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Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing

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Tony froze, unable to think of a single excuse as to how those photos were in his possession. He knew he couldn’t lie, because Peter was well aware of how he’d gotten them. So he just stood there, gaping like a fish.


“Are you kidding me? Tony if you wanted nudes from me all you had to do was ask!” Peter said, throwing the Polaroids onto the floor “You didn’t have to lie to me for months, put me in embarrassing situations, or pay me exorbitant amounts of money!” Tony’s brain finally came online.


“What do you mean, all I had to do was ask?” he asked, having the wherewithal to shut the door before someone could walk by and overhear them. Peter scoffed.


“Tony, I’ve been in love with you since I was fifteen years old.”


The words hit Tony like a freight train. He couldn’t catch his breath, his heart was pounding against his ribcage, his throat was so dry he could barely swallow. Peter, in love with him? But how? Why? He was neurotic old man with a god complex and an inability to shut his damn mouth. Peter was young, and gorgeous, and sharper than a tack. Why on earth would he ever want Tony?


In the blink of an eye Peter was across the room, standing right in front of him.


“Stop overthinking,” he snapped, but his eyes were bright with nervous anticipation.


“Why?” Tony asked, voice ragged. Peter rolled his eyes.


“Why not? Tony, you’re amazing. You’re brilliant, charismatic, funny, not to mention drop dead gorgeous. You’ve been my idol since i was nine years old. How the hell could I not fall for you?” Tony searched for the correct response, finding himself at a loss for words.


“I…” he said, losing himself in Peter’s eyes. Before he could stop himself, he was just blurting it out.


“I bought the Snapchat because I found your blog and thought: ‘He looks like Peter, who will never want me, so why not pretend?’ And when I saw that it was you, I just couldn’t bring myself to ask for a refund and delete it. I thought if I could just have this, I would be able to go on living like I wasn’t hopelessly in love with you.” Peter looked stunned, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed thickly.


“And how’s that working out for you?” he asked quietly.


“Poorly,” Tony said. Peter chuckled, looking back towards the open drawer of the nightstand where Tony had been dumb enough to keep the photos.


“You’re kind of an idiot,” he said. Tony didn’t have any time to defend himself, though, because suddenly Peter’s hands were in his hair, and he was being pulled down, and they were kissing


Peter had intended to stay mad. He had been livid, after all. But Tony had a way of disarming him completely; of tearing down his walls and leaving him unable to hold on onto any negative feelings. And then he’d said the one thing Peter never dreamed he would hear, and suddenly the fact that he’d been deceived didn’t matter anymore. Because Tony Stark was in love with him.


He hadn’t even thought about pulling the older man down to meet his lips. Tony didn’t hesitate, grabbing him by the hips and pulling him close, kissing Peter back like he was drowning. Peter moaned as Tony’s tongue traced over his lips, parting them immediately and letting the appendage delve into his mouth. Tony’s hands wandered down to Peter’s thighs, and Peter took the hint to wrap his legs around Tony’s waist.


He lost himself to Tony’s lips, the world outside the two of them becoming a blur. All that mattered was Tony’s tongue, Tony’s body pressed flush against his own, the burn of Tony’s goatee rubbing against his own smooth skin. He didn’t even notice when Tony walked away from the door. He did notice, however, when Tony laid him down on the bed, keeping their lips connected the whole way.


“Tony,” Peter murmured, breaking the kiss. “Tony, I need you.”


“I’ve got you, baby boy,” Tony said, kissing down his neck and slipping his hands beneath Peter’s t-shirt - he had yet to notice that Peter had snagged one from his closet. Peter whimpered at the endearment, clutching at Tony’s shoulders and rutting up against the thigh settled between his legs. Tony chuckled darkly, before he bit down at the juncture of Peter’s neck and shoulder, making Peter gasp.


“So impatient, baby,” Tony said, voice rough with desire. Peter shivered at the sound.


“Wanted you so long, please daddy, need you so bad,” he said, taking a risk and praying it paid off. Tony groaned and yanked Peter’s shirt up none-too-kindly, encouraging Peter to sit up so he could pull it off.


“God, you’re beautiful,” he murmured, gazing at Peter’s torso with reverence and making Peter flush. This made Tony smirk and stand upright. Peter couldn’t help the whine that escaped him at the loss of contact.


“Pants off for daddy,” Tony said, and Peter’s cock twitched at the words. He scrambled to obey the order, pulling the boxers down and tossing them to the side. He felt heat flow through his veins at the hinger in Tony’s eyes as his cock was exposed, hard and dripping. Tony wasted not a second, wrapping his calloused fingers around him and giving him a few slow strokes that had Peter writhing against the sheets.


“Please, daddy, oh god, please, fuck me, I’ll do anything, please!” Peter cried, not wanting to cum without Tony’s cock fucking him into oblivion.


“Fuck, baby boy,” Tony groaned. “When he you beg so prettily, how can I refuse?” Peter watched with anticipation as he pulled his shirt off, revealing corded muscles and tan skin. Peter was worried he would start drooling, until Tony unbuttoned his jeans and pulled both his jeans and underwear off. Peter’s mouth went dry at the sight of Tony’s huge cock, rock hard with a bead of precum glistening from the tip. Without even thinking about it, he fell back against the mattress, hooking his arms under his knees and exposing his still stretched hole. Tony made a sound like he had been gut-punched, and Peter felt his thumb probing his fluttering entrance. He whined and wiggled, making Tony give a breathy laugh.


“Okay, baby, I’m going,” he said, climbing onto the bed and crawling over Peter, leaning down to kiss him sweetly. Then he reached down to guide his cock to Peter’s waiting hole, and Peter’s mind went blank as that huge cock breached him.


“This what you wanted, baby boy?” Tony asked, his tone dark and gritty. Peter just nodded, having lost his voice as Tony’s cock split him in half. Tony slid in slowly, each inch sending shockwaves of pleasure up Peter’s spine.


“Fuck, you’re so tight,” Tony hissed once he had sunk all the way in. Peter could barely breathe, too consumed was he by the feeling of Tony fully sheathed inside of him.


“Feel so good on my cock, baby, like you were made for it,” Tony said, pulling halfway out and shoving back in , punching a choked moan from Peter’s throat.


“You like that, baby? You like the way my cock feels inside you?”


“Yes!” Peter cried, finding his voice again. “Yes, daddy! Fuck me harder, please, god, harder!” Tony grinned above him, pulling almost all the way out before snapping his hips forward and burying himself back inside. Peter gasped, clutching at Tony’s back as the head of his cock nailed his prostate dead-on.


“There!” he practically screamed. “Fuck, right there daddy!” Tony started pounding into him, his pace brutal and utterly breathtaking. Peter knew he wouldn’t be able to last long, he was already crying with the overwhelming pleasure.


“You close, baby? Gonna cum for daddy?” Tony growled, somehow sensing how close to the edge Peter already was.


“Yes daddy, yes, please, let me cum!” Those calloused fingers were back around his cock, stroking in time with Tony’s thrusts.


“Cum for me,” Tony whispered raggedly in Peter’s ear, and Peter was gone, cumming with a whine as his nails scrabbled for purchase on Tony’s back.


Tony hissed as Peter tightened around him, his thrusts becoming erratic and Peter could tell he wouldn’t last much longer. Head still hazy with the best orgasm of his life and the continuing aftershocks, Peter just pulled Tony down for a sloppy kiss, panting against his lips. Tony groaned, hips stuttering, and then Peter could feel as he came, filling him to the brim. Peter whimpered at the feeling, senses overloaded with all the new sensations.


Tony pulled out and collapsed beside Peter, pulling him close and burying his face into his curls. That’s when Peter realized something.


“Oh god,” he groaned, pushing his face into Tony’s chest.


“What?” Tony asked.


“MJ’s going to flip when she finds out Tony Stark was my sugar daddy this whole time!”