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Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing

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Tony spent the next twenty-two hours avoiding the Snapchat icon on his phone like the plague. It wasn’t until Peter - “Spidey,” how fucking original Peter - had messaged him saying: “I noticed you still hadn’t watched the show and I just wanted to let you know it’s disappearing soon. Screenshots are allowed btw xx,” that Tony even opened the damn app. And before he could stop himself, he was clicking on Peter’s story (after checking his lock four times)


He battled with the morality of the situation and his overwhelming desire to see Peter moaning with pleasure. In the end his desire won as he watched Peter bounce on a medium sized pink dildo.


“Fuck, daddy, feels so good,” Peter moaned, his naked body flushed with arousal and little cock bouncing in time with his downward thrusts. Tony’s pants grew uncomfortably tight at the words, and before he could stop himself, he was palming himself over the fabric of his jeans.


He watched Peter’s whole thirty minute show, slowly but surely becoming more comfortable in his own pleasure as he watched his mentee take himself apart using two different dildos, a vibrating butt plug, and a fleshlight. Tony was amazed at his stamina and ability to even have multiple orgasms. Oh to be young, Tony thought, having cum with Peter’s fourth orgasm, so he just watched him wring out the fifth with fascination. Using the bigger dildo and fleshlight in tandem, Peter cried out his finish, cumming dry after so many orgasms in a row. The next videos were just him talking to the camera.


“Thanks for watching daddies!” He sounded breathless, wrecked. Tony groaned. “That show really tuckered me out, but I hope you all enjoyed it! Special thanks to the daddies who bought my nice toys; if you wanna spoil me like them, message me for my wishlist link. See you all tomorrow morning!”  


Tony felt so conflicted. On the one hand, he had technically purchased this service for life. Sure, he hadn’t known it was Peter when he bought it, but he still bought it. On the other hand, Peter would probably be extremely upset if he found out Tony had just watched him masturbate on camera.


He never has to know, said a voice in the back of his head. And that was a valid thought. After all, peter was the one putting this service out there, and he was a really fucking smart kid. He must have understood the risks when he decided to do this. And Tony couldn’t ask for a refund because Peter would probably ask what went wrong and he didn’t have it in him to just blatantly lie to the kid.


So he decided to keep watching the story, seeing Peter’s morning routine - and lots of gratuitous nudity along the way - and figured this wasn’t that bad, as far as bad decisions went.


Peter was in study hall when he got a Venmo notification.


manofironandgold has sent you $40 for: Groceries . Peter was impressed - he hadn’t even had to tell him not to mention what he was really paying for. Peter opened Snapchat to message him.


“Hey there, thanks for the tip! Was there anything specific you were wanting from the tip menu?” He waited a moment before he added: “Also, what can I call you? ‘Manofironandgold’ is a bit of a mouthful, and I don’t mean the fun kind ;)” Peter grinned to himself as he waited for a reply.


“I know the day’s already started, but I was wondering if I could do outfit and plug of the day, like, when you get home from class? And you can call me Edward.” Peter nodded even though Edward couldn’t see him. He got this request a lot.


“Totally not a problem. I’ll send the pictures of my plugs now and videos of my closet when I get home xx”


“Thank you, Spidey, I look forward to it.”


“Was that all you wanted? Because that’s only $15 and you tipped $40.”


“I’ll take two personal polaroids as well.” Peter grinned again. He loved doing personal polaroids. He even had special markers for captioning them and cute little frames. He closed Snapchat to open his messages and text MJ to see if she could come over and help with the photos., then went right back to Snap.


“Any particular poses and specifics with the polaroids?”


“One of you in the outfit I choose, and another of you, naked, with the pink heartshaped buttplug in your mouth. Maybe some drool if you can manage it.” Peter felt himself flush, replying with a thumbs up emoji. MJ texted back that she could take the pictures, and Peter felt excitement flutter in his chest.


The rest of the day went by far too slowly for Peter’s liking. He wasn’t sure why he was so excited to finish this order. For some reason, Edward seemed to draw him in. He didn’t mince his words, didn’t beat around the bush. He asked for exactly what he wanted and he didn’t waste Peter’s time for even a second. That was refreshing after having to deal with clients that constantly vied for Peter’s attention. This was a guy he could work with.


They took MJ’s car back to Queens and quickly got to work. Peter took several videos of the clothes in his closet and sent them off to Edward, before pulling out his big box of toys and searching for the right plug to clean.


“I’m calling it now,” MJ said, rearranging the pillows on Peter’s new bed. “Dude’s gonna pick a crop top and booty shorts.”


“You say that everytime,” Peter replied, rolling his eyes.


“And I’m right fifty percent of the time,” she said with a wink. Peter laughed as his phone buzzed.


“Black crop top that says ‘Daddy’s Little Slut’ and those high-waisted cut-offs. And you’ll wear this for the rest of the day?” Peter groaned, hating when Michelle was right, before grabbing the chosen articles and hanging them over his desk chair.


“I should start betting on it,” she said with a shit-eating grin. Peter flipped her off before responding.


“Yup, you paid for it, so I won’t change unless you ask me to,” he typed. “Taking your polaroids now!” He then stripped down to his boxers and went to the bathroom to clean the plug.


“Honestly,” he said when he came back, “thank god you’re a lesbian and don’t care about seeing me naked cuz Ned can’t take a decent picture to save his life.” He crawled onto the bed and popped the metal bulb past his lips.


“So you’ve told me,” she said with a smile, grabbing the camera and flipping on the fairy lights. “Alright, panties off.”


“They’re not panties,” Peter said, words garbled as he hadn’t taken the plug out of his mouth. MJ just shrugged and gestured for him to hurry up. He took off the boxers and allowed her to pose him how she liked, allowing his mouth to fill with saliva. She stepped back and began looking for the best angle to capture the moment, Peter parted his lips to allow the drool to drip down the metal and onto the sheets - they were due for a change soon anyways.


“Hold that,” Michelle said, and Peter froze while she took the photo. “Got it.”


“Awesome, now get out of here so I can shove this up my ass,” Peter said, pulling the plug from his mouth and brandishing it like a weapon.


“Yeah, yeah,” she said, already leaving. Peter smiled, feeling beyond grateful that he was friends with her.


His phone buzzed, and he reached for it automatically, expecting it to be Edward. He was shocked to find a text from Tony. He had Mondays off (except patrol) so he could focus on schoolwork.


“I need your help in the lab today. Can you be here in an hour?” Without even thinking about it, Peter was saying yes. It wasn’t until after he had pressed send that he remembered the clothes hanging over his desk chair, and the buutt plug in his hand that he had been paid to wear for the rest of the day.