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Blease End Me

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[Sunday 9:30am]
[Yikes my bones]

Danki: my pikachu suit finally arrived

Boneless izuku: your what now?

Danki: my pikachu suit

Boneless izuku: that did not clear anything up

pun master: fjsdisifsiekfe Denki why :’)

Danki: :’) stop judging me hanta

Oh! Gravity: what are you going to do with the suit?

Danki: i have no idea
Danki: t'was an impulse buy

i hate this family: jfc

Shinson: @Danki i . . . . have a suggestion

Danki: oh worm?

i hate this family: @Shinson i know that look on your face whatever you are typing stop it right now

Presentation Michael: @Danki @Snipe we should all wear our pikachu suits and do stupid things

Shinson: ^^^^

Danki: YES!!!!!!!!!

i hate this family: HIZASHI nO do not encourage them

Snipe: @Presentation MIchael @Danki do either of you own bongos, an otamatone or a kazoo?

Danki: i own all those things

Presentation Michael: ^Same

Snipe: noice ok brb I have a plan

Boneless izuku: this is not going to end well

i hate this family: agreed


[my students are going to be the end of me]

Father: @IM NOT MCREE whatever you are planning stop it right now

Ectoplasm has changed their name to ‘Ryo Is A Furry’

Ryoooooo has changed their name to ‘I’m Not A Furry’

I’m Not A Furry: Meet me in the pit Ectoplasm.

Ryo Is A Furry: what’re you going to do? yiff me to death?

Gender Whomst’ve?: hey ecto do you take constructive criticism?

Ryo Is A Furry: sure

Gender Whomst’ve?: never say that ever again

father: ^

Ryo Is A Furry: noted but ignored

Yall Might: Does anyone know why Nezu looks like he’s about to go on a murder spree?

God OvO: Grape Baby’s parents are trying to sue the school for ‘defamation of character’ despite being shown all the evidence that was put forward by over 20 students all from different class levels

Yall Might: Yikes™

I’m Not A Furry: oof

Ryo Is A Furry: *woof

I’m Not A Furry: @IM NOT MCREE come restrain your boyfriend before i murder him

Ryo Is A Furry: that doesnt sound very heroic Ryo


I’m Not A Furry: aren’t you and Ectoplasm dating?

Ryo Is A Furry: no????

father: @loud man pay up bitch

loud man: . . . . fuck

Vlad King has changed their name to ‘Orcs are hot you gays are just mean’

Orcs are hot you gays are just mean: Meet me in the pit 13

Gender Whomst’ve?: :/ mmmm nope sorry dont feel like it

Orcs are hot you gays are just mean: fair enough

father: what horrible mistake lead to that username?

Gender Whomst’ve?: vlad’s partner came into work to drop his lunch off and i jokingly mentioned that all of vlad’s partners since i’ve met him have bared some kind of resemblance to orcs and vlad’s entire face went red so i trying to figure out why i said ‘but like orcs aren’t really all that hot vlad’s just lucked out partner wise’ and he launched into a rant about how orcs are actually very hot and that they are actually super cool and powerful

father: ok first of all vlad has a partner? And secondly what was said partner doing during his rant?

Gender Whomst’ve?: yeah vald has a datemate and they were just laughing their ass off throughout it lmao

[Yikes my bones]

Boneless izuku: can anyone else here wii music?

i hate this family: jfc @Presenttion Michael @Snipe @Danki

Boneless izuku: it just got louder

Invisibabe: im fejbkfjjffawoiwaaoawaf
Invisibabe: ahahahhahah
Invisibabe: they’re serenading our principal

i hate this family: ofc they are
i hate this family: @Presentation Michael don’t forget to grade those papers you were complaining about
i hate this family: im heading out on duty dont burn anything down and try not to hurt each other

Oh! Gravity: welp there go my plans for the night

im gAy: rip