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Bakugou had never been one to hide from anything in his life, but he’d taken to it like a fish to water. He avoided Deku like a pro. Situations he couldn’t outright avoid he muscled his way out of. The only words exchanged between the two former childhood friends were of Deku desperately trying to get a word in, and Bakugou shoving him aside, barking a harsh ‘leave me alone’ on the way out.

There was no point in hiding the mark anymore. None of them had told anyone, but their secret had gotten out anyway. Someone must have overheard and spilled the beans. Probably that stupid invisible girl, Bakugou thought. But he had no proof.

When did it get this bad? He wondered, sitting alone on the floor of his dorm room. When had Deku become something more to him than an obstacle, a stepping stone, a general annoyance constantly getting in his way? Bakugou couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment and that frustrated him to no end.

After he’d fled the locker room he nearly blew up the elevator and half of the fourth floor. He promptly locked himself inside his room and didn’t come out until the next morning for classes. Plenty of people tried to coax him out, Deku included. But Bakugou wasn't having any of it. Deku had tried talking to him, but a warning shot at the door seemed to get the point across and he left him alone for the night.

Any attempts at communication since then had been expertly thwarted. Bakugou tried to convince Kirishima to run interference, but the stupid redhead was on Deku’s side – though he adamantly insisted it wasn’t about picking sides. Traitor.

At this point, the whole of class 1-A was absolutely done watching those two idiots dance around each other. If this went on for much longer, there would be a riot. Kirishima, however, had a better idea.


“Uraraka, where are we going?” Izuku questioned as he was dragged down a random hallway. It was the middle of the night and they both had class early the next morning, but Uraraka had insisted it was urgent. Though, now that he thought about it, she hadn’t given him much in the way of details.

“Just a little further, don’t worry.”

Izuku continued to worry, anyway. He knew they were on the first floor, but beyond that Izuku had no idea where they were headed. It was dark – darker than usual. The clouds outside blocked any light the moon or stars may have offered and there wasn’t a single light on anywhere. Izuku could make out the vague shapes of objects – enough to avoid running into anything – but the finer details were lost to him.

If I can’t see anything, Izuku wondered, then how is Uraraka getting around without a problem?

Izuku didn’t have much time to ponder that as Uraraka came to a stop. She’d stopped moving so suddenly that Izuku had nearly run into her. He was about to ask her what was wrong when she turned on him.

“Sorry about this, Deku,” Uraraka said quietly, “but it’s for your own good. And his.”

Wait, what?

Before Izuku could fully register what was happening, three figures appeared behind him and shoved him forward with far more force than Izuku thought was strictly necessary. They weren’t taking any chances. He stumbled forward into total darkness, barely managing to regain his balance before he wound up face first on the floor. The sound of a door being closed and locked echoed out behind him.

Izuku righted himself and headed in the direction of the noise. Just find the door. There’s usually a light switch by the door.

Click. Bingo.

He was blind for a moment as his eyes adjusted to the light. Wait, that couldn’t be right. He must be dreaming. This was absurd. Why... why had his friends just locked him in the laundry room?


“I’m gonna kill that Icy hot bastard!” Bakugou shouted as he stormed down the hallway towards the elevator. Kirishima and Kaminari exchanged equally devilish smiles as they followed the fiery blonde from a safe distance.

It had been a stroke of genius on Todoroki’s part. No one could figure out how to lure Bakugou to the laundry room. Deku was easy, considering how naïve he could be. But Bakugou? One wrong move and they’d end up charred. Luckily for them, Bakugou had trouble turning down a challenge. Especially if said challenge came from someone he viewed as genuine competition – someone he needed to surpass. Todoroki wouldn’t actually be there, of course. But his contribution was just the spark they needed to light a fire under Bakugou that would get him right where they wanted him.

Smug bastard, calling me out in the middle of the night. Who the hell does half-and-half think he is?! I’m gonna wipe the floor with that arrogant little -

Bakugou stopped. He’d made it to the laundry room door. A terrifying grin broke out across his face as he wrenched the door open and strode inside.

“Alright Icy hot, let’s -” Bakugou stopped short. The laundry room was empty. Where the hell was Todoroki? Bakugou turned to question Kirishima only to find the redhead standing in the doorway with a mischievous grin plastered across his face.

A swift ‘Good luck!’ and the door was thrown closed. Bakugou heard the door lock click and for a moment he just stared in shock. A vein popped in his forehead.

“What the hell?!” Bakugou boomed from behind the laundry room door. Kirishima and Kaminari high-fived, laughing at the muffled obscenities being thrown their way.

“Sorry, bro!” Kirishima answered. “You didn’t leave us another choice!” And then they were off. They’d be back in the morning to open the door, but there was no need to stick around. There had been very strict rules put in place regarding Bakugou blowing up school property, dorms included. Rules with punishments that made even someone like Bakugou think twice about breaking them. There was no escape for those two until morning.


Izuku wandered around the laundry room for a while, pacing nervously and muttering to himself. He’d tried banging on the door and shouting; he knew that at the very least the people above him on the second floor should be able to hear him. But it quickly became apparent that whatever was going on, no one was coming to save him. At least not until whatever they were planning was over with.

God, I’m an idiot...

He’d played right into their hands and had been none the wiser. In his defense, how was he supposed to know he was being tricked? He wondered what could possibly be gained from locking him in the laundry room, presumably overnight, but came up empty.

Izuku let out a sigh, hand coming up to trace the star on the back of his left arm. It was becoming a habit, something he did to comfort himself when he felt confused or upset. His mind immediately went to Katsuki as his fingers ran over the raised skin of his soulmark.

Confused, he thought, what an understatement.

Eventually, Izuku grew tired and plopped down on the floor in the far corner of the laundry room, nestled between two of the dryers. They still were still warm from the last time they were used and considering how abnormally cold this room got after dark, he was grateful for that. A good 45 minutes must have gone by and Izuku was starting to nod off. Then came the shouting.

“Alright Icy hot, let’s -”

Is that Kacchan?

A loud bang and a click - the door being closed again. When had it even been unlocked?

“What the hell?!”

Yep, that's definitely Kacchan.