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Blease End Me

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[Sunday 12:20pm]

Midoriya Izuku has added Iida Tenya, Todoroki, Uraraka Ochako and 15 others to the chat :)

Midoriya Izuku: Hi everyone Uraraka and I thought this might be a good way to get to know everyone in the class a little better! :)

Bakugou Katsuki has left the chat :(

Iida Tenya: Midoriya I can’t believe you’ve done this

Kirishima Eijirou: did class prez just
Kirishima Eijirou: meme?

Todoroki Shouto: He does that a lot

Midoriya Izuku has assigned moderator privileges to everyone

Todoroki Shouto: oh honey you’ve got a big storm coming

Midoriya Izuku: sjksdjkfdjkfoiivbjko

Uraraka Ochako has added Bakugou Katsuki :)

Bakugou Katsuki: ROUND FACE NO

Bakugou Katsuki has left the chat :(

Uraraka Ochako has added Bakugou Katsuki :)

Uraraka Ochako: Round face yes :)

Kaminari Denki: I feel vaguely threatened by that smiley face

Uraraka Ochako: good :)

Bakugou Katsuki: ugh fINE

Ashido Mina: and here we see a wild bakugou katsuki who has given up onlif

Shoji Mezo: onlif

Sato Rikido: onlif

Koda Koji: onlif

Tokoyami Fumikage: onlif

Todoroki SHouto: onlif

Uraraka Ochako: onlif

Kaminari Denki: onlif

Midoriya Izuku: onlif

Kirishima Eijirou: onlif

Aoyama Yuga: onlif

Asui Tsuyu: onlif

Ojiro Mashirao: onlif

Jiro Kyoka: onlif

Ashido Mina: did . . . everyone come online just to roast me?

Hagakure Tooru: onlif
Hagakure Tooru: yep :p

Hagakure Tooru has changed their name to ‘Invisibabe’

Yaoyorozu Momo: oh worm?
Yaoyorozu Momo: Did I do that right?

Todoroki Shouto has changed Yaoyorozu Momo’s name to ‘Yaomom(o)’

Jiro Kyoka: ajkdshjjfsj idk what’s funnier yaoyorozu trying to meme or ashido being roasted by pretty much the entire class

Jiro Kyoka has changed their name to ‘lesbian’

Asui Tsuyu: big worm

Asui Tsuyu has changed their name to ‘call me tsu’

Midoriya Izuku: @ me next time

call me tsu: @Midoriya Izuku

Midoriya Izuku: understandable, have a nice day

Midoriya Izuku has changed their name to ‘Deku (ס_ס;;)’

Chapter Text

[Monday 1:00pm]

call me tsu: can anyone else here meowing from deku’s room or is it just me?

Deku (o_o;;): whaaaaaaaaaaat
Deku (o_o;;): why would there be meowing coming from my room

Todoroki Shouto has changed their name to ‘All Might is still no.1’

All Might is still no.1: Midoriya found a kitten whilst we were on our morning run
All Might is still no.1: she is adorable :’)

Iida Tenya: We’ve only had her for part of one day but if anything happened to her I’d kill everyone in this room and then myself.

Iida Tenya has changed their name to ‘Sanic’

Sanic: She is so small but so full of love.

Yaoyomom(o): Iida I thought you were a stickler for the rules?

Sanic: Somethings are meant to be broken :)

lesbian: nothing is made to be broken?
lesbian: also can i meet her?!

Deku (o_o;;): piñatas
Deku (o_o;;): glow sticks
Deku (o_o;;): pasta when you have a really small pot
Deku (o_o;;): my bones when i use my quirk

lesbian: oh shit
lesbian: how could i be so foolish

Deku (o_o;;): I'm bringing her down to the common room if any of you want to meet her
Deku (o_o;;): please dont crowd her tho

All Might is still no.1: she’s like midoriya

Deku (o_o;;): um what?

All Might is still no.1: small and anxious

Sanic: ^Agreed

Kaminari Denki: i feel like im having a fever dream

Sanic: Why’s that?

Kaminari Denki: because you're willing breaking rules and using memes?

Kaminari Denki has changed their name to ‘Danki’

Sero Hanta: Kaminari no

Danki: kaminari yes

Sero Hanta has changed their name to ‘pun master’

pun master: We should add some of the teachers

Sanic: nO we most certainly should not.

Deku (o_o;;): Mmmmm good idea Sero

Sanic: Midoriya I beg of you please do not add the teachers.

Deku (o_o;;): who should I add?

All Might is still no.1: dadzawa

Deku (o_o;;) has added Aizawa Shouta to the chat :)

Aizawa Shouta: jfc
Aizawa Shouta: @Deku (o_o;;) I will let you keep the kitten on 2 conditions
Aizawa Shouta: 1. you let me meet her later and 2. you buy and look after her with you own money she is your responsibility now

Deku (o_o;;): thANK YOU MR AIZAWA!!!!!!!

Aizawa Shouta: dont forget to take her to the vet and get her all the necessary shots
Aizawa Shouta: if you need a ride myself or all might can take you, either way you need to tell someone before you leave school grounds
Aizawa Shouta: got it?

All Might is still no.1: crystal clear
All Might is still no.1: we should add midoriya’s dad

Deku (o_o;;): hEs not my dad todoroki!!!!! :(((((

All Might is still no.1: :/ sounds like something all mights secret love child would say
All Might is still no.1: suspicious me thinks

Aizawa Shouta: i . . . he makes a good point
Aizawa Shouta: also im pretty sure you're saved as ‘son’ on his phone

All Might is still no.1: the case just keeps getting deeper and deeper
All Might is still no.1: got anything to say for yourself @Deku (o_o;;) ?

Deku (o_o;;): HES NOT MY DAD
Deku (o_o;;): @Aizawa Shouta i cant believe you've done this

Deku (o_o;;) has given Aizawa Shouta moderator privileges

Aizawa Shouta has changed their name to ‘i hate this family’

i hate this family: ugh just look after the damn cat ok?
i hate this family: also @Danki you still have the English assignment due dont forget it

Danki: :’)))))) brb gays going to go finish that assignment

Invisibabe: *guys

Danki: i said what i said

lesbian: understandable have a nice day

I hate this family has added Yagi Toshinori to the chat :)

Yagi Toshinori: Aizawa why have you forsaken me?

Ashido Mina has changed their name to ‘Pinky’

Pinky: ajkksaahjkfhjkf i cant beleive all might recongnised mr aizawa right of the bat

Deku (o_o;;) has given Yagi Toshinori moderator privileges

Yagi Toshinori has changed their name to ‘All Might’

All Might: Aizawa has a very recognisable typing style.
All Might: Also I read through the chat history.

i hate this family: im leaving the care of these brats to you and taking nap
i hate this family: dont wake me unless youre in mortal danger

Sanic: Do not worry Mr Aizawa I’ll make sure no one gets hurt!

i hate this family: mkay gnight

call me tsu: its . . . 1pm

i hate this family: and?

call me tsu: fair enough

Invisibabe: sjhfhjlfhjfddjlh

Deku (o_o;;): are you ok Hagakure?

Invisibabe: I just saw kazoo kid from 1-b fall down the stairs
Invisibabe: He and Present Mic were talking about something and he got startled, copied Present Mic’s quirk and destroyed several walls

Bakugou Katsuki: kazoo kid lmao

Kirishima Eijirou has changed Bakugou Katsuki’s name to ‘Katsukill’

Kirishima Eijirou has changed their name to ‘RED RIOT IS THE BEST!!!!!’

Koda Koji has changed their name to ‘Koji ( ͡°⁄ ⁄ ͜⁄ ⁄ʖ⁄ ⁄ ͡°)’

Koji ( ͡°⁄ ⁄ ͜⁄ ⁄ʖ⁄ ⁄ ͡°): @Deku (o_o;;) can I come down and see the kitty?!

Deku (o_o;;): yes ofc!!!!
Deku (o_o;;): shes so tiny

Tokoyami Fumikage: what does she look like?

Deku (o_o;;): shes a black and white spotted kitty with one green eye and one gold eye!!!!!
Deku (o_o;;): her name is Oreo!!!!!!
Tokoyami Fumikage: she sounds adorable

Tokoyami Fumikage has changed their name to ‘i would sell you all to satan for one apple’

i would sell you all to satan for one apple has changed Shoji Mezo’s name to ‘Arms a plenty’

i would sell you all to satan for one apple: @Arms a plenty come hold me

Arms a plenty: what’s wrong?

i would sell you all to satan for one apple: dark shadow kept me up all night

Arms a plenty: i’m at your door
Arms a plenty: knock knock it’s your buff boyfriend here to comfort you

Deku (o_o;;): owo whats this?

Arms a plenty: no

i would sell you all to satan for one apple: midoriya no
i would sell you all to satan for one apple: also @All Might is still no.1 isnt your name kinda inaccurate?

All Might is still no.1: @All Might is still number 1 in my heart

All Might: ssuhjjfuihfeuihfuufnnnj

Deku (o_o;;): asdhbfi todoroki dont break all might

All Might is still no.1: why worried ill destroy your dad

Deku (o_o;;): HES Not MY dad

All Might: Midoriya is not my son!

i hate this family: your contacts say otherwise

All Might: asjibfieefbiefieib aizawa nO

i hate this family: ( ° ͜ʖ °)

All Might has added Yamada Hizashi to the chat :)

All Might: @Yamada Hizashi please reign in your husband

Yamada Hizashi: asjdjkbiefjijbeff

Lesbian: is that . . . .present mic?

Yamada Hizashi: It sure is little listener!
Yamada Hizashi: @i hate this family how much sleep did you get last night?

i hate this family: none :)

Yamada Hizashi: where are you?

i hate this family: in the staff room

Yamada Hizashi: mkay

Pinky: was that aizawa who screeched just then?

Deku (o_o;;): i think so?

All Might is still no.1: dadzawa found dead in ua

Sanic: Is he ok?

All Might is still no.1: ye but he dead

Deku (o_o;;) has given Yamada Hizashi moderator privileges

Deku (o_o;;): are we just going to very slowly add all the teachers?

Yamada Hizashi: wait doesn’t your class have 20 members?

Deku (o_o;;): nope :)

Yamada Hizashi: did you . . . murder the 20th member?

Sanic: No, we just don’t count him. :)

Deku (o_o;;):
┃┃╱╲ in
┃╱╱╲╲ this
▔▏┗┛▕▔ we
Drink respect women juice
╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲

Yamada Hizashi: ok then?


Uraraka Ochako: I’m going to murder mineta :)

Deku (o_o;;): *sigh* what did he do know?

Uraraka Ochako: I just saw him ‘sneak’ out of @Yaomom(o) room with some of her underwear :)

All Might: how has he not been expelled?

i hate this family: i haven’t been able to expel him due to of a lack of evidence but @Uraraka Ochako if you go to Nezu about this right away he and i can properly monitor the situation

Nezu has added themselves to the chat :)

Nezu: Don’t worry children I will be looking into this right away!
Nezu: If you or anyone has any proof you want to bring forward please email it to me :)

Nezu has left the chat :(

Uraraka Ochako: what just happened?

Chapter Text

[Tuesday 6:30am]
Uraraka Ochako has changed their name to ‘Oh! Gravity’

Yamada Hizashi: is that a reference to Switchfoot?

Oh! Gravity: Yep! I was looking at songs about gravity because i was curious about what my theme song (if I had one) would be and I really like it!

Yamada Hizashi: Fair enough!!! It’s a very good song!
Yamada Hizashi: It’s actually the first song I played on my radio show!

Oh! Gravity: whaaaaaaaat really?

Yamada Hizashi: Yep! @i hate this family

i hate this family: oh yeah i remember that you had just gotten the studio then right?

Yamada Hiashi: Yep! :’) one of the best days of my life

Oh! Gravity: oh worm?

Yamada Hizashi: It’s very closely tied with the day I married Shouta.

i hate this family: if i didn’t know you so well id almost be offended

Yamada Hizashi: Liar.

Danki: wait
Danki: married????????

Deku (o_o;;) has changed their name to ‘Boneless izuku’

Boneless izuku: how did you not know that???
Boneless izuku: Present Mic talks about mr Aizawa on his show all the time?

Danki: bitch you know my adhd ass cant focus on things that dont have visuals

Boneless izuku: shjjkdfjfjjfoenoijo mood
Boneless izuku:but yeah Present Mic talks about him all the time
Boneless izuku: but I’ve been wondering something @Yamada Hizashi and @i hate this family?

Yamada Hizashi has changed their name to ‘Yell Heah’

Yell Heah: Yes little listener?

i hate this family: yes problem child?

Boneless izuku: are you sure? It’s a pretty personal question but like how do you deal with interviewers (or the media in general) ignoring the fact that @i hate this family is a dude?
Boneless izuku: like so many interviewers even after you call him your husband continue to use feminine terms and she/her pronouns?? which doesn't make sense to me but w/e
Boneless izuku: i think the only few times ive seen epople respect the fact that mr Aizawa is a dude has been when the interviewers has been a fan of one and/or both of you?

Oh! Gravity: Izuku!!!
Oh! Gravity: Deku you need to give them time to answer

Boneless izuku: ajkfsdjfofoefoeeffo sorry

Yell Heah: Hmmm that’s a tricky question to answer little listener.
Yell Heah: Surprisingly I’m not actually a big fan of the media and the way it conducts itself in general, but usually I just continue to use he/his and husband.
Yell Heah: There’s not actually all that much I can do and the one time I did something the news agency it was with tried to sue me for being ‘aggressive and mean’ to the reporter when I tried to correct her on which terms/pronouns to use :/ which sucks because I love the oily trash man that is my husband and I hate not being able to defend him :’(

i hate this family: i try to ignore the media as much as i can but it . . . hurts? i guess? having our relationship being constantly invalidated by the media

Boneless izuku: oh shit
Boneless izuku: that’s really bad????
Boneless izuku: how come no one talks about this?

i hate this family: the cishets of agencies love having queer heroes but when it actually comes to standing up against intolerance and bigotry they are suddenly very busy and dont have the resources to put towards this (ie: they dont care enough to actually pull their heads out of their asses and help)

Boneless izuku: um @i hate this family i just found heaps of girls underwear (and some other things) in minetas room what should i do?

i hate this family: leave it i’ll message nezu about this

Nezu has added themselves to the chat :)

Nezu: No need! I’ve already informed some staff members about this and they shall be heading in to search his room during school hours. :)

Nezu has removed themselves from the chat :(

Yell Heah: why
Yell Heah: why were you in minetas room?

Boneless izuku: oh would you look at the time? #gotta blast

Katsukill: He was going to move the grape pisssbaby’s shit 2 inches to the left

Boneless izuku: KACCHAN DONT TELL THEM THAT!!!!!

Katsukill: uP YOUR SHUT DEKU

Danki: did bakugou just meme?

Koji ( ͡°⁄ ⁄ ͜⁄ ⁄ʖ⁄ ⁄ ͡°): Is that why you were standing by the elevator @katsukill?

Katsukill: mayhaps

All Might is still no.1: cursed message

Katsukill: nyo pwease dont be mad todowoki-kun

All Might is still no.1: if it weren’t for the laws of this land

Chapter Text

[Wednesday 3:50pm]
Aoyama Yuga has changed their name to ‘TWINKle TWINKle’

TWINKle TWINKle: Mon amis I am how you say fucking terrified~
TWINKle TWINKle: I just saw Bakugou and Deku leave their phones outside of one of the empty rooms on our floor and then walk in~
TWINKle TWINKle: Merde~

pun master: you should look in through the top window thing and see what's going on

TWINKle TWINKle: nO I will not do that

Invisibabe: You won't but I will :)

pun master: i found a ladder you can use @invisibabe :)

Invisibabe: Ok operation peek-a boo is a go!
Invisibabe: I’m looking in and Bakugou is talking to Deku
Invisibabe: He looks really sad? He keeps saying ‘I’m sorry”?
Invisibabe: Bakugou has finished talking and Deku looks sad but also really proud? Oh no he’s crying now

Oh! Gravity: @Katsukill if he’s crying out of anything other then happiness I will d e s t r o y you :)

Invisibabe: Terrifying but moving on
Invisibabe: Deku just hug tackled Bakugou
Invisibabe: They are both crying rn

Sanic: Hagakure please stop this!
Sanic: You shouldn’t be spying on your fellow students!

Yell Heah: Shhhh Tenya don’t tell her to stop

Sanic: nO I will not

i hate this family: Hizashi is right Tenya

Sanic: i hate this fucking family

Invisibabe: DID IIDA JUST SWEAR????/
Invisibabe: Moving on Deku and Bakugou are now just chilling on the floor hugging each other
Invisibabe: It’s kinda sjfdofweofoeoffweooiiorgnwrjkgjnjkb


Boneless izuku: welp ive seen things i cant unsee

Lesbian: what happened to hagakure?

Ojiro Mashirao has changed their name to ‘Tail(s)’

Tail(s): I too would like to know what happened to her.

Boneless izuku: I feel vaguely threatened by that message Ojio
Boneless izuku: Kaachan tackled Hagakure she then proceeded to strip and run away
Boneless izuku: @ the girls could one of you please come collet her clothes and put them in her room or something

Oh! Gravity: omw

Sanic: This class is a disaster and I hate it

Oh! Gravity: lmaooooooooooo

Invisibabe: I am back and now clothed
Invisibabe: @Oh! Gravity thanks for returning my clothes to my room :)

Boneless izuku: a rare wholesome smiley

Yaomom(o): @Boneless izuku and @Katsukill if you don’t mind my asking, what is it that the two of you were talking about?

TWINKle TWINKle: I too would like to know~

Bakugo Katsuki to Midoriya Izuku:

Bakuno: If you want to tell them I’m ok with that

Broccoli: Are you sure?

Bakuno: Yeah I treated you like shit and I need to own up to it

Broccoli: Ok

Boneless izuku has named the chat ‘Yikes my bones’

Boneless izuku: what do all of you know about Bakugou and mines history?

i hate this family: all the teachers know is that the 2 of you grew up together and looking at your previous interactions and the way you move and talk around bakugou im assuming that whatever happened was not good

Sanic: ^Same

Invisibabe: Bakugou’s been typing for a while now

Katsukill: I’m not going to fucking sugar coat any of this and if you hate me afterwards that’s understandable. I used to bully Midoriya no it was worse than bullying but I did it I took all of my self hatred, anger, sadness and all of my issues with my inferiority/superiority complex and anxiety out on Midoriya. I did it to him specifically because I used to see him as someone who was beneath me, as someone who wasn’t worth the good feelings that I had, I used to think that people who are quirkless (or appear to be so) were inferior to those of use with quirks (I now know that, that couldn’t be farther from the truth). He was an easy punching bag for me to take my anger out on and when I heard that he wanted to be a hero and go to UA I thought that was his way of trying to be superior to me/one up me so I said some things I most definitely should not have in the hopes of making him give up. But yeah I’ve been and extremely shitty person to Midoriya and I honestly do not deserve his forgiveness.

Boneless izuku: NO!! don’t say that your trying to be better, to do better you deserve to be forgiven

RED RIOT IS THE BEST!!!!!: I can hear little explosions coming from Katsuki’s room
RED RIOT IS THE BEST!!!!!: Little baby explosions, so manly and adorable

Chapter Text

[Thursday 6:00am]

Danki: ok but i am legit so proud of bakubro?
Danki: like he realised he fucked up, is clearly getting some kind of help for it, has apologised, is now trying to fix what he fucked up and is now trying to do better?

RED RIOT IS THE BEST!!!!! has changed their name to ‘Bakubro is the best!’

Bakubro is the best!: Well put Kaminari!!!!!!!!
Bakubro is the best!: @Katsukill I’m so fucking proud of you! <3

Katsukill: fneonejjncjwenjnwononklkkkoieww

Boneless izuku: Bakugou found dead in ua


Yaomom(o): @Boneless izuku are you ok? You have been shaking all throughout first period?

Boneless izuku: I didn’t sleep at all night and had like 5 cups of coffee this morning :’)
Boneless izuku: but other than that im fine thank you for your concern <3

lesbian: wholesome friendship

Danki: why were you up all night?

Boneless izuku: I found a free dragon breeding sim
Boneless izuku: I was up all night learning everything I could about it and setting up an account

Sanic: @everyone please get off of your phones, Mr Aizawa i about to make an announcement!



Sanic: :)

TWINKle TWINKle: :o What happened mes amis?~

Boneless izuku: oh my i forgot you were sick

Oh! Gravity: I thought the classroom was weirdly glitterless

Pinky: YEET

Yell Heah: FINALLY

Yaomom(o): Wow even Present Mic hates Mineta

Yell Heah: There aren’t many people in this world that I hate but the few I do, I hate with a burning passion :)

Boneless izuku: vaguely terrifying but also big mood
Boneless izuku: @Nezu @i hate this family do you know who is going to replace the grape stain? Is it Shinsou???????

Nezu has added themselves to the chat :)

Nezu: I unfortunately cannot confirm who is replacing Mineta, however Aizawa will be introducing them to the class tomorrow!

Nezu has left the chat :(

i hate this family: ^what he said

All Might is still no.1: hey mr aizawa i have a question

i hate this family: oh gods

All Might is still no.1: is Shinsou your Shinson?

Yell Heah: djsjssui`i`wuihwuiw

i hate this family: im not mad just disappointed

Boneless izuku: Todo! Stop! This! Madness!

All Might is still no.1: . . . . make me bitch

Boneless izuku: ok

Danki: what was that screech just then?

Pinky: adjshufhweufin
Pinky: Midoriya just hug tackled Todoroki and kissed him
Pinky: Midoriya then proceeded to blush madly (his face looked like an adorable freckled tomato), stutter out the word ‘oh shit fuck damn’ and run off

All Might is still no.1: what
All Might is still no.1: just happened?

Yaomom(o): Im cryingf
Yaomom(o): Todoroki is bright red and has both sides of his quirk activated right now.
Yaomom(o): @i hate this family could you please erase his quirk so that I can try and calm him down?

i hate this family: sure, where are you?

Yaomom(o): We are by the cafeteria.

Yaoyorozu Momo to Todoroki Shouto:

Wuh-Luh-Wuh: Hey are you ok?

Mlem: I think so?
Mlem: I’m just very confused

Wuh-Luh-Wuh: Maybe you should talk to him about this?

Mlem: mmmmm i could do that or i could just run from my problems

Wuh-Luh-Wuh: If you confess to him I will confess to Jiro

Mlem: aight

Deku Squad™:

Skyfall: are you ok deku? Where are you?

Run: Midoriya where are you?

Bunny Boi: I’m currently crying in my room
Bunny Boi: I fucked up guys
Bunny Boi: what if he doesn’t want to be friends with me any more? He’d just started opening up to me more and now ive probably gone and thrown it all away just because i may be just a tiny bit completely in love with him

Skyfall: Deku, don’t be silly! you are one of Todoroki’s best friends and if you ask me I think he may like/love you back?

Run: Whilst I am not usually good at reading these situations, in this instance I agree with Uraraka. Would you like us to join you? Hug pile?

Bunny Boi: thanks you 2 but you should go to class

Skyfall: too late lmao we already talked to mr burrito

Run: D
Run: id you just call Mr Aizawa ‘mr burrito’?

Skyfall: yep ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Skyfall: speaking of the burrito cat dad
Skyfall: Iida did you know aizawa and mic before coming to ua?

Run: . . . . I can neither confirm nor deny anything

Yikes my bones:

Oh! Gravity: @i hate this family @Yell Heah did you know iida before he came to ua?

Sanic: Uraraka no pls no

Yell Heah: We did! Tensei, Shouta, Midnight and I all went to UA together! We used to babysit Tenya together!

i hate this family: I have embarasing baby pictures of tenya if anyone wants to see them :)

Sanic: Shouta nO
Sanic: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to get blue pen all over your sleeping bad please forgive me!

Oh! Gravity: ooooooo id like to see them!!!!

Sanic: Uraraka no
Sanic: I trusted you
Sanic: I thought you were bae, turns out you’re just fam

Danki: wait that’s why aizawa’s sleeping bag is blue?

Yell Heah: Shouta is not very good at adulting he thought that putting it in the washing machine was a good idea

i hate this family: im calling for a divorce

Yell Heah: Babe you’ve said that almost every day since we got married

i hate this family: shut your up

Danki: you 2 are so domestic
Danki: it’s weird but kinda cool

Yaomom(o): @Oh! Gravity @Sanic where are you two, are you with Midoriya and is he ok?

Sanic: We are fine and so is Midoriya!

Yaomom(o): That’s good I was worried after he ran off!

Oh! Gravity: How is Todoroki?

All Might is still no.1: im fine

Todoroki Shouto to Midoriya Izuku:

Katy Perry: can we talk?

All Might’s love child: sure

Katy Perry: alright meet me in the kitchen?

All Might’s love child: ok

Yikes my bones:

Oh! Gravity: Gays help

call me tsu: *guys

Oh! Gravity: i said what i said tsu

Yaomom(o): What’s up Uraraka?

Oh! Gravity: Deku went down to the kitchen to talk to Todoroki and Iida and I haven’t heard from them in a while

Yaomom(o): Oh right.
Yaomom(o): I wouldn’t worry, I’m sure things are going ok!


All Might is still no.1 has changed their nem to ‘im gAy’

im gAy: guess who now has the most adorable boyfriend ever?
im gAy: this gay does!

Boneless iuku: I am a disaster bi with the most handsome boyfriend ever help

Oh! Gravity: :o FINALLY!!!!!!!!

Sanic: thank fuck

Oh! Gravity: IIIDA

Sanic: Don’t act like you weren’t thinking it :/

Deku Squad™:

Bunny Boi has added Todoroki Shouto to the chat :)

Bunny Boi has given Todoroki Shouto moderator privileges

Todoroki has changed their name to ‘Functional Gay’

Functional Gay: I’m very gay

Bunny Boi: I am very bi

Sanic: finally

Bunny Boi: @Skyfall iidas being mean to meeeeee

Skyfall: I agree with iida: finally

Bunny Boi: RUDE!

Chapter Text

[Friday 7:00am]

Yikes my bones

Nezu has added themselves to the chat :)

Nezu: Students I would like to remind you that today a new student will be joining you and filling the empty slot Mineta left, please make them feel welcome!

Nezu removed themselves from the chat :(

Boneless izuku: oh worm?

Sanic: @i hate this family have their things been moved into the dorm and if not would they like some help?

i hate this family: their things will be moved into the dorm tonight, if you would like to help them you can ask them later

Danki: YEET
Danki: i just impulse bought a giant pikachu suit

pun master: Kaminari why? Where are you going to put it?

Danki: idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Boneless izuku has added Shinso Hitoshi to the chat :)

Boneless izuku has given Shinso Hitoshi moderator privileges

Boneless izuku: Shinso!!!!!!!!!!

Im gAy: @Shinso Hitoshi are you aizawas kid?

Sanic: Todoroki no

i hate this family: jfc

Tail(s): YOU

Shinso Hitoshi: me?

Tail(s): ajksjkhkdhjkhiha

Invisibabe: Don’t worry about him, he’s just salty about the fact that you destroyed the little dignity he had.

Katsukill: Invisibitch just yote karate kids phone across the room lmao

Danki: djaidnjianaajjajdajbj YOTE

Shinso Hitoshi: oh shit

Shinso Hitoshi to Midoriya Izuku:

sleep is for the week: do you think you could give me his contact info?

nerd: sure thing!

nerd has shared Ojiro Mashirao’s contact information

sleep is for the week: thanks

Shinso Hitoshi to Ojiro Mashirao:

Shinso Hitoshi: Hey Midoriya gave me your contact info
Shinso Hitoshi: I’d just like to apologise for what happened at the sports fest, I probably shouldn’t have used my quirk like that and I definitely should have apologised to you right after the festival but I was a coward and thought that running away from my problems was a good idea. Sorry.

Ojiro Mashirao: I . . .thank you for apologising but I was really only mad because you didn’t apologise and explain yourself right after the festival
Ojiro Mashirao: I guess I forgive you or whatever
Ojiro Mashirao: Just don’t do it again, ok?

Shinso Hitoshi: Thank you!!!!!!

Yikes my bones:

Danki: sdajdjdjodnasnd
Danki: @pun master did you get that on video?

pun master: I sure did my dank comrade

i hate this family: what happened?

Danki: someone threw a keytar at Snipe in class and he picked it up, removed his snout bit and started playing meme music

i hate this family: of course he did

Yell Heah: SNOUT aoifjoifioifoiakksadsandndkksksajsa

All Might: Well, what else would one call it?

Yell Heah: @pun master do you think you could pm me that video

pun master: I sure can!


Yikes my bones:

Shinso Hitoshi has changed their name to ‘Shinson’

Shinson: also yeah i am @i hate this family and @Yell Heah kid

im gAy: :’) finally someone answers

Shinson: ?

Boneless izuku: Shouto keeps asking people if they’re heroes’ love child

im gAy: @All Might @Boneless izuku I still haven’t gotten an answer :/

All Might: *softly* Young Todoroki no.

Boneless izuku: HES NOT MY DAD
Boneless izuku: youve seen pictures of my dad! You know what he looks like!!!

im gAy: i’ve never met him and he’s never around
im gAy: for all i know he could be an actor you paid to take a photo with you

Boneless izuku: ah yes 2 month old me, 1 year old me and 3 year old me paid a stranger to take a photo with me and my mum was totally chill about it :/

im gAy: ok well when you put it like that it doesn’t sound believable
im gAy: ok new theory
im gAy: All Might is secretly dating dating your mum and has been doing so since middle school which is why you knew All Might before UA, he has also been trying to teach you how to use your quirk which is why they appear to be so similar

Katsukill: if that was the case then I would have met all might a long time ago as well
Katsukill: my mum used to pick Midoriya up from school when Auntie Inko was working

Boneless izuku:^

Katsukill: the only believable part of that is the quirk bit

Boneless izuku: nO

im gAy: damn ok back to the drawing board

All Might: You don’t actually have a conspiracy theory drawing board do you?

im gAy: no but that’s a good idea
im gAy: @ Deku Squad™ lets go shopping for whiteboards!

All Might: Please no . . . . stop this madness i beg of you

Sanic: Alright but only if we stop by that bookstore I like! They finally got a book I preordered in!

Oh! Gravity: can we also stop by the uniform shop? i need new stockings

Boneless izuku: sure!

im gAy: @everyone does anyone else want to come with us?

Shinson: is it alright if i come?

Boneless izuku: Yes!!!!!!!!!

call me tsu: Can I come?

Oh! Gravity: Yep!!!1!!!

Chapter Text

[Saturday 11:10am]
Yikes my bones:

Boneless izuku: y'all look at this picture of Shouto
Boneless izuku: handsomeboy.jpg
Boneless izuku: He’s so handsome :’)

Yaomom(o): :o Look at my BGF (Best Gay Friend)!!!! He looks so happy? I owe you my life Midoriya.

Oh! Gravity: The Deku Squad™ is currently at the park with Eri so that burrito dad and loud uncle can have a child free day
Oh! Gravity: Eri is so adorable? And her friendship with Deku is so wholesome :’)

Sanic: She and Todoroki get along really well! Deku and Eri made us all flower crowns!
Sanic: sanicanduravity.jpg

Boneless izuku: lookather.jpg

Danki: since when was Yaomomo so well versed in memes?

lesbian: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yaomom(o): Jiro has been showing me memes and vine compilations! My favourite vine so far is free sha va cado!

Danki: oh worm?

im gAy: @Yaomom(o) you still need to fulfill your end of the deal ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Shinson: im almost afraid to ask but what deal?

im gAy: you’ll see ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Yaoyorozu Momo to Jiro Kyoka:

Not so Creati: Hey Jiro can I talk to you?

bASS boosted: what’s wrong? did one of the upperclassmen catcall you again?

Not so Creati: No I just want to talk to you about something!

bASS boosted: want me to come to you?

Not so Creati: Yes please :)


Yikes my bones:

lesbian: guess who has an amazing, smart, talented, funny and extremely beautiful girlfriend?
lesbian: that’s right it’s this lesbian!

Pinky: congrats!

Katsukill: fucking finally

lesbian: ‘,:/ like you’re one to talk

Katsukill: SHUT

Shinson: im still wondering what the deal @Yaomom(o) and @im gAy had?

im gAy: the deal was that if i built up the courage to ask Midoriya out she would (finally) ask Jiro out

Yaomom(o): sddfuffjkwwjwoiwwjosnks


Shinson: oh just wondering what are everyone's pronouns (if you’re ok sharing)? i don’t want to accidentally misgender someone, i use he/his exclusively

Boneless izuku: I use he/his only!

im gAy: he/his

Katsukill: ^same

Bakubro is the best!: ^

Tail(s): ^

Arms a plenty: ^ (Also Tokoyami prefers they/them but they’re also ok-ish with he/his)

Sanic: ^

pun master: ^

Koji ( ͡°⁄ ⁄ ͜⁄ ⁄ʖ⁄ ⁄ ͡°): Same o((*^▽^*))o (Sato also says same, also he made strawberry cake if any of you want some ^_^)

Pinky: she/her

call me tsu: she/her only pls

Lesbian: ^same

Yaomom(o): She/her/hers!

Oh! Gravity: eh im ok with anything it’s not something im really bothered by? but most people use she/her for me

Invisibabe: @Oh! Gravity same!!!!!

TWINKle TWINKle: Today I use they/them but tomorrow is anyone’s game (I’m Genderfluid!)~

Danki: idk ive been going through some weird gender stuff recently :’)

Shinson: thats ok! gender stuff is hard <3

i hate this family: @Danki @everyone for that matter if you need to talk about gender or mental health stuff you are always welcome to come to any of the staff

Boneless izuku: #Dadzawa confirmed

i hate this family: i hate this family

All Might: No you don’t

Yell Heah: No you don’t lmao

i hate this family: shut your up

Boneless izuku has assigned the ‘teachers’ role to All Might, i hate this family, Yell Heah and Nezu

Boneless izuku has assigned the ‘students’ role to Sanic, im gAy, Oh! Gravity and 15 others

Boneless izuku: out of curiosity @teachers what pronouns do y’all use (if you dont mind me asking)?

i hate this family: he/his only

All Might: He/his!

Yell Heah: Whatever you feel like little listeners! (except it/its)

TWINKle TWINKle: oh worm~


Boneless izuku: hey @teachers do you think cementoss would help us fix the pool?

Yell Heah: I mean probably?

All Might: If you need help with tiling ask Snipe he’s good at trade work or just talk to Nezu and he’ll go all god mode and have it fixed within minutes

i hate this family: I left for five minutes, what did you do?

Boneless izuku: for once it wasn’t me

Sanic: some of our classmates thought it would be a good idea to test their quirks underwater without adult supervision

Katsukill: @ me next time

Sanic: @Katsukill :/

Katsukill: . . . . . fuck you

i hate this family: <

Oh! Gravity: yikes @Katsukill

Katsukill: @Boneless izuku add big brick and mccree

Boneless izuku: BIG BRICK AND MCREE AOhAdosfiifafffejsejksdkjdsjksdjkds

Yaomom(o): Wait, why would Midoriya have their contact info?

Sanic: It’s all in the school brochure, this app is also run by UA!

lesbian: huh that’s neat

Boneless izuku has added Ken Ishiyama and Snipe to the chat :)

Boneless izuku has given Ken Ishiyama and Snipe moderator privileges

Boneless izuku has assigned the role ‘teachers’ to Ken Ishiyama and Snipe

Ken Ishiyama: My gods, I’ll help you fix the pool but someone needs to tell Nezu

Boneless izuku: @Katsikill will do it :)

Katsukill: FUCK YOU

Boneless izuku: no thanks
Boneless izuku: im good :)

All Might: This is why god has forsaken us.
All Might: This is why aliens won’t visit Earth.

Boneless izuku: bold of you to assume that the aliens aren’t already here :/

im gAy: further proof that All Might is Izuku’s dad

Boneless izuku: shouto no pls

im gAy: the evidence speaks for itself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sanic: Todoroki . . . why . . are you like this

im gAy: childhood trauma
im gAy: just trauma in general tbqh

i hate this family: we’re talking about this later

Shinson: any of dad’s students: *say anything remotely concerning*
Sinson: Dad: *dad mode activates* what is wrong? *wraps student in blanket like a burrito* who hurt you? *hands them hot chocolate* how can i help?

i hate this family: wow betrayed by my own child :/

Yell Heah: So true ajkdjkfsjksfjkjka

i hate this family: wow betrayed by my own husband :/

Boneless izuku: Presentation Michael found dead in UA

Shinson: aoiiajkadsdkagnjnxsjjkj

Yell Heah has changed their name to Presentation Michael

Presentation Michael: Thank you for this gift Midoriya

Chapter Text

[Sunday 9:30am]
[Yikes my bones]

Danki: my pikachu suit finally arrived

Boneless izuku: your what now?

Danki: my pikachu suit

Boneless izuku: that did not clear anything up

pun master: fjsdisifsiekfe Denki why :’)

Danki: :’) stop judging me hanta

Oh! Gravity: what are you going to do with the suit?

Danki: i have no idea
Danki: t'was an impulse buy

i hate this family: jfc

Shinson: @Danki i . . . . have a suggestion

Danki: oh worm?

i hate this family: @Shinson i know that look on your face whatever you are typing stop it right now

Presentation Michael: @Danki @Snipe we should all wear our pikachu suits and do stupid things

Shinson: ^^^^

Danki: YES!!!!!!!!!

i hate this family: HIZASHI nO do not encourage them

Snipe: @Presentation MIchael @Danki do either of you own bongos, an otamatone or a kazoo?

Danki: i own all those things

Presentation Michael: ^Same

Snipe: noice ok brb I have a plan

Boneless izuku: this is not going to end well

i hate this family: agreed


[my students are going to be the end of me]

Father: @IM NOT MCREE whatever you are planning stop it right now

Ectoplasm has changed their name to ‘Ryo Is A Furry’

Ryoooooo has changed their name to ‘I’m Not A Furry’

I’m Not A Furry: Meet me in the pit Ectoplasm.

Ryo Is A Furry: what’re you going to do? yiff me to death?

Gender Whomst’ve?: hey ecto do you take constructive criticism?

Ryo Is A Furry: sure

Gender Whomst’ve?: never say that ever again

father: ^

Ryo Is A Furry: noted but ignored

Yall Might: Does anyone know why Nezu looks like he’s about to go on a murder spree?

God OvO: Grape Baby’s parents are trying to sue the school for ‘defamation of character’ despite being shown all the evidence that was put forward by over 20 students all from different class levels

Yall Might: Yikes™

I’m Not A Furry: oof

Ryo Is A Furry: *woof

I’m Not A Furry: @IM NOT MCREE come restrain your boyfriend before i murder him

Ryo Is A Furry: that doesnt sound very heroic Ryo


I’m Not A Furry: aren’t you and Ectoplasm dating?

Ryo Is A Furry: no????

father: @loud man pay up bitch

loud man: . . . . fuck

Vlad King has changed their name to ‘Orcs are hot you gays are just mean’

Orcs are hot you gays are just mean: Meet me in the pit 13

Gender Whomst’ve?: :/ mmmm nope sorry dont feel like it

Orcs are hot you gays are just mean: fair enough

father: what horrible mistake lead to that username?

Gender Whomst’ve?: vlad’s partner came into work to drop his lunch off and i jokingly mentioned that all of vlad’s partners since i’ve met him have bared some kind of resemblance to orcs and vlad’s entire face went red so i trying to figure out why i said ‘but like orcs aren’t really all that hot vlad’s just lucked out partner wise’ and he launched into a rant about how orcs are actually very hot and that they are actually super cool and powerful

father: ok first of all vlad has a partner? And secondly what was said partner doing during his rant?

Gender Whomst’ve?: yeah vald has a datemate and they were just laughing their ass off throughout it lmao

[Yikes my bones]

Boneless izuku: can anyone else here wii music?

i hate this family: jfc @Presenttion Michael @Snipe @Danki

Boneless izuku: it just got louder

Invisibabe: im fejbkfjjffawoiwaaoawaf
Invisibabe: ahahahhahah
Invisibabe: they’re serenading our principal

i hate this family: ofc they are
i hate this family: @Presentation Michael don’t forget to grade those papers you were complaining about
i hate this family: im heading out on duty dont burn anything down and try not to hurt each other

Oh! Gravity: welp there go my plans for the night

im gAy: rip