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Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing

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Peter fell against the mattress, panting and sated. It was Saturday, meaning Peter had just finished his weekly Snapchat show, and this one had really taken it out of him. Forcing oneself to have five orgasms did that to a boy, even a freshly eighteen year old boy with superpowers. So far, his clients were greatly enjoying his efforts, if the dozens of messages and videos and messages from them meant anything. He plugged his phone into the charger and chugged the full bottle of water he’d placed on his bedside table as he threw the dildo he’s been using off to the side. He sighed, ignoring the the buzzing of incoming snaps from his clients. Wiping the sweat from his brow, he got up from his bed and and made his way towards the bathroom, hoping a shower would soothe his already sore muscles before he set off for patrol tonight.


If someone had told him six months ago that he would masturbating for money, Peter would have laughed in their face. But his acceptance letter from MIT had changed everything. May was already working two nursing jobs just to pay the rent, and Peter was far too proud to take up Tony’s offer to pay off all four years in advance. He had been determined to do it on his own.


MJ had been the one to suggest it, showing him a plethora of so called “tumblr girls” who made their living selling explicit snapchats to horny men online. She had told him that he could make a killing because there weren’t a lot of men in the industry, and “those old gay dudes would go crazy for your twink-looking ass.” At first, Peter had written the idea off. But the idea had burrowed in his mind, and soon he found himself researching. He made his own tumblr and modeled it after the most successful blogs he could find. With Ned and MJ’s help, and the masked mercenary, he built a persona: daddy’s little whore. MJ had let him raid her closet - surprisingly she had a lot of revealing clothes. His personal favorite was the soft pink crop top that said “baby slut” in white


Within a month of Peter posting regularly, he had already breached a thousand followers and gained twelve clients. His success continued to skyrocket exponentially, and when he had had to get braces said success imploded. Apparently horny old men liked the braces because it made him look younger. Peter tried not to think about why, and to just take the money without any qualms. Besides, it wasn’t like he was entirely innocent on that front, having been lusting after his now mentor since he had hit puberty. He wouldn’t have stopped Tony if he had made a move while Peter was underage, despite what that might have meant. But he had never had to worry about, because Tony never showed him anything more than fatherly affection. He was a good man, no matter his past, and though Peter was halfway in love with him, he had respected that and never made any moves; had never tried tempting the man. Even once he turned eighteen and Ned had told him now was his chance. If Tony wanted him, he would do something about it.


Peter showered quickly, not wanting to be too late for patrol. When he got back to his room his phone was still buzzing every few seconds. He grinned when he saw the Venmo notifications, telling him that he had gotten paid at least seventy-five dollars for this show - so far. Given the generosity of his near one hundred clients, he expected to make at least three hundred dollars off of the performance. He tossed his phone to the bed and set about getting dressed for patrol. It felt like it was going to be a long night.


Tony’s night had been a long one. He was currently laying in bed, tumbler of Scotch on the bedside table, scrolling on his tablet. He had ended up down the wormhole of the internet, finding himself in the “daddy’s boy” tag on tumblr and not entirely sure how he had gotten there. He found what looked like a very popular blog, @thesexyspider, and he was entranced. The boy was beautiful, with a small frame and hard muscles, a smile so pure the braces only enhanced it. Plus, because there were no photos of his face that Tony could find, Tony could easily pretend that he was looking at photos of his young intern/mentee, whom Tony had wanted since he’d laid eyes on him. But he had been fourteen, and Tony had some morals. He drained the rest of his Scotch and a post caught his eye:

Spidey’s Lifetime Snapchat

Do you wanna see me, naked and writhing, begging for Daddy’s cock? Well here’s your chance! For a one time payment of only $40, you can get all that and more.

Daily Nudes
Weekly Shows


Request Days


My day-to-day life

And for extra tips I can create a much more personal experience for you!


Choose my outfit: $5
Choose my plug of the day: $10
Extra orgasms: $15
Personal Polaroids: $10/photo
Personal Photos (emailed): $5/photo
Personal Videos: $2/minute
Body Writing: $4/word
Requests on non-request days: $8/request


Message me here or email me at for payment options. I’m looking forward to serving you ;)


Maybe it was the Scotch, maybe it was the loneliness, but Tony found himself creating an account, using a secret email no one knew of, and clicking the message icon.


“I’d like to purchase your Snapchat,” he sent, straight to the point. He was surprised when he received a reply within minutes.


“My Venmo is the same user as my blog, send a screenshot confirmation once you’ve sent the payment and your Snapchat user and I’ll add you!” He followed the message with two kissy face emojis, and for some reason Tony felt familiarity stir in his chest. He quickly made a separate Snapchat account from the public one Pepper insisted he have, before sending the payment and the screenshot with his username. Not moments later he got a notification on his phone from Snapchat.


“SexySpidey2000 has added you,” it sai. Tony rushed to add him back, a message popping up not long after he did so.


“You’re in for a treat tonight, I got done with my Saturday show about an hour ago and it’s all still up,” he wrote. Tony wasted no time replying.


“Can’t wait.” And he really couldn’t. He clicked on the circle icon besides the boy’s name -


And promptly dropped his phone. Because there, on his screen, was a very naked Peter Parker.