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the 's' lines of your body

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it was honestly hardly surprising to shouto, he knew he should have held onto his stylist's hand when she offered now look were his social awkwardness has landed him.

lost in the backstage of an arena with a dozen other artists milling about like they knew exactly where they were going, of course, they did they had all been here at least one other time.

shouto, on the other hand, had only ever look at the arena from the perspective of a longing viewer, he never thought he would make it to the other side of the tv screen, his previous group hadn't got the chance to come to an award like this.

making yet another turn he was faced with a silver-rimmed wooden door that read 'practice room 1' on silver plating, the green slide of the door showed it was currently in use.

he would hate to disturb someone practising god know he can't begin to imagine how many times a person practices their dances and under so much pressure, it looked utterly exhausting and he wasn't even the one doing it.

he knocked lightly on the door, hopefully, the person on the other side was nice enough to tell him how the dressing rooms were assigned and where he could find his own.

he heard a familiar voice from the other side before the door flew open, stood in front of him was ashido 'pinky' from plus ultra he couldn't believe his luck, someone, he actually knew.

''ohh hey shouto, good to see you'' she opened the door wider as an invitation to come in, shouto had never been so relieved to see her, from the corner of his eye he could see the 3 other members of the group seemingly messing around.

''What brings you here mon capite?'' ashido questions with a beaming smile on her face, ''uh, actually i lost my stylist, I also have no idea how the dressing rooms are assigned so, I don't know where I'm supposed to be, It was honestly a stroke of luck that I managed to find you guys '' he clarified, before sighing.

hearing his own experience out loud just made him feel that much ashamed, but he knew ashido nor any of the other members would ever judge him so he relaxed.

''ah yeah it's your first time at one of these, don't worry buddy, during our first appearance we couldn't find our dressing rooms either so we ended up going on stage in our red carpet looks. safe to say our manager was not happy'' a new voice joins the two from across the room.

kirishima closes the gap between them as he gives shouto a side hug, it was only then that shouto realised the group weren't in their performance outfits rather they were wearing their red carpet looks from earlier.

before he could properly great the redhead, a loud beat started playing from the speakers and bakugou had moved from the corner he was previously sat at with kaminari, and in front of the mirror wall.

of course, if it was a practice then they would have been , however, this wasn't one of plus ultras songs as far as he could remember but he also couldn't keep his eyes off of the blonds fluid movement in front of him.

the lead vocalist dropped to the floor dramatically, getting up slowly like a vixen eyeing his reflection in the mirror like he was ready to pounce on it.

the lyrics, sung ''tell me, something, new!'' he pointed at the mirror repetitively before jerking his shoulders and playing with the end of his signature choker.

shouto could barely blink, he had never seen bakugou express such a feminine yet masculine side of himself, every sway, every turn had a little more something that the split haired boy couldn't put his finger on.

bakugou turned around his back facing the mirror and made eye contact with shouto holding it whilst he mouthed the lyrics of the song. ''they say we fall in love and that's not it, just wanna get some''

he was met with bakugou's back once again when the blond turned back around and swaying his hips to the tune of the song ''I've got a little piece of you ooh'' the song seemed to possess him, both his attitude and movement completely changed, he drew 's' shapes with his hips and conducted an entire orchestra with his waist.

it was breath taking. shouto only wishes he could dance like that all the time but he more than anyone knew executive high-intensity movements + binding was a one way ticket to the hospital, he would just have to wait till after promotional work when he gets top surgery to ask bakugou to teach him how he tells such vivid enticing stories with his body movements,

the blond wasn't done yet, he used his right hand to tap either side of his hip before bringing his pointer finger to his slightly tinted lips ''I'm a slut like you''

bakugou had finished his little performance, turns out him and kaminari had choreographed it for a fan meet up during the week of kcon LA and were going over it to distract themselves before they had to go on.

''we hardly ever practice a song we're about to perform, just before we perform it because then we get muddled and anxious, better to stay relaxed and give your best than to panic and flop''

kaminari was kind enough to give an explanation. after that bakugou offered to direct shouto to his room. ''they change the way they assign rooms every year pretty much, this year it's by label so once we find your label we find 's' then we find your room''

the blond escorted shouto out of the practice room, not without the other 3 verbalising their partings and good lucks for the show tonight.

''bakugou, you really are an amazing dancer, that performance was breathtaking'' shouto had been trying to get used to calling the blond by his name, he was used to refering to him as zero. ''ehh it was ok, I was off beat at some points but that's bound to happen'' ever the perfectionist, though shouto hope bakugou wasn't too hard on himself, he and the blond talk often about their fears and problems and bakugou had admitted more than once to be extremely hard on himself.

as the two walk down the hall to shoutos room door bakugou spoke up once again ''so promotional works almost done, that means...'' the blond gave shouto a knowing look not wanting to say it out loud ah yes top surgery, the two had also discussed that. bakugou had become a bit of a confidant for shouto and he for the blond it was a nice dynamic.

''yes, nerve-racking to think its actually happening but I'm beyond excited, father wants me to do it outside the country to prevent news getting out. so we're going to LA for it. but I will have to take a 1-2 or 4-6 week of any practices but that gives enough time to write up a storm for the next album and hopefully think about a solid concept but I have a while till that'' he replied, his voice soft, he'ed always felt the most conscious about his voice but bakugou had said a numerous amount of times that he like shouto's voice so he laid his worries to rest.

''So if it's after promotions, it's around June then. I think we stop in LA for a tour break, ill come see you then'' he said it like it was nothing like he hadn't just made shouto's heart repeat the choreography he had just seen mere minutes ago. the split haired boy tried to pretend that the reality of bakugou keeping up with his schedule and knowing shotos promotions ended just before June didn't make him squeal with excitement.

and far too soon they made it to a similar door to the dozens they had passed that read 'shouto' looks like this was his stop.