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Hitoshi had fallen asleep.

It was date night at Tenya’s apartment, where they had situated themselves on the couch, watching a film. It had started with simply holding hands, to Hitoshi leaning against Tenya’s shoulder, to leaning his full weight against the other man. At Tenya’s suggestion, they shifted around until both of them were sprawled out on the couch, Hitoshi using his taller boyfriend as basically a full body pillow. Within seconds, he was asleep.

Tenya didn’t want to disturb him. Hitoshi slept so rarely that when he felt tired enough he would just pass out. But this was different. This was Hitoshi letting his guard down, getting comfortable enough to drift into unconsciousness. Tenya felt privileged and honored to be given such trust.

However, there was another problem.

Hitoshi had ended up laying between Tenya’s legs. One hand loosely entwined with Tenya’s fingers, the other resting limp on his chest, his head just under Tenya’s chin. Tenya glanced down again and saw that yes, Hitoshi’s shirt had begun to ride up. It revealed a couple of inches of flesh, nothing he hadn’t seen before, but the sight took on a whole new context in their very new romantic relationship.

They had only managed to find the time for a couple of dates between their busy schedules as pro heroes, but the last time they had gone out stuck with Tenya. Specifically the end.

It had started as a kiss good night at Hitoshi’s door, but somehow it had ended with Tenya pushed up against the wall, Hitoshi’s open mouth against his, and a smile that had seared into the back of Tenya’s mind. They had to end the night there, both of them having early starts, and it left Tenya in a state of anticipation.

So he stared at the inches of Hitoshi’s skin and tried not to think of the way his boyfriend had moaned into his mouth the last time he saw him. The shirt revealed the jut of a hip and a flat, toned stomach, both of which pointed to something Tenya was trying very hard not to think about. Not when Hitoshi had given him this much trust.

The credits rolled on the movie. He would soon be lying there with little to do and an undeniably attractive boyfriend between his legs. He slid the arm that was protectively around Hitoshi’s shoulder, down his side, and pulled at the bottom of the shirt to cover up that expanse of exposed tantalizing skin. His fingers brushed against Hitoshi’s hip and Tenya flushed red. He flared his fingers up and away from the heat of Hitoshi’s skin, holding the shirt by just his thumb and forefinger, to prevent any further touching. To prevent any further thoughts. He swallowed heavily and tried to continue tucking Hitoshi back into his clothes.

It turned out to be enough to wake Hitoshi up. Tenya dropped the shirt, his hand hovering over his boyfriend’s hip. Hitoshi’s brow furrowed and he groaned. His eyes opened into small slits, peering around the room in a daze. He sighed heavily, looking at the screen.

“I slept through it?” he slurred.

“Its okay,” Tenya said. He gave their entwined fingers a squeeze. “You can go back to sleep.”

“Mm,” Hitoshi groaned and wriggled, almost as if he was trying to snuggle closer into Tenya. The shirt hiked up again and the way Hitoshi was moving did not help matters. Tenya rested his head against the couch arm and tried to go over multiplication tables.

And everything would’ve been fine. Hitoshi could go back to sleep, go back to entrusting Tenya and getting some rest on his couch. Instead, his eyes opened again, a little more awake, a little more aware. His hips shifted, this time in slow deliberate motions. Tenya’s breath hitched as Hitoshi pushed back against him. Hitoshi tilted his head to smile up at his boyfriend.

“You’re very awake,” he said.

Tenya’s face felt like it was burning. He gripped Hitoshi’s hips to stop him from moving more.

“I didn’t intend for- for that to happen,” he said, his fingers digging into Hitoshi’s skin. “I will admit, it has been on my mind, but it wasn’t my intention when I suggested we lay like this. I merely wanted to provide you with a-”

Hitoshi placed a hand on Tenya’s mouth, resting the back of his knuckles against his lips. A sly sleepy smile on his face.

“Tenya,” he said. “Shh.”

He lifted his hips off Tenya and slid his other hand behind his back. It traveled down the soft fabric of Tenya’s sweater, pushing against his stomach, and stopped at the edge of his jeans. His fingers toyed with the top Tenya’s pants, enticingly close to starting a new step of their relationship. Tenya became hyper focused on his touch.

“Want me to keep going?” Hitoshi asked.

He sounded sleepy and his fingers were soft as they traced the curve of Tenya’s jaw. One of the fingers behind his back slipped beneath the lip of Tenya’s jeans, cool against his heated skin.

“Yes,” Tenya choked out.

Hitoshi’s hand slid over the top of his jeans and palmed against Tenya’s growing erection. He rested his hips back down and the increase in pressure made Tenya groan. His head rocked back against the arm rest, falling away from Hitoshi’s gently petting fingers. He felt oddly vulnerable, between the stroking fingers, moving hips, and the sounds he was making. He blushed out of embarrassment. Hitoshi laughed breathily and rolled his hips again, his fingers moving, finding the outline of Tenya’s cock.

With his other hand now unoccupied, Hitoshi ran it down the side of Tenya’s body, pushing and feeling at his flank through his sweater. Tenya’s hands could only hold on to Hitoshi’s undulating hips, gripping almost for dear life. Hitoshi scooched up Tenya’s body, maybe by an inch or two, just close enough to bring his head closer to Tenya’s.

“That feel good?” Hitoshi asked.

Tenya lifted his head to look at Hitoshi. He was smiling languidly, looking like he may fall back asleep, looking completely smug. Hitoshi cocked his head and a sinful smile spread across his face. Tenya leaned forward and kissed at the expanse of Histoshi’s neck, licking just below his ear.

Hitoshi arched into it, moaning and sounding like he was laughing as he did. His hand wrapped around the shape of Tenya’s cock, as much as he could with the jeans still in the way. He slid his hand up and began to fiddle with the button, but couldn’t quite get it open. Tenya whined and raked his teeth over Hitoshi’s skin.

“Hang on,” Hitoshi said. “I can’t really. . . not at this angle.”

He pulled away from Tenya’s mouth and swatted at the hands on his hips, sitting up and away from Tenya. The taller man tried to follow, to sit up with him, to keep kissing him, but Hitoshi turned around and gently pushed Tenya back against the arm of the couch. He straddled Tenya’s legs, popped the button on his jeans, and smiled, exposing his teeth.

“Thats better,” he said and snaked his hand down the front of Tenya’s pants.

Tenya could only moan and whimper as Hitoshi wrapped his cool fingers around his length and began to stroke. He didn’t want to throw his head back again, he didn’t want to take his eyes off Hitoshi. He didn’t want to miss a second of that hungry stare.

Hitoshi licked his lips and pushed Tenya’s pants down, just enough to free his cock, and Tenya gasped. His hands found Hitoshi’s thighs and he gripped them, rubbing his hands up and down them, as his boyfriend jerked him off.

Hitoshi didn’t miss a beat, smiling almost sadistically at the reactions he was garnering. He leaned forward, never taking his hand off Tenya, and hovered over him. He almost rested his body against the taller man and brought his mouth to Tenya’s ear. Tenya gripped at Hitoshi’s hips like a lifeline and squeezed his eyes shut as Hitoshi’s tongue slid over the shell of his ear. A shiver wracked his whole body.

“Tell me you want it,” Hitoshi whispered.

“I want you,” Tenya breathed.

Hitoshi stilled for just a second, his body freezing and his ministrations coming to a temporary halt. He huffed out an exasperated laugh and pressed his nose into Tenya’s neck. He returned to working over Tenya, his hand moving just a little faster. He kissed his way up Tenya’s jaw until he was once again hovering over his boyfriend’s face. Tenya wasted no time and grabbed the back of Hitoshi’s head, pulling him down into a frantic kiss.

He wanted to recreate the energy from their last date, moaning into his mouth, but it seemed Hitoshi was still half awake, falling passive into the kiss and focusing all his energy on what his hand was doing. He ran his thumb over the head of Tenya’s cock, smearing precum, and Tenya gasped involuntarily, breaking the kiss.

Hitoshi grinned and Tenya could feel it on his lips. He bit at Tenya’s lower lip, sucking at it slowly. Tenya whimpered, his hand shaking as it cupped the back of Hitoshi’s head, his fingers holding a little too tight to his boyfriend’s hair. This was going too quickly.

Tenya slid his hand up Hitoshi’s shirt and pushed against his stomach until he was sitting upright again. Hitoshi stared down at him with a smug smile and heavy lidded eyes, confident and pleased with himself. Tenya had seen that expression before, when he had caught a victim in his snare or said something particularly biting and clever. It took on a whole new meaning in this context. Tenya was sure he’d never be able to see it again without thinking of that precise moment.

His gaze traveled down Hitoshi’s body, just past his moving hand. Despite his pants not being terribly tight, he could see that Hitoshi was having similar problems.

Tenya fumbled with Hitoshi’s belt, fixing him with an intense glare. His glasses slipped down his nose and he could only half make out a fuzzy blur of purple. It must have had an effect because Hitoshi gasped. Tenya needed to hear more of that. More of Hitoshi losing his carefully constructed composure. He managed to get the belt unbuckled, the zipper down, and pulled away fabric until he had freed Hitoshi’s cock. When Tenya got his hand clumsily wrapped around it, Hitoshi didn’t gasp. He moaned.

“Ah. Fuck. Tenya,” Hitoshi said, his head rocking in a slow circle. His jerks on Tenya’s dick faltered, but not for long. He was back into a rhythm, leaning one hand on Tenya’s chest.

Tenya reached up as quick as he could to push his glasses back into place, before returning both hands to Hitoshi. Apparently, Hitoshi found the action funny. He dropped his face, laughing to himself before meeting Tenya’s eyes again. All it took was that simple action, the way he was looking at Tenya, like there was nothing else. It was beautiful.

“Ah,” Tenya gasped. “Hitoshi?”

Tenya’s hips jolted and Hitoshi’s body rocked with them. His exhilarated smile quirked at the corner.

“You gonna come for me, Tenya?” he asked, his voice low.

Tenya tried to say something, his mouth moving to form words. Nothing seemed to congeal, not with Hitoshi’s talented hands stroking him like that, not with him staring like that. Hitoshi leaned forward, practically petting Tenya’s chest.

“You should,” he said.

Tenya couldn’t take it anymore. He let go of Hitoshi’s cock to grab onto his hips, dug his heels into the couch, and threw his head back. He bucked into Hitoshi’s hand and came. A short clipped yelp he had no control over managed to escape, before transforming into a slow moan as Hitoshi’s hand slowed down. His body relaxed and sagged into the couch. Eyes that he had not realized he closed opened to see his smirking boyfriend. Hitoshi leaned forward and cupped Tenya’s face.

“You look wrecked,” he said, knuckles brushing at Tenya’s brow. “That was perfect.”

Tenya smiled, still trying to catch his breath. Then he looked down at his sweater.

“Oh no,” he said, fingers coming up to hover over the fresh stains.

“Yeah we should get that off,” Hitoshi said and began to carefully remove the sweater. Tenya sat up just enough for Hitoshi to carefully pull it over his head, making sure not to spread anything sticky.

“It’ll come right out,” he said and threw the sweater to the floor.

He smiled down at Tenya, his sleepy eyes taking in the man beneath him. He ran his hands up Tenya’s sides, running his fingers over his body, as if memorizing details. He scanned his bare chest before locking onto Tenya’s face. Tenya grabbed the front of Hitoshi’s shirt and pulled him back down for another kiss. They held onto each other, smiling and laughing between wet sloppy kisses. Tenya slid his hand down Hitoshi’s side to address the still hard cock pressed between their bodies, but stopped.

“Wait,” he said against Hitoshi’s mouth.

“Hm?” Hitoshi did not wait and kissed down Tenya’s neck.

“Could you roll over? Be as you were before?” he asked. Hitoshi stopped kissing and looked up at him for an explanation. “I want to hold you.”

Hitoshi smiled and did as he was asked, laying down, back against Tenya’s chest. He was almost settled when Tenya moved, positioning his boyfriend how he wanted him. He nudged Hitoshi’s legs apart, one propped up against the couch back, the other flopped off the side. One of his powerful arms came across Hitoshi’s chest and pulled the smaller man against him. He felt down Histoshi’s stomach, until his cock was back in Tenya’s hand. Hitoshi groaned happily, gripping on to Tenya’s sides, and arching his back at the touch. He sighed shakily as Tenya started to move.

“Ah that's good,” Hitoshi said, his head lolling.

Tenya pulled at the fabric of Hitoshi’s shirt, tugging it up and revealing more of Hitoshi’s stomach, then his chest. The exact opposite motion that had gotten him into this situation in the first place. He ran his hand over Hitoshi’s toned chest, his thumb brushing over a nipple. Hitoshi gasped and bucked into Tenya’s pumping hand.

“Fuck, Tenya,” he said between heavy breaths. “Nn. Oh fuck.”

Tenya smiled and nuzzled into Hitoshi’s hair. He kissed his cheek, soft and sweet, all while jerking him in quick, precise motions. Hitoshi’s breathing was getting heavier and he reached up to grip the back of Tenya’s head. His legs tensed, trying to close, but Tenya’s own powerful legs wouldn’t let them. Hitoshi threw his head back against Tenya’s shoulder and he savored every last noise Hitoshi let out.

When he finally came, his mouth dropped open wide, but no sound came out. Finally silent. His whole body tensed, his fingers digging into Tenya’s side, digging into his hair. As he came down from the orgasmic high, his body seemed to deflate against Tenya, everything going loose and pliant. Until finally, his head rocked to the side and the grip in Tenya’s hair went slack. He bucked into Tenya’s slowly moving hand as he milked the last on to Hitoshi’s stomach.

Tenya planted another slow kiss on Hitoshi’s cheek and hummed.

“Hmm,” Hitoshi said, his eyes drooping closed. “Thats nice.”

Tenya’s head perked up. He shook at Hitoshi’s waist.

“Don’t fall asleep, Hitoshi,” he said.

Hitoshi only rocked back and forth as Tenya shook him, eyes closed and a small smile forming on his lips. He moaned sleepily.

“We need to clean off, we can’t stay on the couch like this,” Tenya said with more urgency.

“Mm,” Hitoshi moaned. His smile grew wider, but he didn’t open his eyes.

“This is incredibly immature of you.” Tenya looped his arms under Hitoshi’s. He sat up and Hitoshi’s dead weight flopped up with him, his head dropping forward like a ragdoll. The sleepy smile transformed into a wide grin, his eyes still closed.

“I expect more from you in the future,” Tenya said. He swung his legs off the couch and gathered up Hitoshi’s, lifting him up bridal style. “We need to clean off immediately.”

“Okay,” Hitoshi slurred, tilting his head back and letting his arms flop at his sides.

“Will you please stop that and participate!?” Tenya protested, carrying his boyfriend to the bathroom.

Hitoshi only laughed, patting Tenya’s back, completely content.