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Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing

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Tony collapsed bonelessly against his mattress, chest heaving as his cum cooled on his stomach. Peter had put on a spectacular show that night, starting with a stupidly seductive strip-tease and ending on all fours, fucking himself onto a dildo that had been suction-cupped to his bedroom wall. Tony didn’t think he would ever tire of the way Peter moaned so prettily, of the way his pitch would soar whenever he tipped over the edge. Tony lost it every time, the little noises of pleasure better than the sweetest music.


He wasted no time in messaging Peter to thank him for the show, telling him he did wonderfully. He reveled in the series of heart emoji’s he received in response, and just couldn’t help himself from scrolling up in their saved conversations to find the boy’s wishlist link. He hadn’t bought Peter a present in awhile, and after the orgasm he had just had it felt right to spoil him a little.


He didn’t anticipate a new item having been added, and when he realized what it was his mouth went dry. He knew of the toy’s existence, obviously, Pepper having shown him almost the moment it had popped up online. He never would have expected Peter to want it, though, especially when he knew Tony personally. Before he could talk himself out of it, Tony clicked the “buy now” button, pointedly ignoring the little thoughts in his head that were screaming that this was a bad idea.


“Got you a present,” he typed out after switching back to Snapchat. “Let me know when you get it.” It was several minutes before Peter responded.


“Oh my god I didn’t actually expect anyone to get that for me. My friend sent me the link the other day and I added it as a joke.”


“Well I think it’ll be a lovely addition to your collection.”


“You’re too sweet to me, thank you.”


“Anything to make you smile.” That earned him a photo of said smile, Peter’s cheeks tinged pink and his brown eyes lit up with joy. Tony’s heart skipped a beat at the image, his breath hitching in his throat. Peter was just too goddamned beautiful.  


“Just like that,” he messaged, before setting his phone down and going to his en-suite to clean the dried cum from his skin.


He returned to the bed with a plan in his head. A pathetic, unbelievably dimwitted plan that would surely come back to bite him in the ass. But if there was one thing Tony Stark had little practice in, it was self-control.


When the package arrived, Peter couldn’t help but laugh when he unboxed it. It really had been a joke when he added it to his wishlist, and to be quite honest the fact that an Iron Man themed butt plug even existed was a joke in and of itself. But he wasn’t about to start complaining now that he had it.


Peter snapped a picture and sent it to Edward, who responded quickly with a winky face. He was only mildly surprised when the Venmo notification popped up, telling him that Edward had sent him ten dollars.


“Let me guess, you want me to wear it?”


“What a smart boy you are.” Peter couldn’t help but blush at the words. Not for the first time, he wondered what Edward sounded like. Was his voice deep and commanding, or soft and condescending? Did it get low and husky when he was aroused? Peter shivered at the thought before he could stop himself, mentally chastising himself for allowing his thoughts to drift down that path. It was bad enough that he was halfway in love with Tony Stark, he couldn’t afford to have a crush on some faceless client who wouldn’t even give him a second glance if he didn’t post nudes on the internet.


You don’t know that , a tiny, traitorous voice said in the back of his mind. Peter groaned and threw himself face-first onto his mattress. His phone buzzed in his hand and he barely turned his head to look at the screen. It was a text from Tony.


“Team training at the compound, be there to pick you up in twenty minutes.”


Peter almost chucked his phone across the room in frustration. Going to school and working his internship with a plug up his ass was one thing, but team training? The world couldn’t possibly be this cruel. He toyed with the idea of refunding Edward’s money and making up some excuse as to why he suddenly couldn’t do as requested, but the idea of disappointing his favorite client made his stomach turn. So instead he sighed and went to clean the toy with resignation, grabbing his bottle of lube on his way to the bathroom.


Fifteen minutes later he was sliding into the backseat of Tony’s town car, surprised when he saw someone other than Happy behind the wheel. He tried to ignore the pressure of the metal buried deep inside him, this plug much heavier than any of his others.


“Where’s Happy?” he asked, inwardly cringing at how breathless the words came out. Tony finally looked up from the tablet in his hands and glanced up at the new driver before meeting Peter’s eyes.


“Taking a much needed vacation. He’ll be back next week. You’re looking a little flushed, kid, you alright?” Peter willed himself not to blush even deeper and nodded wordlessly, turning and looking out the window to avoid Tony’s questioning gaze. It was going to be a very long afternoon.