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send this to your otp with no context

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12:30 AM


Jehan: I saw this video and I thought of you.


12:37 AM


Grantaire: lmao me after two glasses of wine, this one is also funny


12:42 AM


Jehan: I’m not your sibling though?

Grantaire: yea but it was funny

Jehan: I did enjoy the excessive heart emojis.


12:56 AM


Jehan: This one seems right up your alley.

Grantaire: that’s a whole 4 minutes

                but you right tho

Jehan: you’re such a memelord.


1:03 AM


Enjolras: how are you so unphased by spiders?

Grantaire: uh…?

Enjolras: at last week’s meeting you paused what you were saying to pick up a spider and let it back outside. I don’t get how you did that.

Grantaire: ohhh yea,, i remember that. what’s this about apollo?


1:06 AM


Enjolras: there’s one in my apartment.

              I’m held up in the living room for the time being.

Grantaire: is it in your bedroom?

Enjolras: yes.

Grantaire: awh, so the dinner date was that nice?

Enjolras: omfg, R be serious this spider is out to get me

Grantaire: just take a shoe and kill it if it bothers you that much. or set up camp in the living room and i’ll be over in the morning


1:08 AM


Enjolras: I Will Do That.
             option #2.

Grantaire: i’ll be over there in the morning.

               wait, why don’t you ask Combeferre?

Enjolras: I’ve asked him to kill bugs too many times. He said the next time I do, he’s gonna let a bunch of moths into my apartment.

Grantaire: naturally


1:10 AM




1:12 AM


Jehan: Aww, love you too babe!

Grantaire: gross

Jehan: Asdfghjk, you sent me the video!!

Grantaire: yea but that response is a little gay


1:14 AM


Jehan: YOU’RE gay

Grantaire: now that’s just homophobic :(


1:20 AM



Grantaire: hurt and offended.

Jehan: ;)


1:32 AM


Grantaire: what will it take to win you over??


8:47 AM


Grantaire: am i not good enough for you?

Jehan: Wym?

Grantaire: you never responded back to my video

Jehan: you didn’t send me a video


8:48 AM


Jehan: R?


         What happened??


8:57 AM


Enjolras: ??

             was that for me?

             what time are you coming over?


3:25 PM


Grantaire: tell them I can’t come.

Jehan: Why??

Grantaire: I’m sick

                I have influenza

Jehan: R.

Grantaire: Measles



3:26 PM


Jehan: I should send Joly over.

Grantaire: no!!

               don’t want to infect him too!

Jehan: R if you don’t get your lying ass down here in the next four minutes I WILL send Joly over there!!


3:34 PM


Jehan: I get your vibe is to sit in the back and be mysterious but it doesn’t even look like your associated with us anymore.

Grantaire: that’s the goal!

                don’t want to infect anyone

Jehan: What the hell happened?


3:36 PM


Grantaire: I accidentally sent Enj one of those videos and then didn’t show up to kill a spider.

Jehan: I don’t understand that or the spider.

Grantaire: the video was meant to be for a crush


3:37 PM


Jehan: Oh. I love how the universe works.

Grantaire: ?

Jehan: He does seem a little off today. Somethings on his mind.

Grantaire: Enj?

Jehan: Yeah. He sure is talking really fast and letting his eyes linger on people longer.

Grantaire: I don’t see it


3:39 PM


Jehan: Because your eyes are zooming in on the bar. It’s far too early for red R.

Grantaire: they are not. not yet at least.

                plus i was gonna go for something fruity thank you very much

Jehan: Hold out soldier. He’s almost done.

Grantaire: wait what?

               oh god he’s looking at me. I didn’t sit away far enough

               bitch help me!!




5:30 PM


Enjolras: here’s the address to that place I was talking about. 47 Bond St, New York, NY 10012

Grantaire: wow, that looks fancy

Enjolras: i like nice dinner dates before taking people home.

Grantaire: that spider still in your room?

Enjolras: yes, please help me

Grantaire: be over in a second


5:35 PM


Grantaire: naming a kid after you

Jehan: middle or first name

Grantaire: first

Jehan: your mind must clouded by love. That’s gross


5:40 PM


Grantaire: ur gross

Enjolras: I’m literally making you coffee what did I do??