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5 year aniversary

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he green blinking light at the top of shoutos laptop, notifying the two youtubers that the camera had been activated.

the watched as the numbers at the side of their stream grew from 10k to 30k and onwards. both YouTubers slightly worried that the stream would crash.

they opened the chat box which was immediately flooded with congratulations and declarations of love for the pair.

'can't believe its already been 5 years, I've been watching you both since ur first video 'dyeing my boyfriend's hair to piss someone off' and I was completely hooked on your chemistry'.

'OMGSIUDHIFHIWUFEB IM literally up at 2 am for this stream and I regret nothing'

'OMG anyone notice shouto is wearing katsuki's favourite hoodie I'm dying'

the pair were grateful and amused at the same time, once they felt like they had kept their viewers waiting long enough they spoke. ''hello shoutozeros, hope ur all having a good day, afternoon or evening were ever you are'' the split haired boy said first as he lifted both hand palms facing the camera and waving like he did in all videos.

''its the 5-year anniversary of our channel and katsuki and I thought it would be fun to have a bit of a fan meet up via live stream since we really don't do them often. you are free to ask any questions granted that they are fairly appropriate because i know one or two people are going to ask awkward questions''

the blond beside him threw his left arm over his boyfriend's shoulder before chiming in ''basically you all just need to use common sense. think to your self 'should I really ask the question' before you do''

the comments lit up once again 'aww katsuki looks so fluffy in his home clothes' ''thanks 16catnip, I also think I look good in my own clothes'' the red-eyed blond smirked at the camera.

after a few minutes of back and forth of the pair and their viewers, they eventually got down to the questions.

shouto had changed positions now, he had leaned into katsuki's shoulder with his legs bent behind him and laptop balancing on the pillow on katsuki's lap.

''ok, first question 'what made you want to start a youtube channel' do you want to answer this katsuki'' shouto looked up slightly at his boyfriend, the blond nodded and began the story.

''Basically, we had been going out for 2 years at that time and shouto over here was the biggest goodie to shoes'' the blond paused to chuckle before planting a soft kiss on his partners scalp.

''call me a bad influence or not, but I convinced him to basically go against everything his dad wanted, getting a tattoo (although it was small) wearing whatever outfits he wanted to include skirts and dresses which his dad wasn't fond of and finally dying his hair''

the blond paused yet again to laugh this time with shouto not too far behind him ''you can say his dad didn't like it one bit. I personally thought shouto looked great in a blue cocktail dress, and we were invited to his dad's formal gathering so we thought he needed a bit of a makeover and i wanted to document it and post it were his father and all his work snobs could find it''.


shouto sat on the bathroom counter of katsuki's apartment, his sweaty palms rubbing up and down the hem of the maroon summer dress draped over him. a dark turquoise towel over his shoulder and a black camera balanced on top of the window ledge angled at shouto and katsuki who was stood between his legs.

the blond had split his haire and applied bleach to both sides, toning the right side only because he swore the red would cover the very little traces of to yellow blond strands laced between his now ash blond hair.

''katsuki are you sure i can get both of the colours, i could always do white now and red in a few months'' ''nope you've wanted this for so long and I'm not gonna let you deprive your self of something you want cuz your scared to make daddy dearest upset'' that was all the blond said before moving onto the red side of his hair.

shouto couldn't help but blush at katsuki's words as he gently swung his legs back and forth gentle enough to not disrupt the blond's work.


''so the day of the party, we rolled up with shouto looking gorgeous in his blue cocktail dress and split dyed hair and a pair of silver heels. anyways little details don't matter but at the end of the night i sent the link of me dying shouto's hair to his dad'' the blond cracked up, his arm moving up and down shoutos arm as the man in question chuckled into katsuki's arm.

the comments erupted in shouts of praise at both katsuki and shouto for being unapologetically themselves. 'AHHH MY BOYS BEEN SAVAGE SINCE DAY ONE' 'keep doing you katsuki, five years later the split hair is now iconic and looks Georges' 'yasss katsuki stick it to the man'

they read through some of the comments, sharing some that particularly stood out to them before the next flood of questions came in.

''uhm, next question is from shoutoissmol haha thank you. they're asking

'I've only been watching you two for a couple months but I'm already in love, I wanted to know if you had other occupations cuz I feel like I've heard both your names before this'

well uhm, katsuki is head of graphic designs at yuuei corps and I'm a fashion designer, but i model a little, youtube is a bit of stress relief for us and it's just fun to goof around in front of a camera sometimes''

the comments roared once again.

'MY BABY IS SO MODEST' 'models a little he says, he's been on the cover of 'plus ultra' and so many more big magazines and the 'winter's warmth collection'? all his designs, he's just too humble'

shouto hid his flushed face in katsuki's arm '' this is so embarrassing, but yeah, modelling and design are my main thing'' shouto spoke up.

katsuki was next to read out a question 'shouto has mentioned being non-binary and gender non conforming, was that something he hat kind of come out to you kasuki or did he dust say it before you started going out'

ohh really nice question I think its only fitting that you answer it shouto''

the blond glanced at his boyfriend with a small but noticeable smile. ''well i actually hadn't completely figured that out when me and katsuki started dating and it was only when we were in the thick of our relationship that this smart cookie beside me picked up on some things I did as well as some of my then anxieties''

the pair stared into one another's eyes, lovesick as ever as shouto turned back to the camera ''it took a lot of personal discovery on my part and unyielding support from katsuki, that I realised a lot of things about my self, I started using they/them pronouns on top of he/him I did things that made me feel comfortable in my skin like painting my nails etc. having the freedom to fully express myself the way I never could with words.''

''and he was there for the whole journey, but we did at one point have a bit of a sit down chat about it''


katsuki held shouto's baby blue painted fingernails in his slightly larger ones, running his thumb over his partners hand. ''its been a pretty important last 6 months for us, you in particular and I just want you to know that none of this changes how I feel about you, every side of you I learn about is a side I want to cherish each and every day''

he gripped tighter as shouto returned the sentiment

''you've been so strong and i know it probably wasn't easy thinking you were out of place for all this time or being afraid of that, but you are worth so much and i just want you to always remember that''


shouto thought back to the memory but stopped before he could no longer control his emotions. god, he was so happy to have katsuki be so loving and understanding and always being there for him.

the stream continued for a little while longer before eventually coming to an end.

''thank you all for coming to the stream, happy 5 years to you all and we'll see you next stage, bye''

shouto ended with their usual outro, slightly tired from work but full of so much love and appreciation for those around him, he drifted off to sleep on katsuki's shoulder, his mind only taking him further down memory lane.