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She looked up.
Up in the sky above her. Endless. Ageless. Careless.
So unlike her.
The birds songs could be heard in the forest all around her.
And because today
was the very last day.
They would sing forever.
The world was ending.
And she didn’t want it to. She wanted to live. She wanted to hold tight and never let go. She wanted so much. So so much.
But what choice did she have? What power did she hold?
Doomed to stand by and watch the world fall apart around her.
She wouldn’t even be able to see the end, but perish long before the final stone disintegrated.
If she closed her eyes she could imagine.
Being intangible.
Being immortal.
Not fearing.
But that wasn’t her.
All she could do
was open her eyes
stare right back at the abyss.
Face her end head on.
But she didn’t.
Because she was already dead.