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Marvel One Shots

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(Y/N) gasped, looking up into the sky as a fleet of aliens skydived down onto the city, firing and destroying everything in sight. Many people screamed and ran inside the buildings, anything to dodge the bullets and the flames surrounding them.

She could see the Avenger's fighting, fighting for their freedom as the rest of the civilians hid in fear. (Y/N) clenched her fists, who was he to change this world?

(Y/N) wasn't stupid. She knew who was behind this - you could say she had a long list of friends at her command. If she needed to know something, she would get the information she needed - and she wasn't about to be brought down by a raven-haired God by the name of Loki.


Multiple screams were heard from behind her and she immediately ran towards them. She may not have been a hero, but she also wasn't going to stand around and do nothing.

Arriving at the scene, she saw many civilians being cornered by multiple forms of the God himself. On closer inspection, she could see that they were fakes - illusions of himself.

"You will all kneel before me!" she heard the God snarl, and she turned around the corner to look at him for the first time.

And there he was... the God of Mischief.

His attire was well known to her, definitely from royalty. The scepter in his hands glowed brightly, pointing at all the people trapped and kneeling in front of him. She looked over his face, his pale skin, blue eyes...

She frowned, wait, blue? She could've sworn she read about them being emerald once before.

(Y/N) was knocked from her thoughts when more screams where heard and she saw Loki pointing the charged scepter at a young child, the mother screaming behind them.

Immediately, (Y/N) ran over from her hiding place, shoving the God roughly and standing in front of the child. He peaked out from behind her as the God gritted his teeth and abruptly sat up, turning to glare at the female.

Loki stood and smirked, "Another savior of this realm." he spat, "Another lost soul thinking they have freedom - when will you learn?"

(Y/N) rolled her eyes, "Another God of the universe." she spat back in the same tone, "Another lost soul thinking they are above us - when will you learn?"

Loki glared at the female in front of him, walking closer. They young child whimpered and grabbed hold of her leg, leading the God to stare at him, "You would risk your life for this weak being?"

"Yes." (Y/N) answered, still standing in front of him protectively.

Loki shook his head, "Such a waste of a precious gem." he pointed the scepter at her, but (Y/N) ducked as it fired, before rolling an kicking him back. The child ran to his mother and away from the danger.

The God glared at the human, watching the smirk on her lips, "No Midgardian ever dared to defy me - those that do perish. Why do you think your fate shall be any different?"

"I don't believe in someone choosing my fate." (Y/N) snapped, "I believe in choosing my own."

They both ran at each other, the God deciding to play with the enemy before he ended her. He twisted the scepter, aiming it towards her until she dodged again. (Y/N) gripped the gun in her back pocket and aimed it towards his turning figure before firing.

The bullet tore through Loki's attire and pierced his upper left arm, a yelp leaving him. (Y/N) smirked, firing again, only for the bullet to fly right through an illusion.

(Y/N) tensed and let out a loud yell as a blade pierced through the same arm as she had shot Loki. She was suddenly shoved against the wall, scepter pressed against her neck as she struggled to fight back.

"You fight well - for a mortal. Yet, you are still predictable." Loki grinned, leaning down to her, "Every Midgardian goes for his weapon as a self-defense item, and you are no different."

(Y/N) glared up at him, trying to push the scepter away from his neck before he held it closer, causing her to choke slightly.

Loki grinned darkly, "Kneel."

At once, (Y/N) spat in his face, a bloodied saliva directly hitting the God's cheek. She gave him a defying look before seething, "Make me."

The God wiped the spit away, completely disgusted. He shoved her back against the wall harshly, grinning as she made a grunt of pain.

Loki chuckled, replacing the scepter with his hand, wrapping it tightly around her neck. He stared at her, watching as she weakly gripped his hand, trying to pry him off. Loki tilted his head, "You're not like any other Midgardian I know."

"Well, that makes me feel fucking special." she growled, still glaring at him. Her eyes widened as his grip got tighter, trying to take in deep breaths of air.

"Even in the face of defeat, you are still defying me." Loki whispered, leaning closer, "Submit to me, and I will spare you."

Taking in deep breaths, Loki loosened his hand enough only so (Y/N) could respond, "N-Never. I will never submit or kneel to someone like you."

Loki chuckled, leaning forward even more and tightening his grip again, "I'm the only one like me." his cold lips met her cheek, pressing an unusually soft kiss on her skin, "I'll be back for you."

And just like that, he was gone.

(Y/N) dropped to the floor, coughing and gasping for air. Many people surrounded her, offering her support and water and thanks. But she refused.

The only thing she could think about was what Loki had said.

I'll be back for you...

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Peter stared at the group in front of him with disbelief. Yet, it wasn't the whole group he was looking at. It couldn't be mistaken who his brown orbs stared at, glazed over with glassy tears.

Of all the people in school, he couldn't ever imagine (Y/N) being the one to hurt him like this. She was his friend, his ally in battle, his... secret love who he wanted nothing more than to protect and care for.

And yet, here she was, laughing about him with Flash and his group of spiteful friends. (Y/N) looked at Peter, shock written on her face. She pushed Flash out the way and stepped forwards, "Wait, Peter, it's not what you think."

The teenager swallowed, nodding, "Oh, really? So, you weren't just laughing about me, mocking me with them?"

(Y/N)'s heart broke at the sound of his voice. It was fragile, vulnerable. Nothing like she'd ever heard the strong Spider-Man's voice before. His voice was usually happy and cheerful, full of excitement which would match his lightened brown eyes.

But now his face had fallen.

"No." (Y/N) spoke firmly, "I wasn't, I promise you. Flash, tell him."

"I don't know, sweet. I'm enjoying this broken friendship here." He grinned.

(Y/N) turned and glared at the popular boy with disbelief, clenching her fists. Without a second thought, her arm swiped across, landing a harsh punch across Flash's jaw. He fell to the floor, gripping his face, wincing as he touched it. People stepped back, shouting and cheering to the three in the centre.

(Y/N) ignored whatever he was about to say and turned back to her friend, "Peter, please - I didn't mock you. I would never do that to you."

Peter shook his head, looking down. Ned placed his hand on his best friend's shoulder, "Peter..."

The brunet shook him off, looking back up to (Y/N), "I thought you were different - but I guess you're the same as them." he spoke harshly before turning and walking away.

(Y/N) drew a ragged breath, stumbling forward, "Wait, Peter - Peter!"

But Ned stopped her, shaking his head, "Let him go, (Y/N). He needs time."

"I didn't mean any of this." she replied, her voice quick, "I would never hurt him, I- you believe me, right?" she turned to the boy next to her, her own orbs glazing over with tears.

Ned looked away and didn't reply. (Y/N) stared at him with wide eyes before dropping her gaze to the floor. Anger boiled up within her and she turned back to Flash.

He grinned, "Finally, someone made Penis Parker cry."

(Y/N) yelled angrily, racing towards him. Multiple students cried out as she stormed towards Flash, "You selfish prick!" she shouted, clenching her fists to attack him, but Ned yanked her back.

"(Y/N), he's not worth it." he told her, "You've more important things to deal with."


Throughout the rest of the day, Peter ignored (Y/N). She'd tried whispering to him during class, nudging him, throwing him small pieces of paper, but all those things where in vain. He'd simply shifted his seat, or even moved spaces. And those balled pieces of paper were thrown in the trash.

He did not care.

(Y/N) looked up at his apartment building, waiting. She knew he wouldn't be home until he'd finished his little hero work ordeal, and she didn't know what time that'd be.

But as soon as she saw that glimpse of red swing into his window, she began to climb the fire exit to his window. She didn't know what she would do when she got there. For all (Y/N) knew, he could push her off the edge to her death - not that she would've blamed him.

She just wanted to apologize.

(Y/N) wanted him to know how sorry she was, that she didn't mean any of it. She wasn't laughing about him with Flash - she would never do that. Peter is her best friend... was her best friend, she would never betray him.

When she reached his room, the curtains were closed. With a deep breath, she gently tapped on the window, waiting for him. It took Peter a moment to process the noise, but with a frown, he opened his curtains, looking down at the girl behind the glass, her face covered with guilt.

(Y/N) noticed he was now dress in a sweatshirt and jeans rather than his Spider-Man suit. A small glare crossed his face and he turned away, leaving the window on the catch, not letting her in.

"Peter?" she whispered, but he didn't respond, simply sitting down at his desk and continuing with his homework. (Y/N) swallowed the lump in her throat, "Peter, please - listen to me."

"I've no reason to hear you out, (Y/N)." he muttered, continuing to write.

"Peter, I would never laugh about you." (Y/N) spoke, her voice covered in anguish, "I know you've been through a lot, I would never mock that. I'm sorry. You're my best friend, Peter, please."

"That doesn't make it any better." he responded, still not turning to face her.

"Fine, be like that, but I'm not moving. I'm staying here until you accept my apology. I'll stay here for as long as it takes because you mean more to me than anyone," (Y/N) shifted to a more comfortable position, "Peter, I love you. I wouldn't ever hurt you."

Peter tensed at her words and stopped writing, but still didn't move. He knew that (Y/N) was always honest, but - did she mean it as a friend?

(Y/N) looked up at the sky as it began to rain, cursing herself for not bringing anything more than a jumper, but she still wouldn't move. She made a promise to herself that she would stay here until Peter forgave her and that's what she intended on doing.


Peter yawned slightly, throwing the last of his homework into a pile on his desk before standing up. He paused when he heard the thunder outside and the rain as it hammered against his window, and that's when he realized (Y/N) was still out there.

How long had she been there? It was eleven o'clock, that was at least five hours.

Peter immediately opened the window, "(Y/N) are you stupid? You going to get ill!" Peter cradled her in his arms and brought her inside from the rain. He could feel her shivering violently and her clothes were soaked through.

"I-I said I would s-stay out there until you f-forgave me." she whispered.

"I forgive you, I forgive you. Please just don't make yourself get ill." he mumbled, setting her on his bed and rummaging through his draws, "Here, put these on. May's at work tonight."

Once (Y/N) was changed into some clean, dry clothes, she sat silently on his bed, still shivering.


She suddenly burst into tears, burying her face in her knees, "I'm s-so sorry, Peter. I was a horrible friend and I hurt you-"

"(Y/N), calm down. I'm not mad." Peter hushed, rushing over to hug her. He pulled her onto his lap and combed his fingers through her wet hair, gently pulling out the knots.

"I'm sorry, Peter. I never wanted to hurt you - I didn't mean to. I'm sorry." she whimpered. Peter didn't say anything and held her closer, knowing that the cold was probably getting to her. He grabbed his bed covers and pulled them over the both of them, wrapping them tightly around (Y/N).

Peter turned her in the sheets, hands gently lifting her face to meet her eyes. He skin was cold, and her eyes were red and puffy from crying, but to him, she still looked perfect.

Without another second of hesitation, he pressed his lips onto hers. (Y/N)'s heart hammered against her chest, eyes widened as he pulled back, resting his head against hers. Peter smiled slightly, "It doesn't matter what you did, or what you said, I still love you."

(Y/N) flushed, a small grin leaving her lips before she looked into his enlightened brown orbs, "I'm sorry, Peter." she whispered again, closing her eyes.

"I forgive you, (Y/N). I love you too much to let something silly stop me from caring about you." he mumbled back, pressing his lips onto hers once again.

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"Miss (Y/N) (L/N), you are hereby sentenced to five years in a highly secure prison. You will not communicate with anyone outside of your cell, and you will work for your meals and rest." The judge spoke.

The camera shifted, showing (Y/N) in her chains, muzzle strapped tightly over her mouth. You could see it in her orbs that she wanted to snap back, say something that's probably better left unsaid. Instead she let out a heavy sigh, a prison guard giving a hard tug on her chains, causing her to stumble.

"Uh, hold on there." a voice broke out from the crowd. The camera moved, showing the great Tony Stark, looking as important as ever in some new glasses, "I have a proposition for you."

"Whatever you have to say, Mr Stark, will not change (Y/N)'s consequences."

Tony smirked, "Sure, it will. See, (Y/N) is property of SHIELD." he told the judge, pulling out a piece of paper and handing it to him, "Therefore, you cannot take her away from something that is more powerful than you."

Judge gave the billionaire a nasty look, "And what will happen to (Y/N) if we give her back to SHIELD? Will she roam free?"

"Of course not!" Tony answered, "She will go through rehabilitation and training to become better."

"She is outside the law, Mr Stark." the judge gave a glance the female, "People like her can't become better-"

The screen turned black, "Why are you watching that? It was five years ago."

(Y/N) didn't move from her position and just stared blankly at the black screen, "Why did you help me?"

Tony sat next to her on the sofa, "You're a good person, (Y/N). I wasn't going to let them send you to a prison. And you know they wouldn't have sent you to a normal prison."

"No but tell me again because it's such a great story and reminds me of what I deserve." she muttered, resting her chin on her knees.

Tony looked at her, "How long until you trust me?"

(Y/N) chuckled gravely, "It's not me who should be trusting you. It's you who should question whether you trust me."

"I do trust you."

"You should never trust me."

"(Y/N), you didn't do anything they blamed you for."

She sat up and snapped her head around to glare at him, "I didn't do anything?" she asked, "So, I didn't kill innocent people? So, I didn't destroy buildings and homes? So, I'm this perfect hero that everyone needs to believe in?"

"You were under control!" Tony shouted, standing up to face her, "You didn't do any of that willingly! People should trust you - I trust you!"

"Right," (Y/N) scoffed, lifting up her wrists, showing the two magnetic bands around them, "This is why I have these on my wrists." she turned away and walked towards the door, "You should think about who you trust, Mr Stark."

(Y/N) stormed in her room and slumped behind the door. She hated fighting with Tony, but she needed to deter him from her. She was dangerous, she hurt everyone she loved, and she couldn't hurt Tony - anyone but him.


(Y/N) was peacefully reading in her small room when she heard the alarms. Her immediate reaction was enemies invading the tower. She ran down, noticing multiple men charging through the front entrance with guns and armor.

(Y/N) charged herself up before letting a blast of pure energy unleash itself. Though the burning from her wrist didn't help. The magnetic bands where there to prevent her from using her power, but when she tried hard enough, small bursts of power would come through.

All the men where soon defeated. An easy target, (Y/N) scoffed before she frowned. She had beaten the enemies and yet the alarms carried on.

She knew Stark's AI wouldn't respond to her, she was considered an enemy of SHIELD and the Avengers. Speaking of whom were not here - but they would've been notified of the alarms by JARVIS no doubt.

There was only one other thing she could think of.


In an immediate realization, (Y/N) raced down to the lab, jumping a few of the stairs. By the time she reached his work place, many of the windows were smashed, and a lot of his blue prints were scattered across the floor.

(Y/N) looked to the side, seeing the billionaire crawling slowly along the floor. He saw her, "(Y/N), look out!" he shouted, his voice hoarse.

Something was fired at her and she was too slow to react, sending her crashing through a rack of Tony's Iron Man suits. (Y/N) whined in pain, looking up to see a large man strolling towards her.

"Ah, there you are." he snarled, "I lost my wife and kids to you."

(Y/N) swallowed, crawling backwards, "I-I'm sorry."

"Yeah? Well, sorry doesn't bring then back, does it?" he snapped.

"She was under mind control, dude." Tony muttered. (Y/N) noticed his shallow breathing and pale face and studied him. It was only when she noticed the empty hole in his chest and she realized what was wrong.

"Mind control or not, she took someone away from me - she needs to know how it feels." the man grinned.

(Y/N) glared at the man, "You sick bastard. You would kill someone just to get revenge? I didn't kill your family! I was being controlled by Loki!"

The man bent down and gripped her face in his harsh fingers, yanking her to look at him, "No, not revenge. I'm just returning the favor. You're going to watch the man you love die, then it's your turn."

Tony rolled on his side at the man's words and looked at the female, "(Y-Y/N) ..."

She could hear his voice fading, and something inside her snapped. But it wasn't something she could control. (Y/N) glared up at the man, gripping his wrist and yanking it backwards, hard enough to hear a snap. The man cried out, stumbling back, gripping his broken wrist.

"You bitch!"

(Y/N) wasn't listening and swung herself around to kick him across the jaw, sending him flying to the ground. His head harshly hit the desk, knocking him out cold. (Y/N) breathed heavily, placing her hand on her head as she stared at the man at her feet.

It wasn't until she heard Tony's groan she snapped out of it and rushed over to him.

"Oh my God, Tony." she gasped, rolling him on his back. (Y/N) looked around rapidly until they landed on the arc reactor and she grabbed it. She gently slotted the arc reactor back into place, giving Tony the chance to breath properly again. She stared at him, fearing what she was always afraid of.

A foot suddenly swung around, knocking her away from Tony and into the wall. The magnetic bands on her wrists yanked themselves together as she knelt up, staring at the billionaire who was still unfocused about the world around him.

Steve and Natasha walked into the room. Steve crossed his arms, "It's been five years, and no one trusts you yet. Do you want to know why?"

(Y/N) didn't answer, her gaze falling to the floor as she was yanked to her feet by the soldier, "Now, you're going to spend those five years in a high security prison like you were supposed to."

"No, she's not." Tony grunted, gripping Natasha's hand as she helped him up.

"Stark, we just saw he trying to remove your arc reactor!" Natasha answered.

"I told you, Tony." (Y/N) mumbled, "Don't trust me. No one else does."

"No, you know what, I do trust you." he stated firmly, "Rogers, let her go and stop hurting the newest member of the Avengers."

Steve frowned, "Tony, I don't think you understand-"

"No, no. I think it's you that doesn't understand that (Y/N) just saved my life. These guys broke into the tower, and instead of saving herself, she saved me and risked her freedom for it." Tony answered, "And why? Because she loves me." he grinned.

(Y/N) blushed furiously, "Don't believe everything that guy said." she responded.

Tony walked over, removing Rogers and holding her gently himself. His fingers lifted her chin, so he could look at her rosy cheeks. She winced as his thumb smoothed along the new bruises and he grinned, "No, I want to believe him. If I didn't, I wouldn't do this." he leaned down and pressed his lips onto hers. It was short and sweet - very uncharacteristic for the billionaire.

"Uhm, Miss Romanoff, maybe we should leave." Steve suggested, clearing his throat, "I think Tony has this situation handled." Natasha nodded and they both left the room, Steve disconnecting her magnetic cuffs, allowing (Y/N) to wrap her arms around his neck.

She pulled back and breathed heavily, "I still don't think you should trust me, Mr Stark. I'm dangerous."

Tony smirked, "I wouldn't have it any other way."

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'Believe it or not, it's hard to find someone with shared life experience.'

Steve had been thinking about those words since he spoke them. He was the great Captain America, a man out of time, someone who was still living in the past - at least, that's what he wanted.

He wanted to be back in the good ol' days, before he had the serum, when he used to fight people in the alley's, when people used to turn him down because of his small frame. Not because of those reasons but because he wanted to hang around with his best friends again, before this whole Captain America and Winter Soldier ordeal kicked in.

Which is why he was so happy when they told him she was still alive.

(Y/N) (L/N).

They were the trio back then. Him, Bucky and (Y/N). She was the only other person who believed in him. Of course, (Y/N) was also the other person that got him out of trouble in those alleys, but she always said he'd do great things.

She never knew about the serum, she was already sent off in another base by then, on a secret mission that no one else knew about. She had trained hard to get into her squad, eventually gaining the respect of the men when she beat up one of them. Let's say her and Peggy were good friends as well.

It's only then that they were fighting for the same thing, against the same thing, for the same thing. (Y/N) promised she'd be back.

But she never returned.

He never knew what he felt for her before it was too late. Steve always thought that Peggy was the one he loved. She was the girl of his dreams - but (Y/N)'s death crushed him, and so he tried to forget about her. He was successful until the day he had to dive that plane into the ice.

'I'm coming to see you, (Y/N).' he'd whispered before he crashed into the ice.

It was two weeks after he woke up from his seventy-year nap when he found out she was still alive. At first, he was in disbelief. He'd just woke up in the future, and he'd already gotten used to the fact that everyone he loved was gone, and he'd made his peace with it.

But to find out she was alive.

Steve found out that HYDRA had attacked her team when they were infiltrating their base, and they had taken her hostage. At first, they were just going to use her as bait, but when they learnt of her skills, they did the same as Bucky and froze her.

And so, her life was taken from her just like that.

She was found by SHIELD only fifty years later, but her frozen body was more complex than his. She wasn't just experimented on. Apparently, HYDRA didn't even bother with her wounds before freezing her, and so the ice had caused many other problems in her body that took years to fix. So, SHIELD decided it best to keep her asleep since her condition was like Steve's... it would be easier to heal her.

Steve was there when she woke up for them first time, and the only thing he remembers was hugging her tightly. But he saw her confusion, and his heart broke at the words she spoke, 'I'm sorry, but who are you?'

Steve ran out of the room, not able to face her for a few weeks. But after Natasha spoke a few words to him, he promised himself that he'd be there for (Y/N) whether she knew him or not. He'd start from the beginning again.

And it brought joy to him when she finally remembered him.

'Oh my God, Steve!' (Y/N) jumped up and hugged him, wrapping her legs around him like she used to, despite his small size - only this time, they didn't fall over. 'I'm so sorry.'

'It's okay. I've missed you.' he chuckled, hugging her tighter.

(Y/N) pulled back and looked down at him from being in his arms, 'Look at you! You've grown up on me.'

She didn't remember everything, but Steve was still so thankful that she remembered him. That's all that mattered to him.

Which is why this situation hurt him even more.

He stared across at her on the battle field. Those Sokovian Accords ruined everything. "(Y/N), you know this isn't right. Why are you going against us?"

"I have to." she whispered, "It's nothing to do with Bucky. It's me." She ran at him, drawing back her fist. They fought against each other, far away from everyone.

They were alone in one of those airplane sheds, Captain's shield dropped somewhere on the ground, both glaring across at each other. "We were your friends, (Y/N). You know that we can't hand Bucky over to the government."

"You think they won't come for him? Or you, or me?" She stuttered in her words slightly and Steve paused.

"What do you mean?"

(Y/N) ran at him again, swinging her legs around and knocking him down. She straddled him and raised her fist warningly, daring him to move, "If we don't sign these, then they will take it upon themselves to capture us. We are experiments, Rogers, we belong to them and they will continue to experiment on us."

Steve grunted, flipping them both around, "You don't think they'll do that anyway if we do sign?"

(Y/N) kicked her knee up and knocked him off, both taking another swing at each other, "We have more of a chance of not being experimented on if we do sign. Tony can do something. If we go willingly, we can escape easily."

"You're talking about betraying the team now." Steve answered, sending a harsh punch across her stomach, "I don't know who you are."

"You never knew who I was." she spat.

"Yes, I did, and I still do!" he shouted, slamming her back against the wall. (Y/N) grunted on impact and looked up at his darkened eyes fearfully, "I know that your favorite colour is (F/C). I know that you always used to go in the sweet shop every Friday and buy (F/S). I know that you are afraid of thunder and lightning. You used to curl up to me, bury your face in my chest to hide the bright light."

(Y/N) tugged at her hands which were pinned by her head, "T-That doesn't mean you know me!"

"I know you always used to sneak out early in the morning to train, because you hated people telling you that you weren't good enough and you still do. I know you still wait for all the lights to go out before you sneak down to the training room. I know that you are still afraid of the lighting because it reminds you of what HYDRA did. I know that you still check down every alley when you go out, just to check if anyone is getting beat up." Steve told her, "I know this because I... I..."

"S-Steve?" (Y/N) swallow.

The super soldier knew that he couldn't speak how he felt, and so he crushed his lips onto hers, a surprised noise coming from the female. (Y/N)'s orbs widened for only a few seconds before they closed, and her whole body relaxed, pressing her lips back onto his.

Steve's hands ran down from her fingers and along her arms, trailing down to rest on her hips. (Y/N)'s fingers ran through his hair; his helmet having been thrown somewhere else during their fight.

Steve drew back slightly, both panting. He looked into her eyes as their heads rested together before whispering, "I'm sorry." he backed away from her.

"Steve?" (Y/N) asked.

He turned away and picked up his shield. Captain America turned and looked at her, his eyes saddened and apologetic, "I'm sorry." and he ran off without another word.

Chapter Text

(Y/N) stormed through the doors of her home, slamming them loudly behind her. Anger was written across her face and she carelessly threw all the files in her arm to the ground, causing them to fly around the floor in disarray. Her wet hair was matted across her face, having gone home in the pouring rain.

Today had pretty much been the worst day ever.

It started off late after her alarm refused to wake her up, leaving her to arrive late to a meeting with messy hair and crinkled clothes. Not long after that, a ton of paperwork was dumped on her desk - (Y/N) was sure that her boss hated her.

She then had to go to another meeting during her lunch break, but on way someone ran into her with coffee in their hands, causing two cups of boiling hot liquid to pour down the front of her clothing, leaving a dark and dirty stain. The worst part? She couldn't even change before the meeting.

The meeting was with a very important business person, who looked down on her as soon as she walked in the room. And he couldn't seem to stop, his beady eyes questioning her every move. Her boss was highly unimpressed at her attire and everything that she'd done that day, leading her to a discussion in her boss's office.

She was fired.

And (Y/N) was sure that she would never get the job back even if she begged. The earlier day of stress was unleashed on her ex-boss, and a few words that probably shouldn't have been said slipped out. She was dragged out by security guards, kicking and screaming.

(Y/N) yelled angrily as she ripped her damp jacket from her body, tossing it to the floor.

She paced around the floor, fists clenched. Short pants left her, having ran most of the way home in the rain. (Y/N) huffed heavily, slumping herself on the wall behind and slowly sliding down to the ground. She wrapped her arms around her legs, burying her head in her knees, not wanting to move for a long.

It was silent in the open living room, and the only thing that could be heard was the pitter patter of the rain on the windows.

From the silence, (Y/N) heard the beginning of a song begin to play, and a warm, gentle grasp on her cold hands caused her to look up.

'I found a love
For me.'

(Y/N) looked and saw her husband smiling worriedly at her. His hands carefully pulled her up and wrapped his arms around her waist. She sighed, "Tom, I'm not in the mood to dance."

"You've had a bad day, darling. Let the anger go." he whispered, one of his hands locking their fingers together as they swayed slowly to Ed Sheeran's Perfect.

'We are still kids, but we're so in love
Fighting against all odds.
I know we'll be alright, this time.'

'Darling, hold my hand
Be my girl, I'll be your man.
I see my future in your eyes.'

As the chorus came around, Tom leaned back, twirling (Y/N) around in a circle. Despite everything that had happened that day, she laughed, holding a firm grip on her husband's hands, dancing in the empty spaces of their home.

"Don't worry about today, darling. Tomorrow is a chance to start over." Tom told her as they danced through the kitchen and around the island in the middle.

"Are you always so poetic?" (Y/N) asked as he lifted her up and moved her gracefully to his other side.

Tom grinned, "For you, absolutely."

'Baby, I'm dancing in the dark
With you between my arms.
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song.

I have faith in what I see.
Now I know I have met an angel in person
She looks perfect
I don't deserve this.'

"You look perfect, tonight." Tom sung the end, leaning down to kiss her. (Y/N) smiled, her back resting on his chest as they shared the moment, "Do you feel better, darling?"

(Y/N) nodded, turning around to hug him tightly, "Yes, thank you."

"No worries, love." Tom whispered, hugging her back, "I'll be your cure for a bad day."

Chapter Text

"Hey, what's up - I'm Spider-Man. Thought I'd come by and say hi to my friend Peter." He spoke to himself, pulling his t-shirt over his head and revealed his whole Spider-Man costume.

Peter looked down at the party, Ned standing in the room looking around. He sighed, whispering, "What am I doing?"

"Don't do it then."

The young hero flinched, looking across from him and to the girl sitting on the edge of the roof. Peter tilted his head slightly, studying her before speaking, "(Y/N)?"

(Y/N) turned around and gave him a smile, "Hey, Spider-Man."

Peter looked down and immediately back up, "Oh, no, no, no. This is- it's not-!"

(Y/N) chuckled quietly and turned back to looking over the party, "Your secret's safe with me, Webs."

Peter sat next to her, "So... y-you're not freaking out?"

The female turned and looked at him. She frowned, "Why should I be freaked out?"

"W-Well, we are best friends - and I'm Spider-Man."

(Y/N) looked at him again, "I'm a little offended you didn't tell me." She grinned, "But it is pretty awesome knowing my best friend is a hero."

"Why are you not at the party?" Peter asked after a moment of silence.

(Y/N) looked down at the ruckus, noticing the smashed glass by the pool that was caused earlier, "I don't like social events."

Peter chuckled slightly, "Then why are you here?"

(Y/N) gave a side smile but quiet explosion went off in the distance before she could respond, causing Peter to look up suddenly. His brown orbs turned back to (Y/N) apologetically. She smiled, "Go, hero."

Peter grinned, "I'll be back."

He quickly swung off. (Y/N) looked to her wrist as it bleeped and rolled her eyes, "I'm sure you will, Peter."


Peter looked down at the three men as they discussed something before his phone rang, causing two of them to point their guns at the other.

"You set us up!"

"Whoa- hey, man-!"

The young hero immediately jumped down, "Hey, if you're going to shoot at anyone, shoot at me!"

The guy looked at him, "Alright." Before he could fire, Peter webbed his gun and yanked it away. He went to run towards him, but another guy smacked Peter around the jaw with another device.

"Oh, ho, ho! Did you see that?"

He went to fire again before another figure jumped out from the shadows and punched him across the face, before landing in a super heroic position. "What the-?" The two men immediately got in the van and drove off, leaving Peter and the strange figure.

"What..." Peter got up, saw them leaving before webbing the side of the van, enough to pull him along.

"Peter!" The hooded figure shouted.

Spider-Man glanced back suddenly, "(Y-Y/N)?"

But he couldn't focus on that right now. (Y/N) huffed before racing after them.

"DANIEL, set a course on Peter's trial. Tell me what direction he's heading in." (Y/N) spoke to her suit's AI.

"Sure, thing." the British accent of DANIEL responded, showing a map with a red line on the side of her vision.

Peter huffed, swinging through gardens and over houses, "I'm gonna get you." He'd already crashed through people's pools and fences, and now he also had to try to understand how (Y/N) was following him.

"Peter, what are you doing?" She yelled, zipping around him at her quick pace.

"What does it look like? I'm trying to catch a bad guy!" He answered, jumping over another fence, "How come you never told me about this!"

"You never told me you were Spider-Man!" (Y/N) shouted.

"I just did!"

"No, I just found out. But I already knew!"


"You are terrible at keeping secrets." (Y/N) rolled her eyes under the mask, though it was visible on it, "Luckily everyone at school is oblivious."

"Get out of here, (Y/N), I got this!" He yelled back, jumping off a roof, "I got yo- whoa!" He was suddenly grabbed by the claws of a metal vulture.

(Y/N) gasped, "Peter!" She raced under them, watching as the young hero struggled in the enemy's grasp. She took a breath before sprinting quickly and leaping up until she landed on the vulture's frame. They flew across the buildings, (Y/N) trying to fight the enemy in the air.

She couldn't see his face, which was a pain because of his mask, and his harsh grip was already clawing at her arms. The vulture yanked her off just as he floated high above the lake and threw her down. Peter shouted towards her and was able to remove himself from his grasp via parachute.

Spider-Man yelped as he dropped, before slinging his web towards (Y/N) and pulling her towards him. He wrapped his arms and legs around her just before they hit the water.

The parachute surrounded them, (Y/N) barely able to stay calm from the panic attack she experienced of a near sudden death. It felt like it was trying to suffocate them.

Another suit dived in the lake, quickly scooping Peter up. (Y/N) was held bridely in Spider-Man's arms. "T-Thank you- oh." Peter looked up and saw the Iron Man suit before he relaxed, looking down at (Y/N).


"What were you thinking?" Tony asked, watching as both (Y/N) and Peter squeezed the water out of their masks.

"They connected to the bad guy, so I followed them to take them down!" Peter rambled.

"Take them down now?"

(Y/N) could hear it in Stark's voice that he just wanted Peter to leave it. The two continued arguing until Tony turned his attention to her.

"And what were you thinking?" He snapped angrily.

"I was looking after my friend!"

"You were supposed to watch him, not fight battles with him. Now your identity has been discovered by Peter." Tony responded.


"But nothing, young lady. You are going back to the compound where Vision can keep an eye on you."

(Y/N) looked down, "Yes, Uncle Tony."

Peter's eyes widened, "You're his NIECE?" He exclaimed.

(Y/N) shrugged, "Adopted."

"Yes, my niece who almost got herself in danger for you." Tony answered.

"No, wait. I-I'm sorry. I can't let you do this to her. She was just protecting me!" Peter spoke, "Mr Stark, don't punish her for something I caused."

Tony sighed, "I don't want to, she's the best spy to look out for you." Peter gave her a side glance while (Y/N) smiled at him nervously, "But if you two are going to keep this up, I can't have (Y/N) staying here."

"We won't, I promise!" Peter answered.

"Alright, so forget the flying vulture guy-" The two went off on one again, Peter wanting to fight the enemy whilst Tony was telling him no.

But (Y/N) wasn't listening. Instead she was thinking about how Peter stuck up for her and defended her, even though she knew she wasn't allowed to go after him. Her identity wasn't supposed to be known, not even as a 'new masked hero' as the news would put it.

"But, Mr Stark-!"

"Mr Stark is no longer connected." FRIDAY told him before the Iron Man suit flew off.

Peter sighed before (Y/N) spoke up, "Thank you."

"For what?" He frowned.

"Sticking up for me. Tony's protective whenever I go into battle - I can't do anything."

"That's okay. I'm just thankful that you had my back, but I don't want you following me anymore. I don't want Mr Stark to worry that you might get hurt." Peter sighed.

"And being related to him doesn't already give me a disadvantage?" She chuckled, shuffling closer to the young hero.

"I guess." Peter and (Y/N) looked up at the night sky, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I was supposed to be undercover looking after you. I wasn't allowed to." She sighed before smirking, "Why didn't you tell me you where Spider-Man?"

"Well, I'm guessing you already knew." He grinned at her.

"Do you want to head back to your crush's party?" (Y/N) asked, standing up on the climbing frame.


"Liz?" She asked, "Everyone can tell you like her, you know. Like I said, you're terrible at keeping secrets."

Peter hummed, standing and jumping down from the climbing frame. He looked up at her, noticing how her hair was down and past her shoulders. He'd never seen (Y/N) with her hair down, or how it began to curl around the ends and a few loose strands framed her face.

"Used to be." He smiled.

"What?" (Y/N) asked, racing down to in front of him.

"She used to be my crush, now I think I'm falling for someone else." Peter looked down at (Y/N) noticing the small frown lines of disappointment before she smiled warmly.

"Oh yeah? Who is this person then?" She smirked, "Do I know her?"

"Yup. You're close with her."


Peter chuckled, "No. This person's got long, (H/C) locks that curls when it's wet. She's got bright (E/C) orbs that seem to light up whenever she talks about something she loves." Peter moved forward a little and raised his hand to caress her cheek, "She has this amazing smile that seems to lighten up my day. She crazy, insane maybe, but that's what I love about her."

(Y/N) flushed slightly and Peter chuckled, "She's got the cutest blush."

"I swear, Parker. If you are talking about someone else-!" (Y/N) was cut off as Peter lips pressed against hers, and she immediately responded, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Peter pulled back, "Of course I was talking about someone else. That someone else is you, (Y/N)."

(Y/N) smiled and pressed her lips against his again. After a few seconds, Peter pulled back again, "Hey, why's your suit the same colour as mine?"

(Y/N) grinned, "So bad guys can't see me bleed."

Chapter Text

Loki flipped another page of his book, taking a deep, silent sigh. Every day was the same in these prisons. The guards walked up and down the hallway, looking in each of the cells with their judging eyes, always seeming to linger on Loki's a little longer. He scoffed, paying no attention to them - he was far superior to them anyway.

Odin continuously brought him new friends who sneered in his direction, whilst Mother would supply him with new books to make his time in prison more comfortable. The other inmates glared every time something new was added and so he simply smirked back - he was used to negative attention.

Nothing interesting ever happened in these prisons.

That's what he thought until he heard an angry scream come from the stairs, causing him to snap his book shut and look over.

In the hallway, multiple guards walked down. There were two in front, leading the way to the new prisoner's cell. After them were two larger guards, both having a strong grip of a young female. Loki's orbs widened slightly when he looked at her, taking in her (H/C) locks and bright, shining (E/C) orbs.

Tears were collecting in her orbs but anger was written over her face as she yanked and tossed herself around, trying to pull herself free. "Unhand me!" She spat, her feet barely touching the ground anymore.

Loki watched as the cell in front of him open, leading the two guards to swing the female into it, her small frame slamming against the back wall as she yelped in pain. The cell wall closed again, and the guards left, Loki still staring at the panting female laying on the ground. She sniffed, using her palm to wipe away a few stray tears.

Slowly, she lifted herself up to a crawl position, now panting lightly as one of her hands gripped her stomach. The God glared at the backs of the guards, prisoner or not, that was no way to treat a lady. At least he had some morals.

"Are you alright?"

The female looked up, pain evident in her face, even as she weakly grinned. She slumped down and leant against the back wall, looking across the hallway to the male in front. His cell was noticeably nicer than any of the others, she could only guess that was the reason the other prisoners spat in his direction - he was a God, after all.

"Ah, the famous God of Mischief." She smirked, her eyes twinkling, "I've heard you were in here."

"You know me?" He asked, standing, arms behind his back.

"Who doesn't?" She chuckled, wincing slightly as pain erupted in her stomach again, "You're Loki. The adopted son of Odin and Frigga, brother of Thor."

"They are no family of mine." He spat.

"Even Frigga? She loves you, you know. It's clear as day in the kingdom." The female replied, gesturing to his cell and the items inside.

Loki looked away before asking, "What's your name, renegade?"

"Renegade?" She muttered before answering his question, "My name is (Y/N), Prince Loki. (Y/N) (L/N)."

The God kissed the back of his teeth as she spoke his title, "How did you get here?"

"Well, I think- I think, I was dragged here against my will by those delinquents." She seethed, glaring down the hallway slightly as she stumbled to the edge of her cell. Her lips twitched when she looked at the annoyance spread across the God's face.

"Well, I couldn't see that much." Loki rolled his eyes, "I meant, why have you been imprisoned?"

(Y/N) shrugged, "Ran away from my home, killed a few people - you know, the normal."

"And from where did you run?"

(Y/N) glances back at him, her eyes meeting his. He noticed the crimson twinkle behind them, and frowned as she spoke, "I'm afraid you won't like the answer to that, my Prince."


Over the next few weeks, Loki and (Y/N) talked more often. They learnt more and more about each other, but Loki had never been able to find out where she came from. It was always the same response, 'you won't like that answer, my Prince.'

He found he quite liked her calling him that, and it was only her. Never would he want those words to escape someone else's lips. They were only for her to speak.

They were having a normal day in the prisons when the alarms sounded, interrupting Loki from his book and waking (Y/N) from her sleep. Shouts and cries where heard from afar until an unknown beast walked past their cells. He looked at them both, shaking his head, like he knew they were too dangerous to be let loose.

The creature turned his back, only for Loki to speak, "You might want to take the stairs to the left."

(Y/N) watched as the creature turned to him before walking off, taking the God's advice. She picked at her fingers, glancing to him over the fight, "You may live to regret that." She mumbled, though it was unheard by Loki over the noise.

And was she right.

Oh, how she hated that she was right.

(Y/N) was there when the guard told him of his mother's death. She was there when she watched his face crumble for the first time, tears silently leaving his eyes. He never tried to let it show, but (Y/N) could always tell. She watched as he destroyed his cell, then placed up an illusion to fool others. She hated how Odin didn't even let Frigga's son be part of her funeral - he couldn't even say goodbye.

"You may fool them," she spoke softly, "But you cannot fool me, my Prince." Whatever illusions Loki could create, they didn't effect (Y/N). She could see through them and it broke her to watch him.

"Leave me alone, (Y/N)." He muttered, pacing around his cell, as if looking for something else to throw. It was his fault, he blamed himself. He told that creature to go left. He was the reason for his mother's death.

"My Prince, you mustn't blame yourself." She spoke, crawling as close as she could to the edge of her cell.

"It was my fault." Loki hissed, "I told him to take those stairs. It's my fault!" He yelled before he let out an angry shout before slumping back against the wall.

His hair was already a mess, and he no longer wore his royal attire. Instead he was dressed in comfortable jeans and a sweater, but his feet where bare and covered in berries that had been splattered across the ground.

"You weren't to know." (Y/N) responded, "Please don't beat yourself up. Frigga wouldn't want you to blame yourself. What can I do to make you feel better?"

Loki chuckled dryly, "Telling me where you come from may take the edge off."

(Y/N) sighed, "I'm afraid I cannot tell you, my Prince."

"Why? If I am your Prince, why should you lie to me?" He questioned, his bloodshot eyes staring at her.

(Y/N) looked away from his piercing stare and down at her fingers, "You would hate me."

Loki frowned, but didn't respond as footsteps where heard. Immediately, his illusion returned, and (Y/N) noticed Prince Thor walk into the room. She tensed as the blond looked into the cell and immediately looked away from his stare, recoiling back into the corner.

"Thor." Loki's illusion spoke, glaring down at his brother, "After all this time and now you've come to visit me. Why? To gloat?"

Thor looked unamused, even his face barely covering the pain of losing his mother, "Loki, enough. No more illusions."

The God's eyes widened slightly before he sighed, and his illusion faded, "Now you see me, brother."

(Y/N) drowned out the rest of their conversation and curled up in the corner of her cell. If Loki knew where she came from, he would hate her and surely kill her. She wouldn't stand a chance against the Son of Laufey and adopted Son of Odin.


"I'm not leaving her."

(Y/N) looked up suddenly, noticing the God of Mischief standing outside her cell.

"Loki, she's a criminal." Thor told him.

"As am I, and yet you trust me enough." Loki stated, "I trust her, I'm not going anywhere without her. She's been there for me when nobody was."

(Y/N) orbs widened slightly as the cell wall came down and Loki stepped in the cell towards her. She immediately tried pushing herself further into the corner, "No, my Prince, don't come any closer."

Loki paused, "Why? (Y/N), I won't hurt you." He went to reach for her, but a few centimeters from her skin, his hand went cold and turned blue in that one spot before disappearing.

Loki stared at his hand, eyes widened. He looked back down at the female, noticing that (Y/N) looked up at him in fear. Her body shook, gulping as he leaned down to her again. This time he gently grasped her hand and pulled her to her feet, not caring that the blue flesh was crawling up his arm until it reached his face.

Loki watched as (Y/N)'s skin turned a light blue, soft darkened patterns running along her cheeks and forehead. He watched her eye turn a dark ruby colour, still flooded with fear and sorrow.

"I'm sorry I disappoint you, my Prince." She whispered, looking down.

Loki frowned, his skin still blue as he leaned down. His fingers lifted her chin, and before she could protest, his lips connected with hers, cold skin causing them both to shiver slightly. (Y/N)'s eyes were wide, even as he pulled back and gave her a small smile.

"You could never disappoint me, (Y/N). This only makes me fall in love with you even more." Loki whispered.

"W-What?" She stuttered.

"I love you, my Queen."

A throat cleared from behind and Thor stood there awkwardly,  "Uhm, we should get going." He mumbled, pointing towards the exit.

Loki gave his brother a small glare before gently gripping (Y/N)'s hand and pulling her with him. As they walked behind Thor, their skin slowly returned to their usual skin tone and (Y/N) pulled the God of Mischief down to her height. She pressed a kiss into his jaw, "I love you too, my King."

Chapter Text

(Y/N) watched the screen in an anticipation, wishing - no, begging - for it to reach 100%. Her knee bounced in its place as she sat in a cold, damp room, only a dim light coming from above.

She didn't even know where she was. The only thing she did know was that she was taken, and now forced to retrieve something from SHIELD - she had to go against her own to save herself because she knew he would not take this lightly.

It must've been two weeks, that or more.

(Y/N) was comfortably sat at home alone when she was attacked, having to fight for her life before he strolled in and lifted her with ease over his shoulder and took her away. All her guns had been taken from her, and she was defenseless against him - who could possibly take on the Winter Soldier without a weapon or a shield, and survive?

She thought that he was okay. He'd been on the run from SHIELD for the past two months after he escaped captivity. But even before then, he and (Y/N) would have pleasant conversations. Never would she bring up his past, or the metal arm, instead they would talk about what they both liked, sometimes she would tell him about her missions and he would give her tips on how to improve, sometimes their conversations would be about Steve.

(Y/N) never saw this coming.

She sighed which turned into a yawn, rubbing her tired eyes. She hadn't had a proper rest since she got here. (Y/N) knew he was on the run, and so they never stayed in one place for too long.  If anyone attacked them, she would be useless - no weapon, no rest, she would be an easy target.

(Y/N) looked up as the screen bleeped, but her eyes widened in horror when she read:

F I L E  D E L E T E D

"No," she mumbled, quickly typing on the old laptop, "No." This was the one thing he asked her to do, the only thing that was keeping her alive, "No, no, no." She searched everywhere on SHIELD's database, but nothing came up - she had deleted it, "No, no, NO!" she screamed, yanking at her hair.

Her body froze when she heard his footsteps creeping along the wooden floorboards and he appeared at the door, dark eyes scanning her. He noticed her fearful and panicked look, and his eyes cast down to the screen, noticing the words.

His fists clenched, "You deleted it?"

"What, n-no I didn't!" she stuttered, shifting backwards as he stepped closer.

"Then why does it say that you have?" He snapped, "I asked you to do one thing. Retrieve my file - the one thing that can give me answers, and you take it away from me?"

(Y/N) quickly moved to the side as he leapt for her, backing against the wall, "No, Bucky, I-I would never do that! I know how much that file means to you. I promised you, I didn't?"

"Apparently, your promises don't mean anything."

(Y/N) flinched as he went to grab her, but the front door of the house they were residing in burst open, shouts of people invading the silence. Bucky's face turned slowly from the side back to hers, and (Y/N) swallowed as she looked at the anger in them.

"What did you do?" he seethed, his large body blocking her from escape.

"I didn't do anything!" she answered, trying to push herself closer to the wall.

"You called them." he snarled, grabbing the laptop and shoving it in her hands, "If you even move from this room, I will hurt you." He grabbed a gun from his back pocket and ran out, firing ensued.

(Y/N) slid down in the corner, opening the laptop back up. She noticed a red dot in the corner of the screen that soon opened up, revealing Nick Fury, "Agent (L/N), thank God you're okay."

"Director?" she mumbled, not sure whether she was imagining things from the lack of sleep.

"(Y/N), you need to get out of there, right now." Fury stated, "There's a chopper waiting for you half a mile out."

"W-What about Barnes?"

"He will be captured or killed, either way, he will pay for his crimes."

"Sir, you can't do that to him!" (Y/N) answered, wide awake now.

"(Y/N), he's a criminal."

"No, he's not, he's lost. All he wants is his file." she told him.

Nick nodded, "We know. That's why we deleted it."

(Y/N) froze, "What?" She flinched when a gun dropped to the floor and she looked up to find the enraged Winter Soldier stalking towards her. The laptop was snatched from her arms and crushed against the wall in a second.

Bucky grabbed hold of (Y/N) and harshly yanked her to her feet, dragging her out the room. (Y/N)'s breathing grew heavy when she saw the destruction outside the room, Agent's littered across the ground, some with broken necks, others with bullet holes through their heads. Despite him being the enemy, she buried her face in his back, not wanting to see any more.

She didn't have time to register anything before she was slammed against the wall, a grunt leaving her, "Why did you delete my file?" he snarled, hands gripping her wrists, surely to leave bruise marks.

"I didn't, SHIELD did." she snapped back, trying to hold back her fear of the man in front.

"Then why did you send them our location? Did you really think those amateurs would be able to save you?" he spat, dark hair falling in his glaring eyes.

"They had a tracker on the laptop - which isn't surprising since you took it from them!" At once, (Y/N) was pulled forward and slammed against the wall again, another groan of pain leaving her.

"You did this." he seethed.

"No, I didn't, Barnes." she hissed.

"Yes, you did!" the Winter Soldier threw her to the ground before pinning her to the floor, arms by her head, "Why would you delete my file!"

"I wouldn't! SHIELD did! They knew it would tell you everything about you and your past. I would never delete something that important!" she yelled back, gritting her teeth as his fingers dug into her already bruised wrists.

(Y/N) knew she needed to fight back. At the moment, it was her only possible chance of survival. She picked up her knee and kicked against his crotch, sending him reeling back. (Y/N) stood up, wobbling slightly at the new bruises that had formed on her body.

"You did this." he snarled, but his voice seemed noticeably weaker, "Don't you know how much that file meant to me? I was going to be able to put my past behind me, make my peace with it until you deleted it."

(Y/N)'s orbs widened, and she was too slow to react as she was slammed against the wall again, only this time, his cold, metal hand was wrapped around her neck. (Y/N) choked, struggling to breath, "B-Buck. I-I know what it meant to you." she stuttered, gripping his hand.

"No, you don't. That's why you took it away from me!" he snapped.

"Bucky, I love you. W-Why would I ever want to hurt you?" she gasped, eyes squeezed shut, "B-Buck, please. I know another way to find it, but you need to listen to me. I would never take something like that away from you." his fingers had loosened slightly, "You mean too much for me to hurt you - please, I don't want to fight you."

(Y/N) opened one of her orbs, noticing the tears glistening in his dark eyes. They were still angry and determined, but something had weakened him. At once, he dropped to his knees in front of her, (Y/N) dropping soon after, coughing and panting to get air into her lungs.

(Y/N) looked up as she heard the soldier sniff, staring at his hands. She swallowed, wincing slightly before weakly sitting up in front of him. Her shaky arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him down to her more. She tensed slightly as she felt his arms slither around her bruised waist but ignored the slight pain.

"I know what that file means to you, Bucky." she whispered, burying her head in his shoulder, "I'll do anything to get it back for you." she promised.

Chapter Text


"Whoever you are, I demand you to stop attacking Asgard's boarders. These people haven't done anything to you." Thor shouted at the vigilante in front of him. He knew not who they were, her face always being covered in the dark shadow her hood casted.

The female chuckled unsheathing her sword as she stepped closer, one foot stepping in front of the other, "How ironic, the Prince doesn't remember me." she hissed, "I didn't expect any less."

"I want you to stop terrorizing my people. I know not who you are, but I do know these people are innocent of your actions." Thor warned, clutching Mjolnir in his hand.

"Is that so? If that's what you think, then you should take a better look back on your kingdom, my Prince."

Thor twitched, frowning slightly. Something about the way she said his title was strangely familiar, as if he'd heard it before. He shrugged it off, however, and asked, "What have my people done to wrong you?"

She chuckled, her bright eyes shining through the darkness of her cloak, "You would never believe me."

And she ran at him, drawing back her sword. Thor stepped back under her quick swing, barely dodging the sharp blade. He stood straight, taking a strong step forward before swinging Mjolnir, only for the female to jump and dodge his attack.

Thor stared, how did she evade that?

But his thoughts were short lived as he noticed her running at him, her blade in the air. Thor ducked, swinging his leg around to knock her off guard. She landed with a grunt before flipping herself up, kicking the God harshly in the process. She used his unguarded state to her advantage, swinging herself around his body until her legs wrapped around his neck and flung him to the floor.

Thor grunted, stumbling to stand as he reached for Mjolnir. The female smirked under her hood, "Funny, I expected you to be stronger, my Prince." she bent backwards as Mjolnir was thrown towards her. On its return, she grabbed its handle, letting it drag her towards the God before she swung her leg around and kicked him across the jaw.

"I've one question, your majesty." She spoke, standing tall above him, "How's your darling adopted brother?" she spat the words like they were poison to her, "I'd like to know whether he got what was coming for him after everything he put me through."

Thor suddenly attacked, whacking the unexpecting female with his hammer, sending her flying back, "You dare speak ill of my family?"

She chuckled, "Why, of course. Because I remember how they really cared for me - after all, a cell is a wonderful place to stay when your father is killed, and you have to pay his debt."

The God of Thunder paused, tilting his head. No... there was no way - she was gone. His orbs widened when she ran at him, only for another figure to slam their body against hers, sending her flying into the wall to the side of them.

Thor looked down and saw Sif, annoyance written on her face, "Less chatter, more fighting. This rebel is a threat to Asgard."

The blond male looked over and saw the female already standing on her feet, fighting the Warriors Three, barely able to stop their weapons from attacking her. She grunted as a blade swiped across her stomach, and it was enough of a distraction to have her yanked down, arms held tightly in a kneeling position.

Thor looked to Sif, raising his hand to stop her from drawing her sword. The Lady nodded, instead picking up the renegade's weapon and keeping it from her.

The God of Thunder walked over to the female, taking a breath as he gripped her hood and tore it from her jacket. A soon as they all saw her face, each of them gasped, staring in shock.

Thor stepped back as she looked up at him, revealing the large scar that cross her left eye. He frowned, "(Y/N)?" he breathed, dropping the hood to the ground.

(Y/N) smirked slightly, "Hello, my Prince."

"No," he shook his head in disbelief, "They told me you were taken and killed. They said that they found your remains in Jotunhiem."

She snickered, shaking her head as she looked down, "They fed you lies so you wouldn't go searching. I knew you wouldn't have cared anyway."

"(Y/N), why should I not have cared?" he asked, lifting her chin up as he cupped her cheek, "I thought you knew how I felt about you?"

(Y/N) removed her face from his hand and glared at him, "Yes, your cocky younger self made it very clear how you felt about me. And I was not killed, clearly. I was taken and trained - trained to be an enemy of Asgard. With the way you treated me, I was more than happy to comply."

"But (Y/N), what about all those innocent lives you took, and the ones you were going to take?" Thor asked, clenching his fists, "No Asgardian has wronged you."

She chuckled half-heartedly, "Do you really believe that? My, you are more the fool I took you for. These people never liked me, Lady Sif can back this up." she glanced to the warrior behind the Prince, "These people treated me like their slave, as if I was nothing more than the ground they walked on. You took me from my home, I never belonged here, even Odin made that very clear."

"You do belong here." Thor spoke, "You belong here with me, by my side as my Princess, and soon, my Queen."

(Y/N) looked up, "And how do you think your people will react to that proposal? I've just killed people of your kingdom and fought against you which is a violation to the law. I'm only human, my Prince. They would say I was your liability. They would kill me for you."

Thor knelt down to her and gripped her chin, forcing her to look at him, "You are not my liability. You are stronger and more capable than what you give yourself credit for. They may not be happy with my decision, but I don't care. You are mine - you're my Queen, a deserving human of that title."

(Y/N) smiled sadly, closing her eyes, "You've chosen wrong, my Prince."

Her head suddenly lurched forward, slamming against his, causing him to reel back, gripping his bruised nose. (Y/N) tore herself from the grip of the Warriors Three and held out her hand. Her sword yanked itself from Sif's grasp, just like Thor's hammer would. She swung around her weapon, knocking the Warrior's off-guard before spinning and landing a harsh kick on each of them, sending them tumbling down.

"(Y/N), why are you doing this?"

(Y/N) looked down at her Prince, an apologetic look across her face, "I'm sorry, Thor. I guess your brother did teach me one thing." she knelt down, her blade pressed against the God's neck to prevent him from moving. She placed a gentle kiss on his chapped lips before pulling away, "You can't trust anyone."

And without a second to spare, she ran from the scene, leaving Thor, Sif and the Warrior's Three to stare after her.

"Sif, I think you trained her too well." Fandral muttered.

"What do we do now, Thor?" she asked, turning to the God.

He looked down, his hand running along his throat slightly as he whispered, "I don't know."

Chapter Text

(Y/N) tightened the thin cloth around her as she walked through the cold land of Jotunhiem - the remains at least. She cursed the Prince for removing her hood, now the Frost Giants could stare at her with their menacing eyes, snorting in disgust. She clenched her jaw - I've done more for you than you'll ever know.

"Sir, the Warrior has return." one of the guards announced as she reached his throne.

She knelt down, bowing her head - this was the only reason he kept her alive. She knew ways into Asgard without the Bi-frost, and now thanks to Loki, his father had caught hold of her knowledge.

"So, Warrior, you've returned." Laufey's voice broke through the silence, "Did you complete your mission?"

(Y/N) knew he could hear her heart beat, there was no doubt. Swallowing, she answered quietly, "No, my King."

"Speak up." Laufey growled, clenching his fists.

"No, my King." she repeated, loud enough for all the surrounding Frost Giants to hear. She could hear their snickers and faint murmurs - they never understood why their king didn't just end her pathetic mortal existence.

"And why not?"

"The Prince of Asgard prevented me from doing so, along with Lady Sif and the Warriors Three." she responded.

"Stand." Laufey ordered, walking over to her and towering above her. (Y/N) rose to her feet, still not looking up to him, "You are familiar with the God of Thunder, yes?"

"Yes, my King."

"You know his weaknesses, correct?"

(Y/N) tensed as he paused in front of her, "Yes, my King."

Laufey harshly grabbed her chin and forced her to look up at him, "So, why did you fail your mission?"

He could feel her tremble in his grasp, but she hid it well form the others. He was the only one who could see the fear in her eyes - she was brave, he'd give her that. (Y/N) looked up at him, eyes hardened to remove emotion, "I told you, my King. The Prince and his warriors stopped me from doing so."

Laufey tutted and let go, his hand running down to the necklace under her shirt and held it in his palm, "The source of your strength. Something that I bestowed upon you. We made a deal that if I gave you this, you would serve me. Yet, you've failed me."

(Y/N) looked up at him angrily, "You also promised that you would bring no harm to the Prince."

Laufey shrugged, "You can't trust anyone." And he ripped the item from her neck, causing her to gasp and grip her chest. She fell to her knees and Laufey grinned, turning away from her, "Take her to her chambers. Teach her what happens when she fails to complete orders." he snapped, leading two guards to grab hold of the small female and yank her away.

(Y/N) yelled out angrily, trying to fight against them, "I've done everything you've asked of me!"

"And yet you fail this one mission." Laufey told her, glancing over his shoulder, "And for speaking back, you are to receive more punishment."


Thor didn't know what to do. There was no way he could see Odin about this issue. He would say she was a waste of time, that she doesn't belong here. Thor did take her from her home, but only because he believed she was worthy in becoming his Queen.

"I know why you've come."

Thor looked up, finding himself staring at Heimdall. He glanced around, "I'm... not sure how I got here."

"You came here on your own free will. You believe that you need her, when in reality, it is her that needs you more." the Guardian spoke, gold eyes glinting.

Thor looked out into the stars, frowning to himself, "Can you see her?"

"I can, which is odd." Heimdall answered, "I am usually blocked from seeing her."

"How is she?"

Heimdall sighed, glancing to the Prince as he walked back to the Bi-frost sword, "She is receiving her punishment."

Thor turned to face him, horror on his face, "What?"

"She failed the mission she was sent here for. Laufey has ordered his guards to punish her for that."

"She's on Jotunhiem?" Thor asked, "I-I must go and find her. She's in danger there."

"It is forbidden." Heimdall reminded him, "Odin would cast you out again. Is that a risk you are willing to take?"

Thor turned back and nodded, clenching his hammer in his grasp, "It is for her."

"We cannot allow you to do this." a voice broke out, leading Thor and Heimdall to look at the four newcomers. Sif grinned, "Not alone."

"Friends, Odin would strip you of your titles if you were to come with me." Thor told them.

"(Y/N) was our friend also." Sif answered, walking up to the Prince, "We will risk everything to make sure she's safe."

"And she sure makes a wonderful meal at times!" Volstagg grinned, patting his belly.

"You must stop talking about your stomach at serious times!" Fandral told him, leaving his friend to chuckle.

Thor smiled, "Thank you, my friends. I owe you a debt." he looked to the Guardian and nodded, "When you're ready, Heimdall."

"You understand, I will not open that gate until it is safe." Heimdall warned.

"Do not worry." Thor spoke, turning to face the stars again, "I've grown from my arrogant self."


Unlike last time, Thor decided on trying to keep a low profile on this visit to Jotunheim. If (Y/N) was truly being punished, he didn't want her to be harmed further. He knew Odin would disagree with what he was doing, but he didn't care - as long as she was safe, that's all that mattered.

They had been searching every nook and cranny of Laufey's home until they came across a small, dungeon looking chamber. Inside it was frightfully cold and dark, no source of light came from anywhere unless the door was open.

But it wasn't the room Thor was worried about, it was the small sniffles and weeps that came from a corner. As he opened the door wider, light flooded in, showing a sight he wouldn't wish upon anyone.

Her back was bare, clothing ripped open with every slash of the whip that came down on it. Her pale, soft skin was now decorated with bloodied lines and dark bruises. On her side, Thor tensed when he saw a burn mark, in the shape of a circle - a brand. Thankfully, the Frost Giants had kept her decent, exposing none of her other skin that was for only him to see.

With her back facing him, her hands where bound and stretched either side of her, knuckles whitening as she clenched onto the chains that were tightly wrapped around her raw wrists.

But it was her voice that broke him most, "P-Please, no more."

He swallowed, "(Y/N)."

Her body jolted at his voice, desperate to see if he was truly there, or if it was just the lack of water causing her to hallucinate, "T-Thor?" her voice cracked, and her chains where immediately crushed from her wrists, leaving her body to crumple to the ground.

Her watery eyes looked up, facing the Prince of Asgard. Even though she knew he was good, fear still crept into her mind, showing easily in her orbs.

"Calm down, (Y/N)." he whispered when he noticed her heartbeat picking up, gently reaching out his hands to cup her face, "You're safe, okay? I won't hurt you."


"It's me, darling." he nodded, gently taking her hands, "Now, come on. We must get you out of here."

But (Y/N) violently shook her head, "I-I can't, Laufey will be after me. T-Thor, he-he wants me to kill you." she stuttered, "I-I can't."

Thor shushed her, nodding to the warriors to prepare their exit, "He won't hurt you again, I promise. You need to trust me. He'll never hurt you again." He suddenly ripped part of his cap, drawing a gasp from all of them as he wrapped it around (Y/N)'s shivering form.

"Ah, the Son of Odin. He has returned for his pet." (Y/N) tensed in Thor's arms as Laufey appeared at the door, causing Lady Sif and the Warriors Three to line up in front of the Prince.

"I've come to protect this being from your wrath." Thor gritted his teeth, pushing (Y/N) gently behind him.

Laufey held up the necklace, leaving (Y/N) to tense, "You see this? This is what gave the mortal her strength." He suddenly crushed in his grasp, letting the remains scatter across the floor, "Now there's nothing remarkable about her. Why would you waste your time on such a pathetic thing?"

Thor's arms held (Y/N) tighter as she shivered, "I'm taking her back to Asgard, whether you let us or not."

"I'm afraid you can't do that. She belongs to me. You saw the brand mark, did you not?" Laufey grinned.

Thor's eyes hardened, "The only one she belongs to, is me." he swung his hammer, knocking Laufey off guard completely before he smashed a hole in the wall, granting them escape.

"Was this part of the plan?" Sif yelled to the Prince as he carried (Y/N) in his arms.

"Plans fail all the time. It's how you handle it that counts." he responded. The warriors stumbled in their footing when a bright light from the bi-frost made Odin appear in front of them, each of them tensing.

"Boy," Odin hissed, "You risk your life and title for this mortal?"

"I do, father. She's in danger here." Thor answered, setting (Y/N) to her feet.

"She does not belong with you. She is weak, unworthy!" Odin spat, "You defy the one rule I set to keep Asgard safe for a slave."

"It is only because you've decided to call her that she ended up here." Thor answered, glaring at his father.

"She's killed numerous Asgardians. She's even tried to kill you and yet you waste your time on rescuing her." Odin growled.

Through their small argument, (Y/N)'s orbs widened at the approaching threat behind Odin. Laufey. Using her last bit of strength, she grabbed the nearest weapon and threw it towards the All-father. It barely brushed the hair on his head before crashing into the Frost Giant behind him, knocking Laufey and his guards back with a startled yelp.

The weapon drew back to (Y/N)'s hand, and they each stared wide eyed at the female as she held Mjolnir in her grasp. Thor let out a smirk, much to Odin's distaste, before his face dropped and he caught an unconscious female in his grasp.


(Y/N) slowly opened her eyes, slightly blinded by the sunlight that shone through the large window. She lay on her stomach, twitching when she shifted her back, a small whimper of discomfort.

"(Y/N)?" she heard a soft voice whisper, and she turned her head to meet the bright, blue eyes of the Prince.

"Thor?" she frowned, "What happened?"

"You saved my father, even after he spoke so lowly of you. You held Mjolnir." Thor told her with a smile. He ran a few fingers through her hair, brushing it away from her face, "I always knew you were worthy."

(Y/N) smiled weakly and shook her head, "I'm not worthy, my Prince. I'm branded to the enemy."

She tensed when his hand slipped under the large t-shirt she was wearing, running his fingers along the soft skin, "I'd say otherwise."

(Y/N) looked over her shoulder, seeing the bare skin and noticing that the brand was no longer imprinted on her flesh. She stared at him wide-eyed, "But... how?"

"After you held Mjolnir and saved Odin, we returned to Asgard. I took you straight to the healers. I knew they wouldn't be able to do anything about the brand because it was one of a king." Thor mumbled, his fingers tracing along the now scar-less skin of her back, "But my father came in after they had healed you, he... apologised."

Thor removed his hand and pulled down the collar of his shirt, revealing a new, softer mark on her shoulder. It wasn't a brand more like a tattoo, but something more powerful - somewhere that showed where she belonged, "He was the one who removed the brand mark and gave you this instead."

Thor leaned forward and kissed it, causing a shiver to run through (Y/N), "It looks beautiful on you, Princess." he smiled.

(Y/N) flushed slightly before moving to rest against the Prince, "I'm sorry, Thor. For everything."

He kissed the top of her head and wrapped his arms around her small frame, just happy to be with her again, "You've nothing to be sorry for."

Chapter Text

(Y/N) sighed, closing her book and setting it aside. Finally, she thought, five-page, double sided essay done. She really hated her English teacher sometimes. Seriously, why do they make us do lol this work? They're the ones who have to mark it! She leaned back, reaching over to grab her controller and switching on the TV.

But what she saw horrified her.

'Here are the images from a large house fire that started earlier this evening.' The presenter spoke, 'Many people were trapped inside the house, unable to escape. Firefighters and police were unable to contain the flames, and everyone was worried that no one would make it out alive.

However, in the nick of time, Spider-Man crashed through the first story window and began pulling out people from the fire.' The presenter paused, allowing the viewers to catch up on the horrific story.

(Y/N) watched the clip reply, Spider-Man pulling a young child out before diving straight back into the flames. His suit was covered in ash and was barely showing any of the blue or red. (Y/N)'s hands went around her mouth, eyes wide with fear for those in the flames... and for Spider-Man.

'Out of the ten hostages trapped inside, seven were able to make it out before the house collapsed, leaving the remaining three victims of the flames. It just goes to show that a hero's job is not easy - they can't save everyone.' As the presenter finished, (Y/N) jumped as her window began to slide open.

(E/C) eyes widened and she lifted the window, allowing Spider-Man to stumble inside, (Y/N) barely able to stable her close friend, "Oh my God, Peter!"

His suit was blanketed in ash and blood, and when she pulled off his mask, (Y/N) saw the burns on his skin, but that wasn't the worse part. The worse part was his eyes. They were wide and vulnerable, tears sliding down his cheeks as he avoided her orbs.

(Y/N) bit her lip, pulling him on her bed and letting him collapse, wrapping her arms around him. Her heart broke as he let out a sob, gripping her clothing. (Y/N) buried her head in his shoulder, running her hands comfortingly through his scruffy, dirty hair.

"I-I couldn't save them." he stuttered, his voice hoarse and weak.

(Y/N) could feel his tears seeping through her shirt, but she didn't care. "Peter..." she mumbled, lightly kissing his cheek.

"I-I promised him. I promised him I would save his daughter and t-then come back for him." he cried, "I-I promised him."

"You saved so many people, Peter."

"But I couldn't save them all." he whispered, "I failed, (Y/N). I don't deserve this suit."

(Y/N) pulled back, gently lifting his wounded face, "Peter, you didn't fail. Look at all those people you saved! If you weren't at the scene, none of them would've survived. That man would be thankful that his little girl is alive, he would be happy to know that she is able to live her life and why? Because you gave her that chance, Peter. You gave all those people a chance. Don't ever blame yourself, okay?"

Peter nodded, tears silently falling down his cheeks. (Y/N) frowned worriedly, pressing another kiss onto his cheek and wrapping her arms tightly around him, "I'm proud of you, Spider-Man."


After a few hours, Peter went into the shower to clean himself of the dirt and blood that had seeped through his Spider-Man suit. His mind was still on the image of the little girl I his arms, how scared she was, how worried she looked for her father... the one he couldn't save.

A sob rung out, and (Y/N) gently knocked on the door, "Peter?"

"I-I'm fine." was his response.

(Y/N) knew that it was a lie. No one could go through what Peter just went through and be 'fine', but she didn't question him, "Okay, well, there's some of your clean clothes outside the bathroom to get changed into. I'll be in my room."

A few minutes later, a clean Peter walked through her door, eyes still red and puffy, burn marks still scattered on his skin. (Y/N) pulled him to sit on her bed before tending to his wounds, gently spreading some cream across his burnt skin. A few times he would flinch, (Y/N) quietly apologizing, but most of the time he just stared out the window, unmoving.

(Y/N) shifted in her place, reaching up to put some cream on his cheeks before he grabbed her wrist, "Peter?"

Peter's glassy brown orbs moved to stare at her. (Y/N) frowned, putting some cream on her thumbs before putting the pot down. Her hands rose and gently placed themselves on his cheeks before smoothing along the bright red skin, Peter's eyebrows creasing in pain.

"Sorry." she whispered before wiping her hands clean on her jeans. She looked up at the young hero before sighing, gently running a hand through his hair, "You can't blame yourself, Peter."


(Y/N) gently placed her finger on his lips, "Please, don't blame yourself. You did everything in your power to rescue those seven survivors. No one could've done better." she leaned forward, pulling him into another tight embrace. Peter was quick to wrap his arms around her, pulling her closer, burying his head in her neck, "I'm so proud of you, Peter. You're a hero - you're my hero."

Chapter Text

"We have to kill her."

"No! I will allow you to do no such thing!" Loki shouted, clenching his fists.

"She's dangerous." Thor spoke gravely, "If we let her continue on her rampage, she will destroy this city, and soon this planet, brother."

"You call yourself her friends," Loki snarled, "And yet you are willing to betray her without trying to help her!"

"We have tried." Tony argued, "Every time we did she refused to cooperate - she's gone, Loki!" The God clenched his fists, refusing to believe the lies that were spilling from their lips.

"Her energy spikes every time she kills," Bruce muttered, "If we wait any longer, she'll be too powerful to stop."

"I refuse to let you hurt her!" Loki snapped, "She's just like me, don't you understand that?"

"Loki," Thor sighed, "You killed everyone on Jotunhiem, do you not remember? It is impossible for her to be like you."

Loki growled, a dagger forming in his clenched fist as he pointed it at him, "You will not lay one finger on her, brother. I know what she is, I know I can connect with her." The God's face softened slightly, a more pleading look in his emerald eyes, "Please, Thor!"


Loki stood amongst the dust and rubble, walking forward at a slow pace. He knew she was here - he could feel her presence in the destruction. It was like a rope that tugged him forward, directing him to her position, showing him the way.

He knew what it was - a connection. It wasn't some romantic, cliché soulmate bond, or the image of red string tied around your pinky finger - it was real. A connection that ran through him, through his skin, through every fiber of his being.

No one knew how to properly describe it, not even the Frost Giants knew. The best they could describe it was being a 'mate' to someone, like an animal. They didn't have a certain smell that floated above everyone else's. They didn't meet each other's eyes and find out that way. Somehow, they just knew. There were no cliched sparks - there was electricity, fire, something that rushed through them when they touched. When the time was right, when the right being came along, they knew.

And Loki knew.

It's why he couldn't let his brother kill her - it would kill him. Slowly.

Thor didn't know of this about Frost Giants. Neither did Loki until his mother told him the story of his kind when he was younger, before he ever found out he was one of them.


'Are Frost Giants monsters, mother?' the young Prince asked as Frigga tucked him in for bed.

The queen paused, thinking over her words carefully. After a minute, her eyes met his and she smiled, 'Yes. But they still have beauty within them.'

Loki frowned, 'How can monsters be beautiful, mother?'

Frigga knelt beside his bed, running her hand gently through his raven locks, 'Many of them are monsters, but the best ones are like roses. They bloom into beautiful beings with good hearts, but the thorns may always be there, taking away their innocence.'

'I don't understand, mother.'

'The thorns protect their rose, don't they?' the Prince nodded, 'But they also cause the rose to appear dangerous - those thorns are the monsters, not the rose itself.'


When Loki first met her, he didn't even realize. She arrived on Earth not long after him and Thor, stumbling across SHIELD's radar. Loki always felt a tug in her direction, something always compelled him to be near her, but he denied himself of that luxury, never wanting to grow close to someone.

But she must've caught on much faster than him. Through the months, she began to talk to him more and tried to coax him out of his room or the library, trying to get him to join with the others or join her for walks around the park.

When he did realize what she was to him, it was like a ton of bricks fell upon him and he thought himself foolish for not noticing sooner.

But by the time he knew, it was too late.

Loki rounded another corner, and there she was. (Y/N). But it was nothing he recognized.

She was wearing a short white dress that flowed around her knees that day. Her hair was pinned beautifully in a bun on the side of her head, a few stray locks drifting to frame her face. (E/C) eyes would sparkle as she talked, a bright smile over her face.

But that all seemed like a façade now.

The white dress was stained blood red from her victims and ripped up the right side of the skirt. Her (H/C) locks were now flowing free, tangled and knotted in disarray around her face. Her eyes were no longer shining, instead they were dark ruby pools staring right at him, fists clenched by her sides, as if she had been waiting for him all along.

Another thing different was her skin. Blue rolled along her limbs. A light, innocent blue in contrast to the crimson that splattered against her dress and fingertips.

Loki slowed in his footsteps, carefully making his way towards her, "(Y/N)? Darling?"

The God didn't know how she could lose control of the Frost Giant inside. He knew that she was born with usual Asgardian skin, but her father must've been a Frost Giant - it would've been the only way for her to change into that for and not be in control of it.

Loki barely had any time to register her movement as she ran at him, ducking under her incoming punch before letting her run through his illusion. (Y/N) let out an angry noise somewhere in the mix between a hiss and a growl as she turned to glare at him.

"(Y/N), I don't want to fight you." Loki whispered, "I can't."

The female seemed to let out a sly smirk, hardly noticeable but it was there. She chuckled lowly, "And here I thought you were strong. Can't even take on a girl, God of Mischief? How weak you are."

Loki shivered at her tone - it didn't sound like (Y/N) at all. Her voice was usually soft and cheerful, a light delicate sound that complemented the ears. This voice was dark and menacing, something that said kill or be killed.

(Y/N) stepped forward, her bare feet creeping along the ground, crawling with cuts and bruises from the small rocks. The God swallowed - how could he hurt someone he cared for so much? He knew it wasn't (Y/N), but it was still her body, and if he fought this being, he would harm her.

"I don't want to hurt you."

The female grinned, "I wouldn't worry about it."

She ran at him again, this time grabbing hold of his wrists. Loki struggled to push her back, and his eyes watched as his hand turned blue under her cold touch. His emerald eyes met hers, just staring as the skin on his face turned cold, mirroring her Frost Giant form.

"(Y/N), you need to fight it." he told her, gripping hold of her hands as she tried to back away.

She let out another hiss/growl again before kicking her leg up into his stomach and harshly shoving him away, "I needn't fight anything. This is the real me, Mischief."

"No." he chuckled slightly, his blue skin staying present with his 'mate' close by, "No, this is not the real you. This being is an illusion in your mind."

(Y/N) ran at him again, jumping up and wrapping her legs around his neck before flinging him to the ground. With a grunt, Loki yanked her away from him before landing a harsh punch across her abdominals. (Y/N) stumbled back but couldn't stable herself in time for Loki's next attack.

His body slammed into hers, knocking her to the ground. But his plan backfired when (Y/N) kicked his legs from under him. This lead to them wrestling along the dirty ground, trying to best the other, like a usual Frost Giant would.

Loki gritted his teeth, twisting them around so he was above. Quicker than (Y/N) could react, she felt the cool edge of a blade pressed against her neck. The female tilted her head back slightly and chuckled, "You won't always be able to beat your foe with a butter knife, you know."

"You are not my foe." he stated firmly, "This is merely a precaution." Loki nodded to the knife, his other hand pressing down one of her shoulders so she didn't accidently cut herself.

(Y/N)'s dark ruby orbs swirled with mischief, and she smirked at him, "Wrong move, Reindeer Games."

(Y/N) gripped hold of the hand on her shoulder, yanking it back suddenly. This distracted him enough for her to snatch the dagger from him and lodge it in his side, a startled yelp leaving him. Loki groaned as they rolled, (Y/N) straddling him with her hands pressed firmly against his neck, both his arms pinned by her knees. She held tighter with one hand as she harshly removed the dagger and threw it aside, placing her fingers back around his pale neck.

Loki winced as he felt the blood soak through his attire, is this what Thor felt like every time he stabbed him?

"Does your butter knife work now?" (Y/N) teased.

The God breathed deeply, mustering up enough energy within him for one final shot. He looked at her, his face supporting a weak smirk of his own, "I told you, it was merely a precaution."

Loki yanked his arm from under her leg and pressed it flush against her forehead, everything he had going into that one memory.


The God was sat silently reading in the library when the female walked in, a cheerful smile written over her face.

That smile. Loki thought, unable to conceal his own smile back as he nodded to her, "Hello, Lady (Y/N). To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"No reason. I just thought I'd hang around with you." she grinned, plopping on the chair next to him, "The team's really starting to warm up to you."

"And why should they not? I'm a delight." he muttered, sarcasm dripping from his words.

(Y/N) giggled, "You sure are." she smiled even more before she fiddled with her fingers, looking away.

Loki frowned, worried about her sudden change in demeanor, "What's wrong, darling?"

(Y/N) flushed slightly when he called her that, but she ignored it - it was about to get worse. "Can I ask you a question, Mischief?"

The God set his book aside and nodded, "Of course."

Emerald eyes watched as (Y/N) picked up his hand and placed her palm on his, "Do you... Do you ever feel something when we touch?" she asked.

Loki frowned, having never noticed that before. When her hand touched his, he felt a small burn of something running through to his fingertips. But it wasn't painful. The raven-haired male nodded, "I do."

(Y/N)'s smile returned, lighting up her features, "Wow." she whispered, shifting her hand slightly so she could entwin her fingers with his and clasp their hands together. "I thought I was the only one." she chuckled nervously, looking down.

Loki shifted his seating closer to her, using his other hand to raise her chin up. He smiled, "I've always felt a connection to you, (Y/N)." His gripped her entwined hand tighter before lifting it up and pressing a sweet kiss on her knuckles.

(Y/N) giggled again before their moment was interrupted by Tony, "Come on, lovebirds. (Y/N) you have a mission to go on."


By the time the memory had faded, the darkness in (Y/N)'s ruby eyes did as well. Instead, they shifted to a bright, crimson colour, not one to be fearful of. Her hands still wrapped loosely around Loki's neck as he looked up at her, watching the tears slip slowly down her cheeks, the realization of what she'd just done coming back to haunt her.

She looked around, wide-eyed, taking in the destruction she'd caused. Bloody splatters coated most of the area as the dust began to settle, revealing more and more bodies the more her glassy orbs glanced around.

"I-I..." she stuttered, her red eyes meeting Loki's, taking in his Frost Giant form. (Y/N) swallowed, looking down at Loki's worried and pained face. Her hands were still around his neck, and yet, she couldn't bring herself to move them.

"A-Am I a monster?" she asked.

Loki wanted to tell her what she wanted to hear. That she wasn't a monster. That it was all a huge mistake that never really happened - it wasn't her who killed those innocent people or caused this destruction. He was good lying. But, lying wouldn't help anyone right now.

Instead, he reached up one hand and cupped her cheek, wiping away the tears, "Yes," he whispered, "But you're a monster with beauty in her - you're a monster I will cherish and protect with my life. You're a rose with thorns, darling."

(Y/N)'s lips trembled as she was brought down by Loki's arms to lean on his chest, careful not to push or lean on the dagger wound any more. More tears seeped past her lashes as she buried her face in Loki's chest, whispering, "I'm sorry," over and over.

Loki closed his eyes, kissing her forehead as he ran a hand through her hair, their skin still blue, their eyes still red. "It's okay, darling," he murmured, "I'll protect you from the nightmares. I'll be the thorns and save you from your demons."

He sighed, forgetting whatever pain he was in and focusing on beauty sobbing into his chest, "I love you, (Y/N). Monsters and all."

Chapter Text

"You guys are losers."

"Yeah, we know. But that's why you hang out with us, right?" (Y/N) grinned, nudging Michelle. She rolled her eyes and nodded before returning to her book.

"Hey, Peter. Are you up for coming over later to help me build my Lego Death Star?" Ned asked, turning to the sleepy brunet beside him.

Peter shot up suddenly, "Hm, what?" he asked rubbing his eyes.

"Jesus, Peter - when was the last time you got a decent night's sleep?" (Y/N) asked, looking over at the dark circles under his eyes, "Why are you so tired all of the time?"

"Uhm, Stark internship?" he answered, although it sounded more like a question. Beside (Y/N), MJ snorted quietly, as if she didn't believe a word he spoke. Peter turned to his best friend and frowned, "Ned, I thought we built the Death Star the other day?"

Ned laughed nervously, "Yeah... I dropped it."

"Again?" (Y/N) chuckled, "You're going to need to glue that thing together soon."

"Most likely," Ned grinned before turning back to Peter, "So, you up for it?"

Peter gave an apologetic smile, "Well actually, (Y/N) and I need to finish this project off for tomorrow."

(Y/N) frowned, "What project?"

"You know, the one we were given three weeks ago but never got around to completing."

"Wow," MJ commented, "For two people who usually do the homework straight away, you are slacking."

(Y/N) hummed, "Well, yeah. I've been busy."

"So, meet at my house later?" Peter asked.

"Sure." the bell rang for the end of lunch, leaving them all to go to their lessons.


Sorry, Peter. (Y/N) thought, ducking under an incoming fist, I might be a bit late today.

(Y/N) looked through the eyes on her mask, secretly glaring at the enemy as he readied another weapon before throwing it at her. She leapt to the side, yelping slightly as she tumbled along the ground.

"For a hero, you sure are sloppy." He muttered with a grin.

(Y/N) gritted her teeth. She had to beat him - she had to prove to her father that she could do this. She had to kill him for ruining her life. (Y/N) ran over to him, sliding along the ground as he went to hit her and took his legs from under him, his face slamming against the ground.

She didn't know who this guy was, only that they called him Ghost because he went places and was never caught or seen. The only way (Y/N) caught him was by her sixth sense of sensing powerful people when they were close to her - it wasn't a great power but has definitely worked to her advantage sometimes.

"Come on, Shadow, is that the best you've got?" he snickered, roughly wiping the blood from his nose.

(Y/N) twitched at the nickname the people gave her - mainly because she was able to blend in and not get caught. She was trained by a high skill assassin - could you expect any less?

"Oh," (Y/N) chuckled, "This is only the beginning."

They both ran at each other, fists drawn. Ghost's eyes glinted in the moonlight, a wide grin spreading across his lips as she neared him, immediately ducking under his attack and slamming her fist against his sternum. Ghost grunted, but (Y/N) didn't allow him any time to prepare.

Running quickly, she leapt up onto his shoulders, drawing out a wire from her wrist watch. Ghost saw this and grabbed hold of it, but (Y/N) yanked it back against his neck, his whole body moving with her tug.

He clenched his jaw, stumbling back before roughly shoving her into the wall behind, a grunt leaving her. In an instant, he drew a dagger from his belt and stabbed it in her thigh, a cry of pain leaving her lips. In her weakened state, he threw her off, grinning as she rolled and laid panting heavily on the ground.

But before he could make his way towards her, another voice broke through, "Hey, buddy! That's no way to treat a lady."

Ghost looked around, spotting a glint of red in the darkness and scoffed, "Get out of here, Spider-ling. You're a joke."

A web shot towards Ghost's wrists as he walked towards (Y/N), yanking him back. The enemy snarled angrily, twisting himself around and using the webs against the hero. Spider-Man was brought forward by a rough tug, before a foot collided with his stomach, winding him. Another kick to the jaw sent him reeling, tumbling to the floor next to (Y/N).

"H-Hey - you're the Shadow person!" the hero exclaimed, blatantly ignoring the enemy as he approached.

(Y/N) smiled weakly under the mask, "That's me." she grunted, yanking the dagger from her leg.

"Oh, shoot. Are you okay?" he asked, looking at the blood as it stained through her denim jeans.

She rolled her eyes, "I just got stabbed, so I guess not." she answered sarcastically.

Spider-Man chuckled nervously, "Right, sorry - uh, here." he gently tilted her leg towards him and fired a few webs on the wound, "This should stop the bleeding for now and protect it a bit."

"T-Thanks." (Y/N) looked up at his mask and frowned. She could feel a powerful energy around him - something familiar. (Y/N) glanced around and her orbs widened, "LOOK OUT!"

Spider-Man was suddenly shoved aside and (Y/N)'s injured leg swung around and kicked the weapon from Ghost's hands. In turn, the enemy gripped her leg and swung her around - again - and tossed her away.

The hero was quick to react, running in her way and catching her just before she hit the ground. Unfortunately, his plan backfired as he stumbled over her sudden weight, falling backwards into the river behind.

(Y/N) gritted her teeth, turning in Spider-Man's grip before shoving him away and running back towards Ghost. The hero quickly ran over to join her, each taking turns to attack Ghost.

Spider-Man webbed Ghost's wrist again and swung himself up, causing him to swing upwards as well. Ghost let out a yelp of surprise, giving enough time for (Y/N) to spin around and kick him across the street and harshly into the wall.

Ghost slumped to the ground, coughing heavily, a dribble of blood seeping down his chin. He looked up and grinned, "Looks like you two are turning into the enemy. I didn't know heroes killed people."

(Y/N) clenched her fist and stepped forward, "You killed my mum." she seethed.

"Oh, yes. I remember her," his dark eyes glinted as he looked up at the female closing the distance, "Her screams were pitiful..." he smirked darkly, "I'm sure yours will be the same."

A dagger was suddenly thrown across the air, speeding towards (Y/N). Spider-Man suddenly shoved her to the side, the dagger stabbing deeply in his side, leaving him to cry out in pain. (Y/N) gasped before glaring at Ghost.

Gritting his teeth, Spider-Man clenched his hands and fried webbing at him, pinning him to the wall as sirens were heard in the distance.

"Shadow, we have to go." the hero grunted, "Don't lower yourself to his level."

"I can't leave him here. One more thing." she hissed, swinging her fist and smacking it across his face. A loud crack echoed through the air, and she grinned as she looked at his damaged nose.

"You bitch." he snarled, reaching for his pocket in the webbing and drawing a small handgun and aiming towards her.

How many weapons did he hide!?

"Look out!" Spider-Man yelled.

A loud gunshot was heard and (Y/N) spun just in time, the bullet barely missing her chest and sinking into her arm. Spider-Man webbed his weaponized hand and grabbed (Y/N)'s waist before swinging off.


The two rested on a rooftop, Spider-Man grunting as he slumped down to the ground. (Y/N) carefully got out of his grip before helping him, "Oh God, are you okay?"

"I was stabbed so I guess not." The hero replied with the same level as sarcasm as she had but with a small grin under his mask.

(Y/N) rolled her orbs before biting her lip, "Hey, I really need to see your wound. You need to take your suit off."

Spider-Man was hesitant at first before he slowly removed his mask. (Y/N)'s eyes grew wide and she stuttered out, "P-Peter?"

The young boy frowned and tilted his head, "Do I know you?"

(Y/N) flipped her hood over her head and removed her own mask with her good arm, looking at Peter with the same amount of shock.

"Oh my God. (Y/N)? What are you doing, are you crazy?" Peter exclaimed.

"Me? You're Spider-Man!" She responded before hugging him, "I'm so glad you're okay."

"Ow-ow-" Peter whimpered, leaving (Y/N) to immediately removed her grip.

"Oh Gods, I'm so sorry." (Y/N) apologized, before reaching for her bag. "I'm still going to need to look at your wounds."

"You have wounds too, you know." Peter muttered as he removed the top half of his suit down to the dagger, leaving (Y/N) to flush slightly as she saw his abs and toned chest.

"Y-Yeah, well mine aren't important. Yours is in your stomach!" She took gentle grasp hold of the weapon before looking up at him worriedly, "This is going to hurt. Ready?"

Peter took a deep breath before (Y/N) slowly and carefully removed the dagger, but a yelp of pain still left him. (Y/N) mumbled an apology before inspecting the wound and dug through her bag, pulling out some alcohol and cotton buds.

"Why do you have alcohol? You're not even old enough to drink!" Peter asked, watching as she soaked the cotton bud with the liquid.

"My Dad has loads." She muttered before gently dabbing Peter's wound. He hissed, clenching his fist, "I'm so sorry." (Y/N) whispered, taking hold of his hand for comfort.

Once she'd finished, she dug back into her back and pulled out a few bandages, "How do you know what you're doing?" Peter asked, watching as her bright (E/C) eyes moved as she wrapped the cloth gently but tightly around his stomach.

(Y/N) shrugged, "I don't really. It doesn't look like the dagger hit any internal organs, but you should have Banner check it out."

Peter's orbs widened, "B-Banner? You know Dr Banner."

Before (Y/N) could respond, her phone rang, showing an image of Tony Stark, "You know Tony Stark!?" Peter exclaimed, only for (Y/N) to shush him as she answered.

"Hey, Dad..." She drawled off.

"TONY STARK IS YOUR DAD?!" (Y/N) shot him a look.

"(Y/N), where are you? You said you'd be home at ten - it is now twelve. And who was that? You know you're too young to have any kind of relationship with any boy." Tony rambled.

"Dad, stop! I'm still with Peter." She answered.

"Funny that. I just went over to Peter's home and May said that neither of you have turned up, and that Peter was coming over your house." He spoke, anger evident.

(Y/N) swallowed, "Y-Yeah... we... ran into some trouble...?"

"Where are you, (Y/N)?"

Chapter Text

(Y/N)'s leg bounced nervously as she sat in the waiting area of the hospice at Stark tower. After her Dad found out where she was, he demanded her meet him at home immediately. She sighed - she knew he wouldn't be understanding.

(Y/N) looked up as Peter emerged from the emergency room, Dr Banner close behind, handing him some painkillers. Bruce giving a slight wave in her direction, "Hey, (Y/N)."

She looked at him, "Is he mad?"

Banner didn't respond but simply nodded, knowing that she already knew the answer really. "Why do you keep getting yourself into this trouble, (Y/N)." he asked.

(Y/N) shrugged, "I don't know."

Banner gave her a knowing smile before walking off, leaving her and Peter. The young hero sat next to her, studying her face, "How come you never mentioned your dad was Tony Stark?"

"It never came up." she muttered, staring straight ahead as one of her hands clenched around the bullet wound in her arm, trying to numb the pain.

Peter swallowed, turning the chair to face her, "Did... did Ghost really kill your mother." (Y/N) nodded silently, eyes unfocused. The brunet grabbed her other hand and gave it a squeeze, "I'm sorry." he whispered.

(Y/N) gave a tight smiled, "It's fine. We were never really that close."

"So, then why did you go after him?"

(Y/N) went to respond, but Peter got the answer when her eyes shifted behind him, turning to face the billionaire walking into the room. They immediately detached their hands and Peter stumbled to his feet, "H-Hey, Mr Stark."

"Quiet, kid. I've got someone to deal with." Tony snapped, and Peter quietly nodded, stepping back.

(Y/N) hadn't taken her eyes off the ground since Tony walked in, and she still didn't move from her spot. Tony ran a hand through his hair stressfully, huffing, "What the hell is wrong with you, (Y/N)? Why did you go after him - you know I told you not to! I don't want you in danger."

"It's a shame you didn't feel the same way about my mother." she muttered, her eyes slowly meeting his with a look of defiance in them.

Tony clicked his tongue. They both knew the situation of (Y/N)'s mother. Another of Tony's flings - one he actually remembered the name of without hesitation or guessing. One he saw more than once. He hadn't seen her for fifteen years when she turned up bloody and wounded on his doorstep with (Y/N), begging him to take care of her before she died in his arms.

(Y/N) had never been close with her mother, much less Tony. She was closer with Steve and Tony hated that.

"You and I both know that we don't talk about that situation." he muttered.

"Oh, really? Well maybe we should." (Y/N) seethed, still sitting, "Did you love her?"


"Did you love her?" she hissed, clenching her fists.

There was a moments silence. "No." Tony mumbled. She knew that much.

(Y/N) swallowed, "Do you love me?"

Tony's eyes met hers, tears swelling in them, "What? Of course, I do! You're my daughter. What kind of father would I be if I didn't?"

"A Tony Stark kind of father." she spat.

"What do you mean by that?" he asked angrily.

(Y/N) huffed, clenching her fists - she definitely had her father's anger issues. "You were never there for me! I never had a father figure my whole childhood. No one to call my hero or look up to. And now that I do, you still don't pay any attention to me unless I do something bad. You never believe in me or anything I do!"

Peter's orbs widened slightly, and he suddenly realized something. The only reason why (Y/N) got herself into trouble in or out of school was to gain attention from Tony. It was negative attention, but it was the only time he would focus on her and nothing else.

"I never knew you existed until a year ago! Do you know how difficult it was for me to take you in, having no experience or a father figure to learn from?" Tony answered, his voice raised, "And I do believe in you, I just don't want you running around being a hero!"

"Why not!"

"Because every time it's a chance I could lose you!" he snapped, "Why do you have to go out and fight against people so badly?"

"So, I can prove myself to you!" (Y/N) yelled, tears slipping from her orbs.

She stood, but immediately collapsed to the ground at the weight on her wounded leg. Peter caught her and kept her steady as she continued, "When I learned that the great Tony Stark was my father, I wanted to try everything to impress you, to make you proud of me! I wanted to be like you, so you wouldn't look down on me in shame!"

"My mum always talked about what a hero you were. But I knew from the start that when you were burdened with me, you couldn't stand it. You'd rather be alone but you had a new responsibility you couldn't be bothered to take on." She spat, "And now you're mad at yourself that I'm closer to Steve than you because you didn't try!"

(Y/N) tensed as she was taken from Peter's arm and pulled into the arms of her fathers for the first time in her life. She didn't move as he rested her weight on him, biting her lip as her wounds pressed against him, but didn't want to pull away and spoil this moment.

"I'm already proud of you." he whispered, closing his eyes and resting his chin on her head, "I'm proud of you because you're nothing like me. You're strong and determined. I wouldn't want you to turn out like me - I would want you to be better."

"And you are not a burden. You're a miracle to me. Never would I thought I'd be blessed with something so special," Tony kissed her temple, sighing heavily, "And I was too caught up in my own ass to realise that. I messed it up but I want to fix it - that's what I do, I fix things and I promise I will fix this."

A few more tears slipped from (Y/N)'s orbs before she clung to Tony, wrapping her arms tightly around him as they shared a proper hug for the very first time.

But the embrace didn't last long. The untended wounds on (Y/N)'s leg and arm caused her to collapse again and blacking out completely from the blood loss, Peter grabbing hold of her before she hit the ground. "Oh God, what happened? Did I do something?" Tony gasped.

"No, Mr Stark!" an air of urgency in Peter's voice, "(Y/N) has injuries that have yet to be cleaned and stitched. I've webbed her leg wound, but the webs will break soon, like they are beginning to now."

"Shit," he breathed, "Banner! We've got an emergency!"


(Y/N) groaned lowly, her body aching from head to toe. She glanced around, her eyesight slightly blurry as she took in the bright white of the Stark tower hospice.

Looking to the side, she saw Peter with his head lying beside her on the bed, his hand clutching weakly onto hers as soft snores let him, causing her to chuckle. She shook him gently, "Peter?"

The young hero shot up, gasping, "What! What's wrong?" he turned his attention to (Y/N) who laughed quietly at him, "Oh God, (Y/N). You gave me a heart attack. Are you feeling better now?"

(Y/N) pulled the cover off her injured leg, looking at the bandage that wrapped tightly around her thigh, hiding the large dagger wound. The bullet had been removed from her arm, and stitched up, a few splodges of blood still around her wound.

She looked back at the hero who stared back worriedly. She grinned, "I'm fine, Spider-boy."

"It's Spider-Man!" he whined, slumping his head against her shoulder without the stitches.

(Y/N) giggled suddenly, causing Peter to look up, "Did you... Did you just giggle?" he asked, leaving (Y/N) to turn bright red, "Aw, that was so cute! Look how red you've gone!"

(Y/N) smirked, blush still evident, "Not as red as you." she whispered, gripping the collar of his suit and pulling him forward and crushing her lips into his. Peter made a startled noise, (Y/N)'s lips curling into a smile against his. But he didn't hesitate to kiss back, reaching a gloved hand up to rest on her cheek.

A throat cleared, causing the two to jump apart, Peter hissing and gripping his side at the sudden move. The two looked over to the door to find Tony Stark standing there, both of their face's turning even warmer, if that was possible.

"M-Mr Stark. I-I'm so sorry I-"

"It's okay." Tony stopped Peter before he rambled, "You're a good kid, Peter." The hero swallowed and nodded, glancing nervously back at (Y/N).

Tony walked over and gingerly patted her head, "How are you feeling, squirt?" he asked.

(Y/N) smiled, knowing he was trying, "I'm feeling better."

"Good, I'll be in my lab for a bit working on your new suit." he mumbled as he turned to walk out, causing (Y/N) to sit up suddenly.

"Wait - what?"

"Oh, did I not tell you?" Tony smirked, "Nick Fury has agreed with me that you would be a worthy inclusion to the Avengers family." he turned to Peter, "You too, kid."

"What, really - are you serious?!" they both spluttered out, leaving the billionaire to chuckle. (Y/N) struggled out of the hospital bed, Peter immediately by her side to sturdy her.

"Yep, however only if you agree to be partners. But I'm sure there won't be any problem with that." he smirked, walking out, yelling outside, "Remember you're only sixteen!"

Both flushing, (Y/N) turned towards Peter and smirked, "Nope, no problem with that."

"Just one," Peter murmured, and before (Y/N) could respond his lips met hers for another short and sweet kiss. He pulled away, resting his head against hers and grinned back, "There - all sorted!"

(Y/N) chuckled, "You're such a dork."

Peter paused, looking at the time, "It's three in the morning. We still haven't done the homework."

(Y/N) rolled her orbs and laughed, "Wow, Parker, you sure know how to be romantic."

Chapter Text

"She doesn't seem very trustworthy, Tony." Cap muttered, arms crossed, "Do you really think she'd make a good addition to the team?"

"Sure," the billionaire shrugged, shoving a bunch of blueberries in his mouth, "Who says ex-criminals can't be trusted?"

Natasha walked into the room, standing in front of her cell as well, "She stole thirty million dollars - that's why."

"You know I can hear you, right?" (Y/N) muttered, an unamused look on her face.

Clint glanced over to her, "Who thought it would be a good idea to take the muzzle off her?"

Tony rolled his eyes, returning to their original conversation, "She won't need to steal anything when she lives in Stark tower with us. I'm a billionaire, remember?" he grinned smugly.

Steve sighed, turning to the cell, "Hello, (Y/N)."

"Hey, Cap." she saluted, "Finally decided to notice me?"

The soldier's eyelids lowered as he turned back to Tony. The genius shrugged, "It's also a good idea to point out how well she and Barnes gets along."


"It's Halloween! Let's dress up and go trick or treating!" (Y/N) cheered, walking into the living room.

Despite it being early in the morning, a lot of the Avengers were down and drinking their morning coffee - although not many of them were actually awake. Natasha sighed, "You say this every year, (Y/N)."

"And don't we usually dress up as heroes?" Clint muttered, letting out a small yawn.

"You guys are boring." she muttered.

Tony walked up to her, "Yeah, I'm ready for Halloween! Got my costume all sorted!"

"Stark, dressing up as Iron Man and taking candy from little kids isn't a good image." Natasha spoke, taking a sip of her coffee.

"No, but it's fun." he mumbled, causing (Y/N) to snicker.

"Are Thor and Loki coming down for Halloween this year?" the female asked, taking an apple from the fruit basket.

"1: they probably don't even know what Halloween is, (Y/N). And 2: Loki is still in prison on Asgard and probably won't return after last year's performance." Bruce answered.

(Y/N) laughed just as the two soldiers walked into the room. Steve looked confused, "What happened last year?"

Natasha looked up from her coffee, "(Y/N) dressed up as the God of Mischief for Halloween."

Snickering, (Y/N) walked up to the Winter Soldier and slapped him on the back playfully, "Ready for Halloween, Buck?"

The soldier looked confused, "Halloween?"

"You know, trick or treating? Carving Pumpkins?" Bucky looked blank. (Y/N) blinked at him, "You've never had a Halloween before?"

Bucky shook his head and (Y/N) gasped, "Right, come on! We are going out to buy a costume and some pumpkins for later!"

"(Y/N) it's seven in the morning." Clint muttered, yawning again.

"So? Stark, I'm taking your Audi." she grinned, snatching the keys from the side.

"Hey! Just because you're a criminal, doesn't mean you can steal my car!"

"Bye!" she laughed, grabbing Bucky's hand and dragging him out with a grin.


For the whole day, Bucky and (Y/N) looked around at Halloween decorations and brought the biggest pumpkins to carve into. They spent the whole afternoon in the kitchen of Stark tower, digging out the guts of the vegetable before (Y/N) handed the soldier a pen.

He frowned, "What am I supposed to do with this?"

"You draw what you want to carve out." (Y/N) exclaimed, "It can be anything you want!"


"Well, yeah! But it's best to look scary so then it looks good for Halloween!" she chuckled, already drawing the face on the pumpkin.

Throughout their pumpkin carving, Bucky watched (Y/N) intently, admiring how she was always so cheerful, despite having been a criminal before joining SHIELD. He noticed things he hadn't picked up on before as he watched.

Like the way her tongue stick out when she concentrated on carving out the pumpkin. Or the way her nose wrinkled a little as she laughed, somehow also drawing his attention to the freckles scattered across her nose. Her (E/C) orbs lit up every time she looked at him and grinned, and her voice always sounded so excitable when she talked to him.

But that was one thing that confused him.

He was the one that caught (Y/N), strapped the muzzle on her and brought her in to SHIELD. Bucky made her lose her freedom. And yet that didn't seem to bother her.

"Done!" she grinned, turning her pumpkin to him, showing Bucky the angry face on her pumpkin and chuckled, "What's yours like?"

Bucky twisted his around, showing her the half cut out pumpkin. She frowned, "Why's it only half done?"

"Because..." The soldier suddenly punched the pumpkin with his metal fist, crushing one half of it, "Now it looks realistic."

(Y/N) chuckled, looking at the now oddly shaped vegetable, "Very inventive." she smirked before gripping his hand, "Hey, do you want to do trick or treating?!" she exclaimed.

Bucky stared at her hand as it gripped hold of his real hand, a small flush covering his cheeks that was hidden by his dark hair. He cleared his throat, "What's... What's trick or treating?"

"You dress up and go around people's houses for candy if you're treating," (Y/N) leaned forward and smirked, meeting his dark eyes, "But I prefer the tricking part." She winked.

Bucky grinned, "Sounds good. But I don't have a costume."

This led to (Y/N)'s smirk widening, "Come with me!"


(Y/N) looked over the hedge of someone's garden, before making a bird call. From the bushes on the other side, the Winter Soldier's head appeared, a pair of glasses resting on his nose. He nodded and the two grabbed hold of their weapons.

As soon as a few people ran out the house, the two fired, eggs splatting against their heads. A shout erupted from one of the females, "It's in my hair!"

(Y/N) snickered and she ran over to Bucky, not without picking up their candy bags on the way. As she reached him, they heard, "You darn kids get off my property!"

"Nice shot, Bonnie." Bucky smirked, looking at the female standing in front of him dressed in a long, pink dress and a pair of rounded glasses.

(Y/N) chuckled, grabbing his hand, "You clean up real nice, Clyde." she returned, looking down at his brown, checked suit and cream coloured Converse.

He glanced down at himself, "I don't think they would've had these shoes or that dress in those days."

The ex-thief shrugged, "We put a modern spin on Bonnie and Clyde!"

The evening continued, both Bucky and (Y/N) continuing with their tricks, grabbing much more candy than they intended. As they stumbled into the tower, their laughs echoed through the building.

"A-And do you remember when he spilled over that water bucket!" (Y/N) laughed, clutching her stomach.

"But that's not as funny as you planting that paint on the door so when they walked over the trip wire it tipped on their head!" Bucky grinned, "Very crafty."

"Well, well, well." A voice stopped them in their tracks. The light switched on, revealing a few very irritated Avengers, "Bonnie and Clyde have returned." Tony frowned.

Steve glanced at Bucky in slight amazement. The last time he'd heard him laugh properly was back before he lost him. It seemed like... he was returning to the old Bucky, not the Winter Soldier that was created for him.

"What? We were just having a bit of fun!" (Y/N) grinned, dropping the bags of candy on the ground, leaning against Bucky.

Natasha rolled her orbs, "Tony - your fault."

"Wha- how is it my fault!"

"You said to trust them to go trick or treating." she muttered.

(Y/N) smirked, "Well, there wasn't a lot of treating. We tricked then stole other's treats." she snickered, looking up at Bucky.

He grinned, lifting her up by the waist and pressing a kiss into her cheek before whispering, "Yes, and there's my treat."

(Y/N) chuckled, "Oh, really?"

Bucky smirked, "No, that was just the appetizer. This is the treat." He leaned up, arms now securely wrapped around her waist and pressed his lips against hers, smiles widening against each other.

The few Avengers looked in different directions, coughing and clearing their throats to try and avoid tension. Tony just chuckled, "Do you know what's funny?"

Steve turned to look at the billionaire, "What?"

"They would actually be a good Bonnie and Clyde."

Natasha nodded, "Partners in crime."

(Y/N) pulled away and glancing at the Avengers, Bucky's arm around her waist, "Yep," she turned back to face him, (E/C) eyes shining, "Now and forever."

Chapter Text


"Okay, kids. I'm going to pop to bed now, enjoy the rest of your sleepover!" Aunt May smiled, waving goodnight.

"Night, May." Peter called before turning his attention back to his two guests.

"So, it took you how long to build that Lego Death Star?" (Y/N) asked.

"Well, I'd spent three hours making half of it until I dropped it after Peter..." Ned looked behind (Y/N) to see his best friend shaking his head, "...surprised me." He finished.

"Wow." (Y/N) laughed, "All that work for nothing." She grabbed her bag and turned to Peter, "I'm going to get changed for bed a second."

The two boys nodded and (Y/N) left, leaving Ned to call out Peter, "She doesn't know?!" He whispered.

"What? No, why would I tell her about that!" Peter hissed back, keeping his voice low.

"Peter, she's your best- second- best friend, not to mention you have a thing for her." Ned smirked.

"Wha- no I don't!" He squeaked out, face turning red.

"Yeah, you do. It's so obvious, dude." Ned chuckled, "You're worse than when you were with Liz."

Peter looked to the side, sighing, "I just... don't want to scare her off or ruin this friendship. I'm happy just being her friend."

"No, you're not." Ned stared at him blankly.

"Yes, I am. I get to see and talk to her every day. There's no awkwardness. Everything's cool." Peter smiled nervously.

"Uh, huh. You need to go for it before it's too late, Peter." Ned pursed his lips, "Should we tell her?"

"Tell her what?"

"That you're- oh, hey, Spider-woman." Ned took a glance at Peter and grinned widely.

(Y/N) looked down at her onesie, "What?" She grinned.

Peter looked at (Y/N) and his mouth dropped slightly, face turning bright red again. (Y/N) wore a onesie. Not just any onesie - a Spider-Man onesie.

(Y/N) frowned at Peter, "You okay there, Parker? You're looking a little red." She rested her hand on his forehead, causing him to swallow nervously.

"Oh, y-yeah, I'm fine." He smiled, fidgeting slightly as she sat next to him.

"So, (Y/N). I'm guessing Spider-Man is your favorite super hero?" Ned asked.

"Yep, definitely!" She grinned, pulling the hood over her head and pretended to shoot webs from her wrists.

"R-Really?" Peter muttered, "Are you sure you wouldn't prefer someone like Iron Man or Captain America?"

"Cap's cool and all," She chuckled at her own joke, "as is Iron Man, but can they shoot webs from their wrists, or climb up the sides of buildings, or look really cool swinging through the city? Nope!"

"But, don't you think Spider-Man is a little inexperienced to be a hero?" Ned asked, sending a quick smirk to Peter who glared at him.

"Maybe he is, but I still think he's awesome." (Y/N) grinned.

"Peter knows Spider-Man!" Ned blurted out.


"You do?!" (Y/N) exclaimed, turning to face the brunet beside her.

"I-uh, yeah. But only through the Stark Internship." He spluttered, running a hand through his hair.

"What's he like? Is he cool? Good looking?" (Y/N) chuckled, flushing slightly, "Wait, forget that last one - I'm joking."

"Y-Yeah, he's a really cool guy." Peter answered, glancing at Ned.

"Wow, you're so lucky!" (Y/N) sighed.

"Do you want to meet him?"

Dammit. Peter thought, immediately regretting what he said.

"What?!" Both (Y/N) and Ned exclaimed at the same time, Ned looking at his best friend with wide eyes.

"Well, I-I could maybe ask him and see if he wants to visit." Peter stumbled out, taking a glance to Ned.

"Wow, really? You can do that?" (Y/N) asked.

"Mm, hm!" Peter hummed, nodding, "...You could wait by the window for a bit... he might swing past."

(Y/N) nodded and scrambled to the window while Ned and Peter walked to the hero's bedroom.

"Dude, what did you just do?" Ned asked.

"She was so excited about Spider-Man, I couldn't help it!" Peter mumbled, undressing to his pants.

"Peter, are you crazy?"

With one leg in the suit, he looked at his best friend and shrugged, "Maybe?"

"What if she finds out it's you?" Ned asked, watching as Peter pressed the spider in the middle, causing the suit to tighten around his body.

Peter looked down and grabbed his mask before answering, "Ned, I'm going for it."

The dark-skinned male looked at his best friend, "So, you're finally growing some?" He grinned, "Good luck, Peter."

They did their special handshake before Peter opened his window, drawing a deep breath, "Here goes." He pulled on his mask and was out.

Ned walked back out to the living room, glancing over to (Y/N) who was standing eagerly by the window still. When she noticed he was standing there, she ran over to him, "Is he coming? Where's Peter?"

"Peter just had to... uh, go to the bathroom. And yes! Yes, he is coming!" Ned rambled, quickly thinking up and excuse for Peter's absence.

"So, when's he coming here?"

Before Ned could answer, a gentle tap rung on the window, causing them both to turn around. (Y/N) gasped as the hero easily slid the window open and stepped inside, "Hello, did someone order a superhero?"

(Y/N) chuckled, walking over to him slowly, "Wow. Y-You're really here!"

"Of course. I couldn't say no to Peter when a pretty lady was calling for me."

From behind (Y/N), Ned rolled his eyes and drew his hand across his neck quickly and mouthed, "Cut it out."

Peter swallowed under the mask and looked down to (Y/N) and held out his hand, "Would you like to join me on a swing of the city?"

"Oh, I don't wish to be a burden!" (Y/N) laughed nervously, fiddling with her fingers.

"No, I insist. It would be my pleasure."

(Y/N) glanced back at Ned who shrugged, "It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. I'm sure Peter would love for you to take it."

She smiled and looked back at the hero before taking his hand, "I would be honored."

Peter grinned under the mask, before squatting down to give her a piggy back, "Hold on tight." And they were off.

At first, (Y/N) clung tightly to the hero, her heart racing. Peter could feel it through her onesie and his suit and he chuckled, "Calm down, (Y/N). I won't drop you, I promise."

Something about his voice felt comforting and... familiar. But she opened her eyes as they swung through New York, the street lights creating their path. (Y/N) breathed, taking in the cool breeze that was whipping past her hair, smiling.

"Wow, this is amazing!" She laughed.

"Would you like to see the view from Lady Liberty?" The hero asked, glancing back at her.


"Of course." Peter skillfully shifted her body to hold her in his arms as he jumped and swung over the water before landing gracefully on the head of the green woman standing tall, overlooking the entire city.

Spider-Man placed (Y/N) to her feet, and she jumped, "Wow! That was- that was-!" She laughed, "-unbelievable!" She turned back to him as he watched her excitement, "Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome." He smiled as they sat down, looking at the whole city.

After a few minutes, (Y/N) turned to him, "So, how do you know Peter?"

Spider-Man visibly tensed, and his head turned to face her. He studied her for a moment before sighing, "(Y/N), I'd like to tell you something - something important. You can't tell anyone about this." He muttered.

(Y/N) frowned and nodded, "You have my word."

"W-Well, the reason I know Peter is because... I am Peter."

"What?" (Y/N) breathed, eyes widening as Spider-Man pulled off his mask, revealing her best friend, curly brown locks falling over his face slightly.

"H-Hey, (Y/N)." Peter smiled nervously, not knowing how she would react.

"Oh. My. God." She looked at him, turning to sit on her knees, "You're Spider-Man!"

Peter nodded.

"That's so cool!" She exclaimed, "How did you get your powers? How do you shoot webs? If you're Spider-Man, do you lay eggs?"

"What - no!" Peter chuckled, "You and Ned are terrible."

"Ned knows?! How?"

"Well, he was in my room when I snuck in and he saw me in my Spider-Man suit." Peter ran a hand through his hair.

(Y/N) grinned, "Wow - it's surprising he can keep this a secret."

"Seriously, it's been tough for him. He wanted to tell the whole school!" Peter answered.

(Y/N) chuckled, leaning against him as they looked over the city, "Wow." She mumbled for the millionth time that evening, "You're so lucky."

"No." Peter muttered, sitting up and looking at her, "I'm not lucky - not yet."

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, God. Okay." Peter took a deep breath, dragging a hand nervously through his hair, "Okay, I-I have this major crush on you. I know this is very random, but Ned kept telling me to go for it and so I am. I like you. A lot. And I know you think having these... powers is lucky, but they aren't. Being lucky would mean having you as mine, but I never wanted to put you in danger. And I know it's silly because you're the daughter of Clint Barton, but I also didn't want an arrow through my head if I'm being honest and- mph!"

(Y/N) cut Peter off by planting her lips on his. She'd never kissed anyone before, ever. This was her first kiss, but it was blissful. Both ways inexperienced and sloppy but somehow sweet.

They drew back with flushed faces, grins plastered on their faces, "Whoa..." Peter murmured, looking into (Y/N)'s (E/C) pools.

(Y/N) chuckled, "I know right."

They both laughed, staying in silence for a bit and just staring at each other before Spider-Man spoke, "(Y/N), will you make me the luckiest hero and be my girlfriend?"

(Y/N) smiled, nodding, "You don't know how long I've waited for you to ask." They leaned in again, sharing another blissful kiss before (Y/N) leaned back and tilted her head, "Do you eat flies?"

Chapter Text

"We need this dealt with quickly and efficiently. Not one HYDRA member can leave that building - am I understood?'

The SHIELD Agents nodded to Director Nick Fury through the screen, standing tall. Amongst those were Agent Romanoff, Agent Barton and Agent (L/N) - SHIELD's highest skilled members. Fury had called them all for this mission to lead a group of agents into a HYDRA base and destroy whatever was in it - people, information, it didn't matter.

'This is going to be one of the toughest missions you've been on. HYDRA is not friendly - you cannot let your guard down.' Fury continued, 'Agent Barton, will take you to create a diversion whilst Agent's Romanoff and (L/N) will sneak into the main control center and destroy everything.'

"Yes, Sir!" They all answered together.

Nick nodded, 'I wish you good luck, Agents. You are making SHIELD proud.'


(Y/N) knew it wasn't going to be easy - it was HYDRA. But she couldn't believe how wrong this whole mission was going. Five of their fifteen teammates where already down, two killed and three badly injured. Fury was raging on the other side of the communicator.

That was over with Clint.

With Natasha and (Y/N), their sneak attack had already been caught on and HYDRA Agents continuously ran to their position, putting up a difficult fight.

Agent Romanoff breathed heavily, flipping her hair up as she lean up from kicking a guy around the jaw, "You really think this is going well?"

"Oh, yeah." (Y/N) muttered. She ran forward, swinging her legs around someone's neck before twisting her body, causing him to barrel into a few more men, all landing on the ground with a heavy grunt, "This is going very well."

Both females looked to the doorway as more guards stood there, aiming their weapons at them. (Y/N) smirked, "Ready?"

Natasha nodded and (Y/N) clenched her fist, causing a shield to form in front of her. Romanoff stood behind her as they ran forward through the firing weapons before she jumped on (Y/N)'s back and flipped over the shield, knocking away the guns.

Grabbing the redhead back, (Y/N) rotated her wrist, causing a blast to erupt from the shield, blowing the men back. (Y/N) breathed, "Man, I love your tech, Stark."

'There's no time to relax.' Fury spoke over the com, 'More enemies are incoming, so I suggest you move your asses and get to the control center now.'

"Jees, who shit in your cornflakes this morning." (Y/N) answered as both agents began running.

'Now is not the time for jokes, Agent (L/N). I want this whole ordeal over as soon as possible.' Nick answered with a huff.

"Don't worry," Natasha ran forward slightly, ducking under and incoming punch. (Y/N) slammed her fist against the man's nose as he tripped over Natasha, "We're here now. It'll be over before you know it." she said as they ran into a darker room.

(Y/N) stood close to the door as Natasha ran over to the computer, slotting in the SHIELD USB, downloading all the files. Her eyes scanned over everything before she landed on something that made them widen.

"What?" (Y/N) asked as she noticed Romanoff's tense figure and she abandoned her post at the door and walked to where the other agent was. Her orbs scanned over the files and she swallowed, "Fury, I thought you said the Winter Soldier was no longer with HYDRA."

'That's what our files indicate.' He responded, 'Why, what have you found?'

"I think you should check your file again." Natasha muttered before both female turned around at the sound of a loud crash.

"Shit." (Y/N) breathed.

They stared into the darkness, searching for any indication that something was there. Natasha reached behind her and pulled the USB from the computer and shoving it back in her pocket. Both girls gripped hold of their guns, holding them tightly by their sides.

(Y/N) looked around before her eyes caught sight of something shiny in the shadows and her orbs widened, "LOOK OUT!" she yelled as something ran towards them. Shoving Natasha out the way, (Y/N) took the hit herself, her back slamming harshly against the wall behind. Her hands gripped hold of the metal around her neck before she looked up into the dark eyes staring down at her.

Natasha was quick to move, swinging herself up and around the soldier's neck, using her body weight to yank him back. (Y/N) drew a deep breath, holding on to her neck. Romanoff hit his head a few times before he gripped her thighs and tore her away from him, sending her flying across the room and crashing into a table.

(Y/N) gritted her teeth and ran at him. The Winter Soldier turned in her direction, aiming to hit her but she ducked, sending a harsh upper cut to his face. In his moment of pain, she bent down and slammed her foot into his stomach, sending him reeling back into the wall. He looked up just as she was about to hit him again and gripped her wrist and throwing her to the side before walking towards her.

Agent (L/N) grabbed the gun on the ground beside her and shot at him, but he dodged each one, coming closer with each step. Natasha rolled over, her body screaming in protest, gripping the communicator, "The Winter Soldier is with us, requesting reinforcements immediately." she hissed before gripping her gun and firing at him.

But with blurry vision, she only managed to hit his real arm. With a grunt, he swiftly turned to face her, a piercing gaze on his face. He began running towards Natasha, the agent using her strength to shove a table towards him, trying slowing his movements with no avail.

(Y/N) clenched her fists, wincing at the bruise forming on her wrist. She ran quickly at the Winter Soldier, and just as he was about to pounce on Natasha, she wrapped her arms around his torso and shoved him into the computers which sparked and short-circuited.

With a groan, he gripped the knife in his pocket before stabbing (Y/N)'s thigh, a pained cry leaving the female. As they both stumbled, they tripped over the barrier and fell to the level below, (Y/N) letting out a choked sob as she landed hard on her injured thigh.

"(Y/N)!" Natasha shouted.

"Nat, you have the files. Go!" (Y/N) wobbled to her feet, ignoring the pain in her leg as she sized up to the Winter Soldier again.

"I'm not leaving you!" she yelled back, about to jump down with them.

"No, you have to! I can give you enough time to run. Get that to Fury!" (Y/N) snapped, certainty in her voice, "I'll be fine, go!"

Natasha nodded hesitantly before sprinting off, cursing to herself soon after, "Fuck."

(Y/N) didn't have any time to prepare as the soldier ran into her again, crushing her small frame against the wall behind. He gripped her hair and yanked her head back, positioning the knife close to her neck. Breathing heavily, (Y/N) gripped his arm, using all her strength to push him away.

The soldier looked at her, watching her teeth clench. She wouldn't give up, even when the odds were against her. She strained against him, legs wobbling as the blood left her wound, but she continued to fight.

In a split-second decision, (Y/N) locked her teeth around his wrist and bit. Hard. The soldier yelped and threw his arm back before growling and running at her again.

Clenching her fists, (Y/N) ran towards him as well, sending a harsh punch to his side. He ducked under the next and threw one of his own, hitting her stomach. (Y/N) bit her lip to stop her from crying out in pain. She gripped his metal hand in both her own, looking up at him in defiance as she began pushing back.

She stared at him, (E/C) orbs mixing with his dark brown, "You need to remember, Bucky." she hissed, the strain evident in her voice, "You know who I am!" she snapped.

The Winter Soldier's eyes widened a minuscule before he shook his head and yanked his arm back, causing (Y/N) to slip towards him. He gripped her arm and tore her away from him, throwing her against the wall. He gripped the gun and aimed it towards her, preparing to fire.

But as she looked up from panting on the ground, he saw a flicker of something that wasn't there before. Fear.

Was she supposed to fear him?

She had been fighting him for so long, and now that her ultimate death had arrived, she looked up at him with an emotion that he couldn't name. She looked too pure, too innocent with that look - it was familiar to him. Somewhere in the back on his mind he had seen that before.

His grip tightened on the gun, his finger right on the trigger. But he couldn't. Something about seeing her cower in the corner made something ache within him. Something he'd never felt as the Winter Soldier, but something before this... What was it?

He gritted his teeth before putting the gun away. But (Y/N) couldn't breathe a sigh of relief as he gripped her arm and yanked her up before dragging her away with him. She stumbled quickly beside him, struggling to keep up with his rough tugs and quick pace with all her injuries.

As he opened another door, (Y/N)'s orbs widened even more. Getaway cars.

Multiple HYDRA agents came towards them, pointing their guns at them which caused (Y/N) to nervously move closer to the man that held her captive. The Winter Soldier put a protective arm around her waist as he snarled, "Она моя [She's mine]."

The guards looked weary but nodded before directing him to a vehicle. (Y/N) had no idea what he just said but it must've been something that made them back off. The soldier opened the passenger side and shoved (Y/N) inside before slamming it shut. She immediately tried to open it but the door to the driver's seat opened and he sat down, sending her a warning look.

"I would suggest against that." he muttered as they drove off.

(Y/N) gripped the seat, eyes wide. Where was he taking her? Unfortunately, the blood loss from the wound in her leg was beginning to take its toll, causing her to feel drowsy, even more so with the rhythm of the car rocking her.

"B-Bucky?" she mumbled before her eyes closed and the world around her went dark.


(Y/N) shot up, taking in deep breaths of air as she panted, gripping the covers. A cold sweat ran across her as she looked around the room. It was dark, only dimly lit by a small oil lamp in the corner, but it was enough to see the man that leant against the wall with his arms crossed.

(Y/N) looked under the covers, noticing she was no longer in her SHIELD attire and yet a long, surprisingly clean smelling, t-shirt. She flushed, had he unchanged her? Her undergarments were still on, thankfully. She also noticed that the wound on her leg had been stitched and patched up.

She looked back up at the man, "W-Why did you bring me here?" She didn't even know where 'here' was!

"They would've killed you." was his short reply in a monotone voice.

"Like you almost did?" she asked, clenching her fists before her breath got caught in her throat, "My friends-?"

"Escaped. They got away after we left." He muttered, walking closer, "Lucky for them."

(Y/N) shifted back on the bed, far to the other side, "What do you want with me?"

He stared at her, watching as she cowered away from him, those eyes still swirling with silent fear, "I want to know why." he answered.

She swallowed, "Why what?"

"Why I can't hurt you."

(Y/N) scoffed, "You stabbed me in the leg and threw me against the wall and you say you 'can't hurt me'?" she snapped, "You have a funny kind of meaning to the word hurt."

He didn't respond and only stepped closer. (Y/N) quickly rose from the bed to distance herself further but she collapsed to the floor because of the injury in her leg. She breathed heavily, leaning against the bed as she shakily lifted herself, "Where am I?"

The Winter Soldier watched as she steadied herself against the wall, deciding not to move any closer to her, "Far from home."

(Y/N) glared, "How far?"

"It doesn't matter. You're staying here." he answered.

(Y/N) clenched her fists, "So, you kidnapped me? Holding me hostage." she paused, her heart racing, "Are you going to hurt me?"

The soldier began walking towards the door, "It's not on my agenda unless you do something stupid, then I might consider it." He glanced back and smirked as he saw her gulp, "Don't try to escape - you won't get very far with a broken leg after." he chuckled as he left, shutting the door behind him.

(Y/N) ignored his little threat at the end and stared out the window. She had to escape somehow, but it wasn't going to be easy. She sighed, HYDRA Agents never were.

Chapter Text

Five weeks.

(Y/N) had been here for five God damned weeks. Through those five, she has escaped three times, all ending in failure, and all ending in pain. Thankfully he hadn't broken her leg yet like he threatened to do.

The first time was only a couple of days after they arrived here - wherever 'here' was. (Y/N) managed to get a few meters with her injured leg before he came storming after her. It was like a mockery. He held no weapon and simply walked to her before tossing her over his shoulder and walking back into the building with her kicking and screaming.

It wasn't until two weeks later when (Y/N) tried again. Her leg was healed, and she could run better. But with no weapon it still proved a challenge. She got about half a mile before she was shot in the arm, a cry leaving her which gave him a sense of direction to her. The soldier had to actually run this time as (Y/N) put up a fight. But it ended the same as the first time.

At least she gave him a black eye this time.

The third time was by far the worse. (Y/N) had carefully thought through this plan, managing to make him double over and snatch his weapon before she left the building. Maybe it was a bit stupid to let him watch her go, but at least her attack beforehand gave her a head start.

She made it about half a mile before Bucky tackled her to the ground, stabbing her leg once more. (Y/N) managed to attack back, ending up with him running into a tree which gave her time to sprint off. But she didn't get very far and ended up running into HYDRA agents. All their weapons pointed to her.

They would've fired if Bucky hadn't wrapped his arms around her and uttered, "Тронешь ее, я тебя убью [You touch her, I'll kill you]." (Y/N) had no idea what he had said but it made them look at him fearfully and put their weapons down.

After that he'd dragged her back to the building, limping on her newly injured leg.

And that's how she found herself here.

Arms crossed, glowering at the blank wall as he tended to the wounds he created, teeth clenched. She flinched as he began stitching, a hiss leaving her.

"Stay still." he growled, roughly holding down her leg causing a gasp of pain to leave her.

"I wouldn't flinch if you hadn't have stabbed me!" she snapped back,

"I wouldn't have stabbed you if you didn't run away." he answered, ignoring her twitching as he carefully sewed her knife wound.

"I wouldn't have ran away if you let me go back to my normal life instead of keeping me here prisoner." (Y/N) hissed, her nails digging into her arms as he yanked harshly at the stitching.

He stood and looked down at her, "If I let you go, you'd be dead before you even made it to the edge of the forest."

(Y/N) swallowed and turned away, fidgeting uncomfortably in the shirt she was wearing, "You could at least give me some proper clothes."

The soldier sighed before walking out the room. He returned soon after and dumped a few pieces of clothing on the end of the bed before speaking, "This is all that's here. Now go to sleep and don't escape again."

(Y/N) watched as he left, locking the door behind him. She looked at the clothing he left - shorts, t-shirt and a jumper. She clenched her teeth before slipping the clothing on, feeling less exposed and wearing a jumper that smelled strongly of the Winter Soldier.

She sighed and fell face first onto the bed, unmoving. Where they even looking for her? It'd been five weeks, surely the soldier couldn't have taken her very far from home. Nowhere about the place she was in felt even close to home.

(Y/N) rolled so she was on her side, hugging a pillow close to her, "Please, find me soon."


(Y/N) woke with a start as a loud bang rang through the building, causing her to jump. Indistinctively, she went for the gun on her waist belt before she remembered where she was, and she swallowed, standing shakily to her feet.

She went towards the window before the bedroom door burst open, revealing an angered soldier. He stormed over to (Y/N) as she crept backwards and grabbed her arm, "You need to run." he stated.

"W-What?" she asked, stumbling along behind him.

Bucky turned and yanked the jumper off her before securing a bullet proof vest over the t-shirt. He tossed the jumper back to her before handing her a gun, "HYDRA and SHIELD agents are both within this building, both searching for you. If HYDRA finds you, they will kill you." he answered.

"You're letting me go?" she asked, hesitantly taking the gun from him.

"No," he responded, loading own gun as the shouting grew closer, "Meet me at the rendezvous point. If you're not there, I will find you." he warned her.

"Where are you going?" she asked, following him out the door.

"Cutting them down. Now go, I'll be there in a bit."

"And if I don't go there?" she stared at him, watching as he glanced at her before walking down the hall.

"Then God help you." was all he muttered.

At the sound of yelling, (Y/N) turned and ran. She really didn't want to stay with him, but she also didn't want an angry Winter Soldier hunting her down. He said that he couldn't hurt her, but like she said before - he had a strange meaning to the word hurt. It didn't mean he wouldn't hurt her.

She ran through the dark halls of the house, knowing her way around from the amount of times she's ran away from him. HYDRA agents were everywhere, and rather being caught in the crossfire, she decided it would be easier to hide her way out. There was only so many bullets a pistol had.

(Y/N) made it out to the hidden getaway car Bucky had stored under the trees, the cold air causing a shiver to run through her. She looked into the forest, feeling the need to run. Her freedom was right there in front of her and yet she hesitated.

What would Bucky do to her if she ran?

She didn't have time to process that thought when a shuffle was made from behind her, causing her to point her gun in the direction.


The female looked, noticing the familiar red hair of her fellow agent, "Natasha?" (Y/N)'s strong face seemed to break, and she ran over, hugging the surprised agent tightly.

Natasha tensed slightly but hugged her none the less, "Are you okay? What happened? Did Bucky hurt you?"

"No, well yes - but only when I escape." (Y/N) answered, pulling away, "He's kept me here for the past five weeks."

"We've been looking for you all that time." Natasha told her, before flashlight caught their attention.

(Y/N) swallowed as HYDRA agents surrounded them, pointing their weapons at the two females, "Yeah, and so have they."

"You've lived here that long, how have they not killed you." Natasha paused, "No offence."

They turned so their backs pressed against each other, holding on to their weapons tightly, "Bucky was always there, he never let them near me." (Y/N) answered.


"Yeah, something about not being able to hurt me. Which is bullshit since he's stabbed me twice." she muttered, glaring at the guards in front. Natasha frowned slightly but didn't make any comment as the guards began closing in.

"Come with us quietly and no harm will come to you." an agent spoke, pointing his gun at them.

Natasha grinned, tilting her head back slightly, "You feeling rusty, (Y/N)?" she asked.

(Y/N) scoffed, "Please, I've been waiting for this for the past five weeks."

At once, both agents kicked their feet out before ducking and punching. (Y/N) winced at her wounds slightly but didn't let that bother her. She knelt down before swinging her foot up, knocking a gun out of the closest guard's hand and grabbed it before firing.

Natasha watched in shock as (Y/N)'s lips peeled back, an angry yell leaving her as she shot the HYDRA agents without a care in the world - what had Bucky done?

(Y/N) stopped and breathed lightly, grinning, "How's that for rusty?"

Romanoff pulled a face and shrugged, "Not bad. Best get ready to repeat it." she nodded behind her.

(Y/N) turned and readied herself to fire again, but the weapon clicked, notifying the loss of bullets, "Shit." she breathed before swinging the gun and hitting the agent across the head as he ran at her.

She clenched her fist and went for the next guy, only for him to grab her wrist and twist her arm around her neck, yanking her back against him, "Hey, now, Missy. Come this way so we don't hurt you or your friend anymore."

(Y/N) glanced over to Natasha, noticing she was in the same position, however her other hand clamped on to her waist, a look of pain over her face. When did she get shot?!

They had no choice but to be tugged somewhere by the men - another mission failure. (Y/N) cringed as she felt his lips close to her ear, whispering, "We've got a surprise for you."


Both agents were shoved to the ground on their knees, panting heavily after their struggling. A voice made them tense, "Well, well, well. I didn't except SHIELD's best agent to be dropping to their knees before me."

(Y/N) grimaced at the hidden meaning of that before snorting, "You could only wish. Now let us the fuck go."

A sharp slap sent her face whipping the side, the red mark easily visible on her skin, "I suggest you refrain from speaking to me like that." (Y/N) looked up to the male and glared at him. Pierce.

"Do you expect me to be nice to my kidnapper?" she asked with a roll of her eyes.

"No, but that's exactly what you did with the Winter Soldier." he answered, walking around her as Natasha was yanked to the side.

Romanoff's eyes widened, "How are you alive? Nick shot you!"

Pierce chuckled, deciding to ignore the agent, "You've corrupted him."

(Y/N) chuckled, "Oh, no. That was your doing. I've just made him begin to realize who he truly is."

"He is the Winter Soldier." Pierce stated firmly, "He is a weapon, created by HYDRA, to be used over and over. He is a monster."

"Don't you dare speak about him like that." (Y/N) seethed, clenching her fists.

Pierce chuckled, nodding to the guards. Someone gripped her arm and pulled her up before shoving her forward. Their hand locked into her hair before yanking her head up and making her see the scene in front of her.

The enemy smiled darkly, "Maybe you need reminding of the monster her is."

(Y/N) swallowed as she looked at the man behind the window, "Bucky..."

Chapter Text

(E/C) orbs stared wide-eyed through the glass, watching as the soldier was forcibly sat in the seat, cuffs tight wrapped around his arms, legs and torso. (Y/N) could see the grit of his teeth as he strained, but no matter what he did, he couldn't break free.

"Are you crazy? Let him go!" (Y/N) snapped, glaring at the man before her.

He simply tutted, "Don't you understand? it's your fault he's in this position. You've changed him, and now he needs to be turned back."

(Y/N)'s eyes widened slightly, a new-found fear racing through her, "No... you can't!"

Pierce grinned, one of his men handing him a red book, "Oh, yes. I can." (Y/N) caught sight of the book that would change everything, and she tore herself from the guard's grip, trying to reach for the diary.

Pierce laughed as his men grabbed hold of her, forcing her to stare into the cell where Bucky was held. Pierce walked through the door, muttering, "You did this yourself."

Natasha was beginning to struggle in the grip of the agents as they brought her forward as well, making her watch as the scene unveiled before them. She looked to (Y/N), noticing the pain and anger in her eyes.

Bucky glared up at the man as he entered the room, "You said I was free." he snarled, clenching his fists.

The enemy chuckled, hiding the book behind his back, "Oh, did I? That must be a mistake. Once you're HYDRA's - you're always HYDRA's." he brought the book forward and Bucky visibly tensed. Not again...

(Y/N) slammed her foot against the glass, beginning to struggle now as she saw Pierce open the diary, "Bucky!"

The soldier looked towards the mirror on the other side of the room. He already knew people could see in. You can't have just a random mirror in the room where you hold your hostage, that makes it obvious.

He couldn't see through it, but he knew she was there. (Y/N).

"желание [longing]." Bucky tensed as that first word hit his ears, his whole frame immediately changing. Pierce smirked, "Ржавые [rusted]."

"No." he leant back, eyes closed, trying to block out anything the enemy spoke.

"Семнадцать [seventeen]."

"Stop." Bucky's voice sound raw and pained, as if something else was there - something that shouldn't've been.

"Рассвете [daybreak]."

From the other side of the door, (Y/N) was screaming and shouting, tears threatening to fall as she watched the soldier yell out angrily, struggling against his restraints. She couldn't stand by and watch as he was turned back.

Natasha gritted her teeth, suddenly jumping and dropping all her body weight on the man behind, forcing him to let go.

"Печи [furnace]." Pierce spat, a menacing grin on his lips as he watched the soldier struggle with his humanity in front of him, "Девять [nine]."

"STOP!" Bucky roared, trying to lift his whole body up from the chair and forcing it back down, begging for something, anything, to prevent this.

"Доброкачественные [benign]."

(Y/N) and Natasha had successfully unleashed themselves from the grips of the guards, and now they were fighting back, trying to get in the cell before Pierce finished. Bucky's fists were clenched tightly as he felt something change deep inside him, trying to push it back.

"встреча выпускников [homecoming]."

"Bucky!" (Y/N) yelled as she heard his scream, kicking the final guard in the face before racing towards the door.

But it wouldn't budge.

"No, no, NO!" she shouted, using her whole-body weight to shoved open the door. Natasha saw her struggling and quickly rushed over to help.

"один [one]." Pierce stepped forward as Bucky managed to unstrap one of his wrists, but they all knew it was too late. (Y/N) burst through the door, Bucky taking a single glance at her, just as Pierce spoke those final words, "грузовых вагон [freight car]."

"NO!" (Y/N) cried out, now struggling in the grip of Natasha who held her back from the Winter Soldier.

Pierce snapped the book shut as the soldier looked away from (Y/N), his eyes now emotionless. He stood tall, staring straight ahead, "Soldier?"

"Ready to comply."

(Y/N) clenched her fists, yanking herself out of the agent's grip and running at Pierce, "You son of a bit-" she only managed to get one punch around the face before she was roughly shoved away. She looked up into the eyes of the Winter Soldier as he glared back at her.

"Soldier," Pierce grinned, looking down at (Y/N) as she backed away, realizing what he was going to do, "Kill the SHIELD agents."

The soldier didn't respond and simply began walking towards the two females who slowly began to walk away, "(Y/N)." Natasha warned, gripping her arm, "(Y/N), run!" she yelled as he leapt for them, barely missing (Y/N).

"I can't." she whispered, staring back at Romanoff.

"What do you mean you can't? Use your damn legs!" she answered, trying to pull (Y/N) away. The soldier began walking to them again, a glare on his face.

"No, I can't leave him." (Y/N) told her before turning, "Natasha, you need to go and get help. Call Fury, SHIELD, Tony - anyone. We need them here to bring this base down."

"No, I'm not leaving you again!" Natasha answered, "Not after last time."

(Y/N) smiled and hugged the redhead tightly, "I'm sorry, Nat. But you need to do your part of the mission."

"Wha-?" before the agent could question anything, she was shoved out the cell, the door slamming heavily behind her, "(Y/N)!"

"GO!" she yelled before dodging an incoming attack from the Winter Soldier, swinging her fist and barely connecting it with his jaw. Her wrist was held tightly in his grasp as the soldier stared at her.

Pierce snickered in the corner, "Oh, you naïve person. Don't you see you've trapped yourself with this monster - he won't stop until he completes his mission."

(Y/N) gritted her teeth, trying to yank her arm away from the Winter Soldier with no avail. Instead, she used this as an advantage. She jumped and swung around him, so his arm wrapped around his neck and only then did he let go. But he made no hesitation to spinning around and swinging his leg across her torso, sending her reeling into the wall.

(Y/N)'s orbs widened as he ran at her with a dagger. His metal fist crushed into the wall next to her, where her head would've been if she hadn't move. Using this as a block, the soldier drew the dragger close to her, (Y/N) only just able to cross her arms in front of her to prevent more injury.

The blade was switched to his other hand, (Y/N)'s leg winding around his own and ducking as he went to strike her. She yanked his leg from under him before straddling the soldier, landing a harsh punch across his jaw, "Bucky, please remember!"

The soldier's jaw visibly clenched and he slowly turned his head back to look at her. (Y/N) swallowed under the glare before she was flipped off, flying backwards behind him. She grunted as her back collided with the table before dropping to her knees.

She panted, watching as the Winter Soldier ran at her again. Her orbs spotted something in the corner and she ran to it, picking up the gun and firing at him. The soldier dodged the first two as he ran at her, circling his arms around her waist and shoving her into the wall behind. (Y/N) blinked back her tears before shooting his arm and firing another at his leg.

The grunt that left him was pain filled, and (Y/N) quickly moved from being held by him to being over him, locking him to the ground again. She could feel his metal arm trying to move, but with a new-found strength she held him there.

"Bucky, it's me. (Y/N). Come on, Buck - you have to fight it!" she cried. She could see the hesitation in his eyes, and for a second hope ran through her, but that was quickly washed away when his hand slipped from hers and an excruciating sting ran through her body.

(Y/N) was roughly shoved off, crying out as she landed on the dagger impaled in her stomach, pushing it in further. She breathed heavily, tears spilling from her eyes as she listened to Pierce's chuckle, "He can't fight it. He'll fight you - to the death."

(Y/N) gritted her teeth and shakily stood to her feet. The soldier would admit he was surprised - usually people with this many wounds cowered on the ground and begged for their life, yet she was doing to complete opposite.

But that didn't stop him from tossing her weak form back to the ground.

Swallowing her fear, (Y/N) knew she couldn't fight him anymore. Her whole body ached, and she could feel herself slipping from consciousness as the blood stained her - Bucky's - jumper. She flinched slightly when she heard a click, looking up to find a pistol pointing right at her. Despite the pain, (Y/N)'s head rolled back weakly, and she looked up to the Winter Soldier.

And she smiled.

To say it took the soldier off guard was an understatement. He'd been in this position with many of his victims, ready to take the final shot - but none of them had smiled at him.

"You would think that I'd be scared." (Y/N) murmured, sucking in a deep breath, "But this feeling is completely the opposite."

The soldier gripped the gun, fingers closing in on the trigger before (Y/N) whispered four words that caused him to freeze, "I love you, Bucky."

"What are you waiting for, Soldier?" Pierce asked, standing a few feet behind him, "Finish the job."

But the darkened eyes of the soldier widened, "No." And quicker than anyone could calculate, he spun around and shot Pierce directly in the chest. The male choked, stumbling back at the bullet wound. He looked down, watching as the blood stained his new shirt before he dropped to the ground.

At this point, the soldier already had his arms wrapped around (Y/N) and lifted her up bridely before beginning to run. HYDRA agents shouted towards him, but he ignored them, and raced out of the base and into the tree line.

When he believed they were far enough, he placed down by a tree before staring at her. (Y/N)'s hand held tightly around the dagger that was still sunk into her side. A bullet wound was on her leg, along with a few more minor stabs on her arms and legs from where she had fought other agents.

The soldier silently dropped to his knees before grabbing a few bandages and stitching from his back pockets. (Y/N) swallowed, "B-Bucky?"

At the moment, (Y/N) didn't know who she was dealing with. His stance and dark eyes looked like that of the Winter Soldier, but his touch was another story. Even if he was the enemy, whenever he cleaned her wounds, his fingers were gentle.

He looked directly at her as he held onto the handle of the weapon, watching as her eyes squeezed shut as he began to pull the knife out. Teeth pierced her lip, a small whimper left her to which he swallowed at, feeling a strong sense of remorse.

(Y/N) breathed deeply as he began to clean the deep wound, watching his actions as he carefully avoided more sensitive areas. A particular dab made her let out a cry of pain and she fell heavily back against the tree, holding his hand still for a moment before allowing him to continue.

"W-Why didn't you kill me?"

Her question was remained unanswered throughout the duration of stitching and cleaning her wounds, Bucky's eyes studying each movement her body made. Each quiver, each flinch and tense was analyzed. Only when he tied the bandage around her arm and pulled the bloodied jumper back over her shivering form did he look at her.

"I-" he looked into her eyes, still being able to see the hidden fear swirling in them. Of course, she would still fear him. He almost killed her. He almost killed the one he needed. "I can't hurt you." he mumbled.

"Stop saying that." (Y/N) hissed, "You've made it very clear that you can hurt me. Why didn't you kill me like he asked?"

"I... couldn't." was his short reply before he slumped down next to her.

(Y/N) noticed the blood staining his dark clothes from where she had shot him and carefully rolled his sleeve up to inspect his wound. The soldier tensed by didn't make any protest as she gently lifted his arm and dabbed at it gently.

Bucky watched as she began to bind the bandage around his arm, tightly tying the knot at the end. Just as she drew her hand back, he grabbed he arm and pulled her sleeve up, tracing over the old scars.

"What doesn't kill you, gives you scars, right?" (Y/N) chuckled quietly, but the soldier remained silent.

His cold metal fingers traced each scar on her arms before he moved to her legs, causing a shiver to run through (Y/N). By the end of his inspection, (Y/N) somehow managed to be dragged on to his lap where his fingers paused at a large scar on her thigh - the one he gave her when her saw her that first time.

"I'm sorry." he finally mumbled, his eyes slowly reaching hers, "For everything."

(Y/N) offered a small smile. Her hand gently ran through his dark locks as she answered, "I don't blame you, Bucky. You were under HYDRA's control." she rested her hand against his check, "I promise that I won't let them get their dirty hands on you again."

Bucky kissed her palm before wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her in closer. He didn't speak, but (Y/N) knew there was a lot going through his mind. The slight twitch of the bushes behind them caught her attention and Natasha emerged from them.

The redhead tilted her head silently and (Y/N) gently shook her own in response. The agent nodded before disappearing again, leaving the two in their silent embrace.

Chapter Text

Odin walked through prisons, ignoring the rude insults and remarks that were spat towards him. Nothing new. This was a daily routine for the All-Father, but now he came down here for an entirely new purpose.

He strode past all of the light, comfortable looking cells until he reached the end. This cell was different. As a guard opened the door, he stepped inside, being greeted by silence and darkness.

The prisoner in this cell stayed quiet in the pitch black. Odin turned, nodding to the guards before the dim lights flickered on.

Before him was a female, scrawny with the lack of food and dressed in rags for her time being here. Her (H/C) hair was knotted and matted across her face that hung down. Her arms were spread away from her body, limp in the chains that lifted them as she knelt on the hard concrete before the King of Asgard.

But as she looked up, the twinkle had still not left her (E/C) seas and she smiled as the doors closed behind him, "Hello, Loki."

The God shifted back into his original self and he walked over to her. He nodded, "(Y/N). Anything to say to me today?"

The female chuckled, her head lolling back as she closed her eyes before opening them and looking up at him, "I've told you once, and I'll tell you every time. You won't get anything out of me."

Loki hissed angrily, kneeling down to her height before gripping her chins in his harsh grasp, "I would suggest you tell me, (Y/N), otherwise the punishment will be-"

"What?" (Y/N) asked, looking up into his mischievous emerald eyes, "Painful? Please. I've become numb from the amount of times they have lashed that whip."

Loki clenched his teeth before dropping her chin and standing to his feet. "This would be a lot easier if you just told me."

"And I did tell you. You chose not to believe me." (Y/N) chuckled, a little bit more sanity leaving her from being kept in the dark, "I told you, I no longer follow him - I never did. He's a brutal maniac who will stop at nothing. You do not understand the dangers you have put yourself in."

"Please, I've been through worse." Loki answered.

"And so, this is the same conversation as last time." (Y/N) muttered.

"No, this time it will be different." Loki changed back into Odin, "Guards!"

A few men walked through the door, whip already in hand because they knew what was coming next. Without saying anything, (Y/N)'s chains twisted, making her body turn.

Loki winced at the view.

(Y/N)'s rags were nothing but torn and tattered at the back, barely clinging to her thin frame. Dried blood clung to her pale skin, the wounds still bright red and fresh from earlier that week. Loki swallowed thickly, hating himself for putting her through this.

"You bring this on yourself, (Y/N)." He spoke, watching when she flinched as the whip was cracked in the air.

The guard looked towards the All-Father for clarification, and when he nodded, the whip was brought down harshly against the female back. A cry of pain left her, like it always did. The first whip was always the worse.

Other than that one cry, the rest of the time she would stay silent. Although it wouldn't go unnoticed by Loki that her fists clenched in her bindings. He'd studied her long enough to know that she was biting her lip, concealing her whimpers and sobs. Emerald eyes watched as her muscles contracted each time the whip made contact, her back arching forward just a little bit more.

Once it was over, the guard walked out without another sound, leaving Odin with (Y/N) as she panted heavily. She chuckled, "Oh, I love you too." Her voice cracked within the sentence and she slumped in her chains.

But those binding suddenly dropped, leaving her whole body to crumple to the floor. The God walked over to her before kneeling, allowing her to bury her face in his clothing. He made a bottle of alcohol appear, along with some cotton buds.

"This is going to hurt, my love." He whispered.

(Y/N) swallowed, "Doesn't it always?"

Loki sighed before dabbing her new wounds lightly. Even so, a cry of pain left the female, but it was muffled by Loki's attire. He gently drew his other hand through her hair, attempting to calm her as he continued.

"I do not understand why you won't tell me." Loki mumbled.

"I cannot tell you. It would bring danger to Asgard, and to you. It is easier they see me as a threat than a hero." She answered.

"But I keep having to cause you pain."

(Y/N) looked up at him, a grin, far from sane, spread over her lips, "Maybe I like the pain."

"Your time with him has made you ill." Loki spoke, cradling her carefully in his arms, avoiding the newly scarred skin, "I really wish you would tell me of his plans."

"Thanos is not someone to speak about. Anyone, anywhere could be listening." (Y/N) whispered, reaching her hand up and raking it through his raven locks, "If I told you now, then he would come, and they are not ready yet. I will not hurry their deaths. They deserve to live as long as they can - they deserve it after all."

"As do you, my Queen. And yet you bide your time by hanging in a dark cell with no recollection of the outside world." The God muttered, pressing a kiss onto her forehead, "If you were to let me, I could shower you in gifts and serve you with the upmost care. I can love you, more than anyone has dared to."

"I'm in no need of gifts, my Prince. And if he finds out about the time we've spent together, he would surely bring you harm." (Y/N) sighed.

Loki swallowed, knowing that she was unaware of the situation he was already in. The tesseract was still on Asgard, far from his grasp. But he knew the time was ticking before he made an appearance.

"And besides, I don't think your people would appreciate their King supporting a criminal." (Y/N) grinned.

Loki let out a small smile, "Then I will spend as much time as possible with you here. I will bring you gifts and I will cherish you until the day comes that he arrives. I will not let you be strapped here forever."

(Y/N) smiled, looking up at him, "People might get suspicious."

Loki smirked, leaning closer to her, "Let their imagination run wild. It will be nothing compared to what I feel for you." And he pressed his lips into hers, (Y/N)'s hand resting on his neck as she kissed back, both smiling widely.

Chapter Text

A loud explosion rung through the ears, soon followed by the hurried footsteps of two SHIELD agents as they ran from the building. Fists clenched, the blond man shot a glare over to the female running next to him, "Why did you light the charges? Do you know how many innocent people you've just killed?"

The agent rolled her eyes, "You're naïve, soldier. Everyone here works against SHIELD."

"We had our mission to not harm those who did not pose a threat, (Y/N)!" he answered, running in front of (Y/N) and holding up his SHIELD to protect them from incoming bullets.

"No, that was your mission." (Y/N) muttered before leaping on Cap's shield and over the wall of fire. She twisted in the air, knocking out the two men on the guns.

A grin plastered it's way along (Y/N)'s lips and she grabbed the machine gun and shifted it along, turning to fire at the incoming enemies running towards her. Steve landed beside her, "(Y/N), what are you doing?" he snapped.

"Protecting you." she muttered, aiming her pistol behind him and shooting a guard, "Unfortunately."

Steve kissed the back of his teeth, glancing away, "I know you and I don't particularly like each other, but we could at least be civil on missions."

(Y/N) snickered, "Civil? Me and you? Get real, Rogers. You can't stand me - your morals rule you." she fired a few more bullets, both her and Steve using each other to kick the guards. (Y/N) took a breath and tilted her head, "Let's not lie and be friends. We are allies and nothing more."

'That's enough chatter, Agents.' Fury's voice came over the communicator, 'We've detected more incoming, approximately thirty seconds. You've got to get out of there.'

"Can we fight them?" Cap asked.

'Yeah, if you want to die.' the director responded, 'These aren't like the others. They are heavily armed - twenty seconds.'

The two looked at each other before running from the scene. They didn't get very far until bullets began firing at them, both using their hands to shield their heads.

"I think your twenty seconds was a bit generous!" (Y/N) yelled through the communicator. Steve turned suddenly and threw his shield towards a few men before it bounced back. Even so, (Y/N) glared at him, "What are you doing?"

"Saving your life." Rogers muttered.

"Excuse you, but I don't need sa-ARGH!" (Y/N) stumbled, crying out as a bullet shot through her calf, "Shit!"

Steve swung his shield again as the men closed in, picking up a spare gun that had been left on the ground before firing at them, "Requesting a pick-up. (Y/N)'s down."

'There's no way we can get to you with everyone there after you. You're going to have to wait them out.' he answered.

"But that could take forever!" (Y/N) growled, yanking the bullet from the wound and applying pressure.

'Until that area is clear or you get to a place where we can reach you, I will not authorise a pick up.' Nick stated firmly, 'You're going to have to wait them out.'

"Great, I get to spend even more time with the soldier." (Y/N) muttered.

'Your best bet is hiding out some place. We can pick you up early tomorrow morning. For now though, I suggest moving. More enemies are incoming.'

Steve cursed under his breath as the gun ran out of ammo and dropped it to the ground. He rushed over to (Y/N) before scooping his arms under her back and legs.

(Y/N) tried to scramble away, "What are you doing?!"

"Moving you. You can't walk." he answered as he began running.

"I can run just find. Put me down, Rogers!" she snapped, fidgeting in his grip which only made him hold tighter.

"Not an option."

(Y/N) huffed angrily, crossing her arms as she allowed the soldier to carry her away from the enemies and through the forest.


It was late at night now, and the two agents had found a small cave to hide in, but in the effort to stay hidden, they couldn't build a fire.  And with the lack of warm clothing, the cold air was beginning to take it's toll on (Y/N).

She shivered as she looked out and up into the sky, but did her best to hide it - she didn't need Steve finding out.

But unfortunately to her luck, he already knew, "(Y/N), get inside the cave. You're cold."

"No, I'm not." she muttered, clenching her fists around her arms, forcing herself to stop shivering.

"It's warmer back here. Just come inside."

The agent sighed before weakly standing to her feet and limping towards the soldier. She sat on the opposite side of the small cave, the only bit of light coming from the bright moon outside. Steve stared at her as she wrapped herself in a ball again and stared back at him.

"Why are you like this?" he asked.

"Like what?"

"The way you are. Why do you hate me? I don't even remember how we met." Steve spoke, fiddling with his fingers.

"I never said I hated you." (Y/N) muttered.

"Well, you sure don't act like you like me. When we work together, there's friction. When I help you, you refuse it." Steve replied, watching as her eyes glistened in the faint light, "So, why are you like that?"

"I don't have to tell you anything, Rogers." she spat.

"No, you don't. But I'd like to know." he spoke softly, "No one is born not trusting others."

Cap saw how (Y/N) tensed, knowing he'd hit something. And he did - it was right on the pin. She sighed, moving so she sat cross legged, fiddling with her fingers.

"Before I joined SHIELD, my life was a mess. I worked for HYDRA." she muttered, looking away from the soldier, "My parents used to work for them, therefore that was my home. I was considered the outcast because I said no to experimentation. I never really felt like I had a family, and those that were, were killed before SHIELD destroyed it."

"Killed by who?" Steve asked, not sure whether he wanted to know the answer.

"The Winter Soldier." (Y/N)'s eyes met his.


The agent swallowed and nodded, "I don't blame him. I knew what HYDRA did to him - I know it was HYDRA that killed my parents, not Bucky."

"Nick was the one who helped me join SHIELD. He saw potential, so he trained me. Clint was the first person who knew me and the circumstances I came from." (Y/N) continued, "And when it came to my first mission, I had to kill either him, or the enemy."

Steve frowned, noticing the tears welling in her orbs, "Who was the enemy?"

(Y/N) looked down, "My twin brother."

"(Y/N), I'm so sorry-"

"Don't." she muttered, glaring across the cave at him, "Don't pity me. I knew what I was getting myself into that mission - I had just hoped it wouldn't end the way it did." she turned away again, "It just told me that I can't rely on anyone except myself. I can't trust anyone. Everyone I care about either gets killed by me or because of me."

Steve sighed quietly before walking over to her and sitting next to the shivering female. She tensed when his armed wrapped around her waist and brought her close to him, "Leave me alone, Rogers." she muttered, her voice wavering.

"You've pushed people away your whole life because you're afraid of hurting them. Just let me be there for you." he told her, resting his chin on her head, "I've only got one thing to lose anyway."

"Oh, yeah? What's that? You might need to protect it." (Y/N) joked weakly, barely letting out a small chuckle.

Steve hesitated for a moment before answering, "You."

(Y/N) pulled away and sat back on her heel, looking at the super soldier in front of her with wide eyes, "What?"

Cap gave her a small smile, "The only thing I have to lose, is you. And you're right." he lifted her chin up as she looked down, watching her through the darkness and leaning forward, "I do have to protect it."

He leaned closer, about to kiss her lips, but instead he caught her nose. A giggle left (Y/N) as he flushed, "That's my nose, Rogers." she laughed, holding her hands either side of his face, "These are my lips."

Their lips pressed together, a small shiver running through the both of them at the cold. Steve held her waist, gently pulling her closer as she grinned into his lips. Slowly, they pulled back, (Y/N) finding herself straddling Steve's legs.

She grinned, "Was that your first kiss since 1945?"

Steve swallowed, chuckling nervously, "No, I've kissed someone else."

"Oh, really?" (Y/N) smirked, noticing his tension, "Who?"

"Uh-m, Natasha. But it was only for a mission." he answered honestly.

(Y/N) nodded, "Not bad. Is this something you do to every girl on missions?"

"Wha- no!" he blurted a few words, but (Y/N) simply chuckled, placing her hand over his mouth.

"I don't care." she laughed, looking into his orbs that twinkled in the moonlight. She leaned down and whispered into his ear, "But who was better?"

Steve looked at her, catching on to her teasing and grinned himself. He licked his lips, "Hm, don't know. I think I need to kiss you again to find out. May I?"

"Wow, very uncharacteristic, Rogers." (Y/N) grinned before leaning closer again, "But, yes, you may."

Chapter Text

"You've been busy."

"And you've been a complete idiot." Tony answered, "Dragging in Clint, rescuing Wanda from a place she doesn't even want to leave - a safe place. I'm tryna keep-" he cut himself off and drew a breath, "I'm trying to keep you from tearing the Avengers apart."

Steve stared at Iron Man, "You did that when you signed."

Tony looked at Cap in disbelief, "Alright, we're done. You're going to turn Barnes over and you're going to come with us - now, because it's us or a squad of JSOC guys with no compunction about being impolite." Tony looked at him, "Come on."

Cap was silent for a moment before Sam came through on the comms, 'We found it. Their Quinjet's in Hanger 5, North runway.'

Steve raised his arms, giving Clint the perfect shot to slice through the webbing with his arrows, "Alright, Lang."

"Guys, something-" Ant-Man shot up from Captain's SHIELD in Spider-Man's hold, knocking the kid and retrieving it for Steve.

"I believe this is yours, Captain America."

The battle started soon after, Tony flying off to find Wanda. (Y/N) hid under the platforms, swallowing thickly. She couldn't do this.

Yes, she didn't agree with the Sokovia Accords. Yes, she believed the safest hands were their own. Yes, she wanted to protect Bucky despite everything he's done. But she couldn't fight the man she loved. She couldn't. But if she agreed, she would be in danger even more than she was.

She watched over the fight, orbs widening slightly when she caught sight of Spider-Man barreling into the Winter Soldier. Man, he even brought in the kid? Tony, we discussed this. (Y/N) watched as he webbed Bucky's arm to the ground and spoke a few things before Sam's drone caught hold of his wrist and dragged him out.

(Y/N) gritted her teeth and ran over to the two men, "You couldn't have done that earlier?" she heard the soldier mutter.

"I hate you." Sam answered.

(Y/N) held her arm out. The nano tech moved from her chest plate to her wrist and she used the laser to cut through the webbing. "Sam, what the hell is wrong with you?"

"He's on the opposite side!"

"He's a kid!" (Y/N) answered.

"He caught my arm!" Bucky added.

(Y/N) rolled her orbs, "He's a strong kid."

"But he caught my arm!"

Sam rolled his eyes before turning to the female, "You're not fighting?"

(Y/N) sighed and shook her head, watching as the two men ran off after her answer. She still couldn't. Tony didn't know she was here yet. He still thought she was working in his lab on her headset, trying to keep safe and away from the government. But when the Sokovia accords came along, Cap came to her. So far in this fight she was completely useless, but Steve knew that she didn't want to fight anyone - especially Tony.

'(Y/N), it's no or never.' Cap came through the comm, his voice full of struggle during his fighting.

The female ran over and hid behind a few boxes, watching as the five others in her team began running, "I can't, Steve. I can't." she mumbled.

'You chose this side, you knew the risks. (Y/N), you can't help anything if you just stand there!' (Y/N) watched as Vision lasered a semi-circle around them, pausing them in their footsteps.

The all lined up in front of each other, "Last chance." she heard Tony snap.

(Y/N) took a shaky breath, shifting the headset in the correct position before walking out and standing beside Captain America. Peter perked up, "Hi, Miss (L/N)!" he waved. (Y/N) nodded in acknowledgement but didn't speak. She saw Tony's helmet remove itself, and the betrayed look on his face said everything.

He chuckled weakly before glaring at Steve, "So, that's how it is? You're tearing apart the team, breaking the law, taking my girl? Anything else you want to ruin?" he snapped.

Steve looked towards (Y/N) who took a step forward, "It's not his fault, Tony."

"You're siding with them? Even after everything Barnes has done to you?" he asked, clenching his fists.

"He didn't know what he was doing."

"He killed your family!" Tony shouted, "Isn't that enough to tell you he needs to be handed over?"

"He was under control!" (Y/N) yelled back, swallowing the tears, "He didn't mean anything he did." Behind her, Bucky looked down. (Y/N) was risking everything just to protect him, they all were - was he truly worth all of this?

Tony's helmet replaced itself and each team stared across from each other. Sam sighed, "What do we do, Cap?"

Steve looked forward, regretting ever getting (Y/N) involved in this, "We fight." And they began walking forward.

Stark's team immediately followed. Peter looked worriedly to Tony through the mask, "They're not stopping."

Tony stared at (Y/N), noticing the fear seeping through her eyes once again. Lips rolled into her mouth as he watched her take a deep breath, clenching her fists. He knew she never like the battle. She hated the fighting, especially when it was between her friends, because it reminded her of what happened before. But she chose her side, now she deals with the consequences, "Neither are we."

The two team ran at each other before clashing properly for the first time. (Y/N)'s nano tech ran down her leg, producing the thrusters under her feet as she lifted up, barely able to maneuver herself over Tony's hit, instead landing it on Steve's shield.

She hovered above everyone, watching as they fought against each other. This was never going to end well. Wanda continuously made sure no one on the team got injured, but even as she threw Black Panther into a transporter, (Y/N) went to check that he was okay.

"T'Challa?" she called before black blur whisked past her, yanking her arm and throwing her to the ground. (Y/N) flipped up and clenched her fists, "I don't want to fight."

"Then why are you here?" he asked before jumping towards her. (Y/N) gasped as he threw a couple of punches, dodging and ducking under them. The nano tech ran along her arm and over her hand, giving her the strength to smack him away.

"Bucky didn't kill your father." she stated, watching as he flipped up.

"You know, I've heard that." he raced towards her, swinging around and giving her a harsh kick to the stomach, "For some reason, I don't believe it."

"You've got to." (Y/N) answered, struggling to continue as he threw more punches and kicks towards her, "I've been tracking him ever since he left Steve by the river. He was no where near that conference."

T'Challa paused slightly but his fists clenched and he threw a rough upper cut to (Y/N). The nano tech raced along her clothing quickly, only just able to prevent more injury. But the blast still set her back, her head smacking into the ground and she groaned.

Metal hit the ground behind her and all she heard was, "She's mine."

(Y/N) swallowed, turning on her back to look up at Tony as Black Panther ran away. Iron Man turned to face her, his helmet coming down. Tony stared at her, "Why are you doing this, (Y/N)?"

She gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. There was no way she was going to get out of this without a fight. She had to face the man she loved with the same. The nano tech raced along her arms as she stood before firing at his chest.

Tony stumbled back and his helmet rose back over his head and he flew above her, "He's my friend."

"I'm your boyfriend! We are supposed to be a team!" he exclaimed, his weapons rising to face her, "Stop, now. Otherwise I won't hesitate."

(Y/N) looked down, removing the headset, causing the nano tech to drop from her body. Tony clenched his jaw, "(Y/N), don't. They'll know who you are. What you are!"

She smiled weakly, "Is that so bad? Either way, the are going to come for me. If we sign those accords, I'm a goner. They will take me back and lock me up or even kill me - don't you understand that?"

"Don't you think I've thought about that?" Tony asked, watching as (Y/N) eyes glowed white as he power ran through her, "I can stop them from doing what you think. They won't touch you, I promised you."

"Do you really think any money would stop them from experimenting on me?" she growled before an energy blast shot towards Tony, firing him back, "They fear what they can't control. If they can't control something, they destroy it."

The rest of the team stared in shock as they witnessed (Y/N) transform into her Winter Soldier. They thought they were all hidden away? Wrong. She was used like Bucky to complete more complex tasks and clear the way for him. That's how they knew each other. The only difference is that she knew how to control her side - it only took her two decades.

'(Y/N), what are you doing? They'll find out who you are!' Wanda called through the comm, but (Y/N) ignored their warnings and ran back to fight Tony.

The genius gritted his teeth before firing at her. But he could still tell that she wasn't using his full power on him. (Y/N) couldn't do that. She loved Tony more than anything and she would never injury him fatally - it's why she never wanted to be part of this fight. She was too powerful. The nano tech took the power away, and the headset hid her energy from the outside, and now they were gone.

"(Y/N), stop! Stop fighting and we can work this out." Tony shouted.

"It's too late."

They continued in their violent dance, Tony firing his bullets, (Y/N) striking him back with her energy spears.

By this time, Ant-Man was no longer small, and was a big enough distraction to allow the two super soldiers to begin their run to the Quinjet. (Y/N) knew she had to keep Tony distracted enough to give them enough time - they needed to leave now.

Scott had Rhodes in his grasp, enough to make Tony stop fighting (Y/N) for a moment as they all watched Ant-Man become giant. "Give me back my Rhodey."

Sam flew into Tony, knocking him away. (Y/N) glared at him through white eyes, "He's mine."

Falcon raised his hands and smirked, "Damn, you two are possessive."

(Y/N) looked towards the two super soldiers as they ran towards the Quinjet before she saw another being, "Guys, Vision's on your-gah!"

Tony rammed into her, slamming her against the ground. (Y/N) white irises faded back to normal, her vision blurry and she groaned, hearing the echoes of the battle behind her.

"Stay down, (Y/N)."

(Y/N) kicked his feet from under him and grabbed the headset that was on her belt. Tony landed with a grunt, and (Y/N) knelt next to him before prying his helmet off with the nano tech. Tony swallowed as he looked up at her, hair falling in her face before her lips met his in an angry, yet passionate kiss.

Everything seemed to freeze in those few seconds. There was no fighting or arguing, the Accords didn't exist and it was just them. But soon his helmet was replaced and her fist slammed against it. He grunted, "That's for ramming me into the ground!"

He looked at her, almost pleadingly even if she couldn't see it, "You need to change your mind." he stated, "I'll change the Sokovia Accords so they don't hurt you, please-"

"I can't, Tony." (Y/N) answered, standing up, "Either way they'll already becoming for me. Not even you can stop them. I'm sorry."

Rhodey called through Stark's comm, 'Hey, stop talking with your girl and come help me!'

"No. I'm sorry." Tony replied before firing at her, sending her flying back into a bunch of crates before flying off towards Rhodey. Peter mentioned something about an old film, and soon Ant-Man was falling to the floor.

(Y/N) watched as Peter was struck back and ran towards him, breaking his fall but both rolling across the ground harshly. Tony flew over, "Hey, kid." Peter freaked out and began fighting back until he realised it was Tony, "You're done, alright."

Peter mumbled something about not being done as Tony walked over to (Y/N) before he slumped to the ground. (Y/N) gritted her teeth, breathing heavily, her body curling in the new pain spreading around. She looked up weakly to him, "I'm sorry, Tony. I had to."

Tony stared a little longer before flying off to catch the super soldiers. In the space of a few minutes, (Y/N) could only watch in horror as Rhodey was struck down by Vision. Tony couldn't save him and he crashed into the ground. She watched from afar when the emergency crew flew in to his position, taking Rhodey in and immediately treating him.

Tony was walking over to her when agents roughly grabbed hold of (Y/N) and yanked her from the floor. She stared at the genius in defeat as a muzzle was placed tightly around her mouth and her hands were bound behind her back.

He looked ready to break.

Rhodey almost just died and was in a critical position, the team was broken apart and his girlfriend was being taken away from him - and there was nothing he could do.

(Y/N) looked at him one last time as she was walked past him, her eyes telling him everything. I'm sorry...

Chapter Text

"What the fuck do you mean you can't find him?" (Y/N) asked, crossing her arms and facing director Fury.

Usually Nick wouldn't allow his Agents to speak to him in such a way, but (Y/N) was an exception, especially for all the shit she'd been through from SHIELD. It took her time and effort to get to her position, coming from HYDRA didn't have it's perks.

Fury sighed, "The tracker that Agent Romanoff was able to put into their system has been cleared off. Whether they rebooted their systems or actually found it, we don't know. The only thing we do know is that we've lost the Winter Soldier."

(Y/N) clenched her fists and turned around. She had to find him - she promised him. Steve glanced to the female beside him and sighed, "Director Fury, isn't there any way we could find him?"

Nick sighed and raised his arms, "I've got nothing. Our latest surveillance suggests that he isn't even in the same HYDRA base."

(Y/N) turned back around, "What?"

Fury pulled up a few files on the screen behind him, "We've got a satellite tracker on the HYDRA base, and the latest income shows people being taken from the base and moved."

Steve and (Y/N) watched as a male, one that highly resembled the Winter Soldier, was being roughly dragged and yanked out the doors and to a van. They could see the struggle and fight that he put up and at the slightest glance of metal, (Y/N) slammed her fist on the pause button.

She swallowed, eyeing the red star, "It's him." she muttered, dragging a hand through her knotted hair.

Steve placed a hand on her shoulder, "Don't worry, we'll find him."

"We've been tracking these people since they left, but they went into a tunnel and we've lost them. Our intellect suggest that somewhere in that tunnel there is an escape route - we just don't know where." Fury sighed.

(Y/N) tilted her head, a frown on her face, "I recognise that road."

"Impossible. This road has been out of bounds for over fifty years - it's been closed older than you." Nick stated.

"No. I know it. I'm sure. I've seen it somewhere." (Y/N) mumbled, nibbling on her lip. She didn't have any more time to think about it when her ears picked up on something, causing her head to shoot up, "LOOK OUT!" she shouted, diving over to Steve and pulling him down as a small rocket came crashing through the window.

The blast sent all three of them back, alarms blaring in their ears. (Y/N) coughed harshly, blood dripping from her wounded head and dribbles from her mouth. She turned to Steve, body screaming in protest.

"Steve?" she groaned, shaking him. The soldier rolled to his side, looking towards her before his eyes flickered behind, widening. He flung his shield, knocking away the intruders before stumbling to his feet.

(Y/N) gripped her side, turning to look at Nick who shook his head, "Steve, get Fury out of here. I'll distract them."

Steve looked to her worriedly but quickly nodded, rushing to Nick's side and pulling him away from danger. (Y/N) clenched her fists and ran towards the intruders. She saw the patch on their arm and gritted her teeth - HYDRA.

They fired towards her, causing (Y/N) to clench her metal glove that Stark gave her, a shield forming in front of her. She smirked slightly before charging into them. Fists tightened, she sent a rough upper cut to the closest agent, sending him flying back.

Multiple intruders ran towards her. One gave a direct punch to her stomach, only for him to cry out in pain. (Y/N) snickered, kicking her leg out and shoving him back. Another gripped hold of her arm, her attention on him before another kicked her legs out from under her, sending her to the ground. She spun, kicking their own feet from under them.

A larger agent came charging at her, slamming her back into the wall. She groaned in pain, her hands flying up to grip hold of his hands as he held her neck.

"Is this the one?" he asked, looking behind him.

Yet another HYDRA agent walked over before gripping the bottom of her shirt and tearing a section off. Where there is expected to be skin, underneath on her left hip was a metal plate that ran up her side. She flinched when he touched it, sending a weak glare to him.

"Oh, yeah." he smirked, "She's the one."

And before (Y/N) could do anything, her sight went black.


Bright lights caused (Y/N) to wince when the bag was ripped from her head and she was roughly shoved to her knees. She balanced herself before leaning up, staring at the female who stood above her.

(Y/N) hadn't seen this female before but she snorted, "Who are you? The snobby leader?" At once, her head whipped to the side, a sharp sting on her cheek. (Y/N) smirked, looking back up, "Is that the best you got?" Another slap came from the other direction and (Y/N) winced as her rings made contact with her skin, drawing blood.

"It would be wise to keep your mouth shut for the minute." she snapped, her voice high pitched and very irritating, "I'm Agent Lucia."

(Y/N) tilted her head and frowned slightly, "You aren't one of HYDRA's, are you?"

The lady with a beak of a nose raised her chin, "No, they couldn't afford someone as powerful as me."

'Snobby and egotistic.' (Y/N) thought before speaking, "That or because they don't hire women." Lucia squinted her eyes at the female below her. (Y/N) didn't feel intimidated by this woman... she didn't seem very aware of who she was.

"Why have you brought me here?" (Y/N) asked, glancing around the small room she was in.

Lucia flicked her fingers, causing the guards to grab (Y/N)'s already bruised arms and yanked her up. The screen in front of her lightened, showing the Winter Soldier, passed out and strapped to a chair.

The agent watched as (Y/N)'s cocky face dropped and fear pooled in her (E/C) orbs, "You're here because you know something."

Lucia opened to the door to the soldier's cell and (Y/N) immediately ran in. She ran over to him, running her hands through his hair and over his cheeks, "Bucky? Buck? James!"

Slowly, the icy orbs of the soldier opened. He looked dazed and confused, glancing around the room until his eyes landed on her, "(Y/N)?" he mumbled.

(Y/N) nodded and bit her lip, smoothing her thumbs over the dark circles under his eyes, "It's me, I'm here."

"Where... Where are we?" he asked, his speech slow and disorientated.

"You are in a secret underground compound." Agent Lucia's voice broke through as she walked over to them, three large guards followed her before the door slammed shut and locked.

Bucky was immediately awake, blue seas quickly scanning the area and taking in all the surrounding threats. His arms tugged slightly at the restraints when he noticed the hidden fear behind (Y/N)'s eyes that she covered up when she turned to look at the female agent.

"Why have you brought us here?"

Lucia smirked, "There was a reason HYDRA never had me working for them. I was a trained leader who knew the ins and outs of every situation - I was too dangerous for them. So, when I heard they were working on a secret project called the Winter Soldier, I had to take a peak."

The soldier tensed slightly when her eyes landed on him, "And what do find? A man capable of taking down the government in one night. A soldier so efficient that you'd never see him coming before it was too late. Someone who has the ability to remove those I need gone and to take the blame for it that no one would question."

(Y/N) clenched her fists and stepped towards her threateningly, "You are not using him. He is not the Winter Soldier."

"Not yet." Lucia smirked, dark -eyes meeting (Y/N)'s, "Say the command words."

"Never." (Y/N) spat.

Two of the guards suddenly grabbed hold of her, yanking her to face Bucky. Lucia stepped to the side, arms behind her back, "Say them."

At her silence, Lucia nodded to the guards. She yelped when her arm was yanked behind her back. One more twitch and her arm would crack. (Y/N) and Bucky met each others eyes and she gritted her teeth, "No."

Lucia flicked her fingers, and a cry erupted from (Y/N)'s throat when her arm was snapped back, ripping from it's socket and split in two. Bucky struggled against the cuffs when tears streamed down (Y/N)'s face, "Leave her alone!" he snapped.

"Oh, I wish I could, Soldier. But I need her to say your command words."

"I will n-never." (Y/N) spoke harshly, breathing heavily.

Lucia nodded before walking over to the screen. (Y/N)'s head was yanked up by her hair, another whimper leaving her. "Now, if you look closely, you'll see that I have the locations of each and every single person who is important to you."

(Y/N) scanned over the files; Natasha, Tony, Pepper, Peter, Rhodey... Steve. She looked to Bucky who's eyes looked at the list before turning to her. She swallowed, glaring back to the female.

Lucia stepped directly in front of her, close to her face, "If you don't say those command words, I will terminate every single person on this list." she smirked, "Bye, bye, heroes."

(Y/N) stared at her a little longer until her broken arm was yanked up and a cry left her dried lips, "Longing!"

Bucky tensed and looked up at her. She met his eyes, (E/C) orbs full of regret and anger, "'R-Rusted."

"No." Bucky mumbled, feeling the familiar feeling inside him. His fists clenched tightly.

"Seventeen." (Y/N) didn't stop the tears from falling, standing weakly in the harsh grip of the two guards.

Lucia noticed her hesitation and gave a pointed look to the third guard. He walked over, sending a harsh fist towards her right side, causing (Y/N) to gasp for air, "D-Daybreak!"

"(Y-Y/N). Please." Bucky pleaded, his eyes meeting hers. He saw weakness in her orbs, whilst his showed fear, slowly sinking into hatred towards her.

But (Y/N) couldn't let all her friends die because of him - that's why Lucia chose the people she was most closest to, "Furnace."

An angry, pain filled yell left the soldier, his body slamming back against the chair as (Y/N) continued, "Nine!" He thought he could trust her. He thought that she knew what this did to him and she was in the room - she would be the first person Lucia would tell him to kill.

"Benign." (Y/N) cried out as the guard's grip on her broken arm tightened, more tears spilling from her eyes, "Homecoming."

Bucky screamed again and (Y/N)'s eyes clenched shut, looking away from him. A sob left her as he cried out again, "O-One."

Lucia grinned darkly, "Say the last one." she snarled.

"I'm sorry, Bucky." (Y/N) whispered, looking up. His body was tearing at the restraints. One had already come off and he was attacking the second, "Freight train!"

The soldier dropped from his chair, cuff gone. He breathed heavily, staring at the ground. (Y/N) swallowed, watching as he stood up and met her eyes, glaring angrily.

Lucia stepped forward, "Soldier."

Bucky was silent for a moment, staring at (Y/N)'s tear stained face and trembling lips. His eyes suddenly darted to the agent and his metal fist shot up to grip her neck. The guards dropped (Y/N), swinging her back against the wall to stop him.

Bucky glared at her, "I will never comply to you." he snarled, throwing her body to the ground. A harsh crack rung out and a scream left Lucia's lips as he back bent in an awkward position.

The soldier began to attack the three guards. All were much taller and had a larger stance than him, but he evaded their attacks with ease and swung his body on them, slamming them to the ground.

(Y/N) crawled her way to the corner, wincing each time a gun shot was fired. She gripped her side, feeling the bruise begin to form underneath her clothing and reached for a small communicator, "S-Steve?"

'(Y/N), where are you?' He demanded.

"I-I don't know. You need to track me but I found Bucky." she answered, watching as the soldier dropped the final guard to the ground and stood motionless. She struggled to stand, leaning her weight on the wall.

'We've got your location, (Y/N). Stay close, we'll pick you up as soon as we can.' The captain responded.

(Y/N) swallowed and stumbled back as Bucky turned and walked towards her. Breathing heavily, her hands found the wall and she stuttered, "B-Bucky, I-I'm sorry. I-I didn't-"

(Y/N) tensed. She thought that he would be mad at her. She had almost said all of his command words, almost turning him into the Winter Soldier again. And yet here he was, arms gently but securely wrapped around her waist, pulling her close to his body.

"I'm glad you're okay." he whispered into her neck.

(Y/N) relaxed against him, using one arm to hug him. The other sat uncomfortably between the two of them, dislocated and broken. Bucky noticed her awkward hug and moved to face her. (Y/N)'s orbs widened when his lips met hers, but immediately responded.

Bucky gently gripped her arm before harshly yanking it up, a loud audible pop notifying them that her arm was relocated. His lips muffled her pained cry, a few salty tears running down her cheeks again.

"I'm sorry." Bucky mumbled against her lips, gently wiping her tears away with his thumbs.

(Y/N) looked up at him, "You dirty cheat." she muttered, causing him to laugh.

Chapter Text

"What is she?" Loki asked, staring at the female bound in chains in front of him. Her (H/C) locks were neatly wrapped back in a plait that reached the end of her back with a few stray hairs that framed her face. Her eyes were none like he'd seen before - and yet they somehow seem familiar. A glowing amber with a grey ring around her pupil, glinting as they stared back at him defiantly. Her skin was decorated with cerulean swirls, crawling their way along her thin cheekbones and scrawny arms.

The guard looked at his King, "They call them Mangata's. People who draw their energy and power from the moon. They use the moon to heal themselves, drawing strength from its rays."

Loki nodded, looking down at the creature before him, "Fascinating."

(Y/N) looked up at him, a glare emitting from her darkening eyes. She couldn't speak with the muzzle wrapped tightly around her mouth, digging into her skin, so she would express herself through her orbs.

The God smirked as he noticed this and turned to the guard, "What's with the muzzle?"

"She has a bit of a lip on her, Sire." he responded grimly.

"Undo it."

"Sire, I really do suggest-"

"Undo it." Loki repeated. The venom in his voice caused the guard to swallow before slamming his weapon on the ground. Another guard walked forward and released the clip, ripping it from her face.

(Y/N) immediately stretched her jaw, "Well, that's no way to treat a lady." she hissed, turning to glare at the guard. If her hands weren't bound, she may have even made a rude gesture towards him.

"Who are you?" Loki asked, watching as her eyes met his again.

"A demon to some. An Angel to others." (Y/N) smiled sweetly.

"I suggest you answer properly. Don't you know who I am?" the God replied.

"Actually, I do." (Y/N) answered, a small smirk on her face, "You're the God of Mischief and Lies. An abandoned Prince of Jotunhiem. Adopted son of Odin and Frigga, brother of Thor."

"Silence." Loki seethed, clenching his fists.

A glint met (Y/N)'s eyes, "Has the power to create illusions. Once tried to destroy Jotunhiem whilst he was given the position of King, and now, he sits on the throne, looking smug because he knows that Odin and Thor won't be home for a while. So, he abandons the nine realms to watch theatre-"

"ENOUGH!" Loki yelled, causing the guards to flinch. But (Y/N) simply stood there, the smirk still on her face, even as the God stood, towering in front of her. He glared at her, "Kneel."

(Y/N) stared at him as he commanded. Did he really expect her to comply? She cleared her throat, "Kill me if you must, but I shall not bow to a King who wears a crown studded with the jewels of every life he's ended."

"I don't wear a crown." Loki answered.

"Huh," (Y/N) smiled, "Did the jewels become too heavy?"

The look on Loki's face could've sent her to her grave. His jaw clenched, and the glare laced in his emerald eyes sent her heart racing, yet she wasn't afraid. Adrenaline flooded through her when she saw that look, edging her along.

Loki chuckled slightly, "You've no idea who you're messing with, so I suggest you submit to me and kneel."

"I'd rather-" (Y/N) grunted as her knees met harshly with the ground below.

She turned and gave a sharp glare to the guard who had given a rough tug on her chains, sending her down, "You need to shut up and respect the King." he hissed, "Kneel as he says."

(Y/N) snickered, her eyes meeting that of the God of Mischief's as he sat back on his throne, "I wasn't born to be soft and quiet. I was born to make the world shatter and shake at my fingertips. And for that, they think I'm insane."

"You are." Loki answered.

The female chuckled slightly, "What doesn't kill you fucks you up mentally."

"I won't ask again," Loki ignored her comment, "Who are you?"

The female huffed, looking at the ground, "It's a shame you don't remember." she glanced back up, "We used to be the best of friends until Odin took me away from you."

She saw the God's eyes widen and he studied her. She knew he was looking for something, but it was hidden beneath her clothing, away from sight, "(Y/N)?" he whispered before shaking his head, "No. She was taken away from me. Odin killed her."

(Y/N) nodded, "You're right - Odin did kill her. But she was never taken away from you." she spoke, still kneeling on the ground, "I was still here, in the prisons, locked away for years and years." her eyes turned cold and she stood suddenly, the guards yanking back her chains, "I waited for you to come and find me. Every night I made a wish that you would come and rescue me until one day I realized - I was wishing on a child's dream."

"So, one day I made a plan. I knew I was weaker because I hadn't been in the moonlight for ages, but if I could make it outside, my power would be restored." she glared at the God as he listened to her story, "It was dinner time when I escaped. The opened the doors and I killed them. I killed them all in my path."

"You're a psychopath." Loki spat.

(Y/N) simply smirked, "I prefer the term creative." she tilted her head, "But I couldn't have been much different from you, Loki."

A shiver went through his spine as his name slipped from her lips. It wasn't a bad shiver, it felt pleasurable. It wasn't said with venom or hate, it sounded wonderful - he knew immediately. It was (Y/N).

Loki stood up again and walked down to her, taking her face in his hands. He brushed his thumbs along the bloodied cuts from the muzzle, but (Y/N) immediately recoiled and glared up at him, "You can't make it better."

The emerald eyes closed, and he nodded, "I know."

"Then let me the fuck go!" she snapped angrily, using her chained hands to shove him away from her, only to be yanked harshly to the ground again by the guards. (Y/N) glared up at the God as he looked down at her, unfazed by her sudden reaction.

"What are you thinking?" he whispered.

"My head is a very dark place," (Y/N) responded, "I don't think you want to know the answer to that."

"If you cooperate, I can remove those chains from you. I can make your life better, (Y/N), like it used to be." Loki told her, kneeling down and gently lifting her chin to meet her eyes.

(Y/N) swallowed and smiled weakly, "It will never be like it used to be."

The God studied her defiant eyes, and he knew she would never comply - following was never her style. Still, it would've been much easier. He lost her once and he wasn't about to let her slip away again.

"You're still staying here." Loki stated firmly, nodding to the guards, "Take her to my chambers and keep her there - do not let her escape."

(Y/N) stumbled to her feet, a look of anger and horror crossing her face as she was pulled away, "So, you're just going to keep me locked up here, like a pet, and claim me to be a prize, a possession." she scoffed, tensing as a guard grabbed her arm, "You're just like Odin."

Loki glared sharply towards her, "Do not compare me to him." he spat.

(Y/N) smirked, knowing he was getting riled up again, and that familiar adrenalin rush ran through her, "Temperament as bad as his too."

He clenched his fists and walked towards her as the guards paused, looking between each other, "You're staying here - that's final. Do as you're told. Don't make me hurt you."

(Y/N) tilted her head. He held a look in his emerald eyes that made her wonder how many people he's killed to get what he wanted. But then the grin made her realize... he's probably lost count. Would her hurt her? She met his eyes again, "You want a battle? I'll give you a war."

Loki gritted his teeth. He didn't want to fight with her - she was precious to him. But she was truly trying his patience, "Make sure she doesn't leave my room." he warned the guards.

"It doesn't mean I won't." she smirked, still facing him.

"You are mine." Loki growled, "If you leave my chambers, I pray the Gods help you. I will hunt you down until I find you and lock you in there, do you understand?"

Her jaw clenched and (Y/N) looked up at him darkly through her eyelashes, "Of course, your majesty."

She was turned and walked away from the God. The guards were tense, their grip tight on the chain as they led her through the halls until they reached Loki's room, "You're dangerous." one spoke.

She looked at him, "How so?"

"Because you don't need anyone." he answered before leaving.

(Y/N) smiled as the door closed, taking a deep breath - looks like the God of Mischief has met his match.

Chapter Text

"I'm sorry Mr Stark, these conditions aren't something that can just be fixed." Doctor Andrews sighed, looking between the two adults.

"What does that mean?" Pepper asked in a small voice, clutching hold of Tony's hand.

"Because of the circumstances, there's a good chance that pregnancy may never happen for you. I'm afraid that Mr Stark's sperm have low motility and your body cannot provide the correct environment for those that do. I'm very sorry to be the one to tell you this." The Doctor told them. It wasn't the easiest thing to tell two perfectly good and healthy people that their chances of starting a family were slim.

Tony had been quiet through this whole thing. Was this his fault? He was the one that would always sleep with women. He was the one who drank alcohol all the time. It wasn't supposed to happen to him. He was Tony Stark, the man who had everything - and yet he couldn't help his wife conceive a child. One thing that was more important than any mission.

"Mr Stark," Andrews spoke softly, noticing his despondent look, "You mustn't blame yourself for any of this, no matter the circumstances. This effects people in different ways, I would hate for it to effect you into feel guilty."

"But this isn't supposed to me - to us." he spoke, "I'm supposed to be the one to give my wife the child she wants. It's supposed to be my job!"

"Sir, there could be multiple reasons why this has happened. It's not impossible for you two, there's just a highly unlikely chance that ever will." The Doctor answered.

Pepper looked to Tony, noticing the tears turning his chocolate orbs glassy. She knew he blamed himself but it wasn't just that there was a problem with him, but her as well. She looked to the doctor, "I-Is there anything that we could do?"

Doctor Andrews nodded, "Like I said, it's not impossible but there are other options, like adoption. For the minute though, I suggest you take your time to process this information. I understand that it's not an easy thing to hear."

Over the next few weeks, there was a lot of tears shed. The car journey from the doctor's surgery was silent, but as soon as they got home, the two collapsed into each other's arms and cried. It was their job to bring life into the world, and they couldn't even do that. Tony announced to the Avenger's that he would be taking a few weeks off to support Pepper in her time of need, and they understood.

Steve continuously checked up on them to make sure that they were both well, and once had been caught in their tearful embrace. He hated seeing them so upset, especially when there was nothing he could do. Both Tony and Pepper deserved a child. Tony had consulted Bruce about the issue, but that ended with Tony crying in Bruce's arms because the scientist couldn't give any better of an answer than the doctor.


The redhead walked into the workshop, listening to the faint music in the room. This past week, the billionaire had been in here, drinking away his problems, but something had changed. The music he listened to wasn't rock anymore, it wasn't loud. Instead it was soft and delicate, quietly playing the background.

The billionaire didn't answer her, but Pepper knew that he was still upset. She breathed heavily before taking the headset from him and settling on his lap.

"Pep, I'm trying to fix my suit."

"I know. But you need a break." she whispered, pressing a kiss on his temple, "And a shower."

"Thanks." he muttered, catching her lips. The kiss was slow and hesitant, as if he was afraid to hurt her, "I'm sorry."

Pepper pulled back, licking her lips and frowning, "Why are you sorry?"

"I should be able to give you a child and I can't do the one thing-"

"Hey." she stopped him, running a hand through his hair, "I'm sorry too. It's not only you that has a problem but I do as well. We'll figure this out."

"Will we?" Tony mumbled, resting his head on her shoulder.

Pepper nodded and lifting something, "And I was thinking we could go look now."

Tony looked up and saw 'Mrs Andrews' Adoption Agency' in capital letters across a leaflet. He looked up at her and swallowed, "Y-You want to adopt a child?"

"If we can't have a child of our own, maybe we can make another child's life better?" She told him, a smile on her face.

Tony grinned and kissed her, "I like the sound of that."


"Mr and Mrs Stark?" a woman greeted them. She smiled brightly and held her hand out, "Hello, I'm Mrs Andrew. It's lovely to meet you!"

Pepper shook the woman's hand while Tony's was still stuffed in his trouser pockets. He was looking around the building and down the halls. It was worn down, as if it had been here for a while and was in desperate need of a new lick of paint.

"It's lovely to meet you as well." Pepper smiled.

"I hear you're looking to adopt a child?"

"Yes. Well, we ran into some complications and thought what better way to help a child than to adopt them." Pepper replied, following behind as Mrs Andrews led them down the halls.

"Adopting is a wonderful thing for both the child and the adults. I know it's not the same as raising your own, but it means so much for the child and gives them a better start in life." Mrs Andrew spoke.

"How long have you been doing this?" Tony asked, looking over to the elderly woman.

"I've looked after children for over forty years." she told him, "My husband and I weren't able to have children of our own, so I thought I would help those children who don't have any parents. Most of the children here lost their parents at a young age, however some of their parent's weren't able to look after them anymore. I do the best I can to help them, but of course the government believes that children aren't worth their money." she sighed as they came to the main section of the house.

The happy shouts and screams of young children met their ears, followed by laughter. They watched as the young ones chased each other around whilst a group of teenagers were crowding the TV, cheering on the four who were playing a game of Mario Kart on the WII. Tony nodded silently, old tech.

"The children are mostly happy here, although there's still something missing. We rarely go out on trips, but the teenagers often help me take the younger ones to the park every once in a while." Mrs Andrews smiled before chuckling, "Look out!"

"Hey, look!" a young boy shouted above the noise, "It's Iron Man!"

A group of children quickly ran over to Tony and Pepper, crowding around them. Mrs Andrews chuckled lightly and watched as Tony knelt down to them.

"Is it true you made your own suits?"

"Do you fly around all the time?"

"Do you fly everywhere instead of driving? I would do that and laugh at everyone stuck in traffic!"

Tony chuckled as a few of the young kids ran around Pepper. A little toddler smoothed through her red hair, whispering, "Wow, you're really pretty!"

"Thank you," Pepper smiled, "I think you're really pretty too."

The girl giggled and Tony smiled, watching the interaction between his wife and the child. He always worried whether he was ready to be a father - but he knew that Pepper was already a mother. She looked after him and the Avengers all the time without question and never asked for anything in return. She was a mother without a child, and it would always hurt him that he couldn't give that to her.

Through all the children and laughter, Tony looked up and frowned, noticing a young girl sat away from everyone. Her (H/C) hair was tied up in two short plaits, exposing the chubby cheek of the young child. He walked over to Mrs Andrews and pointed to her, "Who's that over there?"

Mrs Andrews looked and gasped, "Oh! That's (Y/N)!"

"Why's she here?"

The woman sighed and looked at the young girl sadly, "Her parents never had any time for her. Where every other child's parents here couldn't afford or weren't well enough to look after them, (Y/N)'s parents just gave her up. They both had busy jobs and spent hardly any time with her. Selfish pricks." she muttered the last bit, "And they missed out."

"What do you mean?" Tony asked, frowning.

The smile returned to Mrs Andrews face, "(Y/N) is such a sweet girl. She doesn't talk around the other's much, but she loves drawing and making new things."

"Like inventing?"

She chuckled, "Yes, you could say that. Most of the scribbles on the walls in the drawing room are from her because there wasn't any paper left. Sellotape - she love's that. She's always crafting something and is always excitable. I've never seen her with a frown."

(Y/N) had her tongue out as she coloured in a picture book with a purple crayon, concentrating on the lines. Tony walked up and sat on the small chair beside her, "What are you colouring in?"

"This is a superhero book!" she grinned, her big, (E/C) orbs looking up at him excitedly.

Tony peered over and noticed that she was colouring in an Iron Man page and chuckled, "I though Iron Man was red and gold?"

"Yeah, but purple and (F/C) are my favourite!" she giggled. (Y/N) studied him and frowned, "Y-You're Iron Man..."

Tony nodded and grinned. He pulled down his sleeve to reveal a watch. Tapping the clock, he grabbed the bottom of it, pulling a metal glove over his knuckles so that it moved over his hand. (Y/N) gasped, "Wow! That's so cool!"

The billionaire took off the watch and handed to her, watching as she analysed it in her hands with wide eyes, "Try it." he told her.

"R-Really?" she asked. When he nodded, she slipped on the watch. Even though it dangled from her wrist, she still gently tapped the screen, copying his movements before the gloved fitted snugly over her hand, "Wow..."

"Awesome, right?"

The young girl nodded before looking up at him, tilting her head, "But... if you're Iron Man, why are you here?"

Tony smiled, "I'm here to adopt a child."

"But you're a billionaire! Babies should just be following you around!" (Y/N) exclaimed to which Tony chuckled and shook his head to.

"Me and Pepper had some problems, so we want to be parents to a child who isn't lucky to have that." Tony told her.

(Y/N) fiddled with the glove, looking down, "My parents didn't love me." she muttered, "I prefer it here than I did at home."

Tony frowned, "How old are you?"

She looked up at him and grinned, as if nothing had ever been said about her parents, "I'm seven!"

The billionaire grinned, knowing the choice he wanted to make, "What if we adopted you?"

(Y/N) looked shocked before smirking, "Why would you want me? I'm chubby!" she expressed her words by squishing her face in her palms.

"Why should that matter?" Tony asked, noticing (Y/N)'s eyes glance back to the other children in the room. A look of insecurity crossed her face and she looked up at him.

"But they are all much cooler. They like video games and playing - I sit here." she told him and waved her hands in front of his face again, "And I'm chubby." she repeated.

"That's right." Tony chuckled, poking her cheeks, "You're chubby and cute!"


"Thank you so much for what you are doing," Mrs Andrews smiled brightly, watching at (Y/N) ran up to them with a small rucksack of her stuff, "I know that (Y/N) is going to be very happy with you!"

It had been a few weeks since Tony and Pepper had first came to Mrs Andrews Adoption Agency and almost everyday they visited (Y/N). Pepper had noticed that Tony had gotten closer to the young girl, especially since they both had a shared interest of inventing things. It was heartwarming to see the billionaire so involved with her. It took some time to process all the details needed to adopt (Y/N), but eventually the paperwork came through.

"Mrs Andrews, this is a picture I drew for you!" (Y/N) smiled and handed the woman a piece of paper with Iron Man coloured in purple and (F/C).

Mrs Andrews smiled and bent down to hug her, "I'm going to miss you, (Y/N)."

"I'll miss you as well. Thank you." she mumbled before hugging tighter.

"Mrs Andrews, I hope you find this a sufficient amount to help support you and the remainder of the children here." Tony spoke, handing her a paycheck.

Mrs Andrews looked at the slip of paper and gasped, "M-Mr Stark, there's no way I could possibly accept this!"

"No, you will." Tony confirmed with a bright smile, "These children deserve better and if you ever need any more, please don't hesitate to ask." he grinned, "The Stark Tower is always open for a field trip also!"

The woman wiped a few tears and nodded, "Thank you so much for all you're doing, Mr Stark."

"You're welcome." Tony looked to the redhead and grabbed her hand as they both smiled to each other, "Ready?"

Pepper nodded happily, "More than ever."

The billionaire looked down and held his hand out to (Y/N), "Come on, Chubbs." He chuckled when her face scrunched up.

"You said I was cute before!" she pouted, grasping hold of his hand. The rest of the children and Mrs Andrews waved goodbye from the hall, cheering (Y/N) as they went.

Pepper chuckled and Tony grinned down at her as they walked out, "That's right, chubby and cute."

Chapter Text

"Come on! You need to get out there and have a bit of fun!"

(Y/N) rolled her eyes at her best friend who was digging to the depths of her wardrobe. She was sat peacefully on her bed before (F/N) barged into her home and interrupted her scrolling through AO3 in search of a good book.

"No, for the millionth time." (Y/N) muttered, "I'm not going to some stupid party someone told you about."

"It's not a stupid party," (F/N) grumbled, dragging out a (F/C) dress, "It's the party. It's the best party in London and we've been invited!"

"You mean you've been invited and you're just dragging me along." (F/N) belly flopped onto the bed and snatched her phone from her, "Hey!"

"(Y/N), you need to do something other than reading these stupid fanfics!"

"Excuse me?"

"Get off your arse, get that dress on and we are going out and having a good time today!"

(Y/N) looked at the dress (F/N) had picked out and swallowed, "That dress?"

"No, the dress still in the wardrobe!" (F/N) answered sarcastically, "Yes! That dress! Now come on. I want to do your make up and hair before we leave!"

"Oh, no, no, no. You got the dress, you are not doing my hair and make up." (Y/N) shook her head, "I don't want it to look like I made an effort."

"Yes, you do!" (F/N) picked up the dress and shoved it in the bathroom with (Y/N), "Who knows, you might even get lucky." she winked.

(Y/N) flushed darkly and scowled, "No, that is not happening!" she yelled through the door.


(Y/N) stared up at the building, nibbling on her lip. She swallowed, "This was a mistake."

There was loads of people here at the club, and it didn't help that (Y/N) hated social events. And now she stood in a tight, (F/C) dress that barely reached midway on her thighs - where the heck did (F/N) pull this from again?

"No, it wasn't!" (F/N) grinned, pushing her through the crowd, "This is going to be the best night ever! As soon as you get some alcohol in you, you'll be right as rain! Besides, I'm not letting my handiwork go to waste."

(F/N) had styled (Y/N)'s hair up in a high ponytail with a few stray pieces to frame her face. She had then curled her hair and the odd strands before spraying with glitter and adding a few jeweled pins. (Y/N) hated everything right now.

The bar was surround with already drunk twenty year olds, each slurring their words and barely balancing on their own two feet. A few whistled their way as the two arrived, leaving (Y/N) to glare and throw them the finger.

"Two shots of whiskey please!" (F/N) called up, yanking (Y/N) with her.

"Are you serious?" (Y/N) grunted, sitting on a stool.

"What? Would you rather have WKD?" (F/N) grinned.

"No way, that's death juice." (Y/N) muttered, swirling the small shot in her grasp.

"Come on, it's one night. Enjoy it," (F/N) raised her glass, clinking it with (Y/N)'s, "For tonight!"

She sighed before reluctantly nodded, "For tonight!" And they downed their first shots.

What's the worse that could happen?


(Y/N) groaned quietly, wincing as the sunlight tore through the window and right into her tired eyes. She gripped her head, a pulsing headache resided there that seemed to travel through her entire body. Her muscles were tired and aching, and she felt like she was about to throw up any second.

Ugh, how much did I drink? (Y/N) thought as she turned and buried her head in the covers once more, breathing in their scent. Wait a second.

(Y/N)'s orbs shot open and she sat up, ignoring the protesting pound in her head and looked around the room. This wasn't her room... or her bed. Well, duh.

She looked around, about to get up when movement beside her caused a scream to leave her lips.

"Fuck." a voice mumbled before brown, curly hair appeared from the covers, followed by two chocolate eyes meeting hers. Both of them let out a yell and (Y/N) stumbled out of the bed covers, using the wall to steady herself.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Me? This is my house!" the man answered before (Y/N)'s eyes widened and she fully took in his appearance.

"Oh my God... Y-you're Tom Holland." her hands covered her mouth.

"Y-Yeah." Tom groaned, rolling in his covers, "That's me."

"Oh my God," (Y/N) repeated before beginning to nervously ramble, "Mr Holland, Sir, Your Majesty. I am so sorry about this. I- this was all my friends fault for making me go to that stupid party. I-"

"Can I just - um," Tom flushed when he finally looked up to the girl in his room and cleared his throat, "You're um - you're naked."

(Y/N)'s face burned as she yelped, grabbing hold of the bed covers and ripping them from the bed. That's when she realised he was also naked and covered her eyes, "Oh gosh, I'm so sorry!"

Tom let out an odd sound before rolling off the bed and looking up from behind it. Wrapping the covers around her, (Y/N) ran a hand through her hair, pacing around his room, "Holy shit, I had sex with Tom Holland. This was a really bad mistake." she mumbled.

"I didn't think it was a mistake." Tom muttered, fiddling with his fingers.

"What?" (Y/N) asked sharply, turning to face him, her face flushing again.

Tom cleared his throat, "Well - um, you are quite pretty." he blushed, running a hand through his hair.

"So are you." (Y/N) answered before realising what she said, "I mean cute - hot - I mean handsome?" She laughed nervously before staring at the ground, "Wow, this type of crap only happens in fanfictions." she whispered to herself.

"You read those?"

"Aha, no, no, no. I - uh, heh." (Y/N) spluttered, face darkening, "M-Mr Holland-"

"Please, call me Tom." he told her, still hiding behind his bed.

"Tom... Um - I am so sorry about all of this. I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I really don't remember a lot from last night." (Y/N) spoke, biting her lip anxiously. What if the cops come in? He's a celebrity, right? Will I go to JAIL?

"To be honest, neither do I." he mumbled, before his bedroom door burst open.

"Hey, Tom. Do you - oh... hello."

"Harrison!" Tom yelped, searching around for a pair of pants to slip on.

"Sorry, Tom. I didn't realise we were expecting company." Harrison leant on the doorframe and grinned at the compromising position he had found to two of them in. He walked up to (Y/N), "Hi, I'm Harrison. I'm guessing you're (Y/N)?"

She paused, shaking his hand, "How do you know that?"

"No other reason apart from what I heard last night." he winked.

"HAZ!" Tom yelled, throwing something across the room at him. Harrison laughed loudly and ran out the door, dodging the TV remote that was thrown at him. "I am so sorry about him." Tom sighed standing up.

Harrison came back through the door and chuckled, "Nice pants, Thomas."

(Y/N)'s hand covered her mouth and she stifled a laugh when she saw Tom wearing her (F/C) underwear. Tom looked down and immediately covered himself, laughing nervously, "Aha."

"Don't worry," Harrison turned to (Y/N), "He's used to wearing those in the Spider-Man suit."

"You have you wear a thong?!" (Y/N) exclaimed, laughing.

Tom glared at his best friend, "Get out, Haz!"

"Okay!" Harrison laughed loudly, walking away for good this time.

The two stood awkwardly for a moment before Tom broke the silence, "So, (Y/N)... um... Do you... want to grab a drink?"


"Well, we had quite a shock waking up this morning so I suppose this could be a way of greeting each other properly." Tom stepped forward, still in (Y/N)'s pants, "Hi, I'm Tom Holland. Pleasure to meet you."

"I'm sure it was a pleasure!" Harrison yelled from outside the room.

"Fuck off, Haz!" Tom shouted.

(Y/N) chuckled, shaking his hand, "Nice to meet you, Tom. I'm (Y/N) (L/N)."

"So, would a beautiful lady such as yourself care to join me for breakfast?" he smiled.

"I would love to." (Y/N) paused, blushing slightly, "But - I uh, might need my underwear back...?"


(Y/N) stood patiently by Tom's front door, waiting for him to grab his keys. She didn't feel too comfortable wearing a short dress to a coffee shop, so he had provided her with a pair of leggings and one of his jumpers - she didn't asked where the leggings came from but Harrison told her he used them during the making of Spider-Man to which Tom yelled at.

"Here, I found your phone on the floor by the way." Tom spoke, handing it to her, "I think you should text your friend back - they seem pretty worried about you." he chuckled.

(Y/N) looked down at the messages, a blush growing on her cheeks.

(F/N)  23:34
Dude where are you

(F/N)  23:36
Oh wait I see you

(F/N)  23:36

(Y/N) cringed and continued,

(F/N)  23:37
He's hot by the way

(F/N)  01:23
Hey I see you two leaving

(F/N)  01:23
Your getting laidddddd

(F/N)  01:24
By the way here's a video of you two. I thought you wouldn't remember so I recorded it for you

"Oh my..." (Y/N) covered her mouth, flushing as Tom looked over at the video. The two of them were in the middle of the dancefloor, in the middle of a circle of people who were cheering as the two of them... well... was that even dancing?

"I-I am so sorry." Tom chuckled nervously, scratching the back of his neck.

"I think I'm glad I don't remember so much." (Y/N) mumbled, scrolling through the remainder of the texts.

(F/N)  ten minutes ago
So how was he?

(F/N)  ten minutes ago
No wait... who was that guy? He looks familiar

(F/N)  five minutes ago
Why aren't you answering?

(F/N)  five minutes ago
Are you two still screwing?

"I think you should respond to your friend." Tom chuckled.

(Y/N) sent him a small smile, "I am terribly sorry about last night."

Tom grinned, "Don't be. I think we had a good time." he winked.

Chapter Text

"Tony, I really don't think this is a good idea." Pepper sighed, quickly walking alongside her boss.

"What are you talking about?" Tony smirked, strapping the gloves around his wrists, "This is a brilliant idea."


"Here you go, Sir." Happy handed Stark a helmet.

"Happy!" Pepper cried.

"Pep, you've got to liven up." Tony smirked, putting the helmet on and walking towards the track, "It'll be fine."

"Oh, really? That's what you say every time it's not." she answered.

He slid into the race car plastered with his name before looking up at her, "Gotta live like a dream, Pep."

Pepper sighed and nodded, "Fine, fine." she smiled slightly, "Go win, Iron Man."

Tony smirked, "I always do."

He settled properly in his seat, gripping hold of the steering wheel as his car was pushed forwards towards the starting line along with the others. Shifting the helmet slightly, he looked around at his competitors, a grin on his lips - amateurs.

"Ladies and gentleman, the race is about to begin. And among the list of exciting racers today is the famous Tony Stark." the crowd roared as his name was announced, his arm raising to wave.

Three cars behind, the driver snorted and rolled her eyes - egoistic as always. She smirked, chewing on her gum. She'd love to see his face if he lost, imagine the damage to that ego. She gripped the steering wheel as the light turned red, preparing to start the race.

"Here we go!" the commentator shouted, the crowd whistling and cheering as the lights changed from red, to orange and finally green.

Engines roared, the cars moving forward as their speed increase. Tony cheered, grinning as the adrenalin rushed through him once again - he always loved the track, he almost felt as free as flying.

The race was a full track through the streets of Malibu. The roads that Tony constantly raced along had been cut off from all the traffic and now he could drive without the worry of crashing into random civilians - not like that's ever happened before...

The race had only just began, but it was clear as to who was faster. The racers had already been spread apart by the tight corners and sharp turns, but this race was more about skill than anything. Anyone can race, but to win you need to understand the track and the car.

And (Y/N) had plenty of experience.

This race track was just a stepping stone compared to her normal routine of speeding through the traffic, cop cars on her trail. This was easy.

Cars weaved between one another, barely missing each other. (Y/N) twisted her wheels, skidding quickly around a tight corner, pressing her foot against the accelerate as she exited. She grinned as she passed two cars, speeding ahead.

But up front, of course, was Tony Stark.

They call this a competition? He snorted, turning around another corner. The strangely quiet roads of Malibu where lined with cheering people, and he embraced it, shooting up his hand with them as his car shot past them.

(Y/N) smirked, "Don't get too caught up in the attention, Princess." she murmured, shifting gears and accelerating past the billionaire.

Tony's orbs widened as a (F/C) car raced past him, quickly disappearing around a sharp bend. But the shock was quickly replaced with amusement, "That's more like it!"

His own car sped up, and soon he was in line with the racer in front of him. He looked over to them, studying the small bit of skin he could see. Their face showed concentration, hand tightly on the steering wheel.

The billionaire almost had a heart attack when he turned the steering wheel, barely missing the barriers as they turned side by side.

No one had ever beaten him. His eyes seemed to harden and his gaze on the road grew more focused, and no one was about to.

They both knew the finish line was closing in and their cars where side by side, equally fast. One of them needed to do something to get in front of the other. Tony pressed the acceleration a bit more, moving slightly in front of the opponent.

One more corner, (Y/N) thought. Corners where her specialty. She loved the drift and leaving marks on the ground to show where she had been.

The corner arrived soon enough and Tony turned first, quickly followed by (Y/N). She grinned, her hands tightening on the steering wheel before her body weight shifted to one side, flowing with the movement of the car. (Y/N) had taken the inside of the corner, forcing the billionaire outwards.

As she passed him, she glanced over to him, meeting his eyes. (Y/N) smirked at his shocked face before slamming her foot on the acceleration and shooting forward.

And the flag was thrown down.

(Y/N) cheered loudly as she crossed the finish line, arm raised as the car skidded to a halt. Tony stepped out from his race car and watched as the winner jumped out and bowed to the crowd as they roared for her.

Tony tilted his head, looking at the driver's body wrapped tightly in race gear. That's when he realised he had just been racing a girl. Her suit emphasised every curve her body had, leaving him to scan her frame.

He reached her face when she removed her helmet and turned to face him, blowing a bubble with her gum and popping it. (E/C) orbs shone as she smiled widely, the thrill of the race still running through her. Her ponytail bounced as she walked over, sashaying her hips, helmet under her arm.

"You're a girl?" he blurted out.

(Y/N) smirked, leaning her weight to one side, "That's right, Sir. You just got beat on the track by a girl."

Tony blinked a few times, wondering if he was imagining this perfect woman in front of him, "Wow... Um, I mean - would you like to grab a drink with me?" he grinned, his playboy ego stepping back in.

(Y/N) hummed, pretending to think before she answered, "Hm, nope!"

"What? Why?" Tony asked, shocked at the rejection - did she not know who he was?

"Because I know exactly who you are, Mr Stark. I know what you do to girls." (Y/N) smiled sweetly at him and turned back around to the crowd, Tony's eyes trailing down to her behind as she walked.

"Can I at least get your name?" he asked, quickly walking beside her.

Before she could answer, the commentator spoke up, "Ladies and gentleman, a new record has been set, completely trashing the famous Tony Stark's!" he announced to which the female grinned at, "With a time of two minutes, three seconds - (Y/N) (L/N)!"

(Y/N) raised her hand up as she face Tony again, "There you go."

She turned back around to the crowd, lifting her helmet up as she cheered with them. Tony could only watch. So in one day he lost at a race and got rejected by a girl - all on national TV.

"Was that living like a dream, Mr Stark?" he heard Pepper say from behind.

Brown eyes watched as (Y/N) walked away from him. Her eyes looked over her shoulder and she winked at him, waving, "It sure was."

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Some would say (Y/N) Stark was just like her father.

Not the egoistic, player, sleep with everyone part - the mechanic, hidden anxiety, insomnia part. From an early age, (Y/N) always followed in her fathers footsteps. Quite literally. Every day she would follow him down to the workshop, play with different equipment, maybe build a small robot of some kind.

Tony used to look down in pride at his daughter. It was hardly surprising that she helped with the Avengers, building and mending their gadgets, even helping Natasha and Clint's weapons to suit their needs. She made sure the Captain America's shield came back to him, and that Bucky's arm was perfect in every aspect, even to the point that he could feel everything he touched.

It took some difficult processing, with the help of her father and Bruce, but she did it.

Tony used to help (Y/N) with her own tech as well. Now (Y/N) didn't have any special powers, nor was she a highly trained assassin - other than what Natasha trained her to be. However, she accidentally edited her favourite trainer soles to stick to any surface, and she made that her weapon. She was able to help SHIELD on small spy missions by sneaking into control rooms.

This impressed her father, and they used to work for hours on those shoes, expanding her creation to gloves and knee caps, along with Tony on his Iron Man suits.

But let's think of the key words here - used to.

When the war began between the group and the Sokovia accords were beginning to be brought in, everything seemed to turn around. At this point, (Y/N) was sixteen, the age at which fathers usually don't understand their daughters - but it didn't mean they should just replace them.

Peter Parker. He was a nice boy. He was the happy-go-lucky type, always usually with a smile, big brown eyes full of hope. A smart kid with a big future ahead of him. He probably hadn't done anything wrong in his entire life and probably didn't even want to hurt the bad guys he fought and captured.

(Y/N) hated the boy.

"Still avoiding Spider-boy?" Loki asked, looking up at the teenager as she crouched in the corner of the ceiling, waiting for Peter to leave the kitchen so she could get her breakfast.

(Y/N) was the only one to know that Loki was posing as Odin on Asgard - this was merely an illusion of him. They had met when he had first tried to take over this planet. Tony had insisted that she stay in the tower, and she faced him before her father arrived. Keep in mind that (Y/N) was only ten at this time and strangely enough, Loki grew a soft spot for the young menace and her sarcasm. That is before Tony arrived, shooting Loki away from his kid.

(Y/N) glanced down at this illusion, "You know I hate him." she muttered, squinting her eyes and glaring at the back of the brunet's head.

Loki nodded, "I do. But you can't avoid him forever."

"Like you can't ignore Thor forever?" she grinned, "He's going to find out soon."

"That idiot still thinks that Odin is in Asgard. He's too caught up in his mortal affair to bother coming back."

(Y/N) hummed, "Thor isn't on Earth." she mumbled, watching as Peter walked out of the kitchen, clearing the way for her to get her food. She silently crawled along the ceiling before dangling her feet and landing quietly. She grinned triumphantly, "Easy."

Loki followed her out, knowing that no one else could see him, "You mortals are strange."

(Y/N) rummaged around in the fridge, "Uh, huh. No stranger than a God who has illusioned himself on the planet he failed to capture." she turned to him and bit into an apple, enjoying his irritated face.

"That's not important. I have Asgard now, do I not?" he answered, "But still. It is strange that you avoid this Spider-boy, even though you like him."

(Y/N) choked on her apple, coughing violently, "E-Excuse you?"

"You and he are not so different, darling."

"I despise that boy with every ounce of my being. You know exactly why." she answered, throwing most of the apple straight into the trash can in the corner.

"And I understand but I still believe you should talk to him. I've seen the way he looks at you."

(Y/N) snickered, dragging a chair to stand on and reach the cupboard, "I think you may be imagining what you want to see."

"No. I am certain of how he watches you. He looks at you with desire."

"Huh, I'm a Stark - what else is new?" she replied smugly, silently cursing her dad for making her like this.

Loki chuckled quietly, "No, not that kind of desire. He looks at you like you are the only woman in the world. He dreams of holding you close and cherishing you."

(Y/N) paused before shaking her head, "I still hate him for what he's done."

"But he hasn't done anything, has he?" Loki looked at her, "It's not him who is at fault."

"Jerk." (Y/N) grunted.

Loki chuckled and answered, "Brat."

The teenager ignored the God, continuing to look through the cupboard for her favourite snacks before Thor came by and stole them when another voice made her jump, "(Y/N)?"

(Y/N) swiveled on her chair, clearly too quickly for her body to keep up with and the chair slipped under her feet, causing her to fly back. She was abruptly stopped in strong arms and she found herself looking up into the big, chocolate orbs of Peter Parker.

He smiled nervously, cheeks flushing slightly, "S-Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you."

(Y/N)'s shocked face turned to a glare and she shoved him away, "Get off. I don't need your help." she spat, eyeing Loki in the corner of the room, hiding even though no one else could see him.

Peter swallowed before asking, "What have I done to make you angry?"

"Nothing." (Y/N) answered angrily, clenching her fists as she began walking away.

Peter didn't give up, "It must be something. Ever since I got here you've ignored me and didn't even have the decency to say hello. Every time I try to talk to you, you practically spit back in my face."

"It's. Nothing." (Y/N) gritted her teeth, "It's nothing you would care about anyway."

"What? Of course, I care." Peter answered, taking another step closer, "I want to sort this out and become your friend. There must be something wrong if you aren't even civil enough to thank me for saving you."

(Y/N) stopped and swiftly turned around, a heated glare on her face, "Okay, you know what Parker? Yes. There is something wrong. What's wrong is you!"

"What have I done to upset you?" he asked. He never meant to hurt (Y/N) in any way. Ever since he got here he's been non-stop nice to her, even when she ignored him. He couldn't think of anything he'd done wrong.

"What haven't you done?" (Y/N) spat, walking up to him so they were face to face - well, if (Y/N) looked forward she'd be staring at his neck. "Ever since you've got here, I've been the outcast. My dad used to spend all his time with me before you arrived."

"Wait, this is because of Mr Stark?" Peter asked.

"Well fucking done." she spat, "Ever since you arrived, my dad's time has been spent working with you and your suit. He's never even turned a head to my direction lately. He's ignored me and replaced me with you. I can't remember the last time he worked with me on my tech, or even took me out for a milkshake like we used to."

Peter frowned as he watched (Y/N) pace around in front of him. He didn't realise how much this affected (Y/N).

"I know this probably sounds stupid and selfish, but I really hate you, Parker. I can't stand your stupid laugh or your stupid smile!" she hissed, not facing him, "And then again, I can't stop myself from... from..."

"From what?" Peter urged, stepping closer to her figure, her back face him.

(Y/N) chuckled and shook her head, "Nothing, don't worry. You wouldn't care."

Peter ran in front of her, taking her hands in his, "No, I do care. Tell me."

(Y/N) looked up at him, staring into his chocolate orbs as they looked down at her. She sighed and took her hands away. She couldn't be near him - he was still the boy that her father preferred over her. She sent him a weak glare and began walking away again, "Nothing, leave me alone."

From the corner, Loki shook his head and sighed. Peter clenched his jaw and walked after her, "No, because now we are back where we started. You need to tell me so we can move past this, (Y/N)."

"Oh, you don't give a fuck about me, Parker. All you care about is impressing my dad and becoming an Avenger. So go!" (Y/N) shouted at him, pacing around again, "Apparently you are more important to my dad than me so go and fix your suit with him!"

Peter watched as she sat cross-legged above him on the ceiling. He chuckled slightly, finding her behaviour slightly amusing. He crawled up the wall and sat crossed-legged in front of her, but she still refused to look at him.

"Go away, Peter." she mumbled.

Peter's breath hitched - that was the first time she'd ever called him by is first name. It sounded nice coming from her. He shook his head slightly and focused on the real topic.

He gently brushed a few strands of hair out of her face, chuckling when he realized they dangled down due to the gravity, "You know, there's not a day that goes by without Mr Stark talking about you."

(Y/N) looked up at him, trying to figure out whether he was lying or not.

Peter smiled, knowing he'd got her attention, "He always talks about how you help the Avengers, or how you helped Bucky. He always tells stories of how you began to get involved into his Iron Man suits, the first time being when you spoke to JARVIS in the helmet. He talks about how proud he is of you and how happy he is that you're his daughter."

(Y/N) swallowed, "R-Really?" Peter nodded, "No, you're lying."

"I never lie." The hero smiled.

"Then why would he ignore me?"

"He just... doesn't know how to communicate with you anymore. You're a teenager now, and you have different needs. He regrets not spending the same amount of time with you as he used to." Peter answered.

(Y/N) sighed, "I'm so sorry, Peter. I never meant to take this all out on you. I knew it wasn't your fault." she told him, looking down... or up?

"Hey, it's okay." Peter cupped her cheek, "You had every right to be mad."

"It's still not an excuse. I was being selfish."

"No, you weren't. You were left out." Peter mumbled, "How about later we'll go to the lab and hang out." he poked her trainers, "I'd love to see how strong these are compared to me."

(Y/N) hummed, " I usually get to know a guy before I compare things." they both laughed.

"Well, then. Why don't we start with this," he held out his hand for her to shake, "Friends?"

(Y/N) smiled, shaking his hand, "Friends." she confirmed, "That's actually a good TV show!" She glanced behind him as he chuckled and Loki grinned. She sent him a roll of her eyes before he disappeared.

Footsteps were heard and the two teenagers looked down to see Steve and Bucky staring up at them. Bucky nudged the blond next to him, "Steve, I think there's a new meaning to the term 'cloud 9'." he muttered.

Steve gave him a look, "Bucky!" he exclaimed.

"What? They are high up!" Bucky responded, leaving the two teenagers to stifle a laugh.

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Loki jumped off the space craft and landed gracefully on the balcony of Stark tower. He turned and grinned down at the destruction caused by the Chitauri and laughed quietly to himself. This was too easy. The so-called 'heroes' were scattered around, none of them trusting each other, and he got a front row seat on top of Stark tower.

Hand clenched around the scepter, he tensed slightly when he heard a small crash from inside, followed by the phrase, "Oh, cheese-nuggets!"

His azure eyes swept the area as he walked through the door before looking at the young girl sat at the bar on a high stool, screwdriver in hand with a frown on her face. Her (E/C) orbs looked up at the God as he lowered his defense and pointed to the metal pieces on the floor, "Hey, reindeer guy. Can you pick that up for me?"

"And why would I do that?" Loki answered, walking closer.

"Because I'm small and if I get down from here I won't be able to get back up." she answered, crossing her arms at him.

Loki chuckled and picked up the pieces before putting them on the side for her, "You must be Stark's daughter."

She smirked, "The one and only. And you are?"

"The one who's going to take over this wretched planet." the God answered, turning to look out the window, "It's only a matter of ti-"

"So, you're Loki." (Y/N) interrupted him, "Thor's brother?"

Loki gritted his teeth and nodded once, "Yes, you could say that."

"I hate your brother by the way. He stole all my Poptarts." (Y/N) frowned, her tongue sticking out as she screwed another bolt to her small weapon.

"Oh, really?" Loki asked, grinning slightly, "Would that make you want to join me in sending him to Valhalla?"

(Y/N) looked up at the God in confusion. She had no idea what that mean but she shrugged, "Sure."

Loki rolled his eyes, "You are naïve, mortal. Why has your father left you here all by yourself?"

"He told me I could watch."

"What, watch as I destroy your planet and take over as its new King?" Loki asked.

(Y/N) looked up at him with big, innocent orbs, "No. My Daddy said I can watch him kick your ass."

Loki's eyebrows raised, and he chuckled darkly, "Your father is weak, little one."

"Nope!" (Y/N) smiled, "My Daddy is big and strong. And he has JARVIS. Hey, JARVIS!" she called to the AI.

"Hello, Miss Stark." he responded, making sure to send every detail of the conversation to Tony.

Loki scoffed, "Do you really think Stark can defeat me in that tin can?"

"Actually, his suit isn't made from tin. It's made of iron." (Y/N) informed to God, "That's why he's called Iron Man." (A/N: I know its not but she's young)

Loki slammed his fists on the bar, glaring at the little girl who jumped slightly, looking up into his eyes, "Are you stupid, little one? Are you not afraid of me?"

(Y/N) reached up and tapped his nose, "Boop." she giggled.

Loki grumbled under his breath but before he could make another move, another shot blast towards him, sending him to the ground, "Get away from my kid." Stark called out angrily.

He stepped into the room and (Y/N) jumped down from the stool and ran over to him, "Daddy!" she laughed, jumping into his arms. Tony walked with (Y/N) back over to the bar and set her down again, watching as Loki stood up and walked towards them.

"Please tell me you are going to appeal to my humanity."

"Actually, I'm planning to threaten you." Tony responded.

"You should've left your armour on for that." Loki told him.

"Yeah. Seen a bit of mileage and you got the uh, little stick of destiny." Tony responded, "Would you like a drink?"

"Daddy, Thor drank all my Capri Sun's as well!" (Y/N) pouted as she looked in the cupboard, completely unaware of the real threat in front of her.

Loki chuckled, "Stalling me won't change anything."

"No, no. Threatening. No drink, are you sure?" Tony asked, handing (Y/N) a juice box from the fridge, "We're having one."

Loki walked to the window, "The Chitauri are coming, nothing will change that. What have I to fear?"

"My Daddy calls them the Shit-auri." (Y/N) mumbled, leading Loki to glare at them.

"Language, (Y/N)." Tony snickered, "But to answer your question - the Avengers."

Loki frowned. Stark rolled his eyes, "That's what we call ourselves. Sort of like a team, Earth's mightiest heroes' type of thing."

"Yes. I've met them."

"T'yeah." Tony chuckled, "Takes us a while to get any traction, I'll give you that one. But, let's do a head count here. Your brother, the demi God." Loki tutted and turned away, giving Tony time to place some bracelets on his wrists.

He sent a wink to (Y/N) and she motioned zipping her lips with a grin, "A super solider, living legend who kind of lives up to the legend. A man with breathtaking anger management issues. A couple of master assassins and you - big fella. You've managed to piss of every single one of them."

"That's was the plan." Loki smirked.

Tony took a sip of his drink, "Not a great plan. When they come, and they will, they'll come for you."

"I have an army." Loki answered.

"When have a hulk." Tony responded, leaving (Y/N) to cheer, shooting her arms up in the air.

"Oh, I thought the beast had wondered off."

"You're missing the point. There's no throne. There is no version of this were you come out on top. Maybe your army comes, and maybe it's too much for us, but it's all on you. Cause if we can't protect the Earth, you can be damn well sure we'll avenge it." Tony took another sip of his drink.

Loki glared at him, clenching his jaw as he stalked closer, "How will your friends have time for me, when they're so busy fighting you?" He pressed the scepter into Tony's chest, causing the billionaire to flinch, but nothing happened.

Loki tried again and frowned, "This usually works."

"Well, performance issues, it's not uncommon." Tony pulled a face, "1 out of 5-"

Loki's hand was suddenly around his neck, shoving him across the room. (Y/N) suddenly perked up, "Daddy!"

"JARVIS. Any time now." Tony mumbled, stumbling to his feet, he turned to (Y/N), "Just like we practiced, okay, squirt?" (Y/N) nodded, grasping the device she was modifying and wrapped it around her wrist.

Loki's hand wrapped around the billionaire's neck again, "You will all fall before me." he snarled.

Tony grasped the God's hand as his feet left the ground, "Deploy. Deploy!" he gasped as he was thrown out the window. Loki spun around as something shot towards the billionaire.

He turned to the little girl, "Your father is gone." he spat.

"You threw my Daddy out of the window?" she asked, before raising her arm and firing towards the God. Loki grunted as he hit the ground and quickly stood to his feet.

He was about to aim the scepter at her before the Iron Man suit appeared through the window again, "And there's one other person you pissed off, his name is Phil." Loki growled, about to fire the scepter towards him before Tony shot at him and he was thrown to the floor again. Tony turned to face his child, "You got this, squirt?"

(Y/N) smirked and clenched her fist with the iron glove on it, "Yep!"

"Call JARVIS if you need to get out, okay?" Tony flew off and (Y/N) walked over to the God. Loki rolled, groaning and he looked up into the bright, innocent orbs of the little girl as she stared down at him. She smirked, "I told you my Daddy would kick your ass."

Loki grunted, "You're a brat."


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Of all the days, why the hell did she decide that today was the best day?

She could've waited until tomorrow, but no.

(Y/N) sprinted around a corner and into an alley, leaning against the wall. She panted heavily, letting out a shriek when a gun shot fired towards her. Gripping her satchel, she ran down the alley, barely dodging the trash bags on the ground.

"Stop her!" someone shouted, more gun shots firing.

(Y/N) glanced in front of her before looking back and smirking. She jumped, slipping through the gap between a fence and bars. She paused, turning back to face the men before waving. Her celebration was cut off when more appeared around the corner and she immediately began running again, adrenalin racing through her vein.

"Shit." she muttered, looking back around, noticing five or six men chasing after her. She abruptly stopped running when she ran into what felt like a brick wall, toppling to the ground.

Looking up, she swallowed when she noticed the man glaring down at her, muzzle strapped tightly around his face. But it was his arm that caught her eye. Metal. He advanced towards her and (Y/N) hastily crawled backward before stumbling to her feet and sprinting again.

"How many of these people are here?" she gritted her teeth. She could feel her heart smacking against her rib cage, "Why did I decide against breakfast this morning?" she complained to herself.

A gunshot made her flinch and topple to the ground. She quickly scrambled under a car, begging them to give up looking so she could run. Everything around her was silenced, her ears seeming to pick up every little sound. She steadied her breathing into silent pants, looking around her for shoes.

A scream left her lips when a hand gripping her ankle and dragged her from under the car. (Y/N) looked up and saw the same man with the metal arm and her heart began to pound in her ears.

She immediately began to kick and scramble when he leaned down to pick her up, successfully slamming her foot across his face and knocking his muzzle from his jaw. He paused and (Y/N) looked fearfully up at him. He seemed less intimidating now. The muzzle made him seem like a caged animal, a profit, but now he looked more like a man.

A man with no freedom.

As he came towards her again, (Y/N) went to run but he grabbed her arm and threw her over his shoulder. She harshly punched his back, trying to break free from his metal grasp with no avail.

"Good work, soldier." a man spoke before (Y/N) was dropped down into the back of a van. She saw the metal-armed man climb in after before the doors slammed shut, the only light coming from a small window on the roof.

(Y/N) pushed herself back into the corner, the silence being broken by her heavy panting. Glassy orbs shot around, her fear sinking in and tears beginning to grow.

No, no... please not now.

Claustrophobia wasn't the best thing in the world, and now she was stuck in the back of a van with some random guy who kidnapped her! Her throat seemed to tighten and she grasped her neck, leaning forward.

The soldier noticed the female's hands run through her hair before gripping tightly and pulling hard. (Y/N) clenched her eyes shut, banging her head lightly on her knees.

"Breathe.... breathe... breathe..." she followed the rhythm, listening to the quiet voice as it seemed to relax and soothe her.

When a hand gently touched her arm, she flinched and looked up, noticing the soldier kneeling in front of her, looking at her with worried blue orbs, "W-What do you want? Where are you taking me?" she asked, her body tense.

The soldier shook his head and didn't answer. Instead, he ran his metal fingers along the skin on her arm, still trying to calm the female.

"Are you... Are you going to hurt me?" she asked, leading him to shake his head. (Y/N) swallowed, "Are they going to hurt me?" His unresponsive state caused her to bite her lip.

The soldier looked up, meeting her eyes, "How old are you?"

"I'm sixteen." (Y/N) answered.

He looked away from her and glared at the ground, removing his fingers from her skin, "I'm sorry." he mumbled.

(Y/N) frowned. He just helped them kidnap her, firing bullets and all - so, why was he sorry? She tilted her head slightly, "Do they hurt you?" The soldier didn't respond and that's all she needed to know, "What's your name?"

He didn't respond again, as if the muzzle was still locked on his face. She reached forward and went to hold his hand, but at the slightest touch he flinched away. "I won't hurt you." (Y/N) whispered, nibbling on her lip before trying again, this time clasping his rough fingers, "What's your name?" she asked again.

"I learnt that my name is Bucky." he mumbled.

"What do you mean 'you learned'?" she asked gently, feeling slightly more relaxed around the soldier.

"I'm often made to forget." Bucky answered, finally looking up to the female.

On the side of his face, (Y/N) noticed two dark marks around his eye and reached up to smooth them, "Do they make you forget?"

The soldier nodded before glancing to the side and frowning slightly, "Do you... Do you know anyone called Steve?"

"My Dad's called Steve." (Y/N) chuckled, "Well, he's not really my Dad - he adopted me. But I don't really see him much because he's always working. He's kind of like a hero. And an old man." she grinned before turning to him, "What Steve do you know?"

Bucky's frown deepened, "I'm not sure. They wiped my memory of him... but there's something about the end of a line." he broke off into an murmur and (Y/N) paused, looking at him.

"Wait... Did you just say 'the end of a line'?" (Y/N) asked and the soldier looked back up at her, "Do you mean, 'I'm with you till the end of the line'?"

Bucky's eyes seemed to lighten, "Y-Yeah."

(Y/N) covered her mouth with her hand, "You're James Buchanan Barnes? It- That's your name, right?"

"I-" the soldier looked confused, something lighting in his mind, "Y-Yes."

(Y/N) grinned and shifted towards him, "Okay, okay. The Steve you're talking about... Steve Rogers?" Bucky nodded and (Y/N) grasped his hands, "That's my Dad! Steve Rogers - you were best friends with him when you were younger, before the war!"

"I-" The doors burst opened, causing the soldier to stand to attention. The agents smirked darkly towards (Y/N), causing her to cower back slightly. It's only now she realised who they were - HYDRA. And she knew she was in danger here.

A man went to grab her, but the soldier immediately gripped his arm and scowled at him, "Я получила ее. [I've got her]." he snarled in Russian and the agent nodded, stepping back.

Bucky looked back at her, worry in his eyes. He yanked her up in front of the HYDRA agents, but his grasp was much more gentle than before. (Y/N) kept close to him as they walked through the hallways until they reached a cell.

"Положите ее в камеру. Она останется здесь до дальнейшего уведомления. [Put her in the cell. She will stay here until further notice]." An agent told the soldier, leaving (Y/N) confused.

Bucky kept a tight hold on her and his face was emotionless, "Что с ней будет? [What will happen to her?]."

"Это не для вас вопрос. [That's not for you to question]." the agent answered shortly before sending a sharp glance to the female, "но она ценна. [But she's valuable]." The agent tore (Y/N) from Bucky's grip and shoved her into the cell, causing her to stumble on her footing and topple to the floor.

She turned and looked up at Bucky, noticing his eyes glare at the man in front of him. The agent turned back to the soldier and said a few more thing to which the soldier nodded to before turning around, not without one last glance at (Y/N).

'I'll be back.'

Chapter Text

The soldier opened the case and pushed it towards his commander, face emotionless. The HYDRA commander nodded, "Молодцы, солдат. ты свободен до конца дня. [Well done, soldier. You are free for the rest of the day.] "

The Winter Soldier nodded, muzzle still firmly wrapped around his jaw. Once it was release, he turned to the commander, "Сэр, что с девушкой? [Sir, what of the girl?] "

The commander turned to him and a dark grin spread across his face, "она в южном крыле, если вы хотите посетить ее. [She's in the south wing if you wish to visit.] "


"Семь [seven]."

Three weeks.

"Восемь [eight]."

She'd been here for three weeks and every day was the same. Minimal food but enough to keep her alive. Minimal water but enough to stop her from hallucinating. Early wake up at 5am, followed by the same questions that she refused to answer - who are the Avengers? Where do they reside? What are their weaknesses? What is the access code to SHIELD's database?

"Девять [nine]."

And then when she refused to answer it was followed by this - thirty lashes across her back and legs. What kind of sick company were these people running?

"Десять [ten]."

As tears streamed down her cheeks and her back became numb from the continuous pain, the only thing she could think of was where was Bucky?

"Одиннадцать [eleven]."

He told her that he'd be back. She saw those words from his lips when he left her and he hasn't been seen since. She thought that he would at least visit her, and every time the door to her cell opened a small bit of hope filled her that maybe it was Bucky. But it was always HYDRA.

"Двенадцать [twelve]."

Bucky's ears were heightened as he entered the doors to the cell room. Everything was quiet until a sharp, short cry echoed around him, fear and panic settling in his stomach. Each crack of the whip made him flinch, and every cry only made him dread what he might see.

"Хочешь увидеть своего пленника, солдат? [Care to see your prisoner, soldier?]." A guard asked, a menacing grin on his face. Bucky remained emotionless as he walked to the window, but his whole body felt faint when he saw.

"Двадцать [twenty]."

(Y/N)'s back was feverishly decorated with bloodied mark and strips of crimson ran down her skin. He could see the dried blood and the red scars from poorly healed wounds. His fists clenched when he heard the HYDRA guard chuckle.

He pushed open the door and grabbed the man's arm as he raised the whip again, "Остановить [stop]."

The guard looked at him and shoved him off, about to continue before the soldier knocked him over, standing in front of (Y/N), "С нее хватит! [She's had enough!]." he shouted, sending a warning glance to the guard behind the glass. The guard nodded and the agent walked out, spitting towards the soldier.

As soon as they all left, the soldier quickly unlocked her cuffs, watching as she dropped to the ground. Her sniffles and whimpers echoed through the damp cell.

"Y-You said you'd come back." she spoke, her voice hoarse from the screams.

"I know." Bucky mumbled, kneeling down in front of her. He was disappointed in himself for not visiting her, but he needed HYDRA convinced that he didn't care about her - otherwise his plan wouldn't have worked.

"You said you would come back!" she yelled angrily, tears still streaming down her face as she harshly punched his chest, "You said you would!" she continued to punch him despite her back screaming in pain, and Bucky let her. "Y-You... You..." she burst into tears from the anger and pain and pressed her head into his shoulder, trying to muffle her sobs.

Bucky gently ran his hand through her hair, "I'm sorry." he whispered before gently lifting her up. He held her like a young child, resting on his hip and head lolling on his shoulder. He knew (Y/N) was way past exhausted. The stress, anger and pain wasn't something a sixteen year old should go through.

Multiple HYDRA agents looked at the soldier confused as he walked past with the prisoner in his arms, but after a sharp glare, they turned away. It was only when the alarms began to sound when he started running, holding (Y/N) tighter, careful not to agitate her back.

"Эй, ты! Остановить! [Hey, you! Stop!]." an agent called and Bucky started to sprint, not bothering to look behind him.

Footsteps echoed behind them and small whimpers came from (Y/N)'s throat as the soldier's arms dug into her back, "B-Bucky?" she mumbled.

"I'm here." his rough voice answered, holding her bridally to gain speed, "I'm getting you out of here."

"W-What about you?" she asked but was answered with silence.

Bucky gripped the gun in the holster before firing it towards the agents running behind them. Their grunts alerted others, but gave Bucky enough time to leap and crash through the window. (Y/N) hissed as the soldier landed harshly, squashing the roof of a car as he did so.

He ignored the shouts and protests before swinging (Y/N) onto his back and placing a shield behind her. She gripped his clothes and held tight as he ran, firing his gun towards the HYDRA agents.

(Y/N) grabbed a gun from a falling guard before aiming, not wanting to be a damsel in distress. She twisted, wincing at the wounds on her back before firing at the people behind them, avoiding more wounds.

Bucky made it to the edge of the forest and gently set her down. More tears streamed down (Y/N)'s face as her back pressed against the tree trunk and she gripped his arm, "B-Bucky, they'll hurt you."

"It doesn't matter." he mumbled, "As long as you and Steve are happy, that's all that matters."

The bushes rustled behind them and the soldier pointed his gun towards them until a familiar face appeared, arms raised, "It's only me."

Despite her pain, she stumbled to her feet and ran over to the blond, wrapping her arms tightly around him, "S-Steve." she cried, both of them sinking to their knees.

"Oh God, what have they done to you?" Steve whispered, carefully avoiding the wounds on her back. The captain looked up and smiled at the soldier, "Thank you, Bucky."

The soldier nodded before he stood up and turned to walk back until (Y/N) stopped him, "Wait, Bucky, you can't go back! They'll hurt you!"

Bucky didn't show any emotion and simply turned to look down at her, "I have to. If I don't, they'll come for you again."

"But they'll wipe you!" (Y/N) cried, "I don't want you to forget."

The soldier let out a small smile, "I won't forget." he knelt down to her height, "When I get out of here, I promise I'll come back." he turned to Steve, "I'll come back for both of you."

Steve looked worriedly towards his friend before walking over, "Be safe, Buck. I don't want to be pulling you out of alley's."

The soldier managed a grin, "That will always be my job, punk."

"Jerk." Steve muttered, pulling his friend into a hug.

Bucky turned back to the trees, "You guys need to get out of here. As soon as I'm seen, they'll come looking for you."

Steve hoisted (Y/N) onto his back, knowing she was too tired to run. (Y/N) waved goodbye to the soldier, "Bye, Bucky."

The soldier smiled slightly, "Bye, (Y/N)." And they took off in their different directions, praying that they would all see each other again soon.

Chapter Text

"Careful, he might turn green." Tony muttered, hiding his grin behind Pepper's shoulder as he looked over at his science friend from across the room.

Bruce scowled over at Tony, "No, I won't."

Everyone chuckled. It was early evening, the sun setting behind the buildings of New York city, and every Avenger was all sat together for movie night. The movie was (F/M), specially picked by (Y/N), much to the annoyance of Clint who had snuck off somewhere before the movie started.

Amongst the squabbling adults were two teenagers, snuggled together on the single sofa, watching everyone. At first glance, most would think that they were dating, but they were just really close friends. The movie was about halfway through, however nobody seemed to be paying attention to it anymore, especially since Tony brought up 'The Freebie List'.

"I don't even get it," Peter muttered, bringing (Y/N) closer to him, "What do you mean by a 'freebie list'?" (Y/N) chuckled at her best friend's innocence.

"He means a list of five celebrities that we could sleep with and the other can't get mad." Natasha explained, leading Peter to flush slightly.

"It's a stupid game." Jane muttered.

Thor looked down at the mortal and grinned, "But you still have five, do you not?" Jane blushed and looked away, refusing to speak.

"Yes, the heart of every healthy relationship." Bruce spoke with a roll of his eyes.

Natasha smirked, "Come on, who would you pick? You gotta have a least one."

Bruce blushed slightly and shook his head, "Nah, I don't really want to say."

"Come on, Bruce!" A few of the Avengers cheered and he sighed and raised his hands in surrender.

"Fine, fine." he walked over from the kitchen area, "I don't have all five, but my first one would be Jennifer Connelly and then... Scarlett Johansson."

Tony nodded in agreement, "Nice." Pepper frowned at him. He grinned at her, "What? We all know that you have a list."

Pepper smirked back, "Maybe I do."

"Who are they?" (Y/N) asked, both her and Peter sitting up properly to join the conversation.

"Well, my first, of course, would be Robert Downey Jr." Natasha nodded in agreement, "And then... Ian Somerhalder, Robert Pattinson, Dwayne Johnson-"

"Of course." Natasha chuckled.

Pepper grinned, "And finally Liam Hemsworth."

"Oh, that's a good one." Jane agreed, giggling at Thor's confused face.

"Tough competition but you'll always prefer me." Tony added smugly before hugging her tighter, leaving the redhead to chuckle and nod.

"Of course, I do."

"What about you, Stark?" Natasha asked, "I bet you've got a bunch of models on your list."

"Excuse you." Tony looked appalled, "I do not."

"Oh, really?" (Y/N) laughed.

The billionaire huffed, "Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Watson, Michelle Rodriguez and, the beautiful, Gwyneth Paltrow."

"Well, you said that quick." Natasha muttered before turning to the Captain, "Alright, Cap, you're up."

"Uh, I think I'm going to stay neutral for this." He chuckled nervously, "I'm still not all caught up yet."

"Come on, Cap." Tony grinned, "Are you into older women?" he snickered.

"No, I just think it's nice to just be with one person. If I loved them, I don't think I'd want anyone else." Steve spoke, his face flushing.

Everyone sat in silence for a moment before Tony spoke up, "I kind of feel bad now." he mumbled and Pepper chuckled.

"It's just a game, you patriotic nut." someone spoke and everyone looked up to find Clint.

Steve shrugged, a smile on his face, "Well... I do think Hayley Atwell is quite pretty."

"Clint, how many times do I have to tell you to stop going through my damn vents!?" Tony shouted up at him.

"Sorry, I see better from a distance." he mumbled, looking down at everyone before turning to Natasha, "I know Tasha has her list."

Bruce looked to the red head and smiled slightly, "You do?"

Natasha glared up at her best friend, "I only have four." She rolled her eyes as Stark began to complain, wanting to hear before speaking again, "Sebastian Stan, Jeremy Renner, Taylor Lautner and Mark Ruffalo."

"Of course." Clint muttered.

Pepper turned to Jane and grinned, "So, who are yours?"

The brunette gave a nervous smiled, "I don't want to say," she nudged Thor, "Someone might get jealous."

Thor pulled a face, "I do not."

"When you found out I went out with a guy when you left for two years, you crushed his car." she pointed out, causing every one to laugh.

Thor shook his head, "I may have dropped Mjolnir from a height, but I don't think it did any real damage."

"Wow." Peter chuckled.

"So, who are they?" Natasha urged.

Jane sighed, taking one glance up at the God beside her before speaking, "Well, I definitely think Paul Wesley." she grinned to Natasha, "Then... Dylan O'Brien, Daniel Radcliffe, David Schwimmer and my absolute favourite is Chris Hemsworth."

Thor nodded before standing, only for Jane to grab his hand, "Hey, where are you going?"

"I was... just going to go for a walk."

Jane chuckled and shook her head, pulling him back down to sit with her, "I don't think so. I'm not having you terrorizing people."

"I wouldn't terrorised them at all." Thor murmured.

"You're built like a brick shit house." The Avengers turned to the corner of the room, looking at the other God Who was tied in chains.

"Hush brother, you are not supposed to be here." Thor chuckled when Loki glared at him.

"I'd rather be anywhere but here. You mortals talk about the most pathetic of things."

The billionaire rolled his eyes, "At least we don't throw people out of windows." He muttered.

(Y/N) looked over to the God of Mischief, watching as his lips twitched and the slightest smirk rose on them. She chuckled quietly, catching Loki's glance and turned back around to the team.

Tony turned his head suddenly and stared at the two teenagers cuddling on the other sofa. Peter was the first to notice his stare, "What?"


"So...?" Peter flushed, knowing what he was going to say but pretended not to.

The billionaire grinned, "Who would be on your Freebie List?"

"I-uh..." he glanced down to (Y/N) and she grinned up at him.

"It's just a game, Peter. It's not like any of this is actually going to happen." (Y/N) laughed, ruffling his hair.

"Hm, that's what you think." Tony murmured, taking a sip of his beer. Pepper smacked him upside the head for that comment and he chuckled, wrapping his arm tighter around her waist, "You're always my number one, Pep."

"Well... um... I don't have five." Peter started, "But... they would be Zendaya and... Laura Harrier."

"Nice." Barton spoke from the vents, now laying there to listen, "You guys speak about stupid things."

"You're sat there listening!" Natasha snickered.

"Well, I'm bored. And this crappy movie's been on three times already this week!" He complained.

"Hey!" (Y/N) scowled, "Don't hate the movie! This movie is awesome!"

"Yeah, that's what you think." Clint muttered.

Tony rolled his eyes, "Less talking, (Y/N) who's on your Freebie List?"

"I don't even have a boyfriend." (Y/N) chuckled.

Peter nudged her, "Come on, I did it."

"Well, of course Tom Hiddleston is there." she started. The God in the corner glanced over, a small smirk on his face as if her knew something none of the others did. "Then... (F/A), (F/A), (F/A)."

Peter turned to her, "And the fifth?"

(Y/N) smirked, "Tom Holland."

Peter turned away and frowned at the ground. Tony smirked, "Aw, Spider-boy. We've got some jelly in the fridge if you'd like it?"

Peter glared at his mentor before removing himself from the chair and walking out. (Y/N) frowned, "Did I upset him?"

"No, but I think you're stupid." Clint muttered from the vents.

(Y/N) looked confused so Loki rolled his eyes, "You naive mortal! He likes you!"

The teenager looked at him, "Really? Me? Aha... wow."

Tony smirked, "Go get him, kiddo. We all know you like him too."

(Y/N) flushed and put her thumbs up. Clint hung down from the vents before dropping and grabbing the remote, "Yes! Time to change the movie!" (Y/N) rolled her eyes and him and walked away to find Peter.

I don't like her. I don't like her. I don't - Peter sighed, slumping forward in his bed. "Fuck, I like her." He muttered into his pillow. (Y/N) had been his best friend since day one. They trained together, went to school together, they were partners for missions. Peter didn't want to ruin any of that just for a few feelings... a lot of feelings.

The teenager had started pacing around his room when he heard the gentle tap on his door, followed by, "Peter?"

He opened his door and looked at the female in front. He gave a grin, "What's up?"

"Are you okay?" (Y/N) asked, standing a few feet in front of him.

The brunet shoved his hands in his pockets and nodded, "Yep. I'm fine. Why?"

(Y/N) stepped closer so she was right in front of him. She only reached his nose, but her closeness made his face flush red and he swallowed. Peter's hair was stuck up from where he had laid on his bed, making him look even more adorable.

"Peter, I may like all those people, but they are nothing compared to the one I love." She told him, slipping her arms around his torso and grinning up at him.

"W-Who is this person?" Peter stuttered, hands still in his jeans.

(Y/N) chuckled, resting her chin on his chest, "I think you already know."

Peter rolled his lips into his mouth and nodded, "I-I think I know as well, but this is like something from a dream r-right now. I don't know whether to believe it or not."

(Y/N) smirked, "Why shouldn't you believe it?"

"Because all those people you mentioned, Tom Hiddleston, (F/A). Trust me, I am no Tom Holland." Peter laughed nervously.

"No," (Y/N) shook her head and removed her hands, trailing them up and around his neck, running her fingers through his hair, "You're better." And she pulled him down, meeting his lips with hers.

Peter's orbs widened, his hands resting just above her hips. (Y/N) noticed his tension and pulled back, "Is this not okay?"

Peter shook his head, "O-Oh, no. That was... That was... Wow." he stuttered, rubbing the back of his neck.

(Y/N) laughed and pulled him back to her, "Come here, you dork." And crushed their lips together one more time.

In the lounge area, the Avengers crowded around Tony, watching the surveillance of the hallway the two teenagers where standing - kissing - in. A few of them 'aw'ed at the scene whilst Clint sat away from them and rolled his eyes, "Guys, the movies started!"


Chapter Text

(Y/N) sneaked through the doors of Stark tower, quietly removing the heels on her feet. She groaned in relief, smoothing the raw marks on her ankles - God damn friends...Looking at the time, she cursed herself. 02:34 -great, now her father will -

"Ah, (Y/N)!"

"Fuck." she muttered, wincing as the light brightened up the room.

"How nice of you to finally return home."

With a deep sigh, she turned back and smiled, "Hi, Dad!" she greeted, tugging the ends of her dress down when he looked at her outfit disapprovingly.

"That's a little short to be parading around in, don't you think?" he asked.

"That's a little short to be parading around in, don't you think?" he asked

The dress was all black with long sleeves. It wasn't anything fancy, and it's not like she was exposing her breast area or loads of skin. (Y/N) shrugged, "At least I'm not a slut like some people." she muttered, casting him a glance.

He sighed, stuffing his hands in his pockets, "Why are you like this?"

"Like what - you?"

"More or less." he mumbled.

"It's nice talking to be talking to you for once. Finally decided to get out of the workshop?" (Y/N) asked, crossing her arms.

"Don't talk to me like that, young lady."

(Y/N) rolled her eyes, "News flash, I'm not young and I'm not a lady either."

"Really? What are you then?"

"I'm a teenager, just chasing the Dad who ran out on me." she snapped, glaring at him, "Should I call you Tony instead?"

"Go to your room!" he gritted his teeth, "You're grounded."

"For what? Having a good time for once?" she asked, clenching her fists.

"For leaving when you weren't supposed to. For going to that party when I told you not to. And for coming home late." Tony spat.

"Oh, so you can go out whenever you want and leave me here, by myself. You can go out and get pissed and hook up with some chick half your age but I can't go out and enjoy one night with my friends, drinking a reasonable amount and not fucking away my problems?" (Y/N) yelled.

"Go to your room - now!" Tony shouted, glaring at his daughter from across the room.

(Y/N) gritted her teeth and yelled in anger, slamming her fist against the wall before leaving. But the mark she left on the wall caught Tony's attention.

"Wow," a voice muttered behind him, "All that arguing and she was still wearing her communicator."

"Can it, Barton." Tony growled.

"Look, I know you two have issues, but you seriously need to let her have her freedom." Clint told him, clapping a hand on his back, "She's not your little girl anymore."

Tony looked at him, guilt in his eyes from the previous argument, "She'll always be my little girl. I just want to keep her safe."


She thinks that love is overrated.

She says she's heard it all before.

Keeps saying chivalry has faded.

Girl, I can't wait to prove you wrong.

'Hey. You awake?'

(Y/N) grabbed her phone and grinned at the text from her best friend, 'Yeah, just got back. Dad's pissed at me.'

Peter:  What? Why?

(Y/N):  Apparently he can go out partying all the time, but I can't

Peter frowned at the text from (Y/N) before sighing. He knew that (Y/N) and Tony's relationship wasn't great, and he'd tried to get them to talk their problems out. In fact, all the Avengers had tried to, but it always ended in lots of shouting and one of them storming out of the room.

Peter:  Are you okay?

(Y/N):  I'm fine

Peter:  No, you're not

(Y/N) chuckled slightly. Peter always knew when something was wrong.

(Y/N):  So? It's not like I can do anything. I've been grounded and can't leave my room.

Peter:  I'll be there in 5

(Y/N):  Wait, what does that mean?

(Y/N) didn't get a response and she clicked her tongue. What was he doing?She jumped when she heard a knock on her window and turned to see Spider-Man hanging there.

She chuckled and let him in, watching as he removed his mask. His brown locks were tousled and messy on his head, but to (Y/N) it only made him look cuter. He suddenly grabbed her hand, a small squeak coming from the female until he swung them out the window.

"Parker!" (Y/N) cried, gripping hold of his suit. The male chuckled, landing softly on top of Stark towers. As they looked up, the sky was filled with dozens of stars, twinkling peacefully, "It's amazing." she whispered.

His chocolate eyes scanned her for the first that evening, and he swallowed thickly, "W-Wow... you look amazing."

"Really?" she asked, looking down at her plain dress, "It's all black." she laughed.

Peter grinned and stepped closer to her, "You look great in anything."

"Stepping a bit over the best friend line there, don't you think, Parker?" (Y/N)'s laugh turned to a nervous one and she fiddled with the sleeves on her dress.

I'll give you the world, if you want.

Or we can take the top down,

Kissing every red light.

"Maybe I want to."

(Y/N)'s eyes widened at his comment, "What?"

"I-I mean, uh-" Peter flushed, that sudden burst of confidence completely gone. He stepped away from her and scratched his neck, looking at her, "I-I just... well..."

"Peter, I love you. I really do." (Y/N) smiled weakly, "But this generation - no one knows how to love anymore."

"So, does that mean that we shouldn't try?" Peter asked, stepping closer.

"No, but look at everyone else." (Y/N) sighed, "People get married, only to divorce. They have children, only to break up. Love in this generation is overrated - it doesn't mean anything to anyone anymore."

Peter grinned, taking her hands in his, "It means something to me." he spoke, his confidence slowly coming back.

(Y/N) bit her lip, looking at the teenager in front of her, "My Dad doesn't really set a good example, does he?" she chuckled a bit.

"No. He doesn't." the brunet answered, his gloved hand cupping her cheek, "I know this generation sucks, it's not the best example of love. So, let me love you old school."

Let me love you old school,

I know you will dig it.

Let me take you down town,

Date night, I'll make it

Make it all about you, everything that I do,

Is to love you old school,

Let me love you old school.

"Old school?" (Y/N) gave a half smile, half frown, his attempts warming her heart.

"Yep, o-old school." Peter began to stutter, "Come on, you'll love it! I'll take you out for dates at the movies, or-or we could walk along a beach at sunset or walk through the park, hand in hand. Or, I-I could take you for a swing around the city at night! W-We could go bowling, or have endless marathons of Star Wars, or-"

(Y/N) laughed and slapped her hand over his mouth to stop his rambling. When she knew he calmed, she slowly removed her hand, instead trailing it through his hair, "All of that sounds amazing." she whispered.

"It does?" Peter asked, sounding shocked.

She chuckled and nodded, "Yes. I think I want to try 'old school'."

Peter's grin returned and without a moment of hesitation, he leaned down and pressed his lips onto hers. Closing their eyes, Peter's hands slowly made their way to her waist, pulling her flush against him. It was a sloppy, inexperienced kiss but to them, it was perfect.

(Y/N) pulled back and leaned to his ear, "You just stole my first kiss, Parker."

Peter flushed and looked at her, "Y-Yeah, I think I took my first as well."

You tell me we are complicated,

So, I bring flowers to your door.

Keep saying we will never make it,

Girl, I can't wait to prove you wrong.

(Y/N) frowned and and laughed, shaking her head at his words. Peter wrapped his arms around her waist before swinging off the roof and slowly bringing her back to her room, "So, h-how about a movie? Friday night?"

"I'd like that." (Y/N) grinned, "But I might have to sneak out." she chuckled.

Peter looked down at her and smirked, "I can help with that." he mumbled before leaning down and connecting their lips once more.

"(Y/N), can I - what the fuck is going on here!"

The two teenagers broke away at the outburst of Tony Stark, stumbling away from each other. Tony looked between the two of them before glaring at Peter, "I swear to God, Parker!"

"Peter, run!"

Planting one last kiss on (Y/N)'s check, Peter swung away yelling, "Sorry, Mr Stark!"

I'll give you the world, if you want.

We even counted the stars in the bright night,

Kissing in the moonlight.

Let me love you old school,

I know you will dig it.

Let me take you downtown,

Date night, I'll make it.

Make it all about you.

Everything that I do,

Is to love you old school.

Let me love you old school.

Chapter Text

"So, tell me again how this is going to work?" Bucky asked, looking down at his newly formed metal arm.

(Y/N) grinned, typing a few finishing keys into the computer in front of her, "Have you ever watched Big Hero 6?"

Bucky gave her a blank stare, "Does it look like I watch Big Hero 6?"

(Y/N) pouted at him and Peter spoke up for her, "You've never watched Big Hero 6? That's like the best Disney movie ever!"

"Thank you!" (Y/N) exclaimed, directing towards the young hero.

"C'mon, Buck. Even I've watched that." Steve sighed, giving the soldier the eyebrows of disappointment.

Bucky shrugged before looking back towards the two teenagers who were conversing over their favorite character. He cleared his throat, "Anyway?" 

"Oh, yeah, sorry." (Y/N) laughed nervously before explaining, "Basically, because you have full control of your arm, I've decided to add more fighting techniques into it. For this, if you jolt your shoulder slightly, the movement will make a chain reaction through to the metal, leading to the hand and wrist to fly off and come back."

"How would that help me?" 

"You can hit people before they come at you." Peter simply answered, "Or they can help you escape from microbots when they are trapping you." he added.

The soldier looked at him confused, leaving Steve and (Y/N) to chuckle. Bucky sighed before nodding, "So, this is just an experiment?"

"Well, this one is just a prototype but it will work."

"How can you be sure?" Steve asked.

"Most of the calculations indicate a 96% chance of success. Plus, I made it so it will." (Y/N) smirked, rotating a dial on the dashboard, causing Bucky's arm to light up with a slight blue hue.

"We can tell that you're Stark's kid." the soldier muttered.

"That's not a bad thing!" the billionaire called out as he entered the room, munching on some blueberries.

Since (Y/N) and Peter had that discussion, things had grown a lot stronger between Tony and his daughter. The young hero made them all sit down and have a proper discussion, and when (Y/N) went to leave, he webbed her to the chair by her waist - let's just say he was far away when the web dissolved.

But (Y/N) was glad Peter made her stay. She and her father had a good conversation, yelling and all, but her points had gotten across to him. Afterwards, he pulled her into an embrace and promised he would be there for her again - and this time he had stuck to his promise. Sunday was milkshake day again!

"Okay, are we ready?" (Y/N) asked. Peter, Tony and Steve stood behind her, watch as the soldier readied himself in the test area, "Okay, Barnes. When you're ready, flick the switch to turn it on and fire away!"

Bucky drew a breath and flicked the switch before aiming towards the targets on the concrete wall. He jolted his shoulder, expecting the lower arm to fly off - that's what they all expected, that's what it was supposed to do. But one sudden, tiny miscalculation cause the arm to combust in a fiery explosion, sending the soldier flying backwards. He slammed harshly through one of Tony's suits before smacking against the concrete wall on the other side of the room.



"I'm afraid Sergeant Barnes has suffered multiple broken bones, especially on his ribs. The impact on his head has caused him to become unconscious and he may not wake for a while. However, no internal or long term injuries have been caused." The Doctor told Steve, Tony, Peter and (Y/N).

"Can we go in and see him?" Steve asked. The Doctor nodded and left. No sooner than he did, Steve rushed into the room, wanting to see his best friend. Tony was next, followed by Peter and (Y/N) followed after.

But as soon as she got in the room, she felt sick. The faint beep came from Bucky's heart machine every few seconds, and his light breathing filled the room. His lower body was covered with a duvet, showing the bandages tightly wrapped around his torso and chest. Another bandage was wrapped on his other arm and (Y/N) swallowed.

She caused that.

She looked towards Steve, watching as he pulled up a chair to watch over Bucky and slowly began to walk out the room.

"(Y/N)?" Peter called, leading all three to be staring at her. 

It was like daggers. She did that. She caused Bucky's pain. She could've killed him. It was her fault.

(Y/N) bumped into the wall behind her, trying to find the door handle, "I-I'm sorry." she whispered before running out the door and away from the soldier, ignoring the calls.

She kept running until she reached the lab, not apologising to anyone she barged into on the way. Tears were streaming down her face by the time she got there and a sob left her as she slammed through the doors. 

She forced her tears back because now they were angry tears. (Y/N) was mad at herself. She didn't take enough precautions, she should've tested it on herself first. Why did she put someone else in danger? She was a failure

Clenching her fists, (Y/N) walked over to her desk before letting out an angry yell, sending her flies and other small items across the ground. She walked over to were Bucky had slammed against the wall, looking at the large dent and cracks. The rest of the arm laid on the ground and she picked it up before gritting her teeth and throwing it across the room with another angry shout.


She looked around, unshed tears lining her eyes to Peter who stood in the doorway, watching as she took her anger out on the items around her. She swallowed and looked away, "I'm fine, Peter."

"No, you're not." he told her, walking across the room.

(Y/N) sighed and sniffed, "I could've killed him, Peter."

"But you didn't."

"I could've."

"But you didn't." Peter repeated, standing beside her.

"That doesn't matter!" she glared at him, her voice raised slightly, "Now that I've failed this, who's to say that anything else I've created won't fail? What happens if you're out fighting in the sky and suddenly your web shooters don't work? What if someone's running at Steve with a gun and his shield doesn't come back to him?"

"Then we compromise." Peter told her, "Just because the things we rely on don't work, doesn't mean we give up."

"That's not the point. What happens if your suit has a mistake and suddenly backfires on you like Bucky's arm just did and killed you? That's on me." (Y/N) gritted her teeth, "I don't need that on my conscience."

"(Y/N), you can't let this one thing stop you from inventing things."

"I'm a failure, Peter. I can't be trusted with things that could save your life. What if I was the one who killed you?" she asked, "I'll never be like my dad."

Peter looked at her and sighed, "(Y/N), stop. It doesn't matter what just happened because that was a prototype. Nothing to being with is perfect. There's always problems, difficulties, but it's how you handle them that make it all worth it in them end."

(Y/N) looked away and Peter tilted her head back to him, "You've come up with some amazing things, (Y/N)! You made Bucky's arm so that he could feel things again. You've designed Captain Rogers' and Mr Barton's shield and arrows come back to them! Natasha now has more weapons in small, easy-to-use capsules because of you. None of those things worked first time did they?"

"No." (Y/N) mumbled.

"Exactly. Everything takes time." Peter grinned, "When I first arrived, I thought you were amazing! You were this smart, intelligent teenager who looked at the world in amazement. You were enthralled with everything you could make. I hated how you would turn away from me and I knew that if I wanted your attention, I would have to work for it and figure out the problem."

"Even when I watched you create your own weapons, you would eagerly talk about what it would do and how they would work. Don't called yourself a failure because you're not. I trust you. You've invented so many things that have helped save people - you're the true hero, (Y/N) and I love you. You're so patient and-"

"You love me?" (Y/N) stopped him, looking up at the young hero with wide eyes.

Peter paused, a blush growing up his neck and to his cheeks, "I-I mean, I uh, I-" His brown orbs widened when (Y/N) pressed her lips into his, stopping his rambling. She pulled away and laughed as he slowly opened his eyes, "Wow."

"I love you too." (Y/N) smiled and Peter dipped his head down again to catch her in another kiss before quickly pulling away. (Y/N) frowned.

"Crap," he muttered, running a hand through his hair, "Mr Stark's going to kill me."

(Y/N) chuckled, "I'm sure it'll be fine. He loves you."

"Yeah... I was supposed to come down and get you. Bucky woke up not long after you left." Peter told her.

She sighed, "Is he okay? I should probably go see him."

"The nurse made him take a nap because he needed to rest after the surgery. His bones won't take long to heal because of the super soldier serum but he still needs rest." Peter explained, wrapping his arms around her waist as she looked down, "Please don't worry too much, he already forgives you."

(Y/N) nodded before looking over to the mess she made, breaking the moment, "I made a mess." And Peter chuckled, hugging her tighter.

Chapter Text

*Three years after adopting (Y/N)*

"And what's it like helping Mr Stark with his Iron Man suits?" 

The young girl looked at the presenter and grinned, "It's so awesome! Yesterday, we were fixing some of the thrusters, and-and during testing, he ended up face-planting a wall!" (Y/N) answered, barely able to contain her giggles.

The crowd laughed with her and Tony pouted, "You promised you wouldn't tell anyone."

"Yeah, I didn't tell anyone - I told everyone!" the ten year old responded, leaving the crowd to laugh more.

The presenter smiled and continued, "So, I'm assuming that you love living with Mr Stark and Miss Potts?"

"Definitely!" (Y/N) nodded eagerly, "They've been really nice and the other Avengers are so cool! Mr Stark is great - he's the best parent ever!" The young girl hugged the man next to her and Tony laughed, hugging back-

The TV abruptly shut off and a male clenched the can in his hand, "This is just another publicity stunt." he gritted his teeth.

A woman walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his torso, "I agree. There's no way he would care for that girl. She's a brat."

The man turned and grinned, "How about we go take our daughter back from that prick?"


"Hold on tight, (Y/N)!"

The young girl squealed and held on tightly to the soldier's forehead as he ran at full speed around the track. The billionaire came out from the compound and huffed heavily, "Steve! What have I said about getting her hyped up before bedtime? God, it's just as bad as Pietro!"

"You sound like a grumpy father, Stark." Natasha grinned, walking out with Pepper beside her.

The strawberry-blonde smiled and hugged the billionaire from behind, "Let her go, Tony. She's having fun."

The three watched as Steve sped up around the track, holding on tightly to (Y/N)'s calves as she sat high on his shoulders. Her arms were now raised, a cheer erupting from the young girl. Natasha laughed as she watched the scowl form on Tony's face, "I think someone's jealous."

"She's our kid!" he pouted before seeing a flash of blue and shouted, "Pietro, no!"

The white headed male grinned and grabbed (Y/N) from Steve's arms, a squeal coming from her, "Pietro!" she cried happily, wrapping her arms around him.

"Hey, there, Chubbs." he greeted with his thick Russian accent.

"Pietro!" he heard the yell come from Tony Stark and grinned, looking down to the young girl in his arms.

"Want to run away from Grumps?"

(Y/N) nodded eagerly and moved so she was in a piggy back style before shooting off around the compound. Tony huffed and turned to hug Pepper, "Honey, it's not fair."

Pepper laughed and Steve jogged over to them, panting lightly as if running around the track hardly phased him, "I think you're turning into the old man now, Tony." he grinned.

Tony pouted childishly, "But it's way past nine - she's supposed to be in bed. We're heading back to the tower tomorrow and she needs to be up early."

"Why not just have Pietro run her home?" Natasha suggesting, smirking at the glare she received from the billionaire.

"Sorry, I tried to stop him." Wanda called, walking over to the four standing in the middle of the track. They saw another blur shoot past, followed by the excited laughs of (Y/N).

"Can you actually stop him now?" Pepper asked, knowing that Tony was getting frustrated. Even though she knew Tony loved (Y/N) being around the other Avengers, he liked to be the one to tuck her into bed, sometimes with a bedtime story about 'Iron Man's Adventures' as he liked to call it. They were all completely made up but Pepper liked getting FRIDAY to record them so she could look back at them and prove that Tony Stark did have a heart.

Wanda nodded, and on the way back to them, Pietro and (Y/N) were caught in a red aura. (Y/N) pouted and Pietro cried out, "NO! (Y/N), we've been captured!"

(Y/N) burst into a fit of giggles, even as Tony took her from the red aura and held her in his arms, "Come on then, Chubbs. Bedtime."

"Aw, no fair."

"Yeah, come on." Tony tried to lighten the mood, tickling her, "I'll tell you another Iron Man adventure, yeah?" (Y/N) squealed and nodded, hugging Tony tightly.

The others watched with smiles as Tony took her back inside. Steve spoke up, "That kid's changed Tony for the better."

Pepper sighed happily, "Yeah. Nothing could possibly go wrong with her around."


But Pepper couldn't have been more wrong. 

It was the second day of being back in the tower. (Y/N) and Vision were happily playing a game of Snap, the young girl laughing lightly every time Vision said snap at the wrong time and taught him how to properly play. Tony and Pepper came down from their room, hand in hand, smiling happily as they saw (Y/N).

"Good morning, children." Scott spoke up as he walked close behind the couple, followed by his own daughter.

(Y/N) jumped excitedly, "Cassie!"

The two girls happily began to play Snap again under Vision's learning eye when a loud bang rang through the tower, "What the heck was that?" Lang exclaimed, looking towards the window.

'Sir, there's been a security breach.' FRIDAY spoke up, 'There are multiple unarmed civilians entering the building. Many of them are reporters, some are NY police.'

"What the heck is happening?" Tony gritted his teeth, directing Pepper over to the two girls, pulling up a security camera. He saw the rabble being lead by two people and he frowned, walking to the elevator. Steve and Natasha met him halfway before the entered the ground floor.

"Tony Stark." the male up front called, crossing his arms and glaring back at him.

"Can I help you?" he answered.

"Yes, you can." the woman beside him snapped, placing her hands on her hips, "You can start by giving us our daughter back."


"Mr Stark," the judge spoke, welcoming the billionaire. Tony nodded stiffly, sitting beside Pepper on their side of the court, "I believe you know why you are here."

"Hardly." Tony muttered, somehow used to being in this kind of situation, "All I know is that two people came breaking into my home, demanding me to give our child to them." he pointed between him and Pepper.

The woman on the other side glared at the billionaire, "You dare-"

The judge raised his hand, "Discussion will be allowed later, Mrs (L/N). For now, I would like to get the details."

"Details? For what? (Y/N) is our child." Pepper bravely stated, sending a slightly glare to the former parents of the young girl.

(Y/N) was sat in the very center of the court room next to James Rhodes. She clung to him every tight her parents talked or looked towards her, which made Rhodey frown - why would she seem afraid of them? Does she even remember them? 

"Yes, and now we want her back." Mr (L/N) snarled, slamming his fist on the table.

"Violent attitudes will not be tolerated in my courtroom, Mr (L/N). So, I suggest to calm down, stop scaring this young girl and let us continue this formally." The judge snapped, glaring across the room to him. He had noticed (Y/N) change in emotion as soon as she stepped in the room. In most TV shows he'd seen her on, she was usually a happy and cheerful girl, but that was nothing compared to now.

"Mrs (L/N), would you step forward and give the reason why you believe (Y/N) should be back in your care." the judge spoke.

(Y/N)'s real mother stood up, sending the young girl a dark grin that Rhodey didn't miss and shifted in his seat slightly.

"(Y/N) is our child." she began, "We were so excited to have a child, however, it was just the wrong time. Our job was too hectic and we didn't have enough money to support her. So, we gave her to Mrs Andrews, someone who we knew we could trust. It killed us to give her up so early but someday, we would've come back to get her," she sniffled, tears seeping down her cheeks, "We love her dearly-"

"Fake!" Tony spoke up, cupping his mouth for effect.

"Silence!" the judge warned, missing the glare that Mrs (L/N) sent the billionaire, completely removing her crying facade.

"Anyway, before I was rudely interrupted." she continued, wiping her face of tears, "What I want to ask, is how does Mr Stark here have time for a child when he is too busy saving the world - and Miss Potts, surely you don't have enough time whilst running Stark Industries with your limited qualifications."

Pepper twitched and frowned angrily. Tony's jaw tightened as well, but slipped his hand into Pepper's.

"Tony Stark isn't even parental material. He builds weapons for a living and allows a young girl to be in the most unsafest part of his home - a lab!" Mrs (L/N) stated factually, "He even allows her to hang out with the Avengers, surrounded by assassins, soldiers, monsters-" Bruce flinched and Steve was the first to snap.

And it was a surprise to everyone.

"Objection!" he snapped, "The Avengers are not dangerous. We are here to help protect people from threats like HYDRA and Ultron. If anything, (Y/N) is in the safest hands possible."

"And this is coming from a man who allowed a German scientist to experiment on him." Mrs (L/N) smirked at the soldier before turning innocently to the judge, "I rest my case."

There was definite tension in the room now, everyone can feel it. Those watching at home couldn't even understand how difficult it was to be sat in the room, feeling someone could snap at any second.

"Mr Stark?" the judge turned to the couple, "Please give your opening statement."

Tony went to stand, but Pepper stood before him, "Your honor, if you don't mind, I would like to be the one to make the opening statement."

The judge nodded and Pepper sent the billionaire a soft smile. She knew that he was angry, and in these kinds of situations, he needed to be level headed - that that was something that he was most definitely not.

"Firstly, I would like to point out that Mr Stark hasn't created a weapon, other than improving his Iron Man suit for the past six years. And the only reason why he edits his suits, like Mr Rogers has said, is to help protect the people of Earth from any kind of threats." Pepper sent a hard glare to the two across the room, before firmly saying, "The Avengers are not monsters."

"When we first met (Y/N), she was this chubby, adorable young girl who loved to create and invent things - we knew immediately that she would be a perfect addition to our family. She was bubbly and energetic - the only time she ever got upset," Pepper turned to the two parents, "Was when she was talking about her life before the adoption agency."

They glared at Miss Potts and Pepper sent them a small, sweet smile to which Tony grinned at. She continued, "You may think that just because Tony is out saving the world, or working on his suits that he doesn't have time for (Y/N) - you're wrong. He introduced (Y/N) to our world and taught her how to create things. It's not dangerous because he simply opened her mind up to what she wanted to do. He made time for her - which is something that Mr and Mrs (L/N) failed to do."

"Objection!" Mr (L/N) shouted.

"Over ruled!" The judge snapped, "Miss Potts, please continue."

"Mr Stark has always made time for (Y/N) and when he doesn't, he's sure to make it up to her. There's nothing that stops him from tucking her in at night and telling her a bedtime story - not even his job." Pepper hissed slightly towards the two on the other side, "The only reason why (Y/N) has come out of her shell and opened up to us is because we made the effort to look after her. No child should be ignored and then dumped into an agency."

"Objection!" this time it was Mrs (L/N) who stopped her and the judge didn't over rule it, "We never wanted to give her up! It killed us to have to do that! But you could never understand that because (Y/N) isn't yours."

"Enough!" the judge slammed his gabble on the desk, silencing the room.

"(Y/N) is our child more than you'll ever wish she wasn't." Pepper let a snide comment slip before turning to the judge.

"I believe you have some footage you wanted to show, Miss Potts?" the judge asked, noticing her look. She nodded and the judge allowed.

The first video was one of (Y/N) surrounded by the Avengers whilst eating dinner. It was in the beginning when she first arrived, Steve offered to make her pancakes and ended up being in his arms as she flipped her first pancake, leading to the others cheering for her. And the second was a video of her and the billionaire. (Y/N) was cuddled up to him, wide eyes as he told her a bedtime story about Iron Man, leaving her gasping and giggling.

Pepper nodded, "I rest my case."

Mr (L/N) stood as the strawberry-blonde sat down next to Tony again, "(Y/N) is our child."

"Then why did you dump her with the agency with a broken heart?" Tony snapped, a little bit of his anger coming through. There was not way he was about to let his daughter be taken back into the care of the two people that left her.

"We didn't, we were having financial difficulties - we didn't want to leave her there." Mr (L/N) snarled, "And who's to say that you're any different."

The caught room began to murmur again and the judge squinted his eyes at the parent, "Would you care to elaborate, Mr (L/N)?"

"Tony Stark isn't a man known for sharing the spotlight. He's a full time diva with his name plastered on the side of the building-"

"Actually it's my Dad's name." Tony muttered. 

"Silence." the judge warned.

"That's another point. Mr Stark here doesn't even have a good role model." Pepper noticed the shift in Tony's mood at the mention of his father and held his hand tightly, "Mr Stark here is just like his father. He invents things, he creates weapons, all so he can have everyone focused on him. For all we know, this could be a publicity stunt - it's been kind of quite about Stark recently hasn't it?"

"Who's to say that he even cares for this kid? (Y/N) could just be another pawn in his game. That footage could just be completely made up just for this moment." he grinned towards the two, "What use would a billionaire have for adopting a child other than publicity?" Tony swallowed thickly and Mr (L/N) finished, "I rest my case."

Judge nodded and turned to the center of the room, "Mr Col. Rhodes, I believe that you have witnesses with you today."

Tony and Pepper frowned, wondering who Rhodey could've possibly called. "Indeed, I do." he spoke, "I would like to introduce Mr and Mrs Andrews."

The two elderly people walked into the middle of the room, sending a small smile to the billionaire and his girlfriend.

"What! You can't do that!" Mrs (L/N) protested.

"Silence." the judge told her, "Witnesses are just as important to the deciding of this." he turned to the older couple, "Who are you competing for?"

Mrs Andrews stepped forward and firmly stated, "We are on the side of believing (Y/N) should stay in the care of Mr Stark and Miss Potts."

More cameras flashed and the buzz in the room heated up again until the judge silenced them all with his gabble. 

"Five years ago, I found a young girl on my doorstep. She was wrapped in a thin blanket and soaked through from the rain. She was small and chubby," Mrs Andrews turned to face (Y/N), "And she was the cutest little thing."

"For the first few weeks, she hardly spoke because she was too afraid that if she disturbed me, I would raise my hand to her. I looked after her and I promised that she would be safe here with me, my husband and the other children, but she was still quiet. She kept herself busy but creating things. She once told me that her parents would ruin whatever she made, saying that it was pathetic and stupid."

"When Mr Stark and Miss Potts first came to me, and noticed (Y/N), I knew from right at that moment that (Y/N) would be happy with them. And I was right." Mrs Andrews smiled, "She's grown more confident in herself and she's happy, and that's all I could've ever wished for her. Mr Stark and Miss Potts gave us a very generous donation to the agency, and have always come to visit monthly, even if it's for a few minutes, just so (Y/N) could see her friends again."

"Objection!" Mr (L/N) shouted, "I never raised a hand to her, nor did we leave her like that on your doorstep! You lying-"

"Silence!" the judge roared, causing (Y/N) to flinch. She had sat silently through the whole thing, fearing that she would be sent back with her parents. But Rhodey would never let that happen - not if he had a say in it. So, he went to visit Mrs Andrews. He knew that if she was on their side, her real parents didn't stand a chance.

"Mrs Andrews, do you have any proof of-"

"Yes." she interrupted the judge and handed him a letter in scruffy handwriting, "This is the letter that (Y/N) was holding the night I found her. If you look at the date at the bottom, you can see that it is real and paper from their job office."

The judge read through the note and snapped his head up to glare at the parents, "You two are unfit to even be arguing for the rights of this child." he told them.

"That is forged!" Mrs (L/N) cried angrily, "I want my daughter back!"

"The only thing you want it the popularity and money before dumping this poor child back on the agency." the judge snapped, "And the thing you need is a ten year prison sentence."

"You can't do this to us!" Mr (L/N) hissed.

"I can and I will. Nothing more is required. This is enough evidence." the judge told them firmly, "Mr and Mrs (L/N), I hereby sentence you to ten years in prison. More so, you are never allowed to adopt or have any more children." and with that, he slammed his gabble on the desk.

Police officers came into the room and straight over to (Y/N)'s ex-parents, both of them struggling to get away. And it was only a matter of time until one of them broke their facade. Mr (L/N) glared over to his former daughter and snarled, "You little bitch. You don't deserve anything!"

(Y/N) whimpered and ran over to Tony and Pepper, burying her face in their billionaire's clothes. He immediately hugged her, glaring at the two ex-parents as they were yanked out the room, spitting insults.

"It's okay, (Y/N). I've got you." he kissed her forehead, "I love you and I promise I won't let anything bad happen to you ever."

Among the noise, everyone clearly heard what the billionaire had said. Whether he knew the microphone was still on or not, everyone in the courtroom knew that he meant what he said. Pepper smiled, running a hand through the little girl's hair.

But what she said next made the both of them smile bigger than they ever had before, "Thank you. I love you, Mum and Dad."

Chapter Text

"If you're thinking of jumping, I thoroughly advise against it."

(Y/N) turned around and glared at the God before her. It'd been five hours since their last proper encounter and she'd tried everything. Her first attempt of escape was simple - walk out the door, run, never look back.

Well, that didn't go very well.

She was able to get past the throne room before guards ran after her. Once one had (Y/N) in his grasp, he threw her over his shoulder and trapped her again. And from that embarrassing capture, (Y/N) could remember Loki's smirking face as he watched her. Prick.

The second time was scaling down the vines outside. Now, in all honesty, there wasn't supposed to be vines on the side of the castle, but over the rein of Loki, he'd forgotten about the small things and the plants below were now messy and un-kept. Still, (Y/N) didn't get very far down when a guard below saw her and yanked her back in through the window and back to the room.

Even so, they still didn't lock the doors - there were now guards by every window.

Other attempts included; a shout and run, attacking the maid for her apron and hat to sneak out to which she had to apologize for and hiding around the room so the guards believed she had escaped and left their post to search for her. And every time she was in vain.

She was staring out from the balcony when Loki arrived. He watched as her glare traced his whole form, now noticing that he was in a much more comfier attire and his helmet was removed.

"You've tried to escape... thirteen times now." he sighed.

"Well, you know what the say - thirteenth time's the charm." (Y/N) muttered, rubbing over the bandage that was now wrapped over her upper arm from crashing into an ancient pot and smashing it to millions of pieces.

"Why are you trying to escape?" Loki asked.

(Y/N) clenched her fists and turned away from the God, "I don't belong here." she spat.

"Yes, you do. You're mine. You stay with me." he spoke through gritted teeth, "Stop running away so the guards keep having to chase you."

(Y/N) smirked and looked over her shoulder at him, "Aw, jealous, Mischief?" Loki tensed as she used the same nickname she had when they were kids.

She turned away when he huffed. It was already dark out, but (Y/N) had no concept of time - it wasn't like she carried a watch everywhere and the clock on the God's bedside table had been stuck on 01:34 for the past five hours. Loki sighed and walked back into his chambers, saying, "I think it's time for bed."

(Y/N) snorted, "Would you like me to return to the chambers, your majesty?"

"Please stop with the formal titles," Loki muttered, "And no. I think you've suffered enough down there."

"Those who suffer, survive." (Y/N) answered with a low tone.

Loki didn't respond and instead handed her a large t-shirt, "Get changed and get into bed."

"Excuse me?" she asked, watching as he headed for the bathroom, "You've just basically kidnapped me, locked me in your chambers and now you expect me to wear your t-shirt and sleep in the same room as you?"

"Yep." he answered shortly, shutting the bathroom door and leaving (Y/N) to herself.

She gritted her teeth, foot tapping impatiently before pulling off her clothes and slipping on the t-shirt. She left her clothes in an untidy pile on the floor before crawling under the covers of Loki's bed.

(Y/N) would be lying if she said this wasn't the most comfortable thing she'd sat in. The duvet felt smooth and silky across her exposed skin, and the cushions were filled with fluffy feathers and made it feel like her head was floating. She sighed contently and would've fallen asleep if it wasn't for an irritating voice that once again ruined her mood.

"Well, I see you've decided to cooperate." Loki snickered.

(Y/N) didn't reply, but when she felt the covers move, she immediately sat up, "Nah, no way, mister."

"What?" Loki frowned.

"There is no way that I am sharing the same bed as you."

"Well, this is my bed. So, if you don't want to sleep in the same bed as me, you sleep on the floor." Loki grinned as if she had no other option, but it was immediately wiped when (Y/N) removed herself from the lush covers, "What are you doing?"

"Sleeping on the floor." she replied shortly, grabbing a pillow from the bed.

"(Y/N), get back into bed and stop being stupid." Loki muttered, his anger beginning to show after all this time.


(Y/N) heard Loki get up from his bed before walking around and picking her up from the floor. Immediately, she began to struggled, enough that she ended up punching him across the jaw and being dropped to the floor.

(Y/N) stood up and clenched her fists, "Don't. Touch me."

Loki glared at the female across, wiping the drizzle of blood from his lip, "(Y/N), stop acting like a child."

"Says the one who trapped me." (Y/N) hissed, "I'm not some toy you can choose to play with and then leave me, you know."

"It's not like that." Loki answered.

"Really? So, it's not going to be like when we were kids?" (Y/N) snarled, "You're not going to abandon me in the prisons? Leave me there by myself, wishing that you would come and find me and take me back home?"

"I never abandoned you," the God snapped, "I did look for you and every time I could never find you! Why can you try to understand-"

"I did try. I was your friend from the day we met. We played together, we fought together until the day the guards came and snatched me from my home. I tried to understand what I had done wrong, I tried to believe that it would all be okay. I fucking tried and look where it got me." Tears were brimming at the edge of (Y/N)'s eyes, but she refused to let them fall. He didn't deserve her tears.

"I thought you were dead!"

"The guards told me you gave up." (Y/N) whispered before her voice grew louder with each sentence, "Odin said you gave up. And it made me realize that our friendship was a lie. It wasn't real. None of it was."

"How can you believe them?" Loki shouted, his eyes somehow pleadingly staring back at her, "How could you believe that I would ever give up on you?"

(Y/N) laugh and tearful laugh, sniffing, "You're the God of Lies - what other reason would I have to believe them and not you?"

"I may be the God of Lies." Loki spoke, softer than before, "I may cause mischief and mayhem, but I would never tell you anything but the truth."

"Was that another lie?" (Y/N) hissed, glaring at him through her tears.

This one sentence cause Loki to lose his cool. All the anger from the early hours that was once bolted up now blew up in (Y/N)'s face.

"I would never lie to you." Loki growled, "You're the only thing real about me! My friendship and my love for you was the only thing that made me believe I was worth something. When everyone was focused on Thor, you were the only one who would stand by me and cheer me on instead of the golden child."

"Every once in a while I would catch myself and I was terrified that you were just an illusion that I had created. But every time you would break through that barrier and somehow be more special than ever!" Loki shouted, stepping closer to her.

"So, I ask you now. What are you scared of? Odin locked you away from me before casting you out. I searched for you every single day, and even now I catch myself looking for you in the crowds. I've told you that I was terrified of losing you, now why can't you set aside your ego and tell me-"

"I'm not scared!" (Y/N) shouted, the tears finally spilling, "I'm petrified. I'm petrified of being alone!" Loki paused, looking down at the woman who stood in front of him, tears slipping down her cheeks.

(Y/N) looked away and harshly wiped the tears from her cheeks, "I-I'm petrified of being alone because every time I am, it reminds me of how I lost you. I was locked in a dark cell, away from everyone else because Odin believed I was a weak little girl. And he was right." she chuckled sadly.

"I spent the first month or so crying each night, praying that you would find me." she continued, "I believed so much in those stories my mother told me, that I believed you were my knight in shining armor. But once I realized that I was wishing on a fairytale, I changed."

"Odin did kill that girl. And when he realized how fucked up I became, he cast me out." (Y/N) looked up at Loki, her voice now more vulnerable than ever, "What I created was chaos, Odin no longer wanted that on Asgard. He took me from my family and friends - he left me alone."

Loki's arms tightly wrapped around (Y/N)'s figure and pulled her in close. He could feel her weight on him as she broke, silently crying on his shirt. His hands ran through her hair, gently pulling out the plait hr hair was tied back in.

Pressing a kiss into her forehead, he whispered, "I thought I lost you the day Odin took you away. I was made to believe that he had killed you and it made me hate him more than already did. But I promise you," he leaning back and stared at her, "I will never leave you alone again."

"This is a little like hell," (Y/N) grinned, "Almost romantic."

Loki raised and eyebrow, "Almost?"

Without a second thought, (Y/N) pulled him down to her and pressed her lips against his. Startled at first, the God quickly responded, moving his hands down to her sides and pulling her body flushed against his. She pulled back with the lack of breath and grinned, "Now it's hell."

"Well, if this is hell, I don't want to ever go to Valhalla." Loki chuckled before leaning back down to repeat the kiss.

Chapter Text

"No, Venom."

"Why not? Eddie would."

"I'm not going out and buying a raw steak right now." (Y/N) huffed, snuggling into her pillow. It was late at night, or very early morning, and Venom decided that he was hungry at 2am in the fucking morning. Eddie was asleep, and she didn't know how he could sleep with this thing crawling from his body and speaking loudly. He wasn't the quietest thing in the world.

"I'm hungry."

"That's a shame." (Y/N) mumbled, sighing heavily. She had to be in work early tomorrow morning, and being kept up by Venom was not helping. She was hoping that the parasite would shrink back and sleep for the rest of the night. Key word: hoping. Two sharp nails drew along her arm, causing her body to tense. (Y/N) tried to ignore it, perhaps he'd give up after a while. But, of course, that was only a dream. Her body was suddenly flipped around so she was facing him. (E/C) orbs glared at him, "What?"


(Y/N) let out a groan, "No. You fed earlier. Shut up and go to sleep!"

(Y/N) huffed and turned around again. He shouldn't be called a parasite - he should be called a pest. She suddenly felt something slimy slither along her arm and up to her cheek, causing her the shriek, "Venom!"

The symbiote licking his lips, "Hm, tastes like... marshmallows. Disgusting."

"I'm glad you don't find me appealing. Don't lick me!" (Y/N) snapped, wiping her arm clean of the slobber.

"But your skin is soft." Venom answered, "Like a kitten. Just born."

(Y/N) cringed and shivered before slipping out of bed, "I don't know how that's any better."

"Where are you going?"

"Down for a drink."

"Can you get me a-"

"No, I'm not getting you a steak!" She snapped, glaring at him.

Venom recoiled, frowning, "You're not a morning person, are you?"

"I am a morning person. I'm just not a 2am person." (Y/N) growled, clenching her fists as she walked out of the room. The creature watched as she did so, a grin on his face.

When she first met Venom, she never thought he'd be this... irritating. He seemed like a villainous, angry anti-hero who would eat anyone he saw. No, that wasn't the case. He was this messed up, bad-guy eating, thing that appeared from her boyfriend's neck from time to time. It freaked her out at first. They could be there kissing, enjoying a moment, then Venom would pop out, scaring the living daylights out of both of them.

She had to admit, he did make life interesting though.

Their dates weren't always in a restaurant or park, sometimes they would be on top of a tower, or looking out to the ocean from the top of the bridge. Despite her screaming his head off when they reached the top after grabbing her suddenly and running up with her, it was truly spectacular. Venom had his good moments apart from trying to eat people and animals when he wanted.

"Food." (Y/N) almost choked on her drink when he spoke, coughing harshly. She looked over to find her boyfriend, still unconscious, sleepwalking into the kitchen. She had to stop herself from laughing at the half-alive looking Eddie stumbling into the kitchen with Venom poking out his neck. The symbiote grumbled under his breath, "He's useless."

"He's asleep! Believe it or not, humans do need to rest." (Y/N) muttered.

"As do I, but I don't snore like a cow."

"No, you bite instead." She muttered, referring to the one night she woke up with a Venom gnawing on her arm.

"You smelt good."

"I don't know whether to take that as a compliment or not." (Y/N) mumbled, finishing her drink before going to the fridge.

"You shouldn't take it nicely. I could eat you."

The female paused and stood straight, turning to face the creature behind her, "Then why haven't you?"

"You are important to this human."

"Has that stopped you before?"

"Yes. I've only eaten bad people. I respected his wishes. Even when he wouldn't let me eat this old man's dog." Venom frowned, "Why am I not allowed to eat the animal? Is it important to Eddie?"

"Not necessarily to Eddie, but perhaps to the old man." (Y/N) told him.

Venom walked closer to the woman in front of him, stumbling in Eddie's sleeping body before his neck drew out and towards her. (Y/N) was surprised the Eddie hadn't woken up yet. Then again, that guy could sleep through a war, no doubt, "Is that dog important to that man like you are important to Eddie?"

(Y/N) chuckled slightly, "Maybe not in the same way."

"I am still  not  understanding  of  human traits."

"We take some time to get used to, I'll give you that." She snickered before grinning, "You wouldn't want to eat me anyway."

"And why is that?"

(Y/N) held up a plate of cold, leftover meat and waved it in front of his face, "I saved you some snacks."

Venom's eyes widened as e began to dribble, "Let me have."

"Nope, first say that you won't eat me." She grinned. She loved to tease him.

"Food." He growled in annoyance, "Do not test me."

"And don't lick m-" Before she even finished that sentence, the long tongue had swiped over her face, leaving a line of spit across her face. She shivered before scowling at him, "That's it. No food for you."

"I will eat you." Venom growled at her.

"You wouldn't want to. I taste horrible."

"That's not what Eddie thinks."

(Y/N) face flushed and went bright red, "Venom!"

"What?  Did you forget  I am there during your-"

She threw the meat at him before he could finish and turned her face away as he devoured the food. For a symbiote, he is sure disgusting. How does he know half of what he says?!

"Hm. Meat is good." He growled hungrily before looking towards the female who's face was still as red as a tomato, "Are you ill, human?"

"N-No, I'm fine." She shuddered, wiping off Venom's spit for the second time that night, "Just stop licking me!"

"But Eddie is right. You do taste good."

(Y/N)'s face burned, "Shut up!" She yelled, loud enough that Eddie woke up.

"Huh-What?" He looked around, dazed, before jumping as Venom stared at him, "Why are we in the kitchen?"

"Your parasite was hungry." (Y/N) muttered, glaring at the said being.

"I am not a parasite!"

Chapter Text

"Why does she have that?"

Yinsen looked up from the board, glancing to where the billionaire stared. In the corner of the room sat a female, away from the men as they played a game. Her arms were loosely bound in front of her and a muzzle was tightly wrapped around her mouth. Yinsen looked away, "She had a mouth on her. They didn't like it."

"Where's she from?"

"I don't know." The assistant responded, "She's not allowed to talk and when she did she hardly spoke a word. I've overheard them saying she's a special-ops solider. The scars sure make that believable."


"On her back. I had to help her when she first came here, like I did you." Yinsen told him, rolling the dice, "She's only young and she's already seen too much of the world that was better hidden."

Tony looked back over, noticing her darkened, glossy eyes staring back. He couldn't tell whether she was glaring at him or not, but he could definitely see the fear hidden behind those orbs. She hid it well. Dirt was splattered across her cheeks and her hair was messily tied back with an old piece of rope, loose strands cut short, level with her eyes. The billionaire's eyes trailed her body, the dim light causing him to barely notice the faint scars and bruises on her arms.

"Why is she here?"

Once again, Yinsen shook his head, "I don't know. She was tossed in, struggling and screaming - perhaps they wish to break her."

"Break her?"

"Yes. That is what they do." the male spoke, "Kidnap you, bring you in and put you through your worst nightmare." He kissed the back of his teeth, "They find pleasure in watching people suffer."

The female in the corner watched as the two males began working, fidgeting in her place. The fabric binding her arms were running her wrists raw, but she couldn't break out of them - not yet. She had listened as Yinsen told the billionaire about her, but it wasn't like she cared. Tony couldn't do anything with the information he was given and it wasn't like he could escape this place - she'd tried too many times.

It was safe to assume she had given up trying to leave.

But she when she saw the billionaire's leg move with something metal attached to it, she couldn't help her curiosity. Tony startled slightly when she appeared from the shadows beside him but gave her a small smirk - the first since he'd been in this hell. She looked pointedly at the contraption on his leg and his grin widened further.

"Why don't you take a look at the diagram?"

Yinsen smiled as she walked over and settled next to him, "How are you feeling today?"

The female nodded before sending him some hand gestures. Tony frowned slightly, watching the conversation between the two - could she not speak? Or was it just the muzzle?

"Perhaps Mr Stark would like to explain what this is himself." Yinsen nodded towards the billionaire and gave her an encouraging smile.

Tony walked over, flattening out his plans to reveal the robotic figure, "This is our ticket out of here."

The female looked up at the billionaire, Tony feeling startled by the bright (E/C) that he could now see being this close to her. They were wide, innocent and he saw what Yinsen meant - they had seen too much. Tony couldn't tell properly, but the lift of her cheeks made him think that she was smiling.

The female turned to Yinsen, more hand gestures being made. Yinsen nodded and smiled, looking to Tony, "Mr Stark, I'd like you to meet (Y/N)."



The three prisoners looked up from their work as the peephole of the metal door opened, revealing Abu Bakaar. Tony put down the piece of machinery in his hands and the guards walked through. The billionaire watched as two immediately ran over to (Y/N), harshly grabbing her already bound arms and holding her still. He gave a looked to Yinsen, to which the male avoided, looking away from the female. Another male walked through, one who looked much more intimidating than the last. Tony noticed the heavily glare that (Y/N) had on him, already knowing that this guy was the leader.

"Relax." he spoke, both Tony and Yinsen dropping their arms from their head. Raza looked over to (Y/N) giving her a small smirk as he watched her body shift slightly, wanting to escape the guards hold. He looked away, focusing his attention on the billionaire held captive. He walked over to Tony, pulling down his shirt slightly to see the new reactor in his chest. (Y/N) watched as Tony's body tensed and clenched her fists.

"The bow and arrow, once was the pinnacle of weapons technology. It allowed the great Genghis Khan to rule from the Pacific to the Ukraine. An empire twice the size of Alexander the Great and four times the size of the Roman Empire." He walked over, picking up a few sketches that had been left on the work top, "But today, whoever holds the latest Stark weapons rules these lands. And soon, it will be my turn."

Raza stared at Tony, "Why have you failed me?"

Yinsen tensed up slightly, "We're working. Diligently."

The leader turned and walked towards him"I let you live." Tony watched his steps and (Y/N)'s nails dug into her palms as Raza grew closer to Yinsen, "And this is how you repay me?"

"He's trying very hard."

"On his knees." A guard suddenly grabbed Yinsen and pushed him down, causing (Y/N) to shift slightly in her place, but the guards hold her yanked her back, "You think I'm a fool? I'll get the truth." Raza muttered, preparing something.

"We are all working."

"All, hm? Even the machine?" Raza nodded towards the female.

Yinsen avoided his looked but glared at the ground, "She is not a machine."

Raza let out a soft but dark chuckle, "Open your mouth." He spoke, blowing on a hot piece of metal.

"What does he want?" Tony asked as Yinsen's head was pressed against a bar. (Y/N) tensed.

"You think I'm a fool? What's going on? Tell me the truth."

"He's building your Jericho."

"Tell me the truth."

"He's building your Jericho."

"Tell me the truth!"

"He's building your Jericho."

"What does he want? A delivery date?" Tony asked, stepping forward. All guns pointed at him and (Y/N) took this as her cue to move.

Teeth gritted, she tore through the old binds, gripping the arms of the guards and yanking them together so their heads collided. She ran forward, shoving Raza away from Yinsen. The guards shouted, raising their guns - however, they did not shoot. Raza grinned as she stepped closer, standing protectively in front of Yinsen.

"(Y/N), look out!"

She heard Yinsen's yell, but her malnutrition meant she was too slow to react. A burning piece of metal slamming against her back and she let out a hoarse, muffled scream behind the muzzle. Raza stood as two guards yanked her to her feet and ripped the muzzle from her face.

"Why try?" he asked, smirking mockingly at her, "You always fail." She glared up at him and he chuckled lowly, "Oh, I forgot. You can't talk without this." He produced a small disk and (Y/N) looked away. The leader raised his fist to take a hit before Tony stopped him.

"Wait!" Everyone looked towards the billionaire and he muttered, "I need them. Good assistants." he shrugged.

Raza dropped his fist and raised his hand. The guards dropped the female to the ground and she panted. The leader sent a looked to Stark, "You have till tomorrow to assemble my missile." And they all left.

Once the doors slammed shut, Yinsen was the first to scramble to (Y/N)'s side, "You stupid girl. What have I told you about trying that?"

Tony was next, "Why didn't they shoot her?"

Yinsen shrugged, "Neither of us know."

"What was that disk?"

(Y/N) swallowed and slowly sat up, wincing at the new burn on her back. She sent a glance to Yinsen before turning around and moving her hair to the side. Tony stared in disbelief at the back of her neck, noticing the thin metallic line there.

"What is that?"

Yinsen noticed the nod that the female gave and he sighed. The male stood and retrieved the small medical box, "Every time they had come in here, (Y/N) always had something to say. Whether it was screaming or spitting insults, she would always do enough so they grew irritated."

(Y/N) removed her dirty shirt, leaving her in an old sports bra. From there, Tony could see every scar, every wound, every burn mark on her back. His shaky fingers trailed over the old, feeling her muscles tense as he did so.

"And one day, she pushed them too far." Yinsen continued, unscrewing a cream and gently applying some on her new burn.

"What did they do?" Tony asked, watching as Yinsen went about fixing (Y/N)'s wounds.

Yinsen swallowed, "They made me clip her vocal cords."

Tony froze, "What?"

"Instead of killing her straight off, they'd rather her be silent until she died. Like I said, they take pleasure in watching people suffer." Yinsen sighed, "I was forced to take away her voice and replace it with something they could control. That chip Raza had is the only thing that can help her speak."

"What's it made from?"

Yinsen looked at him, "The same thing as your weapons, Mr Stark."


The hammer repeatedly hit against the hot metal, shaping it into something else. The great Tony Stark stood, sweat coating his body as he glared at the mask before him. He took a glance to the beds, seeing how (Y/N) was currently wrapped up in the covers. He noticed she did that a lot. She would curl up in a ball, legs against her chest, and wrap herself tightly in blankets - as if it made her feel safer.

He couldn't believe what kind of monsters would take away her voice. One of the main things to help her express how she felt, a way to vocalise her opinions and ideas. And it was taken. He slammed the mask down on the table and Yinsen looked up, unaffected by the loud bang. The mask looked menacing, and he knew that Tony meant business.

Yinsen let out a soft sigh, glancing to where (Y/N) was sleeping, "Mr Stark, I have a request." Tony wiped the sweat from his face and nodded, "No matter what happens, please just promise me that you will take (Y/N) away from here."

"I won't leave either of you behind." Tony told him sternly.

"Of course." Yinsen nodded "But if something... goes wrong, please just promise me that you will save (Y/N)." They both looked over to her, "She was too young to ever fall into this world."

Tony saw how Yinsen looked at her like his own daughter and nodded, "I promise, Yinsen."

Chapter Text

"I want a group of you to head out to this location, the rest will remain here, got it?" (Y/N) pointed over a map of New York.

"But, boss. Isn't this the Avengers job?" one of the men asked, leading a few others to nod in agreement.

"Whether it's the Avengers job or not, that doesn't matter. They're going to need all the help they can get. We're just doing our job." (Y/N) told them, "I will scout around other locations to make sure civilians are away from the fight." The group nodded before splitting up, heading their separate ways. (Y/N) grabbed a few supplies before running out of the old building and in search of other people who may be in danger.

Liar... Her subconsciousness thought, you're just doing it to see if he makes good on his word or if it was just a threat.

(Y/N) shook her head and ran a little faster. It had been a few weeks since the incident with Loki, and she'd always been on edge since. He was bluffing. That trickster had more important things on his mind than a mortal. Still, she couldn't help the disgusted shiver that ran through her every time she thought of him.

Naturally, (Y/N) was a curious person - which probably wasn't the best thing considering the situation. She knew that Loki was no good, the didn't call him the God of Mischief for no reason, but she still wanted to torment him. If he really meant what he said, she wasn't going to make it easy for him. She may be mortal, but that didn't mean she would follow his orders.

A quiet wailing caught her attention and she paused in her footsteps before taking off towards the sound. It lead to a small, damaged house, windows blown out by the blasts. Inside, tatters of old furniture and photos were scattered around and the crying became louder her. She followed the sound, finding a door under the stairs to the attic.

Upon opening it, she saw two young children and a baby, who's cries were the thing she was hearing. The eldest looked up, bright, tearful eyes staring fearfully at (Y/N), "A-Are you going to hurt us?"

"No, I'm here to help." (Y/N) knelt down, glancing over them to make sure there were no serious injuries. Despite a few scratches and bruises, they seemed fairly unharmed physically, "Where are your parents?"

"We were taken from them." The middle child told her, hiding behind his sister.

"Taken?" Then something in (Y/N)'s mind clicked - trap. She could tell that these children were very much real, and that made the situation worse. She abruptly stood and turned, "Loki, where are you?"

A low chuckled came from another room, causing the kids to huddle closer to the female before a blast struck the ceiling above them and the two eldest children screamed. (Y/N) covered them as best she could, glaring at the male who had appeared from the lounge and was now grinning at her.

Loki grinned, "I told you I'd be back."

"That's a low ball move, stealing little ones." (Y/N) snarled, protecting the children.

"It got you here, didn't it?" Emerald eyes looked above her as the ceiling to the closest began to crack, leaving (Y/N) to gasp.

She gritted her teeth, squeezing her eyes shut when the bricks piles on top of her and she held up the ceiling, preventing it from falling on the terrified kids beside her. They cried out, staring at the villain in fear.

Loki relished in that fear. That's just what he wanted.

(Y/N) strained to hold the ceiling from collapsing on the younger ones below her, gritting her teeth and gasping for air with the effort. Loki walked closer and the kids whimpered, but now, he could care less about them.

"Honestly, you're like propaganda for sin." Loki purred, that grin back on his lips, "How can anyone resist capturing civilians when you look so dashing running around trying to save everyone." He reached out, cold fingers tracing trembling muscles, "I mean - gods. Look at that."

"Are you trying to kill me or flirt with me?" (Y/N) gnawed at her teeth, "Either way, you're doing a terrible job."

The God smiled, "I'm surprised you're not galavanting with those world heroes. You sure act like them when people are in danger."

"I'm not one of them." She spat, grunting as more weight piled above her. The children had backed themself in the corner of the closest, which was not helping the situation.

"Of course not. You're what they call a mercenary."

(Y/N) closed her eyes and looked away, "It's me you want," she muttered, "Just let them go. Let them go and I'll stay."

Loki stared at her, "You'd stay for them?" he squinted his eyes, "How do I know you won't try to escape."

She let out a small smirk, "I thought you liked the chase." Loki's jaw clenched and she sighed, "Let them go and we'll talk - without them here."

The God's sceptre lowered and he nodded, "Very well."

The children looked up to the female and she nodded, face full of struggle, "Go. Get out of here, now!" With one last glance, they were gone, allowing (Y/N) to drop the ceiling, arms shaking from the strain. Despite her visible tiredness, she looked up at the God, "Now, to deal with you."

"So full of fire, aren't you?" he murmured, stepping closer as (Y/N) stood taller. A small smile grazed the corner of his lips and flared wicked bright in their eyes. He reach forward and caressed his fingers along her tightened jaw as she stopped herself from flinching away, "It's going to be glorious watching it burn you up."

(Y/N) swiped his hand away before twisting and kicking him in the stomach. Loki stumbled back, the original glare returning on his face, "If you want me," she breathed heavily, "Come and get me."

The God paused, hand brushing under his chin, "Want you in which way, darling?" he grinned, "Don't get me wrong, both involve ropes, but it's an important distinction to make before we proceed."

(Y/N) glared at the God before her, fists clenched, "Let's see what you think I mean after this." And she wasted no time in attacking the male before her.


Loki had to admit, he was impressed. Despite being barely injured himself, he couldn't say the same about the woman before him. Blood trailed behind her wherever she stepped, but the look in her eyes was only just breaking.

She tried hitting him again. And again, and again, and again. Each time, she was deflected, tossed aside, pinned, knocked back, as if her attacks and all of her training was nothing. Loki was good. (Y/N) had tried for over an hour, ears ringing, nose bleeding, ribs cracked, fingers numb, until she was too exhausted to put any strength into a punch. And now the last lunge ended up with her sobbing and shaking  against Loki's chest.

He caught her wrists firmly and twisted them into a more secure hold, a wince of pain leaving her. Loki manhandled her, stumbling in front of a mirror that had been broken earlier by her body crashing into it, just so she could get a good look at just how pitifully outmatched she was.

"Is this what you wanted?" Loki muttered, watching as (Y/N)'s eyes traced her tired form, "I'm sure the Avengers would be delighted to see this."

"I'm a mercenary."

"Yes, a mercenary. You're used and exploited until you're worthless to the people who hired you. You're nobodies first priority." Loki snarled lowly, deciding to break her more.

"If you want me to beg you to kill me, I'm not going to." (Y/N) swallowed thickly, "Just do it and get it over with, stop wasting your time."

"You think I'd take your life?" Loki grinned, leaning down, "You're too valuable." He mumbled, pressing his lips on the joint between her neck and collar bone, causing her to tense in his hold, "I like watching you writhe when you try to fight back."

"So, you're just going to use me too." she asked, body still shaking, "You're going to use me and exploit me, then toss me away when I'm worthless to you."

Loki's deep chuckle caused her to shiver, "No. I plan on keeping you for a very long time."

(Y/N) gritted her teeth, "I swear, I'll kill you."

"I swear, you'll try."

Chapter Text

She just kept going. Her legs were burning, breathing heavy and she was sure she'd need a new set of lungs afterwards, but she didn't stop. There was no way. Leaves and twigs crunched under her heavy steps, and her (H/C) locks flew back at her pace but she ignored everything. Pain was stabbing her stomach, feeling the blistering stitch forming at her side for running so long, but she ignored that too.

She was relatively fast anyway, able to keep up with Natasha and Clint when they ran, but this was one person she couldn't outrun. She knew that much. His blue streak would dart past faster than anyone could see. Blink once and you'd miss him. He was toying with her. She wouldn't still be running if he wasn't. He could zip in front of her and she wouldn't stand a chance.

She swallowed, daring a glance behind her. Those sharp, blue orbs stared back, not even breaking a sweat from the run. She scowled weakly, clenching her fists as she pushed herself faster. She needed to run. It was never her strongest point, despite how fast she was. She could never be the speed of the likes of the white haired speedster, but so long as she could outrun someone normal on foot, that's all that mattered.

"You can't run much further."

She didn't know how long they'd been running. Minutes, hours, she couldn't tell. The only thing she knew is that he was right - her body was fatiguing, slowly giving up on her but she refused to give in. She had to prove herself. To who though? It wasn't the male behind her. It wasn't herself. Who was she trying to prove her speed to? Maybe it was just something she needed to do. As mentioned before, running wasn't the strongest point of her and it needed improvement. She didn't want to be as fast as the one behind her - she couldn't, it was impossible. She just needed to believe she could keep running under pressure.

She stumbled slightly, wincing as her ankle twisted but she kept going. Each step was now more painful than the last but she didn't care. The pain felt... nice. It's what made her feel alive. No, she wasn't a psychopath, but everyone enjoyed pain to some extent. It was the rush of adrenaline that passed through her bones. Every nerve coming to life and exposing part of her. It gave her something to hide from her enemies, something else to fight against. Fighting with pain is what made her stronger - running with pain made her faster.


It was a single word but it meant a lot.

Stopping now meant giving up, and she wasn't about to do that. Just a little further. But where was she even going? She knew that none of her surroundings where familiar, so she could only guess that she was far enough from her home, from the compound. No one could find her out here. She was lost. They were lost but she didn't care. It felt nice knowing that she could run far enough where no one could find her. She could keep going until she could hide. No one knew she was out here.

She twitched when she felt the male behind her run closer, his sapphire eyes scanning her body as it wobbled with every step. He would admit, he was impressed. He knew that she relied heavily on her specially designed board for fast transport, but her running was improving. Even with her muscles tiring, she was still going strong, determination written on her face. Soft, ragged pants left her, a red hue on her face as she began to struggle again.

She knew he was watching her but she ignored the burning stare. He wanted her to stop? Then he'd have to stop her himself. She wasn't going to pause or hesitate because if she did, that would be it. As soon as she stopped, her body would drop from exhaustion. She clenched her fists, flinching as a sudden bolt of pain lashed through her injured ankle and up her leg. A small yelp left her, but she gritted her teeth, ignoring the sting of tears at her eyes. Stop me. Stop me yourself.

As if he read her thoughts, the white haired male pounced and she barely registered his sudden movement. She stumbled to the side, failing her arms about as she tried to keep her balance on her injured ankle. She gritted her teeth as she tried to concentrate again, but the male beside her wasn't having it.

He turned his steps and raced towards her. She squeezed her eyes shut, turning herself into his direction, slamming her hurting form against his. A grunt of pain left her at this action, but she continued in this mini battle, enjoying the sudden rush of adrenaline.

They stumbled away, still moving so her body didn't give up on her. He leapt on her form, dragging her to the ground where they rolled, sending soft punches and scratches to one another which would change into vicious hits and attacks in a real life battle. Moving faster, their bodies became a blur to the naked eye. A particularly harsh hit caused her to cry out, but the action was soon stopped when she bit harshly onto his hand, a yelp running through her opponent.

Body finally giving in, she used her last bit of strength to push him to the ground. She straddled him, weakly pining his arms to the ground. She half expected him to use her tired body to his advantage and swap their positions to claim victory, but he stared up at her and relaxed his body, submitting to the female above him.

"I win." She breathed, her arms shaking.

The male smiled, not showing half the tiredness as she did, "All that, just to win a little rough and tumble?" A small sigh left the tired one, and before she could do anything, she found herself in the opposite position. Only this way, his body was between her legs, hands pinning down her wrists, "You may have won the battle, but I'll always win the war." His thick Russian accent mumbled.

She panted lightly, not having enough energy left in her to fight back and so she submitted to him, relaxing her body. He leaned down, pressing his lips against hers in a harsh but passionate manner. A soft complaint left her in surprise, but she kissed back, struggling to move her hands from his grasp. He could feel the weakness within her body, and wasn't about to use that to his advantage. But seeing her under him always did something to him. They both knew that he was the dominant one in this relationship, and he yearned for that control. It was odd. She wasn't used to being submissive in any way. But that's how she found herself when his tongue prodded it's way past her lips.

Inexperienced, her eyes widened in shock at this but soon slipped closed again. The feel of their tongue slipping past one another sent a buzz through her like no other. All the adrenaline she felt through the running and the pain, was all felt through his passionate kiss. Her body ignited every time they met, twitching slightly. Never had they shared an experience such as this before - the one thing that made it better was when a few rain drops fell on them, notifying them of the darkening sky above.

But neither of them seemed to care. They were too caught up in each other to notice. His hands finally let go of hers and rested by her head. This gave her the chance to slip her hands through his pale locks. He groaned slightly as she tugged. Her hands slipped down after a while, tightly holding onto his back.

She could feel her lungs begin to burn from the lack of oxygen. But she didn't want to ruin this moment. It was passionate, blissful and she didn't want it to end. Fortunately, the other seemed to catch on and gently pulled away, giving a soft tug to her lower lip as he did so. The female panted lightly, opening her (E/C) eyes to meet his ocean ones that where half cast, looking down at her, full of so much emotion.

She smiled.

A light, breathtaking smile. One that made the male want to kiss her again, as passionately as he did before. She looked so beautiful, face flushed, looking up at him expectantly.

"You don't need to run to get that feeling." He whispered, sitting up slightly and brushing a thumb over the dark circles under her eyes.

"Can I ask a favour?" She replied, glad that her cheeks were already red. The male above her hummed in response, and she shyly looked up at him, "Do that again."

And he simply smirked.

Chapter Text

It felt like it'd only been a few months since Tony came back, skinny and malnourished. It didn't seem like five years since the events of the Snap occurred. So much had happened in that time, yet (Y/N) could still remember the gut wrenching feeling when Tony's broken eyes met hers and he simply shook his head.

Peter was gone.

It hadn't seemed like fives years since (Y/N) had seen Steve and Natasha but that's what it was. She remembered searching for her adopted sister with Tony, tickling her until she squealed when they arrived. Steve's face swept over with regret when he saw the child in the billionaire's arms and (Y/N) immediately knew something was up.

She had stayed and listened while Scott begged Tony to help. She couldn't help but feel unsurprised at the billionaire's response. Tony was lucky. He'd survived the Snap, better yet, Pepper had survived as well. They were able to move on with their life, despite having lost people. They had adopted (Y/N) as their own a few months after the Snap, and soon after, Pepper fell pregnant. The joy on Tony's face, (Y/N) would never forget it. Brown eyes completely lit up, lips quirked up into a giddy grin before he swept (Y/N) off her feet, exclaiming that she was going to be a big sister.

Those were the days (Y/N) would never forget. And those were the days that she was remembering right now as she was fighting for her life.

"Cap? Steve!"

(Y/N) flew down in her (F/C) and gold suit, landing heavily beside the blond who had been pummelled into the group. Mask raised up, she checked him over, helping him sit up as he coughed heavily. Thanos had turned away from them, now focusing on Thor. (Y/N) was shocked that the God of Thunder could even move quick enough.

"C'mon, Steve. Get up." (Y/N) huffed, pulling him to his feet, "Tony?" She looked around in fear for the billionaire. FRIDAY had contacted her AI, telling her that he was barely staying awake.

A bolt of lightning skipped across her eye line, and she focused on the God of Thunder as he attacked Thanos. Hammer thrown across the battlefield, (Y/N) flew over to help Thor as he was pinned to the ground. The purple enemy glared at her, and (Y/N) secretly smirked at the large open wound across his forehead that she had recently caused. She fired towards him, flying up before landing a harsh kick around his face.

Thor grunted, sitting up as he watched (Y/N) attack the enemy. He called his hammer and axe, "Duck!"

The female shot out of the way, Stormbreaker barely missing Thanos' head. He gritted his teeth, grabbing hold of (Y/N) suit and threw her away. Steve jumped up, catching her as she twisted and turned through the air, stopping her from a rough landing. Thor was shoved into the ground again, his axe closing in on his chest as the enemy pushed it closer with a look of malice on his face.

"You can do it, Steve." (Y/N) whispered, nodding towards the hammer a few feet away from them.

The hammer knocked Thanos off guard before it flew back into Captain America's hand. (Y/N) grinned before searching for the billionaire again. Once she spotted his distinctive suit, she ran over, ignoring the thunder above her as skidding beside him, "Mr Stark? Tony!"

"I-I'm okay, I'm okay." Iron Man breathed heavily, wincing as he stood up, "How we looking? Where's everyone?"

"Banner, Rhodey and Rocket are still trapped underneath. Barton's communicator is muffled - I can't dispatcher anything from it." (Y/N) told him, grabbing his hand and standing up with him. She turned back to the fight to find Steve floored again, Thanos landing a harsh punch to his face, "Steve!"

"(Y/N), don't!" Tony grabbed her.

"I'll be fine, Tony." She held up her pinky, "I promise." Tony gave her a worried look but nodded, allowing her to head back into the fight.

She helped Steve to stand, holding him steady. His shield was smashed in half, now serving nothing much more than sentimental attachment. (Y/N)'s eyes caught sight of Thanos in front of them, "In all my years of conquest, violence, slaughter - it was never personal." he spoke.

(Y/N) gritted her teeth, "Sure feels personal." she spat, breathing heavily.

Thanos chuckled quietly before continuing, "But I'll tell you now, what I'm about to do to your stubborn, annoying little planet, I'm going to enjoy it. Very, very much." A bright light flashed behind him and the children of Thanos appeared, soon followed by his warriors. (Y/N) swallowed and she could see the fear in Steve's eyes as they stood before the army. They had to fight till the end.

"Hey, Cap?" The two froze, overthinking the voice that had just popped into the communicators, "Cap, come in."

"I-" Steve looked towards (Y/N), noticing the same baffled expression on her face.

"On your left."

The two turned around, features igniting with the new circle of light. Three shadows stepped through and soon their faces appeared, causing (Y/N) to hold Steve a little tighter. Okoye, T'Challa and Shuri. The king of Wakanda gave them a proud smile before looking up to were Falcon flew through, landing close by.

From that one circle of light, more appeared, figures of the survived and the fallen appearing. They all stepped through, lining up as they stared ahead, glaring at the enemy before them. Tony flew beside them and (Y/N) looked up to their leader with a smirk, "Do it, Cap."

He shared her grin before clenching his fists, "Avengers!" he shouted to all of them, each preparing themself for the battle that was about to commence. Steve's eyes scanned the army in front before sending a sharp glare to the purple male directly ahead of them. He gritted his teeth, "Assemble."


The battle was in full swing. Everyone was fighting for their life and the protection of the planet. It was their time to fight, to have everyone working together. Thanos' army was strong, but even they couldn't steal the Infinity Gauntlet from the Avengers. It was currently in the hands of Hawkeye as he ran across the battlefield, dodging every incoming attack.

(Y/N) flew through the air, shooting down the Chitauri robots. She grinned as one of the larger ones swam it's way through the sky towards her, "Hey, THOMAS, remember the story Mr Stark mentioned about Jonah?"

"I wouldn't consider either of the two a role model." her AI replied, a hint of worry in his tone.

(Y/N) drew out the knives on her suit, letting out a battle cry as she flew into the mouth of one of the robots. The machine seemed to jerk, letting out an odd screech as it fell on the army below. She cheered before Tony's voice came through her suit, "That's my girl, (Y/N)."

"That was so-" her voice was cut off as Ebony Maw threw a large pile of rocks at her, one of the thrusters on her feet breaking. The nano tech quickly replaced itself, however, (Y/N) was left crashing into ground, "-awesome." she groaned.

"(Y/N)!" She curled up as a blast showered rocks around her and the billionaire landed beside her, "You good?"

"Yeah, I'm- LOOK OUT!" she shouted before an alien was ripped back from Tony's suit by a familiar web before being stepped on by Ant-Man.

(Y/N) froze as she saw him help up her father figure, rambling about being in space and turning to dust until Tony simply wrapped his arms around the young hero. (Y/N) swallowed the lump in her throat, "P-Peter?"

Tony stepped back and Peter walked past, straight towards the female. (Y/N) stood up and immediately wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Peter stumbled slightly before letting out a small chuckle, hugging back, tightly, "I missed you, (N/N)."

"Guys, happy about the reunion but we've got bigger problems." a voice broke them apart and they turned to find Stephen Strange standing their with a shield above them. He tilted his head and squinted his eyes as he looked at (Y/N), "Have we met before?"

"No? I'm (Y/N) Stark."

Strange had look that neither of the two could dispatcher, but couldn't question it as Tony stepped in, "You said one out of fourteen million we win. Tell me this is it."

The sorcerer supreme turned his eyes towards the billionaire, "If I tell you what happens, it won't happen."

Tony looked slightly worried, but he decided to trust the man in front of him, "You better be right."


"I got it!" (Y/N) heard Peter call as his web shot beside her and straight to the Infinity Gauntlet. He took it from T'Challa's hands before swinging off again.

"Careful, Peter!" (Y/N) shouted, flying ahead so he could use her suit to swing from.

"Ha, just like old times, huh?" Peter grinned.

"I don't remember you swinging from my - Peter!" His web was cut and he was left falling through the air. A blue and gold suit swept passed and grabbed him, Pepper flying him passed the enemies.

"Catch, (Y/N)!" Pepper called, flinging Peter through the air.

"Whoa!" Peter gasped, shooting his web to cling to (Y/N)'s suit again.

"Guys, watch out!" someone called through the comms before a rain of fire cascaded down on them all. (Y/N)'s flight stabilizers were blown out, causing her to drop suddenly, the impact knocking her unconscious.

"(Y/N)!" Peter called, yanking her towards him and landing heavily on his spider legs, causing them to crumble on impact. The gauntlet was thrown aside as he wrapped his arms around her to protect her from the firing of the spaceship below, "(Y/N), wake up. Come on."

(Y/N) coughed, feeling the blood dribble from her lips, "P-Peter?" She mumbled, hearing loud crashes all around.

"We're okay, we're okay." Peter responded, keeping them both curled up together. The young hero reached out and grabbed the gauntlet, keeping it close to them. The firing suddenly stopped and the ship above crumbled as something flew straight into it.

"Danvers, we need an assist here." The two heard Captain America's voice through the comms and soon a female appeared before them.

She grinned, "Hey, lovebirds."

"H-Hey, I'm Peter... Parker." Spider-Man told her, leading (Y/N) to chuckle at his tendency to tell everyone his name.

"Hey, Peter Parker. You got something for me?"

Peter stood up and pulled (Y/N) to her feet. They looked around, dazed, "Y-Yeah, I don't know how you're going to get it through that though."

"Don't worry," Okoye appeared from behind, swinging her staff, "She's got help."

The female heroes appeared around them and (Y/N) put her mask down as they ran ahead. She looked towards Peter, "I'm going. Don't get into trouble while I'm gone."

"How? You're the one that does that." Peter smiled, "Be careful."


It was an odd moment when they won. Everything just seemed to stop. In fact, (Y/N) wasn't even sure they had won at first. She was flying through the air, about to attack another spacecraft when it blew straight past her in a pile of dust. She lowered herself to the ground when it all went quiet.

She watched as everyone looked around confused, unsure of what was happening. She walked over to Thanos as he sat. He didn't make any move to attack her and he looked truly defeated. He met her eye before falling in a pile of dust before her.

Was that it? Had they won?

(Y/N) smiled and let out a breath as the sudden pain of the battle seemed to begin to show. She was pretty sure her right arm was either broken or dislocated. Bruises littered her body. But then again... nothing could've prepared her for the pain she felt when she heard Peter's voice.

"W-We won, Mr Stark. We won. Y-You did it, Sir, you did it." His voice sounded broken, weak. (Y/N) located the young hero, but nothing could've prepared her for the scene, "I'm sorry... Tony."

Pepper pulled him back as the tears dripped down his face and (Y/N)'s heart dropped. There he was. Tony. Her father figure. Rhodey held on to Peter, the young hero' s face stained with tears and dirt. (Y/N) removed her helmet and stumbled over to him as Pepper knelt down and held her hand over his Arc reactor. His right arm was burnt up, glossy brown eyes turning from Pepper to look at the young girl.

"Tony?" she whispered, collapsing to her knees. She swallowed, "D-Dad?" Tony smiled weakly, his hand shakily reaching up. He held out his pinky and (Y/N) wrapped her own around it. I promise I'll be safe. I promise. I promise I'll look after Pepper and Morgan.

"We're going to be okay." Pepper told him, lips trembling, "You can rest now."

Tony smiled once more before his head tilted. (Y/N) swallowed thickly, her throat tightening, "Dad?" His hand slowly fell from hers and the light on his chest went out. (Y/N) bowed her head, squeezing her eyes shut. Her throat seemed to close up completely and she shivered. Pepper leaned forward, closing her eyes as she placed a kiss on his cheek. (Y/N) didn't stop the tears falling.

"I love you 3000."