power that Axel has copied with his quirk.


D: This quirk manifest in Tenya’s legs, making him very fast, helpful for running away from an enemy or get help.


T: But it’s not just for running away, with his quirk Tenya can kick very hard and fast. One good hit can be all Tenya needs to end a fight. Well, that’s all for now.

Next up is the USJ Arc, everybody will be fighting for their lives, and remember.


D & T: Go Beyond-


Writer: HOLD IT!


D & T: What is Mr. Writer?


Writer: Next up is actually a side series of the fantasy au, so be prepared as everyone trades their quirks for magic. Until next time, see you.


D & T: Bye souls. See you.






Chapter Text

Before we start, I like to explain some things. First up is the labels, side chapters are chapters either taking place out the continuity mostly exploring others aus. Next are Omakes, an omake take place in the continuity, but will not advance the plot or just not be canon. Nows that cleared up, it's time start with our story.

Chapter cover- A great sword planted in the ground with two eyes being reflected, a Brown eye and a demonic eye.

Side chapter 01- The start of a journey

Today is my 14th birthday, which means I can finally set off on own journey. I have spent all these years training for this day and ready to show them off. The world will learn the name Cortney.

"Cortney, sweetie are you sure you want to go?" Mom interrupts my inner dialogue, she has been against this whole idea from the very beginning.

"Yes, Mom, I'm sure. I thought Dad would be the one against this. You're seriously the world's kindest demon." I got a more of Dad's features in my normal form. I have to wear a seal over my right eye to keep my demonic power in check, but the one thing I did get from Mom that shows in my normal form forces me to keep my right eye shut.

"It seems that you made up your mind, please be safe on your adventures." Mom really does care about me but I want to see the world.

"Alright Mom. Let me get dressed in peace." She finally leaves. My outfit is a Red and Black tunic that Mom stitched up for me, she did a really good job with it. Next is some Brown pants with greaves for some extra protection. Mom knew she if couldn't convince to change my mind, then she would try her damndest to keep me safe. Last up is some Black shoes. I already feel like a full blown adventurer, I head to see Mom and Dad preparing to see me off.

Dad is a bulky guy considering he was from a very powerful guild, this isn't very surprising. It was hearing his stories that made me want to set off on my own journey. He's holding out a greatsword in one hand and the sheath in the other. The handle is wrapped in red leather and my right eye is carved on the guard. The sheath looks it was carved out a dragon's tail. I grab them and put them on, the sheath is slung horizontally on the lower part of my back. Dad said the sword weighs about 40 kg but with all the training it feels like nothing.

Mom is holding backpack. She's sad that her daughter is leaving, but the last thing I want to see is Mom sad, so I make her promise.

"I promise to come back." I tell her while smiling and hugging her. She gives me a little backpack with my initials written on the front. I grab it and put it on.

"There's a week's worth of food, extra clothes and some items to help you out. Also a special notebook that when you write on it, I can also see it, so try writing at least once a week." I take one last look at Mom and Dad before I embark on my journey, they wave goodbye as I close the door.

"Time to set off." I say to myself.

3 days later

I started walking into a forest, nothing exciting has happened. I thought I would as least get into a scrap or something, but it's just been walkin-, oh shit. Speak of the devil, I just fell into a pit trap, a man peeks over the side. He's wearing a rag as a hood so I can't see his face.

"I caught one. It's a female adventurer and she looks stacked." He yells to another, who looks just like him. They move away so I can't hear them. I take a deep breath as Blackish flames engulf my arms, after a second my arms have turned Red and have a little bigger, my nails are slightly longer and turned Black. I dig my hand into the dirt, I wiggle my fingers around a little to check if I can climb out.

"Great the walls are stable, time to show those bandits who they're messing with." I climb out the trap and see the bandits backs turned to me whistle to get their attention.

"What the hell is she? Just kill her." The two bandits pull out their weapon, two daggers and sword respectively. The one with daggers attacks first, he goes to stab me, but I rip his daggers out of his hands and grab his face. I throw one dagger into a tree and drop the other one.

"Let him go you demon!" The sword bandit attacks next, I punch the blade shattering it as he wonders what just happened. I grab him by the face, then bang their heads together and throw them into the tree.

"Hey idiots, let me tell you something just because you caught some doesn't mean you won. Now get out of here." The two bandits run for their lives something about a boss or something, I don't really care. I return my arms to normal and look back to the tree I threw a dagger in.

"Come on out, I already know you're there, come out and I won't hurt you." Instead of a another a bandit, a girl comes around from the tree. She has Blonde hair, two horns sticking out of her head and White wings. She has hooves instead of feet and fur covered legs.

"Woah a Pegasus, I never thought I would see one in person!" This is one of the many creatures Dad told me about in his stories. I try to get a closer look, but she backs away from me, she must be scared of me after what I did to those bandits.

"No need to be afraid of me, I won't hurt you. Those bandits attacked me first." She still looks afraid, but she finally talks.

"You took out those bandits without taking a hit, you must be really strong." I say still nervous about me but she isn't hiding anymore either.

"Hey, do you know where those bandits are going?" She looks nervous to answer me.

"I know where their hideout is. But why do you want to know?" I tell her straight up.

"I'm taking them out and making this place safe again. Can you take me to them?" She's utterly shocked at my answer, but anyone would be if you just said that you're going to take out a bandit's den.

"Then can you please save my mother, those bandits kidnapped her and they said something about selling her for a high price." This just got serious, they will pay.

"I will. Now come on and show me where they are." She runs and I follow her. She leads me to an abandoned mine. There isn't anybody guarding the entrance, but I can't be too sure.

"Hey, turn around." I tell the girl.


"I'm about to do something, just trust me." She seems to trust me a little as she turns around. I remove the seal around my head and soon I'm completely engulfed in flames like before. A pair of Red Wings sprouts out of my back and a tail shoots out, all skin turns Red. Finally horns shoot out my head.

"I'm going in, stay here." I tell her.

"No, I'm coming too they my mom." She turns around to see my demon form, but she presses on, I can't argue because I have a limited time in this form.

"Fine, come on." We both jump into the mine and we meet those two bandits from earlier.

"Shit, where did that demon come from?" One man asks. I make my demands clear and simple.

"Release the Pegasus you kidnapped and this leave forest and I won't hurt you."

"Kill her and capture the other Pegasus." One man shouts and everyone goes to attack me.

"I gave you the easy way out. Feel your sins." I open my right eye and it flashes, everyone who's coming to attack me fall over. The only person that still standing was the one who gave the command. I pick him up.

"Tell me where your boss is." I tell the man while my tone is on the edge of murder.

"He's further in." He points down the mine.

"Thank you." I knock out the man and drop him.

"Come on." While running, we hear someone call out for help.

"MOM!" The girl runs to the voice and I follow after her. We find a woman that looks like an older version of the girl. She's in a steel cage, I check to see if I pry the door off but it's too tough.

"We need a key, my best guess is that the leader has the keys." We soon hear keys jingling. We turn to the sound a man holding the keys.

"That you're right about. Selling you on the market will make me a small fortune." A man bigger and stronger than the other bandits say. He's wearing steel gauntlets and a greatsword in his other hands. I pull out my greatsword and point it at him.

"I wasn't going to hurt you if gave me the keys, but I changed my mind. You're to pay for your sins." I say before charging him, he blocks me, but just barely in a second I'll overpower him, however my right eye is engulfed in flames. The pain is unbearable, I fall to my knees due to the pain.

"Dammit I thought I had more time, I need my seal." I say in my mind, the man takes advantage of the situation and grabs me by the neck.

"You overestimated yourself." The man says before trying to knock me out, however the girl charges him and he drops me, using the opportunity the girl gave me, I place my seal back on and return to normal.

"Get off me!" The man throws the girl into a wall seeing that leap back into action. The man has his back turned to me, I slash at it and leave a gash on his back. This turns attention back to me and the man retaliates by swing at my head. I dodge to the side and swing at his left leg this make him fall over, I stomp his hand holding his sword and kick it over to the mother, she grabs it pulls it into the cage with her. I point my sword at him.

"Give me the keys and leave. I'm being nice." I open my right eye to imitate him by showing my fearsome presence. That seems to break him, he gives me the keys and runs away. I unlock the cage and the mother walks out, I check on the girl, she's ok, just minor bruises, nothing serious, however my vision starts to blur and I soon faint.

Some time later

I wake up in a room with my clothes removed, I'm wearing some simple clothes. I walk out the room to see the girl and her mother putting some food on a table.

"Oh good you're awake, I want to say thank you for saving me." The mother says.

"No problem. Actually, I never did get your names, I'm Cortney." I finally introduce myself after all this time.

"I am Courtess and this my daughter Pony." Courtess introduce both herself and Pony, I decide to not ask where her father is.

"Great to meet you Cortney how about you stay for the night as a reward for saving us." I accept her offer and stay the night.

The next day

I get dress back in my normal clothes and prepare to leave.

"Thanks for letting me stay and the extra food. I'm off." Before I get too far Pony stops me.

"Wait!" She jumps out the window and glides over to me. She's wearing a short Black tunic and light Brown pants with a bag strapped across her chest.

"Pony, what's with the getup?" I ask it looks she's about to go on an adventure of her own.

"I'm coming with you, you said you wanted some companions right? So let me come with you." I think over what Pony can bring with her, flying is really helpful and having some me can help relieve a lot of boredom plus she probably knows a way out of the forest, so she can tag along.

"Sure you can." She flies around with joy at my answer.

"Thank you. Let me do one thing before we go." She runs behind the house and I follow her, which I see her kneeling in front of a gravestone and I copy her.

"I'm going off on an adventure, Dad, wish me luck." Pony says while a tear down her face. I give a quick pray myself before getting up.

"Ready?" I ask.

"Yeah… let's go." Pony gets up and walks away with me, Pony and her mom wave goodbye to each other as we leave.

"Okay, now show me out of this forest Pony." It takes us three days before we finally leave the forest, I take out the journal Mom gave me and before I can start writing Pony looks interested.

"What's that?"

"This is a special journal my mom gave me, when I write in it my mom can read about my adventure in another journal." I explain and I start writing.

Hello Mom, my first week of my adventure and I have already faced my enemies. I entered a forest and met a Pegasus girl named Pony and some bandits captured her mother. I fell the bandits and their leader and saved her mother. They let me stay the night in their home. Pony decided to come with me on my adventure, I don't know what she can yet, but I know she will be a great friend and companion. Until next time, your daughter Cortney.

Writer: God Damnit Horikoshi. Now?!

Thanatos: For those wondering what the Writer is talking about. In the latest chapter (194 at this point) we finally see Class 1-B costumes and quirks in action.

Delaila: And he is kinda hating Horikoshi right now.

W: *Deep breath* Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this side chapter, I will be coming back to this from time-to-time, mainly after something major happens. For now I will be returning back to the regularly scheduled program, anything you want to do Thana?

T: Nope, I'm good.

D: Me too.

W: Alright then, see you next time.

Chapter Text

Before we start I would like to explain something, Cortney does know everyone names, but she won’t say them for two reasons, One that can cause problems later on and Two, she's really bad at naming she might confuse someone's name with another.


Chapter cover- The Breakers, Itsuka and Tetsu in their hero costumes.


Ch.14- Burning hope

April 4


Okay, everybody we will be doing with Class 1-A today and they will be four instructors, me, Aizawa, All Might and another faculty member will be keeping an eye on you.” Mom states what will be going on.


“What are we doing today Miss Tan?” Tetsu ask, Mom then pulls out a card with rescue written in Blue.


“We’ll be doing rescue training; natural disaster shipwrecks.” Everyone is excited with what we’re about to do.


“Ahem.” Mom pulls everyone's attention back to her, “You can wear whatever you want, but I would recommend your costumes… but be warned some of you may not adjusted with your costume yet.” She adds.


“This training will be taking place at an off campus facility so we’ll be taking a bus to get there. That’s all, start getting ready. Wait, actually I almost forgot something.” Mom tosses me the top of one of her leotards.


“Use that as a replacement for your vest until it’s done.”


“Well, this is better than nothing.”


That’s the last thing Mom does before she leaves and everybody grabs their costume and gets ready for what’s about to come.


Later we all meet up at the front of school with Class 1-A and everyone's in their costumes except for Dekuy, who’s wearing his gym uniform.


“Hey Dekuy I see I’m not the only one in without their costume.” I say.


“It was trashed after the combat training, I’m still waiting on the support company to fix it up.” It kinda suck for Dekuy that he won’t have a costume for a while.


“Yeah, I have to wait until Mom is done upgrading my costume. The vest part was burned away so I have to use my Mom’s leotard as a replacement until it’s done.”




“Wow Kacchan, your costume came out great. It looks awesome.” Peace finally gets a look at Bakugo’s costume.


“Yeah, but yours looks great too. That costume makes you look badass.” Peace giggles at Bakugo’s compliant.


“Thanks, I can’t wait to see you in action.” Just as Peace finishes a whistle is blown.


“Gather ‘round Class 1-A, using your student number form two neat lines so we that way we can load into the bus, smooth and efficiently”, Tenya instructs; blowing a whistle.


“Everyone in Class 1-B, get on the bus or we’re leaving without you!”, Cortney tells her classmates.


“I got to go, see ya'.” Peace points over to Cortney.


“Alright, see later.” Bakugo walks away with his class.


On the bus


“Ok, everybody be careful wherever you end up. To survive do whatever necessary.” I caution everyone before things go tits up.


“But remember you’re not alone, Class A is also with you, cover them and they’ll cover us. This is our first time fighting villains so this will be very dangerous. Got it?”


“Got it.” Everyone whispers back.


“With everything you told us Cortney, we’ll make sure those villains didn’t know what hit ‘em.” Tetsu encouraging me that everyone will be okay.


“We’re here.” Mom says as we reach the location.

The bus comes to a stop and we, single file, exit.


“Hello everyone I’ve been waiting for you.” A person with a female voice in what looks a space suit greets us.


“It’s the Space Hero Thirteen.” Dekuy confirms the hero standing in front of us.


“I can’t wait to show you what’s inside.” Thirteen gestures us to come in. The inside of USJ looks awesome it really does like a theme park.


“Before we begin, one thing, maybe two things or three- We get it.” We all tell Thirteen to get going.


“Listen carefully, I’m sure you're aware that I have a powerful quirk. It’s called Black Hole, I can use it to suck up anything and turn it into dust.”


“Hey Cortney, can you tell me what Thirteen gender is?” Pony asks and I just give her the I don’t know look.


“My quirk can easily be used to kill. Some of you also have powers that can be dangerous. Don’t forget that if some of you lose focus your powers can be deadly.” Thirteen gives us a rousing speech just before we start the lights go out and a Black mist appears in front of the fountain and a scrawny man with white hair and hands over him open up the mist and other people follow.


“Stay together and don’t move, Thirteen watch the students.” Mr. Aizawa tells us.


“I thought we were doing rescue training today.” A red haired boy in Class 1-A ask


“STAY BACK!” Mr.Aizawa puts on his goggles and Mom pulls the chain off her chest revealing it to be a Kusarigama chain.


“This is real, those are villains.” Everybody in Class 1-A is shaken at the announcement.


“The only real heroes I see are Thirteen and Eraser Head, I don’t recognize the woman.  Perplexing, according to the schedule, we retrieved from U.A, All Might should be here as well.” The mist figure says.


“So you scumbags used the press as a cover and sneaked onto campus.” Aizawa puts the pieces together, the man then says he’ll kill a few of us, Aizawa’s scarf fans out at that statement.


“What real villains, no way, how could so many get into a U.A facility this secure?” The red haired guy asks the question on everyone's mind.


“Yeah, Thirteen why isn’t the alarms going off?” A girl with ponytail like mine ask.


“Good question, I’m not sure.” Thirteen answers.


“One of these villains must have a quirk, that masking their presence here.” A kid covered in ice deduces.


“Thirteen get them out of here, and alert the main campus. Actually, if they have the ability to block our sensors, then they might be jamming our regular communications too. Kaminari, try using your quirk to contact the school.” The boy imminently starts fiddling with his headset.

“What are you two going to do? You can’t fight them on your own, there’s too many.” Dekuy tries to stop them but my mom interjects.


“Izuku, you can’t be a hero if you a one trick pony.” She says before she and Aizawa jumps at the villains. Aizawa lands at the front of the stairs and disables three people before smashing their heads together, Mom on the other hand jumps much farther and lands with several villains surrounding her.


“Rookie mistake lady.” One of the villains comments, but Mom just starts laughing, she’s laughing so hard that she is almost bending backwards.


“What’s so funny?” Another villain asks. Once Mom is done laughing, her skin has turned Red and a giant scar in the shape of an X, has appeared on her face.

“Wait, I recognize her that Murderous Vigilante eXecution-” Mom wraps the weight around the villain and pull him close to her.


“DON’T EVER call me that again. I no longer go by that name, I am now the Second Chance hero: Revival. And don’t forget it.” She tells the villains who she is. She then kicks villain away and swings them over her head using them as a wrecking ball.


“Damn Mom, I didn’t know you’re such a badass.” I think to myself, me and Dekuy lag behind to watch Aizawa and Mom fight.


“This is no time to analyzing, it’s time to go.” Tenya tells us to keep up. As we make our way to the door, the mist guy intercepts us.


“There's no escape for you.” The man says.


“Greetings. We are the League of Villains. Forgive our audacity, but... Today, we've come here to U.A. High School—this bastion of heroism... To end the life... Of All Might, the Symbol of Peace.” He states their reason for coming here, suddenly Kachy and the Red haired guy attacks him but he is unharmed.

“I’ll scatter you across the facility to my comrades… and your deaths.” The mist man blows us away, Axel keeps Kinoko and Itsuka safe, Ibara roots herself to the ground but everybody else is blown away.


So this is what being teleported by Kurogiri is like, it’s just darkness, but I feel someone holding on to me, I look to see Tetsu grabbed me before we got separated. Suddenly light appears and we’re dropping out of the portal and over water.


“Hang on.” I tell Tetsu, I stop our fall by jumping midair and continue on until we are on a ship.


Once we’re on the ship my legs start to ache, I've never tried to Airwalk with someone attached so I had to use a lot more power.


“You okay Cortney?” Tetsu notices my discomfort.


“No, I’m good I just give a minute.” I say, me and Tetsu aren’t alone as Dekuy is lifted on the ship by a tongue followed by another boy and finally a girl climbs aboard.


“You saved my life Asui.” Dekuy says to the girl.


“I told you to call me Suu.” She replies and Dekuy starts panicking.


“Thanks Suu for saving Dekuy. I’m Cortney and this is my boyfriend Tetsu.” I point out that we’re on the boat too.


“Oh Cortney you got teleported here too?” I nod my head at Dekuy’s question, we talk about what just happened. This causes the little guy to freak out just as the villains close in.


“If they can beat him, then we stop whatever these bad guys are planning, we have to work together and All Might safe. No one at U.A knows what's going on or what’s happening. This up to us, Let’s be heroes.” Dekuy see what we have to do.


In the landslide zone, Shoto is freeze everyone in his way while Setsuna is keeping her distance. In the Ruin Zone, Bakugo, Kirishima and Peace are fighting their way out. In the Mountain Zone, Pony, Juzo and Neito get ready to fight. In the Fire Zone, Nirengeki is scared but willing to fight. In the Squall Zone, the rain beats down on Jurota and Reiko. At the entrance, Axel waits to make a break for it.


“Everybody Ok?” Axel checks on everyone, they’re ok.


“Imma make a break for it.” Axel pulls his leg zipper and forms his legs into engines.


“Fighting our that’ll be easy. I hope we can make it time to help Aizawa.” I think the last part in my head.


“So let’s talk quirks I can go first if you want. Obviously I can jump really high, and cling to pretty much any wall, and of course there’s my tongue I stick it out about 20m. Oh yeah, I can spit out my stomach so I can clean it that’s not really useful. Finally, I also secrete a toxic mucus, it just stings a bit.” Suu summarizes her quirk, I really wish she kept the stomach part to herself but other that she’s suited for this situation.


“I figured you powerful that’s amazing. I have my super strength, but it comes at a price… once I use it, I’m pretty much out of commission it’s a double edged sword until I can control it.” A brief explanation of his quirk.


“Guess I’ll go next, any damage I take my body absorbs. That’s a simple explanation but I have a lot in store.” I look over the side once I explain my quirk. The short guy pulls off a ball from his which grows back instantly.


“I got these sticky balls.” He sticks the ball to the ship and it stays there, “Their strength varies, depending on how I’m feeling they might stick to something for a whole day. They grow back as fast as I can pull them, but I’ll bleed if I use too many.” We all stare at him for a second and he cries thinking we see his quirk is useless.


“Calm at least your quirk has range, all I can do is harden my body, which isn’t useful in this situation.” Tetsu coats his arm in steel to show him what means.


“Aced!” I see one of the villains from a water hand and attempt to cut the ship in half, “Dekuy you better come up with something now. Cause the villains are getting antes.” I urge Dekuy to come up with a plan and at the same time the little guy throws some of his balls in the water. Suu comments on Mineta un hero like attitude.


“By the way, Mineta if you ever try anything on the girls I will fucking kill you, got it?” I give Mineta something more scary than the villains.


“Listen up, an enemy that’s certain of victory is bound to a mistake. All Might said something along those lines in a TV interview a while back.” Dekuy says this with determination in his voice. He looks at us and I know what he’s about to do. Me and Dekuy place our feet on the ship’s railing and scream to the sky before jumping.


“Now dieeee! Delaware SMASH, STRAIGHT FLUSH!” We both our fingers down at the water sucking the villains into a whirlpool. I grab Dekuy and Airwalk us away from the carnage.


“Suu, Mineta now! Jump Tetsu!” We yell at our classmates to follow us. Mineta throws his balls at the whirlpool capturing the villains.


“Great job Dekuy. You’ve gotten really strong.” I praise Dekuy on his quick thinking, but I wonder how everybody else is doing.


We land near the edge of the water and Dekuy is mumbling about the other possible outcomes while holding his hand.


“Hey Dekuy let me see your hand.” I ask, but Dekuy covers it up with his elbow pad saying he’s ok. Seeing this I stop him and pull the pad away, revealing his broken finger and thumb they’re light Pink and the bones are barely holding.


“I’m not letting you walk around like that. Give me a second.” I reach into my utility belt and pull out some bandages and wrap them around his fingers. It’s crude since we’re working with a time limit, but it should hold until we get out of here.


“There, better?” I ask.


“Yeah, thanks Cortney I didn’t know you could provide first-aid.” Dekuy flexes his fingers and winces in pain.


“Basic first-aid, me Peace and Pony all know basic first-aid, we can keep you together until an actual doctor can help.” I clarify, “We should think of what our next move will be.”


“We can follow the shoreline to the exit and avoid and then we can avoid the central plaza entirely.” Dekuy points to the stairs.


“Good idea, that way we don’t run into the villains the teachers fighting off with.” Suu comments.


“If they don’t get some backup, then they're just going to overexert themselves and end up defeated by those villains.” Dekuy suggest the we should help them out.


Landslide Zone


Shoto freezes any villain that tries to attack him, but someone is following him.


“Kinda cold of you.” Shoto turns around attempts to freeze the person, but all he just gets is a leg.


“Wait, wait, I’m a student, don’t freeze me!” Setsuna quickly tries to diffuse the situation completely ignoring the fact that she’s missing a leg.


“Who are you.” Shoto also ignores the leg.


“I’m Setsuna Tokage, I’m from Class 1-B. Let me help you.”


Mountain Zone


“This was supposed to be rescue training today, not fighting for our lives today.” Pony complains about the situation she’s in while kicking a villain in the face.


A villain goes to attack Pony with a weapon, but sinks into the ground, “Nice job Juzo.” Pony gives a thumbs up to Juzo for the save as Denki electrocute a villain and looks over to Neito.


“Make yourself useful.” Pony throws Neito at Denki and gets his quirk forming a chain. While that is happening a villain jumps from the cliff to stab Jiro but two horns slam right into him.


“It’s ready.” Momo states and a blanket pop out of her back to cover them, “Your good Kaminari.”


“Badass. Now I don’t have to worry about my friends!” Denki and Neito electrocute the whole battlefield.


“I think we’re good, woah.” Juzo closes his eyes after noticing Momo’s costume.


“How are the other guys?” Pony looks what the blanket and starts laughing at a dumb Neito and Denki.


Shipwreck Zone


We reached the shoreline to see how the fights going. Mom and Aizawa are still kicking ass, but just then the hand guy rushes at Aizawa, Aizawa throws his scarf, but he catches it, Aizawa elbows him in the chest or so we think the grabs his elbow and it flakes off. Aizawa punches him and backs off, more villains attacks, but he’s still able to defend himself.


However the beck face thing is behind Aizawa and seeing what happens to Aizawa is just too brutal.




Thirteen is sucking up the fog villain, but he suddenly opens a portal behind them and Thirteen’s back is tore open.


“I have to go NOW! ENGINEEEE!” Axel makes a break for the door with Tenya, the fog villain almost gets them, but the six arm guy and Itsuka stop him.


“Come on we’re almost there!” Axel is confident in their classmates and wants Tenya to believe in them too.


Ruin Zone


“SAY GOODBYE!” Bakugo yells as he blows away some villains while Peace and Kirishima fight their own villains.


“I think we’re clear for now and I have something to say…” Peace punches both Bakugo and the Red haired boy in the face.


“What the FUCK were two thinking!?!? You should have let the Pros handle them, we’re lucky that we got stuck with the weak villains, and I’m worried for our classmates. I don’t want to know if any of them are hurt.” Peace rant is interrupted when a camouflaged villain tries to stab Peace in the back but Bakugo catches him and blows him up.


“Don’t worry if we can take down these guys, then everybody will be fine.” Bakugo reassures Peace everyone will be okay.


“You sure?” Peace asks


“I give you my word.” Bakugo confirms by giving Peace a quick kiss and after that Peace walks over to the other boy.


“Sorry. I never introduce myself, I am Peace Miglow. I hope I didn’t hurt you, it’s just that I’m really worried about everyone.” Peace apologizes to the boy and checks on him.


“You’re good, I didn’t feel that. I’m Eijiro Kirishima nice meet you.” His skin gains a hard exterior.


“Nice to meet you Kirishima, you’re the first person Kacchan didn’t automatically hate. But that’s for later, right now we get out of here.” Peace explains before reloading her gauntlets and gaining a bloodthirsty expression.


“Now you’re talking.” Bakugo exclaims setting off a few explosions in his hands.




Axel and Tenya have almost reached the doors, but the fog villain is right on their tails.


“I will not let you escape.” The villain says to them as he blankets them in his quirk, but Ochaco grabs his neck and throws him away allowing Axel and Tenya to get through the door.


Central Plaza


We are currently watching Aizawa being broken like a twig. It’s so hard watching this that I almost rush in to save him, but Mom rushes in first.


“Let go of him!” Mom says coming out of nowhere and jamming the blade into the thing's neck but it just ignores it like it’s nothing. The monster then grabs the blade and pulls it out with some blood shooting out, but the hole immediately closes, the monster slams the chain forward and being Mom with it, slamming her into the ground onto her back and she returns to normal. It takes all my willpower to not call out to her and run over to her because we have bigger problems.


The fog villains returns and says that two students manage to escape and to retreat, “Yes, Axel and Tenya are getting help.” I say under my breath, but the villain spots us and dashes over to grab me and Suu but nothing happens, Mr. Aizawa erased his quirk, but the monster smashes his face into the ground.


“You! Let them go, SSSSSMASH!” Dekuy just says fuck it and unleashes a full power smash at the villain and a giant blast of air follows blowing away anyone nearby and destroying the lights. However the monster took the hit in his place and grabs Dekuy’s arm.


“Go to hell!” I say as I charge to attack the monster, however an explosion blows off a piece of the monster.


“I’m not out yet.” Mom cries out holding a sniper rifle and All Might smashes down the doors.


“Bout damn time you show up.” Mom then falls to one knee.


“Have no fear students. I am here.” All Might finally arrives, the villains have lost any chance of winning but it’s still far from over yet.


The still standing villains understandably get a little freaked out, but still hold their ground until they’ll knocked out by All Might while picking up Aizawa and Mom. He looks over to us and we’re suddenly whisked away.


“Damn, I have to get faster.” I mutter to myself, I didn’t even feel All Might grabbing us.


“Everybody back to the entrance and take the teachers with you.” All Might tells us, I help Mom back to her feet and Tetsu picks up Aizawa. We then leave All might to it, but I he needs help that monster was made to kill him.


“Tetsu, get Aizawa and Mom to safety don’t look back, just keep going.” I tell Tetsu but they instigate.


“Cortney- Honey, I’m not letting you-” I stop both of them in their tracks, look back at them while holding back tears.


“Please just go I don’t want you getting hurt, just be safe.” I say before rushing to All Might’s side with Dekuy. Just as we get to All Might the fog villain appears before again preparing to warp us somewhere.


“Get the hell out of my way Deku!” Kachy exclaims blasting and grabbing the villain.


“Cortney.” Peace runs over to me. I’m glad she’s safe.


“Peace, you’re okay do you know where Pony is?” I ask but Peace shakes her head then everybody arrives.


“Don’t move, you try anything funny and I’ll blow your ass up so bad they’ll be piecing back together for weeks.” Kachy holds the villain down and I add on to it by stomping my foot on his neck.


The gate around the monster closes and one of the monster’s legs falls, but it comes back in a second and gets back up.


“Cortney Kacchan!” One second we’re holding the fog villain down, the next we’re back with everyone.


“What the hell just happened?” That monster was moving so fast I didn’t see him and All Might had to take a hit to save us. That’s it after this I’m doing a whole bunch of mobility training, I have to get faster if I want to stand a chance.


Yawn. With everything that has happened, I completely forgot about him. When it comes to napping not even a bomb could wake Chibi but I can’t risk showing him yet, he is my trump card.


“We’ve got them outnumbered.” Shoto suggest we should join the fight, but All Might tells us to retreat. Shoto says he needs our help but I’m the one to put things into perspective for us.


“Listen, we can leave to All Might at this point, and let me say something. That thing almost killed me and Kachy, what makes you think that we’re on a level with them. One of us will die if we fight so let’s leave this to All Might.” I lay down that we have to let All Might fight.


“Young Tan is right, sit back and watch a pro at work.” All Might confirms my statement before rushing at the villains and every punch thrown is like a constant series of bombs going off, I have to brace myself so I’m not blown away. It’s a slug fest of punches, that’s I can’t even track, it’s an even fight, but All Might starts to gain the upper hand and that signs the end.


“Now for a lesson… you have heard these words before, but I’ll teach you what they really mean. Go beyond, Plus ULTRA!” And with those words All Might sends the monster flying out of the USJ. However, he may have won the fight, but the battle far from over.


Mountain Zone


Crap, a villain was hidden away and is now holding Denki and Neito hostage, we can’t do anything. We try anything they get zapped and Neito’s quirk is about to run out. Jiro attempts to to use her earphone jack, but the villain catches that and now some of the villains are starting to get back up.


Central Plaza


All Might is standing in place and is taunting the villains to attack him and knows they won’t. Me and Dekuy are watching this unfold and know he can’t fight then the hand villain runs to attack All Might.


Me and Dekuy jump in to help and I unknowingly activated sixth gear.


“Don’t touch him you stupid villains!” Dekuy yells out, but the hand guy puts his hands through the other villain to try and grab us. I can’t slow down in time.


*Bang* A bullet lodges into the villain hands, meaning backup has finally arrived. They wipe up the villains with ease. As the two main villains try to retreat, Thirteen attempts to suck up their quirk.


I catch my breath, I look over to check on Dekuy and spot him in between All Might. They're both understandably freaking at me seeing All Might this way.


“Your secret is safe with me.” I say while putting a finger on my lips.


“Midoriya! Cortney!” The red haired guy and Peace start running over to us, luckily a concrete wall appears before us. Thank you Cementoss.


Since I actually wasn’t injured I could go back to my class, however Dekuy broke his legs and needed treatment, Mom is being taken to the hospital to check for any injuries. I hope she’s okay, she didn’t end up like Mr. Aizawa but she did get slammed into the ground.


We return to school and after what happened today we have a lot think about and this just the start.


Writer: And with that. That’s the end of the first season, everybody saw what it means to be a hero. But this will not be the last time they set in the USJ, yes. Next chapter will the first My Hero special, Save! Rescue Training. Don’t miss it and remember, Go Beyond! Plus Ultra!

Amallie: Yes, thank you for telling me. *Click* Uhh, Hina.


Hina: Yes?


A: After hearing what happened today, something needs to change.


H: And what would that be Amallie?


A: The Miasma clan needs to reform.


H: So?


A: From this forth, the The Miasma clan will now be a hero agency.         
















Chapter Text

Before we start I would like to clear somethings up. First of all, I will be doing all the specials and they will canon. Second, I will do the movie but it will take me about two months of work. That’s all I have to say for now.


Chapter cover- Class B sitting on the rubble of Landslide Zone.


OVA Special- Save! Rescue Training


May 2nd


Four weeks have past since the USJ attack. Three teachers were injured in the attack, Mr.Aizawa was critically wounded but was healed by Recover Girl, Mom and Thirteen suffer minor injuries. We are going back to the USJ to work on our rescue training.


“I really hope we aren’t attacked by villains again.” Peace worries the same thing might happen again.


“Everything will fine. The League of Villains will be out commision for some time so we don’t have worry them. Let’s just focus on our training.” I state we should focus on our training.


“Yeah! Those villains caught us off guard, we need to improve so we can show those villains who they're messing with.” Pony restates what we need to do.


“Alright, let’s do our best from now on.” Peace is on track.


“Cortney, Peace and Pony. You three will be the rescues.” We’re currently in mountain zone and our first exercise is saving people at the bottom of a valley.


“Not what I was expecting but we should still do our best.” I say, but at least we’re not alone. Dekuy, Tenya and Ochaco were selected to be the rescues like us. It seems like Kachy will be rescuing them because I can hear him yelling from here.


“Someone, HELP! SAVE US!” Peace and Pony are yelling for help, Peace is pretending to be hurt, Pony is pretending she hurt one of her legs and I’m pretending to be unconscious.

Ibara pokes her head over the side, “Don’t worry help is coming.” She reassures them then Jurota is slowly lower down to us.


“Heya Jurota.” Pony says.


“Prepare to be rescued. Which one of you should we bring up first?” Jurota takes a looks around before slowly picking me up and bring me to Ibara’s vines. Once their wrapped around me, I’m brought back up.             


“Nice job guys.” I praise my classmates for excellent job on rescuing me. After that Peace is brought up then Pony with a splint wrapped around her legs.


“Alright, this will be the last one, Cortney, Peace, Pony and Axel your up.” We’re the last one up for this exercise. Axel ribbits in response.


“Did you just ribbit like a frog Axel?” I wonder if he got a new power.


“Yeah, this will be my first time using power. So watch out.” Axel answer while removing his socks and shoes and in a second Axel looks like Suu.


“Come on.” I say before jumping into the valley, Axel climbs down with me. I see Neito unconscious with Setsuna acting like she has a messed up leg.


“Ughh. Axel can you deal with Neito while deal with Setsuna?” I ask not wanting to deal with Neito.



“Great.” I wrap up Setsuna’s leg with a splint before setting her up on my back.


“I’m set. You ready Axel?” Axel wraps his tongue around Neito and he almost falls.


“I still need some time to adjust to this form but I’ll get there.” Axel remarks before climbing back up with Neito.


“Hang on Setsuna.” I say before I jump at a wall and continue to do until I’m back at the top.


“That’s everyone.” I say as I let Setsuna off my back.


We are then led to Collapse Zone for our next activity, “Unlike the first training, there’s different situations. The purpose of this scenario is to give a more genuine experience. The injured can be anywhere and we don’t know in state they may be in. You have 8 minutes to spread out and eight of you will be the rescuers. The other 34 must hide in whichever place they wish. 16 of the hidden may not speak. I will select them.” So we’re playing hide and seek in a nutshell.


“Ok, the eight that will search, are them.” Thirteen points to me, Peace, Tetsu and Itsuka for our class and Dekuy, Kachy, Mineta and Ochaco for class A.


“Why do I have to do it with Deku?!” Kachy hates the idea of being on the same team with Dekuy.


“There’s no helping it, we’re in the Anime Festa.” Ochaco responds.


“What does that even mean!?” Seriously that was just out of nowhere for Ochaco to say, but no one answers and continue on. I spot Mineta looking at the girls and promptly kick him in the side.


“Try anything funny and I will keep my promise.” I remind Mineta what I would do to him.


Some time later


“Let the training start!” Kachy immediately flies away to somewhere else.


“Trying going after the people who can speak first.” I recommend before we break off.


“Someone one! Help!” I heard Shoda yelling for help, I spot him under a car.


“Alright give me second.” I grab the undercarriage of the car and tilt it over.


“Shoda, fo-un-d. Hurry up and move this is heavy.” I strain myself keeping the car up.


“Wow, I didn’t realize how strong you were.” Once Shoda gets from under the car, I flip it over on its’ hood.


“Yeah ahh. Last time I checked I can lift about 250kg without my quirk, even more depending on my quirk and mood.” I explain just how I can actually lift.


“Found you Ibara.” Tetsu found Ibara under some rubble and is helping her out.


“I didn’t think you would look there.” Ibara is then interrupted by Pony running towards them.


“Another villain!?” A man wearing a pig gasmask, a Black shirt and light Green cargo shorts suddenly appears holding Shoto.

“How did another villain get in and he beat Shoto, so he must be strong.” This is bad, Thirteen tells us to run to the exit but the villain stomps the ground decimating and clearing a huge area around him. Before any of us know what to do, Kachy rushes at the villain and unleashes a nonstop series of attacks.


When the villain tries to attack Kachy, he manages to get behind the villain and unleash a massive explosion on his back.


“Make those weaklings run away!” Everybody stands at Kachy’s comment.


“You of all people should know I’m not a weakling.” I have fought Kachy countless times and I won every one of them, just then the villain uppercuts and sends a bunch of rocks our way. I smash a rock coming at me to pieces in a single punch, Peace takes a few out with her gauntlets and Ibara grabs some with her vines.


Class A ties up the villain with their quirks giving us the perfect opportunity to attack, “Peace Pony, you ready for that attack?” Just before we can get in position Axel steps in.


“Wait, let me in on this. Pony hold on to my leg.” Pony doesn’t hesitate and grabs on to Axel’s engine leg.


“Full Steam Cannon: Burning Charge!” Axel kicks Pony off at full speed giving her much more speed than she normally has but when villain breaks free from his restraints, a massive rush of air comes and blows Pony away before she even reached her gate. While the villain points our shortcomings, Kachy tries to land a sneak attack on the villain but dodges it. Kachy doesn’t stop and keeps attacking.


“Let’s give it another go! Pony, Axel!” At the same time as we’re getting ready for our attack, Dekuy grabbed Shoto and got him away from the villain and then fires off a Delaware Smash. The villain holds his ground against it.


“NOW! Full Steam Cannon: Burning Charge!” This time the villain can’t stop our attack, when Pony goes through her gate she looks a speeding bullet. Not wanting to be shown up me and Peace put our all into this attack as well. I launch a full power Aced and Peace cups her hands in front of mouth and unleashes a Fire Dragon Roar. When our attacks combine Pony looks a burning spear flying through air and Kachy tags in as well with his hands glowing.


Just as the breaks out of the attack, Pony slams her hooves into villain’s chest and Kachy shoots out a massive explosion. The combined force of the attacks sends the villain flying right into wall covered with Mineta’s quirk making the villain unable to move.


“We did it, nice job guys! Nice plan Dekuy.” I have to give most of the credit to Dekuy since he set this up, all we did was make the plan come to fruition.


“That was awesome you guys! That attack was amazing!” Tetsu and everybody in our class commend just how awesome our attack was.


“Thanks, but we still have a villain to deal with.” I say before walking over to him while cracking my knuckles.


“You have a lot balls to try to attack us.” I state while Kachy stands next to me raising his hand up to the sky.


“W-Wait! I’ll-” The villain’s mask slips off revealing it to be, “I am here!”

“All Might!?” He was the villain this whole time, understandably everyone is pissed off at him.


“I just want to say. That… I’m sorry.”

“You went overboard, moron!” We all yell at All Might for that sorry excuse for an apology and a few us give him a beatdown that make villains look pathetic.


I pull away to check Dekuy and see if he broke his finger again, “Uhhh, Dekuy you seriously need to gain more control over power, I won’t be able to patch you forever.”

“Thanks Cortney, I appreciate this.” I crack a smile already knowing will come up with something great but only after a painful lesson first.

Writer: Ok, I sorry for the short chapter this time I didn’t realize how short the OVA actually was. I still hope you enjoyed and wondering why I didn’t show Cortney’s new vest, I want to keep it a secret for now. Anyway, I handing this off to Thana and Delaila.

Thanatos: Thank you Mr.Writer, Today's power of the day. Today we will be talking about Ibara Shiozaki’s quirk Vines.


Delaila: Instead of hair, Ibara has vines in their place. She has complete control over her vines, and even vines not connected to her head.


T: Vines is a mutant type quirk however Axel can not copy Ibara’s quirk due to its emitter type abilities.


D: If Ibara’s vines are disconnected from her somehow, as long as she has enough sunlight and water they will quickly grow back, but if it happens to much Ibara will start to get dehydrated.


T: Ibara has quite a powerful Quirk. Hey Delaila do you get bible like qualities from her.


D: I do.


T: It’s like she’s the second coming of Jesus, that’s all for now. Until next see you.                








Chapter Text

To have gotten this far amazing, I never expect to get this far but I'll keep improving the more I write the better I'll get. I hope you're excited too because, with this arc, the number of fight scenes is about to jump into high gear.

Chapter cover- Cortney and Tetsu asleep on a couch covered with a blanket

Ch. 15- Break Through

April 5

It's only been a since day the USJ attack, and it's been the central story of the news. Already some people are starting to doubt U.A. and hero society in general. We're currently in class discussing where everyone got sent to.

"I got stuck with Mr. Sparklepants, I'm surprised we didn't get attacked at all with bright he was glowing," Shihai says he teleported with Aoyama into a storage closet.

"Hey Cortney, how's your mom?" Peace checks on me since Mom was injured in the attack.

"Dad went to check her and he said that she'll be fine." I was so worried for her that I had trouble falling asleep last night. I never expected her to go and fight villains for our safety.

"I'm glad she's ok but do you know who will teach class today?" I don't know but if Mom is like Mr. Aizawa. He was a walking mummy in canon.

"Good morning class." The door slides open to reveal Mom in her costume and back in action.

"Miss Tan!?" The whole class is shocked at Mom being in today.

"Relax everyone I'm fine. The one you should be worried about is a living mummy." Mom belittles own injuries, she should be at home resting.

"But your fight is just starting…" Everybody is on the tip of their seat wondering what she means, "The U.A. Sports Festival is about to start." She finishes.

"Don't scare us like that."

Our chance to show off our skills to be scouted by pros and to show off our skills to the world. This is even more popular than the Olympics, so everyone will be watching.

"Don't slack off on your training."

"Yes, mam!"

"Good, class is dismissed."

*Ding dong Ding dong* The bell signifies fourth period is over and the start of our afternoon break.

"Hey Cortney, does your mom knows we're going out?" Tetsu asks completely out of nowhere.

"No, I haven't told her about you yet, a lot has happened that there been a good time." I want to tell Mom and Dad that I have a boyfriend but their both busy a lot of the time with both of them being heroes, sometimes they don't come home until me and Pony are asleep already.

"Only Pony and Peace know about us, none of our classmates know either. What made you want to ask?" I wonder if this stems from the USJ attack in any way.

"Listen Tetsu, I have a lot going on now once things settle down I'll get my life in order. But the School Festival is coming up and this we will be our chance to show ourselves, so I want to know if you want to train with me." I know Tetsu cares about me but a lot of stuff I need to do by myself for now.

"Sure, I know can help." With that, me and Tetsu go back to class.


A bunch of students are standing in our doorway, stopping us from leaving.

"What do these guys want?" Shihai asks annoyed that he can't leave already.

"They're scouts, since we survived a villain they want to know how strong we are." I explain while walking up to the students, "Let me explain something, just because we're in Class B, doesn't mean we're second rate heroes and we'll prove it by winning the School Festival. Now please stop blocking our doorway because I'm starving and I want to eat." I say before shoving past them without saying another word.

April 17- 2 days before the School Festival

We're all training to bring out our all since everyone will be watching us, some of us are training alone like Peace and Axel, while some of us training together like me and Tetsu.

"TAKE THIS!" Tetsu shouts as he punches me in the stomach with a steel covered fist.

"Good hit," I reply before retaliating with a punch of my own. Our training can be described as us pummeling each other, Tetsu has his quirk on so his entire body is covered in steel even his eyes, which look a bit weird to me.

"I hope this works." I think to myself before I start tapping the tip of my left foot on the ground.

"What are you doing?" Tetsu spots this when he does I slam the tip of my foot causing steam to pour out of my skin. I smile at Tetsu before disappearing in front of him before he can do anything, I rush him with a series of punches he can't see or block. Soon he starts to crack meaning I can finish him with one final kick to the face. After that, he turns back to normal.

"I hope I didn't hurt you too bad." I state with a little ego in voice.

"I'm good, you're Sixth Gear is awesome Cortney," Tetsu reassures me as I disengage Sixth gear.

"Yeah, but there still are a bunch problem with it. I can only keep Sixth Gear for 15 seconds before the pain is too much, and my legs hurt like a motherfucker after I use it." I explain that Sixth Gear still has a long way to go.

"Come on let's get dress." I help Tetsu up and switch out of our gym clothes.

As we're walking home, it starts pouring like crazy.

"Is your house close by?" I ask Tetsu.


"Let's go!" We run over to Tetsu's house to escape the rain and we're both soaked.

"I'm taking a shower first." I toss my bag to the side, "Where is it?" I ask.

"Go down the hall, the first door on left." Following Tetsu's directions, I find the bathroom. I get undress and start the water, Mom told me that Chibi can't participate in the School Festival so I've been sending him home with Mom, good thing because bathing him can be trouble at times he doesn't want his tail to get soak but I just wrap a bag around it to prevent it from getting wet.

After some passes, and I hear Tetsu knocking on the door. I turn off the water and step out the shower, I crack open the door a little to see Tetsu holding out some clothes.

"Thought you might need something to wear." I grab them.

"Thanks. Give a minute to get dress." When I close the reality hits me, I'm in Tetsu's house and I'm about to wear some of his clothes. I can't process everything, I know what Tetsu is thinking too, he can't be that thick.

"Hey Cortney, you ok? You've been in there for a while." Tetsu breaks me out of my thoughts as he knocks on the door.

"Y-yeah just give a minute." I put on the clothes Tetsu gave me and put my gauntlet back on.

"You can use the shower now," I tell Tetsu, he walks into the bathroom and I take a seat on the couch. I hear my phone ring and see Mom calling me.

"Hey Mom." I answer.

"Hello sweetie, I'm checking to see if you're ok." She sounds worried since I didn't home.

"I am, it started raining and I have to crash at a friend's house tonight," I reply, not telling her it's my boy-friend's house.

"Alright, then I'll be sure to tell your father. Be safe and school will be closed today to prepare for the School Festival." Mom tells me, so I don't worry about school.

"Thanks Mom, I'll see you tomorrow," I say before I hang up.

"Who was that?" Tetsu asks as he walks out of the bathroom and takes a seat next to me.

"That was my Mom, she was checking on me. Hey Tetsu, where are your parents?" I noticed that nobody was here when we came in.

"They're out of town dealing with some family. I stayed behind to train, they said that they'll back before the festival." Tetsu replies I don't say anything after that. We just sit around for a while with nothing but the sound of the rain pouring down outside, I thoughtlessly start tapping on my gauntlet.

"Hey Cortney what's up with your left arm? You always have it covered, why?" Instead of saying anything, I put my arm in front of him.

"You want to know, then take it off." Tetsu looks at me for a second then unhooks the gauntlet to reveal my scar. Normally I heal up without much problem but for some reason, this scar has remained.

"What's happe-" Before Tetsu can finish, my feelings just explode.

"I used to cover it just so that people wouldn't ask but soon, I started hiding it from myself. I don't know why but every time I looked at it, I would be rushed by something, thoughts that I was weak, thoughts I will fail to save anyone, that I'm worthless-" After I say worthless Tetsu stops my blathering.

"Cortney Cortney, you're not making any sense." I then bury my head into Tetsu's chest and hug him tight.

"Tetsu, I'm scared I don't know what to do." Tetsu holds me and we stay like this for a few minutes.

"You good?"

"Yeah, thanks I don't know what took over me." I back off a little bit.

"So how did you get that scar in the first place?" Tetsu asks about my scar.

"I got it fighting Peace when we were little," I explain.

"Wait why were you and Peace fighting?" Tetsu wants me to explain more.

"It was for something I can't explain anymore." Tetsu is a bit grumpy at my statement, "Tetsu I don't want negative emotions every time I look at this and I think you can help."

"How can I help?"

"Can I see your hand?" Tetsu sticks out his hand and I grab it.

"I want you to take my virginity." I take Tetsu by surprise with my statement.

"I know I'm asking a lot but." I slowly stop myself trying to find my next word to say.

"I'll do it." Tetsu finds it.


Warning: This part will contain sexual content skip if you don't want to read

"If this will really help you, then I'm willing to do it." I know Tetsu will go out of his way to help me but someone asking you to take their virginity is a big responsibility.

"I-if you're sure, then can we move to your room?" Tetsu leads me to his room, it's filled fighting games posters and quite clean. We then sit down on his bed, Tetsu wonders what we should do.

"What should I do now?" Tetsu asks what he should do first, my only experience of sex comes from hentai mags.

"A kiss would be a good starting point and our instincts should take over," I mention what would be a good starting point and soon Tetsu leans in to kiss me, I close the distance and this feels like our first real kiss all over again, I can feel Tetsu grabbing my hips, pulling me in close until our chests are touching. The kiss lasts a few minutes before we break away to catch our breath we're both gasping for air, my heart feels like it's about to jump out my chest.

"You can let your hands wander, don't be afraid to explore my body," I tell Tetsu he can be handy before we come back in for another kiss. I feel one of Tetsu's hands slip under my shirt and grab a handful of my breast, I shiver from his cold hands touching my bare skin. Tetsu isn't even trying to be gentle and I'm fine with that.

Soon Tetsu picks me up and lays down on my back, all without breaking away from our kiss, but eventually, we do. A single strand of saliva keeps us together, my body is starting to get hot, not unbearable, no I actually enjoy it.

"T-Tetsu start focusing on my lower half." Tetsu wordlessly switches his focus and slips a hand down my pants. It takes him a second to find the mark, I squeak when he finds it. At first, Tetsu is just rubbing me through my panties but pushes them aside and inserting a finger.

"You're soaking." Tetsu comments surprised at how wet I got from just the kissing alone, I've masturbated before but this feels completely different. Every little motion feels exhilarating, I'm actually starting to moan Tetsu than inserts another finger and pushes a little deeper, now all I can focus on are just his fingers scraping at my insides, it's not long before I hit my limit.

"C-cumming! Fuuckk!" My back arches before coating Tetsu's fingers and bed, after he pulls them out, I'm left a mess just from Tetsu making me cum once.

"Cortney, Are you ok?" It takes me a second to respond because I have to catch my breath.

"Ah...ah...I'm fine, however..." I reply, spotting the tent in Tetsu's pants.

"Now it's time for me to relieve you." I toss my pants and shirt to the side and give Tetsu a perfect view of my pussy. Tetsu almost rips his pants off revealing the iron rod that is his penis.

"Um, try to be gentle, please." I sheepishly ask before I feel Tetsu prod at my lips of my pussy, once he's in, I feel a ton of pain, it hurts so bad. I have taken a lot of hits so this should be nothing but it hurts so much, Tetsu can tell I'm in pain and starts to pull out for my sake. I stop him by grabbing his shoulder.

"Please don't stop, keep going...I can keep going," I tell Tetsu to keep going even as tears start to fall down my face and I'm in pain. He kisses to comfort me and slowly pulls back in until he's kissing my womb, my breath starts to get caught in my throat.

"You're so tight Cortney," Tetsu starts moving, his first few thrusts are a little clumsy but once he finds his rhythm, I'm in bliss. The pain subsides and is replaced with pleasure, my head is getting fuzzy and my body is starting to tingle.

"Nggh, Ah!" I'm not even trying to hold back my moans anymore, Tetsu is hitting all my sweet spots, so everyone knows what going on. Meanwhile, Tetsu is playing with my breasts, he has his mouth wrapped around one and gripping the other with his free hand.

"CUMMING!" I'm forced into a second orgasm, my whole body clenches around Tetsu, setting him off. He pulls out and cums all over my breasts and stomach, his cum so warm that it might set me off a third time. I see he's still hard and even bigger!?

"So you're not satisfied cumming once, let's keep going then."

A few hours later

As Tetsu sleeps he finds himself in a grassy field.

"Good, you're here." A female voice says in the distance.

"Who's there?" Tetsu coats his arm in steel ready to attack the voice.

"Calm down Tetsu." The voice then appears in front of Tetsu.

"Cortney?!" A person that looks just like Cortney stands in front of Tetsu. The only thing covering her is her wraps.

"No, I don't have a lot of time, I'm Cortney's literal inner demon, I have been with her since birth. Names Kim." She explains Tetsu doesn't have the slightest idea what she means.

"I need your help." She puts her hands out and a dark Blue flame appears in between them, the flames burn into a book.

"Open Cortney's heart, that all I was told if I want to learn more it all start with unlocking this book first." Tetsu stares at the locks than bites the locks, Kim tries to comprehend what's happening and starts to laugh.

"Calm down Gajeel, even you can't bite through magic metal. It was an attempt at least, I leaving this up to you because I can't do anything." Kim pats Tetsu on the head, Tetsu looks like he's about to fall asleep.

"Crap, we're running out of time. Do your best and don't tell Cortney about any of this." Kim pokes Tetsu's head and tips him over after that Tetsu disappears.

"I know you can do it my iron shield."

April 18th

Me and Tetsu kept fucking until we both passed and Tetsu kept pulling out covering me in his cum. I slip out of bed and grab a few clothes before heading to the shower.

As I clean myself, I check for any marks Tetsu may have left, I find a bite mark on one of my breasts.

"Well, at least he let it somewhere easy to hide," I say to myself as I step out the shower, I grab my phone to text Mom.

C: Hey mom can bring me some clothes?

Sure sweetie. Tell me where you are. : Mom

C: Thanks.

I tell Mom where I am before walking to the kitchen to cook something to eat. Just as I start cooking, I see Tetsu walk out of the room, still partly asleep.

"Good morning Tetsu." I kiss Tetsu on the cheek and get a sniff. He smells of our "passion" from last night.

"Hey Tetsu, can you please take a shower?" Tetsu is a bit confused about the question until he takes a whiff of himself and then goes to take a shower.

Tetsu manages to finish his shower just as the food is done. I see he needs to do his hair because it's now flat, it looks a bit funny but I manage to hide it so Tetsu doesn't notice.

"I want to say thanks Tetsu, you're the only person to even make me feel like a woman in both body and mind. Most people see me as a brute than a woman, I thank from the bottom of my heart." I tell Tetsu that he is the best person I've ever met.

"No problem Cortney, I'll always be there for you. Sweet, you cook this?" I smile at Tetsu's comment but feel bad since I kinda forced him into this situation and to make it up for him.

"Yeah, me and sister were left alone a lot, so I learned to cook from her."

After we finish eating, we sit down on the couch to relax, "Tetsu." Tetsu looks at me, "I feel like I've been leading this relationship, and I want to give some control over to you, so I want you to tell me something one thing should do." Tetsu actually takes a minute to think, he looks down to my arm.

"Stop covering your arm." I look at my arm, I said I want to get over this and Tetsu just wants to help.

"Ok, but I will need your help. Think you can help through this?" Tetsu kisses me for his reply. At this point, someone knocks on the door.

"That's for me." I open the door to see my mom holding a bag of clothes.

"Thanks Mom, while you're here like you to meet my boyfriend." Mom isn't angry or surprised like I thought.

"Mom?" She rubs my hair.

"You sure know how to pick them, now your dad owns me 9000 yen." Did my parents really bet on my sexuality and Dad bet that I was gay?

Thanatos: Well Cortney at least your parents love you.

Delaila: Every family has their own way of showing love.

T: But getting back on track, today's power of the week is Neito's quirk Copy.

D: This quirk allows Neito to copy anybody quirk.

T: This a very powerful quirk but there are some drawbacks.

D: Neito also gains that person drawbacks and he can only use a quirk for five minutes.

T: Meaning he has to be smart if he wants to use his quirk to his full potential. That all we have today, until next time, bye.

D: Bye souls.

Chapter Text

Hey, sorry for the late release of the last chapter I got lazy again but I to make it back up. So, let’s the story.


Chapter cover- Peace, Cortney and Pony in cheerleading outfits.


Ch.16- Reach up

April 19


Today is the festival, we all spent two weeks training for this day. Just as me and Pony prepare to leave Dad waves us goodbye.


“We’ll be cheering you on, look out for me in the crowd.” Dad says as we leave.


“Alright Dad love you.”


Waiting Room


We’re waiting to called out, we’re all in gym uniforms. A million eyes will be watching us.


“Okay, today we’re showing the world that Class 1-B isn’t second rate, so get ready to crush Class 1-A to dust.” I’m not letting things play out like in the show, one of us will be standing on the number one spot.


“Yeah!” Everyone shouts.


As we walk into the stadium, everybody is understandably a little on edge but we can’t be deter by this, this is completely normal for heroes. I do feel bad for the other classes that got a half-assed introduction.


Our referee for the games will be Miss Midnight. A complete opposite of Mom in terms of costume, Mom’s costume doesn’t show any real skin and Midnight, she was the one who made the shown skin law in the first place. Her original costume was literally just utility belts and nothing else.


“Before we start the games, would the class representative please step up and give the student pledge, Katsuki Bakugo!” Kachy walks up to the stand and this going to make things really bad Class A.


“I just want to say, I’m gonna win.” That all Kachy says before leaving, I can see Peace face palming and the other classes booing Class A.


“That’s Kachy’s arrogants for you.” Kachy really thinks he can win against me. Fat chance.


“Without further ado, let the games begin.” A roulette appears behind Midnight, it lands on Obstacle Race. A no hold barred, four meter race around the stadium.


We all line up at the entrance, at the count of the bell everyone runs and gets jammed in the doorway,then Shoto freezes everything he can. He freezes some students to the ground and the ground itself making the floor slippery. Everyone in class A and B dodges it. I can just run on top the due to the spikes in my shoes, Peace is burning ice away with her quirk, Pony is digging her hooves through it and is getting ahead that way and Axel is copying Pony.


The first we reach are the villain bots we fought in the entrance exam. In a excellent display of his quirk, Shoto freezes a zero point robot solid and he runs ahead as it falls to pieces, I try to follow after him but the robot falls faster than I expected.


“CORTNEY LOOK OUT!” Tetsu grabs my arm and pulls me out the way but the robot falls on top of him instead.


“Tetsu.” I whimper out.


“Did you forget what his quirk was?” Axel reminds me what Tetsu can do and that he is ok.


“Oh right he’s-” Before I can finish my sentence someone break outs of the robot.


“I’M ALIVEEE!” Kirishima pops out the robot with Tetsu close behind, after seeing that little performance Axel runs off.




“It still a race see you at the finish line.” Axel says before running off at full speed. I run past the big robots and deal with any small ones in my way.


Coming up to the second obstacle, a huge pit with ropes connecting little platforms of land,I take a second to think how I want to go, but Mei shoots a grappling hook and jumps in, Peace comes from behind and grabs on to her. I just say fuck it and jump the whole pit in one go.


I reach the final obstacle a minefield. I see Dekuy gathering a couple mines before using a piece of a robot to shoot himself into first place. I start tapping my foot and wait until Dekuy tries to screw both Kachy and Shoto.


“Sixth Gear.” Just as he slaps the robot part on the ground, I stomp my foot and blitz off while staying away from the top three and letting them duke it out avoiding any mines.


I finish the race in fourth place with Ibara coming in close behind me securing fifth place, “Great job Ibara. You got fifth place that’s amazing.” She beat most of class A and also showed just how fast she is.

“Thank you but I could have got a higher spot.” Ibara tries to dismiss my claim.


“Let me tell one thing DON’T ever get in the middle of them. They will wreck you.” I tell her that she really did do her best. Then the other students start to reach the finish. Axel, Peace and Pony got in, in 8th, 9th and 37th respectively, still I can’t ignore that Dekuy got first place without even using his quirk.


“How did you score so low Pony?” I ask seeing how Axel and Peace did so well.


“The obstacles really got me. I was slowed down so much I couldn’t regain my spot.” I give her a pat on the shoulder, she did her best and that’s all I care about.


The next game is the Cavalry Battle, teams compete for points on headbands, we need to steal the other teams headbands to get points which are based on how well we did meaning I’m worth 195 points and Dekuy worth a whopping 10,000,000, so everyone will be after him, but one guy I have to be worried about. Only four teams will make to the next round and I’ll make sure I’m in one of them.


We’re given 15 minutes to form our teams and come up with our strategy and I know who I want.


“Thanks for sticking with me guys.” I manage to get the full Breaker squad before anyone else can grab them.


“I’m fine with this so what’s the game plan?” Axel actually got everyone and found me so I have to really have to thank him.


“Ok Axel will be in the front using his engines. Hey Axel do you have that technique yet?” Axel knows what I mean.


“Yeah just tell when to use it.”


“Great Pony, you’ll be on my left, use your horns to harrass or make other teams back off, and you’ll be the one mainly holding me up to give Axel some slack.” I explain Pony’s role on the team, last up is Peace, “Peace you’ll be our guard, stop any team that tries to steal our headband with your flames.”


“I’m ok with that, I do have an idea.” I grin on Peace’s face says a thousand words.


*Horn sounding* That indicates our 15 minutes are up and it’s go time.


“Everyone set?” I ask as I put our headband.


“Good- Ready- Let’s start the show.” Everybody replies, together we’re worth 600 points making us a good score for anyone not going after Dekuy.


“One final before the games start, THREE, TWO, ONE.” Present Mic counts us down.


“BEGIN.” And Midnight starts it.


“Your dead Cortney!” Suddenly Kachy makes a b-line straight for us.


“Why is Bakugo after us!?” Axel is as confused as I am.


“I have no idea, just start running and don’t let him get close to me.” I know Kachy enough that once he sets his target on someone, he won’t stop until he gets them. We keep this up until I spot Tetsu’s team.


“Guys keep moving I have a plan.” That’s all I say before I jump at Tetsu.


“Cortney, what hell are doing!? Get off me.” Tetsu tries to pry me off his face but I have a deathgrip on him.


“Sorry but Kachy wants my head on a platter so I’m hitching a ride.” I says as I stop Tetsu’s teammates from stealing my headband, lucky Neito is dumb enough to steal Kachy’s headband drawing all his attention from me.


“Oh good, I’m free bye.” I jump off and caught by my teammates, “Thanks for the help.” I say as I tie a headband around my neck.


“What the-?! Cortney!” Tetsu noticed that he’s missing his headband.


“I need the points. Axel find people with headbands.” I say however most are too dangerous to go after, leaving only one target the one person I feared fighting but to keep things stable I have to take out Hitoshi Shinso.

“Axel, do it.” I command.


“Alright girls, hang on.” Axel’s exhaust pipes stick out as far as they can before jets of fire shoots then turning Blue and shooting us past Shinso.


“What was that?” Peace is left confused at what happened.


“I overclocked my engine for a massive boost of speed but my engines are clogged, so I will probably useless for the rest of the event.” I look down and see Axel’s engines pouring out smoke.


“Try switching to another form.” I suggest.


“I tried, but I’m locked in this form.” I was mainly planned around Axel to be our wildcard.

“Ok Pony Peace can you help finish what Axel started?” They nod and adjust themselves to support Axel with ten seconds left there’s nothing he can do.


“TIMES UP!” We won as a team, we just showed the world the power of the Breakers, I’m on the verge of crying for able being able to get this far with my friends.


“We did it!” Pony and Peace hug me and Axel gives me thumbs up, we force him into our group hug.


“Thanks guys.” I snuffle out. The four teams moving on are team Todoroki, Team Midoriya, Team Bakugo and us. Only one move round to prove who’s number one.


“Hey.” Hitoshi makes himself known, I break out our group hug and hold out my hand.


“Hehe, no hard feelings?” Hitoshi shakes my hand.


“Nuh at all. I’m Hitoshi Shinso.” He tells me his name and starts to walk away.


“I’m Cortney Tan, I hope we see each other again.” I say before he’s out of earshot. I look at the headbands we got, Hitoshi definitely has potential since he scored a lot of points.


Before the final event, we have a lunch break. Mom and Dad meet me outside the stadium.


“You did great honey.” Mom greets me and tells me how well I did. Chibi is sitting on her head panting happily, he jumps off her head and into my hands.


“Hey Chibi, sorry you couldn’t participate.” The school banned Chibi from the games because he’s not a actual student, the school considers him a pet. I pet Chibi on his belly a little before giving back to Mom.


“I promise to bring home the gold medal for you guys. *growl* But I can’t do that on a empty stomach, I’ll be at the cafeteria love you.” I say as I try to get a seat to eat.


“She’ll be a great hero someday.” Dad says to Mom.


“Yes she will. Wanna get something to eat?”




As I make my way to the cafeteria I spot Dekuy talking to Shoto. I know what scene this is but I’m starving so I can’t stay around to eavesdrop.


After the lunch break when we come back, there are some activities for us to do and they even brought some cheerleaders from America but they aren’t the only cheerleaders. The Class 1-A girls are in some cheer outfits.


“Hey guys.” My class look over to me and spot Me, Peace, Pony and Itsuka in some as well.


“God dammit Cortney.” Peace isn’t happy about being in this situation. The girls in class 1-A were tricked, I did this on my own will and forced the others to join me. I have to thank Momo on the work she did on our outfits. I finally figured out that the hair goes all the way up Pony’s legs.


“Why are we doing this again?” Itsuka ask, I normally don’t forced my other classmates to do things but I wanted an even number of people.


“I thought this might be fun plus, I always wanted to be in a cheer squad. So stop complaining and start cheering let’s boost our class morale.” I also have another reason for this, I’m not covering my scar. I’m not hiding anything anymore, I’ll purge the evil that holds me back.


“Come closer and draw lots to see who you’re up against.” Midnight holds a box of lots but before the first person can draw, Axel raises his hand.


“Yo, I know this is surprising but I’m dropping out.” Wait why is Axel dropping out? He fought really hard to get here so why give up now.


“Axel?” I don’t know what’s going on.


“I don’t feel like fighting, and I don’t want to give a half-assed fight, so I want someone else to take my place.” Axel already made up is mind, he probably is tired and wants to rest now.


“Actually, I’m dropping out too. I feel someone else will do much better than me.” Pony also drops out. I wanted to see her fight and wanted to get the chance to fight.


“Look like we have to move someone up from the fifth place cavalry team.” Itsuka got fifth but she declines and instead gives it to Tetsu’s team. After a little discussion Tetsu and Ibara are headed for the finals.


After the lots are draw, I end up against Dekuy and Peace ends up against Mina. The rest of the matches are canon but this is a problem because I’m not losing but Dekuy will not get that scar on his hand.


“Well look at Dekuy, we’re the first match I’m gonna snap you like a twig.” I say in a casual tone that sends a chill down his spine. I go on and do some cheering, I see Axel carrying Neito off somewhere.


“Hey Cortney do you have a strategy?” Pony ask me if I have a plan.


“No, I never fought against Dekuy so I’ll make it up as I go.” I know Dekuy analyzes anyone he fights but I don’t know if he has enough information on me.


Soon playtime over, Cementoss made a area in only a few minutes his power is really useful for construction projects like this. I switch out of cheerleading outfit and back to my gym clothes. I was talking to Mom to see if I could use my gloves and gauntlets in the tournament, she able to me use them.


Axel catches me as I step out the changing room, “Hey, you’re going against Deku.” I know what he’s about to ask.


“Look, I’m just going to see how things roll, if I lose I lose and if I win.” Axel catches me on that one.


“What are you going to do about Shoto?” It’s gonna be hard to awaken him if we had never even talked.


“I deal with it, if it comes up. But I will tell him he is himself and no one can take that from him, I will make sure to say that to him.” I start to head to the area entrance.


“Hm, Good luck.” Axel returns to back to the others and analyzes everything that’s about to happen.


Walking through the tunnel, I don’t what is gonna to happen but I’m not going to let that distract me this fight is going to show me just how strong Dekuy has gotten. That is what this match is going to be about.


“Alright audience let’s cut to the chase and start the finals. Woah, this contestant looks a little scared than we remember, it’s Izuku Midoriya from the Hero Course VS, This girl is something to be feared, it’s Cortney Tan also from the Hero Course. The rules are simple FORCE YOUR OPPONENT OUT OF THE RING! Or make the other be crying uncle.” Present Mic introduces us and explain the rules.


“You know Dekuy, Kachy is going to get his comeuppance once I’m finished with you so just ring out yourself to make this easy.” I can see the determination on Deky’s face.


“So it’s like that, come on then.” Once Present Mic us down Dekuy rushes straight for me.



Thanatos: Hurry up and finish the popcorn Delaila the fights are starting.


Delaila: The popcorn will be done in a minute, so while we let’s talk about to power of the week.


T: HEY! That’s my line.


D: I want to switch things up.


T: *Mumbles* Fine, this weeks power is All For One. A power past on from one generation to the next.


D: A quirk able to be given. This quirk gives whoever has it incredible strength.


T: But users usually have to be trained just to handle its’ power otherwise it could just kill the person from not being hold the power in.


D: A lot is not known about it, so who knows what this quirk is capable of.


T: All Might says its’ one of the nine mysteries of the world. *Pop* Popcorn done, we’ll this here today but we will be coming back to this until next time bye.


D:Bye souls.                                         






Chapter Text

Well a lot of fights are about to happen so I will going over all of them. Stay tuned for some PLUS ULTRA fights.  


Chapter cover- Izuku and Cortney eyes shining out of mist


Ch.17- Past and Present


“Here I come Cortney.” Dekuy goes to punch me but I dodge out the way and attempt to cut his legs from under him.


“!” He somehow saw that and caught my foot.


“That the same move you used on Kacchan when we were kids.” Dekuy comments as I try to free my foot. Right, that brings back memories to when we were kids.  




“Why are you doing this Cortney?” Dekuy asks after I forced both Deky and Kachy to eat my failed attempt at cooking for the first time.


“What? I wanted to know if it tasted good, do you really except to me to eat it when I have you two test dummies.” I look them and see that their eyes are watering.


“Too much spice?” Dekuy is just a fountain of tears.


“Keep your tears off my dress.”




I’ve escaped Dekuy but he’s being really aggressive so I grab in an attempt to walk him out the ring but he’s knows how I grapple and uses it against me. He retaliate flips me over his back, luckily we’re in the middle area so I’m not ringed out.


“How did you-?” It’s rare that people escape my grapples but to counter it as well.


“I’ve watched you and Kacchan fight, and I know how your grapples work.” So Dekuy DOES know how I fight, I get up and spin my arms. Without saying I rush at Dekuy and grab him by his shoulders before curl into a ball with Dekuy acting as cover, I then roll around with moving towards the edge.


As the throw him out, he uses his quirk deny me of my win. I look to see that Dekuy broke a few fingers to stay in, looks he had some help.




“That was quite a move.” Axel comments after Cortney’s attempt to eliminate.


“Isn’t that from Street Fighter?” Setsuna notices the similarities.


“Yeah, she practicing that move on me, when we were training.” Tetsu comments.


“Cortney finds inspiration from anywhere.” Peace chimes in.




“That was a nice trick you pulled Dekuy, but now I’m getting serious.” I throw a punch but Dekuy steps to the side using my other hand, I grab Dekuy by his face. As I pick him, he struggles to escape, he pick back an arm and.


“Detroit Smash!” He punches me clean in the stomach with his right arm, I’m blown the other side of the area and ringed out but I catch myself in time. I almost throw up but I stop myself, Dekuy broke his whole right arm in that attack. I’m panting because that attack almost knocked everything out me. I take aim and pluck my index finger at Dekuy.


“s-straight flush.” I nearly out myself out but Dekuy counters with a Delaware Smash.




“That was a big hit is Cortney alright?” Setsuna ask.


“Is she at her limit from one hit?” Peace replies, everybody turns to her.


“Limit? What limit?” Tetsu is demanding answers.


“Every quirk has its limits, Cortney is after holding too much power Cortney will start burning through her stamina very quick.” Peace explains, “You can tell by her skin, if she’s light Pink and steaming she’s at her limit.” She adds, “She’s just at the edge.”




I need to end this fight now, I’m almost at my limit and I don’t think I can take another smash.


“Smash!” Dekuy aims a smash at me and breaks a finger on his left hand.


“Shatter Shield.” I manage to cancel out his attack. I need to stop Dekuy before he starts to scar himself. I hold out my left arm and make a gate in front of me and put every bit of power into my right arm.


“Here’s a new move I’ve been working on, Drill Claw Crusher Shooter Style!” I add spinning momentum to this punch making it look a drill is in my hand and launch it like an Aced. As my arm goes through the gate, a cyclone of air follows in its wake, Dekuy attempts to stop it with his right arm and does manage to stop it but I’m not done yet, the gate is still open, I launch a Full House through the gate adding to the power of my Drill attack that seems to be it as Dekuy starts spilling and attack breaks through him and flying out the area and into a wall.


I take a breath of satisfaction as Dekuy slides off the wall, at this distance it’s hard to see how damaged Dekuy’s hands are, I hope they aren’t to bad. I think that Dekuy may have fractured or even broke a rib, because I’m still feeling that punch.


Actually after that initial punch something is up, I look to my mom in the crowd everything blacks out around her and several figures appear around her their red skin is the only I can really make out, they all have a X scar somewhere on them, one on their arm another on their back, however next to them are figures with White hair, I end up getting a migraine from see this and I fall to a knee from to the pain.


“Miss miss, are you alright?” I cementoss checks on me suddenly the pain goes and the figures disappear.


“Yeah, I’m ok.” Cementoss escorts me out the area.




“I wonder what happened to Cortney?” Axel ask after Cortney’s sudden outburst, “It looked like she was in a ton of pain.” But Axel is more curious about Cortney win, how will things play out with Shoto? Izuku was suppose to wake up Shoto’s full power.


“I hope Cortney is ok, it looks like she took a big hit.” Pony is concern since Cortney just started acting out.


“She’s gonna be fine, that new attack she did through looked awesome. I wonder what’s it’s called.” Tetsu reassures Cortney is ok.


“The winner of this match is Class 1-B Cortney Tan.” Present confirms to the who won to crowd.




After the match I’m healed by Recovery Girl, “I’m good to go Ms.G?” I only took one hit that I was scared about from Dekuy.


“You had a minor fracture but it was nothing, him on the other hand.” She turns my attention to Dekuy on a bed with his hands in casts.


“His right arm acquired a major injuries, we needed to do surgery before I could heal him.” She informs me on his condition at this time All Might enters the room.


“All Might! Um sorry, I really didn’t tell to hurt him that bad but he fought really I’ll be fighting for him. I really want to talk some more but I need to see who I’m facing next see you.” I run out the office and go back to my classmates.


I miss the introduction but I’m able to just before the first move it’s Shoto Vs Sero.


“You’re ok Cortney. Come on we saved a seat for you.” Pony calls me over to her.


“What happened out there Cortney. You starting freaking out for no reason.” Peace mention “that”.


“I don’t know, I have to talk to Mom later but I’m fine now.” As I finish, Sero makes the first move he wraps his around Shoto tries to throw him out but Shoto launches a massive glacier of ice out so massive that the ice almost reaches us and it’s bigger that the stadium.


“God damn.” Peace exclaims and I’m a little scared because I’m his next opponent and I have to somehow counter that. The crowd is trying to cheer up Sero by yelling nice try.


“Good luck.” Pony sees I’m going to have trouble as well.


A few minutes later


It takes a little bit to clear out all of Shoto’s ice but with it out of the way the next match can start.


The next match is Ibara Vs Denki. Before the match starts Ibara corrects Present earlier statement calling her an assassin. After a month I’ve gotten to know my classmates a little better. To be honest Ibara is like the second coming of Christ, her costume, how she acts, her favorite food is bread. You don’t see it you’re an idiot.


The speech Ibara gives last longer than the actual fight, Denki tries to electrocute Ibara but she digs her vines into the ground to block the electricity and then uses her vines to grab Denki winning her the match.


I see Neito is gone and Itsuka is gone as well, “Dumbass.” I whisper under my breath.


The next match is Tenya Vs Mei. To spare Tenya the match is basically an advert for Mei’s inventions. After ten minutes Mei forfeits after showing all her inventions.


“Mei will do anything to get herself out to the world.” Hiryu comments.


“Yes, she will.” Is all I say, seeing the next fight.


“Hey Peace you’re next.” I see Peace loading her gauntlets and hyping herself.


“Yeah, I’m going against the Pink girl next, got any advice?” I shake my head.


“No, never seen her fight, good luck.” Peace walks to the area.


“What can you tell us?” Pony ask me, I open my bag and grab my book.


“Mina Ashido, quirk Acid. She makes acid. I don’t know how strong the acid but Peace will have to look out.” I close the book after revealing the information I have on her.


“A fight between two people who can burn things, this will be interesting.” Axel comments and this will allow me to learn some things about Mina fights.


“We’re going to charge right along to next match, this girl burns a trail wherever she goes, it’s Peace Miglow from the Hero Course 1-B. Vs, whatever those things sticking out her, from the Hero Course 1-A, Mina Ashido!”


“Better hope you’re a hero because you're facing a dragon.” Peace remarks before breathing flames into her hands covering them in flames.


“Looks looks Peace came up with a new technique.” I remark.


“Let the match begin!” Present starts the match and Peace launches herself at Mina, who dodges out the way by from what it looks like, skating across the ground.


“Her reflexes are impressive.” Axel comments, while Mina dodges Peace’s shots.


“Oh, she’s using her concussion rounds. I haven’t seen those for a while.” Peace continues her onslaught until she’s empty, Mina sees this and closes in to finish off Peace. As she gets close Peace ignites herself evaporating Mina’s acid and finishes Mina off with a punch to the face, knocking her out.


“Mina has fainted, the winner of this match is Miglow.” Midnight declares the winner, Peace checks to make sure Mina is ok.


“Smart of Peace to lull Mina in close, she’s much stronger than people think.” Axel comments, I know that first hand since she fracture my entire rib cage in one hit when we were little and it seems she’s at her strongest when she uses her quirk.


After I finish taking notes, I wait for the next match to start. Once it does, I get up and walk away.


“Where are you going Cortney?” Peace ask.


“I have something to do, I’ll be back before the next fight starts.” I say as I walk away, once I’m out for sight, I run in hope that I can get to Momo in time.


I manage to find Momo before she’s back with her classmates, “Oh, Cortney.” Momo say in defeated tone before I slap her.


“Why?!” She’s surprised at me slapping her.


“Stop thinking you’re weak, don’t think of yourself as just a tool. You lost so what!? Take that lost in stride and use it to improve yourself. Because if you can’t, drop out. Even a hero loses but if you let one loss break you then you don’t deserve to be a hero. So tell me Momo are you a hero or a zero.” I give Momo a passionate speech to give her some confident in herself about what heroes goes through, that losing is the greatest lesson anyone can receive and Momo is smart enough to know that. I then wait for Momo answer. I can see the struggle inside Momo to see what she wants to be.


“I want to a hero.” She whimpers out.


“What was that?” I move a little close to hear her.


“I want to. No, I am a hero!” Momo confidents returns back in full tow. I’m glad I could remember this moment, because seeing a broken Momo isn’t good for her or anyone she wants to help.


“Awesome! I’m glad I got you back to normal. So, aren’t you going to get revenge for me slapping you?” I thought she was going to sock me in the jaw to give me her answer but no, nothing.


“Slap you, why would I slap you? You slapped me to give me my confidence back, so I have reason to hit.” She explains, I’m just glad I was able to rekindle Momo spirit before it burned out.

“I’m glad you know what you are now, before I go tell me when Mineta is being a pervert and I’ll deal with him.” Momo agrees, “And one last thing before I go, I don’t why but for some reason I imagine you and Shoto would make a great couple.” I see Momo blush at my last statement before I make my way back to my classmates.


I make it back just in time for Tetsu’s match, “What were you doing?” Itsuka ask me, I have a wide smile on my face.


“Helping someone in need, nothing else.” I reply, “Come on Tetsu beat that ripoff! Show him how strong Class B is!” I shout as to cheer Tetsu on. When the fight starts, it’s just a quirk knuckled brawl. Just punches being thrown out, the fight actually last quite a while which proves just how strong they are. In one final clash Tetsu and Kirishima knock each other out resulting in a draw.


“Well this is what happens when two shields fight each other.” I joke over the result of the match.


They’re lifted out to recover and will a contest to see who goes on but the next match will might be hard to watch, it’s Bakugo vs.Uraraka. This is going to be brutal.


“Does Ochaco stand a chance of winning?” Peace knows who the winner will be.


“This won’t be a fight of brawn but if Ochaco determination is greater than Kachy’s passion. Ochaco will have to give it her all if she wants to win.” I state that she does have a chance of winning.


When the fight starts Ochaco runs at Kachy to try and tag him but he blast her away. She comes at him again but when he counters he gets Ochaco’s gym shirt and pops out behind him through the smoke in an effort to tag him but he stops her again. This goes on again and again but I notice something Kachy isn’t going on the offensive but just countering her.


“Can you call this a fight? This is just brutal.” I hear Setsuna say but I’m more focused on the current match.


“He’s not trying to hurt her, if Bakugo wanted to hurt he would have gone on the offensive and ended the match already. He trying to tire her out.” Peace sees what Kachy game plan is.


A man in the crowd declares Kachy a villain other people join in too but Dad stops them.


“Listen, None of you noticed that young man hasn’t aimed a single attack at the girl, he’s being careful NOT to hurt her! I don’t know what you would do in his situation but he has great potential. So sit down and shut the fuck up!” Dad enlightens the crowd to what going on.


"Is the one who said he's toying with her a pro? How many years of active duty? If that's what you're taking from this, then you can leave. No point in watching. Go home and start looking at job-hunting sites. She's come this far, and he knows her strength. His caution shows that he recognizes her as a worthy opponent. It's exactly because he wants to win so badly... that there's no room for carelessness or holding back." Mr.Aizawa adds in.


“She had a plan all along.” I say as Ochaco gets back again and look up to see ton of debris floating in the air. Ochaco than presses her hands together and the debris starts to fall.


While the rocks are falling Ochaco rushes at Kachy to tag him. Kachy raises one hand up and braces it before firing one of the biggest explosions I’ve ever seen from Kachy, the force is strong enough to hit the crowd and sends Ochaco flying away. He blasted all the debris to pieces.


The whole stadium is silent at the sheer display that Kachy just demonstrated, Ochaco is heartbroken that her plan was foiled but still gets up, Kachy takes the initiative and runs at Ochaco but the match is already over. Ochaco turns around to face Kachy but that uses up the last of her stamina and she falls over. She tries to get back up but her body has reached its limits, she can’t fight anymore.


“Uraraka is KO'd, Bakugo advances to the second round.” Midnight calls the match after Ochaco faints.


“She fought valiantly, she kept fighting till the end.” Ibara chimes in. Ochaco is carried out on a stretcher and sent to Recover Girl.


I’m in the waiting room by myself trying to think of a plan against Shoto. I can’t just rush him down his ice is too fast, I don’t if I’m strong enough to break through Shoto’s ice. I walk into my mind to see if Kim has anything.


This place has changed a lot, from being a Black void of nothingness to a full field. It looks a like where I first meet Thana and she told me I died but gave a second chance. I spot Kim sitting on top a rock.


She hasn’t changed that much seen I was little, she grown like me and I notice her spikes are White. Seeing me without my binding makes me realize just how big my breast are for my age.


“Hey Kim. Help me out our next match is against Shoto, I need something to fight against him.” Kim open her eyes and steps down from the rock she was sitting on.


“To be truly honest, we can’t beat him in a straight up fight normally. So we follow canon.” I know where Kim is going.


“So you want me to break myself to win?” The problem is, not how stupid that sound but that is probably my best option.” I sigh and hear something going on in the outside world.


“Looks like Kirishima and Tetsu are having their rematch.... And Tetsu lost. Well, we need to go on now, see you in a little bit.” Kim waves me goodbye as I leave.


“What the hell did we experience early?” Kim ponders out what Cortney saw after the first match and look at the book again.


“You’d better tell me everything. I-No we need to know.”


As I’m walking to the area, I bump into Endeavor the number two hero. I absolutely hate him for what he did to his family especially his wife, who made her have a mental breakdown and attack Shoto. I try to walk past him but stops me.


“Young girl, you have quite a powerful quirk and that fire girl looks quite strong.” Hearing him just talk about Peace is enough.


“Listen if you hurt Peace or try to abuse her power, I’ll bring down everything you worked for. Don’t test me.” I walk away ignoring anything he has to say.


“Don’t worry Shoto I’ll break you out that ice prison in your heart.” I whisper beneath my breath as I walk to the area.


As I step the corridor and into the area, I’m face to face with Shoto both of knowing this will be a tough fight.


Writer: The beginning of the chapter went in a completely different way then I thought, I plan to just write the past and present of Cortney and Izuku quirk but some backstory just popped in. Also I plan to expand some things around Cortney’s quirk but I’ll save that for later.


Thanatos: But onto more important things, Cortney eliminated Izuku so she’ll have to face Shoto, will she be able ignite Shoto’s flames or will she be frozen away by Shoto’s ice age. Find out next time, also we will skipping this power of week because Delaila is out on an assignment and I need her for the show. But remember GO BEYOND PLUS ULTRA!                    




Chapter Text

I hope you enjoyed the first round, because the fights are about to get even bigger. BTW, in three or four chapters from I’ll be closing the polls so pick your now before it’s gone.


Chapter cover- Ice around the frame with Cortney in the center about to pluck her left hand.


Ch.18- No choice


Standing in front of Shoto, I know what he’s going through but I need to defend myself, I hope Kim ready.


The second the match starts Shoto launches a wave of ice at me. I manage to Fifth gear activated and brace my left hand to fire off a Flush with my index finger to destroy the ice, it goes right through and manages to reach Shoto. He makes an ice wall behind himself to prevent himself from being blown away.


That attack didn’t destroy my finger but it’s numb if I try to use again, I will break that finger but Shoto retaliates with another attack and this time I use my ring finger to stop his attack. I just need to wait for my chance, Shoto will soon start to feel the repercussion of his quirk and I have two, no three more shots with my left hand before I start to hurt myself. I need to save my right arm for if I need to Ace, I don’t if I’ll break my arm with Kim’s power but I need to be careful.


“Let’s continue.” Shoto gave me a second but continues his onslaught.




“Have you guys notice that?” Axel ask Peace and Pony.


“What?” Pony ask back, Axel holds up his left hand.


“Cortney using ranged attack with left hand. And she has Fifth gear enabled.” Peace and Pony both know what Axel is getting at but everybody else is at a lost.


“What’s the difference between Cortney using her left or right hand? Isn’t it gonna come out the same?” Neito really doesn’t see the point with this conversation.


“Cortney CAN’T use her ranged attack with her left arm naturally. It must have to do with Fifth gear for her to be able to do that.” Peace suspects.




“CrapCrap, Crap!” After stopping another one of Shoto’s attacks, I used up all fingers on my left hand all I have is my thumb but Shoto needs to be close for me to use it.


Now Shoto rushing at me while making a pillar of ice, I fire another Flush using my index finger on my right hand to destroy the pillar but Shoto jumps off in time.


He comes crashing down on me in an attempt to freeze me, I jump out the way leaving Shoto to freeze the spot I was standing at but he follows up sending his ice to chase me.


When it reaches my foot I have to go all out, pull back my right arm and throw a full power Aced that blows away all the ice and it still has enough power to hit Shoto and push him back a few meters. It feels like all the bones in my arm is about to shatter, if I try anything else I’ll risk giving myself permanent damage.


“That was more than any other of your attacks.” Shoto pushes away a column of ice revealing some ice is forming on his arm meaning he’s getting close to his limits. Shoto stares over to his dad. The number 2 hero Endeavor, just seeing his makes my blood boil.


“Let’s end this.” With that Shoto sends off a finishing wave of ice towards me but I not letting this end here, I grit my teeth and get ready to fire off another Flush.


“I’m not done yet.” I say destroying his ice and breaking the bones in my left index finger in the process. My attack goes hitting Shoto again pushing almost out of the area.


“Shoto.” I say in a demeaning tone while fixing my posture, “Don’t think that you can win without hitting with a single punch. You’re reaching your limit ice is forming on your body, you’re starting to freeze yourself. You would counter this with your right side but you refuse to. STOP GOING EASY ON ME! You haven’t landed a single attack on me, showing me how weak you are because of something petty.” I clutch my left hand while looking like the match hasn’t even started yet, “SHOW ME YOUR FULL STRENGTH OR YOU’LL NEVER WIN! LET ME SEE YOU FLAMES BURNS!” As I bellow out my feelings on this match all the pain seems to wash away and I’m feeling a massive rush of energy.


“Petty? You don’t know anything me, now you made me mad.” For once Shoto just rushes at me, no ice. He’s coming at me in blind anger but remarkable slowly than he normally. He finally makes a mistake giving me a clean shot at landing a hit, I get in close and land a punch in his stomach with my right arm, however even through I got a second wind due to the damage I’ve done to my hand, I can’t use the drive technique properly. So the power isn’t close to what I can normally do.


I send Shoto flying but he does cover my left arm with ice and got it past my gauntlet and up most my arm. It’s gonna take me a second to get it off but when Shoto gets back up, he send more ice at me. Now through his ice has lost at its speed and much smaller so I can just dodge out the way.


When he gets close again, he freezes the ground under me but I send us both flying away with another Flush from my left hand, I’m not feeling pain anymore for some reason what’s going on did I inherit something from Dad or- I can’t think about that now I need to focus on this match. I might gain a scar but it’s to help someone so I’ll risk it. To be able to help Shoto is greater than winning the match.


My resolve is set so I’ll keep giving it my all. Shoto sends out more ice but now it’s reach the point that I even damaged the nerves, so put my thumb into my mouth and pull back to fire another Flush, I even manage to push Shoto back again but now I down to kicking but I still have something so I can still win.


“Why are putting yourself through this?” Shoto does not understand my motives for continue fighting even though my pain is showing. Blood is pouring out the sides of my gloves and I’m wobbling but I’m still fighting on.


“Because your holding back your full potential. I want everybody to be a great hero. ” I say and Shoto leaves himself open allowing me to shove my foot into his stomach, that seems to snap him out of it.


“I’m giving it my all, like you should be. I don’t know your story but let me tell you something, someone in your family loves you. My family is watching me fight right now their in the crowd. I fight for the people that you love and STOP SCREWING AROUND.” I Sparta-kick Shoto in the stomach to get my feelings across but Shoto seems lost. When Shoto gets back up, suddenly my memories of what Dekuy said to Shoto rush back to me, “It’s yours. It’s your quirk, not his.”


Shoto’s flames suddenly burst to life, I did it help realize what he forgot. In person I get to see Shoto full flames but I’m not done yet I have a match to win. Shoto melts the ice off my arm, the flames are intense their somehow even hotter than Peace’s. Fire covering one side Shoto and ice covering the other this is Shoto’s full power. As Shoto smiles at me, Endeavor comes out of nowhere to encourage Shoto.


“Why are you smiling.. with those injuries in this hopeless situation… you’re crazy. Don’t blame for what happens next.” Shoto says as he prepare to send an ice age at me. As I activate Sixth gear, Cementoss and Midnight try to stop the match but it’s too late.


Shoto sent a gigantic wall of ice at me but I jump and run down the ice. He uses his flames to melt the ice and sticks his hand out.


“I understanding now Cortney, thank you.” Shoto as I put all the power I can into my legs.


“You’re welcome.” Just as our attacks collide an explosion goes Cementoss puts some walls in between us. We send debris everywhere and cause a massive shockwave. Once things settle down and the smoke clears away, I somehow knocked Shoto out of bounds and into the wall.


“Todoroki is, is out of bounds. TAN WINS! She advances to the third round. ” Midnight declares it, I won. As the crowd cheers and things calm down the fatigue of the entire match hits me at once, I fall asleep right then and there.




I wake in the nurses’ office, my gloves and gauntlets have been removed and my hands are covered in bandages. I feel really tired, I wiggle my fingers a little, I can move them but not without some pain.


“You’re real lucky.” I hear Recover Girl say, “Somehow you managed to avoid gravely damaging your hands but that was still very reckless to keep fighting.” She scolds me on my decision and she is right.


I sigh, “But can I still fight? I’m leaving this up to you.” She is the doctor it’s up to her if I can still fight or not.


“I’ll allow to keep going but I’m banning you from any special attacks, one more and who knows what might happen.” I’m happy that Recover Girl will still let me fight but her request does put me on edge a little to to know that if I use one attack and I’m done, it kinda scary.


“Hey is Cortney ok?” And Tetsu bust into the room with Peace, Axel and Pony.


“I’m ok Tetsu, don’t worry about me.” I try to give Tetsu a thumbs up but have some trouble, “Ok, I’m not at one hundred percent.”

“Your friend here almost gravely injured herself she will be able to continue but I’m banning her from using her special attacks.” She informs them about my condition.


“Are you sure that’s a good idea to let her keep fighting, if she’s in that sort of condition?” Axel ask but I want to keep going and Recovery Girl said I’ll be fine.


“Don’t worry about me go cheer on Ibara, I’ll be back at start of my next match.” I say before Recover Girl forces them to leave and head back to their seats.


I lay down to regain some energy but then I get a call. It’s Lisa, I haven’t talked to her in a little while and I really want to see her again.


“Hey sis, what’s up?” I hear her laugh a little when I pick up.


“Nothing much, I just wanted to tell that you’re doing awesome, I’ve been watching you since the start. Keep going your almost there make sure you’re number one.” Sis encourages me to finish the fight.


“Hey sis, are you ever coming home?” I really want to sister again in person.

“Yeah I’ll be coming back before your second semester starts, I promise.” I smile knowing that I’ll see sis soon.


“Great, make sure you tell me about your time in America. Because with us it’s never boring.” I’m glad, sis decided to call right now because that means everyone is cheering for me to win so I need to rest up and think of a strategy for my next match. I hope the others will be able to advance as well.


“Look sis, I need to rest up but keep cheering me on.” I will wish I could show her my spirit now, she agrees before hanging up.


“I feel like crap.” I mutter to myself, I don’t even need to see Kim to know she’s the same way. I’m stuck without my two other gears for the rest of the tourney so I have to rely on just myself, good luck guys.




After the area is repaired the next fight starts it’s Tenya vs. Ibara and the fight ends before it starts, Tenya uses Recipro Burst to push Ibara to end the fight.


“Damn, that move is scary fast. I could barely keep up.” Axel comments to which Neito chimes in.


“I saw you using that same technique during the cavalry match, so you show be able to keep your eyes on him.” Neito tries to make undermine Axel.


“Let me explain my quirk. My quirk allows me to collect data on people abilities, it’s worthless on emitter quirks, I think I may be able copy transformation quirks with some more training but it’s best used on mutation quirks. But that not the end of it, it take some time for me to get use to it, special moves especially I need some more time to work on Recipro Burst, so shut up Neito.” Axel ends off his explanation by telling Neito to shut it.


The next matchup is Peace vs. Tokoyami. Tokoyami summons Dark Shadow to knock Peace out of bounds but she fires off a Grand Flash which forces Dark Shadow to retreat and allows Peace to close the distance to pin Tokoyami which wins her the match.


The final match is Bakugo vs. Kirishima. Kirishima uses his quirk to block Bakugo’s explosions, he manages to cut Bakugo across the cheek with one of his punches forces him to back off. Kirishima keeps up the pressure and forces Bakugo to go on the defensive. This all happens while Tetsu cheers Kirishima on.



Recovery Girl has finished the last treatment so now I can finally leave, my hands still hurt whenever I flex them so I really can’t use my special moves.


“Before you go sunny, please try to come with another way to use that other quirk of yours.” How does she know about that?

“What do you mean?” I try to see what she know.


“Your mother told me about your family condition and your quirk. You have quite a dangerous quirk you to learn how to control it. I’m not healing anymore reckless injuries like that. Now get going before you miss the last match.” I take her advice to heart, I need to figure a way out to control my full power.


I manage to catch the last match in the middle and Kirishima is holding his own against Kachy that impressive and he has Tetsu cheering him on. I look to see who I’m up against next, Tenya. He’s fast so I have watch out against him and rely on my grapples if I want to win against him.  


However my focus is brought back to the match as Kachy attacks starts to make their way through Kirishima and this is look like the match is coming to the end.


Kachy fires off massive explosion and Kirishima blocks before unleashing a series of powerful explosions and Kirishima manages to stay up however Kachy ends it with one final explosion knocking out Kirishima.


My match is next, so I have to go now. If I want to win the match I have to be defensive, I don’t know how strong Tenya kicks are but I have no real options.


The second the fight starts Tenya runs straight at me, when he gets in range I try to keep but he runs out the way I hear him behind me and follow through my kick doing a full pirouette to force him back. He’s aiming for my sides if he grabs me it’s all over, I see him about to do something.

“Recipro Burst!” Suddenly Blue flames shoot from Tenya’s engines, he then launches a kick at me, this is my only chance if I fail to grab him it’s over. When I grab Tenya’s leg, he throttles his engines to throw me off but I’m digging my feet into the ground to make sure that doesn’t happen, I wait until he burns out after his ten seconds are up Tenya keeps trying to get me off but I’m not moving.


After ten seconds pass Tenya engines flooded, I pick up Tenya and hold him over my head. I walk over to the edge all while he struggles to escape my grip but I throw him out of bounds.


“Sorry if it looked like I wimped out, I’ll tell you something if I failed to grab your leg I’ve would have lost. I was just lucky that I did grab your leg.” I explain to Tenya what happen.


“Lida has been thrown out of bounds, Tan advances.” I do feel bad about how the fight went but I’m in the finals.


The next fight is Peace vs. Kachy, Kachy is avoiding not to use his explosions against Peace since she can just eat them. Peace taunts Kachy saying she will win, Kachy holds his hands out forming a ball of light in the middle when it goes off, a massive explosion goes and Peace is blinded using the opportunity to grab Peace and throw her out. She can’t recover in time and is eliminated.


This is going to be a tough match for me, Kachy would want me to go all out but I can’t. This is going to be painful, but I’m still going to win no matter what.


Writer: The finals are here will Cortney win or is Bakugo going to blow her dreams away. Find out next time. Btw, this time Thana is on an assignment so I’m covering for her, uh Delaila do want to do something or can I just end it here?


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Chapter Text

With this the School Festival arc will be finished. You have two more chapters to help decide Cortney hero Alias. I hope you’re ready because this will be one hell of a fight.

Chapter cover- Bakugo front and center with an explosion going off behind him


Ch.19- BOOM


Waiting room


As I wait to be called up for the finals. I try to think of a game plan Kachy is a really dangerous fighter, he’s not going to give me the chance to try anything and I can’t use any of my special attacks if Kachy spots that, then he’s going to get ultra aggressive and that’s going to be the end of it. I have to wait for my opening, he has to get close at some point but I’m not even sure about that.


This whole match is an unknown, the one thing I know, did happen during the match could be a instant knockout, I don’t want to face it head-on. Soon my train of thought is interrupted by Kachy kicking the door open.


“What the hell you doing in here this my space- Crap this is waiting room number two!?” Kachy is smarter than that so why would he make such a mistake but instead of leaving he walks over to me and sets off a small explosion to freak me out but I don’t flinch at all.

“Peace.” I remark, Kachy is left a bit confused, “Bakugo… do you love Peace I do you actually her.” What Endeavor say about Peace made me worried about her, I’m being serious since I’m calling by his name not his nickname.


“Bastard… who told?” Bakugo did everything he could to make sure nobody knew about them.


“I knew since the very beginning, I was the one who suggested it. Answer the question, what is Peace to you!” I need to know what Peace is to him.


“She’s has nothing to do with this.” Bakugo is trying to avoid the question.


“Just tell me, I scared for her well-being...PLEASE!” I’m scared for one of my best friends, “I want to know if somebody is protecting her.” I’m on the verge of breaking down into tears I just want to know if he loves her or not.


“I love her.” Bakugo gives in and answers my question, “I care about her deeply, I wouldn’t anything to happen to her… that’s how much I love her.” With that out of the way I can focus on our fight.


“Thanks, make sure to go all out, Peace will be cheering for you.” That angry smile comes in full force on Bakugo’s face.


“Don’t tell anyone about us or I’ll blow you to pieces.” Bakugo leaves the room.




All that stands between me and first place is Kachy taking him down won’t be easy but this will be a fun match.


“Now begin!” The second the fight starts Kachy blast straight for me, I try grab him mid-air but he uses another to redirect himself out of the way and grabs my head to throw me out the ring, I use an airwalk to stop myself and continue on.


As I move to get in close, Kachy tries to tag me with an explosion but I catch his hand when I land I punch Kachy in the face.


“What’s wrong, you can hit harder than that. Where that strength of yours?” Crap, he noticed it, I jump back so I can think of a new plan.


“What’s wrong Cortney you wimping out. You aren’t fighting like yourself so everyone how you got here DESTROY ME!” Kachy wants me to show my strength to everyone while running at me but I can’t, my body won’t go any further, I can’t win.




Suddenly the locks on Kim’s book fall off, “Don’t worry Cortney I’ll give you the strength you need.”


Kachy takes to the air and starts spinning while firing off explosions making a dust tornado and he’s in the eye. Instead of trying to face head-on, I brace for what’s about to come.


“Howitzer Impact!” When Kachy touches me an explosion with the power of missile goes off.


As Present commentates on what just happened everybody is wondering what happened to me, “Is that all?” I ask as I swipe my hand and fan all the dust away.


I’m still standing where I was before and besides my clothes it looks like nothing even happened. Kim gave me the strength to withstand the attack but I was still able to absorb the damage with my quirk seems like I can use both my quirks now, it’s finicky I don’t know what I’m fully doing but it’s something.


I rush over to Kachy on the ground and try to stomp him, he dodges out the way by launching himself into the air but else to suspect from him. I know he can’t use that attack again without hurting himself. I meet Kachy in the air and axe kick over the head sending back to the ground.


Weirdly I’m feeling more proficient with my feet which is something I don’t understand, I fight using my arms so is this Kim’s doing? I figure it later I need to win this fight.


As Kachy gets back up, I taunt him, “Was that your all Kachy? I was expecting more from you of all people come at me 100%!” That gets Kachy, he springs back to his feet explosions in hand.


“Damn you Cortney!” Kachy lunges at me, I go to punch him but he dodges behind me, seeing that coming I somersaults backwards. I barely clip Kachy and follow up with a kick hitting Kachy in the stomach. I grab Kachy and suplex him over my head pinning him down, he tries to escape doing everything he can but I won’t budge.


“Katsuki is unable to continue the winner is Cortney Tan!” Midnight calls the match, it takes me a second to process that I won. When I do I sit speechless both because I won and I‘m extremely tired.


As the crowd cheers, I try to help Kachy up but he doesn’t want it. He’s angry that I won and I barely understand how I did it too.


“The first year students have completed all the events for the U.A. Sports Festival. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the award ceremony.” Midnight’s announcement, we appear on podiums with me in first place, Kachy is second on and Peace in third. Tenya was suppose to be here too but something came up, it’s something but I can’t remember what it was right now. Too sad though he fought hard.


The person to give out the awards is none other than the number 1 hero All Might, “I am here… give out the medals.” Is what he was trying to say but Midnight ruins his introduction.


As All Might hands out the awards and each gives us a piece of advice, “Young Courtney. You fought hard to get where you are now, keep going and you’ll grow to be a great hero.” I take All Might’s advice to heart especially since his time is running short and Dekuy is far from being able to fill his shoes.


I hold the medal in my hands and see it shine, I rise it up to the sky so that everyone can see it and say, “HAVE NO NEED TO FEAR BECAUSE I AM HERE!” I’m putting a big target on my head saying that but it’s to be great.


“I have more thing to say, everyone say it with me… Plus ultra! -Thanks for your hard work.” All Might fucks up our school motto to thanks us for our hard work, he told us to go beyond, the whole crowd boos All Might.


Later at home


I decided to Mom to see what happened during the School Festival.


“Hey Mom have you seen our ancestors from our quirk?” I ask as I chop up some onions for dinner. She stops what she’s doing and starts thinking.


“Yes, I have. There are a few abilities to our quirk, we can talk to past members of our family dead or alive. You must have awaken your quirk.” I never hear of quirks awaking, is this special to our family or can others do this?

“Awaken? What does that mean, am I getting stronger and will I be able to transform into an actual demon?” I’m running through the possibilities for what awakening means for me.


“No, nothing like that expect for your great uncle but that was a completely different quirk. Now you can unlock your full potential I’ll help you.” Aww man, I it would be awesome to fly but that’s not even close.


“So will that X scar appear on my face like when you use your quirk?” I disappointedly ask.


“That scar you see is our mark of power and it’s different for everyone I have no idea where yours will appear. So did it feel when you awakened your quirk?” I think about happened during the fight and try to describe what it was like.


“It felt I was using both my quirks together, and that me and Kim were united. It felt weird trying to control both at once but both felt much weaker than when I use normally them.” I tell Mom as she takes mental notes.


“That is very unique, but I see what’s happening. Your body limiter kicked in to stop you from hurting yourself, you will need training to fully utilize that new power take it slow and you’ll get there I know it.” As Mom finishes encouraging me, Pony walks out of her room with a bunch of DVDs in her arms.


“Hey Cortney come on, we have to leave now if we want to be at Peace’s place on time.” I forgot Peace invited all the girls for a sleepover. I got lost in my conservation with Mom.


“Alright give me a second, see ya Mom.” I grab my stuff and Chibi make way to Peace house.  


When we arrive the other girls have made it and in shock from the looks of it, “Oh right, this is your first time here.” I was the same way when I first came over and I was also kinda kidnapped but whatever.


“I never guessed that Peace was loaded.” Setsuna comments, if only they knew half of it…actually they might with how busy it normally is.


I knock on the door and it opens to reveal Peace nomming something in her mouth, she takes it out of her mouth to welcome us wearing a Orange shirt with a sun on it and Gray sweatpants.  


“Hey everybody thanks for coming, follow me so you can get changed.” Without missing a beat Peace walks off and we follow her, all the grunts must be off because the place empty. We past by Amallie and Hina drinking something and Amallie has a scarf around her neck.


After Peace leads us to changing rooms, I’m the last one to get changed and everyone eyes are on me.


“Please stop looking at me. It’s really embarrassing.” I get why since I’m bigger than everyone else especially in the chest department. I brought this upon myself since I’m wearing a Mega Milk shirt but I’m not letting that joke slip.


“That really funny.” Setsuna understands, “Where were you keeping That?”

“I wear a binding underneath. I don’t understand why I’m like this, both my mom and sister are average.” I explain.


“You have a sister Cortney?” Itsuka ask, I never mention her really because there’s no point.


“Yeah, she’s six years older than me and quirkless.” The girls toss some pity her way when I mention she’s quirkless.


“Don’t take that like she’s weak, she’s stronger than me and kick ass like nothing, heck she taught me how to fight so don’t underestimate her.” I clarify their misconceptions.


“Wow, so where is she? How come we haven’t seen her?” Setsuna wants to know more about sister.


“In America, training to become a UFC fighter, actually she had a match last week so we could probably watch it later but Peace what was in your mouth earlier?” I ask knowing I might regret asking.

“Incendiary grenade. I need to eat fire to make sure I’m at 100%.” And I did regret asking because WHERE did she get incendiary grenades from. As we all think the same thing my phone starts playing Titanium, Tetsu’s ringtone. Everyone realizes that it's me, I can’t ignore it so I pick up the other girls get quiet and lean over.


“Hey Tetsu something up?” I get some gasp from the other girls when I say Tetsu’s name.


“Yeah, I just wanted to say how awesome you were in the tournament I was cheering you on the entire time. I wanted to tell that in person but you left.” I’m flatter that Tetsu was cheering me on but not in the current situation I’m in.

“That’s sweet of you and I was doing the same thing during your match. Uh Tetsu can we continue this later I have to do something. Love you.” I sheeply say before hanging up, I’m completely embarrassed so much that steam is coming off my head.


“I never thought that Cortney and Tetsu were dating.” Ibara remarks, “How long has this been going on?” I’m gone, I want to run run away but I’m stuck with so much embarrassment that it looks like I just died. Chibi revives me by striking me with a small lighting bolt.


“Gah! That hurts Chibi.” But now that I’m back I have to answer Ibara’s question, I don’t know why I have trouble talking about my love life anything else I’m ok with but love and I want to leave the country.


“Um, me and Tetsu have been dating for about two months. We met during the entrance exams, and he saved me. We ate at a noodle place some time later and walked around, at the end after he walk me home we had our first kiss and started going out.” I summarize the events that lead up to us going out not mentioning any of the stupid things that happened.


“So… did you fuck yet.” I knew that was coming but from Setsuna not Peace and how blut she said it caught me off guard.


“That’s a bit personal Peace, I’m this stopping right now.” Itsuka tries to gain control of the situation but it’s too late.


I rub my left arm, “Yes.” Peace is shocked the most even though she was the one who asked.


“Two days before the festival me and Tetsu were training after school, after we were done we were walking home and it started to rain. Tetsu’s house was closer and the rain forced me to stay over, I was the one who suggested it but not out of lust, I needed help to conquer something.” I place my left arm down on the floor showing my scar.


“So that why you didn’t come home that day.” Pony comments, “Help you conquer what?”

“My own self.” I reply, “But I’m not the only dating, isn’t that right Peace?” Exposing Peace and dragging her into the spotlight.


“Tell everyone who you’re dating.” I say dragging her down with me and everybody switching their attention to her now. Peace tries to slink away but better to tell everyone now.


“Bakuflow.” Peace muffles herself with her gauntlets but I’m not her escape.


“Who?” I ask leaning closer to hear her better.


“Bakugo.” Peace knows it’s over and comes out clean, the other girls are speechless because Bakugo going out with anyone has to be crazy.


“Ok tells us how that happened.” Setsuna has hear what chains of events leads up this. Peace opens a can of soda and takes a sip because there is a lot to explain.


“So one day during Junior High at lunch Bakugo caused me to fall and didn’t care. I had enough and forced him to fight me, and let say something Bakugo held back during his fight with Ochaco, because I fought him he didn’t care. He beat me to a pulp and said I was weak, I was so angry from that, that I got to show him I wasn’t weak and that was the first I used by blue flames. I won, but after that I started feel weird around him I didn’t know what why until Cortney said I fell in love with him.” Everybody looks back to me, and drinking a soda.

“One, it was a big surprise to me back then as it is now. And two, I keep secrets and I didn’t want to deal it.” I say even though l’m lying about the second part, I know everything that went on.  


“I shocked that I would fall in love with him, and I denied it but it was true. I left a letter telling him to meet me on the roof, so I could confess my feelings little did I know he felt the same way for me.” Peace starts to blush really hard, “He kissed me and we started going out, that was almost two years ago.”

“Two years?!” Itsuka questions just how they could last so long.


“Normally in public he acts like normal but when we’re alone he shows a much kinder side, he changes to someone completely different and he cares for me. He even took care of me when I got sick and stayed until I was better, he does care but can’t proper show it.” Peace explains, Kachy does care about Peace I’m glad she found someone who truly care about her.


Writer: Well both Thana and Delaila are out now, so this will be short. First, next chapter we’ll be going back to the fantasy universe and second, I’ll be closing the poll now thanks to all who voted. Until next time.                      














Chapter Text

From now, after every arc I will be doing one or two fantasy chapters for something different every now and then. Now with that said hold on and take cover because this chapter will be fiery.

Chapter cover- Pony flying in the sky and Cortney on the ground looking at a map.


SC 2- Blazing


About three days have past since I made my first journal entry and nothing has happened. Me and Pony have entered a volcanic area, a little while ago.


“Hey Pony tell me if the heat is too much.” Due to my physiology, I can handle more dangerous environments without trouble but I don’t want to put others in danger.


“Ok. Hey Cortney can you use magic?” Pony ask and I don’t want say.


“No, due to my mom being a magic canceling demon, I have little to no magic. So I have to rely on my own strength.” I point to my sword, “That’s why I use a sword.” I tell to stop.


“What is it Cortney?”

“Pony take flight!” Pony doesn’t hesitate and flies up while I hold on to her. Getting us out the way of a fireball. Another one comes flying at us, I unsheath my sword and cut in half.

“What’s going on?” Pony continues to dodge the fireballs.


“Someone is attacking us, hang on.” I see Pony is slowly getting tired and I need to find where the person is attacking us. However, I get hit and lose my grip on Pony. Falling I sprout wings out my back and find the person attacking us.


I open my right eye to stop their magic and point my sword at them. It’s a girl with horns and wings taking a closer look, her arms and legs are cover in scales.

“Who are you?” I ask kinda ticked off because I was hit in the face with a fireball. The girl knocks away my sword and I smack her in the face with the flat side of my sword.

“Ow.” I point my sword at her again.


“Who are you?” I ask again as Pony lands next to me.


“Cortney are you ok?!” Pony is distressed about me since I did get hit.


“I’m ok, that attack didn’t really hurt I’m more annoyed than anything else.” I say to Pony because she felt it was her fault that I got hit, “I found our attacker.” I shift my gaze back to the girl.


“What is she?” Pony was living in a forest so I didn’t expect to have that much knowledge about others races, good thing Dad did tell me about them.


“I think she’s a dragonkin, a dragon that can take the shape of a human. Just tell me your name.” I ask the girl once again and this time she talks.


“My name is Peace, and you are right. I am a dragonkin.” Peace actually talks for once, I sheath my sword and help Peace up. Not counting the horns, she’s just a little shorter than me

“Nice to meet you Peace, I’m Cortney and this Pony. Why did you attack us?” She attack us for no reason.


“Sorry, I thought you were with the people that have been capturing people to sell on the market.” Ok, that makes sense because it is suspicious for anyone to come here, “But I guess I wrong. Excuse Cortney how did you disable my magic?” That reminds me to close my eye since I had it open that whole time


“I’m a demi-human, my mother is a magic canceling demon anyone I look at with my right eye can’t use magic.” I tell Peace, “Hey, do you want to join me and Pony on our adventure?” I ask out of blue but it would be awesome if she joined.

“Um, thanks for asking but I have to decline, I am next in line for my clan.” I knew it that had no chance of working but I might as well try.


“Alright Peace you something about the Black market right? Let me and Pony help, we’re adventurers and we dealt with something before, some bandits were trying to sell Pony’s mother. And don’t worry I took one of your fireballs like it was nothing so that’s proves I’m strong.” I might as help wherever I go, good help can be hard to find.


Peace is hesitate about accepting our help but she soon agrees, “Fine, follow me. My mother can explain the situation.” As we follow Peace, I ask some question about her.

“So can you transform into a dragon in those old stories?” I excitedly ask Peace.


“Yes, we gain the ability to transform at very young age but we aren’t as big as people say. We weren’t that big as pure dragons and we won’t just breathe fire it depends on the person. If we’re going ask questions about each other than, Cortney what is that thing around your head?” That’s fair and I answer Peace’s question.


“It’s a seal to keep my powers under control. I can transform part of body without any problem but I can’t use my full power. My right eye isn’t affected by the seal so I just keep it close.” I comment as I try to avoid not falling into a pit of lava, Peace on the other hand is walking along like it’s a normal road.


After walking for a while we walking up to what looks like a normal made from stone, this must be Peace’s house. She lets us in, I was expecting it to be a massive cave it is massive but not in the same way I was thinking. Everyone would get from how confusing it but Peace leads us where we need to go.


In front of us is a woman with Pink hair is sitting down. She barely looks like a dragonkin and more like a human expect for the wings and horns.

“Peace why have you brought these girls into our home?” The woman ask in a gently tone and the room gets a little hotter.


“Mother, these girls are adventures and want to help us with our black market problem.” Peace explains to her.


The woman looks over to us and I feel like she’s about to burn us away, “Young ladies, I am Amallie ruler of the dragons. I would like to thank you for coming to our aid.” But instead Amallie greets us and is happy for our help.


“I know you’re young but we need help from outside our forces. Someone inside is revealing information, our members are being kidnapped during their patrols and we have no idea how. I want you to find out who it is and take them down, Peace will join and tell me your progress.” Amallie sets us up the mission for us.


“Alright, do you know where we should start?” I ask for a lead.


“Yes, the most recent kidnapping happened a meters away from here, Peace should be able to lead you there.” I thank Amallie for her help and make way to the destination Amallie mentioned.


As walk towards the destination, I think back to Amallie. She doesn’t look like Peace I’m wondering why, “Hey Peace what’s up with your mother?” I bluntly ask Peace.


“My mother is much stronger than me, so she can hide her dragon features. I still have to grow a lot if I want to fill my mother’s place.” Peace really does have big shoes but I know she will get there. “We’re here.” We’ve Amallie mention but something off, it’s look like a struggle never happened, I’m wondering how a whole dragonkin patrol is taken out without a fight.


“Dragon Bloom?” Pony picks a Black petal to which Peace rushes over to her side to check.


“What’s Dragon Bloom Pony?” I found out Pony has incredible herbal knowledge from her mother and father, so she can spot food we can eat and even make novice potions.


“A special herb that could put dragons to sleep and dragonkin but they need to eat it for that to happen. So they were poisoned.” Pony inferences but it looks like Peace has more to add.


“What’s wrong Peace? It looks like something is bothering you.” Is what I get from my observation.


“Dragon Bloom doesn’t grow here anymore, we burned it out the land so it couldn’t be used against us.” Peace reveals, so Amallie was right someone from inside the clan is responsible for the kidnappings. Looking at the area, I open my right eye and try to see if I can find a trail of some kind, luckily it seems dragonkin have a very easy to sense magic energy.


“I got something.” I say to get the attention of Peace and Pony, “I’m seeing a trail, if we follow it we might find where they were taken.” I suggest as we follow the trail, the energy gets much stronger meaning we’re getting closer. I suddenly stop us in our tracks and shush Pony and Peace.


“I just picked a ton of people, must be the ambush party.” I whisper trying to keep us from getting caught. I can’t tell how there are, so we need to careful.


“Ok I have a plan, Pony I want to fly and get their attention. While their distracted me and Peace will try taking out as many as we can.” That’s the best thing I can think on the spot, Pony doesn’t have a weapon and I don’t want her to get hurt plus it will make things easier for me and Peace.

“I’ll do my best.- Fine-.” Both of them are on board.


“On the count of three. One...two...three.” Pony takes flight gaining the attention of the other party. One guy has a bow and is firing at Pony, I take him out immediately. Peace throws a fireball taking out a group of guys and that’s when the others notice us.


“What the hell?! How did they find us, get them!” One man commands the others to attack us. He looks like a dragonkin, he must the traitor.


A group of guys attempt to surround me, I take out them out with a spin with my sword and rush after the dragonkin before he tries to escape. He takes flight to dodge me, Pony charges at him and hits him in the back almost making him fall to the ground. In retaliation, he bolt of lighting from his hands hitting Pony’s wings making her fall, I catch her before she hits the ground.


“Lighting magic... he’s going to be a problem.” I note as another guy comes to attack us, I transform my arm to block his sword and knock him out without turning my attention away from the dragon. Thinking quickly, I grab the bow guy’s, bow and arrow giving them to Pony.


“Use that to protect yourself.” Pony looks at the bow for a second then back at me before giving me a thumbs-up.


I let Pony distract me and the guy is getting away, Peace is after him and let her deal with it for now while I finish off the other guys. I look over to how Pony doing and must have some experience with a bow because she has not missed a shot yet and while she may not be able to fly properly, but she can still use them to quickly dodge out the way of attacks.


After we finish them off, I look back to Peace and see she’s starting to lose, I sprout my wings and take flight. When I get them, I swing down the guy’s head and send him crashing down to the ground and follow up by slamming my foot down on him. After checking that Peace is ok, I grab one of the random guys by the neck and try to get some information from him.


“Tell me where the people you kidnapped are and I won’t hurt you.” The guy cracks easily and tells me what I need to know.


“Ahh, there over in the cage the dragon has the keys don’t kill me.” I realize that it’s woman, I thought it would be nothing but guys like last time.


“How many women are in your party.” This doesn’t make sense, I thought woman would never do something like this.

“All for us. We’re a all female bandit group.” Dad never told anything about this but since their bandits I have to take them down. I knock out the woman and relay the information I got from the woman and the search through the guy stealing a few things he won’t need anymore as I look the keys. As I find them Peace and Pony find where the kidnapped were being held, they’re still asleep. It takes a bit to wake them up, once they wake up they walk back home. Leaving the traitor to us, as we go over to pick him up, a woman sudden appears carrying the man and teleporting away.  


“You’re too useful to lose now. I’ll deal with you later.” The woman pointing to me and disappearing leaving me confused.


“That’s going to fun explaining to your mom.” I joke to Peace, I look over to Pony and notice she’s kept the bow, “I didn’t know how good you were with a bow Pony.” She smile.


“I used to hunt with my dad and he taught me to use a bow.” There her dad again, I want to ask what happened to him but I’ll just wait until tells me herself. But we return back to Amallie, mission complete.


When we return we find Amallie talking to someone, but she’s not a dragonkin but an oni? Dad talked briefly about that one so my information is fairly small on them. I wonder who she is.


“Young ladies, I see your mission was successful from my patrols return. I would like to thank you for helping us.” Amallie says as I realize I never did give her my name, “I tell me your demands and I will bring them out for you.”

“My names Cortney by the way and some training would be great and some gold.” It would helpful if Pony got some more experience with her bow or given a better one and I need some sword training.


“Alright, I’ll have a few clan members set up training for you and you’ll able for your stay.” Great, Amallie is one board.

A few days


Amallie made our very comfortable and gave us some great training, my swordsmanship has better and Pony is now deadly with a bow plus she was given a much studier bow so we don’t have to worry about it falling apart on us. Me and Pony are preparing to leave, Peace and Amallie are going to see us off, Amallie gives me and Pony a bag of gold and hands a rucksack to Peace.


“Mother why are you giving me this?” And just us, Peace is also confused.

“I want to go with Cortney.” Peace is shocked from her mother said and I only asked Peace to join the first time we met and never brought it up again.


“Go with- But mother I can’t leave you and the clan, I’m suppose to be the next ruler-” Amallie stops Peace there explains her reasoning.


“Listen honey I want to see the world and join life, you can wait to be the ruler. Also you can’t take over until you find a husband.” Amallie is a bit embarrassed saying the second part, “So join them they’re going to need help and I want to be it.” Peace looks at her mother for a second and hugs her before turning to face us.


“I guess I’m joining after all.” Peace comments.

“Guess so.” I reply and Pony starts fluttering her wings in excitement before running at Peace to hug. I hold my hand.

“Welcome to the team Peace.” And Peace grabs on.


“Peace the future dragon ruler will be accompanying you, I hope my powers will helpful.” I have a feeling that title will be useless but Peace joining us is great.


“Thanks for everything Amallie, we’ll be off now.” We leave off, Amallie recommends we visit a town along the way, I guess that’s our next stop.


As we make way to the town I pull my journal and prepare to write to Mom again.


“What are you about do Cortney?” Peace ask as I start writing.


“It’s a special journal I use to tell my mom of the adventure I’ve been on. This will be my second one.”

Hello Mom, my adventure has brought me from a beautiful forest to a volcanic land ruled over by dragonkin. I seem to be getting deeper with the black market as the leader Amallie, a mother ask me to see who was kidnapping her patrols and sent her daughter with us. A traitor was putting them to sleep with Dragon Bloom and captured them, he was with a all woman bandit group. After we beat and try capture him a woman appeared to save him and before she left, she said she’ll see me again. I will beat her the next time we meet. After we returned and said what happened we stay a few days to train, also turns out Pony is very good with a bow. Just before we left we were given some gold and a new companion ruler’s daughter, Peace is coming with us. She told us of town we should visit and that’s where we’re heading off next.


Until next time, Love you.


Writer: And that’s end of this story for now, we will be returning to the normal story Chapter 20 meaning another writer interview, also I will be doing a Halloween special so keep a lookout for that. And Thana and Delaila should be back from their assignments so Power of the week should return. Until next time wish the gods favor you.           








Chapter Text

20 chapters in and 26,000 more words before I reach the 100,000 word benchmark. I'm impressing myself more and more, let's see where the ship takes us with start of a new arc, The Hero Killer arc. Also once again many thanks to DrZenkai for some of the hero names, once again Zenkai you saved me from a ton of work with class B.

Chapter cover- Class 1-B on a train coming from school.

Ch.20- Hurry up and choose something

April 23

A new week is starting and since the start of school I've been taking the train with Dekuy and Pony and it's packed like usual. I have not been able to get a look at Dekuy since our fight, I take a look at his hands and see them bandaged up. I want to know how bad it was but I can't, I'm luckily myself I didn't break mine somehow, my hands acted as their own brace so I could keep going but my hands were hurting for the entire weekend. I start to lose myself in thought however someone recognizes us and soon we're the talk of the train.

At school

"It's crazy to think people see you as a celebrity now Cort." Pony mentions as nobody really said much about Pony but that is fair from since I won and in Class B, very different from how it originally went down. The farthest they got was the second round but I made it all the way for them.

As we walk into class, Mom isn't here yet and I don't know how she gets here, she doesn't take the train with us and we don't have a car. So how she gets here is beyond me.

"Hey guys, how are things going for you?" I ask if things were as crazy for me as it was to them.

"No, not really, a few people said some things about me giving up my spot but other than that nothing." Axel replies, I'm surprised anyone could recognize him since he's always wearing a jacket.

"A few boys asked for my number and I told them to fuck off." Peace says as Mom comes in with a stack of white-out boards and markers.

"Good morning ." We say to her.

"Good morning everyone. Today we're getting straight into it, today is a special Hero Informatics class as you'll be coming with your hero names, they be temporary but try to pick something that fits. Midnight is in Class A and will have finally approval so you have some time to think. But while we wait I'll be passing back the requests you got, I had to pull a few strings to make sure everyone got at least two offers." Everyone got a request folder besides me and I wonder what I did to not get any requests myself, I should have gotten at least a thousand and beats me to the punch before I ask.

"Cortney I already decided to you'll be with, so don't worry." Geeze, I must have gotten the jackpot for Mom to decide it for me. I look over to see what Axel and Peace got.

"What you get Peace?" I don't know many fire users that were shown in the show but who else could she get?

"Endeavor." Once that name comes out I'm instantly mad, I told that bastard to leave Peace alone but I'm not showing my anger because Endeavor still a great hero and has a damn powerful fire quirk so he will get Peace stronger and Shoto can back her up.

"That's great I hope you do well." I say and now I'm too angry to ask what Axel got.

Some time later

Midnight comes into the room and asks who wants to go first, I walk up first.

"After everything that happened, I feel this name represents me the best. From this day forward you're looking at the Queen of Attrition: Berserkia!" A name that tells people and villains that I'm always going to win.

"That's awesome Cortney!" Tetsu praises my hero name idea along with everybody else.

"Wait! I'm not done yet." I say as Chibi jumps off my head and onto the desk, using his tail he flips my board down, "Because, from this day forward Chibi is now the Son of the Goddess: Okamiden." A name to the reference of the game where I got Chibi's name from as Chibi howls to the sun.

"That's unique I've never seen an animal with a hero name before. Great job Cortney." As I make my way back to my seat, Itsuka rushes up to reveal her name.

"Combat Hero: Battle Fist!" Itsuka must have been thinking her hero name every since she little.

Neito up next, "Copying Hero: Phantom Thief!" Great, now all I'm thinking is Persona 5 and Phantom thief Joker but that game is not released yet.

"Creative and slick. Approved!" If that's the starting point then I can't wait to see what everybody else chooses and Pony goes up next.

"The Riding Hero: Bronco!" Pony states her name, simple but effective, that's got some praise from me as Pony trots back to her desk, Shihai steps up.

"Scheming Hero: Vantablack." Scheming Hero? I gonna be honest here and say I don't as much as I need to know about but that's an awesome name.

"What's vantablack?" Peace is a bit confused about that name.

"It's a special Black that absorbs all light, just like my quirk." Shihai clarifies for her.

"Well, I guess I'm going next since I'm talking." Peace high-fives Shihai as they trade spots, "As a show of strength my name will be Igneel's Daughter: Ever Burn!" It does make sense since you would think Peace mother had some type of dragon quirk and that she can't let her self burn out or she goes dumb.

"Bravo, terrific name Peace." Midnight is ecstatic by Peace hero name. Peace goes to sit down and Juzo takes the plate.

"Softening Hero: Juzo." Just his name must want to keep it simple then Axel steps up.

"I never gave a lot of time on thinking of a hero name so I this works. Locked-sight Hero: Lookout." Axel says his hero name without any build up.

"Locked-sight...why that Axel?" Midnight wants Axel to explain his name.

"Once I'm set about getting someone's quirk, I'm not letting them escape me." Axel informs Midnight. Everyone tells us what their hero names will be.

"The Bestial Hero. My hero name shall be Beastman."

"Fitting and catchy, Shishida."

"The Razor Hero: Mandiblade."

"Excellent portmanteau."


"Combination of words, Kamakiri. I'm saying it's approved."

"The Reptile Hero: Indominus!"

"A name meaning 'fierce and untamable.' How fitting, Tokage."

"The Draconic Hero: Shenlong."

"Oh, god of dragons," Midnight moaned sensually. "Perfect."

"Why did she moan like that?" Rin wondered nervously.

"The Peaceful Hero: Maria."

"How nice, Shiozaki. I take it you'd like to display your pacifism first and foremost. A great name choice."

"Thank you, ma'am," Ibara said with a bow.

"GOT ONE!" Tetsutetsu suddenly yelled before hastily scribbling down a name. Once Ibara left the podium, Tetsutetsu runs up and slams his board down to show us his name. "Metal Hero: Real Steel!"

"Very catchy, Tetsutetsu. Approved," Midnight said. "Now, who's next?"

"The Ghost Hero: Onryo."

"How clever, Yanagi."

The Shifting Hero: Minmax."

"It's adorable!" Midnight cooed. "Lovely work, Kodai!"

"Glue Gun Hero: Trapper."

"Very nice, Bondo. Approved," Midnight said. I try my hardest not to laugh as Bondo talks but he talks like a puppet so cut me some slack.

"The Welding Hero: Fuse."

"Short, sweet, and to the point. Excellent, Awase."

"Th-The Mushroom Hero: Shemage."

"Very nice work, Komori. It's definitely difficult to make mushrooms sound cool, but you've pulled it off. Approved."

"Um, I'll be the Kinetic Hero: Impact."

"Approved! Well done, Shoda"

"The Protection Hero! My name is Barricade."

"It's perfect, Tsuburaba!"

"Drilling Hero: Spiral."

"Nice work, Kaibara. Approved!" Midnight said. "With that, you've all picked out a hero name. I'd say that went very smoothly, wouldn't you?"


During lunch, we're looking over our request and who we're going with but Mom drags me out of class to talk about my internship.

"So Mom who did you pick for me? They have to be strong huh?" I ask, the best possible choice being Gunhead, who's a brawler like me.

"Me and your father will be training you." Only to face-fault at Mom's answer before she continues, "I know that sounds boring but you need help with awakening your quirk, you can't get any stronger until you unlock the true power of your quirk." I get the feeling that this is going to be painful just for me but this will give me the chance to learn more about Dad because I don't even know what his quirk is. I think it has something to with pain but that's it.

"Alright, I promise to go beyond."


Peace is heading to class 1-A to give something to Bakugo. Knocking on the door Bakugo opens it.

"Hey Kacchan, I brought you lunch. I hope it's not too bad." Peace found out that spicy food has no effect on her but that also means she can't tell how much spice is in something.

"Don't worry I'll be able to handle it, nothing too spicy for me." Bakugo says before giving Peace a quick kiss. As this is happening, Mina takes notice and calls everyone to come to see what's going on.

"Who Bakugo talking to? Shoji can you tell us what they're saying?" Everybody is whispering who it could be, Shoji forms an ear on one of his hands to eavesdrop on their conservation.

"Something about food, but that's-wait! Now they're talking about going on a date later." Shoji relays.

"Where!? We need to find out who that is." This is piquing the interest of everyone Mina, especially since she's shaking Shoji furiously.

End of the day

I noticed that me and Tetsu have been walking home together a lot more, it's not bad but arrgg, I can't describe it. Thankfully Dekuy and Ochaco are home as well, so it's not just us.

"Dekuy, Ochaco!" Calling them over to us.

"Hey, Cortney, nice to see again." Ochaco greets us and turns her attention over to Tetsu, "You're Tetsutetsu right, what are you doing with Cortney?" Tetsu goes to say something but I butt in.

"Um." I wrap an arm around Tetsu, Dekuy and Ochaco start to understand and I hammer it home, "Me and Tetsu are going out, we were walking home and wanted to know if you wanted to come us." I'm still embarrassed about telling people even through all the girls in my class know.

"Uh, congratulation I hope you two are happy." Dekuy and Ochaco look like they want to run away from the situation as fast as possible. I see why they are embarrassed since they think that we see them as a couple as well.

"We don't want to bother you guys so we'll just go." Dekuy tries to excuse himself and Ochaco but I stop them.

"Wait! I just to talk, that's it. By the way where's Tenya?" I ask seeing as Tenya is always with them.

"Oh, he left already." Dekuy says meaning Ingenium is gone now, I can't do anything to change but I can do something to stop Tenya from killing himself.

"That's too bad I wanted to talk to him, hey Dekuy can you Tenya something the next time you see him?" I ask Dekuy to pass a message.

"Sure, what is it?" I know this will sound cryptic but Tenya needs.

"Don't be a dumbass don't go after him. Exactly that, nothing more nothing less." Dekuy and Ochaco look nervous hearing my message it will make sense.

"Ok…" Dekuy and Ochaco try to figure out what means but it will make sense in time.

"Come on Tetsu let's go." Forcing Tetsu to follow me, he sees more of the picture but I don't him to reveal anything.

"What's up with that message Cortney?" I might as well explain to Tetsu what's going on.

"Tenya's older brother is Ingenium and he was taking down by the Hero Killer, and Tenya is going to try to get revenge but he can't do it. Tenya was going to die until Dekuy stepped in, saving him. I want to least him to at least think but I don't he will." I explain the context of what's going on and why I gave Dekuy that message.

"Why didn't you just tell them that. One of their friends are in danger-" I have to stop Tetsu because there's a lot going on.

"I wish I could but it could make things worse, someone could die if I tell them who knows what will happen so it's better they don't know!" I tell Tetsu.

"One of their friends is about to die! They need to know!" Tetsu retorts.

"We're heroes, you know what they'll do!" This continues on for a few more minutes until Dekuy and Ochaco come by to see the tail end of our first argument. It ends with me stomping away not responding to any of them.

Their try to see what happened but it's not happening, I pass them by with a scratchy throat, and on the brink of crying and wanting to forget this all happened. How did things go, so downhill in only a few minutes

The next day

Everybody is off at their internships but I didn't even see them off because I didn't even want to see Tetsu. I don't want to train today, I just want to sit in my own sadness but Mom is forcing me up.

I open my costume case and see nothing changed about my pants but a complete overhaul to my vest, the leather has been swapped out with thicker material and the fur was dropped. The openings on the side are still but now there's actually chainmail covering it. Mom improved everything.

"Ok Mom I'm in my costume." I say still depressed about my fight with Tetsu. Mom drags me back to the forest where I trained Dad and Sis trained me.

"Now that we're here, we're going train here until you awaken." Mom states our point for being here and after that she disappears into the canopy, throwing her chain at me. I dodge out the way the first few times but soon the attacks get faster and less predictable, making it harder to dodge. Catching me off guard the chain wraps around my arm and I try to pull Mom out the tree but she's fighting back and winning, forcing myself out of my slump and to focus on the fight, I start tugging the chain to either force Mom out the trees or force her to lose her weapon. I start to feel something, it feels like fifth gear is activating on its own but unlike when I normally activate it, I'm starting to feel pain from my left eye.

"AHHH!" It feels like the skin is peeling off around my left eye, and suddenly I'm brought back to the field where Kim lives and I see her standing in front me, holding out out her handing. The pain is too much for me to reach out for it.

"Come on, I know you can do it. Grab my hand if you want to save your friends." Hearing Kim say that, I stay down and willo in my own sadness I need to help my friends. Gritting my teeth, I push myself to feet and stand up. Staring Kim in the eyes, I only have one thing to say.

"You ready?" I ask Kim as I hold out my hand.

"Hell yeah!" I grab Kim's hand and she disappears but body starts moving on it's own, crossing my thumbs over my left eye, I cross them over.

Coming back to, I see Mom standing in front of me still holding her chain. I snap the chain the force surprises Mom making her lose the grip she had on the chain and pulling it away from her.

"You've finally awakened. Take a look at yourself." Following her advice, I open my bag and pull out a pocket mirror. I see my hair is Red but that's it, my body is normal, expect for my left eye, I now have X scar over it. So that my scar, it makes me look badass. Mom knows what I was going through so she used that to empower me.

"I may not to able to change some things but I can make things better Tetsu." I think to myself but tossing Mom her chain back.

"Let's test what you can do." Mom says before jumping back into the tree line but this time I see where she jumps. When she throw her chain, I catch it and take aim with my right hand.

"Straight Flush!" When I launch my attack, I don't feel my hand get numb. I knock Mom out the tree where she's hanging on the chain not wanting to get again she pulls out her revolver and fires it. Hitting me square in the chest, I let go of the chain causing Mom to fall. Getting hit I feel Berserker activate meaning I can hit even harder now. Wait I'm using both my quirks? I guess me and Kim are one now.

Seeing Mom take aim at me again, I run at her as I get close I fall into a slide, sliding between her legs I try to punch her back but she blocks with her weapon case. She then hits me with it knocking me back a little giving her enough space to pull out a shotgun and fire. It's a beanbag round but it still knocks the wind out of me, she then wraps her chain around me and I see a bunch of steam shoot from her before flinging me into the air and slamming me into a tree. I'm finished and return to normal after I recover, I feel a lot better also I learned that Mom is going to be a massive challenge during the final exams.

Writer interview 2

Since I want the Halloween special to be out by Halloween, I'm just going to the writer interview now and this one is specifically for Axel.

Standing 180 cm, Axel is the tallest member of the team and class. He hasn't had a lot of time to show himself and his quirk is semi-hard to keep balanced, once the third season starts this will Axel's time to shine but for now he's just a background character. I don't know how to write for him but I will try to show what he can truly do.

His eyes are silver and his pupils take up a little more space than the average person, so it's you'll notice it when you first see Axel. His quirk been rewritten a few times to make less broken since it wasn't with an actual limit speaking of his quirk. Axel can keep most transformations up for an hour max but the more complex and complicated a quirk is the less time he gets down to ten minutes without straining himself.

Chapter Text

My first holiday special and it’s Halloween of things, spooks and scares all around this a fun chapter and I also have to finish this in three days so this will be fun. Also have a happy Halloween everyone.

By the way this take place between the Hero Killer and Final Exam arc and this will be noncanon.


Chapter cover- Tokoyami and Shihai slowly being consumed in darkness.


Special- Dark hunting

There goes a rumor that every Halloween U.A becomes hunted by a killer ghost and all those who enter never return or so they say. That why me and both class 1-A and B are here for. Prove everyone wrong, I’m still wondering how I got Class A to join us but the more the merrier.


“OK is everyone here.” I do a quick headcount, “Where’s Shihai?”


“Right in front of you.” Shihai was standing right next to me but his Black skin makes it easy to lose him in the dark.


“Oh Amaterasu! Sorry abot that Shihai.” I’m not the only one surprised as Peace and Pony are also surprised.

“It’s fine now how we supposed to get in?” Shihai ask before I flash our key, my mom’s key card.


“Before we enter does everyone a flashlight or light of some form?” U.A is dead after hours so it will be stupidly dark, I’m having trouble seeing in front of me. Everyone holds up their light and I swipe the key card opening the gate.


After we enter we split off into groups of four with my group consisting me, Tetsu, Dekuy and Ochaco. We check my classroom first nothing out of the ordinary so far before lighting strike down causing me to jump into Tetsu arm’s and Ochaco does the same with Dekuy.


“That was random.” I say still not leaving Tetsu’s arms, we check around and find nothing as we leave and head over to class A, I feel something lurking around.


“Hold on.” I stop everyone and look around, I see Yellow eyes in the dark.


“Very funny Tokoyami, stop playing around, what you find?” The creature steps out and it’s not Dark Shadow but something that looks similar to it. A creature with feminine features but looks like it made from whatever Dark Shadow is made from. The creature opens its mouth to reveal a maw never ending Black, just Black not even darkness.


“No light!” The creature says before all our flashlights die, the only thing we can clearly see is the creature. Dekuy and Tetsu activate their quirks and charge it, enlarging one of its hands the creature smashes Dekuy and Tetsu into a wall.


“Tetsu!” I go to attack with a straight flush before my shadow suddenly engulfs me, when I try to move my shadow holds me down. I see the creature also got Ochaco, the creature finishes off Dekuy and Tetsu before looking at us. As we try to escape, we also call for help. Once the creature is in grabbing range it only says one thing.


“Alone.” It says as a whisper but we can hear it clearly and that word seems to echo.


Perspective switch Peace


“HELP!” I hear Cortney and Ochaco screaming for help, thinking it just her group trying to scare us.


“What is she yelling for you?” Bakugo asks the question on all our minds.


“I don’t know but something must be bad if Cortney is screaming for help. We should probably check on them.” I suggest, my group is me, Bakugo, Shoto and Momo, so light isn’t a problem for us.


We were checking out Class 1-C and when we walk out the class, we spot someone eating something Momo shines a light on and whatever the thing is, it melts into the floor and disappears. We can’t find Cortney or Ochaco anywhere and find Tetsu and Izuku knocked out against the wall.


After we wake them up, we try to see what happened, “Guys, what happened? Where’s Cortney and Ochaco?” I ask the two of them.


“Ugghh. Some weird creature came out of nowhere, and we went to attack it but it knocked us out. Where is Cortney and Ochaco?” This is definitely not a prank and whatever we’re fighting is strong with it could knock out Tetsu and Izuku with ease.


“We have to warn everyone.” I say as I pull out my phone and try to send a group message but I’m getting no signal.


“No signal.” And I see everyone else is having the same problem, “Ok lets go to Class 1-A, someone has to be in there.” We all rush over to the class, the creature shows up again and tries to snatch Momo. I grab Momo by the leg and fire a shot at the creature but it acts like nothing happened. Bakugo and Shoto back using their quirks to attack the creature and they make it run away.


“So that thing’s weakness is light.” I inference while checking on Momo.


“That bastard thinks it can get a sneak attack on us.” Bakugo looks like he’s ready for a fight but we can’t risk it getting anymore of our classmates. We get to Class A as fast as we can and we only find Tokoyami and Shihai.


“Shihai where the rest of your group?” Seeing only these two means the creature going after our friends and none of them have any light quirks meaning they can’t defend themselves.


“We don’t know some thing just grabbed Kinoko and Sen but just looked at us before leaving.” Why did it not these two? It must have something for them.


“Let’s just make a break for the door and get out of here, we need pros, I don’t think we can win against that thing.” Bakugo agrees normally he would he could face that thing alone but seeing as it almost got Momo without us noticing, he drops his pride for my safety.


Being at this school for almost three months, I know my way around but it seems like we’re walking in circles, “Is this thing manipulating the school now?” Izuku is the first one to notice but it’s too late.


“NO LIGHT!” The creature screams out killing off our flashlights and then I feel a hand grab me and I’m pulled away without saying anything.


Perspective switch 3rd person


Shoto lights a fire on his shoulder and that allows the boys to see Peace and Momo are gone now, “Damn it! Show yourself bastard!” Now bakugo is pissed and the creature shows it self and now has more detail.


You can make out that it’s wearing a burned dress and gained a more defined figure. You can now clearly tell that it’s a woman but Bakugo doesn’t care, he launches himself at the creature and fires an explosion in its face but the creature isn’t fazed by it instead, it adsorbing the explosion now.


“Bakugo move out the way.” Seeing that Shoto launches a wave of ice at it as Bakugo dodges to the side.


Straight Flush!” The creature plucks it finger and fire a wave of air destroying Shoto’s ice forcing him to dodge out the way. Izuku activates Full Cowl jumping off the walls, Izuku gets behind it to punch it in the back but he passes right through it.


“That’s Reiko’s quirk.” That when the boys realize that the thing has been stealing the girls quirks. The creature then unleashes a screech causes the guys cover their ears using that opportunity the creature grabs Tetsu’s leg and smashes him into Izuku and Shoto. Bakugo pops with his hands heated up going fire off a massive explosion but the creature forms it hand into a shield and changing it back grabbing Bakugo by the face tossing him over with the others.


The creature then uses it own shadow to making them disappear, the creature then does a “come hither” gesture at Tokoyami, “Little brother come out.” And Dark Shadow is forced out of Tokoyami.


“Little brother you left me to die that day leaving me to die alone, I’m forcing you to go through the same thing. Prepare to feel my pain.” The creature enlarges it hand before swiping to kill Tokoyami but.


“Chains of Olympus!” A bunch of chains pop out of nowhere and hold the creature back, “Sorry to show up so late.” Thana says walking out the shadow holding one hand out and her scythe in another.


“Thana?” Shihai is glad Thana showed up but the creature breaks free of the chains still coming at Tokoyami but Delaila intercepts.


“How did such a strong soul end up here?” Delaila questions as she knocks the creature back.


“Be careful that thing has Cortney and the others girls quirks.” Shihai mentions but the creature creates a Flashbang to run away.


“A soul devourer? There’s no way a such a powerful creature can be born here.” Thana relays to Delaila as Shihai helps Tokoyami up to his feet.


“Thank you for your help, but might I ask who you are?” Tokoyami is curious about the sudden appearance of the two women that got into U.A.


“You can call us hero in our own right. I am Thanatos but just call me Thana and this is Delaila.” Thana introduces herself and Delaila.


“Nice to meet you. You said something about a soul devourer, would you willing to explain what that is.” Tokoyami ask Thana of some details regarding their foe.


“Yes, a soul devourer is a creature that when dealt with quickly isn’t a problem but once it starts consuming souls they become a very big problem.” Delaila informs the two of them.


“Yeah, hey Delaila were you able to extract any souls?” Delaila removes the cage from her back and something is bouncing around aggressively, when Delaila open the door a spirit pops out and when it lands on the floor steam comes out to form into a person.


“Thank you for the save Delaila.” A girl that looks a lot like Cortney in her fifth gear form appears, stretching.


“We’re lucky that soul devourers can’t devour people with multiple souls inside them.” Thana says as Shihai and Tokoyami look on in confusion at what’s happening in front of them.


“Shihai Tokoyami.” Delaila gets their attention, “We’re working on a time limit because once the night is over your friends will be gone forever, so we need your help.” And explains the situation, they may not understand what’s going on but their friends are in danger.


“I better introduce myself I’m Kim, Cortney’s inner demon. Don’t try to understand but I’ll be helping you out.” Kim says, “Tokoyami can you tell what that thing has against Dark Shadow?” Tokoyami shakes his head.


“No. But it said something about Dark Shadow leaving it to die.” Tokoyami relays what the creature said to him.


“So it must be related to Dark Shadow but I doubt that Dark Shadow would know anything about this.” Kim is right as Dark Shadow says it doesn’t any idea who that creature is.


“We can’t stand around and keep talking we have now defeat that creature now.” Thana urges them to get moving, looking around they find some of the walls on fire.


“Looks like its using Peace’s quirk to negate the devourers weakness to light and it must have figured how to use the other girls quirks too.” Delaila infers making Shihai and Tokoyami a bit nervous.


“!” Kim senses something behind them, “Guys get ready to fight, because that thing coming for us.” From the shadows, a large pillar of fire comes out and Thana moves in to cover them with a Purple ooze seeping from her mouth.


“Miasma Dragon Roar!” The two attacks meet and cancel each other out, the creature comes out of nowhere and grapples Thana pinning her to the ground. Kim punts the creature in the face getting it off Thana, Tokoyami sends Dark Shadow to attack the creature with Kim. Shihai helps Thana up to her feet and then absorbs a chunk of the ground thrown at Kim and Dark Shadow. Delaila somehow ends up behind the creature and swings her scythe down on the creature, the creature blocks it and is left wide open. Giving Kim and Tokoyami the opportunity to land some hits.


“Miasma Dragon Iron Fist!” Ending with Thana landing a powerful punch in the creature’s side making the creature scream out in pain, Delaila phases her hand into the creature.


“Only girl is allowed to turn pain into power.” Delaila says before pulling out Cortney’s soul in retaliation, the creature enlarges it hands to knock everyone away and tries to devour Delaila but Shihai intercepts absorbing the creature into himself.


“Hurry up and do something I hold this thing forever.” Shihai struggles to hold the creature.


“Kim, use Peace Sign to stun the creature so we can rip the other souls out.” Following Thana plan, Kim prepares to use Peace Sign.


“Here it comes!” The creature escapes Shihai only to get grabbed Dark shadow and hit by Peace Sign weakening the creature follow up serval chains digging into the creature pulling out the other girls souls.


“May your soul be reborn to a peaceful life.” Delaila says before plucking a Blue flame toward the creature where it is engulfed and burned away. Before Shihai and Tokoyami can comment on what happen they start to faint.


“With soul gone our mission is complete but we have to erase the living memories of us. After we’re done any memory of this will not exist.” Delaila informs them.


“Don’t take it personally but it’s part of the job.” Thana chimes in before Shihai and Tokoyami pass out.


Writer: With that, the story ends on this chapter. Thana and Delaila are resting and nobody will ever know what happened today. Until next time  



Chapter Text

I don't know if I'll be able to complete this chapter on time but I will try to and I was right sorry about that.

Chapter cover- John Tan holding a young Cortney in his hands.

Ch.21- Holding on for a great future

April 26

Me and Mom spent all day training my Devil Trigger. (I renamed Fifth gear to Devil Trigger since me and Kim are working together now) We found that I can use 10% of my power without hurting myself but I can go over that limit if in a pinch. Using Devil Trigger makes me want to incorporate more kicking attacks and Mom said that normal, she said that every demon brings something new to the user. She said her allows her to fight close range, she can't throw a punch but is an excellent sharpshooter. She said that I have to keep Devil Trigger on at all times to continue getting some training.

Today, Dad is taking me to a hero agency, didn't tell me who but I don't care. This is my first time seeing my Dad costume. It's a Black Jumpsuit with a White skull on the front and a U on the back. He's wearing Blue fingerless gloves with a metal plate on the knuckles. His fingers have sharp little points on them, must be part of his quirk.

"Hey, Dad what is your quirk?" I ask since I only have a general summary from my sister.

"My quirk is Feeling Funny. I can mess around with people senses, like amplifying pain or shutting it off but I can also kickstart an adrenaline rush, but certain conditions need to be met for that." Wow, I didn't think Dad had such a powerful quirk. He can mess with enemies in all sorts of ways but it can really helpful for allies by keeping them in the fight or help civilians.

"All I need to do is touch someone and my quirk also works on myself," Dad adds in, but that does make me wonder how he fights since he's pretty bulky and he can't be that fast.

"We're here." Dad chimes revealing it to be Gunhead agency, Ochaco should be an intern here too. After coming we see Gunhead and Ochaco doing some training.

"Hey, Gunhead!" Dad calls Gunhead over to us and starts talking, while I talk to Ochaco.

"Hey, Cortney what happen to you?" Ochaco points to my scar.

"Nothing Monster gear has evolved into Devil Trigger and this is my new power." I inform her, "Since your doing grappling training why I help you?"

"Sure. Deku said you have done a lot of grapple training over the years." I laugh that Dekuy for you always learning about someone, I slip on my gloves as Ochaco grabs a knife.

Once she's ready and comes for me, I hold out my left arm and wait for her to strike, "Vanguard!" Seeing the opportunity I parry Ochaco knocking her off balance and leaving her wide open, sweeping her leg out from under her, I grab Ochaco by the neck and slam her to the ground making her drop the knife and at the same time holding her hands behind her.

"And that's how you take down someone with a knife… Cortney style." I say with a bit too much enthusiasm in my voice. I let Ochaco go and help her up.

"But to be serious, a good grapple makes the enemy unable to do anything and leave them at your mercy. So with your quirk that makes it very easy and be sure to throw in a few punches." I tell Ochaco before I put her to practice, seeing what she can and giving her pointers. She's getting the hang of grappling soon Dad says he wants to a spar against us and we accept.

Once we start me and Ochaco go for a two-prong attack, I attack from the front and Ochaco goes for his back. I go for a grapple to keep Dad's hands busy and wait for Ochaco to tag him but he breaks free and wraps his arms around me then suplexes me and slam me into Ochaco. I recover and launch an ax-kick at Dad's head, he blocks it. I follow up with another kick, Dad can't block it and I land our first hit this match, Ochaco has gotten up and manages tag to him making him float away.

"Great job girls, but now it's time for me to show how strong my quirk is," Dad says and suddenly Ochaco looks like she's about to throw up.

"Release him and I'll follow," I tell Ochaco before she pushes her together causing Dad to fall which I keep my promise on and follow up with a kick. Dad ignores it like it was nothing, he reaches out and jams one of his needles into my neck, I try to punch him to stop him from using his quirk but he plucks me on my head which feels like I just shot in the head with a gun. He finishes me off with a punch to the gut and Ochaco is too nauseous to continue.

"Good job. You two did a great job, had I not disabled my pain sensors that might have finished me off." He praises us while I get a first-hand look at my Dad's quirk in action, I didn't think his quirk had that level of control. I didn't even see him touch Ochaco but he was able to make Ochaco's drawback kick in really early and the pain I felt from a little pluck to my head Dad has a really strong quirk.

We call it a break, for now, to rest up, "So are things ok between you and Tetsu?" Ochaco decides to ask about our relationship after the argument.

"Things will be fine, me and Tetsu are both stubborn when it comes to certain things. Don't worry about us breaking up or something, one of us will give." I reassure Ochaco and at the same time, I get a text. It's from Tetsu, I open it and see what it's about.

Hey cortney i want to say sorry : Boyfriend

That's all the message says, it might be short but Tetsu is always true to everyone and especially me, he isn't the person to lie so he means it.

C: If you really want to say sorry than let's talk in person later.

I reply and wait for a response from Tetsu.

Sure :Tetsu

I didn't think I would be talking to Tetsu again so soon but he wants to apologize and I'm not going to bail on him.

"Hey, Cortney is that Tetsu?" I close my phone and put it away so Ochaco doesn't see our texts.

"Yeah...but it's something between us so don't worry," I tell her before switching into my fighting stance.

"Let's continue from where we left off." I say as I do the "come here" gestures.

Later that night

After I finish today's internship with Dad and I'm currently waiting for Tetsu to swing by my place. I don't have to worry about anyone, Pony gone and Mom and Dad do hero work at night, they always come back home later, so I have the house all to myself. I hear a knock at the door, that must be Tetsu. Looking through the peephole, it's Tetsu, I unlock the door and point Tetsu to the couch all without a word.

I sit down as far as I can away from Tetsu, giving me one cushion of space, "So what made you change your mind?" I ask.

"I still don't like you holding back information from your friends. I want to sorry for making you cry." Tetsu says scooting closer to me, "Seeing you cry tears at my heart, but making you cry breaks it. Watching you break down in front of me...I just couldn't handle it." A boyfriend's job is to protect his girlfriend if he hurts her than he failed. Tetsu made me his number one priority, I'm the most important thing he has. I don't know what to say, I can't say anything.

I get up and walk to my room, and motion Tetsu to come in with me. I ask him to sit down on my bed and take off his pants. Giving Tetsu a blowjob seems like the best way to give back everything Testu has done for me.

He's still flaccid, so I rub it against my cheeks to give Tetsu some encouragement. Tetsu must have not showered before he got here since his musk is really strong, I'm soaking my panties already to think I had this in me. Getting a close look at his dick now allows me to see every detail like the veins, the hardness.

Not wasting any more time, I take Tetsu into my mouth. I ease myself by just taking the head first, I move my tongue around and get a taste of Tetsu, I must be doing something right because I'm hearing Tetsu pant and moan. After getting comfortable, I slide down a bit further, now half-way it's almost hitting the back of my throat and realize that I'm now getting myself off, Tetsu takes in a sharp breath and bucking his hips to force him

"Sor-ry, Cortney," Tetsu says through his pants, I feel Tetsu grab my head and ram his dick down my throat. Tetsu's sudden action almost causes me to throw up but taking so many gut shots, I learned to keep my lunch down. Tetsu takes a second to make sure I'm ok, he picks back up.

Being used like this is...pleasure for me. Being manhandled like this, I'm fine with it but the feeling can't forever, Tetsu's breathing is getting heavy and his dick is twitching my mouth.

"CCCUMMMING!" Tetsu creampies my throat his cum is really thick, I feel four-five shots come out and I make sure to swallow it all. After Tetsu done and he slides me off I keep my mouth open so Tetsu knows I swallowed every last drop.

Once I catch my breath, I heft myself on the bed facing away from Tetsu slipping my pants and panties down. That's all I need to do to get Tetsu to pounce on me.

"FUCK TETSU!" I yelp out as Tetsu ram it straight down to the base, plus since we're in doggy style it's so fucking deep. I can't think straight and I think Tetsu's brain is on autopilot because Tetsu didn't stop at my yelp.

"Mmhhh harder, harder!" This feels better than last time, Tetsu already has his rhythm. I wouldn't know that this would be his second time if I was someone else. Tetsu flips me onto my back and pins down my hands, seeing him tower over me and make me powerless, I'm clenching down so hard.

"I'm gonna cum!" Tetsu cries out while I hold on to him as tight as I can.

"Cum inside." As I tell Tetsu, he locks me in a kiss during our kiss, I can feel Tetsu groan in my mouth as my insides are painted white, it's so hot inside me. We stay like this for a few minutes as I try to squeeze out every little drop than Tetsu pulls out, letting his "feelings" leak out.

"Sorry...for putting you through that," I tell Tetsu while we cuddle, all Tetsu does is fix my hair and hug me tighter.

Perspective switch Axel

April 26

"This makes me respect birds a lot more." I mutter to myself as I try to keep up with my mentor.

I have no idea how Cortney's mom got us these internships but I will personally thank her after this because me and Tokoyami are interning with the number 3 hero: Hawks. The first thing I did was copy Hawk's quirk for myself, (good thing I asked for my costume to be able to adjust for a quirk like this) but his quirk is the most complicated one I have ever copied. It took a whole day for me to just manifest the wings and another on how to fly. Hawks was impressed throughout the whole process.

Today, we're headed to a villain attack and I'm carrying Tokoyami as training. When we arrive, we see a boar-like villain causing mayhem in a building as Air Jet and Kosei hold him off.

"Hey, Ko- I mean Barricade." I almost slip up and call Kosei by his name. "Tsukuyomi, you're up," I say it Tsukuyomi summons Dark Shadow and hits the villain in the head knocking him off his balance finished with a shot from Air Jet.

"That was really easy," I comment as we land so I can rest while Hawks uses his feathers to catch the falling villain. Meanwhile, the police show up and people go back to their normal lives.

"Great job Barricade." To honest I didn't do anything, Kosei held off the villain until we arrived. When we leave Tokoyami uses Dark Shadow to springboard himself off the ground, where he's plucked out the air by Hawks and I make my leave by running up a wall and up into the air.

Meanwhile at the miasma complex

Amallie is getting everything ready to turn the Miasma clan into a hero agency. For years the Miasma clan has been built around hiding in the shadows avoiding the light of the hero age. Now the clan will be in the spotlight which means the public will be a bit skeptical.

Hina enters the room Amallie is in and she is speaking to some creature in a suit to which he greets himself.

"Hello, I'm Nezu, the one who could be a dog or a mouse or a bear, but more importantly... I'm the principal of U.A!" Hina crouches down to shake Nezu's hand.

"Hina… me and Nezu were talking about the transition and we came up with an idea." Before Amallie can say what it is, Nezu beats her to the punch.

"Hina Hayashi, today on you will be U.A's newest staff members." Nezu blurts out leaving Hina stunned.

"Having a Miasma member in U.A will be of benefit for both of us, and you're the best person for the job." Amallie clarifies, Hina is still lost.

"Nezu sir, I appreciate the offer but I don't think I qualify. I mean I don't even have a hero license." Hina can't see how she can join U.A.

"Nonsense, Amallie has told me about you trained the other members of the clan, and the things you've done, I'd say you hit all the marks not just for a teacher but a hero." Nezu monologues why Hina is a perfect choice for U.A.

"Hina, don't worry about the clan, we'll be fine without you. This is down to you." Hina has always wanted to be a hero but she gave it up for the clan, now she has a chance to make her dream come true.

"Alright furball I'm joining but I'm drunk." Nezu is grateful because Hina is coming to U.A but confused about the last part.

"I should explain, my quirk is Brewery. Any alcohol I drink makes me stronger and I have a really strong liver, so I don't get drunk easily. But blood test might say otherwise." Hina explains her quirk and what that last part means.

Thanatos: It's good to back and explaining quirks.

Delaila: Yes, it does, what power are going over today?

T: Todays will be John Tan's Feeling Funny.

D: After John stabs one of his needles on his fingers, he can now mess with someone senses.

T: Not the five main senses; sight, taste, smell, hearing and touch, everything else is fair game. John can disable or amplify something or delay something until later.

D: He can even use his quirk on himself, so he's a big threat in and out of battle.

T: Good luck fighting him, that's all the time we have for now until next time, see ya!

D: Bye souls.

Chapter Text

Sorry for the late chapter, I hope this one makes up for it.


Chapter cover- Axel and Tenya performing Recipro Extend.


Ch.22- Burst past Lida!

April 28 late at night


Today I’m at Hosu city patrolling the streets with Mom and Dad, the reason we’re doing this at night is because there are a lot more villains out at night. I told Chibi to go on high alert and start barking if he picks Tenya. I might be able to stop Tenya before he tries to attack Stain and nearly kill himself.


So far nothing, I take a look at my book to see what I’m up against with Stain. He’s fast enough to dodge Shoto’s ice and Tenya as well, actually he was able to cut through Shoto’s ice with a busted up katana, so he has some behind strength to him.


All is calm for now, nothing evil in the night, soon something catches the attention of Chibi. I see someone flying but a closer look makes it clear that it’s a Nomu. Crap, Stain is making his move now.


“Mom Dad! The league of Villains are attacking, look up!” I point to the flying Nomu, Mom pulls out her sniper and takes aims. It seems like the noise is attracting, the others.


“Be careful!” Is the last thing I tell Mom and Dad before searching off for Stain. I jump to a nearby building to get a vintage point. Looking around, I hear someone calling out for Tenya meaning he’s his in one of these alleys. I spot Dekuy looking for Tenya as well.


“Dekuy!” I manage to get his attention.


“Cortney!? Why are you here!?” I can’t waste time explaining we’re on a time limit.


“Come on Tenya is about to die!” We manage to find Tenya just in time, and Dekuy stops Stain by punching him in the face. Tenya is lying down the ground, so Stain’s quirk is in effect. I didn’t make it in time but I can change the fight ends, both Tenya and Native. I can carry both of them out of here but I have to leave Dekuy to fight Stain alone and I don’t know if he buy me enough time, I have to fight.


I activate Devil Trigger and prepare to fight meanwhile Dekuy sends a SOS, now all we have to do fight for time. Dekuy runs in and he start to spark and crack with Green lighting, he slides under Stain’s legs and jumps over to deliver a-


“5% Detroit SMASH!” I can see the impact of the hit but Stain is still up and paralyzes Dekuy. Following up after that I dash behind Stain grabbing his knives so he has less to work with.


Out from the alley comes two pillars of fire. Shoto here now with Peace as well, I forgot she was interning with Endeavor, “Yo Cortney, if you have to fight a villain remember to send me a message as well.” Peace says with her arms now on fire.


“Don’t worry the pros are coming!” Peace states while Shoto uses his ice to get the injured out of the way. Dekuy warns them of Stain’s quirk, using the opening Stain throws a knife at Shoto but Peace keeps him at bay with her gauntlets.


At the same time, I sneak around them to slowly disarm Stain stealing more of his knives. At one point, Shoto uses his ice to try and freeze Stain but cuts through it like nothing in the sky Stain is about impale Shoto but me and Dekuy drag him across the building and knocks us away.


They figure out what Stain quirk is, I’m type O- and Peace is type A+. I’ve been hanging on the side-lines trying to get rid of as many knives as I can see but there’s one more knife to get rid of.


“Sixth Gear.” Blurring out of sight, I reappear in front of Stain holding on to his sword with my left hand and deliver a super speed punch dead-on his chest sending him back a fair distance without his sword. I know he’s not defenseless yet but he’s much more open to attacks. I dash away behind Shoto and Peace before Stain tries to get his sword back and then disengage Sixth Gear because I’m hitting my 15 second timer.


Dekuy was paralyzed again and Shoto got a knife in his arms but he’s still up and encouraging Tenya as well. Jumping off the walls, I try to kick Stain but he dodges out the way, after I land, I can’t move. Stain paralyzed me as well, I look to see a small cut on my cheek. He’s going after Shoto and Peace but Tenya getting up, Stain quirk timed out.


“Recipro Burst!” Tenya shoots off at Stain stopping him dead. We just have to fend him off for a few minutes so now Stain getting desperate. Tenya tells Shoto to freeze his legs and defends him from more of Stain’s knives with his arm, I notice my time limit is but I need to wait for the perfect moment


“RECIPRO EXXXTTTEND!” Tenya digs even deeper to find a massive burst of speed catching Stain mid-air, me and Dekuy meet him halfway, both of us punch Stain in the face while Tenya kicks him in stomach.


Somehow Stain still isn’t done yet, he grabs his knife and swipes at Tenya, who barely manages to dodge it, unleashing another kick that sends Stain spinning up, Peace and Shoto roast him finally knocking him out. Shoto makes an ice slide to help down, we look to see Stain’s unconscious body on the ice.


Shoto and Dekuy restain Stain and after that me and Peace patch everyone up. Looking over I see Chibi holding Stain’s sword in his mouth and he not letting anyone touch it, he is starting to bigger and soon he will be too big for me to carry on my head anymore.


Walking out the alley Dekuy gets a foot to the face from Gran Torino and other pros shortly show up and a flying one eyed Nomu comes out of nowhere. In the anime it grabs Dekuy but for some reason it grabs me. The fight with Stain took a lot out of me, I see Chibi about to use his quirk and Stain freeing himself to save me.


Stain stabs and kills the Nomu but Chibi just cuts the damn thing completely in half, pulling the knife off Stain is still standing after all and making a fear aura so strong that even Endeavor want to piss himself .


"If I don't fix it... if someone isn't... stained with blood...! If heroes aren't restored...!! Come! Just try me... you fakes! The only one allowed to kill me is... All Might, a true hero!!"  After that Stain just stands there, lifeless, dead-still, he’s defeated for sure this time but no one has the courage to restain him. In the end the thing that beat was himself, one of Stain’s broken ribs punctured his lungs. But Stain leaves his biggest mark after his defeat.


The next day April 29                                          


Me and Peace didn’t get a scratch on us but the boys are a different story, they got sent to hospital and will probably be sending the rest of internship there. We see the Chief of police exit the room.


“Hey guys.” Me and Peace enter to Dekuy Shoto and Tenya covered in bandages, “The Chief told you what’s going down?”

“Yes, He said my old man will be getting all the credit.” Shoto says a little disappointed or that what I get, since it’s kinda hard to tell how Shoto feeling normally.


“Hey Cortney can I ask you something?” Dekuy wants to ask something.


“Sure, what is it?” I’m sure there’s a lot going in his mind so I might try to help.


“Are you hiding something from us?” That catches me off guard, is Dekuy close to discovering my secret?

“Hiding what?”


“It was during the U.S.J indecent but… it was like you knew what was about happen.” Dekuy explains, both Shoto and Tenya look like their invested as well.


“Yes… from our classmates told us, you guys seemed much better prepared. Like you knew The League was going to attack.” Tenya adds, this is starting to scare me because if I get found out things will change.


“Cortney has always been like that, and our classmates fight better together.” Peace comes to my aid because they were backing me into a corner.


“Then how you explain the message?” Tenya fires back, I got nothing for that but I throw them off my trail.


“Revenge leads all who follow to a empty graves.” That’s all I say before I leave the room. Just before I go I look back at Dekuy, “You and Ochaco would make a great couple along you with Shoto. You and Momo look so cute together.” I giggle as the door shuts after seeing their reaction.


Sorry Tetsu I promise to tell them my secret but it’s better for them to left in the dark for now.  But things will be getting worse, so it’s better for them to enjoy this win.

May 1


Everyone is crazy about Stain especially since now that his story went public. I don’t see why, he had great intentions but went after them in the wrong way. Speaking of Stain, Chibi still has his kanata he refuses to have it taken away from him, I don’t know why though. The police have given up trying to take it back, it seems like Chibi has taken up the blade.


During his check-up, I was told Chibi is going to grow as big as a wolf around the tail end of my first semester. I have no problem with that, since that means I might be able ride him and Chibi can now be a even better hero. As me and Peace continue our internships, I wonder how everyone internships are going.


Togaru and Kinoko chose Sir Nighteye for their internships to be more specific his sidekicks, Bubble Girl and Centipeder. Bubble Girl is helping Kinoko work on her confidence while Centipeder is working on making Togaru a proper gentleman.


Meanwhile Reiko is working under the stealth hero Edgeshot, so has Hagakure. Currently their trying to get out his office without being spotted, Reiko can easily sneak out with her quirk but Hagakure needs to walk out the front door. So Reiko needs to create a distraction, spotting a women she phases into a bookshelf and waits for her pass by. Once she does, Reiko pulls the woman’s skirt down causing a distraction for Hagakure to sneak out.


Ibara chose Kamui Woods for her internship and he’s teaching her and Sero how to swing through the city with their quirks.


Perspective switch Axel


My internships are done for the day and I had nothing better to do until a old friend said they wanted to catch up. I’ve know them since daycare and much longer than Cortney. We stopped talking after Junior High but I wonder how they been.


Making it to our old meet-up place, a mall. I look around for my friend, I spot their blonde hair in two messy buns her signature hairstyle.   


“Himi!” She turns around to my voice, and I see she hasn’t changed a bit. The cat like eyes and teeth, the japanese school uniform, still looking the girl from elementary school that I remember. Himiko Toga.


“Axie.” She runs over to hug me, while screaming my nickname.


“It’s so great to talk to you again.” I say while catching her, we sit down to catch.


“I saw you on TV, that last second steal was awesome! It’s too bad that you didn’t go to the finals.” She goes off on a spree retelling all my moments of the School Festival, I still remember the last thing I said to her.


“Don’t forget about me.” I will always remember that day, me and Himi were going to different schools and I didn’t have a phone at the time but I kept my word until this very day.


“Hey Himi, how did you get my phone number?” I’m curious how she figured it out.


“Oh. I asked your mom for your phone number.” She replies, but she must have something she wants to tell me because I know her well enough.


“So you must have special news.” I blurt out and I see Himi is a bit annoyed that I figured it out already.


“Fine, I wanted you to be the first to know that I’m coming to U.A.” If I had a drink I would be choking on it or spit-take.


“H-How!? I thought U.A wasn’t accepting anymore students?” How is she getting without taking the entrance exam and in the middle of the semester.


“There was a special program going on, looking for someone to fill in a spot. It was tough, but I won and will be joining U.A after your internships are over.” She explains, she pushed herself to triumph and I’m happy.


“Great, I’ll show you around, what class are you in?” I ask.


“Class 1-A.” We do have more students than them.


“Hm. Good luck.” I hum out as I pull out my phone and scroll for a certain picture, “I want to show my friends.” It’s the picture we took starting our first day of Junior High, Cortney kneeling down, Peace is standing behind with me and Pony to the sides.


“They look pretty… which one are you dating?” Himi still knows how to hit.


“None of them!” I quickly retort and I see the Cheshire smile forming on her face, “Their friends just like you.” I reassure her before regaining my composure.


“The girl with White hair, Cortney actually has a reaper like me.” Getting back on track, I reveal what I was trying to say earlier, I already told Himi of my secret and she hasn’t said a word so I have trust on her.


“Wow, so how did you meet them?”


“Cortney just happened to walk in the same arcade I was in. Our reapers gave us away, and after that Cortney dragged me away to meet her friends and to join her team.” I recall what lead up to it.



“The Breakers. We’re going to change how the story is told.” I explain what our name means, “I’m the tactician.” and also explain my role on the team.


“Cool, being at U.A you’ve must gotten a bunch of new powers huh?” I’m glad she asked.


“Yes but it would better to show you.” I hook my arms under Himi before sprouting my wings, “Hang on.” I tell Himi before taking to the sky, I’ve gotten used to flying now, not so much while holding someone still. The flight is bumpy but I try to make sure the Himi is ok, after ten minutes I have to land. Hawk’s quirk is so big and complex that it can tire me out quickly, other quirks I can keep on for an hour but I can only keep Hawk’s quirk for ten minutes without staining myself.


Landing in a park, I take a seat on a bench. But I seemed to impress Himi so it was worth it.


“Why don’t you show me how much you improved the last time?” I ask to which I see a knife next to me, I look back to Himi and she’s gone. I look around for her but I can’t see or hear her.


I jump off the bench when I feel someone tap me on my shoulder and Himi laughing at me. She always been stealthy but she upped her game to catch me off guard now, she definitely deserves to be in Class 1-A.


“Alright you got me.” I admit defeat as I get up, I look to see to if anyone was around to see that. Luckily, the park is deader than a doorknob. Seeing the sun set, I pull out my phone to see what time is.


“7 o’clock.” It’s getting late and I need to head back, but Himi is looking at the sunset, “It’s been forever since I saw Himi and Hawks is a cool guy.” And watch the sun set.

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Chapter Text

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Chapter cover- Axel and Himiko eating lunch under a tree.


Ch.23- Himiko Toga starting line

U.A High School, the number one hero school in all of Japan. Graduating from here gives you the mark of a great hero and starting today I’ll be joining them.


“Good morning students before we start today’s class, I have a special announcement. While you were gone, we needed to fill in a spot for your class, so I would like to introduce you to your new classmates, HIMIKO TOGA!” I’m being introduce by All Might this is so awesome.


“We held a competition and young Toga managed to persevere granting her a seat in your class, take good of her and I expect you to treat her well.” All Might explains my situation to the class and then ask me to introduce myself.


Meanwhile at Class B


“Hahahaha!” Cortney is laughing at Togaru because he can’t get his mohawk to stand up again. Out of everyone here Cortney seems to have changed the most during her internship as she’s now sporting a cross scar over her left eye and Red hair like her monster gear.


“Don’t worry everyone what you’re seeing are the results of my training. Monster gear has evolved into Devil Trigger, by limiting how much power I’m using, I won’t hurt myself anymore, Now I’m even stronger.” She explains by then turning back to normal with the scar disappearing but she’s not the only one as Chibi now has a sword strapped to his side but Cortney can’t explain that to us.


“Hey Axel, who was the girl you were guiding around the school?” Peace ask almost like she’s trying to interrogate me.


“That was Himiko, she’s been my best friend since we were kids. She got enrolled and today was her first day, so I was showing her around.” I answer back.


“I would like to hear more myself but get in your seats class is about to start.” I’m saved by class starting, as we take our seats I reminisce about the past.


Flashback 2005


Mom and Dad put me in Daycare and one day I see something going and check it out. A bunch of kids are making fun of girl because of her quirk and she’s on the verge of crying.


“Knock it off!” I tell them to leave her alone, there’s a brief standoff but the other kids leave.


“Don’t worry about them. I’m Axel Gallavancer but just call me Axel, what’s your name?” I try to comfort the girl as I can.


*Sniff* “I’m Himiko Toga.”


“How about I call you Himi?” I blurt a nickname for her and she seems to like it, “So what is your quirk?”


“Transform. By drinking someone blood I can shape-shift into them.” Himi states.


“Cool show me.” I really want see how she shape-shift and Himi is surprised at my reaction.


“I can’t right now because when I transform I lose my clothes, but I show you later.” She says disappointedly.


“No problem, but I can transform as well.” I say to tell her I’m not disappointed and she seems intrigued.


“We have the same quirk?” Himi seems intrigued now that I told her about my quirk.


“Yeah.” I reply before taking a step back transforming into a perfect mimic of Himi even down to the way she’s moving, even her parents would have a hard time telling us apart and Himi in shock. Her words are failing her as when she tries to say anything it comes out as whispers.


I transform back and tap her on the shoulder to break her out of her stutter, “You good?” I ask to which she nods to show me she’s ok.

“So who’s your favorite hero?” I follow up with another question.


“Um, Vlad King.” She proudly answers, that makes sense since both their quirks are blood-related, “Who’s yours?”

“Eraser Head. Look I even have his goggles!” I blurt in excitement revealing my replica goggles that I hide under my shirt.

“Wow that some dedication. You must really like him.” I nod my head in response.


“Yep he’s my uncle.” Stating why I talk so highly of him, I’m related to a great hero and some time in the future he’ll be my teacher.




I told Himi to come over since I have to tell her something, I hear her knock on the door and open it to see her in her usually outfit. A Japanese school uniform from somewhere but I don’t know where since she’s covering it with a cardigan about two sizes too big. She started doing her own hair which resulted in her now sporting a Hime cut with two strands of hair on either side and now her buns are just a mess of hair. Still I say it gives her quite a unique look.


“Hey Axie, you said you wanted to talk?” After a while Himi wanted to give me a nickname and came up with Axie, it was better than some of the other names she came up with.


“Yeah, follow me into my room.” Once we’re in, I do one last check before locking the door.


“Ok, before tell you what’s going on I want you to promise me that escapes past these doors.” Himi gives me her word, “Delaila.”


On cue Delaila suddenly appear right along side Himi, scaring her in the process, “Himi I’ve been reincarnated.” I leave Himi speechless but continue on.


“Yes Himi, Axel has died once but I gave his soul the chance to live again. I am Delaila, Axel’s Reaper.” Delaila follows up explaining the situation.


“Wait I’ve read about stories like this. Axie are saying that you’re a self-insert?” I throw away the paper I’d prepare for this and sigh.


“Yes.” Himi managed to dumb it down for herself.


“So that means you know what’s going to happen right?”


“Yeah, but it won’t come into play until the end of Junior High.” Himi is surprisingly understanding all this, I thought she would not be lost like I was.


“So Axie tell me what will happen so that we can prepare for it.” I explain what I saw while avoiding certain details mainly One for All. I died just after season two finished and know some of threats we’ll be facing. By the time I’m done the sun has set and my mom and dad are back.


“I think that’s everything.” Himi was enjoying the story taking in every little thing but she’s now it’s over. I see her off and go back to my room, it’s so great to know that I’ll have someone watching my back.




*Ding Dong* That’s the bell signaling lunch time, I promised to Himi that I finished our tour. I find her talking to Ochaco and Suu in their class, glad she was able to make friends so quickly.


“Hey Himi.” I get their attention on me, Himi calls me over instead.


“Hey Suu Ochaco. I hope Himi hasn’t been too much of a problem.” I joke, getting a tap from Himi.


“Hello Axel, Himiko was telling us about you. Is Mr.Aizawa really your uncle?” Upon Suu asking that I start to laugh.


“Yeah and before you ask he’s always been like that.”

“Wow, I never would have guessed.” Ochaco chimes in.


“Anyway Himi you want to the continue the tour of U.A?” Making a full trip back about why I came here in the first place.

“Sure.” Himi grabs her bag and I lead her to the cafeteria for our next stop, just from the ways she’s walking I can tell Himi is in a good mood.


“So how has your first day at U.A been?” I ask already knowing the answer.


“Amazing! I got introduced by All Might of all people and everybody was so nice expect for Bakugo.” She vocalizes and I’m happy about that.

“That’s normal for him, but I’m happy your getting along with everyone.” Walking into the cafeteria, I spot Cortney eating with Peace and Pony.

“Himi while you were gone I met some amazing friends.”


“Hey Axel.” Cortney greets me and holds out a hand for Himi, “You must Himiko Axel told me you were an old friend. The names Cortney Kamryn Tan, but just call me Cortney.”


“I recognize you from the Sport Festival, you looked so cool.” Himi is awestruck, “What’s up with the dog?”

“This is Chibiterasu, my dog he’s also training to become a hero. Don’t ask about the sword cause even I barely know.” Cortney addresses the question Himi had about.


“Come sit with us so we can talk some more.” Cortney offers but Himi declines saying I have to show her around, “Oh well. Have fun and welcome to U.A.” She says before we continue on with our tour.


I end off our tour in front of U.A, “I think that’s everything you need to know. If you have questions now would be the best time.”  

“I’m good. Thanks for showing me around Axel.” *Ding dong*


“Better get to your class see ya’.”


June 27


The time flew by, the internships have gone and past and we’re in the final inning of our first semester. Due to the League not appearing on any of our radars, it’s been pretty much normal school.


Peace and Bakugo’s relationship was revealed so was Aizawa being my uncle. Shocking everyone including the teachers and his fame followed me but the thing that got me was finding out that Setsuna was one of the four students that got in through recommendations and a new teacher joined Hina.


“Remember everyone that there’s only one more week until the final exams. So make sure you brush up, as their both a written and practical part to this exam… otherwise there will be consequences.” Ms.Tan reminds us before she leaves.


“I’m so fucked.” Peace squeaks out thumping her head on her desk. Makes sense since she was dead last in our class.


“Shoulda study.” Setsuna sings while she ranked 4th in her midterms.

“That’s Peace for you, a monster in combat but dumb as a rock when it comes to school.” Cortney informs Setsuna, while she’s seating in the 5th place spot beating Juzo knocking him into 6th place.


“Cortney think you could help me out?” Tetsu ask Cortney for help, getting 17th… somehow.


“How’d we worse than you?!” Yosetsu questions not leaving Peace far behind ranking 21st in the midterms making a few of us question our intelligence.


“Probably because you two goofed off.” Pony chimes in while holding the 18th spot, “Hey Cort, can I tag in with you two?”




“I still can’t believe that Setsuna was one of the recommended students.” I mention getting 10th.


“Yeah I never expected Setsuna would be the fourth.” Hiryu feels the same way landing 9th. I see Kosei (16th) and Sen(14th) asking Jurota (1st) for help.


“Hey Cortney do you know what the final exam will be?” Itsuka (3rd) pries Cortney for her knowledge.


“Five people in Class A fail and we’re facing the teachers for the practical part but Itsuka, I need to you to say that we’re fighting robots.”



“It’s for the best. Plus now me and Axel are in the dark because after this that’s the end of season two.”


“There’s goes our trump card.” Togaru (19th) remarks.


“Are you sure that’s everything?” Shoda (13th) ask.


“Yep, the well run dry.” I reconfirm.


“Such a shame.” Reiko (12th) is saddened as well.


“Wait, d-did you say that we’re fight the teachers?” Kinoko (16th) stammers out.


“Because of the villain attacks they want to truly test our metal.” Cortney explains, “We just have to escape or put handcuffs on them to pass.”


“So let’s do our best.” Cortney cheers out.


“Alright!” None of us are disagreeing.


Switch perspective Peace

July 2nd


Bakugo is helping me study for the final exam in my room and my brain wants to commit suicide.


“No no, you’re suppose to multiple the 45 by pi.” Bakugo corrects my mistake, currently we’re working on math. After reworking the answer I let Bakugo see if it’s right.


“You got it right...let’s take a break.” Hearing those words are a godsend, I get up and stretch. We’ve been at this for a few hours now, I forgot when we started.


“I’m getting something to drink what do you want?” I ask Bakugo and he says he’s good. Grabbing a drink from my mini-fridge, I go to take my seat again but Bakugo catches me.


“What are you?” I plainly ask.


“Nothing, just giving you a little reward.” Bakugo says with lust dripping between his words. Then I look down to see his hands sliding under my clothes with one going into my shirt and another into my pants.


“Wait Kacchan-” As I try to stop him, it’s already too late as his fingers have invaded me. Once Bakugo in, it’s impossible for me to break free I’m his plaything.


It’s been a while so I’m extra sensitive than normal, and Kacchan knows it. He’s being extra thorough not just with my pussy but my breasts as well.

“I-I’m gonna cum.” I stammer through my moans, Bakugo decides to end it with a series of small explosions over my breasts, pushing me over the edge.


“Fuckkkk! Ccumming!” Bakugo’s firework show pushes me so far over the edge that I have an explosive organism, soaking both our pants. Every breath I take forces me to exhale a little fireball.


Next Bakugo hefts me over his shoulder and over to my bed, still catching my breath I can’t struggle. All I can do is to enjoy what about to come.


After Bakugo he lays me down on the bed, our clothes come off. Getting me off was enough to arouse Bakugo as his dick is so hard that he’s leaking pre. I help guide him in and for once Bakugo takes it slow. He’s taking his time slowly pushing himself in.


“Still tight as every.” Bakugo grunts out. Finally he’s starting to hilt himself but now he’s not moving, I see him smile before grabbing my hips and flipping us around so I’m on top. Was this his plan the whole time?


“Ya could-of asked.” I say finally realizing Bakugo’s plan, all he does is smile and smack me on the ass. Wasting no time I start to buck my hips, this is so different than when Bakugo on top. Looking down his smile is unwavering, that stupid cocky smile I come in for a kiss so I won’t have to see it at the same time I crash my hips down to make him cum.


It seems like I got him on the ropes but Bakugo still fighting as he’s unleashing a huge flurry of explosions on me.

“YOUUUBASTARRRDDD!” I yell out as we both climax simultaneously, “ were backed up.” I comment as feel Bakugo stuff me full, I can feel it spilling out.

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Chapter Text

Hopefully I should be able to get two chapters out this week. Sorry for the lack for chapters I hope to make it up. I was.

Chapter cover- Hina in the center with her back turned away from the viewer.


Ch.24 Crushing hope

July 7


The final exam has come, we all passed the written exam now comes the practical exams, we’re all in our hero costumes standing the teachers. They announce that we’ll be fighting them due to the recent villains attacks.

The first will be me and Tetsu versus Hina, which surprises me since I thought I would be fighting All Might but he’ll be going against Ibara and Shihai.




Match 1: Cortney Tan and Tetsutetsu vs. Hina


Match 2: Peace Miglow and Itsuka Kendo vs. Ectoplasm


Match 3: Shihai Kuroiro and Ibara Shiozaki vs. All Might


Match 4: Juzo Honenuki and Kosei Tsuburaba vs. Midnight


Match 5: Kinoko Komori and Nirengeki Shoda vs. 13


Match 6: Yosetsu Awase and Setsuna Tokage vs. Nezu


Match 7: Neito Monoma and Axel Gallavancer vs. Revival


Match 8: Togaru Kamakiri and Yui Kodai vs. Power Loader


Match 9: Kojiro Bondo and Pony Tsunotori vs. Present Mic


Match 10: Sen Kaibara and Reiko Yanagi vs. Vlad King


Match 11: Hiryu Rin and Jurota Shishida vs. Snipe


Ground beta


Me and Tetsu are making our to the exit when out of nowhere Hina pops from an alley swinging her club, I try to block it but Hina is much stronger and sends me flying into a building. Tetsu goes to attack but Hina catches his punch and grinds him into the ground.


After getting unstuck I activate Devil Trigger and rush in to help Tetsu, “Stunner!” My attack is successful and I try to slap the cuffs on Hina but she recovers faster than I thought and steals the cuffs from me.


“Sorry kid, but I’m not letting you get the easy way out. If you can’t beat me than you can’t call yourself a hero.” Hina spits out after my pitiful attempt.  Not letting her get the last word, I rush at Hina trying to ax-kick her head. She blocks it with her club but Tetsu is free to whale her. Even through Tetsu landed a great series of hits on Hina, she’s barely fazed.


We run away and make a break for the exit, but Hina isn’t letting escape that easy. I launch a Flush to try and slow her down but she dodges out the way. Hina swings her club at the ground leaving a noticeable crater and shaking the ground forcing us to stop. She takes a swig from a saki bottle before trying to attack me again with Tetsu help we’re able to stop her this time. Holy shit Hina is stupidly strong since it’s taking both me and Tetsu to block ONE of her attacks.


Hina let’s go of her club allowing her to punch Tetsu hard enough to turn him around then bull-rushing me into another building getting me stuck.


“Sorry to tell you kid but you failed.” Hina says before taking a swig from a black saki bottle, “Ogre Shakedown!” Hina pummels me further into the building with a flurry of punches.


“Now- hic, what happened to the other one?” Hina says drunkenly, looking over my unconscious body.


“RIGHT HERE!” Tetsu yells while punching Hina in the jaw but she is unaffected.


“Sorry buddy, but you and your girlfriend are failing today.” Hina stammers out preparing to end our exam. I managed to stay conscious during Hina’s onslaught but I’m at my limit, I probably have only one attack left before I’m done.


“Tetsu.” I call out, Tetsu slips past Hina and pulls me out. I have to rely on Tetsu to keep me up. I hold out my left arm and dump every bit of power into it, I find enough power to stand on my own, Tetsu punches Hina in the chest but she just mocks him.


“Is that really the best you have?” Hina jokes.

“No. Because I’m here, Tetsu’s Jackhammer!” I add my own power to Tetsu’s punch finally bypassing Hina’s defences getting an audible grunt from her. Not letting up we trip her up and I manage to get our handcuffs back and get them on her. Giving us our passing mark.

“And that’s how we do it.” I say to Hina while using Tetsu as support.


“Team Tetsutetsu and Cortney have passed.” An announcement reveals our results.


“We did it.” Tetsu cheers out, but I can barely move.


“Um, Tetsu you’re gonna have carry me. Because Hina punched the feeling out my legs.” I explain, Tetsu switches to carrying me princess style and I fall asleep in his arms.


Monitoring Room


Axel and Neito just watched what went down to try and come up with a strategy for themselves but their both speechless.


“Hey guys what happened?” Pony enters to see their expressions.

“Cortney got the shit beaten out of her.” Axel bluntly responses, and how else is he to describe the events.


“Peace and Itsuka please report to Ground Delta.” A voice announces the next match.


Ground Delta Perspective Peace


We’re up against Ectoplasm and he probably is going to keep us busy with his clones before landing the finishing blow against us.


Thanks to Endeavor, I can now fly using my quirk and not solely rely on my gauntlets. However I can’t carry someone during it so Itsuka stuck to the ground, as we’re making our way to the exit multiple Ectoplasms appear.


I blast a few of them away but they just keep coming, “I was right he’s trying to tired us out.” My assumption was correct but the problem is getting past them while using as little of our resources as possible.


“BOOK IT!” I yell to Itsuka who knocks the clones in front of her away. As they try to chase after us, I breath out a wall of fire to give us some cover. Our whole strategy is not fight as much as we can only get rid of the ones in our way because when we kill one another one will appear in its place.


It seems to work as after a while we stop seeing Ectoplasm clones, and we’re in front the exit spotting what has to be the real Ectoplasm.


“Good job getting this far, but that’s as far as your going.” Mr.Ectoplasm praises us before exhaling a massive clone of himself, “Giant Bite Detention!”


The clone catches us, leaving us unable to move, my fire isn’t having any effect on it meaning, “Itsuka I have to use blue flames, when I get us free…Take out Ectoplasm.” I tell Itsuka.


“Don’t count us out just yet Mr.Ectoplasm.” He looks at us confused wondering what we have up our sleeves before he can say anything, I ignite into my blue flames burning myself free then grab Itsuka pulling her free, “GO!” I yell Itsuka before throwing her at the real Ectoplasm before he can react Itsuka enlarges her fist and smashes Mr.Ectoplasm into the ground.


“Ggo work.” Mr.Ectoplasm mutters out.


“Team Peace and Itsuka have passed.”


“Woo.” I try to say but I have my zipper in my mouth trying not to burn out.


“So that’s the purpose of the zipper.” Itsuka responds to me.


Monitoring Room


“That’s two. Hey Recover Girl, how many people failed in Class A?” I ask out of curiosity.


“Five people in total.” I put Neito in a headlock before he can go into his crazy mode.


“Focus you crazy idiot we’re going against Cortney’s mother, and I need you sane.” I don’t need to him to focus on one-upping Class A.


“Alright alright, uncle!” I let him go and as this was all happening during Ibara and Shihai’s exam. He was not holding as the first thing he did was obliterate the street he was on with a single smash but when it looks bleak Shihai with some help from Ibara manages to hold him back long enough for Ibara to escape.


“Team Ibara and Shihai have passed.” But it looks All Might hit his time limit before he could say something making Ibara run away thinking she hurt him.


Switch perspective Cortney


“That hit the spot.” I say to Tetsu as I rub my stuffed belly as we try to find the screening room as I we search, I hear someone.


“Is that Ibara?” I ask recognizing her voice, Tetsu also hears it and we find Ibara in an empty room in the fetal position.


“Ibara, what happened you passed against All Might of all people, so you should be happy.”


“…I did something awful… and no matter how much I apologize and repent… I can never make it up.” She says as she cries her eyes out, I whistle for Chibi while that happens me and Tetsu seat down next to our friend to support her.


“I don’t know what happened and I know you don’t like fighting…but-” The words I need fail as I try to word my next statement.


“I-I was forced to attack A-All Might,” Ibara explained while falling apart again, lip quivering and body shaking, “an-nd when I-I found him, he-he coughed up blood.”  Ibara scrunched her dress between her hands and squeezed her eyes shut again. “I h-hurt All Might that badly… I’m a terrible person!”


I give Ibara the biggest hug I can, “No your not, because I think the teachers are trying their damndest to kill, and the blood thing. Tetsu cover your ears.” Tetsu covers his ears and I whisper into Ibara’s ear what’s going with All Might, which causes her to do a complete one-eighty.


“And trust me you’re in better shape than when Dekuy and Kachy went against him, you’re able to move still.” I finish off, before pulling Tetsu’s fingers out his ears just in time for Chibi to find us with All Might in tow.


“I have something to say.” I kick All Might in the stomach as hard as I can, “YOU WENT OVERBOARD AGAIN AND YOU’RE A TERRIBLE TEACHER!” Followed with a short rant however I must have burned up the last of his power for the day as steam starts to pour out of All Might.


“Young Shiozaki I’m sorry for forcing to get violent but-” I stop him there so he doesn’t transform back to normal.


“Just go.” All Might doesn’t have room to argue so he just books it out of there, once he’s gone I turn back to Ibara, “Hey Ibara how much do you weigh again?”


“68 kilograms, why?” Ibara looks at me in worry.

“Could you ride on Chibi’s back? I need to see how well Chibi can move while carrying someone.” Ibara pats Chibi on the head while choosing her answer.


“Alright.” She gets on Chibi with her legs to the side and Chibi barely seems to notice her as he leads us back to the screening room with everyone who has gone already plus Axel, Neito and Pony.


“Hey Ibara you good?” Axel ask, to which she’s nod to him.


“Yes, Cortney and Tetsu gave me some encouragement so I’m fine now.”

“Currently Cortney holds the worst beatdown award, and you hold the award for most collateral damage for slamming All Might through a building.” Axel jokes.


“You smashed All Might through a building!? Fuck you, Hina sent me into a building twice and pummeled me, also she hits like a truck.” I yell with some fury in my voice at Ibara scaring her.


“I’m fine now.” I reassure everyone, “look the next match starting.” Pointing to the screen.


“And Juzo and Kosei hold the speedrun award.” Axel comments and they got the fare and square as Juzo used his quirk swim under the ground while Kosei kept Midnight busy, Juzo slapped the cuffs on her ankles and that end of it.


Meanwhile 13 has Kinoko in their grasp and it looks like his fight or flight instinct are about to kick in, will he make a break for it or save Kinoko?


“He’s fighting.” I say out of the blue and in what seems like a blur Shoda is standing where 13 was, holding Kinoko while 13 is sail through the air.


“Team Shoda and Kinoko have passed.” Everyone is staring on in shock wondering what just happened including me.


“Did anyone get the number of that truck?” I half joke/seriously ask that super move Shoda pulled out was on par with my Sixth gear in terms of speed. We’re stuck like this until the next match.


“Team Yosetsu and Setsuna. Practical exam: begin.” The match immediately begins with Nezu trying bring the entirety of Field Gamma down on them while stopping them from escaping forcing them to confront him if they want to pass.


They try to capture while he’s in a crane but manages to slip past them, “It’s kinda cute how Nezu runs.” I comment, I mean his body isn’t built for running up-right but he’s running. They manage to trap him in a corner when they go to grab him, Nezu jumps over Yosetsu’s head and scurries off however before he can escape Setsuna sees him off with some deadweight. She grabbed Nezu’s tail and singling the end as Yosetsu grabbed the arm as he was trying to escape.


“Team Awase and Tokage have passed.”


“Hey, did Axel and Neito go already?” Pony ask which I rely to.


“Yep, Neito took Tetsu and Itsuka’s quirk and bolted while piggybacking on Axel’s back.”


Switch perspective Axel


We’re fighting Ms.Tan in an city area meaning we don’t know where she’ll be or how she’s fighting us.


“How come we aren’t just flying to the exit?” Neito questions me seeing how easy that would be.


“Because Ms.Tan could easily snipe us. So just make a break for the exit- *BANG* Before I can finish my sentence a bullet lands in front of us, our eyes trail where the bullet came from and Ms.Tan is right in front of us with her chain in one hand and revolver in the another.


“You got another thing coming if I you think I’m even considering letting you run.” I try to wrap her with my scarf but she counters by throwing her chain to stop it, Neito enlarges one of his hands trying to smash her but Ms.Tan catches it effortlessly using her free hand and takes aim with her revolver right at Neito’s head. He hardens in response just as Ms.Tan pulls the trigger.


Neito withstands the shot but I see him crack, summoning my wings I grab Neito and take flight, “I thought you said flying was a bad option?” Neito ask me.


“It only takes two shots before those rounds bypass steel, so you can’t rely on it for defence. We need to come up with a strategy.” I inform Neito as something meets us in the air.


Suddenly we’re hit by a paralyzing sound grenade causing us to crash-land on a roof. Where Ms.Tan finds, “I told you already you are NOT escaping.” Luckily the sonic grenade didn’t affect us too bad and we get ready to fight suddenly Ms.Tan throws her chain faster than I can track and wraps me in it.


“I’ll deal with you one at a time.” Ms.Tan says walking towards Neito I need to break free to help Neito he only has one minute left, this time Neito attacks Ms.Tan with a enlarge steel fist. He’s using two quirks at the same time but Ms.Tan dodges out the way.


I transform into Chibi so I slip out of my entrapment, I transform back and while her back is turned I wrap my scarf around Ms.Tan toss her into the air and into an alley before grabbing Neito and running for the exit with my engines.


“Great job back there, listen Ms.Tan lost her chain so we don’t have to worry about that thing again-” Out the corner of my eye I see Ms.Tan chasing us from the buildings with her sniper-rifle in hand.


“White Sting.” Time slows as I see the bullet travel towards us.


“AXEL!” Neito pushes me out the way and takes the full brunt of the attack himself, I see his unconscious body.


“Neito Monoma has failed.” An automated voice annonces.


“Pathetic.” Ms.Tan laughs out, “He had so much potential but he wasted it saving your sorry hide.” Ms.Tan is taking her role as a villain seriously but she doesn’t mind that she could have killed Neito.


Monitoring room


Everyone is speechless at the events unfolding even Recovery Girl but the person taking it the hardest is Itsuka and Cortney. Itsuka because she just watched her childhood friend get blown up and fail all without the teacher giving a single care, while for Cortney, she getting a first hand look at her mother old persona and it’s absolutely scary, she didn’t check to see if Neito ok, she just moved on.




“Your next,” Ms.Tan says while pointing her gun at Axel, “Give up now and I’ll make your end swift.” Ms.Tan spits out.


I’m not letting Neito’s sacrifice be in vain in order for me to win I need to go plus ultra, I pull up the left sleeve of my costume and hold my arm in front of me thinking what Kirishima and Tetsu told me about harding then biting down on my arm as hard as I can.


Instead of biting into flesh, I make contact with steel, I’m amaze even myself that I temporary forget about the fight. My bubble popped when a bullet whizzes past my face.


Suddenly Ms.Tan is in front of me about to punch me, I managed block with my steel-covered arm but still sends me backwards, I use my scarf to grab her leg and before she has a chance to react I switch back to my engines.


“Recipro Exxxxtend!” Shooting past her while I’m dragging her I stop swinging her into a building, smashing her so hard that I leave her stuck but she’s still up. I slap the cuffs on her where she returns to normal.


“Congrats’.” Ms.Tan says but leave to check on Neito, he’s fine besides some damage to his costume using Tetsu’s quirk he’s fine.


“Axel has passed.” Back in the monitoring room everybody is cheering at Axel’s plus ultra win, they go to check on their friends with Recovery Girl where Ms.Tan is already with them.


“That was dangerous you could have killed them.” Recovery Girl scolds Ms.Tan while hitting Ms.Tan with cane.


“Yes I know it was but it helped them go past their limits. And don’t worry about Neito I was using a low payload for my explosive bullets, so at most he will have a concussion.” Ms.Tan tries to ease everyone.


“Still reckless!” But Recovery Girl isn’t having any of it.


“Is Neito going to ok?” Itsuka ask in a panic, Recovery Girl gives Neito a once-over.


“Yes, but he will not wake up until the of the exam.”

“Is is fine if I stay with him?” Itsuka’s request is accepted her friends say bye to her before going back to the monitoring room.


2 hours later


“So Prince Crazy is awake.” The first thing Neito hears upon waking is Cortney announcing his slumber.


“Ugh, my head.” Neito looks around and sees Itsuka next to him.


“She stuck by you...also you’ve out for about 2 hours and everyone beside you passed, and to summarizes the other matches. Jurota tried to mall Snipe but failed, but Hiryu got through the goal. Yui yeeted Togaru past Powerloader and distracted him long enough for Togaru to get the goal. Pony stampeded Present Mic because he couldn’t get out the way in time. Finally Yosetsu and Reiko got the award for most creative win, Yosetsu welded Vlad’s blood down and couldn’t get causing him to faint.” While Cortney brings Neito and Itsuka up to speed, Neito is happy that he brag that Class B is better, he still failed.


“Actually get out of your costumes and come back to class my mom has an announcement.”


Class 1-B


“That the exams are over I have an announcement, everybody will be coming to the training camp even if you failed.” Ms.Tan announces exciting everyone , “It will be a week bootcamp, and once again we’ll be putting you through hell-” Only for the room to get dead quite, “Especially for you Neito as you’ll have extra lessons because you failed.”

“Other than that the destination will be a secret until the day of the event, and the trip will be week after the next. Have fun everyone.” Ms.Tan says before leaving with her gone everyone gets ready to leave.


“Hey everybody-” Pony calls attention to herself, “I have a great idea, let’s go to beach I hear Dagobah amazing.”


“That’s sounds awesome let’s do it!” Cortney seconds.


“I’ll see if Himi come along.” Axel follows up.


“And see if Bakugo wants to come too.” Peace chimes up.

Everyone says their coming, “Wait, girls can you me find a swimsuit?” Cortney ask.


Writer: And that’s the end of season 2, I want to say thank you of reading up to this point and the movie special will be on hold until someone uploads it. Also I have few different chapter planned so expect season until next year (2019 for people reading this in the future) but that’s all I have to say for now-

Thanatos: Yes, next chapter will be a fluff chapter so expect a lot of cute.

Delaila: And for those wondering about Chibi not being there for Cortney in the exams. His quirk could be dangerous so the school decided to just forbid Chibi from fighting and have his fate be connected to Cortney so if she failed, Chibi failed as well.

T: For now that’s all we have to say now-

D: And remember-




Minxs: So this the League of Villain. This isn’t what I was expecting. (Enters)

Dabi: Who the hell are you?

M: Minxs. And I’m not taking hate from the living scar museum plus I think we’re on the same side.

D: What do mean, think?!

M: Hey mist guy this is the league hideout right.

Kurogiri: Yes, unfortunately Torma is gone-

M: That means we’re teammates now so it’s better that we’re not on shaky ground.            
















Chapter Text

So I have three chapters planned for now, two fluff chapters and a fantasy chapter in that order, and that’s the plan until next year before we start I just want to say rest in peace Stan Lee, you will not be forgotten.


Chapter cover- Aizawa, Ms.Tan and a werewolf chasing after a villain at night.


Chapter 25- Fun in the sun

July 9


“Come on Cortney we’re waiting on you!” Pony shouts to hurry me up, we spent the other day shopping for swimsuits and had to get mine customized since none fit me right. It’s a Gray two-piece bikini that Pony conceived me to get.   


“I’m coming out.” I walk out to everyone and all the boys plus Himiko are staring at me, their stares are pierce through me thankfully, the girls knock the sense back into the boys while Chibi bites Tetsu.


“Sorry.” The boys apologize in conjugation to me now not looking at me directly except Tetsu he walks over to me and places an hand on my shoulder.


“Yes Cortney has big boobs but let’s enjoy the beach.” Pony reminds us why we came here in the first place.


“I’m hitting the waves.” Reiko says before making her way to the ocean after that we break off into several group, I lay down a blanket for myself.


“Hey Tetsu can you rub some sunscreen on me?” I ask before I know it Tetsu is rubbing sunscreen on my back as he does I undo my top much to Tetsu surprise.


“What? You were going have to get rub there sooner or later.” I notify Tetsu who’s trying his hardest to keep his composure, “eep.” But eventually Tetsu can’t hold back anymore, grabbing a handful enlisting a small yelp from me.


“Alright, let’s stop before we go too far.” I suggest to Tetsu and he accepts. After he’s finished, I walk to the shoreline where Reiko is surfing and Axel is keeping up with her. Himiko is playing with Chibi which is quite surprising to me as Chibi needs some time to trust someone but he’s fine with her.


Itsuka is standing around with Neito and I walk over them, “Hey Itsuka want to have a little sparring match?” It may seem random to someone to fight after we just got done fighting against the teachers but wynaunt I haven’t gotten a real chance to fight against her.


“Sure.” Itsuka doesn’t wait and immediately accepts my challenge which shocks me. We stand a few meters away from each other and once we’re ready the fight starts. The rules are simple get the other on the ground.


Itsuka takes the initiative by running at me, I attack with an Straight Flush expecting her to dodge out the way but she enlarges her hand to block my attack acting like was nothing. I wait until Itsuka gets close before kicking the sand up which she counters by fanning her huge hand around blowing the sand into my face. I have to cover my eyes but I jump away as to not give Itsuka the chance.


“Nice try.” Itsuka says in a mocking tone before swinging her giant hand at my head, I block it but forces me to a knee now my quirk is activated giving some pushing power. I toss Itsuka’s hand to the side and grab her arm in an attempt to pin her to the ground. Through these past few months, I find out that me and Itsuka are roughly the same in terms of strength when we’re using our quirks but I slightly win out.

As I slowly push Itsuka to the ground she punches me with her free arm but I can shrug them off until she enlarges her hand just as it makes contact giving her attack I lot more power but I’m still hanging on before she can try that again, I hold my left hand in front her face.


“Stunner!” I can feel Itsuka go limp, I kick one of her legs from under her and judo throw her ending our spar. I’ve been working on improving Stunner currently it works the best on people equal to my size which is why Itsuka fell but Hina was able to shrug it off is quick.


I help Itsuka up to her feet and it seems Stunner is still affecting Itsuka as she can’t stand up on her own just yet. Neito comes to rescue holding Itsuka up until the effects wear off.


“Great match.” I say while holding my side, “That last attack packed quite a punch, no pun intended. Had I not braced myself it could have gone quite differently.” Giving some praise to Itsuka.


“Yeah but you won fair and square. Your good right?” Itsuka ask me finally standing on her own to feet.


“I’ll be good, I just need some time.” I look over to the side and see Axel about to fight Kachy with Peace spectating, “What’s going on?” I ask Peace.


“Bakugo saw your fight and got hyped up and wanted to fight, Axel accepted his offer.” Peace tells us the chain of events that lead up to the present, Axel and Kachy stretch before the fight Axel has his engines on, so he wants to end the fight quickly.


“Ready go.” Peace notifies the fight start.


“Recipro Burst!” Axel blast towards Kachy but he takes flight to avoid Axel’s attacks, suddenly Axel fires his tongue out and it wraps around Kachy pulling him back down to Earth.


“Ribbit, didn’t expect me to attack that way?” Axel croaks out now imitating Suu stance,   Kachy gets in close and hits Axel with an explosion, he’s barely fazed as Axel now has a rocky skin.


“Axel can change power in almost an instance.” I comment seeing how much control Axel has over his quirk. Axel grabs Kachy and delivers an harden headbutt straight into Kachy’s skull however Kachy sends a flurry of explosions into Axel’s chest. That forces him to back away.


“I see now, you have a piss ass version of Kirishima’s quirk meaning you can’t take as many hits as him.” Kachy reveals what going on before heating up his hands preparing to blow away Axel. Axel summons his wings and flapping them blowing up sand making it hard for anyone to see. In the confusion Kachy fires off an explosion in the air not from the ground. Once the sand clears it is revealed that Axel was shot to the ground.


“Winner Bakugo.” Peace calls it there and declares Bakugo the winner.


“What happen?” I ask to which Kachy responds.


“Dumbass tried to smash me to the ground but I grounded him.” Bakugo recaps the winning move.


“Alright that the last match, any more we might get trouble.” I say stopping anyone who still wants to fight.

“What the fuck happened to you?” Kachy suddenly blurts out, I look at my skin and see I tanned.


“This is the reason my family last name is Tan.” I joke out explaining what’s going on.


A few hours later Perspective Peace


“Thanks for coming along.” I thank Bakugo for coming to the beach with me, when we walk inside my house I spot a man with kevlar gloves and I know who it is immediately without looking at anything else.


“DADDDDD!” I run at my dad full speed like I’m a little girl again, he turns around to catch me but I make him slide back a little bit.

“There my little girl.” Dad says while holding me high in the air, “You’ve gotten much bigger.”

He lets me down and while I was busy with Dad, Mom is able to sneak up and plant a kiss on his cheek, “Hello Honey.” She says in a sweet tone.


“Sorry for leaving you so long,” Dad apologizes to us, “I have a lot to make up.” Bakugo walks up to Dad and holds out a hand.


“So your my daughter’s boyfriend.” My dad shakes Bakugo’s hand, “You better not be hurting her otherwise, you will know what hell feels like.” Dad then threaten Bakugo but Mom taps him telling him to give Bakugo some slack.


“Hey Amallie would you be up for a quick fight?” Dad ask Mom to help him stretch.


“Sure.” Mom leads Dad to the training area, as I follow them to watch. Once we’re there Mom draws her Katana on Dad and take her position with Dad. She swings at Dad which he blocks with hands thanks to his gloves. Dad goes to uppercut Mom but stops just short, as his way of telling her to try harder.


Mom starts up her famous spinning attack which Dad parrys every hit before trying to  punch her forcing Mom to stop her attack and block with her sheathe, Dad pulls Mom’s leg from under her and catches her before she hits the ground, planting a kiss on her lips.


“I call that win what about you?” Dad ask Mom, it’s amazing of how Dad is able to beat Mom fight while being quirkless and fighting her head-on.


“You’re dad is impressive despite being quirkless.” He even impressed Bakugo and he actually admitted it out loud and not to his lonesome.


“He is.” I add, “Dad there’s so much I have to tell you.”

Elsewhere Perspective Cortney


I’m heading to Tetsu’s place and I sent Chibi home with Pony, I switched into T-shirt and some shorts before leaving. I get a text from Peace saying her dad is home and text her back how great that is.


“What’s up?” Tetsu hears what going on and I decided to tell him.


“Peace’s father came home.” I say happy that Peace is able to her Dad once again.


“That’s great, what was he doing?” Tetsu ask a question I can’t truthfully answer.


“He was aboard in America.” I answer somehow through the whole school year of all the secrets that were revealed Peace’s background wasn’t one them.


Once we’re open Tetsu’s mom and dad greet us, they seriously look a older and genderbent version of Tetsu, it’s hard to know you takes after who, we head into his room where I push Tetsu down on his bed.


“Don’t think I didn’t forget about you grabbing my breast earlier.” I remind Tetsu before turning around and shoving my crotch down on his face. I laugh as Tetsu tries to throw me off but I shifted my weight to make that near impossible, either suffocate or get me off.


I actually feel myself being lifted, crap I didn’t calculate for his quirk, I try my hardest to keep Tetsu down but he’s able to overpower me. Tetsu pins me on my back while holding my arms down.


“Bastard.” I call out Tetsu.


“Who just tried to suffocate their boyfriend with their crotch?” Tetsu calls me out.


“So what now?” I ask as Tetsu has complete control over what happens now. He manages to pull down his trunks and pull my shirt up making sure I can’t move my arms. I also learned throughout our semester that Tetsu can get really fucking heavy using his quirk.


“I know where you’re going and if you do, I’m killing you.” I try to make Tetsu change his mind but he stick his dick between my breast.


“God damnit.” Maybe shouldn’t have waited until after Tetsu took a shower since he’s musk is extra strong, I’m getting weaker with every breath I take and my head is getting fuzzy. Fuck it I just want to cum now but Tetsu isn’t letting me however he’s getting close, he lets go of my arms before pressing my breast together as tight as possible and cumming in between them while making sure his parent don’t hear us.


I palm strike Tetsu in the chest to force him back enough so I can kiss Tetsu, “Tetsu.” I say with a hint of murder in my voice.

“Yes Cortney?” Tetsu stampers out while breaking into a cold sweat, both from my fear trigger and Devil Trigger.


“I’m milking you dry tonight.”

Writer: And that’s the end of now, apologizes for the short chapter but I plan I on writing on right after this is posted. So wait until then.                                                                    





Chapter Text

Now this chapter is all about Cortney but not really you’ll see what I mean.


Chapter cover- Cortney in shock like she’s about cry.


Ch.26- I’m not hiding anything


June 3nd


“Is everyone here?” Pony looks to make sure everyone in both the Hero courses are  present.


“Alright so as some of you know, Cortney’s birthday is a week away. And I want to throw her a surprise party and I know all your help.” Pony reminds everyone why there here.


“I need you guys to help me out while keeping Cortney busy and off my tail-” Reiko warms Pony that Cortney coming.


“I got her!” Tetsu runs out the room to intercept Cortney.


“Thanks for the heads-up Reiko. Anyway Cortney isn’t dense so she probably knows something is up already, so we all need to work together in order for this to work.” Pony begs out.


“Geeze, that doesn’t make it sound any easier.” Denki comments, at this point Tetsu comes back while trying to catch his breath.


“I-ah- I brought us a lot more time.” Tetsu gasp.


“What the did you do?” Bakugo ask the question currently on everyone mind but Tetsu is too tired to respond.


“Anyway, Momo do you know of any good cake stores?” Pony reels everyone back in.


“Yes I know of a few.”

“Great, order a chocolate birthday cake but don’t make it too fancy. Next, Peace can you help me get some decorations?” Peace gives Pony a thumbs up.


“That’s all I got for now, I’ll message you if something comes up, now let’s get out of here!” Pony sprints out the room quickly followed by everyone else.


June 4th


“YO’ where the fuck did you go!” Cortney angrily searches for Yosetsu because he decided the best way to keep Cortney distracted was to weld Chibi to the side of a wall.


“Come out now before I chop off your hands.” Yosetsu regrets his decisions that lead him here. He’s currently hiding in Shihai, seeing as that is last place Cortney would check.


“There you are.” Expect Cortney would guess that and grabs Shihai by the neck, “Shihai, pop Yo’ out, I won’t hurt you.” Cortney raises Shihai’s shirt up so he can release Yosetsu. Hina comes around the corner to see the situation currently unfolding.


“What the fuck is happening, Cortney what are you doing to Shihai?!” Hina pulls Cortney off Shihai in order to get an answer.


“Yo’ welded Chibi to the wall and hid in Shihai-” Hina stops Cortney there because that is not normal to hear even in this world. Before she can say anything Cortney punches Shihai out forcing Yosetsu out.


Yosetsu unwelds Chibi to appease Cortney but she knocks him out as well, Hina lets Cortney go letting her walk away and picks Yosetsu up being him and Shihai to the nurse office.


June 5th


Momo found a great bakery and was to place to the order until comes bursting into the room holding her chest.


“There you are Momo, alright all the guys, get out. I’m not giving you a second warning.” Cortney says but Tenya tries to stop her.


“Cortney you can’t just kick us out of cl-” Cortney grabs Tenya by the neck and chucks him out the door.


“Get out or DIE.” Cortney retorts while using her fear trigger, all the boys get out while they have the chance. The Mineta closes the door on his way out, after that Cortney becomes much calmer.


“Cortney what’s goinggg-” Jiro checks on Cortney but gets lost once Cortney reveals her problem.


“My god damn binding broke on me!” Cortney shouts, removing her arm letting her chest drop shocking the girls.


“Momo can you make me another one?” Cortney ask in desperation, Momo makes cannons and other weapons but this the first time someone has ask her to make clothing besides her costume.


“Sure, but you will need to remove your shirt so I can take accurate measurements.” Cortney does what Momo ask taking off her wrapping revealing her ripped binding.


“She’s even bigger than me.” Momo thinks to herself as she takes Cortney size after which she creates a binding to hide Cortney’s breast once again.


“Thanks you’re a lifesaver, don’t tell the boys about this. Bye” Cortney ordered leaving the girls in a daze.


June 6th


Axel is hanging out with Cortney and Himiko as a way of keeping Corteny distracted. Axel is hanging upside-down from a tree Spiderman style, “Told you I could it.” Axel says to Cortney.


“I guess you can, to be honest I was hoping the branch would give.” Cortney jokes, just then Mr.Aizawa appears.


“Axel what are you doing?” Going immediately to Axel for some reason, making Cortney curious.


“Mr.Aizawa, is there something between you and Axel? Cause now I’m seeing a bunch of similarities, they hit you like a hammer to the face.” Behind Cortney Axel is crossing his hands. Aizawa is trying to think of a way to deflect the question.


“I know, Mr.Aizawa is your godfather.” Axel and Aizawa both face-fault and Himiko face-palms.


“So close yet so far.” Axel jokes, “Aizawa is my uncle.” Axel reveals the truth.


“Trust me I could’ve said father, plus you don’t even share the same last name. Do you want to know Shoto would have guessed? That boy is so smart yet so dumb.” Cortney tries to soften the blow of her answer.

“My sister changed her last name to avoid our name due to me.” Aizawa explains what’s up with the names.


“That explains the jackets, their your sleeping bags.” Cortney blurts out follow by Axel and Aizawa wrapping their scarfs around her mouth.


“Don’t share this conversation with anyone.” Axel and Aizawa say in unison to which Cortney gives them her word.


June 7th


“Come on Ochaco is that the best you got?” Cortney says while breaking free from Ochaco’s grab. Ochaco asked Cortney to help her grappling and to keep Cortney busy.


“I’m not done yet!” Ochaco rushes at Cortney to which Cortney responds by going low and sweeping her leg. Cortney then pulls her leg down forcing Ochaco down to the ground, Cortney than grabs her other legs and starts spinning around.


“See ya’ later.” Cortney says as she lets go leaving Ochaco slightly dizzy as she gets back up.


“This should be the finishing blow.” Cortney states while coming in for a punch however Ochaco switches into her serious mode dodging out of way grabbing Cortney’s arm and throwing her up in the air leaving her to float off.


“You forgot that I can jump off the air!” Cortney kicks off the air lunging at Ochaco, who ducks to the side. Cortney keeps up the pressure until Ochaco presses her hands together.


“Release.” Cortney is rocketed straight into the floor by suddenly being affected by gravity again where Ochaco pins her.


“I’m done, that’s it.” Cortney submits after Ochaco lets her up, Cortney rubs her face and legs.




June 8th


Cortney is off today because she had a dentist appointment, so everyone was given some time to breath and get last things they need.


June 9th


“Ok everyone tomorrow's Cortney’s birthday, so thank you so much for helping me out, we got everything, now we just need some time to set up. Tetsu will keep Cortney away from the house, and once we’re ready I’ll send Tetsu a message to bring Cortney back.” Pony breaks down what’s gonna happen.


“Don’t worry about me guys, I’ll make Cortney not want to come.” Everybody takes Tetsu’s word and tries to not think too hard about it.

June 10th


Tetsu is waiting for Cortney so they can go on their date. Once they leave Pony opens the door to let everyone in.


While their walking down the street someone is running at Cortney screaming her name.


“Who are you?” Cortney ask the boy who looks to be in the same grade as them.


“Of course you wouldn’t remember me. This might jog your memory, “What are waiting for? Gut her like a fish Slice.” The boy says doing his best impersonation of Jerome.


“Slice?! I haven’t seen you since that day, what happened to you?” Cortney thought she would never see Slice again.


“I transferred to another school, but after seeing you I started to improve myself, due to that I was able get into a hero school and meet a ton of great friends.” Slice recalls his past to get here.


“Awesome, wait quick question, is you name actually Slice or is that a nickname?” Cortney ask because she had that question on her mind since forever.


“Yeah, that’s my actual name because of my quirk.” Slice hand turns his hand into an actual Greatsword, which amazes Cortney and makes Tetsu feel jealous.


“You're Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu right? I recognize you from the Sport Festival. What are doing with Cortney?” Slice beings attention to Tetsu.


“He is taking me out for a birthday date.” Cortney says giving Tetsu a kiss on the cheek.


“Oh um, sorry for interrupting you guys- happy birthday Cortney.” Slice runs off before things get awkward but Cortney is suddenly in front of him.


“Wait, I didn’t get to ask what school your enrolled in.” Cortney says to Slice suddenly running off.


“H-how do you-” Slice cuts himself off at Cortney sudden display of speed, “Gaijin Academy, we’re way less famous school that U.A. It’s mainly a foreigners.” Slice tells Cortney.


“I’ll have to look you some time in the future. I really would love to have spar with you.” Cortney voices.


“I’m sure we’ll cross paths again, I need to go.” Slice informs Cortney, “Have a great birthday Cortney.” Cortney can tell something is up with Tetsu from his face.


“Tetsu what’s up with Slice?” Cortney ask knowing Tetsu will tell what’s on his mind.


“You were so interested with him, I felt like forgot about me.” Tetsu reveals what’s going on.


“Tetsu, my heart will always belong to you, and nothing will ever change that. Let me tell you something… when it seems like the world is about to fall on me, you’re there to hold it up. Just hearing your voice is enough for me to get back up, don’t EVER think differently.” Cortney tells Tetsu as she hugs him, “Now, come on we’re still on a date.”


A few hours


Tetsu finally gets the message from Pony that they’re ready, he takes her home where, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORTNEY!” Everyone pops out wishing her a happy birthday, including her Mom and Dad. Cortney nearly cries from just how much effort was put in to this.


“Thank you guys.” Cortney says through her hands.


“The one you should be thanking is Pony, she was the one to set most of this up.” Itsuka points to the mastermind. Where Cortney proceeds to give Pony hug that lifts off the ground.


“It’s nothing Cort, you deserve it.” Pony says to her best friend.


“That explains why you kept me away from Pony. But Yo’ Shihai, your on my shitlist still, don’t think I’m going to you forgive for what to Chibi.” Cortney reminds Yosetsu and Shihai to watch their backs.


“Hey honey, a friend gave you a special gift, could someone go get it?” Mr.Tan ask no one is willing to get it.


“She can get it herself that thing nearly killed us just getting it in.” Bakugo says while pointing to a present covered in caution tape wrapping. Cortney opens it to see the same bracelets Death Arms wears.


“It was the combination of our ideas.” Mr.Tan states, as Cortney has trouble just ONE of the bracelets out of the box, “I think we overdid it?”


“Ya’ think!?! Is there any way for me to adjust to the weight?” Cortney ask dropping the bracelet to the floor.


“Turn them and then your free to adjust the weight however you want.” Cortney does what her dad told her and the weights fall, she same thing with the other one before being them to her room.


“That’ll be useful. Thanks Dad.” Cortney say before hearing a knock at the door.


“I got it.” Tetsu says opening the door to Amallie using a scarf to hide her scar.


“Alright. Cortney I had my mom get Chibi’s sword repaired, how did it go mom?” Peace explains why her mom here.


Amallie draws the sword out to reveal that the looks completely repaired, “The edge was too badly damaged to do any real work, so I had the blade melted down and reforged. However the sword lost some of its length and had to get the sheathe readjusted.” Amaille explains what happened to sword before giving to Cortney with some items to keep sharp.


“That’s good the sword was a bit too big for Chibi anyway, so this better.” Cortney reassues Amallie, “I’ll need to tell how to this right.” Cortney follows up while looking at the whetstone.


Then Cortney gets a video call, she grabs her laptop from her room and sets it down on table, “Hey everybody, it’s my sister.” Cortney says.


“Cortney has a sister?” Everybody besides a few people ask in unison.


“Just come sit with me.” Cortney tells them before accepting the call.


“Hey Cortney happy birthday.” Lisa says once they connect, “Wow, you made a lot of friends while I was gone.” Lisa says from seeing everyone gathered around Cortney.


“Is that Chibi!? He’s huge now.” Lisa blurts out from seeing chibi while on her side two White wolf ears appear under Lisa’s chin.


“Hey sis who dog is that?” Cortney ask only for the ears to start moving revealing that the ears belong to a man.


“Everybody I like to meet my fiancè, Silver Nightly.” Silver waves to them,but the Tans are frozen.


“YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!!?” The Tans shout in unison in response to the announcement.


“Ow that hurt even my ears,” Silver retorts before continuing on, “Yes but we aren’t in the planning stage yet.” That’s when it hits Silver that he’s been speaking english and that Lisa is japanese again.


“Hey Pony could you act as a translator for Silver please.” Lisa remembers that Pony is bilingual and ask for help.


“Sure.” Pony begins to act like a translator for her end, “Wait Silver can understand Japanese?” Pony then realizes what’s going on.


“Well, I can understand what japanese dialect, but that’s it.” Silver explains.


“We’re working on that.” Lisa adds, “I’ll keep the story of how we met, until I get back.”


“Speaking of which Lisa do you know when you’ll be able to come back?” Ms.Tan ask.


“I don’t have an exact date yet, but I should be coming home probably during the middle of July.” Lisa replies, “I need to go soon, Cortney do you what to tell me anything before I go?”


“Yeah, Axel-” Axel makes himself know to Lisa, “Axel’s uncle is Aizawa Shouta or the Erasure Hero, Eraser Head.”


“WHAT!?!?!” Everybody shouts.


“DAMN IT CORTNEY WE HAD A DEAL!” Axel is furious that Cortney just told their secret to everyone, “SHUT YOUR MOUTH SHOTO, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR A SINGLE WORD FROM YOU!”


“It was gonna come out eventually.” Cortney retorts.


“Wow, crap. I have to go, see you everybody.” Lisa disconnects, leaving everybody wondering what to do with the news before Axel tries to jump Cortney but gets stopped by Tetsu.


“I’m sorry Axel but sooner or later someone else was gonna figure it out.” Cortney explains her reason, “And look, your uncle is kinda of dick.” Axel finally stops, takes a deep breath.


“Look I know that was quite a bombshell, but save your questions until after Cortney birthday.” Ms.Tan corals everybody back, “Today is about Cortney.”


“Fine.” Everybody agrees to keep their question to themselves and spend the rest of day celebrating Cortney’s birthday.



Writer: As you saw, I was going for something this chapter and this chapter was more like a skit than what I usually do but around we’re halfway through the third season expect a lot more chapters like this.


Thanatos: With that over, it’s time for our part. The power of the week. Today’s power is Axel’s uncle quirk, Erasure.


Delaila: By looking at anyone, Aizawa can disable almost anybody quirk.


T: But there are a lot of drawbacks to this quirk.


D: Aizawa’s quirk only works while his eyes are open and he has to blink causing his quirk to deactivate and it is almost useless against mutation type quirks.


T: Let me further explain, quirks that are always on prevent erasure from working but quirks like engine and Tail, will still work on quirks like those.

D: However after the U.S.J attack, Aizawa quirk took some damage. Now he has to close his eyes more and there’s a longer cooldown between uses.


T: Still Aizawa can kick after that, getting his skull crushed in didn’t stop him training his students to be the best heroes of this generation.


D: And that’s the last thing will be talking about today.


W: Next time, we’re heading back to the fantasy world again. So be on the lookout for that.













Chapter Text

This chapter might be the last one for this post for this year (2018) but I'll be posting another story before the year's end. Keep a lookout for the that, other than that let's continue the story.

Chapter cover- Daggers lodged into the side of a tree with leaves blowing by.

Sc3- The demon town

As we're walking along a forest path to the town Amallie told us about, I hear the brushes rustling using my ears, I pick up two people talking. I tell Peace and Pony to ready themselves thinking the voices are bandits.

"Alright bandits, show yourselves and we promise not to hurt you!" I tell the bandits while pulling out my sword.

"For fuck sake! Why do we keep getting attacked?!" A boy shouts sounding irritated before coming out the bush followed by a girl.

The boy has bandages wrapped around his hands and feet wearing a black vest with an orange sash around his waist.

The girl is wearing light blue armor and boots. Giving her a stealthy look but it's hard to make out the rest of her due to her cloak hiding most of her body.

"Sorry- you do not look like bandits." I see my mistakes immediately and apologize to them.

"No problem. Nice to meet you, I'm Himiko and this is Axel we're adventurers." Himiko introduces themselves telling us why they're here.

"We're adventurers too, this Pony," Pony introduces herself by shaking Himiko's hand, "And this Peace," While Peace just points herself out.

"And I'm Cortney. Were you heading to the town?" Before ending with myself and asking why they would be here.

"Yeah, we were heading to Dark town." Axel confirms, "If we're going to the same place why don't we tag along?" Axel then suggests alway to come along with us.

During our walk to Dark town, we explain to Himiko and Axel what we are and the adventures we had so far, by the time we're done retelling our we made it to Dark town already.

I could see how Dark town got its name, the town seems to be filled with demons and demi-humans. The sky seems to be a bit darker but it other than that it looks to be a normal town there's seems to be a large tower in the distance, I try to ask someone if there's an inn we can stay at.

"Excuse me mam-" Before I can finish the woman bows for no reason.

"My lord, what are you doing outside the castle?" She asks leaving me confused.

"What- lord? Sorry, you got the wrong person." I explain but before putting two-and-two together, "What's the fastest way to the lord!" I hastily ask the women to which she points to a reddish-black portal, I thank the woman before jumping through the portal.

On the other side, I'm in front the tower giving me a better look at the tower, the bricks are red and being held in place with white mortar giving it an ominous feel to it. It's in great shape, I walk up to the stone doors they're pretty basic but get the job done. Pushing them aside I feel familiar energy leading me as I follow the candles burn to life with the same fire as the portals.

Soon I stop feeling the energy in front one final set of doors pushing them aside revealing someone I never thought I would see again.

A woman with white hair and demonic skin covered in a black robe hiding most of her body but I can tell you it is by their magic.

"SIS!" I run at my sister who I haven't seen since she became the Dark Lord to give her a hug. Back in the old days, the Demon Lord used to be very evil but as time went on, the evilness slowly died. When I was around seven or eight, the previous Demon Lord died and my sister was the next in line and one was the reasons I set off on this journey in the first place.

"Hey sis nice to see you again." Sis meets me halfway for our hug, and kinda funny thinking of someone walking in and seeing Demon lord hugging a little girl is just funny to me.

"Yeah, I've gotten much stronger than I once was. After someone mistook me for the Demon Lord I rushed through a portal to see you again. I've met some great friends on this journey and wait for you to meet them.

"Hey Sis, since your adventurers and in town, I have a quest for you. Let me give you some backstory." Sis walking around her castle and begins again, "This town was nothing more than the demon lord's castle, but now it's a bustling town. I've set up portals to help out the villagers but, there's massive dungeon underneath here filled with monsters. Nobody wants to or is equipped for exploring it, so it's one of the few places without access to my portals, that's where you come in." Sis points at me.

"I want you and your friends to explore the dungeon, find out how everyone is doing and create a portal for them, you can keep anything you find and I'll pay you on top of it. Sounds like a deal?" Sis holds out her hands.

"Sure, Sis." I find it funny that my sis, the demon lord, is giving me a quest to explore their dungeon and I'm getting paid for it.

"I accept. When do you want us to start?" I ask Sis when I can begin our quest.

"You can start tomorrow, until then enjoy yourself, and go sleep at the inn." I wave Sis off before jumping through a portal back to town.

"Cortney, where were you?" Peace asks me as I enter the town square, "You just up and left without saying a word."

"Sorry." I apologize for making Peace and Pony for my sudden disappearance, "I was talking to my sis, she gave us a quest and she said that she'll pay us too." Peace's mood does a complete one-eighty when I mention money.

"How much was it?" Peace blurts out.

"I don't know, we have to make a portal for the citizens in the dungeon, she also said that we can keep anything we found." I show Peace the portal components.

"Sis said we could start tomorrow, and to rest at the inn. Let's go find Pony, and tell her what we're doing." We find Pony along with Axel and Himiko at a fruit stand and tell them what we're doing. After that, we spend the rest of the day shopping and then rest at the inn. I brought some potions for everyone, Pony brought some gloves so her arrows won't slip her hands.

"Ahh." The first bed, I've slept in since I started my adventure, this beats sleeping on the ground any day.

"I'm right there with you Cortney." Himiko comments, Axel is in the room across from us because he's a guy, he didn't mind.

I take a bath and then go to sleep, the next day we eat, then head for the dungeon. It's a bit out of town but doesn't take us long to find it, it looks like the dungeon is still being cared for, the bricks are still clean and well cared for.

We enter and I take a look at the map Sis gave me, "Who are you?" A feminine voice asks, I turn to the source of the voice and find a short woman who barely reaches my legs, she has green skin and brown hair with little horns poking out. I think these are goblins, Dad said it's common to find a lot of them in places with loot.

"Hi, I'm Cortney and my sister has me on a quest to set up a portal for you," I tell the woman what my business here is.

"Oh, thank you for helping us would you like me to help you around?" The woman asks.

"No, not really, but anything we should look out for?"

"We disabled the traps, so you don't have to worry about them, but keep an eye out for the mimics, they even catch us off guard." The woman tells.

"Um, any way to identify a mimic?" I ask since that's the thing Dad hates the most, he never told me why he hates them.

The woman shrugs, "Your guess is as good as mine. Good luck." Then she walks away.

We go deeper into the dungeon, we meet more denizens of the dungeon and creatures of all races after we a few mimic encounters to check if a chest is a mimic or not, we kick the chest open if the chest is a mimic then they're be stunned and show their bodies.

"Hey kid." A voice calls me out, I can track where it's coming from, following the voice leads me to a greatsword like my own, chained down on a rock and then I realize that the sword was the voice talking to me. The sword seems to be releasing dark magic.

"Great, now pull me out of here." The sword almost demands I grab the handle-

"Let me guess, the second I grabbed you, you were going to taking over my soul. I'll let you on a secret, I'm an anti-magic demon." In this world, everyone has magic even monsters and animals, but anti-magic demons are scary in that we sacrifice our ability to use magic in exchange for being able to cancel other magic and as a bonus, our bodies automatically cancel any effects put on us even curses and instakill magic.

"What's stopping me from destroying you right now?" I give the sword one chance to change my mind.

"You have a nice rack." The sword comments absolutely not helping its case. I proceed to start bending the sword forward in order to break it.

"Waitwaitwaitwait! I can help with your anti-magic." The sword blurts out, I decide to give it the chance to explain itself.

"I'm listening."

"My old user was an anti-magic demon like yourself, but I was created as a catalyst for him to use magic. Try using a spell while you're still holding me." I want to see if I can actually use magic myself, so I try a simple light spell, normally spells fizzle when me or Mom try, but instead a simple light forms in my hand.

"See. I wasn't lying." This sword could be useful for me, but I still can't fully trust it.

"Alright...I'll carry you around." I break the sword out its bindings and stab my sword in the ground leaving it standing up, and sheathe the cursed sword.

"I should tell you that my sheath is a bit special…" Suddenly all the power of the sword is transferred into the sheath leaving making the sword back to normal.

"My sheath can steal the magic from any weapon I put in it," I grab my sword and sheath it, where the cursed sword is now fused to my sword, "And transfer it into other weapons."

"Got it." The voice sounds like it wants to throw up. I take a look at the greatsword the voice was in previously in and it looks to be in good condition, selling it might be worthwhile.

"Cortney!" Pony yells out my name, "What's up with you? You keep going off on your own without saying a word." And calls out my recent behavior.

"Sorry, I thought I found something but it was just a normal greatsword." I hold up the greatsword for Pony to see.

Pony takes a second to look over me, "We found a good spot for the portal and you have the components." Pony then leads me to where the others are, I take a second to say sorry for leaving and then set up the portal.

"Jumping through this should bring us to my sister." I tell them before jumping through myself and the others follow.

On the other side my sister is there praising our work, "Ah, I see you were able to set up the portal, thank you, Cortney."

"You're welcome, Sis. Let me introduce you to my friends." Sis introduces herself and reveals that she's the demon lord, everyone looks to me and I just shrug.

"Here's your payment." Sis hands me a bag of gold with some weight, "So what are you going to do now?"

"We'll probably stay in town to get supplies and what not. what about you, Axel and Himiko?" I ask seeing as we never really ask them what they plan on doing.

"I think we'll be sticking with you guys, you fine with that Himi?" Himiko nods while raising her hand to the sky.

"Awesome. See you around Sis."

Writer: Hey there everyone sorry for the sudden stop but this chapter was taking forever to make so I'll be working on this later in the future. And I have some news, I'm working on another story.

Team DEMI takeover- A RWBY\Monster Girl encyclopedia story. I currently only have the first chapter posted but I'm working on it. I don't a routine yet so that chapter will be sporadic for a while but keep a lookout. Until then, see ya' later.

Chapter Text

Hello there everyone, I hope you all had a great New Years and life is treating you well. Sorry about the last chapter but I just couldn't wait to get to the next chapter so it is now-

Cortney- It's time for a recap! Let's retell what happened last season.

Axel- After the School Festival, we interned under a pro hero for a week.

C- During which me, Peace, Dekuy, Shoto and Tenya fought against the Hero Killer and managed to win however we broke the law but got let off the hook.

A- And after that my old friend Himiko joined U.A. For our final exams we fought against the teachers with everybody besides Neito.

C- We finally got some time to ourselves which we spent by going to the beach. By the way Axel.

A- Yeah?

C- Forget what you saw. Otherwise I'm beating the memories out of you.

A- Alright. But for now, we've reached the end of the recap.

Chapter cover- Cortney in her hero costume fighting against  Jeremiah Cross .

Ch.27- Level up

July 12

Today is the day of training camp, we're packing up and getting ready to go.

"This is going to be fun!" Pony shouts in excitement as we stand in front mom.

"Remember that training camp you'll be pushing yourselves past your limits and beyond, I'll give you a minute to chat before we get on the bus." Mom says before leaving and I immediately see Neito taunting Class A which is swiftly ended by a chop to the neck from Itsuka, Chibi then drags Neito into the bus so he can't embarrass anymore.

"God damnit Neito." I say while facepalming, "Sorry for Neito's behavior, I don't know you guys bring out that crazy side of him, don't worry we'll try to keep him under control." Apologizing for Neito's taunting.

"Good luck come on guys, get in the bus." Stopping anyone else from something stupid. After about two hours, the bus comes to a suddenly stops on the side of the road.

"Alright everybody get out." Mom tells us, we look at her confused but still do as she says. I'm the last one to leave and as I do the door closes behind me.

"The camp is about another 30 km from here, you have to reach the campsite before sunset… good luck." Mom says before the bus takes off without us leaving stunned at what's happening. After a second Axel takes flights with his wings and makes off for the camp.

"I don't think she was bluffing guys, yep, she's gone and not coming back." Axel relays what he just saw.

"Based on where the sun is now I say we have about 9 hours before the sun sets." Jurota infers, but we already left.

Some time later

We started at around 10:00 am, it's now 5:30 pm. All our legs are screaming bloody-murder, Class A beat us here by ten minutes but looking much worse for wear, Mom and are standing in front the cabin and tell us we missed lunch and to get our stuff from the bus then we can get dinner, where all of us stuff our faces. After that take a dip in the hot springs, but there not mixed baths and a giant wooden wall is separating us however not like that gonna stop us.

"Ahhhh, this is amazing." I say to no one in particular feeling the springs heal my aching muscles.

"Right back atcha Cort." Pony chimes in, submerging herself in the spring water. Looking over the edge of the wall, I see some hair starting to poke out.

"The boys are trying to peak on us." Peace half-heartedly announces, before igniting her foot and dripping it in the water covering us in steam.

"Come on!" Axel of all people yells out annoyed of Peace cock-blocking his sight, only to grabbed by the throat. Itsuka swings her enlarged hand to blow away the steam revealing that Axel wasn't the only one, Tetsu and Neito were trying to get a peek and that I'm the one holding Axel's neck. Axel in his frog form while holding Tetsu with his tongue, Neito on the other hand, I can't tell right now due to my position.

"You were the last one I would expect to do something, so I'm letting you off easy. Pony." Pony fires one of her horns next to me making a thuk sound as it strikes the wall.

I grab the horn by the tip and yell, "FORE!" Slamming the horn over Axel's head with enough force that the horn breaks in my hands and sending all three of them crashing back down to their side.

"That not even close to right." Neito calls out my bad joke while falling.

After hearing the sound of their body hitting the ground, I drop off the wall and dip back into the spring.

The next day

Mom woke us up early to start our actual quirk training, The Wild, Wild Pussycats are training us. Mom walks us to the area where Class A is training and they are going all out. Bakugo is dripping his hands in water then unleashing a huge chain of explosions into the air, Kirishma is defending against Ojiro, Denki is hooked up to a generator and using his quirk and that's only a few of them.

"The Wild Pussycats are making it possible to train both our classes with ease, here's the break down. Emitter quirks will be raising their limits, while transformations and mutants will be training their body." Mom tells us we will be doing, "You'll be breaking yourselves!" Most of us are weary from hearing those words.

"OW!" I fighting against Tiger in his boot camp, but his Pliabody quirk is allowing him bend out the way of my attacks. Jurota and Sen are training with me as for everybody else. Axel and Neito are working on increasing their time limit as well as their efficiency, Tetsu is training Itsuka increasing his durability while Itsuka trains how hard she can can punch.

Peace is increasing her limits before she burns out, Pony is running around to improve her stamina and strength and that's everyone of great interest.

After training Pixie-Bob told us yesterday that we will cooking our own dinner tonight, we band together and get working, we're making curry by default I'm made head leader since I'm one of the few people who know how to cook. I make sure to food is actually edible, I actually find out Kachy is a really good cook as well. Peace told me he cooks but I think we are even when it comes to skill.

The food comes out pretty well and no injuries to boot. Poor Neito is forced to his remedial classes after we're done eating.

The next day we continue on with our training but later that night, The Pussycats have something planned for us, a test of courage and we start off scaring Class A, Neito would have enjoyed this but was taken to remedial class.

"Ooga bogga bogga!" I scream popping out from the tree-tops hearing someone approach while Itsuka and Tetsu hold my legs to make sure not to fall on my head. We manage to get a reaction from Kachy and Shoto.

"Gotcha!" I say managing to a once in a lifetime chance of seeing their scared faces.

"You didn't scare me Cortney, you just caught me off guard." Kachy states trying to keep his tough guy demeanor but I don't buy one second of it. We let them go on and reset then we start to smell smoke. Chibi starts barking like crazy while using his quirk to move the air as some purple gas comes in. We don't know what's going until I get a text from Axel.

"SHIT! This is knockout gas don't breathe it in!" I warn Tetsu and Itsuka forcing all of us to cover our mouths and noses.

"How did villains find us?" Itsuka questions seeing as we are in the middle of nowhere we then feel Mandalay telepathically tells us villains are attacking.


just got the message which causes to rush back to the others while she stays back to protect the students.

Back to Cortney

After Mandalay's message we got everything to together about 80% of us are down for the count including Pony, leaving me, Tetsu, Itsuka, Axel, Yui, and Yosetsu. We met with Momo who made gas mask for everyone to prevent any further damage but left help more people with Yosetsu backing her up, Peace must have joined with Kachy when everything went down. Axel sent me a message that he's helping Ochaco and Suu.

"I have no idea how the gas is affecting them but they should be ok." I say after checking on everybody.

"Good. If these villains think they can get away with attacking us they have another thing coming." Tetsu states hardening his arm.

"Chibi guard." I say to Chibi getting into guard mode before turning back to Tetsu, "Tetsu, I know how you fill but you're not villain alone. Let's me and Itsuka help you." Either me or Itsuka would back Tetsu up so why not both of us.

"Any objections Itsuka." I say seeing if Itsuka has other plans but at that moment.

"Everyone in Class A and Class B, in the name of the pro hero Eraser Head has granted you permission to engage in combat." Mandalay gives us the good to go.

"You heard Mandalay, we can fight! We don't time to be standing around!" Tetsu then runs into the forest in search of the gas villain with me and Itsuka following close behind.

"Listen everyone we found one of the villain's targets, someone by the name of Kacchan and Cortney." Mandalay adds giving me a reason to hurt these villains even more, I know why want Kachy but why me?

Class A

Bakugo and Shoto are having trouble fighting a villain in a black straitjacket because of the terrain. His quirk gives him the ability to turn his teeth into long sharp blades and he's using them to keep himself high in the air.

"Bakugo, Shoto. Get back." Peace tells them before activating her quirk but now something is different, her fire is not static anymore its moving around causing the air to shimmer while causing Shoto's ice to steam away.

"Wildfire Mode!" Peace calls out, every step she takes leaves a flaming footprint.

"Peace you can't use your quirk, you'll cause a forest fire." Shoto reminds Peace but keeps walking towards the villain.

"Shut up! I'm never letting myself be a hindrance again!" Peace declares turning her back to the villain.

"Pretty flesh. Such pretty flesh." The villain says before attacking with his teeth blades. Peace side-steps using her gauntlet and is just being close enough to cause the blades to glow. Peace grabs one of the blades melting it down instantly.

"You bastard hurt my friends and trying to kidnap my boyfriend? I will make this a very painful day for you." Peace says before taking a deep breath, "Fire Dragon Roar!"

Peace melts down all the villain's blades causing him to fall, Peace uses her gauntlets to catch the villain by the face midair and flying higher in the sky, "Die." Peace then fires her gauntlet one last time smashing the villain into the ground.

Bakugo and Shoto stands speechless at Peace singlehandedly beating a villain that the two strongest people class were having trouble with.


Itsuka was able to pinpoint where the gas villain is and Tetsu is making a beeline for them just as Tetsu is about to punch the villain, they counter with a bullet to the head completely destroying his gas mask.

Tetsu tries to attack the villain again but is shot again, he then starts taunting us before taking a shot at us forcing Tetsu to take the shot for us.

"TETSU!" Me and Itsuka shout as blood spurts from Tetsu, that bastard somehow saw me charging up a Flush. I'm not letting Tetsu take anymore hits.

"Itsuka, remember what you did during our spar?" Itsuka enlarges her hands and wave them around, moving the wind negating the villain's quirk giving me and Tetsu the chance we need.

"This is for Pony!" I shout at the top of my lungs as our fist collide into the villain's face smashing his gas mask looking at him cheers me up a bit knowing he'll have a fucked up jaw for the rest of life.

"Tetsu!" But I'm brought back to the situation were currently in by looking at Tetsu's bleeding head, "Shit!" Luckily I was carry a few medical supplies on me just in case.

"Your quirk stopped the bullets from penetrating but you might have a concussion." I tell Tetsu as I stop the bleeding until another voice from the past shows up.

*clap clap clap* "Well done, you managed to beat Mustard... impressive Cortney." Minxs applause our win standing on a tree branch. She hasn't changed much since the last time I saw her but her mask has gotten an upgrade making it look like the maw of a beast and a purple utility belt.

"Cortney it seems you and this girl have history." Itsuka infers.

"I don't see Jerome anywhere, so he finally dumped your sorry ass." I joke out to Minxs ignoring what Itsuka just said.

"I realize I didn't need him… but speaking of boys," A lever-action rifle forms in Minxs hands which she quickly proceeds to fire several rounds into Tetsu.

"Flush!" I try to attack Minxs but she counters by making a wall and it doesn't even have dent in it.

"I've refined my quirk so your petty attacks won't faze me." Minxs states, "But how about a blast from the past… Mist Dragon." Minxs makes the serpent dragon from our very first fight as she does the fangs of her mask flip open allowing to breath out her mist. It circles around her.

"Itsuka… I'm gonna give you a chance to run, when you do grab Tetsu and Mustard and get out of here." In all reality this is not a fight just me and Itsuka can win alone at our currently skill level.

I activate Sixth gear and appear in front Minxs followed by a Stunner in her face, "Go!" Itsuka grabs Tetsu and Mustard running back to the camp.

As Itsuka makes a break for it, as do I but the dragon bites my shoulder before exploding and sending me to I was before. The mist reforms into restraints as try to break out of them, Minxs stands over me.

"Tomura better deal with slightly damaged goods then no goods." Minxs says to herself before sticking something in my neck, which I figure out is a tranquilizer a pretty powerful one since it's putting even me out but before I pass out I whistle.

"Welp, there goes Mustard… had a feeling. I'll have pick up Cortney, before heading off." Minxs decides her next plan of action as sending the message something comes to her mind, "What the fuck she whistle for and why are you Tan!?"

Thanatos- God dammit Cortney. I can't help you'll have to rely your friends.

Delaila- Speaking of friends, today's power of the week is Peace's Dragon Slayer.

T- This quirk allows Peace to self-combust and makes her immune to all fire, also the ability to eat to restore her Stamina.

D- There are limits and from her internship with Endeavor, Peace has gained a few tricks.

T- Such as the power to fly by heating the air to float and Peace can turn up the heat if she's in a pinch.

D- Also the Wildfire mode Peace used is what her quirk did, just like actual fire it's very uncontrolled because Peace control how much heat is she producing.

T- Her flames can get as hot as 500,000° and get even hotter especially if she active her blue flames. Good luck fighting her.

D- Turn in next time to see if Cortney can get rescued before it's too late. Until late bye Souls.

Chapter Text

No point in keeping you waiting, let's jump in from where we left off.

Chapter cover- Minxs emerging from the shadows looking to grab the viewer.

Ch.28- Cheapshot

While Axel was searching around, he managed to find Himiko and then found Ochaco and Tsu.

"Let's regroup and find the others," Axel recommends hoping everybody is ok, but just then mist starts to set in.

"I hope you can entertain me better than Cortney did," Minxs says, cracking her neck, now wearing a dark purple duster and cowboy hat tilting it down to hide her face. Hearing Cortney's name brings out something from deep within him.

"Why do you want Cortney and Bakugo?! How did find us- even we didn't even know about this place." Axel shouts at Minxs to which she retorts by chuckling under her hat before lifting it up showing her face.

"Unlike Muscular I'm not a complete dumbass and won't reveal our plan, just because you ask. But I will tell you who we are. We are the Vanguard Action Squad and have come to destroy your sense of peace." Minxs reveals, at the same time Himiko went into stealth and is attempting to stab Minxs in the back, but is caught by a fist.

*tsk tsk* Minxs sucks on her teeth, waving her finger at Himiko's attack before she starts talking again, "I'll give one thing, good idea trying to sneak-attack me, but." Minxs points a finger at the fist holding Himiko and it is brought in front of her. Tsu isn't having any of this and flicks her tongue out at Minxs, who avoids it and then snaps her fingers. Causing the fist to implode on Himiko.

"Himi!" Axel calls out to Himiko after seeing what just happened.

"HEY!" Minxs barks, "I'm not murder happy like the rest of my squad.. I've already captured Cortney give up Bakugo and I'll leave, otherwise I have no problem beating the information out of you." Minxs emphases by punching her fist into her hand.

"You try anything and I blow... Himi, up." Minxs explains why she's here.

"Don't call me that." Himiko gasps as she fights to free herself.

"RECIPRO BURST!" Using his engines Axel speeds off at Minxs giving her no other option than just blocking it. She holds her ground lasting ten seconds, causing Axel's engine to flood, but is forced to dodge upon sensing a knife flying at her. Ochaco and Tsu follow up by trying to grab Minxs however, she avoids them thanks to her mist.

"Well, you're actually giving me a run for my money." Minxs says happily, "But four against one is too much for me to handle." Minxs admits she's in over her head.

"Invisible lances." Minxs juts her arm out and commands her mist to stab Himiko in the side following that up by clapping her hands together.

"Mist Bomb Squad." Minxs sets off a series of grenades under Ochaco and Tsu to launch them up and away. Before Minxs can get the main show started, she senses more people coming.

"That's a lot of people, fuck you guys I'm out." Minxs states before taking a deep breath and inhaling most of her mist but leaves enough to escape on a cloud, flying away on top of it.

Axel would fly after Minxs but he has to close the hole in Himi's side and check on the other girls.


We can't get a break from dealing with one problem to the next. After I finished off the Teeth villain, a rampaging Dark Shadow comes out nowhere chasing Mezo who carrying Deku.

"GUYS USE, YOUR QUIRKS TO TAME DARK SHADOW!" Izuku ask of us. I try to run out the way but almost trip, I overestimated how much power I had left, forcing Bakugo and Shoto to intervene in my stead. They had enough firepower to calm Dark Shadow down, Fumikage apologizes.

Izuku suggest we cut straight through the forest to avoid anymore fights, which is a good idea as we are making our way back to camp, I hear someone running alongside us in the forest and see Itsuka carrying Tetsu and someone else in her enlarged hands.

Before Itsuka can explain anything, we hear another fight. Once we make there, the fight is already over. Axel, Tsu and Ochaco are good, but Himiko is bleeding. As we try to figure out what's going on-

"Nice trick, eh?" A man wearing a black and white mask makes himself known. His ensemble consists of a dark yellow, double-breasted overcoat with buttoned shoulder tabs and a high collar, which reaches below his knees, and a silver walking stick with a gold handle. If that doesn't scream entertainer then I'll eat my own foot.

He's tossing what looks to be marbles and Bakugo is nowhere to be seen.

"We got what we came here for. Mission complete." Minxs says, laughing even while Shoto attacks with a giant wall of ice. They both jump out the way, but gives Kosei, who's been knocked out this time, to Ochaco and a giant wave of ice similar in scale to what he unleashed on Sero during the School Festival. He nearly freezes over his right side.

But Minxs is floating above the ice holding the mask villain, "Vanguard Action Squad, Both Cortney Tan and Katsuki Bakugo have been captured make your way to the rendezvous point in five minutes." Minxs says into an earpiece.

"After her!" Izuku says, but Axel stays back to take care of Himiko. As we're chasing Minxs, Izuku comes up with a plan.

He wants Ochaco to use her quirk on us and then have Suu throw ourselves at the villains. Shoto recommends that Izuku stay away due to his injuries, but he still has some fight left in him, Ochaco takes off her shirt and rips to make a splint for Izuku's arms.

After Suu throws us, we barrel right at the mask villain and send him crashing to the ground, right in front of three other villains- fuck.

Meanwhile back at camp

Kirishima is arguing to Ms. Tan about letting him after Bakugo.

"I'm not letting any of you leave," Ms. Tan retorts, "I know he said you could use your quirks, but, it was for the kids outside. If you go out now then…" Ms. Tan tries to think to before hearing someone coming to the door.

"Get away from the door!" Ms. Tan pushes everyone away as blue flames blown the door open.

The villain then walks through the door, his hands and legs are burned purple. Before he can do anything else, Ms. Tan fires her shotgun and hit in the chest with a bean-bag making him bend over. She then wraps her chain around his legs, making him trip.

As the villain tries to get up, Ms. Tan stuffs her shotgun in his face, "Big mistake."

"Are you sure about that? You acted just like I expected." This prompts Ms. Tan to push her shotgun further in his face.

"We've shaken hero society, people are starting to get unsure about heroes. People won't be sure how after after they find you lost two students." The villain explains. Ms. Tan pulls the trigger and blows the villain's leg off, however, instead of blood, the villain breaks down into a brown liquid.

"Clones." Ms. Tan mutters, before Mr. Aizawa enters.

"Don't worry about the kids here, go help the others in the forest." Ms. Tan suggests.

"Alright, take care of Kota." Aizawa leaves Kota in Ms. Tan's care before leaving. Ms. Tan lowers her mask to show her face because she sees Kota is scared.

"Don't worry Kota, everyone will alright." She tries to calm Kota.


"Give Kacchan and Cortney back to us." Deku says crushing the villain's spine with his shoes.

"Out of the way Compress." The scar villain says before the mask villain turns into a marble, the scar villain launches a blue fireball, I'm completely consumed while Shoto is the only one to escape unharmed, Deku and Mezo's arms get caught in the fire.

A villain wearing a bodysuit attack Shoto but is stopped by some ice. The mask villain returns to normal while they are distracted.

"You got them?" The burn villain asks. Mezo holds out two marbles revealing, he managed to steal them from the mask villain.

"Nice one Mezo!" Peace says after consuming the blue flames as they run away, a Nomu and the warp villain intercepts them.

The mask reveals that Mezo got tricked and the real ones are in his mouth. Before the mask villain leaves, he gloats one last time and bows, he then gets hit by a laser, destroying his mask and dropping the marbles in his mouth.

Peace grabs one, but Shoto is too slow as the scar villain grabs the other while Deku finally succumbs to his injuries.

The mask villain snaps his fingers, revealing Peace got Bakugo while the villains got Cortney, still knocked out. Before the villains can get away Chibi manages to sneak in.

"CORTNEY CORTNEY CORTNNNEY!" Deku tries to reach for Cortney, but eats dirt.


Ms. Tan called emergency services and fifteen students were knocked unconscious because of Mustard's poison gas, twelve others received unrelated injuries, thirteen were physically unharmed and one was kidnapped. Three villains were captured and the media is having a field-day on the incident.

Only five students from Class 1-B were unharmed Peace, Axel, Itsuka, Neito and Yuri. Chibi was nowhere to be found, Yuri said he ran off.

"Dammit!" The villains are showing the aftermath of their attack and have me in restraints.


Me and Tetsu failed to save Cortney, Pony is in intensive care. I failed as a hero.

"Peace, are you crazy!?" Itsuka ask me after I told everyone that I'm going to rescue Cortney.

"This is the most WE own Cortney, so are coming with me or not!" I retort.

"YEA-" Tetsu is cut off by Axel's scarf wrapping around him.

"You need to rest Tetsu. As for me Peace, sorry, but I'm letting the pros deal with one." Axel gives his response.

I just leave, I'll do this alone as I make my way out the hospital I hear somebody talking in Deku's room. It sounds like Bakugo.

"Dammit Tenya, one of our friends is in danger, don't tell me she wouldn't do the same thing for any of us." Bakugo argues.

I show myself, crying, "T-T-Thank you Bakugo. I thought I was only one who wanted to save Cortney." Bakugo hugs me to comfort me.

"See what I mean?"

Later that night

Me, Bakugo and Shoto are waiting for Momo's decision on the tracking device. Momo and Deku walk out, but before we can ask anything, Tenya appear.

Tenya is telling us to stop, and telling us that we are doing the same thing he did in Hosu. Izuku tries to convince Tenya, but Tenya punches Izuku in the face. We're all shocked at what just happened.

"What was that for Glasses?" Bakugo grabs Tenya.

"Wait!" But I stop Bakugo before things escalate even further, "Tenya's brother was the Turbo Hero Ingenium." I say to give Bakugo a little context to Tenya's punch, and Bakugo's eyes shoot wide open.

"He wanted to get revenge on The Hero Killer, but nearly died! We didn't step in Tenya could've died!" I add, not forgetting what I saw that day.

Writer- And with that, we end for now, sorry for the abrupt end. This chapter was being a pain in my ass and I wanted to get it over. I hope you enjoyed.

Chapter Text

Hopefully, this chapter won’t kick my ass, and be easier to write.


Chapter cover- Cortney reaching out for something.


Ch.29- All out rescue




“So Cortney Tan, will you join us?” Tomura asks me to join the League of Villain.


“I’d rather lose my ability to fight than ever join you, especially after what Minxs did to Tetsu.” I give my answer, growling at Minxs.


“I told you she would never give. Just give her up to me and we’ll get some mileage out of her.” Minxs suggest but tomura shuts her down.


Tomura turns the channel to a broadcast of U.A. with Nezu, Mr. Aizawa and Vlad King. I can tell this is going south already from the first question.


“Dabi, release her.” Tomura commands.

“You know she’ll just fight, right?” Dabi retorts and he should take his advice, but Tomura’s objection is that, I’m not stupid enough to take them all on and he is right, even with Chibi’s help fighting is a death wish.


Speaking of Chibi, the second he was spotted I had to make him surrender, I don’t want anyone dying for me. They took his sword away and put a muzzle on Chibi, I’m glad I haven’t needed to use Chibi’s quirk yet.


Dabi orders Twice to release me and Mr. Compress apologizes, the second my restraints come off, I activate Sixth gear and slam Minxs’ face into the bar and knock her out, while also grabbing Chibi’s sword.


I try to slice Tomura but since I have no experience using swords, the best I can do is knock the hand off his face.


“I’ll never have my quirk be used for evil ever again, I’m not letting everything that leads up to this point and after, be in vain” I state, recalling my family history.


“I’ll never join you!” I look around seeing who may be a problem and how to get out of here. All of them could probably close the distance in a second, they don’t/ can’t hurt me, so I have some leeway, but before anyone moves Tomura looks at me and raises his hand.


“Don’t a finger on her, any of you.” Tomura orders, picking up the finger and putting back on his face.


“Father, lead me your strength.” Tomura says turning to the Tv once again but showing someone on the other side.




The tracker has lead us to Camino Ward, we’re all in disguises so the villains won’t recognize us. I took inspiration from my mother and Bakugo is disguised as one her grunts.


The tracker has lead us to an abandoned warehouse, I feel something is up, but then again we are dealing with villains. We snuck around the side to get a peek inside and what we see is disturbing, a factory of Nomu. I count at least thirty but there could be even more.


Head quarters


“Compress, Kurogiri, it’s time to put back to sleep.” Tomura commands.

“If you want me then beg for your lives.” I threaten them as I back up to the wall, I can’t fight them, I just have to book it the second I can.


*Knock knock* “Hello, I got a pizza delivery here.” We turn our attention to the door, but none of us are falling for it.


“SMASH!” All Might come bursting through the wall, surprising all of us followed by Kamui Woods restraining all the villains. Dabi tries to burn his restraint off, but Gran Torino knocks him.


“Ah, you have been scared. You’re safe now young miss.” All Might praises my bravery.

“Why the pizza thing? You know what, never mind, thanks All Might.” I’m glad to be safe now, but Tomura looks like he’s hating the situation.

“Kurogiri wrap over as many as you can!” Tomura is pulling out his trump card, but nothing happening. They thought of everything.

“I HATE YOU!” Tomura screams as several Nomu appear out black puddles, but Edgeshot disabled Kurogiri, how? This must be his master doing. I feel something flooding my mouth, it tastes like six week old, dirty sock water. I throw it up and it starts to encircle me.  


I see All Might reaching out for me before I’m teleported somewhere else.




After Mt. Lady ax-kicked the building in two, everything seemed to be handled but then the building got decimated. We barely avoided getting spotted and holding our breath because a man in a suit just took out four high ranking pros.


We’re all holding our breath because we just saw our deaths, if we’re spotted, it’s over. Best Jeanist moved everyone out of the way, but he’s barely hanging on. He tries to attack the villain, but gets hit with a blast of air.


“That’s the nastiest way of teleportation ever.” Cortney says while coughing.


“My apologies Cortney.” The villains retorts.


Izuku tries to do something, but Tenya and Momo hold back Izuku, Shoto and Bakugo. We can’t fight or might die.


All Might comes crashing down on the villain from the air, creating a shockwave then even we can feel. The villain tells someone named Tomura to capture Cortney and get out.


“That isn’t happening, Devil Trigger!” Cortney announces as she activates her special form.


“Tenya, I have a plan.” Izuku announces.


A giant glacier appears with Tenya and Izuku riding on top, as we’re on the air, I hold out my hand and say, “Grab on!”


Cortney dashes the fastest I’ve ever seen her move and is grabbing my hand, “Thanks for the rescue guys.” Cortney says, but the villains haven’t given up yet they launch themselves at us but Mt. Lady intercepts using Titan cliff taking a hit to the face for us.


“SMASH THAT VILLAIN ALL MIGHT!” Cortney shouts at All Might before we’re out of out range.




Everybody is starting to wake including Pony but after hearing the news, she isn’t happy.


“I can’t believe, you let Peace go alone,” Pony is angry because she’s starting to talk in English.


“I tried to talk her out of it, but-” I tell Pony.


“No buts! You could have done something but you didn’t, tell me where Peace is I’m going after her.” Pony is about to get up from her bed but Itsuka comes in. She looks like a mess, her hair is messy, she smells like she hasn’t showered for a few days.


“Itsuka!” Me and Pony both look at Itsuka, she’s taken it the worst. Pony is now looking at me.


“See what I mean, Himi got stabbed in the side and was bleeding kinda heavily.” I tell Pony, “She’s fine now.” I say to alleviate some of the shock.


Pony is now speechless, she didn’t take into account how everyone else was. She was about to just rush out and is now feeling guilty.


“Guys come in here! You have to see what’s happening on Tv!” Tetsu says, bursting into the room, panting.


“What’s going?” I try to ask.


“No time!” Tetsu picks us all up and drops us where everyone is sitting. On Tv is a news broadcast of All Might fighting a villain is playing, the whole area is decimated, All Might’s costume is ripped up but that not the scary thing, that would be All Might is in his depowered form.


“I forgot All Might was losing power, but this is really bad.” I mutter to myself taking a look at the villain, “Is this All for One?” My memories are starting to slip, I rub my hair in frustration.


“Axie.” I look to Himi, sitting in a chair wearing a black shirt and gray pants. By looking those cat-like eyes, I know she’s asking me if All Might will be ok and not say a thing.


Seeing All Might now as just a bag of skin and bone, I can’t give Himi a honest answer. I look over to everyone else, and they’re all speechless. I need to do something, I need to be their symbol of peace, I feel my soul blaze to life.


I slam the table getting everyone attention, “Don’t tell me…. DON’T TELL ME YOU’VE ALL GIVEN ON ALL MIGHT!” I scream.




“Axie is right! Get up All Might!” Himi yells with me.


“He’s right!” Pony yelled.  “GO ALL MIGHT!”


“KICK HIS ASS!” Tetsutetsu screamed.


“PLEASE WIN!” Ibara begged.


“YOU CAN DO IT!” Yui shouted. Our cheers of confidence spread thought he hospital floor. Pretty soon, all anyone could hear was the shouts of encouragement for our hero.   


All Might gets some much needed backup as Endeavor and Edgeshot arrive on the scene, they keep the villain distracted while Kamui Woods and Tiger get everyone to safety.


The villain launches a attack at the ground, blowing everyone besides All Might away, the villain buffs up his right arm with what seems to be multiple quirks on top each other and then rushes at All Might and he meets him head-on. The force of their fists clashing sends out a giant shockwave.


The villain forces All Might back, All Might manages to stop himself, and dodge to the side and punches the villain in the face with his left arm. All Might buffs up his right arm again to land the finishing blow, even through we can’t hear it, we know exactly what he’s saying.


“UNITED… STATES OF… SMAAAAAAAASH!” All Might smashes the villain and summoning a tornado, blowing the news chopper around. We’re all holding our breath and waiting to see the aftermath.


After what felt like an eternity, we finally see All Might standing over the villain. He was battered and bloodied, but he was still victorious.  He was still All Might. The hero raised his fist triumphantly and muscled out as his last hero job came to a close. This one action sent the entire hospital from motionless waiting into a frenzy of cheers.


“HE DID IIIIIT!” Pony and Himi screamed in unison, jumping around. I go to hug, but she meets me halfway, jumping in my hands. Looking into her eyes and the last week, I never want to fail protecting my friend ever again.


I hug Himi again, not wanting to let go, “You better get back in bed.” I tell Himi.


“Because life is going to be much different after today.” I say to myself.


Thanatos: All Might gone, how will things change now?


Delaila: You’ll have to see for yourselves next time. Until next time, see you souls.











Chapter Text

With this chapter, we've reached another milestone and that means a writer's interview at the end, so look forward to that.

Chapter cover- Cortney staring out a window.

Ch.30- To take a step

July 15

A few days have passed since All Might beat All For One, and his true form has been revealed. After the fight was over, I was sent to the police and they took care of things, we were then sent home, Dad was sent to Kamino Ward to help with the rescue efforts, and won't be coming back for some time, Chibi is also helping after he was rescued.

Pony gave me the biggest hug when I came home and told me what happened after I was kidnapped. The morning after we wake up, Mom looks like she is about to go off to a business meeting.

"Girls now that you are awake, I have some news. U.A is becoming a dorm school, I'll be gone all day trying to convince the other parents. Pony, since your under my custody I'm leaving the decision in your hands, you too Cortney. Tell me what you want to do when I come back." Mom tells us, before opening the door, "And your sister is coming back today."

When the door closes, I stare at Pony wondering what she's going to do. I go back to my room and stare out the window.

"Hey." I hear Kim say, I look around until I lock eyes with the mirror on my dresser. My reflection changes to Kim holding a book in her hands.

"Kim, how are you doing that?" I ask, seeing as she never had that power before.

"I don't know either, I was just reading what was in the book. Mom gave me this, and it has some interesting things written in this." Kim says.

"Hold up, I'm coming in. I want to see." I tell Kim before entering her land. She's waiting for me and she's holding the book she was talking about. The book looks just like the diary Pony gave me. As read through the book, we just keep getting more questions than answers, the book seems to change styles and handwriting as if it's been passed on for generations.

The book has details on fighting styles, training excises, and even advice for a bunch of things. I bookmark a few recipes that strike my fancy for later, we go on for what seems like hours until the doorbell rings.

Seeing that might be my sister, I walk away from Kim and wake up. I open the door to see Lisa in a white t-shirt and gray shorts, she has a bandage over her nose and a duffle bag around her side.

"Hey sis, where's your fiancė?" I ask, seeing it's just her.

"He wanted to look around. But Mom told me about what's been happening, put your gauntlets on, and come outside." Sis tells me, I do just that.

I see Lisa standing with her arms crossed, "Remember what I asked you for why you wanted to become a hero?"

I rub my head, it was such a long time ago that I don't remember everything but I do remember my response, "I want to be someone who gives hope to people, I want to the fire that ignites hope in everybody's heart and give everybody the power to fight on! That's the reason I want to be a hero!" I retell Sis, what I said that day with a smile on my face.

Sis isn't impressed, she shifts to a combat stance, "If I win, you have to give on being a hero." Sis says in a serious tone.

"WHAT!?" I say. One, because that was out of nowhere, and two, I never beat her before.

"Think of this as a trial, I want to see what U.A. has taught you. If you can't beat me now then you are just dead weight, come on." Sis gives me the reasons for her crazy proposition.

I rush at Sis, ducking to sweep my leg under where hers are. Were. She's dodged, of course, light on her feet as always. Can't catch her that way, I guess.

"You always start the fight with that," she says, ducking under the crescent kick I send at her head.

Sis exchanges a few kicks with me, but spins under one of my kicks grabbing my arm, then spinning around me ending it with a foot to my face. Pony comes outside just in time to see Sis kicking my butt.

"You still hit like a truck Sis." I remark as I lay on the ground. Pony helps me up.

"I'm fine Pony, I need to fight alone." I tell her, before Sis cuts in.

"Actually Pony, felt weak when you couldn't save Cortney." Sis infers.

"Yeah. I couldn't protect Cortney when she was in danger, and I'm wondering if I should still be a hero." Pony comments, Sis takes her duffle bag off and tosses it to the side.

"How about you put it all against the line? If you and Cortney lose then you have to give up being heroes." Sis tells Pony the stakes of our fight. I get back up and Pony switches to a fighting stance.

"Come on Cortney." Pony tells me. I rush Sis and try to sweep her legs again, but this time Pony, kicks Sis in the chest.

Sis gets back up quickly, I throw a jab at her and she catches my fist, twisting it behind my back, Pony goes for another kick, but Sis uses me as a human shield. I get punched in the side, a few times before Sis flings me at Pony. We crash into each other, Sis picks us both up and drop us on our heads.

"Two versus one, and I'm still winning, don't tell that's the best you can do." Sis taunts. The problem is that she's right if we can't beat someone who's quirkless, then what can we do against an actual villain.

"Pony, you trust me right?" I ask.

"Yeah." Pony replies.

"Follow my lead." I grab Pony and spin in place when I feel like I'm getting dizzy, I throw Pony at Sis. Pony's hooves slam into her chest and she bounces off, I jump and grab Pony midair bringing us back down on Sis.

"Satan's Axe!" I yell out as Pony brings her leg down on Sis's head, putting her down.

"I fold." Sis submits we won. Me and Pony hug we're staying in U.A.

"Hey Lisa, you done with that thing your mom wanted you to do?" A man with a husky voice asks in English.

"I guess Mom and Dad told you to do this, huh Sis?" I ask, after hearing what the wolfman said.

"Yeah, they were worried about you." Sis tells me. It at least tells me they care about me.

"I'm not blaming anyone. You Silver Nightly?" I ask the man, he looks like the guy from our video call. Looks like a pretty normal guy except for wolf ears on his head, he has an average build, nothing to strike him out from a group.

"Yeah, it finally nice to meet the sister, Lisa has told me so much about." Silver says all that in English before shaking my hand.

"Still not confident with your Japanese yet?" I point out.

Silver ears flop down, "Japanese is complicated." Silver sadly retorts.

I laugh knowing that Lisa has him on a leash.


Ms. Tan and Mr. Kan are on the road to convince the parents to let their students come back to U.A. The first up on the list is Tetsutetsu.

"He can go."

Mr. Kan is in shock and Ms. Tan is on her face, at how Tetsu's parents are letting come back to U.A after being shot.

"Why did I even worry?" Ms. Tan questions, seeing as Tetsu got his look from his parents. Both had spiky silver hair, eyebrows that circled their eyes, sharp teeth, and seemingly endless energy. Seeing what was essentially a female Tetsutetsu freaked Mr. Kan out enough, but their casual attitude to what had happened made it worse. It felt almost like they'd drop the act and scream at any second.

"Thanks for your cooperation, this will make our day feel a lot less like hell." Ms. Tan remarks.

"I hope your daughter comes back too." Ms. Tetsu replies.

"If that's all, can I ask how you came up with your son's name?" Mr. Kan ask.

"Oh, that's a fun story," Mrs. Tetsutetsu began. Mr. Kan was a little relieved to finally hear one of them speak without the other. "We wanted to combine our names when we named our child."

"Y'see, my name's Kotetsu," Mr. Tetsutetsu explained, "And her name is Tetsuko. So, we decided to name our child Koko if it was a girl and Tetsutetsu if it was a boy."

"That explains a lot." Mr. Kan notes before leaving.

Most of the other student's family are stop and go, some need a little more convincing than others but agree, one of the first roadblocks finally comes in the way, Kinoko Komori.

"…For these reasons, we believe a boarding system would be in the best interest of our students," Mr. Kan explained. "I know U.A. has had its problems, but we hope you can put your trust in us once more." Mr. Kan and Ms. Tan waited while Kinoko's father, Takeshi Komori, mulled over the proposal. Kinoko was sat next to him, not saying anything. On Kinoko other side was her mother, Enoki Komori, who had also not said much.

"You keep talking about how safe it'll be," Takeshi finally said, "but you've always said that U.A. is safe. I don't see how this will change things. Sure, you'll have pro heroes always with them, but there were pro heroes present at both attacks, am I correct?"

"…For these reasons, we believe a boarding system would be in the best interest of our students," Ms. Tan explained. "I know U.A. has had its problems, but we hope you can put your trust in us once more." Mr. Kan and Ms. Tan waited while Kinoko's father, Takeshi Komori, mulled over the proposal. Kinoko was sat next to him, not saying anything. On Kinoko other side was her mother, Enoki Komori, who had also not said much.

"You keep talking about how safe it'll be," Takeshi finally said, "but you've always said that U.A. is safe. I don't see how this will change things. Sure, you'll have pro heroes always with them, but there were pro heroes present at both attacks, am I correct?"

"You are," Ms. Tan answered. "By staying close to our students and increasing our security, we hope to stop any attack before they happen, and if they do happen for some reason, a pro will be close by."

"There's also the matter of the students getting their provisional licenses," Mr. Kan said. "If they pass the exam, they'll be able to defend themselves without the law being a problem—"

"Neither of you are addressing my concern," Takeshi interrupted. "I don't want Kinoko to have to defend herself. She shouldn't be facing villains at all. She's just a student."

"We wholeheartedly agree," Mr. Kan continued. "We don't want our students facing villains yet either. We want them to defend themselves should the need arise." Takeshi stayed stone-faced as he silently thought over what had been said.

"I'm sorry, but… I simply cannot allow Kinoko to return to U.A."

"But dad—"

"That's final, Kinoko." Takeshi immediately shut Kinoko down and stood up. "I appreciate all you've done for Kinoko so far, but we're done here. Enoki, please show these two out." Before Mr. Kan or Ms. Tan could speak up again, Takeshi was already walking away. Mr. Kan looked to Kinoko disappointedly, expecting her to be sad, but instead, she clenched her hands and shot up from her seat.

"Dad," she began, trying her best to sound determined through a shaky voice, "I'm going back to U.A."

"You are not. This discussion is over—"

"No, it isn't," Kinoko declared. Mr. Kan thought back to how timid and shy Kinoko had been all year and smiled.

She's grown quite the backbone. Kinoko followed her father further back in their house, leaving Mr. Kan and Ms. Tan with Enoki. "I'm sorry for my husbands' rudeness," she said quietly. "He's always been protective of Kinoko, so he's been worked up like this since the incident."

"That's understandable," Mr. Kan said. "I hope she can convince him to change his mind. Kinoko is a very bright and caring girl. Excellent hero material."

"That's very nice of you to say," Enoki replied. "I'm actually grateful to U.A. Kinoko's grown so much in these past few months. I'd love for her to continue to study there, and I'm sure my husband feels the same way deep down. I'm confident Kinoko can convince him with a little time."

"That's great to hear," Mr. Kan said.

"That's my daughter for you." Ms. Tan replies.

"Now Mr. Kan all that leaves is…" Ms. Tan's face hardens when she sees the name on the list, "Itsuka Kendo."

"Before you ask I've met her mother and she's nothing like Itsuka." Ms. Tan explains.

Before they're able to knock on the door a woman is heard screaming, "Over my dead body you're going back to that goddamn deathtrap of a school!"

Mr. Kan looks over to Ms. Tan, and see she's not happy either, "You're taking the lead." Ms. Tan tells him.

Itsuka opens the door, "Hey," she greeted embarrassedly. "I guess you heard all that?"

"Just the end," Mr. Kan answered awkwardly. "May we come in?"

"Please do." Mr. Kan and Ms. Tan entered the apartment and looked around warily for the person who shouted earlier.

"Mom, dad, they're here!" Itsuka announced, prompting a man to come out from the kitchen. He was tall and muscular with cropped black hair and a friendly smile, wearing dark jeans and a black button-up shirt.

"Hello, gentleman," the man greeted. "I'm Gon Kendo. It's pleasure to meet you."

"Sekijiro Kan. Thank you for having us."

"Cortney Kamryn Tan Sr."

"Honey, the U.A. representatives are here," Gon called back into the kitchen. "Come say hello." Almost instantly, a metal ladle came flying out at Gon's head. He caught it without a hassle, almost like he was used to it, and walked back into the kitchen. "Honey, don't be like this," Kan heard him say.

"Your mother seems… feisty," Mr. Kan commented.

"That's a nice way of putting it," Itsuka said while rubbing her neck sheepishly. After a moment, Gon returned while dragging a woman out of the kitchen with him. She looked like an older, slightly taller Itsuka, and seemed just as angry as her voice had been. She was dressed in a yellow shirt and blue jeans with a white apron and a white bandana over her short ginger hair.

"Sorry about that," Gon said with a laugh.

"This little firecracker is my wife, Natsuka Kendo." Natsuka breaks free from her husband's grasp and stands in front of Ms. Tan.

"Cortney." Natsuka almost barks out.

"Mom, please don't be rude," Itsuka requested.

"I'll be as rude as I want to the shitheads who almost got my daughter killed." Natsuka didn't raise her voice a single time, but the venom dripping from her words instantly put Mr. Kan on edge.

"I have the right to be rude," Natsuka replies never breaking her gaze from Ms. Tan.

"It was twenty years ago woman, don't let our past destroy your daughter's future." Ms. Tan barks out.

Gon nudged Natsuka and gave her a disappointed look, making Natsuka groan. "…Fine. I'll make the freakin' tea," she growled. She returned to the kitchen as Mr. Kan and Ms. Tan sat in their seats across from Itsuka and Gon.

"First of all, we wanted to thank you for meeting with us and working with our hectic schedule," Mr. Kan begins.

"Of course. I know things are pretty crazy right now and you have to meet with 19 other families."

"How have your other meetings gone?" Itsuka asked.

"Very well," Mr. Kan said. "It took some convincing for a few families, but it looks like everyone will be coming back."

"That's great," Itsuka replied. Out of the kitchen came Natsuka with a tray of five teacups that she placed on the coffee table.

"There. Tea," she hissed while taking a seat next to Gon. "Drink it and leave."

"Mom," Itsuka griped.

"Honey, let's just hear them out," Gon suggested. "This is Itsuka's future we're talking about." Natsuka stared daggers at her husband but relented and sighed.

"I read the letter you sent," Natsuka began, calmer than before. "I understand what U.A. is going through. I know that if Itsuka were to continue pursuing hero work, it would be safest for her there, surrounded by pro heroes 24/7… but then again, she was with at least six of them when she was nearly shot and killed." Mr. Kan and Ms. Tan knew they had no retort to her point, so they only had one option – bow their heads and apologize.

"You're completely right," Mr. Kan said. "U.A. is entirely to blame for the incident going as poorly as it did."

"All we can offer you is our word that we're trying to make the school the safest it can be," Ms. Tan added. "It's a lot to ask, but we'd like you to put your faith in us again and entrust is with Itsuka's future and safety one more time."

"I know Itsuka wants to go back," Gon said. "I'm willing to trust my daughter's judgment if she feels it's safe to return."

Well, that's one down, Mr. Kan noted. All eyes in the room went to Natsuka, who still seemed unyielding

"Kan, was it?" Natsuka began. "Do you have a family of your own? Children maybe?"

"I do not."

"Well, as Itsuka's mother, let me explain something. Ever since Itsuka was born, she's always been within my reach. I can protect her when she's close, so I feel confident that she's safe. Seeing your kid grow up and strike out on their own can be difficult, but if you trust them and the people around them, then you can still feel that they're safe. I trust Itsuka. I trust her friends. I don't trust you." Mr. Kan and Ms. Tan could sympathize with Natsuka's worries, but her words still cut them both deep.

"I know you don't want us here, ma'am," Mr. Kan said, "so I'll make this brief. Every concern you have and every criticism of U.A. you have is completely true. We do not deserve another chance with your child after what's happened." As Mr. Kan talked, he slowly slid off the couch into a kneeling position. Ms. Tan noticed and quickly did the same. "However, if you can find it in your heart to let Itsuka continue her studies at U.A., you have my word that no harm will befall her on our watch. I'd rather give my life than let my students be hurt again."

"You have my word as well," Ms. Tan added. "U.A. will not have another incident like this again and we deeply apologize for all that's happened." The pair bowed their heads to Natsuka, who thought over what they said. After a minute, she scoffed and stood up.

"Whatever. If Itsuka wants to go, then fine." Mr. Kan and Ms. Tan raised their heads and smiled, giving each other a subtle fist bump under the table.

"I'm glad you could put our differences aside Natsuka." Ms. Tan says, "But that call was fair game and you know it."

"Get out."

Thanatos- Um, Mr. Writer is gone and we have no idea where he is.

Delaila- If anyone knows where he is, please tell us.

T- But we still have a show do, Today's power of the week is Itsuka's quirk Big Fist.

D- As the name suggest this quirk allows Itsuka to enlarge her hands to enormous sizes.

T- This quirk may seem simple, but holds a ton of potential. Her hands enlarge instantly meaning she can hurt you by just activating her quirk.

D- And her hands are so massive that she move the wind. Giving her access to wind attacks.

T- That's all we have for now until next time.

D- Go beyond Plus Ultra! See you souls.

Chapter Text

Chapter cover- Class 1-B staring at their new dorm rooms.

Ch.31- Packed together

"I've got to give U. A credit, they managed to build dorms in only three days," Peace says.

"Glad to see everyone back," Hana says, "Welcome to your next three year." She says pointing to our dorms. The Heights Alliance, only a five-minute walk from U.A.

"Excuse me, Hina, um, shouldn't Ms. Tan be the one giving us this speech?" Pony asks.

"She wishes she could but, I'll be filling in for her." Hina explains before she glazes at Peace, "You guys are responsible for taking care of the place." Hina says before walking into the dorm.

We spend most of the day, unpacking and decorating our rooms, until night hits. We all meet back in the common after we're done.

"You guys finished?" I ask the boys. They're all stunned at seeing me without my binding on.

"Get used to this from now on, because once I'm home the binding comes out." I tell them, bring them back.

Axel looks at his phone, "Hey, Himi sent me a text saying Class A is holding a competition to see who has the best room."

"That sounds awesome." Pony comments, "Who wants to chicken out." Pony adds with a smirk on her face.

Nobody raises their hands, "Sweet. Are the guys cool going first?" Itsuka asks, they say sure.

The first for the boys is Axel. His room is… spacious, there really isn't much to see.

"Um, what was I expecting from the nephew of Mr. Aizawa." I comment, Axel is rubbing his head.

"I was expecting him to not have a bed and just use a sleeping bag." Setsuna adds.

"Oh my god!" Peace screams to which we see her inside of Axel's closet, "There's like fifty jacket in here!"

"Next!" Setsuna calls, and the next room up is Neito.

"…Dang," Reiko is the only thing can say. Neito's room wasn't even recognizable as a dorm room anymore. It was Parisian in style with antique white furniture instead of what came with the dorm. The walls were painted a soft pastel blue and the bed was decorated with a fancy white comforter.

"You did this all in a day?" I ask Neito, and all he does is smirk.

"It's lovely, Monoma," Ibara complimented.

"Looks comfy," Tetsutetsu added.

"I didn't know interior decorating was your thing," Kuroiro began. "Where'd you find space for that big, gaping vagina you have?"

"Laugh all you want. I believe this proves my room far exceeds anyone else's."

Next is Kojiro, he doesn't talk much so none of us really know what to expect.

"Had a feeling." I say upon entering Kojiro's room, there's a bunch of scale models ranging from wooden ships to even anime figurines.

"Oh, look!" Pony called out. "Is that the new DBZ Lego set?! The Namek one?"

"It is."

"Cool! I wanna help put it together!"

"Same here!" I add.

"Sure," Kojiro replies with a smile on his jagged mouth.

"Who's the last one up for this floor?" Togaru raises his hands.

"I want out." Pony says seeing Togaru's room. His room was lined with weapons. A stand with katanas was near his bed, a rack of knives on top of his dresser, a collection of foreign swords in the corner – it looked like he was preparing for a war.

"Woah, this is a Damascus steel sword right?" But I'm completely invested.

"Yep, I didn't know you would like swords, Cortney." Togaru replies, seeing every sword and knife is making me jittery with joy.

"I'm kinda of a weapon geek." I laugh.

"I wonder what Cortney's room looks like now." All the guys think to themselves.

"That's all for that this floor, I can't wait to see who's next." The next is Tetsu and the girls are all giving "the look", thinking I'm going to be biased.

"This is my den of manliness." Tetsu states. His room was a mess of different manly decorations, from motivational posters to a punching bag and other exercise equipment.

"Very manly indeed. Who's next?" I ask, Axel has to point Shoda because I forget just how short he is.

"Sorry Shoda." I apologize.

"No problem." Shoda takes us to his room and shows us his room. There wasn't much in it, but there were a few posters of famous boxers, including a Rocky poster, and a punching bag. "Not much to show, really."

"No problem, you don't want much." Kinoko compliments Shoda's room and he's the last one for this room.

"How about the girls show us their rooms now?" Axel suggests.

"Sure. My room is across from Tetsu." I say with a smirk on my face.

"Woah." Axel and the boys are surprised with my room. It's filled to the brim with all things video games and anime, I have a pokemon sheet on my bed, and I painted the walls yellow like Pikachu. Chibi is sleeping on a bed in the corner.

"Is this your computer?!" Yosetsu asks, looking at my custom PC. I've been working on it forever.

"That's Cort for ya'." Pony comments slapping on the back.

"If you ever try to use my computer without asking, I'll break your legs in ten different ways." I slyly add.

"N-next." Axel squeaks out.

"Me," Kinoko said quietly. She walked to her room and unlocked it, hesitantly letting people in. "It doesn't have anything cool or unique, but I hope you all like it."

"Nah, it's neat. I can dig it," Tsuburaba said. Kinoko's room was mostly ordinary, albeit very girlish, but there were a few mushroom-themed items, like her comforter and an ottoman shaped like a mushroom.

"Hey, what's this look like?" Kuroiro asked while pointing to the ottoman and snickering.

"Heeheehee, I dunno," Setsuna said with a goofy grin, "but it's a pretty inviting seat, huh?" She and Kuroiro busted into a giggle fit while the rest of the class finally understood what they were implying.

"I-I don't know w-what you're talking about!" Kinoko said with a huge blush.

"Don't be gross, you two," Itsuka scolded. "Your room looks great, Kinoko."

"Alright, next."

"Me." Itsuka replies. Her room had been painted black and featured metal furniture with a weathered wooden table. Her bed had a plain black comforter over it and the walls were decorated with pictures of motorcycles.

"My mom didn't let me have stuff like this in my room at home," Kendo explained sheepishly. "Was the metal furniture too much?"

"Is it at least comfy?" Kuroiro asked as he took a seat on the cold steel couch. "…It is not."

"Kinda reminds me of a garage," Kamakiri commented

"I guess the last one up on this floor." Setsuna says.

"Feast your eyes on my lizard den!" she announced. Between the dinosaurs plushies and figures, Jurassic Park-themed comforter, Godzilla posters, and the dinosaur tooth in a glass display case, Setsuna's passion about lizards were on full presentation.

"Well, it's… exactly what I expected," Reiko said.

"You mean awesome? Yeah, you do," the autotomy girl smugly said. "I don't want any of you trying to set up shop here 'cause of how awesome it is, so let's move on. Next floor – who's up?"

"Yo!" Pony called out. "Mine's cool!" We go upstairs and enter Pony's room next. "See? Cool, huh?"

Pony's room had wall-to-wall anime merchandise. Along with that, there were a few pro hero items.

"Amazing, Pony. 10 out of 10," Monoma complimented while applauding.

"Thanks." Pony digs her hoof in the floor.

The next one for the boys is Kuroiro. His room which was initially too dark for anyone to make out. Once everyone's eyes adjusted, we saw a very goth room. Candles, skulls, horror movie posters – he had even put in black carpeting.

"Oh wow, couldn't have seen this coming," Tsuburaba sarcastically quipped.

"At least he's got good movies," Reiko said while sifting through a stack of horror flicks. "Mind if I borrow these sometime?"

"Sure thing. Your room's up next, right?"

"Actually, mine's next," Kaibara spoke up.

Inside was a fairly normal room, but above his bed was a shelf with several cameras on it.

"You a photographer, Kaibara?" Kendo asked.

"Yeah. It's just a hobby of mine, but…" Kaibara led the group to his closet and opened up, revealing hanging pictures and a black light. "I did turn my closet into a darkroom to develop pictures."

"Hey, that's cool," Tsuburaba said. "I've got room in my closet if you want more space."

"Sure. Thanks."

"This place is boring," Setsuna complained. "I wanna see more rooms themed around one or two personality traits. Reiko, let's see yours!"

"Fine. Let's go," Reiko sighed. The class moved across the hall and were led into Reiko's room. It was loosely in a Halloween style, having a ghost-themed comforter, an Ouija Board, and spider web curtains, but there were also a few surfer decorations, such as a surfboard in the corner and the setting sun mural on the wall.

"Ooooh, spooky~," Setsuna cooed while nudging closer to Rin. "Dino boyfriend, you'll protect me from the scary ghosts, hmmm?"

"I didn't know you surf," Kendo said.

"Yeah, I've been surfing since I was little. Me and Shinso went to the beach a lot during our off time this summer, so I got plenty of practice this year."

"If I stay any longer, I'm gonna trip and ruin it all. Who's up next?"

"That would be me," Shishida said. Everyone followed the hairy boy up to the next floor and into his dorm room.

"That's… a LOT of books," Kamakiri said. Shishida's room was practically a library as the walls were lined with books. At certain angles, the others could make out a set of weights and a rather inviting bed, but it was mostly just literature.

"Well, I do like to read. If anyone wants to borrow any, I'll gladly lend them out—"

"Reading's for nerds!" Setsuna shouts while holding up a hairy brush. "Also, I found this on your floor and probably caught a disease from it or something. Let's move on before I die, huh?"

I punch Setsuna in the head for the outburst and for being rude to Shishida. We head to Ibara's room next. She painted a light green and had many different plants around.

"Wow, that's a lot of flowers," Kendo said. "Real pretty, Ibara."

"Thank you."

"Did you have to make it so hot though?" Monoma asked while tugging on his shirt.

"Plants don't like the cold and neither do I."

"Real hot and stuffy," Tetsutetsu pointed out. "Makes me wanna work out."

"That's nice."

"OK, who's last?" Setsuna asked, prompting Yui to quietly raise her hand.

"In that case, lemme run and get something," Kendo said before rushing off. "I'll be right back. Start without me."

"You heard the lady, Yui," Setsuna said. The group went next door and were let into the quiet girl's room. It didn't have any theme or outstanding decorations, but there was a small, pear-shaped doll on her desk that grabbed people's attention.

"What's that?" Tsuburaba asked.

"Matryoshka doll," Yui explained. "I like them." Yui took the doll and popped it open revealing a smaller copy of the doll inside. "They're neat."

"Oh, I've seen those," Fukidashi said. "Those Russian nesting dolls."

"I'm back!" Kendo announced as she squeezed by the crowd into the room. "I kept forgetting to give it to you, but I had Yaoyorozu make something during the training camp." As Yui put down her doll, Kendo held out another doll just like it, except the top layer looked like Ibara. Kendo popped off the top layer to show the next doll in line, which resembled herself. "Yaoyorozu likes these too, so I asked if she'd make you one that looked like the girls in our class. Cute, huh?" Yui took the doll and set out the different doll layers on her desk. After a moment of staring at them, she turned to Kendo and smiled brightly.

"I love it!"

"Aww, Yui. I'm glad." The two girls embraced tightly and were promptly joined by the other girls in the class.

"This group hug isn't big enough," Setsuna complained. "Get in here, boys!"

"You got it!" Tetsutetsu said as he and the other boys came in and joined the group hug.

"…Setsuna, get your hand off my butt," Reiko ordered.

"How'd you know it was me?"

"Because I know you."

Last is Juzo, "Got it," the skull-faced boy said while exiting the room. We move into his mostly-normal room, immediately shifting their gaze to the one out-of-place item – a massage table.

"Sooooo… what's the deal with that?" Monoma asked.

"It's a table for massages."

"…I got that. Follow-up question – why?"

"I'm very good," Juzo bragged while cracking his knuckles.

"Fine then show your skills on Pony." I say.

"Why me?" Pony ask.

"Whynatt," I reply, she gets on the massaging table and immediately, we can hear her moaning.

"Fuck me, this is heaven." Pony moans out and I call it there.


"Now that we've seen everyone room, the winner is," I pull out the card with the winner, "Is Juzo by a landslide." A round of half-genuine, half-jealous applause went through the room while Honenuki looked around confusedly.

"What!" Neito feels cheated.


"I convinced the other girls to vote for you," Setsuna explained. "Now we have leverage to get backrubs."


"Wait, that's BS!" Monoma declared.

"Yeah, BS!" Axel agreed.

"Recount!" Tetsutetsu demanded.

"I'll count 'em again, but they'll still be for Honenuki," Kendo explained.


"Nah. No revote. Everyone's tired."

"Don't be too jealous," Honenuki said smarmily.

"Hope you're proud of yourself," Monoma grumbled.

"Hail to the king, baby."

"I'm going to bed," I tell everyone.

Thanatos- I have no complaints, Juzo won, fair and square.

Delaila- You got a massage from Juzo before we started.

T- Oh don't be like that. We have a show to start.

D- Today's power of the week is Tetsutetsu's quirk Steel.

T- This quirk allows Tetsu to coat his body in steel, giving him massive defense.

D- Such as surviving tons of rubble falling on top of him or defense from elements, such as ice.

T- But that's something for the future. That's all we have time for now until we see you later.

D- See you later souls


Chapter Text

Well, it's about time I start cranking out these last two fantasy AU chapters.

Chapter cover- Cortney practicing using her cursed sword power.

Sc4- Magiaka

After spending a few days in town, we decide to leave for wherever the road takes us. I haven't told the others what happened in the dungeon yet, but there's shouldn't be anything to worry about. Before we get too far, Sis catches us.

"Cortney, I may have an idea for where you should go next," Sis says before pointing down the road, "You should get yourself registered as actually adventurers. You can do that at the next town." I remember Dad telling me about that, being an actually registered adventurer means we can take on some serious quest and make some real money.

"Sure, thanks for the tip, Sis. See you later." I wave Sis goodbye as she returns to her tower, and we make way to the town she mentioned.

"Hey, since we're going to be traveling together, it would probably be a good idea to learn some things about each other." Pony brings a good point, we really don't know a lot about each other or our combat abilities.

"Good Idea Pony, I should go first I guess. I'm anti-magic Demihuman," To show everyone what I mean, I transform my arm revealing my true self, "This thing around my eye is a seal, to keep my power in check, I can stay in my demon form for a few minutes without it, but eventually I'll start suffering a lot of pain."

Himiko opens up her cloak to reveal how much space it has, "I'm your thief, I can lockpick, steal, or whatever you need me for." Himiko then shows us how she fights, throwing a few daggers at the spot into a tree and her close combat skills.

"I'll go next," Pony floats a few feet of the ground, "I'm a pegasus, so I can fly but other than that I don't really have anything special about me. But, I'm crack shot with a bow, and I can even brew novice potions." Pony show Axel and Himiko the health and poison potions she made earlier.

"As you can see, I'm a dragonkin, so I can take a hit and breath fire." Out from Peace's smile are some sprouts of fire, after Peace the last one up is Axel.

Axel stops at a tree, we wait to see what he's going to do, after a second Axel jabs the tree and leave a very noticeable fist-shaped mark on the tree, "I've been training as a monk, and you can see what my training has done for me, I can also heal minor wounds through my chi."

It takes us a minute to get our thoughts out due to that sudden display of strength, after that we continue to learn more about each other until night falls, where we break for camp and I take the first lookout.

While everyone is asleep, I take out my sword to see how it allows me to use magic and get used to it.

"All right Rick," I give my sword a name, so I won't need to call it cursed sword every time I want to talk to it, "Tell me how you're able to cast magic."

"Like I said, I'm converting your anti-magic into useable magic for spells, but we can't go any further until I'm bound to you." It tells me.

"Bound? What you mean bound?"

"I'm still linked to my old owner, and not calibrated to your magic, I need your blood so I can bind myself to you." It explains I know it can't take over me so I don't need to worry about that.

"Fine...this better not need a lot of blood." I cut open the tips of my finger on my right hand before grabbing my sword again. My finger soon starts to heal, so I hope Rick got enough.

"Alright, my power is now your's, let's get to work." I spend the rest of my shift learning how to add Rick to my fighting style and magic as well before switching out with Axel.

The next morning, we pack up and make way for the town but it seems that we're doomed to be attacked by bandits. This time it's not just a simple ambush, as we're walking along the road we all step in magic mines holding us still.

"Holy moly!" One man exclaims upon seeing us, right now I only see two bandits. Both are wearing the standard bandit garb, so there must be someone else who did this.

"Minxs, just bagged us the jackpot." Minxs, that must be the person responsible for this spell.

"Remember our bargain," A female voice retorts, and now I see the mage who put up this spell. It looks like a girl my age with purple hair, she's wearing a purple dress, under it is a leather vest. In her left hand is a wooden staff holding a gray crystal.

"Amazing, a pegasus and dragonkin," Minxs goes to take a closer look at Pony, "I heard that Pegasus and unicorn horns have incredible healing properties." That's my chance to open my right eye and free myself,

I draw my weapon and drop the two bandits before they can do anything, and turn my sight to the mage beating should dispel her traps.

"Ah, I see're an anti-magic demon, I have ways of dealing with your kind." Minxs points her staff at the ground and deep fog suddenly rolls in. I try to dispel this as well but nothing.

I keep my guard up and try to pick up Minxs' mana, however it looks like Minxs is surrounding me on all sides, that what she meant. I can't disable all this without exhausting myself, I can only disable so much magic in a short amount of time, so I just have to rely on my instincts.

"I'll give something...this is some impressive use of magic, but you still have to fight me." I point out how she hasn't really attacked me yet.

Out from nowhere, a tendril trips me to my butt. I roll out the way of another about crush me and get back to my feet. As long as I'm in this fog, Minxs has complete control over this fight, I need to try something in order to win.

"Get ready Rick," I raise my sword to the sky and it's covered in blood-red magic, I created a fireball above myself before jumping out the way Minxs attack.

"How is that possible?! You shouldn't be able to cast magic!" Minxs is shocked at my own magic skills.

"I've always been a bit unique." Is all I tell her, "You better brace yourself-" My fireball begins to fall and I use my sword knock it into the sky making it bigger.

I jump and chase after it, once I get high enough, I bat down with my sword, "Nova Crash!" When it lands a bit of the area is scorched but I got rid Minxs' fog, I find her hiding behind a shield spell. I dash in front of her and slice her spell in half, leaving her defenseless.

"I let go my friends and I might let you go unharmed." Before Minxs can say anything, a portal appears beneath her, it looks just like the one, the woman who saved the bandit leader at the Dragonkin home. I try to catch Minxs before it's too late but just barely miss her.

"Are they all working together?" I question what that woman goals are.

"Cortney, are you alright?" Pony runs out from a bush to my right and checks on me, but I thought they were captured next to me as well, so what are they doing there?

"Once that fog rolled in, we couldn't see a thing, and next thing we know we're free somewhere else." Peace explains what to them before taking at the area.

"What happened here?" I sheath my sword and decide to blame it on Minxs, I still don't think I'm ready to tell them about Rick yet.

"That Mage girl, Minxs tried to roast me with a fireball, I threw it right back at her. But, she got saved by that woman we met at the Dragonkins' home." I see Peace and Pony get a bit worry, while Axel and Himiko look on in some confusion.

"I think we should ask about the bandit problem, once we reach the town, because something is going on," I suggest our next move, and everyone is on board.

"We better get going before, we're forced to camp."

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Nothing to see here, just keep on trucking. Also, I'm free now.

Chapter cover- Peace looking at her disassembled gauntlets in the support course.

Ch.32- Let's work out the kinks

July 22nd

"Hey Principal Nezu, you said you wanted to talk to me?" I ask as I enter the office.

"I've called you to my office so we may discuss how your class has adjusted to dorm life."

"Of course," I say while taking a seat across from Nezu. "I'm happy to help."

"Excellent. I'd like to begin with the accommodations. Have they been satisfactory to you and your classmates or do you find them lacking?"

"They're great, sir. No problems to report."

"Wonderful. Next question: have you and your classmates felt safe while on campus since the move?"

"Yes, sir. Having our teachers close by at all times definitely helps us feel secure here."

"I'm so glad to hear that. The safety of our students is our absolute priority right now. Next up would be personal relationships between classmates. Have there been any changes to their interactions since they've become dorm mates?"

"Oh, uh…" I stay quiet and awkwardly scratched my cheek, avoiding eye contact with Nezu. "It's mostly been good. Same as normal… but, y'know, living together can be… different."

A few things pop into my mind.

One morning, someone is heard screaming, a few of us see what's going on and it turns out that Chibi snuck into Kinoko's room last night.

"Oh right." That remind me I was suppose to tell my classmate something, "My bad everyone, Chibi has a habit of sneaking into other people rooms, I can't do anything it, so look out for Chibi."

"That's alright Cortney," Kinoko says while petting Chibi.

One day, I walk into the common area and see Rin clutched over on the floor with the boys covering themselves. I look over to Peace.

"He grabbed her tail?" I ask, to which Peace nods.

"Fuckkkkk!" Rin curses.

"Yeah, Pony kicks if you grab her tail," I tell Rin.

"Duly noted." Tetsu says.

"…A few spats here and there, but we're adjusting quickly," I say. "Nothing you need to worry about, sir."

"Alright then. What of your relationships with other classes. I know you have a good relationship with Class A. Has this changed at all since you've moved in?" Nezu ask.

"I'd say it's been pretty good so far," I tell Nezu, "I know Monoma and Bakugo still aren't on great terms."

"Ah yes. Eraserhead told me about Bakugo's new dodgeball…"

"Hey douchebag!" Monoma yelled across the courtyard. "I heard you're costume designer just graduated from preschool!" Not a second later, a dodgeball rocketed into his groin. "OOOUUUGH! ...I think they went back inside me," he groaned as he held his privates. "Sesame, Buccaneer, come back. Papa needs you."

I have to hold myself back from laughing, when Nezu bring that little incident again, but it does bring a few more interactions.

"I can't believe it!" Midoriya squealed. He was in Pony's room, being shown her America-exclusive All Might figure. "I never thought I'd see it right in front of me. It's so detailed."

"Yeah, I got it for my ninth birthday," Pony explained. "His hero costume from back then was cool, yeah?"

"How much for it?" Midoriya suddenly had his wallet out and looked very serious. "Money is no issue."


"$20— no, $30— $35?"

"You keep goin' up."

"$50, final offer… $55?"

"You're no good at haggling."

"How is that little girl wielding something so big?" Momo asks as she looks at a picture, I'm showing her on my phone.

"You haven't seen anything." I tell Momo, "Think you could do it?"

"It looks like very complicated and might take me a few tries." Momo comments.

"Might want to ask my mom if she could help." I rub my chin, imagining Momo using the weapon in my mind and the fun things that could mean.

"Hey Cort, you showing Momo that RWBY show?" Pony asks, joining our conversation.

"Yeah. Momo says she might be able to make Crescent Rose."


"Thank you for lending me your time Cortney, I don't want to eat up anymore of your time. We'll be restarting training again, so be ready." Principal Nezu says.

"Don't worry about it, and thanks for the heads-up." I tell Nezu before I leave.

July 23rd

After a few days of getting ourselves adjusted, we're diving back to training. We're all in our costumes and training in Gym Gamma today with the teachers waiting for us.

"Now I mentioned something called Provisional Licenses. To go further in detail, this summer we'll be pushing past your limits and earn your Provisional Licenses, only one hundred people pass." Mom explains.

"And to give you an edge, you will all be coming up with special moves."

"Super moves?! Aw yeah!" Tetsutetsu cheered. The whole class was buzzing with excitement from the announcement.

"That's right," Ectoplasm said. "These will be your unbeatable techniques to use in a fight. A killer move, so to speak."

"These moves will be your calling card," Midnight added. "A hero with no super move these days is a rarity indeed."

"You must find a move that pushes your unique abilities," Cementoss continued, now kneeling down and using his Quirk to reshape the floor. "That's why you've assembled here – my personal facility where I can create terrain and objects to suit everyone's needs."

"Hey, uh, question? Real quick?" Setsuna ask. "Why super moves now? What's the connection with that and the test?"

"This license exam will be a comprehensive test of all attributes a hero must have," Midnight explains. "Insight, judgment, charisma, communication, leadership, and most importantly, fighting prowess. Personally, I believe you all have these traits, but you'll be up against students from other schools, most of which are a grade ahead of you. With super moves, you'll have an edge, and if you're backed into a corner, they can be your anchor to turn the tides."

"These super moves don't have to be an offensive move either," Ectoplasm chimed in. "Vlad's Blood Net, for example, is a super move for capture. You could use have a move that increases your physical abilities too, or for your hand-to-hand combatants, you could think up some sort of unique strike or combo that involves your Quirk. Be flexible and open-minded. You should also seek out costume upgrades and support gear to help with these moves."

"Cortney and Peace have the edge against you by already making a special attack and even a team attack." Mom chimes in, "But they still have room to improve."

"The Quirk training at the camp was supposed to end with the creation of your super moves," Mom continues, "but since that was cut short, we'll be continuing on from now. Strengthen your Quirks, seek new support gear, and create those super moves. Do all this with Plus Ultra in your heart. Are you ready, Class?"

"Yes, Mam!"

"Then get out there!" On Mom's command, and we rush forward for our training. Cementoss manipulated the cement floor into many pillars for individual training areas while Ectoplasm created enough clones to personally advise all of us. Midnight takes a high post to watch over everyone while Mom stays by the door.

After training is Mom tells to head to the Development Studio for any ideas, we have for our costumes. I go to see if they have any good support gear for me.

"Hey Cortney, going to the Development Studio too?" Axel asks.

"Yeah, I wanted to see if they have any support gear I could use. What about you?" I ask back, and Axel holds his goggles.

"I have an idea for these," Axel replies. For once, we manage to enter the Support Course without something blowing up on us, and we're greeted by Mei.

"Hey Mei, been a while huh?" The last time we talked was the around our first week and most of the others have avoided like the plague.

"Who are you again, I forgot your names." Mei replies, and we don't blame her.

"Cortney Tan Jr.- Axel Gallavancer." We remind Mei who we are, "I still have your business card." I flash the card Mei gave me a long time ago.

"Wow, I-I, I didn't think you would still have that." Mei says surprised.

"Hey, you went to the effort, so I may as show some back. Now about our costumes." I bring us back to why we came here in the first place.

"Oh yeah. Powerloader isn't here at the moment, but I help out in any way I can." Mei tells us with a smile on her face.

"I might regret this, but go crazy." Axel gives his goggles to Mei.

"Do you have anything to boost the power of my kicks and stomps?" I ask.

"Actually I was designing something for Izuku as well, baby 39. Iron Soles!" Mei presents, to simply define as cleats.

"That might just what I'm looking for. So, do they work?" I ask Mei as I put on the iron soles.

"Your kicks will fire off twice with them on." I do a few practice kicks and something feels off.

"I'll take them, but could you do a few modifications," I ask, to which Mei jumps around in joy.

"Sure, what would like changed?"

"Add some more armor, and make work with stomps as well." I tell Mei my requests.

Later that night while I'm sleeping, I'm in a grassy field, and someone standing in front of me. I can't make out any features.

"You want to be stronger, and I'm here to help." The person says but I can tell from their voice that it's a woman.

"I already taught you my techniques, but you can improve them and make them your own." The woman tells me. Right, I remember now, I was taught Stunner and Gate by this person before.

"Get up." The woman tells me and I hop to my feet, "Hold out both your arms and press your palm together." I do what the woman says and it looks like I'm about to charge a Kamehameha.

"What am I supposed to do now?" I ask the woman.

"Now start a Stunner through both your arms now." I never tried using Stunner with my right arm before so this will be new. After what seems like hours, I think I finally got it.

"Stunner!" I fire a stunner through both my arms, now instead of just a point-blank blast, Stunner can now hit from much further and stun for even longer.

"Thank you ma-" I go to thank the mysterious woman but she's gone. *Bzzzzbzzzzz* I'm woken up by my clock, I see Chibi waking up as well and moving over to the side of my bed.

"Good morning Chibi. Hey, I have some ideas." I tell Chibi, petting his head and getting up.

As I make my way to the bathroom, Peace walks out of her room, tired and her hair in a mess.

"Working on your costume?" I guess for the way Peace is.

"Yeah, I was working on my gauntlets, and pretty much rebuilt them from scratch. Stay up all night to get them done but I'd say it was well worth it." Peace tells me.

"I can't wait to see. I have a few upgrades of my own." I tell Peace.

When training rolls around, Mei was able to get my Iron Soles upgrade finished by staying up all night and she really did go Plus Ultra on them. She added a lot more armor at the bottom and she even added spikes for me. Axel also got his goggles back, but I don't see much of difference.

"Cortney, can borrow your quirk?" Neito asks before we start. I think he was training to increase his time limit and how many quirks he can hold.

"Sure?" I bend my neck to the side, quickly realizing just how of my body is covered. When Neito copies my quirk, my spike appears on his head.

"That's unique," I comment upon seeing that happen, then sucker punching him in the face.

"I didn't go crazy!" Neito shouts somehow still staying and even seeing steam come off him.

"You copy my quirk, you put in yourself in a world of pain." I tell Neito.

"Alright Axel, are you ready?" Ectoplasm asks, with Axel summoning his engines.

"I think I worked out a super move." Axel says before slamming his legs into clone's face, "I'm not done yet."

"Heat Axe!" Axel uses the fire produced from Recipro Burst and cleaves the clone in two.

"Impressive," Mr. Ectoplasm praises Axel, "You made something original from the copy of someone else's quirk."

"Thanks." Axel replies.

"I something that should blow you away, Mr. Ectoplasm." I say and before he can ask, I thrust my arms out, "Grand Stunner!" I say and knock Mr. Ectoplasm back rubbing my nose.

"So you decided on improving your moves instead?" Ectoplasm ask.

"Fire in the hole!" Peace yells, followed by a massive explosion, "Sorry if that hit anyone." Peace says following the explosion.

"So that's the upgrades Peace mentions." I mentally note. Peace dumps out two vials from her gauntlets before inserting another two.

"What the fuck are you using?!" Neito yells from the other side of the gym.

"Nitroglycerin." I really want to ask how she is getting Kachy's sweat but at the same time might regret asking so I keep my mouth shut.

"I'm still working on the right combination, so it's still a work in progress." Peace adds.

"I would keep working on it." Mom chimes in.

"I see your all working." All Might says walking in the gym. It still is weird seeing All Might in his normal form.

Hey, All Might!" Kendo yelled from atop her training area. She hopped down and went to greet All Might along with some other nearby students.

"Hey, everyone. I am here," he greeted casually.

"Good to see you back on your feet!" Tetsutetsu bellowed.

"How are you feeling? How's your arm?" Ibara asked.

"Oh, this? It's nothing," All Might said while moving around his casted right arm. "It should be fine soon enough."

"We're all glad you made it out of that fight alive, even if you're retiring," Kendo said.

"That's nice to hear. It's great to see all of you again, but you should get back to your training. I'll come around in a bit and advise you each."

"Yes, sir!" Everyone replied. As we dispersed, Neito stays behind and approach All Might on his own.

"Not gonna work." I mutter under my breath before turning my attention back to my training.

Writer- With that, I'd say this is a perfect place to end things here. Next time, Class 1-B will be fighting for their Provisional License, have a good time because someone will be making their appearance.

Chapter Text

This is will be a surprise to everyone, so be prepared. 

Chapter cover- Cortney's hero costume case.

Ch.33- The Provisional License part 1

August 5

"Alright, everyone today you will all be putting your training to the test." Mom tells us as we sit on the bus to the license exam.

"Now, I have no idea what will happen but keep a lookout and you should be ok." Mom follows up.

"Thanks for the encouragement Mom." I grunt out.

"Hey, we're here!" Setsuna said as the bus stopped. The students followed their teacher off the bus and saw many groups of other students out on a lawn, but no arena. The only structure they saw was a wide metal column in the ground. "Wait, are we here?"

"We are," Mom clarified. "Look up."

"…WHAAAAAT!?" We all shout in unison. Perched on top of the skyscraper-tall column was a giant stadium.

"Welcome to National Bespin Sky Arena, also known as Cloud City. The tower in the ground supports it somewhat, but what mainly keeps it in the sky is the anti-gravity tech developed on I-Island."

"Please don't mention I-Island." Me, Pony, Peace, and Axel say in unison.

"What happened there?" Itsuka says to herself. Just as a ninja star comes at Mom, which she blocks with her case.

"Ms. Tan, I see you still got it." A feminine voice says. We turn to see who threw the star, and see a woman with purple hair and wearing a purple sweater.

"Zone." Mom introduces trying her to not swear in front of us. Axel snaps his finger.

"I knew I've seen that woman before, that's the demonic warrior: Zone-Tan." Axel explains who she is.

"Yep, and you're her daughter, Cortney Tan Jr. right?" Zone points me and confirms her assumption, "Well, I like you to meet my daughter, 0z0ne." A smaller version of the woman appears next to her, wearing a brown uniform with a bag for the emblem.

"Nice to meet you, OzOne. I'm the representative of U.A Class 1-B, Cortney Tan. I'm sorry but what school are you from?" I ask not recognizing the emblem.

"Hello Cortney, I'm from Gaijin Academy, and I'm the representative of Class 1-A." This is the school that Slice is enrolled at, "Slice, told me about and I watched you during the School Festival."

"Yo Cortney!" I look over to see who's yelling for me and once again by fate, I get to see Slice again.

"You guys are doing the exams too early too huh?" Slice ask and I nod in confirmation.

"Sweet, I wish we could talk more but I have to get into my costume." I tell OzOne and Slice before breaking away.

"OK, it's time to get started," a voice said over the loudspeakers. "Don't make me wait or I may fall asleep again. My name is Mera and I'm with the…*yawn*… Heroes Public Safety Commission. Honestly, I could go for a nice coma right now. I've got vacation days saved up…"

Maybe they should've gotten someone more… awake to do this, Axel thought.

"Actually, it's a little erroneous to say that I'm Mera. Truth is that we're so understaffed that they hired someone with a cloning Quirk to clone me so I could host all of these tests all over the country today. The real me has been so busy lately. I just kinda want to stop existing at this point."

"They're that understaffed?!" Everyone thought.

"Well, I'll just start the explanation of the test," Mera continued. "There's about 1600 of you here today, so the first phase is a big free-for-all battle or whatever. There's a lot of pro heroes around right now, and the general opinion about heroes has been kinda shaky since that whole 'Stain' incident. Thing is, risking your life to save someone deserves some reward, so we pay heroes a salary. That's just how this works, OK? Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. We have a lot of pros, so we're gonna be looking for the best of the best. In hero work, a speedy job is the norm, so people who can resolve incidents quickly is what we're looking for. First 100 of you to complete the first test will advance, while the rest fail."

"Only 100 out of 1500?" Kendo repeated. "That's pretty daunting."

"That's about 6%," Monoma noted, "and it's not even how well you complete it – It's how fast. Plus, I'm sure even more will fail in the phase after."

"Kinda crappy, but that's life," Mera said. "Here are the rules. You examinees will get three targets to put somewhere on your body. It can be anywhere as long as it's exposed. You also get six special balls. If you hit someone's target with a ball, it'll light up. If all three of your targets light up, you fail. Whoever hits the third target gets the credit for taking down the opponent. You pass by taking down two people… God, I need coffee. Uh, we'll pass out the targets and balls now while we open up."

As soon as she said that, the walls and ceiling of the room they were in began to unfold and fall away, revealing the real testing sight the examinees were in the middle of. Around them was a city area, a highway area, a mountain area, an industrial area, and a forest and lake area.

"This seems… excessive," Neito says.

"I thought it just looks big from the outside, but now it seems even bigger," Kendo added.

"I'm sure you kids have preferred or disliked terrains," Mera announced, "So pick somewhere that suits your abilities and fighting styles best. It's an entertaining reveal, but it took so much time and energy. So much energy. Anyway, get ready with your targets and we'll begin soon enough."

Mom and Zone-Tan sit in the observer area, far away so they can't give their students any advice.

"So how are you and John holding up?" Zone ask, knowing how people are seeing U.A and a mother herself knowing that Cortney got kidnapped.

"We've been better, don't worry about me. How's your husband?" Ms. Tan asks back.

"Fine. You know what about to happen right?" Zone asks, to which Ms. Tan nods.

"Alright everyone, splitting up might be the best idea." I suggest.

"What? Why should we split up." Neito asks.

"Because we're all high threat targets, and that means we have a giant target on our backs, that my reasoning, got any problem with that." Nobody says anything before we enter the area.

"Really?!" I ask, seeing almost every school standing in front of us, holding balls.

"They're gonna jump us right at the start?!" Shoda yelped in a panic. "Why are we heading to the city area where everyone will be?"

"There's plenty of areas to hide and duck away if we need to. Going somewhere wide open means we'll be attacked from all sides and have nowhere to escape too," Kendo answered. "More than that, I believe in our strengths. If we stick together, watch each other's backs, and give it everything, we can beat anyone. We beat All Might, remember?"

"That's right. Defense, get ready," Monoma instructed. As the class neared the entrance to the city area, running alongside the elevated highway area, a buzzer went off.

"The first phase will now begin." Just as the announcement kicked off the test and we reach the city entrance, hordes of competitors jumped out at us. They're attacking us from all sides, from the windows of the buildings, above us on the highway area, even from behind in the open area just came from, and a storm of testing balls are launched at us.

"The crushing of U.A." Mom states.

"Itsuka, Axel, Neito, Chibi! Get ready!" I tell them, Axel, Neito, and Itsuka enlarge their hands, while Chibi spinning his tail.

"Gods of the winds!" The whirlwind we create blows any balls throw at us away, along with a few students who were too close.

"We stay here, everyone not passing. Run and back someone up." I tell my classmates before running into a city with Chibi following me.

"Wait up." Tetsu follows me as well, while everyone else books it. We take cover in a building and wait for things to cool down.

"Nope." Or we try to, unfortunately, someone manages to spot us and tear down the wall we were hiding behind with a giant fist. A dark-skinned boy, wearing a straw hat, short, blue trousers with cuffs, sandals, and a sleeveless red vest.

"Oh Come Onnnnn." I groan, as I quickly figure out who that is, Jerome.

"Same thing to you." Jerome states, "Why is the first I find is the last person, I ever want to see again."

"Gum Gum Pistol!" Jerome launches his fist at me which I proceed catch, and he tries to get his arm free from my grasp.

"I've grown a lot since we fought," I tell Jerome with some help from Tetsu, we force Jerome over to where we are and in our punching range.

"Steel Scratch." Tetsu lands the first punch with me following close behind, together we smash our fists in Jerome's face before sending him crashing into a wall.

"Ouch, that hurt." Jerome says rubbing his nose, "You're not worth it." Before running away.

"Wait, you're not going anywhere." I yell at Jerome trying to chase him.

"There you are." OzOne hops down from somewhere right in front of me. Now, she's wearing a Purple sweater as well with black shoes.

"You're dumb if you can win a 1v3," I inform Oz.

"Which is why we're going somewhere else." Oz says grabbing me by the throat and flying off leaving Chibi and Tetsu to defend themselves.


Axel, Neito, and Bondo managed to escape to the chaos that was happening behind them. All the while they know that they can be ambushed at any second. As they walk through the city, Bondo suddenly falls into a pit trap.

"Bondo!" Axel checks to see if Bondo was hurt during the fall. "Ugh, Bondo is too heavy for any of my forms." Axel thinks of what to do.

"I can't believe that worked." A person says with surprise in their voice. Axel and Neito look to see who made the trap.

"The name Edward." The person tells them. He has golden-blond hair long tied in a braid going down to his shoulders. He parting his bangs in the middle to frame his face on either side as they fall and, in the center he has a single strand of hair sticking up like an antenna.

His costume is a bright red, long-sleeved, hooded cloak whose tail comes down to his upper calves. Emblazoned in black on the back is a Flamel.

"Let me guess, you belong with Gaijin?" Neito asks.

"Like I'd be stupid enough to tell you." Edward says, "I'm just trying to earn my license like you. So are we fighting or talking!" Edward claps his hands together before putting his left hand on his right arm letting out light blue electricity making a blade come out.

Axel wraps his scarf around Edward's arm and pulling him in. "Thanks for showing us how you activate your quirk." Axel laughs as he reels Edward in.

Edward tries to cut himself free, "Don't bother. My scarf is tougher than titanium, normal weapons are worthless." Axel informs Edward. Axel runs in to close the distance, turning his body steel so he won't get cut.

"Neito, I got him. Help Bondo out that hole." Axel advises before a concrete fist hits him in the chest. Edward slips free from Axel's scarf and claps his hands together again. He touches the ground, unleashing blue electricity. Out from the ground, Edward pulls out a steel club with the likeness of his face on the front.

"I need his focus on me." Axel thinks, he does a quick look over Ed and takes a page from Cortney, "How did they let a middle schooler into high school?" Axel jokes about Ed's height.

That seems to get under Ed's skin, "Who you calling middle schooler! I'm 15 years old!" Ed retorts with fury in his voice and charging Axel. His first hit reveals his true bulk underneath, Ed almost staggers Axel.

"He's much stronger than I first thought. I guess I have to bust out a super move now." Axel converts backs to normal, then switches to hardening and spinning his arms.

"Human Drill!" Axel flips putting on his goggles and digs through the ground using his combo quirk super move.

A month earlier

"Axel, I brought you here because I want to talk to about something." Aizawa tells Axel why they're outside.

"What is it Uncle?" Aizawa looks over to a tree.

"I want you to harden your body with Kirishima's quirk..." Without hesitation Axel hardens his body, gaining a sharp appearance.

"Now try using Kaibara's quirk as well." That makes Axel stop.

"As my nephew, I expect you to give it your all." Aizawa smiles at Axel, "Besides...when have ever given up without at least trying." Axel is brought back to when he asked his uncle to train him, and all the things he's been through.

Axel hardens his entire arm up to the elbow and starts spinning it as fast as he can before jabbing the tree. He manages to get a scratch on the tree but his fingers get stuck. After he gets his fingers free, Axel turns to see Mr. Aizawa grinning.

"You have a start, now you have to make it to the finish on your own."


Axel thanks Mei because now his goggles have Infrared vision allowing him to see Edward without exposing himself, he slips away going over to the pitfall Bondo is in.

"Hurry up and get moving before Edward, figure out where I am." Axel tells Bondo to go through the tunnel he made for him, before going back to digging.

Edward turns his sight to Neito seeing as he is the only one above ground, he swings his club down at Neito who enlarges his hand to protect himself. Neito rips the club out Ed's hands before grabbing him with his other hand, copying his quirk in the process.

Lighting shoots out Neito's hand, "Good luck using my quirk." Ed laughs out before stabbing Neito's hand.

"Now I have his quirk, I've already won." Neito ensures himself, he claps his hands together and touches the ground trying to make a spike field under Edward. Blue electricity shoots out Neito's hands but instead of forming several spikes under Ed, he barely makes one and it didn't even reach Ed, now Neito feels extremely weak.

"Let's me give you a breakdown of my quirk; my quirk is Alchemy, I can convent and alter matter itself by using energy conversion. However, it wasn't always like that, originally my quirk used my life to complete the transfer." Neito puts it together, they had it set from the start everyone, Gaijin is hunting them down.

Ed has to quickly make a wall to protect himself from Axel, who just jumped out from the ground. Ed presses his hands into the wall making a stone fist knocking Axel away. Neito gets up and punches Ed as he turns around knocking him into the wall, now Neito is steaming.

Ed reaches into his coat and pulls out a bomb with the fuse alright lit. Neito jumps for cover and waits for the bomb to blow up but nothing. Neito looks at the bomb and sees it open to reveal a flag with a picture of Edward sticking his tongue out.

"Goddammit." Neito feels like a fool, falling for something so simple.

"Dumbass." The bomb says and Neito kicks the bomb out his sight.

"Don't let him get under your skin Neito." Axel says putting a hand on Neito's shoulder, "We have to start getting targets, and standing around will do us no good."

"Let's go bag us some targets." Axel pats Neito on the chest before running in search of points with Bondo, now out of the pit trap, following behind.

"I hope everyone is doing better than us." Neito says to himself, before trying to keep up with Axel and Bondo.

Writer: And with that, we end things here. I hope you enjoyed Zone-Tan and Edward's guest starring in my story.

Thanatos: And without further ado, Today's power of the week is Edward's quirk, Alchemy.

Delaila: This quirk allows Edward to change and modified matter, but has many drawbacks.

T: This quirk follows the laws of Equivalent Exchange, so he needs something of equal value to what he needs. Like when he made that club, he used some of the metal on his arm to make it.

D: Also this quirk originally used Edward own life to complete the exchange but through training, he can now use the energy around him instead.

T: But other then that, this is a really powerful quirk. Edward is capable of even manipulating his environment like the pit trap or wall he used against Axel.

D: But that's all the time we have for now.

T: As always,

D&T: Go Beyond Plus Ultra! B-Bye- See you later souls.

Chapter Text

These next few fights will be showing what training everyone did.

Chapter cover- Peace firing off a Fire Dragon roar with Pony running underneath it.

Ch.34- Steadfast

"We can't afford to lose now Pony, let's take down these chumps." Peace tells Pony as they fly through the sky. Peace is flying with the help of her flames, while Pony is flying on her horns.

One month earlier

"Hey Pony, what have you been doing for your training?" Cortney asks as they sit in the common area.

"It would be better if I show you." Pony stands up and fires a horn with a new growing back immediately, the horn flies around and comes right back at Cortney. Cortney tries to grab the horn but it turns at the last second, now heading for Pony, she jumps on it and flies around on it.

"Wow, you have control over the flight of your horns! I never would have thought your quirk could do that!" Cortney says.


As they fly through the sky, Pony almost gets hit by a knife, she manages to dodge it but then another knife splits her horn in half.

"PONY!" Peace grabs Pony as she falls but is forced to land.

"You ok Pony?" Peace ask.

"Yeah. But that knife thrower might be a problem for the others, so it will be best if we take them out now." Pony suggest.

"Good ide-" Peace is interrupted.

"Looking for me?" A boy with short silver hair walks out, he's wearing a sleeveless black leather tunic with thin greeves going up to his legs and steel shoes.

"I already have one point and I only need one more to pass. Tell Cortney I'm sorry for taking you out, the names Slice by the way." Slice tells them, who he is.

"Slice, long time no see. Sorry but that's not going to happen. Fire Dragon Roar!" Peace spews a giant pillar of fire at Slice in an attempt to take him quickly.

"I was using a low temp roar, but that should be enough to him out." Peace says to herself but is surprised to see a shield where Slice was standing. The shield seemly disappears only to reveal Slice, unharmed.

"Weapon Graveyard!" Slice's body scatters weapons all around the area, but none land near Peace and Pony. Pony fires a horn at Slice and he proceeds to grab a sword and cut the horn in half.

"Don't bother with trying to attack me from the front, I'm practically untouchable." Slice taunts them.

"I'll melt that blade of your." Peace rushes at Slice, and he drops his sword, and picks up a Greatsword when the punch connects Peace engulfs her hands in flames but the sword doesn't show any signs of melting.

"Shit Tungsten." Peace is able to figure out what metal the greatsword is when the blade doesn't even glow red. Slice shoves Peace back, before swinging down at Peace. She catches the sword between her hands and holds him still.

"Dynamic Entry!" A hoof slams into Slice's face, "I'm not down yet!" Pony says before launching a barrage of stomps down on Slice.

"Falling Stampede!" Peace moves away from the sword and punches Slice while simultaneously firing a shot from her gauntlet.

"Quick Pony get his targets!" Peace grabs one of her balls and goes to tag Slice's targets, but his targets turn blue.

"Slice, please report to the waiting room." A robotic voice says from one of Slice's targets.

"Good thing I had that set up beforehand" Slice says to himself as he gets up.

"Hey, good job." Slice says to Peace and Pony before pointing to the side of a building, "I fought like four guys before you, so tag 'em and you should pass." Peace is suspicious about Slice suddenly so friendly.

"What going on? Even if you passed, why should we trust you?" Peace asks Slice about his suddenly heel-face turn.

"With my duty as a knight," Slice puts his fist on his chest and continues, "Once we're in the waiting room, I'll explain what's going on." Slice picks up all his sword as he walks to the waiting room.

"So far 25 have passed." Mera announces, "I would appreciate if you could hurry it up." Pony is now holding a ball in her hand and is walking into the alley.

"We sit around or we may not pass." Pony says to Peace as she walks by. Peace tightens her grip on her ball and runs to catch up with Pony, in the alley they find several students on the ground with none of their targets lit up.

"Looks like we can trust him." Pony says while playfully elbowing Peace in the side.

Back with Cortney

OzOne finally lands and has brought me to an empty spot in the exam area, plenty of buildings so I have somewhere to hide if she has ranged attacks but if I lose my friends can't save so this is all or nothing.

"Cortney Tan, I saw you win the tournament. You're quite impressive, so I wanted to test your strength myself." Oz says now transformed. She's now sporting purple wings with light purple webbing, her arms and legs now sport sharp claw with pitch black nails. She now has horns on her head, almost shaping a crown.

"A demon form quirk, guess we're both demons in our own way." I tell Oz, before activating Devil Trigger to even the odds.

"It's best we start now." Oz says, and I fire off a Flush and she sidesteps it.

"As I said once before, I saw you win the tournament, I observed all your movements don't think going super Saiyan is going to help you win." Oz says, grabbing my leg with the tail I didn't notice, pulling me in and slamming her foot into my stomach. That actually hurts, I thought she would be a trickster, not a brawler.

Oz then uses her tail to trip me then uses it to bind me by wrapping it around me. Oz sits on my stomach and pulls up my vest and gets confused at my bindings.

"What the fuck are you doing! We're supposed to be fighting not fucking! Also, taken." I scream at Oz but she doesn't care, she puts a clawed finger on my chest trailing down, cutting my binding in half.

"Cortney, me and my mother's quirk play with the lust that people have towards us. My quirk is Succubus Form, once my fingers touch someone they'll be screaming for release." Oz details what her quirk is, just as she finishes my binding.

"Damn, your tits are massive." Oz comments on my massive G-cup breasts then groping them. Fuck, her quirk is fast-acting, my breathing getting really heavy and my mind is starting to blank out.

"Ohohoh, how the mighty so easily succumb to my quirk." Oz laughs before I ram my head into her skull.

"Ah, my nose." Oz loosens her tail by accident, giving me the chance to slip free. I fix my costume but before I get my payback.

Some students from other schools try to tag our targets, "We call this a draw for now." I tell Oz as I get ready to defend myself.

"I can still fight." Oz says jumping up to her feet.

"Fine get ready to fly." Without further explanation, I slam my foot down thanks to the Iron Soles, I destroy the street in front of us. Oz grabs my hands and takes to the sky, flying around the other students, I manage to tag someone with only one target left, getting me my first point.

"Only two more spots are available, let's hurry this so I can go to sleep." Mera announces I hope everyone passed already.

"OZ! Throw me as high as you can into the air!" I command without any hesitation Oz flings me into the air, once I hit the point of falling, I airjump to slam as hard as I can using my Iron Soles to further decimate the street, sending everyone flying away.

Knowing I have no time, grab one of my balls and then suplex the unlucky fool that's the closest to me, tagging their targets.

"That's 99...and 100. The first phase is over." Mera announces I look over to Oz standing over someone with a ball in her hand.



I walk into the waiting room and everyone waiting for me, "Cortney!" Tetsu hugs me before breaking now with a bright red face.

"Cortney, what happened to your binding?" Peace asks and I think about how I was almost raped but just shrug.

"Oz, broke it during our fight."

"Yeah, Tetsu told us about Oz flying away with you." Peace says.

"He,y where's my costume case?" I ask Peace and Tetsu hands it to me. I put on the support of my breast, so they won't bounce all over the place.

"He,y Cortney you passed." Slice congratulates me and I get to see his costume, it gives him the look of a blademaster that's traveled a thousand battlefields.

"We fought Slice and he told us something interesting." Pony tells me just Oz walks over to us.

"Yes. You see my mom wanted to test you, so she told us to challenge you." I can tell why Oz's mother told them to do that, it's true we been through a lot in our first semester.

"No hard feelings?" Oz asks and I give her a thumbs-up.

"No hard feelings. Right guys?" I look back to my class and none of them are holding grudges. Soon a multitude of explosions goes off. On the screen, we see the city we were just in get bombed to hell making it look like Kamino Ward after All Might fight.

"What the hell's happening?!" Setsuna asked.

"Are we under attack?" Reiko wondered.

"The situation is this," Mera announced. "A large-scale villain attack has occurred. The final round of the test will have you rescuing the victims."

"We're doing rescues?" Reiko asked. "OK, but who are we rescuing?"

"Look, in the rubble," Shishida pointed out. Crawling out into the debris fields was little kids and old people, spraying fake blood on themselves.

"These will be the civilians you will be rescuing," Mera began. "Professional persons in need – the Help Us Company, or H.U.C. for short. Your goal? Find the H.U.C. victims scattered around the arena. From now on, we'll be scoring you on a demerit system based on how well you do. You all start with 100 points but drop below the benchmark and you fail. You start in 10 minutes."

"Everyone, make sure your all fired up because now we're becoming heroes!" I announce, "Let's get our plus ultra on!"

I yell raising my fist.

"PLUS ULTRA!" We cry out our school motto along with Oz and Slice.

"That felt awesome, no wonder why that's your school." Slice says laughing at our schools' new friendships.

Phase two

"Two people are trapped under that rubble next to you Cortney!" Axel is using Mozu's quirk to figure out where the civilians are. I find lift up the rubble and find two men dress as little kids crying, I take a second to remember the procedure. First, reassure the victims.

"Don't worry guys, because heroes have arrived!" I tell the kids with a smile on my face. Next, check and treat any injuries they have, one is bleeding out their arms and the other seems ok. Finally, get the victims to safety, I put the bleeding one on my back and pick up the other one.

"Don't worry everything will be ok now." I say in a soothing voice.

"Hey! I find one, someone give me a hand!" Tetsu yells to get some help.

"On it." Edward says with hands together, he touches the ground and several pillars of stone appear, moving the rubble out the way. Tetsu grabs a man from the rubble.

Things are going smoothly, everyone is working together and we're rescuing the victims. All until-

*BOOM* More explosions are heard, "Oh no," Mera unenthusiastically began, "the villains who attacked before are back and they're after the civilians. You must fight back the villains and protect the civilians while also saving the ones you haven't found yet."

"Seriously! What that hell?!" Kendo heard Kamakiri's voice coming their way and saw him, Yanagi, and Fukidashi being led to her by Monoma. "They just keep throwing bullshit at us!"

"No use complaining about it. We'll just have to divide and conquer," Kendo suggested. "Our strongest fighter will fight the villains, our best searchers find the rest of the H.U.C. members, and our best defenders stay with the civilians."

Then see who we're up against, "MOM?!"

Writer- That's where this book ends for now, but before Thana takes over, I have an announcement. I've been making character profiles over on Deviantart, just type in my name if you want to check them out.

Thanatos- With that out the way, it's time for Today's power of the week, and that is Slice's quirk; Blademaster.

Delaila- This quirk allows Slice to reproduce any bladed weapon out of Slice's body. A very powerful quirk but it has big limits holding it back. One, Slice has to forge the weapon himself first. Two is, Slice can only reproduce one of the same weapon at any given time and if the weapon is destroyed Slice then has to reforge it again if he wants to reproduce it.

T- I wonder how Slice figured out how to use this quirk? But that's all we have for now until next time, bye.

D- See you souls.

Chapter Text

I hope everyone is enjoying where I'm taking things so far, because now I'm showing the full strength of one of my characters.

Chapter cover- A katana stabbed in the ground.

Ch35- The wind tell truths

"No way." I tell myself, there's no way we're fighting her of all people. Amallie, in her work outfit with a bunch of grunts around her.

Amallie starts to walking, thinking what to do next, Slice and Edward rush past me, Slice pulls out katana from his arms and Edward touches the ground sending a wave of fist concrete pillars but Amallie easily cuts through them like paper. Slice goes to attack but Hina steps in snapping his sword in half with her club then sending him flying back.

"OZ!" I call over to me, need to tell her something.

"Oz, have your supports work on finding and rescuing the civilians, and have your assault quirks work on the grunts, my class will deal Amallie and Hina." Amallie and Hina are the threats but the grunts can back them up.

"Alright, Slice Edward, switch your focus on the grunts. Let U.A deal with Amallie and Hina, everyone else continue rescuing the victims." Oz tells her school and they follow her orders.

"Breakers meet up, we got some villains to deal with." My teammates surround me, "Peace, I need you roast Hina."

"On it." Peace takes flight and rains fire on Hina, "Fire Dragon Roar!" However, Amallie jumps in and takes the hit.

"I'm sorry but your road ends here." Amallie says to us before a strong gust of wind kills Peace's roar, now her black strands of hair are now on fire.

"So Peace did get her quirk from her mother." My fears come true as now we're not dealing just wind but fire as well. Amallie swings her sword down, knocking Peace out of the air.

"Cortney we're here!" Shoda arrives with Tetsu and Togaru.

"When we heard villains we rushed over here as fast as we could." Tetsu says.

"Alright, I'm not letting be hurt! Devil Trigger!" With my devil trigger activated, I launch a flurry of punches at Hina and she manages to block most them, I knee her in the gut and with Tetsu's help we're able to grapple her arms.

"Now Shoda!" Shoda uses his quirk to hit Hina, a second round of impacts doubled their strength, that forces Hina to drop to a knee.

Togaru, Axel and Pony keep Amallie distracted, "Futen's Hammer." Amallie summons a typhoon on herself blowing us all away.

"Medic!" Hina shouts and a woman rushes to her side, and I recognize it as that medic woman, she slaps on Hina and it appears that the damage we did is now gone.

"Shit, we just need to buy some more time…" I mutter to myself as I try to get up but my body won't move. What's going on, I turn my eyes to see Amallie and now it looks like a demon is standing behind her. It seems she's affecting everyone who's not her ally.

"Hina, kill all everyone who survived, including the heroes," Amallie commands, everyone is going to get slaughtered, I'm one of the only people able to match Hina in strength. I HAVE TO FIGHT!

I fight through Amallie's Fear trigger, and stand up, "You're not killing anyone, until you get through me first!" I yell Amallie and she seems to smile.

"Brave but you can't move, let alone fight." Amallie tells me, and she starts walking up to me preparing to finish me off.

"NO YOU WON'T!" Oz comes charging in and saving me. An alarm then goes off, Amallie sheathes her sword, bows and then walks away.

"Congrats, all the H.U.C members have been rescued, switched back in your school clothes, and see if you passed." Hina blurts out before leaving.

With the 100 students all back into their school uniforms, the scores were finally tallied and ready to be presented. Everyone had gather in the arena's center and watched the giant screen for the names of whoever passed to be announced.

"OK, first of all, thanks for all your hard work in the exam everyone," Mera yawned, back to his low-energy self. "Before I announce the results, I'll tell you how you were evaluated. There was a two-fold demerit system handled by the H.U.C. members and a member of the Heroes Public Safety Commission that was assigned to watch every one of you exclusively. Basically, your score is based on how little you messed up. The names of those who passed are listed on the screen in alphabetical order, so let's take a look." Once the screen flicked on and showed the 85 passing competitors.

"Woah, that's a lot of passing grades," Kendo said while looking for her own. "Hey, there I am! I passed!"

"Phew, same here," Monoma said.

"Aw yeah! Ya'll can suck my lizard titties! I'm in!"

"Of course, a hero of darkness could fell this simple task."

"Right, like you weren't flipping your lid, Shihai."

"Looks like we're heroes, Sen!"

"I never doubted us for a second, Kosei."

"A splendid showing by us all."

"Oh yeah! New wings and a new job!"

"What a relief. I thought I was gonna fail for a second there."

"No way, Shoda! We both did awesome and we both passed!"

"Thank you, Lord, for this blessing."


"Dude, my parents gonna flip when she hears this!"

"Pony's a hero now!"

"My uncle is going to be so happy."

"Hell yeah!"

"Kick ass! Mandiblade is licensed and ready to fight!"

"I gotta post this."



"We all passed!" Kendo cheered. "The twenty-two of us are officially licensed!" We raise our fists up and let out a resounding "Woo-hoo!"

"Oz!" I call Ozone as walks over to us, " Do you guys pass as well?" I ask.

"Yep." Oz simply answers.

"Awesome, mine if get your number? I would love to stay in contact." I ask, and Oz pulls out her phone.

The sun sets as we leave the National Bespin Sky Arena, and head back to U.A. On the ride home, I pull out my book and take a deep breath.

"Axel." I call his attention on me, "I think it's time they knew as well."

"I guess, it's now or never. I text Himi and ask her to gather everyone." Axel starts texting.

Later that night

"Thank you all for coming out and listening to me." I tell Class 1-A with Tetsu, Axel and Peace backing me up.

"What is it you want to talk about Cortney?" Dekuy asks me, and I'm holding my diary tight.

"Um." I don't really know how to proceed, Tetsu puts a hand on my shoulder to comfort me.

"Now that I think about it... what's up with you and that diary. You always carrying it." Kachy points it out.

"It's better if you see it for yourself." I slide my diary over to them, "Go ahead and read it." They all stare at each other and they're all curious and want to look inside but at the same time don't.

"Cortney, are you sure?" Tenya ask me.

"Positive." I reply and Tenya is the one to start reading, with every page he reads, his face gets more and more surprised. Everyone starts to huddle around Tenya to see what he's reading.

After their done, they look back at me, "Cortney, how did you get this information?" Momo ask.

"Me." Thana makes herself know to them, and they jump back.

"Who the hell are you!?" Kachy ask while a bunch of mini explosions go off in his hand.

"I'm Thanatos, Cortney's Reaper." Thana states, everyone gets ready to fight against Thana.

"Wait she's telling the truth!" Himiko jumps in between everyone.

"What are you doing Himiko!" Kachy asks Himiko what she's doing, protecting some stranger.

"Kachy, wait I can explain." I try to diffuse the situation before things get out of hand.

"Explain! Explain, EXPLAIN? You lied right to our faces, and you let people get hurt, YOU DID NOTHING." Kachy grabs my shirt neck and gets ready to unleash his fury on me, I just brace myself and let him do it.

"Kacchan!" Peace stops him, "Cortney was trying her hardest, she was always doing her best, not just for herself, but for all of us."

"Let me show you the things Cortney did change." Thana chimes in, "She stopped you from bullying Izuku, gave Izuku some muscle training, she helped both Shoto and Momo deal with something in their lives. Hell, she's risked her life so many times for you guys." With everything, Thana says a corresponding video is played as well, above her head.

"See." Peace says after that, Kachy lets me go and walks away.

"Look, I'll explain further tomorrow, I want this sink in for you and think of any question you want to ask me." I grab my diary and bow, leaving without any further words.

Writer- I have an announcement since I have to wait until October for the next season of My Hero, uploads will be much slower for a while, but here's what I have planned; I have two side chapters, fix the third fantasy chapter and then another two chapter after that. And I also have a side story in the works. And that's all I have for now.

Chapter Text

It's about time I got started working on this. This is going to be a long chapter so you better get comfortable and enjoy.

Chapter Cover- Cortney, Peace, and Pony putting on their hero costumes while walking into the sunset.

My Hero Academia Movie Two Heroes special

June 1st

As I sleep, something is happening in my dreams, it looks as though I'm rapidly switching between multiple people but so much is happening and I'm changing nonstop, so I can't get anything out of these vision.

The visions finally end but now I'm in a black void, I look over to my side to see Kim floating with black chains popping out her chest.

"Is this really the person we're giving our power to?" I look back and see someone above me, wearing a gray cloak covering most of their body. The only thing not hidden is a red ponytail draped over their side, their voice sounded feminine, but it's so muffled and distorted that I'm not sure.

"Yes...this girl was the one who inherited Demon Within." Another lady replies but is staying out of sight.

The second lady looks back at Kim, "They were working together from the start, and not against, so they are much more improved than us."

The first lady scoffs at me, "You better hope you're worthy of our quirk." She then points to me before they both walk away.

"Cortney, Cortney, come on Cortney wake up." I hear Pony telling me to wake up, "We're almost there." Right, Me, Mom and Pony got invited to I-Island, the most advanced place in the whole world.

Me and Pony peer out a window to see I-Island, a whole city built with the ability to move anywhere, "Remember girls..." Mom reminds us what makes this place extra special, "I-Island is chock full of scientist researching quirks, so people on this island are allowed to use their quirks however they wish, so make sure you visit as many attractions as you can."

"You girls got your costumes, right?" Mom ask and we hold out our hero costumes, "Great, you both better get dressed before we land."

"Alright- On it-" Me and Pony go and change into our costumes and Mom does the same, the thing she forgot to mention was that the event is still in early access so you're lucky if you got invited, the expo doesn't actually open until tomorrow.

Since I won the School Festival and got my invite, I also got a plus one; Peace said that she was going, Axel declined saying, it was going too much for him, the girls all wanted to come with me, but unfortunately lost to Tetsu in Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Mom got her invite as well, not for being a hero but for her support gear and costume designs, Dad got swamped with work, Chibi doesn't work well around water, and being in the middle in the ocean would be a mega disaster, leaving Pony as her plus one.

Once we land, "Hey Cortney, over here!" Tetsu immediately rushes over to me in his hero costume, "Thanks for the inviting me. This place is so cool."

"Yeah, glad you came." Mom chuckles into her hands upon seeing Tetsu lift me up without any trouble.

"You explore the island by yourselves, I have some business I need to attend to. Remember that tonight there will be a reception party, so make sure to switch to your formal clothes." So that why Mom had us pack formal clothes.

"Gotcha Mom, see you tonight." Mom leaves us and we go exploring.

Once we leave, Mom heads to a very hidden part of the island only a few people know about, there she finds a woman in her late fifties wearing a lab coat. She shares the same snow white as me expect the back is blood red and tied back in a ponytail.

"Hello mother," She drags out the last part almost as if they burn her mouth, "I thought you said you never want to see our family again?" Mom crosses her arms and stares down at the woman with full of hate.

"Yes, I did say that my failure of a daughter...but your family kept appearing the news, making it hard to ignore you." The woman says with a bit of hate in her voice.

"However, it seems that fate doesn't want us stay away from each other for long, I thought I might as well introduce myself to my granddaughter, at the very least." The woman throws a sigh towards Mom and pinches her head.

"So, how is my granddaughter?" Mom is hesitate to tell her anything but thinks that her daughter should know her grandmother.

"She's a lot like me with a bit of her father mixed in as well, her quirk is very unique but her development with Demon Within is much farther than most of us have ever reached," Mom tells the woman full of ego thanks to telling what her daughter has achieved.

The woman for the first time since the start of the conversation actually smiles, "Oh. Someone I can consider worthy of passing our quirk to?" The woman cracks her hands, "What's her name?"

"Cortney Kimberly Tan Jr."

"So you gave her your name? From what you told me already, I'd said she deserved more than you." The woman says in an almost taunting manner while fixing her ponytail.

"Let's go," Mom tells the woman to follow her, getting tired of this conversation.

The island is jammed-packed with things to do, there are cafes, rides, displays of hero equipment and so much more, as we figure out where to go and what to do, we bump into Peace, "Hey Peace, glad you made it."

"Yeah, well. It was bound to happen, my family sponsors a bunch of scientists and their research, so we got a few more invites than most people." Peace rubs her nose before starting again, "Hina was busy with work from school and couldn't come, so she gave her plus ones to me, I asked Bakugo come with me, he came in his usual manner, and Kirishima tagged along as well. And someone else." Peace mentions who she invited.

"Who would that be?" I bluntly ask, since asking would be a time waster.

"!" Before Peace can get out a single letter, an explosion is heard in the distance, we run over to a rocky attraction, where once the smoke clears reveals Axel using Tenya's quirk.

"A clearance time of twenty-two seconds, he's in third place!" A woman announces Axel's time, her voice seems to be projecting all over the place but I don't spot any speakers.

The woman looks to be a hero, but I don't have any idea who it is, their costume is a pale pink cropped shirt with short, puffed sleeves, a high collar, and a darker hem, left open revealing, a tight navy blue cropped top she wears. She also sports a pink mini skirt with a white and black pattern along the hem and sides, dark purple shorts, a belt with a large, oval-shaped buckle and a headset with a microphone over her cheek, as well as a pink star painted below her left eye.

"Please welcome our next challenger," Our attention is pointed to the person going next, Bakugo.

"The attack course has been reset, ready…" Bakugo points his hands behind himself waiting for the woman to let him go, "GO!" Once the timer starts Bakugo fires an explosion propels himself and destroys the robots while maintaining his momentum beating the course in only fifteen seconds.

"Wow, look at the time, only fifteen seconds! First Place!" Kachy sudden jumps into the stands and lets us see Dekuy and some of the girls from Class A and another girl not from our school.

Midway through Kachy's temper tantrum Peace grabs him by the throat and stares him down, "Katsuki Bakugo." Peace normal tone switches to a very serious tone, I've only seen once before, "I thought we had a wouldn't get angry and start yelling for no good reason." She tightens her grip even more and speaks through her teeth,

"I know you don't give a single fuck about what other people think of you, but this is something completely different. We're here as representatives for my mother and the future of our clan rides on getting a positive reception from the public." Peace puts her face up close to Bakugo with a demented and wicked smile on her face, making him break out into a cold sweat.

"This is my only warning, any further interventions from me will be MUCH worse, so you better not fuck this up." Peace releases Bakugo, before switching back to her normal self.

"Sorry about that, I'm Peace Miglow," Peace introduces herself to the unknown girl, "And the person behind is my boyfriend Bakugo."

"Nice to meet you Peace, I'm Melissa Shield." Melissa gives us her name, "But you can just call me Melissa." Me and Melissa stand at the same height, she has wavy blonde hair which reaches halfway down her back, two shorter pieces over her shoulders, side-swept bangs that framing her face, aqua-blue eyes with notable upper eyelashes, some slightly longer ones extending on each side and pronounced lower eyelashes.

She's wearing a white short-sleeved dress shirt with plaid cuffs, a large bow of the same design at her neck, and a dark raspberry pink waistcoat. Accompanying these are pale gray capri pants, under which are a pair of plaid pink socks as well as a pair of heeled brown boots. She also wears a wristwatch and pink, oval-framed glasses, telling me what she is by looks alone.

"I'm Cortney Tan, but Cortney is fine. I see you and Dekuy are acquainted already?" I figure out because Dekuy isn't freaking out and red like a tomato.

"Dekuy?" Melissa wants to know who I'm talking about, and I point at Dekuy.

"It's my special name for Izuku and Bakugo, I gave it to them when we were kids." I explain to Melissa, "I might as well introduce my friends. This is Pony Tsunotori, my roommate and a person I consider my sister," Pony waves to Melissa, "Next up, is Axel Gallavancer, a friend and classmate."

"Lastly, I like for you to meet my boyfriend…" I prepare to say his full name in the first time since forever, "Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu. Yes, that is his actual name and Tetsu is fine." Melissa has the same stare everyone has when hears his name for the first time.

"Nice to meet you all, I assume you're all from U.A as well." Melissa infers.

"Yes, but we from the Class B, Hero Course." I clear up any misconceptions, but Melissa's last name reminds of somebody.

"You said your last name was Shield, right? Would you happen to be related to David Shield?" I remember my mom bringing up that name a few times, and did some research on him. He is supposed to the best designing hero costumes and he even made all of All Might's costumes.

"Yes, that's my father." I give an accepting nod before Pony taps on my shoulder.

"Sorry for interrupting, but there's a villain attack course right behind us." Pony does bring up a good point.

I smile forms on my face and I take out my gauntlets, "Dekuy, you in or standing down?" I ask in a manner where Dekuy better say yes, or I'm gonna call him out.

"Y-yeah, sure." Dekuy stumbles a bit but goes on anyway.

"You go first, I need a second to warm up," I tell Dekuy as I start stretching so I'm not bogged down.

"Hold on folks, we have some new challengers joining at the last minute!" The woman tells the people around what's going on.

"The attack course is set," The woman exclaims as Dekuy takes up a charging stache, Dekuy releases All For One throughout his body and generating a small typhoon of a wind.

"The attack course is set...ready, GO!" Dekuy takes off running and jumping through the terrain, smashing the first bot to pieces followed by ripping through any that stand in his way, finally smashing the orange bot on top the mountain, ending his run.

"An incredible run, he's in second place at sixteen seconds!" I can definitely see Dekuy's improvements on Full Cowling but sees he's still has a long way to go. Melissa looks impressed at the very least, so I'd say he catch her interest.

I'm next up, Dekuy and Kachy gave me very little room to slip up, so I better give it my all, "Let's go, Kim!" I activate Devil Trigger before the lady counts me down.

"Wow folks, this girl is putting her all into this one, can she beat the leaders, or will she fall short and land in rock bottom?" I actually stare at the woman and give her the "WTF" look, there were better ways to say that. Now because of her I'm activating Sixth Gear and prepare to smash their scores.

"The attack course is set! Ready...Go!" I blitz past the woman and run up the mountain, I grab a robot by the leg and bring it along as I pass by it and use it as a bat to smash the other robots before throwing it at last one, and stopping the clock.

"Amazing! This woman has surprised us all, and landed herself at the top with thirteen seconds!" Nice, I beat the course with two seconds to spare.

"That was amazing Cort! You managed to beat both Bakugo and Dekuys' times and got first place." Pony is praising how well I did.

Further up the stands, Mom and the woman were watching the entire time, "See, I told you my daughter was incredible." Seeing me land first place against two people with much more powerful quirks impresses the woman.

"Alright then. Your daughter is something, but she still has much to learn, I'll make myself known." The woman flips over the rails and lands in front of me while stays in her spot.

"Ah! Who are yo-" I cut myself once I notice the woman the same characteristics as me and Mom.

"Cortney." The woman puts her hands on my face and looks over me, "I wish I could have been there when I was younger." The woman's voice is very calm and she has a grandmother aura to her.

"I'm your grandmother, Sherrie Tan." My grandmother? I thought nobody was alive on my mother's side because Mom rarely/never really talked about her family.

"Grandma," I'm so happy, she might be able to give me some understanding about our quirks, "I'd for you to Pony, my childhood friend, and Tetsu, my boyfriend."

"Nice to meet you, I'm currently working on this island and research how to make quirks and people stronger," Grandma tells us why she's here and what she does.

"I saw you out there, and you did amazing." Grandma pats me on the head, "Come with me, I want to show you something will make you stronger, but could I only want to you to see."

I understand what Grandma wants me to do, "Tetsu, Pony, I'm about to check something out with my grandma, I'll be back in a few hours."

"Sure- It was nice meeting you Miss Grand Tan." Tetsu and Pony go off to explore the island and I promise to see later tonight, while I go with Grandma to her lab.

It takes us a while to make it there since it's on the other side of the island, Grandma's lab is quite hidden being masked under a cover and needing a hand scan. The doors open and inside are a bunch of supports items on shelves, the room is kept tidy and organized with everything being easy to find.

"Wow! So many support items, you made all these Grandma?" I ask looking over the shelf as I glance through I spot what looks like Mom's Kusarigama that she uses.

"All the ones on that shelf, but I mainly work or help others currently." Grandma starts looking through a shelf full of boxes of different colors and sizes.

I thought about asking Mom if she could train me on to use one but decided against it, mainly because it would not fit my fighting style at all. Taking a look around the room, I spot a picture of Grandma when she was younger holding a baby who guesses is Mom and a man is standing next to them, he doesn't really have any distinguishing features about him.

"Is my Grandpa and Mom?" I pick up the picture to show Grandma what I'm talking about.

"Yes," It seems something bad happens from her reply and sudden tone shift so I decide not to peer any further.

"Here we go," Grandma takes a light blue box off the shelf and places it on the table in the middle of the room.

"I created this with only our family in mind," Grandma pulls out some clean...weights? I can't tell what they actually are from just a glance alone, there are four in total adding to my assumption.

Grandma takes one look at my face, "These are my greatest invention, the Newtan Weights, puts these on each one of your limbs, and it will be easier for me to explain." I slide them around my hands and thighs, after which they tighten to fit me and won't slide around anymore, they also change to match my skin tone. I feel them because of how light they are.

"Um, "Grandma begins her explanation.

"The Newtan Weights are gravity manipulators, to enhance your attacks and increase your mobility," I can tell how they enhance my attacks, increase the gravity so hit harder but how can these things make me faster?

"Note that I designed them as weapons and not training weights, now brace yourself because I'm about to turn them on." Why did Grandma tell me to brace myself?

Grandma takes a controller out of the box and presses a button, I'm almost sent into the floor, "What the hell, these weigh like four thousand pounds now!" I exclaim fight against my new weights.

"Sorry about that honey, they're automatically set to go on the max setting when calibrating, give it a second." After about ten seconds, the weights aren't trying to drag me into the floor anymore, another twenty seconds later and everything seems to be okay now.

"I think the calibrations are finished, how do I use these?" The weights were the only things Grandma gave me, and I don't see a switch anywhere.

"That's the final thing, the weights are voice activated, so say times fifteen to have them only recognize your voice," I say it and at the same time, Grandma presses another on the remote, the weights flash.

"Alright, the Newtan Weights are yours, feel free to keep them." I feel I shouldn't keep them but Grandma said that she made them only for us, I'll make my final decision before we leave. I feel my phone vibrate and see a message from Pony saying the party will be started soon.

"Sorry Grandma, I need to get ready for the party, you'll be there too right?" I ask if she'll be attending the party.

Grandma nods, before pushing me along to change herself.

Central Tower

After quickly changing clothes and applying some makeup, I meet up with the others waiting for me in their formal clothes as well. I tied my hair down in a bun, so it wouldn't get in the way. As for my clothes, I'm wearing a brilliant gold and red dress with a skirt following the same color scheme, black stockings, and black shoes without spikes. I'm also wearing the Newtan Weights Grandma gave me because it not anyone would notice them.

"About time Cort." I know Pony is a little annoyed having wait and miss the food. Pony wearing orange with frills all over the place making it look like a grassy field with a light orange skirt held down by a black strap, and high heel shoes.

"Sorry about that, Grandma's lab was on the other island." Taking a look around, I see Pony and Tetsu.

"Hey, where are the others?"

"Axel is this Deku and others, but I can't get Peace to pick up." I wouldn't be surprised they got lost on the way here, even just the tower itself is really confusing for anyone without a map.

"I'm sure they'll make it." Tetsu tries to give us hope they'll make it, before walking over and getting a good look of me "You look really cute, Cortney." I try to wave it off but my blushing face exposes me.

"Thanks, Tetsu." Tetsu is wearing a gray vest with a navy blue shirt underneath and red tie, light blue pants with a brown belt and brown shoes.

"You're probably right," Suddenly all the Tv state that a bomb is on the island and the security system has been activated.

"Villains got in here too?" No matter where we go trouble seems to follow us. The windows are then covered up, I try to call Dekuy to see how their doing but my service is being cut off, that's weird. It could be really dangerous to shut off communications.

"You guys getting anything?" I hope my shitty service is the problem.

"No- Nothing-" So everyone is affected too.

"Thana, I need your help." I need her to get us to the others, Thana appears right next to me.

"Thana, bring us to where everyone, please." We-I need to if everyone is okay, Thana nods and a portal, hopping through it brings us to a dark hallway, I can hear Dekuy right around the corner.

"Guys." I see everyone is okay, but Kachy and Kirishima aren't here either.

"Cortney! How did you find us?" Axel jumps to his feet.

"We got lucky I guess, I heard you talking about saving everyone, you can count us in as well." They were talking about how the villains capture everyone including our moms, I put my gear and activate the Newtan Weights.

"We better get going now." Every second count, since all the elevators are down we have to this the old fashioned way, stairs, after the eighty floors we realize that we still have a long way to go, I set the weights to -5 so I don't burn through my stamina. Mineta tries to look for another way opening a door but quickly stop him.

While looking for the stairs on this level, the gates start to shut us in, spotting a door Shoto uses his ice to stop the gate and Tenya jumps over smashes the door down, ruining his pant legs in the process, to get us away from the gates.

The finds ourselves in an indoor greenhouse full of trees, "Melissa, do you know we are?" I ask since she knows this place well.

"This is the plant factory, use this place to research the effects quirks have on fauna." Make sense, I mean some quirks are practically elementals powers.

"Hold on," Jiro stops us when she notices the elevator is coming up. We hide in some bushes.

"Hey, we see you, stupid kids." One of the villains finds us, fighting is risky because we have no idea what their quirks are and what gear they have.

"What you say you bastards?" That's Kachy's voice, the villain wasn't talking to us but him.

"Yeah, we got lost on our way to the party, and I was wondering if you could show us it is." Peace thinks those guys are people here.

The villains look at each other, the one whose face looks like a monkey glove is ripped open and fires high-pressured water at Peace.

"Look out!" Shoto creates a wall of ice to protect Peace and then a pillar of ice under us.

"The three of us can keep them busy, look for a way to the top." I can't find any flaws with Shoto's plan currently if we all try to run the villains we follow us.

"Make that four!" Tetsu jumps off and lands right next to them.

"Tetsu!" What is that thick-headed idiot doing?

"You guys will fine without me, keep going! I'll back up with later." Tetsu hopes he dies otherwise I'll kill myself.

After busting through another gate, we're locked in and somehow Mineta becomes our hero in need, after he gets the ladders for us, he's hoping for some praise.

"How about when everything is said and done, I won't shove Pony's horn up your ass." That's the best thing he's getting from me.

"I worked all day, why do I deserve that?!" Mineta retorts even through he just allowed to keep moving.

"Cause you're a nasty pervert, who deserve it!" Pony takes the words right out my mouth, instead of me and the other girls except for Melissa point back to Pony.

At the party

Ms. Tan is currently wrapped in the restaining wire the other heroes are in, Amallie on the other has a gun pointed to her head because the villains mistook her as a civilian, not a hero, she could fight off villain the behind her but worry for the people that could be hurt and the person who looks to boss is sitting on a table right next to her.

"Alright, the villains may not still know the children are trying to regain control, so we just have bide our time." Amallie waits for her opportunity to strike, however, one of the henchmen stops and pick her up by the hair.

"Hey! Someone get some capture rope on this woman!" Someone who knows Amallie a hero, it's by the only women in this group and not wearing a mask. The woman reaches inside her Kimono and grabs her swords.

"I wised up from our last battle, you bitch!" The woman demented smile is all Amallie needs to who she is, the woman looks over to her side and spots Ms. Tan.

"Would you look at that...the bloody executioner is here and captured as well, this day just keeps getting better and better." The woman starts cackling at the current situation.

Back with Cortney

We've reached the 100th floor but now things are different the gates aren't closing anymore.

"Something seems off," Axel states when we go another thirty floors without troubles.

"You think they're luring us into a trap?" Peace seeing what Axel is saying.

"No, they're trying to capture us now." Our path is blocked by a bunch of security bots.

"I don't see any other way but through them, you guys got a plan?" I ask Deku and his group.

"Yeah," Momo creates a huge blanket out her back.

"It's time to execute Plan A," Tenya states, when did they think of this?

"Denki you ready?" Denki gives Tenya the green light. Tenya grabs Denki and spins around before throwing him in the middle of the bots.

"Indiscriminate Discharge 1,300,000 volts!" Denki sends out a bunch of electricity in an attempt to the robots' circuits, but the robots retreat into themselves.

"It isn't working," Dekuy pokes his head out the blanket when the robots aren't being affected.

"How about 2,000,000 volts!?" Denki cranks up his quirk to the max, but frys his brain in the process, leaving him stupid.

As we walk to check on Denki, the robots spring back to life and capture Denki, now heading straight for us.

"Plan B." Tenya orders and Momo creates smokes bombs able to interfere with the robots' systems, while Mineta uses his balls to trap them. A few jump over the stuck ones.

"Come on Midoriya." Tenya and Dekuy get ready to finish off the robots, Dekuy throws off his coat and pulls back the sleeve, revealing a red wristband. The wristband unravels to cover all of Dekuy's left arm and then Dekuy activates Full Cowling.

Dekuy dashes for the robots and blows them away, I notice that hit was much stronger than 5%. Jiro warns us that reinforcements are coming from the left and we go the opposite way.

"It seems you aren't the only one, who got some new gear Dekuy. What the heck is that thing?" I know now is not the best time to ask but that seems like some powerful gear. I also hand Momo some granola bars, "Eat these, we can't have you shutting down on us."

We manage to reach the 138th floor without trouble, but a bunch of robots are blocking the way to the next floor, Melissa warns us to be careful and not destroy the servers in this room.

"We can hold these guys off." Axel grows two extra set of arms, "Pony stay with me." Pony gets in her signature charging position.

"We got these guys, you'll be ok without us." Pony and Axel will stay with Momo, Jiro, Mineta, and Tenya, while me, Peace, Dekuy, Melissa and Ochaco go on ahead.

"Be careful." As we run for the next floor, I can hear the fighting going on.

"Remember we're from U.A, so they'll be fine." Peace reminds me after I stopped.

"Ten Bronco shutout!" Pony rams into a robot and sending it into the sky for Axel to send into its buddies using his capture scarf.

"Why did you have that?!" Pony questions Axel for keeping his scarf on him while out the way of Jiro's glue shot.

"Knowing our luck, it's never a bad idea to keep my scarf around," Axel replies before seeing Tenya's engines flood and summoning his wings to save Tenya.

"Got ya." Axel looks to everyone, including Pony, hitting their limits, "Crud, I'm hitting my limit as well." Axel is forced to land, where they're captured.

"It's up to you guys now," Axel mutters.

Melissa brings us to the wind power generators, she tells us that there's an emergency exit at the top of the tower that we can get into, Ochaco uses her quirk on Dekuy and Melissa while I turn the weights to negative 50 and chase after them, however Peace and Ochaco are ambushed by more robots.

"Peace, Ochaco!" I thinking I should back them, instead-

"Don't worry about us, I can hold these guys off by myself. Save everyone!" Peace tells as she engages her gauntlets, at the last minute Kachy makes an explosive entrance.

Shoto and the others arrive as well, but Dekuy and Melissa are blown off course by a strong gust of wind, I can't help because they're out of my reach, but Shoto acts quickly and asks Katsuki to move one of the wind propellers. Shoto uses his flames to create a draft of hot wind that sends Dekuy and Melissa back to the top of the tower.

Dekuy activates Full Cowling once again to smash through the tower, I disengage the weights and follow them in. Melissa lands on Dekuy in a compromising position.

"You guy good?" I ask mainly checking Melissa okay.

"Yeah." Dekuy is quickly attacked by a man with a sword for an arm, I grab the man's arm and throw him down the stairs followed by jumping, activating my weights and slamming my foot into his face.

"Dynamic Entry x50!" I crater the man's face into the wall, knocking him out and leaving him like a cartoon.

"I don't think he's getting back up any time soon." I point to the carnage I did to the guy's face. We continue to fight through the tower, where we find Melissa's dad being held, hostage. We hear him talking about some plan, David tells us he planned everything from the start and he hired the villains.

"What!?" I start to get enraged and walked over to David Shield, "You risked everyone lives including our friends and family, and fooled everyone and even your own daughter! For a stupid invention, you're A FAILURE OF A FATHER!"

"Stop living in the past, All Might would never accept anything from a VILLAIN!" David is smarter than this.

"You got that right." The villains appear right in front us, the boss touches the door to the vault releasing electricity restaining me and Dekuy with metal.

Sam steals the device from David before the boss shoots him in the tries to finish him off but David jumps in the way of the second bullet.

Melissa rushes to her dad's side but Wolfram smacks her away. The villain taunts David, telling him a villain now because of his actions. He plans on abducting David after he gets rid of his attachments. Me and Dekuy free ourselves and stop the villain from shooting her. Dekuy tells Melissa to rescue everyone else while he goes after Professor Shield.

"Dekuy, go for the boss! I'll cover Melissa." The boss constructs several walls while the other villain chases after Melissa. I jump off one of the metal walls and stops the villain in his track but the boss summons a pillar to crush me and Dekuy, the first one catches me off guard, but power me up and he keeps summoning more, just hold on for Melissa.

Melissa managed to reset the system, robots release our friends and return to normal, the heroes are freed too.

Reception Hall

"U.A really does make great heroes," Amallie says as get her sword and pushes the woman into a corner.

"Now for you," The woman grabs a drink from her belt and downing it before breathing out magma-like mist.

"Valley sacred breath." Amallie fans her sword and blows the mist before it reaches the civilians.

"Hold it! I still have hostage, so try anything." The woman is now holding Sherrie with a gun to her.

Ms. Tan lowers her weapon, "Mom, show this woman why you shouldn't mess with a Tan." Sherrie's body turns red and slams the back of her head into the woman's face, while she's clutching her nose Sherrie spins her foot under the villain, tripping and knocking the woman to the floor before giving the woman one last look at her before a face in.

"I see your daughter succeed, All Might do your job," Sherrie tells the symbol of peace to finish what the villains started.

Back with Cortney

The villains leave with David and leave us buried in metal pillars, we manage to burst through knowing Dekuy, he wants to save David.

"You ready?" I say it with only my eyes and Dekuy understands, "Good let's go."

We manage to reach the villains just before they escape on a helicopter, "I wonder, did you come to bring this man back so he can pay for his crimes?" The villain seems confident when asking that.

"Of course not, I've to save David Shield from the likes of you!" Dekuy and me rush at the villain, who retaliates by barraging us with more metal pillars. Dekuy jumps and dodges the pillars sent at him, while I just smash through them. The villain stops us by pointing a gun at David, before crushing us between the pillars.

The villains take-off but we grab on the helicopter to stop it from leaving, the villain points a gun at us "I'll give you act like a real hero, but you're an idiot too." We manage to block the bullets fired at us but get knocked off.

I see us about to fail after making it so far, I manage to safely land while Dekuy smashes into the ground, "Dammit, Give the professor back!"

"Don't lose that smile you two..." All Might launches himself in front of the helicopter, "Because I am here!" And taking while saving the professor, I can almost hear his signature song in my head but is knocked away revealing the villain is now wearing David's Quirk Amplification Device to increase his powers and takes David again, this time encasing him in a metal prison. The villain's new powers even give him enough strength to block All Might's Texas Smash. Wolfram's Quirk gets revitalized and he activates metal from all the top floors of the tower, giving him more than enough weapons to take on the heroes.

That thing is putting him on even footing with All Might, and the helipad is getting destroyed, I can see steam pouring out All Might meaning he's hitting his limit and I don't think he can win in time. The villain sends another wave of pillars at All Might but they're frozen in their track.

"Goooo to HELL!" Kachy fires several laser beams of explosions at the villain, others arrive as well destroying the pillars to give All Might some breathing room. He jumps into action by smashing and dodging his way through the pillars, just as he closes the distance All Might is stopped by metal wires.

The villain suddenly gains a burst of strength, and his skin starts to glow bright pink, pushing us away. The villain says something to All Might before crushing him between several metal cubes and piercing spikes as well.

I can't stand to watch this, "Devil Trigger 100% Newtan Weights Max Power!" Me and Dekuy leap into action to save All Might when coming back down I feel arms almost explode, I'm pushing my body way past its limit, but the villain is still standing I can't give up just yet!

"Dekuy...I'll clear a path for you and All Might, you guys finish him." Dekuy nods to me before he and All Might rush to the front, the villain sends more metal cubes at them, Kachy uses his full power explosions to clear, while Shoto creates an ice wall to stop pillars coming from behind. In a desperation attack, the villain destroys more of the helipad and giving us even less footing.

As All Might runs for he smashes giant cubes to pieces with a single punch, while Dekuy goes beyond his limits and even smashes clean through one of the iron pillars with a powerful kick. I see another one headed for him it's time for my part.

"Red Demon…" I smash the pillar to pieces, "Unstoppable force!" Before sending it back at the villain destroying my weight in the process.

With one final last-ditch effort, the villain compiles dozens of giant iron cubes and fuses them to create a gargantuan steel cube. He threatens to crush the entire tower with his new weapon of mass destruction. All Might and Dekuy chant what it means to be a hero and prepare a unison Super Move to counterattack. The villain sends the gigantic cube at his foes for his final attack. Dekuy and All Might work together to break through the cube with incredible ferocity using a Double Detroit Smash!

"Show this dumb villain our Plus ULTRA!" I chant as they defeat the villain. As the dust settles the villain is now a skeleton of his former self.

"Cortney!" Tetsu rushes over to help me up, "Are you ok?" As he helps up, I feel a surge of pain run through my arms and legs.

"I've been better, but still alive, so I'd say that counts." When I say that Tetsu picks me up princess style, "Woah,"

"Than me be your legs," Tetsu says, the gesture makes my heart thump unexpectedly.

"Thanks, Tetsu."

A few days later

"Come on, Corteny and Pony, the next plane leaves in a few minutes." Mom urges us to get moving.

"Coming!" As we prepare to board, I see Grandma waiting for us.

"Grandma, it's been so nice to meet you, sorry about the Newtan Weight." During the fight I pretty much broke all four weights, they were beyond repair.

"No problem," Grandma waves them off, "That happens a lot, but you breaking them means you, I can still improve them." Grandma hugs me and Pony goodbye and we get on the plane.

"I guess you aren't such a disappointment after all," Grandma tells Mom as she passes by.

Writer: And with that, the first movie is done. I know a second movie is in the works, but I'll deal with as it comes, also any super moves shown will not be making a reappearance. I hoped you all enjoyed this and tell me what you think.

Thanatos: I was awesome, All Might saving the day with Deku and that Double Detroit Smash was animation perfection. What did you think Delaila?

Delaila: I'd say that was quite the showing, but who knows what lies next for Cortney?

T: You got that right. But that's where we have to call it for now.

D&T: Remember to Go Beyond, Plus Ultra Style! See ya souls later.

Chapter Text

Hey there everyone, sorry about the lack of writing from me, I just didn't have the motivation. But I'm jumping back in, also I was planning to skip this fight but it was just essential for character building, nevermind I just came with something better.

Chapter cover- Cortney with her back to everyone else.

Ch.36- What makes you tick?

It's 12 o'clock right now and I'm sitting in bed, just thinking, will Class A still see me as their friend or…

*Knock Knock* Who could be knocking at my door at this hour? I open the door to see Pony in her brown pajamas, just going all in her cow/American origins, it has apples all over it.

"Pony?" I rub my eyes to see if my mind is playing tricks on me for being up so late.

Pony seems glad I'm up, "Great, you're still up Cort." I see she has a soda in her hands, "Listen, grab a drink and shake off your drowsiness, then meet me in the common room." I can't really decline whatever Pony has in store for me since I need some support in my hour of darkness.

"Got it." I tell Pony and she makes her way down the stairs and to the common area, I meanwhile walk over to my minifridge, grab a Surge and take a sip, fighting off the sleep yokai coming after me. After that, I walk past Chibi and quietly close my door. While making my way to the common area, the dorm feels so different at night from full of life to dead silent, so quiet, the only sounds being the snoring of the boys and the wooden floor squeaking under my weight, a spooky yet familiar feeling, like when you go to pee at night.

I laugh off the idea as I walk down the stairs, in the dark I spot a gentle light revealing Pony sitting next to Ibara, she turns around and gestures me to come sit with her.

"Glad to see you here." Peace chimes in, "Sorry about Kacchan's attitude, he just felt so betrayed that everything he knew about you seemed…like a lie." I see where Kachy is coming from, I would feel betrayed too if someone told me I was just a story to them.

"It's fine Peace. What's going on?" Sitting around the light, which is Ibara's vines wrapped in a ball and lit on fire using Peace's fire, I can tell Peace did it by how stable the fire is. The girls from 1-A are here as well.

"They wanted some more information about your situation, and I saw an opportunity to strengthen the bond between our classes." Itsuka states what's going on to me.

"Speaking of Bakugo," Suu begins, "Peace, you hang around Bakugo a lot." I never know what's going on in Suu's head.

"I know where you're going," Peace states, "His sweat, many people think that Bakugo smells bad, but actually it's the opposite, he actually smells like sugar. You wouldn't notice it unless you're close up." Peace takes a sip of her drink.

"You know what? That explains why Bakugo reminds me of sweets." Himiko blurts out suddenly, "I wonder if his blood is the same?" We all ignore that last part and get back to the conversation but Peace has something to say.

"You may have seen on the news of a hero agency suddenly appearing overnight, yet has over one hundred registered heroes already. Well...the owner is my mother, Amallie Hydro." Peace lets the information sit in.

"You should feel proud of your mother Peace." Ibara tells Peace and most people would too but Peace is something different and they would have a different opinion if they knew what Peace family actually is.

"The Miasma agency isn't what it looks like, we are the some of the last Yakuza left in Japan, the only reason we haven't died off is from being an information highway for the police, we weren't violent like other groups, we were peaceful, we ever helped people. When Quirks started appearing during the chaos instead of using them to gain power, we used them to protect. Once heroes came into the picture we started to back off, however, heroes can only protect so much and the laws limit the average person so we became heroes who help in secret. As crime decrease yakuza started to die off, we gave them an ultimatum, join or fade into history, some joined without a hitch, some took some convincing, some tried to use violence but joined in the end, others didn't want to deal with us and were taking down by heroes, but there was one group the Dōjin-kai, they attacked our members on-site, and didn't want anything to do with us. After many bloody years the heads of the two clans came to an agreement, their children would marry in order to form peace. The children couldn't care less about each other, but they were stuck with each other if they broke up their clans could go back to war. One night an assassin snuck in the couples' room in order to cause unrest between the clans and fill in the power vacuum that would be left. Luckily, the woman survived and love started to blossom, some years pass and they later had a beautiful and healthy baby girl that became the symbol of peace for the two clans." Peace tells the history of her clan and I didn't even know most of that.

"What to know what they named the girl?" Peace asks and answers before any of us can respond, "Peace bridge Miglow."

"Peace, I'd like to ask you a question." Reiko is the first of us wanting to ask Peace a question.

"What is it, Reiko?"

"Just how many members are in your clan?" Peace scratches her head.

"To be honest I don't have an answer, we're everywhere in Japan, you never if you're interacting with one of our members unless you what to spot them." Peace exclaims.

"And that would be?" Suu tries to get answers.

Peace puts a finger against her lips, "That's a sec-ret."

"Now's the time for the main course and the reason we're all here." Setsuna snickers through her teeth.

"I...also have a secret." It seems Peace is making everyone reveal their secret and Itsuka next on the list.

"Me and Monoma have been going out." All our jaws hit the floor at the news, they hid that really well.

"When did that happen?" Mina wants some more info and so do I.

"During All Might's final fight. It just kinda happened." Itsuka looks as lost as us, poor girl but she did provide an excellent segway.

"Hey, Mina what's going on with you and Kirishima, you two going out as well?" I mean they seem real close, meanwhile, Mina starts choking on her drink.

Peace taps her on the back trying to help, *Cough Cough* "No! We've been friends since middle school, just friends." Mina snaps back.

"Sorry, you show concern for Kirishima like I do for Tetsu, my fault I assumed and was wrong." I did fire in the dark there.

"It's fine, speaking of which, how are you and Tetsu doing?" Ochaco turns the question over to me.

"We're fine thanks for asking, we somehow got put next to each other. Things have been going smoothly for us." I tell Ochaco.

"You can say that again." Setsuna chimes to which I dislocate her jaw with one swift punch.

"What did Setsuna mean by that?" Jiro interest is peaked.

"Nothing. Setsuna being Setsuna, don't entertain her." I see Setsuna head starting to float away and pops her jaw back in place.

In a broken part of town

A woman is currently watching the news report regarding The League of Villains in the dark, and keeping a close eye on anything regarding Minxs.

"The villains retreated soon after All Might arrived on the scene, and their whereabouts are currently unknown." The woman pauses it there.

"So that where my little spark ended up." The woman pulls out a photo of Minxs as a baby before lighting up the room by holding a finger up and letting it turn to magma, also revealing a scar running over her left eye.

"I remember the day I was forced to release you. I guess you took more from me than I thought. It's time I got back in the swing of things if I want to find you." The woman gets up from her seat and looks out a window, causing the moonlight to shine on her arms which shows off some of broken handcuffs attached to her.

The woman heads back to her seat, "Your poor father never knew what he was getting himself into when he met me. Does he even know about you?" The woman shrugs it off, "Whatever the case, I have to lay low for now until I can build up my power again."

*KNOCK KNOCK* Someone rather strong knocks at the woman's door, "Ah, that must be him." She sees a very burly man standing at her doorstep.

"Grain told me you've had a run-in with that girl Minxs captured, is that correct?" The man loudly cracks his knuckles.

"I assume that's a yes. I'll need your muscle, so come inside we have much to discuss." The woman guides the man inside.

Back at U.A

The girls have stopped me from ripping Setsuna limb from limb on the agreement the Setsuna keeps her mouth shut, "On the subject of boys…" Toru makes her know, before pointing to Himi, I only know that she's pointing by her shirt cuff moving.

"Himi… you've been friends with Axel since you were kids right?" I see exactly where Toru going, "You wouldn't happen to have some stories you'd be willing to share?"

"Well, Axel is denser than steel when it comes to girls. I figured that out when our families went to the beach together, and when he helped me put lotion on without hesitating. That's when I knew it." Himi brings back some memories from our middle school days when me, Pony and Peace often changed in front of Axel and how he didn't say a word.

"He may be brain dead when it comes to love, but he cares deeply about the people around him. Like during the attack on the camp and after I got stabbed, how he patched me up and carried me to safety, or stayed by my side in the hospital…" Himi starts to blush like crazy before grabbing and tucking her face in a cushion, "Oh god I'm in love with Axel!"

Tsu and Jiro comfort her, "Don't worry, I'm sure we can help." I try to assure Himi, who digs her face even deeper into the cushion.

"To be honest, I would have the same reaction if the class tomboys try giving me love advice." Pony points out the elephant in the room, "And I'm 90% sure that most of us have no prior knowledge when it comes to love, beyond from manga and love novels."

"I had a fan club in middle school." Yuri sudden points out, who's been quiet up to this point.

"Not helpful!" Himi retorts.

"Hey!" Hina barges into the room still in her suit but without her glasses, "It's two o'clock and school right around the corner, so what are yo-" Hina cuts herself by sighing and pinching her nose, "Actually, forget it I'm too tired to care, go to your rooms and go to sleep!"

The room goes dead silent as we look at each other, "Did I stutter?!" Hina reaches for her club.

"Nope." We pick up our trash and rush back to our rooms.

"We should try again next weekend!" I say before I sprint out the room.

"Totally!" Momo replies.

"Less chitchat, more back to your room." I run back to my room.

As I lay in bed, my worries have been flushed away after that chat with the girls, I'm glad they were so accepting of my origins, I should probably tell what's going on with my family. Right before I get a message from Himi.

Himi:[i'm counting on you]

                                         [don't worry we'll have axel falling in love with you in no time]: You

I put my phone away, get under my covers and go to sleep because I have a lot ahead of me tomorrow.

Writer: And with that, this is where the story ends for now. Now I want to say sorry for the really late chapter like I said before I recently graduated, so now I'm a full-fledged adult, but that doesn't mean I'm going to give up on my writing.

As you saw I'm setting up a major plot for far  into the future, we'll be learning more about them as time goes on and what's with that woman and Minxs. Also, I'll propose to explain Ms. Tan's quirk actually is. As for now see you next time.