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Cause I Think You're So Good, and I'm Nothing Like You

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Present Day

11 AM


Moving into a new place is never easy.

Shouto Todoroki stares at the cardboard boxes lying in front of him, filled with many of his earthly possessions he managed to bring down from the great beyond and Europe. Previously for the past couple of years, he was sent by his father, Enji, also known as Lord Endeavor to observe and study advanced deity knowledge in Europe.

Afterward, he received a request from his father, instructing him to return to Musutafu, Japan and to bring all of his things.



A couple of weeks ago…


“Dad told you to do what?”

Shouto quickly called his sister the moment he received the request. Since she’s the closest child to him, he figured she might know something about this. Fuyumi currently works at the Bureau of Soul Immigration, located somewhere “in-between”. The bureau is responsible for managing soul relocation from earth to the great beyond and vice-versa if the soul receives permission to visit earth or to reincarnate. The office sounds pretty cool, sure, but Fuyumi is currently just another employee, responsible for higher management of the soul relocation.

Basically, it’s just a normal office job.

“He wants to meet me in Musutafu,” Shouto answered, “He also says to bring all of my things with me, I don’t know what’s for…”

“Well, I guess I could send you some of your things from home,” she said, “I’ll also call Natsu to help you with the moving thing,”

“Do you want me to come upstairs? It’s my things, after all, maybe I should pack it myself…”

“No, no, it’s not a big deal really,” she answered, “Just text me your new address and I’ll send your things over to you, bye.”

Fuyumi hangs up her phone, must be busy, Shouto thought. But still, everything does seem a bit strange… why would the stubborn old man ask to meet him in Japan? Why not upstairs? He seemed to love it there more than any other place in the entire existence. He was curious but realized he has a bit of work to do, he needs to find a place to live.


hotNcold: Hey.

hotNcold: Can I ask a favor?

LadyUravity: Sure, what’s up?

hotNcold: I’m coming back to Musutafu, need a place to stay in town

hotNcold: Can you help me with that?

LadyUravity: On it! I’ll text you the options!

LadyUravity: Normal or supernatural?

hotNcold: Supernatural, but I wouldn’t mind normal, actually…

hotNcold: I know supernatural places are a bit scarce lately, so I wouldn’t blame you if you can’t find any…

LadyUravity: Wait, actually I know this place, it’s where…

hotNcold: Uraraka?

LadyUravity: No… that could start some trouble… nope…

hotNcold: Something wrong?

LadyUravity: Nope, nothing’s wrong! Just stay put, I’ll… text you when I find some places for you to stay!

hotNcold: Thanks, I appreciate it.


Around a week later, he booked his ticket back to Japan, one way this time, not expecting to return to Europe anytime soon. He bought a few boxes of delicious Belgian chocolate truffles, wanting to share them with his friends as soon as he gets back. At the store, he began to think how many boxes he should buy, one for Uraraka, one for Iida, one for his brother, Natsu, and one more for…

“Izuku…” he muttered, staring at the box of chocolate in his hand.

That’s right, it’s been a while since he met or spoke with Izuku. But how could he forget about him? Around two and a half years ago, he was still in Japan, enrolling himself in UA State University. It’s been around a decade since he studied at a university, and he felt like he could use a refresher on present-day education. He enrolled at the same time as his old friend, Ochako Uraraka, something that she got excited about.

One month later, Uraraka announced that she found herself a boyfriend. She showed Shouto a picture of him, a young man around her age, with messy green hairs and freckles on his face. He was quite charming, normal too, Shouto thought. He felt a bit smitten just by looking at the picture, but what can he do anyway? It’s Uraraka’s boyfriend, after all…


Three years passed, Uraraka is 21 years old now, focusing on her chemical studies. She and Shouto were sitting together at a café, trying to finish up some work when he suddenly asked something.

“So, how is Izuku?” he asked.

“He’s fine, I think…” Uraraka answered, “We, um… we decided to give each other a bit of space after we broke up…”

“Oh, that’s understandable…” Shouto then returned back to his laptop, taking around five seconds before realizing what his friend just said, “You guys what?”

“We broke up,” she said, “I assume you were asking me about that part,”

“Yes, of course!” he said, “How long? You haven’t told me about this before,”

“Just around three days ago. We decided maybe it’s time to end things, it’s been a bit… stale, and none of us enjoyed it, so… we broke up, just like that…”

“The concept of human relationships always intrigues me…” he said, “There’s always going to be hard feelings when two people parts, unlike the upstairs…”

“I thought you guys have soulmates there as well,”

“We do, it’s just that… everyone there lives forever, no more dying, no more pain, no more aging, and as a result, we pretty much live recklessly. If your soulmate kissed, or bond with somebody else, nobody’s upset, it’s all part of the immortal life…”

“Huh, that’s really interesting,” she said, “Well, one day if I die, I absolutely won’t let that happen to me and my soulmate!”

“They all said that…” he chuckled, “Hey, can I confess something to you?”


“I kinda have a crush on your ex,” he said, “It’s silly, but I thought I should just let it out…”

“No problem, really,” she smiled, “You wanna go out on a date with him?”

“W-what?? No! You two just broke up!! T-that’s going to be…”

“It’s not going to be awkward,” she chuckled, “He’s just my friend now, we decide to put everything aside. Don’t worry, I’m not upset or anything, you want some carrot cake? I think they just put some in the counter!”

“Sure?” Shouto answered with a confused look, “But you do know that I’m immune to any kind of poison, even the magic ones, or any magical curses…”

“Oh, don’t make a big fuss about it, Todoroki!” she answered, standing up from her chair, “Like I said, it’s okay, Izuku is yours now. I’ll be right back…”


Later that week, he went out on his first date with Izuku. It was a pretty nice date, Shouto picked a nice restaurant downtown, they ate, and then went dancing and laughing out in the park. It escalated pretty quickly afterward, they kissed in the park, before turning it into a make-out session. And before they know it, both of them are already naked, lying in Izuku’s bed inside his dorm room.

Shouto left quietly when Izuku was already asleep. The date was nice, but what happened afterward… he regretted it, all of it, thinking he blew his chances with Izuku, turning his date into a one-night-stand. He got frustrated when he got back into his apartment, shouting out his anger in the shower.

And then, a text from Izuku pops up…

greenBun: Last night was… great. Can’t wait for our next date.

He was happy to see that he didn’t blow his chances after all. He went out for a talk with Izuku the next day, and they both agreed to become boyfriends. They began planning out their next date after that.


January 11th

1 PM


“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!!”

After living for a pretty long time, Shouto had gotten used to the concept of having a lot of birthdays in his life. In the early years after he was born, he would usually celebrate it with his mother and three siblings in their vacation house upstairs, it was a pleasant memory. But things had to change, for better or worse. His mother’s banishment from the great beyond happened three months before his tenth birthday, and he decided against having a party that year, and the years after that as well.

Recently, in the past decade, he’s been celebrating his birthdays again thanks to Uraraka who reintroduced him to the concept. Good things have happened ever since he went to university, first he got to know Iida, a gifted human coming from a powerful family with great expectations, something he could relate to. Iida is a pretty hardworking, straightforward, and strict person, someone to help keep Uraraka and himself in line with the rules, as he knows that they both tend to get… impulsive when left alone.

The second one, well, he’s sitting next to him.

“Happy birthday dear Todoroki! Happy birthday to you!!”

Izuku, Iida, and Uraraka smiled and laughed seeing the white and red-haired boy blows out his birthday candles on top of his cake. It was round cake split into two colors, white on the left, and red on the right, a joke from Uraraka since she was the one who ordered it. Thankfully, Shouto took it well and giggled at it when he first saw the cake, something that Izuku thought was pretty cute at the moment.

His birthday came at the exact right time this year. Shouto has just finished submitting his thesis revision to his professor, apparently, the last day to do so. He should expect the graduation announcement on Friday, and the ceremony around a month later, something that he was glad about. He had so many titles, so many college experiences, and yet he thought that this is the best one.

It was also his first week anniversary of going out with Izuku.

The green-haired boy sitting next to him quietly hands over a small gift box under the table, whispering something to him quietly while Uraraka and Iida were occupied talking with each other at the moment.

“Hide it in your coat,” he said, “Sorry, but they can’t know about this one, it’s a bit past our budget mark, and well… they’re going to tease me endlessly if they find out,”

“Izuku, it’s not they if it’s just Uraraka,” Shouto answered, “Thank you, Izuku. I can’t wait to open it. It’s not something for… the other gift, right?”

“Uh… no, nope, nope!” Izuku said, trying to keep his voice down while his face slightly blushed, “That one is separate...”


Shouto returned to his apartment at around 6 PM with Izuku after eating out together. Izuku winked at him, saying it’s almost time for his “other gift”. He chuckled, seeing Izuku actually attempting to tease him, something he never actually expects from the boy. But when he entered the apartment lobby, the receptionist at the front desk called out to him.

“Todoroki-san, there’s a couple of things you should know about,” she said, “Your neighbor said that they saw two people entering your apartment after you went out this morning. They left very quickly, it seems…”

“W-what?” Izuku asked, feeling worried, “Oh my God! W-who are they??”

“Your neighbor said it was a round-faced girl with brown hair, and a rather tall boy wearing glasses…”

“Oh,” Shouto said, “Nothing to worry about then…”

“One other thing, an old gentleman came in and asks to see you. But since you weren’t here, he said that he’ll be back tomorrow morning,”

“Is his hair white?” he asked, “A bit spiky and messy?”

“Yes, that’s him alright…”

“What? Who is it?”

“My, uh… grandfather…” he sighed, “Sometimes he visits my place just to check up on me. But I haven’t heard from him since I moved here a month ago, it’s about time, I guess…”

“That’s really sweet of him!”

“Well, that’s my grandpa for you…”


January 12th

7 AM


The next morning, Shouto wakes up alone. Izuku did spend the night at his place, but left the apartment around ten minutes earlier, wanting to finish some work at the campus library. He kissed Shouto on the forehead, not wanting to wake him up, but that proved to be useless, as Shouto was already up for about half an hour, lazing around in his bed next to his boyfriend.

He got out from the bed and went to the bathroom door, brushing his teeth before getting a quick splash on his face. Feeling refreshed, he walked to the kitchen, wanting a cup of tea and some toast for breakfast this morning. Although technically he doesn’t have to sleep or eat, Shouto had grown accustomed to his morning routines, wanting to fit in with the human world a bit more.

He turned on the TV, changing the channel to his usual morning talkshow. With a piece of toast and jam in his mouth and a cup of jasmine tea in his hand, he sat down at the couch, watching the TV for some entertainment, wanting to know about the latest development in the human world. He stared at the five gift boxes lying on his coffee table, two from Izuku, and the other three from Uraraka and Iida.

He opened Uraraka and Iida’s other gift first, the one they snuck into his apartment for some reason. It was a framed photo of the four of them along with a charm paper on top of it. It’s usually common for magical people to give charms to each other on their birthdays. There’s a note on it, congratulating him on his 147th birthday, and an explanation about the charm.

“Good luck charm,” he read, “Guaranteed to give its user 24 hours of good luck,”

Shouto grinned, putting Uraraka’s photo frame on his bookshelf and storing his charm. He moved to Izuku’s other gift box. Opening it, he finds a small pendant with Izuku’s photo on it. The letter simply congratulates him on his 22nd birthday, along with some other things. He smiled, storing the pendant inside his pocket before going back to eating his breakfast.

But his morning was interrupted a mere moments later as the doorbell rings. Shouto sighed, remembering who was coming today, it’s been a while since he visited him, but that usually means that he was busy either upstairs or on another side of the world. He usually brings some gifts for him, something he appreciates.

Shouto walked away from the couch and opened his apartment front door, finding an old man standing in front of it, carrying a plastic bag filled with what he assumed to be gifts.

“Shouto!” the old man said, “How nice to see you! I brought gifts for my favorite grandson!”

“Grandfather,” Shouto greets him with a smile on his face, “You haven’t seen my new place, right? Come on in, then…”


“My grandson!” the old man said, “My beloved grandson! I don’t know how you could turn out this good considering how terrible my son is at raising his kids…”

“Okay, you could cut the act now…” Shouto said, closing the front door, “Almost everytime you came to my place, it’s always like this. Seriously, what is it with you and old people, Natsuo?”

“Okay, okay!” he chuckled. The old man’s body suddenly began to reverse aging, turning into a young man, about a few years older from Shouto with spiky white hair.

“Being old is just awesome, y’know?” Natsuo answered, making himself comfortable in Shouto’s couch, “Everybody’s nice to you all the time, the lady at the bakery gave you free bread, and you always get to walk first, try it sometimes!”

“No thanks, I prefer to stay young and not waste my magic…”

“Suit yourself,” he answered, handing his brother a couple of boxes, “Oh, Happy Birthday, by the way! I got you gifts from Europe!”

“This is a puzzle of the town Venice,” Shouto said, inspecting the boxes “And this is one of those alcoholic chocolates from Belgium…”

“Yeah, they made the best damn chocolates,” he said, “I already gave Fuyumi her gifts when I got back home a week ago…”

“Home, as in home upstairs?”

“That’s the one…”

“How are… things?” he asked, “You know I haven’t exactly been there in a while…”

“Seven years, that’s how long according to Fuyumi,” Natsuo said, “Eh, you know, like usual…, your room is still clean, it’s empty most of the time since Fuyumi is busy with her job, and dad, well…”

There are reasons why Shouto never really talks about his father, terrible reasons. Uraraka is probably his only friend that knows, and he can’t even make up stories for Izuku. Whenever the topic came up he just… tries to avoid it entirely. But Shouto did tell him about his three siblings, Fuyumi, the eldest hardworking one, Natsuo, the adventurous one, and Touya…

“I know, I know,” Shouto said, “Let’s just… not talk about it…”

“Yeah, he’s awful,” Natsuo said, “Anyway, I came to talk about you today. I was traveling through Athens when I remembered something…”

“What is it?”

Natsuo hands over his brother a small book, it’s a booklet for “The Academy”, one of the most renowned supernatural higher education facilities in the world. It’s also one of the places that offers advanced deity political science as a major. Something which is required for deities if they want to become…

“Wait, you want me to…” Shouto paused, staring at the booklet in his hand, “Become a guardian deity?”

“No, not really, actually,” Natsuo said, “But I think it would be good for you, settling down a bit and everything, yeah? Maybe get some experience and stuff, politics is what our kind does best, after all?”

“And how did that turn out for you?”

Shouto remembered his brother’s failed experience as guardian deity at a small coastal town in Hokkaido. Needless to say, it didn’t turn out well as he caused two crisis during his first year thanks to his carelessness, and the local chapter of the magic magisterium decides to give him a no-confidence vote, which effectively ended his career at the start of his second year.

“L-let’s not talk about me!” Natsuo answered, trying to avoid the subject, “Look, I think you could do so much better than me! There’s plenty of places in the world that could use a Todoroki as a guardian deity, a-and I want you to have a successful future and everything!”

“Hmm…” he said, considering the opportunity, “Maybe I do need a career… but what about the…”

“Old man? Eh, I wouldn’t worry about it, he’ll agree in a heartbeat if you ask him nicely…”

“Fine, I’ll think about it,” Shouto said, “It’s just there’s one thing I need to think about if I’m gonna go study abroad for two years…”

“What is it?” Natsuo asked. His brother hands him over a small pendant, and he opened it to find a picture of someone, “Oh… OH!! Well… that’s going to need plenty of thoughts…”

Chapter Text

January 13th

9 AM

“Europe, really??”

Shouto explained his brother’s visit to Uraraka the next day. The offer really sounds interesting, Uraraka thought. A guardian deity, after all, is the highest local position anyone can get in a city’s magic magisterium. But in order to do it, he needs to undergo advanced deity political science education first, reach the age of 150 years, and gain a seal of approval from at least five deities.

“It’s going to be tough…” Shouto said, “I want to do it, but…”

“But what?”

“Izuku,” he answered, “We have to part ways if I’m really going to do it. But I… I’m really happy being with him here, I honestly don’t know what to do, Uraraka…”

“Oh dear, it’s a love situation!” she exclaimed, “Look, I can’t decide what’s best for you or for Deku-kun, but I need to ask you something…”

“What is it?”

“If you’re going to actually do it… let him down easy, don’t hurt his feelings or make him hate you…”

“Of course,” Shouto said, “I’m not going to cross the line when it comes to him…”

“You’re not planning to tell him about our world, right?”

“I want him to be safe, so no…” he answered, “He’s not going to know about this, trust me…”

“Good,” Uraraka sighed, “If you do this… I… we’re all going to miss you, y’know? I hope the four of us can just hang out together again one day…”

“Me too, Uraraka,” he said, “Me too…”


In the end, Shouto decides that he should do it.

He remembered his long-forgotten dream to become a guardian deity, someone who’s actually in charge, someone who could help people and affect their lives in the best way possible. He had actually forgotten about this for some time thanks to the events that occurred in his house, something that gave him the strange scar on his face.

He had already sent out his application, which will take some time to be reviewed and validated. But he already knows that they will accept him anyway, who could say no to a Todoroki? He made a phone call to his father’s office, it went through his secretary, as expected. But as soon as the old man received his message, he sent his son a quick letter which arrived only a few hours later, the deities really know how to operate an efficient postal service. His father commented a few things on his decision, commending him for wanting to try out the family business, but he ignored it, he’s not doing it for him. There’s another envelope, a recommendation letter from Lord Endeavor, Enji Todoroki himself. This could be handy, Shouto thought, and he sent it alongside his application forms.

There was only one thing left for him to settle.

Shouto went out shopping for some groceries, trying to rethink his plan to break up with Izuku. He had already typed out the date details in his phone but hasn’t pressed the send button yet, still nervous about the whole thing.

It’s been exactly two weeks since he went on his first date with Izuku. In total, they went to three different dates together and spent around four nights together. Tonight will be the fourth and last date for them, Shouto thought. He doesn’t exactly know how Izuku will react when he tells him about his future plans, but he followed his guts and Uraraka’s request, to just let him down gently instead of making him angry. He picked out the same restaurant they went to on their first date, wanting to make a memorable impression to the green-haired boy.

Shouto likes Izuku, he likes him very much, he felt all warm and happy when he’s around him, and he doesn’t want to let any of it go. A few days ago he impulsively came up with a plan to tell Izuku everything about his heritage, about his world, and then take him to Europe to live together with him. From then on, he’ll try to find a way to keep Izuku in his current age, make him immortal so they both could be together for eternity.

But then, he remembered something. He looked at his hand, using a bit of his magical power to reveal the soulmate mark on his palm. That’s right, there’s this thing, something that has plenty of value here on earth. They weren’t soulmates, and their relationship could change at any given moment if Shouto met his destined mate. He thought about this, as much as he likes Izuku, it simply wasn’t true love, it wasn’t strong enough to make that impulsive thought a reality.

“Oompf!!” he exclaimed, accidentally hitting someone in the shoulder. He went down to pick up the stranger’s objects that he dropped to the floor, it was a piece of towel and a notebook with a picture of a cat on the front.

“Sorry,” he hands over the items back to the stranger, a person with pale skin and purple hairs, he looked around 22 or 23. But his appearance… vampire? undead? He thought.

“Yeah, no problem,” the stranger said before walking away from the aisle. Whoever or whatever he was isn’t his business, Shouto thought. Within seconds his mind went back to Izuku and his plan to be together with him.

He sighed, letting go of his earlier plan before texting Izuku about their next and final date.


“Sorry I’m late,” Izuku said, arriving at the restaurant around seven minutes late, “A bit of traffic outside, some guy crashed into a newsstand with his scooter,”

“It’s alright,” he answered, “I’ve ordered us a meal, you want to eat now?”

“Yeah, I’m starving…” Izuku answered, “I skipped lunch earlier, I’m so hungry I feel like I could eat a person!”

Shouto chuckled at the joke, thinking that he’s absolutely going to miss this, Izuku and his sense of humor. A few minutes later, the waiter came over and handed them both their meal.

“Shall we eat?”


“So, um… I need to say something…”

They had finished their meal and was enjoying desserts when Shouto decides it was time to tell Izuku about his decision. The green-haired boy sitting in front of him looked a bit curious as he enjoyed his bowl of ice cream sundae.

“Oh?” Izuku asked, “Something wrong?”

“Uh, I, uh…” Shouto gulped, feeling a bit nervous about breaking up with Izuku, “I have some news, I got accepted into a… postgraduate program…”

“Shouto, that’s great!” Izuku said, feeling excited.

“Yeah, um… problem is the school is in, uh… Europe, so…”


Izuku frowned a bit hearing the word “Europe”, he quickly thought out what his boyfriend’s statements actually meant, and then it hits him around a few seconds later.

“So… you want to, um…” Izuku said.

“Yeah,” he answered, “I’m sorry, I really am…”

“N-no Shouto… you don’t have to be sorry about it,” Izuku then looked Shouto in the eyes while holding both of his hands, “I’m really happy for you, I really am. A-and as much as I hate seeing you go, I… I don’t want to be the one holding you back to your future. I don’t want you to stay here with me only to regret everything someday in the future, no I don’t want that!”

“I-Izuku… I…”

“I like you a lot, Shouto Todoroki, you know that right?” he sighed with a slight smile on his face, “A-and it’s been a pleasure… trying this out with you…”

“I-I like you too, Izuku Midoriya…” Shouto answered, “I hope we could do this again someday, just the two of us, together…”

“I’d like that,” Izuku smiled, “I’d like that a lot!”


They didn’t spend the night together after that last date. Both Shouto and Izuku went back to their house respectively. Uraraka called in to check up on both of them, and they both answered that they’re okay at the moment, but she knows they’re lying. Izuku cried himself to sleep in his dorm room that night, while Shouto sat and cried at a small dark corner in his living room for a few hours, wanting some time alone in the dark for himself to let go of his feelings.

Since then, Izuku only managed to see Shouto two times, the first one was when he departed for Europe one week after their breakup, and the second one happened when he came back for a short few hours to attend his graduation ceremony.

After that, Izuku never saw Shouto again. Sometimes he asked Uraraka about how he was doing overseas, and she answered that he was fine. One time, she offered to talk with him on the phone, but Izuku refused, wanting to distance himself from the past, letting go of his ex-boyfriend and just… let him be happy without him.


Present Day

9.30 AM


Shouto had big plans when it comes to his future relationship, but it wasn’t exactly a well-thought plan since he had only begun thinking about it a couple of minutes after his plane took off. His plan was simple, give the boxes of chocolate to Izuku, ask about his relationship and stuff, reminiscence about the past when they used to go out together, and then boom! Shouto swoops in for a kiss and they’re both back together! Just like that!

The extreme amount of confidence in thinking that his plan would work out perfectly without any hitch is probably the reason why he became really shocked right now after finding out from Uraraka about the small hitch in his plan.

Izuku has found his soulmate.

“No,” he said in denial, “No, no, no, no! No!! H-how could this have happened??”

“Uh… it’s sort of a funny story, actually. You remember when I told you that Izuku has a bit of magic, right?”

“Yes, but… don’t tell me…”

“Apparently it was enough to power up his soulmate mark,” Uraraka answered, “And then he got into the assimilation program, met his vampire neighbor guy, I accidentally drugged him, they dated, Deku died, I tested both of their marks, and here we are now!”

“W-wait, wait!!” Shouto exclaimed, “D-did you just said Izuku… IZUKU DIED??”

“R-right, uh… I forgot to explain that one…” she said, “So, um… he got into an accident on Friday, aaand… he died? B-but uh… he woke up on the morgue, and now he’s not really dead anymore?”

“Oh, dear Gods…” Shouto looked down towards the ground, trying to make sense of it all, “Izuku… I can’t believe it… he, he…”

“I’m really sorry, Shouto,” Uraraka said, touching Shouto in the shoulders, “Believe me, I cried and cried for hours after I heard the news, I cried even more when he woke up. I’m relieved that he’s still here with us, but he… he won’t be the same Izuku anymore…”

Shouto covered his face with both of his hands, trying to suppress the emotion from within. He can’t cry, not here, not now, no, no. But it’s just that… he can’t believe it, his Izuku is… no, no. Izuku can’t be undead, he simply can’t believe it.

He needs to meet with him as soon as he can.

He felt a hand touching his shoulder, Uraraka was handing him a piece of tissue to wipe the tears off from his eyes. She told him to try to cover his face so the people at the airport won’t notice him right now.

“Thank you, Uraraka,” Shouto said, “I-I think I need to talk to Izuku, I need to… I need to make sure if he’s alright…”

“Not right now,” she said, “You need to move in first, I’ll take you to your apartment and help you unpack your stuff, I’ll call Iida for some help!”

“No, no,” he answered, “You don’t have to help, I can do everything on my own,”

“Oh just let us help you, you stubborn deity!” she protested.

“It’s fine Uraraka,” Shouto chuckled a bit at her words, “I just… maybe it’s best if I have some alone time, to let everything sink in…”

“I think I understand…” Uraraka answered, remembering her time after coming home from the morgue, she even asked Iida to leave her alone for the remainder of the night. She stood up afterward.

“Come on, let’s call a cab…”


After a lengthy cab ride for around half an hour, they both arrived at the apartment building. It was a normal-sized apartment, a bit smaller than the one he left around two years ago, but still, it was decent enough for him. Uraraka had made sure to find the place that suits his (infinite) budget and taste, not too big, not too small, and not too expensive either.

“This is a normal human apartment,” she said, “But there are a few not-normal residents here as well, so... you’re not alone here...”

“Thanks a lot for helping me,” Shouto said, “I really appreciated it, you getting into all this trouble just to welcome me back home...”

“Ah, it’s no problem, really!” she said, “You’re one of my best friends, after all! Well, uh... I guess I should leave you alone now... you said you want to unpack alone? Are you sure?”

“Positive,” he answered, “Go back to sleep, I know just how rough last night’s happy hour is. I’m going to be fine, I just... need some time to think about all this...”

“If you say so…” she said, walking towards the apartment door, “See you later, Todoroki, I hope everything works out for you…”

“I’ll see you too, Uraraka…” he answered.


Shouto began to unpack his boxes as soon as Uraraka leaves his place, not wasting any time. He should probably try to finish unpacking today, but that’s not going to be possible, he thought. His phone suddenly rings, it was a notification from his calendar app, signaling an invitation from someone.

New invitation from Father:

Dinner – 6.30 PM


When his father told him to meet him as soon as possible, he wasn’t joking around as it turns out. A dinner tonight? Isn’t this a bit too soon? He just arrived back in Japan for three hours for God’s sake… can this wait until tomorrow or something?

He sighed, pressing reject on the invitation and scheduled his own meeting with his father, tomorrow at 12 PM for lunch. But the invitation quickly got rejected as well, a text message suddenly pops up on his phone.


Father: It has to be tonight

Father: Something urgent with the war committee came up, and I have to return upstairs tomorrow

Father: Shouto, please


Something urgent? With the war committee? What could that possibly be? He knows that his father is on the war committee, has been for the past five years after news of a demonic rebellion broke out.

Usually, rebellions and silly wars like this doesn’t really last long, just a couple of years at maximum. But the fact that it’s been going on for five years without any significant progress, other than gravely injuring the head of the dragon consortium, one of the most powerful factions of the magic magisterium. It means that this is more serious than anyone thought.

Enji got absorbed in his work for the past three years after that infamous accident. He took the role as leader of the war committee when All Might stepped down, effectively making him the no. 1 person in charge of it. Shouto dislikes his father, sure, but… the war… he hates it even more as it threatens to tear the stability he enjoys for as long as he can remember.

Another invitation pops up on his phone, from his father, the same as before. He hesitated for a quick second, but chose to accept it anyway…

“Whatever it is…” he mumbled, “It better be important, father…”


Shouto arrived at the designated place at exactly 6.30 PM. It was an expensive teahouse located inside a high-rise building downtown. The waitress, dressed in a traditional outfit, quickly escorted the seemingly young man into the tea room as soon as he mentioned his name. She opened the door to one of the private tea rooms inside the place.

Endeavor was inside, his face facing away from his son, looking at the skyline view of Musutafu city.

The waitress announced Shouto’s arrival to the man, and he turned his face towards them, revealing a scar on his right eye. Shouto’s eyes widen in shock, extremely curious as to how a man as strong as his father could’ve gotten that kind of injury it in the first place.

“Thank you, that will be all…” he said, dismissing the waitress lady. Shouto took off his shoes, sitting face to face with his father, finally. After all this year of not meeting him… the first thing he probably should say is…

“Nice scar you got there…”

A snarky remark. His father didn’t quite know how to respond to that since a part of him felt that he deserved it anyway after what happened long ago. He wasn’t mad, angered, or anything, which is weird, Shouto thought. Usually, after something like that, his father would probably ask him to watch his mouth or something, but no, there was no response this time, he looked pretty… calm?

“That’s one way to put it…” he said, sipping his cup of tea.

“Neither Fuyumi nor Natsuo told me anything about it…” Shouto said, “I assume they haven’t seen you with that face?”

“No,” he answered, “Fuyumi will know tomorrow after I get back home upstairs. As for Natsuo… I shall leave it to you,”

“Cool,” Shouto said, grabbing a piece of mini red-bean sandwich on the plate in front of him, “How did it happen?”

“I’m sure you heard about the Noomus,” Endeavor said, “Freaks created from All for One’s horrid experiments. They sent out a few during my visit to the front lines, along with one of his general…”

“That isn’t surprising, Mr. secretary of war…” he remarked, “At least you made it out in one piece…”

Deep down, Shouto was sort of glad that the man actually managed to survive that attack. He’s still his father, after all. But that kind of admission… he was afraid that it might bolster the old man’s confidence, feeding him more acknowledgment, while giving him a resolve to his terrible past at the same time. And who wants that?

So he said nothing of sorts…

“What was so urgent that you wanted to meet me?” Shouto asked, sipping his warm cup of tea, it tasted bittersweet.

“It’s about the position you seek,” he answered, “Guardian deity for Musutafu city…”


“What about it?”

“Let’s not make this any harder, I won’t throw you any support for that position,”

“Wasn’t going to ask for one anyway…” he said, “You know that I’m doing this on my own, right? To show my independence from your flaming iron fist?”

“Of course I do…” Endeavor answered, “You and your brothers' way of telling me to ‘fuck off’ is basically rebelling against me. I’m just glad none of you went go too far by joining the demon rebels up north…”

“I might’ve considered it if you went too far yourself…” Shouto remarked, “Then again… you did go too far, many times, I recall…”

“Yes,” Endeavor simply answered, not putting anything else into it. Shouto doesn’t know whether this is his way of showing his insincerity, or perhaps he’s truly remorseful for his actions in the past? No one can say…

“So, that’s all? You called me here just to tell me that you want me to work this on my own?”

“There is something else…” he said, “I’m offering you a position in the war committee,”


“Aren’t I a bit too young, too inexperienced for that?” he asked.

“Not now, of course…” Endeavor said, “But in due time…”

“Due time? The war committee will be gone by then, so this is basically just one of your blank offers, is that it?”

“Not necessarily,” he said, “I hope what you’re telling me is true, that this will be over soon, but I don’t think so, none of us do…”

“What are you talking about?”

“The fact that there’s a second secretary of war in this committee should tell you everything. Shouto, never in the history of the war committee has there been a change of the secretary of war. We always go for it, fast and swift, end everything before it could even begin, but that’s not the case this time…”

“Father?” Shouto asked, feeling a bit concerned this time…

“All for One isn’t anything like what we’ve seen before,” he said, “Five years is long enough, and the war committee is getting desperate about this. We’ve managed to keep things stable, but… we feared this will get worse over time…”

When he puts it that way, Shouto felt some sort of sympathy for the man, he’s clearly running something that’s not working very well for everyone. He was the one getting desperate about the situation, that was pretty clear. But Shouto simply doesn’t know what to do for now…

He took one last sip of his tea before standing up, intending to leave. That’s about everything, he thought, it’s probably a good idea to head back home now.

“I hope you’ll consider my offer…” Endeavor said, watching his son leave, “I wish you well on your career…”

“Goodbye, father…” Shouto said as he walks away from the tea room, leaving his father alone inside.


Shouto gave it a bit of thought that night before going to sleep. A position on the war committee… sounds admirable for him, the Todorokis have been involved in the war committee for as long as he could remember. His father was a record-breaker, serving five different war committees under three different leadership for the past millennia. But it wasn’t much of a career climbing opportunity, though, all war committee ended pretty quickly.

But now, this wasn’t the case.

He decided to put that matter aside and went to bed.


The next day, he woke up, feeling refreshed from his late night thoughts. Shouto decides not to think about it for a bit longer. He managed to nearly finish his unpacking yesterday night after coming home from the tea room. Which means, his schedule for today is…


He rode a cab from his apartment building, heading towards the address Uraraka gave him. It was a supernatural dwelling, he could see that from the outside, it looks pretty old and emits a sort of mystical aura. He pressed the elevator button, heading towards the third floor.

When he steps out from the elevator, he sensed something, an aura of a deity. Not just any deity, this one felt particularly powerful, a member of the deity government? Or part of the royal family? Whoever it was, he felt like he probably shouldn’t interfere. He’s here for Izuku after all…

Shouto knocked on the door, feeling a bit nervous at seeing his old flame. What should he say? Izuku is a supernatural now, and of course, he knows everything. How would he feel after knowing his old boyfriend had also joined in on the lie? But the hardest question is probably about that new soulmate of his…

His thoughts were interrupted when someone opened the door. It was him, it was Izuku, still with green hairs, and a cute little set of freckles on both of his cheeks. His skin is much paler now, a side effect from becoming an undead. The green-haired undead stared at him, feeling surprised by his visit…

“S-Shouto Todoroki?” Izuku asked, “W-what’re you…”

“It’s been a while, Izuku…” Shouto said, smiling at him, “C-can I come in? I hope you don’t mind, I have… so many things I want to talk to you about…”

Chapter Text


7 AM


Izuku Midoriya, newly turned undead, and a newly bonded supernatural is having a bit of a crisis right now.

After… “bonding” with his vampire soulmate last night, he found some… changes in his body, something he wasn’t expecting to happen. He stared at the mirror in his living room, his hair is still messy as usual, but it’s in a different sort of style now, resembling his soulmate’s usual hairdo. He felt an appetite for iron tasting liquid in his stomach, no more appetite for flesh, for now, also he has a pair of sharp fangs inside his teeth now.

Despite all this, he seemed pretty calm, staring at the mirror without an extreme feeling of worry, just… a calm feeling.

On the other hand, Hitoshi Shinsou, his soulmate is… well…

“WHAT’RE WE GONNA DO?? WHAT’RE WE GONNA DO??” he shouts in the living room, very much panicking to shits right now.

“Hitoshi, calm down…” Izuku said, feeling… a bit too calm for this, which is weird. He stared at his soulmate’s panic reaction, which he thought was just… too much.

“Have I always been that way?” he asked himself, “Hitoshi, please, just… calm down, okay?”

“O-Okay… okay…” Hitoshi said, finally stopping himself from freaking out, “I just… I just… gosh, your mind, it’s… overwhelming, Izuku! It’s just… wow…, uh… I kinda want to paint something right now…”

“You can paint?” Izuku asked.

“I have your personality, but I don’t know if I have your skill or not. M-maybe we’ll try later? Oh… I kinda have an urge to text Uraraka and Iida about this right now…”

“Your personality, Hitoshi, it’s…” Izuku said, “Cool, it’s way too cool. You’re calm about everything, it seems…”

“Yup, that’s me!” he answered, actually showing a happy smile, not a sinister-looking one like before.


Just as they started to figure out their switched personalities, they suddenly heard a knock on the door. Hitoshi, with Izuku’s personality, felt nervous and embarrassed to answer the door. Izuku quickly rose up, not being afraid or nervous about this embarrassing situation for the first time in his life. He opened the door to find Tamaki standing in front of it, carrying a plastic container filled with… raw meat?

“M-Morning Midoriya-san,” he greeted, “Um, I… I brought you some goat intestines. Mirio bought it cheap from the farmer’s market, but I don’t exactly like eating goat’s meat, so, um…”

“That’s really nice of you, Tamaki, thanks…” Izuku said, receiving the container from Tamaki.

“You’re wel-“ Tamaki suddenly paused his words, noticing something amiss, “D-did you just called me by my first name, Midoriya-san?”

“Well, yeah, like usual, right?” Izuku answered, not realizing what’s wrong with his statement.

“No, you, uh… you always called me Amajiki-san. And your hair… it’s not like your usual hairstyle…”

“Oh? Well, thanks for noticing…” Izuku smirked at him. Tamaki felt weirded out by this, but he… he knows this feeling somewhere.

“I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!” they both heard Hitoshi’s voice coming from inside the apartment. The vampire walks to the front door, showing a face Tamaki hasn’t actually seen before in his entire life, a real embarrassment, not clouded by Hitoshi’s usual calmness, just… pure embarrassment.

“H-Hitoshi?” Tamaki asked, feeling scared, “W-why are you… why do you have that face?”

“Amajiki-san, I’m sorry, but I need your help. Look here!”

“H-hey, what’re you…”

Hitoshi uses his hands to show Izuku’s mouth to Tamaki, revealing a pair of fangs growing inside. Tamaki’s reaction was somewhat confused…

“Oh…” he responded, it took him around two seconds to realize what was going on, “OH! Y-you two…”

“Yeah, we fucked last night…” Izuku answered with a slight grin on his face.

“Oh my God… don’t say it like that, Izuku!!” Hitoshi responded, his face began to blush out of embarrassment, “C-can you help us? It’s super weird right now…”

“S-sure, may I come in?”


Tamaki came into the apartment, making himself comfortable on the living room sofa, while both Hitoshi and Izuku felt strange with having each other’s personality. Well… Izuku thinks it’s strange, but his soulmate’s usual calm tone allows him to refrain himself from panicking. Hitoshi, however, is still very much freaking out about all of this.

Tamaki never thought he would be able to see this, Hitoshi and Izuku, extremely out of character with each other.

“So, uh… I think I need to say c-congratulations on you two bonding…” he said.

“Okay, thanks…” Izuku answered, “You do realize that you’re basically saying ‘congrats on the sex’, right?”


Both Tamaki and Hitoshi blushed in unison, feeling super embarrassed about it. The whole apartment is basically just three people getting embarrassed with each other…

“L-let’s forget about that one!” Tamaki said, trying to move away from the unintentional joke, “W-we all told you last night about what’s going to happen after you two bond, right? H-how’re you guys feeling?”

“I feel fine, actually,” Izuku said, “Check out my cool new fangs!”

“I-I feel the opposite!” Hitoshi answered, “Somehow I feel like I… want to look at the world in a positive light. And… wow… I felt an enthusiasm for the magical world…”

“Personality swap is one of the effects from bonding,” he said, “But, um… it usually doesn’t last long, a day or two, maybe…”

“Damn… we chose the wrong day to have sex…” Izuku joked, “We got work tomorrow…”

“Uh, you’re telling me!!” Hitoshi responded, “Izuku, you’re, uh… your personality is much more prone to freaking out and stuff…”


“Doctors can’t freak out all the time, Izuku!” he exclaimed, “We need to stay calm, like, all the time! Oh God, I can’t go to work tomorrow!”

“M-maybe it’s best if you both stay home,” Tamaki said, “Staying in close proximity can help fasten the bond and return you two back to normal…”

“W-what else can fasten the bond?”

“Uh, it’s, uh… you know…”

“He means sex,” Izuku said, giving a slight grin to his soulmate.

“Yeah, I get that!” Hitoshi answered, “Amajiki-san, h-how did you… how did you and Togata-san manage all of this?”

“Well, it wasn’t without trouble, uh… Mirio became embarrassed and nervous at the precinct, but nobody noticed anything. I, uh… I somehow went out for the day, appreciating nature and everything…”

Izuku and Hitoshi looked at each other, this was going to be more difficult than they thought.

“It was s-super weird…”

“Let’s just get to the point, Tamaki…” Izuku said, putting a palm on his face, “How long… how many… you know, does it take to get your personality back to normal?”

“O-oh… Oh gosh…” Tamaki blushed, feeling both panic and embarrassment inside his mind, “Uh, um… well, I think it was… M-Mirio! It’s not that many! N-Nope, still too many! Uh… t-that sounds about right…”


“S-sorry, Mirio counted too many,” he said, “Three, it was t-three times? Oh God, why did I answered that question??”

“Uh… Togata-san isn’t here right now…” Hitoshi pointed out.

“O-oh, I almost forgot, one of the things of being a soulmate is you both sort of share a mind. You can feel each other all the time, a-and you can communicate with telepathic thoughts,”

“W-wait a minute, s-so, uh… Togata-san knows about… this whole thing?”

“He’s been listening in since you showed up at the door, Hitoshi…”

“Oh God, oh God, oh God!!”

“It’s just Mirio,” Izuku said, “I’m sure it’s fine…”

“Uh, he’s not alone right now, actually…” Tamaki pointed out.




“Sorry, we’re both a bit late! There’s a detour on the street back there,”

Mirio and Iida have just arrived at the hospital, they greet both Kirishima and Bakugou in the lobby. They both have been told to come to the hospital at 8 in the morning. Bakugou looked pretty upset about it, but Kirishima tells he’s just grumpy from losing sleep.

“This better be important, four eyes!” Bakugou said with his usual angry tone of voice, “You took away my Sunday sleeping time!”

“You slept at 8.30 last night,” Kirishima said, “Don’t you think that’s enough sleep?”

“FUCK NO!! I could only get my 12 hours during the weekends, you dead for brains! Fuck you!”

“That means ‘I love you’,” Kirishima assures the detective, “Don’t worry, he does this all the time,”

“Well, uh, we better head to where we’re going right now,” Mirio said, “Oh, I have some good news about our friend, Midoriya and Hitoshi, by the way! They both just bonded last night! Isn’t that exciting?”

Kirishima, Bakugou, and Iida didn’t give any noticeable reaction. Iida commented on the news, feeling that sort of personal information should probably be none of their business. Kirishima gave a silent congratulation, feeling a bit awkward at hearing that, while Bakugou asked “Why the fuck should I care about that??”

“This isn’t exactly what I expected…” Mirio said, “Uh… shall we?”

They entered the hospital elevator, no one else inside, which means they could communicate with Kirishima directly without anyone noticing. Inside, the ghost noticed two things, one, they were heading downstairs, as detective Mirio pressed the “M” button.

“W-wait isn’t that… the morgue?” Kirishima asked.

“Yes,” Iida answered, “We, um… we found a body, and we hope you might be able to assist us on this…”

“What the fuck do we know anyway??” Bakugou said, “Is it another useless nerd who came back to life? Tch, I doubt it…”

Two, his soulmate was texting someone. He felt some sort of mischievous feeling coming from him, is it about that Izuku news Mirio told him earlier? Kirishima felt like he should ask him through his head.

“Uh… Katsuki, who are you texting?” he asked, using his soulmate telepathic ability, “A-are you teasing Midoriya or something?”

“I told you I don’t care about that fucking disgusting news!” Bakugou rebutted, “But at least I know someone who does…”

“Oh no…”

“At least she’ll do all the work for me,” he grinned as he pressed the send button on his phone.


"Oh God, oh God, oh God!!” Hitoshi panicked, learning from Tamaki of the three people currently with Mirio right now, “Those three are… Kacchan! Iida! God, they’re going to grill me on this! This is like the time Izuku got rejected by that girl from the coffee shop! W-wait, how do I know that?”

“W-well, um… part of Midoriya’s memories might be slipping through your mind…” Tamaki said, “It’s only the early stages, but as the soul bond continues, you’ll be able to see everything from each other…”

“I don’t think any of our brains could handle that much memory…” Izuku commented, “But it won’t kill us, right?”

“Um… how do I put it…” Tamaki said, trying to find some way to explain the memory thing, “T-think of it like your head is a giant library, a-and you could visit each other’s library and read things inside there…”

“That’s really interesting!” Hitoshi said, “Mind if I take notes on this?”

“I-I don’t have all day, actually, I, uh… I need to head over to Nejire’s place,” Tamaki said, “It’s still Sunday, you two still have some time for, uh… you know… before you go to work tomorrow…”

“That’s a pretty good idea, actually…” Izuku said.

“Uh… if it’s any help, I do k-know one small trick…” he said, “T-try kissing each other…”

“W-what?” Hitoshi asked, still feeling embarrassed, “A-Amajiki-san, I don’t thi-“

Before the vampire could finish his sentence, Izuku quickly silenced him with a kiss on his lips. It felt tender, warm, just like usual, a different experience than all of his past lovers. They both thought this must be because they’re both soulmates meant for each other. Three seconds after pressing his own lips to Hitoshi’s, Izuku felt something in his head. He opened his eyes, seeing his soulmate in front of him, enjoying the kiss as well, and then he suddenly remembered that Tamaki was in the room, staring at them both.

“Gwaaaaah!!” Izuku shouts, pulling away from Hitoshi, finally feeling the embarrassment, “Aaaaah!! Why did I do that??”

“Izuku?” Hitoshi asked, “You alright… oh… I don’t feel all jumpy anymore…”

“K-kissing help sometimes, and so does holding hands,” Tamaki said, “Y-you could do this if you just need to go back to normal for a little while. I-I don’t really know how long it lasts, though…”

“At least we’re back to normal, even if it’s for just a little while. Thanks for your help, Tamaki…”

“Your w-welcome, Hitoshi…” he answered, heading towards the door, “Well, I, uh… I should probably leave now, let you do your, uh… business…”

“Uh… um… okay?” Izuku said, “T-thanks Amajiki-san!”


Izuku and Hitoshi were left alone after Tamaki returned to his own place. Before all of this happened, they were getting ready to go to the magisterium library, but with their current situation, it became obvious that’s not going to happen today. They blushed at each other, feeling a bit awkward at the current atmosphere…

“So, uh…” Izuku said, “W-we should get to it?”

“Uh… only if you wanna?” Hitoshi asked, “This is way earlier than I originally planned, spending all day in bed, doing dirty things... ”

“I-I haven’t changed my bedsheets yet, uh…”

“I suggest you clean the one from last night,” he said, “Better if we make it dirtier than use another one…”

“God, we just showered… and we’re going to get all dirty again…”

“That’s another idea… we could do it in your tub. Don’t worry about drowning, we don’t need oxygen anymore…”

“O-okay…” Izuku answered, feeling nervous, yet excited below about this, “I’ll… I’ll fill the tub?”

Before he could walk to the bathroom, someone came knocking at the door again. Izuku kissed his soulmate again, trying to get more time to stay in his original personality. He then walked to the front door, opening it to find his boss, Shouta Aizawa on the other side of the door.


“Midoriya…” the man said, “I heard what happened, I’m very sorry about your untimely death. Such a shame you were brought into our world without your consent…”

“T-thank you for your words, sir, uh...”

“As an official from the magic magisterium, it’s my duty to brief you on our world, also I have…” he stopped his words, sniffing his surroundings with his powerful vampire sense of smell, “Hitoshi, are you here, boy?”

“Yes, sensei…” the purple-haired vampire said, coming towards the front door, “Something you wish to talk about?”

“I have something for you, may I come in?” he asked.


“H-huh, what?” Izuku asked back.

“May he come in?” Hitoshi said, “Remember, vampires need the homeowner’s permission to enter the house,”

“O-oh! Y-yeah! Come in, Aizawa-san!”

“Thank you, Midoriya-san…” he said, stepping inside the apartment.

“Hmm… I wonder…” Izuku said, feeling a bit curious, “Hitoshi, can I try something?”

“Uh... sure?” he answered.

“Hitoshi, you’re not welcome in my apartment anymore,”

The moment Izuku finished his sentence, all of a sudden, some kind of powerful supernatural forces swept Hitoshi off his feet and dragged him away towards the door. The vampire landed just a few steps outside from the front door, landing on his front.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry! I didn’t know that’s what going to happen!” Izuku apologized.

“I-It’s okay, Izuku…” Hitoshi answered, “At least you’re learning something, probably even useful for you if we’re having fights or something, ouch…”

“I-I wouldn’t do that to you!” he said, “Hitoshi, you can come back in now, I give you my permission!”

“Yeah, just a quick second. My regeneration thing hasn’t kicked in yet…”


Aizawa sat on Izuku’s apartment living room, he brought his briefcase this time, must be for something important, Izuku thought. He examined his boss for a bit, not noticing any difference from before Izuku knew that he was a vampire. Then again, Hitoshi doesn’t look any different with the exception of his fangs…

“Before we begin…” Aizawa said, “May I ask why you two are holding hands right now?”

Izuku felt a bit embarrassed to explain to his boss about the state he and his soulmate are currently in right now, so he doesn’t say anything, thinking that Hitoshi would probably explain it eventually if he does nothing. But all of a sudden, he heard something echoing inside his head…

“God, Izuku… you’re really embarrassed about this, aren’t you?”

“O-of course I am!!” Izuku said, loudly, using his voice, “That’s my boss! I’m not going to explain that kind of situation to him, oh gosh…”

“Huh, what? I haven’t said anything…” Hitoshi answered, “I only looked at you and thought of…”

They paused for a second, realizing what was going on. Tamaki mentioned telepathic messages to each other, right?

“Y-you heard my voice, did you? Inside your head?”

Hitoshi, in turn, heard Izuku’s voice humming inside of his own head.

“Uh… uh… oh God, what the heck is going on?? T-telepathic thoughts?? I mean it sounds awesome and everything, but… I don’t think I’m ready for all of this! I mean I just died yesterday! And now I can hear other people’s thoughts? Oh man!”

“Izuku, I can hear you mumbling up there…” Hitoshi said, “It’s fine, we’ll sort this out, don’t worry…”

“Y-you think so?” Izuku asked, “O-okay…”

“So… it appears you two have bonded…” Aizawa commented. Izuku and Hitoshi looked at the vampire sitting in front of them, forgetting for a second that he was there, “Hitoshi, I wish you congratulations on…”

“Bonding?” Hitoshi asked, “Sorry, that sounds really embarrassing when you think of what it actually meant,”

“I like to go straight to the point,” Aizawa said, “I was actually going to say congratulations on finally getting laid…”

“Oh my Gods…” Hitoshi blushed a bit at that statement, something which Izuku found adorable, “You of all people doesn’t have the right to laugh at me, you know?”

“I k-know…” Izuku said, chuckling a bit, “It’s just that you look really cute!”

“Can we move on now?” Aizawa asked.


From the moment he heard his master’s voice from outside the door, Hitoshi immediately knew what the conversation is going to be about. He has done this kind of things many times before when he was still employed as an agent of the magic magisterium. But he left that life behind in his later years for some peace and quiet. Never again did he thought that he would hear this conversation again in his life…

“Midoriya, the government and the magic magisterium would like to apologize for your untimely death, and the life you will have to live as an undead now,” Aizawa said, “And so, as with the case of every vampire and undead, we would like to offer you something…”

Aizawa opened his briefcase, revealing a syringe and some kind of strange black liquid inside a small vial. “Hitoshi, you know what this is, correct?” he asked his protégé.

“Yes, sensei, I do…” he answered.

“W-what is it?” Izuku asked, “What is that… black potion thing?”

“You see, Midoriya, sometimes people turned into a vampire without their consent. As with your kind, the undead, it’s all the time, of course…” Aizawa said, “And so, the government has this thing to offer every vampire and undead a 30-day resting policy,”

“Resting p-policy? What does that even mean??”

“It’s legalized murder, Izuku…” Hitoshi said, “If you want, Aizawa-sensei can kill you again so that you turn into a ghost. Usually, doing so would be illegal, but under the resting policy it’s not…”

“W-what??” Izuku loudly asked, “D-die again?? Turn into a ghost?? W-why would anyone do that??”

“If you had to choose between being a flesh-eating creature, or a blood-drinking creature, or a spirit who watches the world without harming anyone, which one would you pick?”

Izuku didn’t respond to the question, Hitoshi felt in his head that Izuku has finally realized why the policy exists in the first place

“Exactly,” Aizawa said, “Sometimes there are also people who turned into an undead after committing suicide. And so, we offer them the resting policy to try and help them…”

“Y-you’re using this potion thing, right?”

“Yes,” Hitoshi said, “It’s called the black death. Only the magic magisterium has the recipe, and it’s illegal to make outside of the government. One injection will cause painless death, instantaneously,”

“Midoriya, I’m offering you this resting policy for the next 30 days,” Aizawa said, “Outside of that, it’s illegal and I can do no more for you. You could say yes right now and I’ll inject you with the potion, however…”

“But what?” Izuku asked.

“You and Hitoshi are bonded,” he said, “So, Hitoshi’s life depends on yours. If your soul goes upstairs, Hitoshi’s soul will go there as well, if you turn into a ghost and stay grounded here, then nothing will change, I guess. If you’re planning to do it, I’m going to need both of your consent to do it…”

“B-but isn’t it illegal if you take Hitoshi’s life as well??”

“Well, I’m going to need his master’s consent as well, but luckily…” he said, “So, you two want to do it?”

“Izuku, It’s okay if you want to die than becoming an undead, I understand,” Hitoshi said, “We’re already inseparable anyway. So, if you want to do it, then I’ll give you my consent…”

“H-Hitoshi…” Izuku said, tears of blood starts to come out from his eyes. His soulmate’s bloody tears started to come out as well, must be an unconscious response from their bond, “I… I won’t do it,”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive,” he answered, “There’s still a chance I can stay here on earth, but I don’t want to do it. I want to live here with a physical body, to have a life and everything, with you of course…”

“Izuku, I… love you too…” Hitoshi said, kissing Izuku in the lips.

“Okay, then…” Aizawa said, “The reversal policy expires in 30 days if you change your mind. Guess I should give you this pamphlet, then…”

Izuku is handed over a pamphlet by Aizawa, explaining the details of the supernatural world and the undead. There’s even a small part about why he should never use the term “zombies” when referring to his own kind, that’s neat…

“And Hitoshi, this is for you,”

Hitoshi’s eyes widen when Aizawa hands him over a white envelope with a golden seal on it. He knows this letter, he’s seen this kind of thing before countless times since he became a vampire, since he got affiliated with the magic magisterium and all that.

“Is this…” Hitoshi said, inspecting the return address on the back of the envelope, “Is this from my mother??”

“Y-your mom?” Izuku asked, “Your mom from up there??”

“Yes, she wants me to give this to you…” Aizawa answered, “Well, I’ll leave you two alone then. I’ll see you tomorrow at work, Midoriya, bye now…”

And just like that, Aizawa left the apartment, leaving his protégé and his employee to wonder about the strange letter from upstairs…

Chapter Text

Izuku and Hitoshi stared at the envelope in Hitoshi’s hand. It was from his soulmate’s mother, Aizawa said. He knew both of Hitoshi’s parents were dead, he personally witnessed Hitoshi’s mother spirit resting in peace while he was inside his head. As for Hitoshi’s father, his soulmate mentioned that they’re both living together upstairs now.

“W-wait, wait, wait!” Izuku said, “This is an actual letter from the heavens?? S-so you weren’t kidding when you said that you can communicate with the dead?”

“I’m not joking,” Hitoshi answered, smelling the envelope, “Yep, this smells like mom alright, her lavender perfume and all that…”

“How do you, um… how do you communicate with the dead, exactly?”

“Oh, you just need to buy a special stamp at the magisterium library, but it’s pretty expensive…”

“A special stamp?” Izuku asked, “T-that’s it?? One stamp??”

“That’s it…” Hitoshi said, “Izuku, it’s not that complicated…”

“W-why did she sent it to Aizawa? Not you personally?”

“Eh, probably she had to mail out one for him as well,” he answered, “Aizawa-sensei is also a high-ranking member of the magic magisterium, so the letters reach him faster…”

“Well, um… shall we open it?” Izuku asked, “I’m kinda curious about what your mom wanted to say…”

“Here goes nothing…”

Hitoshi opened the envelope’s seal, taking out the letter from inside. It was handwritten, just like usual, his parents aren’t exactly good with computers, or a typewriter in fact. They haven’t really try to use new technology, they admit in another letter. But they are glad to see Hitoshi adapting well to new technologies over the centuries.

“Dearest Hitoshi…” he reads the letter.


Dearest Hitoshi,


How are you doing, my son? I hope you are well by the time you receive this letter. Your father and I have been watching you, occasionally. We can’t watch you as often as before since last month they took our earth-watch mirror and replaced it with this… television thing. We are perfectly comfortable with our old watch mirror, and they wanted to upgrade it without our consent, saying that it’s outdated. I say that sounds very stupid. Your father is currently asking our neighbors on how to operate this thing, there’s something called channels on it? We both tried to use it ourselves last night, but I think it’s stuck on earth history channel or something. All we managed to watch was an hour of people fighting each other in medieval times, a lady in braids with three dragons, a dwarf, the story of someone called “Jon Snow”, what appears to be… incest, and also a bunch of naked females, oh my...

I have heard and watched about what happened recently. Congratulations on finding your soulmate, my son! The young boy looked absolutely perfect for you. Izuku Midoriya, yes, we know his father up here, and he was as happy as we are when he heard the news. But we grieved afterward when he heard of that terrible accident that has befallen onto him. Poor child.

My son, now that you have found your soulmate, perhaps it’s time for you to try to settle down a bit. We were both glad to see you stepping down from many of your magic magisterium duties and working as a doctor, but now, we want you to settle down in terms of… love and family. We’re suggesting that maybe you and Izuku should… move in together. You two are already soulmates, so it shouldn’t be a problem, right? But the choice is still up to you, dear.

I hope you and Izuku could make the right decision together. We wish you two nothing but happiness. Have a long and good life, my son, and you too, Izuku.





They both paused after reading the letter, not saying anything to each other. Did she just… did she just ask them both to move in together? They’ve been dating for a while now, and sure they’re soulmates and all that, but this sounds a bit too soon for Izuku. Or is it? His mind began considering the options for a few seconds. He’s practically been living together with Hitoshi for the past couple of days now since his death, and it’s been wonderful, except for the flesh-eating part, of course.

“Oh, mom…” Hitoshi said, “She wants us to move in together…”

“Y-yeah…” Izuku responded, “Wow, she’s really supportive of you, of us...”

“That’s my mom for you alright. But moving in? I don’t know, hmm…”

“I kinda like the idea, actually,” he said, “You, me, living together and stuff, sounds fun!”

“Y-you want to do it? Move in together?”

“Ah, I don’t know! I mean it sounds fun, but it’s a bit too soon, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I mean Tamaki and Mirio have been soulmates for years and they haven’t moved in together yet!”

“There’s no rush, right?” Izuku asked, “Let’s just go slow, and move in when we feel like it!”

“It could be one more year,” Hitoshi said, “Or two more year…”

“Maybe even in a century if we’re still alive! We’re immortal, right?”

“Yeah, maybe in a hundred year we could get one of those future home on Mars or something. You could be an intergalactic space captain, and I’m the medical officer on your spaceship…”

“Okay,” Izuku chuckled, “Now you’re just imagining Star Trek!”

“So, no rush, okay? We’ll just do it when we’re ready!”

“Totally agree with you!”


Afterward, they both hear the sound of someone knocking on the front door. It’s only 9 AM and there are already three people visiting their place? Today has been a bit of a busy day, as it turns out. Hitoshi was on talking on the phone with Aizawa, so Izuku was the one to answer the door. He opened it to find his neighbor, friend, and co-worker, the deity Fumikage Tokoyami, standing in front of the door. He was wearing his black hoodie, as usual, and Dark Shadow was out with him.

“Morning, Tokoyami-san! Morning, Dark Shadow!” Izuku greeted them both, “Can I help you with something?”

“I apologize,” Tokoyami said, handing Izuku over a letter, “But Lady Midnight, I mean Kayama-san asked us both to hand you over this letter…”

“W-what the??” Izuku asked, seeing the title of the letter reads ‘Eviction Notice’.

“Yeah, we’re really sorry about that…” Dark Shadow said, “Look, don’t shoot, uh… don’t eat the messenger, okay? If you gotta problem, ask Midnight all about it, she’s in her office downstairs…”

“W-why did she gave me an eviction notice?? It says I have two weeks to move out??”

“We do not know for sure about that,” Tokoyami said, “Perhaps it was because you are not human anymore? Yes, I suppose that’s very much likely…”

“Oh, the assimilation thing? We need to keep at least one empty spot here for humans, so… yeah, that’s probably it…”

“W-what should I do??” Izuku asked, “I can’t move out! I just died, guys! I can’t live with my mom if I’m endangering her life!”

“Take it with Midnight, dude…” Dark Shadow said, “Maybe she could arrange something, or…”


“There is one more way,” Tokoyami said, “Hitoshi Shinsou is your soulmate, correct? Perhaps you two could move in together so you won’t have to move out from this building,”


“Yeah, moving in seems to be the best way to avoid eviction…”

For the first time in his life, Izuku finally realized what the term ‘divine intervention’ actually meant. Let’s recap a bit, Hitoshi’s parents want both of them to move in together, and now the landlady is somehow involved in this since she’s trying to push both of them together. He felt sort of upset about this, seeing as how other people could just try to influence their life together without his consent.

“We should leave now,” Tokoyami said, “I… we shall see you tomorrow, Midoriya, take care…”

Izuku went back inside the apartment after Tokoyami and Dark Shadow left, looking upset about the whole thing. Hitoshi came out from the patio, just after his phonecall with Aizawa, he looked rather upset and confused as well…

“Hey, uh… about that no rush thing…” Hitoshi said, “We might have some problem with that…”

“Yeah, tell me about it,” Izuku said, handing over the eviction notice to his soulmate, “So, what did your master have to say about all of this?”



Both Izuku and Hitoshi rushed into the landlady’s office downstairs. They wanted to enter the office, but Kaminari, who was sitting down in the lobby quickly stopped them, saying that lady Midnight is attending to a couple of visitors right now.

“Visitors?” Hitoshi asked, “That’s unusual, who is it?”

“Dunno, dude!” Kaminari answered, “Just a couple of normal humans…”

“Ah great… she’s already looking for people to rent your place…”

“That’s pretty quick…” Izuku said, “What is the landlady anyway? What kind of supernatural is she?”

“Well, uh… this sounds scary, she’s an angel of death apparently…”

“Oh, that makes sense…”

“Midoriya, dude! I expect a bigger reaction from you after hearing something like that!” Kaminari commented, “You alright?”

Both Izuku and Hitoshi realized that their personality must’ve slipped out onto each other again. They both quickly kissed to get more time to revert it, to Kaminari’s surprise. They held hands again in order to keep up their respective personalities.

“Whoa! Why did you two kiss all of a sudden??” he asked.

“It’s just a soulmate thing…” Hitoshi said, “It’s complicated, and it would be embarrassing to tell you anyway…”

“Aw man!”

A few seconds later, they heard the office door open. Izuku and Hitoshi walked to the office on the side of the lobby. Two people came out from the office, a young woman with orange hair, and a young man with messy grey hairs and a long eyebrow, these must be the two humans Kaminari talked about earlier. They both quickly noticed Izuku and Hitoshi standing in front of their office, holding hands together…

“Oh!” the orange-hair said, “Are you here to see the landlord? About the vacant apartment thing?”

“Uh… yeah, kind of?” Hitoshi answered.

“Really sorry, buddy, but we both just signed the lease!” the grey-hair said.

“SHE WHAT???” Izuku asked, feeling angry about this, “Oh my God! She can’t just give and take apartments away like that! Oh… what’re gonna do??”

“Calm down, Izuku…” Hitoshi said, “We’ll find a way…”

“We’re really sorry about this,” the young woman said, looking at her grey-haired partner, they sighed in unison, deciding to do the right thing, “Look, um… do you guys want the place? Maybe if we go in together, she could cancel our lease and give you guys the place instead!”

“That’s not going to be a problem…”

A voice came out from the office, it was lady Midnight, standing in front of the door, watching the four of them outside her office room. The humans felt nothing, but Izuku and Hitoshi… they both felt intimidated by her presence. Izuku could sense the aura of death coming from this woman, oh my… it was something he thought he would never felt anymore after his unfortunate accident, but now, here it is.

“Kayama-san, about the lease…” the young woman said.

“Hush now, Kendou-san, Tetsutetsu-san, don’t worry about the lease,” Midnight said, “I promise you two will be able to move here in a couple of weeks,”

“But these two…” Tetsutetsu argued.

“They live here,” she said, “It’s another matter, actually, doesn’t have anything to do with your apartment…”

Izuku wanted to argue that it has everything to do with his apartment, but Midnight’s death aura made him felt scared of talking even one word to her. He could feel the cold sweat coming from his forehead, is that even possible? He was pretty sure that his pores or sweat gland wouldn’t work anymore now that he’s dead.

“Izuku, psst, Izuku…” Hitoshi said, using his newfound soulmate telepathic ability, “I know this is scary and all, but… don’t worry, okay? She’s a kind woman, actually, but if you’re feeling nervous right now don’t say anything…”

“H-Hitoshi, w-what is going on?” Izuku asked, “These two… why aren’t they s-scared like we are?”

“They’re normal, Izuku, so they can’t feel the aura of death coming from her. She’s just doing this so that we can’t argue and scare away the two of them. Don’t worry, she’ll turn it off once they’re both gone…”

“Oh, I see…” the young woman said, “Maybe we should leave since it’s an internal trouble,”

“You guys never said you lived here!” the grey-hair said, “And we almost gave up a cheap place for nothing!”

“Now, Tetsutetsu, nothing to get angry about...” she said, “Thank you for your time, Kayama-san. And you two, I hope everything works out! Bye now!”

“Yeah, see you later!” the young man said. They both head out to the lobby and walked out of the building.


Once the two humans were out of the building, both Izuku and Hitoshi felt normal again. It felt like everything was clear again, no intimidation, nothing to scare them, no feeling of imminent death. Midnight apologized to the two of them after turning off her aura.

“I’m so sorry I had to do that to the two of you!” she said, “I figured it might be the best way to keep you silent until they both leave, you two fine?”

“I’m kinda used to it, so I’m fine…” Hitoshi said, “Izuku, are you?”

“I… I t-think I n-nearly peed m-my p-pants…” Izuku answered, visibly feeling shaken.

“We don’t use the toilet, Izuku, it’s okay…”

“Maybe you’re turned on?” Midnight asked nonchalantly, “A lot of people gets that from me!”

“N-no…” Izuku answered, hesitantly.

“Well, come in you two! Let’s talk business!”


They both entered Midnight’s office, it was pretty nice for an angel of death, actually, Izuku thought. This was the first time he entered the landlady’s office after learning about the supernatural world. There wasn’t anything that was particularly weird here, the shelves look normal, the clutters on the desk looks normal. The supernatural did her best to look like just any other human, after all.

“I’m sorry, where are my manners,” she said, taking out a couple of cups from the cupboard behind her, and a bag of blood from her desk, “Would you two like a drink?”

Hitoshi takes her offer, while Izuku is still a bit scared of this, but he assures him that there’s nothing to worry about. She boils the bag of blood in her small portable cooktop and then pouring it into the two cups. Hitoshi drank his cup without any hesitation, and it took Izuku a few seconds for him to start drinking, but he did it anyway, remembering he did worse than this.

“So, I should maybe congratulate you two on bonding,” she said, “Ah, young people and their love always makes me feel so happy, so nostalgic!”

“You do realize I’m over 300 years old, right?” Hitoshi asked.

“Yes, and?”


“We, uh… Kayama-san, uh…” Izuku chimes in.

“Oh, please, call me Midnight, dear!” she said, “It’s not wise to refer to me by my human name anymore unless it’s necessary, after all, you’re one of us now!”

“R-right, uh… sorry,” he said, “Midnight-san, I, uh… about this eviction notice…”

“Something wrong?”

“Uh… yeah, everything!” Hitoshi argues, “Why would you give Izuku this? He’s one of us now! He has the right to live here with everyone!”

“Oh, I’m really sorry,” she said, “But since Midoriya violated his lease, I have to do my job as landlady, I’m so sorry, my dear…”

“Violated his lease? What are you talking about?”

“Shinsou, dear, you voted yes at the magic magisterium to enact the assimilation program, did you not?” she asked, “Did you read the bill carefully?”

“Uh… no?”

“Midoriya, dear, did you read the lease carefully?”

“K-kinda?” Izuku answered, “I’m sorry, it was just too long, so I just signed it without reading it first!”

“Well, you two should always read things carefully before signing them!” she said, taking out an unsigned lease from her drawers, “But if you do read it carefully, Izuku, you won’t be able to live here since you would notice the strangeness of this text…”

“I’m sorry, but which part?”

“We purposely put it in the middle of this thick text so that no one would bother to read it,” she began opening the thick pile of papers, “But here it is, section 13: assimilation clause,”

Midnight pointed out the assimilation clause to both Hitoshi and Izuku. The whole text was purposely put in the middle of the thick pile of papers so that no one would notice it. But Izuku realized that although the number is 13, it’s placed between section 25 and 26, while the actual section 13 seems to be missing from the front pages of the lease. The assimilation clause consists of three simple points:




  1. By signing this lease, the contractor automatically agrees to join the assimilation program on behalf of the Japanese government and the magic magisterium.
  2. The duration of the program as follows: 3 (three) months for basic assimilation, 1 (one) day for revelation, followed by 6 (six) months of advanced assimilation.
  3. This lease is declared null and void should any of these events happen:
  • The contractor refused the truth on revelation day
  • The contractor finds knowledge about the supernatural world before revelation day
  • The contractor joins the supernatural world before revelation day
  • The contractor dies before revelation day
  • The contractor cancels the lease before revelation day
  • The contractor revealed the truth to an unwilling human after revelation day

Should any of these happen, the contractor will be given 2 (two) weeks to evict the apartment in order to make room for new assimilation program subjects. The contractor’s memories will be erased as well depending on their status with the supernatural world.



“So, you see…” Midnight said, “I can’t do anything about it, again, I’m really sorry…”

“What’re we supposed to do?” Izuku asked.

“Well, you could find a new place, Midoriya, or…” she said, “How about that letter from your parents, huh, Shinsou?”

“How’d you find out about that??” Hitoshi asked, looking at his cup of warm blood, realizing something, “Oh, let me guess… Sunday morning tea?”

“I don’t know if you can call it that if I’m the only one drinking tea, but yes...” she answered, “Shinsou, I don’t want to make this harder on both of you, but your master is planning to do something if you two refuse to move in together…”

“Too late,” Hitoshi said, “He already did when I called him on the phone earlier…”

“W-what did Aizawa-san do to you, Hitoshi??” Izuku asked, feeling concerned about this.

“Well, uh… a vampire master can always enforce a command in their creation’s mind, so, uh…”

“He forced you to move in with me??” he asked, “How does that even work??”

“His words are, ugh… embedded inside my mind, so, ugh… it will torture me until I fulfill it, grh…”

“H-Hitoshi, are you alright?”

“We’ve been holding hands to keep our own mind right, urgh…” he answered, looking like he’s in pain or something, “This is w-what it d-does to me, ngh…”

Hitoshi lets go of Izuku’s hand, and part of his mind began entering his brain again. Just a few seconds after he lets go of his hand, Izuku felt something haunting his mind, the words, the voice of Aizawa telling him to move in together. He tries to fight it, suppressing the thoughts, but he can’t, he just can’t. Izuku fell to the ground, his body began to have a seizure as he felt like his entire mind was about to melt from the command that was shouting at him.

Hitoshi quickly grabs ahold of his soulmate’s hand again and stopped the command from slipping into Izuku’s brain anymore. He helped him get back up onto the chair.

“H-Hitoshi, t-that’s…” Izuku said, “T-that’s what you’ve been hearing?? I can’t even last five seconds of it! HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS??”

“Aizawa-sensei has done this many time with me, Izuku,” he answered, “Not all of them are for terrible things, sometimes we practice and stuff. It’s painful, but I can hold it…”

“F-for how long??”

“I’m… I’m not sure…” Hitoshi said, “The fact that this is m-my late parents’ wishes makes it even harder, and also the fact t-that… I want to move in with you, actually Izuku…”

“Y-you do?” Izuku asked.

“A-and believe me, I’m not saying this because of the pain,” he said, “It’s because of the love we had for each other. These past two days, living with you, caring for you, feeding you… I never felt happier in my life… I w-want that… I want this to happen for eternity…”

“H-Hitoshi, I…” the green-hair answered, feeling emotional as bloody tears began to form in the corner of his eye, “I… I f-felt that too! I know I died just two days ago, b-but… with you… it felt like everything was going to be alright. I felt happy, fulfilled, a-and I want that forever too!”

“You mean…”

“I love you Hitoshi Shinsou,” Izuku smiled, “Let’s move in together!”

They both hugged and gave a passionate kiss to each other, feeling both glad and happy with the decision they make, even if it was a little bit forced. Hitoshi felt the command gradually slipping away as they both agreed to move in together. Their interaction was only interrupted when they saw a flash of light coming from Midnight’s phone camera.

“Ah… young love,” she said, recording the whole thing, “Makes me feel so happy…”


Once that was settled, Izuku and Hitoshi went back upstairs to Izuku’s apartment. They sat on the couch a bit, still holding their hands to maintain their personalities. And then, they talked a bit about it.

“So…” Izuku said, “We’re moving in together…”

“Yep…” Hitoshi smiled a bit, “This is really happening…”

“How’re you feeling?”

“It’s not shouting at me anymore, thanks for asking,” he said, “It’s still lingering, but I know what could lower its voice…”

“What is it?” Izuku asked.

“A blood pact,”

“H-how do we do that?”

“Maybe it’s time I show you how to use that new fangs of yours…” Hitoshi teased, “You wanna fill up the tub? Continue what we wanted to do before those guests showed up?”

Izuku felt flushed and embarrassed at his soulmate’s tease, but nevertheless, he wanted to do it. They both got up from the couch and headed for the bathroom. Izuku turned on the water tap on his bathtub as his soulmate began stripping down of his clothes. They kissed as Izuku closed and locked the bathroom door…


Izuku felt… absolutely fine the next morning. He wasn’t feeling tired, or awful, or sore, or anything considering what he and his soulmate did yesterday. They did more things inside their dreamworld late that night, Izuku checked his bed in the morning to confirm his suspicion. Yep, they both leaked in the real world even though they did it inside their dreams. At least it’s not entirely blood like the night before, maybe he could clean this one up by himself.

He looked at his sleeping soulmate in his bed, Izuku left their dream early since he has work today, letting Hitoshi get some sleep. He told him that he hasn’t exactly slept in three years, so he didn’t want to wake him up. Izuku touched his neck, feeling the bite mark Hitoshi left last night, the vampire hasn’t patched it up yet. He experiments a bit, taking some of his soulmate’s… leaked sample and rubs it onto his neck. Thanks to the mixture of blood, it managed to patch up, but it’s still pretty gross.

Izuku took his morning shower afterward, cleaning himself of the filth he and Hitoshi did yesterday, all night long. He chuckled at the thought before looking at his filthy bloody bathtub, that’s going to take some time to clean up.

He walked out from the bathroom and get dressed for work. He didn’t eat breakfast this morning… God knows he ate too much last night, poor Hitoshi. He looked at the clock to see that it was still 6.49 AM, which means he could stay a bit longer before catching the 7.30 bus to his office.

The doorbell suddenly rings, leaving Izuku wondered as to who would come to his place this early. He opened the door to find…

“S-Shouto Todoroki?”

His face turned to a surprised expression. In front of him is his ex-boyfriend, someone who he hasn’t seen in two years. Still looking the same as usual, white and red hair split in the middle, a pair of heterochromia eyes, and a red scar on his left eye. Izuku knew that he would be back this year, but he didn’t expect him to pop up all of a sudden just like this. In a matter of second, his mind began to panic, thinking about how he’s going to keep secret about all of this to Shouto?

 “W-what’re you…” he asked.

“It’s been a while, Izuku…” Shouto said, smiling at him, “C-can I come in? I hope you don’t mind, I have… so many things I want to talk to you about…”

Chapter Text

"Well, um... c-come on in, I guess..."

It’s been three days since he died and came back to life, two days since he and Hitoshi officially became soulmates, but Izuku is already having another trouble. These things never come to an end, don’t they? Not even when you’re already dead.

Shouto Todoroki, his old flame, the man who abruptly said his goodbyes two years ago, suddenly pops back in his life. If he showed up like four or five months ago, before he moved in, before the madness, before Hitoshi can even happen, he would’ve been just fine. But why does he have to show up today? Of all the day, why does it have to be this one? On the day where Izuku’s lover is currently lying naked and asleep in his bed?

“Thank you,” Shouto answered, following Izuku inside the apartment.

Izuku quickly ran to close the bedroom door, forgetting he left it open before Shouto knocked on the door. He needs to hide the sleeping vampire, he has work in an hour and he has to catch the bus in half an hour, so this can’t take long. The last thing he needs is a super awkward confrontation between his soulmate and his ex-boyfriend.


They both sat on the couch. Shouto could see that Izuku is feeling extremely nervous right now. Thanks to his powerful sense of smell, he managed to smell something strange in the air. It almost smelled like… wait… is that?

“S-so… what brings you back to town?” Izuku asked, “G-guess you finished your, uh… postgraduate thing in Europe, huh?”

“Yes, yes I did…” Shouto answered, “I’ve also moved back into town, there’s a job I wanted here…”

“Oh, um… that’s nice…, um…”

“Izuku, I can tell that you have work today, so let’s not make this any longer…” he said, “Uraraka told me you have a boyfriend now…”

All Izuku wanted was to not make this conversation anymore awkward than it should be. That should be an easy task, right? Yeah, turns out he was completely wrong about that. Failed in the first three minutes, wah wah!!

“S-Shouto, uh… I c-can explain!! It’s, uh…”

“Izuku, I’m not mad at you, don’t worry…” he said, “You’re not cheating on me, we broke up two years ago! I don’t expect you to actually wait for me…”

“O-oh…” Izuku said, “Well, um… the thing is…”

“I was planning to win you back, you know?” Shouto said, “Bought you flowers, chocolate, and everything. A grand romantic gesture, but I was too late, after all…”

“Y-you do? You still… you still think of me after all this year?”

“It’s hard not to…” he smiled a bit, “I like you a lot, Izuku, you know that right? Letting you go… it was hard, but I thought maybe there’s a chance I could get you back one day…”

“S-Shouto…” Izuku answered a bit conflicted about his feelings and such. But his heart and mind… now bonded with Hitoshi keeps putting him back on track to the purple-hair vampire. “S-Shouto I kinda want that too, b-but I can’t… I can’t go back to you, I’m… I’m happy the way things are with my boyfriend,”

“Are you happier with him than you are with me?”

“I… I… yes,” he answered, “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt this happy in my life. I love him so much, it makes me happy…”

“I see…” Shouto sighed, feeling heartbroken, but this was expected of course, “I’m not mad Izuku, a bit upset, but nothing more. I wish you two nothing but the best… an eternal happiness…”

“Wow, uh… that’s really poetic, Shouto!” Izuku chuckled.

“That’s what you two are planning to have, right?” he asked, “An eternity of happiness and stuff? Izuku, if you two play your cards right, you’re going to outlive nearly everyone on earth, so happiness can be important…”

“O-outlive??” Izuku asked, feeling confused and nervous by that statement, “S-Shouto, what’re you talking about??”

“I haven’t been entirely honest with you, I’m sorry…” he said, “I guess I should make a proper introduction, my name is Sho-“

Before Shouto could finish his sentence, the bedroom door opens, revealing Izuku’s soulmate. He was wearing a bathrobe, at least he’s not naked right now, Izuku thought. Hitoshi looked… kinda angry? Uh oh…

“Good morning…” Hitoshi said, “Thought I should say hello to your guest…”


How do you make a conversation with your ex about your love life even more awkward? A surprise appearance from your current lover, that’s how!

Hitoshi sat next to Izuku, holding his hands, looking sort of upset at the red and white-haired man sitting across from them. Izuku was very much shy, feeling the extreme awkwardness going on between all of them. He didn’t know that Hitoshi could be… possessive, and this is bad, this is super bad. A powerful 300-year-old vampire getting jealous? He hoped that this whole thing doesn’t end up with Shouto’s dead body or something…

“Izuku, what time is it?” Hitoshi asked.

“Uh, it’s… it’s… 7.05 AM?”

“You need to catch the bus in 25 minutes, so let’s not make this a long conversation…” Hitoshi said, facing Shouto sitting on the other side, “You’re his ex, aren’t you? That boy… Shouto Todoroki?”

“That’s me…” Shouto answered, “Did Izuku told you about me?”

“No, but that name flew across my mind yesterday when we both swapped personalities…” Hitoshi answered, “It flew several times, so I know you had to be important somehow…”

“Uh… Shouto, um… what Hitoshi meant by swapping personalities is…” Izuku nervously tries to explain.

“Izuku, you don’t have to try to cover up this whole thing…”

“But I thought it was supposed to be a secret!” Izuku whispered, “Wait, you can erase memories, right, so it’s okay if Shouto knows all of this?”

“I ought to teach you more about spotting supernatural folks…” Hitoshi said, “Izuku, he’s one of us! He’s a damn supernatural!”


“I knew your name sounds familiar… you’re related to the secretary of war, aren’t you?”

“I’m his son…” Shouto answered, “I was about to introduce myself when you showed up, actually…”

“S-Shouto, what the?” Izuku asked, “You… what are you??”

“You’re his biological son? From his marriage to… oh, so that’s why you smelled different…”

“Izuku, I’m sorry I lied to you all these years,” he said, “But I knew you would find out eventually, the best I could do right now is to give you two a proper introduction…”

“Identify yourself…” Hitoshi said, “Let’s clear this confusion once and for all…”

Shouto stood up and began to introduce himself.

“My name is Shouto Todoroki,” he said, “Fourth and youngest child of Lord Endeavor, Enji Todoroki, the secretary of war. In the supernatural world, I’m classified as a halfling, a combination of two different species, I’m half deity, and also I’m half…”

“H-half what?” Izuku asked.

“Vampire,” Shouto said, revealing his sharp pair of fangs to both Izuku and Hitoshi, “I’m half vampire…”

“Okay, um…” Izuku said, “Yeah, I’m gonna… I’m gonna be late for work today…”


Izuku stared at the pot of water and the bag of blood in front of him. Hitoshi had requested for him to make some refreshment for the guest, which happens to be Shouto. He sighed, feeling all too confused and regretful about all of this. Shouto Todoroki, his ex is a deity and a vampire? Turns out he’s been involved in this whole dating supernatural thing longer than he expected. Was it a coincidence that the last three long-term relationship he had was with a supernatural?

Izuku gave it a thought for a moment before looking at the stove again. The water has boiled, as it turns out. Izuku carefully took out the bag of blood with his kitchen gloves, he then cuts the bag with his kitchen scissors, pouring the nasty content of it into three separate cups.

“Sorry it took a while,” Izuku said, giving the cup of blood to Hitoshi and Shouto.

He began to sip his own cup, tasted sweet with a hint of bitterness, he thought. He’s slowly getting used to this kind of thing, drinking blood, eating flesh and everything. He should probably be concerned, but strangely, he’s not right now. “I’m not human anymore,” he reminds himself, “Maybe I shouldn’t care about all of this… maybe this isn’t supposed to be weird for me…”

Izuku looked at his boyfriend and his ex, sipping their cup of blood as well. Shouto has absolutely no complaints or anything, he simply drank the blood. This makes Izuku wonder a bit…

“When we were dating…” he said, “You eat regular food, just like me. Did you, um… did you threw it up when you got home?”

“No,” Shouto answered, “My digestive system can digest normal food and blood since I’m only half vampire. I don’t really have to drink blood, I can live with either, actually…”

“Isn’t that nice…” Hitoshi said, “Izuku here kept complaining about me not eating food during our dates. I almost spilled out the whole supernatural world because of it…”

“You certainly have a knack of noticing little things, don’t you, Izuku? We once played this game where he has to guess my favorite food. We went out eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And after dinner, he correctly guessed the soba noodles I had for breakfast...”

“Well, um… your face sort of showed more enjoyment when you were eating soba…” Izuku said, “But I… I can only confirm it after we had lunch and dinner. Also, the loud slurping… you still do that?”

“It’s a Todoroki thing…” he answered.

“Anything you noticed about me, then?” Hitoshi asked, “Besides my eating habit?”

“You like cats, you like them a lot,” Izuku said, “You used to have one, I think… it was a black cat, maybe? At the cat café, you kinda avoided the black cats, so… that might be a painful memory or something?”

“Yeah,” he answered, “Her name was Ro-chan, I had her around twenty years ago. She slipped away from my hand and a car hit her on the road. After that, I never had any pet cats again… too painful…”

“Your observational skills could do you good if you joined the police force, Izuku…” Shouto said, sipping his cup again, “But you choose to be an accountant instead…”

“I don’t regret that, actually,” Izuku smiled, “I like the job, it pays well, it’s stable, and there’s plenty of action going on at the office…”


The clock on Izuku’s phone shows 7.48, he already missed the bus, and the next one isn’t until 8.15. He’s late for work, that’s for sure, but maybe Aizawa can tolerate this one since he just died and everything. He should probably call his boss to tell him that he’s going to come late today…

“Izuku, what’re you doing?” Hitoshi asked, seeing his boyfriend looking up Aizawa’s contact on his phone.

“I’m calling Aizawa,” Izuku answered, “Telling him I’m gonna be a bit late today, since… you know…”

“Oh, I’m so sorry about that, Izuku,” Shouto said, “Let me make it up to you, I’ll teleport you to your office right now if you want…”

“W-what? Shouto, you can do that? Teleport me to the office?”

“Izuku, I’m a deity, I can do anything I want…”

“But wait… teleportation spells are banned from this building, right?”

“Deity overrule,” he answered, “It doesn’t apply to me, and like I said, I can do anything I want…”

“O-okay, uh… you sure about doing this, Shouto?” Izuku asked, “I-It’s not dangerous, right? Like, uh… I’m going to end up at the office naked and everything?”

“Izuku, it’s fine,” Hitoshi chuckled, “I’m sure your ex here is capable of teleporting you to your office…”

“Where do you work, Izuku?” Shouto asked, opening the map app on his phone.

“Musutafu furniture,” he answered, “It’s downtown, but um… where are you going to teleport me, exactly?”

“According to the map app, there’s a small park nearby… how about there?”

“Sounds um… sounds good?”

“Grab your things,” he said, “Just tell me when you’re ready to leave…”


Izuku grabbed his work bag and his jacket from his study room. Does he really need the jacket, though? His skin can’t feel the weather anymore, why bother? But it would look suspicious if he doesn’t wear something in this kind of weather, and so he decided to bring his jacket with him to work.

He walked back to the living room, looking ready to leave for work. Shouto and Hitoshi assured him that the teleportation spell will be perfectly fine, and he has nothing to worry about.

“Oh, uh… Izuku, before you leave…” Hitoshi interrupted, “Just so you know, uh… me and Todoroki here are going to discuss your release and stuff…”

“M-my release??” Izuku asked, “W-what are you guys talking about?”

“In the old days, vampires can be… possessive when it comes to lovers,” Shouto explained, “So we invented this negotiation system where, uh… where vampires can discuss releasing their old lover into another’s hand…”

“It’s nothing really,” Hitoshi said, “It’s just the custom, and nothing will happen without your consent, okay?”

“O-oh…” Izuku said, “Um… what can I expect to happen, exactly?”

“Best case scenario, we get a good threesome…” Hitoshi joked, “Worst case, one of our dead body in front of the door…”

“P-please don’t f-fight, you two!” he pleads.

“We’re both civilized, Izuku, you have nothing to worry about…” he said, “Now, run along to your job, we have to get started on the discussion…”

“Don’t worry…” Shouto said, “I’m pretty good at threesome, after all…”

“Oh my God!!!” Izuku answered, feeling embarrassed. Shouto used his magic, and a few seconds later, Izuku disappeared entirely from the apartment, leaving only him and Hitoshi.

“So…” Hitoshi said, “What do you want from me and Izuku?”


It all happened so fast, the teleportation thing. All Shouto did is snapping his fingers, and Izuku suddenly felt a change of scene. Within just one second, he was already standing in the bushes at the park near his office building. He looked around to see there was no one nearby where he is right now, perfect.

Izuku quickly walked to the office building. In front of the lobby, to his surprise, his boss, Aizawa-san is standing at the front desk, he was waiting for him it seems…

“Midoriya,” he said, pointing at the large clock that says 7.52 AM, “You’re almost late…”

“S-sorry, Aizawa-san! I had… a bit of trouble this morning!”

“I was worried you wouldn’t come,” Aizawa said, “Please, walk with me to the elevator…”


Izuku felt nervous at his boss’ presence. Aizawa pressed the elevator button, heading towards the Musutafu furniture office floor. They were alone inside, and so Aizawa thought it might be a good idea to brief his employee a bit before they could arrive at the office.

“I’ve made an appointment for you at HR,” he said, “Miss Tsuyu Asui is expecting you after lunch in her office…”

“H-human resources??” Izuku asked, “Sir, uh… Aizawa-san, I don’t think I’ve done anything that could get me sent to HR!”

“Midoriya, what did you have for breakfast this morning?”


Well, that’s certainly something HR would want to know about…

“Miss Tsuyu Asui is one of us,” he said, “She’s in charge of the supernatural affairs in our office. She just needs a bit of data from you, nothing to worry about…”

“S-supernatural affairs?” Izuku asked, “Aizawa-san, uh… exactly how many, um… supernatural employees do we have here?”

“Midoriya, I’m in charge of this place, yes,” he said, “But that information is confidential, your new pair of eyes and instinct should be able to tell you everything you need to know…”

“O-okay, sir, um…”

“*sigh*, fine. Mineta is the only normal one in your desks, happy?”

“J-just Mineta??” he asked, “So, uh… Satou and Ojiro-san are…”

“Like I said, you have your eyes and your guts…” Aizawa answered, the elevator suddenly dings as they arrived on their floor, “Speaking of which, guts… want them for lunch? I know a place nearby that serves them…”

“N-no thanks!!” Izuku answered.


Izuku checked in at the office, the time showing 7.54 now, just six more minutes before he’s officially late. If it weren’t for Shouto’s magic, he would never be able to arrive on time. He wondered what those two have in mind… Hitoshi and Shouto negotiating about his release. It sort of pissed him off that they have to actually negotiate for him, he’s not an object! He’s a real human be-, okay, he doesn’t know what he is anymore, but still…

Izuku sighed, hoping that it doesn’t turn out badly…

“Don’t worry, Izuku, we’re already done…”

He was surprised to hear Hitoshi’s voice coming out of nowhere. He turned around, looking for his lover, and then he remembered that the voice was actually coming from inside his head.

“Right, uh… forgot you’re with me all the time now…” he thought, walking towards his desk, “I arrived at the office, safely, tell Shouto I said thanks,”

“Done,” Hitoshi said inside his head, “We’re wrapping things up, but I was wondering… maybe we could have lunch together today? I’ll pop up at the office on your lunch break?”

“That sounds nice, uh…”

“I’m not on the menu, and neither are you, don’t worry,” he said, Izuku could feel a slight chuckle coming from his tone of voice, “I’ll bring things you can eat, and I know just the place we can eat without anyone bothering us…”

“Okay,” Izuku replied, his face is smiling from their mind communication, “I’ll see you later!”


When Izuku arrived at his desks, he finally understood what Aizawa told him earlier, that his eyes and guts will be able to tell him everything.

It’s still his desks, and they’re still his co-workers he knew from before, but something… doesn’t seem quite right about them…

“Midoriya,” Ojiro greets, “You’re almost late! Might be from that cold you got yesterday, huh?”

Ojiro is Ojiro, he still has the same face, the same complexion, the same facial features, and everything. Overall, he looks the same, except for one teensy detail: he has a tail. And it’s not just any tail, it’s a large tail coming out from his back. There’s hair on the end of it, and it seemed to have… passed through his pants?

“Y-yeah!” Izuku said, “I g-got a nasty cold during the weekends, I, uh… I felt like I almost died because of it, hehe…”

The joke doesn’t seem to work well, his co-workers frowned a bit upon hearing it. Too soon? But wait, he’s the dead one! He can make jokes about his death and resurrection all he wants, and no one should care about it!

“That one was obviously too soon…”  Hitoshi said from inside his head.

“Okay, you could stop tuning in, now…”  Izuku said.

“I was the one who told them about your… disease…” Tokoyami said, working on his computer.

Tokoyami is… well, he knew about his bird head and his deity nature since they live in the same building. So he wasn’t exactly surprised about his appearance anymore. Dark shadow isn’t outside, Izuku observes, he wondered if the demon feels lonely staying inside all day while Tokoyami is working. But yesterday, it said that it has a Nintendo Switch inside, complete with the labo variety kit, so…

“Yeah, I’m really sorry you got that, uh… cold thing, Midoriya-san…” Satou said, “How’re you feeling?”

Satou seems… normal, but Aizawa said that he was one of them. Izuku felt something, a strange aura coming out from him. It was familiar, yet he couldn’t recall what it is…

“I’m fine, to be honest,” Izuku answered, “Hitoshi took care of me during the whole thing, it was sweet of him!”

“Yeah, I did a lot more than that, wink wink…” the voice in his head said.


“Hey, I’m here like it or not…”

“Yeah, but Amajiki-san told us that you could tune out anytime you want, so, uh… can you do that, please? At least until lunch?”

“Okay, fine, guess I’ll go watch TV then…” Hitoshi answered, “See you later,”

“Hey, what’s going on?” Mineta said, “No one told me you were sick or anything? Midoriya, why are you blushing?”

“H-huh??” Izuku said in surprise, not realizing his facial expression, “N-nothing, uh… must be leftovers from the cold!”

“Well, you better not infect us or anything!” he complained, “I need my moolah!”


About what Mineta said earlier… infecting people? Can he do that? Is he like the zombies from the movies or something? Can he bite other people and turn them into an undead as well? Hitoshi didn’t turn into an undead, but maybe that’s because he’s already dead. Where’s that pamphlet Aizawa-san left yesterday? It’s probably in his bedroom, he didn’t manage to read the entire thing because he was… taking a long bath and breakfast with his lover yesterday.

He was trying to calculate some numbers when all of a sudden the messenger app pops up in his computer. It was from Ojiro.

kuh-rah-tail: Hey, Midoriya, sorry to hear about what happened to you yesterday, but we can’t talk about it out on the open since there’s Mineta.

Izuku quickly typed up a response for his co-worker.

greenBun: No, it’s okay, I get it, Aizawa-san told me about him.

greenBun: Nice tail, by the way.

kuh-rah-tail: I’m glad you like it, I’m part gryphon, by the way, which explains the tail.

greenBun: I’ve never heard of gryphons, they sound really interesting!

kuh-rah-tail: Most gryphons are in Europe, but my great-grandfather fell in love with a human woman. Our gryphon’s genes got passed through one another, resulting in my tail. My siblings got the other end, though, my older sister has eagle wings, and my younger brother has an eagle’s head.

greenBun: So he’s like Tokoyami?

kuh-rah-tail: Well, we don’t have magic, but the outer part, yes, like Tokoyami.

kuh-rah-tail: Hey, you want to have lunch together with me, Tokoyami, and Satou? Maybe we can talk about all this? Mineta never has lunch with us, you remember that, right?

greenBun: Sorry, I made plans to eat with Hitoshi. Besides, I don’t wanna disgust you guys with my lunch menu…

kuh-rah-tail: Oh, Hitoshi Shinsou is coming back here? I haven’t seen the guy in a while, maybe I’ll say hi to him.

kuh-rah-tail: Okay, we can spare just five minutes before lunch break is over. We’ll meet you guys after we eat, don’t worry, I know exactly where he’s going to take you to eat!

greenBun: Okay then, looking forward to having an actual talk, thanks Ojiro!

Chapter Text

Despite everything that happened on Friday night, Izuku is still able to carry on with his work as usual. He worked tirelessly, staring at his computer for hours, answering and making some phonecalls when he needs to, and report to both Tokoyami and Aizawa when he finished each task on his list. The only difference he felt right now is that… well, he doesn’t feel tired throughout the whole morning. Sometimes he sleeps a bit late, and that messes up his sleep schedule. Last night, after more bonding with Hitoshi, they both only managed to sleep for around two hours before Shouto showed up. But now, strangely, he doesn’t feel tired, come to think of it he doesn’t feel a lot of things anymore…

Izuku was surprised when he felt a hand touching his shoulder. He nearly gave in to his undead instinct, to attack at whoever’s touching him from behind. But he knew better, and he managed to suppress it, although, both of his eyes turned red for a quick second there. He felt comforting feelings coming from this person, and just as he expected, he turned his head around to see his soulmate standing behind him.

“Hey,” Hitoshi said, “Ready for lunch?”

“Oh geez, you scared me…” Izuku chuckled, looking at the clock on the wall, “Lunchtime isn’t in another twenty minutes, y’know?”

“I know, I just wanted to meet Aizawa first before we could go,” he kissed him on the cheeks.

“Hello, Shinsou,” Ojiro greeted, “Long time no see…”

“Ojiro, nice to see you…” he answered, “Still teaching karate on the weekends?”

“Yep, I taught three classes now! Two on Saturdays, and one on Sunday morning!”

“You two know each other?” Izuku asked.

“Ojiro interned here during his senior year, and I was his supervisor. We both left at the same time, me going to med school, and he returned to university,”

“Gotta say, Aizawa was pretty quick at contacting me after I got my degree…” Ojiro said, “Did you by any chance have something to do with it?”

“Well, I just thought it would be better if it was someone who used to work at this place…”

“Shinsou-san, it’s nice meeting you again!” Satou greeted.

“Oh, hello, Satou-san…” he said, turning his head towards Izuku, “Satou was my replacement. I trained him for a couple of weeks before he took the wheel…”

“Aizawa-san told me something about that!” Izuku said, “I was really happy to hear you left your job to go to medical school!”

“Thanks for the support, really,” Hitoshi answered with a slight smile on his face, “Tokoyami’s been here since… the dawn of time, I guess,”

“I do notice your sentence were a joke, but I hope you would not make humor regarding my age…” Tokoyami commented.

“We’re both too mature to play about that, aren’t we, Tokoyami?” Hitoshi said, looking at the other accountant’s desk, “And you are?”

“Minoru Mineta…” he answered in a flat tone, “You… look like a popular guy around here…”

“No I don’t think so, other than the people in this desk, I’m pretty antisocial…”

“No, I mean the kind of guy a girl would have a crush on…”

“Oh boy…” Satou commented, “Here we go…”

“We both have purple hairs, so we’re pretty much the same…”

“That’s not how it works…” Ojiro said.

“Got any advice for your fellow purple here? How do I get girls to like me?”

“Before you answer that question, please don’t say ‘just be yourself’ or stuff like that,” Satou said, “That’s exactly the kind of advice that could get him on the sex offender list…”

“You got super good looks! Your skin kinda glows, and you got perfect white teeth! How did you manage to pull that one off, dude?”

“Okay, um… Mineta. I would suggest you, um… just be more polite or something to girls,” Hitoshi answered, “I mean when I worked here I look like I don’t give a shit at anything anyone does…”

“You still don’t…” Izuku pointed out.

“It’s part of my charm…” he said, “Maybe just play it cool and stuff like that. As for my look, well, uh… I had to die for it, so don’t even try doing it…”

“I could see why you two are perfect for each other…” Ojiro said.

“Kinda shame you wasted all of this just for Midoriya,” Mineta said, “No offend,”

“I’m offended, actually!” Izuku responded.

“You got this really great look, and you chose to spend it on just one dude? I mean you could practically have any girl you want in the world!”

“Well, love is unexpected…” Hitoshi answered, “Believe me, no, uh… believe both of us…”

“It’s not like we had any choice, really…” Izuku smiled, touching Hitoshi’s hand. Everyone at the desk stared at them both with a smile on their face, except for Mineta who seemed to be confused with all of this…


Izuku sat at the wooden bench located on the tenth-floor balcony. Hitoshi had told him to wait there while he discusses things with his master. When Izuku left the elevator, he was surprised to find the floor was very much abandoned. There are a few desks here and there, but they’re all dusty and most of them are broken. It’s such a shame to let this place like this, the building’s owner could probably get some extra money by renting it out. But by the looks of it, this place must’ve been abandoned for years, surely there’s a reason for that…

The balcony was overgrown with succulent plants, making it look incredibly beautiful. There are all sorts of flowers here, roses, daisies, peonies, and blooming yellow tulips. It was an incredible view, Izuku had never seen a place as beautiful like this. The plants, they… looked trimmed, surely there has to be a caretaker here…

Just three minutes after he sat down, Hitoshi suddenly came up from behind him, carrying a bag of lunch boxes he brought from home. He smiled at his lover who was sitting down next to him. Izuku opened his lunch box to find some fresh raw chicken liver. It’s still a bit cold, he felt it.

“I found them in your fridge,” Hitoshi said, “You don’t want to eat out, so I thought might as well bring you this,”

“It’s nice, thank you!”

Izuku began munching down the raw meat in front of him, it didn’t taste as great as his… usual food, but it should help him for the rest of the day, he thought. He looked a bit at his surroundings while he eats, it’s still unbelievable to him that his office building has this kind of place…

“This place looks really good,” Izuku said, “Is there a gardener somewhere? This couldn’t happen all on its own, right?”

“No, of course not,” Hitoshi answered, “When the tenth-floor tenant moved out, Aizawa noticed this balcony, and he renovated it. It was supposed to be his quiet place, but I found out anyway, and then Tokoyami, Ojiro, and Satou found out about it also. Aizawa has a caretaker for the balcony here…”

“I never knew about that, he has a staff here? What does the building’s owner have to say about that?”

“Oh, uh… I never told you, did I?” he said, “Aizawa actually owns the whole building…”

“H-he what?? How did he even… but he’s just a regional manager! He can’t buy this whole place all on his own!”

“Izuku, he’s not what you expect him to be. Outside of his job, Aizawa is filthy rich,” Hitoshi said, “You don’t live for hundreds of year without hoarding lots and lots of money, actually…”

“So you’re rich too??”

“Not really, Aizawa is frugal with his money, so I had to make my own fortune. I spent most of my money on med school, and even then it wasn’t enough so I had to work here for a while. I mean I have some stocks and investments on the market, but they’re not making me a lot of money, and I’m not planning to sell them anytime soon…”

All of a sudden, Izuku felt a presence coming from nearby. He looked back, finding a rather transparent figure carrying a serving of tea at them. He was surprised at this, but Hitoshi was pretty much normal about it.

“Thanks, Kouda…” he said, taking a cup of tea from the serving tray, “Izuku? You don’t want a drink?”

“Y-you know him??”

“This is Kouji Kouda, the caretaker I mentioned earlier,” Hitoshi answered, “He came here three times a week to check on the gardens. But he’s also Aizawa’s butler and gardener…”

“A g-ghost butler?” Izuku asked, taking a cup of drink from the tray, finding that it’s just a watered down cup of blood, “T-thanks for the drink, I, uh… I’m so sorry I got scared at you, Kouda-san!”

Kouda smiles and nods at Izuku before he floats back into the building, taking the serving tray with him. Izuku sips on his cup, finding a taste of sweetness in it. How did he manage to pull that off? Izuku felt scared thinking the answer…

“He’s a nice kid,” Hitoshi commented, “We found him haunting an old animal shelter back then, Aizawa felt pity and decided to take him in to help us. He helps clean the flat with Jirou, also taking care of the cats…”

“W-wait, Jirou-san? Our neighbor Jirou-san??”

“Yes, her,” he answered, “Jirou works as Aizawa’s housekeeper few times a week, it pays pretty good compared to her other job, watching her dad’s record store…”

“You said cats, plural?” Izuku asked, “So, uh… how many cats does Aizawa have?”

“Seven, Aizawa loves cats more than I do…” he answered, “When I decided to leave him, he gave me Ro-chan because he knew just how much I loved her, that was twenty-three years ago…”

“I never thought someone who loves cats more than you do!” they both chuckled, “How long have Kouda-san been with you two, exactly?”

“A really long time,” Hitoshi answered, “We found him in around 1836, I think, and then a couple of years later, we took him to our London home to live with us. That’s also the time when I first met Mirio, actually…”

“You two lived in London?”

“We lived there for five years before coming back in Japan. Aizawa just had to be there during Victoria’s coronation, apparently…”

“Y-you and Aizawa lived a really interesting life throughout history, you have to tell me all about it sometimes!” Izuku said, “I want to know more about you, about your adventures. A-and I want to know it straight from your mouth, not through my head!”

“It’s a deal…” Hitoshi answered, looking at the clock on his wrist, “Lunchtime is almost over, and I know you need to talk with your friends, so, uh… I’ll be out of your hair for now…”

“Where are you going?”

“The bakery, getting some donuts, deliver it to Yamada-san, Aizawa’s friend house before I get to go home…”

“Aizawa asked you to do that? How nice!”

“It, uh… it wasn’t a request,” he said, “I got kinda mad at him for forcing us to move in, and he put another command in me, that one…”


“Well, better get going before this really kills me…” Hitoshi said, kissing Izuku on the cheeks, taking the lunch box with him, “I’ll see you later at home, and remember, you can always talk to me through your head now. Bye…”


Kouda returned afterward, taking the empty cups of blood beverage with him. Izuku didn’t really notice he was there until the cup starts to float, he was transparent after all. He got a little surprised and felt like he had to apologize to Kouda again. But the ghost simply smiled at him again, not saying one word, which was a bit weird.

“Midoriya, hey,” a voice greeted, Izuku turned around to see Ojiro, Satou, and Tokoyami walking into the balcony, “You said we could have a small chat about this, right?”

“R-right, uh, sorry Ojiro,” Izuku answered, “I was just… thinking a bit. Um… you guys know Aizawa has a ghost butler here?”

“Kouda?” Satou asked, “Yeah, we know the guy. He’s super shy, though, that’s why he doesn’t talk much…”

“Oh, is that it? I thought I might’ve offended him or something since he didn’t say one word to me,”

“I do not think you should be worried about that,” Tokoyami commented, “Hearing Kouda’s voice is a rare occasion for each and every one of us, that is a common fact,”

“So, uh… you guys want to talk to me?” Izuku asked, “What’s up?”

“Well, uh… we just wanted to know how you’re feeling,” Ojiro said, “Honestly, I didn’t think I would see you at work today. You just died! Did you ever think to take some time off?”

“Not really,” he answered, “I got used to it pretty quick, a-and I don’t see why it has to interfere with my work…”

“We were all very much surprised to see you arriving at the workplace today,” Tokoyami said, “You came here in the late moments…”

“I just had… a bit of trouble at home…”

“Supernatural-related trouble?” Satou asked.

“You have no idea, really…” Izuku answered, “But it isn’t about me, actually. Um… my ex from college suddenly came to my door this morning, Hitoshi stayed at my place last night, so, uh… it looked really awkward…”

“I can see that, judging by the animal-like sounds I heard in the early light…” Tokoyami commented.

“Oh, uh… Tokoyami-san, it’s, uh…” Izuku tries to answer, his face blushed to a full red the moment he heard Tokoyami’s sentence.

“Do not worry, I respect your privacy, and I put a soundproof spell in my apartment,” he said, “I shall filter it just for your voice for future incidents…”

“Sounds like you had quite a rough night, huh, Midoriya?” Satou teased.

“I-I don’t think y-you three should be h-hearing about my personal life with Hitoshi, uh, it’s… kinda gory, and, uh… cannibalistic…”

“Sounds a lot like my ancestors, then…”


“Satou has bloodlines from Germany, actually,” Ojiro explained, “They, uh… they’re pretty wicked…”

“Wicked doesn’t even begin to describe them. What do you call witches and wizards who lures kids into a gingerbread house just for eating them, hm?”

“S-so like the fairytale?” Izuku asked.

“Exactly like the fairytale!” he answered, picking a tulip from the overgrown garden, and then using his magic to turn it into a cookie in the shape of a tulip, “At least they left me with this instead of their psychopathic tendencies…”

“Y-you can turn things into sweets? T-that’s really cool, Satou!”

“Thanks for the compliment, Midoriya! It’s my family signature magic, actually!”

Izuku smiled at hearing that, he looked at all three of his friends, Satou, Ojiro, and Tokoyami, of course. He couldn’t believe it, just last week, they were his regular, normal co-workers, the kind of normal people who eats lunch with him, goes out to drink on Friday nights together, and sing at karaoke at the bar. But now, he felt like he could relate to them more than ever.

He wants to talk to them about supernatural stuff, things he should probably know. But he felt like he should use this opportunity to talk to Tokoyami, there’s a couple of question he wanted to ask.

“Tokoyami, uh… if you don’t mind…” Izuku said, “You’re a deity, right? A-and you used to be part of the royal family, do you still get news from… up there?”

“Yes, I indeed have,” he answered, “I am still a high-ranking member of the magic magisterium, so forth I receive plenty of news from the great beyond. Why did you ask such peculiar question?”

“I, um… I need some information, a-and since you’re a deity you might have the answer…”

“Very well, proceed with your question,”

“What can you tell me about the secretary of war? Enji Todoroki? Or, uh… lord Endeavor?”

All three of Izuku’s co-workers’ eyes widen in both surprise and interest. Tokoyami was very much surprised to hear this kind of question, coming from Izuku Midoriya, a regular person who didn’t know anything until two days ago. But all of a sudden, he’s interested in deity government? That doesn’t sound right…

“So Shinsou told you of the war we waged against the rebellion…” Tokoyami said, “It is no small matter, I’m afraid. It has been five long years, and that information should perhaps be enough to tell you how terribly serious the situation has become…”

“Tell me about it…” Ojiro commented, “My grandparents have been restless about it, they were afraid the magic magisterium were going to start conscripting people…”

“Things are becoming more serious, yes, but it’s not to that point yet. So nothing to be concerned of, for now…”

“Tokoyami, uh… what about the secretary of war?” Izuku asked, “Who’s this Lord Endeavor person?”

“Lord Endeavor is a high-ranking deity,” he answered, “The Todoroki family have been involved in the war committee for as long as I could remember. However, none of them had been selected for the secretary of war. The position always belongs to the leader of the dragon consortium, as they are considered experienced in such matters…”

“So before Lord Endeavor, All Might was the secretary of war?”

“You are correct, yes. It appears you have more knowledge than what I expected…”

“Hitoshi told me lots of things, b-but I really wanna learn about supernatural history and stuff!”

“I commend your thirst for knowledge, then,” he said, “All Might went into his retirement after he was injured in a battle with the rebellion leader. The leader perished in the battle, but his lieutenant remained at large, resuming the battle at a full speed…”

“Do you know if Lord Endeavor had any children? Who’s his wife?”

“That diverts from our topic, but I shall answer it anyway. As I recall, he has four children, three sons, and a daughter. His marriage… was rather a peculiar subject for everyone…”

“I heard rumors about him…” Satou said, “But I’d like to hear your story, Tokoyami-san…”

“Lord Endeavor, he… he married a vampire,” he answered, “Marrying someone from a different species is a very common practice. But a vampire is another story, I’m afraid. Rei Todoroki was a member of vampire nobility, and she was kind and beautiful in a way…”

“I thought vampires can’t have kids?”

“Yes, however, she was marrying a deity. Lord Endeavor applied for divine intervention in order to modify his wife’s body and make her able to produce offspring…”

“T-that sounds really sick…” Ojiro commented, “So he literally turned her fertile just so that he could have kids?”

“Indeed, I had the same reaction when I heard of the story,” he said, “Three of his children born as a deity, with only hints of a vampiric bloodline. But his fourth… his youngest son became the talks of the deity world when he was born…”

“Let me guess, he was half vampire and half deity?” Izuku asked.

“Yes, to be precise,”

“What happened next?”

“It is not a happy tale, I’m afraid…” Tokoyami answered, “Rei Todoroki committed a magical incident on her youngest child. This caused a strange scar that cannot be healed by any means. Lord Endeavor divorced her, as a result, and she was banished from the great beyond. She committed suicide not long after she returned to earth, she was hoping to rejoin her family, but she did not die in peace, and her soul still lingers on earth to this very day…”

“Oh my God…” Ojiro said, “That’s gotta be one of the most tragic stories I have ever heard. Don’t you agree, Midoriya?”

But Midoriya didn’t answer, he simply looked down on the floor, looking very much sad and upset at the story he just heard. “H-he never told me…” he said.


“H-he… Shouto never told me anything about this…” Izuku answered, tears of blood starting to flow down from his eyes, “I… I never asked him about his f-family, oh gosh…”

“Midoriya?” Satou asked, handing him over his handkerchief, “Are you alright? Who’s Shouto?”

“That is the name of Lord Endeavor’s youngest child,” Tokoyami said, “It appears you have known him before…”

“Yeah…” Izuku answered, wiping out the blood from his face, “He’s… my ex, actually, the one that came to my place this morning…”


Izuku didn’t go back to his desk after his lunch break. As requested, he went to the HR department to meet with Tsuyu Asui, who’s apparently the one in charge of supernatural employee affairs in the company. He didn’t mind meeting with her, he is a supernatural now, after all. The problem is he has to go to the HR department. Most of the employee knows that if you get sent here, you’re either in trouble or you’re going to quit the company. The thought of stepping into the HR office made him a bit nervous, he never step his foot in here during the time he worked at the company…

“Can I help you?” A rather tall man asked he was wearing a mask covering his mouth. But his arms… they’re… he has around three arms on each side, all connected with each other. Oh gosh, what is he exactly?

“Uh, I, uh…” Izuku hesitated to answer, “I, uh… I’m looking for miss Tsuyu Asui’s office? D-do you know w-where it is?”

“Tsuyu Asui?” the man asked, “Oh! You must be Izuku Midoriya from accounting! Fumikage told me everything about you,”

“H-huh? You know Tokoyami?”

“He’s a good friend,” he answered, “I’m Mezou Shouji, by the way, an HR employee, but that should be obvious. Tsuyu’s office is just right around the corner, don’t worry about it, she’s just going to ask you basic questions and stuff,”


“Ah, good afternoon Midoriya-san! I’ve been expecting you…”

Izuku sat down in one of the chairs in front of Asui’s desk. He’s only been inside this office for around thirty seconds and his feeling of nervousness suddenly disappeared the moment he saw the green wallpaper decorating the entire office. There’s a frog plush on the bookshelf, along with some nendoroids of iconic anime characters, including All Might, like the one he has at home.

Tsuyu Asui herself is… not what he expects her to be. He thought that she would be an iron-clad woman, someone really tough and strict on rules and stuff, like a mean high school teacher. But no, she turns out to be an incredibly warm and sweet person, just about his age as well, or is she? Well, that’s the supernatural world for you!

“Uh… hello Asui-san,” Izuku greeted, “Aizawa told me you needed to see me? D-does it has to do with… what I am now?”

“First of all, I would prefer if you call me Tsuyu, Midoriya-san,” she said, “And yes, it’s because of that. I’m really sorry to hear about your tragedy, I really am. Occhan and I talked about it during our lunch yesterday,”

“Occhan? W-who’s Occhan?” Izuku asked.

“Ochako Uraraka? Your friend and ex-girlfriend?” she answered, “We’re friends, actually!”

“W-wait, how come I never met you before? Uraraka never told me anything about you!”

“I’m a bit of a shy person, maybe that’s why she never really mentioned me. Also, I don’t drink alcohol, so I never went to the stag, if you’re curious…”

“That sort of explains it. N-nice to meet you, then, Tsuyu-san!”

“Okay, so let’s start our meeting,” she said, taking out a couple of forms from her desk’s drawer, “You’re now classified as an undead, yes? How old are you now?”

“I’m 24 right now,” he answered, “And yes, I… I’m an undead now…”

“Have you been registered to the magic magisterium?”

“I don’t think so. I died on Friday, and Hitoshi didn’t take me anywhere magical during the weekend,”

“There’s a chance you might be registered already since you used to be in the assimilation program. I’ll check with Aizawa about it, then,” she answered, “Now, Uraraka told me you already have a soulmate?”

“Oh yeah, it’s Hitoshi Shinsou, he’s my soulmate, apparently. I’m really happy to be with him!”

“Sorry, but I need to get a bit personal here,” she said, “Have you two… bonded yet?”

“Uh, um…” Izuku hesitated a bit at that question, face starting to blush, “Y-yes? We, uh… we b-bonded…”

“That’s great for you two, then,” she responded, “I know Aizawa offered you the resting policy, did you choose to take it?”

“I, uh… I’m still here, aren’t I?” Izuku answered, “So no, a-and I don’t think I’m going to say yes to it,”

“Some people choose to schedule their resting policy sometimes so they could prepare in case they really went upstairs. I do have one last question, but this isn’t part of the form…”


“How are you holding up?”

Izuku took a deep breath before remembering he can’t inhale oxygen since both of his lungs doesn’t really work anymore. He’s extremely tired of this question, he heard it probably at least a dozen time from everyone since he died on Friday. He knows that people are just concerned about him, and they wanted to know if he’s alright or not. But still, this question feels really tiresome to handle…

“I’m alright, really,” he said, “In fact, I can’t feel anything at all. After the last two days, I… I think I’m getting the hang of it…”

“That’s good,” she said, “Well then, that’s all for today. Thanks for coming in,”

Chapter Text

After that long first day of work as a supernatural, it was finally time to go home. Everyone began to pack up their bags, preparing to end their day of grueling work, going home to refresh themselves to help face another day coming tomorrow. For Izuku, though, that refresh thing doesn’t really matter anymore, being an undead means you’re never going to get tired physically. But inside, he’s still exhausted in an emotional sense. So it’s almost the same, but no it’s not? He’s pretty much still confused about the whole thing.

“Midoriya,” Aizawa called Izuku who was putting some folders into his bag, “Can I see you for one minute before you go home?”

“Okay, uh… sure?” he answered.

“Aizawa been gripping at you hard today, dude,” Mineta commented, “Did ‘cha get in trouble or something like that?”

“In a way, I guess…”

“What did you do? Did you ‘accidentally’ went into the ladies room and made a bunch of peeking hole at the stalls?”

“No! Of course not!” Izuku loudly answered, “Get your mind out of the gutter, Mineta-san! Please!”

“Aw come on! I just wanna know what you did, Midoriya-san!”

“It’s not our business, Mineta, stop getting so nosy about it…” Ojiro commented.

“Fine…” he sighed in defeat, leaving the office alone without saying goodbye.

“I’m pretty sure it’s nothing, Midoriya…” Satou said, “Although…”

“Although what?” Izuku asked.

“You are Shinsou’s soulmate, correct?” Tokoyami chimes in, “Dark Shadow could not reveal itself currently since he is not invisible, unlike my facial features. However, he thought it might be because of ‘in-law problems’,”

“In-law problems? What does that even… oh…”

That does make sense, actually. Aizawa’s visit was very brief yesterday, as he had other businesses to attend to for that day. But he didn’t really comment anything on Izuku and Hitoshi’s soulmate bond, only saying congratulation to both of them and leaving a big mess by forcing them both to move in together. It never occurred to him that one day, Aizawa is going to be some sort of in-law for him since he’s basically Hitoshi’s father figure.

“Well, anyway, uh… good luck with that, Midoriya-san!” Ojiro commented.


Izuku entered Aizawa’s office, feeling kinda nervous. He saw the man, sitting behind his desk, still doing work on his computer. His desk is still messy, so it looks like he’s not going home anytime soon like the rest of them. It’s fine, Izuku thought in his head, Hitoshi didn’t sleep for three years and he’s pretty much doing great. He wondered sometimes how long has it been since Aizawa got his last sleep…

“Midoriya, thank you for coming here,” he said, “I won’t stall any longer, there are two things I’d like to discuss with you. One, I wanted to remind you about the resting policy, it will expire in 29 more days…”

“That’s okay, I… I’m not planning to take your offer. I’m very happy to be here on earth, Aizawa-san, even with my, uh… current life state…”

“I’m not forcing you to take it, just a small reminder here and then…” Aizawa said, “Second, I wanted to apologize to you about yesterday. It wasn’t my place to force you two to move in like that, but I simply thought that it was the right thing to do…”

“It’s fine, Aizawa-san…” Izuku answered, “We would have no choice anyway, Kaya… I mean Midnight-san was going to evict us. Did you know about this?”

“Yes, I know, and so does Hitoshi’s parents from above when they heard the news. They sent me that letter on Saturday night, thinking that you two would immediately accept it. But you didn’t, and we have to give you the hard truth…”

“Truth is, I wanted to say yes,” he said, “B-but I was afraid… I was really afraid about it. We’ve only started dating around two months, and then I found out about the soulmate thing. I’m practically tied to him after bonding, it doesn’t matter, we were married whether we like it or not. A-and it got me thinking… are we moving a bit too fast here? W-when Hitoshi laughed it off, I… I just went with him, thinking that he would change his mind eventually…”

“Huh…” Aizawa chuckled, “You two really are soulmates after all…”

“What do you mean, sir?”

“Hitoshi told almost the exact same story as you did,” he answered, “Apparently, he wants to do it, but he doesn’t want to rush things as well. So he tried to dismiss the idea, wanting to know about your reaction. You followed through with him, and he realized that maybe you two are moving too fast after all. He wanted a bit more time so you say yes to the idea…”

“I… I didn’t know about that... D-did he really said that?”

“Yes, every word of it…” Aizawa said, “I guess that’s all for now, go home and enjoy your night or something like that…”

“T-that’s it, sir?”

“Yes, that’s all. Is something the matter?”

“N-no, uh… I just thought that, uh…”

“What did you thought, Midoriya?”

“I want to ask one thing, uh… do you… maybe have an opinion with me and Hitoshi being soulmates and all that? Y-you didn’t say much on the subject yesterday…”

“Why do you need my… oh…”

It was at that moment Aizawa realized what Izuku saw in him, as a potential sort of in-law figure. He’s been training Hitoshi for nearly three hundred years now, so it would make sense if he’s being seen as his “father” by people who knew about their relationship, it seems Izuku is included in that category after all.

“I see…” Aizawa said, “For your concern, no, I don’t have any problem or negative opinions about the two of you. You’re a good employee, Midoriya, I respect your work, so of course, I would approve you having a relationship with my former protégé. But Hitoshi is his own man, I’m afraid, and I don’t want to meddle in his personal life more than before…”

“I’m really glad to hear that, Aizawa-san!” Izuku answered, “Thank you for your time, sir!”

“One other thing, Midoriya…” he said, “Hitoshi is a good person, and although I’ve tried to teach him everything I knew, there’s one thing he hasn’t fully learned yet,”

“What is it?”

“Hitoshi… never turned anyone into a vampire…”

Izuku felt a bit surprised to hear this. Hitoshi is supposed to be more than 300 years old, a knowledgeable kind of vampire who was part of the magical government, and yet he never turned anyone into his own kind?

“W-what’s the reason for that?”

“He simply said that it was wrong,” Aizawa answered, “His firsthand experience as a vampire with me was very much bittersweet. He fell into a state of depression for some time after he realized what he has turned into…”

“I didn’t know about this…” Izuku answered, “I saw what happened with you two and the bandits, but… he didn’t tell me anything about this…”

“It happened right after that incident. He went back into his home, and cried blood for hours, missing his mother. I couldn’t let him go, he was my newest creation, so we decided to stay for a couple of weeks until he was ready to move on...”

“And then you two went off together?”

“Yes, I only took him away when he was ready to leave. I took him to my home and we began our training,” he answered, “I tell you this, Hitoshi certainly have every opportunity to turn dead people into vampires, to take them in as his creation. But he decided against it, he wanted to heal the sick rather than give them another life as a bloodsucking creature…”

“I could certainly see the appeal...”

“It was a noble cause, so I can’t criticize him for it. But I’m just giving you a heads up in case if he’s ready to do it…”

“O-okay sir…” Izuku answered, “Thank you for your help…”


Izuku got back at his apartment a bit late than usual. He looked at his wristwatch to find that it’s 5.53 PM, just seven minutes before 6 PM. He was unlocking his apartment door when all of a sudden, Hitoshi came out from his own apartment wearing a coat. He looked like he was about to leave for his work at the hospital.

“Oh hey, you got home a bit late…” Hitoshi commented, kissing his boyfriend on the cheeks.

“Yeah, Aizawa pulled me a bit, he wanted to talk about some stuff,” Izuku answered, “Are you going to work? I thought your shift doesn’t start until 7.30 PM?”

“I’m working one extra hour this week to make up for my lost time,” he said, “I took in a couple days off to take care of you last weekend…”

“I’m really sorry about that!”

“Don’t be…” he said, “It’s absolutely worth it,”

“I really love you, y’know?”

“I know that, of course,” he smiled a bit, “Okay, I need to get to work now. See you tomorrow morning, okay?”


“Oh, and your ex is going to come back here after this,”

“W-what??” Izuku asked, “W-why is Shouto coming back here?”

“Well, we made the deal, remember? And I thought he could explain it to you…”

“D-does it involves a… you know…”

“It’s a surprise,” he said, “Wish I could say more, but I gotta run! Bye Izuku!”


Izuku entered his apartment after Hitoshi left. He sighed after one long day of work, with some people questioning him about his condition. Honestly, the last time he felt like this was during his childhood years when his father died… well, no, that’s not true anymore. He didn’t exactly die, but his soul left earth to be with his soulmate.

He wondered a bit about what he should have for dinner tonight. Not able to eat vegetables anymore is pretty bad for his wallet. Meat is considerably more expensive than vegetable, back then he could just make some vegetable soup or stew. But now, he has to eat raw meat. He hopes that moving in with Hitoshi could help him fix this income mess…

He took a shower, changing into his house clothes and opening the fridge, trying to find some food for the night. A red-lid plastic container lies in the fridge, there’s a pale red color that can be seen from the inside. Izuku can’t really remember where this came from or what was inside. He took out the container and opened it, finding raw sweetbread inside.

He quickly remembered that it was a gift from Bakugou’s soulmate, Kirishima. He gave this to him during that Saturday night party thing at the apartment. Izuku must’ve forgotten to move the sweetbread and return the container. He could delay dinner for a bit longer, right? And maybe some quick chat with them both would be nice. So, he cleaned the container in the sink, wanting to head upstairs to talk with either Bakugou or Kirishima.

He walked towards the staircase, heading up to the fourth floor of the apartment building. On his way up, he passed a girl with blonde hairs, wearing what appears to be a high school uniform? That’s kinda odd. She has two buns on each side of her head, and two strands of hair as well. Izuku tries to smile at her, making an eye contact, but when he looked at her face, it…

It was one of the creepiest things he ever saw in his life. She was smiling mischievously at him, looking a bit… unstable and creepy for a girl her age. Her skin was pale, indicating she’s not human, though that should probably be obvious considering where he is right now. She chuckled at him, and that laugh… that strange laugh… Izuku swore he heard it before somewhere, but he just can’t recall where.

He paused his steps, letting the girl pass him by. As she walks downstairs, she continues to look at him with great interest, as if he’s a cute stray puppy or something like that. He felt kinda creeped out by what happened. Who was that anyway? Someone from the fourth, fifth, or sixth floor perhaps? Maybe he could ask Hitoshi about that, he seems to know a lot about the residents here…



Izuku walked to the 4B apartment door, knocking it. There was no answer from the inside, which was weird, Bakugou usually shouts the moment he heard the knock on the door. He could see light coming from the inside, meaning there’s someone inside. After a minute of waiting, he knocked the door again, to the same result. Okay, something is definitely going on. He expects either Bakugou or Kirishima to answer the door, but no, neither of them did that.


Izuku hears a voice coming from behind, it was Mirio, coming out from the elevator. He sort of forgot that he lives in this floor as well, maybe he knows something about this…

“Togata-san, I wanted to return this container to Kacchan,” Izuku answered, “But, uh… nobody answered the door. Are they out or something?”

“Kirishima should be inside,” Mirio answered, “I didn’t saw him at the office today, so I think he’s still at home…”

“Office? Kirishima works at the police station?”

“Yeah, he just finished his police training a couple of weeks ago, and now he’s part of this special supernatural squad down at our precinct,”

“I never knew about this…” Izuku said, “Then again, I never knew Kirishima existed before Friday, so…”

“I don’t like to get into other people’s business, Midoriya, but, uh… something interesting happened. Would you like to come inside?”

“Yeah, sure, I guess I…”

Izuku suddenly hears a sound coming from his phone, it was a text notification from… Tokoyami?

LordOfDarkness: Midoriya, please come out from your apartment. A guest is waiting for you.

“Uh, sorry Togata-san, I… I think my, uh… friend just arrived…” Izuku said, “I’ll come back after he’s gone, okay?”

“Okay, uh… just… I’m kinda curious actually…” Mirio said, “The thing I’m about to tell you… maybe it’s connected to all this. But… ah, that’s just the detective me talking! Come back when you’re ready to talk, okay, Midoriya? Bye now!”


Izuku heads back downstairs, finding both Tokoyami and Shouto standing in front of his apartment. Dark Shadow is out as well. He wonders what was going on between those two, they’re both deities after all…

“Midoriya,” Tokoyami said, seeing him walking downstairs, “This man… do you know him?”

“Yeah, I told you before, right?” Izuku answered, “Shouto Todoroki? Tokoyami, what’s going on?”

“Tokoyami here is just being a bit cautious, Izuku…” Shouto answered, “No need to worry…”

“If that is the case, forgive me then. As a high-ranking deity, Midnight has asked me to become the protector of the building. My instinct was triggered the moment young Todoroki walked into the building, I was very much curious as to why would another high-ranking deity should have business in this building…”

“I’ve heard about you, Fumikage Tokoyami,” he said, “You were banished over two thousand years ago for harboring a demon into the great beyond. I know you didn’t mean harm, but that was very foolish of you…”

“Hey, all of us were young at one time, pal!” Dark Shadow protested.

“I have also heard plenty about you, Shouto Todoroki,” Tokoyami responded, “Your bloodlines do you no credit in plenty of people’s view. However, you seem like a very honorable deity, unlike that child I saw before I was banished…”

“G-guys, no fighting, okay?” Izuku said.

“We’re not fighting, Izuku, it’s alright…” Shouto answered, “What child are you talking about?”

“You are forgetting that I am very much older than your father. I started my career as a diplomat when your father was only four years old…”

“Huh… that’s laughable, actually…”

“I knew your grandparents, Shouto Todoroki, the Tokoyami family always has close relations with every single noble living upstairs. He was very much an emotional child, unable to control his fire magic and burning things here and there…”

“Okay, you need to tell me more, later…” Shouto chuckled, “But it was a pleasure meeting you, your royal highness…”

“There is no need to refer to me by my title, child,” Tokoyami said, “But I shall let it slide, your Excellency…”


Izuku entered his apartment with Shouto walking behind him. They sat in the living room couch, with Izuku feeling very much curious about the deal his soulmate and his ex made before he got teleported to his office…

“So… I assume Shinsou told you why I was coming here…” Shouto said, which prompts a nod from Izuku, “Okay, then I won’t make this longer. The deal we made is quite simple, consisting of three points…”

“Go on…”

“First, the three of us will remain as friends for eternity…” he said, “I don’t want any bad blood between us, no pun intended. And Shinsou agrees with that, he wants all of us as friends…”

“That’s really sweet of you both…” Izuku said, “I want to be friends with you as well, Shouto…”

“Second, I will never have a romantic relationship with you. Shinsou will be alerted if I try anything funny with you, and he could sue me and get me in trouble with the magic magisterium…”

“Trouble? What trouble?”

“When a deity breaks the rules, they have to go on a trial…” Shouto said, “If it ends badly, they will be turned into a demon and banished from the great beyond forever…”

“Oh, that kind of trouble…” Izuku said, “Okay, I get it…”

“But of course, it’s legal if I have his permission…” he answered, “He said he might consider it one day…”

“Oh my God… the threesome joke thing. Dang it Hitoshi!”

“The third… I need your permission on the third…”

“Why would you need that?” Izuku asked.

“It’s a deal regarding food,” he answered, “Usually we have to include this if our lover is an immortal like us. But basically, I need your permission to…”

“To drink from me? Yeah, a lot of people want to do that, apparently…”

“The deal isn’t just one way, Izuku. It’s a three-way deal, all three of us could feed from each other. At least, that’s what he proposed…”

“Oh, God…” Izuku sighed, “Hold on just one moment, okay?”

Izuku tries to use his newfound powers to contact his soulmate working at the hospital. He felt something in his head, new information and things like that. He went past through it in order to communicate with Hitoshi, to really get into his head, ears, and eyes. After five seconds, he thinks he managed to get through to his lover.

“Hitoshi?” he asked inside his brain.

“Izuku!” Hitoshi responded, “You came through! I’m surprised by this…”

“Yeah, uh… we need to talk. Did you make some sort of feeding deal with Shouto here?”

“Mm-hmm,” he answered, “Something wrong?”

“It’s just… weird. He’s my ex, and I don’t wanna have hard feelings with him or anything, but… him drinking my blood? T-that’s kinda intimate, right?”

“As long as he didn’t try anything funny with you, I’m fine with it. I’ve been alive for 300 years, Izuku, and I’ve seen plenty of things, so I’m pretty open-minded…”

“He said you two could drink from each other as well? I-is that okay?”

“Every blood is food for vampires, even from our own kind,”

“This… this is just some sort of a prelude for an eventual three-way, is it?” Izuku asked, “Oh my God, Hitoshi…”

“As I said, we’re pretty open-minded…” he teased, “Anyway, me and Hagakure are doing an autopsy right now, so we’re pretty swamped. Anything else before I tune out?”

“Just one more,” Izuku said, “Did you saw Kacchan or Kirishima today?”

“I didn’t see the angry explosive mutt, but I saw Kirishima before I went out to your office today…” he answered, “He was checking the mail, and… I think there’s something wrong with him…”

“What do you mean?”

“He looked pretty sad, I think… he just cried. It was obvious he was trying to put up a fight with his emotion, but he’s upset, I think…”

“I was just at his place and no one answered the door,” Izuku answered, “Togata-san said he might be able to tell me something…”

“Mirio? He doesn’t like gossip, but if he said that then he might have something useful for you…”


In the end, Izuku decided that he would agree with Shouto’s and Hitoshi’s deal. Feeding from one another sounds pretty weird, but if this is the way his relationship is going, then so be it. Izuku has nearly nothing to lose anymore from this deal if the two men in his life agreed to it.

He was just about to walk Shouto down to the lobby when all of a sudden he hears a knock on the door. It was Kaminari, apparently, looking all worried.

“Midoriya, bro!” Kaminari said, “D-do you know where Bakubro is? You’re his best friend and everything, maybe you know something about it?”

“I… I’m not really his best friend, Kaminari,” Izuku answered, “I don’t know where Kacchan is…”

“Kiri’s been pretty upset since last night,” he said, “I thought maybe finding Bakugou could cheer him up…”

“Huh? What are you talking about, Kaminari?”

“Bakugou is missing, Midoriya!” he said, “Nobody knows where he is right now, and Kirishima has been locking himself in the apartment all day, crying non-stop about it,”

Chapter Text

As soon as Kaminari declared that Bakugou had gone missing, Izuku quickly asked him about the situation. But he admits that he didn’t know anything about it, at least in full detail. All Kirishima told him is that they had a fight last night, Bakugou walked out from the apartment and didn’t come back until now. He learned about this when he visited the apartment last night, hoping to hang out like they usually does on Sunday nights, but instead he found Kirishima crying inside the apartment, telling him to go away. He pushed his best friend for little details, but that’s all he got before Kirishima got even more comfortable.

Izuku, Kaminari, and Shouto, who wanted to help with the situation, apparently, went upstairs to Mirio’s apartment. The tall dragon was surprised to see the three of them, only expecting Izuku at first. He felt uncomfortable telling all three of them about the story since he didn’t want it to spread further. But after Kaminari explained the whole situation, he agrees to tell them about it.

“Okay, so, uh…” Mirio said, sitting down in his living room along with the trio, “You guys heard about some old human bones found in a farm on the outskirts of town?”

“Yeah, that was all over the news last week,” Izuku answered, “Iida is handling that one, right?”

“Iida and me, actually. He got transferred to my precinct last week, and the captain thought I should help him with this…” he said, “Turns out, uh… that was Kirishima’s bones…”

“W-WHAT???” Kaminari loudly exclaimed, “Oh God!! Y-you found Kirishima’s bones?? He, he… t-this is a complete mess…”

“I d-don’t understand,” Izuku said, “D-did Kirishima…”

“Murdered? Well, we’re sure of that now. There’s a blunt force trauma in his skeleton,” Mirio answered, “None of us ever knew how Kirishima died, actually. He said that all of a sudden, he woke up as a ghost, not knowing where his body is…”

“He’s been pretty upset about that mystery,” Kaminari said, “He can’t remember anything about his death, and his body is missing. He was depressed for years, even after I met him. He felt like he doesn’t have a purpose in this world, but he can’t move on. That is until… Bakugou came into the picture…”

“Okay, so you found his body,” Shouto chimes in, “I don’t understand what they are fighting about…”

“They, uh… they disagreed at the morgue yesterday,” Mirio explained, “Since we found the owner of the body, we need Kirishima’s consent to move forward with the investigation. Bakugou’s consent is needed as well since they’re both soulmates. We thought it would be pretty easy, but then…”

“But what?”

“Bakugou wants to go forward, but Kirishima… he refused…”

“W-why would Kirishima do that??” Izuku asked, “I would absolutely want my murderer to be brought to justice!!”

“I think I know why…” Kaminari said, “The reason Kirishima can’t move on is because of that mystery. So if we find and catch the killer, that could mean…”

“He could move on to the great beyond, and in the process, taking Bakugou up there with him as well…” Todoroki summarized, “This is why having a ghost soulmate is risky…”

“Kirishima doesn’t want to take Bakugou with him,” Mirio said, “I think he wants Bakugou to live out his mortal life first before they could go up there together…”

“We solved the mystery, but now we have to find Bakugou…”

“I know someone who works at his office, and he said he didn’t saw Bakugou today…” Kaminari said, “I… I don’t know where he’s staying, actually. Kirishima said Bakugou just walked away without taking anything with him. He didn’t bring any clothes, and he even left his phone and wallet! What was that guy thinking?”

“Maybe that’s because he doesn’t need any of it…”


“Bakugou is probably a lot closer than we think…” Shouto said, “We need to get Kirishima to come with us, he’s the only one Bakugou would listen to…”


The four of them tried to knock on the door, but as expected, there wasn’t any answer. Kaminari attempted to open the door, but it was locked. He doesn’t have the keys to go inside, Kirishima had no reason to give his best friend his house keys since they were only a floor away. He wanted to break open the door, to see his best friend and comfort him, but Mirio stopped him, saying that it would be considered breaking and entering.

“I could open the door…” Shouto said, “As a deity, I have divine authority to unlock the door, but since I’m currently inside this building…”

“What? What do you need, man??” Kaminari loudly asked.

“I need consent from the protector of the building, of course…”

“Tokoyami? You need permission from Tokoyami??”

“I’m really sorry, but I would be violating upstairs law if I just open it without his permission…”

“Hold on, I’ll text him…” Izuku said.


greenBun: Tokoyami, we need to ask you a favor, please!

LordOfDarkness: Midoriya? How may I be of assistance? Does this concern your friend, young Todoroki?

greenBun: Sort of, Kirishima locked himself in his apartment and Kacchan’s gone missing. Me, Shouto, Kaminari, and Togata are going to look for him, but we need Kirishima to come along with us

greenBun: He won’t answer us, and Shouto said he can unlock the door, but he needs your consent

LordOfDarkness: I see…

LordOfDarkness: That does seem to be a worthwhile matter. Very well, I shall grant young Todoroki my consent

LordOfDarkness: Please wait for a short moment, he will know when he has my consent

greenBun: Thanks a lot Tokoyami! You’re a lifesaver, really!

LordOfDarkness: The pleasure is all mine, Midoriya


Shouto felt a surge of strange energy coming towards him. It was dark, but it doesn’t feel like a malevolent energy. His body tries to process the magical energy, granting him a bit more magical power in the process. He realized that this is the protector’s consent. It felt so… incredible, is this what power from the deity royal family feels like?

“Got it,” he said, snapping his finger, making the lock and the doorknob turns on itself, opening the door in an instance.

“Thanks, buddy!” Kaminari said.

He was the first one to run inside, trying to find his best friend. Kirishima wasn’t in the living room nor the kitchen, but they all could hear someone crying from somewhere inside the apartment. They looked a bit more, before finding the ghost sitting on the corner of the walk-in closet inside the bedroom.

“K-Kiri? Buddy?” Kaminari tries to approach him. Kirishima quickly snapped out of instinct, throwing some clothes hanger at the four in self-defense. His face turns from angry to confused, but still very much crying, when he saw the four of them.

“W-what are you guys… how did you…” he said, “I… c-could you leave me a-alone, please? K-Katsuki, he… he…”

Kirishima cries again, missing his lover very much, they haven’t seen or heard from each other in around 24 hours, and he’s currently taking all the burden. Mirio explained that soulmates need to contact each other, or it could very much affect their emotional health. Izuku didn’t know about this yet, but he felt something earlier. He lost contact with Hitoshi for just four hours, and he felt some sort of light sadness inside his head, it wasn’t enough to make him cry, but it was uncomfortable.

“Kirishima…” Shouto said, “Do you remember me? Shouto Todoroki?”

“Y-you… y-you’re M-Midoriya’s ex, t-the deity guy…” he said, sobbing, “P-please, it’s not the time to…”

“We’re here to help you, I can track down Bakugou if you’d like. But we need you to come with us, there’s absolutely no way he would come back here if you’re not with us…”

“Y-you can do that??” Kirishima asked, “Please! I… I’ll come w-with you! P-please just find my s-sweet Katsuki, p-please!!”

“I need one of his things, something to help me track him down…”

“H-his w-wallet is on t-the dresser…”

Kaminari ran to grab Bakugou’s wallet from the bedroom, he threw it over to Shouto as quick as possible. Shouto’s left eye began to glow as he uses his magic on the object. He could feel Bakugou’s aura, not very far from here. He uses Tokoyami’s small magical boost to widen the search range. This is weird, he should’ve been able to find Bakugou’s exact location seconds ago, but he could only find faint traces of it. But seconds later, he felt something coming from the woods, it’s… uh oh…

“He… he’s in the woods, not far from here…” Shouto answered, “But Kirishima…”

“S-something wrong, Shouto?” Izuku asked.

“His aura… it’s beginning to faint,” he answered, “I think he… he might be injured…”


They all went into the forest as soon as possible using Mirio’s car. He parked on the side of the road, and all five of them quickly went to search the dark woods using their cellphone flashlight. Only as they went deeper, Kirishima could feel what Shouto was saying earlier, that Bakugou’s aura was getting weaker. Kaminari points out that there’s a small cabin near the road, and Izuku wanted to go there to see if they might have any information about Bakugou.

“No, don’t…” Shouto said, “We’re wasting time if we do that, and I think I could feel something else within these woods. A person… carrying something that looks like a… oh no…”

“What is it?” Mirio asked.

“It’s a shotgun, he’s carrying a shotgun!” he loudly answered, “I think he’s going to kill Bakugou. We need to hurry!”

“W-what?? Why would they wanna kill Kacchan??” Izuku asked.

“Bakugou is injured, he doesn’t have his wallet or phone with him. So that means he’s been staying here in his wolf form. He must’ve stepped into a trap or something like that, and that got him injured. That guy probably heard the trap and he’s now about to kill him,”

They ran through the forest, Kirishima feeling Bakugou’s aura getting much closer. And one minute later, they finally found something, a wolf with an ash-blonde fur, his leg was caught in a small trap and it’s bleeding really quick.

“K-Kacchan?” Izuku said. The wolf tried to respond with a growl, but it ran out of energy to do so, “Okay, this is Kacchan alright…”

“KATSUKI!!!” Kirishima shouted, floating quickly to his soulmate, “I… I’m r-really sorry for what I s-said… p-please don’t die on me! P-please K-Katsuki!!”

Bakugou tries to mutter something to his soulmate, but the injury in his leg and the lack of blood made him too weak to do so. He can’t change back to his human form now, that could kill him in an instant.

Kirishima felt something in his head as he cries over his soulmate’s condition. It was Bakugou, he’s opening up the pathway to telepathic communication inside his brain.

“S-stupid hair for b-brains…” Bakugou said inside his head, “I… I’m n-not gonna leave y-you, idiot…”

That was his last word before the pain from his foot beginning to catch up with him. He held it for a while now, but he could feel the pain spreading. And right after he muttered those words, he became unconscious. Kirishima yelled out his name and cried even harder when it happened. Shouto, on the other hand, quickly put himself to work.

“Someone, please help me get this trap off his foot!” he shouted.

Mirio and Kaminari quickly rushed to his side, carefully opening up the trap. They managed to remove it, but then they got a look at Bakugou’s injury. It was bad, it was really really bad. He had lost a good amount of blood, but luckily not enough to kill him. Shouto quickly made a cut in his arm using both of his sharp fangs. He poured down his blood to Bakugou’s leg, causing the injury to heal really fast. By the time Shouto’s blood stopped flowing, the wound had patched up nicely, making it look like the whole thing never happened. Kirishima stopped crying when he saw Bakugou’s healed foot.

“I-Is h-he gonna be a-alright?” he asked.

“Yes, but I need to fix his insides, or he could go critical again,” Shouto answered, “Izuku, help me open up his mouth. I’m gonna feed him my blood,”

Izuku complies with Shouto’s request. He quickly rushed to Bakugou’s side and opens up his large jaw. This is Kacchan, he thought to himself. He might be a wolf, but this is still the Katsuki Bakugou he knew from his childhood. He felt extremely curious about this whole transformation thing, for example, is he currently naked now? Or do the clothes just magically disappear when he transforms into a wolf?

His mind shifted back into the current situation, now’s not the time to be thinking about any of that. Shouto made another cut in his arm and pours his blood into Bakugou’s mouth, hoping that the werewolf could process it into his system and cure his body.

“Who’s there??” they heard a voice shouting at them from the back. A bright light came at them, and they could see clearly who it was. It was a man carrying a flashlight and a shotgun, uh-oh…

“E-excuse me, sir?” Kaminari said, “C-can we help you?”

“You kids are trespassing here!!” he said, “Get outta here before I call the cops on you! Hey! What’re you doing with that wolf??”

“Sir, please, if you could just listen…”

“Get outta the way, troublemakers!” the man said, aiming the shotgun at Bakugou’s head, “That wolf is mine! He’s going to make a nice trophy in my house!”

“Ooookay, sir, hunting is forbidden within these grounds…” Mirio said, “You can’t shoot Baku… I mean that wolf!”

“Yes I can!” he argues, “I can shoot the four of you too if you keep getting in my way!”

“Sir, please, I’m with the…”

“Shut it blondie!! Now, you, green-hair, move it along or I will shoot as a warning…”

“NO!!” Izuku angrily answered him, “I’m not letting you kill my friend! Go away, or, or… I will…”

But before Izuku could finish his sentence, the man pulled the trigger. Whether it was accidental or not, no one could say. All they could see is a bullet flying at an alarmingly fast speed. None of them knew where it went for the first five seconds until they saw blood coming from Izuku’s back…

The bullet had landed on Izuku’s left side, straight into his chest.


When the bullet landed in his chest, all Izuku could hear was the voice of his friends, shouting his name out loud. All he could see was Bakugou’s ash blonde colored fur lying in front of him. Things began to feel… a bit blurry, he felt like he can’t differentiate reality from his imaginations.

He felt pain in his chest, a great amount of pain. He gripped his chest, looking down at it to see there isn’t any exit wound, which means the bullet’s probably lodged in his heart somewhere. He nearly dropped to the ground because of the pain, Mirio rushing to his side to see his condition. He could see Shouto and Kirishima, both extremely scared and worried about his current condition. Turning his head back, he saw the man with the shotgun, also looking very much scared at what he had done. He knew he was bluffing in the first place, and he certainly never thought this would happen, a probable accidental manslaughter.

Izuku lost his balance and he quickly dropped to the ground. Blood pouring out from his back at an alarming amount, turning his white shirt into red color. This is it, isn’t it? He’s going to die here thanks to one stray bullet. He thought about Hitoshi, he didn’t even get to say goodbye to him. He closes his eyes, trying to find his inner peace so he could finally rest from all of this.

Only that will never happen…

“Midoriya, hey?” Mirio asked, “A-are you alright?”

The pain coming from the bullet in his chest suddenly disappeared, turning into a normal kind of pain. It honestly feels like just a small scratch or something. He regained the strength to open his eyes and get up from the ground, feeling a bit confused why he’s still alive right now.

And then it hits him…

“Oh, right!” he said, “My heart isn’t working anymore. I can’t die unless it hits me in the head…”

“You got us all scared there, bud!” Mirio said, “How are you feeling?”

“Kinda better, but there’s still a bullet in my heart…” he answered, “Can you drive me to the ER after this, maybe? Hitoshi should be able to help me…”

“Look! He’s waking up!!” Kaminari said, seeing Bakugou’s eyes opening.

“K-Katsuki?” Kirishima asked his soulmate, “A-are you alright?”

Bakugou growled in his wolf form, which prompts a smile from Kirishima. Everyone was confused by this, but Kirishima quickly explained that he could understand the wolf language. “He said I’m okay, shitty hair,”

They all smiled at them both, feeling extremely glad that everything was alright after all.

“Y-y-you…” they heard a voice coming from the back. Oh, right, the shotgun guy…, “H-how a-are you s-still alive??”

“Well, it’s a bit of a long story…” Izuku said, “But I can’t really tell you about that one…”

“Okay, sir, you’re under arrest for accidental manslaughter Mirio said, showing his badge and handcuffing the man, “I’m calling for a nearby backup now to take you back to the precinct. Then, we could figure out what to do with you…”

“N-no, please!! I can’t go to jail!” the man begs, “I-it was an accident, I swear!! I-I didn’t kill anyone!! He didn’t die! He’s still fine for some reason!!”

“Togata-san, he’s right,” Izuku said, “It was an accident, and I won’t press charges against him. Maybe just… erase his memories and tell him to go home?”

“That’s not for us to decide, Izuku…” Shouto said, “It’s up to Togata-san what his punishment will be,”

“Well, since you put it that way…” Mirio said, “I’m probably gonna let him go easy, community service and all that. But he did shot you, so I’m going to have to talk this through with my captain…”

“Okay, that’s good, uh…” Izuku said, feeling a bit unsettled when he stood up from the ground, “C-can you take me to Hitoshi now? I just felt the bullet inside my chest, ugh…”

Chapter Text

Once they know everything was alright, Mirio drove them back into the apartment.

They waited a bit for the police car to arrive, taking the man to the precinct. Mirio assured that the man is going to be fine since Izuku refused to file charges, knowing it was just an accident. But he has to undergo memory erasure since he saw too much here. After backup arrives, they went into the car and drives back into the city.

Kaminari lifted Bakugou’s unconscious wolf form back inside the building since Kirishima have a limited range of physical interaction. While Mirio drove Izuku and Shouto to the hospital since he has that… y'know, hole in his chest.

“Ugh… I should’ve cleaned up a bit before I go…” Izuku complained, “My shirt is stained with blood… I’m gonna freak everyone out when I step out from here,”

“Did you called Hitoshi, Midoriya-san?” Mirio asked.

“Yeah, I talked to him, and… he’s not exactly fine about it…”

“Of course, that’s what soulmate does! If I saw Tamaki with a hole in his chest, I’m going to freak out!”

“I could help you with your clothes…” Shouto said, snapping his finger, “How about that?”

Izuku doesn’t understand what he meant by that until he looked at his body. His white shirt is gone, replaced by a dark red shirt with a brown coat. He freaked out after seeing his outfit, making the bullet inside his chest jangle a bit, causing a small pain.

“S-Shouto!! What the???” Izuku frantically said to him, “H-how are you doing this???”


“D-did you have to strip m-me to do it??”

“No, of course not,” he said, “It’s not like I stopped time and ran back to get some clothes. I just changed your outfit in an instant…”

“I-Isn’t there like… a rule?” Izuku asked, “C-can you interfere with earth people like this?”

“As long as I don’t cross the boundary. I can do small to medium things, but not big things that could change the course of the world. Like maybe stopping global warming, or eradicate a disease…”

“B-but if I ask you to change this c-car to a Maserati you could do it?”

“Maybe not in public, but yes, I could do it…”

“Okay… slow down, dude…” Mirio commented, “This is my car, okay? And I don’t need some fancy-schmancy car, Tamaki and I already liked it for what it’s worth,”

“Still… you drove us to the forest and to the hospital today. Maybe we could do something for you…” Shouto snapped his fingers again, “I just filled up the gas tank, your welcome…”


Soon after, they arrived at the hospital. Mirio drove straight to the back door, where the morgue is. Hitoshi was already waiting in front of the door when they arrived, uh oh…

“You know, I’m beginning to regret this whole arrangement we made…” he said.

“Hitoshi, he just saved Kacchan’s life, it’s fine…” Izuku said, “It’s kinda my fault, anyway. Uh… are you mad at me?”

“No, not really…” Hitoshi sighed, “Bakugou might be an ass, but he doesn’t deserve to die like that. Who am I to be mad at someone who risked their life for their friend? Come on, let’s get you inside. I’ll take that bullet out and then patch up your chest with my blood…”


Kaminari had just left the apartment when Bakugou started to fell asleep.

The incubus took the wolf into the fifth-floor apartment since he was too weak to move on his own. Kirishima honestly doesn’t know what to do if his friends didn’t arrive. Bakugou could’ve been dead by now, and he won’t know about it until his ghost visited him, a really terrible way to be reunited with your soulmate.

He has to thank the four of them. Each of them played an incredibly vital role in saving Bakugou’s life. Kaminari, who was concerned about him; Mirio, who told them the story and drove them to the forest; Shouto, who located Bakugou and saved his life; and of course, Izuku, who took a stray bullet in order to save his childhood friend.

“I owe my existence to them…” he said, “I… I have to do something for all of them!”

Bakugou lies on top of his bed, sleeping heavily in his wolf form. It’s something werewolves do, apparently. Whenever they get too sick or injured, they tend to stay in their wolf form for as long as they can since it could help fasten their recovery. Kirishima learned about this during the first time Bakugou gets a cold while he was still in high school. He refused to turn back into a human, forcing Kirishima to hear his wolfspeak all day since they weren’t bonded yet.

“I need to find Bakugou’s clothes tomorrow…” he thought, “Maybe he left it in that old cabin before he went all wolf…”

Kirishima lies in their bed, staring at the sleeping wolf in front of him. He’s been so worried and preoccupied for the past 24 hours, thinking about him. He didn’t even manage to get any sleep, although he doesn’t need one. But seeing his soulmate safe and sound… gives him extreme relief now that’s the danger is over.

He kept staring at him, slowly closing his eyes and falling to sleep…


It wasn’t always like this…

Eijirou Kirishima has been living in Musutafu city for nearly two years now, hailing from a small coastal town in the Chiba prefecture. He wanted to do more with his life, and so after graduating from college, he went to the big city all by himself. His mother and little sister were concerned about this, but Kirishima assured them that he would ring and send them letters regularly. And so, they allowed him to move out from their small home.

Life was good at first, he got a job in a prominent newspaper company as a small-time journalist, giving small scoops and covering small events. It wasn’t an exciting job, but at least it pays well. With his savings, he managed to move out from his small apartment to a regular-sized one located downtown. At this rate, he could even rent a flat in a couple of years’ time. Yes, things were going pretty splendid for Kirishima.

And then it all happened…

His eyes opened, staring at the ceiling of his apartment. He was lying on the cold wooden floor, for some reason he can’t remember. He got up, trying to remember something, but he can’t, the last thing he remembered was his breakfast in the morning.

He needed a glass of water, something to freshen him up a bit. He went to the cupboard to get a glass, but something happened then. He can’t seem to touch the cupboard’s handle, it went right through him. Kirishima felt extremely scared, how is this even possible? And then he looked at his hand and entire body…

They were transparent. They were very much transparent. He tried to get ahold of himself, but it seems he can’t do that either. His outfit is intact, but he can’t touch it, he can’t touch any part of his transparent body. He stared down at his feet, and he realized they never touched the ground either…

“N-no, no, no, no, no!!” he said in denial, “I-is this… a-am I…”

Quickly he floated out from his apartment, going into his neighbor’s place uninvited, hoping he’s wrong. But unfortunately, his theory was proven correct when his neighbor can’t see him, despite everything he tried from going through her body to shouting right in front of her.

That night, Kirishima cried in his apartment. Nobody could hear him clearly, though, due to his extreme sadness, some of the neighbors reported hearing hints of sobbing from the apartment.


Time passed. Kirishima was declared missing after he failed to show up at work or home. His family doesn’t have any idea, and nobody managed to keep in touch with him. Eventually, he was declared dead by the police.

Kirishima watched as his possessions got taken away by the landlord, shipped back to his family. They must be incredibly sad right now, and he wished he could just see them, but he doesn’t have the strength to do so. He can’t imagine the hell his family is going through right now, to lose their eldest son just like that. He kept in contact with the news, but his body was never found…


Just around two days later, he heard someone entering the apartment. Peeking through, he could see his landlord and another man with golden blonde hair and a dark streak, probably about his own age looking at the apartment. A new tenant, maybe? He can’t blame the landlord for renting his place to someone else, and maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to live with this person…

“This place looks pretty great!” the blonde man said, “But, uh… why is the price so cheap?”

“I knew you would ask that,” the landlord answered, “Truth is, this place was a possible crime scene,”


“The young man who lived here, he disappeared. Nobody could find him, and he was declared dead after some time…”

“Oh, I’m really sorry to hear that!” he said, “Mind if I look around?”

“No, of course not. I have to finish up some paperwork downstairs, in fact, so I’ll just leave you here. Come to my office once you’re done, okay?”

The landlord left afterward, leaving the possible tenant all by himself. Kirishima sneakily peeked at him observing the apartment, looking amazed by it. It was a good deal, especially with that kind of price, and he’s probably going to take it. The blonde is walking towards him now, to the room that used to be his bedroom. He opened the door, took a second to marvel at the room, and then something happened…

His eyes, both of them stared at Kirishima. He gasped once he realized the ghost’s presence and his expression turned into a scared and worried one. Kirishima was obviously confused by this, he looked around to see what’s wrong with the room before realizing the man was staring at him.

“Y-you…” the man said, “A-are you the dude that lived here and d-disappeared?”

“Y-you could see me??” Kirishima asked, feeling surprised about this, “C-can you see me??”

“Yes, of course!” he answered, “Answer me, dude! Are you that guy the landlord told me about?”

“Y-yes, that’s me… I… I used to live here before I died…”

“I… I’m really sorry, how did it happen?”

“I… I don’t know exactly,” Kirishima answered, “One minute I was eating breakfast, the next thing I… I woke up like this. I don’t know where my body is, and they never found it either…”

“T-that’s really scary, dude! I’m sorry to hear that!”

“I never knew anyone who could see me, do you have a sixth sense or something like that?”

“Oh no, it’s because I’m not human,”

“Huh? What’re you talking about?”

The blonde man brushed his hair, revealing a pair of horns on his head. He also pops out his tail from his behind, and his large pair of demonic wings from his back. Kirishima jumped out after seeing this, feeling scared seeing the normal human turned into something like this.

“The name’s Denki Kaminari, and I’m an incubus,” he answered, “Dude, what are you so scared about? You’re already dead!”

“S-sorry, it’s just that… are y-you going to take me to hell?”

“Okay, I’m not a demon!” he argued, “Besides, that’s not my job or a demon’s job…”

“D-demons? They also exist?”

“It’s a bit of a long story, but they’re super friendly, actually,” he said, “You never told me your name?”

“Oh, uh… it’s Eijirou Kirishima,” Kirishima answered him.

“Okay, Kirishima, have you, uh… have you been holed up in here since you died?”

Kirishima nods at him.

“That’s no way to live your afterlife, bro,” he said, “You can’t be alone forever! You gotta make friends! Have some fun now that you’re dead!”

“Uh… but nobody can see me, a-and I can’t touch anything. Well, I learned how to touch things a bit, but I can’t do anything beyond that!”

“There’s a whole new world waiting for you out there. The world isn’t just humans and ghosts, there are tons of other creatures who could see and interact with you!”

“T-there is? Such as?”

“Vampires, werewolves, other ghosts, deities, undead, you name it,” he said, “This isn’t the end, Kirishima bro, you could have so much more than this…”

“I… I never knew that kind of world actually existed! I… I want to see it all!”

“You’re gonna need my help to do that,” Kaminari answered, “So do you mind if I move in here?”

“H-huh? You still want to live here? But I haunt this place…”

“Eh, I’ve had a couple of ghost roommates before and they never bothered me. Besides, it would be rude if I just move in here without your permission, so whaddya’ say?”

Kirishima agrees to the decision, giving clear consent for Kaminari to live in his old apartment. The incubus smiled at him and they both went downstairs to the landlord. It’s settled, then, Kaminari is going to move here as soon as he can, and he’s going to introduce the supernatural world to him.

That night, for the first time in the past couple of months, Kirishima cried out of happiness, knowing there’s a brand new world out there waiting for him.


And so, Kaminari moved in together with him in his old apartment.

Kirishima still felt depressed about his death everytime the subject came up, but at least it’s an improvement from his previous state, crying all day and night inside his empty bedroom. The incubus also took him to various supernatural joints during the night after he got home from work. He felt much happier, once again able to actually talk and interact with other people. He met other ghosts as well, some who roamed the earth for more than a hundred years. They taught him a couple of tricks so that he could interact with the real world. Although, he has to do it discreetly since apparently there’s a rule for all of this.

He managed to meet a couple of other friends as well, Mirio Togata, a dragon junior police officer who lived for a really long time; Fumikage Tokoyami, a deity banished to earth with a mysterious background story; and then there’s Kouji Kouda, a fellow ghost like him who works as a butler in a vampire household. Sometimes he spends his nights out in the city, having a couple of drinks, or maybe looking around the animal shelter.

Yes, Kirishima was quite satisfied with his current afterlife now. But it wasn’t enough, he felt like something was missing…


“Dude, can I talk with you?”

It happened on one particular Friday morning, around 19 years ago when Kaminari pulled him for a talk. They have been living together for the past four months, and the incubus thought it was time to tell him about it, or rather about him.

“Sure,” Kirishima answered, “What’s up?”

“Uh… so you know I’m an incubus, right?” he said, “And uh… do you know what an incubus feeds on?”

“You guys… feed on souls, right? Kaminari, bro, you’re not planning to eat me, are you?”

“No, of course not! That’s not possible, I can’t feed on ghosts,” he answered, “Thing is, I have a friend that’s gonna stay here over the weekends, and, uh… he’s going to help me with this feeding stuff like usual…”

“W-won’t that kill him?”

“No, we’ve done it plenty of times before, and it’s perfectly fine since he’s a demon,”

“He’s a what?”

“A demon, they’re basically banished deities, so they have an unlimited amount of soul energy inside. They can’t die, and they’re super great at magic and stuff,”

“Okay, uh… you’re giving me a heads up so I won’t get scared shitless when I saw him, is that it?”

“Well, he has a human appearance, so I doubt we’ll see his demon form, but it’s not really as bad as you think,” Kaminari answered, “Thing is, I’m giving you a heads up because I’m going to be a bit preoccupied with this whole feeding stuff, uh… how do I say this…”

“Kaminari, bro? Something wrong?”

“An incubus can’t feed upon its victim out of the blue like a vampire…” Kaminari sighed, “We need to perform an incredible emotional connection with each other so we could manifest the soul and suck it out of the victim…”

“So you two are going to have a deep conversation with each other?”

“That’s not it…” he said, “We, uh… we have to… you know…”

It took Kirishima around ten seconds, but he managed to understand what a “deep meaningful connection” really meant. He blushed in embarrassment once he realized what his friend was implying.

“Oh my God… Kaminari!” Kirishima said, feeling embarrassed at himself for not realizing it earlier, “You’re going to sleep with him? All weekend long?”

“That’s the plan,” he said, “But we could all go out for a meal in-between,”

“That’s going to be super awkward, oh my God!”

“One more thing, uh… we can be a bit loud, maybe. But he’s going to put a charm in our walls so you can’t hear anything, just don’t… step too close to my bedroom, okay?”

“C-could you please just shut up, bro?”


The weekend came afterward. On Friday night, a man showed up in front of their apartment door. He was kinda tall, has a black hair with spiky ends, kinda like Kirishima’s own hair without any styling, also that teeth, it’s pretty big, you could see it in his smiles.

“Hi there,” he greeted, “I’m Hanta Sero, you must be Eijirou Kirishima. Kaminari told me everything about you…”

“N-nice to meet you,” Kirishima said, “Come in, please…”

“Thank you,” he said. They both entered the apartment, Sero staring at the place, looking impressed with it, especially the spacious living room, “This is much better than Denki’s last place, actually…”

“It is pretty nice…” he commented, feeling a bit of awkwardness around the man, “Uh… Kaminari is in the shower, so, uh…”

“It’s fine, it’s fine,” Sero chuckled, “I know you must be feeling awkward with all of this. I’ve done this with Denki’s other three roommates before, so I’m pretty used to the idea. But I, uh… I want all of us to be friends if that’s okay with you…”

“T-that’s fine, I think…” Kirishima said, “So, uh… Sero-san, you’re from out of town? Is that why you’re staying here?”

“Well, that’s kinda true,” he said, “I live at the demon realm. It’s been my home for as long as I can remember. But sometimes I go down to earth for work,”

“So you’re on business here? What kind of job you do?”

“I work at the Bureau of Soul Relocation, we help souls like you to get settled on the great beyond,”

“W-what? You mean heaven? A-are you here because of me? You’re going to take me there?”

“No, I can’t do that,” he said, “We could only work with peaceful souls and the malicious ones. We don’t really mind stray souls like you who haven’t found their inner peace yet as long as you don’t go into troubles,”

“T-that’s pretty tolerant,” Kirishima said, “I thought I’m going to be taken to the heaven or something like that…”

“I work as an attaché, and my work takes me to lots of different places. So basically, I have to check in once in a while with our angels of death to make sure they’re doing their job right…”

“Uh… angels of death? W-what do they do, exactly?”

“A soul can’t manifest out of one’s body without the kiss of death. If someone’s body stops functioning, the angel will come and kiss them,” Sero explains.

“If the soul is at peace, the angel will collect them and transfers them to our office, but if it’s not at peace yet, like you, the angel will just give you one kiss and leave before your ghost could manifest…”

“W-wow, that’s kind of explains it all. But, uh… maybe the angel could just stay there until the ghost comes out? I got really confused when I died and can’t find my body,”

“There’s plenty of problems with that, angels work in shifts and they have to move on as fast as they could. You understand, right?”

“No, I get it, totally…”

“Serooo!!!” they heard Kaminari’s voice coming from behind. The incubus, with his horns, tail, and wings out quickly run up to the demon, giving him a kiss on the cheek, much to Kirishima’s discomfort, “I missed you! I’m really hungry, buddy! It’s been a really long time!”

“Kaminari…” Sero said, “Still can’t find your own food?”

“Nah,” he shakes his head, “I don’t like hurting humans, I wanna feed only from you!”

“Okay, then, let’s just… get into business…” he answered, carrying Kaminari in his hand, “Oh, sorry, uh…”

“No, no, it’s cool…” Kirishima said, “You do you, I guess…”


Years passed and eventually, they both have to move out from Kirishima’s old apartment. They have outlasted the place, and it was time to find a better one. Kirishima was, of course, feeling sad having to leave his first and only place he ever lived in, but it was time to move on…

Kirishima’s old apartment lasted for around four years. The second place they lived in lasted for five years, and their third apartment lasted for the next four years. When it was time to look for their fourth place, Kaminari pointed out a new building he found downtown.

“Dude, what about this one?” he asked, showing an ad for a new apartment building downtown. Kirishima looked at the ad and pointed out a couple of things.

“Well, the rent looks a bit cheaper than ours…” he said, “But is this right, dude? It’s smaller than our usual place!”

“Kiri, this is the best offer I could get…” Kaminari answered, “Look, things can’t go the way they were thirteen years ago. The economy is getting better, I don’t understand shit about that, but things are getting more and more expensive everyday,”

“Yeah, I know, but still…”

“Look, bro, I’m moving away. And this is my next destination, do you wanna come with me or not?”

“Of course I wanna come with you, bro! You’re all I have now, and I don’t wanna argue with you…” he sighed, “Okay if you really like this place, we’ll look at it on Saturday, okay?”


Life feels pretty great for Eijirou Kirishima.

He and Kaminari just came back from a really nice apartment downtown. The place, although a bit smaller than their usual, is still pretty spacious for just two people to live in. They were planning to sign the lease by the end of the month. He was satisfied with it, and they celebrated by some delicious meal Kirishima managed to fetch up. He’s learned to cook once he knew how to hold small objects for a short while, and although it took some experiment, he eventually managed to get it right.

Still, something still feels missing from his life…

Kirishima likes to wander alone sometimes, maybe in the park, on the city plaza, on the quiet suburbs, or maybe the woods on the outskirts of the city. It’s one way for him to have a quiet evening, also Sero is currently visiting, so…

Tonight he decided to wander in the woods, trying to get a decent view of the starry skies from a grass field somewhere. There’s an abandoned cabin near him, maybe he could explore it a bit later. He sat down on the ground when all of a sudden, he heard something rustling coming from the trees.

It was a wolf, it was a very beautiful wolf heading towards him. It has ash-blonde fur and a glowing pair of red-eyes, very unusual, yet it looked really beautiful to him.

He kept following the thing running deeper and deeper into the forest. He has nothing to fear, having known the secrets of the world, plus he was dead anyway. They went back to the grassy field near the cabin. The wolf eventually grew sick of him following and tries to attack. It leaped and left a claw mark on Kirishima’s hoodie, leaving a bloody wound, which quickly regenerated back to normal as he can’t really die again or anything. He, of course, was feeling shocked and confused by this since it shouldn’t have been able to see him, or attack him until he realized something…

“You…” he turned to the wolf, floating in mid-air, “You’re not a normal wolf, aren’t you…”

The wolf growled and tries to attack him once more, but everything simply regenerates again, leaving no mark whatsoever. It eventually grew tired and slept on the ground. Kirishima lays next to the sleeping wolf, who was still growling in his sleep. He looked up to the skies to see the big, bright full moon and the stars that accompanied it.

Chapter Text

Kirishima felt a bit weird, lying on the grass all night made him a bit more energetic. He remembered that a witch once told him that the grounds are usually powerful with magical properties, maybe that’s why. He woke up in the morning to see that the wolf wasn’t there anymore. Instead, there’s a boy, with spiky ash-blonde hair and a muscular figure in its place. Also, the boy is naked for some reason. He began to wake up also and quickly stepped back, feeling quite angry when he realized there was a ghost floating atop his naked body.


“Sorry, sorry!” Kirishima quickly stepped aside, his face blushed a bit.

“Ugh… where's my fucking clothes??” the boy said, heading into the abandoned wooden cabin nearby, still naked, and finding the bag he purposely hid. He wore his clothes and came out from the cabin fully clothed. Kirishima was a bit shocked to see him wearing a high school uniform, although everything about him is still messy.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT?” he shouts at him, “I thought I told you to get lost last night!!”

“Y-You did?”

Turns out, that incomprehensible series of barks last night actually meant things like “FUCK OFF, BOZO!” or “YOU WANT SOME OF THIS, SHITHEAD??” and “I’M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU AGAIN, STUPID DEAD BASTARD!!”

“Oh… I didn’t realize that…” Kirishima said.

“Of course you don’t, idiot! You’re not a fucking wolf! You’re just a literal deadbeat!”

“What’s um… what’s your name?” he asked, “That’s a high school uniform… how old are you?”

“Katsuki Bakugou and I’m 16, idiot!”

“You were alone last night? Do you have parents? Where were they?”

“I fucking do!” he shouts, “My dad ran with his fucking pack last night at another place, just a bunch of stupid old geezers I’m not interested in. My mom is at home, she’s not a wolf, but she could see ghosts…”

“You mean a gifted?”

“You’re not as fucking stupid as I thought…” Bakugou scoffed, “How long have you been dead?”

“14 years,” the ghost answered, “So… that mean I’m basically 36 years old right now…”

“Fucking shame…” he picked up and threw a rock at him, which went straight through his body, “You could’ve been married right now, have kids, watch sports on Sundays and shit like that, but life decided to kill you…”

“I never really thought about it…” Kirishima said, “I guess I don’t mind all that since I haven’t done much when I was alive, also I’m still here, it’s just that… not everyone can see me now…”

“Fucking stupid…” Bakugou insulted. He got up from the ground and walked towards the path leading back to the city.

“Hey, wait!” Kirishima shouts, “Where are you going?”

“Home,” he answered, “Where else, idiot?”

“I know this sounds crazy, but um… can I come with you?”

Bakugou sighed for a moment but then agreed to the ghost’s request, saying he could use a company on the long walk back. “Just don’t say anything when my mom talks to you. That bitch has been pressuring me to go out and date, and now I’m bringing a fucking pedophile home…”

“I’m not a pedophile!!” Kirishima argued.

“You’re 36 and is clearly interested in someone fucking half your age,” he said. Kirishima stood still for a quick second, trying to understand what he meant by that until Bakugou has to explain it again. “You fucking said I was beautiful last night? Remember, dead brain cells?”

“I was talking about you as a wolf! I didn’t know I was talking to a werewolf then!”

“Well, how about now?” he asked, “Me as a human?”

“Uh, I…, um…”

“Thought so…” Bakugou grinned as they both began to head back towards the city.

Kirishima came back to Kaminari’s apartment in the morning after taking Bakugou back to his house. His mother was a bit worried seeing the stray ghost following her son, but after some small talk, she became really friendly towards him, even asking him to come over sometimes. As he was leaving, Bakugou’s father had just come up from his car in the driveway, looking a lot messier than Bakugou himself, saying he had a “rough night” with his pack during last night’s full moon.

“Kiri!!” Kaminari shouts as his roommate entered the apartment, “Oh I’ve been so worried! Where have you been? You didn’t come home last night!”

“Sorry, I, uh… I fell asleep somewhere…” he said, “I’m surprised you even knew I’ve gone missing since whenever Sero’s here, you just, uh…”

“I had to pee last night, and I checked in your bedroom but you weren’t there!” Kaminari answered, “Sero took the early train today, said there’s an urgent business upstairs…”

“Must be really urgent if he has to go in the morning. What kind of business, anyway?”

“I… I don’t know. He got a call at 3 AM, telling him to just go back up as soon as he can, and he left at 6. I, uh… I hope it isn’t anything serious…”

Three days later, they both got word about the demon rebellion going on. A cabinet of war is formed, with All Might, leader of the magic magisterium to take place as the secretary of war. Sero still sent messages to Kaminari, saying he’s doing alright, but his job just got more difficult. His visits became rarer than before, which is an upsetting news for Kaminari, of course…

Kirishima pops up from time to time after that, hanging out with Bakugou and talking with him. His parents don’t really mind since they realized their son could use more friend other than that neighbor boy, Izuku Midoriya. They also entrust Kirishima with the task of watching him during his forced-transformations on full moon nights. He also didn’t mind about that, considering he has nothing better to do and he practically has no basic human needs he has to fulfill to stop him keeping guard of his friend.

They’ve been hanging out for a while, and eventually, it became apparent to Bakugou’s parents that the two of them might be attracted to each other. There wasn’t any kiss or even flirting, but all four of them knew that there might be some kind of attraction going on. It looked powerful, as their dreams are haunted by each other. Neither of them could resist of talking to each other, which made Bakugou realize something. Why did he take Kirishima home that day? Usually, he would just say the word “FUCK OFF!!” But no, there was something more going on here…

Masaru and Mitsuki, having both experienced this kind of attraction before, decides to prove their suspicion. They took both boys to a professional wizard just to see whether they’ve been actually connected or not. The wizard sprinkled some magical dust at both of their palms and rubs a strange purple potion. He then recites a spell, which revealed a glowing symbol in both of their hands.

“The howling wolf, it has a matching icon and the same inscription beneath it. Congratulation!” he said, “You two are soulmates!”

Bakugou felt… sort of mortified by the revelation, while Kirishima is just plain confused. He looked at his friend with great concern, asking the wizard “W-what does that mean exactly?”

“You’ve been dead for a while and you don’t know what a soulmate is?” the wizard chuckled, “Oh ho ho! Let me explain, dear boy! Every creature in this world, dead, sentient, or alive, has a soulmate mark in the palm of their hands. The moment two soulmates meet each other for the first time, a magical bond is created, transferring both energy and mind between the two. Normal humans don’t have any magic, so it doesn’t affect them, other than creating a slightly powerful attraction. On the other hand, people who died, or associated with magic, well... it has a powerful effect on the two.”

“D-Does that mean… oh God…” Kirishima turned away for a moment, realizing what he has to do eventually, “I have to marry Bakugou one day??”

“Marriage?” the wizard asked, “Oh no! Marriage is just a symbol of love, and completely optional for the two of you. What you two are going through will be more powerful than a normal human marriage…”

“What the fuck does that even mean???” Bakugou angrily asked.

“You two will be able to share thoughts with each other, hear each other’s mind, see each other’s hope, dreams, and memories. You will follow each other for all eternity, if your soul leaves the earth, then the other has to follow. Every night when you two sleep, you will share dreams with each other,”

“Fucking hell!!” he shouts, “No way am I sharing my thoughts with this dead dimwit! Okay, just… how do we get rid of this shit?”

“You can’t,” he answered, “You two are soulmates, like it or not. But technically, everything stays the same until you two bond physically with each other…”

“What does that mean, again?” Kirishima asked.

“Fucking, you dimwit!” Bakugou answered, “He meant fucking each other! F-U-C-K-I-N-G!”

 “O-Oh…” he blushed a bit, “W-wait, h-how is that even possible?? I can barely cook in the kitchen! I can’t have sex with a living person!”

“The rules are different for soulmates,” the wizard said, “Have you ever questioned why you two could physically interact with each other without any limits? Try touching him now…”

Kirishima touched Bakugou’s messy ash-blonde hair. The werewolf growled when he does that, but he began to calm down in just a matter of seconds. It was strange, he couldn’t interact physically with Kaminari, at least not much, but with Bakugou? He could touch him straight away without even concentrating on him. Kirishima tries again by giving a slap to Bakugou’s face, he expects nothing would happen, but when Bakugou genuinely fell back because of it, he felt extremely remorseful.

“WHAT THE FUCK SHITTY HAIR??” Bakugou shouts in anger.

“S-sorry, I didn’t think it would go through!” he apologized, “So, um… nothing will happen if we don’t have sex with each other, right?”

“Right,” the wizard answered, “Except…”

“Except what?” Bakugou asked.

“Well, the bond is already created when you two met each other. It kept moving from one soul to another, you just haven’t noticed it yet. But it has an endpoint, and when it does… like it or not, the physical bond will happen out of your own desire or maybe even consciousness…”

“You mean…” Kirishima said.

“If you two don’t physically bond before the endpoint, then… you might just do it in public,”

“I AIN’T GONNA FUCK NO ONE IN FUCKING PUBLIC, YOU STUPID QUACK!!” Bakugou shouts, he grew angry as his claws and fangs began to manifest. He was about to attack the wizard out of anger when he suddenly trembled on the floor, feeling pain on his body, but it was sourcing from his neck. “W-what the f-fuck… t-the f-fucking l-leash???” he asked.

“I’m sorry, Katsuki,” his father answered, explaining the situation to both Kirishima and the wizard, “We knew he had an explosive temper, and given his werewolf nature will only make it worse and more dangerous… we decided to put a magical leash on him…”

His mother approached her shaking son on the ground, kicking him a bit, “Hey, cut it out, you little dipshit! It ain’t gonna kill you! Now, your father will kindly release you if only you take back the scary claws and fangs, got it?”

“LIKE HELL I WILL, STUPID OLD HAG!!” is what Bakugou would shout if he could withstand the actual pain. Unfortunately, it was too much for him, and he struggles to answer his only choice, not because of the pain, but out of his own pride. “F-Fine!!”

“Good,” she answered. Her husband snapped his finger and the pain stopped, as promised, Bakugou retracted his claws and fangs and apologized to the wizard, with much resistance.

“That’s alright, young wolf,” the wizard answered, “Now that I have explained everything, you will need to know each other better before the endpoint. Go on a date, watch a movie or two! Talk to each other frequently, and of course, new living arrangements will have to be made, but since your soulmate is already dead, I suppose there wouldn’t be much fuss about it…”

“Living arrangements?? What the fuck are you talking about??” he asked.

“Well, you obviously have to be in close proximity of each other to make the bond work. Tell me, spirit, ever since you met the young wolf, how far have you wandered?”

“Uh, um… not far actually…” Kirishima answered, “Maybe the outskirts, or the forest, but I haven’t wandered out of city limits after I met Bakugou…”

“Do you feel something preventing you from doing it?”

“I… I don’t have any desire to do it, actually… maybe it’s because I don’t want to leave my new…” he turned his head to Bakugou who is sitting next to him, “Oh!”

“And you, young wolf, do you feel some kind of attraction to your spirit soulmate here?”

“FUCK NO!” Bakugou denies, “There’s no fucking attraction… he’s just a stupid ghost, there’s literally nothing about him that I like! That stupid hair! Stupid spiky red hair! That stupid sweater, hiding all that stupid probably defined muscle, and that stupid set of killer teeth, making his smile goes all weird, but also killer scary like a fucking awesome shark, hmph…” he smirked.

Everyone in the room focused their attention on Bakugou, who felt a bit confused about what he managed to mumble earlier. “The fuck were we talking about, again?” he asked.

“Well, I think it’s clear that both of them are soulmates…” Masaru said, “But Bakugou is still a teenager, he hasn’t reached the point where he slowed aging yet. And we both think it’s a bit early for both of them to start a physical bond right now…”

“Oh, no worries about that. The endpoint date for each soulmate varies, it depends on the mark. How long did you and your wife have?”

“Well, it was around three years, I think. Those were the early days when everyone made marriages really quick and simple, so neither of us complained about it…”

“Whoa! Mr. Bakugou! I didn’t know you and your wife are soulmates!” Kirishima said.

“Well, having experienced it ourselves, we saw some of the signs on the two of you. That’s why we brought you here today…”

“Unfortunately, the endpoint remains the same despite the evolution of marriage culture. I only had a year and a half when I first met my wife, oh ho ho!” the wizard laughed, “But nothing to worry about, the howling wolf is known to be a really patient mark, as it waits for the eternal moon to shine. Your son and the spirit have around seven or eight years before the endpoint…”

“That’s plenty of time for the two of them to know each other!” he laughed, “Well, thank you for everything, sir. We’ll see you later if we need more help!”

“No problem! Good luck you two!”

They drove back to the house after that. Everyone was silent after the revelation, while Kirishima simply stared a bit at his supposed soulmate. Mitsuki turned her head from the front seat to talk to the ghost.

“Kirishima-kun,” she said, “You’ll be staying with us from now on, is that okay?”

“I, uh… I have to talk about it with my roommate first. But actually, I don’t really mind about that, I’m kinda excited actually to live with Bakugou!”

“Hold the fuck up! I never fucking agreed to this, you old hag!!” Bakugou argued, “I’m supposed to share a room with him??”

“Hey, I’m not the one with a crush on him, you brat!” she said, “We have an empty room with a small bed, but you don’t really sleep much, right?”

“Well, just occasionally, I still like to sleep from time to time…”

“Then we have no problem then!” she said, before realizing something, “I never asked you this, but before you died, do you have a family, Kirishima-kun?”

“My family?” he asked, “Well, um… I’m from Chiba, my family runs an inn on the mountainside, but I don’t really know if they’re still there… My dad left my mom when I was ten, I have a twin sister and a younger sister by four years…”

“Did you went back to Chiba to, at least watch them?”

Mitsuki quickly regrets asking that question when Kirishima replied with a silent, “I see…” she said, “I won’t ask about that again, then…”

“I don’t really like talking about that, um… I know it’s been a while, but um… I just don’t want to see my family after what happened to me…”

“Well, at one point, we have to inform them about your condition. The government allows the second population to inform their loved ones about their status, even though they won’t be able to get the full information…” Masaru said while driving.

“Masaru!” his wife said, “Cut it out! You’ll upset the boy!”

“I’m 36, Mrs. Bakugou, so technically an adult, but I just act and behave based on how I look…” Kirishima chuckled, “It’s alright, I know eventually I’ll have to see them again. And I do want to see them while they’re still alive, but about the time… I just don’t know when to do it…”

“We’ll be there whenever you’re ready…” she smiled.

When he got home, he broke the news to his roommate and friend about what just happened. Kaminari was all too excited for him, extremely happy for his friend that he finally found a companionship in his afterlife. Kirishima then realized what was missing from his life as a ghost: someone else. Kaminari is his friend, but he needed something more than just a friend, he wants to have someone to love, and someone who will love him back.

“I, uh… this means I have to move out…” he said, “A-are you okay not being with me?”

“Dude, we’ve been roommates for 13 years now,” Kaminari smiled, “I think it’s time for you to decide where your life goes from now. I taught you enough things, haven’t I?”

“Y-you did… you did, buddy!” Kirishima hugged his friend, concentrating to keep a physical presence so Kaminari could feel the hug. Although it’s increasingly hard to do so when you’re sad.

“I-If y-you n-never found m-me that d-day on m-my old a-apartment…” he sobbed, “I… I c-could never h-have this. I c-could never have f-found happiness a-after my d-death. T-thank you so m-much Kaminari, y-you’re m-my best friend!”

“You’re my best friend too, bro,” Kaminari said.

Kirishima moved into the Bakugou’s house on the same day Kaminari moved into the new apartment, this time without him. Mitsuki was excited seeing her future son-in-law moving into the house, but Bakugou looked kinda dismayed by the whole idea. She showed him his room, it was small, but it was enough for him. Masaru quickly helped him unpack his things since he can’t touch physical object for very long.

Throughout the whole day, Bakugou was absent. He only appeared on the driveway when Kirishima arrived, and that’s it. He went out all day long and didn’t even came back during dinner. This made him felt a bit down, Bakugou is his supposed soulmate and future spouse, he’s clearly attracted to him, so why can’t he just try a bit? So far, he’s been treating the idea as a ridiculous joke, something he doesn’t want to go through.

“C-can I ask you two?” Kirishima said during dinner, “Katsuki, uh… he doesn’t really like this, does he? A-and I don’t think he’s going to come around about it…”

“Oh, Eijirou, stop saying nonsense like that!” Mitsuki said, “It’s not like he has any choice. That little shit needs to learn how to live with all of this!”

“Give him some time, Eijirou,” Masaru said, “The deities are never wrong, all soulmates love and care for each other. Katsuki just needed a bit more time to understand, but he loves you, I can tell,”

“You mean that? I… I’m ready to love Katsuki, but I don’t know if he’s ready to do the same…”

“Well, you both have seven years to decide on that, that’s a really long time,” he said, “Maybe you two could go out on dates? If you have that much time, you two could use it to know each other better…”

Kirishima sat in his bed after dinner, thinking about the idea Masaru gave him earlier. He’s right, they have a really long time before they have to decide anything, and they should spend that time to grow feelings for each other. All Kirishima have right now is a simple feeling of attraction towards the werewolf, that should develop into something a bit more complex, right? They both just need time to make it work.

All of a sudden, he heard a knock on the door. “Come in!” he shouts. To his surprise, the person opening the door was Bakugou himself. The person he was here for but expected the least. He walked inside Kirishima’s room, looking through his objects and the ghost himself.

“You don’t have any clothes,” he said, “How the fuck do you change everyday?”

“Oh, uh… I could change into any clothes I want,” Kirishima answered. A small puff of smoke suddenly appears, Kirishima’s orange sweater suddenly turns into a grey-colored hoodie, “It’s part of being a ghost, I guess…”

“Fucking weird…” Bakugou comments as he sat down on the bed.

“W-where were you today? I didn’t see you all day…”

“Arcade,” he answered, “Classmates took me there, fucking amateurs, can’t even shoot right…”

They both stayed silent for some time afterward. None of them moving away, not even Bakugou who usually heads out if things became too intense, like this awkward situation for example. It took a bit more time, but Kirishima finally gained the courage to speak to him.

“Bakugou…” he said, breaking the awkward silence around them, “Listen, uh… I know things might be moving a bit too fast with you right now. Me moving in and all that, but I want you to know that…”

“Psssh…” Bakugou answered, “I already know dumbass,”

“Y-you do?”

“I denied this bullshit long enough,” he said, “I like you, stupid hair for brains, I really do. But I’m just too fucking afraid to admit this whole nonsense, you might be dead, but I don’t fucking want to lose you, idiot…”

“Oh, Bakugou!” Kirishima shouts, hugging his soulmate, Bakugou felt surprised and disgusted at first, but after three seconds, he felt a warm feeling inside of him, something nice it seems. “I like you too! I’m glad we’re soulmates, I want to spend an eternity with you! Just you and me, together forever…”

“Together forever shitty hair…” Bakugou answered, “Together fucking forever…”

Kirishima woke up when Bakugou’s alarm went off in their apartment. It took him a couple of seconds to process the events of last night. The fact that his soulmate nearly died, professing his commitment to their love before he went unconscious last night. Things have been sour ever since Sunday, but now that he has Katsuki back, he’s determined to make it right.

He looked over to the left side of the bed, looking at the sleeping…

Oh no…

“K-Katsuki?” he shouts in worry, the bed was empty. Did Bakugou run out again? Is he still mad about everything? Kirishima was beginning to worry and was about to cry again when Bakugou came into the door, dressed for work with two cups of coffee in his hand.

“Oh my god, Katsuki!” Kirishima said, “I was really worried about you!”

“I was just from the kitchen, dumbass,” he answered, “Coffee?”

Kirishima took a cup from Bakugou’s hand, sipping it, feeling the warmth bitter taste of coffee with a bit of sweetness inside, he must’ve added some extra sugar this time, he thought. They both drank their cup while sitting in bed, staring at the outside window overlooking the city.

“I’m sorry I’ve been such an ass, Eiji,” Bakugou said, to Kirishima’s surprise, usually he’s not good with this kind of emotional thing, “I shouldn’t have pushed you into the investigation thing, it’s your choice if you want to find the son of a bitch who did this to you…”

“I really want to find them, Katsuki, I really do,” Kirishima answered, “But I’m afraid if we do find them, I… well, you have a life here, you have a good career ahead of you, and I just don’t want to take it all away from you,”

“You’re not the first person, idiot. I wouldn’t fuck you four years ahead of schedule if I didn’t know the risks. Everyone out there warned me that you could go up at any time and I will follow, I thought about it for a while, but I decided that doesn’t fucking matter,”

“You mean it?” Kirishima asked, “A-are you okay with everything?”

“Would have to say a lot of goodbyes, but I could still send letters,” he answered, “It’s not a bad idea, heaven still need lawyers, right?”

“I think they do, I really think they do…” he chuckled.

“Fucking settled, then…” Bakugou said, “We could’ve had this fucking talk two days ago if we both just open up. But I had to run away and almost died if it weren’t for half and half and Deku…”

“He took a bullet for you, you know that, right?”

“Fine! He saved my life! But don’t expect me to treat him like a fucking king!”

“I don’t expect you to, Katsuki,” Kirishima chuckled, happy seeing his Bakugou back to the way it was, “Okay, then, we’ll go on with the investigation. I’ll call Togata-san to tell him the news,”

“One more thing, Eiji,” Bakugou interrupted, “I think it’s time…”

“Time for what?”

“Your family,” he said, “There’s no reason for you to avoid them now. Your body has been found and the police bound to call them anyway. Besides… I wanna meet my in-laws for a change…”

Chapter Text

"Deku-kun!! What happened to you??"

It was 2 in the morning when the three of them finished up in the morgue. Hitoshi took the bullet out of Izuku’s chest while Shouto waited outside the autopsy room. He used his blood afterward to patch up the nasty hole caused by that stray bullet. Just right after they were done with the operation, Uraraka, Ashido, and Yaoyorozu came over to the morgue, feeling concerned about him.

“Uraraka-san, Ashido-san, and Yaoyorozu-san?” Izuku asked, surprised to see the three of them here, “W-what are you… how did you find out?”

“Well, we were closing up the bar when Momo got a vision,” she said, “Is it true? Did you get shot right in the chest??”

“Yeah, but it’s nothing, really. Hitoshi fixed me up real quick…”

“A bullet in the chest isn't nothing, Izuku! Geez…” Hitoshi sighed, “If it hits your head, then there’s nothing I can do! You’re dead!”

“Deku, I know you’re immortal now, but please try to be more careful!” Uraraka said.

“O-okay, I’ll try to avoid conflict!”

“While you’re here, Uraraka-san…” Hitoshi called her, “There’s something I need you to look at for a bit…”

Izuku and Hitoshi explained about the experience they had after they bonded that night. About how Izuku managed to resist the allure of vampire hypnotism powers. Even Shouto said that shouldn’t be possible, everyone he knew, including his older brother who’s a deity himself, managed to succumb to the hypnotism in just a short time…

“I think that counts as a quirk,” Hitoshi said, “But Izuku isn’t gifted, he doesn’t have enough magic to be one…”

“I never did this to Deku…” she hesitated, “But maybe I can take a look at how much magic he has inside his body?”

“You never tried doing that before?” Shouto asked.

“No, it would be too suspicious if I do that directly, so I just used my senses to detect his magic. But now that he’s… well, I can do it now…”

“I-is it going to hurt?” Izuku asked.

“No, of course not, silly!” she chuckled, “You won’t feel a thing, just give me both of your hands now…”

Izuku gave her both of his hands, and she began to recite some kind of magical spell. Her eyes began to glow in pink color as everyone around watches her performing her magical ability. Uraraka felt normal in the first few seconds, seeing nothing’s wrong with her friend. But then, she sees… something green glowing inside Izuku. She went deeper and deeper, following the strange green aura. It went through some kind of a tunnel inside Izuku’s body, and she followed it through.

What she saw beyond that small tunnel was unbelievable…

“D-Deku, no! Y-you c-can’t… this is impossible!” she mumbled, her body began to shake, “N-no! I… this c-can’t be! D-D-Deku!!”

“W-what’s happening?” Izuku asked in a panic, seeing his friend’s body began to tremble. The glow in her eyes began to flicker. She tries to balance herself, still touching both of Izuku’s hands. Both Hitoshi and Shouto began to panic the moment they saw the blinking lights.

“Izuku!! Let go of her hands now!!” Shouto shouts, “She could die if you don’t let go!!”

Izuku quickly does as Shouto told him. He lets go of Uraraka’s hands and the glow in her eyes began to fade all at once. She quickly fell to the floor, body still trembling, releasing pink sparks around her. Hitoshi quickly comes up to her, checking her vital organs, everything’s safe, he said, but he’s still in a panic over her current state.

“W-what’s wrong with her??” Ashido asked, extremely worried about her friend.

“It’s magic overdose!” Hitoshi said, “She’s been exposed to too much magic and her body can’t process it!”

“W-what can we do?” Yaoyorozu asked.

“We need a mage straight away! They could suck out the excess magic and make her stable again!”

“W-where can we found someone like that??” Ashido complained in panic.

“I can do it…” Shouto said. He touched both of Uraraka’s hands, gently laying her on top of the floor. Shouto’s left eye began to make the same glow as Uraraka did before, but his right didn’t glow at all. He began to sweat as he takes in more and more of Uraraka’s magic, struggling a bit, realizing just how powerful the excess is. He stared at Izuku, who’s been silent and worried throughout the whole process. It took around a minute, but he managed to suck it into his body.

“She’s stable…” Hitoshi said, carrying Uraraka’s unconscious form into one of the beds.

“Oh thank God…” Ashido said, “I thought she was going to die!”

“N-no…” Shouto said, his body shaking a bit, “B-but that w-was a close call. If Izuku held on to her for just another second, we could lose her much quicker…”

“What I don’t understand is… how?” Yaoyorozu asked, “H-how could Midoriya have caused all this if he doesn’t have any magic inside him?”

“M-maybe he does…”

“What?” Hitoshi asked.

“The magic I sucked in…” he said, “It’s Izuku’s magic alright, I felt it b-before, b-but never in t-this form… it’s big, it’s r-raw, it’s… it’s too p-powerful…”

“How powerful?”

“E-enough to m-make a 150 y-year old half d-deity feel r-really bad. J-just a little more could kill a m-mage…”

“U-Uraraka held me for just around ten seconds…” Izuku said, “D-does that mean…”

“Yes, I… I a-assume y-you have m-more inside of y-you, a l-lot more…”

“H-how, what…” Hitoshi asked in confusion, “How the hell is that even possible? I did a research on his family tree! Izuku’s great-great-grandfather from his mother’s side was the last known mage in the family!”

“T-there is one other explanation…” Shouto said, “B-but it’s very unlikely, a-and I need to… I need to do some research first...”


Izuku was left alone with Hitoshi in the hospital afterward. Yaoyorozu, Ashido, and Shouto left the hospital as soon as they could. Shouto used his teleportation magic to take all of them to Uraraka’s apartment. The mage was still too weak and need some rest after the incident. He quickly informs Iida about the situation, though he doubts that the detective would see it before 6 in the morning. Both Yaoyorozu and Ashido decided to stay at Uraraka’s place to keep an eye on her, and to explain the situation once she could wake up.

“H-Hitoshi, I… I don’t know what’s happening…” Izuku said to his lover, “I… I’m an undead, I… I have a quirk, a-and now I… I have too much magic? I… I can’t… I don’t understand…”

“Izuku, it’s going to be fine,” Hitoshi assures him, hugging his boyfriend, “Just… stay calm, okay? I don’t know what’s going to happen either, but all we could do is wait for the answer, okay?”


Izuku woke up in the morning, startled by the sound coming from the front door. He went outside his bedroom, finding Hitoshi on his living room. It was nearly 6 in the morning, and he must’ve just come home after his shift in the morgue.

“Did I woke you up?” Hitoshi asked, “Sorry…”

“No, it’s fine…” Izuku answered, “My alarm was about to go off soon anyway…”

“Listen, about last night… Todoroki asked me to find someone to help you check your magic. He just wanted to confirm something, he said…”

“Check my magic? You mean like what Uraraka did last night?” he asked, “Hitoshi, it’s too dangerous! I almost killed Uraraka last night! I w-won’t risk another person’s life again!”

“I think Uraraka was in full magic absorption mode last night, and she didn’t expect to find that big supply inside of you,” Hitoshi answered, “Second, I know who could do it right now, and you won’t risk either of their lives, okay? Now, come with me…”

“Wait, they?”


Tokoyami was startled to hear the knocking noise coming from his door. He and Dark Shadow had just woken up and they were about to take a shower before going to work. He quickly walked to the door, trying to find out who in the right mind would knock at this early hour.

“Hey, Tokoyami-san… I, uh… I need a little favor from you and Dark Shadow…”

It was Hitoshi Shinsou and Izuku Midoriya, two of his next-door neighbors. Dark Shadow seemed a bit confused by what the vampire meant, but it seems excited. It’s not everyday someone needs its help for something. Tokoyami sighed, still feeling a bit tired after his slumber, but nevertheless lets them both inside his apartment.

His eyes widen in interest as they both explained their stories that just happened last night. Tokoyami focused both of his eyes on Izuku, trying to get a general reading of his magical properties. He could sense little to none amount of magical powers inside of him, and so does Dark Shadow. But if what they’re telling is true, then this should be impossible. How could a person who doesn’t seem to have any magic could cause a magic overdose within twelve seconds?

“I’m afraid the only way we shall get through this is with a physical reading…” he said, “Dark Shadow and I shall stop our magic absorption until we are done with your reading…”

“Midoriya-san, place your left hand on me, and your right hand on Fumi’s…” Dark Shadow said.

“A-are you sure?” Izuku asked, “I… I don’t wanna hurt anyone else!”

“We both cannot die as we are deity and demon,” Tokoyami said, “Magic overdose may harm us, but if we both die, Lady Midnight, as a representative of the Bureau, will come and resurrect us both…”

“O-okay, if you two are sure about t-this…”

Izuku sighed, taking both of Tokoyami and Dark Shadow’s hands in his own. Their eyes began to glow in the same manner as Uraraka did before, with Tokoyami’s eyes glowing a white color, and Dark Shadow’s eyes glowing yellow. Both of their magical auras went into Izuku’s body, trying to find the source of his magic power. They both went deep inside, finding a small amount of magic as expected, but then, they both saw something strange coming from nearby the magical energy…

“It seems there is a tunnel inside…” Tokoyami said, “The two of us shall investigate this…”

They went deeper and deeper inside the small tunnel. Izuku worries for them both after remembering what happened last night. Uraraka must’ve gone through the same tunnel before she overdosed. If Tokoyami and Dark Shadow could come out of this with full consciousness, then they might be able to tell the two of them what they see.

“T-this is…” Tokoyami said, reaching the end of the tunnel, “Dear Gods…”

“F-Fumi… Fumi?” Dark Shadow said, “A-are you… are you seeing this? Is this r-real? I… I’m not seeing things, right?”

“I… I… I cannot… this is… this is not possible! This cannot be!”

“Fumi, we… we need to g-get out of here!” it said, “We’re n-not absorbing any m-magic, b-but it’s… t-this is d-dangerous!”

Izuku noticed Tokoyami’s legs began to tremble on its own, the two of them are having almost the same reaction as Uraraka did last night. They were nearly overwhelmed by the whole situation and was about to drop down on the floor when Izuku quickly lets go of their hands, bringing them both back to reality. Tokoyami fell down from his chair, coughing and catching his breath. He and Dark Shadow stare at the scared undead sitting in front of him.

“Y-you…” Tokoyami pointed to Midoriya, “T-this is… w-what are you exactly?”


A magic mine.

That’s the term Tokoyami and Dark Shadow used to describe what they both saw inside of Izuku’s body. There isn’t any official term to describe it yet, though it reminds him of an old story his grandfather told him once. The point is, inside Izuku’s body there’s an unbelievable amount of magical power, locked inside thanks to the incredibly small tunnel. Some of the magic has been seeping out little by little, causing a slight magical aura around Izuku’s body. But in reality, he’s filled with magic, plenty of it.

“The amount we both observed is extraordinary beyond belief…” Tokoyami said, “It’s equivalent to nearly a hundred mages worth of magic, perhaps…”

“One hundred mages?? A-are you sure of that?” Hitoshi asked.

“Positive,” Dark Shadow chimes in, “We turned off our absorption, but Midoriya’s magic is… too much and just raw. It’s like a radiation or something like that, you don’t have to absorb magic to take some of it, and we both got directly exposed to it…”

“Without absorption, both of our bodies could only handle one minute of exposure,” Tokoyami said, “More than that, we would overdose…”


Izuku’s day at work was pretty usual despite what happened last night and yesterday.

Both Hitoshi and Tokoyami reported their findings to Aizawa, and he said to the three of them that he would try to look into it. At work, Aizawa made a couple of eye contacts with him, but he didn’t call him for a personal meeting or something. Izuku suspects that his vampire boss might already have an answer about what’s going on. None of his co-workers knew about it, except for Tokoyami, of course.

Uraraka called him during his lunch break, saying she’s fine and she’s getting some rest on her bed right now. Shouto took her back to her apartment, and both Yaoyorozu and Ashido spent the night on the living room to keep an eye on her. They went home after she regained her consciousness and ate breakfast in the morning. They told her to stay at home for the day, and they will take care of the stag for tonight. Iida came over on his way to work, making sure that everything’s alright. He said that he’ll probably call Izuku sometime soon…

“That’s really sweet of him…” Izuku smiled, “Iida is a really nice friend!”

“Deku, uh… about that…” Uraraka gulped, feeling nervous. Izuku is her best friend, and since they’re planning to announce it soon, he should be the first, sorry, second, sorry, third to know about this, right?

“Something wrong, Uraraka?”

“The truth is… Iida is, well…” she sighed, “He’s my soulmate…”

“Oh… OOOOHHH!!!”

“Yeah, uh… we found out about it a couple of years ago, after you and I broke up…” she said, “It took us a while to figure things out, but when it all matched, I… I just knew we both belong together. I’m really sorry I kept you out of another secret, Deku! I’m super sorry!”

“That’s amazing news, Uraraka!” he enthusiastically said, “I mean I knew you two were dating, but I never thought that you two are soulmates!”

“Wait… you knew about us??” she asked, “S-since when??”

“Shouto’s birthday two years ago. I saw the way you two look and act around each other, and I just knew about it, I guess…”

“That’s the exact day we checked our soulmate mark! You’ve known since day one and you didn’t tell us anything about it for two years??”

“I’m a good friend…” he said, “If you two aren’t ready to go public, then I’m not gonna bother you two about it…”


Just an hour after his lunch break, Iida called him. He asked about what happened, and Izuku told him everything. He was confused by it, just like everyone did, but he has faith that Shouto will eventually figure things out. The half-deity is a pretty good researcher, after all, judging by his grades back in college.

“Midoriya-san, forgive me, but can I ask a personal question?” Iida asked.

“Okay? Uh… what do you wanna know?”

“Your mother,” he said, “Is she… does she have a romantic interest at the moment?”

“T-that’s a bit too personal, but, um… yes,” Izuku answered, “My mom has a boyfriend, she’s been seeing him for a while now, a-and she said they both might be soulmates…”

“Do you know… the man she’s dating?”

“No, I’ve never seen him before, actually. She just told me about this last Saturday…”

“I see…” he answers, “Well, that is interesting…”

“Iida, is there something wrong?” Izuku asked, “You, uh… you don’t have a crush on my mom, right?”

“No, of course not!!” Iida denies, “I am… only curious, that’s all. I saw your mother today with a man, and I was wondering if you are properly informed about it…”

“Y-you saw the man? Can you tell me what he looks like??”

“I, well… I only saw a glimpse, so I can’t really describe him…”

“Oh, that’s a shame…” Izuku said, “Okay, I need to get back to work, so bye now, Iida!”

“Yes, goodbye, Midoriya…”


Shouto came to the apartment later that night, just around half an hour before Hitoshi’s shift. He promised to personally teleport the vampire to his work today if he could stay for the explanation. Hitoshi willingly agreed to that and he sat down at the couch next to his soulmate, wanting to know more about the half vampire’s findings.

“So, this isn’t gonna be easy to explain,” he said, “But I need to go over the history for a little bit. Do you guys know about the name All for One?”

“Yeah, who doesn’t,” Hitoshi said, “That’s the leader of the demon war. He used to be this all-powerful deity, but then everyone found about his corruption and he fled to form the rebellion…”

“T-that’s him? The guy that almost killed All Might?” Izuku asked.

“Yes, the one who forced my father to become the secretary of war, the source of our troubles…” Shouto sighed, “Supposedly, he has an involvement in this… in Izuku’s magical powers…”


“Let me tell you the story,” he said, “A long time ago, a deity fell in love with a human and took her to the heavens. They both had a son from their previous marriage, and the human woman brought him upstairs. The brothers got along very well, but the human child, well, he was still just a human and had no magic whatsoever…”

“The deity brother, feeling sorry for him, made an unauthorized divine intervention. Everyday, for twenty-five days, he would transfer 95% of his magic to his brother’s body, turning him into a vessel of some sort. It was a moment in history known as the birth of One for All,”

“O-one for all?” Hitoshi asked, “Is that supposed to be some sort of joke? What does All for One think about this? He’s gotta be furious…”

“Who do you think the deity brother was?”

Izuku gulped, realizing something, “Y-you mean?”

“Yes,” Shouto answered, “All for One created One for All. The goal was simple, the human brother would become a magical power vessel, a mage with immense power that could match a deity. But things didn’t always turn out right. One for All realized the corruption of his brother, and he went to confront him, but he was defeated. His body was never found, and neither does his soul…”

“T-that doesn’t make sense, just how powerful is this All for One guy?”

“Very, it seems. One for All isn’t his final experiment, he went on throughout the centuries, using his magic for himself and for other people to gain control over them. He made multiple trips to the demon realm, but nobody ever thought he was building an army there…”

“Anyways, after One for All’s death and disappearance, something strange happened. For some reason, his large magic properties made its way to earth. At the age of four, a normal human child began to develop a small magical aura, but upon further inspection, these were not normal. The outside looks like normal faint magic, but inside, it was just too big and powerful, an abnormal amount of magical power…”

“So, what you’re saying is, Izuku has One for All’s magic, is that it?” Hitoshi asked, “Why haven’t I heard about this before?? I’m a member of the magisterium, damn it!”

“Nobody knew the full story until four years ago when All for One’s betrayal became apparent to the public. Even then, it remained classified even until today. I had to ask my father for the full report and permission to tell it to you two…”

“Why would he agree for you to do that?”

“Because it’s pretty clear now that Izuku is no ordinary human or undead,” he said, “He’s the ninth known inheritor of One for All’s power,”

“Wait a minute,” Izuku interrupted, “Ninth? I’m the ninth inheritor?”

“From the looks of it…” Shouto said, “The report details a bit about One for All’s power. There can’t be more than three living inheritors on earth. The power is split evenly among these three people, if one dies and leaves their physical body, their power will go to the next inheritor until they are born…”

“I-is there another inheritor who’s alive right now?”

“Yes, the eighth is still alive…” he paused for a moment, “It’s All Might, he’s the eighth holder…”


Shouto delivered his full report to both his father and Aizawa. Needless to say, once the magic magisterium was aware of Izuku’s status as the ninth inheritor, they began to work immediately. Hitoshi and Shouto showed up at the office the next day, they were planning to have a discussion with Aizawa upstairs. During their lunch break, both Izuku and Tokoyami are called to meet up with the three of them on the hidden balcony gardens.

“Man, Aizawa has been calling you a lot lately, Midoriya…” Mineta comments, “You sure you didn’t do anything wrong?”

“N-no, of course not, Mineta-san…” Izuku answered him, “I-it’s just work! Nothing more!”

“Precisely,” Tokoyami said, “It is only a matter of business…”


The meeting lasts for about half an hour. The outcome of the whole thing was pretty much expected, Izuku is the newly-revealed ninth holder, after all. His current status as a One for All holder automatically grants him a privileged seat in the magic magisterium, sitting alongside the high-ranking members, such as deities and long-time agents like Aizawa. Izuku was sort of glad to receive the position in the magical government, but then he realized something: his position is much higher than his own soulmate’s. This seems unfair, Hitoshi has been working for the magic magisterium for more than a hundred years, he presumed, and so, he attached one condition to the deal.

“If you guys want me to take my place in this magic magisterium thing, I’m taking Hitoshi with me!”

“Izuku, that’s not really necessary…” Hitoshi said, “I’m kinda done with that life, and I’m happy to just be a normal member now. Besides, that kind of thing would be too much to ask…”

“None at all…” Aizawa said, “Deal accepted, Hitoshi, you’re now a high-ranking member of the magisterium, congratulations…”

“Wait, what? Just like that??”

“It’s no big deal, really…” Shouto said, “We kinda expected Izuku would want to take you to the same position as he is, so we prepared everything in advance. We were planning to tell you once all the paperwork is done, but the sooner the better, I guess…”

“D-does that mean I have to go back doing work for the magisterium again?”

“No, high-ranking members don’t do that,” Aizawa said, “You’ll get to hear all the important mumbo-jumbo and attend for a vote once in a while, that’s all. You two will also receive an allowance every month, unlike regular members…”

“H-how much money do we get?” Izuku asked.

Tokoyami took out a slip of paper in his pocket and wrote down a number on it. He hands the paper to both Izuku and Hitoshi. Their eyes widen in surprise and they audibly gasped upon seeing the amount of money they’ll be receiving. Mouth slack-jawed open, staring at the piece of paper on their hand.

“That is not your combined amount,” Tokoyami said, “You will each receive that much money every month,”

“T-this is just ridiculous!!” Hitoshi said, “We can’t take this much!! We’re basically going to do nothing, and you’re gonna give us… nearly ten times our salary??”

“I c-could buy a h-house with this much m-money…” Izuku mumbled, “Oh my God, I c-could actually b-buy my m-mom an actual b-big house on the s-suburbs!”

“How the heck does the magisterium got this much money to pay every high-ranking member every month??”

“Well…” Shouto said.

“You know what, zip it…” Hitoshi told the half-vampire, “I don’t wanna even know about it…”


One other thing came out from that meeting, everyone agrees that Izuku has to meet All Might immediately since he’s the eighth holder. Problem is, nobody really knows where he is right now since he disappeared after his retirement. Aizawa kept in contact with him, but the dragon never gave him clues about his location. They always ate lunch together every Monday afternoon at a supernatural restaurant downtown, talking about their lives, but not work. All Might was clever not to give any hints about his job, he always wears casual outfits during their lunches, and he never mentioned anything about his work, making it look like he’s truly retired and living a stress-free life everyday. But Aizawa knows better, he knows that his friend is lying through his teeth about this…

“He’s not the type to just back down like that…” he said, “He has to work and help people at least once per day or he’ll go crazy about it. Problem is, there’s plenty of jobs he could do…”

“What was the last subject he spoke to you?” Tokoyami asked.

“His love life…” Aizawa chuckled, “He found his soulmate, a gifted human woman. I’m happy for him, of course, but that doesn’t really help us…”

“Well…” Hitoshi sighed, “I know one guy who knows exactly where he is right now…”


At night, after he ate his dinner, Izuku went over to Mirio’s apartment upstairs. Hitoshi had already arranged the meeting after he went back home that afternoon, saying that Izuku needs to meet him urgently. Mirio was more than happy to help two of his friends, and he instantly agreed to that. Izuku knocked on the door, greeted by the dragon himself who told him to come in and make himself at home. He entered the apartment, finding Tamaki sitting on the living room couch.

“I hope you don’t mind Tamaki being here!” Mirio said.

“I, um… I c-could go if it’s private between you t-two…” Tamaki said.

“No, uh… it’s fine, Amajiki-san,” Izuku said, sitting down in the living room couch.

“So, what can I help you with? Hitoshi said it’s urgent,” Mirio asked.

“Well, uh… I don’t know if you heard the news yet, Togata-san, but um... they discovered something in me. I-it turns out I have magic and a q-quirk, a-and I, uh… I’m the ninth holder of One for All…”

Both Mirio and Tamaki paused after hearing that. They both knew about All for One’s story and the history of One for All. Mirio is a high-ranking member, so he gets updates coming from both the war office and the battlefield. Of course, being soulmates means that Tamaki gets to know these classified pieces of information as well. All Might, Mirio’s master, is the eighth holder. Although he has lived for more than 3500 years, his status as a holder was only discovered around sixty years ago. Ever since then, everyone’s been searching for the ninth and tenth holder, but they could never find them. Until today…

“W-wow, uh…” Mirio said, at loss for words, “T-that’s really…”

“I know! I don’t really know what to do with this whole thing!” Izuku said, “I’m just a normal guy with a perfectly normal boyfriend one week ago, and now I have to deal with this!”

“H-honestly, your life right now s-sounds like something out of a fantasy young adult novel…” Tamaki said.

“Not funny!”

“Okay, okay, um…” Mirio paused for a second, “So… congratulations, I guess? D-did anyone else knew about this?”

“Shouto told his dad about this, and they’ve been busy…” Izuku answered, “Aizawa already gave me and Hitoshi a high-ranking seat in the magisterium, also an unbelievable amount of money…”

“So, um… it looks like you’ve got things figured out, right? What do you need me for?”

“M-Mirio, isn’t it obvious?” Tamaki interrupted, “He wants to meet A-All Might!”

“That’s silly! Why would Midoriya want to meet my master? He’s not a dragon! The only thing he has in common with him is…”

It took Mirio two seconds to figure out why Izuku has to meet All Might. He should’ve connected the dots earlier, much much earlier.

“Oooooohhhh!!!” he said, “Okay, okay, I get it now!”

“So c-can you help me?” Izuku asked.

“Of course!” Mirio answered, “Just come down to the precinct on your lunch break tomorrow, okay? I’ll give you the full details tomorrow!”

“I d-don’t understand, why would I need to go there?”

“All Might is super secretive, so it would be best if you could just meet him in person tomorrow at the precinct,” he said, “He’ll be there, I promise he’ll be there tomorrow!”

“O-okay, thank you, Togata-san!” Izuku answered him, feeling some enthusiasm inside, he’s going to meet All Might tomorrow! His childhood hero! He hopes everything would go right tomorrow…


But of course, nothing went right…

Izuku arrived at the precinct around 1.30 PM, right after eating his lunch at the office. He found Mirio outside, standing near the hot-dog cart parked in front of the building. The dragon was having his lunch, a delicious serving of chili dog. He wondered just how spicy it is, how much spice Mirio could take since he could breathe fire, can he? He doesn’t remember about that…

“Oh, hey, Midoriya!” Mirio greeted him, “Just in time, the captain just came back from his lunch break!”

“The captain?” Izuku asked, a bit confused, “But I’m here to see…”

“The captain,” Mirio assures him, “You want to see the police captain right now like you told me last night…”

“Oh… Ooooohhhh!!!”

“That’s right, so just go upstairs to the third floor. His office is right across the bullpen, Nejire is his assistant, but she’s also out, so you could just go ahead inside,”

“T-thanks for your help, Togata-san!” Izuku said, entering the building by himself as Mirio gave him a thumbs up while he continues eating his lunch.


The third floor is a bit empty right now, probably because it’s lunchtime and everyone is out. He stepped out from the elevator door, heading towards the captain’s office at the end of the bullpen. He looked to his left and right, surprised to find a lot of supernatural people working around here, even more than his own office. When he saw a seemingly normal human using their quirk in front of everyone, he quickly understands what this place is: a police station for the supernatural. Everyone here is free to use their magic, abilities, or quirks as much as they want to. He saw a couple of officers drinking blood, while the other ate a raw chicken liver just like that, gorging it into his mouth. He’s impressed with the office, a place where supernatural people can be themselves without hiding anything from anyone.

He stopped in front of the captain’s office door, feeling nervous about meeting his childhood hero. Come on Izuku, don’t be nervous! All Might is just another man, another dragon like Togata-san, he thought to himself. He faced death before, so in theory, he shouldn’t be afraid of anything else, right?

He knocked on the door, hearing the man’s voice from inside saying “Come in.” Izuku took a deep breath, preparing himself to meet his hero as he turned the doorknob slowly. He was already pushing the door when he heard a voice coming from the other side of the bullpen.


It was Iida, running using the engines in his legs to move as quickly as he can. He was trying to get Izuku to step away from the door, but it was too late. The door was already open, and what Izuku saw inside was probably the last thing he could ever think of…

His mom was there, kissing a skinny man with golden blonde hairs. That man is supposed to be captain All Might, right? Uh…

The couple gasped as they saw Izuku standing in front of the door. Iida was standing behind him, looking at their horrified and embarrassed expression.



Aizawa gave him time til’ 3, but he’s probably not going to come back to the office today…