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Jayde and the Seven Shards

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It was a bright, sunlit day in Mobius. Deep in the forest, a young, light grey hedgehog jumped over the rocks in her path, landing in a slight crouch position. Her shady blue eyes scanned around, trailing her hands in her quills that stuck out in six clumps. Each of her quills had a diminutive blue strip down the ends, including a stripe on one of her two front bangs and side quills of her face. Her gloved hands had her fingers poking out the top which threw up an old baseball once again before tucking it in her quills. Her hands grasped a branch, swinging herself up into the tree. The young hedgehog gazed around, taking in the beauty of the forest, closing her eyes and taking a breath against the faint blow of the wind.

The grey hog opened her eyes again, immediately covering her orbs with her right hand as an intense light shone towards her. She peeked open an eye, squinting to see a shimmering object, lying in the grass a few meters away. Jumping down, she ran towards the object, clenching her fists. The hedgehog stopped, her green and black shoes skidding to a halt. Lying on the floor below her was a striking, bright blue object, almost like a shard separated from its crystal.

The blue quill striped hedgehog hesitated before going down onto one knee. Her eyes scanned around before biting her lip and reaching towards the crystal. As soon as her hands touched the object, a gasp left her as a flood of energy ran through her. The grasp on the crystal tightened, her fingers gripping the shard before she felt herself begin to float in the air. Looking around, her feet were about ten inches from the ground, another rupture of power racing through her, making her form tense before she dropped, taking in a deep breath.

Opening her eyes, she let out another sharp gasp. Her wrists now held inhibitor rings on them, a jade colored band around the middle. She felt power within her as she stood, placing a hand on her hip as she threw up the shard before catching it again, smirking as she walked further into the woodland.

A few hours later, the grey hedgehog was still walking around, admiring the sunset through the leaves of the trees. It was a peaceful evening, the sky a shady orange, lightening against the surface of the sea. This was the young female's life. Just wandering around through different forests, never staying in one place- she liked to explore. The old baseball was tossed in the air over again, landing in the females hands each time.

Well, it was peaceful until a loud laugh echoed around her. The female hedgehog hurriedly put the baseball away in her quills before leaping to her feet and turning around. She saw a large man, with a brown moustache and red jacket in a flying machine above her. In front of her on the ground was a hefty metal robot, reaching a hand out to her to grab her. She leapt up, not having any special powers other than her fighting skilled learnt from her father.

The robot went to capture her in mid air, but she brought her foot roughly down on its arm, a glitch evaporating from the dent. "Why is it always difficult?" The moustached male grumbled under his breath before using the claw on his floatation device to detain the unsuspecting female, making her squirm.

Not too far away, a royal blue and ebony hedgehog glared across from each other, preparing their fighting match. On the sidelines stood a pink female hedgehog, clothed in a crimson dress, tapping her foot impatiently towards them. "Must it always come to this when you two meet?" she sighed, frustrated that her walk with Sonic had been disrupted by none other than the ultimate life form, Shadow the Hedgehog.

The blue hog grinned, wiping his nose before he sprinted towards his red and black lookalike, starting the battle. The ebony hedgehog chuckled before using Chaos Control to vanish and become visible beside the speedster, landing a forceful blow to his side.

"Hey!" Sonic grumbled, landing on his feet, "No Chaos Controlling, Faker!"

"I can beat you without it anyway." The two hedgehogs ran at each other again, the pink female sighing in annoyance towards them and clenching her fists. They continued fighting until they each hand the other's arm in their grasp, glaring towards each other, until a loud shout broke them apart, making the black and red hedgehog's ear twitch.

"Let me go you oversized, round headed-!"

Sonic chuckled, "That sounds like Eggman, come on Amy!" The two hedgehogs ran towards the sound, quickly followed by Shadow who decided he had nothing better to do.

The grey hedgehog glared up at this fat man. "What do you want?" she snapped, clearly not amused by his appearance. She did not know who this man was, only that he captured her, and she hated being isolated. She somewhat recognized him from somewhere, perhaps her father had fought him before. The moustache was the most familiar.

"Hello, I am the evil Dr. Eggman. I believe you have found something that I have been looking for!" he grinned towards the grey female. The doctor knew who he was dealing with. He knew this hedgehog from when she was young.

The hedgehog frowned, but her mind went to the shiny object she had found, if so, this is something she would not be giving an evil genius. She was knocked out her thoughts by the sound of another male down below.

"Yo, Egghead! Is this a new thing now? Capturing innocent civilians?" Looking down, she found three hedgehogs, the sunset lighting up their figures. The one that talked was a cobalt hedgehog, hands on his hips as he grinned up towards Dr. Eggman. Standing beside him, was a rose female, a gigantic mallet in her grasp as she leant against the handle, gold inhibitor rings around her wrists. And the last one; his crimson eyes looked upwards towards the grey female, his red striped quills pointing upwards except for the top one which pointed down. Around his wrists and ankles were gold inhibitor rings and red stripes going down his arms and legs.

"Go away, you rodents, this does not concern you." Dr. Eggman yelled before summoning more robots that zoomed through the trees and surrounded the three hedgehogs.

"You really think that will stop us Eggman?" the cerise female snickered before swinging her hammer, knocking away the closest robot. A blue blur suddenly whizzed around below the grey hedgehog, too fast to keep up with. He dashed through each of the robots around him, breaking them into scrap metal. The black hedgehog jumped into the air.

"Chaos Spear!" a few flicks of bright light passed from his hands, shooting down and attacking the robots. The grey hedgehog was amazed by how fast the males were, and how much power each of the three had.

The mustached man grumbled under his breath, dropping the grey hog, making a yell leave her lips. She was unexpectedly caught in arms, her face buried in the white chest fur of the ebony hedgehog as he landed gracefully on the ground, letting her go.

"I'll be back Sonic! And that Shard will be mine!" Dr. Eggman flew off, leaving the four hedgehogs. The dark hedgehog had been watching the adolescent female which he stopped from falling. Sonic and Amy ran over to them.

"It's a good job Shadow caught you!" The pink female spoke with a smile. "I'm Amy Rose! Who are you?" The grey female looked at the blue speedster and then the ebony hedgehog, immediately making eye contact with him. Shadow quickly looked away, folding his arms across his chest.

"I'm Jayde the Hedgehog." She spoke, placing a hand on her hip, "Thanks for the save there guys."

"No problem." The royal blue hog spoke before introducing himself, "I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog! Fastest thing alive, eater of chilli dogs." he smirked, pointing a thumb to himself.

Jayde looked towards the ebony hedgehog who was looking elsewhere, anywhere to avoid the grey hedgehog's gaze, "And you?" her voice went through his ears, making one twitch before he uncrossed his arms and looked at the female.

"Shadow." He muttered before turning to walk away.

"Hey wait-" Jayde gripped his arm, making his whole body tense. Amy gasped slightly, Sonic's eyes widening. Shadow glanced at her, trying to make her let go without saying anything but Jayde refused to be intimidated by him. "Thank you for catching me when that guy dropped me."

Shadow stared at her a bit longer, contemplating whether or not she was being truthful but he nodded, removing his arm from her grasp and continuing to walk away. The azure hedgehog was surprised that Jayde was able to hold on for that long, especially since Shadow was the kind of guy who didn't like physical contact, much like himself.

"Don't worry about him, he's always like that." Sonic spoke. The grey hedgehog frowned, watching his back as he left and disappeared into the trees.

"Hey, do you have any where to stay?" Amy asked.

"Um, no, I normally sleep in the trees plus I'm new here." Jayde spoke, eventually looking away from the spot the ebony hedgehog left.

"Really? Then you can stay with me!" the pink hedgehog cheered, grabbing the grey hedgehog's arm.

"Um-"Jayde looked towards Sonic who shrugged and walked beside them. "Okay?"

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The rose hedgehog continued to drag her new friend until she came to an opening in the forest, showing a small cream cottage.

"This is Vanilla and Cream's house, Cream's my best friend, you should get along great." Amy giggled before turning towards her blue hero, "Sonic are you coming in?"

Sonic frowned, "Sorry Ames, I gotta juice!"And he bolted away, leaving a gust of wind and a pouting pink hedgehog. Jayde was surprised at the amount of speed one hedgehog could have within him.

"He never likes to hang around!" she kicked up some dirt with her boot, "Sometimes I don't know why I ask, he just says no."

"I guess you like Sonic then?" the grey hedgehog raised an eyebrow, placing a hand on her hip.

Amy turned, clasping her hands together, "Oh I do! Ever since he saved me, I just know we belong together!"

The grey hedgehog looked away, raising an eyebrow and scratching her head before following Amy towards the door. After knocking, two rabbits appeared at the door, both looking exactly alike with cream colored fur, and some light brown splodges. The youthful bunny wore an orange dress; a small creature fluttered around her head. The older rabbit wore a long purple skirt and white t-shirt, a small smile on her face as she looked down at the two hedgehogs.

"Amy!" the infant squealed, hugging the pink hedgehog tightly.

"Hello Cream, Vanilla. This is Jayde, a new friend!" Amy pointed towards the grey hedgehog that waved slightly.

"Hey." Jayde smiled, before keeping her balance as the young rabbit leapt up to hug her too. Not being a big fan of hugs, Jayde petted her head, smiling awkwardly. The small, blue creature hovered around her. Jayde opened her hands, allowing the creature to drop and lay in them, "Who's this little guy?"

"That's my Chao, Cheese! And I'm Cream!" the young bunny spoke, giving a small curtsy.

Jayde looked up to the older rabbit who still smiled at the new hedgehog, "Hello, dear, I'm Vanilla. We were just having dinner with Vector; would you like to join us?"

"We'd love to!" Amy giggled. The grey hedgehog let go of Cheese the Chao and followed the cerise hedgehog inside.

A few hours later, Jayde sat crossed legged on the floor of Cream's room, allowing her and Amy to fiddle with her quills. Unfortunately, it wasn't the mostly pleasant thing to have your quills, that you haven't brush for a while, being tugged and pulled. She messed with the baseball in her lap, smiling slightly.

"Miss Amy, do you think we should give straighten out her quills a bit?" the young rabbit spoke, a smile on her face.

"Hey!" Jayde interrupted before looking in the mirror, "They aren't that messy."

"Of course not." Amy grinned, swiping the brush across the front of the grey hedgehog's head, making Jayde's front bangs drop.

The young rabbit's room was a light pink, with white curtains and shelves, along with dark rose bedding and cushions. Fairly girly, to the grey hedgehog.

Amy and Cream were chatting to each other while the female sat quietly, trying to enjoy the styling of her quills. The only other person that ever fiddled with her spines was her mother; Luna.

Jayde's mother was a beautiful pure white half hedgehog and half cat, with long styled down quills and light blue tips. She had dark blue eyes along with a blue strip on each of her arms that went past her elbow but didn't reach her wrists. Luna's mother was a cat, whilst her father was a hedgehog, making her a hybrid. She had the tail, muzzle, ears and nose of a cat and her eyes were mixed. Her mother was a perfectionist and liked everything up to a certain standard. Unfortunately Jayde and her brother weren't much like their mother.

The grey hedgehog's father would call her mother Moon because of her looks. Alester was a tall hedgehog who could seem very imitating and serious. But his dark fur didn't match his happy and energetic personality. Her brother, and Jayde especially got their personality from Alester- much to Luna's disappointment.

When Jayde and her twin brother were born, both parents were overjoyed, but mostly Alester. It was his dream to have a family, especially to have a little girl. Jayde was a daddy's girl and growing up, her and her father would do everything together. Jayde's brother, Jayden, looked almost exactly like her. They both had a blue stripe on their heads and an azure stripe going down their arms. The only difference was that Jayde had darker eyes and Jayden had darker blue stripes. The baseball she held was her brothers, and she never left it behind. As they got older, her brother would start to style his quills, showing more of his mother's personality. Jayde didn't care much for the way she looked. The grey hedgehog would mess around in the forest and get mucked up anyway!

The four were well known in the unnamed village in which they inhabited because of their parents jobs. Alester was a guard for the village and one of the closest to the elders, while Luna was a designer for clothes and interiors. The female's mother would often plan special occasions and parties through the town. Each parent was busy everyday but they would always make time to spend with their children.

Jayde grew up in a male dominant house due to her older cousin, Astro, living with them since his parents passed. He was on her mother side of the family and was a white and light grey striped tabby cat. Astro was a big flirt in the village and always wore a black jacket and shades on his head.

Everything about Jayde's life was perfect until one mistake. One fatal day and it all turned around. The grey female ran from home and didn't return after it happened. She's been away ever since she was young and had hardly any contact with other Mobians. She kept to herself and explored, running and travelling everywhere- her brother last told her to live her life to the fullest and follow the wind.

"And done!" Jayde jumped from the outburst, startling her from her thoughts. The pink hedgehog and rabbit stepped back, grins on their faces. Jayde stood to see herself in the mirror. The two girls had straightened out her quills and brushed through them, making her quills look silky and soft with more volume. A few odd spines stuck out here and there, but she was fine with that; it reminded her of home.

She grinned at the two, "Thanks guys!"

"You're welcome Miss Jayde!" Cream squealed, Cheese chaoing around them. Jayde grinned. She looked in the mirror a bit more before her gloved hand twirled a side quill between her fingers. The ebony hedgehog was still on her mind. She didn't know whether or not to ask the two females around her. He didn't seem the happiest of all the people she's ever met, maybe something was troubling him?

"Hey, um... Do you guys know anything about that red and black hedgehog?" She asked them finally, turning away from the mirror.

"You mean Shadow?" Amy asked, putting away a few things, "Yeah, he's the Ultimate Lifeform, created to protect this world." The pink female sighed, "But he's has a rough past, and doesn't really talk to anyone or trust them."

The grey hedgehog listened to her words, a rough past? Everyone has a past and a story to tell, he can't be the only one. Jayde made it her mission to get Shadow to trust her, or at least be able to have a proper conversation with him.

"Why do you ask?" The young rabbit questioned, holding onto the small Chao.

The grey hedgehog looked away, scratching the back of her head, "I was just wondering." The pink hedgehog hummed beside Jayde, a small smirk prying on her face, as if she just figured out a big secret.

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Meanwhile in Eggman's Lair

The bald man stared at his computer, his eye twitching every so often. He had just about enough of that hedgehog ruining his plans and he wasn't going to let him again. Calculations were going through his brain as he continued to type, Orbot and Cubot adding the final touches to his proclaimed 'greatest invention yet'.

"Boss, if you don't mind me asking; what is this for?" Orbot asked, the red robot floating over to his creator. Eggman chuckled, pressing the enter button on his keyboard before turning to his robotic henchmen.

"I have come to the conclusion that I cannot defeat Sonic alone, not with that grey quilled renegade on his side." The mustached man muttered, moving towards his machine.

Cubot scratched his head in confusion, "How does Jayde affect your progress? Isn't she just a hedgehog?"

"Sonic was just a hedgehog until I found out about his super speed!" Eggman exclaimed. He clicked a few things on his desk before an image of the grey hedgehog appeared in front of the three villains. "I have found out that she is one of the protectors of the Seven Shards."

"How do you know boss?" Cubot asked, his red robot friend flying to his side.

Eggman pointed to her inhibitor rings. The computer zoomed in and analyzed the gold rings, showing each power the female had. "Those rings can only be given by the Potens. That renegade is the first to be a protector, and it's extremely rare that there will be another while she is still alive."

Orbot and Cubot stared at her rings, "That jade band is powerful, right boss?" Orbot spoke.

"Indeed. But I cannot take them from that hedgehog because they would just disappear. I need her on my side. She could be more powerful than that traitor Shadow." Eggman garbled, closing the image and starting up his new invention.

"Jayde wouldn't abandon her new friends, though." Orbot pointed out, turning to face the Doctor. Eggman placed his goggles on his face, protecting his eyes from the intense light that flashed in the sealed container.

"No. She wouldn't." The bald man said, flicking a few switches, "So she has to be turned to our side- against her friends."

Orbot and Cubot's heads rose, showing their surprised expression. "But boss, she's not a bad person. As a protector she will always fight on the side of good." The scarlet robot told Eggman, waving his metal arms around.

"There's a weakness in her being a protector. When she comes into contact with negative Chaos Energy, her body will change and another being will rise inside her." Eggman exclaimed, his machine becoming more powerful by the second, "If we can do that, she will turn into an evil, destructive, invincible mortal. That renegade will turn against her friends and obliterate everything in her path. Not that blue rat, nor that traitor, will be able to do anything about it! Her friends will be forced to fight her and there's a rare chance they'll survive doing it." The Doctor let out a fanatic laugh, curling his fingers slightly.

"But boss, we can't turn the Chaos Emeralds negative." Cubot pointed out, watching his creator press a few buttons before another beam soared through the container.

"Isn't it a bad idea to even consider it?" The red, rounded robot asked, hovering by Cubot's side.

Dr. Eggman knew that this was a dangerous choice to make. For all he knew, it could take over and ruin all his plans, similarly to what it did before. The mustached man knew that it took more than just Sonic to defeat him before; at least it would give him a chance to steal the Shards before those rodents knew what was happening.

"We can't," Eggman started, removing his goggles as the light darkened, and a recognizable black and grey hedgehog stood in the sealed container, "But Mephilies can!" he laughed.

The murky eyes of the hedgehog glared at the fat man, not pleased by being arisen in a tank. "What is the meaning of this?" Mephilies spoke through his non-existent mouth, clenching his fists. Eggman stopped laughing and looked at the creature that looks a lot like Shadow.

"Mephilies, old friend, I need you to do something for me." The hedgehog crossed his arms, showing the same mind-set as the red and black hedgehog too. "You see, a new gemstone has made an appearance, the Potens crystal."

"I am not your friend. I want nothing to do with this." He muttered, clearly not interested. Mephilies had been woken from the dead after being conquered by the three male hedgehogs using his Chaos Control against him. His power was not what it used to be and to be destroyed again would be a whim. Eggman growled at the hedgehog.

"I need you to turn the Chaos Emerald negative." This caught the creature's attention. With the Chaos Emeralds, he would be able to restore his power. But taking over the world again was not something he was interested in anymore. Mephilies had already had his defeat and wanted nothing more to do with this world or that blue rodent. "Once you turn them negative, I will need you to take control of a hedgehog that goes by the name Jayde. She hangs around with Shadow and Sonic."

Mephilies growled, glaring at the stout man who had awoken him, "Why should I do this? All you want to do is rule this world, and yet, you have already been destroyed by that blue hedgehog a number of times."

Eggman slammed his fists against the desk, praying, "Please Mephilies, that renegade has the power to control the Seven Shards. With those Shards I can become the most powerful person in the entire universe!"

"What's in it for me?" the grey and black hedgehog muttered, turning away.

The mustached man grinned, "You can finally get revenge on that telekinesis hedgehog who betrayed you."

The creature looked at Eggman through the glass. That white hedgehog had betrayed his order and didn't wipe out that blue hedgehog. If that purple cat was there, he could annihilate them both at once and he'd finally get some eternal rest. The hedgehog twisted to face the praying bald man before nodding, "I'll help you."

"Oh thank you, Mephilies!"

"Only," Mephilies muttered, "I can finally rid of that white hoglet." Eggman didn't care, the only thing he knew is that Mephilies would be able to control that grey renegade, and he'd be able to use her as his advantage. Not only would he have power over the Chaos Emeralds, but the Seven Shards too. Potens would be his and nothing would stand in his way, not even that blue rat.

Orbot and Cubot had stood to the side, watching the conversation between the hedgehog and their creator, "I am not so sure about this, Cubot." The red robot said to his yellow companion.

Cubot nodded, "Yeah, Eggman won't win either way." Orbot slapped his forehead, sighing at the dumb robot beside him.

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The Next Day

In a small workshop, a fox was busy on his new invention, his twin tails moving in anticipation. Goggles covered his eyes as he put the final touches on his handheld machine, a blue blur suddenly shooting past his door. "Hey Sonic, Blaze." He spoke, not even looking up to see that there was another hedgehog with his best friend and Blaze the Cat.

Jayde had met the feline within the few hours of that day, but the way they met wasn't greatly planned. The blue hero had just thought to bring Blaze over, but as she stepped through the door, the crafty grey hedgehog had set a prank for Sonic, meaning the female cat had a bath early that morning. Jayde almost got set on fire, and now Blaze is always sure to let someone else walk in the door first.

"Tails! We've got company." Tails' ears flicked when Sonic said that and hastily spun around. The fox removed his goggles, showing black outlines around his eyes where they had rested. His eyes met an unfamiliar hedgehog, blue stripes on the end of her grey quills.

The young fox waved, "Hi! I'm Miles Prower, but, uh, my friends call me Tails." He grinned slightly. The grey female smiled at the fox, his twin tails becoming somewhat fascinating to her.

"Hey, I'm Jayde the Hedgehog!" she shook his hand, then peered behind him, "Whatcha making?"

Tails' eyes widened and he quickly turned to his gadget and showed the hedgehog, "I call it the Emerald Gemstone Hunter! Or E.G.H. for short." Jayde's happy spirit reminded him of Sonic and Amy's, so he didn't mind sharing his machine with her. The grey hedgehog sounded genuinely intrigued unlike a lot of people he meets, so he took this opportunity to make a new friend.

"What does it do?" Blaze asked from behind.

Tails grinned, "It searches the surrounding areas for crystals or gems like the Chaos Emeralds, if we should ever need them."

A dazzling light suddenly shone from inside the workshop, before a red and black hedgehog appeared. Jayde's eyes widened before she pointed towards the hedgehog, "Hey, Shadow, right?"

The black hog nodded towards her. The cerulean hedgehog raised an eyebrow at his unexpected appearance, "Faker? What are you doing here?"

The dark hedgehog turned to Sonic, "Eggman is looking for some kind of crystal, if he gets hold of it, it would give him unlimited power."

"What? How do you know?" Sonic asked, intrigued because Shadow never usually talks to the gang about these things- he can handle it himself.

"I was walking through his hideout and overheard him talking about some kind of Shards." Shadow explained.

Sonic's eyes widened, looking towards his proclaimed brother, "Does that machine of yours work, bud?"

"Sure does!" Tails spoke before turning it on. A few seconds later a low beeping noise erupted from the invention, "Something is close." Tails searched around before he landed on Jayde.

The grey hedgehog frowned before pulling out the blue Shard from her quills having completely forgotten about it. Shadow pointed towards the female hedgehog, "That's what Eggman is looking for."

"One of the Seven Shards?" Blaze asked, tilting her head and stepping closer.

"The what?" Jayde asked, throwing up the shard before catching it again.

"That is one of the Seven Shards, they are found in Secret Gardens. Where did you find it?" Blaze turned to the grey hedgehog.

Jayde looked at the Shard, watching as it shone in her palm, "Well it wasn't in a Secret Garden. I found walking around the forest."

Tails frowned, his two tails moving in curiosity, "I've never heard of them before."

"I don't know much about them, Silver is the one that knows a lot about them because they are in the future." Blaze spoke.

"Isn't he in town right now?" Sonic asked, stepping forward.

"Yeah, he came to the past to fix something that was going on, that's why I am here for the time being." Blaze nodded.

"Who's Silver?" Everyone's attention turned to Jayde.

Sonic chuckled, "I forgot you were new. It's complicated, but if we find him you may understand better from him."

Shadow stepped forward, uncrossing his arms and pulling out a red Chaos Emerald from his dark quills, "I shall go with Jayde. I need to know about these Shards to prevent Eggman from getting them."

The grey hedgehog looked up at the male, "How are we going to get there?"

Shadow chuckled, moving towards Jayde before gripping her arm, "CHAOS CONTROL!" And then they disappeared in a vivid light.

Sonic grinned, removing his hand from his eyes, "I'm going to follow them. Shadow will probably lose Jayde or something."

Tails nodded, watching as his best friend race off, "And I'm going to do some research on the Seven Shards." Blaze nodded to Tails before walking over to his computer, deciding to help him.

Chapter Text

Jayde appeared in the middle of town, the bright sun glowing down on her. Her body felt like she had been through a time loop. She looked up towards the black and red hedgehog who teleported them to see him walking away from her.

"Hey, wait up." She ran and strode alongside him, trying to keep up with his brisk pace, "How'd you learn to do that?"

Shadow chuckled, glancing at her, "I am the Ultimate Lifeform created by Gerald Robotnik. I have the power of Chaos Control."

"Is that why you have the inhibitor rings?" Shadow nodded at the inquisitive young hedgehog beside him, continuing to look for the white hog.

Jayde and Shadow wandered around for a bit longer, enjoying the silence, until the black hedgehog pointed towards something. The grey female looked to find a pure white hedgehog, five quills spiking up from his head, two large quills pointing down his back. He had fluffy chest fur around his neck.

"Is that Silver?" Jayde asked. Shadow nodded, walking towards the hedgehog.


The male's ear flicked before turning around from the table in a cafe. Jayde glanced towards the Ultimate Lifeform, "So he's fixing the past by sitting in a coffee shop?" Shadow looked down at her, slightly amused.

Silver's hazel eyes looked at his fellow hedgehogs, "Shadow," he spoke. Jayde noticed some tension between the two and scratched her head slightly, "And who's this?"

Jayde held her hand out, "Jayde the Hedgehog."

Silver shook her hand, smiling at her. Shadow stepped forward slightly, taking the Shard from Jayde's quills, "Hey!" she muttered, blowing a loose strand of quill that rested on her face, her eyes half open.

"Silver, what do you know about the Seven Shards?"

The white hedgehog's eyes widened as he took the Shard and stared at it. "Well, they are very powerful in the future. Each Shard has its own power, own Secret Garden and own Guardian. How on Mobius did you get this?" Silver looked to the grey female questioningly, "The Guardians usually go insane when someone comes across them and will always fight."

Jayde placed a hand on her hip, taking back her Shard, "It wasn't in a Secret Garden nor guarded by anything. It was just lying on the ground?" she stared at it.

A harsh wind sped past them, making Shadow yell out, "Faker, we're here." The blue speedster skidded to a halt before rushing back to them.

Sonic looked to Silver, "You're fixing the past by sitting in a cafe?"

"No, I was taking a break. Mobius is a big place you know." Silver muttered.

The blue hero pointed to the Shard in the telekinesis hedgehog's hand, "So, what are they?"

Silver sighed, "They are very powerful Shards. They were created by the Potens God's to protect this word. They were once one; but some kind of incident occurred, and they broke into Seven Shards. If all seven of them come together something incredible happens, but if they are used incorrectly, it can be devastating for the world." His eyes suddenly connected with the inhibitor rings on Jayde's wrists, "Jayde, did that Shard give you those inhibitor rings?"

The grey hedgehog glanced at her wrists and smiled, "Yeah, there was also some kind of power travelling through me when they appeared too. Pretty cool, huh?"

"You are one of the Seven Shard's protectors." Silver stated.

"What?" Jayde's eyes widened.

The white hedgehog nodded, "Each Shard chooses a protector, depending on the host's heart. If they are worthy enough, they will be blessed with this power that you now have." Jayde dropped the Shard in shock, only for Silver to quickly use his telekinesis to catch it, "Don't drop it, it will smash!" he held it up towards the female, allowing her to put it back into her quills safely.

"Sorry. It's a bit of a shock for someone as immature as me to have...this!" she told the male hedgehogs, stretching her arms out in front of her.

"If that breaks it could unleash some kind of evil power, just as the black one would if it were used by itself!" Silver told the hedgehogs.

"That must be the one Eggman is searching for." Shadow muttered.

"So if Eggman get a hold on that black Shard, he can create worldwide destruction?" Sonic asked Silver.

"Pretty much," The white hedgehog sighed, "Then he can build his 'Eggman Empire'."

The grey hedgehog snickered, "'Eggman Empire', really?" Sonic chuckled and nodded. Jayde turned back to Silver, "What else would happen if someone used these things incorrectly?"

Silver thought for a moment before looking at the grey hedgehog, "If someone like Mephilies the Dark were to get a hold of the Shards, he would be able to control the planet, and destroy it, but that's not something you should be worrying about."

"It's not?"

Silver shook his head, "The Seven Shards and Chaos Emeralds are connected somehow. If you come in contact with negative Chaos energy, it would turn you into a vicious being that would destroy anything in her path."

Jayde visibly gulped. Shadow had his arms crossed as he looked at the fearful grey female, watching as her ears flattened against her head, "Wait... What?"

Silver silently nodded, "Just don't be around negative Chaos energy and you should be fine."

Another burst of speed flew past them, a low metallic noise coming from the object. A cloud of dust swirled around the hedgehogs before in the middle, stood Metal Sonic. The sun glazed down on his blue paintwork; his red computerized eyes stared at Jayde, standing completely motionless "Looks like Eggman is tracking you." Sonic chuckled, resting his knuckles on his hip as he watched his metal lookalike.

"Who's the trash can?" Jayde asked, watching the robot glance at the Shard in her hand.

"That's Metal Sonic," Shadow huffed, "Another unpromising invention of Eggman's. He probably sent it to get that Shard from you."

"Don't worry guys, I got this." Sonic chuckled, wiping his nose and tapping the tip of his shoe on the ground before running towards his lookalike. Metal Sonic flew towards the blue blur at the same speed, hitting him head on with force. "Hello Metal, haven't seen you around for a while, Eggman screw up ya brain yet?"

Metal Sonic made some kind of alienated sounds before slamming his metallic fist against the blue hedgehog, sending him flying towards Jayde. Shadow gave an uninterested look, quickly pulling her aside, Sonic flying past the grey female and into Silver.

"Thanks Shades." Jayde smiled, flicking her bangs out of her eyes as she looked towards the toppled over male hedgehogs. Shadow looked at Jayde, startled about the nickname but thought nothing of it.

Silver groaned, pushing the blue blur off his back, "Yeah, thanks Shadow." Metal Sonic stood in front of them, the cobalt male grumbling, instantly racing towards him. Punch after punch was thrown towards each other, Sonic barely missing a hit to his head.

"I see Egghead upgraded your fighting skills. Level loser now are we?" Sonic grinned at his metal doppelganger before turning and rolling into a spin dash, knocking him further away from the gang. Metal Sonic started to malfunction, his eyes flickering before he flew off, dark grey smoke coming from his back. Sonic flipped and landed beside the team, crossing his arms as they watched Metal Sonic fly away, "I think we'll be seeing again in the future."

Chapter Text

The four hedgehogs walked back to Tails' workshop, questions being thrown towards the grey hedgehog between Shadow and Silver.

"So, Jayde," Sonic started, looking at the stripe quilled female, "Where do you come from?" Jayde looked towards the trees, watching as the leaves fell to the ground, creating an orange, yellow and red path along the ground. She scratched the back of her head.

"I'm from a small, nameless town about five miles east of Mobius." She told the blue hedgehog, watching as Silver played with some leaves using his telekinesis in front of them.

"Why'd ya leave?" the white hedgehog asked, not making eye contact. Jayde sighed, her ears flattening slightly. Shadow pretended not to notice this, but kept the grey hedgehog on his radar. Jayde bent down and picked up a stick, fiddling with it in her palms.

"Something came up. Something bad." She said, taking a breath, "I ran away after it occurred and I've been exploring the forests since, not knowing my next destination or adventure."

Sonic grinned, placing his hands on his head, "That's the best part! Not knowing what you're going up against. Just flow with the wind!" Jayde smiled at the last part, agreeing with the blue speedster.

They walked for a few more minutes until Tails' workshop came into view. "Hey Tails!" Silver shouted as he walked in, startling the two-tailed fox and purple cat. "Oh, and Blaze!" he added, grinning towards the feline.

Blaze rolled her eyes at the white hedgehog, a small smile on her muzzle as she waved. Jayde hopped over to the young fox, staring at the computer screen, "Have you found out anything?" she asked, noticing a picture of the Seven Shards.

Tails scanned though the page before speaking allowed, "Yes. The Seven Shards were created by the God's to keep peace between them but after many disagreements, the Potens God shattered the crystal into Seven Pieces out of anger, each of them gaining one piece each. Each Shard has a power to give to the chosen protector, like you. It's rare that there will be another protector in the timeline of your life."

Shadow came beside the grey female, staring at Tails' computer screen, "Has there ever been a protector before?"

Tails shook his head, "No, Jayde is the first and as the first, she gets the most powerful gift that is yet to be revealed. I can't seem to find out what it is..."

Jayde smirked, messing up the bangs on the twin-tailed fox's forehead, making him swat her hand away, "We'll find out soon enough, Tails. What powers do I have anyway?"

The young fox flicked through some files before speaking, "Apparently-"

"Hey guys!" a squeaky male voice yelled, interrupting Tails. The six looked towards the door, finding The Chaotix. Jayde looked at the three males, each of them having wide grins on their faces. The grey female noticed the crocodile as the one being at Vanilla's home the last she visited but they never introduced themselves.

"Vector, Charmy and Espio, long time no see." Sonic said, raising his hand to wave.

"Far too long." The crocodile agreed. His voice was deep but had a high pitch tone to it. Jayde walked over to them beside the blue hedgehog, gaining their attention. "Who's this?" the crocodile asked, pointing towards the grey hedgehog.

"Guys, this is Jayde the Hedgehog, the newest member of Team Sonic!" the blue blur grinned, introducing the female to The Chaotix.

A bee flew over to her, a wide grin on his face, "Hi, I'm Charmy! I'm the best member in the-" The bee was shoved aside by the green crocodile, losing his balance on his wings. "Hey!"

"Not now Charmy." The croc spoke before holding a hand out to the grey hedgehog, "I'm Vector, the leader of The Chaotix."

"It's nice to meet you." Jayde smiled, shaking his gloved hand. A gold chain hung from his neck and he had large cuffs on his wrists giving him a cool look. A purple chameleon walked beside Vector, closing his eyes as he introduced himself.

"Hello, I'm Espio. I'm a specially trained ninja and the best fighter in The Chaotix; pleased to meet your acquaintance." He spoke politely, his hands together by his chest, as if he was praying.

"Whoa, you're a ninja?" Jayde asked, her eyes widening. She had always wanted to meet a ninja in real life and learn all their skills, "Could you teach me your skills?"

Charmy burst into laughter, "You'll never be able to match Espio's skills!"

The female glanced at the twin-tailed fox who nodded towards her, a small smirk on his muzzle. Jayde raised an eyebrow before clenching her eyes shut and focusing on her powers. The grey hedgehog didn't know what kind of powers the Shard had given her, but she was eager to find out. She felt a flood of energy dive through her before her body disappeared.

Multiple gasps were heard around the light grey hedgehog, making her ear flick before she opened her eyes, looking around. "What?"

"Jayde, where are you?" Silver asked reaching a hand towards the spot she once was. His hand glided through her invisible body, making her shudder. That's just creepy.

"Espio can do that too!" Charmy squealed, flipping in the air.

"Wait, I'm invisible?" she asked, looking down at herself, but only saw the ground below her. Espio nodded towards the hedgehog.

"Well, we can't see you." Shadow muttered, crossing his arms. Jayde grinned before walking past the ebony hedgehog and flicking his back wing, making his fur stand on end as he flinched. The Chaotix chuckled, already knowing what Jayde was doing because it was exactly what Espio was doing the first time he turned invisible.

"I can see her." Espio spoke, "Because I can turn invisible, I can see others that can too."

Jayde looked at her arms before her eyes widened, "Um, how do I turn back?"

Espio opened one eye before closing it, moving his palms around, "Focus your power and think about the way you look. Grey fur, blue stripes for example." Jayde clenched her eyes shut and thought about her visible hedgehog self, "Good, but no face." Espio chuckled along with everyone.

The grey hedgehog looked over to the twin tailed fox, "Was that one of my powers?"

The young one nodded, typing some random things on his keyboard, "You also have night vision and psychometry."

"Psyc- what now Tails?" Sonic asked, scratching his forehead.

"Psychometry is the ability to find out about the past or future of an object by touching it. Jayde could learn all about the ancients if she went in search of their lost treasures. She'd learn new languages in an instant with this power." Tails exclaimed, buzzing about her power. Gees, I think he wants that power, Shadow raised an eyebrow at the joyful fox.

"Cool!" Jayde grinned, "Does that mean I can read a person's past?"

Tails halted from his computer screen, turning to face the rest of them as he placed an arm over his chair, "I'm not sure, I guess you probably could."

"Does that mean I could read someone's secrets?" Tails shrugged at the curious hedgehog, spinning back to his computer. Jayde smirked, placing her hand on the blue hedgehog beside her. Sonic watched her worriedly, afraid she'd come across something he didn't want anyone to know. Her eyes widened, "You're a prince?"

Sonic chuckled, "Yeah, I didn't want to lose my freedom so I left." He scratched his neck, watching as the grey hedgehog continued around the room, touching random objects to learn about their past before she turned back to The Chaotix.

"Espio, could you train me to sustain my invisibility for longer?" she asked, placing a hand on her hip. The chameleon looked at her in surprise but nodded all the same.

"You must concentrate on your power. Every ability takes time to master before you can use it for as long as you want. You must use it often to perfect your skill." Espio spoke as the rest of them walked away. Jayde and Espio walked outside to practice the grey hedgehog's skills.

"When you want to turn invisible quickly you must focus your spirit and believe in yourself. Nothing comes easy, especially with additional supremacy." Jayde listened to the chameleon intently, taking in every word.

Chapter Text

After a few hours, the chameleon and hedgehog were in their invisible state. Espio had shown a set of challenges for the grey female to practice including scaring Vector and Charmy. But what the chameleon quickly picked up on was that Jayde's attention span was short, which often led her to becoming visible again.

"Jayde, remember you will only get better if you pay attention to your powers, laughing or thinking of too many other things at the time of invisibility will cause you to become visible. In a bad situation this could be catastrophic for you. You must clear your head." Espio spoke, hanging from a tree branch by his tail as he watched the grey female practice.

"Right." Jayde sighed in annoyance at herself.

"The power of invisibility has its advantages and disadvantages. A negative for you would be your attention span, so I have come up with an idea to put all your concentration into your invisibility." The purple chameleon spoke, letting the branch go and falling to his feet.

"Hit me." Jayde spoke, flicking out her hands and bouncing in her place. She loved to learn new things, especially if it was about herself.

Espio walked to the hedgehog, standing at a similar height to her, "An advantage of invisibility is that you can walk through things, which is why Silver's hand went through you when you were invisible back then."

"That was creepy." She shivered.

Espio nodded in agreement, "It takes some getting used to, but when you do finally put all your focus in your power, you can sneak into top secret bases."

The ebony and blue hedgehog ran from Tails' workshop and out to where Jayde and Espio where talking. "How's it going?" Sonic asked, leaning against the tree.

"Awesome! Espio is a great teacher and is helping me to focus on my powers to walk through walls and stuff." Jayde grinned, hyped up on her abilities.

Shadow stepped forward, pointing towards her, "You know, an ability like that would make you a great G.U.N. agent. You'd be able to collect data from secret areas for us."

"G.U.N., huh?" she thought.

Shadow nodded, "G.U.N. is a worldwide military and law enforcement organization that seeks to protect this planet from Dr Eggman."

The blue blur crossed his arms, "And yet you still work alongside Egghead a lot of the time." The Ultimate Lifeform was about to speak but Sonic spoke up again, "You know, Espio, you've been teaching her for a while, now I want to teach her something cool."

"Really?" Jayde asked, turning to face the Hero of Mobius.

"First of," Sonic started, "You hardly need any training for your fighting skills because you are already great at that, and plus you're a hedgehog. I think it's time for you to learn how to spin dash!"

Jayde jumped up, "Cool!"

The ebony hedgehog and chameleon stepped back, Espio climbing to hang from the tree again. Sonic curled into a ball, "Okay, first, get spiky."

Jayde copied the hedgehog's movements, placing her hands over her head as her quills sharpened. "Then, think about moving really fast. Roll with it and then-" the grey hedgehog looked up as Sonic spun around quickly in his position before shooting off, zooming around the tree.

"Whoa." Jayde's eyes were bright and wide as she watched the blue hedgehog unroll, his fur mess up. The female curled into a ball again before her body rolled in a fast moving ball and the ground moved under her. She could feel the wind in her quills, the dirt under her fur; spin dashing in circles around the three males.

"Look out!" she heard the call of the red and black hedgehog before she collided with a tree trunk, immediately unrolling from her ball.

"Ow." She mumbled, her feet dangling above her, resting against the bark. Sonic chuckled, standing over her.

He put a thumb up, "Not bad for a first try."

The grey hedgehog flipped up, shaking the dirt from her messy quills. Espio spoke up, "If you are able to focus your ability while in a spin dash, it could prove as a very powerful attack against an enemy." Jayde grinned at the three before clambering up the tree branch, her shoes sticking to the bark, enabling her to hold on for longer.

"Whoa, how'd you do that?" the blue speedster asked, looking up at the female dangling from the tree beside the chameleon.

Jayde swung her feet around, "These shoes have an amazing amount of grip on them. They were specially designed for me by my... brother." Her ears flattened before quickly shooting back to standing, not giving anyone time to realize.

"Wow. He made some cool shoes." Sonic grinned.

"Yeah, they took him a while because he had to make them individually." Jayde spoke, picking some dirt from the bottom of her soles.

The two-tailed fox ran out his workshop, quickly running over to the hedgehogs and chameleon, "Guys, I've found a lead on the first Shard!"

Chapter Text

A Few Hours Later

"So, with these communicators, we will be able to locate all the Shards?" Amy asked, staring at her yellow wristwatch.

The twin-tailed fox nodded, his tails moving in their place, "I've rewired them and added some information that I put in E.G.H. so they will locate all the Shards for us."

Sonic tapped the screen a few times, "Where are we going now then?"

"Since Eggman is after the Seven Shards, we should try and get them before he does. Silver and Blaze suggested going to a clearing in the forest for a few days were most of the Shards are close to. From there, we'll split into teams and take in turns to find a Shard." Tails explained, walking over to his plane.

Jayde put her communicator in her quills, making sure to leave it on. She watched as the young fox pulled some tools out, flying up to his plane's engine to screw up a few bolts. "Tails did you make this plane?"

"I wish." He chuckled, placing his goggles over his eyes, "It was originally Sonic's plane and he gave it to me. She was a little banged up so I fixed her and increased her speed, now she's good as new!" The grey hedgehog swiped a hand over the yellow paintwork admiring the plane.

"He did a great job too. She glides easy now and is almost as fast as me!" Sonic spoke over a mouthful of chili dogs.

Amy wrinkled her nose, "Don't speak with your mouth full, it's rude." She muttered, leaning against the wall with her foot up against the wood. The speedster shrugged, taking another bite of the food in his hands.

The door banged against the wall, a red echidna smacking his fists together as he walked inside Tails' workshop, "I'm ready to fight."

Sonic raised an eyebrow, but only paid interest in the chili dog. Tails removed his goggles, turning to face the echidna, "Er, what?"

"Rouge told me you guys were fighting against Eggman for some kind of crystal. I want in! I've been bored on Angel Island for a while now." He spoke before pausing, "Who are you?" he pointed towards the grey female hedgehog.

"Girls don't like it when you're rude, Knucks." Sonic grinned, staring at the pink hedgehog as she scowled at him.

The female walked over to the echidna, reaching out her hand, "I'm Jayde the Hedgehog, who are you?" she asked, using the same tone as he.

"I'm Knuckles. Knuckles the Echidna; protector of the Master Emerald on Angel Island. What do you do?" the echidna responded, shaking her hand. He was amused at her attitude towards him; people usually gave him more respect because of his job.

"I am one of the protectors of the Seven Shards."

"The Seven what?" Amy shook her head at the inconsiderate male, dragging the grey hedgehog away from him.

"Just ignore Knucklehead; he won't remember what you tell him anyway." She muttered.

"Hey, I heard that."

"You were meant to, genius." Amy spoke.

"Anyway," Tails piped up, flying away from his plane and towards his computer, "How did Rouge know about us fighting Eggman?"

"I told her." They looked towards the door again to find Shadow and a white bat standing there. Jayde grinned before focusing her power and turned herself invisible.

"It has been a while since I last laid my eyes on some jewels." Rouge spoke, walking in and sitting on the sofa, folding one leg over the other just as a lady would.

"They're not to steal Rouge." Sonic spoke, wiping his fingers of chili dogs. "They're to stop Eggman with whatever he's doing and to help Jayde."

The pink hedgehog looked around her, a frown on her face, "Where is Jayde?"

The grey hedgehog snickered quietly, her body still invisible as she walked behind the Ultimate Lifeform. Shadow's ear twitched before he felt a swipe against his back wings, making his whole body tense and his fur flicked out and his muzzle turned a faint red. He grumbled, "I think I found her."

Jayde's body appeared behind the red striped hedgehog as she burst into laughter, "You're muzzle looks like Knuckles' fur!" she pointed.

Rouge grinned at the spirited teen, "Who's the new hedgie?" she asked. Rouge was fascinated because the female didn't cower under Shadow's prevailing stance like people usually did. She actually pulled a prank in the Ultimate Lifeform and got away with it! She must mean something to him if she was able to pull that off! Sonic snickered at the Ultimate Lifeform before responding to the white bat.

"This is Jayde."

"Pleased to meet you, hun. I'm Rouge the Bat, G.U.N. agent and treasure hunter." The bat spoke, shaking the hedgehog's hand.

"More like treasure stealer." Knuckles muttered to himself, crossing his arms. Rouge grinned towards the red echidna, placing a hand on her hip.

"What's that Knuckie? I know you love to talk about me; I just hope its nice things." Knuckles' muzzle grew warm as he growled, glaring at the bat that had snuck beside him.

"The only thing I talk about you is how irritating you are!"

Rouge grinned at the angry male, "Ah, that's what they all say."

Chapter Text

The Next Day

"Okay guys, ready?" Tails asked, revving up the engine to his plane.

The yellow paintwork covered the body of the aircraft, followed by two well-built wings, each with two handles to hold on. There was one compartment with three seats, Tails sitting in one to control the plane. Amy jumped in beside him, watching the blue hero chat with Knuckles before they both jumped on the right wing and the echidna walked along to the third seat.

"Hey Jayde, are you sure about going on the wing?" the rose hedgehog asked, preparing to move. The grey female shook her head, pouncing up onto the left wing, the black and red hedgehog hopping alongside her.

"It's cool, besides, I like the rush of adrenalin!" Jayde smirked before standing up on the wing.

"That's the spirit!" Sonic called, putting a thumb up before looking towards the twin tailed fox, "Ready to go, bud?" The fox grinned, nodding towards the azure hedgehog, the plane beginning to move. Jayde positioned a foot back, keeping her stability, holding out her arms to some extent for support. The plane soon took off from the ground, the wind flying through the quills of the four hedgehogs and red echidna.

"Okay, we'll come to a stop by a clearing in the forest; some of the Shards should be around that area. Silver and Blaze are already there." Tails spoke, using the clutch to glide the plane over the trees. Jayde stood on the plane's wing, a huge grin on her mouth as she stared at the view. She could see for miles. The olive fields, sapphire blue ocean, the Mobians below scuttling around the town.

The ebony hedgehog watched the female, her eyes sparkling in the sunbeams. The wind brushed through his quills as he too watched the scene around him, happy to enjoy this moment with the energetic grey female beside him. He hadn't felt like this for a while.

"So, you think you'd leave without me, eh?" The gang turned and saw a white bat flying towards them, a small smirk on her muzzle.

"What are you doing here, Rouge?" the scarlet echidna muttered, turning his body to face her as she flew by the left wing of the aircraft.

I came to help, seems as though you need it!" she chuckled, her wings flapping elegantly. Tails stared at the bat, contemplating whether or not they should accept her help or not, but his thoughts were promptly knocked aside as a noisy laugh came to audible range.

The grey hedgehog flinched before looking to find Dr Eggman in his eggcarrier a few meters above them, a broad grin on his mustached face, "Miss me?"

"How can we miss you? You never go away." Sonic groaned, placing a hand on his hip as he looked up that the fat man.

Eggman glared down at the group, "I want that Shard, and the device that two tailed fox has!" he shouted before slamming his fist on the desk, "Slice Bot, attack!" A metal robot hovered beside them, a level head compressed into its round body. Its arm stretched out, causing Tails to draw back his plane, the hedgehogs kneeling to hold on to the wing of the plane.

"Watch it!" Knuckles shouted. The robot circled the plane, Sonic rolling into a spin dash before soaring off the wing, slicing through the robot. Rouge flew towards the blue blur, catching his hand as he fell.

"Well, look at that, looks like you do need me after all." She grinned, dropping the cobalt hedgehog on the wing again.

"Thanks Rouge." Sonic replied.

"Never mind, I have more!" Eggman chuckled, two more Slice Bots appearing out of nowhere. Tails elevated his plane into the sky, away from the robots. One of their arms stretched out, slicing into the right wing. Jayde slipped, grabbing hold of the metal bars to prevent her from falling. Black smoke rose from the broken wing, making the plane twirl in circles.

"Hang on!" Tails cried out, trying to control his plane before it crashed.

"Have fun exploding!" Eggman chuckled, blasting off in his eggcarrier. The robots followed Tails' plane, snapping their claws towards the gang. The black and red hedgehog held onto the wing, before noticing the grey hog hanging on for her life. She clenched her eyes shut, struggling to get a good grip on the metal bar with the pressure of the plane declining going against her.

"Renee!" Her wrist was unexpectedly grasped by a gloved hand, Shadow's fingers tightening on the side of the plane. She was taken aback about the pet name, but it didn't really bother her at this specific time. Sonic gripped the wing, his feet flying back with the wind. Amy closed her eyes, fear rising in her as she gripped her hammer as a sense of safety. The red echidna's orbs were open slightly as he clenched the pilot's seat, straining against the pressure. But the fox's eyes were wide open like a deer caught in headlights. His hands clenched around the clutch, trying to at least make a safer landing. His plane twirled around before flying through the trees, landing on its belly on the muddy ground with a crash. The three slipped off the plane's wings, rolling away, cuts scraping along their arms and legs.

The red echidna groaned, clutching his head. The blue hedgehog's ears flicked as he heard the stomp of the robots behind them. He jumped up, but his posture was slumped, his body aching from the crash.

Rouge flew down from the sky, landing a kick flip on one of the tin cans, "I've got these." She told the blue bur before going to demolish the final Slice Bot. Sonic rushed to Amy and Tail, pulling them from the plane, an angry fox in his arms.

"He did it again! He ruined this plane again!" He muttered, pulling out the communication device. Knuckles also jumped out the plane, clicking his back, a few grunts leaving him, "According to this, Silver and Blaze are only a few miles east of us. If we hurry, we can get there before dark."

Another low grunt was heard before Shadow stood beside the grey hedgehog. Her eyes closed tight before they opened, squinting in the bright light, "Jees, that Egghead sure knows how to hit a plane." She muttered, wobbling to her feet before standing beside the ebony hedgehog.

"If I had a Chaos Emerald I'd be able to teleport us all over to Silver and Blaze." Shadow huffed, clenching his fists.

Sonic shrugged, "I can find a way over there!" he was about to run off before the young fox stopped him.

"Wait, Sonic, I don't think they were the only robots Eggman had around here." He spoke, pointing to the final robot as Rouge shattered it. Knuckles mumbled a 'whoa' before shaking his head.

"What do you mean Tails?" the red echidna asked.

"I think he means those." Everyone turned to were the pink hedgehog pointed, their eyes widening as a number of Eggman drones flew round them.

Shadow muttered, "They won't be a problem." pulling at his glove before preparing to attack. Sonic rushed after him.

"Leave some for me Shadow!" he called. The remaining few looked at each and shrugged before sprinting after them, following the trail of broken robot parts. Shadow and Sonic attacked through the robots as they ran towards the two hedgehogs, striking and kicking them like they were nothing. Sonic spin dashed racing and carving through each of the robots, turning a few corners to Silver and Blaze.

"Chaos spear!" Shadow yelled, luminous power coming from his palms and onto the robots, explosions echoing around from his ferocious attacks.

Tails flew through the trees, knocking out a few robots as he made his way towards Silver and Blaze, the gang hot on his tails. Sonic and Shadow finished up the Eggman bots before racing to the rest, only slowing as they stood alongside them.

"They should be around here somewhere." Tails spoke to himself before his eyes lit up against a fire in the middle of a clearing. Silver and Blaze stood and walked over to the rest of the gang as they saw them, waving.

"What took you guys so long? I thought you were bringing your plane, Tails?" Blaze asked, looking at the scruffy people in front of her.

"There was an Eggman attack. He sliced through one of the wings which caused us to crash." Amy explained to them, walking towards the fire to warm up, Rouge following behind her, claiming her space on the log seat provided.

"Speaking of which, Silver do you mind using your telekinesis to transport it over here later so I can make some repairs on her?" Tails asked, not looking up as he fiddled with some buttons on the device in his hands.

"Sure thing." The white hedgehog agreed, leading the gang to the fire. Jayde ran ahead before leaping and jumping up to the drooping branches above, swinging herself to land on her two feet. She stood and walked along the branch above the flames, crossing her legs to sit.

"She's like a child." Rouge commented, looking up at her fellow hedgehog.

"I noticed." Knuckles muttered, taking a seat beside the pale bat. He put his arms behind his head, enjoying the warmth of the fire as the sky turned slowly into night.

Silver fiddled with his quills before pulling out a red Chaos Emerald, "Here, Shadow." He called, throwing it towards the dark hog who caught it gratefully.

Chapter Text

A few hours later, the gang circled around each other to discuss how they were going to get the remaining Shards. Jayde was currently hanging from the tree branch from her legs under the watchful eyes of Silver, who was prepared to catch her with his telekinesis if the energetic female slipped.

"I think we should work in teams." Rouge suggested, stretching her arms out in front of her.

"I agree with Rouge. I'll go with Sonic." Amy spoke, trying to get closer to the cobalt hedgehog. Sonic chuckled nervously, shifting away from the pink hedgehog next to him. "Silver and Blaze, Knuckles and Rouge, Shadow and Jayde." Amy finished, grinning up at the grey hedgehog.

"Me what?" Jayde asked, stretching her arms down, as she threw her baseball to Silver, not really following the conversation.

"No way am I going with her!" Knuckles exclaimed, pointing towards the smirking bat.

"Aw, I feel hurt Knuckie." Rouge pouted, staring at the raging echidna. Sonic put his hands behind his head, opening one of his eyes to stare at his friend, bad choice Ames.

"Why not Knuckles?" Amy asked questioningly.

Knuckles crossed his arms, facing away from the gang, "I refuse to work with that bat because I don't like her."

Rouge grinned, "You know, there's a thin line between love and hate."

The red echidna glared at the female beside him, "Yeah? Well you make it thicker!" he exclaimed.

Amy stood up and looked at Knuckles, "You and Rouge make a good team; if you both work together I'm sure you can get more than one Shard." Knuckles huffed, sitting back down on the log, ignoring the white bat next to him.

"What about me?" Tails asked. Sonic put an arm around his proclaimed brother, smirking.

"You're with us, bud!" he grinned. Amy crossed her arm in annoyance but didn't say anything- besides, her and Tails were best friends.

"Who am I with?" the grey hedgehog hanging from the tree asked, yawning. Silver quickly tossed the ball to her to try and catch the hedgehog off guard, but Jayde had, had much practice.

"You're with Shadow." Blaze told her. Jayde's eyes widened and out of shock, lost her grip on the branch and fell. Silver quickly caught her with his telekinesis and spun her around in the air. The grey hedgehog looked at Shadow who held amusement in his eyes, watching the white hedgehog spin her in the air.

"That's cool." Jayde shrugged before glaring at the telekinesis skilled hedgehog, "You can let me down now."

"Nah, this is more fun" Silver grinned.

Jayde clenched her fists, "When I get down from here, you're dead!" she exclaimed, crossing her arms, listening to the chuckles of her friends, how kind of you to let him continue, guys!


Later that Day

Silver and Blaze walked through the forest, the two tailed fox's invention in the white hedgehog's gloved hands. It was darkening into night time, the sky becoming a dull orange, and small sparkles of stars glistened above them. "It should be around here somewhere." He muttered, scanning around the area.

"There!" the purple cat pointed towards a podium with a dazzling purple crystal part shone, slowly twirling in its place. They jogged up, only to be stopped by a livid looking guardian. He was a standing grey wolf, his eyes looking like he was half blind, a staff in his hand.

"Who goes there?" he snapped, holding the stick in front of him protectively.

Silver stepped forward, raising his hands to show they were not a threat, "We have come for the purple Shard."

"Why do you seek it?" asked the wolf.

"To defend this world from the dangers one hunts for. His wishes; to take over the world." Blaze spoke, using her princess vocab. The wolf growled in the direction of the cat, using his staff to transform himself into a hefty fiend that towered above them. His fist pummeled into the ground, leaving a large crack. His eyes shone a bright yellow, his teeth jagged and pointy, gleaming in the remaining sunlight. The Shard rose and landed in the centre of a small crown upon his head.

"You'll have to get through me!" his gruff voice hissed, the Shard giving him more power.

Blaze and Silver got into battle position, knowing that this wouldn't be a straightforward battle. The wolf ran on all fours towards them, making Silver use his telekinesis to pick up random movable objects around him and aiming them directly into the wolf's chest.

Blaze dodged a few hits before throwing some flames towards the creature. It snarled as the fire burned its flesh, the Shard flashing in sync with its heartbeat. Silver nodded towards Blaze who aimed some fire towards the white hedgehog. He used his telekinesis to surround the fireball and throw it directly towards the beast. It growled out, gripping the dirt with its overlarge paws.

It ran towards the two friends, his claws swiping forwards. Just as it was about to hit Blaze, the white hedgehog used his telekinesis to lift the purple cat from the ground and high above them. The female cat hissed, aiming more fire towards the creature, landing directly on its forehead.

The pink Shard fell from its crown, causing the wolf to return to its normal size. The guardian sighed, picking up the Shard, "Congratulations, you have proven yourself worthy." The wolf presented the purple Shard to Silver who took it gratefully, "I hope you succeed in your mission." And the wolf left.

"That was easier than I thought," Blaze said, pulling down her sleeve as Silver placed her on the ground again. "We should get back to the others, can you use Chaos Control?" Silver nodded, revealing a green Chaos Emerald from his quills, but was abruptly knocked off guard as a blast struck towards him and the purple cat, sending them flying back. Sludge evaporated in a small puddle around the trees before a familiar dark figure appeared.

"Hey, that's-" but before Silver could do anything, the figure rushed towards them, snatching the Emerald from the white hedgehog hand and disappeared into nothing.

Blaze's eyes widened, a gasp leaving her as she looked towards Silver, "Was that who I think it was?"

Silver glared at the empty space where the dark figure had just been, "I guess we are walking back."


Blaze and Silver ran towards the rest of the gang, huddling around a small fire in the middle of a clearing in the forest. Amy Rose was snuggling up to Sonic, the blue hedgehog not entirely happy about his limited space. Jayde sat above them on a tree branch with something in her hand, swinging her feet, watching as Shadow placed more wood into the fire, poking it with a stick. Tails frowned, trying to fix up another part of his plane, the wing being damaged from Eggman's attack. Knuckles sat holding a white Chaos Emerald, keeping a close eye on Rouge the Bat as she admired the crystal.

Jayde spun the gold ring around her finger, staring at it questioningly, "So this ring gives you more boost when you run?" she asked, flicking it up, letting it land around her finger.

Sonic looked up at the female nodding, "Yep. It gives me more power in my spin dashes too so I can attack through almost anything."

"And once you use it, you can't use it again?"

"Correct." Sonic spoke, trying to push Amy and pull himself away.

"Would it work for me?" the grey hedgehog looked towards the young fox that had turned, wiping his hand from the dirt of his plane.

Tails shrugged slightly, removing his goggles, "Scientifically, yes. It works for Shadow as well, though he doesn't really need it," the Ultimate Lifeform smirked smugly at this, "But according to your inhibitor rings, it shouldn't need any more power because they have a proportional amount already. Overdoing its power may cause a problem within you because they are connected to your body."

"Guys, we may have a bit of a problem." Silver called out, taking everyone's eyes off Tails. Jayde looked up jumping down from the tree and landing beside the ebony hedgehog.

"What do you mean?" Sonic asked, the pink hedgehog raising her head from his shoulder as he stood.

"We think Mephilies is back." Blaze crossed her arms, closing her eyes.

"Impossible, we put an end to him." Shadow folded his arms, glaring at the fire. They already destroyed his lookalike, and he didn't particularly want to fight him again.

"He's back. He stole that Chaos Emerald from me just as we were about to teleport back here." The white hedgehog huffed, punching the tree beside him.

"He's got a Chaos Emerald! Why would you let him take it?" Knuckles yelled at the two, clenching his fists, "You know what will happen if he gets them all?"

"Calm down Knucks." Sonic rolled his eyes, "We beat him once and we can beat him again, right?" Silver shook his head, sighing at the blue blur.

"It's not just that we should worry about. Jayde is a protector of the Seven Shard, remember? We can't let him near her. Mephilies would control the dark being within her and turn her against us." Blaze reminded them.

Jayde flinched, not wanting to hurt any of her new found friends. It scared her to think that she could tear down everything she loves.

"I think Jayde should return to Mobius and stay with Cream and Vanilla." Silver suggested, but the grey hedgehog shook her head. Jayde knew she should, she could be a danger to all of them, but she didn't want them completing her mission.

"No, I want to help you guys; it's my mission. I'll keep an eye out for him at all times." Jayde spoke.

"What if he turns you?" Blaze asks, looking towards the confident grey hedgehog that was slowly breaking inside.

A shiver ran down her spine as she turned away, "Then you run."

Amy looked at the retreating hedgehog, "Where are you going, Jayde?"

Startled, the grey hog stopped abruptly, clenching her fists by her side, not showing any weakness to her friends, "I... just need to walk for a bit." And she continued into the forest.

The gang let her go, but Shadow continued to watch her back. He knew that she didn't like people seeing her upset; she wanted to be the strong teammate who put everyone else before herself. Shadow knew what it felt like too. Jayde leapt up to a tree branch, swinging herself to sit. Sighing, she looked at the moon and stars, clenching her fists. I can't hurt my friends.

The ebony hedgehog followed the female further into the forest, watching as she jumped up. His fingers grasped the tree branch and sat beside her, the grey hedgehog's body remaining motionless.

"I don't want to hurt you guys." She whispered, barely audible for the Ultimate Lifeform to hear. Jayde fiddled with baseball in her lap, "I don't want to hurt you." Shadow stared at her, her ears drooping slightly against her head. Jayde was vulnerable and it wasn't something that suited the young female.

He looked at her with a sincere face, "I won't let Mephilies control you. I will protect you, Renee." Shadow promised, placing a hand on her shoulder. It was a promise he intended to keep the grey hedgehog; even if it meant losing his life, he would shield her from anything. Jayde gazed up at the dark hedgehog, staring into his crimson eyes. A small smiled printed on her muzzle as she turned away, looking up at the stars.

It was then she knew what she felt for the dark hedgehog, sat right next to her watching the stars. She felt safe in his presence; nothing would harm her if he was around. He made her smile when he was around and he didn't even have to do anything.

"Thank you Shades."

But even Jayde knew that if she was turned by Mephilies, and if her dark side did come out to destroy everything and everyone she loves- there would be nothing anyone could do about it. Not even the Ultimate Lifeform.

Chapter Text

The Next Day

Jayde stretched against the tree trunk as she woke up, a quiet yawn leaving her lips. She turned her body to look below, a small chuckle leaving her lips. Silver was the only other one awake and his body hovered in the air with his telekinesis as he meditated. The red echidna was hanging off the log, his feet in the air above him while his face was planted in the ground. Rouge, Tails and the Ultimate Lifeform look pretty normal with the young fox curled in a ball with his twin-tails surrounding him. Blaze had her chin on the log, the rest of her body lying on the floor; except for her right arm that draped around the broken tree beside her head. Amy was snuggled up next to her blue hero as his form curled slightly around her, his nose in her quills and an arm at her waist.

"Silver." Jayde whispered. The white hedgehog didn't move, but his ear flicked as though he heard something. The grey hedgehog frowned, lying on her stomach as her feet swung around above her. She picked some bark off the tree branch before sticking out her tongue and aiming it towards the meditating hedgehog. It tapped his head, getting caught in his quills.

Sliver opened an irritated eye, looking up at Jayde as she pointed down. He nodded and rolled his eyes towards her before using his telekinesis to moving his body up to the branch next to her.

Jayde glanced down at the red and black hedgehog, watching as his stomach rose and fell. His hands were beside his head, his limbs stretched out in random directions. Jayde chuckled again, catching the telekinesis hedgehog's attention.

He grinned, pulling out the small piece of tree bark, "You like Shadow."

The grey hedgehog almost fell out the tree, her hands clinging to the branch. "W-What?"

Silver pointed to the Ultimate Lifeform who turned in his sleep. Sonic's eyes slowly opened, coming face to face with pink fur. His eyes shot open, his whole body freezing as he stared down at the rose hedgehog beside him, snuggling into his fur, he was sure she was on the other side last night. The blue blur's ears perked up at the sound of voices, his eyes landing on Jayde and Silver.

Jayde's eyes glanced between Silver and Shadow, "Sure I like him; he's my friend." She tried to play it off, but Silver wasn't fooled.

"No, you like, like Shadow."

Below, Sonic's eyes widened and he carefully removed himself from Amy's grip before shooting towards the two awake hedgehogs, landing on the branch beside Jayde, "You like Shadow?"

The female's muzzle tinted slightly, scratching the back of her head, "What? No! Guys, I don't l-love Shadow." She gulped, fiddling with her fingers.

"He didn't say love." Silver spoke.

The two male hedgehogs shared a grin before chuckling, "I think you do though." The speedster said, picking some pink fur from his arm.

"Whatever guys, I can just say the same to you." Jayde smirked, sitting up against the tree trunk and closing her eyes. She put her hands behind her head, hiking up one of her knees.

"What do you mean?" Silver asked, still holding his meditating position.

"Just that you like Blaze and Sonic likes Amy." Jayde coughed slightly, opening one orbs to see the two males staring at her. Silver was about to respond to the grey hedgehog's obscure theory until a voice caused all their muzzles to redden.

"Who likes who?" It was Rouge's voice; of course she'd be listening.

"NO ONE!" they yelled, Sonic almost falling from the tree branch as Jayde grabbed his ankle.

Rouge chuckled, a smile smirk painting her face; they don't know I heard it all. The sudden outburst had awoken up the others, each of them stretching in their place.

Tails rubbed his eyes, "Who's turn is it to find the next Shard?"

"It's Jayde and Shadow." Amy spoke up. The grey hedgehog looked towards the blue hero who snickered. She frowned before dropping him, making him land with his face in the dirt.

"Ouch." He muttered, slumping against the ground.


They were deep in the forest, their feet crunching on the dried leaves of autumn. This was Jayde's favorite season; the different colored leaves, the cool breeze. Beside her strolled the Ultimate Lifeform, none of them saying a word and enjoying the silence. They were on they were on the way to find the Red Shard, Tails' invention in the ebony hedgehog's hands scanning around.

Jayde threw the ball in the air, catching it as it came back down to her. Baseball was always her brother's favorite, and the sports ball was now more like a lucky charm to her. They used to play all the time as they grew up with their friends, but once he was gone, it was never mentioned again.

"It should be around here somewhere," he muttered, scanning the area. A strident explosion was heard, making the two hedgehog's freeze, an evil laugh following, "That sounds like Eggman." Shadow hissed before sprinting towards the sound.

"Hey, wait up!" the grey female shouted, running after him. She came to a halt behind the dark hedgehog, watching as the fat, mustached man picked up the red Shard with a claw from his eggcarrier.

Dr Eggman spotted the two hedgehogs and hoed their way, "Ah, Shadow the Traitor, and his annoying renegade friend. Come to stop me? Well you're too late! Behold!" A large stomp just barely missed the grey hedgehog, her fur standing on end as she jumped back. The two hedgehogs looked up, an Eggman robot standing tall above them. It had large cannons on its fists and a metal moustache, much like the Dr's.

Shadow and Jayde clenched their fists, preparing for battle. "Oh," Eggman chuckled, "And just to make it interesting, Egg Crusher 3000, catch!" The mustached man threw the Red Shard towards the robot, a large shield coming from its arm.

"Chaos spear!" Shadow yelled, firing bright shots from his hands. The robot used its shield, protecting itself from the blasts before aiming its cannons and firing. Jayde leapt up, watching the explosion happen below her before landing in a crouch position. She quickly rolled around in a spin dash, travelling around the robot. The grey hedgehog concentrated on her powers, turning her body invisible before spinning straight through the shield, slamming into the robots legs.

Shadow was jumping from the tree, firing more Chaos spears, aiming for the Shard in its head.

"Shadow, why are you such a traitor? Join me and we can rule the world!" Eggman crackled. Jayde unrolled from her ball, landing on the tree branch, crossing her arms. She listened to the discussion between the dark hog and Eggman, fearing that just maybe, Shadow would turn against her. She'd have no chance against the Ultimate Lifeform if he did.

"No. I made a promise to Maria to protect this world!" Shadow snapped, firing a Chaos blast towards the robots shield, trying to weaken it.

The grey hedgehog in the tree jumped as smaller robots flew around her, firing bullets directly at her. She ran around, using her fighting skills to punch and kick the smaller bots, leaving the bigger tin can for Shadow. But the grey hogs mind wandered to what the dark hedgehog had said. Who was Maria? Did something happen to her?

The large robot suddenly came crashing down, an almighty blast coming from the Ultimate Lifeform, ending the robot. Jayde leapt up to the tin can's face, ripping the Shard from its head, throwing up and catching it.

Eggman growled, "This isn't over! That Shard will be mine!" he flew away in his eggcarrier. The grey hedgehog cheered, throwing the red Shard towards Shadow who caught it with ease.

A while later, the two hedgehogs walked around the forest. Well, Jayde was high in the trees, swinging from branch to branch, the dark hedgehog watching her just in case she fell. Why did he care about the grey female so much? Why did he want to be around her? He hadn't felt a close friend like her since Maria, and even the hedgehog's eyes looked like hers.

Jayde frowned as she saw the dark hog's fists clench before jumping down and walking beside him, "Hey Shadow?" The dark hedgehog hummed in response, continuing to look directly in front of him. The grey hedgehog bit her lip, wondering if it was such a good idea to ask him about it. Her fingers twirled around each other before she sighed to herself, "If you don't mind me asking, who was Maria?"

The red and black hedgehog stopped abruptly, Jayde almost walking straight into his quills.  The dark hedgehog's eyes glared at the trees in front, flashbacks repeating in him mind. He shook his head and continued walking. Why would she ask that question? Why did she care? Shadow closed his eyes shut before reopening them, no she's just curious. The dark hedgehog sighed, "Maria was my only friend on Space Colony ARK when I was created by Gerald Robotnik, Eggman's grandfather, fifty years ago."

Jayde blinked, looking towards Shadow, "You were created by Eggman's grandfather! Is that why he called you a traitor?" Shadow sighed, nodding. The grey hedgehog noticed his slumped posture. She could sense that something had happened in his past, just like Amy had said, it's why he's like this, "W-What happened to Maria?"

The dark hedgehog's fists clenched, "She was killed by government soldiers, who came up to the ARK to stop Gerald's experiments- me. But she saved me, sent me down here in a capsule. I made a promise to her that I would protect this planet, and I intend on keeping that promise."

Jayde listened intently, her mind wondering too many different things. Is this why he didn't trust anyone; didn't to talk to people? The grey hedgehog looked up to the ebony hog, his eyes glistening over with anger which he refused to let show near Jayde. Shadow's ear flicked as he glanced down at the female, Jayde immediately breaking the eye contact.

He smirked slightly, "So, now you know a bit about my past; why did you run from your family?"

The grey hedgehog's eyes widened not expecting his question. She looked down, watching as her feet crunched against the leaves, her thumbs twiddling in circles around each other. "My twin brother was killed." She spoke, glaring at the trees in front of her, begging her eyes not to tear up. She pulled a photo out from her quills and handed it to the red and black hedgehog.

Shadow looked at the photograph. There were two hedgehogs, one male, one female, who both had light grey fur, but the male had dark blue stripes. Jayde sighed. She hated thinking about it because every time she did, she became emotional. "He saved me. I ran away after, everything around me reminded me so much of him. The last thing he said to me was explore the world; run with the wind."

She ran forward, spreading her arms out as she jumped in circles. The ebony hedgehog watched her as she twirled, amazed that even after a bad past, she could still be happy- something he wishes he could've done. He noticed how vulnerable she looked as her eyes glanced back over to him, making a small frown appear on his muzzle; vulnerability looked strange on the grey female. Shadow jogged beside her, making sure not to out run her with his speed and loose her. Jayde glanced at the hedgehog running by her side, admiring his quills that blew in the wind. His eyes twinkled in the sunlight, showing the ruby color that swirled in his orbs.

Jayde could never tell the Ultimate Lifeform the truth about her brother and how it was all her fault he was killed. She didn't yet trust him and the only way to get that out of her was to force it. But no matter, Shadow would know in time because he was the one who she trusted the most- he'd be the first to know.

"Is that why you have that baseball all the time?" Shadow asked, only receiving a short nod in return.

The two hedgehogs came to an abrupt stop as they looked out off the top of a cliff. The sky was dark orange as the sun went down, its reflection on the ocean. The dark hedgehog stood by the edge of the cliff, staring out, "Maria always wanted to visit this planet and see its beauty, but she never had that chance. I failed to protect her."

Jayde's hands were behind her as she looked at the back of the red and black hedgehog. She walked up to him, placing a hand on his shoulder, Shadow's body visibly tensing. "You didn't fail her. I bet she's up there watching you, feeling proud of you Shades." Shadow gave a small smile before it immediately disappeared, his ear flicking.

A loud roar followed, making the two hedgehogs quickly turn around, coming face to face with a prehistoric Raptor. "I thought those things were dead!" the grey hedgehog raised an eyebrow, clenching her fists.

Shadow glared at the opponents, "Then that is one angry fossil."

Chapter Text

An elder wolf stood beside the dinosaurs, a stern look on his face as he rested against a staff, two more Raptors appearing out of nowhere behind him.

"You!" he pointed at the hedgehogs, his eyes shining over, "You have stolen one of the Seven Shards from the Secret Garden! Prepare for battle!"

"Wait!" the grey hedgehog put her hands out in front of her, "We need this to fight against the evil genius Eggman!"

"Lies!" the wolf snapped, "You have not proved yourself worthy!"

"If it's a fight he wants," Shadow stepped forward, beside the grey female, "it's a fight he'll get."

The three fossils ran towards the hedgehogs, making them dive out the way. Jayde's fingers scraped against the grass to prevent her from falling, making a mental note to watch the edge of the cliff. Fighting on land this close to the sea was not great.

Shadow charged up his energy before blasting them with Chaos spears, aiming directly into their face. Jayde used her invisibility to hide from the Raptors, using the spin dash technique to knock them off guard. But the Raptor's where made of positive Potens energy, using her power would be useless. The grey hedgehog was pinned on the ground, the sharp claws of the Raptor digging into her flesh, making her wince. Her gloved hand pushed against its face, landing a punch on its nostrils. It flew back with the force Jayde had used, smacking against a tree. The inhibitor rings on her wrists were darkening to her anger.

The dark hedgehog leapt as the remaining fossils rushed towards him, another Chaos spear erupting from his palms. The Raptors cornered him into the rocks, gaining the grey hedgehog's attention. She swung from the trees, clenching her fists, landing a blow on the smallest, a low growl coming from its chest as it turned to face her, its murky eyes glistening in anger.

The red and black hedgehog ran forward, giving one final Chaos blast to the dinosaur before it slumped on the ground. He turned, finding the grey female being cornered by the edge of the cliff. Her ears pinned back in anger, her teeth clenched as she raised her hands just as the Raptor jumped towards her; but he didn't get far. The dark hedgehog pounced on its neck, throwing it off guard. The Raptor shook off the red and black hedgehog, running towards the female. The grey hedgehog slipped back, gripping hold of the rocks with her left hand. She struggled to hold on, watching the Raptor leap toward her to make the final kill until a foot collided with its side, making it lose its balance and topple off the edge of the cliff.

Jayde breathed a sigh of relief, closing her eyes tight to reach up her right hand; but instead of grabbing rocks, she clutched the gloved hand of the ebony hedgehog, who grunted as he lifted her up, pulling her away from the edge. Jayde let out a breath, rolling on the floor, waving her hands and legs in the air as she cheered.

"I'm alive!" Shadow chuckled at her before turning towards the wolf who smiled at the two hedgehogs, admiring their friendship. They both had proven themselves through courage and resilience; not to mention the inhibitor rings he had noticed on the wrists of the grey female.

"Congratulations, you have proven yourselves worthy of holding onto the Shard. Please take good care of it." then he vanished in a puff of smoke. Jayde looked up from the ground of where the wolf stood in shock.

"By the way, Renee," she looked to the ebony hedgehog who spoke to her, "You're heavier than you look." It took a while for Jayde to process what he said as he turned and walked off.

"Hey!" she snapped, racing after the hog, landing a playful punch on his arm.


Later that Night

The Sonic munched on a chilli dog, his fingers becoming covered in the sauce. Rouge scrunched her nose at the blue hero, "How can you eat that?" she asked, biting into a lettuce leaf.

Sonic hummed, opening one of his eyes, "What do you mean?"

"They are disgusting." The bat spoke, turning away from the hedgehog who shrugged and continued to eat.

Jayde lay in the tree above them, Shadow sitting beside her resting his back on the tree trunk. The grey hedgehog threw up her baseball and repeated the action a few times, "Have you ever wondered what's in space?" she asked, watching the stars as they twinkled in the sky.

Shadow opened his eyes halfway, looking at the female who caught the sports ball again, her eyes glistening to the moonlight, "Nope, I've already been up there."

"Oh yeah, Space Colony ARK." She mumbled. Jayde had always wanted to visit space. She wanted to see what the Earth looked like from above and if the moon was as beautiful up close as it was down here on the planet.

"Not just on the ARK. I travelled around space with Eggman, Rouge and the Sonic gang to defeat the Metarex." The dark hedgehog spoke, looking up at the night sky with the grey female.

Jayde abruptly sat up and looked at the male, her quills slightly messy and covered in moss from lying down, "You've travelled around space?" Shadow nodded at her, "That's so cool. What was it like? Who were the Metarex?"

The ebony hedgehog told her about their battles with the alien race and how in the end, he and Sonic defeated them with the Chaos Emeralds in their super form. The grey female sat with her elbows resting on the branch, her eyes watching the black hedgehog in front of her explain his adventures. Shadow told her more about Maria and other humans he came in contact with like Molly and Chris.

While Jayde was mesmerized, down below, the Sonic Team listened to Shadow as well, smiles on their faces. Sonic grinned when the ebony hedgehog told Jayde how Sonic had once almost defeated him and how Tails had launched him from the Sonic Power Cannon in attempt to stop him from attacking Cosmo the Seedrian. Amy Rose stared up; smiling at how Jayde would sit and listen to Shadow- no one else had ever done that. She knew that Jayde had some kind of feeling towards the dark hedgehog and she could already tell that Shadow would protect her from anything.

"So, what's it like to go super?" Jayde asked after a while, sitting up straight with her legs either side of the branch. Shadow looked at her, a small smile etched on his face.

"Once we get all the Chaos Emeralds, I'll show you. You feel more powerful than ever, you're basically invincible." Shadow explained, placing his arms behind his head. Jayde grinned before lying down again.

Silver glanced up to the grey hedgehog, "Hey Jayde, question?" The female turned to her stomach and looked down at the Mobians below, "Why do you have that baseball all the time?"

Jayde smiled slightly, glancing at the ball in her palm, "It was my brothers. We used to play baseball or rounders as kids all the time. I keep it more of a lucky charm now though." She told them, not letting them in on any thing else.

Under the trees, Sonic let out a yawn, "Time to hit the hay." His bones clicked in a few places, making the blue blur wince.

"Are we going to find the next Shard tomorrow, Tails?" Amy asked, turning to face the twin-tailed fox.

He wrapped his tails around him as he settled against the log, nodding, "Yeah, we have to leave early because it's a long walk." Amy nodded before lying beside her blue hero, leaving space between them. Sonic watched the pink hedgehog curl in a ball, resting her head against the log. He heard a cough. Turning to look around, he saw the telekinesis hedgehog staring at him with a small grin.

"I think Jayde was right about you." He pointed to Amy and the blue hedgehog. Sonic's muzzle grew hot before he spun away and relaxed against the log. Looking up into the trees, he watched Shadow stare at the grey female as she slept and a smirk printed its way onto his face, I knew you had feelings for her, Faker.

Chapter Text

The Next Day

Amy Rose hopped beside her cerulean hero, the blue blur trying to ignore the cerise hedgehog. The two-tailed fox walked ahead of the two hedgehogs, following his device to the next Shard. Tails was determined to help his friends, not just be on the sidelines for support. His sea coloured eyes watched the radar on his machine before it started to beep.

"We're closing in on the Shard." Tail spoke, turning to raise his eyebrow. He saw Amy trying to pull a leaf from Sonic's quills, but his face was in a small scold, flapping her away.

"Sonic! Let me get that leaf!" Amy yelled, preparing to unleash her almighty mallet on her blue hero. Sonic muttered a few words, looking towards his sidekick who chuckled at them. The pink hedgehog pressed the blue hedgehog's head down, making him complain in protest before yanking the leaf from his quills. She huffed before flicking it towards him, causing his hands to flick about.

Tails rolled his eyes at them, looking back on his machine to see the Shard moving around. "Wait what?" he asked himself, fiddling with a few buttons on the device. Sonic rushed to his side, looking down at the screen.

"What is it, buddy?"

"The Shard is moving around! I thought it just sat on a pedestal?" Tails frowned, smacking his device until a small squeal erupted behind them.

"S-Sonic? I think I found out why the Shard is moving." The female hedgehog stuttered. The boys turned, eyes widening as they saw an overlarge wolf growling at them.

"Who are you and why are you here?" it growled, stalking towards them. Amy ran and hide behind her blue hero, his fists clenched slightly, preparing for an attack.

"I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog. And we're here for the Shard." Sonic grinned, pointing to the bright orb on its head, illuminating the wolf's fur.

"Why do you want it?"

Tails stepped forward, his fingers tightening around the gadget in fear, "We want it to defeat Dr. Eggman. He's an evil genius who wants to take over this world."

"How do I know you are not lying?" The wolf hissed, preparing to pounce.

"Believe it or not, that's your choice, but we are still getting that Shard!" Sonic muttered. The wolf's ears prick up at this, before he jumped up, slamming his paws on the ground beneath him. The three looked below their feet, the ground breaking under their shoes.

"You must prove yourself!" The wolf growled. The ground broke completely, leaving Amy, Tails and Sonic to fall straight down and into the gloomy hole. The three yelled loudly, their shouts echoing around the dark opening. The rose hedgehog clung to her blue hero as Tails grabbed Sonic's hand to break his hedgehog friend's fall.

Tails dropped the hedgehogs when he reached the ground, switching on a torch from the device before florescent moss lit up the area, making the three gasp. "Isn't this so romantic Sonic?" Amy giggled, clutching her hands by her muzzle. Sonic groaned quietly, face palming.

"We seem to have landed in some kind of ancient temple." The young fox concluded, "These markings are in Latin and seem to be key to our way out."

    "Can you read Latin, Tails?" Sonic asked, placing a hand on his hip, tapping on his foot.

Tails sighed, "No, I left my translator at home."

"What about Jayde?" Amy suggested, "Can't she read ancient languages like these?" Tails' eyes widened, flicking his fingers.

"If I can make contact with her, we can get out of here." The two-tailed fox fiddled with his communication device before huffing, "We've lost connection in this specific area."

Sonic's ear flicked before he jumped and turned around, his eyes widening, "Yeah and we're not alone either guys."

Amy and Tails looked to were Sonic stood, their jaws dropping as they face a massive spider. "A s-s-s-spider!" Amy squealed, raising her hammer in front of her. The spider screeched, leaping forward, Sonic jumping back before the pinchers struck him.

Tails looked around frantically, "There!" he pointed to a gap in the wall. All three of them ran towards the crack before diving in. The fox's communicator became green as they ran underneath the spider before flashing red again. "Oh no."

"Tails, what's wrong?" Amy asked, ducking as one of the spider legs crashed through.

"Well, whatever that spider is made of is what can help us communicate to Jayde." Tails muttered, fiddling around with his Emerald Hunter. It bleeped loudly. "It's got a Chaos Emerald!"

"What how?" Sonic asked before huffing, tapping the toes of his shoes on the ground,

"Fine, I'll destroy it. Amy, you helping?" the pink hedgehog looked to her blue hero and back to the giant spider before nodding, gulping down her fears.

They rushed out the gap, leaving Tails to mess around with his device. Amy ran towards the spider, swinging her hammer around and knocking one of its legs. The giant insect screeched before turning towards Amy, giving the speedster time to spin dash, crashing into its back. The spider swung its legs around, knocking the pink hedgehog off guard, her hammer flying from her hands. She growled, another hammer appearing from her palms.

"No one hits the hammer except me!" she snapped, running under the insect, swinging her hammer up into its stomach.

"Nice one, Ames." Sonic grinned before rolling into a ball again, racing around the spider's feet. The giant insect hissed before shooting some web towards the blue hero.

"Sonic!" Amy cried out, but it was too late. Sonic was slammed against the wall, the web trapping him. His arms tensed as he groaned, trying to escape the trap, but spider web was tougher than he thought. Amy glared at the spider, twirling her hammer around, her feet rising from the ground before smacking the spider around the pinchers. Amy continued to fight the insect, leaving Sonic to struggle in the web.

Tails scanned the spider with his upgraded mechanism, trying to find out where the Chaos Emerald was. "Amy! Go for the head!" Tails yelled to her before clambering out the gap towards Sonic.

"Get me outta here!" Sonic yelled, his feet waving around. Tails flew over to his buddy, using his twin tails to slice through the web. "Thanks Tails." He grinned before spin dashing towards the spider. Amy had been doing a pretty good job by herself. Each time she swung her hammer it was a hit, and now the insect was almost destroyed. Sonic jumped high before crashing down on the spider, one final screech erupting from it before it exploded, gunk flying around, covering the three.

"Ew, gross." Amy squealed, brushing a hand through her quills.

"I've got the Chaos Emerald!" the speedster yelled, diving out from the dust. He shook his quills off, causing the pink hedgehog to cover her face and glare at the blue hero. A bright green Chaos Emerald was passed to the young fox, allowing him to connect his communicator.

Chapter Text

Jayde, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Rouge and Knuckles sat around the clearing, the grey hedgehog dangling from the tree branch from her legs. Her hands hung down as she listened to the argument below her.

"Instead of being so nasty all time maybe you should try being nice to me and then maybe I wouldn't find you so unlikable!" Rouge snapped, clenching her fists at the red echidna. Shadow rolled his eyes at the pathetic pair, one leg over the other as he stared at his fingers. Silver and lying on the grass, his arms over his eyes as he groaned, slightly annoyed with the bickering between the bat and echidna.

"As it is right now you're as sour as a truck load of lemons!" Rouge punched her fist against her palm, glaring at the red echidna. Blaze sat silently with her hands in her lap, picking a few petals off a flower and throwing them towards the white hedgehog below her. She chuckled as he flinched, sitting up and shaking them off.

"Then don't hang out with me!" Knuckled shouted, his fists by his sides.

"I won't!" The bat yelled back, "Once I'm gone you'll be completely miserable mister."

Knuckled grinned, crossing his arms and closing his eyes, "Actually it'd be a huge relief to not deal with your batty behaviour." One of his purple orbs opened again, "But I'm sure you'll come flying back." Rouge glared at the echidna before slamming her fists against him. The grey hedgehog in the tree laughed slightly as Knuckles flew back, moving her position on the tree branch.

"What's taking them so long?" Blaze asked, standing up from the log. "They should've been finished by now!"

"Maybe the guardian captured them" Silver suggested, crossing his legs. Shadow stood up and looked to the grey hedgehog above him, rolling his eyes.

"Renee, you will fall in a minute." The grey hedgehog was swinging her arms around, her quills drooping down.

"Huh?" she asked before her communicator bleeped, startling the grey hedgehog, making her loose her grip. Jayde's body suddenly stopped falling, surrounded by a green aura. Silver looked up, bored, his finger turning Jayde in the air before dropping her on her feet.

"Told you." Shadow muttered. Jayde rolled her eyes at the ebony hedgehog, moving her mouth to his words before clicking her communicator. Tails appeared on the screen.

"Hey Tails." Jayde smiled before projecting the screen in front of her so everyone could see, placing the raconteur on the log. "What's taking you so long?"

"We ran into the guardian which then trapped us in this ancient cave. Amy and Sonic then fought a giant spider which had a Chaos Emerald in its brain!" Tails exclaimed, showing Amy trying to get cobweb out of the blue blur's fur.

"Did you say Chaos Emerald?" Rouge grinned which caused Knuckles to growl at her.

"What are you doing now?" Silver asked, standing in their view. Tails turned the communicator to the wall, showing the rest of the gang the Latin markings.

"Did you not hear me say trapped?" Tails muttered, "Jayde, I need you to read these words to help us get out." Jayde stepped forwards a bit, squinting her eyes to the writing before reading aloud.

"To escape..." Jayde muttered a few words under her breath before her eyes widened, "Uh, Tails?" the fox turned his communicator back to him, watching the grey hedgehog, "That wasn't the only spider down there."

The gang heard Amy's voice, "What!" she gripped the screen, the camera turning to face her, her eyes widening in fear.

"You need to follow a path. Choose one out of the six there. Whatever one you choose, you can't go back. There will be spiders, huge bats and ancient robots in every trail." Jayde scratched the back of her head. "You have to go through it before the walls cave in!"

As if on cue, a loud rumble was heard above Tails, Sonic and Amy, a small rock landing on the cobalt hedgehog's head, "Ow!" he spoke, standing up, "We gotta go!" he grabbed Amy and Tails' wrists, dragging them along, the communicator going out.

"I think we're going to waiting for them a bit longer." Blaze sighed, throwing a few flames into the dying fire.

"And good luck to them." Rouge muttered, watching the red echidna beside her who looked away, folding his arms.

Meanwhile, the three stuck in the ancient cave were discussing which path to take. "Look we should just go for the middle, simple!" Sonic said leaning against the wall with his eyes closed.

Tails looked towards his proclaimed brother, sighing, "Everyone knows that the middle exit is always the worst." The blue blur shrugged.

Amy stepped forward, glancing at the craved patterns on the walls, trying to make out what they meant. Each one was of a human, going through each trail with spiders, bats or robots. "Hm, I think we should take the right." She spoke, placing a hand on her hip as she clutched her hammer in the other.

"Whatever decision we make, it better be quick. That roof is going to cave in on us any minute!" Tails yelled, pointing upwards to were rocks were falling from.

"Well I'm taking the middle so see ya!" Sonic sprinted into the middle trail, the cave crumbled, rocks falling to block his exit.

"Sonic!" Amy and Tails shouted. The blue blur tried pushing, kicking and even spin dashing into the rocks but they wouldn't budge.

"Now look what you did!" Amy yelled from the other side, slamming her mallet against the old stones.

"Go to another trail, they probably all meet up somewhere!" Sonic shouted back, turning and walking further into the dimly lit cave. It wasn't long before robots charged towards him, a small grin appearing on his face, "Better late than never!"

The pink hedgehog was cursing the cobalt hedgehog and his stupid actions whilst walking through the sixth trail with the two-tailed fox. Tails' fingers scanned the device around, checking for any spiders, bats or robots. Amy couldn't believe Sonic had left her, could he not have taken her with him? She sighed, fiddling with the head of her hammer.


Tails, Amy and Sonic continued through their chosen paths, destroying robots, bats and spiders in their way. "Eugh, remind me to never go into an ancient cave." Amy muttered, flicking some web from her short, pink quills. The twin-tailed fox rolled his eyes at his hedgehog friend, continuing to follow his device. A light illuminated from his gadget, providing them sight in the dark cave.

"The way out should be close, the Shard is right out that door." Tails pointed ahead of him, not looking forward.

"Y-You want us to go through that!" Amy squealed. Tails frowned, looking up to see an army of robots blocking their exit. At the back was a larger robot, two large metallic fists in front of him.

Tails gulped, but put on his game face. His wasn't going to stand on the sidelines again. He twisted his tails before the made his rise into the air, propelling like helicopter wings. He flew at the robots, using his tools to smash their heads into their round bodies, kicking and punching his way through. Amy grabbed her hammer and started to swing it in a circle around her, colliding with all the ancient tins cans that surrounded her. She was about to run at the larger one until Tails crashed into her, sending them both into a wall.

"Tails..." Amy groaned, gripping her head in pain.

"Sorry." He whispered hoarsely. They were suddenly captured, laser bars circling them.

The robot picked up their cage, Amy growling in protest. "Let us out of here you goof!"

Meanwhile, Sonic had just finished up another gigantic spider, shaking his quills to remove the web. He wiped his gloved together before jogging ahead. He stared up at the ancient writing on the wall, slowing his pace. Different pictures were carved into the stone, words in a language he didn't understand underneath. A carving that looked much like the Seven Shard was above all of it, making his eyes widen in wonder.

The blue hedgehog clicked his communicator, trying to connect with his two-tailed proclaimed brother, "Yo, Tails, you there?" Sonic got no response, a sigh leaving him. He focused the camera before capturing the writing and drawings on the stone before racing ahead.


The speedster's ears flicked, his shoes coming to a screeching halt. "Amy?" he called, trying to listen out for the pink hedgehog.

"Sonic! Help us!" That was definitely his crazy fangirl calling for him. He followed the pleas until he came to a large opening in the primordial cave, more markings and carvings on every wall. "Sonic! I knew you'd come for me."

Sonic looked to find his two best friends trapped in a cage, floating high in the air. His mouth dropped slightly, "Hey guys, how'd you get up there?"

"I wouldn't be here if you hadn't left me!" Amy cried her fists clenched around the metal bars of the cage.

Tails looked down at the blue hedgehog, his sapphire eyes widening, "Sonic, look out!" The blue blur didn't have time to process what the twin tailed fox said until his body was crushed against a large fist, slamming against the rocks beside him.

"Ouch." Sonic muttered, dropping from the ditch he had created. He landed on his knees on the dirt below, shaking his head before looking up to face a gigantic robot, its head gleaming from the light of a Shard. He growled before spin dashing, zooming around the robot before slamming against his back. The mechanism was undamaged, firing a load of random bullets towards the blue speedster who ran around and dodged each one.

The twin-tailed fox was looking on his device, the pink hedgehog looking over his shoulder. "Sonic! There's a weak spot on his left hindquarters."  The blue hero's ear flicked, listening to Tails' shout.

Amy muttered a few inaudible words before her hammer appeared in her fist. Amy swung her mallet back, slamming it against the metal bars, an almighty crash erupting from the unbroken bars. The robot seemed fazed for a second and Sonic took this opportunity to spin dash its legs.

The tin can roared before standing upright again, aiming another shower of bullets towards the hedgehog. Tails' sapphire eyes widened as he stared at the heaving girl in the cage with him. "Amy. Hit the cage again."

"It's no use, Tails. These bars are too strong." She huffed, leaning against them for support.

The twin-tailed fox shook his head, "Not for that reason. The sound seems to distract the robot and rattle through him. Sonic will be able to defeat it if you continue to make that noise!"

The pink hedgehog's eyes widened as she looked down at her blue hero, he needs my help. Amy smirked before pulling her hammer back, the young fox covering his ears before the mallet crashed against the bars again, another loud noise that vibrated through the mechanism, causing it to freeze.

Sonic realised what Amy was doing, and used it as his advantage. For every hit against the steel cage, the blue blur was able to strike the robot with a spin dash before it completely collapsed, falling to the ground. The three held their breath, was it going to get back up? The robot was suddenly invaded by a bright light before it vanished completely, only the crystal and elder guardian they had seen before was in its place.

"You have proven yourself worthy of the Shard.  You've shown courage, intelligence and power, congratulations." He spoke, presenting Sonic with the Orange Shard before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

The cage opened from the rocky ceiling, the pink hedgehog and twin-tailed fox dropping down. Tails grabbed Amy's hand, stopping her from landing on her head and placing her feet on the ground.

"That was awesome!" Sonic grinned at the two.

Amy glared, pointing her mallet at her blue hero. "You owe me a date."

Sonic seemed to jump back about ten feet, "What! Why?" The rose hedgehog placed her hands on her hips, her Piko Piko hammer disappearing.

"You almost had me killed!"

"Chill Amy, I had sorted, I got you out." Sonic spoke to her, raising his gloved hands in surrender.

Tails intervened, "Technically speaking, Amy saved us. You wouldn't have defeated that robot is she hadn't used her hammer against the bars." Amy grinned in triumph, folding her arms.

The cobalt hedgehog sighed, placing a hand on his head, "Way to have faith in me, bro."

Chapter Text

Later that Afternoon

Tails placed all the crystals they had gathered so far in a small circle. Currently, they had four, including the one Jayde first had when she joined them. They all seemed to glow brighter when they were next to each other.

Jayde sauntered around, kicking a diminutive rock around. Sonic was tapping his foot impatiently on the ground, his body urging him to run. Silver was trying to meditate, but couldn't because of this boredom that was itching at his fur. Jayde groaned, "Are you guys getting anywhere?"

Tails, Blaze, Rouge and Knuckles were all trying to figure out what the Shards would look like when they all came together. The twin-tailed fox was trying to improve his reading of different languages by studying the image the blue blur had taken but wasn't getting anywhere fast, Knuckles and Blaze were trying to figure out how and why the Shards and Chaos Emeralds were connected, and if they were somehow also connected to the Sol Emeralds and Rouge was just there because they were jewels and she loved them.

"No, for the fifty-eighth time." Blaze muttered, trying not to glare at the impatient hedgehogs.

Each of them was grumbling in their own way. Even if the Ultimate Lifeform was just leaning against the tree, his arms were crossed and had a scowl on his face. Sonic was pacing around to stop his legs from getting cramped, muttering things under his breath as he threw up a few rocks and caught them again in the same hand. Silver had started to twirl in his place, groaning about how bored he was and Jayde was throwing up her baseball. It struck through some low branches, multiple leaves and twigs falling on the female. Jayde rolled to her stomach, and began tossing bits of twig towards the telekinesis male. The pink hedgehog wasn't so bad. She was sitting on the tree branch with her legs dangling down, trying to balance her Piko Piko hammer on her finger.

"Look. If you lot are bored, my E.G.H. is picking up some strange signals about a mile west of here. Why don't you go check it out?" Tails suggested.

"Is it a Shard?" Shadow asked, walking over to the young fox.

"It seems as though it is but I am not entirely sure." Tails answered honestly, handing the E.G.H. to the ebony hedgehog. He took it and began walking away, soon followed by the other hedgehogs, Sonic racing in circles around them until Silver caught him in his telekinesis. The speedster muttered a few things before trying to run in the telekinesis trap but was failing badly.


A Few Hours Later

The five hedgehogs walked through the forest in search of the next Shard. The E.G.H. had been passed to the blue blur, the signals changing every so often to turn them in a different direction. Amy Rose had queried the rapid changes but no one really thought much of it.

The grey hedgehog could feel something inside her as she held onto her baseball, something wrong. She kept looking around, always on edge and not understanding why. Her mind was playing with her, making her see things in a negative way; to destroy. She rubbed her left arm, ignoring the shiver that ran down her spine. The ebony hedgehog noticed this and strolled alongside her.

"Renee, are you okay?" Shadow looked at the female hedgehog, his fists clenched to his sides as they walked.

"I... I'm fine." She responded, not making eye contact with the male beside her. She didn't know what was wrong. And she didn't notice her gold inhibitor rings darkening the closer they got to the Shard.

"Something's not right." Sonic paused, looking around, "If the Shard was close to us, the guardian would have come to us or the E.G.H. would've bleeped." The forest around them seemed to grow darker, as if the only light was the piercing eyes on all of the bushes that glared at the hedgehogs.

"Maybe there isn't one here." Silver spoke, rubbing his arm as a chill rocketed through him. His fingers clenched, a telekinesis swirl evaporating from his gloves.

"Or maybe it's a trap!" Amy pointed out. They continued walking towards the Shard, but Jayde's chest was feeling tight. She stopped, falling to her knees with a grunt, clutching her arms and dropping her lucky charm, "Jayde" Amy called her name, not realising the darkening of her fur.

"G-Guys," the grey hedgehog stammered, "Get away from me." Shadow frowned, going to kneel beside her but Jayde roughly shoved the male hedgehog away, "I said get away!" her voice was more menacing, a low growl rumbling from her throat.

Silver's eyes widened as realisation struck him. Quickly, he looked around and yelled out, "Mephilies! Where are you?" A low chuckle erupted around them, a dark creature appearing from the sludge on the ground. The white hedgehog now understood what was wrong as Mephilies pulled out a purple Chaos Emerald, its colour soon vanishing to a pitch black. "Jayde you've got to fight it!"

"What! I thought you defeated him!" Amy cried, hiding behind her blue hero who clenched his teeth and put a protective arm in front of the pink female.

"Defeat me? Pah! Don't make me laugh. I am indestructible, I will never go away." Mephilies glared down at them, not mentioning the fact Eggman had arose him from the dead. His dull eyes landed on the grey hedgehog whose body was shaking, her eyes shut tightly. It felt like something was tearing her apart from the inside, stripping her from her humanity. It was like she couldn't fight it, she was powerless against the being that rose.

Shadow turned to see the now pitch black hedgehog, a yell escaping her lips as she abruptly stood, showing her piercing light blue eyes with pupils like a snake, her teeth sharpened as an evil grin plastered her face. Her clothes were now dull colours, her shorts ripped around the edges. Her inhibitor rings were no longer gold, but a pitch black with a light blue band around them. His crimson eyes widened as he stared at the angered female.

"Get back!" Silver yelled to the hedgehogs, stepping away from the new being that was no longer Jayde, "Jayde you've got to fight him!"

"Ah, we have another hedgehog, one working for me now?" Mephilies laughed, "Raven, do me a favour and show these hedgehog's the way out." Without hesitation, a sudden blast erupted from the black hedgehog, force hitting each of the people she once called friends.

"Jayde, this isn't you!" Amy cried, tears in her eyes.

The being laughed evilly, "That weakling is gone!" She shot towards Amy, a rough strike to her stomach sent her flying back. Raven clutched hold of her neck, laughing at how scrawny this hedgehog was. The blue hedgehog gasped; a glared forming on his face. As much as he knew that this wasn't Jayde, he couldn't let Amy be killed because of this creature. He sprinted towards the dark being, aiming to crash into her with a spin dash. But her eyes quickly glanced to her right, swinging the pink female around like a rag doll, slamming her straight into the blue speedster. Sonic flew back at the force, and Amy was slung to the ground.

"Now," Mephilies chuckled, liking the new being that was on his side, "If you don't mind, we'll be on our way." The dark being nodded to Mephilies and followed in his Chaos control.

"No!" Shadow shouted, running forward, only to be grabbed by Silver. He was supposed to protect her from that creature, and now he's taken control of her. He failed her.

The Ultimate Lifeform glanced down, staring at the female's baseball. He picked it up, clutching it in his grasp, a small growl leaving him.

Sonic groaned, moving to a crawl position as he gripped his head in pain. Looking up, he saw the pink hedgehog sprawled across the grass, a dark bruise forming around her neck. He quickly ran towards her, picking her up in a bridal hold before running to the white and black hedgehogs.

Shadow and Silver looked towards the blue hedgehog, an unconscious girl in his arms. "We have to get Amy to Tails. There's nothing we can do for Jayde right now." Silver spoke, his ears drooping sadly. The black and red hedgehog's ears slanted, sighing as he looked away. I failed you, Jayde.

Chapter Text

Back With the Sonic Team

"What do you mean Mephilies has Jayde!" this cry came from the purple cat, her fur standing on end in fear for the grey hedgehog. The remaining hedgehogs had run back, Sonic carrying the pink hedgehog as they sprinted as fast as they could to the rest.

Silver nodded sadly, wrapping a few bandages around the blue hero's arm, "Mephilies has taken control of her with negative chaotic energy."

Knuckles gripped the Chaos Emerald in his gloves, watching as the colour gradually start to drain away, "Yeah, and now Mephilies has corrupted one Chaos Emerald the rest will slowly lose their power."

"What a shame." The white bat spoke, staring at the Chaos Emerald in the echidna's hands; such a waste of a precious jewel she could've used.

The red and black hedgehog stared at the baseball in his left hand, his other hand clamped in front of his mouth. It's all my fault. He didn't protect Jayde; he didn't do enough to stop her from turning into that dark being she's now trapped inside. Shadow cared for that hedgehog more than he could say, and now he had failed her. He huffed, burying his face in his palms.

"It's my entire fault." He whispered, but not quiet enough. Each of the surrounding people heard, all of their heads turning to face the sorrowful hedgehog.

Silver creased his eyebrows, looking sadly towards the dark hedgehog. "Shadow, there's nothing you could have done." He spoke quietly. "Mephilies had that Chaos Emerald; you couldn't have stopped him from taking over her body."

Rouge the Bat stared at her G.U.N. partner. He was always so strong, completely fearless. But now, as he slumped in front of the fire, she saw sadness in his orbs, something she's never witnessed in the brave hedgehog. Nothing would stop him, he would always be ready for a fight, but now he looked completely lost without the grey hedgehog beside him.

Amy also noticed his apprehensive look. She knew that Jayde had feelings for the red striped hog, but she never imagined Shadow falling for her too. He was a one-man show, always wanting to be alone, never wanting company. If she was finding it sad that Jayde was taken over by that evil spirit; how was Shadow feeling?

The blue hero had never seen this side of Shadow. He looked scared. Not necessarily for himself, but for Jayde. Shadow had always been around that hedgehog since she first met the Sonic Team, and now that she was gone, it's like a piece of him was missing. Tails wrapped some bandages around the pink female, not speaking, but listening. Sometimes you just need to listen to understand.

Blaze stood beside the red and black hedgehog, placing a hand on his shoulder, "We will turn her back, Shadow." She smiled slightly. She may have been speaking aloud to everyone, trying to persuade them that they will find the Jayde they love, but she was also trying to convince herself. That grey hedgehog had accepted everyone for who they were, even the grump hog in front of her, and she was always smiling- why did she get such a horrid curse in being the Shard's protector?


Meanwhile With Eggman

In the hidden base of Dr Eggman, Raven and Mephilies appeared out of nowhere, startling the evil genius. A small grin plastered on his face as he took in the negative form of the once happy hedgehog, his mind sparking with all the plans he could use her in.

"Ah, Jayde! It's a pleasure to meet you in this state." The moustached man spoke, standing to his full height.

"Don't mention that weakling, the name's Raven." She snapped a reply, clenching her fists. Eggman gulped slightly, not truly understanding what he had unleashed. Raven couldn't stand to be around such feeble people, the only one she could dispatch whom had some kind of strength was the one who turned her; Mephilies.

Eggman cleared his throat before speaking, "I presume you are enjoying this power you have?"

The scowl on Raven's face barely disappeared, but her fists relaxed slightly before responding, "Yes. Mephilies helped to unleash me."

"It was my idea." The Doctor told her. The dark hedgehog's eyes widened partially before recomposing herself.

"And why would you think about doing that? Don't you know I could destroy you without hesitation?" she asked, crossing her arms. In the corner of the room, Orbot and Cubot stood watching the conversation, a slight panic running through their circuits at this fearless female in front of them. They wouldn't dare question the doctor like she was doing.

"As payback for helping with the release of you, I would like you to do something for me." Dr Eggman answered, moving towards his computer.

"And what makes you think I will do what you tell me to?" she asked, a small glare rising in her eyes. No one could tell her what to do.

"Because it's a real killer." This caught her attention. She wanted nothing more than to obliterate this world and rule over it with no one to stop her. "I want to fulfil my ambition to build the Eggman Empire, but a certain blue rat and his rodent friends keep getting in my way."

"You mean Sonic the Hedgehog." Mephilies spoke, hovering in his place. "You know I can annihilate them easily?" he disappeared in black sludge, leaving Raven and the doctor.

"Why do you need me if he's going to put an end to them?" the dark being asked, picking some dirt from the fur on her arm, uninterested.

"You think he'll be able to destroy them? He tried once and failed, and it's highly likely he'll fail again." Eggman huffed, flicking a few switches on his computer before images of the Sonic Team showed up.

Raven chuckled, "Huh, they are weak. I'll have no difficulty obliterating them." She turned to walk out, Eggman grinning at the being he had unleashed behind her. Nothing was going to stop her from killing those creatures; they'd be a piece of cake. After that, she'll destroy the world, creating her own living hell. Nothing and no one would stop her.

Eggman rubbed his hands together, laughing, "Now with that hedgehog about to kill that blue rat I'll be able to take over the world!"

Orbot and Cubot flew from their hiding place, coming to face their creator, "But boss," the red henchman spoke, "What if she turns against you?"

Eggman chuckled, "I have that sorted. Using the Shard's that I will collect, she'll have no chance against this sealed container." The fat, moustached man pressed something before glass circled around the two robots.

"You're planning to get the entire Potens crystal?" Cubot asked, placing his hands against the glass.

"Yes," the doctor spoke, releasing the robots from the container, "After I capture her, I'll extract the negative chaotic energy from her body, using it to power my robots. They will be the most powerful mechanisms I can ever create and no one could stop them!" Eggman let out another evil laugh.

Chapter Text


The Sonic Team

"If Jayde is surrounded by negative Chaos energy she will turn in to Raven; the form that is pure evil and will stop at nothing," Silver spoke. Everyone was circled around the fire, listening as the telekinesis hedgehog told them about Negative Jayde, "If you're in her way, you will get hurt, there's no opt out option. If you challenge her, you will suffer."

Shadow had his back turned to everyone as he stood a few metres away. How could he let this happen? He promised to protect her, to stop Mephilies from taking over her body, and he failed her.

"Do you think there's a way I can connect to her using the Master Emerald?" Knuckles suggested, his fists scrunched together beside his muzzle.

Silver stared at the flames, "I'm not sure. There's a rare possibility that you'd be able to connect with her, but you'd be able to see if we can still save her."

Sonic looked up at the, his eyes pulled into a frown, "What do you mean 'if'?"

The white hedgehog sighed, resting his head in his palms, "In the future there was another protector. He was a brave warrior and fought for what he thought was right. But he came in contact with negative chaotic energy, and he turned dangerous and started to create his own living hell. After a while, his true self eventually died because of the amount of negative energy flowing through him and his true being died off." Silver looked up at the fire, covering his muzzle with his fingers, "We had to destroy him."

Amy gasped, "B-But we don't have to destroy Jayde right?" she looked towards Silver who's eyes frowned sadly, his white fur lighting up orange with the flames in front of him, "R-Right?" The hedgehog still didn't respond and Amy's ears drooped.


Everyone looked up to the red and black hedgehog that had turned to face them. His own orbs looked like they had pools of fire in them as his clenched his fists. "I'm not going to let Jayde stay in her Negative Form. I won't fail another." Each of the Sonic Team knew he was referring to Maria.

A loud, evil laugh caught their attention before a dark creature appeared from the sludge beside the trees, "You already have failed her, Shadow."

The red striped hedgehog glare at his grey and black lookalike, his teeth clenched. Silver and Sonic stood to attention, their body tense and ready to attack.

"What did you do to Jayde?" Shadow snapped, glaring at Mephilies, "What did you do to my Renee?"

"I made her better." He grinned. Each of the Sonic Team knew that Mephilies was easy to defeat without his true power, but he was still dangerous.

"You didn't make her better," the dark hedgehog growled, "She was already perfect, you ruined her!"

"You honestly think it was my fault?" Mephilies asked, a small laugh echoed from his non-existent mouth, "I wouldn't have been here if it wasn't for a certain evil genius who gave me the power to rise from the dead."

"Eggman." Silver muttered, glaring at his arch nemesis, "Why did he bring you back?"

"He needed me to turn that renegade into her Negative Form to help him conquer this world. He said he needed her to defeat you, but I think I can handle that." Mephilies grinned.

"You were weak before, it's easy to defeat you again." Sonic chuckled. Mephilies glared at the blue hedgehog before summoning a large black monster behind him. It had four eyes, each a dark brown that glistened in the moonlight. It stood on four legs, its feet crunching every tree around it like they were twigs. It gave a furious roar, glaring at the three male hedgehogs below.

Sonic nodded towards Silver and Shadow before raising his hands. Chaos Emerald rose from around them, two coming from Knuckles, one each from the male hedgehog's, one from Tails and Mephilies' emerald rose from his quills and surrounded the three hedgehogs.

They started to spin around them, power travelling through each of the male hedgehogs before their fists clenched, and their fur turned golden. The remaining Sonic Team were blinded momentarily, covering their eyes before they witnessed the Super transformation once again. The males hovered slightly above the ground, each of their eyes a ruby colour.

"Let's get this over with." Shadow muttered, shooting off to face the monster. Silver and Sonic quickly followed after, each of them landing a punch on the creature. The red striped hedgehog sent a shower of chaos spears towards the body of the monster, another roar leaving it. The speedster rolled around in his super form, his speed even faster than before as he spin dashed into the legs of the creature, knocking it off guard.

Blaze the Cat balanced at the top of a tree, sending fire balls towards the telekinesis hedgehog, allowing him to capture them and aim them directly towards the monstrosity. Knuckles and Rouge couldn't stand watching their friends fight alone, so they flew around the monster. Rouge preformed her spin attack, slicing her heel through its fur and skin. Knuckles slammed his fist against the legs of the monster; Sonic grabbed the red echidna's gloved hand and tossing his up into its stomach, allowing Knuckles to strike the creature with incredible force.

Tails was busy with some calculations on his gadget before he yelled out, "Guys! The weakest points are the right side and its head!" Each of them heard, aiming for the frailest points of the monster.

Mephilies let out a growl before negative energy shot towards each of the golden forms, a yell escaping them. The negative chaotic energy wrapped around all of the fighters, the monster able to fight back. Blaze was knocked from the tree, the telekinesis hedgehog trying to save her, but the bad chaotic energy going through him stopped his powers and another shout of pain left him.

Rouge and the red echidna had an almighty whack against them, sending them flying towards the young fox. The pink hedgehog gasped as she watched all her friends be harmed and flames surrounded her eyes. Her fingers clicked, and a massive mallet appeared in her hands. The pink hedgehog's ears pinned back and she ran at full speed towards Mephilies the Dark, clenching her teeth as she glared at the back of his head.

Mephilies didn't have time to process anything as he heard a battle cry and his body jolted forward as a force struck him. Sonic, Shadow and Silver were released from the negative chaotic energy, each of their forms dropping to the ground. The speedster stood up, clutching his stomach as he watched the happy, innocent pink hedgehog slam her hammer against the enemy. Power was running through her as the inhibitor rings on her wrist glowed brightly.

The monster started to cave in as his creator was being pummelled into the ground, before it collapsed into a black dust and disappeared from existence.

Amy stepped back, breathing heavily as Mephilies slowly rose to his feet again. He went to fire a shot of negative chaotic energy towards the pink female with his last bit of strength until a gold blur raced around the two hedgehogs and a foot collided with his muzzle, knocking him straight into a tree.

Sonic landed beside the pink hedgehog, watching as Mephilies sunk into the ground again- never to return. Amy drew a deep breath before her body collapsed. The blue blur quickly caught her before she hit the ground and raised her in his arms.

Tails flew over to the two, "That energy boost must have left her weak afterwards; I've never seen her become so angry."

"Sonic?" Amy whispered resting against her blue hero as his super form faded away and his quills returned to their originally cobalt colour.

Sonic smiled down at the female, "You did good Ames. He's gone thanks to you." Amy weakly grinned before closing her eyes and resting.

Shadow and Silver lost their power, relaxing on the ground and breathing heavily. They still had to get rid of Negative Jayde, or Raven and it wouldn't be easy to bring the real Jayde back.

Chapter Text

The Next Day

The red and black hedgehog didn't sleep a minute through the night. His mind wouldn't stay away from Jayde, and he couldn't sleep as long as he knew she was trapped inside her Negative form- how could he? His gloved hands stayed behind his head as he stared up at the stars, lying on the same tree branch as the grey female did.

Silver was meditating again, his body floating in the air. He needed to find away to bring Jayde back. He knew that the Master Emerald could only tell them if they could still save the young hedgehog- they couldn't bring her back through it. They either had to get through to her, or destroy her.

"G-Guys-" Amy sighed, rubbing her arms, "I hate to ask but... if we do have to destroy Jayde- who will do it?"

No one spoke. It was too difficult to say anything about hurting such an innocent hedgehog- even Rouge felt angry about this happening to her. Sonic glanced up at his red and black lookalike, feeling somewhat sorry for him. After all the loss he's already encountered, could he take another- especially one that hasn't left his side since she got here?

The young fox couldn't bare the thought of anyone harming Jayde. She was kind hearted and full of spirit and happiness. For crying out loud- she made the Ultimate Lifeform smile! The grey hedgehog was one of few that accepted the twin-tailed fox's abilities and wouldn't even dare think about losing her this way. He tried and he tried to come up with a plan to return her to her normal state- but nothing. They were coming to terms with something they had never dealt with before and not one of them knew much about it- not even Silver.

"We can't think like that." Blaze spoke quietly, throwing a few flames into the dying fire in front of her. She didn't want to come to terms with that fact that they might have to obliterate the hapless hog because she didn't do anything wrong. She always made sure everyone was happy- how could she get such a devastating curse?

"Blaze is right." Silver agreed, still blaming himself, "No matter what, our Jayde is still in there. Even if we have to fight against her... we can still try and find away to save her." The telekinesis hedgehog looked up to the Ultimate Lifeform, everyone else following. No one expected him to say anything. If he was hurt, mentally or physically, he wouldn't let anyone else know. He didn't share his pain with people.

The dark hedgehog shifted slightly, trying to ignore the eyes that burned into him. He didn't care about anything else except the light in his darkness. He had to find a way to get her back, even if it meant giving his immortal life to save her. The red and black hedgehog wouldn't let her stay this way.

"If that time were to come," he mumbled, twisting his inhibitor rings around his wrists, "I shall do it."

"Shadow..." Rouge spoke, her voice slowing. He spoke with no emotion and she didn't want him to return to the way he was before. Jayde had changed him so much in so little time and the ivory bat couldn't stand to see him as an emotionless wreak again.

A loud explosion caused everyone to flinch, their eyes wide. Knuckles stood up as stared straight ahead of him, watching a dark figure come from behind the trees. Shadow jumped down, walking forward slightly before his orbs recognised the dark hog as she fully emerged.

"Renee." He breathed, everyone around him hearing. Raven snickered at the helpless creatures in front of her, before a screech left her, the sky's becoming red, everything around seeming to darken. Every Mobian in Mobius scuttled into their houses, each too afraid of what had passed through their towns.

The white hedgehog used his telekinesis, grabbing the dark spirit as he tried to talk some sense into her. "Jayde, you have to fight it. It's Mephilies that did this to you, you're not like him! Come back to us!" He shouted at her. Raven didn't move, her eyes glinting with anger as her orbs pierced into her friends. She knew that his powers would not hold her- he was far too weak. Her palm shot out in front of her, a blast of negative chaotic energy flying towards the telekinesis hedgehog. Silver yelled in pain, gripping his stomach as he dropped the dark being. A laugh echoed around, sending chills up the Sonic Team.

"You're right, I'm not like Mephilies," she grinned, an evil glint in her piercing blue orbs that once held pools of vibrancy and excitement- now they read nothing but hate and anger. "I'm worse." She sneered, her body powering up to unleash her potential.

"Shadow, take them to Angel Island, I'll keep her here until you come back." Sonic told the dark hedgehog.

"No. I'm staying." Tails stood beside the blue hero.

"So am I." Amy spoke, flicking her fingers, her mallet appearing from the dust. Sonic didn't want them to stay because he knew they'd get hurt.

"You have to go!" Sonic told them, a slight fear in his orbs. But they were stubborn. Once they made a decision, they kept to it.

"I'm not leaving you Sonic the Hedgehog!" Amy declared, walking up and next to her blue hero. The twin-tailed fox followed, his steps wobbled as he walked.

To say he was afraid was an understatement; he was terrified. He knew this wasn't Jayde and he knew that he could get seriously hurt but he didn't care. The grey hedgehog had accepted him in any situation and now it was his chance to prove back that she meant a lot to him, even if the being didn't care for him in this state, "That's not how sidekicks do." He told the cobalt hedgehog, a slightly frown etched on his muzzle.

Shadow pulled one of the seven Chaos Emeralds from his quills before the rest disappeared, leaving Sonic, Amy and Tails. With fear running through each of them and no way of turning back, they faced the being that could end them.

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A Few Hours Later

The sky was blood red; every tree in the forest had lost its leaves, completely bare. Everything was in a dark state, no animal made a noise, no Mobian left their house- each too afraid of what Mephilies had unleashed.

Sonic glared up at the dark being floating in the sky; Raven- the dark form of Jayde. Her inhibitor rings had gone out and no light was coming from them. Her angry, pale eyes stared down at the helpless blue hog, thinking about how pathetic these creatures were. The Hero of Mobius had already gained a cuts and bruises from the once energetic female, and his body was weak. He never thought that an innocent hedgehog could be cursed with such a horrifying nightmare- and there was nothing no one could do about it.

Amy Rose stood by the knocked out fox, protecting the young one as much as she could. He tried talking to Negative Jayde, he tried reasoning with her, but she laughed in his face, telling him how pitiable he was before a hard blow was aimed straight at his head. The female had dragged him under the trees, trying to hide him from the sight of the dark hog.

Negative Jayde swooped down again, aiming straight for the blue hedgehog who tried to stop her. His emerald eyes widened at her speed before her fists clashed with his muzzle, sending him flying back, smacking into the trunks of multiple trees behind him.

"Sonic!" Amy cried, fire rising in her jade eyes. She knew that Jayde would never hurt her friends, but she needed to protect herself. She summoned her mallet, charging towards the dark being that floated just a metre above the ground.

"Don't do it Amy!" Sonic yelled weakly, a desperate attempt to stop her from committing what she was about to do. But the dark hedgehog had already sensed her coming, and without hesitation, swung her hand back, grabbing hold of her neck. Amy's eyes widened in shock, dropping her hammer as she grasped Raven's fingers, trying to pry them from her.

Sonic gasped as Jayde rose higher into the sky, the pink female's feet dangling in the air. An evil laugh erupted from the dangerous hedgehog as she threw Amy away like trash. Sonic rushed towards the hammer swinging female, catching her just before she hit the ground. His weak steps led him to a passed out Tails, slouching beside his proclaimed brother.

A bright light flickered before a black and red hedgehog appeared, staring up at the evil Jayde. She grinned down at the new opponent, her fists balling in the air. Shadow watched Jayde, a slight apprehension rising in the 'fearless' hedgehog. He was their last hope. If he did not succeed, he'd die knowing Jayde was trapped in her dark form, destroying everyone she loved for the pure pleasure of it. He would have truly failed her.

"Shadow," Sonic called, coughing slightly, "You have to use the Chaos Emeralds."

The Ultimate Lifeform shook his head, "I can't. I don't want to hurt her." Even if this wasn't Jayde, it was still her body- she was in there somewhere.

Sonic growled at his lookalike, "None of us do Shadow, but we need to protect ourselves. This isn't the kind, happy Jayde we all once knew." The black hedgehog's fists clenched, looking back towards the female who had been there for him since the start. He couldn't let her stay this way- maybe the azure hedgehog was right. He glanced at Tails and Amy- if Jayde came back right now, she'd be ashamed of what she had done to her friends.

A light flickered before the seven Chaos Emeralds appeared, circling around the ebony hedgehog. He absorbed their power, clenching his fists. In the place of the Ultimate Lifeform stood Super Shadow, his fur a luminous gold colour. He glanced back up at the once grey hedgehog before shooting up towards her. Sonic watched him go, his black eye slowly dimming in pain as he held the unconscious pink hedgehog in his arms, stroking her quills.

Negative Jayde watched this super form fly towards her, an eager smile on her face to be fighting a challenge. Though she knew good and well, she had already won. Laughing at how he believed he stood a chance against her eyes watched as he faced her. "The Ultimate Lifeform," she chuckled, glaring at him through her piercing orbs, "Soon to become the Ultimate Failure." Shadow rose to her height, ignoring the hurtful words she threw at him, she didn't mean it, it's not Jayde, it's Raven.

"I don't want to fight you, Jayde." Shadow spoke, trying to get through to her without violence. Her inhibitor rings was pitch black, the only colour was that bands that had the same striking colour of her orbs. Her pupils were black slits, much like that of a snake.

The dark being chuckled at him, twirling in the air. His wretched attempts, "Jayde's not here right now." She grinned at him with a sickening smirk.

"Where's Jayde? Where's Renee?" Shadow asked, clenching his fists. Something about the word 'Renee' angered the dark being, her body snapping to glare at the Ultimate Lifeform.

"There is no Renee! There is no light for you!" she yelled. Shadow's eyes widened, she's becoming what I once was. "There is only darkness and the darkness is what I am creating!" Raven's hands lit up before a beam of negative chaotic energy few towards the golden hedgehog, knocking him off guard and sending him flying towards the ground below. The blow to his stomach caught him off guard, and the amount of force struck him backwards.

The battle had begun; Jayde versus Shadow. Light versus dark. And the two most unexpected people were fighting for the opposite sides.

Shadow growled, quickly composing himself before flinging a shower of Chaos spears toward her. A few of the positive orbs hit her, a grunt leaving her lips as she charged up for another blast towards the hedgehog.

It didn't take long for the Ultimate Lifeform to realise that her weakness was her slowness. But her strength was her power, and if it hit him directly, he didn't know how much of it he'd be able to take. He was fighting against a force much powerful than himself, and even Shadow knew that his chances of surviving were slim.

Negative Jayde blasted another beam towards him, laughing evilly. "Chaos control!" Shadow yelled, disappearing. He reappeared behind her, slamming a foot into her back, sending her flying forwards at the unexpected attack. She spun around a bit before turning to glare at him, her face pure rage. Shadow merely smirked, able to show her some of his real power. Now maybe she'd take him seriously.

"Renee." Shadow tried calling out for her, but got no response other than a sickening laugh that damaged the ears. "Jayde, you have to fight it. Wake up!" he shouted, now more desperate than ever. "You wouldn't want this, you have to stop!"

Raven chuckled, "You blind fool. It is too late. Jayde is gone. And now I can continue to create the hell I dreamed of where light does not exist!"

Shadow clenched his fists, he wouldn't believe it. He couldn't. He couldn't let himself believe he had failed to protect another he loved. He lost one; he cannot lose this one as well. "I don't believe you!" he yelled, firing another shower of positive chaotic energy towards the dark hedgehog.

Raven chuckled and fists powered up before they both threw spears and light beams towards one another, their fight being watched from the three below. Sonic flinched every time Shadow got struck because it wasn't one of her usual play punches she gave- it was her full power going into that one hit.

The two-tailed fox beside him had woken up and was staring at the horrifying scene in front of him, wishing he could do more. He grabbed his communicator, connecting with Knuckles, Blaze, Silver and Rouge on Angel Island. "G-Guys?"

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"Oh my, Tails! Are you okay?" Blaze asked, noticing the dark bruise forming on his forehead. Tails nodded weakly before turning the camera so they could watch the fight before him.

Rouge gasped as she watched Shadow being punched in the gut, his super form flying back, the Negative Jayde was more powerful than she had once thought, especially to have hit the Ultimate Lifeform like that without him not being able to move away, "Knuckles, you need to connect with her now!" Rouge was terrified, not only for her G.U.N. partner, but the young grey hedgehog who had become her friend in the short period of time.

The red echidna growled, his hands resting on the Master Emerald, "I'm trying!" Negative Jayde was powered by dangerous chaos energy and using the crystal, he may be able to reduce the amount that is controlling her. But it was almost pointless. Knuckles' strength was not enough to fully connect with her body and change her. "Jayde?" he asked; nothing.

"No..." Blaze murmured, before she slammed her fist against the Master Emerald. Jayde meant so much to the feline. The hedgehog had helped her in so many ways and now Blaze refused to let Jayde be taken completely over by her negative side. The purple feline's anger sunk into the powerful crystal, having it shine brightly. "I won't let Jayde stay like this! She's done too much for us to let it end like this!" she hissed.

"Wait!" Silver shouted, still clutching his wounded stomach, "I can feel her presence." Knuckles nodded, and they knew that it was not too late to save the happy, energetic hedgehog they all knew and loved.

Knuckles and the rest were watching the scene through the communicator, wide eyes as their hearts pounded against their chest. Another Chaos spear shower came from Shadow's palms, a grunt echoing from the dark hedgehog, her fist spinning around to whack the Ultimate Lifeform back. "We have to get over there!" Rouge looked at Silver.

"Shadow has the Chaos Emeralds, we can't Chaos Control over." Silver told her.

Knuckled blinked, looking towards the crystal he was sworn to protect. "I can use the Master Emerald!"

They gathered around, circling the Master Emerald as Knuckles used his power to teleport them to Sonic, Tails and Amy. Their orbs glanced around, the red sky darkening the forest to the point where they couldn't see well. The only thing that was truly visible was the two figures fighting in the sky above them.

Knuckles rushed to Tails' side, sitting him up properly against the tree trunk and bandaging his head. Rouge shielded Sonic and Amy with her wings, Silver creating a powerful force-field around them all. They continued watching with fear as Shadow and Raven fought it out, but each of them knew that Shadow's chances of winning were slim.

Shadow's body was beaten up; badly. He was weakening but he wouldn't give up. He was their last chance; Jayde's last chance. If he couldn't free her now, she would be trapped in the evil spirit of herself, killing everything and everyone she loves- he couldn't let that happen.

The gold hedgehog tried his first tactic again, using chaos control to smack her from behind; but she had already seen it coming. Her fist flew behind her, knocking the Ultimate Lifeform off guard completely, and to the horror of the gang, gripped his neck, rocketing down to the ground below. The Sonic Team gasped, watching as they raced down to earth at supersonic speed. A loud crash was heard, an equator forming as Negative Jayde slammed Shadow into the floor, her thumbs pressing against his neck.

Shadow struggled, trying to pry her hands from his neck. Blood dribbled from his mouth as he kicked up at the negative energy above him. Raven grinned, crackling at this pathetic creature, watching the life slowly fade from his crimson eyes. Shadow panicked, wide pleading eyes staring up at the glassy, emotionless orbs of Raven. But he wasn't afraid for him- he was afraid for Jayde. If he gave up now, she would be forever trapped in the darkness bringing the world to its knees.

Shadow realised what he had to do. It was risky, but he had to try. His gloved hands moved from her wrists and gripped her quills, trying to pull her down. Raven, unaware of Shadow's next move, tightened her grip on his neck. Shadow squinted his eyes from the pain and yanked the dark form to him.

And their lips locked.

The dark being seemed to freeze, her laughter coming to a halt, her eyes wide open as she tried to process what had just happened. She clamped her eyes shut, trying to pull back from her rival's sudden move. Her reaction was enough to tell him that she didn't like it, and enough to tell him that something was happening. The Ultimate Lifeform focused on sending all his chaos energy to Jayde; maybe his positive chaos energy would reduce the negative inside her.

I won't lose you as well, Jayde.

Raven gripped his hand, trying to pull him away from her so she could finish him off for good, but Shadow refused. The gold aura was leaving his weak form, his fur slowly turning back into his pitch black. What looked like tiny, sparkling lights of gold rose from his body, seeping into her black fur, lighting it up. Raven let out an ear-splitting screech against Shadow's lips, enough to deafen those around, trying her best to escape his grip.

With a new found strength, Shadow gripped her quills a little tighter, ignoring the protests Raven gave. Her fingers went to his neck again, narrowing her grip. But Shadow didn't give in; he couldn't stop now.

A bright light suddenly consumed Negative Jayde blinding everyone momentarily, causing them to shield their eyes. A harsh wind exploded from the light as a thunderous sonic boom echoed around the forest and across Mobius. Then all at once the darkness was reversed and everything was sucked into the light, turning back to normal.

All went calm; silent. No noise. No dust. No light; just peace.

After a few minutes, the red and black hedgehog weakly opened his eyes, trying to blink away his blurry vision. His head was pounding, his ears flattened against his head. His ears felt as though an explosion had blasted in them. Every fraction of his body hurt and his eyes stung against the new found light in the sky. When he finally pulled himself together, he looked down to see a familiar grey hedgehog lying on his chest, her fingers limp around his neck, her face buried into his chest fur. While his breathing was rushed and rigid, hers was calm and smooth. The sudden lack of energy inside her had weakened and dazed her, causing her to fall unconscious. Shadow grunted as he sat up, holding the small grey female in his arms.

"Jayde?" Shadow asked, his gloved hands gently holding onto her cheeks, turning her face towards him. Her muzzle was pale, a light bruise on the left side. His thumbs traced under her eyelids and tears formed in Shadow's eyes as he pressed his face into hers, whimpering slightly that she wouldn't wake up anytime soon. "Renee."

The dark blue orbs of the hedgehog slowly revealed themselves, her muzzle pressing into Shadow's before Jayde's body pulling back slightly from the ebony hedgehog. "S-Shadow?" she asked weakly, her eyes still half open. "W... What happened?" her body leaned against his for support, most of her energy drained.

Shadow smiled, wrapping his arms tightly around her, "You're okay. You're okay." He whispered, rocking her back and forth. Jayde was confused at the hug Shadow gave her, finding it extremely odd that the dark hedgehog wrapped his arms around her. His head shot up as he turned to the awaiting Sonic Team, "She's okay!" he yelled.

It took a matter of milliseconds before Sonic ran over, dropping Amy beside the light grey hedgehog. The pink hedgehog wrapped her arms around her best friend, crying against her quills, "I thought we lost you forever Jayde!"

The remaining teammates circled around the three sitting on the ground, a few tears in Silver and Rouge's eyes. Jayde squinted her eyes against the light, slanting slightly away from the rose hedgehog, "Um... What happened? Why are you guys crying and hugging me?"

The gang looked towards one another, unsure of what to do. Did she not remember? It wasn't until Jayde turned and took a good look at the ebony hedgehog- it all came back to her. He had a dark bruise on his muzzle, cuts crawling along his arms and his fur was matted with blood and dirt. She remembered. The change, the battle, the torture, it all came back. Jayde stumbled back, staring at her bloodied hands, her ears pinned back.

"I... I couldn't..." she looked at her friends. The red hand marks on Amy's neck, the black eye on Sonic's face, Tails' bandage around his head, Silver's hand that clutched a dark part of his stomach. "I... I d-didn't... mean..." she backed away from the team. Amy tried to step towards her to comfort her but she turned and ran only to ram herself into the Ultimate Lifeform. She stared up at him, looking at the dried blood that ran from his mouth and down his muzzle. Shadow looked down sorrowfully at the grey hedgehog, watching as the tears slipped from her eyes, splashing into a small puddle on the ground.

The ebony hedgehog raised his hand, the baseball in his palm. Jayde tensed, her watery eyes staring at her lucky charm before slowly taking it from him. Shadow pulled her into his arms, her tears dampening his white chest fur as she cried. Jayde couldn't believe she had done that to her friends, she was a monster. Jayde buried her muzzle in Shadow's chest fur, trying to hide her tears and sadness from everyone around her. Shadow glanced at the team, watching as the stared sadly at the female in his arms, wishing there was something they could do to make her forget it all. His eyes closed and he rested his aching head against hers, giving her the support she needed. The Sonic Team slowly walked around, joining the hug, trying to comfort the shattered girl in their own way.

They knew that there would be days when the grey hedgehog asked why they weren't afraid of her, or how they could even want to be her friend. There would be sleepless nights, tear flooded days and a broken girl under the midst of it all.

But one thing's for sure.

They'd all be there to pick up the pieces.

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The Next Day

Everyone was back at Tails' workshop. No one spoke a word. Jayde sat on the chair, her leg bouncing in place, her hands by her mouth, her body tense. She was quiet. Ever since her negative form had been sealed by Shadow, she didn't speak to anyone- she felt too ashamed. Amy still had the bruise on her neck, Shadow still had a dark patch on his muzzle that blends in with his fur and Tails' head was still bandaged up. The grey hedgehog stared at the table in front of her, her eyes not moving from that one spot.

Silver and Blaze stood in the corner, leaning against the wall. Blaze's palms were playing with fire, but her mind went to the grey hedgehog. Jayde would surely ask questions about why they were still her friends- she could have killed them. But no matter what, the purple cat would stand by her side and continue to be her friend. Silver sighed to himself, staring at the ground. He partly blamed himself. He should have made Jayde return to Cream's house because they all knew that Mephilies was around- it was an accident waiting to happen.

Shadow stood from the other side of the desk, arms crossed, watching the grey hedgehog's motionless body. He knew that it was tough on the female and she would always be afraid of her dark side and what it can do. She'll never be the same as she once was because underneath it all there will be a broken girl scared of herself.

Sonic tapped his foot on the ground, folding his arms as he watched his proclaimed brother search on his computer for the next Shard.

"Okay, I found it. Its three miles south of here." He spoke, tapping a few buttons before it appeared on Knuckles communicator. "Knuckles, Rouge, you're up. Apparently there are some carvings on the walls of the podium, make sure you get a photograph of that."

Rouge nodded, "Come on, Knucks. Let's get that Shard." She grinned at the red echidna who grumbled a few words under his breath before following her out the door. Sonic and Tails turned to the grey hedgehog, staring at her body. Even though she was the enemy, her fur was still matted with her own blood, not just theirs. A deep wound inhabited her left arm and a light bruise was on the right side of her muzzle. Shadow glared at that bruise, hating himself for hurting the female hedgehog. But it wasn't the wounds that bothered her; it was the scars it left inside her friends that pained her. She knew that they'd always fear her to some extent. The twin tailed fox walked to his desk, fixing up the final pieces on his latest invention – he hoped she liked it.

Amy walked up to the silent female before wrapping her arms around her. Jayde froze. The pink hedgehog that she almost killed was forgiving her and was pulling her into a hug. The grey hedgehog refused to let the tears fall, digging at herself to be the strong teammate. Her fingers clenched into her arms, her eyes still staring at the coffee table.

The red striped hedgehog sat beside her, Amy removing her grip and letting Shadow comfort her. He put his hand on her back before her body leaned into him. The dark hedgehog wasn't used the physical contact, and even though Jayde hated it as well, they all knew that was she needed right now was support.

Jayde glanced up at the male hedgehog, hating the bruise on his muzzle that hand her name written all over it. Her gloved hand reached up, covering the wound, a small flinch coming from the black hedgehog, making her ears drop. "I'm sorry." She whispered, turning to Sonic, Tails and Amy, "I'm so sorry."

"It doesn't matter. All that matters is that you're you; we won't let him get to you again." Sonic spoke, giving thumbs up to the grey female.

Jayde shook her head, standing up from the chair, "What Shard has Rouge and Knuckles gone to?"

Tails turned and frowned at her worriedly but clicked on his communicator nonetheless. "Well, we have the purple, red and orange one so far- that's three of seven. They've gone after the pink one so there's the green and black one left."

Jayde nodded, "What about those carvings?"

"They are some kind of drawings or Latin words about the Shards. If we can get them, maybe we can find out more about the Seven Shards. But there's a problem."

"What is it?" the cobalt hedgehog asked his best friend, walking to peer at the communicator.

"Well, since Jayde found the blue Shard about five miles north of its podium, we couldn't get the carvings from that place. Because it's the largest Shard, it also holds the most power, which in turn means that Jayde will be the most powerful of the protectors. So we need to look at the carvings on the wall because there is a lot of them!" Tails spoke.

Jayde walked towards the door, her fists clenched to her sides, "I'm going to find out what it says."

“Wait, Jayde.” Tails called, screwing up the final bolt before presenting the female with a grey and green hover board, “Because of the fact you’re always with speedy people, ahem,” he nodded towards the speedster and the Ultimate Lifeform, “I’ve made you a hover board which allows you to reach unparallel speeds and keep up! I also borrowed your Shard and charged it up with the Potens power.”

Jayde walked over to the smiling fox who handed her the board, “Thanks Tails.”

“Oh, and with this wrist band, you’ll be able to call it over to you with just a tap! Also, it opens up the foot locks which connect with only your specific shoe so you don’t fall off at high speeds!” Tails grinned, “It’s also made from a strong metal which can survive almost anything – even Shadow’s Chaos Blast!” the young fox wiped his nose, “I created it.”

The grey female looked down at the orange wrist back, two small rectangular buttons beside each other. She grinned weakly at the fox, silently thanking him before turning and walking out.

"I'll go with you." Sonic jumped up about to walk alongside her but the grey female shook her head, holding her hand out to the side of her, holding her board against her other side.

"No. I'd like to go alone." She sighed, closing her eyes before walking out. Shadow watched her go, the blue hero slumping on the sofa. The red striped hedgehog wanted to be there for the grey female but he knew what it was like to want to be alone, so he gave Jayde her space- she'll be fine.

Chapter Text

A Few Hours Later

The red echidna huffed, smacking his palms together in annoyance. He didn't like working with that thieving bat anymore than working with Eggman, and now she had flown off ahead to grab the crystal and left him to find the podium himself, he hated her even more.

"Stupid Rouge, just because she's a jewel thief doesn't mean she'll get this Shard. We need that to fight against Eggman, she can't keep it-"

"What's that Knuckie? Talking to yourself about me? I'm flattered." The echidna's muzzle painted the same color as his fur, his eyes widening as he looked up into the tree to find the white bat sat cross legged on a branch. A small smirk printed on her face.

"I was talking about how much I despise you, that's all." Knuckles crossed his arms as he continued walking, Rouge flying down beside him.

"You know, as much as I love gems, I wouldn't steal these from Jayde, she needs them." Knuckles grunted in response, not believing the female beside him.

"Amy made the worse decision pairing us up." He muttered.

"Maybe she didn't. We do make a pretty good team you know." Rouge walked alongside the echidna, her feet stepping in front of one another. Teasing this male was the main reason she loved to be around him, he got angry quickly; which made it more interesting for her.

As much as Knuckles didn't want to admit it, he and the bat did make a good team. They could kick butt together and win anytime. The pokes and jokes she made to taunt him is why he disliked her so much, but they could hold a normal conversation for about five minutes.

Knuckles' communicator started to bleep, making them look in front of them. On the podium was a small, luminous pink shard, twirling slowly in its place. Rouge flew towards it, her eyes sparkling, "Hello, gorgeous." She gasped, her hands clamping together. A large blast struck the white bat, a yell leaving her lips. Knuckles jumped up, catching her in the air before she hurt herself and landing safely on the ground.

The guardian wolf stepped in front of the podium an old staff in front of him. "You cannot steal this Shard! It is the last one on its podium, I fear that evil will arise!" his voice was fearful but it held strength within it.

Rouge shook her head, "That's wrong, the black and green ones are still on their podiums."

Knuckles slapped his fists together, "Yeah and we'll be taking them too."

"You cannot!" the elder spoke, "They have already been stolen by a large man with a moustache in his hover machine. Evil will arise!"

"Eggman?" Rouge asked, turning to the red echidna. "Look guardian, we need that Shard to protect this world from that guy, so save us the fight and just give us the Shard."

"Never! It's my duty to protect the Shard; you have not proven yourself worthy!" and with that, his body transformed into a larger wolf, towering about the trees.

Rouge smirked and crossed her arms, "I guess we should put the theory of working well together to the test."

Knuckles chuckled, before running towards the creature, his fists in balls as he was about to perform the first hit. The wolf growled lowly, running on all fours towards the red echidna, swinging its paw back, each of them slamming their knuckles together at the same force.

The red echidna's eyes widened at the amount of pressure straining on his skinny arm, his feet dragging along the ground at the best pushed him back. Rouge yelled out, performing her spin attack, slashing her foot into the creature's side. Barely weakened, the wolf let out a grunt before his other fist crashed into Knuckles, sending him flying back.

The echidna growled, his teeth clenched as he stared at the overlarge wolf in front of him. Anger was flowing through his veins, watching the white bat continue her attack on the wolf. Being able to fly gave her an advantage because she could swoop away quickly and elegantly from the sharp claws of the beast below her. Knuckles smacked his fists together harshly before racing towards the creature again.

Chapter Text

The grey hedgehog walked through the trees, throwing up her baseball, her mind spacing out away from reality. She could have killed everyone she loved. She could have been the reason they may not have been here right now. What if she had killed one of them? The rest would be terrified of her- they'd never be her friend.

She bit her thumb as her mind trailed to Shadow. Her lips tingled every time she thought of the dark hedgehog, how he saved her in giving her his positive chaos energy. She bit her lip as she started to run, her quills flying behind her. There was no way she was going to let that Dr Eggman take over the world- she had to protect it and Shadow.

A blue blur shot passed her, her quills sweeping forward. The grey hedgehog skidded to a halt, placing her baseball in her quills before her fists clenched by her sides.

"Sonic?" The blue hero emerged from the trees, making the female cross her arms and turn away, "I told you I wanted to be alone." Sonic rubbed the back of his quills, looking away.

"I know and I'm sorry, but I'm so bored." Jayde rolled her eyes as she continued walking through the forest, the blue hedgehog quickly by her side.

"Why don't you fight Shadow?" The grey female had noticed that whenever the two males were bored, they would pick a fight with one another. The others didn't bother with it so it must have been a usual thing.

"Shadow's too worried about you." The dark blue orbs widened slightly before returning to normal, her fists clenching by her sides. Jayde didn't want to believe that the Ultimate Lifeform was worried about her- not after she almost killed him. Sonic sensed her doubt, "He really does care about you Jayde."

The grey hedgehog ignored the blue blur, walking faster. Her inhibitor rings started to flash slowly, telling her that they were coming close to the Shard Podium. Sonic frowned. This still wasn't the happy, cheerful Jayde he knew. This was a darker, more serious hedgehog before him. She was turning into another Shadow.

The blue hero nudged her with his arm, looking in the other direction. Jayde glared at him from the corner of her eye, shoving him over. A small grin etched on her face, making Sonic smile, "There's the Jayde I know."

"I'm sorry." The female glanced at the brother-like figure beside her, fiddling with her fingers.

"You have no reason to be sorry. Mephilies took control- there was nothing you could have done about it." Sonic said, crossing his arms, grinning at the young hedgehog, "But out of interest," Jayde looked at his emerald eyes, "How was it?"

She frowned, "What?"

"You know," Sonic made kissing noises, "The kiss!"

Jayde laughed, pushing her hands out in front of her, "Okay, I expected this from the girls, not the Hero of Mobius!" Sonic chuckled, putting an arm around her in a brotherly way, ruffling her quills.

"Hey, hey! Don't touch the fur, dude." She muttered, pushing the blue blur away, grinning, "And give it back!"

"Dude!" Sonic chuckled, throwing back her baseball which he had taken in the process.

They continued walking, chucking the baseball to each other on the way, the inhibitor rings on Jayde's wrist glowing brighter until they reached a clearing, a small cave carved into the wall. An empty podium stood in the middle, surrounded by countless drawings and Latin words marked into the walls behind. Jayde let a gasp slip as she ran towards the cave, putting away her baseball and placing her hands on the wall. She had never seen something so amazing.

A large carving was in the middle of all the Seven Shards connected as one, Latin words written beside them. Her eyes scanned over the words, 'fiducia, viribus, pacem, vision, ruditatis, educate and pignus' Jayde pressed her fingers against the rock, closing her eyes. She frowned slightly before a vision appeared in her mind, the Gods.

                      {{ Each of them were surrounding a circular table, glaring across from one another. The Potens Crystal was held by the tallest, before it dropped from his hands and smashed into pieces. Each God grabbed a Shard before holding it close to them, whispering the Latin words before placing it back together.

                       "This will be the solution to saving the planet." A God spoke, "With the black Shard being cursed, it can never heal. Every part of the Potens Crystal will chose a Protector. These will be Protects of the planet. Only if the host's heart is pure will it chose thee."  }}

Sonic leaned against the podium, clicking a few things on his communicator before he took some photographs for Tails, "Faker needs you, ya know."

Jayde stared at the wall, a frown making its way onto her face after she had used psychometry. Her fingers glided along the carvings before responding, "What do you mean?"

"I've never seen him this happy. He's usually avoiding us but now that you've shown up, he's been more open and... Sensitive." Sonic replied, sending the images to his twin-tailed brother. "I think if you leave him, he'd break. He can't take another loss which is why he was so desperate to return you back to normal." Jayde didn't answer but she didn't need to. The blue hedgehog knew how the female felt about the Ultimate Lifeform and so did she. Jayde wouldn't leave him even if he pushed her away.

"Who are you?" The two hedgehogs flinched as they turned to see the guardian resting against the floor in a mediating position. His staff stood beside him, balancing on the ground. Neither of them answered so the elder spoke some more, "I can sense power coming from you. Who are you?" he asked again.

Jayde walked up to the wolf, going down on one knee beside him, "Guardian, I am the protector of the blue Shard."

The elder opened his eyes, glancing at her wrist rings that gleamed brighter the closer to the wolf she went. "Impossible, this Shard was stolen by a fat, moustached man." He whispered, relaxing his hands.

"He must have dropped it because I found it lying on the ground." Jayde stood, her fists balling gently by her sides.

"You must be very powerful now. You are the first of the Seven Protectors, which means you get the Ultimate Power- the Potens Form." He smiled, closing his eyes again.

Sonic and Jayde glanced at each other before looking back to the Guardian. "The Potens Form?" the blue hedgehog frowned, neither of them knowing what this was.

The elder wolf nodded, standing to his paws, his hands grasping the staff beside him. "The first protector will be able to induce the O.L.A form, giving them unlimited power and strength- hardly anything can stop you."

Jayde glanced down at her inhibitor rings, her mouth open slightly, "W-What?"

The Guardian chuckled, walking over to her and kneeling beside the wall markings, "The O.L.A. form. It means Otium, Luminis and Ancora which translates to Peace, Light and Hope. It is a mortal inside you, one much more powerful than yourself that can defeat any evil. It was designed by the Potens God himself to protect this world from the Interficio Quattuor- the Killing Four. They are powerful immortals that were created by the Black Shard by itself. Because it holds so much power something bad will come of it- even the protector of the Black Shard."

Sonic and Jayde had sat down cross-legged beside the Guardian, listening to him speak, "If the Black Shard is used incorrectly, it will bring forth these beasts and they could obliterate mankind, taking over this planet, and eventually, the universe."

"How can we stop them?" Jayde asked, scratching her arms as she watched the Guardian look up at the carvings.

"The Potens Form will help you annihilate them, but you can never truly defeat them. They are of the power of the Black Shard and you cannot destroy it- it would cause something my devastating to arise. But to seal them back within the Black Shard, the O.L.A. form will make you stronger and able to defeat them at this time period." The elder spoke, leaning against his staff.

"How do we get the O.L.A. form?" the grey hedgehog asked. The blue blur stretched his legs out, scratching his knees.

The wolf chuckled, "My dear, it's already inside you." The female's eyes widen, her orbs staring at the inhibitor rings that glowed on her wrists. "The only thing I can say to you, is don't fight it." Jayde nodded, following the Guardian to stand. She pulled the Blue Shard from her quills, making the Guardian smile, "You are perfect for the first protector. You have shown courage and strength, and you have used your powers wisely."

Jayde grinned before her smirk was abruptly knocked from her muzzle at the sound of a clank. The hedgehogs spun around, coming face to face with an old friend.

Sonic wiped his nose, a smirk appearing on his face, "Metal! Haven't seen you for a long time. I guess Eggman's technology is too advanced for your old frame."

That's when they noticed that his colouring was darker, his eyes were shadowy and his fingers were sharper. Everything about the Metal Sonic had been upgraded, even his alienated sounds. The metallic blur sped forward, crashing straight into the Hero of Mobius. The dark blue orbs of the grey hedgehog widened, shoving the Guardian out the way before the male's body slammed into her, both of them smacking against the wall.

They both groaned before Jayde spoke up, "Guardian, get out of here! It's one of Eggman's robots." The wolf looked worriedly towards them but didn't argue at the female who glared at him to move and he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Chapter Text

Jayde pushed the blue blur from her body, standing to her feet. Metal Sonic had crossed his arms, as if a grin was planted on his metallic muzzle. The grey hedgehog clenched her fists, preparing for a battle as the real Sonic stood beside her, a glare on his face. The both ran towards the tin can, ready to punch him before he disappeared. They came to a halt, eyes widening before he reappeared behind them, spinning to land a harsh kick to their backs.

    The grey hedgehog tumbled further away, coming to a rough stop against a tree trunk. She grunted, clutching her left arm as she sat up on her knees. She looked to see Metal Sonic fly towards her, making her leap out the way- but that didn't stop him. His metallic form followed her movements. The female hastily crawled back, dodging every punch and kick that came towards her before clicking on her wrist band, a slightly echo bleep came to her ears before her board shot under her, scooping her away from Metal Sonic’s final blow. But the anti-hero aimed for her board high in the trees, before shooting. Jayde, unable to properly control her board yet, was knocked sideways and into the trunks of multiple trees before slumping on the ground. One harsh blow landed on her side making her fly back.

    Metal Sonic ran to land a final punch; the grey female gritted her teeth at the throbbing in her arm and scrunching her eyes shut preparing for the pain. But it never came. All she heard was a grunt, making her eyes open and widen. The Ultimate Lifeform had appeared out of nowhere, grabbing Metal Sonic's wrist before flinging him away.

    The Hero of Mobius dragged his body toward the other two hedgehogs, his eye having a dark purple bruise surrounding it. Jayde's form relaxed as she slumped against the tree behind her, resting her head back and closing her eyes with a relieved sigh.

    "Eggman has upgraded Metal Sonic's code to the best of his ability. He seems to have a Shard and has charged him up with that. For every one punch he gives it feels like ten. We have to direct him away from the podium because it's helping him." Shadow grumbled out, crossing his arms as he stared at the weak cerulean hedgehog.

    "Then let's go." Sonic grinned before standing straight, forgetting all his pain. Metal Sonic jumped from beginning stuck in the tree, glaring towards the three hedgehogs. He flew forwards letting out a burst of speed.

    Jayde was quickly pulled into the arms of the Ultimate Lifeform, her arm making her wince as it pressed against his chest. Shadow held onto the grey female as he skated away, avoiding the hit Metal was about to strike. Jayde buried her face in his chest fur, tearing her eyes away from the wind blasted at them as the two males ran at full speed. She barely managed to tap her wrist band, calling forth her hover board.

    "Silver and Blaze are a mile east of here waiting for us." Shadow shouted to the blue hero who raised his thumb up as a response.

    "Race ya!" he grinned, shooting away.

    Shadow chuckled, amused that even in the most dangerous of situations, the blue blur could still make a game of it. The grey female glanced up at him, "Hold on, Renee." The breath was knocked straight out of her as the red striped hog ran at his full speed, creating a sonic boom behind them. He sprinted past Sonic, grasping hold of Jayde tightly. The forest was flying past her, making her love the speed they were going.

    Sonic seemed to slow slightly, surprised at Shadow's fast pace before an alienated sound woke him from his shock. His emerald eyes glanced back, widening as Metal Sonic was right on his tail. He sprinted forward, his hands trailing behind him as he reached the four. The grey female glanced back over the Ultimate Lifeform’s shoulder before tapping her wrist band, causing her board to fly under the legs of Metal Sonic, knocking him from Sonic’s trail.

    Shadow had placed Jayde on the ground, holding an arm out to protect her, Silver and Blaze by his side. The grey hedgehog frowned before stepping in front of his hand, glaring slightly at him.

    "I'm not a damsel in distress Shades, I can fight." She spoke, clenching her fists. The red striped hedgehog looked at her but didn't say anything as he saw the Hero of Mobius come flying towards them, a metal lookalike right behind him.

    "Ready Silver?" Blaze asked, tensing her hands, preparing her fire ball.

    "You bet." He spoke before his arms shot out, grasping Metal Sonic with his telekinesis. The white hedgehog groaned lowly at his upgraded tech, but didn't surrender under pressure.

    Blaze's eyes darkened, firing a large flame towards the metallic figure, an alienated sound coming from his body before he shook and his arm moved within the telekinesis shield. An orange light rose from his palms directing straight for the pure white male. Jayde's orbs widened. Her fingers shoved Shadow out the way before she rushed to Silver and Blaze. The red and black hedgehog's eyes followed Jayde, his heartbeat increasing.

    "Silver!" the grey hedgehog shouted, causing his eyes to open momentarily before he was roughly pushed to the ground, his telekinesis dropping. The orange blast shot from Metal Sonic's hand, making the blue blur and purple feline leap out the way. Jayde jumped up onto the tree beside her, her leg getting caught slightly as she yelped. Her grip was lost on the tree branch, her body falling until the Ultimate Lifeform appeared beside her using his chaos control, catching her before she hit the ground.

    The azure hedgehog growled at his metal lookalike, spin dashing towards him, a direct hit on his body. Metal flew back, crashing through some trees before standing again.

    "Are you okay?" Shadow asked Jayde whose eyes were shut tight against the pain in her leg, only barely managing to nod. The black hedgehog frowned, clearly not believing her before watching the fight between Eggman's creation and the blue Faker. The grey hedgehog's face was buried in Shadow's chest fur, her fist clenching at his side. She wanted to fight the pain and act as though everything was okay, but she couldn't.

    Sonic wasn't taking it very lightly that the robotic version of himself almost killed his friend. His movements were swift and firm, making sure every strike did some damage. Metal Sonic started to glitch, but wasn't giving up without a fight. He charged up his power, transforming his armor into battle mode, causing the blue blur to blow back, skidding across the floor.

    Metal Sonic had been upgraded with one of the Seven Shards, and his power was unbeatable while they were in their normal form. His power was stronger than them, and it was clear as day he enjoyed it. Shadow glanced down at the hedgehog in his arms. Her body had stopped shaking, and now she breathed lightly. She felt his eyes on her, and looked up to be met with crimson orbs.

    His eyes closed, frowning slightly before the Chaos Emerald appeared around them, twirling in their place. The black hedgehog removed his grip from Jayde as he began to float, and held onto her hands, taking her up with him. The Chaos Emerald's spun around them before power absorbed into their bodies, their fur lighting up.

    Jayde gasped, staring at the dark hedgehog she once knew turning a gold color. She had only seen him from memory of her Negative form, not through her own eyes. His ruby orbs sparkled as he looked at the female in front of him. Jayde's fur had become a light jade, with dark green on the tips of her quills. Her eyes turned to a dark hazel, almost tree trunk brown and the blue stripes on her quills were blue as ever. The pain in her body had disappeared and now she was filled with positive chaotic energy.

    The once grey hedgehog admired her new coat, grinning towards Shadow who smirked at her, "You said you wanted to turn super."

    Jayde glanced down at the robotic Sonic who glared at them, their ignited fur reflecting from his metallic body. "Let's kick some robutt!" she flew towards the enemy, quickly getting to grips with her new form.

    Sonic, Silver and Blaze watched the fight from the trees, admiring the teamwork of such different personalities. The white hedgehog noticed Jayde's inhibitor rings had turned to a dark green and smiled.

    "Her inhibitor rings have turned green with her Super Form." He stated, glancing at Blaze, a relieved smile making its way onto her muzzle.

    The blue hero noticed their faces and frowned, "That's a good thing, right?"

    Silver nodded towards his fellow hedgehog, "Whatever negative energy is left in her will start to disappear because she had induced Chaos Control and her body has filled with positive chaotic energy. It is rare she'll ever transform back into Raven."

    The fight before them was slowly ending, Super Shadow and Super Jayde performing greatly, relying on each other to not let Metal Sonic get a chance to strike. Jayde's powers had been upgraded and her speed was almost as fast at the blue hero's. Her invisibility was easier to handle, especially with the training she had received from Espio the Chameleon. Her coat shone as she zipped through the air, her first clenching in the sky.

    Hazel and ruby orbs glared at Eggman's invention, nodding towards each other. Jayde spin dashed towards Metal, focusing her power to turn invisible, knocking the robot off guard enough for Shadow to perform the final blow, and a chaos blast erupted from his palms.

    "Silvs!" Jayde called, and the white hedgehog knew exactly what to do. His fingers shot forwards, a telekinesis beam flying from his hands, surrounding the robot. Metal Sonic was absorbed in the blast Shadow had produced, everyone moving their arms to cover their eyes momentarily.

    Jayde and Shadow landed beside the three on the ground, their Super Forms burning off and turning to their original color. Metal Sonic's head dropping from the sky, his eyes completely black and dead. The Hero of Mobius chuckled, picking it up and spinning it on his finger.

    "Tough luck, my friend." And he threw it somewhere in the forest. His hands rested on his hips and he turned to look at the remaining four, "Back to Tails'?"

Chapter Text

"Do you," Rouge took a heavy breath after fighting the Guardian for some time, "Give up?" This wolf was one of the strongest Guardians, and he did everything in his power to make sure they didn't get the Shard.

    "N-No." He struggled to his feet after having another knock down by the red echidna.

    Knuckles frowned, glaring at the elder in front of his and crossing his arms, "You don't give up easily, do you?"

    The Guardian rose to his feet, resting against his staff with the pink Shard in his hand, "I have been trained to the fullest to not give up until my final breath. I must protect the Shard with all I have."

    Rouge wiped her mouth, "As much as I admire that, we need that jewel to protect this world from Dr Eggman."

    The Guardian's eyes widened, "Eggman, you say?" A frown laced on his face, "He had stolen two of the Shards already using his ruthless machinery to destroy some of us Guardians."

    The bat huffed, "Heh, with the amount of power you have, I doubt he'd just destroy you."

    "What do you mean by that?" The Guardian asked, dropping his battle stance.

    "Eggman doesn't just want power, he uses it." Knuckles stated, "You guys are a powerful bunch, he wouldn't just destroy you if you have so much power within you."

    The elder's orbs widened, "You mean he'd extract the power from us and kill us slowly and painfully?"

    "Exactly." Rouge muttered, wiping some dirt from her arms. The Guardian moved his arms around, his eyes shut before blue wisps clouded his fingers. The blue flew up slightly before enlarging in front of the three, showing an image of two Guardians in a container, light beams travelling through them. Their bodies looked exhausted as they breathed heavily, their palms resting against the glass.

    The elder had fear in his eyes, "We must save them!" he cried, looking away and swiping a hand through the wisps, not being able to watch any more.

    Knuckles crossed his arms, huffing, "There's nothing we can do. We don't know where Eggman's base is." The Guardian looked pleadingly towards the two, desperate for any kind of help from them. He was fearful for his fellow wolves and it was clear as day in his eyes.

    Rouge placed a hand on her hip, looking at the ground below her feet. The bat's sapphire orbs widened and she clicked her fingers, "Shadow does!"

    The red echidna fiddled with his communicator before it connected with the twin-tailed fox.



     “So Tails, you know I got really angry with Mephilies?” Amy listened to the twin tails fox hum before continuing, “Why did my inhibitor rings glow like that?”

      Tails glanced at Amy, watching as she stood by the window, fiddling with the gold rings on her wrists, “It’s kind of like Jayde’s power. Because you are young and sort of inexperienced with your powers, you may find that you have grown stringer over the years and could even have powers you never knew you had before.”

     Amy looked at the rings, a small gasp leaving her, “You mean I could be more powerful?”

    Tails nodded, his ears straining slightly as she squealed. He had noticed Amy’s strength growing through the years, and when her friends were hurt, they all combined together and made her a more powerful being. “I think, if you ever removed your inhibitor rings, you’d become like Shadow in his Chaos form.”

    “Remove them?” Amy frowned, twisting them. She never knew she could remove them.

    "I'm getting worried." The pink hedgehog sighed, staring up at the fire-like sky, "They should have been back by now." The young fox glanced at her, his eyelashes folding down into a troubled look.

    "I sure they're fine Amy." He spoke, screwing up another bolt on his plane. After the long flight back, she needed some repairs, especially after the Eggman attack.

    Tails' orbs flickered to his communicator as it flashed. He removed his goggles, wiping his gloves on his fur before connecting with the caller. "Tails here." He spoke.

    "Tails, buddy, we've got a slight problem." Knuckles' voice came through the speaker, Amy walking over to join her friend. "We think Egghead might have two of the Guardians."

    The rose hedgehog gasped, "That's impossible! Eggman doesn't know where the secret gardens are."

    "Well he found out." Rouge's voice came to hearing, "The Guardian here has said that Eggman had already taken two of the Shards. My guess is that he won't just let the Guardians go with all the power they possess."

    Tails balanced the communicator on his plane wing as he continued the repairs, "You make a good point. Are you going to get them back?"

    "Tails are you nuts? Who knows what kind of traps Eggman has set. And we don't even know where he is!" Knuckles exclaimed through the device.

    "Well you can't just leave them there!" the pink hedgehog cried, switching the communicator to camera, watching as Knuckles and Rouge came to view.

    "He's right." Rouge spoke up, turning the screen towards her, "Eggman has hidden his base but Shadow knows where he is."

    The twin-tailed fox froze, "Uh, they aren't back yet."

    "What do you mean?! I thought he was staying in the workshop along with you and Amy?" Knuckles shouted, clenching his fists.

    "Jayde and Sonic went to find out about the Shards in the original place of the blue one she had. After a distress call from Sonic's communicator, Shadow, Blaze and Silver ran out to help." Amy explained, picking a few bits of dirt from her hammer.

    "Well we need them. Jayde can sneak into Eggman's base with her invisibility and Shadow can help them escape." Rouge thought up the plan, glancing at the Guardian who bit his thumb with worry.

    "I'll try and connect with them but I don't know how far away they went. Apparently Metal Sonic turned up." Tails muttered, digging through his tool box.

    "Just try to communicate with them. I don't know how long the Guardians have left; Eggman seems to be pretty set on getting their power." Rouge sighed, ending the call.

    The twin-tailed fox frowned, "Amy, try and connect with Sonic, Shadow and Jayde should be with him. If you can't, we'll just have to wait until they come back."

    The pink hedgehog huffed, "Are you kidding? I can just run around and find him easily! My love for him will help me." Tails didn't even have time to stop her before she grabbed a spare communicator and rushed out the door. The young fox sighed, shaking his head. Trust Amy.

Chapter Text

Further in the woods, Jayde, Shadow, Sonic, Silver and Blaze were walking back towards Tails' workshop. The grey hedgehog jumped around beside the Ultimate Lifeform, nudging his side. Crimson orbs stared at the female before picking her up and moving her to his shoulders. Jayde chuckled, holding gently onto his quills to balance herself at the new height. The red striped hedgehog moved her to his shoulders mainly to stop her from running around him, but he also wanted her to be close to him- as if she was his lifeline.

Silver, Sonic and Blaze were up ahead, discussing on how they would stop Eggman from collecting all the Shards. "If Eggman gets the Black Shards and activates it by itself, we won't be able to do much." Blaze spoke, twirling some flames between her palms. The hazel eyes of the white hedgehog beside her watched the fire.

Coming from the future, he had not known of this part of the past. He didn't know what to expect when he time travelled and meeting Jayde did not occur to him. His job was to protect the future of the planet, and as long as he had a Chaos Emerald, he could go back in time for any problem.

The reason for coming to the future at this present time is because this was the time when the Seven Shards were truly discovered. He came back to learn about them to protect the future Shard Protectors. The more he knows about them, the less reason he will have to kill the Protectors if they turn into their Negative Forms.

Silver now knew that to save them from the negative chaotic energy was to use the Master Emerald or, like Shadow did, have someone who truly cares about them, their loved one, kiss them. Jayde would never be back if the red striped hedgehog had taken that risk, and because he did- she's safe. Hazel eyes glanced back that the two hedgehogs. The grey female was on the Ultimate Lifeform's shoulders, messing with his quills as she laughed at something he said. The white hedgehog smiled at the two- no way was Shadow letting her get hurt again.

"What about our Super Forms?" Sonic suggested, juggling a few rocks in his left hand. Silver joined back into their conversation, shaking his head.

"Our Super Form would be too weak."

"Even mine?" the blue hedgehog's eyes widened.

Silver rolled his eyes at the ego hedgehog, "Yeah, especially yours Sonic." The five continued walking through the forest, the sunset making the woods slowly turn darker.

Not too far away, the pink hedgehog was breathing heavily. Her body leant against a tree trunk, a hand on her head as she wiped away the sweat drops.

"Oh Sonic, where are you?" she whined, continuing to walk forward. Her jade eyes suddenly widened in happiness as a familiar cobalt quilled hedgehog appeared through the trees, making a cry of delight leave her lips, "Sonic!"

The Blue Hero didn't have time to respond before he struggled for breath as the female crushed him with one of her tight hugs. "A-Amy! C-Can't breathe."

Amy giggled, letting her hero go; Sonic took a large, dramatic breath in, stumbling away. Shadow walked up to the rest with Jayde still on his shoulders. "Amy?" she asked, patting down a few of the Ultimate Lifeform's quills down.

The pink hedgehog looked up at the blue striped female, a slight jealousy running through her. Why couldn't Sonic be like that to her? Amy waved, grinning up at the Protector, "Hey Jayde!"

"Amy, what are you doing here?" Blaze asked, her flames evaporating into thin air. The pink hedgehog pointed towards the Ultimate Lifeform.

"Rouge and Knuckles need to save some Guardians that Eggman has in his lair, but they don't know where he is. They need Shadow and Jayde to help." The pink female explained before rummaging through her quills. Her gloved hand pulled out a green Chaos Emerald, throwing it towards the ebony hedgehog, "Here you go Shadow!"

The Ultimate Lifeform caught the crystal, one of his feet stepping back to balance himself against the extra weight, "Thanks, where are they?"

"I thought you just had the Chaos Emeralds?" Jayde frowned, confused.

"Every time you use them they get sent away and spread out all over again." Blaze told her.

The grey female rolled her eyes, "That's a bit pointless."

Amy stared at Sonic, watching as he kicked up one of the rocks. She shook her head before responding to the red and black hedgehog, "They're by the Pink Shard podium."

Shadow nodded at the pink hedgehog before lifted up the Chaos Emerald, "CHAOS CONTROL!"

Jayde and Shadow disappeared in a bright light, the remaining four covering their eyes momentarily. Amy sighed slightly; why couldn't Sonic act lovingly towards her and give her piggy backs? She knew the male didn't love her the way she did but that didn't stop her from showing her affection to him.

The blue blur frowned at the cerise female, not understanding her sadness. He grinned, racing around her at his full speed until her grabbed her arm, a small squeal leaving her lips. As he came to a halt, she rested on his shoulders, her quills in a state.

"Sonic!" Amy cried, clutching his blue spines in fright at the new altitude. The cerulean hedgehog chuckled to himself, holding onto her ankles as he walked in the direction of Tails' workshop. Blaze and Silver glanced at each other, a grin on their muzzles as they stared at the two hedgehogs in front of them.


Meanwhile, the echidna and bat were trying to calm a frantic Guardian. His natural instincts as a wolf would have kicked in to find his pack if it had not been for Knuckles holding onto his wrists.

"There's no point trying. You won't find Eggman's base and even if you did you'd be captured as soon as you entered." The red echidna huffed, pushing the elder wolf back again. The Guardian glared at Knuckles and Rouge; their disrespect towards him was unnatural to him.

"You dare question my power?"

Rouge rolled her sapphire orbs and crossed her arms as she stared with half open eyes, "It's not whether you're powerful enough or not, hun, its Eggman's defence systems that will trap you."

The Guardian stopped struggling when he thought about what the white bat had said. He didn't even know who this 'Eggman' was, and to be captured by him could cause devastating things to happen to the world if this evil genius stole anymore of their power.

A luminous light suddenly shone in front of them, causing each to cover their eyes momentarily. The elder stood guard with the staff in front of him protectively; afraid of another attack from the Dr Eggman they feared. A red and black hedgehog appeared as the light abruptly disappeared, a light grey female on his shoulders. Rouge raised an eyebrow at Jayde as Shadow dropped her from the height, chuckling to herself.

"Hey guys."  The blue-eyed, grey quilled female spoke, fist bumping the red echidna. She grinned up to Rouge, the bat being a few inches taller than her, "How's your teamwork going?"

"Just great if this batty bat would stop thinking about jewels and gems." Knuckles muttered, crossing his arms and turning away.

The white bat glanced at him, "What was that Knuckie? Where you talking about me; how sweet." Knuckles muzzle camouflaged with his red fur as he grimaced, glaring at the female.

"What's the problem?" Shadow asked, his usual monotone voice coming back into play. He crossed his arms, looking slightly intimidating towards the other males as he stood tall. Jayde glanced at the red striped male, frowning slightly.

"Eggman has captured two of the Guardians and the last two Shards." Knuckles filled him in, walking towards the hedgehog and distancing himself from the pale bat. "We need you to locate his base for us and then Jayde can sneak in."

Shadow nodded slightly before staring at the grey hedgehog, who had a hand placed on her hip, a small frown etched on her face. Her concentration had clearly been distracted as Knuckles was talking and her name had brought back her attention.

"What about me?"

Rouge chuckled at the female, "You need to sneak into Eggman's base in order to disable any alarms and security bots." Jayde nodded to her comrades, understanding their plan.

Shadow stepped forwards slightly, his arms still across his chest, "There's a problem though." The three teammates and Guardian looked towards the Ultimate Lifeform questioningly, "I do know where the Doctors base is; but I don't know where the control panel is to disable the alarms."

Rouge stared at the hedgehog blankly, "So you go there, most of the time, and yet, you don't know where the control panel is?"

"I don't go exploring around his lair, you know. I'm not some little kid." Shadow snapped, glaring at his G.U.N. partner. Rouge grunted, rolling her orbs at the red and black hedgehog in front of her, his eyelids closed and his head turned away slightly.

Knuckles clicked his fingers; "Maybe Tails knows!" he tapped on his communicator before the young fox appeared on the screen. The red echidna filled him in on the details and he soon understood.

"Okay," he murmured, flicking some switches on his computer through the screen, "I know how to get through Eggman's base, but I can't tap into the security system. Jayde will need to go invisible with the directions I'll give her." Tails frowned, "But if I do that Eggman's sensors would hear the communicator."

Rouge glanced at the Ultimate Lifeform, "Shadow, do you still have those earpieces G.U.N. gave you?"

The male rummaged through his quills, a slight frown on his muzzle, before his gloved hands pulled out two earpieces, handing one to the grey hedgehog, "Tails, if you tell me where Jayde needs to go, I'll direct her with these." Shadow told the twin-tailed fox, showing him the devices.

"That would work." He grinned.

"Eggman's base is ten miles west of us," Shadow muttered, tapping on a completely different gadget in his hands. "I can Chaos Control us closer but if I transport us too close the sensors would pick us my chaos energy." They all nodded before surrounding the dark hedgehog, "Chaos Control!"

Chapter Text

Tails frowned, glaring at the computer screen. His twin-tails moved in frustration, his orbs glancing at the screen- he was trying to figure out Eggman's security code, but nothing he put in was right. Sonic, Amy, Silver and Blaze suddenly ran through the door, laughing and cheering, the young fox's ear flicking in annoyance.

"Hey buddy!" Sonic called, patting his head. Tails huffed, typing on the keyboard, "Whatcha doing?"

"Trying to figure out Eggman's password so Jayde and Shadow can get through without hitting any alarms." Tails told the blue hero.

"Maybe its loser." Amy muttered.

"Or scrambled." Sonic snickered, Silver and Blaze rolling their eyes at the hedgehog. His banter wasn't very good.

"How about 'Maria'?" Blaze suggested, walking towards the twin-tailed fox whose eyes widened.

"Of course! How could I forget her?" Tails quickly typed in the password and got through the Doctor's security system, all of his panels flicking from red to green. "Okay we're in." His gloved hand grabbed his communicator, projecting the screen as Knuckles came to view.

"Tails! Are you in?"

The young fox nodded, glancing between the communicator and the computer screen, "Apparently Eggman's security panel is the opposite his control room on the top floor. Between there and the entrance, there's a lot of guard bots."

Rouge appeared on screen, "How about a diversion?"

Tails looked at the map of the Doctor's lair and his surroundings, "If you start to attack some bots about half a mile from his main base, it will trigger an alert alarm, but nothing major. This would give Jayde at least ten minutes to search for the control room and disable all the alarms." The young fox looked up from his screen as a smash was heard.

He saw Sonic on his tiptoes, pointing down at the broken vase, Amy Rose with her hammer in the air and glancing at the young fox as well, "That wasn't... antique right?" Sonic gave a worried look.

Tails rolled his eyes, "Lucky for you, no."

From the other side of the communicator, the grey female and the Ultimate Lifeform were listening intently, taking in every piece of information Tails was giving them, Jayde chuckling at Sonic and Amy. Each of them knew they had a limited time, but Jayde worried most she wouldn't be able to keep her concentration for very long.

"Okay Tails, I'll call back when we're closer to Egghead's base." Knuckles said before disconnecting them. Shadow had teleported them two miles away from the lair, any closer would have brought attention to them.

"Jayde, have you learnt to stay invisible for a longer period of time yet?" Rouge asked, walking alongside the female. The hedgehog fiddled with a twig in her palms, sighing slightly. Her dark orbs looked up to the trees.

"I'm not sure." She frowned, glancing at the pale bat. "What if he has other alarms we don't know about?" Rouge gave her a supportive smile, continuing to move forward, her eyes glancing up towards the sky. There was one thing Rouge knew would help the young hedgehog to be more confident in herself. The bat hoped so anyway.

As if on cue, a helicopter was heard over head, the two hedgehogs and echidna looking up to the clouds, "Right on time." Rouge grinned, glancing towards the Ultimate Lifeform whose eyes widened slightly.

"You called them?" The bat shrugged at the male. Their quills blew back with the propellers, covering their eyes from the dust particles.

"Who are 'them'?" Knuckles growled, looking up at the helicopter as it landed. Three soldier dressed people, each equipped with a bullet proof jacket, combat knives and firearms. Dark glasses shaded their orbs from the sunlight, along with a helmet on each of their heads, as it shone behind the trees, another male coming from the door.

"Agent Rouge and Agent Shadow, pleasure to meet you again." He greeted them.

"It sure is, Commander." The bat spoke, before turning towards the grey hedgehog, which had placed a hand on her hip and a frown etched on her face.

"Is this the hedgehog?" he asked the bat in which she replied with a nod, "Jayde the Hedgehog!" The female tensed slightly, seeming to stand taller as the gentleman walked towards her. She shook his held out hand, a confused look on her face. Shadow huffed, crossing his arms as he rolled his orbs at the pale bat, why did she do this?

"Uh, I believe that's my name?" Jayde answered the man.

"I'm the Commander at the Guardian Units of Nations." he introduced himself, making the female's eyes widen, "Rouge has told us about your potential of becoming another of our Agents alongside Shadow and herself because of the multiple abilities you possess."

The grey hedgehog glanced at Rouge the Bat who nodded and smiled slightly at her before responding to the Commander, "Y-You want to make me... an Agent?" Jayde, to say the least, was shocked at this opportunity. Her life had changed so much in so little time. From becoming a Protector of the Seven Shard to now becoming a potential Agent?

The Commander nodded towards the young hedgehog, "As you're about to enter Dr Eggman's base, we will study your techniques and ability in combat and see your potential in being an Agent."

Jayde looked at Shadow and grinned. She'd be able to work alongside her friends and become an agent with her skills. The hedgehog nodded towards the Commander who stood straight and flicked his fingers. A young woman appeared from the helicopter, carrying a black jacket and black jeans.

"This is some G.U.N. Agent clothing for you. These clothes are specially designed to bypass any heat sensors or invisible security lasers Dr Eggman may have. They also connect with your inhibitor rings and turn invisible as you choose." The Commander spoke as the clothing fell into Jayde's arms. She looked towards Shadow again who opened one of his eyes. He smirked at the female and watched as she turned and run behind a tree.

The Commander chuckled. He could see she relied highly on the Ultimate Lifeform to make sure she was doing the right thing, "You look after her Shadow." The black hedgehog tensed slightly unwrapping his arms as he stood to attention to the Commander. "She trusts you." Shadow nodded.

The red echidna stood grumpily between Shadow and Rouge, muttering under his breath, "I don't get a fancy costume."

The bat grinned at his jealousy before pinching his cheeks, "Aw, Knuckie, you look handsome without G.U.N. clothing." Knuckles' face heated up as he knocked her off and turned away. The grey female hedgehog appeared again, causing Shadow's full attention to turn towards Jayde.

The jacket had high collars that partially hid her muzzle. Two pockets occupied each side at the bottom of the jacket, the wrists slightly thicker as it hid her inhibitor rings. The jeans where thin and stretchy, allowing maximum movement when fighting. Her grey socks were covered by the bottom of her jeans, but she had her usual shoes. Jayde had changed into a dark grey vest instead of her usual black and she held the same gloves on her hands. Around her waist was a firearm belt, equip with a pistol and combat knife.

The young hedgehog walked up to the awaiting people, a grin on her face, "I like it." she spoke, stretching her arms out in front of her. The same woman took back her usual clothes before going back into the helicopter.

"I'm glad you do." The Commander replied, "You already have the earpiece and I assume you lot already have a plan so we are going to let you carry on. We'll study your movements all the way through."

The Commander and soldiers ran back into the helicopter before it took off, leaving the two hedgehogs, echidna and bat. Shadow's crimson orbs were still staring at the female hedgehog, admiring how the Agent clothing outlined her body perfectly. Jayde turned around, meeting his eyes, her hand scratching the back of her head.

Knuckles noticed the Ultimate Lifeform and shoved an elbow into his side. Shadow glared at the echidna, "Dude, don't stare." He hissed. Ruby orbs widened as he crossed his arms, looking away. Stare? Me? No way.

"Okay, are we ready to go?" Rouge asked, grabbing the red echidna's arms with the communicator on his wrist, calling up Tails.

Chapter Text

"Okay, you guys ready?" Tails spoke, bringing up a projected map of Eggman's base in front of him. Each section was highlighted with different alarms and sensors.

Silver glanced at the four in the communicator, frowning as he put them on a big screen for the rest of them to see, "What is Jayde wearing?"

Through the screen, the young grey hedgehog looked at herself, grinning. Rouge responded, "Let's just say G.U.N. paid her a little visit!" Blaze's eyes widened as she stared at the female, noticing some kind of similarities between her and the white hedgehog beside her.

"She looks like a Freedom Fighter." The purple feline spoke, glancing at Silver. He nodded, watching Jayde flick a few things from Shadow's top quills.

"She'd be a good Freedom Fighter too." Sonic spoke up, stretching out his arm and jogging on the spot.

"Guys." Tails said, grabbing their attention. "Okay, Jayde, if you go in through the vents, there will be sensors directly in front of you- don't use these. Instead go through the main entrance after the diversion- that's when you turn invisible. As Espio said, invisibility can allow you to move through things at will. It's easier however to take the main root rather than go through walls."

Jayde frowned, "Why not."

"One; because your concentration isn't perfect and you're still in your learning stages, two; because you can't travel through the ceiling and the security panel is on the top floor." Tails explained. The grey hedgehog flicked an ear at the concentration comment but avoided saying anything about it.

"Okay, Knuckles and I will go and create a diversion; that will give you a few minutes to get to the panel and disable the alarms." Rouge nodded towards the grey hedgehog, removing the communicator from the echidna's arm and tossing it towards Shadow who caught it with ease. The pair ran off, leaving Jayde and Shadow.

They continued to walk to Eggman's base, side by side in comfortable silence. Jayde still hadn't properly said thank you to Shadow saving her from her Negative Form. Without him, she wouldn't be here right now. Being trapped in Raven was terrifying. She could see everything but couldn't do anything to stop it.

"Shades?" The red striped hedgehog turned his head to her. Jayde didn't make eye contact and stared straight forward, "Thank you for saving me."

Shadow frowned at her, grabbing her wrist to stop her from moving away, "You know I'll protect you from anything right?" Jayde's eyes studied the male, but nothing by honesty and trust rose from him. She smiled slightly but it was quickly replaced by a frown.

"W-Why do you care so much about me? I mean, the rest... you always seem to ignore or avoid them. What makes me so special?" Jayde asked, biting her lip. Shadow's crimson orbs watched the female carefully.

Shadow didn't know why he cared for her so much. But all he knew is that he'd save her no matter what, even if it meant his life. Her personality, her eyes looked like Maria's. The grey female stood out from anyone else he had ever met and he wouldn't let her go easily. Jayde knew that Shadow was thinking, but she could see she didn't need an answer. The hedgehog held everything in his eyes as he stared at her; trust, hope.

Jayde went to continue to walk towards Eggman's base but Shadow held her wrist tight, yanking her back. She was closer to him now as he stared down at her. The male studied all of her features, not knowing what to say.

"I don't know how, I don't know why. All I know is that I can't lose you too." Jayde smiled. Shadow couldn't explain how he felt, but he could at least show some of it. His crimson orbs looked distant as he stared at her, “It’s like... you’re a bullet I can’t outrun. I can’t hide what I feel for you. ...You disguise yourself; you’re like a switchblade.


"Uh, guys?" The two seemed to jump ten feet away from each other at the voices of Amy and Tails, wide orbs staring at each other. Shadow glanced down at his communicator; his muzzle slightly tinted a red. Sonic, Silver, Amy, Blaze and Tails were all in the screen, smirks on some of their faces, others were in shock.

"Called it!" the rose female yelled to Sonic, jumping on her blue hero.


"Yeah whatever guys." Jayde muttered as she walked closer to the red and black hedgehog, closing the device so they were completely alone. She held her arm, itching it slightly, "Can you erase their memory or something?"

Shadow coughed, "Unfortunately not."


The two hedgehogs were soon around the back of Eggman's lair, awaiting Knuckles and Rouge's diversion.

The female hedgehog's heart was thumping against her chest, her body raring to go. It was like she wasn't only to protect the Seven Shards, but the Guardians too. They were part of the crystal and an important part to the Potens.

"Okay, Jayde when you get in you need to take the first left. That'll take you directly to the first set of stairs. After that you need to go along the corridor, watch out for heat sensors." Tails face read concentration as he stared at the screen, pointing towards a map, "I'll contact Shadow throughout in case there are any major security alarms."

Jayde nodded towards the two, fixing the earpiece. A loud explosion was heard a few miles away, causing the guard bots to look up. Shadow's arm quickly pushed the female against the wall with him, hiding them from sight as the robots sped past. Jayde was crouched slightly, waiting for the right moment to engage.

The door opened, revealing more bots. Jayde scrunched her fists, closing her eyes as she concentrated on her power, a small frown on her face before her body turned invisible. Shadow nodded towards the empty space she stood, flicking the communicator, pointing for her to go.

The female hedgehog jogged in, slipping right past the guard bots and into Eggman's lair. Everything around her was robotic or made of metal, his sign on multiple walls around her. The female had to be light on her feet as the ground was metal, and the slightest noise could alert the guard bots in the surrounding area.

Jayde ran through the hallway and to the first corner, turning left and up the stairs. A few robots were coming from the floor above her, causing her body to freeze. Even if she was invisible, they could have some kind of movement sensor on each of them.

As they went past, she continued forward, leaving Shadow and Tails to direct her through. "Okay," Tails muttered to himself, watching as he tracked the female with the communicator in her quills, "Take the next left, then second right. Watch out for heat sensors on these walls too."

The Ultimate Lifeform fed the information through to Jayde, her body slowing to a calm walk. Multiple guard bots were stood in front of different door, meaning they were of some importance.  The hedgehog's heart was racing and the adrenalin was flowing through her. About a week ago she could only dream she was on a mission like this.

Jayde found the next set of stairs which led her up to the second floor. There were no robots on this level, but more visible security sensors and cameras. "Careful." Shadow spoke through the earpiece, "Eggman has more heat sensors and movement cameras in this part. The G.U.N. clothes should shield you from the sensors but you need to move quickly through the cameras."

Jayde nodded to herself, even though she knew Shadow couldn't see her. She rushed underneath the camera as it turned towards her, finding a blind spot. The hedgehog grinned, glancing at the next camera above her. She waited for the right moment before swiftly sprinting under it.

Tails checked with Rouge and Knuckles, his eyes widening slightly, "Jayde only has three minutes left."

"She'll make it." Shadow confidently replied, glancing at the red dot tracking the female through her journey. The grey hedgehog had one more set of stairs before she reached the top floor to turn off the alarms.


"She will make it." The red striped hedgehog didn't leave any room for argument but the twin-tailed fox watched the screen worriedly. He tapped into Eggman's security cameras, trying to locate the female from there, even if she was invisible.

Jayde reached the final set of stair, rushing past a few guard bots. But their sensors picked up on the movement around them, causing them to be on high alert. The fox saw this, and his body went into a state of panic. The blue hedgehog from the other side ran to his side, soon followed by Amy Rose.

"She won't make it." He cried, tapping a few buttons on his computer screen, "Those robots have been triggered, any wrong move from her now could be fatal."

Shadow heard this from the communicator, and his eyes widened, "Renee, get out of there!" he snapped to her.

Jayde flinched at his tone but continued anyway. She got this far and she would save the Guardians. She found the control panel, the door slightly ajar. Peeking in, she saw Eggman and his robotic henchmen staring at a screen of some kind of robot design.

Towards the other side of the room were the Guardians. They were trapped in some kind of glass container, both of them looking exhausted. Jayde didn't waste any time in moving to the opposite door as her inhibitor rings took over slightly, pushing her help the wolves.

Her body still in an unseen state, she held her breath and walked straight through the locked door. Grinning to herself, she quickly rushed to the security panel, flicking a few switches.

"Okay, I'm in." She whispered to the dark hedgehog. Tails took a deep breath after hearing the update before telling Jayde how to unlock the system.

"Right, there should be a small green button, press that. A password input screen should come up, type in 'Maria'." Shadow tensed slightly at the name as he gave the instructions to the female, he couldn't let something like that stop him from helping her.

Jayde nodded to herself, "M-A-R-I-A." she mumbled, typing in everything needed before a large screen projected in front of her, showing all the security systems. Tapping the screen projected in the air, she turned each of them off, granting access to the Ultimate Lifeform. She came out of her invisible state as she heard a low thud from behind the door, telling her Eggman had departed from his control room. She shot behind the wall beside the door, glancing out the small window to see the Doctor retreating with his two henchmen. She drew a deep breath.

Unlocking the door from the inside, she ran across the hallway, and into the room, seeing the two Guardians in a glass container. They looked stressed as their power had been taken from them. It made their bodies frail and dazed, but the staff they held would heal them. Jayde slammed her fist against the large red button, giving them the escape.

"Thank you." One muttered, rushing to grab his staff.

"We are forever in you debt." The other spoke. Jayde shook her head towards them, showing the inhibitor rings.

"You guys need to get out of her before the Doctor gets back. Hurry!" Jayde told them, pointing towards the door. They looked worriedly towards the Protector but didn't hesitate in rushing out.

From the communicator, Tails gasped loudly, "Get Jayde out of there now, Shadow!"

"Whats wrong?"

"Eggman must have had some kind of other defense because the whole system has gone into lockdown and will-" Shadow couldn't hear anymore as the communicator messed up with the radiation coming from Eggman's lair. He glared at the device before throwing it aside. Multiple robots had found their way over to the Ultimate Lifeform and were preparing to attack.

Jayde glanced at the control panel, reaching out to see his latest invention. Maybe she could stop him before he even made a move. But the room suddenly flashed red, a loud alarm screamed in her ears as they pinned back. The hedgehog's body tensed, her hand freezing over the panel.

Chapter Text

"Security breach, going into lockdown." A voice screeched from the speakers, making the grey hedgehog's eyes widen. She was invisible! The door began to close behind her, causing her body to move subconsciously, jolting forward to spin dash out. It slammed behind her as she quickly stood to her feet, trying to balance her footing as the base began to shake.

The alarms shouted in her head as she ran the way she thought she came, attacking some guard bots that stood in her way. The hedgehog jumped the steps, toppling to the ground, clutching her throbbing arm. But the pain didn't stop her. Jayde continued to run, ducking under a few blasts from the security cameras that were out of control and firing in random directions.

Shadow grabbed the communicator again and the Chaos Emerald from his quills, shouting his famous, "Chaos Control!" A bright light appeared in front of the female, causing her body to freeze as the male appeared in front of her.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I don't know! All I did was release the Guardians and his security alarms went off." Jayde explained rushing over to the red and black hedgehog, avoiding part of the ceiling as it fell down to her.

Shadow cussed but wasn't able to say anything as the ceiling collapsed between them, causing both to jump away. "He's set his base to self-destruct," he shouted from the other side, using the earpiece to communicate, "Go around to the right, I'll meet you on the other side!"

Jayde nodded to the blocked pathway before turning and running around. Tails tapped through Eggman's system but couldn't find a way to stop the countdown. Instead he watched the two hedgehogs through the security cameras, analyzing their movements.

"Shadow you have one minute until you're toast." Sonic told his lookalike. Shadow huffed, skating around a longer way to meet the grey female.

"One minute is all I need, Faker."

Jayde ran through the base, taking the first right that came to her. She skidded to a halt as a large robot stood, blocking her way. Its canon arm aimed at the female, her body freezing before it turned invisible. Jayde spin dashed around the robot, catching it off guard and drove an inverted spin dash into the mech's vulnerable hamstrings, something the young fox had taught her once before.

She leapt out the way as it fell and continued her journey.

Tails and Sonic watched through the security cameras. The screen was blurring and fading as the countdown entered single digits.

"Sh-dow. Jay- b-hin wall." The Ultimate Lifeform could only just pick up on what the twin-tailed fox had said before the cameras blacked out any view for the Sonic Team behind the communicator.

Shadow smashed through two walls directly in front of him, coming to a stop and glanced around for the female. Jayde skidded to a halt as she saw Shadow again, the Chaos Emerald in his palm.

"Shadow!" She shouted, running towards him, dodging the ceiling as it broke from above. The Ultimate Lifeform went to grab the female until the floor split between them, Jayde's half flying upwards. She let out a small shriek before taking a breath and leaping down. Multiple bits of ceiling fell down with her, allowing her to jump from piece to piece.

5... 4...

Shadow jumped up, his arm stretched out to the female, attempting to grasp her wrist, all his strength going forward to save her.



Jayde reached out to him, her heart racing a mile a minute. This wasn't how she planned to die. Shadow glided to a wall, pushing his feet against the metal as he shot towards the female.

2... 1...

The Ultimate Lifeform clutched hold of the grey hedgehog's waist, "CHAOS CONTROL!" and they disappeared, just as the base exploded and everything inside turned to ash.

The hedgehogs appeared a mile away, Jayde under the arm of Shadow as he knelt on the ground breathing heavily. Her hands clutched his arm, her eyes closed while his were open.

The blast from the explosion suddenly jolted them forward, the male loosing grip on the grey hedgehog and they both tumbled forward. Jayde glanced up at the sky before relaxing against the ground, taking in a huge sigh of relief. Her left arm still pained her but she didn't let it show as she stood, placing a hand on Shadow's shoulder.

"That was so awesome!" she grinned, bouncing in her place. It was the most adrenalin filled, near-death experience the female had ever had- and to her, it had ended too soon. The Ultimate Lifeform chuckled at the energetic female before scooping her into a bridal hold.

"Let's go back to Tails." He muttered before skating off toward the workshop.


"Ugh, well, that takes care of that." Rouge wiped her cheek, standing tall as she watched the red echidna beat down the remaining guard bot. Too say they put up quite a fight was an understatement. The robots were tougher than they expected, Eggman must have upgraded all his machinery along with Metal Sonic.

Knuckles grunted, flying back and landing next to the pale bat who grinned towards the male, "Was he too tough for you Knuckie?" she asked, watching as he gripped his arm.

His purple orbs glanced at the bat, "Pft, it takes more than that to defeat me." The female placed hands on her hips, rolling her eyes. The bat's communicator suddenly went off, causing her to jump slightly.


"Rouge!" Tails' voice came from the other side, "I'm happy to say that Shadow and Jayde made it out the base before it exploded."

"Oh yeah, we heard that." Knuckles muttered, stretching his aching arm.

The young fox nodded through the screen, "We're currently at Amy's but I think those two have gone back to the workshop."

Rouge looked towards the echidna as he pulled his arm out again, wincing slightly, "We're going to head there too, and I think someone needs painkillers or something." Knuckles glared at the back for thinking so weakly of him but didn't speak.

The fox nodded before ending the call. Knuckles spoke, "We'd better get back. It is getting dark." They both nodded towards each other before starting to walk towards Tails' workshop.



"Yeah, Amy. We're back at the workshop." Jayde yawned, stretching out an arm above her as she came from the bathroom having changed back into her regular clothing G.U.N. had given back to the twin-tailed fox.

The female's body was tired out having ran a lot. Even if she was out in the woods, unless she had an energy spurt, she wouldn't run as fast as she did today. The pain in her injured arm was now nothing more than a dull ache, and her head pulsed slightly- nothing a quick nap couldn't fix.

"Do you want to come over? I have cookies and chili-dogs!"

The grey female glanced towards Shadow, watching as he sat down on the sofa, picking some dirt from his matted fur. "Sure, we'll be 'round in a bit." She ended the call before slumping down on the sofa as well. Her body turned so her feet were over the back of the chair, stretching.

The Ultimate Lifeform stared at the female as she admired all of Tails' surrounding inventions. Her dark eyes flickered around in amazement and the male's lips quirked upward slightly. “Cleobella would love this place.” She mumbled.

Shadow frowned, “Who?”

Jayde glanced at him before looking at all the tech around her, “Cleobella. She’s someone I met a few years back a few months after I left. She is part of a newly formed clan, based on repairing our world- away from all the tech stuff.”

The grey female shifted slightly, “But she was different. She wanted to learn about the world as it is- tech and all. But it’s forbidden in her clan’s strict rules.”

“You know a lot of people, huh?” Shadow said.

Jayde shrugged, “Wandering around for so long gets you around. You meet so many different species and tribes. It’s amazing at how everyone is different.”

Shadow stared at her. So young, so innocent; she doesn't even know the real world yet. Shadow returned to frowning and turned his face away, resting his muzzle on his palm.

Jayde glanced up to Shadow worriedly at his sudden change in attitude. She didn't want to seem annoying to him but she hated not having at least a little bit of happiness radiate from him. She made it her goal every day to have him smile at least once.

"Why did Egghead blow up his base anyway? Isn't all his information there?" Jayde asked, removing her legs from the back of the sofa and to the arm so her head was looking up to Shadow.

The male glanced at Jayde, chuckling slightly, "The Doctor has a few bases because a certain blue hedgehog destroys them all. But they all have the same information in them." Shadow told her.

"Oh right." The female shifted slightly, trying to keep herself from falling asleep.

Shadow noticed this, "Why don't you sleep? You're tired." The grey hedgehog shook her head slightly, but her body refused to obey her, and her natural instincts kicked in. Jayde's form curled, her head moving to rest on Shadow's lap. As she did, a small yawn left the grey hedgehog.

The male chuckled before brushing a hand through her quills. Jayde subconsciously smiled, pushing her head towards his palm. Shadow pulled a sly face before trailing his fingers towards her ear, itching behind them. The small action caused a purr to come from the female's throat and a light blush spread across her muzzle.

"I-I have no idea what that was!" she protested before he even said anything, listening to the light-hearted chuckles come from the Ultimate Lifeform. This is a side of Shadow she enjoyed- the carefree, happy side. The male raised an eyebrow, knowing that he had found a weak spot on the hedgehog.

She really was something else. Shadow's eyes also became heavy as he too let out a tired yawn, "Sleep." He mumbled, his hand still running through the female's quills.

A Few Hours Later

"Yes, Commander, I will tell her." Rouge grinned through the communicator. G.U.N. had called up the ivory bat and the young fox to tell them some excellent news.

"Jayde the Hedgehog had performed giftedly through the rescue of the Guardians and we'd be honored to have her working as an Agent for us." The Commander spoke through the device, "And Tails."

The fox glanced through the screen at the male, a slight frown etched on his face, "Yes?" Why would G.U.N. need to speak to him?

"You too have shown brilliance in the art of technology and guidance throughout the mission. We'd love to have you as an ally for G.U.N. to help us in missions, if you would accept?"

The fox glanced behind him, watching as Sonic and Amy gave him thumbs up. It would be a big opportunity for Tails and something for him to during in his spare time. Maybe he' be able to build planes and weapons for them. "I would love to!" he grinned at the Commander.

Rouge and Knuckles came to the outskirts of the forest, Tails' workshop directly in front of them. The red echidna walked faster, his body exhausted and needing to rest. "Agent Rouge, be sure to tell Jayde, welcome her to the Guardian Units of Nations!"

"I will, Commander." The bat spoke before Knuckles clearing his throat caught her attention.

"Yeah, I don't think you can do that right now." He muttered, looking through the window of the workshop. Rouge wasn't able to say anything as Knuckles pointed inward, making her curiosity rise.

As she peered in, a small smirk appeared on her muzzle. The two hedgehogs were still asleep together on the sofa in Tails' workshop, but Jayde had somehow maneuvered her whole body onto the Ultimate Lifeform's lap, his arm securely around her waist and his nose in her grey quills.

"What is it?" Tails asked through the communicator. Rouge positioned the device so they could see through the screen, and a small 'aw' came back, possibly from the pink hedgehog.

"Looks like Shadow still protects her when he sleeps." Knuckles muttered, crossing his arms at the two.

"She trusts Shadow enough to relax around him. She can show more emotion around him because she knows he won't judge her. Shadow cares for her." Amy spoke while the rest listened, staring at the scene in front of them. "It's the same for that stubborn Ultimate Lifeform."

What the pink hedgehog was saying was true. Jayde had opened up to Shadow more than the rest because she trusted him. The Ultimate Lifeform had also let his guard down, sowing more emotions towards the female and everyone in the Sonic Team. Rouge grinned, ending the call with the G.U.N. Commander. Who knew Shadow could have such a big heart to what he's been showing?

The blue hedgehog grinned, "So, Jayde and Shadow, eh? Something I can tease him about." Sonic chuckled.

The twin-tailed fox rolled his eyes, "Oh, brother."

Chapter Text

Eggman's Lair

The doctor glared at his computer screen and slammed his fists against the control panel, "I knew I recognized that grey quilled renegade from somewhere!"

Orbot and Cubot came either side of their creator, their circuits wiring around in confusion, "What are you talking about, doctor?" The circular henchman enquired.

"We've never seen her before, boss!" the yellow cube added. Eggman shook his head to the robots, shoving them away as he stood. His feet took him to the other side of the room, going through some files on the projected screen before clicking a few points.

"A while back, I had located a Chaos Emerald in an unnamed village a few miles from Mobius. I, being the great genius I am, went straight to it, robots and all. But that village had guards and powerful protectors because of the Elders that inhibited the area. One of those guards was that renegade's father! She happened to be there at that time and snuck around the back of my biggest robot and rewired it to help them defend the village." The doctor explained, crossing his arms, "How she got past my security is unknown to me, she was just a pipsqueak! Those blasted rodents."

Orbot looked puzzled, "So you're saying you've met her before?"

The doctor glanced at the younger hedgehog on screen, "I didn't necessarily speak to her face-to-face, but yes, I have seen her before."

"Really?" Cubot asked. Eggman simply rolled his eyes at his unpromising henchmen, placing a hand on his forehead.

"That renegade took over one of my most powerful mech's I can create, and now I can no longer control her Negative Form, she is useful to not only that blue rat's team, but G.U.N. as well. It was clear that throughout her young age, her father had taught her a lot about defending herself and how to compute things. I must destroy her once and for all!" He chuckled before it turned into a full blow laugh.

"How is this going to work out any better than trying to destroy Sonic?" Cubot asked, scratching his metallic head. The doctor growled before rolling up a magazine and smacking it against the henchman's head. Cubot's head spun, dizzying the robot.

Eggman grinned, walking towards a small sealed box, containing the most power Shard possible. He placed a hand on the glass, an evil glint in his eyes, "She can't defeat everything."


The Next Day

"So how are we going to defeat Eggman?" the rose hedgehog asked, the Sonic Team circling around the computer in Tails' workshop. Everyone had arrived just after the two sleeping hedgehogs had awoke, and to see the grey female on his lap, Shadow had quite a surprise.

Tails projected a large screen from his desktop, a slight frown on his face, "I've been tracking Dr Eggman's progress through his security systems- and it's not good news." The screen moved to show the two Shards in sealed containers, minimal power draining from them, "He's got two of the Seven Shards and is trying to power up all his robots with them- like he did Metal Sonic. There's no way we can stop him right now because it's almost complete."

"Then what can we do?" Blaze asked, the telekinesis hedgehog right behind her.

The twin-tailed fox sighed, his ears drooping slightly. He hated not knowing the solution to a problem. He was the guy everyone went to for answers and if he could not deliver- what was the point? Tails had worked on many difficult things but this was off the hook. He had always heard of something before it came straight at him- but he knew nothing of the Seven Shards. He didn't know of the power they had or the damage they could cause.

Jayde stepped forward, placing a hand on the young fox's shoulder, "We fight." Tails glanced up at the female hedgehog and nodded. The Protector pulled her Shard from her quills, "No matter what, we work together. If we fail, we'll fail together."

Everyone nodded, "We won't fail to Egghead- we never do." The blue hedgehog grinned, raising a thumb up. The Ultimate Lifeform huffed before turning and walking out the door.

"Shades?" Jayde called, following in confusion. Shadow stood under the trees, glancing into the forest. He crossed his arms, a frown on his face- he looked exactly as he did when the female just met him, angry and hostile. "What's wrong, Shadow?"

The dark hedgehog didn't respond to the female, he only glanced down at her orbs before looking away. If Eggman had the black Shard, it means he could hurt the female that's brought him happiness, the one who stood by him when no one else did. The Shard had more power than him or her combined and they wouldn't be enough to defeat whatever entities would come out of it.

Shadow couldn't bear the thought of losing another he cared so much for. "The black Shard is more powerful than you realize." He muttered, his frown darkening, "It could kill you Renee."

The grey hedgehog glanced to the side before looking back up at the red striped male beside her, "I know Shades, but if Eggman is going to realize the enemies from the Shard... It's a risk I'll have to take."

The Ultimate Lifeform's whole body turned to face her in one swift movement, his eyes dark and scary and his whole form rigid, "And what if this time I really can't save you?" he asked, stalking towards the female, "What if that robot hurts you, or the black Shard's power destroys you? What about me?"

Jayde tripped on a root behind her and her back came in contact with a tree trunk behind her. The female's ears bent backwards, not only in sadness but anger as well. Shadow glared down at the female, but she stood strong, not showing an ounce of fear.

Shadow was becoming what he once was. A soulless, emotionless being with no regards of others or anything around him- and Jayde hated it. She hated seeing him like this even if she had brought it on herself. But she was a Protector and it was in her bones to save and help this planet till her dying breath, no matter what.

"You're only one of the few I trust. You're the light in my darkness- what if Eggman takes that away from me? What will I do if something actually does happen to you this time and I can't be there?" he snarled as he stood in front of her, caging her body against the tree.

Jayde didn't know what to say to the angry hedgehog in front of her. His orbs never strayed away from hers and his fists clenched by his sides, "I've already lost someone I care so much about," he growled, grabbing hold of her arms. Jayde didn't squirm or try and move out of his grip and allowed him to release his anger before speaking. She wasn't afraid of him. The male's head bowed, his fingers tightening his grip ever so slightly. The female could see he was weakening underneath it all; he just wouldn't let it show, "I can't lose you too, Renee."

Her fingerless gloves held onto Shadow's muzzle, lifting his head up to meet his eyes. A small smile rose on her face and her eyebrows creased before resting her head against his, "You won't lose me Shades." She whispered, "I'll always come back to you."


Jayde shushed the hapless hedgehog, stroking one of his quills, "I will make my own way and I will not surrender. I won't give up until this planet is protected from the black Shard. It is my job." She nuzzled into his muzzle, just as he had when he saved her from the negative chaotic energy inside her, "I promise I won't leave you."

Shadow knew that he couldn't say anything to stop her from taking the risk. But a small, invisible smile came across his muzzle- that's what he loved about her. Jayde would protect everyone she loved even if it meant her life. But he knew that not every promise can be kept. The Ultimate Lifeform stood taller before taking a Chaos Emerald from his quills.

"I need some time alone." He mumbled. Jayde nodded, watching as he disappeared before her, leaving her alone. The female sighed before walking back into the workshop, coming face-to-face with a full blown argument.

Chapter Text

"Look, if you're going to attack a robot, that's powered with a Shard- might I add- then you're aiming for a death sentence." Tails spoke towards the red echidna whose fists were clenched against his desk. The hammer swinging female nodded, glaring at Knuckles.

"Look I know I can attack-"

"Knuckie just wants to prove how tough he is to me." Rouge grinned down at the arguing trio from wooden support beams across the young fox's ceiling.

The echidna glared up at the bat, "The only thing I want to prove to you is how much I despise you."

"That's no way to speak to a lady. Didn't you ever learn any manners?" the ivory bat asked, holding her head high.

"I've got manners but you're no lady."

Jayde glanced around the room. Silver and Blaze were talking between one another, ignoring the argument going on in front of them- it was pretty ridiculous. But the female had quickly learned that Knuckles hardly backed out of a fight, no matter how stupid it was. The blue hedgehog was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed and eyes closed.

The Protector walked over to the Hero of Mobius, nudging him, giving a questioning look. Sonic simply shrugged and rolled his orbs before looking around, "No Faker?"

One of Jayde's ears bent down as she tilted her head before looking back to him, "Shades wanted to be alone for a bit." The female was worried about the Ultimate Lifeform. She had never thought that he'd be afraid of losing her to the black Shard.

"Jayde, quick question," Silver asked, calling over the hedgehog to him and feline, "Did you know you're powers are still growing?"

The Protector frowned, "What do you mean?"

"Well in the future the Protectors have similar powers to you, but every day they grow stronger and become more powerful. Because the Seven Shards are connected to your body, they also protect you and vice versa; if you were in danger, the Shard you are swore to protect would react to your increased heartbeat and send a flood of power through you to defeat the enemy."

The female still looked confused, so Blaze stepped forward, flames pooling in her hands, "It is like my ability- it has developed over time to become more powerful and cause more damage. It also becomes easier to control and use in different ways."

"So, you're saying I may have powers that I haven't discovered yet?" Jayde asked, twisting one of her inhibitor rings around her wrist.

Silver nodded, "And since you have now induced chaos control, your powers may connect even more with the Master Emerald and allow you to have similar powers to those."

"How are the Seven Shards and the Chaos Emeralds connected?" Jayde asked a slight frown on her muzzle, "Aren't they completely different and created at different times?"

The purple feline spoke up, "We've no way of knowing when the Shards or Chaos Emerald were created but it has been believed that the Gods that created them. But the Potens Crystal was shattered and broken into the Seven Shards whereas the Chaos Emeralds are shrouded in mystery and no one knows where they come from, only that they are connected to the Master Emerald that unifies the powers." Blaze finished, closing her eyes.

"To say it, we probably know more about the Seven Shards than the Chaos Emeralds. The main thing being that the Chaos Emeralds have a range of powers like wrapping time and space and initiating the super transformation." Silver spoke, glancing at his own inhibitor rings.

"That's what Shadow can do," Rouge added, floating down from the ceiling after hearing what they had been speaking about. "Say, Jayde; how's your relationship with the Ultimate Lifeform?"

"R-Relationship?" the female gulped, glancing at the ivory bat. Jayde had never really thought about what her and Shadow were. She knew they were good friends but they had never really discussed their relationship- it wasn't particularly something they wanted to talk about or what the grey female was interested in at the moment.

"Well sure," Rouge grinned, raising her arm whilst the other placed a hand on her hip, "You two do seem kind of... close."

Jayde closed her eyes and chuckling nervously, she shook her hands, "I swear Rouge, nothing is going on between Shadow and I. We're just good friends." The rose hedgehog walked up to the apprehensive female, a small grin on her face. Silver and Blaze walked away, leaving the grey hedgehog to deal with the questions that were about to be thrown her way. As the telekinesis hedgehog looked back, she glared at his snickering face.

"Mhm, that's not what I saw." Amy closed one orb, winking at Jayde. Her fingerless gloves scratched the back of her neck as she glanced to the side ingenuously, flapping one hand in front of her form.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about."

"Well, yesterday you and Shadow were getting cozy on the sofa." Rouge said, pointing towards the place the red echidna sat. Knuckles overheard this and shot up, making a disgusted sound as he walked over to Sonic and Tails.

"We were just tired and fell asleep!" she protested, "I seriously do not want to talk about this guys." She muttered, trying to avoid the conversation in any way possible. These types of things were the least of her concerns.

"Shadow trusts you, you know, and that's pretty big." Amy said.

"You're knocking down his walls, hun." Rouge spoke, staring at the hedgehog as she turned away and crossed her arms, "And I think he's doing the same to you as well." Jayde's eyes widened slightly before clenching her fists by her sides and walked towards the door. Her hands ran through her quills before pulling out the blue Shard, hiding it in one of Tails' drawers.

The purple feline glanced at the grey hedgehog and watched as she ran out and into the forest. The young female had been through a lot since she'd been here, from fighting Eggman to shifting into her Negative Form- Jayde deserved a rest. But everyone knew that she wouldn't rest until the world was safe, even though the Doctor would always have something else on the way.

Jayde continued running until dark. The stars shone above her and although her breathing was heavy and uneven, and her body ached; her legs still ran. She clasped a branch and swung herself into the tree, her shoes gripping to the bark as much as possible. The hedgehog continued to climb up the tree until she came nearer the top, looking out on the whole of Mobius. The stars and moon lit up the sky above her giving her a sense of peace and tranquility.

The grey female frowned, looking away from the sight before her. She couldn't put her friends at risk. Jayde knew that the black Shard could kill her or destroy her from the inside, but she had to take that risk to save the planet- but to jeopardize her friend's lives?

She had to fight this alone.

Chapter Text

The Ultimate Lifeform teleported to the Eggman's base, arriving straight into the Doctors control room where he sat, tapping at a computer screen.

"I was wondering how long it would take you to arrive." He muttered, not looking away from his screen. Shadow scolded at the moustached man. The surroundings had projected information about the Seven Shards and even Jayde herself. This caught the Ultimate Lifeform's attention, along with a gleam from a sealed container.

Shadow glared at the Doctor, "Whatever you're doing, stop it. Or I'll stop you myself."

Eggman chuckled, glancing at his hedgehog friend, "Shadow it is too late to stop. The Ultimate Lifeform was too slow."

The hedgehog growled, clenching his fists, "What do you mean?"

Doctor Eggman stood from his seat and walked to a sealed container, grabbing the green Shard from its case, "Because I have already charged up my robots with this Shard, and now, nothing you can do will stop them."

"I'll stop them," Shadow snapped, "I'll destroy them all before they hurt Jayde."

Eggman grinned, "Ah, Jayde." He snickered, "She's quite the little hedgehog isn't she. I mean, she's the first Protector of the Seven Shards, she's got the Ultimate Lifeform's trust, she ran away after I attacked."

"What do you mean, 'attacked'."

"My, has she not told the Ultimate Lifeform yet?" Eggman asked, almost as if he was mocking Shadow's name. "There was a Chaos Emerald in her village and I went to get it. But that renegade took over one of my most powerful robots and out of anger; I sent a fleet of Badnik's to destroy that village." Eggman huffed a bit, "Unfortunately they didn't do a very good job and were all destroyed. But after that, I don't know why, she ran and never returned. I've kept her on my radar ever since."

Shadow clenched his fists, glancing around and trying to piece everything together. Badnik's attack, Jayde ran away... her... brother! The Ultimate Lifeform gritted his teeth and shut his eyes as he came to that conclusion. But, the Doc couldn't have! He would never...

Eggman may have wanted to rule the planet and build his own theme park, but he would never purposely kill someone. Especially not someone he didn't even know. How does Jayde not recognise the Doctor anyway- was she really that young?

"Anyway Shadow, it has been nice of you to drop in but now I'm afraid your welcome mat... has expired." Eggman grinned, "I've redesigned my base so that now not even your Chaos Control will invite you in!"

Shadow snapped at the Doctor, "I won't let you hurt Renee."

"That renegade is going down! She has too much power and I want it! Once I destroy her I'll have complete control over the Seven Shards and I will be able to rule this world." Eggman growled to the hedgehog before his finger hit a few security buttons, "And once she comes to my base, she'll be trapped! Come to your senses, Shadow, join me and we can rule over the world just as Maria wanted."

The hedgehog growled, "That's not what she wanted at all! I promised Maria to protect this planet and I intend on doing so. I will not lose Jayde's trust for you."

"I see you've made your decision. Goodbye, for now, Ultimate Lifeform." The Doctor laughed before Shadow was sealed in a large container and flung up from the ground and into the outside world.


The Next Day

The red and black hedgehog frowned, looking around the forest before he zipped towards the twin-tailed fox's workshop, bursting through the door. Everyone was asleep until the loud slam awoke them. A groan left the blue hero as Shadow gripped his shoulders, glaring at the half asleep hog.

"Where's Jayde?" he asked, shaking Sonic awake. The male hedgehog had to know where Jayde was in order to protect her. He also wanted to know if she remembered the Doctor from her childhood.

The blue hedgehog yawned, "Wha-"

"Where's Jayde?" Shadow repeated a bit more of a menacing tone in his voice which caused everyone to glance at him.

"Jayde went out last night about half an hour after you left and didn't come back. She's probably sleeping in the trees, Shadow." Amy answered, walking up to the two males and trying to pry the Ultimate Lifeform's hands from her blue hero,

Shadow growled, "I've looked everywhere outside. She wouldn't have gone far if she was just sleeping."

"Hey, lay off her Faker." Sonic glared at his red and black lookalike.

The twin-tailed fox glanced at the hedgehogs before stretching, a yawn leaving his lips. Rubbing his eyes, he opened his computer before tapping into Eggman's system, hoping to get a peek of what he was planning.

If they knew what Eggman was up to, they'd have an advantage and be able to stop him before he had the upper hand.

"Oh Chaos..." he whispered, eyes widening and covering his hand with his mouth. What he saw was not what he expected. Shadow and Sonic ran to his side and no sooner than they did, the Ultimate Lifeform clenched his fists and growled lowly.


The grey hedgehog carried on through the forest, the scanner on her communicator bleeping at the radiation of a Shard. She ran forward as it got louder until she came to the outskirts of a clearing. "Dr Eggman's base!" she gasped, crouching behind a bush as a few guard bots wheeled past her.

Jayde slipped behind a tree, peering out from the side. If Eggman has one of the Seven Shards, I have to get in there and get it. Dark, blue orbs scanned around until they landed on the entrance, guarded by two bulky robots with heat sensors on their shoulders. How would she get past them if they had heat sensors? Her G.U.N. jacket was back at Tails' workshop.

The grey hedgehog started to climb a tree, her shoes sticking to the bark until she came to a large branch. She could jump down from here, but she needed a distraction. Grasping an odd twig, she yanked it from the tree, a loud crack echoing through her ears. Well, that wasn't what she expected. But the surrounding robots stomped towards the tree, causing the female to quickly turn to her invisibility state.

Jayde jumped down passed them and ran straight through the entrance before looking around. She couldn't think too much about anything else because she knew her powers weren't yet perfected and one small slip up could traumatize her plans. Without the twin-tailed fox to guide her through Eggman's lair, she had to figure out a way around herself. Due to past experience, she guessed his control panel with the Shard would be on the top floor with high security surrounding it.

But the Doctor had upgraded all is tech and security systems and no sooner than she entered, the alarms went off, her whole body freezing. Jayde huffed, well; I guess I won't be making a quiet entrance.


"What do you mean Jayde has gone to Eggman's base?" Amy shrieked, glaring at the projected screen.

The young fox's ear flicked and his two tails twisted in annoyance, "She must have found one of the Shard's Eggman's has at his base via the communicator."

"Why did you let her go outside alone!" Shadow snarled to anyone close to him. Rouge walked up to her fellow agent and slapped him upside the head. The ivory bat didn't like the way he was acting and wanted to knock some sense into him. The male hedgehog glanced at Rouge from the side, a slight scowl on his face.

"Sorry, we forgot to put a tracker on her." Knuckles muttered, rolling his eyes at the Ultimate Lifeform. Shadow glowered at the echidna but Knuckles didn't appear intimidated by the angry hog. Clenching his fists, the red-striped hedgehog disappeared in his chaos control.

"Guys, seriously." Tails complained, "Unless you're going after her as well, shut up. We can watch her progress from her but I can't communicate with her."

"Why would she even go there?" Amy asked, leaning against her mallet, "She knows it's dangerous."

"She probably found the Shards on her- wait that's it!" Tails cut himself off, "If she still has her communicator on her, I can possibly hack into my own device and connect with her."

Blaze looked towards the telekinesis hedgehog as he pulled out a Chaos Emerald, "I'm following after Shadow, I have a feeling he's going to need my help."

Tails quickly grabbed a connected communicator and strapped it to his wrist, "Keep this on you so I can speak to you." Silver nodded before he too disappeared in a blinding light. The young fox continued with his investigation over Eggman's base until he figured out were the Shard was. "Oh, no."

Sonic glanced at the screen in confusion, "What's wrong, Tails?"

The twin-tailed fox looked at his proclaimed brother, a slight fear in his eyes, "Every single one of his robots have been charged with the Shard- which means even if Jayde goes into her invisible state, they will see her."

Chapter Text

The grey hedgehog ran up the final flight of stairs. She was no longer invisible because of the amount of distractions surrounding her. The security cameras all pointed towards her before the lasers above shot towards her, making her leap out the way.

The Protector had made quite a mess throughout the base, not a single floor went unharmed. Most robots had been demolished as well, leaving the scraps on the floor. Jayde just hoped the Eggman had a cleaning bot.

"Ja-y-de." The female glanced at her wrist, voices coming from the communicator.

"Tails?" she asked before looking upward.

Jumping away from another blazing light, the hedgehog spin dashed up towards them, knocking them from the wall. Multiple robots where surrounding her as she flicked on the communicator, "Jayde!" Tails called, his voice audible again. Jayde went to speak but the robots fired, causing her to leap out the way. Her fist collided with the small bots before twirling around and slamming her foot against another.

The doors to the control room opened and the moustached man himself walked out. He glared at the grey hedgehog, watching as she destroyed his inventions into a pile of nothing. Jayde had yet to notice the Doctor as she stopped ad glanced back at the twin-tailed fox, "Jayde, you've got to get out of there!"

"No way! Eggy Nosehair has a Shard-" The grey hedgehog was cut off but the blue blur snickering in the background. Sonic pushed Tails slightly, coming into view.

"Eggy Nosehair," he laughed, throwing his head back, "That's the best thing I've heard all day."

"Well, Eggy Nosehair is right behind you." Eggman spoke with a raise voice before pressing his wrist watch. The grey hedgehog was contained in steel bars as she spun around, glaring at the Doctor. Jayde grabbed hold of the bars, only for them to burn against her fingers.

Jayde flinched back, "Ah, uncool-" Sonic spoke through the speakers before her communicator was shot from her wrist. The grey hedgehog glanced down at the broken device, listening to Eggman chuckled at her attempts of escape, "Ah, Jayde the Renegade. I've been waiting for you to arrive. You made a smashing entrance there."

The female hedgehog crossed her arms and closed her eyes, turning away, "Tell me what you want Egghead before I scramble all your plans."

The Doctor grumbled under his breath, "It's Eggman." The floor underneath the bars rose from the ground and moved into the main control room with Jayde. This control room looked out into a lab which had a large robot being finished by his two henchmen.

"Did you charge that with a Shard?" Jayde asked, glaring at the doctor.

Eggman hummed, "I know, brilliant right?"

Jayde shook her head, placing her hands on her hips, "You know how dangerous that Shard is, why would you even try that? Do you want to be fried?"

"I want to dominate this world and rule over it with the new Eggman Empire and-" he stopped talking as the female hedgehog snickered and sent a small glare her way before continuing, "And the Shard is the ultimate power I need to finally succeed in doing so. Not you, that traitor or that blue rat will stop me."

"I will stop you, Egghead and you know it." Jayde spoke before focusing her powers and turning invisible. Her goal was to walk straight out from the cage, but the bars must've been created using the power of the Shards because it pierced her body, forcing her to jolt back and clutch her stomach, reappearing.

"There's no escape from there so you might as well get comfy." Eggman chuckled before turning serious, "Why don't you come to your senses and join me. We will be invincible and rule the world, nothing would stop us!"

"I'll never join with you!" Jayde snapped, slamming her fists against the bars, only to get a shock zap through her body, causing her whole form to freeze and fill with pain. But she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of it.

The doctor grinned, "Yes Jayde, try and escape. Every time you touch those metal bars it steals your power- and the longer you're in there the more you lose your strength to continue." Jayde growled at the moustached man before crossing her arms, "If you give me your Shard, I'll let you go and you'll be free until I attack again."

"I'd rather rot here than give it to you," she snapped, turning away, not mentioning the fact she really didn't have it on her.

"You stubborn, little-"

A loud crash was heard before two hedgehogs dropped from the ceiling, landing between the cage and the evil genius. The Ultimate Lifeform and the white telekinesis hedgehog stood up from the rubble, glares on their faces. The three hedgehogs watched Eggman stumble back towards his control panel.

"Ah, Shadow and Silver. How nice of you to drop in." Eggman grinned, "Robots, ATTACK!" His fist slammed against a button and multiple guard bots rushed through the door, all of their weapons aiming for the two male hedgehogs. But Shadow was already prepared and shot a shower of chaos spears towards them, blowing them all up. The hedgehog wasn't messing around; Silver and Jayde knew that, he just wanted this over with.

Eggman gave a girlish yell before racing towards his eggcarrier, smashing through his lab window and towards the main robot. "Guys! Get me outta here!" Jayde snapped, going to hit the cage before remembering the pain she had encountered beforehand. Silver ran to the barred enclosure and disabled it, allowing her to step out and shake off.

Shadow ran towards them, an angry look on his face but Silver spoke first, "Aren't you meant to sound more dramatic and helpless?"

Jayde rolled her eyes, "Oh please Silver and Shadow, save me from this cage. I'm so scared!" she cried dramatically, causing the white male to chuckle.

"I'll get you soon!" Eggman yelled, "Your time is running out! The Shards will be mine!"


Silver and Jayde walked side-by-side, the Ultimate Lifeform a few meters ahead. Shadow hadn't spoken a word since they left Eggman's base, and even though the female didn't expect him to, she at least thought he would have the decency to ask if she was okay. The grey hedgehog tugged at her inhibitor rings a bit, looking towards the telekinesis hedgehog beside her who was play around with a few sticks and stones in his ability.

"Silvs. What's up with Shades?" Jayde whispered.

The white male looked down at the hedgehog, sighing, "I think it's because you went into Eggman's base alone and unprotected."

"But that was my decision." She frowned, momentarily looking back at the dark hedgehog up front. She understood that the Ultimate Lifeform wanted to protect her, but he couldn't control everything she did.

Shadow's fists clenched as he walked, glaring at the trees in front of him and not taking any noticed of the two being behind him. He had let his guard down around that female, telling her how much she meant to him and how much he couldn't let her get hurt and she goes straight to Eggman's base.

The dark male couldn't get too close to Jayde. Everything he loved about was promptly taken from him and he couldn't handle that anymore. If anyone else he cared about left him, he'd return to his past state and seek revenge on the planet he swore to protect. How much more was going to happen to him before he could finally be at peace?

Jayde's eyebrows creased and she jogged up beside the Ultimate Lifeform, trying to suss out his emotions. But his face and crimson orbs were blank, not showing an ounce of anything in them.

"Shades?" Jayde called out to him, but he didn't respond. It was almost as if he was building his walls back up around him and locking her out like he had before and not letting anyone in. "Shadow." She spoke up, trying to gain his attention.

As they came to the clearing of Tails' workshop, Shadow still hadn't spoken to either of them, and it was irritating the grey hedgehog. His bottomless black orbs didn't even take a glance towards the female as he went to go into the workshop.

"Shadow!" Jayde shouted, pushing his arm slightly. Silver grabbed the angry female, trying to stop her from making a big mistake, "Let me go, Silver." She growled, her form tensing at the contact. She didn't want to be stopped by anyone. This was between her and Shadow. And if he hated her now then fair enough, but she needed to speak to him.

Silver held on tighter, though her menacing voice had some effect on him, and his head twisted in confusion. Glancing at her inhibitor rings, they were slowly darkening, making fear rise in the telekinesis male.

Jayde ripped herself from the pure white hedgehog's grip and ran at the Ultimate Lifeform, shoving him forward. Shadow froze; his whole body tensing and his eyes read anger as he stopped himself from falling straight on his face. The Sonic Team in the workshop had heard to commotion and rushed outside to see what was going on. Each of them freezing at the sight of Shadow as he glowered at them.

"Shadow. It was my decision to go into Eggman's base. It was me who went in to get that Shard, so don't blame the others for my mistake." Jayde snapped, standing directly behind the red-striped hedgehog.

Shadow spun around, staring at the seething female, "And what if he hurt you, or destroyed you."

Jayde laughed carelessly, spinning her body around. This cause Silver to flinch and his eyes connected with the hazel ones of the purple feline, she still had some Negative Chaotic energy within her. "Your faith in me, Shadow the Hedgehog, is incredible. You're acting like I can't handle myself!"

"That's what I saw when you were in that cage."

"I am not some damsel in distress, I don't need a Prince Charming to come save me every time I get stuck in a puny cage." The angry grey female hissed, clenching her fists as she glared at the Ultimate Lifeform in front of her, "And for your information, that cage had a control box under where I was standing. I could've easily broke into that and rewired it-"

"What, like you did to Eggman's robot when you were younger?" Shadow asked, anger still flowing through his body as he cut off the female.

Jayde flinched, "How do you know that?" Her fists clenched by her sides, no one knew that about her past yet. She bowed her head slightly, glaring up at him.

"The Doctor told me." Shadow hissed, "I also know that it was one of Dr Eggman's robots that killed your brother-"

"Shadow!" Rouge snapped, glaring at the Ultimate Lifeform. Even if the bat didn't know about Jayde's past, it was still inconsiderate of him to say it on such a way. The dark hedgehog only seemed to calculate what he just said, and his eyes widened.

If he hadn't already lost her, he just did. "Jayde, I-" but the hedgehog put her hand up to stop him. Shadow shrunk back, ashamed of himself.

The grey female stared at the ground, her fists clenched and her eyes shut tight. She could hear the gasps of the Sonic Team around her, but no one moved. She hated that everyone had to find out this way and it pained her the way he said it- as if it were her fault. But even Jayde knew that he didn't mean it. He was angry and upset. But she still couldn't believe that came from the Ultimate Lifeform. "The past is in the past." She spoke, not looking up, "And as much as I regret not being able to do enough to save him- I don't regret any moment I spent with him."

Shadow flinched, knowing that she wasn't just talking about her brother, but she was talking to him as well. "I miss him every day but that doesn't mean I shouldn't continue with my mission knowing that I could end up with the same fate."

Jayde looked up, glancing at each of her team mates in turn, "I know this could kill me, but I don't regret ever having any of you as friends. You've all played an important role in the saving of this planet but it still isn't over yet. I'm not asking you to risk your life too, but I am asking for your help."

Everyone listened to the grey female. Nobody spoke a single word during her speech. Silver stepped forward first, placing a hand on Jayde's shoulder, "I came here to protect the future and learn how to defend the potential protectors- I am with you." Blaze quickly joined, walking up front as well, nodding towards the female hedgehog.

The cobalt and rose hedgehog moved forward, both looking at Jayde, "I don't regret any of the time you've spent with you either. You have been a great friend and I would be honoured to fight beside you." Amy spoke, raising her hammer on her shoulder. The rest soon followed until all that was left was Shadow.

He didn't know if he could take another loss. He had to be there to protect her and save her but what if he couldn't? He'd be forever blaming himself for her death as he does Maria's. The hedgehog clenched his fists and his ear flicked as Jayde spoke some more.

"I need your help Shadow." She whispered, but it reached his ears and his head looked up. Even after he had said something that hurt her, Jayde's orbs were sincere and he knew she meant it. She needed their help in completing her mission and saving the planet- and she needs him. Shadow stood straight and nodded towards the light in his darkness.

"I will fight with and protect you..." he spoke, "Renee."

Chapter Text

A Few Hours Later

"Okay guys," Tails spoke as everyone ducked and hid behind a bush, "According to my calculations, Eggman's robot is close to be finish. If we strike at it before it's at its full potential, we should have a fighting chance."

"I'm ready to break it!" the red echidna grinned, smacking his fists together. Everyone had waited until dusk before attacking the doctor's new invention. They had run directly from Tails' workshop and now each of them were ready to fight back and protect the world.

The twin-tailed fox rolled his at Knuckles before focusing on the weak points of the invention. Without the proper analysis, he only had the blueprints. Dr Eggman had not updated his systems enough for Tails to dig deeper into his plans and he was only basing his final opinion on those.

Jayde stretched her arm to the side before shaking out her body. She was finally going to complete her mission and protect the world from the Interficio Quattuor, should Eggman release them. She begged to the sky he wouldn't. Without the blue Shard she had left at Tails' workshop, she could not transform into the Potens Form and would prove useless in the fight to save the planet.

Silver and Blaze stood beside a tree, working on their fighting techniques. With the telekinesis hedgehog's advanced ability to capture the feline's flames, they had used the technique in many missions and it had proved useful. Silver could control the fire in his psychokinesis and aim it direct towards the target for maximum impact.

The white hog was enthralled to apart of such an important part of history. In the future, many Protectors have been destroyed because of their negative form taking control and seeking obliteration of the world, but now he had experienced the cure first hand, none of them had to be annihilated.

The pink hedgehog stretched her bones before she flicked her gloved fingers and her mallet appeared on her palms. Amy was ready to fight and show her blue hero she could defend herself. Maybe he'd bring her on more missions if she could prove that she was just as powerful as him in battle.

"Hey, Knuckie," Rouge grinned, watching as the red echidna rested against the trunk of a tree, "Are you ready to fight?"

Knuckles opened one eye, glancing at the ivory bat before closing it again, "Are you kidding? Eggman's robots are no problem." He crossed his arms and twitched his nose as he sensed the female moving closer.

"The robots he creates can be pretty tough." She spoke, relaxing on a large rock beside him. Placing one leg over the other, she closed her eyes to enjoy the cool breeze.

"Huh, I've experienced worse." The echidna muttered, thinking about the Metarex he faced once in space, "They won't cause me any damage."

"I love it when you talk about how tough you are, Knuckie." Rouge grinned. Knuckles almost fell over his feet as the female spoke, causing him to grip the bark. The bat opened one eye to wink at him, "I hope you'll be there to save me when I fall."

The red male's muzzle grew hot and he glared at the bat as she quickly flew away, "You're batty!" he yelled, swinging his fist around.

The cerulean hedgehog chuckled at the hothead, munching on a chilli dog he had brought with him. Knuckles' glower turned to face the blue speedster beside him before swinging his fist around and knocking the food out of his hand, causing to fly through the air.

"No!" Sonic shouted out, quickly skidding along the floor to catch his precious meal before it hit the ground. But his running was cut short as his body crashed into the Ultimate Lifeform, sending them both to the ground.

Shadow groaned before pushing Sonic off him, "Get off me, Faker!" he growled, dusting himself off as he stood.

The blue hedgehog sighed in relief at the chilli dog that rested in his palm before standing up and taking another bite. Jayde pulled the baseball from her quills before walking towards Amy.

"Amy, watch this," she grinned quietly before glancing at the eating hog, "Hey Sonic! Catch!" Jayde yelled before lobbing the baseball over the trees. It flew against the wind, shooting off into the distance. A blue blur zipped after it before quickly returning, taking another bite of his chilli dog as he handed Jayde back her ball. The two hedgehog chuckled.

A loud crack, ruining the moment, was heard before a tree fell between the gang, everyone flinching as they gathered together again.

A deep laugh was heard as Eggman flew above them in his eggcarrier, the green Shard in his gasp. "Ho, ho, ho! Are you ready to fight the most powerful-"

"Hang on," Sonic spoke, raising a finger to pause the Doctor. He continued to munch on his chill dog, much to the aggravation of the evil genius. Eggman grumbled under his breath, clenching his jaw shut as the blue hedgehog finished off his food, "Okay, I'm ready." He spoke over a mouthful.

The doctor growled before glaring at the grey female, "Jayde the Renegade, this is your final chance! Join me or be obliterated by my ultimate creation!"

Jayde stepped forward, her fists clenched by her sides, "I'll never work with you!" she shouted, gnashing her teeth.

Chapter Text

"You have had your final chances, renegade!" Eggman yelled down from his eggcarrier. The grey hedgehog glared up at the bald man, Shadow, Sonic, Amy and Silver each beside her. "Witness my ultimate creation!" His fist crashed down on his control panel, a loud stomp echoing through the forest.

A large robot tore through the dark forest, its colors a red and gold, its black metallic eyes, and sharp pointy fingers that clenched into fists. It looked like a strong steal, maybe even too difficult for Sonic to break with a spin dash. Its metal shone brightly, that definitely was not just Eggman working on it.

"We need that final Shard!" Tails yelled, glaring at the grey hedgehog. Why hadn't she brought it with her anyway? Jayde growled at herself for leaving it behind. Because she was going back to Eggman's base, she thought it best to leave it at the young fox's workshop- clearly that wasn't the best idea.

Now that Eggman had two Shards and the team had four, they needed Jayde's original Shard to help transform into Potens. Only if she has her Protected Shard will she be able to complete the transformation and defeat the evil that will come from Doctor Eggman.

"I can't go back alone." Jayde stated, clenching her fists as she ran forward slightly, glancing back. It was difficult to say she needed help, but these robots were more powerful than ever and to be captured by one would give the evil genius a massive advantage. Since only one Shard has been connected with a Mobian, the Shard that the grey female protects is one of the strongest. To use it with the black shard could be catastrophic for the planet. Without help, if she was captured she'd have no chance.

Shadow and Rouge stepped forwards, nodding towards their fellow agent, "We'll come with you, Agent Jayde." Rouge grinned before hovering above them. Jayde pressed her wrist band, her hover board lining up beside her.

"Come on, Renee." Shadow muttered before hurriedly skating off, the ivory bat not far behind them. The remaining group glared back at the invention. Tails got to work trying to find a weak spot, Amy directly in front of him with her mallet in hand, preparing for an attack. Sonic stood beside the rose hedgehog, supporting her as Silver walked towards the feline and echidna.

Knuckles stepped forward, smacking his fists together, "You ready for a beat down?" he grinned, turning to face the gang. Blaze moved, her hands igniting with flames.

"I will assist you Knuckles." They nodded towards each other before running towards the robot as it let out another roar of anger.

Knuckles and Blaze fought their way around the creation, the red echidna only getting a few dents on the oversize tin can. His fists clashed against the enemy, his full force going into his hits, anger building up as he realized his attacks were not doing much. Blaze clenched her fists, fire rising from her palms before she threw fires towards the enemy, trying to melt the armor that surrounded the prevailing invention. Each of their power was affecting the robot in some way before Knuckles dug underground. Blaze blasted the robot back, creating a firewall around it to prevent escape. Knuckles suddenly burst from the ground, leaping up to launch a punch on the creations face. It fell back, landing with an almighty thud on the ground.

From the eggcarrier, Dr. Eggman chuckled before throwing something shiny towards the robot. It landed on his invention before the robots fists slammed against the ground, its form standing up again. Blaze stepped backwards from the robot as it glitches, its eyes turning a dark purple.

"It's powered by a Shard!" Sonic shouted, pointing to the middle of its chest were a bright red light was illuminating from. The robots fists moved, crashing down towards the two fighters.

Meanwhile, Shadow, Rouge and Jayde had just reached Tails' workshop which was surrounded by Eggman robots. The Ultimate Lifeform preformed a chaos blast, destroying any metallic scavengers in their path.

More rose from behind the trees, isolating the three agents, "Quick Jayde, go get the Shard, we'll hold them off!" Rouge called before landing a spin attack on the closest bots. The female nodded before running into the workshop.

Almost everything was destroyed. It was clear that the robots had been searching for the Shard and struggled against Tails' defense systems. A few robots were still moving and hastily aimed for the grey hedgehog, being programmed as priority one to destroy her on sight. Jayde dodged the bullets, leaping from place to place. She focused on her powers, using what Espio had taught her to jolt into a spin dash, knocking the robots off guard, crashing them into a wall.

The female unrolled, grabbing the blue Shard from a hidden place and stuffing it in her quills. "Jayde!" The grey hedgehog's ear flicked, grabbing the communicator from her quills to reveal Tails.

"You have to hurry! Eggman has used a Shard to power his robot." Amy cried, pointing towards Blaze, Knuckles and Silver who were fighting against the large robot. The blue blur was attacking the smaller robots around them, avoiding any injury to come to the rose hedgehog and twin-tailed fox.

A few Eggman robots crashed through the window, aiming for the grey female. "We're on our way!" Jayde promised, shutting them off. Glancing around, she quickly grabbed her G.U.N. jacket, clutching the firearm in her pocket before shooting towards the enemies.

Something glinted in her eye, and she turned to see a large robot racing towards her, a Chaos Emerald on its chest plate.

Jayde clenched her fists, leaping up to avoid the destructive blasts. She pushed her feet against the wall before pushing and spin dashing towards the robot. But it was more powerful than she had anticipated and flew an arm around, knocking smack bang into her. The female flew into a wall, groaning on impact and a pain shot through her arm.

The robot aimed towards her again, making her jump up and jolt forward into another spin dash. But every time was a fail, even if she became invisible. The robot used her weakness as an advantage and captured her in its metallic grasp, ready for the final blow. But the shard in her quills gleamed, a flood of power running through the female. Her eyes glowed brightly as they opened and a powerful blast shot from her palms.

Much like Shadow's chaos blast, the Potens blast was just as powerful and able to break through almost anything. And with a chaos emerald nearby, the robot didn't stand a chance. His metallic frame quivered under the great force and disintegrated into thin air, the chaos emerald dropping to the ground.

Jayde breathed a sigh of relief before grabbing the emerald and rushing out. Shadow and Rouge were still fighting against the robots as they came towards them. The female raised the gun, staring down the barrel as she took a short breath and shot again, joining the fight. Her fellow agents were on the other side of the Eggman robot army.

"There's Jayde!" Rouge said, flying over the bots. The grey hedgehog slammed her foot against a few robots, a load more with her fist. Her ear twitched, and her arm bent backwards, shooting another robot with her firearm. Robots circled the grey hedgehog and barreled towards her at once, causing her to leap up. They crashed and burned below her, the blast causing her to flip in the air. But before she slammed into the ground, the ivory bat caught hold of her leg, stopping her fall.

"Thanks, Rouge!" Jayde called before being dropped beside the red and black hedgehog. She handed the Ultimate Lifeform the Chaos Emerald and he said his famous words before they disappeared in a vivid light.

The Shard powered robot that supported and protected the evil genius was beating up the injured echidna. His form was almost too weak to continue but he'd never give up that easily. The feline focused more of her power and thrust her gloved paws forward; a steaming flame raced towards the invention and was a direct hit. This angered the robot and his fist came hurtling down toward the red echidna below.

At that moment, the three agents appeared and gasped at the scene in front of them.

Chapter Text

"Knuckles!" The gang yelled. He let out a growl before the metallic fist slammed down on him. As the dust cleared, the grey hedgehog heard a groan from the white male next to her, his gloves lighting up as he kept the robots arm away from the crouched red echidna using his telekinesis.

"Knuckles move!" Silver's strained voice yelled, his body visibly straining from the strength the Shard gave to the robot. Sonic's eyes reached the scene, destroying the final bot before racing under the robot. Grabbing Knuckles' arm they ran out from under the metallic fists just as Silver lost his strength and dropped his power.

The robot roared loudly again, racing a full speed around the gang, preventing escape. No one anticipated it. Its speed was incredible, almost as fast as Sonic with the Shard. The two-tailed fox glared at the invention as it whizzed around them, trying to figure out a way to stop this creation when it used the Shard.

The robot's directions suddenly changed, and charged directly towards the grey female hedgehog. Jayde's eyes widened, fear rising within her body. She couldn't sprint away, she would be too slow. Sonic was over by Knuckles and Blaze, his fur slowly darkening as he almost watched his best friend be killed.

A loud shout yelled out, "NO!" as Jayde clenched her eyes shut, preparing for the impact that would hit her. A black blur quickly rushed towards the fearful grey hog. Everyone's focus was now on the grey female, multiple gasps echoed around her. The grey hedgehog was roughly shoved to the ground, a few scraps on her already injured arm and legs as she rolled. A metal fist collided with Shadow’s body, sending him flying back on the impact. His back smacked into the large rock behind him, a pain filled grunt leaving him as he fell and dropped to the ground. Jayde opened one eye before widening both her orbs, leaning up on her forearms. Shadow opened one eye as he tried to sit himself up but without much luck.

"Ngh- he's almost as tough as me!" Shadow’s voice strained as he let out a groan before his eyes shut. The female's face showed horror as she watched the Ultimate Lifeform fall to his knees and as soon to his stomach.

"Shadow!" Jayde yelled as the gang let out a gasp. The grey hedgehog's body ran and slumped beside her saviour.

The monster roared loudly as Eggman chuckled, "Not so tough now, are we Shadow?"

Shadow's fists were clenched as his body shook. Jayde's fingers ran through his quills, hate in her eyes and another being rising inside her. Sonic stood beside her, his fur completely dark. Something inside the female awoken, her eyes shutting as she let out a low growl. And with Sonic's dark aura present, it rose within her. Jayde's hands suddenly grasped the black and red fur and her eyes shot open to reveal pure white, no orbs- just like Sonic. She stood, clenching her fists as she glared up at the creation. Jayde's fur was a dark grey, her blue stripes a dark blue and her bands on the inhibitor rings had become a blood red.

The doctor visibly gulped, "Oops, maybe that was a bad move on my part." He spoke to himself as he glanced down at the two dark hedgehogs. But not even they would scare him from continuing.

Jayde glared up. Dr Eggman had hurt her friend. He hurt Shadow. The being crawled from deep within her bones to destroy this monster who had caused him pain. She wanted to annihilate him from the inside, making him feel the hurt that the ebony hedgehog went through.

"You ready?" She asked Sonic, not making eye contact towards anyone but the robot. Her voice was low, slightly deeper, showing authority and anger. Sonic nodded, a small, sickening smirk prying on the corner if his muzzle, and they charged at full speed towards Eggman's monstrosity.

Jayde's speed and fighting skills had been increased, her body becoming a dark being that awakened when her friends were truly hurt. The punch that had knocked into Shadow has caused this being to arise, taking control. Unlike her Negative Form, the grey hedgehog could control this being- it was one with her. She wouldn't ever be able to leave this side of her because it was part of her; and the inhibitor rings. It was only dangerous to the ones who hurt her friends.

Sonic jumped into the air, his speed becoming unbearably fast to keep up with. His two-tailed sidekick had never seen Sonic's dark form. He watched the fight in shock, his two friends landing punch after punch on Eggman's work. How could the dark form appear on them? How would they get them to calm down? The only thing that Tails knew is that they wouldn't stop until that robot was destroyed completely.

Amy Rose looked up at her new friend and blue hero. She couldn't bare that they were taking all the hits and she couldn't do anything. Her hammer would be too weak against a Shard powered robot. She looked towards the dark hedgehog that was slumped on the floor beside Silver. She rushed towards him.

"Shadow?" The only response she got was a low groan, and his hand tightened around his stomach. His eyes clamped shut as he tried to sit up. The black and red hedgehog opened one eye to see the girl he saved fighting in a dark being. He saw the power radiating off her and Sonic, each of the using each other to throw punches towards the metallic tin can. He did it for her; he wouldn't let her get hurt again- he couldn't. It was his job to protect his Light, and no one would stop him from doing that.

Up above the gang, the two furious hedgehogs glared at the creation. The once light grey hedgehog took a deep breath before concentrating. Her fur slowly disappeared, leaving a lot of her friend's eyes to widen. Espio had taught her to control her power, but little did she know that the robot could tell where she was. As Jayde went to run around the robot, a fist came behind her, aiming to knock her down.

"Look out!" yelled Sonic, who could sense her presence, and he quickly spin dashed into the robots arms, knocking it from its socket.

The fat man in the eggcarrier laugh loudly, leaning over to see the grey hedgehog reappear. "That Shard of his can figure out where you are; there's no point of using your useless power!"

The grey hedgehog growled before focusing her energy again, her body disappearing. She quickly ran around, throwing a powerful punch towards the robots leg. She used the spin dash technique Sonic had taught her to move quickly. Her body was still invisible. The only one who could find her was the robot, who couldn't keep up with her fast movements.

She was still curled in a fast moving ball as she roamed around her friends, each of their quills lifting up at her speed as she shot past them. Jayde turned, quickly moving straight up to the robot, leaping up. She appeared again, face to face with the robot as her friends gasped. She smirked, before staring down at the robot, becoming invisible again before diving into a spin dash right into its face. She continued until she landed on the floor on the other side.

Sonic leapt up as well, spin dashing straight into the robots chest, his fur still dark blue, his eyes having no pupil. He grabbed the Shard ripping it from the robots body, allowing to slump on the floor. Sonic landed on the robot's back, throwing up the Shard and catching it again, letting out a laugh. "Guess you'll have to go back to the drawing board." He snickered, glancing up at the bald headed male in the eggcarrier.

The main thing that could calm these two was to see the ones they loved were okay. If they were ever to stay in their dark forms, they would become completely one with it. They would have two minds, two ways of thinking. It wouldn't ever become spiteful or unkind towards its friends; but it would become heartless and serious, never able to joke or have fun.

The grey and blue hedgehogs were suddenly captured in Silver's telekinesis, pulling them towards the remaining three hedgehogs. Shadow had now stood to his feet, looking directly at Jayde, not scared by her white eyes or dark aura. Amy looked towards Sonic, her blue hero watching her every move.

"Sonic, please calm down!" she whimpered, reaching out to him. His face stared at the pink female before his eyes reappeared, his fur lighting and his quills dropping again. He looked passed the rose hedgehog, glaring at the trees, slightly ashamed of himself for letting his anger get so far. The grey female beside was staring at Shadow, checking him for any injuries. The only thing she could see was his hand as he held onto a painful area.

"I'm fine, Renee." He spoke, trying not to wince for her sake. Jayde's fur lightened to her regular grey, her dark blue eyes reappearing again.

"Shadow?" she whispered as her body slumped slightly in Silver's telekinesis, her hands pressing against the force field. The being calmed within her and left, causing her to feel drained from the sudden loss of power. Silver let the two down, allowing Jayde and Shadow to lean against each other for support.

"Oh Sonic!" Amy cried, pouncing on him for a hug.

"A-Amy!" he yelped, gently pulling her away as her hands hit a bruise on his back. Amy realized she was causing him pain and instead held tenderly onto his arm.

"Ah, how cute." The voice came from the eggcarrier, making the gang look up. Eggman had produced the black Shard, a grin on his face. "Now I'll show you the true power of The Seven Shards!"

Chapter Text

Eggman raised a black shard, making the young foxes eyes widen, and a quick glance to his hedgehog friends, they knew that something was wrong. The bald man shot his hand in the air, a loud laugh erupting from his throat as a great beam of light struck down from the dark sky. Everyone covered their eyes, the bright light becoming too much to bare.

Were the clearing was once empty, now stood four monsters.

An eight foot being floated in the air, sharp metal claws and red demonic eyes inhabited its form, whilst a scruffy dark brown cloak covered its entire body, only able to see his forearms down. Black Doom had once came in contact with the black shard, many, many years ago. It absorbed his negative energy, creating this dark being. Shadow tensed, glaring up at the being as he saw the similarities between it and Black Doom.

Beside it, flapped an over large hawk, a knife like beak covering the bottom of his face. It was dark grey and the second largest, however it was the least powerful. Even though it could barely hurt someone directly, it was quick paced and a pro at flying. He could swiftly dodge almost any attack thrown at him. It is unknown how the hawk came as an evil being in the black shard, but it is believed that the Potens God had a hawk as their lucky charm, and once he died, they placed its soul into the shard. It reacted badly an created another evil creature.

Hovering on the other side of the Black Doom lookalike, was a Mobian sized demon, with pitch black eyes, yellow horns and a small crown on its head. He had red flesh that was covered by a thick, long cloak that separated near the end, showing his dark yellow shoes. It is believed that this demon came from Blaze's world, due to his cat-like features. Upon closer inspection, a small blue gem is seen on his forehead, showing his authority over the rest. He was an evil being before coming into contact with the black shard, but on that fatal day, it absorbed his body and turned him into a powerful, ageless immortal. Even though he is the smallest, he is the second most powerful.

But the strongest, largest and most powerful stood on all fours on the ground. A brown creature with black triangular pupils and large feet that crushed the trees around him like twigs. He was made by the Potens God, and once defeated; he would seal all the Interficio Quattuors back into the shard for another generation. The button on its back was placed there for that very reason; he was the key to succeeding. It is also believed he may have something to do with Gerald Robotnik.

The area around them was pretty much already gone. With each enemy had been a fight, but nothing compared to this. Jayde stepped back along with her fellow hedgehogs.

"Behold, the dark shard's true power! It will destroy you once and for all!" Eggman yelled, his teeth appearing as he laughed again, ending with a coughing fit.

Amy Rose let out a gasp, "We've got to get that Shard away from Eggman!"

"But how? He controls that beast, it will protect him." Silver spoke, clenching his fists as he pointed towards his nemesis. The monster roared and stomped towards them. Jayde's hands tightened on the dark hedgehog's arm, helping him to stand up and watch the beast move towards them.

The two-tailed fox put a hand under his chin. He scanned around, searching for any way to stop this. His eyes landed on Jayde's arm, staring at her inhibitor rings. His orbs widened and he clicked his fingers, "That's it!" The gang looked towards him, watching as he pulled out an orange Shard.

"Of course" Jayde gasped, pulling out the blue Shard from her quills. A few of the gang followed, Shadow grabbing a green one, Sonic the red one he had taken from the robot, Rouge a pink one and Blaze a purple one.

"But Eggman has the black one!" Amy pointed out.

"I got that!" Jayde spoke. "Potens" She spoke, looking at her inhibitors rings. The Shards rose from the palms and circled around the Protector before landing on the ground in front of her. Jayde moved them into their specific position, only a few centimeters apart, "Trust, strength, peace, vision, sophistication, nurture and security." Everyone watched as the Shards glow, one lighting up at every word she spoke. "We need O.L.A. to protect this world from what bad has been produced, Otium, Luminis, Ancora!" Jayde stood, her hands rising with the Shards, "Peace, light and hope!" she yelled, a burst of light coming down on her from the sky. The black Shard rose from Eggman's grasp, making him yell out as it connected with the rest of the Shards to for the Potens, a powerful crystal.

It hit Jayde, making her feel the power run through her. Her fur changed to a dark jade, her usual stripes became a dark blue, her eyes a blood red. Jayde clenched her fists as she rose from the ground slightly, stretching out suddenly as a burst of power rockets through her. The once grey hedgehog's clothes lightened slightly before her feet landed on the ground. Her quills had grown longer, each rising up. Her back wings had grown, enabling her more efficient spin dashes. Her inhibitor rings had changed to a light blue, the bands turning pitch black.

    The once grey hedgehog remembered what the Guardian had said through the transformation- 'Don't fight it.'

Jayde hovered with her back facing the gang, each of their eyes lighting up at the scene in front of them. Tails' eyes widened, "The Potens form!" he gasped. The now dark jade hedgehog turned to face her hedgehog friends. Each of the gang took in her new, all-powerful form, completely mesmerized by the transformation.

"I can't defeat him alone." She nodded towards Silver, Shadow and Sonic. They agreed to the Potens hedgehog, moving to form a circle around Jayde. Her red eyes scanned around before they landed on a pink female who was watching her hedgehog friends. "Amy, we need you too."

"Me?" Amy gasped as Jayde nodded. The pink hedgehog was shocked that she would ever ask her. She normally seemed to be the damsel in distress, but not this time, she was going to defeat the enemy alongside her blue hero. They needed Amy so each of them had a sufficient amount of power ran through them, too much could cause their bodies to combust and destroy them because they weren’t a Protector. The rose hedgehog quickly joined the circle, her hands connecting with Sonic and Silver's. Jayde spread her arms out, letting out some of her power to her friends.

"Peace, light, hope." Jayde whispered, her voice slightly hoarse and deep. Each of the hedgehog heads bobbed before they too transformed into an O.L.A. being.

Each of the hedgehogs’ had light blue inhibitor rings and blood red eyes. All their clothes had lightened, but each had different color fur. Sonic turned a light blue, Amy Rose transformed into a light orange which darkened as it got to the end of her quills that flew up around her face, Shadow a dark green, his red stripes had also changed into a dark blue (much like the Protector's) and Silver had turned a lime green, the bands on his inhibitor rings also turning black.

The pain Shadow had once been in had gone as the Potens power ran through his body. Amy quickly got out her hammer to fight, gasping at the sight. The gold had turned to a light blue and each section had sharp spikes on the edges, making it more powerful than before, she grinned, "Let's do this!"

They all took off, floating into the air. The gang below looked up and gasped; Knuckles, Blaze, Rouge and Tails. Vector, Charmy and Espio watched from afar having followed them throughout Jayde's journey with the help of Tails; each of them supporting their fighting friends.

Chapter Text

Sonic went directly for the large black creature, his demonic eyes studying the blue hedgehog. Sonic grinned, flying forward towards the monster, smashing his fist into his face. The monster anticipated this, flinging his arm out towards the blue hedgehog.

Meanwhile, Amy Rose had begun to attack the red demon. His emotionless eyes watch her every move as she glared at him, raising her mighty hammer. Amy soon realized the creature was slower than she thought, and used her new found speed to her advantage. She watched as he charged up his energy, before blasting her away with unbelievable force. She flew through the air but quickly stopped herself and charged towards the demon, slamming her hammer against his flesh. He roared, flying backwards, just as she had.

Silver rose up; using his telekinesis he moved the broken trees around him to fire at the overgrown hawk. It dodged almost every attack, but when Silver was able to hit the hawk, he noticed he took a while to regain its posture. Silver tried using his telekinesis to hold the creature still, but he was too weak for that. This creature was made from pure Potens energy and even if he was in the O.L.A. form, even he could use his telekinesis to hold the black Shard's powers still.

Every evil has a weak point somewhere, and every one of the hedgehogs soon found that out. They each used their new found power to defeat the black Shard's creatures and seal them back where they belong. While each of the Interficio Quattuor were slow, they all had enough power to level an entire city within a few minutes.

Sonic was weakening the monster, each spin dash was making it loose life, and its power was draining.  Sonic went to spin dash again towards it, but the monster stood taller, its fists clenched before slapping Sonic into the palm of its hands. A groan left the blue hero as he glared up at the demonic eyes. A burst of power sped through his veins, before he let out a spin dash. The creature gripped Sonic in his hands, struggling to cope with amount of power going through this small creature. Sonic groaned as he continued to speed around in the hand cage he was trapped in. Sonic suddenly burst out, moving directly into the face of the creature, slicing straight through its face, making it collapse on the ground.

Amy Rose continued fighting the demon, although she was a bit more beat up since she wasn't used to such strong opponents. But her arms kept swinging and her hammer kept hitting. The demon was a slow fighter, but when he did fire and he did hit, boy did it hurt. A deep cut was along Amy's arm, but she didn't let that stop her. She wanted to be brave and prove her blue hero that she could defeat stronger opponents; maybe he'd take her on more adventures with him. Amy swung her hammer, knocking it straight on his stomach, making him twirl around. Her body quickly moved forwards and above, slamming her Piko Piko hammer on his forehead, making him land deep in the dirt below. A groan left the demon before his body evaporated into thin air. The pink hedgehog huffed, leaning against her hammer.

Silver threw another telekinesis blast towards the hawk, but its wings glided slowly, moving away from each blast. Sonic appeared next to the lime hedgehog, "Need some help?" Silver looked to Sonic, nodding. Maybe fighting the hawk with two people would confuse the creature, throwing it off guard enough for Silver to destroy it. Sonic grinned, spin dashing around the bird keeping it distracted from the telekinesis being. Silver picked up a few trees, throwing them directly towards the hawk's beak.

"Silver!" the lime hedgehog's head looked down to find Blaze, firing some fireballs up towards him. He nodded again, using the fire to aim towards the hawk. The wing of the creature was soon on fire, making it topple to the ground. Blaze quickly flipped out the way, resting a hand on her hip. Silver and Sonic landed beside her. Blaze was creating a fireball in her hands, ready to fire towards the creature. Silver shot his hands out the same time as Blaze, creating a sealed dome around the hawk so no fire would blast anywhere else.

The dark jade hedgehog rose to face the biggest monster, its claws tearing up the ground below it. She clenched her fists. This wasn't going to be easy but it was her mission to complete, her destiny to fulfill. If she didn't defeat this monster now, in this timeline, he'd destroy the future and everything she cared about- and she was not going to let that happen!

"I don't think you can take this one by yourself." Her eyes widened as she turned to find her dark green male friend, his crimson eyes still the same as ever as he looked upon his female hedgehog. She smirked, turning back around to face the creature.

"Think you've got enough power, Shades?" She grinned.

"I've always got enough power, Renee." He replied with a smirk before charging up his energy as they both burst towards the creature. They took in turns taking a hit to create confusion for the creature so his shots were off guard. But even if he was missing them, the force of them could destroy them in a few hits- they had to be careful. Jayde focused on the legs, sending light spears towards the creatures as it roared, turning to face the female. Whilst distracted, Shadow fired a light blast towards its head, trying to damage the main part of the being.

Jayde flew towards Shadow before the hedgehogs redirected their path, their fists hitting directly over his face and spin dashing along its sides to confuse and daze it. As they reached its back, Jayde's eyes widened as she saw a large button strapped around him. How had they not noticed that before? Shadow saw it too, looking towards the once grey hedgehog and nodded, both having the same hunch. Jayde zoomed down to spin dash into it, but the tail came round and hit her off guard, smacking her back into the tree.

She pushed herself up against the dent in the dark, opening one eye with a faint groan that was barely audible. "That thing packs quite a punch!" she smirked, glaring at the Eggman who had unleashed these monsters. "This should be fun."

"We have to wear it down!" Shadow shouted, charging up his energy.

She sped towards it again, letting Shadow distract it with light blasts and spears. She closed her eyes, concentrating on becoming invisible before punching and kicking it along its side. She just avoided Shadow chaos blast, flying up beside him and appearing next to him. Shadow watched the monster as it roared towards them, but moved forward and away. His crimson orbs widened as he watched the creature move...

"He's going for the Potens Crystal!" Shadow yelled, flying quickly towards the crystal. Jayde soon followed, turning at the last second the spin dash into the button on its back. If the creature were to reach the Seven Shards, it would become even more powerful with the newfound reservoir of power, stealing the O.L.A. form from the hedgehogs, disabling them to defeat the Interficio Quattuor in this timeline.

The creature roared whipping his tail, giving Jayde an almighty whack around, slamming her into the ground. Shadow yelled out to her, but her eyes were fading out. She sat up, gripping her head at the monster moved towards her. Shadow tried to reach her, but the tail for the monster came around at him, barely an inch from his head. The jade hedgehog looked up; watching the monster prepare to stomp on her. The telekinesis hedgehog glanced at the Blue Shard, watching as it shone brighter than the rest and a burst of power went through female hedgehog.

Chapter Text

Jayde's inhibitor rings snapped off, her body quickly moving before the monster slammed its foot down. The dust cleared and each person of the gang gasped loudly. Straining for her life, her hands flush against the foot of the creature, was Jayde. Her body was fired up as her inhibitor rings fell off her wrists, one of her knees being squashed against the ground as the monster pushed her. A growl left her lips, eyes glaring up, clenching her fingers slightly as she let out a loud yell before heaving the creature towards Dr Eggman.

"Watch it!" he shouted, moving his eggcarrier higher up.

Shadow stood beside Jayde, letting out his full power as his inhibitor rings fell off too. The two hedgehogs looked like they were in a burst of flames, their bodies igniting with power from the Seven Shards. They nodded towards each other before flying towards the creature. The hedgehogs spin dashed into the monsters sides, punching and kicking at full force. Shadow let out a big chaos blast, charging up his full power, slamming it straight into the back of the monster. It roared loudly, swiping his paw towards the hedgehog, barely missing his nose. Jayde and Shadow continued to fight, their friends below watching their every move.

Amy rested on Sonic, her eyes looking up as they watched the scene. She was proud of herself to fight a bigger opponent, but she didn't think she had the guts to fight that thing, especially when she saw Jayde under its foot, just barely holding onto life. Shadow and the grey hedgehog worked great as a team, and she could only wish that it was her and Sonic who could be like that.

Sonic, on the other hand, kept Amy's weight on him, knowing that she'd be tired out from fighting that demon. Eggman robots were no problem for her, but a giant killer creature, capable of destroying an entire city in a few minutes? Not so much. He watched his new friend and Faker fight against the enemy, praying that neither of them would be seriously injured. As much as he wished to be up there with them, he needed to give someone else the opportunity to battle against the biggest. He'd be their back up.

Blaze laid in Silver's arms, the fire blast taking up a lot of her energy. Silver knew that Blaze needed to rest, but she wouldn't as long as her friends were up fighting in the sky. He winced as Shadow got a punch around the face, but saw how he continued. Silver would be the one to catch them if they fell, he'd be the one on the ground, making sure none of them got seriously injured.

Up in the sky, Shadow and Jayde looked down at the limping creature. Its head and tail were curling into its body while its legs barely moved. One more blow and it would be all over. Shadow held out his hand so they could combine their powers, and give a powerful final spin dash to the enemy, "Together?"

Jayde looked up at the glowing green hedgehog, his ruby eyes meeting hers. She grasped his hand, nodding, "Together."

The both pelted forward, their speed becoming too fast to keep up with. Jayde concentrated on her inner strength, clutching Shadow's hand as she passed on the invisibility to protect them from the monster, before the dark hog pulled them into a fast moving spin dash. With Shadow's speed and Jayde's invisibility, they took the final blow on the creature.

A bright light filled the sky, the monster giving one final roar before it crumbled into nothingness. Everyone covered their eyes, stumbling back at the pressure the blast put on them. Sonic, Amy and Silver's body returned to normal, the power burning from them as the final enemy was destroyed.  Dr Eggman growled from his eggcarrier, slamming a fist against the desk. He turned and yelled over his shoulder, "I'll be back someday!"

“See ya on the flip side, Egghead!” Sonic yelled out, grinning.

"Where are they?" Knuckles asked, collecting the Seven Shards as they dropped to the floor, most of their power gone until they regained it from the podiums. The gang looked towards each other before running towards the fighting area. It was all clear. The trees looked like nothing had been damaged; the grass appeared green and fresh again. Everything was back the way it was, as if nothing had ever happened. As if Dr Eggman had never unleashed the Interficio Quattuor. As if Jayde had never existed. Everything was peaceful and quiet. No bird made a sound as the sky awakened again, lighting up the clearing.

Tails flew up, looking around, worried for his new friends. He'd blame himself if they were completely gone. He knew Jayde was real, and that she did help them defeat the enemy. She did finish her mission. Silver scanned the area too. It may be possible, with all that energy racing through them, that they were obliterated and sealed away with the Shard's power, but he decided to think against that. He saw two dark splodges in the distance, "There!" They all ran towards them, watching as Shadow slowly sat up, gripping his head and letting out a small groan.

He felt as though his body was drained of energy and punched a millions times after the Potens Form wore off and the two hedgehogs passed out against the impact of the blast. His eyes opened, blinking away the blurry vision. His eyes scanned around, barely able to stay open against the newfound light. Everything was perfect- even the light grey hedgehog lying on her side beside him, her arms bent towards her face. Her inhibitor rings had returned to her wrists, the jade bands coming back.

"Renee?" the dark hedgehog asked, moving her shoulder to lay her on her back. Her breathing was light but in short pants, proving that what had just taken place had actually happened. A light bruise covered one side of her muzzle, but nothing too painful for the female to handle.

"Is she okay?" Amy asked, bending down to her. The grey hedgehog's fists clenched before her eyes opened slightly. She flinched against the bright light, straining her ears to hear the muffled people around her. The female’s arms and legs felt weak and lifeless and her head was thumping against the ground.

Studying her surroundings, Jayde sat up slowly, shaking out her quills, "Did we... Did we win?"

The blue hedgehog chuckled, "Yeah." The grey hedgehog copied, letting out a small laugh, soon followed by everyone else. Even the Ultimate Lifeform gave a contended chuckle, holding out a hand to pull up the Protector beside him.

Silver and Blaze grinned towards each other. They were now able to return to the future and protect the Seven Shards and the planet, should the Interficio Quattuor ever awaken again. They knew how to save a Protector if they transformed into their Negative Form. The future looked like a bright place for them.

The Sonic Team had defeated the Interficio Quattuor and saved the planet from another of Eggman's plans. There would always be another on the way, but until then, they'd kick back and relax and stay on the lookout for the doctor's robots. And with a new allie on their side and future moments together, everything looked okay for the Sonic Team.

They all circled before cheering, "We won!"