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Dessert Before Dinner

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That fireball was far too big.  Everyone knows it, and Bakugo’s getting an earful from Aizawa-sensei for it.  He doesn’t look remotely sorry—more smug than anything.  Kirishima catches his eye mid-chew-out and Bakugo has the audacity to wink at him.  Then Kirishima realizes Bakugo is thoroughly showing off, the arrogant bastard.  Kirishima smirks back at him, resolving right there to knock him down a couple of pegs later.  Bakugo talks and walks a big game as a top-class senior student at UA with a solid job lined up after graduation, but in private where only Kirishima can see him, the cockiness falls away.  Sure, it takes some effort on Kirishima’s part, but he knows how to break Bakugo in the best way.

Released from chastising finally, Bakugo lopes over to Kirishima and throws an arm across his shoulders.  “Explosion too big,” he scoffs.  “That wasn’t even the biggest I can do.  I could’ve done twice as big.”

“Sure you could,” Kirishima fires back teasingly.  Bakugo’s eyes flash and suddenly he’s grabbing the muzzle of Kirishima’s costume, pulling his head around to look him dead in the eyes.  Momentarily startled, Kirishima swallows his nerves.

“I could.  I can.  I’ll show you.” Bakugo growls, giving Kirishima’s muzzle a little shake that rattles his brain and makes his dick twitch with interest.  Kirishima quickly tries to will it away, because the end of the school day in the middle of the hall is not a good place to get a hard-on when being manhandled by your boyfriend.

“Okay.”  Kirishima holds Bakugo’s fierce gaze until Bakugo is satisfied and releases his muzzle.  Looks like Bakugo wants to play rough, but if he thinks he’s taking the reins tonight, he’s got another thing coming.  Kirishima slides his hand into Bakugo’s palm and Bakugo allows it; they both know he secretly loves holding hands.  Not that he’d admit it on pain of death.


Bakugo turns up at Kirishima’s room before dinner, surprising him.  He’s already changed out of his hero costume, but Kirishima got caught up in playing a game on his phone and is still muzzled and bare-chested.  That fact doesn’t escape Bakugo’s notice.

“You had some attitude earlier.”  Bakugo’s voice is deep and all business.  He shoulders his way into the room, hands in pockets, eyes guarded and calculating.  Kirishima kicks the door closed but before he can ask what’s up, Bakugo’s got his deadly-strong grip on either side of Kirishima’s muzzle.  Blood rushes to his dick, hardening halfway in his pants from the commanding force.  Kirishima’s got no choice but to follow Bakugo into his room, led by the iron hands on his muzzle. 

Bakugo falls carelessly onto the edge of Kirishima’s bed, jerking Kirishima down with him, forcing him to fall to his knees in front of Bakugo.  “This is—”

“—what’s going to happen.”  Bakugo cuts Kirishima off and releases one side of his muzzle to deftly unzip his pants with one hand.  He doesn’t go any further, but Kirishima knows exactly what’s happening.  Bakugo thinks if he just storms in here and scruffs Kirishima like a puppy, he can have control.  Well, he’s got another thing coming.  Kirishima bites down on his smirk, but probably not carefully enough because Bakugo shakes Kirishima’s head and readjusts his grip on the black muzzle.  So Kirishima plays along, plan forming quickly in his head.

He reaches up to free Bakugo from his boxers, but Bakugo swats his hands away.  “With your mouth.”

Cute, so cute, when he’s trying to be commanding, Kirishima thinks as he leans in and nuzzles Bakugo’s half-hard cock through the thin fabric of his boxers.  Bakugo readjusts his grip on Kirishima’s head again, moving his hand out of the way but not releasing him entirely.  Kirishima gives little teasing kitten licks until the fabric is wet and clinging to the outline of Bakugo’s thick cock.  The sight stirs renewed interest in his own groin.  He mouths wetly up the outline of it until he finds the flared head and sucks, laving his tongue over the edges of the crown.  Above him, Bakugo huffs.  His fingers twitch underneath the bar of Kirishima’s muzzle, against his heated skin.

Kirishima licks all the way from base to head as many times as he can before Bakugo growls and gives the tiniest warning shake.  Kirishima abates, carefully grabbing the waistband of Bakugo’s boxers in his teeth, pulling them down just enough so that his flushed cock springs free.  It glistens with Kirishima’s spit and a smear of precome at the head, making Kirishima’s mouth water, eager to take it.  He glances up at Bakugo to find his cheeks hot with blush and eyes dark with want.  Kirishima quickly swallows down his cock to the root before his smirk can give away his plan.

Bakugo lets out a strangled groan, his grip on Kirishima’s face flagging when Kirishima moves his tongue against the veins on the underside of his cock and swallows.  His free hand hits the bed with a thump to prevent him from falling backwards.  Kirishima knows he has to work a little harder before he can make his move and take over.  He traces every line and ridge of Bakugo’s cock, luxuriating in its heaviness against his tongue, ever mindful of his sharp teeth.  Bakugo’s slightly metallic smell is intoxicating.

Kirishima slowly brings his hands up, sliding them up Bakugo’s hard thighs.  Bakugo sucks in a breath and tightens his grip on the muzzle, on the verge of giving another shake.  But Kirishima tugs on the waistband of his pants and Bakugo lifts his hips in compliance.  With better access now, he grips the base of Bakugo’s cock and pulls off, pumping his slick cock with one fist.  Bakugo bites his lip, eyes fluttering closed.  Kirishima brings his other hand up to fondle Bakugo’s balls, rolling them in his palm.  That pulls a yelp out of him, thighs tensing on either side of Kirishima.

He leans back in and licks Bakugo’s cockhead, letting spit drip down onto his own fingers.  Kirishima glances up again to find Bakugo nearing the state he needs him in.  Whole face flushed, brow scrunched, mouth hanging limply open in silent pleasure.  Slowly, Kirishima traces his wet fingers down to the root of Bakugo’s cock, over his delicate balls, to circle his hole.  As he gently presses and teases Bakugo’s entrance, Kirishima sucks on the crown of his cock, slipping his tongue under the foreskin at the same time as he slips a fingertip inside Bakugo’s heat.

Bakugo shouts, breath coming hard and fast, and finally lets go of Kirishima’s muzzle.  Now.

Kirishima moves like a flash, surging up and hardening his body at the same moment to flip Bakugo onto his stomach and push his ass up into the air.  He ignores Bakugo’s indignant shout and pulls his pants halfway down his thighs, revealing his ass.  Bakugo’s cock hangs hard and heavy between his legs.  Kirishima doesn’t give him any time to right himself, fisting his cock with his still-slick palm.  Bakugo moans and goes still again, freezing when the bed dips under Kirishima’s weight and his hot breath puffs across his entrance.  The first touch of Kirishima’s tongue to his hole has Bakugo biting back a whorish moan.  When Kirishima pumps his cock at the same time, his whole body shakes with the effort of holding his sounds in.

“You seem like you want something,” Kirishima says smugly in between licks.

Bakugo grunts, his voice strained between clenched teeth.  “No shit, moron.”

Kirishima hardens his tongue and penetrates Bakugo, making his entire body jolt like he was electrocuted.  He’s not successful at keeping his cry in.  Slowly, Kirishima tongue-fucks Bakugo’s ass, punctuating it with broad swipes of the appendage across the hole and hard pumps of his cock.  Bakugo’s muffled noises—it sounds like he’s biting his forearm—grow more and more desperate in pitch and volume.  Kirishima reaches one free hand down to palm himself through his pants, his cock hard and ready, but he won’t give Bakugo anything until he asks.

“Kir—Kirishima,” Bakugo grunts.  Kirishima hums inquiringly and the vibrations from that make Bakugo shudder.  “Eijiro…”

“Yes?” Kirishima teases, continuing to tongue-fuck Bakugo at a torturous pace.  His cock is wet with his own pre-come, so painfully stiff that he could be the one with the hardening quirk.

“Nngh, god damn it.”  Bakugo’s head dips, the lines of his back tensing.  Kirishima squeezes hard around the head of his cock.  “Fuck me!” he screams.

“All you had to do was ask,” Kirishima growls, biting Bakugo’s ass playfully as he pushes down his pants just enough to let his rigid cock spring free.  He bites back his own moan when he slides his dick between the slick globes of Bakugo’s ass.  There’s barely any resistance when Kirishima pushes inside his slick entrance, mouth falling open in ecstasy as Bakugo’s hot, wet channel wraps around him.

“Oh fuck,” Kirishima sighs, pushing in all the way to the hilt.  He stills momentarily when his hips press against Bakugo’s ass.  Then he looks down at the sight beneath him.  Bakugo is splayed out underneath him, ass raised in an invitation to be used, chest and cheek pressed into the bedspread.  His mouth hanging open, eyes glazed over and dark, pupils barely ringed by the thinnest line of red.  The tight lines of the defined muscles in his back flutter with every breath, standing out starkly when Kirishima pulls out the tiniest bit and pushes back in.

“God, look at you,” Kirishima says roughly, pulling out to fuck back in harder.  “If only people knew about this side of you.  You’re so cocky in public, nobody would know you’re a cockslut for Red Riot.”

Bakugo groans, turning his face into the bedspread to muffle the involuntary noises that escape him every time Kirishima thrusts into his body.  Kirishima reaches down between their legs and grabs at Bakugo’s cock, pumping it in time with his thrusts even as he speeds up to hear the pathetic squeaks and whines of pleasure that Bakugo can’t control.  He gives a sudden, loud shout, his thighs tensing, and Kirishima knows exactly what that means.  He clamps his hand down on the base of Bakugo’s cock, stopping him from coming immediately.  Bakugo whines.

“If you want something, you ask for it,” Kirishima says and pulls all the way out.  Bakugo’s hole gapes, twitching weakly, emptily.  Bakugo says something into the covers.  “Speak up.”  Kirishima presses the tip of his cock to Bakugo’s hole to tease him, drawing away again when Bakugo growls into the bed again.

“Fuck me!” Bakugo shouts, turning his head just enough to be heard.  Kirishima slams into him in one move, pushing a choked scream out of Bakugo’s throat.  Bakugo’s ass is so tight and hot around Kirishima that he’s just moments away from coming.  He speeds up again, pounding into Bakugo with reckless abandon.  Bakugo’s noises become desperate screams into the bedspread, his hands clenched white-knuckled in the comforter.  Then Kirishima realizes Bakugo is screaming something into the sheets.

“Please, please let me come!  Let me come, Eijiro!  Please, I’m gonna come!”

“God,” Kirishima barks, releasing Bakugo’s cock to grab his hips and slam home once, twice, three times before he comes hard inside Bakugo’s body.  Bakugo’s channel clamps down on Kirishima, pulsing rhythmically with his orgasm, drawing out Kirishima’s aftershocks.  Kirishima pulls out when it borders on oversensitive, watching Bakugo’s hole continue to twitch with his own aftershocks.  Then he slumps to the bed.

“Clean up your mess,” Kirishima pants, slapping Bakugo’s ass to rouse him into action.  Bakugo grumbles, predictably, so Kirishima shoves him away to one side, rolling him onto his back.  Bakugo still doesn’t move, so Kirishima turns away to finally change out of his hero costume.  When he turns back around, Bakugo has cleaned up the bedspread and fixed his clothes, more or less, though his face is still glowing rosy in the way it always does after a good fuck.

“So cute, Katsuki,” Kirishima hums fondly. 

Bakugo scowls at him without any real heat and stands from the bed on still-wobbly legs.  “Let’s go get dinner before it’s gone, moron.”

Bakugo slips his hand into Kirishima’s as they leave the room.