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BTS Sexy Oneshots

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Jungjung went home with cookcook, their tongues dancing as they get into the elevator and do the horizontal salsa tango all the way into their flat. Once the door was properly shut he put his hands down his boyfriends pants letting his dick spring free. His mouth watered.

"Cookcook, baby, i need your cockcock."

At once, jungjung could tell that his words had went straight to his hardening cock, which was good because they were anything but. Cookcook had started to babble out some words betwen his heaving breaths but jungjung was having none of it, silencing him with his mouth and kissing his breath away.

Jungjung fumbled in the drawer beside them for some lube and condoms, slicking up his cock before he slammed it inside his lover's butthole.

"Youre so wet for me baby," jungjung breathed into cookcook's sar as he fucked into cookcook's tight, warm, soft, magically self-lubricating hole.

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Jj looked at his boyfriends tent in his pants. Their parents werenf homs and now he was going to fuck his slutty boyfriend like the whore he was.

"You like that huh, you slutty bitch?" He murmured sultrily as he spread hopehope's knees on either side of him. His onyx eyes glazed over, letting out little whines and whimpers as JJ took the reigns and started rubbing their clothed erections against each other.

"Fuck bb ur so beautiful," JJ murmured lovingly as he pressed open mouth kisses against his boyfriends neck, jaw and collarbone, smilijg into his kisses before he pulled away for a breath, because he was asthmatic.

"Babe," whined hopehope as fingers ghosted over his creamy, milky skin. "Babe please fuck me, please make me yours."

"Ok," murmured JJ as he leant forward and twined his tongue with his boyfriends, panting into his hot, moist cavern like an adventurous carnivore. Hopehope shuddered at the foreign feeling, eyes rolling back in his head.

"Bbjj," said hopehope as he involuntarily thrust foward to meet jj's clothed dick with eyes half-lidded and skin flushed. "Bb pls fuck me."

"Ok," said jj as he thrust forward with no prepration whatsoever and made hopehope cry out.

The next day

"Omg, hopehope!" Said one of his friends. "Is that a... hickey???"

"Yes bitch," said hopehope.

"Wow, must have had a roughe night, huh?"

"Yeah," said hopehope dreamily. "He tore my ass and left it bleeding the entire night. It was hot."


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jiji leaned over minmins head.

"hey want me to sexually caress your aching member as we form a chorus of moans and heat builds up in our abdomens and we climax with a muffled scream???"

minmin replies, "ok but wait we have to go perform"

jiji says, "well then we better make it kwick"

minmin says, "ok"

jiji slithers out of his colourful princely royal stage outfit and quickly and sexily slides the zipper down minmins jeans w his teeth it was very sexy and quick.

minmin replied, "wow jiji youre so sexy and hot oh oh i am very turned on wow"

jiji said, "okay my beautiful sexy orange i love the way your left nipple looks like a piece of pepperoni" he had also stripped off minmin's shirt at some point.

minmin replied, "oh wow jiji you know just what to say to turn me on i too love the way you have a tattoo of cookie monster on your juicy plump ass it is very sexy and hot and i just want it to eat me"

jiji says, "oh no minmin ure so sexy im about to cum!!"

minmin says, "oh no me too"

He came. He came again. He could not stop coming.

"OMG jiji/minmin, ure so hot i cant stop cummin!!" they said as they stared at the leaking river of milk springing from their hot rods.

And then he saw heaven and earth and his soul left his body as he screamed in absolute bliss as his body fell into oblivion